Mysticism Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Mysticism

  1. cabala Jewish oral traditions, originating with Moses. [Judaism: Benét, 154]
  2. Catherine of Siena, St. experienced visions from age seven. [Christian Hagiog.: Hall, 59]
  3. Druids magical priests of Celtic religion; oak cult. [Celtic Rel.: Leach, 325; Jobes, 471]
  4. Hudson, Dr. Wayne believed power obtained by good deeds and silence. [Am. Lit.: The Magnificent Obsession, Magill I, 547–549]
  5. mothers, the keepers of the bodiless spirits of all who have lived; they supply Faust with an image of Helen of Troy. [Ger. Lit.: Faust]
  6. Ouija letterboard reveals messages from spirits. [Am. Pop. Culture: Brewer Dictionary, 788]
  7. Svengali Hungarian hypnotist, mesmerizes artist’s model who becomes a famous singer under his influence. [Br. Lit.: Trilby]
  8. Teresa of Ávila, St. religious contemplation brought her spiritual ecstasy. [Christian Hagiog.: Attwater, 318]
  9. voodoo religious beliefs and practices from the West Indies. [Am. Cult.: Brewer Dictionary]
  10. Zen Buddhist sect; truth found in contemplation and self-mastery. [Buddhism: Brewer Dictionary, 1174]
  11. Zohar, The cabalistic reinterpretation of the Bible. [Judaism: Haydn & Fuller, 812]