Greed (See also Stinginess.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Greed (See also Stinginess.)

  1. Almayer’s Folly lust for gold leads to decline. [Br. Lit.: Almayer’s Folly]
  2. Alonso Shakespearean symbol of avarice. [Br. Lit.: The Tempest]
  3. Béline fans husband’s hypochondria to get his money. [Fr. Lit.: Le Malade Imaginaire]
  4. Barak’s wife agrees to sell shadow, symbol of her fertility. [Aust. Opera: R. Strauss, Woman Without a Shadow, Westerman, 432]
  5. Brown, Joe turns in partner Joe Christmas for reward money. [Am. Lit.: Light in August]
  6. Common Lot, The the get-rich-quick club. [Am. Lit.: The Common Lot, Hart, 369]
  7. Crawley, Pitt inherits, marries, and hoards money. [Br. Lit.: Vanity Fair]
  8. Eugénie Grandet wealth as raison d’être. [Fr. Lit.: Eugenie Grandet, Magill I, 258–260]
  9. Financier, The riches as raison d’être. [Am. Lit.: The Financier, Magill I, 280–282]
  10. Gehazi behind master’s back, takes money he declined. [O.T.: II Kings 5:21–22]
  11. Griffiths, Clyde insatiable desire for wealth causes his downfall. [Am. Lit.: An American Tragedy]
  12. Hoard, Walkadine hastily marries courtesan posing as wealthy widow. [Br. Lit.: A Trick to Catch the Old One]
  13. Kibroth-hattaavah Hebrew place name: where greedy were buried. [O.T.: Numbers, 11:33–35]
  14. Lucre, Pecunious duped into succoring profligate nephew by lure of a fortune. [Br. Lit.: A Trick To Catch the Old One]
  15. Mammon avaricious fallen angel. [Br. Lit.: Paradise Lost]
  16. Mammon, Sir Epicure avaricious knight; seeks philosopher’s stone for Midas touch. [Br. Lit.: The Alchemist]
  17. Mansion, The shows material advantages of respectability winning over kinship. [Am. Lit.: The Mansion, Hart, 520]
  18. Midas greedy king whose touch turned everything to gold. [Classical Myth.: Bulfinch, 42–44]
  19. Montgomery mercenary chief proverbially kept for himself all the booty. [Fr. Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 618]
  20. Naboth’s Vineyard another’s possession gotten, by hook or crook. [O.T.: I Kings, 21]
  21. New Grub Street place of ruthless contest among moneymongers. [Br. Lit.: New Grub Street, Magill I, 647–649]
  22. Osmond, Gilbert marries Isabel Archer for her money. [Am. Lit.: The Portrait of a Lady, Magill I, 766–768]
  23. Overreach, Sir Giles grasping usurer, unscrupulous and ambitious. [Br. Lit.: A New Way to Pay Old Debts, Wheeler, 275]
  24. Pardoner’s Tale three brothers kill each other for treasure. [Br. Lit.: Canterbury Tales, “Pardoner’s Tale”]
  25. pig medieval symbol of avarice. [Art: Hall, 247]
  26. Putnam, Abbie marries old man in anticipation of inheritance. [Am. Lit.: Desire Under the Elms]
  27. Scrooge, Ebenezer byword for greedy miser. [Br. Lit.: A Christmas Carol]
  28. Sisyphus condemned to impossible task for his avarice. [Gk. Myth.: Wheeler, 1011]