Evil (See also Demon, Devil, Villainy, Wickedness.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Evil (See also Demon, Devil, Villainy, Wickedness.)

  1. Ahriman represents principle of wickedness; will one day perish. [Persian Myth.: LLEI, I: 322; Zoroastrianism: Benét, 16]
  2. Alberich’s curse on the Rhinegold ring: possessor will die. [Ger. Opera: Wagner, Rhinegold, Westerman, 233]
  3. Apaches name given to Parisian gangsters. [Fr. Hist.: Payton, 31]
  4. Apollyon demon, personification of evil, vanquished by Christian’s wholesomeness. [Br. Lit.: Pilgrim’s Progress]
  5. Archimago enchanter epitomizing wickedness. [Br. Lit.: Faerie Queene]
  6. Ate goddess of wickedness, mischief, and infatuation. [Gk. Myth.: Parrinder, 32]
  7. Avidyā cause of suffering through desire. [Hindu Phil.: Parrinder, 36]
  8. Badman, Mr. from childhood to death, has committed every sin. [Br. Lit.: Bunyan The Life and Death of Mr. Badman in Magill III, 575]
  9. black symbol of sin and badness. [Color Symbolism: Jobes, 357]
  10. black dog symbol of the devil. [Rom. Folklore: Brewer Dictionary, 329]
  11. black heart symbol of a scoundrel. [Folklore: Jobes, 223]
  12. black poodle a transformation of Mephistopheles. [Ger. Lit.: Faust]
  13. crocodile epitome of power of evil. [Medieval Animal Symbolism: White, 8–10]
  14. darkness traditional association with evil in many dualistic religions. [Folklore: Cirlot, 76–77]
  15. Darth Vader fallen Jedi Knight has turned to evil. [Am. Cinema: Star Wars]
  16. dragon archetypal symbol of Satan and wickedness. [Christian Symbolism: Appleton, 34]
  17. Drug principle of evil. [Zoroastrianism: Leach, 325]
  18. Gestapo Nazi secret police. [Ger. Hist.: Hitler, 453]
  19. Golden Calf Mephisto’s cynical and demoniacal tarantella. [Fr. Opera: Gounod, Faust, Westerman, 187]
  20. Iago declaims “I believe in a cruel god.” [Br. Lit.: Othello; Ital. Opera: Verdi, Otello; Westerman, 329]
  21. John, Don plots against Claudio. [Br. Lit.: Much Ado About Nothing]
  22. Klingsor enemy of Grail knights. [Ger. Opera: Wagner, Parsifal, Westerman, 248]
  23. Kurtz, Mr. white trader in Africa, debased by savage natives into horrible practices. [Br. Lit.: Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness in Magill III, 447]
  24. lobelia traditional symbol of evil. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 175]
  25. Loki god of fire, evil, and strife who contrived the death of Balder. [Scand. Myth.: Brewer Dictionary, 560]
  26. Mephistopheles the cynical, malicious devil to whom Faust sells his soul. [Ger. Lit.: Faust, Payton, 436]
  27. Miles and Flora apparently sweet children assume wicked miens mysteriously. [Am. Lit.: The Turn of the Screw]
  28. Monterone after humiliation, curses both Duke and Rigoletto. [Ital. Opera: Verdi, Rigoletto, Westerman, 299]
  29. o’Nell, Peg wicked spirit claiming victim every seven years. [Br. Folklore: Briggs, 323]
  30. Pandora’s box contained all evils; opened up, evils escape to afflict world. [Rom. Myth.: Brewer Dictionary, 799]
  31. Popeye degenerate gangster and murderer who rapes Temple Drake. [Am. Lit.: Sanctuary]
  32. Powler, Peg wicked water-demon; lures children to death. [Br. Folklore: Briggs, 323–324]
  33. Queen of the Night urges the murder of Sarastro, her husband, by their daughter. [Ger. Opera: Mozart The Magic Flute in Benét, 619]
  34. Quint, Peter dead manservant who haunts James’s story. [Am. Lit.: Turn of the Screw]
  35. Rasputin immoral person of tremendous power and seeming invulnerability. [Russ. Hist.: Espy, 339–340]
  36. Satan the chief evil spirit; the great adversary of man. [Christianity and Judaism: Misc.]
  37. Vandals East German people known for their wanton destruction (533). [Ger. Hist.: Payton, 705]
  38. Wicked Witch of the West the terror of Oz. [Am. Lit.: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz]
  39. Wolf’s Glen scene of macabre uproar. [Ger. Opera: von Weber, Der Freischütz, Westerman, 139–140]