Devil (See also Demon.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Devil (See also Demon.)

  1. Adramalech leader of fallen angels. [Br. Lit.: Paradise Lost]
  2. adversary traditional appellation of Satan [O.T.: Job 1:6; N.T.: I Peter 5:8]
  3. Amaimon king of eastern portion of hell. [Medieval Legend: Brewer Dictionary, 28]
  4. Apollyon Biblical name for Satan. [N.T.: Revelation 9:11]
  5. Applegate, Mr. devil to whom aging Joe Boyd sells his soul to become a youthful champion outfielder. [Am. Lit.: Wallop The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant; Damn Yankees]
  6. Auld Ane literally, ‘old one’; nickname for demon. [Scot. Folklore: Walsh Modern, 35]
  7. Auld Hornie Scottish appellation for the devil. [Scot. Folklore: Leach, 353]
  8. Azazel Satan’s standard bearer. [Br. Lit.: Paradise Lost]
  9. Beelzebub prince of demons. [N.T.: Matthew 12:24]
  10. Belial chief of fiends. [O.T.: I Samuel 2:12]
  11. Cathleen sells her soul to the devil in exchange for the souls of starving Irish peasants. [Irish Drama: Yeats Countess Cathleen in Benét, 228]
  12. Clootie Scottish appellation for the devil. [Scot. Folklore: Leach, 353]
  13. Darkness, Prince of “The Prince of Darkness,” alias the Devil. [Br. Lit.: All’s Well That Ends Well]
  14. the Deuce New England appellation for the devil. [Am. Folklore: Leach, 353]
  15. Devils, Prince of the biblical equivalent for Satan. [N.T.: Matthew 9:34]
  16. divis devils shown as cat-headed men with horns and hooves. [Pers. Myth.: Barber & Riches]
  17. Eblis devil and father of devils, called Azazel before his fall. [Islam: Brewer Dictionary 319]
  18. Faust (Dr. Faustus) sells his soul to the devil in order to comprehend all experience. [Ger. Lit.: Goethe Faust; Br. Drama: Marlowe Doctor Faustus]
  19. Iblis (Eblis) Moslem prince of darkness; chief evil spirit. [Islam: Leach, 513]
  20. Lucifer a Biblical name for Satan. [O.T.: Isaiah 14:12]
  21. Master Leonard grand-master of sabbats and orgies. [Medieval Demonology: Brewer Handbook, 684]
  22. Mephistopheles fiend to whom Faust sells his soul. [Ger. Lit.: Faust]
  23. Mysterious Stranger, The devil appears as a pleasant stranger, convinces a boy of the falseness of morals and the nonexistence of God. [Am. Lit.: Twain The Mysterious Stranger in Benét, 697]
  24. Nickie-Ben a Scottish name for Satan. [Scot. Folklore: Wheeler, 258]
  25. Old Nick Satan himself. [Western Folklore: Brewer Dictionary, 755]
  26. Old Scratch Satan. [Eng. Usage: Brewer Dictionary, 973; Am. Lit.: “The Devil and Daniel Webster”]
  27. Peter, Meister German euphemism alluding to the devil. [Ger. Folklore: Leach, 353]
  28. Satan the devil himself, source of all evil. [O.T.: Job 1–2]

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