America Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to America

  1. apple pie typical, wholesome American dessert. [Am. Culture: Flexner, 68]
  2. bald eagle national bird of the U.S.; native only to North America. [Am. Culture: EB, I: 753]
  3. baseball traditional American sport and pastime. [Am. Sports: EB, I: 850]
  4. Brother Jonathan the original Uncle Sam. [Am. Hist.: Hart, 110]
  5. Crossing of the Delaware Washington’s beleaguered army attacks Trenton; famous event in American history (1776). [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 138]
  6. e pluribus unum motto of the U.S.: Latin ’one out of many.’ [Am. Culture: RHD, 481]
  7. Fourth of July Independence Day; traditional U.S. holiday; anniversary of adoption of Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776). [Am. Culture: EB, V: 326]
  8. Liberty Bell symbol of American freedom; at Independence Hall, Philadelphia. [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 284]
  9. Mayflower ship that brought the founding Puritans. [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 313]
  10. melting pot America as the home of many races and cultures. [Am. Pop. Culture: Misc.]
  11. Old Ironsides the frigate Constitution, symbol of U.S. success in War of 1812, now preserved as a museum. [Am. Hist.: Benét, 733]
  12. Peoria typical mid-American town. [Am. Culture: Misc.]
  13. Pledge of Allegiance statement of loyalty to the U. S., inaugurated in 1892 upon 400th anniversary of the discovery of America. [Am. Hist.: WB, P: 508]
  14. Plymouth Rock site of Pilgrim landing in Massachusetts (1620). [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 395–396]
  15. pumpkin pie traditional dish, especially at Thanksgiving. [Am. Culture: Flexner, 68]
  16. Red, White and Blue, the colors of the U. S. flag, used in reference to the flag itself and ideals of patriotism. [Am. Hist.: Misc.]
  17. Silent Majority average Americans of middle class. [Am. Culture: Flexner, 375]
  18. Star-Spangled Banner, The U.S. national anthem. [Am. Hist.: EB, IX: 532]
  19. Stars and Stripes nickname for the U.S. flag. [Am. Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 8567]
  20. Statue of Liberty great symbolic structure in New York harbor. [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 284]
  21. Thanksgiving annual U.S. holiday celebrating harvest and yearly blessings; originated with Pilgrims (1621). [Am. Culture: EB, IX: 922]
  22. Uncle Sam personifies people or government of the United States. [Am. Hist.: Hart, 870–871]
  23. Vespucci, Amerigo (1454–1512) Italian navigator-explorer from whose name America is derived. [Am. Hist.: EB, X: 410]
  24. Washington, D.C. focus of U.S. government, policies, etc. [Am. Hist.: Hart, 899]
  25. Washington, George (1732–1799) “the Father of our country”; first U.S. President (1789–1797). [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 535–536]
  26. White House official residence of the president of the U.S. in Washington, D.C. [Am. Culture: EB, X: 656]
  27. Yankee to an American, a New Englander; to a Southern American, any Northerner; to a foreigner, any American. [Am. Hist.: Hart, 953]