Ambition Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Ambition

  1. Alger, Horatio author of a series of rags-to-riches stories. [Am. Lit.: Ragged Dick]
  2. Bart, Lily sacrifices her principles and her chance for love in schemes to climb the social ladder. [Am. Lit.: The House of Mirth in Hart, 385]
  3. Chardon, Lucien (de Rubempré) young writer determined to achieve fame and wealth. [Fr. Lit.: Balzac Lost Illusions in Magill II, 595]
  4. Claudius murders to gain throne; plots to keep it. [Br. Lit.: Hamlet]
  5. Constance ambitious for her son Arthur. [Br. Lit.: King John]
  6. Faustus, Doctor makes a pact with the devil to further his own ambitions. [Br. Lit.: The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus]
  7. Golden Boy talented young violinist gives up musical career for the sake of wealth and fame as a boxer. [Am. Lit.: Odets Golden Boy in Magill III, 422]
  8. hollyhock traditional symbol of ambition. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 174]
  9. John, King aspiring, self-assertive king of mediocre character. [Br. Lit.: King John]
  10. Macbeth aspires to political power. [Br. Lit.: Macbeth]
  11. Macbeth, Lady stops at nothing to gain political power for husband. [Br. Lit.: Macbeth]
  12. mountain laurel traditional symbol of ambition. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 175]
  13. Ragged Dick hero of a Horatio Alger rags-to-riches story. [Am. Lit.: Ragged Dick]
  14. Roxana sleeps with the rich to get ahead in world. [Br. Lit.: Roxana, The Fortunate Mistress]
  15. Sejanus chief minister of Emperor Tiberius uses seduction, conspiracy, and poisoning to gain the throne. [Br. Drama: Benét, 912]
  16. Slope, Rev. Obadiah vainly strives to advance himself in objectionable ways. [Br. Lit.: Trollope Barchester Towers in Magill I, 55]
  17. Sutpen, Thomas from poor origins, tries to gain aristocratic status. [Am. Lit.: Faulkner Absalom, Absalom in Magill I, 5]
  18. Tamburlaine Scythian bandit becomes king of Persia and ruler of Turkey and Babylon. [Br. Drama: Tamburlaine the Great in Magill I, 950]
  19. What Makes Sammy Run a dynamic but vicious opportunist attains success. [Am. Lit.: What Makes Sammy Run]