Pole Vaulting

Pregnancy and Exercise

Prescription Medications and Athletic Performance

Preseason Strength Training

Prohibited Substances (Competition Bans)

Prosthetic Research and Sport

Protein Ingestion and Recovery from Exercise

Protein Supplements

Psychological Disorders

Quadriceps Pulls and Tears


Range of Motion

Recreational Sports

Recurrent Stress Fractures

Renal Function

Resistance Exercise Training

Restricted Substances

Retro Running

RICE (Rest/Ice/Compression/Elevation) Treatment for Injuries

Road Rash

Rock Climbing and Wall Climbing

Roller Hockey

Roller Skates


Rowing: Hydrodynamics

Rowing Strength and Training Exercises


Rugby: The Mechanics of the Dropkick

Rugby Strength Training and Exercises

Runner's Stitch

Running: Cross Country

Running Hurdles

Running Injuries

Running: Marathon

Running: Middle Distance Events

Running Physics

Running Shoes

Running: Sprinting

Running Strength Training and Exercises


Sailing Physics

Sailing and Steering a Sailboat


Salt Tablets

Player, Gary

Pound, Richard W.

Radcliffe, Paula Jane

Rockne, Knute Kenneth

Salchow, Ulrich