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359 - Optical: systems and elements

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359489010 Polarization by birefringence 48
359485010 Polarization by reflection or refraction 47
359487010 Polarizarion by dichroism 30
359492010 Polarization by optical activity 22
359484010 Polarization using a time invariant electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic field (e.g. electro-optical, magneto-optical) 20
359488010 Glare prevention by discriminating against polarized light 17
359491010 With color filter 10
359486010 Polarization (direction or magnitude) variation over surface of the medium 9
359494010 Depolarization 3
20120268818DEPOLARIZER BASED ON A METAMATERIAL - The present disclosure relates to a depolarizer based on a metamaterial, which comprises a plurality of sheet layers parallel with each other. Each of the sheet layers has a sheet substrate and a plurality of man-made microstructures attached on the sheet substrate. The sheet substrate is divided into a plurality of identical unit bodies. Each of the unit bodies and one of the man-made microstructures that is attached thereon form a cell that has an anisotropic electromagnetic property. Each of the sheet layers has at least two cells whose optical axes are unparallel with each other. According to the depolarizer based on a metamaterial of the present disclosure, at least two cells whose optical axes are unparallel with each other are disposed in each of the metalmaterial sheet layers.10-25-2012
20130182324ADHESIVE LAYER FOR OPTICAL FILM, METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAME, OPTICAL FILM WITH ADHESIVE LAYER, AND IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE - The pressure-sensitive adhesive layer for an optical film of the invention is formed by a process comprising applying a water-dispersible pressure-sensitive adhesive containing emulsion particles comprising polymer particles emulsified with a surfactant and then drying the applied water-dispersible pressure-sensitive adhesive, and is in such a state that the polymer particles have a number average particle size (a) of 10 nm to 100 nm and that the ratio (a/b) of the number average particle size (a) to the average distance (b) between adjacent polymer particles is from 80/20 to 99.9/0.1, when the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer being observed with a transmission electron microscope. The pressure-sensitive adhesive layer makes it possible to reduce depolarization even when it is used on a high-contrast polarizing plate or any other component having a high degree of polarization.07-18-2013
20110310482DEPOLARIZING FILM - Directed to a film having a depolarizing function, in which anisotropic volumetric regions are dispersed in a translucent matrix. For the translucent matrix, a material capable of forming a film itself, a hard coating layer formed on a surface of the film or a layer of an adhesive can be employed. It is therefore possible to provide a film, having a depolarizing function, of a kind in which when the film of the present invention is mounted on a surface of a polarizing plate arranged on a surface of a liquid crystal display device or an organic electroluminescent display device, the polarized state of a display light emerging outwardly from a display screen is partially altered and, hence, even when polarizing eyeglasses are worn on, darkening of the displayed image can be prevented and, also, a considerable shading of the color tone of the image can be reduced.12-22-2011
359493010 Polarization by scattering 2
20120206807ORTHOGONAL SCATTERING FEATURES FOR SOLAR ARRAY - A leaky travelling wave array of optical elements provide a solar wavelength rectenna.08-16-2012
20110181953POLARIZING ELEMENT - A polarizing element includes fine metal particles formed in numerous regions that were occupied by respective substantially needle-like metal halide fine particles before reduction that are oriented and dispersed in a glass substrate such that the lengthwise directions thereof are almost the same, the fine metal particles being produced by heat-treating the glass substrate in a reducing atmosphere to reduce the substantially needle-like metal halide fine particles. The number of fine metal particles present in at least some of the numerous regions is two or more in each region, 90% or more of the regions each have a volume of 2,500 to 2,500,000 nm07-28-2011
359490010 By relatively adjustable superimposed or in series polarizers 1
20120281281POLARIZED FILM APPARATUS WITH BANDS OF ALTERNATING ORIENTATION - A polarized film apparatus comprising printed bands of successively alternating polarization orientations is disclosed. The printed bands of alternating polarization orientations repeat throughout the length of the film. The polarized film can be installed in an object, for example a window where the amount of energy through the object has to be controlled. Two identical films are superimposed to create polarization patterns that can be varied when one film is displaced with respect to the other. The resulting variable polarization patterns can be utilized to control the amount of energy allowed through this arrangement. The polarized films with bands of alternating polarization orientations can be utilized to control the amount of energy for example sunlight, radiated heat transmission, illumination level, electromagnetic radiation, etc.11-08-2012
20130050822DISPLAY ELEMENT WITH POLARIZING FILM FOR A DISPLAY UNIT IN A VEHICLE - The invention relates to a display element for a display unit of a vehicle, said display element being formed from a substrate and a polarizing film. The display element may be backlit by means of a light source. The substrate may be imprinted with graphic symbols. The polarizing film may be a circular polarizing film.02-28-2013
20130050823DICHROIC DYE-CONTAINING LIQUID, AND POLARIZER - To provide a dichroic dye-containing liquid that is capable of preventing haze without decrease of adhesiveness of a polarizing layer, and a polarizer.02-28-2013
20130163079POLARIZER HAVING HIGH DURABILITY AND METHOD OF FABRICATING THE SAME - The present disclosure provides a polarizer having a transmittance of about 45% or more and a transmittance distribution of about 0.3% or less.06-27-2013
20130163080METHOD FOR PRODUCING THIN POLARIZING FILM - The present invention provides a method of producing a thin polarizing film having both excellent optical characteristics and excellent in-plane uniformity.06-27-2013
20120236408OUTSTANDINGLY DURABLE AND HEAT-RESISTANT POLARISING ELEMENT, POLARISING PLATE AND IMAGE-DISPLAY DEVICE, AND POLARISING-ELEMENT PRODUCTION METHOD - The present invention relates to a polarizer in which contents of zinc, boron, and potassium are controlled to be within a certain range, a polarizing plate, and an image display device having excellent durability and heat resistance, and a method of manufacturing the polarizer. In one embodiment, the present invention provides a polarizer, in which the value of zinc content (wt. %)×boron content (wt. %)/potassium content (wt. %) is 0.1 to 4.0, boron content is 1.0 wt. % to 5.0 wt. % and potassium content is 0.3 wt. % to 2.0 wt. %, based on the weight of the polarizer, a polarizing plate and an image display device including the same. Further, the present invention provides a method of manufacturing a polarizer, the method including at least a dyeing process, a cross-linking process, a stretching process and a washing process.09-20-2012
20120057230POLARIZING PLATE MANUFACTURING METHOD - A method for manufacturing a polarizing plate comprising a polarizing film and a transparent protective film provided on at least one surface of the polarizing film, the method comprising the steps of: subjecting at least a surface of the transparent protective film to be bonded to the polarizing film to an adhesion improving treatment; bringing water into contact with at least the surface subjected to the adhesion improving treatment; and laminating the transparent protective film on the polarizing film so that the surface subjected to the adhesion improving treatment and brought into contact with water is bonded to the polarizing film.03-08-2012
20120200919VOIDED DIFFUSER - A voided diffuser and an optical construction incorporating the voided diffuser are provided. The voided diffuser includes a plurality of beads and a binder composition in contact with the plurality of beads. The binder composition includes a binder and a plurality of interconnected voids. The optical construction includes the voided diffuser disposed on a substrate.08-09-2012
20120038983IRRADIATION OPTICAL SYSTEM, IRRADIATION APPARATUS AND FABRICATION METHOD FOR SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - An irradiation optical system including: a first projection optical system for mixing a plurality of luminous fluxes outputted from a laser light source having a plurality of linearly arrayed light emitting points with each other and dividing the mixed luminous fluxes into a plurality of luminous fluxes and then projecting, to a slit member having a plurality of slits parallel to each other, the plural luminous fluxes as a line beam extending across the plural slits; and a second projection optical system for projecting an image of the plural slits of the slit member to an irradiation target.02-16-2012
20120044569FOCUSING SYSTEM COMPRISING ACOUSTO-OPTIC DEFLECTORS FOR FOCUSING AN ELECTROMAGNETIC BEAM - The present invention relates to a focusing system (02-23-2012
20120300299PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE LAYER-ATTACHED POLARIZING FILM AND IMAGE DISPLAY - A pressure-sensitive adhesive layer-attached polarizing film of the invention includes: a polarizing film; and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer provided on the polarizing film, wherein the polarizing film includes a polarizer and a transparent protective film provided on only one side of the polarizer, the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is provided on a side of the polarizer where the transparent protective film is absent, and the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is made of a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition containing a (meth)acryl-based polymer (A) and an alkali metal salt (B). The pressure-sensitive adhesive layer-attached polarizing film has a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer with an antistatic function and satisfactory durability and whose optical properties are less likely to be degraded.11-29-2012
20120327511OPTICAL FILM, METHOD OF PRODUCING OPTICAL FILM, POLARIZING PLATE, DISPLAY PANEL, AND DISPLAY - Disclosed is an optical film having hardness and wipe-off resistance to solvents and capable of maintaining antistatic performance for a long period, and a method of producing the same. The optical film includes an optically-transparent substrate, and a hard coat layer having a thickness of 1 to 40 μm on one side of the optically-transparent substrate. The hard coat layer includes an ionic liquid containing a cation and an anion, and a region between a depth of 50 nm and a depth of 700 nm from an interface of the hard coat layer on a side opposite to an optically-transparent substrate side has a peak of an abundance of the ionic liquid present in an area from the interface to the depth of 700 nm in a thickness direction of the hard coat layer.12-27-2012
20120327510POLARIZING PLATE HAVING PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE LAYER AND IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE - Provided is a polarizing plate having pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, including a polarizer, a transparent protective film placed on at least one surface of the polarizer, and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer placed on a surface of the transparent protective film on a side where the polarizer is not placed. The pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is formed from pressure-sensitive adhesive including acryl-based polymer including alkyl (meth)acrylate monomer unit and aromatic ring structure-containing (meth)acrylate monomer unit. The transparent protective film has an absolute value of photoelastic coefficient of 50×1012-27-2012
20130170032DEVICE FOR PRODUCING POLARIZING FILM AND METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME (As Amended) - Disclosed herein is an apparatus for preparation of a film exhibiting polarizing properties (‘polarizing film’) by dyeing a substrate film with iodine and then orienting the same through a continuous process, and the foregoing apparatus includes, a first bath equipped with a thermometer to measure a temperature of the first bath (‘first bath thermometer’), in which a polyvinylalcohol (PVA) film as a substrate film is washed; a second bath equipped with a thermometer to measure a temperature of the second bath (‘second bath thermometer’) and a densitometer to measure a concentration of the second bath (‘second bath densitometer’), in which the washed PVA film is dipped in an iodine solution and dyed therein; a third bath in which the iodine-dyed PVA film is stretched by a drawing roller to thereby orient the dyed iodine; an oven equipped with a thermometer to measure a temperature of the oven (‘oven thermometer’) to dry the iodine-oriented PVA film; and a central controller that predicts a transmittance of the polarizing film, on the basis of information regarding characteristics of input data measured by the above thermometers of the first and second baths and the oven as well as the densitometer of the second bath, and information regarding characteristics of a PVA film introduced into the continuous process, and then, controls the temperatures of the first and second baths and the oven and an amount of a composition fed to the second bath.07-04-2013
20130170033POLARIZING PLATE AND OPTICAL DISPLAY DEVICE INCLUDING THE SAME - A polarizing plate includes a polarizer, a first protective film attached to one side of the polarizer, and a second protective film attached to another side of the polarizer. A ratio between coefficients of thermal expansion of the first and second protective films, measured in a transverse direction (TD) at a temperature from about 25° C. to about 120° C., ranges from about 0.5 to about 2. A ratio between coefficients of thermal expansion of the first and second protective films measured in a machine direction (MD) at a temperature from about 25° C. to about 120° C. ranges from about 0.5 to about 2.07-04-2013
20130201556OPTICAL LAYERED, POLARIZER, AND IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE - The present invention provides an optical layered body having excellent hardness, abrasion resistance, and flexibility.08-08-2013
20130094083PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE LAYER FOR OPTICAL FILM, PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE OPTICAL FILM, AND IMAGE DISPLAY - The pressure-sensitive adhesive layer for an optical film having good heat and moisture durability is formed by a process of applying an aqueous dispersion-type pressure-sensitive adhesive containing an emulsion of a (meth)acryl-based polymer obtained by subjecting a monomer mixture containing at least one of an alkyl (meth)acrylate (a1) with an alkyl group of 1 to 3 carbon atoms and an alkoxysilyl group-containing monomer (a2), and an alkyl (meth)acrylate (b) with an alkyl group of 4 to 14 carbon atoms to emulsion polymerization in water in the presence of a radical polymerization initiator and a reactive surfactant having a radically-polymerizable functional group; and then drying the emulsion, wherein a content of the reactive surfactant is 0.3 to 3 parts by weight based on 100 parts by weight of the monomer mixture, and has a saturated water absorption of 1.2 to 3.2% by weight at 50° C. and 90% R.H.04-18-2013
20130094082OPTICAL FILM, METHOD OF PRODUCING OPTICAL FILM, ANTIREFLECTIVE FILM, POLARIZING PLATE AND IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE - An optical film has a cellulose acylate film base material containing a plurality of sugar ester compounds having different ester substitution degrees in which an average ester substitution degree of the plurality of sugar ester compounds is form 60 to 94% and cellulose acylate, and an antistatic hardcoat layer formed from a coating composition containing at least an organic antistatic agent and a curable compound having a (meth)acryloyl group in a molecule of the curable compound.04-18-2013
20130114137POLARIZER HAVING ENHANCED PHOTODURABILITY AND METHOD FOR PREPARING THE SAME - A polarizer includes boric acid, potassium iodide, and a zinc salt. The zinc salt has a concentration gradient in which the concentration of the zinc salt gradually decreases from a surface of the polarizer to an interior thereof05-09-2013
20130120839CELLULOSE ACYLATE FILM, PROTECTIVE FILM FOR POLARIZING PLATE, POLARIZING PLATE, AND LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE - There is provided a cellulose acylate film, containing a hindered amin-based compound, wherein the hindered amine-based compound is contained in an amount of 0.001% by mass to 5% by mass based on cellulose acylate, a minimum value of Knoop hardness is 170 N/mm05-16-2013
20130120838HARD COATING FILM, COMPOSITION FOR HARD COATING FILM, POLARIZING PLATE INCLUDING THE SAME, AND LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY INCLUDING THE SAME - A hard coating film may include a cured product of a polyester polyol modified hyperbranched (meth)acrylate represented by Formula 1:05-16-2013
20130141785OPTICAL COMPENSATION FILM - An optical compensation film includes: a first layer having positive birefringence; a second layer on the first layer and having negative birefringence; and a third layer on the second layer and having positive birefringence. A retardation value of the optical compensation film for incident light having a wavelength of about 550 nm is about 135 nm to about 145 nm, and a ratio of a thickness of the first layer or of the third layer to a thickness of the second layer is about 1.1 to 2.2.06-06-2013
20130148197Apparatus and a Method of Manufacturing an Apparatus - An apparatus including a component of a circular polarizer; and conductive interconnect integrated with the component of the circular polarizer.06-13-2013

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