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Remote control

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340 - Communications: electrical

340100100 - SELECTIVE

340120100 - Pulse responsive actuation

340120150 - Serial

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340120500 Radio 65
340120310 Wired 29
340120230 Programming 24
340120540 Indicator or display 19
340120520 Plural devices 15
340120550 Housing or casing 2
20130099906REMOTE CONTROLLER SWITCHING DEVICE - A remote controller switching device is used with a smart handheld electronic device installed with a control program providing a remote controller interface. When manipulated, the remote controller interface allows the control program to generate an operation instruction for controlling remotely an intended target. The remote controller switching device includes a fixation base for fixing the smart handheld electronic device in place, and a remote control module having a transmission connection portion and a protocol portion. After creating a transmission connection to the smart handheld electronic device, the remote controller switching device generates a remote control signal based on the operation instruction to control the intended target remotely through the protocol portion.04-25-2013
20110140868METHOD AND A SYSTEM FOR EXCHANGING INFORMATION - A method of exchanging information through a wireless communication link, comprising the steps of sending activation instructions to at least one alarm detector and receiving and displaying data relating to status of at least said alarm detector in a wireless remote control device. The method includes the steps of detecting motion of said remote control device, enabling the displaying of data after detecting the motion of the remote control device, and enabling sending of instructions for disarming a selected group of alarm detectors after detecting the motion of the remote control device.06-16-2011
340120300 Diverse delivery media (e.g., wired and wireless, etc.) 2
20110025475METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PLAYING SIGNALS AT TWO APPLIANCES - A method for receiving messages in an appliance such as a clock radio modified to retrieve messages from a remote computer, converting the retrieved messages into corresponding audio messages, generating a wake up signal to the user at a selected time in the radio appliance, starting the delivery of the audio messages from a speaker in the radio appliance in response to the generated wake up signal, and receiving audible commands in the radio from the user to control delivery of the messages. In a first embodiment, these method steps are performed in the radio appliance and, in a second embodiment, a remote computer performs all of the messages except delivery of the audio messages and receiving audible commands which occur at the appliance. Where two or more appliances are used, audio commands can cause the delivery of messages to stop in one appliance and resume in another appliance.02-03-2011
20130154810TRANSCODER ENABLED CLOUD OF REMOTELY CONTROLLED DEVICES - Various embodiments are directed to one or more transcoder devices in communication with an input device such as a remote control device and multiple destination devices in which the transcoder device(s) facilitate communication between the remote control and the various destination devices in the vicinity. The transcoder device(s) can also provide the user with an environmental awareness of conditions and events surrounding the user. Other embodiments are described and claimed.06-20-2013
20130027193REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD - A remote control system includes a receiver equipped in a device and a remote controller. The receiver includes a positioning unit to acquire current position information of the receiver. The controller includes a positioning unit to acquire current position information of the remote controller. The current position information of the remote controller and a control signal is transmitted to the receiver. The receiver further includes a processor to control the device to execute an operation corresponding to the control signal based on the current position information of the remote controller and the receiver.01-31-2013
20130207789SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR ENHANCED REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTIONALITY - A hand-held device having a touch sensitive surface uses a relative distance from an origin location to each of a plurality of touch zones of the touch sensitive surface activated by a user to select a one of the plurality of touch zones as being intended for activation by the user.08-15-2013
20130038430BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A building management system controller (02-14-2013
20110298594REMOTE CONTROL FOR AN E-READER - An apparatus for remotely controlling an eReader device including a transceiver. The transceiver can receive an input data from a user, convert the input data to an output data and send the output data to the eReader. Further, the output data can include an eReader command.12-08-2011
20110169618POWER CONTROLLER - A power controller includes an infrared emitting circuit, an infrared receiving circuit, and a switching circuit. The infrared emitting circuit emits an infrared signal received by the infrared receiving circuit which outputs a corresponding control signal. The switching circuit is connected to the infrared receiving circuit to receive the control signal, and is connected to a powering control terminal of a motherboard of a computer to output a pulse signal to turn the computer on and off according to the control signal.07-14-2011
20110285515LIGHTING REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM - A lighting remote control system includes an illuminating device for irradiating illumination light in a changeable direction, a remote controller for irradiating visible light, a direction sensor for detecting an irradiating direction of the visible light based on a posture of the remote controller, and a position sensor for detecting position coordinates of the remote controller. The illuminating device is designed to irradiate the illumination light on a position specified pursuant to the position coordinates of the remote controller detected by the position sensor, the irradiating direction of the visible light detected by the direction sensor and an arbitrarily-set unit length.11-24-2011
20120154129REMOTE CONTROL FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND SIGNAL TRANSMISSION METHOD THEREOF - A remote control for an electronic device comprises an input unit for generating control signals, a connector and a microprocessor. A connector with a plurality of interfaces, one end of connector is electrically connected to a transmission unit of the remote control via a data bus, each of the interfaces of the connector is configured for engaging with an interface of the electronic device for transmitting the control signals to the electronic device. The microprocessor determines which interface to transmit the control signals to the electronic device to control the electronic device to flip pages. A signal transmission method applied in a remote control for an electronic device is also provided.06-21-2012
20110291817AV Equipment Control Device - An AV equipment control device includes a detecting portion that detects a state of a signal line which is connected to a controlled object equipment to transmit an audio signal or a video signal, a control signal generating portion that generates a control signal to control the controlled object equipment, a deciding portion that decides a state of the controlled object equipment based on a detected content of the detecting portion, and a controlling portion that controls the control signal generating portion based on a decision result of the deciding portion.12-01-2011
20130099903REMOTE CONTROLLER - A remote controller generates control signals according to the speed of movement sensed by a three-axis accelerometer and the direction of movement sensed by a gyroscope and transmits the control signals to a remotely controlled device communicating with the remote controller when the remote controller is in a first work mode, generates control signals according to touch sensing signals from a touch pad and transmits the control signals to the remotely controlled device when the remote controller is in a second work mode, and further generates control signals according to variations in the capacitance of the capacitive type pressure transducer unit and transmits the control signals to the remotely controlled device when the remote controller is in a third work mode.04-25-2013
20130214910Method and System for Starting up a Medical Engineering Device - A method and an associated arrangement for starting up a medical engineering system via a data transmission link are provided. The method includes storing, in advance, at least one switch-on time for the medical engineering system in a spatially remote central unit via the data transmission link. The method also includes switching-on the medical engineering system by the central unit via the data transmission link at the at least one stored switch-on time.08-22-2013
20130214911REMOTELY CONTROLLABLE RECEPTACLE SYSTEM AND MANAGING METHOD FOR OPERATING THE SAME - A remotely controllable receptacle system is disclosed. The remotely controllable receptacle system includes a remote control device for emitting a first request signal and a searching signal, and a plurality of receptacle devices for emitting a first reply signal according to the first request signal. The remote control device determines whether the first reply signal is received and the receptacle device emitting the first reply signal is classified as the vicinity receptacle device and the receptacle device not emitting the first reply signal is classified as the missing receptacle device. The vicinity receptacle device is configured to emit a second request signal according to the searching signal and determine whether the missing receptacle device emits a second reply signal according to the second request signal before a mutual communication between the remote control device and the missing receptacle device via the vicinity receptacle device is established.08-22-2013
20110140867REMOTE CONTROL AND METHOD FOR THE REMOTE CONTROL OF MULTIMEDIA APPLIANCES - A remote control having a touch-sensitive control panel and a transmission unit for transmitting encoded signals which are produced on the basis of a direction of movement of contact with successive regions of the control panel, regardless of the location at which contact is made with the control panel. It is also possible to produce encoded signals on the basis of a movement by the remote control in combination with a motion sensor.06-16-2011
20110084817REMOTE CONTROL DEVICE AND RECOGNITION METHOD THEREOF - A remote control device and a recognition method thereof. The recognition method is adapted to the remote control device for generating a corresponding remote control signal to control an electronic device when the remote control device is moved. A sequence of sensing signal corresponding to movement of the remote control device is provided. The sequence of sensing signal is converted into a sequence of characteristic data. A sequential predetermined data matching the sequence of characteristic data is selected from a plurality of sequential predetermined data respectively corresponding to a respective remote control signal. The remote control signal corresponding to the matched sequential predetermined data is transmitted to the electronic device.04-14-2011
20120200399TRANSMISSION APPARATUS FOR REMOTELY INDICATING POSITION AND RECEPTION APPARATUS - A transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus for indicating a position can be remotely controlled. The transmitting apparatus includes a means for measuring an inclined angle of a transmitter with respect to a gravity axis of the earth to measure and transmit the inclined value of the transmitter in addition to transmitting waveforms having different phase angles and the same frequency simultaneously and the receiving apparatus is configured by a receiving apparatus that receives and ultimately amplifies the transmitted signal and processes the amplified signal so as to acquire positional information regarding a shift of a phase which is shifted from a reference signal.08-09-2012
20110074556CONTROLLING DEVICE HAVING MULTIPLE USER INTERFACES - A controlling device having a plurality of user selectable operating modes, a user interface providing a plurality of function keys each operable to cause a transmission of at least one command to at least one of a plurality of appliances for commanding at least one operating function of the at least one of the plurality of appliances, and a light source for illuminating the user interface in multiple distinct colors. The light source is caused to illuminate the user interface in at least one of the multiple distinct colors as a function of a one of the plurality of operating modes in which the controlling device is currently placed.03-31-2011
20110148604Device and Method for Converting a Computing Device into a Remote Control - There is provided a method and device allowing a user to remotely control an electronic device with infrared signals using a media player device. Sound signals, either generated by or saved on the media player device correspond to infrared commands and are invoked by the user through a user interface. The sound signal is played back by the media player device and is received by an external device, connected to the media player device through a port, such as the headphone jack. The external device then converts the sound signal into an infrared signal.06-23-2011
20120056729TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION BETWEEN A BED FACILITY CONTROLLER AND A REMOTE CONTROL FOR THE BED FACILITY - A remote control communicates via two-way communication with a controller for a bed facility to allow a user of the remote control to control a function of the bed facility. Adjustable features of an adjustable bed can be controlled through the two-way communication. Inflation or other features of an air mattress can be controlled through the two-way communication. Two-way communication is supported by either a wired connection or a wireless connection such as Bluetooth, USB, ultra wideband, and the like. The two-way communication also supports the remote control controlling a second system that is associated with the adjustable bed.03-08-2012
20120025958ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTION - An electronic device includes a storage unit, a sound signal receiving unit, a remote signal generating unit, a processing unit, and a transmitting unit. The control table records RC devices, sound parameters, and control commands. Each RC device is associated with at least one sound parameter. Each sound parameter corresponds to one control command. The sound signal receiving unit receives sound signals. The processing unit determines a sound parameter according to the received sound signals, searches in the control table to determine the control command the sound parameter corresponding to according to a selected RC device, and controls the remote signal generating unit to generate a remote signal corresponding to the determined control command. The transmitting unit transmits the remote signal to the selected RC device.02-02-2012
20120025959VIRTUAL INTERFACE AND CONTROL DEVICE - An input device for a computer or other programmable device translates the proximity of an object to one or more antennae into an electronic signal. The antennae generate a first frequency and a second frequency. When an object, such as a hand, is placed in proximity to the antenna, the object causes the first and second frequencies to heterodyne, which creates a third frequency, also referred to as a beat frequency or pulse frequency. A receiver interprets the pulse frequency and translates it into an electronic signal that can be used to command a computer or other programmable device.02-02-2012
20120235800Receiver and Transmitter Receiver System - A receiver for receiving messages from a transmitter includes a controller and a driver stage for providing a supply voltage to the transmitter based on a control signal. The controller is configured to provide the control signal to compensate for changes of the supply voltage caused by a modulation of the current consumption of the transmitter, such that the supply voltage remains in a predefined range. Furthermore, the controller is configured to evaluate a series of succeeding values of the control signal to derive a message generated by the transmitter by modulating its current consumption.09-20-2012
20120256736Method for Remote Control of an Electric Equipment Unit and Control Device for Implementation of Such a Method - A method for remote control of an electric equipment unit, and device therefor, that includes a first actuation sequence of a generator and a second actuation sequence of that generator, wherein, in the first sequence, actuation stores energy of the first actuation and information of a control order to be sent to the equipment unit, and in the second sequence, actuation stores energy of this second actuation and enables the stored control order to be sent to the equipment unit and enables information of effective transmission of the control order to be sent to indicating means. The device mainly includes a control interface to be placed in the equipment unit, a remote control having two actuating buttons, a dongle which can be detached and temporarily inserted in the control interface, and means for forcing the operator to reposition the dongle inside the housing of the remote control after use.10-11-2012
20120182134MECHANISMS FOR POSITIONING AND/OR HOLDING SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS AND PERFORMING OTHER FUNCTIONS, AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE AND USE THEREOF - A positioning system is provided for use in remotely-controlled surgical procedures. Also provided are methods of manufacture and use of such a positioning system. The positioning system may hold an instrument, and may provide multiple degrees of freedom of movement to the instrument. The positioning system may be coupled to a control unit, such that manipulation of the control unit results in movement of the positioning mechanism, thereby eliminating the need to manually hold and position the instrument. According to some aspects, the positioning system may be hydraulically actuated.07-19-2012
20120081216REMOTE-CONTROLLED MOTION APPARATUS WITH ACCELERATION SELF-SENSE AND REMOTE CONTROL APPARATUS THEREFOR - A remote-controlled motion apparatus is controlled by a remote control apparatus. The remote control apparatus transmits a target motion signal by radio. The remote-controlled motion apparatus includes a communication module, an acceleration sensing module, a processing module and a driving module. The communication module receives the target motion signal from the remote control apparatus. The acceleration sensing module senses an acceleration of the remote-controlled motion apparatus to output an acceleration sensing signal. The processing module is coupled with the acceleration sensing module and the communication module, and processes the acceleration sensing signal and the target motion signal to output a driving control signal. The driving module is coupled with the processing module to receive the driving control signal, and adjusts the driving of the remote-controlled motion apparatus according to the driving control signal.04-05-2012
20120326850DEVICE AND SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD THEREOF - A device capable of being controlled by user commands transmitted from a remote control apparatus is disclosed. The device includes a signal receiving unit configured to continuously receive a plurality of same remote control signals from the remote controller which are each generated according to a manipulation of the remote controller for a predetermined unit time; and a control unit configured to perform a first control action corresponding to one remote control signal of the plurality of same remote control signals and neglect other remote control signals of the plurality of remote control signals, if the one of the plurality of same remote control signals is received, wherein if a subsequent remote control signal generated according to an additional manipulation of the remote controller within the predetermined unit time is received, the control unit is configured to perform a second control action corresponding to the received subsequent remote control signal.12-27-2012
20130099904WIRELESS DETECTION DEVICE - The invention relates to a detection device (04-25-2013
20130181821ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND METHOD AND PROGRAM OF CONTROLLING ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An electronic apparatus is designed so that a change in state of the operation key leads to a predetermined processing operation. In the electronic apparatus, a first detector detects operation keys being touched among a plurality of operation keys. A second detector detects an operation key being subjected to an operation of changing the state thereof among the operation keys. A device of notification signal generation generates a notification signal for providing the user with an explanation about processing corresponding to the operation key currently touched based on a detection result of the first detector. A first control device brings a hardware module and/or a software module, which corresponds to the operation key subjected to the change of the state thereof to an operation of changing a state is performed, into an execution state. The operation keys may be formed on a remote control transmitter.07-18-2013
20110309914REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM - A remote control system includes an emitter and a remote controller. The emitter is installed in an electronic device and is configured for emitting a search signal. The remote controller includes a wireless receiving module and a beacon module. The wireless receiving module is configured for receiving the search signal transmitted from the emitter to activate the beacon module to emit a guiding signal.12-22-2011
20130187766Systems and Methods for Remotely Locating and Optionally Adjusting Fixtures - Systems and methods for locating and optionally adjusting fixtures (e.g., light fixtures, audio-visual equipment, alarm systems, etc.), such as those, for example, configured to be located and/or adjusted remotely (e.g., using WiFi, GPS, radio frequency identification, Bluetooth, radio, sound, ultrasound, light, Zigbee, ultra wide band, and/or combinations thereof).07-25-2013
20130187767Device Control Using Multi-Dimensional Motion Sensing and a Wireless Home Entertainment Hub - A method of detecting missing devices in a home entertainment system using a wireless home entertainment hub includes obtaining a registration of at least one device that includes a source device. An instruction is received from a user to present program content from the source device. A set of one or more sink devices missing from the home entertainment system for a presentation of the program content based on an assessment by the wireless home entertainment hub of presentation capabilities of the home entertainment system using the at least one device registered with the wireless home entertainment hub is determined. The set of one or more sink devices is presented to the user.07-25-2013
20120068833CLOSED LOOP UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL - An electronic device configured for closed loop remote control functionality and related methods are disclosed herein. In particular, in one embodiment, an electronic device configured for closed loop remote control functionality is provided. The device includes a processor and a transmitter configured to wirelessly transmit instructions to a remotely controlled device. Additionally, the device includes an input device configured to allow a user to provide input to the electronic device related to remote control and one or more sensors configured to obtain information related to a state of the remotely controlled device. The processor is configured to use the information obtained by the one or more sensors to determine the state of the remote controlled devices upon receiving the input from a user to transmit instructions.03-22-2012

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