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Having indication or alarm

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340 - Communications: electrical

340100100 - SELECTIVE

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340800100 Location indication 97
340600110 Additional to other selective control 1
20110050395UTILITY MONITORING SYSTEM - A utility monitoring system, methods of implementation, and programs are disclosed which can provide real-time information regarding a utility system, such as a water system of a home or building. The monitoring system can detect operating parameters or attributes of one or more sources in the water system and create a user-defined output selected so as to motivate and inspire conservation. For example, the system can output a monetized analysis of the usage of the water system. Further, the system can be configured to provide alarms in response to possible leaks when no period of zero usage is detected and/or in response to operating parameters that exceed a predetermined range of acceptable values. The system can control one or more of the sources in response to an alarm, allowing the system to shutoff or otherwise control the sources in the water system.03-03-2011
20110193682REMOTE FIRE DETECTION BYPASS FOR TESTING FIRE-SMOKE ALARM AND INDICATION DEVICES - The importance of fire safety equipment and systems is great as they protect buildings and the people within those buildings from the danger of fire. Regular testing of these systems is highly important to ensure their ability to provide such protection. However, current fire safety equipment, especially fire and smoke alarms require manual activation to be tested and are located out of reach for such testing to be done easily and conveniently. The present device provides a means to test fire safety equipment and systems without the need to reach the device manually, rather this device allows fire safety equipment and systems to be tested through the use of a remote switch which can be conveniently located and easily reached.08-11-2011
20110193681Office Notification Systems and Methods - A system for use in multi-rooms of an office space, provides wireless or other communicative connection among paired devices for each separate room and a central device. The system includes a central control device, an inner panel device communicatively connected to the central control device, and an outer panel device communicatively connected to the inner panel device. The control center device includes illuminated notifiers and control center buttons, the inner panel device includes inner panel buttons and a video display, and the outer panel device includes outer panel buttons and a static display. Activation of buttons of the respective devices changes state of the illuminated notifiers of the control center device. Activation of buttons of the control center device changes state of buttons of the inner panel device and the outer panel device, activation of buttons of the inner panel device changes state of buttons of the outer panel device and the control center device, and activation of buttons of the outer panel device changes state of the buttons of the inner panel device and the control center device. Audio and video content is displayed as multimedia on the video display and in static format on the static display.08-11-2011
20130076488METHOD OF CONTROLLING ELECTRIC DEVICE - A method for controlling an electronic device is provided. The method may include displaying, on a display, information related to at least one of a plurality of items to be managed or processed by the device, selecting at least one piece of item information displayed on the display, recognizing the selected piece of item information, and storing the recognized piece of item information into a memory as an object to be managed or processed by the device.03-28-2013
20130082824FEEDBACK RESPONSE - An apparatus which performs at least the following: 04-04-2013
20130069766Hand-Held Security Alarm System - A hand-held security alarm system for sounding an alarm when the system is released. The hand-held security alarm system includes a hand-held device that contains an alarm, a battery, an activation member, an activation electronic circuit, an alarming member, and a deactivation button. The activation member being biased to push away from the hand-held device by a compression spring. The activation electronic circuit being activated by an activation switch when the activation member travels a certain distance from the hand-held device. The hand-held device is maintained in the inactive state by the activation member being held against the hand-held device by a detent incorporated into the alarming member. The hand-held device is put into the armed position by sliding the alarming member so that the detent on the activation member travels past a catch on the activation member and the activation is held against the compression spring by an external force such as a hand grasping the hand-held device. The hand-held device once armed is activated by releasing the external force on the activation member so that the compression spring pushes the activation member away from the hand-held device thereby triggering the electronic circuit and causing the battery to energize the alarm causing an audible sound. The electronic circuit cannot be deactivated by pressing the activation member back towards the hand-held device but requires the application of a deactivation switch which when pushed opens the electronic circuit cutting the battery power from the alarm. The hand-held device includes a strap that can be securely attached to the body of the user so that in an attack the hand-held device stays with the user.03-21-2013
20110285505ELECTRONIC SHELF LABEL CONTROL APPARATUS AND METHOD - According to one embodiment, an apparatus includes an article information detecting unit, an identification information detecting unit, and a distribution unit. The article information detecting unit detects article information displayed on the electronic shelf labels specified by shelf label identification information. The identification information detecting unit detects group identification information to identify whether articles having the article information displayed on the electronic shelf labels specified by the shelf label identification information belong to a same group or not. The distribution unit distributes display attribute information to differentiate display forms of the article information between articles belonging to the same group and articles that do not belong to the same group, to the electronic shelf label specified by the shelf label identification information corresponding to the article information of each of the articles identified as articles belonging to the same group from based on the group identification information.11-24-2011
20110148577CONTROLLING A STRIKING MEANS FOR A BELL - To improve the striking of a bell, first of all a signal is registered. An actuator is then induced, by means of a signal generated following the registered signal, to transfer the striking means into a predefined starting state.06-23-2011
20130099894BS meter - A BS meter with a hollow housing containing a microprocessor, a receiving circuit, a pair of marker members that can be illuminated by a plurality of LEDs, a PC board, a power supply, a sound amplifying circuit and a speaker. A representation of a bull sits on top of the housing. The housing includes an aperture covered by tinted front window. The first and second marker members are located behind the front window The transmitter has first and second activation buttons and is capable of activating the electronic components via the receiving circuit. The illuminated markers can be seen through the tinted window when a user presses the first or second activation button, and the speaker emits a sound of a bull bellowing. A preferred embodiment includes a digital clock assembly is placed within the hollow housing.04-25-2013
20110140845PERSONAL SAFETY DEVICE - There is disclosed a personal safety device having one or more lamps and lamp lenses located at the end of a body, and wherein pressure applied at least one lens causes a control circuit to initiate a mode of operation of the device.06-16-2011
20110140844PACKAGED PRODUCT HAVING A REACTIVE LABEL AND A METHOD OF ITS USE - A reactive label is capable of reacting with a shopper that peruses the label while considering the purchase of the labeled product. The label includes sensors and a display unit and is powered by incorporated batteries or photovoltaic cells. The sensors can include a timer that provides the shopper with additional information from a ROM by displaying it sequentially on an LCD screen or the like. The sensors can also include a sensor such as an optical sensor that measures such factors as hair reflectance and can inform the shopper as to the suitability of the product (if, for example, it is a shampoo) for their personal use. The reactive label gives the shopper a previously unattainable sense of product personalization and will thereby enhance a sense of loyalty to and confidence in the product.06-16-2011
20110074546INFORMATION PROCESSING PROGRAM, INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE AND INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD - A card (which is displayed on a screen and is thus operated, and has a single function) is output to a display of an information processing device through a shell (an OS of the card and a seal), and the seal (a display associated with an action such as an output) can be put on a part of the card. The shell put on the card is written to a seal DB and the seal put on the card is displayed in accordance with information of the seal DB when the card is to be output. The seal corresponds to a seal application depending on each type. When an object of the card having the seal put thereon is coincident with a predetermined condition, the corresponding seal application is activated by the shell so that a predetermined action such as a notice or an output of a ring tone is executed.03-31-2011
20110241832COMPUTER NAVIGATION - An electronic device comprises a display for displaying data stored on said electronic device; input means; sensing means for sensing the three-dimensional position of the input means relative to said device; and control means for controlling the data displayed on said display in dependence on the three-dimensional position of the input means relative to said device. The input means includes a source of electromagnetic radiation for directing an infrared conical beam onto the display. The sensing means can sense the elliptical eccentricity of the electromagnetic radiation incident on the display to determine the angle at which it strikes the display, and can sense the area of the electromagnetic radiation incident on the display to determine the distance of the input means from the display.10-06-2011
20110084802DOOR LOCK DEVICE - Provided is a door lock device which is installed on a door, to enable people to facilitate to find out location of the door at dark or night and enable the door to be illuminated with a certain brightness so as to be easily viewed at indoor and outdoor sides when indoor and/or outdoor illumination is low, that is, at dark. As a result, the door lock device enables people to easily find out an entrance gate under the fire and other emergency situations. As well, people do not need to find out a particular position or particular article gropingly even in a dark indoor or outdoor. Accordingly, people may not be easily hurt. In addition, since indoor and outdoor places can be illuminated at a certain brightness, the door lock device can indicate that people exist in a warehouse or on a roof of a building even in the case that a warehouse door lock device or a roof entrance door lock device has been automatically locked.04-14-2011
20110074545REMOTE OPERATION DEVICE, REMOTE OPERATION DEVICE SYSTEM, REMOTE OPERATION METHOD AND PROGRAM - There is provided a remote operation device including a display panel for displaying a predetermined operation screen, a detection unit for detecting an operation input to the display panel, a remote operation unit for remotely operating an electronic device in accordance with the operation input, a state information obtaining unit for obtaining state information that indicates a state of the electronic device from the electronic device, and a display control unit for displaying an operation screen corresponding to the status information in accordance with a change in the state of the electronic device.03-31-2011
20110102145REMOTE CONTROL APPARATUS WITH DIALING SCHEME PROVIDING HAPTIC SENSATIONS - A remote control apparatus that provides haptic sensations. The remote control apparatus includes a dial, a motor, a rotary encoder, an encoder counter, a control unit and a motor controller. The remote control apparatus further includes a storage unit, a movement detection unit and a display unit. When a user selects an icon displayed on the display unit by rotating the dial, the control unit interprets the user instruction through the rotary encoder and the encoder counter to control the motor to generate torque for causing a haptic sensation corresponding to the interpreted instruction via the motor controller. While the haptic sensation is conveyed to the user through the dial, the control unit controls an appliance to perform the interpreted instruction thereon.05-05-2011
20120032783ELECTRONIC READER SYSTEM WITH EXTERNAL DISPLAY INTERFACE AND METHOD OF OPERATION THEREOF - A method of operation of an electronic reader system includes: identifying a content attribute of a content block on a displayable page; determining a first display capability of a first display device associated with the content attribute; determining a second display capability associated with the content attribute from a communication port, the communication port for connecting with a second display device having the second display capability; ranking the second display capability against the first display capability; and processing the content block for displaying on the second display device when the second display capability is ranked higher than the first display capability.02-09-2012
20120306620SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ALERT VISUALIZATION - The embodiments described herein include a system and a method. In one embodiment, an industrial process control system includes a controller configured to couple to a field device. The industrial process control system further includes an alarm viewer configured to couple to the controller. The alarm viewer comprises a user interface control. The controller is configured to receive alert information from the field device in a first protocol and communicate the alert information to the alarm viewer in a second protocol, and the alarm viewer is configured to present, via the user interface control, a first alert indication of the alert information.12-06-2012
20120038459METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SENDING PRESENCE MESSAGES - An intentional presence system in accordance with the present invention includes a transmitting device at a first physical location that is responsive to a command intentionally initiated by a first individual at the first physical location to develop a presence signal intended for a second individual at a second physical location. The intentional presence system further includes a receiving device located at the second physical location which is receptive to the presence signal and which is operative to generate an indication to the second individual of the first individual's presence with respect to the transmitting device.02-16-2012
20120038458HANDHELD FIELD MAINTENANCE TOOL WITH IMPROVED DIAGNOSTICS - A handheld field maintenance tool with improved diagnostic functions is provided. The tool includes a process communication module configured to interact with a field device. A controller is coupled to the process communication module. The controller is configured to execute a number of improved diagnostic functions relative to the field device. The controller may obtain contextual information relative to a current field maintenance operation and preload at least one resource relative to a next field operation step. The controller may obtain process alarm information through a wireless communication module, and field device alert information through the process communication module and provide an indication on a display relative to both process alarm information and field device alert information. The controller may execute a sequence of field device maintenance operations on the field device in response to a signal from a user input device. The controller may obtain snapshot information in response to a signal from a user input device.02-16-2012
20120013442POWER CORD - A power cord is disclosed. The power cord includes a plug unit, a cable unit, a device connecting unit, and a control unit. The control unit could be installed in the plug unit or the device connecting unit. The control unit has a detecting module, a processing module, and a wireless communication module. The detecting module is used for detecting a power transmitting status of the power cord such as voltage and current, and transmitting the power transmitting status to the processing module for the generation of a power source data, which is prepared by the processing module. The power source data may be delivered to external devices through the wireless communication module so that an objective of efficient power source management may be achieved.01-19-2012
20120013441Method and Apparatus Pertaining to Facilitating the Reading of RFID Tags - These teachings generally comprise interrogating a plurality of RFID tags and receiving corresponding responses from various ones of these tags. A corresponding plurality of end user-perceivable indications are then provided to thereby inform an end user of the RFID tag reader with respect to a completeness level of the reading activity. By one approach, this can comprise providing only one such end user-perceivable indication for each of the tags notwithstanding that a given one of the plurality might respond to the interrogation more than once. This can further comprise, if desired, only providing such end user-perceivable indications for responses from those of the plurality of RFID tags that comprise a previously identified RFID tag of interest. These indications can comprise any of an audible sound, a visual alert, and/or a haptic sensation.01-19-2012
20110080261FUNCTION INDICATOR SYSTEM FOR ELECTRIC FIREPLACE - A function indicator system for displaying the control settings related to functions and features of an electric fireplace. The function indicator system can feature a function indicator module, a controller communicatively connected to the function indicator module, and a power source electrically connected to the function indicator module. The function indicator module can contain a plurality of light sources that emit paths of light, which can pass through control status indicia to create a visual display on an exterior surface of a projection screen of the electric fireplace. The visual display is visible to a viewer so as to alert the viewer as to the particular status of a control setting of the electric fireplace such as, for example, the temperature of heat produced, the brightness of simulated flames, or the length of time that the user desires for the electric fireplace to operate prior to automatic shutdown.04-07-2011
20120161928Display Apparatus, Remote Controller and Associated Display System - A display apparatus, remote controller and associated display system are provided. A plurality of peripheral apparatuses is controlled by a universal remote controller according to a remote control signal from the remote controller. The display apparatus displays a remote control menu respectively corresponding to the different peripheral apparatuses, so as to offer the universal remote control with a rich, intuitive and user-friendly user interface.06-28-2012
20120075065ELECTRICAL HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE - In order to provide an electrical household appliance comprising control elements for the selection and/or activation of a control function as well as preferably comprising a display for indicating functions selected, to be selected and/or activated, which permits a simple and safe operation of the device by the user even where space is limited, it is proposed that the control elements are part of a handling unit to be fixed detachably at the device, the handling unit being connected in a communicating fashion by wires or preferably wireless with an electrical or electronic control unit remaining at the device and forming a structural unit therewith.03-29-2012
20120182126VOICE ALARM - An alarm device configured with a power supply, a processing unit, speakers and an activator for emitting a voice alarm to alert passersby that the alarm holder is in danger. A handheld alarm device for alerting people more effectively than a mere tonal alarm.07-19-2012
20120286932Electronic Guides, Incident Response Methods, Incident Response Systems, and Incident Monitoring Methods - Incident response methods include receiving notification that an incident has occurred, determining a source of the notification, the source being near the incident, and establishing at least one guided path configured to direct a first person, a first animal, or a first movable device positioned near the source away from the incident and/or to direct a second person, a second animal, or a second movable device toward the incident. Electronic guides include an indicator, and processing circuitry configured to receive a request to configure the indicator from an inactive state to an active state in which the indicator encourages a first person positioned near a first side of the electronic guide to move toward the electronic guide and encourages a second person positioned near a second side of the electronic guide to move away from the electronic guide and configure the indicator according to the request.11-15-2012
20130169412Haptic Footswitch Treadle - A haptic footswitch treadle for use in microsurgical systems is disclosed. The haptic footswitch treadle includes a haptic surface coupled to a pivotable treadle base and configured to convey vibratory haptic feedback to a surgeon. The haptic footswitch includes a positional sensor coupled to the treadle base and suspension elements and actuators positioned between the haptic surface and the treadle base. The actuators are configured to move the suspension elements and the haptic surface based on command signals generated by haptic software applications in response to data from the positional sensor.07-04-2013
20110273269METHOD FOR MONITORING AND LOCKING AIRCRAFT COMPARTMENT DOORS - The invention relates to a system for monitoring and locking aircraft compartment doors (11-10-2011
20120249299CONTROL CIRCUIT FOR INDICATOR LIGHT - A control circuit for an indicator light includes a power source, a switch unit, a ground resistor, and a first adjusting unit. The power source supplies a voltage. The switch unit is connected between the power source and the indicator light and turns on or turns off the indicator light. The ground resistor is connected between the power source and the ground via the indicator light and the switch unit. The first adjusting unit includes a first adjusting resistor and a first control switch. The adjusting resistor is connected between the indicator light and the ground via the first control switch. The first control switch is capable of connecting the first adjusting resistor with the ground resistor in parallel.10-04-2012
20130141214Illumination Alert Apparatus Structure Having Cap for Use in Switch Control - The present invention provides an illumination alert apparatus structure having a cap for use in switch control. The illumination alert apparatus which is illumination-oriented comprises a body, a power unit, and a lightbulb having an illumination unit coupled thereto. The power unit is coupled to an end of the body. The lightbulb is screwed to an external thread formed on an outward side of the body and coupled to the power unit, so as to assemble the illumination alert apparatus. The illumination alert apparatus structure dispenses with other switch-related components which might otherwise compromise the overall esthetical appearance of the illumination alert apparatus, such that the illumination alert apparatus manifests simplicity, beauty, and novelty.06-06-2013
20130147604METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ENABLING SMART BUILDING EVACUATION - The present invention is directed to providing a method and system that enables a first responder firefighter to take command of a building having a potential fire event. Using the method and system herein, the firefighter is able to clearly signal and guide the safe evacuation of that building. A group of sensors are mounted throughout the building to monitor various possible fire/smoke events. Also mounted in the building are signal arrays that are controlled and triggered by the firefighter to clearly delineate a safe and efficient evacuation route from the building.06-13-2013
20130154798ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND DISPLAY METHOD - An electronic device and a display method are provided. The electronic device includes a light emitting unit, an input switch, a power control unit, a register data storage unit and a signal control module. The input switch is configured to produce a switch signal and an address signal. The power control unit is configured to transmit power status data. The register data storage unit is configured to provide corresponding register data according to the address signal. The signal control module is electrically coupled to the light emitting unit, the power control unit, the register data storage unit and the input switch, and is configured to selectively receive the register data from the register data storage unit or the power status data from the power control unit according to the switch signal, and transmit the selected data to the light emitting unit.06-20-2013
20130181811Magnetometer Accuracy and Use - A parameter related to the Earth's magnetic field can be used to determine accuracy of a magnetometer of a mobile device. In one aspect, a first instance of a parameter related to Earth's magnetic field is determined using data generated by the magnetometer. The magnetometer data can be based in part on a position of the mobile device with respect to the Earth. A second instance of the parameter can be determined using data generated by a model of Earth's magnetic field. The model data can also be based in part on the position of the mobile device with respect to the Earth. The first instance of the parameter can be compared with the second instance of the parameter. An accuracy metric for the magnetometer can be determined based on a result of the comparison. An indication of the accuracy metric can be presented by the mobile device.07-18-2013
20130194072CASTER INDICATOR - A caster indicator displays the state of casters provided on an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus or a medical bed. The caster indicator includes a position sensing unit sensing the position of levers determining the state of casters, and a display unit displaying the state of the casters according to the position of the levers. With the caster indicator, a user easily confirms the state of the casters, even if a medical electronic apparatus, such as the ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus or the medical bed, is located at a dark place.08-01-2013
20120044052Method and apparatus to use remote and local control modes to acquire and visually present data - A system comprising multiple devices that are operable when servicing a device-under service is described. A data acquisition (DAQ) device and a vehicle scanner device of the system are operable to acquire data from the device-under-service and to transmit the acquired data to a display device of the system. The DAQ device can operate in a local-control mode in which selection of DAQ mode for the DAQ device is carried out at the DAQ device. The DAQ device can operate in a remote-control mode in which selection of a DAQ mode for the DAQ device is carried out at the display device. The multiple devices may communicate with each other via one or more wireless network via one or more air interface protocols. Each device of the system may operate as a stand-alone device or in combination with multiple devices of the system.02-23-2012
20130201001END CONNECTION IDENTIFICATION DEVICE AND METHOD - An apparatus for identifying differing portions of an interconnecting device. The interconnecting device selectively interconnects a first component to a second component for delivery therethrough. The apparatus includes an interconnecting member including at least a first portion and a second portion, and a first identifying device positioned on the first portion. The first identifying device includes a first activation portion and a first identification portion. The apparatus also includes a second identifying device positioned on the second portion. The second identifying device includes a second activation portion and a second identification portion. An identifying signal transmitted by the first identification portion is identifiable with a signal emitted by the second identification portion.08-08-2013
20120068821ELECTRONIC DEVICE COMPRISING LED INDICATORS AND AN ENERGY SAVING METHOD - The present invention concerns an electronic device comprising more than one electronic indicator, an electronic indicator being adapted to indicate a state of a feature of the device, the state being among others set to enabled, disabled or enabling, the electronic indicator consuming energy, and ECO indicator configuring means for setting for each electronic indicator the normal mode of operation, the normal mode corresponding to a state of the feature, and activating a second indicator and deactivating the more than one electronic indicator when the more than one indicator are all in a normal mode of operation.03-22-2012
20120086551Headset Ear Detection - A device capable of providing information to a user through a plurality of different alerting signals, includes a sensing system capable of sensing indications that the device is in a first particular physical relationship to the user's body; an alerting system capable of conveying information to the user through a plurality of different alerting signals, the alerting signals including: a first set of alerting signals and a second set of alerting signals that are such as to be less noticeable to the user if the device is in the first particular physical relationship to the user's body than the first set of alerting signals, the device further including comprising a controller responsive to the sensing system and configured to estimate from the indications whether the device is in the first particular physical relationship to the user's body, and while it is to control the alerting system so as to suppress the provision of information to the user through the second set of alerting signals.04-12-2012

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