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386 - Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing

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386280000 Special effect 28
386285000 With at least one audio signal 25
386282000 With video GUI 21
386279000 Dubbing or mastering (e.g., normal and high speed, etc.) 10
386290000 User defined sequence (e.g., virtual link list, double link list, etc.) 9
386281000 Edit decision list (e.g., EDL, etc.) 8
386286000 Subsequent recording 8
386284000 With different standards 8
386283000 With MPEG 3
20110019973EDITING APPARATUS, EDITING METHOD AND PROGRAM - In an editing apparatus; overwriting data used for insertion editing on base data, which is segmented into each picture including data having a predetermined unit of data amount X, and includes variable-length encoded real data, is variable-length encoded; each picture is sequentially obtained as a target picture, and regarding the target picture, if an amount of the overwriting data is equal to X, the overwriting data is handled as insertion data as it is, otherwise, insertion data is created by adding stuffing data to the overwriting data so that the amount of the overwriting data can be equal to X; a filler having the same amount as a filler of the base data is added to the insertion data having the same total amount as the real data; and the resultant insertion data is added onto the base data.01-27-2011
20110206351VIDEO PROCESSING SYSTEM AND A METHOD FOR EDITING A VIDEO ASSET - A video processing system and a method for editing a video asset, the method includes: obtaining a video asset of a first resolution; compressing, by compressing module, a video asset to provide a compressed video asset of a second resolution that is lower than the first resolution; transmitting, by a transmitter that is a hardware component, the compressed video asset to a remote video editor; requesting the remote video editor to edit the compressed video asset; receiving editing instructions from the remote video editor, the editing instructions are generated by the remote editor when editing the compressed video asset; processing, by a video processor, the video asset based on the editing instructions to provide an edited video asset; and performing at least one of storing, displaying or publishing the edited video asset.08-25-2011
20100296796Data recording method, data editing method, data decoding method, and apparatus and recording medium therefor - A system records an AV stream composed of a plurality of record units (RUs) containing independently reproducible video units (VUs) of at least video or audio and program information (Movie atom) managing the AV stream, onto a recording medium. The program information contains a piece of information (Edit list atom) that manages a point of junction between the record units or between AV streams. In decoding the AV stream, decoding is halted or decoders are switched at the point of junction, based on the management information on the points of junction, for example.11-25-2010
386289000 Having erasing head 1
20110280551Unintended Video Recording Detection in a Video Recording Device - Techniques are provided for determining occurrence of an unintended video recording in a device. One or more features of a video recording are analyzed in the video recording device to determine whether at least a portion of the video recording is unintended. If one or more portions are determined to be unintended, one or more actions are initiated in the video recording device.11-17-2011
20130028575IMAGE DISPLAYING APPARATUS, IMAGE EDITING APPARATUS, IMAGE EDITING SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING AND EDITING IMAGE USING THE SAME - An image displaying apparatus, an image editing apparatus, an image editing system, an image displaying method and an image editing method are disclosed. The image displaying apparatus includes an image processing unit which captures a still image, a communication module which communicates with an external device, and a control unit which controls an edited image to be displayed.01-31-2013
20130028574SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ENRICHING AUDIO/VIDEO RECORDINGS - Systems and methods are presented for enriching audio/video recordings using annotation data provided by attendees of a presentation, in which annotations from attendees are received by a server which merges and synchronizes the annotation data, performs text data mining to identify key messages and temporal segments of the audio/video data, and constructs an enriched audio/video recording including audio and/or video data as well as segment data and key message data for ease of user navigation.01-31-2013
20130209068PATIENT SAFETY PROCESSOR - A processor-based system for analyzing physiologic data and medical care is provided wherein the patient data is analyzed to construct images that are representative of a patient's condition. The processor provides a self-modulating analysis, which is responsive to the occurrence of additional data items to increase the information contained in the images. Identifications of modes of physiologic failure by the analysis of the generated images provides for earlier recognition and intervention and improved protocolization of testing and treatment.08-15-2013
20130089302USING CLUSTER COMPUTING FOR GENERATING PERSONALIZED DYNAMIC VIDEOS - Embodiments of the present invention relate to a method of obtaining through a computing cloud, parameters of a digital video. The method further includes modifying by software generators of the computing cloud, one or more of the obtained parameters, such that the modification is based on information relating to segments of the users of the network. The method includes creating by rendering engines of the computing cloud a plurality of versions of the digital video. Each one of the plurality of versions comprises a digital video adapted to appeal to at least one of the segments of the users of the network. Further, the method includes determining a quality of at least one of the plurality of versions of the digital video, as well, as determining whether the at least one of the plurality of versions is viewable to the users of the network based on the determined quality.04-11-2013
20130051771IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE AND METHOD, AND PROGRAM - The present technology relates to an image processing device and method, and program, whereby a high-quality loop moving image can be obtained more easily. Upon continuous shot images of multiple frames serving as material of a loop moving image being input, the continuous shot images are divided into multiple segments including motion segments including a moving subject and a still segment including a subject with no motion. An image of the motion segment region of the continuous shot images is formed into a loop moving image, and a segment loop moving image is generated. Also, an image of a still segment region of the continuous shot images is clipped out, and a segment image which is a still image is generated. Further, these segment loop moving image and segment image are integrated, to form one loop moving image. The present invention can be applied to an image processing device.02-28-2013
20130051770APPLICATION TRIGGERING - An apparatus, method, system and computer-readable medium are disclosed for, in one aspect, determining when a trigger, such as an application trigger, should be generated. In some embodiments, the application trigger may be generated when a frame included in a feed (e.g., a content feed) matches a specified or indicated frame. In some embodiments, a comparison between the feed and the specified or indicated frame may be based on one or more tolerances or thresholds. In some embodiments, the feed may be split and content (e.g., video) obtained via the split may be combined (e.g., multiplexed) with a trigger. The combined content and trigger may be transmitted to one or more devices, such as one or more user devices.02-28-2013
20130071091Hardware-Based, Client-Side, Video Compositing System - A system for video compositing is comprised of a storage device for storing a composite timeline file. A timeline manager reads rendering instructions and compositing instructions from the stored file. A plurality of filter graphs, each receiving one of a plurality of video streams, renders frames therefrom in response to the rendering instructions. 3D hardware is responsive to the rendered frames and the compositing instructions for creating a composite image. A frame scheduler is responsive to the plurality of filter graphs for controlling the frequency at which the 3D hardware creates a new composite image. An output is provided for displaying the composite image. Methods of generating a composite work and methods of generating the timeline file are also disclosed. Because of the rules governing abstracts, this Abstract should not be used to construe the claims.03-21-2013
20130058630METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GENERATING DATA REPRESENTING DIGESTS OF PICTURES - Video data pieces are classified into groups according to prescribed rules. A cut number assigned to each of the groups is decided on the basis of the length or lengths of a video data piece or pieces in each of the groups and the number of the video data piece or pieces in each of the groups. A cut or cuts are extracted from the video data piece or pieces in each of the groups. Regarding each of the groups, the number of the extracted cut or cuts is equal to the decided cut number. Digest data is generated from the extracted cuts for all the groups.03-07-2013
20120195573Video Defect Replacement - A method, system and computer-readable storage medium for defect replacement using smart transitions are disclosed. According to implementations, a video can be obtained by a video editing application, a defective portion of the video can be identified, and the defective portion can be replaced with a transition selected based on content characteristics of at least two non-defective portions of the video. The defective portion of the video can be identified and replaced automatically upon obtaining the video.08-02-2012
20120114308Method and Apparatus for Virtual Editing of Multimedia Presentations - A method and apparatus for viewing desired portions of a multimedia presentation. Desired portions of a multimedia presentation are determined. In one embodiment, an editor may determine which portions of the presentation are desired. Alternatively, or additionally, specified criteria may be applied to the presentation to determine the desired portions. An annotation file is then created based upon the determined desired portions of the multimedia presentation. The annotation file contains pointers corresponding to the desired portions of the multimedia presentation. Annotation management software may be use the annotation file to cause a display device to display only desired portions of the presentation. The annotation file may be applied to a broadcast presentation or a recorded program file. In one embodiment the annotation file may contain information related to the desired portions of the multimedia presentation and/or the remainder of the multimedia presentation.05-10-2012
20120114307ALIGNING AND ANNOTATING DIFFERENT PHOTO STREAMS - A method for organizing and annotating individual collections of images or videos captured for the same event by different cameras into a master collection, wherein each individual collection forms a media stream in chronological order, includes using a processor to provide the following steps: extracting image features for each image or video of the media stream of each individual collection; analyzing the extracted features to align the media streams in chronological order of the event over a common timeline; transferring annotation from one individual collection to another individual collection based on alignment of the media streams; and storing, displaying or transmitting the transferred annotation.05-10-2012
20120237185VIDEO SERVER APPARATUS, VIDEO EDITING SYSTEM, AND CONTROL METHOD OF VIDEO SERVER APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, a video server apparatus includes a table generator, an acquisition module, and a controller. The table generator generates a management table associating a contents ID with the contents data, and stores the management table in the memory. The acquisition module acquires contents management information from a change request source upon generation of a change request for the contents data. The controller refers to the management table based on the contents ID included in the contents management information, executes change processing for the contents data recorded in the memory based on a reference result of the management table.09-20-2012
20110135279METHOD FOR CREATING AN AUDIOVISUAL MESSAGE - A method for creating an audiovisual message from a subject includes the steps of providing an A/V recording space with a thematic setting; providing A/V recording equipment operable to create an audiovisual recording of a subject; providing computer apparatus including data storage means suitable to receive and hold audiovisual recordings and audiovisual messages of subjects, modem apparatus providing Internet connection, and computer software for processing audiovisual recordings to create audiovisual messages, managing multiple audiovisual messages stored on the data storage apparatus, and selectively making the audiovisual messages of subjects stored on the data storage apparatus available for remote access and at least one of viewing and downloading by remote users through the Internet connection; providing at least one interview script; interviewing the subject in accordance with the script; recording the subject with the A/V equipment during at least a portion of said interviewing step to create an audiovisual recording on the data storage means; processing the audiovisual recording to create an audiovisual message; and, storing the audiovisual message on the data storage means.06-09-2011
20120027384IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An image processing device includes: a display control unit causing a displaying unit to show an editing area; a receiving unit receiving a command from a user; an editing unit placing, in the editing area, one or more images selected according to a selection command received by the receiving unit; an encoding unit which provides a result of encoding data to be encoded after the receiving unit receives a predetermined command to generate the result of encoding all the data to be encoded including image data corresponding to the one or more images accommodated in the editing area; and an encoding control unit which causes the encoding unit to start encoding partial data before the receiving unit receives the predetermined command, the partial data being at least a part of the data to be encoded.02-02-2012
20120189282Generation and Management of Video Blogs - Disclosed are various automated methods and apparatus for scheduling and distributing user-generated content as part of or during a television program that is being distributed as part of a linear programming line-up of a television network. Users upload user-generated content through, for example, a mobile application on smart phone, a web site, or through an online service such as a social media network, and are given the opportunity to schedule transmission of uploaded content during transmission of television network linear programming by purchasing a time slot or bidding on a time slot through an auction process using real or virtual currency, including points, credits or other form of virtual currency, or being awarded or given a time slot. An automated process obtains available time slots and schedules user generated content for transmission by the network as part of previously scheduled, linear programming.07-26-2012
20120106931IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE AND METHOD - An image processing device reads a video consisting of a plurality of image frames from a storage device. A stable region along a Y-axis direction in each image frame is determined according to pixel information of an edge row of each image frame. The device then aligns all the image frames according to the stable region along a Y-axis direction in each image frame, and trims all the image frames by cutting additional image regions excepting the stable region along the Y-axis direction in each image frame, to reduce a shaking degree of each image frame along the Y-axis direction. Furthermore, the device reduces a shaking degree of each image frame along an X-axis direction using similar method by reducing the shaking degree along the Y-axis direction. At last, the device displays stable playback of the video consisting of the aligned and trimmed image frames.05-03-2012
20130216204SUBLIMINAL FRAME INSERTION - Insertion of subliminal frames in content is performed at a content receiver. The content receiver may receive content, analyze a setting, and modify the received content based on the analyzed setting. The content receiver may modify the received content by periodically inserting subliminal frames in the received content as specified by the setting. In some implementations, the content may include video content and the subliminal frames may be one or more images. The inserted subliminal frames may be subliminally perceptible but consciously imperceptible by a human viewer of the content when the content is played. As such, viewing of the content that includes the inserted subliminal frames may result in subliminal learning by a human viewer. In various implementations, one or more conditions included in the analyzed setting may specify that certain subliminal frames are to be inserted when the content has certain characteristics, such as a rating or description.08-22-2013
20120070130RECEIVERS FOR TELEVISION SIGNALS - A television signals receiver for receives and stores television signals encoded at a variable data rate. Time information is generated based on the time of receipt of the signals that defines the duration of the television signals when output in decompressed form at a substantially constant data rate. The received signals are then written to a file on a hard disk 03-22-2012
20120070129Method and Apparatus for Scrub Preview Services - In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, a method of streaming a media preview includes delivering a preview data having preview information from a media file to be streamed. The preview data has a multi-dimensional hierarchical data structure has a plurality of layers with increasing content of the preview information in each layer of the plurality of layers. The preview data is configured to provide an adaptive and scalable preview service.03-22-2012
20110229110MOTION PICTURE EDITING APPARATUS AND METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - A moving image editing device (09-22-2011
20110229111MERGING OF A VIDEO AND STILL PICTURES OF THE SAME EVENT, BASED ON GLOBAL MOTION VECTORS OF THIS VIDEO - It is quite common for users to have both video and photo material that refer to the same event. Adding photos to home videos enriches the content. However, just adding still photos to a video sequence has a disturbing effect. The invention relates to a method to seamlessly integrate photos into the video by creating a virtual camera motion in the photo that is aligned with the estimated camera motion in the video. A synthesized video sequence is created by estimating a video camera motion in the video sequence at an insertion position in the video sequence at which the still photo is to be included, creating a virtual video sequence of sub frames of the still photo where the virtual video sequence has a virtual camera motion correlated to the video camera motion at the insertion position.09-22-2011
20120195574REAL-TIME VISIBLE-TALENT TRACKING SYSTEM - In one embodiment, a movie set includes a motion-picture camera and a visible-talent tracking system having several elements. Based on the camera's characteristics, items in a portion of the movie set called the view frustum will appear in focus in the film. The camera and a camera-tracking system provide camera-location, orientation, and settings information to a culling processor. The culling processor delineates the location and dimensions of the view frustum based on the received camera information. Wireless tags are attached to talent on set. A tag-locating system tracks the real-time respective locations of the wireless tags and provides real-time spatial information regarding the tags to the culling processor, which determines which tags, if any, are considered to be within the view frustum, and provides information associated with the intra-frustum tags to a track recorder for recording along with the corresponding film frames. That information is variously used after editing.08-02-2012
20120141094METHOD FOR GENERATING TRAINING VIDEO AND RECOGNIZING SITUATION USING COMPOSED VIDEO AND APPARATUS THEREOF - Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for generating training videos and recognizing situations, using composed videos. The method for generating training videos using composed videos according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes generating composed videos based on configuration information of an original video; selecting the composed videos satisfying structural constraints of situations among the generated composed videos; and configuring the training videos including the selected composed videos.06-07-2012
20110116767SPATIAL AND TEMPORAL ALIGNMENT OF VIDEO SEQUENCES - Some embodiments allow a video editor to spatially and temporally align two or more video sequences into a single video sequence. As used in this application, a video sequence is a set of images (e.g., a set of video frames or fields). A video sequence can be from any media, such as broadcast media or recording media (e.g., camera, film, DVD, etc.). Some embodiments are implemented in a video editing application that has a user selectable alignment operation, which when selected aligns two or more video sequences. In some embodiments, the alignment operation identifies a set of pixels in one image (i.e., a “first” image) of a first video sequence and another image (i.e., a “second” image) of a second video sequence. The alignment operation defines a motion function that describes the motion of the set of pixels between the first and second images. The operation then defines an objective function based on the motion function. The operation finds an optimal solution for the objective function. Based on the objective function, the operation identifies a transform, which it then applies to the first image in order to align the first image with the second image.05-19-2011
20110243533USE OF MULTIPLE EMBEDDED MESSAGES IN PROGRAM SIGNAL STREAMS - Methods of generating video streams including advertisement information sufficient to support advertisement countdown times and other functions such as advertisement auto pause functions are described. In accordance with various embodiments, advertisement duration is determined from one or more messages included in a video stream, e.g., prior to the corresponding advertising segment. A countdown timer is generated from the advertisement information and displayed along with the content of the advertisement segment. Restrictions for different subscribers may be indicated in the advertisement information messages, e.g., with some end users being permitted to fast forward or skip advertisements with other users being required to allow the full normal playback of one or more advertisement segments. The auto pause function, when activated, pauses an ad segment or set of ad segments at a predetermined time before output of the main program resumes thereby making sure none of the main program is missed.10-06-2011
20110243532SYSTEM AND METHOD OF VIDEO STABILIZATION DURING MOVEMENT - Methods for video stabilization during movement include capturing a video stream by an imaging system of a video stabilization system. The video stream includes a plurality of image frames. As the video stream is captured, a motion sensor of the video stabilization system detects a pattern of recurring motion. Motion sensor data is generated for the sequence of image frames that characterizes the pattern of recurring motion. At least one image frame of the sequence of image frames is edited based on a comparison of the motion sensor data for the sequence of image frames to motion sensor data for a region of interest for the imaging system.10-06-2011
20110243534INTERACTIVE MEDIA SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PRESENTING PAUSE-TIME CONTENT - Interactive media systems and methods are provided for substituting pause-time content in place of media that has been paused. The user may pause media such as real-time media, video-on-demand media, near video-on-demand, or recorded media. If the user pauses real-time media or near video-on-demand media, the interactive media application may store the media. The interactive media application may also provide the user with the ability to rewind, resume play of, and fast-forward the media. The pause-time content may be audio or video media and may be an advertisement, trivia, program summaries or any other suitable pause-time content. The interactive media application may provide customized pause-time content specific to the user or specific to the media paused by using media data associated with the media. The interactive media application may also prevent the user from accessing features (e.g., fast-forward) of the system.10-06-2011
20120201517EDITING DEVICE, EDITING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An editing device includes a setting unit which sets a role for each device as an editor, in a group of devices as a plurality of editors in which a hierarchical structure is constituted by a director and one or more workers, and an executing unit which executes editing processing corresponding to an editing operation, when each device as the plurality of editors performs the editing operation which has been defined in advance on the basis of the role set by the setting unit.08-09-2012
20110069939APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SCENE SEGMENTATION - An apparatus and method of segmenting video content received in real-time is provided. Video content may be received through broadcasting or communications, and the video content may be segmented into scenes which are a series of semantic segments. A normalized-cut algorithm may be used for scene segmentation of video content. The normalized-cut algorithm may be applied for detecting locations at which a scene segmentation cost is minimized, and to decide a scene segmentation location based on the appearance frequency of the locations. If captions related to video content are received, a text segmentation algorithm may be applied to the captions to estimate text segmentation costs and scene segmentation may be performed using a merged segmentation cost obtained by linear merging scene segmentation costs and text segmentation costs.03-24-2011
20110255845VIDEO EDITING APPARATUS AND VIDEO EDITING METHOD - A video editing apparatus comprises an input unit that inputs first video data and second video data; a subject size detection unit that detects a representative size of the subject in both the first video data and the second video data as a subject size; a subject size change amount calculation unit that calculates a subject size change amount; a playback speed correction amount setting unit that sets a correction amount for correcting a playback speed of the second video data in accordance with the subject size change amount; a playback speed correction unit that generates third video data by correcting the playback speed of the second video data in accordance with the correction amount; and a video data concatenation unit that concatenates the first video data and the third video data.10-20-2011
20110255844SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PARSING A VIDEO SEQUENCE - A system and method are provided for parsing a digital video sequence, having a series of frames, into at least one segment including frames having a same camera motion quality category, selected from a predetermined list of possible camera motion quality categories. The method includes obtaining, for each of the frames, at least three pieces of information representative of the motion in the frame. The information includes: translational motion information, representative of translational motion in the frame; rotational motion information, representative of rotational motion in the frame; and scale motion information, representative of scale motion in the frame. The method further includes processing the at least three pieces of information representative of the motion in the frame, to attribute one of the camera motion quality categories to each of the frames.10-20-2011
20120148215Data Segment Service - Aspects of the disclosure relate to the delivery of media content over a network. Specifically, aspects are directed to identification and/or extraction of a selected data such as a video clip from content and providing identifying information to a user to retrieve, view, and/or share the selected video clip. Aspects described herein provide the ability to identify a starting point and stopping point of a video clip on a media gateway device and generate a URL that can be used and/or shared in order to access the selected video clip. The URL may identify a stored media clip, or may contain information from which a video clip can be recreated.06-14-2012
20110164858VIDEO DATA CREATION DEVICE, VIDEO DATA CREATION METHOD, VIDEO DATA CREATION PROGRAM, RECORDING MEDIUM THEREOF, AND INTEGRATED CIRCUIT - To aim to provide a video data creating apparatus for easily creating multi-angle video data for multi-angle playback. without performing editing that requires a huge amount of effort by handling a plurality of pieces of video data simultaneously, when multi-angle video for multi-angle playback is created. The video data creating apparatus of the present invention detects a set of blocks for multi-angle playback, based on video information included in video data and creates playback path information such that the detected set of blocks are video data for multi-angle playback.07-07-2011
20110019972VIDEO AND AUDIO RECORDING APPARATUS AND EDITING METHOD - A video and audio recording apparatus includes a recording medium that records base data therein and a control unit that starts and stops destructive editing in response to an instruction to start and stop destructive editing received through an operation unit. When part of the base data is deleted, the control unit writes, using management information for managing a physical area of the base data in the recording medium on the per predetermined recording unit basis, information indicating that the physical area in which the deleted part of the base data was recorded is defined as a reserved area on the per predetermined recording unit basis to the management information. When the edit data is input in response to the instruction to start editing, the edit data is overwritten into the physical area managed using the management information and defined as a reserved area on a preferential basis.01-27-2011
20100284670METHOD, SYSTEM, AND APPARATUS FOR EXTRACTING VIDEO ABSTRACT - The present invention provides a method, system and apparatus for extracting a video abstract. The method includes: A: receiving an input video, dividing the video and obtaining a jump time point sequence; B: filtering out a jump time point sequence from candidate time point sequences by using a shot dividing algorithm; C: extracting a video segment corresponding to each jump time point according to the jump time point sequence, and merging the extracted video segments into a video abstract. In the procedure of extracting the video abstract in the present invention, an eigenvector of each video frame is calculated firstly, a jump time point sequence is filtered out through a hierarchical clustering mode, and then video frames are extracted according to the jump time point sequence to be merged into the video abstract.11-11-2010
20110135278SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING INTERACTIVE CONTENT DURING WRITING AND PRODUCTION OF A MEDIA ASSET - Systems and methods for providing interactive content during writing and production of a media asset are provided. A script of a media asset that includes natural language textual annotations that define uniquely interactive content and timing contingencies during which to display the interactive content may be received. After the media asset corresponding to the script is produced, computer language instructions may be generated based on the natural language annotations. The computer language instructions and the media asset may be stored on a master storage medium. The media asset and computer language instructions may be transmitted to a media equipment device. Playback time codes may be transmitted with the media asset. When a playback time code corresponds to an event that identifies interactive content, the media equipment device may display the interactive content represented by the computer language instructions during a time interval defined by the computer language instructions.06-09-2011
20110188836Apparatus and Method for Identifying Insertion Zones in Video Material and for Inserting Additional Material into the Insertion Zones - An apparatus and method for automatic detection of insertion zones within pre-recorded video material are provided. The apparatus includes a video analysis unit configured to automatically determine at least one candidate insertion zone within the pre-recorded video material suitable for receiving additional material to be inserted and configured to generate zone meta data defining attributes of the insertion zone, and an insertion module configured to receive additional material for insertion and arranged to generate an output representative of the pre-recorded video material with the additional material placed on an insertion zone such that the additional material adopts the image attributes of the insertion zone as the pre-recorded video material is played. The automatic determination of at least one insertion zone is based on one or more of feature shape, size, duration, movement, color, and the video analysis unit is configured to automatically detect a plurality of scene changes in the pre-recorded video material, said scene changes identifying a plurality of scenes in the pre-recorded material, such that the pre-recorded video material can be analyzed on a scene-by-scene basis in order to identify instances of an insertion zone in different parts of the pre-recorded video material separated by the detected scene changes.08-04-2011
20110217022SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ENRICHING VIDEO DATA - A method for enhancing video data comprises a) extracting said video data into a plurality of segments; b) analyzing said extracted video data with regard to one or more features within or between said segments; c) finding at least one location for placing at least one message in one of said segments; and d) integrating a message at said at least one location according to information obtained from user consumption and/or interaction with the video.09-08-2011
20110217021Generation of Composited Video Programming - Provided are, among other things, systems, methods and techniques for creating a talk shows and other video programming. In one example, a host processor-based facility is configured for: (i) accepting inputs of content and stylistic information for designing a composited video program, (ii); and electronically transferring such content and stylistic information to the processor-based production server; the host processor-based facility and a set of the participant processor-based devices, each associated with a user, are configured: (i) to communicate with each other over an electronic communications network as participating devices in a live conference that includes audio communication, with each of the participating devices transmitting a live first data stream; and (ii) to transmit a second data stream to a processor-based production server; both the first data stream and the second data stream represent a corresponding user's participation in the live conference; and the processor-based production server is configured to receive the second data streams and assemble them into a final composited video program using the content and stylistic information.09-08-2011
20110217020Mobile Movie Editing System - Editing mobile phone style-obtained movies on a remotely-accessible website. Mobile movies are obtained by a thin clients such as a cellular phone. The movies can be uploaded to a website and then edited on the website, via an interface that is accessible from the mode mobile phone.09-08-2011
20120148216SELF-EDITING VIDEO RECORDING - This disclosure describes techniques for automatically detecting transitions in captured video and using the detected transitions to mark portions of the captured video for editing, where editing may be deleting, retaining, or playing at a faster playback rate the marked portions. During video capture, a video capture device may obtain image information and determine based on image and sensor information the presence of a transition from a target scene to a non-target scene. The image information may be obtained from a video front end sensor (e.g., image sensor) and the sensor information may be obtained from other sensors that provide orientation information (e.g., accelerometer, compass, and the like). A processor may determine automatically or based on user input how to edit the marked portions.06-14-2012
20120308209METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DYNAMICALLY RECORDING, EDITING AND COMBINING MULTIPLE LIVE VIDEO CLIPS AND STILL PHOTOGRAPHS INTO A FINISHED COMPOSITION - The present invention relates to a method of dynamically creating a video composition including the steps: a) recording a first real-world event as a first video clip using a video composition creation program residing on a portable device in response to a first user record input, the portable device comprising a camera lens, a processor, a memory device, and a display device that displays an image of the first real-world event perceived by the camera lens during the recording of the first real-world event; and b) selecting a transition using the video composition creation program in response to a user transition selection input, the video composition creation program automatically combining the first video clip and the selected transition to create the video composition; and c) the video composition creation program saving the video composition on the memory device as a single file in response to a user save input.12-06-2012
20110305437ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND INDEXING CONTROL METHOD - According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes an indexer, a photomovie processor and an indexing controller. The indexer is configured to generate index information about still images. The photomovie processor is configured to generate a photomovie constituted by the still images based on the index information, and to display the generated photomovie. The indexing controller is configured to monitor whether new still images are added, about which the indexer should generate the index information, to cause the photomovie processor to start displaying of a slide show displaying new still images one after another and cause the indexer to start generating of the index information about the new still images, when the new still images are added.12-15-2011
20110305436Systems and Methods for Semantic Editorial Control and Video/Audio Editing - A media content management application that allows a user to create and customize a version of media content based on semantic criteria is provided. Based on semantic criteria, the media content management application may use editing/assembly software packages to construct a version of the media content for an intended audience. In addition, the media content management application uses semantic criteria to provide the user with options for optimizing the cost of the version of media content, options for delivering the version of media content, and/or options for delivery mediums to transmit the version of media content.12-15-2011
20120039584MOVING IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, MOVING IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - Provided is a moving image processing apparatus including a cut transition detection unit configured to detect inter-cut transition from a moving image including a plurality of cuts; a cut pair specifying unit configured to specify cut pairs repeated as a series of different cuts based on a feature amount of each cut; and a cut structure image generation unit configured to generate a cut structure image including a representative image of each cut arranged in an order of the cut transition and indicating a boundary between the cut pairs.02-16-2012
20120099842EDITING APPARATUS, EDITING METHOD, PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIA - An editing apparatus is disclosed. A story determination block determines a story expressed by a time function and provides a reference for selecting an image from among candidate images. An evaluation value computation block computes an evaluation value for each of the candidate images for each selection time in the story based on the story determined by the story determination block and at least one feature value indicative of a feature of each of candidate images set to each thereof. An image selection block selects an image for each selection time from among the candidate images based on the computed evaluation value. An editing processing block links selection images that are images selected by the image selection block for each selection time to each other in a time-dependent manner.04-26-2012
20120002951METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROGRESSIVELY DELETING MEDIA OBJECTS FROM STORAGE - A system for managing storage space on an electronic storage medium is provided in which a file format for stored data allows for progressive deletion of low-significance data, for example in a video or audio file, while allowing the remaining portions of the file to be subsequently retrieved. The file format allows for the ready deletion of low-significance data without having to open, edit and subsequently rewrite the data. Furthermore, rules-based algorithms for the deletion of low-significance data allow a user to store and progressively delete such low-significance data in accordance with time parameters, available storage space and the like, without having to delete the full file.01-05-2012
20120207451IMAGE REPRODUCTION APPARATUS FOR REPRODUCING MULTIPLE IMAGE FILES - An image reproduction device reproduces image files, which may include sound information, for example, from recording media. The image reproduction device can reproduce a group of image files following various types of editing formats within the scope of the recording capacity limited by the recording media. The recording media is capable of recording multiple image files and scenario files recorded in a predefined format, which is either the reproduction order or the reproduction style of the image files. A scenario discrimination mechanism takes the scenario files from the recording media and discriminates either the reproduction order or the reproduction style based on the file formats. A reproduction mechanism reproduces the image files read in from the recording media according to either the reproduction order or the reproduction style discriminated by the scenario discrimination mechanism.08-16-2012
20120207449Efficient Media Import - Some embodiments provide a media-editing application. The application receives a command to import a media file into the media-editing application. The media file includes a sequence of video images. The application copies the media file to a storage location associated with the media-editing application. The method performs several analysis and transcode operations on the media file in parallel. In some embodiments, the application identifies a video image on which to the operations. The application schedules a single set of image preparation operations for the video image to generate one or more sets of image data for the operations. The method sends the image data to the different operations. A same set of image data is sent to at least two of the operations.08-16-2012
20120014671MOVING IMAGE EDITING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - An apparatus for editing a series of moving images recorded across a plurality of recording media including at least a first and second recording media, comprising: an editing unit which performs editing processing on a part of the series of moving images recorded on the first recording medium; a storage control unit which performs control such that the editing processing is stored; a determination unit which determines whether or not a detachable recording medium has been attached; and a control unit which, in a case where it has been determined that the second recording medium has been attached, performs control for applying the editing processing that has been performed on the part of the series of moving images recorded on the first recording medium and has been stored by the storage control unit, to a part of the series of moving images that is recorded on the second recording medium.01-19-2012
20120057852SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR THE AUTONOMOUS PRODUCTION OF VIDEOS FROM MULTI-SENSORED DATA - An autonomous computer based method and system is described for personalized production of videos such as team sport videos such as basketball videos from multi-sensored data under limited display resolution. Embodiments of the present invention relate to the selection of a view to display from among the multiple video streams captured by the camera network. Technical solutions are provided to provide perceptual comfort as well as an efficient integration of contextual information, which is implemented, for example, by smoothing generated viewpoint/camera sequences to alleviate flickering visual artefacts and discontinuous story-telling artefacts. A design and implementation of the viewpoint selection process is disclosed that has been verified by experiments, which shows that the method and system of the present invention efficiently distribute the processing load across cameras, and effectively selects viewpoints that cover the team action at hand while avoiding major perceptual artefacts.03-08-2012
20120057851DATA-PROVIDING APPARATUS, DATA-PROVIDING METHOD AND PROGRAM-SORTING MEDIUM - In the present invention, image data is edited in response to a demand transmitted from a data-processing apparatus through a network. A moving-picture server (03-08-2012
20120057850SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GENERATING AND EMBEDDING PERSONALIZED MEDIA CONTENT - Systems and methods for generating and/or displaying personalized video content are provided. In some embodiments, a video asset made up of a set of frames, including a preliminary frame with an object region, is received at user equipment. A media element is identified and transmitted to a remote server, where it is processed to produce a modified version of the media element and then transmitted back to the user equipment. The video asset is displayed at the user equipment, except that a modified frame incorporating the modified version of the media element is displayed in place of the preliminary frame. The modified version of the media element is incorporated in an area of the modified frame corresponding to the object region of the preliminary frame.03-08-2012
20120020648IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - The image processing device includes an image data input unit for receiving data of moving images and still images; an image grouping unit for classifying the moving images and the still images into groups; an image analyzer for analyzing the moving images and the still images classified by group, and obtaining analysis information of the images, and information on relationship between the moving images and the still images; a frame image extractor for extracting frame images from the moving images according to at least one of the analysis information and the relationship information; a layout determining unit for determining a layout of the still images and the frame images according to at least one of the analysis information and the relationship information; and an image arranging unit for arranging the still images and the frame images according to the layout.01-26-2012
20120063746METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR EXTRACTING KEY FRAMES FROM A VIDEO - The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for extracting key frames from a video. The method includes: dividing the video into multiple levels of video segments, wherein each video segment at a non-lowest level comprises one or more video segments at the next lower level, the multiple levels range from a first level to an N-th level, N is an integer greater than 1, the first level is the lowest level, and the N-th level is the highest level; extracting from video segments of the video at a non-highest level candidate frames at the non-highest level; for each level from a next higher level to the highest level, selecting zero, one or more candidate frames at the level from candidate frames at the next lower level in each video segment at the level; and outputting the candidate frames at the highest level as the key frames of the video.03-15-2012
20120301112SYNCHRONOUS DATA TRACKS IN A MEDIA EDITING SYSTEM - A media editing system provides an editor with full visibility and editing capability for synchronous data that is adjunct to audio and video. The data tracks include one or more streams of data packets, each stream being of a particular data type. Synchronous data tracks are displayed on the timeline, facilitating data track editing independent of the associated media tracks. The UI also enables selective playback and export of the data tracks along with the corresponding video and audio. The system also enables data streams to be filtered and combined. Data from the data tracks can be extracted and imported into a media asset management system, enabling the data to be searched.11-29-2012
20120251079Systems and Methods for Time-Based Athletic Activity Measurement and Display - Activity metrics may be recorded with granularity to allow a user to view performance information specific to particular times of an activity session. Accordingly, in one example, activity metrics may be detected and recorded for a minimum time unit that may be automatically defined or defined by a user. The metrics may then be conveyed to a user through a display or through audible content. Users may be able to select portions of the activity session to store based on the granular performance information. Content files such as audio or video or athletic performance data files may be cropped based on the selected portions.10-04-2012
20120251081IMAGE EDITING DEVICE, IMAGE EDITING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - The image editing device creates the sequence of images by combining a plurality of images each of which has ancillary information. The image editing device includes: an input interface for receiving a plurality of candidate images that are specified as editing targets; and an image editing unit for creating the sequence of images by giving a characteristic displaying effect to each group consisting of at least two images that are extracted from the plurality of candidate images based on the ancillary information, and then by aligning the groups.10-04-2012
20120251080MULTI-LAYER TIMELINE CONTENT COMPILATION SYSTEMS AND METHODS - The application discloses systems of creating multi-layer timeline content compilations. The systems can include a layer-scalable editor launch engine receiving a request to launch an editor window for display on a client. A client-remote content placement engine receives an instruction to place content from the content datastore on a multi-layer timeline content compilation represented in the editor window, wherein the content datastore is remote relative to the client. A layer addition engine receives an instruction to superimpose a superimposable layer from the layer datastore onto existing layers of the multi-layer timeline content compilation. A layer superimposing engine superimposes the superimposable layer onto the existing layers of the multi-layer timeline content compilation. A variable-layer content to play engine plays the multi-layer timeline content compilation, including the content, in a superimposed layer. The present application also discloses related methods.10-04-2012
20120207450APPARATUS, METHOD, AND MEDIUM STORING A PROGRAM, THAT REDUCE PLAYBACK TIME DIFFERENCES WHEN JOINING MOVING IMAGES OF DIFFERENT FORMATS - Moving image editing device, method, and storage medium storing a program provide a smart rendering scheme to minimize the variation of playback time, even when editing moving image data that does not match the save format. The format of the moving image-data is compared with the save format. The moving image data is converted into the save format. The moving image data is sequentially joined and saved. A portion or the entirety of the moving image data itself is output if the format of the moving image data matches the save format, or the data encoded into the save format after decoding a portion or the entirety of the moving image data is output if the format of the moving image data does not match the save format. The device repeats sequential joining so that the difference in the playback time with the moving image data is minimized.08-16-2012
20120106930SHARED SURFACE HARDWARE-SENSITIVE COMPOSITED VIDEO - In a low-power device a runtime hands video capture and other markup language video objects to a video service, which renders them onto a shared surface. An application-specific compositor manipulates the shared surface, e.g., by texture wrapping or animation. A system compositor composites the manipulated shared surface with other data, such as rendered frames from other application-specific compositors and/or computer generated text. The device then displays the attendant rendered, manipulated, and composited video frames. In some cases, only a single copy of the shared surface is utilized. When the video object's shape, alignment, and opacity satisfy predetermined criteria, the video service renders the video object onto the shared surface using a hardware scaler; otherwise, rendering is done without using the hardware scaler.05-03-2012
20120315020DISTRIBUTED DIGITAL VIDEO PROCESSING SYSTEM - A project network application can provide functionality for a plurality of worker systems to perform digital video editing so as to at least partially perform two- to three-dimensional conversion of a video. The project network application may, for instance, include tools for performing rotoscoping, depth mapping, object offsetting, occlusion filling, and the like.12-13-2012
20120128334APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MASHUP OF MULTIMEDIA CONTENT - An apparatus and method for combining multimedia data are provided. The method includes obtaining first multimedia content from a first source, obtaining second multimedia content from a second source, selectively combining the first multimedia content with the second multimedia content, and outputting the selectively combined multimedia content. According to implementations of the invention, selected portions and/or fragments of multimedia content may be mashed up rather than the entirety of the multimedia content from either or both sources. Also, the mashup of the multimedia content may be varied and adapted based on the characteristics of the device performing the mashup as well as the characteristics of the available transport mechanism. Finally, implementations of the invention provide for flexible transformation and precise synchronization among multimedia elements.05-24-2012
20120134651Methods for Identification of Highlight Game Events and Automated Generation of Videos for Same - Methods, systems and computer readable media for automated creation of videos for interactive entertainment involving at least one individual, based on events that occur within that interactive entertainment are provided. One method includes storing a video history of a session of the interactive entertainment for an individual and examining the interactive entertainment for the session to identify events designated as significant. The designation as significant for each event being predefined to meet a threshold. Then, selecting segments of video from the video history of the session of the interactive entertainment. The selected segments being for a set of the identified events. The method then generates a video defined from the selected segments of video. The video is playable to show the selected segments of video in a selected order for the individual and saving the video.05-31-2012
20120230654LABELING A VIDEO, FOR MODIFYING A VIDEO, AND FOR VIDEO PROCESSING - A computer program product for processing a video having a plurality of objects is provided. The computer program product includes a computer readable storage medium having computer readable program code embodied therewith. The computer readable program code is configured for labeling at least one object among the plurality of objects with a property selected from the group consisting of: whether the object can be modified; whether the object can be replaced; and at least one of: name, color, size, and content. The computer readable program code is configured for replacing the at least one object with another object having a property matching therewith if the object has been labeled as one that can be replaced. The computer readable program code is configured for modifying the at least one object to obtain a new object if the object has been labeled as one that can be modified.09-13-2012
20120251078Aggregated Facial Tracking in Video - A facial detecting system may analyze a video by traversing the video forwards and backwards to create tracks of a person within the video. After separating the video into shots, the frames of each shot may be analyzed using a face detector algorithm to produce some analyzed information for each frame. A facial track may be generated by grouping the faces detected and by traversing the sequence of frames forwards and backwards. Facial tracks may be joined together within a shot to generate a single track for a person's face within the shot, even when the tracks are discontinuous.10-04-2012
20120076471IMAGE CAPTURE AND MANIPULATION - Systems and techniques to provide image capture and manipulation. In general, in one implementation, the technique includes receiving an input stream including image data from a source, displaying the input stream in real-time including displaying a plurality of instantiations of the stream at a same time, each stream different, the step of displaying including applying a filter to each instantiation of the input stream, and receiving a prompt to select one of the instantiations of the stream.03-29-2012
20120177344DATA CONTROL APPARATUS, DATA BACKUP APPARATUS, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - A data control apparatus includes: a separating unit for separating material data included in original video and audio files into a used portion and an unused portion, based on editing information indicating the used portion of the material data in the video and audio files, and generating first data including only the used portion and second data including only the unused portion; a connection information generation unit for generating connection information associating information about positions of the first data and the second data in the original video and audio files with information about positions of the first data and the second data on an external recording medium; and a formatting unit for arranging the first data, the second data, the connection information, and the editing information in a predetermined order, and outputting, as backup data, the first data, the second data, the connection information, and the editing information.07-12-2012
20120219271METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SEGMENTING AND TRANSMITTING ON-DEMAND LIVE-ACTION VIDEO IN REAL-TIME - A method and system for producing video-segments of a live-action event involving monitoring a live-action event for detection of event-segments, detecting one or more event-triggers with detectors, determining if an event-segment occurred based on the detected event-triggers, and editing one or more video feeds into a video-segment to encompass the event-segment.08-30-2012
20120189283MOVING IMAGE DATA RECORDING APPARATUS - A controller included in a moving image data recording apparatus controls an editor and a recorder so as to generate a moving image file composed of a plurality of moving image data each having a predetermined length of time, and in a case where an error occurs when newly acquired moving image data is being added to the moving image file, the controller controls the editor and the recorder so as not to add moving image data to be next acquired to a moving image file containing moving image data acquired during occurrence of the error.07-26-2012
20120328265EDITING DEVICE, EDITING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - Provided is an editing device including an input material timeline area display control unit that executes control such that an input material timeline in which an event is arranged is displayed, using a material which is an element of selected content as the event, and an output material timeline area display control unit that executes control such that an output material timeline in which an event which is being edited or has been edited is arranged is displayed. The input material timeline and the output material timeline have a same time axis, and the input material timeline area display control unit controls a display of the input material timeline such that the event arranged in the input material timeline is expressed by the same time axis as the event arranged in the output material timeline.12-27-2012
20130011123Method and terminal for video processing - The disclosure discloses a method and a terminal for video processing. The method includes: when a real-time video image receiving terminal plays a real-time image picture, a shortcut for image pre-capture is set; if a user is interested in the picture, the user can click the shortcut for image pre-capture; when receiving an image pre-capture instruction, the terminal suspends the playing of the real-time picture but plays the pictures of a period before the moment of playing the real-time picture, then the user can perform image capture on the pictures played back. With the disclosure, when a user captures an image, the video pictures being played in the terminal are pre-stored, and the video pictures of a period before current time point are presented to the user by slow playback, thus the user can capture the image in easiness, so as not to miss the image that the user wants to capture due to a slow response.01-10-2013
20110274411INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE AND METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An information processing device for analyzing motion and color of an image of a program and detecting shot sound and cheering of golf includes an extraction unit that extracts a notable interval which is a notable time interval of the program based on the motion of the image, a computation unit that computes a play scene level indicating a degree to which the notable interval is a play scene of the golf based on the motion, color and shot sound of the notable interval extracted by the extraction unit, and a determination unit that determines whether or not the notable interval is a play scene of the golf based on the play scene level computed by the computation unit.11-10-2011
20130114942Automatic Surveillance Video Matting Using a Shape Prior - A novel technique for performing video matting, which is built upon a proposed image matting algorithm that is fully automatic is disclosed. The disclosed methods utilize a PCA-based shape model as a prior for guiding the matting process, so that manual interactions required by most existing image matting methods are unnecessary. By applying the image matting algorithm to these foreground windows, on a per frame basis, a fully automated video matting process is attainable. The process of aligning the shape model with the object is simultaneously optimized based on a quadratic cost function.05-09-2013
20130114943APPARATUS FOR RECORDING AND REPRODUCING PLURAL TYPES OF INFORMATION, METHOD AND RECORDING MEDIUM FOR CONTROLLING SAME - Various processes effectively execute updating of related information that is correlated to user selected information. For example, when a selected screen is touched by a pen or the like while an image corresponding to the selected image data is displayed on the screen, existing line drawing data (for example, a first character string) that is correlated to the image data and stored is displayed on the screen. In this instance, if new line drawing data (for example, a second character string) is input using the pen or the like, the new line drawing data is added to the existing line drawing data, and is correlated to the image data being displayed and stored. Different sound data can be correlated to selected image data. Different memo data also can be correlated user selected sound data.05-09-2013
20110268426VIDEO EDITING APPARATUS AND VIDEO EDITING METHOD - A video editing apparatus capable of generating edited video data includes a video data selection unit configured to select a plurality of pieces of video data based on a set selection condition, an estimation unit configured to estimate correlation between video frames of the plurality of pieces of the video data selected by the video data selection unit, a cut-point setting unit configured to set the video frames estimated with a predetermined high correlation by the estimation unit as a cut-point, if the plurality of pieces of the video data selected by the video data selection unit are connected, and a generation unit configured to connect the plurality of pieces of the video data selected by the video data selection unit based on the cut-point set by the cut-point setting unit, and generate the edited video data.11-03-2011
20130148944IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - The present technology is related to an image processing device and image processing method that enables the generating of 3D images that can be viewed safely and comfortably.06-13-2013
20120275769SYSTEM, METHOD AND MEDIUM EDITING MOVING PICTURES USING BIOMETRIC SIGNALS - A system, method and medium editing a moving picture using biometric signals is provided. The system includes a biometric signal generation module to measure signals that reflect an emotional state of a user while capturing a moving picture, and to generate a first and a second biometric signal based on the measured signals, an event section extraction module to extract a first event section that reflects preferences of the user from a playback section of the moving picture based on the first biometric signal, extract a second event section that reflects preferences of the user from the playback section of the moving picture based on a second biometric signal, and extract a final event section based on the first and second event sections, and an indexing module to edit the moving picture by indexing the final event section in synchronization with the playback section of the moving picture.11-01-2012
20120275768VIDEO EDITING DEVICE, VIDEO EDITING METHOD, PROGRAM, AND MEDIUM IN WHICH THE PROGRAM IS RECORDED - A video editing device includes a storage unit, a detection unit and an composite unit. The storage unit stores a detection target, a similarity determination condition for determining a similarity of an original video content to the detection target, and a message in association with one another. The detection unit determines in accordance with the similarity determination condition whether or not the detection target is included in the original video content. The composite unit adds the message to the original video content in a case where a determination result by the detection unit indicates that the detection target is included in the original video content.11-01-2012
20120257875TEMPORAL ALIGNMENT OF VIDEO RECORDINGS - Methods and apparatus are provided to establish temporal alignment of media clips. In an example embodiment, first and second media clips each contain an audio portion and the method comprises: determining an estimated global offset between the first and second clips; choosing a first test region of the first clip and identifying a corresponding second test region in the second clip based at least in part on the estimated global offset. The first and second test regions are compared to determine a local offset.10-11-2012
20130156406MOVING PICTURE PROCESSING DEVICE, MOVING PICTURE PROCESSING METHOD AND PROGRAM - Transitions between cuts are detected from a moving picture containing a plurality of cuts, the plurality of cuts are categorized into a plurality of cut groups having mutually different feature amounts, and a plurality of cut pairs including two or more sequential cuts belonging to the mutually different cut groups and being repeated in the moving picture are identified, a predetermined number of the cut pairs, which are less than the plurality of cut pairs in number, are generated from the plurality of cut pairs by combining at least a portion of the plurality of cuts in a manner that two or more cuts constituting each cut pair belong to mutually different cut groups and a context of cut transitions in the moving picture is maintained, and a cut composition image including the generated cut pairs is generated.06-20-2013
20130156404SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISTRIBUTED AND PARALLEL VIDEO EDITING, TAGGING AND INDEXING - A system and method for having a media engine, client, workflow engine and server. The media engine takes digital or analog real-time video or video-on-demand as an input. Clients connect to the media engine, workflow engine and server. Depending on the client's capabilities, including software features, training and location, the workflow engine will drive required units of work to the client asking them to be fulfilled. This system enables efficient offline, real-time or faster than real-time editing, tagging and indexing of media by one or more clients at the same time. Unlimited numbers of users, tags and indexing functions to take place in parallel on a single video feed at the same time and managed through a rule based workflow engine.06-20-2013
20130156405Distributed Cloud-Based Synchronized Data and Bandwidth Intensive Image Processing - A rotoscoping method comprises the steps of providing a video, providing a plurality of editors, and editing the video on computers of the plurality of editors.06-20-2013
20120281970MEDICAL VIDEO PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - A consolidated system for performing, recording, and distributing the performance and/or recordation of medical procedures, including a plurality of computer-controlled medical systems each having one or more input devices; and an aggregation system for aggregating information pertaining to a medical procedure and/or pertaining to the use of one or more of the medical systems to perform a medical procedure, the information having a plurality of sources, forms, and formats. The aggregation system is configured to provide a preview of the information to allow a user to combine and/or edit the information and provide transmission of the combined and/or edited information to one or more recipients via a network.11-08-2012
20120281969VIDEO SUMMARIZATION USING AUDIO AND VISUAL CUES - A method for producing an audio-visual slideshow for a video sequence having an audio soundtrack and a corresponding video track including a time sequence of image frames, comprising: segmenting the audio soundtrack into a plurality of audio segments; subdividing the audio segments into a sequence of audio frames; determining a corresponding audio classification for each audio frame; automatically selecting a subset of the audio segments responsive to the audio classification for the corresponding audio frames; for each of the selected audio segments automatically analyzing the corresponding image frames to select one or more key image frames; merging the selected audio segments to form an audio summary; forming an audio-visual slideshow by combining the selected key frames with the audio summary, wherein the selected key frames are displayed synchronously with their corresponding audio segment; and storing the audio-visual slideshow in a processor-accessible storage memory.11-08-2012
20110293247Video matting based on foreground-background constraint propagation - A method for propagating user-provided foreground-background constraint information for a first video frame to subsequent frames allows extraction of moving foreground objects with minimal user interaction. Video matting is performed wherein constraints derived from user input with respect to a first frame are propagated to subsequent frames using the estimated alpha matte of each frame. The matte of a frame is processed in order to arrive at a rough foreground-background segmentation which is then used for estimating the matte of the next frame. At each frame, the propagated constraints are used by an image matting method for estimating the corresponding matte which is in turn used for propagating the constraints to the next frame, and so on.12-01-2011
20110293246SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF MANAGING NETWORK VIDEO RECORDING SYSTEMS - A system and method for managing a network video recording system are provided. The method includes interfacing a network video recording system with an end user operating system, and managing the network video recording system via the end user operating system.12-01-2011
20110311201RECASTING A LEGACY WEB PAGE AS A MOTION PICTURE WITH AUDIO - A computer identifies audio objects in a web page and video objects in the web page based, at least in part, on markups in the web page. Layout locations of the video objects and the audio objects are determined. The layout locations correspond to display locations in a web browser. One or more of the video objects is associated with one or more of the audio objects based, at least in part, on the layout locations. Playback times are determined for the video objects and the audio objects based, at least in part, on association between the one or more of the video object with one or more of the audio objects. Content of each of the video objects is rendered with content of associated ones of the audio objects in accordance with the playback times. Recording, as the motion picture with audio, the rendering of the content.12-22-2011
20130195428Method and System of Presenting Foreign Films in a Native Language - A process for presenting live action foreign language feature films in a native language by replacing the physical mouth positions of the original actors to match a newly recorded audio track in a different language with die original and/or replacement actors keeping the essence of the original dialect, while achieving the illusion that the content was originally filmed in the new voice over language. This process applies an artistic, multifaceted approach rather than a purely procedural approach, and utilizes a combination of visual effects techniques to achieve realistic lip sync animation to be convincing to the viewing audience.08-01-2013
20130195429SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MEDIA PESONALIZATION USING TEMPLATES - Systems and methods for generating edited media. In an embodiment, one or more media assets are received. A theme template comprising one or more entries is retrieved, and the entries are populated with the received media assets to generate one or more composite media products. The media assets may comprise both static and dynamic media assets from multiple data sources. For instance, the dynamic media assets may be user-supplied, whereas the static media assets are retrieved from a structured database and remain the same for a given theme template.08-01-2013
20130202271RECORDING APPARATUS, RECORDING METHOD, AND RECORDING SYSTEM - A moving image recording apparatus generates first moving image data and second moving image data having less number of pixels than that of the first moving image data, records a moving image file including generated moving image data into a recording medium, and in the case that the first moving image data is outputted to the external apparatus for recording the first moving image data, controls so as to generate the second moving image data concurrently with the outputting of the first moving image data and controls to record a moving image file including the generated second moving image data into the recording medium, wherein outputting an instruction for closing a moving image file including the first moving image data to the external apparatus is controlled in accordance with the moving image file including the second moving image data being recorded into the recording medium having been closed.08-08-2013
20130202272RECORDING APPARATUS, RECORDING METHOD, AND RECORDING SYSTEM - A recording apparatus of moving image data generates first moving image data and second moving image data having less number of pixels than the first moving image data, outputs the generated moving image data by using a plurality of output channels which conform with predetermined format, determines the number of the second moving image data to be generated on the basis of an output state of the moving image data which is output by using the output channels in the case where the first moving image data is output in accordance with the predetermined format, and generates the second moving image data of the determined number in parallel with the outputting of the first moving image data.08-08-2013
20120093485EDITING DEVICE, EDITING METHOD, AND EDITING PROGRAM - An editing device includes an editing unit that partially edits content constituted of a plurality of clips using the clip as a unit, the clip including a moving image; a measurement unit that, each time the edited part of the content is reproduced by the editing unit, by measuring the part as each single reproduction of the clip which includes the interior portions or the connection points, measures the total count of the respective plurality of clips; a clip setting unit that sets each of the plurality of clips to at any of a plurality of types of clip based on the measured total count; a mark adding unit that performs an image process for adding a mark in accordance with the set type to at least a part of the content; and a reproduction control unit that controls reproduction of the content being subjected to the image process.04-19-2012

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