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Camera and recording device

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386 - Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing


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386225000 Having still mode 19
386227000 Camera with additional external sensor (e.g., white balance, GPS, wheel, etc.) 13
386228000 Having triggered event 10
386226000 Having time lapse recording mode (e.g., surveillance recording, etc.) 2
20110280541METHOD AND DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING VIDEO RECORDATION PROPERTY OF CAMERA MODULE ACCORDING TO VELOCITY OF OBJECT - Method and device for controlling a video recording attribute such as a frame rate and/or an exposure value to suitably record a video depending on a velocity of an object detected by a camera module are provided. The device for controlling a video recording attribute of a camera module includes: a video input unit that receives video data corresponding to frames from the camera module; a motion information acquiring unit that acquires motion information between two successive frames; a video recording attribute determining unit that determines the video recording attribute of the camera module on the basis of the motion information; and a camera module controller that generates a camera module control signal for causing the camera module to perform a video recording operation on the basis of the determined video recording attribute and outputs the camera module control signal to the camera module. Accordingly, it is possible to enhance the processability of an object moving at a high velocity in a surveillance area to accurately detect the object by controlling a video recording attribute (a frame rate and/or an exposure value) of a camera module depending on the velocity of the object moving in the surveillance area.11-17-2011
20110116759IMAGING DEVICE AND IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS - Provided are: an imaging sensor that captures light from a subject; a movement information detection unit that detects movement information of the subject; a time setting unit that sets at least one of a recording time for recording a zone movie image based on an imaging signal from the imaging sensor and a recording pause time for not recording the zone movie image, based upon the movement information of the subject detected by the movement information detection unit; and a movie image data creation unit that repeats recording of the zone movie image for the recording time and pausing of the recording of the zone movie image for the recording pause time based upon the setting made by the time setting unit, and creates movie image data including a movie image formed by successively joining a plurality of the repeatedly recorded zone movie images.05-19-2011
20130028570Video Recording Apparatus, Video Recording System and Video Recording Method - The present invention enables an effective use of a ring buffer. A video recording apparatus includes a first thinning process unit which reduces a data size of camera videos transmitted from a camera to a frame rate number of the camera videos, and which stores the camera videos having undergone a thinning process in a ring buffer, and a second thinning process unit which further reduces the data size of the videos stored in the ring buffer at a frame rate number in accordance with a condition among a plurality of conditions. The first thinning process unit stores the camera videos in the ring buffer at a frame rate that is the lowest common multiple of the frame rate numbers of the plurality of conditions.01-31-2013
20130077931REMOTELY CONTROLLABLE DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA SYSTEM - A digital video camera system comprising image capture and recording units. The image capture unit includes an image sensor for capturing a digital video signal, an optical system for forming an image of a scene onto the image sensor, a controllable tilting mechanism for adjusting a pointing direction of the optical system, and a first wireless communication system. The image recording unit includes a second wireless communication system, an image display, a user interface including an orientation sensor, and a program memory storing instructions to implement a method for capturing a digital video sequence in response to user activation of a user control. The method includes wirelessly receiving a digital video signal from the image capture unit, displaying the received digital video signal on the image display, and adjusting the pointing direction of the optical system in response to detecting a change in the orientation of the image recording unit.03-28-2013
20130039633METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DOCUMENT AUTHENTICATION - The present invention is directed to a system and method for preventing the forgery of documents. The system and method simultaneously electronically records digital data evidencing the form of the signature, a visual and audio record of the signing event and the notarization of the document, as well as the date and time of the event as well as a high quality scan of the signed document(s). The system and method further provides global positioning coordinates at the locus of the signing as well as the recording and storage equipment, such that the location, date, time, and participants in the signing event are subject to a predefined set of information related to the signing.02-14-2013
20120183271PRESSURE-BASED VIDEO RECORDING - This disclosure describes techniques for allowing a user to indicate the significance of portions of a video during video capturing by applying pressure to a surface of a video capture device. The user may indicate different levels of significance of different portions of the video by applying different amounts of pressure. The captured video may be encoded with the amount of applied pressure. During encoding, portions with applied pressure may be encoded using a different coding quality than portions with no applied pressure. Additionally, during editing and/or playback of the captured video, portions with applied pressure may be displayed and/or played back differently from portions with no applied pressure.07-19-2012
20120183270WEBCAM CAPTCHA - A system and computer-implemented method for determining whether a user of a computer system is a human or a computer program that includes determining whether a camera device is connected with the computer system, requesting the user to perform an action and reviewing the recorded image and validating whether the requested action has been performed by the user, based on one or more of a determined level of confidence that the user is a human, and any detected error in the recorded image. The recorded image is accepted or rejected based on policy settings of a service provider in view of the one or more of the determined confidence level and any detected error in the recorded image, wherein accepting the recorded image corresponds to a determination that the user is a human.07-19-2012
20130044992REMOTE VIDEO RECORDING CAMERA CONTROL THROUGH WIRELESS HANDSET - A video recording camera system provide remote control functionality through a wireless handset interface. In embodiments, a video recording camera includes an optical sensor, a processor coupled to the optical sensor to process an input image signal received from the optical sensor into an encoded video data stream, a non-volatile storage medium coupled to the processor to store, locally in the video recording camera, encoded video data stream as recorded video data, and a wireless transceiver. In embodiments, a cellular-enabled wireless communication handset communicatively couples to the video recording camera over a wireless personal area network (WPAN) supported by the camera's wireless transceiver. The handset serves as a gateway to the camera providing access to recorded video data or functions of the camera, via the WPAN, as determined based on communications conducted by the handset over a cellular communication link.02-21-2013
20110058787IMAGING APPARATUS - A imaging apparatus includes a storage unit configured to store registration information in which information relevant to a feature of an object, of a subject, to be recognized, personal information relevant to attribute of the subject, and non-personal information which is different from the personal information are related with each other and registered, a video generator configured to capture a subject image to generate video data, a detector configured to detect an object to be recognized which has the same feature as that registered in the registration information, in an image represented by the video data generated by the video generator, an embedding unit configured to embed the non-personal information relating to the object to be recognized which is detected by the detector into the video data to be generated, and a management file generator configured to generate a management file, the management file storing the non-personal information to be embedded into the video data and the personal information related to the non-personal information to be embedded into the registration information.03-10-2011
20110013878RECORDING APPARATUS - A method for an apparatus including an acquisition unit for acquiring moving image data, and a recording unit for recording the acquired moving image data in a loaded recording medium, includes determining whether the recording medium is a recordable and non-erasable recording medium, and if the recording medium is a recordable and non-erasable recording medium, controlling the recording unit so as to automatically stop recording of the moving image data according to the fact that a predetermined time has elapsed from the recording start of the moving image data, and if the recording medium is not a recordable and non-erasable recording medium, controlling the recording unit so as not to automatically stop recording of the moving image data, even if the predetermined time has elapsed from the recording start of the moving image data.01-20-2011
20120224826GEO-LOCATION VIDEO ARCHIVE SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system and method for recording, uploading, and archiving video recordings, including a front-end and a back-end application. The preferred embodiment of the present invention includes a front-end application wherein video is recorded using a mobile device. The recorded video is embedded with date, time and GPS location data. The video is stored on an online back-end database which catalogues the video according to the embedded data elements. The video may be selectively reviewed by relevant experts or emergency personnel for immediate response to the uploaded video and/or distribution to the proper parties. The video may also be archived for later review and use by any number of end-users.09-06-2012
20120114297AUGMENTED REALITY SYSTEM FOR COMMUNICATING TAGGED VIDEO AND DATA ON A NETWORK - A system, method, and computer program product for automatically combining computer-generated imagery with real-world imagery in a portable electronic device by retrieving, manipulating, and sharing relevant stored videos, preferably in real time. A video is captured with a hand-held device and stored. Metadata including the camera's physical location and orientation is appended to a data stream, along with user input. The server analyzes the data stream and further annotates the metadata, producing a searchable library of videos and metadata. Later, when a camera user generates a new data stream, the linked server analyzes it, identifies relevant material from the library, retrieves the material and tagged information, adjusts it for proper orientation, then renders and superimposes it onto the current camera view so the user views an augmented reality.05-10-2012
20120237178SCENARIO EDITING APPARATUS AND SCENARIO EDITING METHOD, IMAGE CAPTURING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF, AND SCENARIO EDITING SYSTEM - A scenario editing apparatus which generates and edits scenario data to be referred at an image capturing, comprises: a first recording unit which records first scenario data appended with identification numbers for respective captured contents; a read-out unit which reads out image data captured with reference to the first scenario data and identification numbers for the respective captured contents; a selection unit which selects image data to be re-captured; a generation unit which generates second scenario data to be re-captured while reproducing the selected image data; and a second recording unit which records the generated second scenario data.09-20-2012
20130163946REPRODUCTION APPARATUS, MODE SETTING APPARATUS AND REPRODUCTION METHOD - First position information indicating a position is acquired at a first time. Second position information indicating a position is acquired at a second time that is later than the first time. The first position information and the second position information are compared to determine whether or not a reproduction apparatus is moved. Information is stored in a recording medium in a first mode if it is determined that the reproduction apparatus is moved and the information is stored in the recording medium in a second mode different from the first mode if it is determined that the reproduction apparatus is not moved. The first mode is a reproduction mode having functions for use in reproduction more restricted than the second mode.06-27-2013
20110142410REPRODUCING APPARATUS FOR VIDEO DATA - A reproducing apparatus arranged to reproduce a moving image signal of a scene from a recording medium, set one of a first reproduction mode for reproducing one scene selected from the moving image signal of a selected one scene and a second reproduction mode for reproducing the moving image signals according to a playlist, convert the moving image signal recorded on the recording medium into a format designated by a transmission destination of the moving image signal, and effect control in response to a conversion instruction such that, in the first reproduction mode, the moving image signal of the one scene is divided on a unit basis of predetermined time related to an upper limit time designated by the transmission destination of the moving image signal and in the second reproduction mode, the moving image signals of the plurality of scenes are combined and the combined moving image signal is divided on the predetermined time basis.06-16-2011
20110286714WIDE-BAND MULTI-FORMAT AUDIO/VIDEO PRODUCTION SYSTEM WITH FRAME-RATE CONVERSION - A multi-format digital video production system enables a user to process an input video program to produce an output version of the program in a final format which may have a different frame rate, pixel dimensions, or both. An internal production format of 24 fps is preferably chosen to provide the greatest compatibility with existing and planned formats associated with HDTV standard 4:3 or widescreen 16:9 high-definition television, and film. Images are re-sized horizontally and vertically by pixel interpolation, thereby producing larger or smaller image dimensions so as to fill the particular needs of individual applications. Frame rates are adapted by inter-frame interpolation or by traditional schemes, including “3:2 pull-down” for 24-to-30 fps conversions. Simple speed-up (for 24-to-25 conversions) or slow-down (for 25-to-24 conversions) for playback, or by manipulating the frame rate itself using a program storage facility with asynchronous reading and writing capabilities. The step of converting the signal to a HDTV format is preferably performed using a modified upconversion process for wideband signals (utilizing a higher sampling clock frequency) and a resizing to HDTV format frame dimensions in pixels.11-24-2011
20110299825VIDEO RECORDING AND REPRODUCING METHOD, AND VIDEO REPRODUCING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A recording apparatus, including: a camera which picks up a picture from an optical image; a first encoder which encodes the picture by a first encoding method; a second encoder which encodes the picture by a second encoding method which is different from the first encoding method; and a recorder which records a file of the picture encoded by the first encoding method together with a file of the picture encoded by the second encoding method on a recording medium when in photographing of a still picture, and which records a file of the pictures encoded by the first encoding method on the recording medium when in photographing of moving pictures.12-08-2011
20120020638DIGITAL AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDING AND STORAGE SYSTEM AND METHOD - An integrated apparatus is disclosed that can directly connect to a portable digital video camera and can record uncompressed video and audio data, along with associated metadata, in the field and elsewhere. Most preferably, the integrated apparatus includes a removable, recordable, reusable digital magazine that may be mounted. Most preferably, the integrated apparatus also supports a variety of input and output formats, and the apparatus may be easily connected to other computing systems, either directly or through network connections, wired or wireless. The digital magazine can be mounted in a variety of docking stations and can be directly connected to a network, allowing the video and audio data to be easily stored and transferred.01-26-2012
20110268419Moving image file producing method, computer program product and electronic camera - A moving image file producing method includes: inputting an image material; inputting a scenario information; and producing a moving image file that contains the image material based on the scenario information.11-03-2011
20120269490IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An image processing apparatus and method converts a moving image signal into an image data format consisting of a luminance signal and a color-difference signal like that of the YUV format at a signal processing circuit 10-25-2012
20120294582VIDEO CAMERA - A video camera can be configured to highly compress video data in a visually lossless manner. The camera can be configured to transform blue and red image data in a manner that enhances the compressibility of the data. The data can then be compressed and stored in this form. This allows a user to reconstruct the red and blue data to obtain the original raw data for a modified version of the original raw data that is visually lossless when demosaiced. Additionally, the data can be processed in a manner in which the green image elements are demosaiced first and then the red and blue elements are reconstructed based on values of the demosaiced green image elements.11-22-2012
20120070124IMAGE CAPTURING APPARATUS, IMAGE CAPTURING METHOD, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - To make it possible, when an audio file is reproduced before capturing of a moving image, to prevent the sound from being recorded during capturing. When a short-time moving image capturing mode is set, a through-the-lens image is displayed and an audio file is reproduced. When a first shutter switch is pressed while the audio file is reproduced, the audio file stops being reproduced and automatic focus control is performed. Alternatively, the audio file starts being reproduced when the first shutter switch is pressed. The audio file stops being reproduced when a second shutter switch is pressed.03-22-2012
20120070123Method of evaluating snow and board sport equipment - A method of evaluating snow and board sport equipment. The method includes an evaluator using the equipment and orally describing perceptions arising while using it, for example by means of a wireless microphone. A video image is made of the evaluator using the equipment, and this video image is combined with the oral description to create an audio-visual evaluation of the sport equipment.03-22-2012
20110229108Method And Apparatus To Conduct A Contest Via Remote Booth By Providing Contestant With Ownership Of And Control Of Confidentiality Of Recorded Performance - Apparatus to conduct a contest in which recorded performances of different individuals are reviewed to select a winner. The apparatus comprises at least one recording booth. The booth includes recording equipment comprising at least one camera for photographing the video portion of at least one individual's performance and generating video signals, at least one microphone for sensing the audio portion of the individual's performance and generating audio signals, lighting; performance apparatus to record video and audio signals generated by the camera and microphone and generate a recorded performance by the individual, and, a display viewable by the individual indicating the individual's ownership of the recorded performance and the control by the individual of the confidentiality of the performance.09-22-2011
20110229107System, method and apparatus for controlling the dissemination of digital works - A system, business methodology and apparatus for facilitating controlled dissemination of digital works is disclosed. An audio and video organizer, entertainment, and communication unit that plays back audio and video media content received from a central storage server. The unit relies on a smartcard, which has a personalized key that unlocks encrypted content. Using the unit, a user can purchase music or other types of media using a appropriate ordering method. The central storage server then transmits a double-encrypted, compressed audio file to the unit, where it is decrypted based on the smartcard key, and available for listening.09-22-2011
20130121658Remote Device for Monitoring Probationers. - An apparatus and method that allow a probationer to check in remotely to a probation officer is provided. The probationer is provide an device that allows him to check in periodically with the probation officer by recording a video and transmitting the video to a remote server accessible by the probation officer. The device will also transmit location information along with the video to the remote server. The device can also be used for a live chat between the probationer and the probation officer.05-16-2013
20130121659Recording and Reproducing Apparatus - To provide a recording and reproducing apparatus capable of storing AV data reliably during recording and capable of reading the AV data reliably during reproducing even when the communication state between the video camera and a network is bad, the recording and reproducing apparatus neither failing to record nor reproduce AV data, the recording and reproducing apparatus improving the recording reliability and reproduction reliability of AV data. With a unit for determining whether the communication state is good or bad, the recording and reproducing reliability is improved by carrying out recording and reproducing of AV data to a hard disk of the recording and reproducing apparatus by utilizing a built-in hard disk when the communication state is bad.05-16-2013
20130216199IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE CAPTURING APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An image processing apparatus obtains an image signal, which is captured by an image capturing apparatus, and in which respective pixels correspond to light fluxes of different combinations of pupil regions, where the light fluxes have passed through in an imaging optical system of the image capturing apparatus, and incident directions. The image processing apparatus sets a focal length corresponding to an object to be focused, and generates a reconstructed image focused on the object of the set focal length from the image signal. The image processing apparatus generates a moving image by concatenating a plurality of reconstructed images generated in association with a plurality of different focal lengths, and outputs the moving image in association with the image signals.08-22-2013
20110129195PLAYBACK APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, a capturing apparatus includes a capturing unit configured to capture a moving image video, a storage unit configured to store the moving image video captured by the capturing unit, an operation unit configured to include a plurality of keys used to instruct playback of the moving image video stored in the storage unit, a skip playback unit configured to play back the moving image video while skipping the moving image video at predetermined time intervals every time a predetermined operation is made on the operation unit, and a playback control unit configured to switch the time intervals skipped by the skip playback unit based on the total playback time period of the moving image video.06-02-2011
20110026897Video Recording Devices and Video Recording Methods - A video recording device includes imaging circuitry, processing circuitry, and communication circuitry. The imaging circuitry is configured to generate image data for a scene being imaged. The processing circuitry is configured to generate first video data using the image data. The communication circuitry is configured to wirelessly send the first video data to another video recording device and to wirelessly receive second video data from the other video recording device. The processing circuitry is further configured to controllably switch during a recording of a video from storing portions of the first video data as part of the video to storing portions of the second video data as part of the video.02-03-2011
20110123167Method and device for linking multimedia data - It is desired to link photo data and video data taken by a digital camcorder. Therefore, there is provided a device and method for linking multimedia data, wherein linking information is formed on the basis of first and/or second multimedia data. The linking information is stored on a recording medium together with the first multimedia data. The second multimedia data may be stored together with respective linking information to the first multimedia data on a second recording medium. Thus, a camera-man while recording is able to set up logo or index pictures for a video film.05-26-2011
20110243523SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EDITING AN IMAGE STREAM CAPTURED IN VIVO - A system and method may allow editing of an image stream, which may be produced by, for example, an ingestible capsule. A workstation accepts images acquired by the capsule and displays the images on a monitor as a moving image. The editing method may include, for example, selecting images which follow predetermined criteria. A shortened movie may thus be created.10-06-2011
20110085777Systems and Methods for Generating Compact Multiangle Video - Provided are systems and methods for providing expedited production of compact multi-angle video. Methods include capturing video content of a moving video subject and a background portion that is proximate the moving video subject as digital video data and generating a motion video data file from multiple sequentially numbered transparent background still image data files that correspond to the digital video data.04-14-2011
20110038594Handheld recorder incorporating true raw audio or video certification - A method and apparatus for recording audio or video data so as to enable true raw audio or video certification includes recording on a mobile recorder an audio or video data stream taken from at least one microphone or camera respectively cooperating with the recorder, generating a digital hash and embedding the digital hash in the data stream concurrently with the recording of the data stream, enabling playback of the recording containing the digital hash by a playback device not equipped to decode the digital hash, wherein the digital hash contains attributes unique to the recording and where the digital hash is embedded in the data stream so as to minimize noise impact on a later playback of the data stream respectively by the playback device, and wherein the digital hash is embedded during the embedding continuously on a periodic basis throughout the duration of the recording.02-17-2011
20110044603VIDEO REPRODUCTION METHOD, VIDEO REPRODUCTION DEVICE, AND VIDEO DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - In case that a plurality of video reproduction devices obtains video data from one same camera, a distribution rate thereof may be decreased to be lower than that expected by a user. There is provided a video reproduction device or system capable of obtaining a video from a camera at a distribution rate that is expected by the user. In case that a video reproduction device newly requests the camera to distribute a video thereto, if the camera has been distributing the video to a different video reproduction device and a video distribution capacity of the camera is less than a sum of a distribution rate of the different video reproduction device and a distribution rate requested by the video reproduction device, the video reproduction device requests the different video reproduction device to distribute the video thereto and receives it from the different video reproduction device.02-24-2011
20110150411IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND IMAGE PICKUP DEVICE - Disclosed herein is an image processing device including a subband dividing section configured to perform subband division of image data of a color whose pixel positions are alternately shifted from each other, the image data being included in image data output from an image pickup element of a pixel arrangement in which the pixel positions of at least one color of three primary colors are alternately shifted from each other in one of a horizontal direction and a vertical direction, with pixels of two upper and lower lines adjacent to each other or pixels of two left and right columns adjacent to each other as a unit.06-23-2011
20120177336CROSSING ARM FOR SCHOOL BUS SYSTEMS - A school bus safety assembly useful for stopping approaching vehicles, and detecting, displaying, and recording school bus stop arm violations comprising: a movable arm situated on a driver's side of a school bus, an electric motor for deploying the movable arm, a camera device, an image storage device, and an image display device. The movable arm is designed to indicate to approaching vehicles to stop and is deployable from a retracted position to an extended position via the electric motor. The camera device is mounted on the movable arm and is connected to the image storage device and to the image display device which are situated on an inside of the school bus in a vicinity of a seat of a driver. The school bus safety assembly operates in conjunction with a stop arm but is physically separated a distance from the stop arm.07-12-2012
20120148209IMAGE SIGNAL PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An image signal processing apparatus converts an input image signal such that the number of pixels in the horizontal direction is converted into 2n pixels, to store the thus-converted into a memory, samples the pixels of the stored image signal in accordance with a predetermined pixel arrangement of a display apparatus to convert the number of pixels in the horizontal direction into n pixels and convert the number of pixels in the vertical direction into m pixels, subsequently converts the image signal converted into n×m pixels into a plurality of color component signals corresponding to the pixels of the display apparatus, further, corrects a center of gravity in accordance with the predetermined pixel arrangement of the display apparatus to output the corrected signals to the display apparatus.06-14-2012
20110052140IMAGE EDITING DEVICE AND IMAGING DEVICE PROVIDED WITH THE IMAGE EDITING DEVICE, IMAGE REPRODUCTION DEVICE AND IMAGING DEVICE PROVIDED WITH THE IMAGE REPRODUCTION DEVICE - A decoding unit is configured to decode one of coded data for a video of a first image quality and coded data for a video of a second image quality different from the first image quality, the videos sharing the same image content. An editing unit is configured to edit, by user control, the video of the first image quality or the video of the second image quality decoded by the decoding unit. The editing unit causes an editing operation applied to one of the video of the first image quality and the video of the second image quality to be reflected in the coded data for the other video irrespective of user control.03-03-2011
20110052139Imaging Device And Playback Device - The imaging device is provided with at least one imaging part to obtain images through shooting and at least one sound-collection part to obtain audio, collecting it together with the shooting of the imaging part, and at least one display part to display images. It performs audio-correction processing of audio obtained through the sound-collection part according to the relative relationship between the direction in which the display part displays images and the direction in which the imaging part shoots.03-03-2011
20110044602IMAGE COMPARISON DEVICE USING PERSONAL VIDEO RECORDER AND METHOD USING THE SAME - The present disclosure relates to an image comparison device using a personal video recorder, the device comprising: a display unit configured to output a reference image; at least one camera configured to obtain a comparison image by taking a picture of a present scene of a subject chasing a movement of an object included in the reference image while the reference image is displayed on the screen of the display unit; and a controller configured to display the comparison image along with the reference image on the screen, and a method using the image comparison device.02-24-2011
20110075984RECORDING/REPRODUCING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE APPARATUS - A recording/reproducing apparatus includes an operating section having dual functions depending on being in an image capture mode or in a reproduction mode respectively. While one of the recording mode and the reproduction mode is being carried out, in response to start of the other mode, a controlling function of the operating section is switched to the function of the other mode, and in response to the completion of the other mode, the function of the operating section is switched to the function of the one mode.03-31-2011
20110217019IMAGING DEVICE AND DIGEST PLAYBACK METHOD - An imaging device comprises: a first memory unit operable to store one or a plurality of audio-video data, each composed of a plurality of scenes and including a video data and an audio data; a second memory unit operable to store one or a plurality of BGM data; a creating unit operable to create, based on information designating one or more of the scenes composing the audio-video data stored in the first memory unit, a playlist for digest playback that allows the one or more of the scenes to be played back continuously; and a playback unit operable to play back the audio-video data in accordance with the playlist for digest playback so as not to play back the audio data included in the audio-video data but so as to play back only the video data included in the audio-video data, and for playing back the BGM data stored in the second memory unit while playing back the video data.09-08-2011
20120039579MULTI-ANGLE AUDIO AND VIDEO PRODUCTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - An easy to use self-contained mobile multi-angle audio and video production systems for recording audio and video of an event from multiple different view points in real time, tagging the recorded content and making the media available for viewing and sale, either during or shortly after the event.02-16-2012
20120099831METHOD FOR CREATING A REPLAY SIGNAL IN A SURVEILLANCE VIDEO AND A VIDEO SYSTEM FOR CREATING A REPLAY SIGNAL IN A SURVEILLANCE VIDEO - In a transmission side, a layer adjusting unit performs an adjustment to store a scalable encoded video data in a memory, select and output a scalable data of a base quality as a real-time video, read from a memory a scalable data of an enhancement quality based on the designation of a enhancement quality and a transmission period of time, and output the scalable data of an enhancement quality together with a real-time scalable data. In the receiving side, a layer synthesizing unit synthesizes and outputs a real-time video at normal times, and lowers the real-time video to a quality of the base layer if there is an enhancement quality video of a designated period of time, thereby reading the base quality layer data corresponding to the designated video from the memory (04-26-2012
20120099830INTERCHANGEABLE LENS, CAMERA BODY, AND CAMERA SYSTEM - An interchangeable lens mountable to a camera body, includes a driving object to be driven, an operating unit that receives an operation performed by a user to provide an instruction for driving the driving object, a driver that drives the driving object, and a lens controller that controls the driver. The lens controller notifies the camera body of information about drive of the driving object corresponding to the operation received by the operating unit, and thereafter, controls the driver to drive the driving object when obtaining information indicating permission for driving the driving object from the camera body.04-26-2012
20110064375IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, APPARATUS AND SYSTEM - An image processing method comprises receiving a sequence of image frames from a video camera. The method includes generating a computer generated object, and combining the computer generated object with the sequence of image frames so as to generate a sequence of augmented reality images. The method further includes dividing each received image frame into a respective array of image motion cells, detecting inter-image motion in successive image frames for each motion cell, and generating a motion object comprising one or more image motion cells. The image motion cells in the motion object correspond to a set of image motion cells detected as comprising inter-image motion over a threshold number of image frames. The method includes detecting a relative distance between the computer generated object and the motion object within the augmented reality images, and generating a point of interest within a current image frame in dependence upon the detected distance between the computer generated object and the motion object so that the computer generated object can be caused to appear to interact with an image region corresponding to an image motion cell at the point of interest.03-17-2011
20120114296METHOD FOR ALIGNING DIFFERENT PHOTO STREAMS - A method for organizing individual collections of images or videos captured for the same event by different cameras into a master collection, wherein each individual collection forms a media stream in chronological order. A processor for extracting image features for each image or video of the media stream of each collection; constructing a graph based on the extracted features to link the images or videos from the two media streams; finding on the graph at least a pair of images or videos, each from one of the two media streams, that corresponds to correlated captured content; aligning the remaining images or videos in response to the aligned pair so that the all images or videos from the two media streams are aligned over a common timeline; and producing a master stream in chronological order of the event over a common timeline by merging the aligned individual.05-10-2012
20120002936IMAGE PROCESSING SYSTEM AND STORAGE MEDIUM IN WHICH IMAGE PROCESSING PROGRAM IS STORED - An image processing system is provided. A region specifying component specifies one or more playing regions for generating predetermined sounds in an image represented by the moving image data that have been acquired by the acquiring component. A detecting component detects a specific image showing a specific subject existing in the image represented by the moving image data that have been acquired by the acquiring component. An assigning component assigns, for each of the playing regions that have been specified by the region specifying component, sounds to be outputted in a case where the specific image that has been detected by the detecting component overlaps those playing regions. A signal outputting component outputs signals representing the sounds that have been assigned to those playing regions by the assigning component, in a case where the specific image overlaps the playing regions.01-05-2012
20120057844IMAGING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD FOR THE SAME, SHOOTING CONTROL APPARATUS, AND SHOOTING CONTROL METHOD - An imaging apparatus includes a shooting rate setting unit configured to set a shooting rate, a shooting unit configured to shoot a moving image at the shooting rate set by the shooting rate setting unit, an acquisition unit configured to acquire a shooting duration time from a start of shooting, a calculation unit configured to calculate a playback time based on a playback rate in a case of playing back the moving image shot by the shooting unit, and a display control unit configured to display the shooting duration time acquired by the acquisition unit and the playback time calculated by the calculation unit together on a display unit while the shooting is conducted by the shooting unit.03-08-2012
20120063738DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER SYSTEM AND OPERATING METHOD THEREOF - The present invention relates to a digital video recorder system and a method for operating the same that classifies sounds sensed by a microphone for each type and stores videos in a range where sounds are generated to search the videos for each sound type, thereby making it possible to more rapidly search the videos.03-15-2012
20120063737VEHICLE-MOUNTED VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM - A system is disclosed to record traffic infractions in the general area of a school bus and its stop arm, consisting of two cameras, a first camera which produces a general overview of the area, and a second camera which produces a focused view of a license plate, both within a housing. The housing consists of a weather-sealed camera housing with lenses, and a mounting plate, where the mounting plate mounts to the side of a bus, near the stop arm, and is so directed to capture video images of vehicles coming toward the bus. The weather-proof enclosure contains two cameras, one which captures the general overview, and a high-definition camera which captures the license plate details of passing vehicles. The data from the two cameras is sent to a digital video recorder inside the school bus. Information from a GPS module mounted on the bus is also sent to the recorder to be recorded alongside the video images.03-15-2012
20120063736CREATING AND EDITING VIDEO RECORDED BY A HANDS-FREE VIDEO RECORDING DEVICE - A video recording hands-free device that includes a storage medium, an optical sensor to receive an input image signal, and a processor that is coupled to the storage medium and the optical sensor. The processor is configured to process the input image signal received from the optical sensor into an encoded video data stream and store the encoded video data stream as recorded video data in the storage medium. The processor is also configured to receive and process a video control command to create a video clip file from a logical segment of the recorded video data.03-15-2012
20120301102VIDEO CAMERA - Embodiments provide a video camera configured to capture, compress, and store video image data in a memory of the video camera at a rate of at least about twenty three frames per second. The video image data can be mosaiced image data, and the compressed, mosaiced image data may remain substantially visually lossless upon decompression and demosaicing.11-29-2012
20120301101METHOD FOR OPERATING A RECORDING ASSEMBLY - The invention relates to a method for operating a recording assembly (11-29-2012
20120301100METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR STORING AND STREAMING AUDIOVISUAL CONTENT - A camcorder includes an input interface via which audiovisual information is received at a first rate measured in frames per second, n. A media processor coupled via a bus to the input interface receives the audiovisual information at the rate n, and transfers it to a capture buffer coupled via the bus at a second rate measured in frames per second, x, for storage. An output interface coupled via the bus to the media processor transmits the audiovisual information at a third rate measured in frames per second, y, wherein x plus y is less than or equal to n. A set of computing instructions executed on the general purpose processor in the camcorder program the media processor to transfer the audiovisual information to the capture buffer at the rate x and to transmit the audiovisual information at the rate y to the output interface.11-29-2012
20120155826IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A communication apparatus notifies existence of content data in a recording medium of an image processing apparatus to an external apparatus according to a request from the external apparatus. When the content data in the recording medium includes the content data having a first format, the communication apparatus notifies existence of the content data having the second format corresponding to the content data having the first format.06-21-2012
20120207440DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA - The invention relates to a digital video camera comprising an image sensor that generates an image data raw stream, and comprising a memory for storing image data generated in response to the image data raw stream, and comprising a data output unit. In this case, it is provided that the data output unit is designed for outputting image data generated in response to the image data raw stream to the memory and for simultaneously outputting image data and for simultaneously outputting image data from the stored data from the camera to users.08-16-2012
20120315007IMAGING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - An imaging apparatus and control method that allow users to recognize when switching of files will occur during an image recording session in a case where a size of a recording file currently being recorded to reaches a predetermined size. During recording of a moving image, when the size of a recording file reaches a first size, a notice about recording is going to be switched to another recording file is provided.12-13-2012
20120121229SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MANAGING VIDEO DATA - Described herein are systems and methods for managing video data. Embodiments are described by reference to a Digital Video Management (DVM) system, for example methods for controlling a DVM system. In overview, the present technology relates to the ability of an operator to modify a system alert level in the context of a DVM system, thereby to reduce the need for manual interaction in times of high alert. This may be achieved by implementing a system alert level controller via a graphical user interface. Increasing the system alert level, at least in some embodiments, correspondingly increases system resource consumption, for example by automating various actions (such as record) or increasing the amount/quality of recordings made. In effect, the system is temporarily operated on a high-cost basis thereby to assist manage risk during times of high alert by reducing reliance on the operator.05-17-2012
20120257867VIDEO TRANSMISSION APPARATUS, VIDEO RECEIVING APPARATUS AND VIDEO TRANSMISSION SYSTEM - There is provided a video transmission apparatus including a signal conversion unit for converting a packet of a local area network for transferring data into data suitable for a non-compressed video signal based on a given standard, and a video synthesis unit for recording the data converted from the packet by the signal conversion unit in an available region of the non-compressed video signal.10-11-2012
20120128316IMAGE EDITING APPARATUS - An image editing apparatus includes a recording medium for recording an image file and a scenario file, wherein the scenario file is formed by recording a replay order or a replay condition of the image file with a predetermined file format, a scenario evaluating circuit for reading the scenario file from the recording medium and evaluating the replay order or the replay condition, an editor for editing the image file in response to an evaluation by the scenario evaluating circuit, and a recorder for recording the image file on the recording medium.05-24-2012
20120163762REPRODUCTION APPARATUS AND IMAGE-CAPTURING APPARATUS - A start position and an end position of a sliding operation along a direction in which the main subject moves in the video image is detected respectively as a first position and a second position. It is controlled so as to play a video image over a range between the first position and the second position. The video image constituted with the plurality of images starting with the first image and ending with the second image is played along a forward direction if the first image with the main subject at the first position precedes the second image with the main subject at the second position, and the video image constituted with the plurality of images starting with the first image and ending with the second image is played along a reverse direction if the first image follows the second image.06-28-2012
20120163761IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An image processing device, includes: a highlight extracted video creation unit creating a highlight extracted video, by obtaining a plurality of video files, obtained by extracting a highlight of each video file; and a highlight extracted video storage unit storing the highlight extracted video as one data file.06-28-2012
20120213485MOVING IMAGE SHOOTING APPARATUS CAPABLE OF CHANGING FRAME RATE DURING SHOOTING, METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE MOVING IMAGE SHOOTING APPARATUS, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A technique enabling a moving image reduced in image disturbance to be recorded even when a frame rate is changed during shooting. In a moving image shooting apparatus, an image pickup device picks up an image of an object. An image synthesis section combines images picked up by the image pickup device into a composite image. A moving image is recorded in a storage medium using the image or the composite image. When an instruction for changing the frame rate of the moving image is issued, the moving image shooting apparatus performs control such that a frame rate transition time period is provided. During the transition time period, images are picked up at a first frame rate, and a composite image is generated at the first frame rate. Then, the composite image is recorded at a second frame rate lower than the first frame rate.08-23-2012
20120177337AUDIO ROUTING FOR AUDIO-VIDEO RECORDING - Systems and methods for routing audio for audio-video recordings allow a user to record desired audio with captured video at the time the video is being captured. Audio from one or more sources may be routed to the video capture application and recorded with the video. In one or more examples, audio may be routed from another application, e.g., an audio playback application, running on the same device as the video capture application. In another example, audio may be received from a remote device through a wireless connection. Multiple streams of audio content may be mixed together prior to storing with video. The audio, upon reception, may then be routed to the video capture application for recordation. An audio progression bar may also be provided to indicate duration and elapsed time information associated with the audio being recorded.07-12-2012
20110110644RECORDING APPARATUS - A recording apparatus of the present invention, in accordance with a data write speed of an external storage device, switches a writing mode between a first mode in which the apparatus suspends reading out moving image data from a memory until a predetermined amount of moving image data relating to a storage capacity of the memory is stored in the memory, and starts reading the moving image data from the memory to write it into the external storage device, after the predetermined amount of moving image data is stored completely, and a second mode in which the apparatus starts reading the moving image data from the memory to write it into the external storage device, without waiting for the storage of the predetermined amount of the moving image data into the memory.05-12-2011
20120257869MULTIMEDIA DATA RECORDING METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AUTOMATICALLY GENERATING/UPDATING METADATA - Provided is a multimedia data recording method including: receiving one or more search object items for searching for scenes including the same kind of information from media data; selecting one or more scenes that contain each of the search object items during the input of the media data; generating metadata including one or more pieces of scene information from among an index or reproduction time of the selected scenes; and recording the metadata onto a header region and recording the media data onto a payload region.10-11-2012
20120082425RECORDING DEVICE, IMAGING AND RECORDING DEVICE, RECORDING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A recording device includes: an input portion to which data to be recorded is input; and a recording control portion which transfers the data input to the input portion to a recording medium to record the data in the recording medium by using a certain file system, and specifies a partial region or some files in the data recorded in the recording medium to set the partial region or the files as recording information of an additional information region prepared in the file system.04-05-2012
20120257868RECORDING AND REPRODUCING APPARATUS AND RECORDING AND REPRODUCING METHOD - A recording and reproducing apparatus which records and reproduces data with respect to a plurality of recording media includes a display unit for simultaneously displaying, on a display screen having a display area for each recording medium, data recorded onto recording media in corresponding display areas, a selection unit for selecting specific data from the data displayed on the display screen, and a designation unit for designating a moving destination of the selected data. If a display area other than a recording medium as a recording source of the selected data exists in the moving destination designated by the designation unit, the selected data is duplicated or moved to a recording medium corresponding to the display area.10-11-2012
20120263430BOOKMARKING MOMENTS IN A RECORDED VIDEO USING A RECORDED HUMAN ACTION - Video highlights are captured from a video stream during a video recording session of activity in which manual inputs to the camera would be difficult, impossible, or inconvenient for the user. The user provides a software-recognizable signal to the camera, such as by covering the camera lens for a brief time, shouting a high pitched tone or a recognizable word, or making a specific hand gesture in front of the lens that is software-recognizable. Using a programmed computer, the user searches for and locates any bookmarks or flags in the video stream of the activity, and copies to a highlight file a video highlight clip for each event of interest. Such a highlight clip can be, for example, thirty seconds of video up until and including the time of the bookmark. The user can then review only the highlight video clips, rather than the entire video sequence.10-18-2012
20120269489DRAM PACKAGE, DRAM MODULE INCLUDING DRAM PACKAGE, GRAPHIC MODULE INCLUDING DRAM PACKAGE AND MULTIMEDIA DEVICE INCLUDING DRAM PACKAGE - A DRAM package includes a DRAM package body, and a ball grid array formed at a lower surface of the DRAM package body. The ball grid array includes a plurality of solder balls arranged in the equal interval along row and column directions. The DRAM package is included in an electronic apparatus.10-25-2012
20120321272RECORDABLE DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO AUDIO WEDDING AND PHOTO ALBUM AND ACCESSORIES - A system to record videos and take still photographs of special events, which can be placed into a photo album; the electronic recording and video displaying device as a tablet being preferably built into the cover of the album. The system allows consumers to view segments of their weddings while looking through their wedding photos. Further, the electronic recording and video displaying device can be removed from the photo album and connected to a charger or hooked up to a computer for downloading event footage such as that of a wedding. Users may erase the recorded video and replace it with new footage or an entity may control content. Alternate embodiments may be placed into a corresponding box or a card as a remote means for sending personalized greetings.12-20-2012
20120321273VIDEO DISPLAY CONTROL USING EMBEDDED METADATA - In a system comprising capture, post production, any known video delivery channel, decoding and display subsystems, an apparatus and method are provided for generating, editing, delivering, processing and displaying video data to preserve the video creator's creative intent. Reference display metadata, used to guide the subsequent processing and display of the video data, is dynamically generated at the post-production stage and embedded into the video data.12-20-2012
20120288252INFORMATION RECORDING APPARATUS AND CONTROLLING METHOD THEREOF - The invention relates to an information recording apparatus capable of relay recording, during which a sequence of data is continuously recorded across a plurality of recording media, as well as to a controlling method thereof. If the relay recording mode is set, it is determined whether any medium having a wireless communication function is present among the recordable recording media. If a recording medium having a wireless communication function is present, data transfer utilizing the wireless communication function is inactivated. This enables relay recording that accounts for cases in which memory cards provided with a wireless communication function are included among the recording media.11-15-2012
20120288251SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR UTILIZING OBJECT DETECTION TO ADAPTIVELY ADJUST CONTROLS - Various systems and methods are described. One embodiment is a method performed in a multimedia playback system for adaptively modifying a user interface. The method comprises receiving, by the multimedia playback system, multimedia content and displaying the multimedia content; and generating, by a user interface generator, one or more controls displayed in conjunction with the multimedia content. The method further comprises identifying, by an object detector, one or more objects in a field of view of a video capture device coupled to the multimedia playback system; determining, by a control detector, a relative position of the one or more controls with respect to the one or more objects; and adjusting, by the user interface generator, the one or more controls according to a location of the one or more objects with respect to the video capture device.11-15-2012
20110158602METHOD AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE FOR SURVEILLANCE CONTROL - An electronic device connected with at least one digital video camera dynamically monitors an area where the digital video camera covers. The electronic device displays a monitor point tree, where each node corresponds to a digital video camera. The electronic device can dynamically create an icon control component of a selected digital video camera on an electronic map by dragging and dropping the node corresponding to the one selected on a electronic map. The electronic device can play a video feed of the digital video camera by clicking on the created icon control component.06-30-2011
20130022330SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF CAPTURING AND ORGANIZING ANNOTATED CONTENT ON A MOBILE DEVICE - Systems and methods are provided for capturing, annotating, organizing and sharing content captured by a mobile device. The content may represent meeting notes on a whiteboard and may be captured by a camera on the mobile device, or by using specialized whiteboard capture software. Regions of the content where a user wishes to add annotations are then identified, after which the user adds annotations, such as written or audio annotations, to the identified regions. The annotated content is then organized into a specific sequence in which the content and the annotations will be presented, and a video is created from the sequence so that the annotated content can be easily shared with, and understood by, other users.01-24-2013
20130177287REPRODUCTION APPARATUS, IMAGE CAPTURING APPARATUS, AND PROGRAM - A reproduction apparatus which reproduces more appropriate frames when reproducing a moving picture with interpolation frame images inserted therein. A reproduction apparatus disclosed in this application is a reproduction apparatus for reproducing moving picture data including images of original frames and images of interpolation frames generated from the images of the original frame, the reproduction apparatus including a reproduction section for receiving the moving picture data and outputting the moving picture data to a display section, wherein the reproduction section selectively outputs image data of an original frame from the moving picture data to the display section based on an instruction from a user.07-11-2013
20110274406INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, SCENE METADATA EXTRACTION DEVICE, LOSS RECOVERY INFORMATION GENERATION DEVICE, AND PROGRAMS - An information processing method includes the steps of analyzing moving-image content including image data and audio data, extracting scene metadata characterizing each scene for each scene constituting the moving-image content, deciding a reproduction mode of the moving-image content according to at least one of a reproduction environment of the moving-image content and setting information set by a user, generating loss recovery information for recovering loss information lost by changing the reproduction mode of the moving-image content using the scene metadata according to the decided reproduction mode, and outputting the generated loss recovery information in accordance with the moving-image content to be reproduced in the decided reproduction mode.11-10-2011
20110274405MEDIA RECORDING FOR AUDIO VISUAL ENTERTAINMENT - A media recorder is operable to receive broadcast media data from a media data source. The media recorder comprises a storage element for storing at least a portion of the media data, and a receiver for receiving a sequence of video images from a video camera. The media recorder further comprises a user detector for detecting whether a user is attending to a presentation of the media data, and a media presentation status detector operable to detect whether the presentation of the media item has ended. If the user detector detects that the user is not attending to the presentation, the user detector is operable to cause the storage element to store the media data. If the media presentation status detector detects that presentation of the media item has ended, the media presentation status detector is operable to cause the media recorder to enter a stand-by mode.11-10-2011
20130101263IMAGE CAPTURE DEVICE, PLAYER, SYSTEM, AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - A system of the present disclosure comprises a shooting system and a playback system. The shooting system includes first and second shooting sections and a disparity calculating section that generates a differential image representing a difference between first and second images that have been shot by the first and second shooting sections, respectively. The playback system includes an image generating section that generates, based on the differential image and the first image, a third image that has as high a resolution as the first image and that forms, along with the first image, a 3D image. The image generating section generates, based on the first image and the differential image, a depth map representing the amount of parallax between the first and second images, and generates the third image based on the first image and the depth map.04-25-2013
20130121660IMAGE CAPTURING DEVICE, METHOD FOR CORRECTING IMAGE AND SOUND, RECORDING MEDIUM - The present invention is aimed at correcting sound signals acquired by an image capturing device. The image capturing device includes an information holder which holds identifying information for identifying each of a plurality of captured image scenes, image processing information for indicating an image correcting process for each of a plurality of captured image scenes, and sound processing information for indicating a sound correcting process for each of a plurality of captured image scenes, in association with each other, a camera which captures an image and generates an image signal representing the captured image, a microphone which acquires sounds and generates a sound signal when the camera captures the image, a corrector which selects one of the captured image scenes which represents the image represented by the image signal, based on the image, performs, on the image signal, a correcting process indicated by the image processing information that is associated with the identifying information about the selected captured image scene, and performs, on the sound signal, a correcting process indicated by the sound processing information that is associated with the identifying information about the selected captured image scene, and a recorder which records the image signal and the sound signal after the correcting processes is executed.05-16-2013
20130170814Image Pickup Device and Control Method Thereof - An image pickup device capable of processing a high-resolution image appropriately is provided. The image pickup device includes an imaging sensor for taking an image and a plurality of main processors for encoding segmented images obtained by dividing the image taken by the image sensor spatially. Encoded files are obtained by encoding the segmented images and further recorded in a plurality of memory cards corresponding to the main processors, respectively. In these main processors, a first processor creates the encoded file so as to contain a thumbnail image of the image.07-04-2013
20130129305DIGITIZED HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A digitized hospital management system is provided with an in-hospital region including a first computer including a first interface and a plurality of first memory units; and a plurality of first video recording devices; an out-of-hospital region including a second computer including a second interface and a plurality of second memory units; a plurality of second video recording devices; and a plurality of auxiliary memory units; two communication devices disposed in the in-hospital region and the out-of-hospital region respectively so that the in-hospital region communicates with the out-of-hospital region or vice versa via the communication devices; and a hospital computer in data communication with the second computer. A smartphone, a laptop computer, a portable communicating device, a cloud computing device, or a data storage device is capable of communicating with the second computer.05-23-2013
20130129306Apparatus and Method for Recording Medical Image Data with Embedded Viewer in Removable Storage Media - An apparatus configured to record data onto removable storage media, includes: an image receiving interface configured to receive imaging data from an imaging modality, a central processing unit configured to process the image data to generate a study in a standard medical imaging format, and a removable media interface built-in or attached-to the modality and configured to, in response to receiving the study from the central processing unit, automatically start an storage operation to record at least part of the study generated by the central processing unit onto the removable storage media. In one embodiment, the removable media interface receives the study via a localhost address without the use of a physical network between the modality and removable media interface.05-23-2013
20130156395DIGITAL VIDEO AUDIO PLAYER RECORDER DEVICE - A video audio player recorder device which includes a housing. A hard drive is built-in the housing. A wireless receiver is built in the housing and is electrically connected to the hard drive. The wireless receiver can receive media information from a Wi-Fi network and a built-in data streaming software allows downloading the media information to the hard drive for storage. The built-in data streaming software allows the hard drive to play back the media information to a remote television set or computer.06-20-2013
20120281961EYEWEAR FOR ACQUIRING VIDEO IMAGERY WITH ONE BUTTON TECHNOLOGY - An article of eyewear includes an eyeglass frame having an integrally formed camera enclosure, an imaging sensor disposed within the camera enclosure, and a single button to control on, off, record on, and record off functions of the article of eyewear. The eyeglass frame may have a camouflage pattern. A system for recording video includes an eyeglass frame having an integrally formed camera enclosure, an imaging sensor disposed within the camera enclosure, and a wireless transceiver disposed within the eyeglass frame, and a single button to control on, off, record on, and record off functions of the article of eyewear. A method of documenting a hunt using an article of eyewear is provided.11-08-2012
20120281960DIGITAL CAMERA USER INTERFACE FOR VIDEO TRIMMING - A digital video camera comprising: user controls enabling a user to select between at least an up input, a down input, a left input, a right input, and a confirmation input; and a program memory storing instructions to implement a method for trimming a digital video sequence. The method includes: selecting a digital video sequence; initiating a trimming operation; accepting user input to select a start frame and an end frame for a trimmed digital video sequence, wherein the up input and the down input are used to select between a start frame selection mode and an end frame selection mode, and the left input and the right input are used to scroll through the frames of the selected digital video sequence; and trimming the selected video sequence to include the frames between the selected start frame and the selected end frame.11-08-2012
20130188920RECORDING APPARATUS - The present invention is directed to a recording apparatus and method for setting, when moving images are recorded on a plurality of recording media, whether to independently record additional information on each of the recording media.07-25-2013
20120027372CAMERA FOR MOUNTING - An apparatus includes housing, a camera lens, a video recorder, a mounting rail, and a mount. The video recorder is located within the housing for recording images captured by the camera lens. The mounting rail is located on the housing and is received by the mount.02-02-2012
20130202265Video Viewing Angle Selection - A method including identifying a plurality of common objects-of-interest in each of a plurality of videos, where each of the plurality of videos has a different viewing angle of the plurality of objects-of-interest; and automatically selecting a first one of the videos to send to a user based, at least partially, upon a selection by the user of one of the objects-of-interest.08-08-2013
20130202266IMAGE CAPTURING DEVICE AND IMAGE CAPTURING METHOD - An image capturing device (08-08-2013
20130209054Hunter Video Recording Signal System - An electronic signal system, to use in video recording game hunting, for the camera operator to communicate to the hunter, without potentially “spooking” the targeted animal or alerting the targeted animal to the presence of the camera operator and hunter, that the camera operator has a clear video view of the targeted animal.08-15-2013
20130209055APPARATUS FOR RECORDING SIGNALS ON DISK RECORDING MEDIUM - A recording apparatus of this invention detects the state of management information, which pertains to a recording address of an image signal, and which is reproduced from a disk-like recording medium having a first area for the image signal and a second area for the management information. On the basis of the detection result, management data is reproduced from the first area of the disk-like recording medium. On the basis of the management data reproduced from the first area, the management information reproduced from the second area is modified. A modify unit records the modified management information in the second area.08-15-2013

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