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386 - Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing

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386230000 With a display/monitor device 263
386224000 Camera and recording device 140
386201000 Synchronization 35
386234000 With remote control 15
386223000 With plural cameras (e.g., multi-scene or angles, etc.) 12
386231000 Digital interface (e.g., 1394/USB, etc.) 9
386232000 Format conversion (e.g., PAL, NTSC, HD, etc.) 7
20130039631METHOD FOR REAL-TIME CORRELATION OF STREAMING VIDEO TO GEOLOCATION - A real time streaming geolocation method includes recording data and linking it to specific coordinates. The data is selectively stored to a database using a specialized data filtering method, and a streaming video can be created from the stored data. The streaming video can be created in real time, creating a current video simulation of a specific environment. The method also allows for interactive addition, modification and deletion of data, such as points of interest, in the video stream.02-14-2013
20120308191VIDEO RECORDING FAILOVER - Embodiments disclosed herein provide systems and methods for performing video recorder failover. In a particular embodiment, a system includes a first Network Video Recorder (NVR) configured to receive a video stream and record the video stream to a first long-term storage. The system further includes a second NVR configured to receive the video stream and temporarily stores an amount of the video stream in temporary storage. In response to a detection of a failure of the first NVR, the second NVR is configured to record the video stream to the second long-term storage and transfer at least a portion of the video stream stored in the temporary storage corresponding to the amount of time between detection of the failure and when the second NVR began recording the video stream to the second long-term storage.12-06-2012
20120224825SELECTIVELY USING LOCAL NON-VOLATILE STORAGE IN CONJUNCTION WITH TRANSMISSION OF CONTENT - Content is created at a first location using a video camera or other device. At least a subset of the created content is stored in non-volatile storage at the first location. At least a portion of the content stored in the non-volatile storage is transmitted to a remote entity via a network in response to a trigger. If the network becomes unavailable, the camera will store the video in a local flash memory and when the network becomes available, the camera can transmit the video from the flash memory to the server or other client. Alternatively, the camera may transmit low resolution video to the server while storing a high resolution version of the video in the local flash memory. If a trigger event occurs, the camera will then send the appropriate high resolution video the local flash memory to the server.09-06-2012
20100310228REPRODUCTION DEVICE, REPRODUCTION METHOD, PROGRAM STORAGE MEDIUM, AND PROGRAM - The present invention displays subtitles in a language desired by a user in a desired format. A text data decoder 12-09-2010
20110268418Record and Playback in a Conference - Various embodiments of systems, methods, and computer programs are disclosed for recording and playing back an online conference. One such method comprises: a conferencing system establishing an audio conference between a plurality of participants accessing the conferencing system via a communication network; the conferencing system presenting the audio conference and a conference interface displaying a participant object identifying each of the participants in the audio conference; synchronously recording the audio conference with content presented in the conference interface; storing the synchronized audio conference and content; and playing back the synchronized audio conference and content.11-03-2011
20110206342RECORDING SYSTEM - The invention relates to an apparatus and method for recording transmitted data items, and particularly television and radio programmes. The data items are received at one or more inputs along with ID data identifying the transmitted data items and the programme series to which the data item belongs. An input interface receives input indicating whether one or more received transmitted data items have been viewed or recorded by a user and a processor generates values for ranking the series to which each of the received data items belong based upon the received input. Subsequently received transmitted data items are stored in a storage device based on the generated values, the stored data items belonging to a series for which a value has been generated.08-25-2011
20110222832IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD, IMAGE PROCESSING SYSTEM, CONTROL PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An image processing method includes sensing a sound or a frame, in an interested information sensing step, which constitutes a moving image. The sound or frame includes a feature quantity matched with an interested feature quantity. The interested feature quantity is extracted from interested information indicating an item in which a user is interested. The method includes specifying a slot, in an interested scene specifying step, including a reference time point as the interested scene on a reproducing time axis of the moving image. The reference time point is a time of the sound or frame. The sound or frame is sensed in the interested information sensing step. The method includes degrading image quality of a slot, in a low-image quality moving image producing step, except the interested scene specified in the interested scene specifying step in the moving image and producing a low-image-quality moving image of the moving image.09-15-2011
20130216198METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AUTOMATIC TIME-SHIFTING FOR A CONTENT RECORDER - A content player includes a pausable mass storage device player that can be used to record and play content. The pausable mass storage device can become paused in response to an assertion of a pause signal. Once paused, the content player remains paused until the pause signal is deasserted. The content player also includes an event detector that is coupled to the pausable mass storage device player. The content player detects a non-viewer initiated event, (e.g., an automatic event such as the receipt of an email with embedded enhanced content), and to assert the pause signal in response thereto. The content player receives content, detects an event, and in response to detecting the event, pauses the content to a presentation device and spools the content onto the mass storage device.08-22-2013
20100310227PERSONAL VIDEO RECORDER SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Systems and methods are disclosed for providing an interactive television system for recording television programming. The interactive television system may include components for providing personal video recorder (PVR) functionality, such as an interactive television program guide (IPG), PVR extensions, PVR application programming interfaces (APIs), a PVR device, any suitable hardware or software, or a combination thereof. These components may be implemented in, for example, an arrangement having an integrated PVR-compliant device with a PVR device, or in an arrangement having a PVR-compliant device (e.g., a set-top box) coupled to PVR equipment (e.g., a remote PVR server or a PVR sidecar) with a PVR device. The PVR-compliant device may include software and hardware configured to implement the IPG. The PVR APIs may be a library of intelligent vendor-specific and vendor-independent APIs able to determine the type of PVR device being used. The PVR extensions and PVR APIs may be configured to provide a seamless integration of functionality associated with the PVR-compliant device and the PVR device. A full port of the IPG may be implemented in both the PVR-compliant device and the PVR device.12-09-2010
20100322588SAVING AND RESTORING CONTROL SETTINGS FOR MULTIMEDIA CONTENT RECEIVERS - A settings controller for a multimedia content receiver is responsive to a control settings command. The settings controller saves a first set of control settings and loads a second set of control settings associated with the control settings command after saving the first set of control settings. It then reloads the first set of control settings when the control settings command is no longer valid. This allows for viewer settings to be automatically restored after an interruption.12-23-2010
20110249951INTERACTIVE COMPUTER SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING TELEVISION SCHEDULE INFORMATION - The present invention provides systems and methods for providing television schedule and/or listing information to a viewer, and for allowing the viewer to link, search, select and interact with information in a remote database, e.g., a database on the internet. The television schedule and/or listing information can be displayed on a variety of viewer interfaces, such as televisions screens, computer monitors, PCTV screens and the like. The television schedule and/or listing information may be stored on the viewer's computer, television, PCTV, or a remote server (e.g., a website), or the television schedule and/or listing information may be downloaded from a remote database to the viewer's computer, television or PCTV.10-13-2011
20110135271METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SECURE TRANSFER AND PLAYBACK OF MULTIMEDIA CONTENT - A method and apparatus for secure transfer and playback of multimedia content enables the secure transfer of multimedia content from a digital video recorder (DVR) to a personal computer (PC) and further to a handheld device. A DVR determines which devices on a Local Area Network (LAN) are authorized to share and/or retrieve content from the DVR. The DVR receives a connection request from a PC on the LAN, authorizes the connection request and establishes a secure connection between the DVR and the PC. Once the secure connection is established, the DVR receives a request for multimedia content from the PC, prepares the multimedia content for transfer and transfers the multimedia content to the PC.06-09-2011
20110135270Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and information processing system - There is provided an information processing apparatus including a search information notification section which notifies a search device of search information via a communication section, a search result acquisition section which acquires a plurality of search result pages retrieved from a plurality of search pages, respectively, in accordance with the search information, from the search device via the communication section, and a display control section which causes a display section to display one of the plurality of search result pages acquired by the search result acquisition section from the search device, and which causes the display section to display another one of the plurality of search result pages based on the operation information an input of which is accepted by an input section.06-09-2011
20110317977Locking of Programs Against Fast Forwarding - Speed of commercial playing is detected and used for determining whether program information can be played.12-29-2011
20120099829Recording level adjustment using a distance to a sound source - An apparatus including a recording system for recording at least sound, the recording system including a microphone; a distance input adapted to have an initial distance between a source of the sound and the apparatus entered into the apparatus; and a controller connected to the microphone. The controller is configured to determine a suggested distance for a better sound recording by the recording system based, at least partially, on the initial distance input into the distance input.04-26-2012
20120301099DATA PROCESSING UNIT AND DATA ENCODING DEVICE - Disclosed in a technique for performing data transmission between units efficiently in an imaging device, in which a camera unit and the other units (particularly a display unit) are separated and connected wirelessly, to improve convenience. According to this technique, video content data imaged by an imaging section is encoded, by means of hierarchical coding, into checking content coded data of a core layer and saving content coded data of an enhancement layer. The checking content coded data is sent immediately from a checking content transmission section 11-29-2012
20110091182TELEVISION VIEWER INTERFACE SYSTEM - A television viewer interface system provides a viewer interface that allows the viewer to access different functions of a system. A highlight bar is responsive to the user's commands and is used to indicate the current menu item that can be selected by the user. Information is presented in a successive disclosure format where the user navigates through menus by moving the highlight bar to the right to obtain more information or to the left to see less information and return to the previous location. The background colors of each set of menus remains consistent throughout the user's experience such that the user intuitively knows what menu area he is in through the color cues. The invention provides indicators that tell the user that more information is available in a particular direction for a menu item.04-21-2011
20110182560Binding for Audio/Video Streaming in a Topology of Devices - Resources may be managed in a topology for audio/video streaming. The topology includes audio/video sources and sinks and intervening branch devices. Messages between these sources, sinks, and branch devices may be used for resource management.07-28-2011
20110229105DECENTRALIZED SYMMETRIC NETWORK OF AUTONOMOUS DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDERS AND ITS METHOD OF USE - The present invention describes a decentralized symmetric configuration of digital video recorders (DVCRs) for monitoring, controlling, analyzing, recording, playback and streaming of audio/visual (A/V) media over a network. Each DVCR is an autonomous device able to operate in its local environment as well as access and operate another DVCR available on the network to facilitate the overall working of the disclosed system. Each DVCR also exhibits storage fail-safe feature whereby it recovers data automatically if storage media gets corrupted such as due to sudden power failure. A DVCR can be configured to scan the network for other DVCR units. A list of discovered DVCRs is displayed. Each DVCR can access, after authentication, any of the listed DVCR for configuration, monitoring, controlling, recording, playback and other available functionality over the network. The same controls used for operating a local DVCR, including use of buttons, can be employed to operate the remote DVCR, giving a virtual presence at the remote location. The functionality exhibited by each of the DVCR, can be identical. A plurality of the DVCR can thus form a decentralized, symmetric network in which there is no master or central controller.09-22-2011
20110229104System And Method For Recording and Playback Of Multimedia Content - A system and method employing an array of economical disk drives, each containing identical copies of the same multimedia content, for on-demand delivery to newsroom clients assigned to groups over respective communication channels. A Greeter Process parcels the multimedia content into data blocks having a size that is equal to the data field size of the drive's sectors. The Greeter Process then writes the parceled data block at least contemporaneously if not simultaneously to each of the disk drives, thereby optimizing the writing of the parceled content into the sectors of the disk drive and the subsequent reading of the parceled content from its sectors. Alternatively, the Greeter Process may parcel the multimedia content based upon inherent natural breaks such as anticipated periods of intensive computation. Upon demand, each newsroom client may read the desired multimedia content from its respective disk drive over its respective communication channel. Inasmuch as the multimedia content is identical on each disk drive, when any of the newsroom clients desires a particular multimedia file of, for example, a news event, each client receives an identical copy of that file of that news event over their respective communication channel from their respective disk drive.09-22-2011
20130011111MODIFYING AUDIO IN AN INTERACTIVE VIDEO USING RFID TAGS - Video and audio of a capture area is recorded. The capture area includes a sound-producing element that is to appear within a video. A radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag is attached to the sound-producing element. The RFID tag is scanned to automatically track the sound producing element relative to a position in the capture area. Configurable audio associated with the sound-producing element is embedded within the video.01-10-2013
20130170813METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR PROVIDING RELEVANT SUPPLEMENTAL CONTENT TO A USER DEVICE - Systems and methods are provided for presenting a supplemental content asset on a secondary device that is relevant to a primary content asset that is being presented on a primary user device, to enhance the user experience of the primary content asset. A relevant supplemental content asset may be selected based on characteristics of the primary content asset and/or user profile information. Presentation of the supplemental content asset and primary content asset may be coordinated and synchronized by exchange of messages between the primary user device and secondary device.07-04-2013
20120275755ENTERTAINMENT DEVICE AND METHOD - An entertainment device for generating augmented reality environments comprises an input for a captured video signal, an image analyser to detect a predetermined marker object location within the captured video signal, a graphics generator to generate a graphics object for integration with the video signal at a selected position to generate an augmented reality image, a controller to positionally couple the graphics object to the detected marker object location within the captured video signal, and a detection failure logic to signal when the image analyser cannot adequately detect the marker object's location within the captured signal. If the logic signals the image analyser cannot detect the location of the marker object within the captured video signal, then the controller positionally decouples the graphics object from the last detected location of the marker object within the video signal, and instructs the graphics generator to modify a characteristic of the graphics object.11-01-2012