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361 - Electricity: electrical systems and devices


361679010 - For electronic systems and devices

361679020 - Computer related housing or mounting assemblies

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361679090 Portable computer type 149
361679200 Adjustable 8
361679190 Hand, wrist or palm rest 4
20130163171DISPLAY DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a housing, a cooling fan in the housing including an intake and a discharge hole, and a wind shielding portion between the intake of the cooling fan and the discharge hole of the cooling fan. The wind shielding portion partitions at least partially an inner space of the housing.06-27-2013
20130120923LATCHING MECHANISM, WRIST REST AND KEYBOARD ASSEMBLY - A latching mechanism for latching a wrist rest to a keyboard defining two latching holes, includes an actuating member slidably coupled to the wrist rest, and two hook members rotatably coupled to the wrist rest. The actuating member includes an abutting post, sliding between an unlatching position extending out of the wrist rest and a latching position hidden in the wrist rest. When the wrist rest contacts the front sidewall, the actuating member slides to the latching position, the hook members extend out of the wrist rest; when the actuating member returns to the unlatching position, the hook members disengage from the latching hole to retract into the wrist rest. A wrist rest and a keyboard assembly having the latching mechanism are also provided.05-16-2013
20100226085COMPUTER WRIST REST FOR NOTEBOOK COMPUTERS - An apparatus for relieving soreness and preventing repetitive stress on a portion of a user's hand while using a notebook computer, the apparatus comprising: an elongated pad portion smaller in width than the bottom portion of a notebook computer; a mousing opening cutout from the elongated pad portion and adapted to surround the mousing portion of a notebook computer to create a left portion, center portion and right portions; a first raised portion smaller in length and width than an elongated pad portion and integrally attached to an elongated pad portion along a left portion; a second raised portion smaller in length and width than the elongated pad portion and integrally attached to the elongated pad portion along the right portion; at least one keyboard button opening in the elongated pad portion along the center portion below the mousing opening cutout.09-09-2010
20100020481PISTOL GRIP FOR A PORTABLE TERMINAL WITH AN INTERNAL RECEPTACLE FOR A STYLUS - A handle for a portable terminal having a user interface configured for interaction with a stylus. The handle comprises a handle body having the grip portion shaped for grasping by a hand of the user of the portable terminal, a proximal end of the grip portion for coupling to a housing of the portable computer, and a distal end of the grip portion. The handle has a receptacle connected to the handle body and located in the interior of the handle body, such that the receptacle is adapted for releasably retaining the stylus in the interior of the handle body. The handle body 01-28-2010
20130044422ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND HINGE ASSEMBLY APPLIED TO THE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device includes a main body, a hinge assembly, and a flip cover. The hinge assembly includes a sliding rail mounted to the main body, a sliding base slidably assembled with the sliding rail, and a pivotal shaft. The pivotal shaft is rotatably and adjustably hinged to the sliding base. The flip cover is fixed to the pivotal shaft. The flip cover is capable of being rotated and slid relative to the main body via the hinge assembly, thereby enabling a plurality of configurations for the flip cover under a plurality of usage or turn-on states.02-21-2013
20110194238TERMINAL AND OPENING MECHANISM TO DISPLAY A MANIPULATION AREA OF A TERMINAL - A terminal to display a usable manipulation area includes a first body unit, a second body unit, and an operation unit to slide the second body at an incline relative to the first body between a first position where the second body faces the first body, and a second position where the first body is exposed. The front surface of the second body may remain exposed when moving from a first position to the second position.08-11-2011
20100073855KEYBOARD ASSEMBLY - A keyboard assembly includes a main keyboard and a numeric keyboard. The main keyboard includes a first connector formed on a first end surface and a second connector formed on a second end surface. The numeric keyboard includes a third connector formed on a first side surface and a fourth connector form on a second side surface. When the numeric keyboard is located at the first end surface of the main keyboard, the fourth connector is connected to the first connector. When the numeric keyboard is located at the second end surface of the main keyboard, the third connector is connector is connected to the second connector.03-25-2010
20100039759KEYBOARD - A keyboard is provided. The keyboard includes a main body, a numerical keypad, and a touchpad. A receiving space is defined on the main body for receiving the numerical keypad and the touchpad. The numerical keypad is pivotally attached to a first sidewall of the receiving space, and the touchpad is pivotally attached to a second sidewall of the receiving space.02-18-2010
20130038996Mobile Electronic Device Having At Least Three Operating Configurations - According to some embodiments, a mobile electronic device is provided with a linkage mechanism that couples first and second members of the device such that the first and second members may be moved between a first position, a second position and a third position. The second member of the device includes a body and an input member. The input member includes an input device and is coupled to the body by a lateral displacement mechanism that allows the input member to move between an extended position and a retracted position. The linkage mechanism and the lateral displacement mechanism may thereby provide at least three operating configurations for the device. An assembly for use with an electronic device is also provided. The assembly may be attachable to, and possibly detachable from, the device.02-14-2013
20090135554KEYBOARD - A keyboard includes a first housing having a plurality of first magnetic elements, a keystroke module having a key portion disposed on the first housing, a second housing combining with the first housing and has an opening, and an actuating assembly. The keystroke module is disposed corresponding to the opening. The actuating assembly is disposed movably on the second housing and has a plurality of second magnetic elements. The keystroke module is not protruded from the opening and is at a packing position. When the actuating assembly is moved along an actuating direction, at least one first magnetic element and at least one second magnetic element attract to each other to shorten the distance, which brings the second housing to move relatively to the first housing so that the key portion of the keystroke module passes though the opening and is at a using position.05-28-2009
20090154085ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An electronic apparatus has a first housing including a front edge portion and a rear edge portion, the front edge portion having a recess in a top surface thereof, the recess being recessed with respect to a reference surface of the top surface; a second housing including a front edge portion and a rear edge portion and; and a connecting portion connecting the rear edge portion of the first housing with the rear edge portion of the second housing such that the second housing is capable of being opened and closed with respect to a top surface of the first housing. The recess in the first housing has an exposed portion that protrudes from the front edge portion as viewed from above the top surface of the first housing when the second housing is closed on the first housing.06-18-2009
20090154084Electronic device - An electronic device includes: a first housing that includes an inlet and an outlet on one end; a second housing; and a linkage section that links the second housing to the first housing such that the second housing can be opened and closed. The device is configured such that the second housing divides at least a part of a space between the inlet and the outlet while the second housing is in the open position relative to the first housing. While the second housing is opened relative to the first housing, the second housing divides the space between the inlet and the outlet, thereby preventing the exhausted warm air from being drawn into the electronic device.06-18-2009
20130027864PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE & DETACHABLE TOUCH STRUCTURE THEREOF - A detachable touch structure for a portable electronic device is disclosed. The detachable touch structure comprises a flexible board, a flexible touch panel, a control module, and a linkage element; the flexible touch panel is superimposedly disposed on the flexible board; the control module is connected with the flexible board and electrically connected with the flexible touch panel, and the control module comprises two sliding slot structures each comprising a first sliding slot and a second sliding slot communicated with each other; the linkage element comprises two positioning levers, the linkage element has one end pivotally connected with the flexible board and the other end movably connected with each one of the sliding slot structures via each one of the positioning levers respectively. When two ends of the flexible board are bended by force, the detachable touch structure can be in a tablet form or a mouse form.01-31-2013
20100328871ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH DETACHABLE TOUCHPAD - A portable computer includes a main body having a top surface, a keyboard, a touchpad, an ejector assembly, and a latching assembly. A receiving recess and a receiving hole are defined in the top surface. The receiving hole is positioned between the receiving recess and the keyboard and communicates with the receiving recess to form a connecting portion. The touchpad is detachably received in the receiving recess and includes a touchpad body and an engaging member with an engaging portion protruding from the touchpad body adjacent to the keyboard. The ejector assembly includes at least one elastic member. One end of the elastic member is fixed to a side of the receiving recess, and the other end abuts the touchpad body. The latching assembly includes a first restricting member connected to the connecting portion and a second restricting member fixed to the receiving hole and exposed from the receiving hole.12-30-2010
20130088825NOTEBOOK PC HAVING THREE LAYERS - A computer system and a detachable input unit is provided for a user to input data. A computer system may comprise a base, a linking member, and a display housing. The linking member may be pivotally connected to the base. The display housing may be pivotally attached to the linking member. The input unit may be removably attached to the linking member.04-11-2013
20090116180KEYBOARD AND KEYBOARD ASSEMBLING METHOD - The invention discloses a keyboard and keyboard assembling method, and the keyboard is assembled by welding. The keyboard has a first casing, a second casing, and a plurality of key switches. The first casing comprises a plurality of openings; the second casing comprises a plurality of welding portions; and the key switches are partially contained in the openings. The welding portions of the second casing are connected to the first casing by welding to form the keyboard.05-07-2009
20090268388PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE EMPLOYING SLIDING MECHANISM - A portable electronic device (10-29-2009
20090244824MODULAR KEYFOB WITH PIVOTING ARMATURES - In at least one embodiment, a keyfob assembly comprising a housing and a battery chamber is provided. The housing includes a plurality of electrical components positioned therein for transmitting radio frequency (RF) signals to a vehicle. The battery chamber is positioned within the housing and includes at least one removable battery operably coupled to the electrical components for powering the electrical components. The battery chamber is capable of being slideably removed from the housing to facilitate battery exchange.10-01-2009
20090262492SUBMERSIBLE KEYBOARD - A waterproof, submersible computer keyboard can include true-type keys, a waterproof flexible internal keyboard switch membrane, a PCB sealed in a waterproof airtight compartment housing that is sealed in a manner preventing failure of the waterproof seal from temperature and pressure changes associated with cleaning, submersion and machine washing. The keyboard can further include a plurality of drain holes in the keyboard base for water drainage and non-corrosive components including stainless steel screws, aluminum stabilizers and a gold plated USB connector.10-22-2009
20090231793EXPANSION UNIT FOR AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An expansion unit detachably assembled to an electronic device is provided. The electronic device has a device connector on one side thereof. The expansion unit for the electronic device includes a base, a pivoting mechanism, and an expansion unit connector. The pivoting mechanism is located on one side of the base, and includes a shaft and a bearing fitting therewith. The expansion unit connector is disposed in the shaft and rotated along with the shaft in the bearing, and is detachably and electrically connected to the device connector. When the expansion unit connector is connected to the device connector, the position of the electronic device relative to the base may be adjusted by the pivoting mechanism.09-17-2009
20090231792USER INTERFACE COMPONENT WITH A REMOVABLE COVER - A user interface component for use in an electronic device is disclosed. The electronic device includes a first part and a second part. The user interface component may include a structural part configured to provide structural stiffness for the user interface component. The structural part may include an aperture. The aperture may allow a fastener to pass through the structural part to couple the first part with the second part without removing the structural part from the electronic device. The aperture may also allow the fastener to be removed from the electronic device through the structural part without removing the structural part from the electronic device. The user interface component may also include a cover detachably coupled with the structural part. The cover may cover the aperture and may receive user input.09-17-2009
20110026209KEYBOARD CADDY - A desktop organizer for association with a keyboard having legs comprises a body having one or more compartments and two keyboard attachment sections that are integrally formed with the body. Each keyboard attachment section includes a plurality of recesses or slots that are each adapted to receive a foot of a keyboard.02-03-2011
20100033914KEYBOARD - A keyboard includes a main body, a shield, and a pivot apparatus. The main body has a plurality of keys being arranged thereon. The shield is capable of covering the main body, and includes a cover board. The cover board has two first lateral plates and a second lateral plate. The two first lateral plates are extending from opposite ends of the cover board. The second lateral plate is extending from a front side of the cover board, and connected to a front end of each of the first lateral plates. The pivot apparatus is pivotably coupled between the shield and the main body.02-11-2010
20110279960COMPUTER - A computer includes a display assembly, a base, a stand, and a keyboard. The base includes a supporting board and an engaging board. The stand is located on the base supporting the display assembly. The keyboard includes a main body and an extension board extending from the main body. The main body has a key area. The extension board is fixed to the engaging board to help stabilize the display assembly.11-17-2011
20110007469SLIDER ACTUATOR - The invention relates to a slider actuator (01-13-2011
20110194237Electronic Device Having a Movable Display Screen and Keyboard - An electronic device includes a mainframe having a receiving space, two curved slide grooves, and an elongated slide groove. A display screen is slidable along the curved slide grooves between a stored position and a use position. A keyboard includes a side plate connected slidably to the elongated slide groove, and is movable relative to the mainframe between stored and use positions. The spring member biases a movable arm to press against the side plate. The keyboard is pushed by the movable arm to move automatically toward the use or stored position when the keyboard moves a distance relative to the mainframe.08-11-2011
20090168316ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An electronic apparatus has a first electronic component, a housing frame, a housing cover and a flexible printed circuit. The first electronic component has a connector. The housing frame has a wall to define a position in which the first electronic component is mounted. The housing cover contains the first electronic component in cooperation with the housing frame. The flexible printed circuit has a first end connected to the connector of the first electronic component, and the flexible printed circuit is interposed in a folded state between the first electronic component and the housing cover.07-02-2009
20100124007MEDIUM DRIVE UNIT AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT - A medium drive unit includes a frame having an operating section, on a rear surface of which facing the main body side of the frame is provided a projection projecting toward the button, and which, upon receiving a depression operation from an outer surface side facing the outside, is biased toward the main body side and pushes the button with the leading end of the projection, a frame main body which surrounds the operating section so as to be separated from the operating section by an opening which extends surrounding the operating section, and passes through the front and rear surfaces of the frame, and an elastic support piece which extends through the opening along an edge of the operating section adjacent to the opening, of which one end is connected to the frame main body and the other end to the operating section.05-20-2010
20120140394ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND KEYBOARD MODULE THEREOF - An electronic device includes a casing, a circuit board, a plurality of connecting elements and a keyboard module. The circuit board is disposed at the casing, and the connecting elements connect the circuit board and the casing. Each of the connecting elements includes a stopper, and the circuit board is disposed between the stopper and the casing. The keyboard module is disposed on the casing, and the stopper supports the keyboard module.06-07-2012
20090207561Assembly Aid For Replacing Keys On A Key Pad - Assembly aid for installing or replacing keys on a telephone or other device with a key pad. The assembly aid has a retainer with recesses or apertures for holding keys. The keys are held in the retainer by means of an interference fit. The arrangement of keys on the retainer corresponds in layout to the layout of keys on the key pad. The retainer is placed against the inside surface of the face plate of the key pad, with the keys aligned with their appropriate apertures in the face plate. The keys are released from the retainer into the apertures simply by applying pressure against the key from the rear side of the retainer.08-20-2009
20100079937KEYBOARD ADAPTER AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A keyboard adapter includes a first surface for fixing a keyboard; a second surface fixed to an apparatus body for allowing to separate with keyboard; and a body fixing portions for fixing the apparatus body to the second surface.04-01-2010
20110205699Electronic Device - An electronic device that includes a cabinet having a top face, an undersurface, and a side that completely surrounds the top face and the undersurface by connecting the outer edge of the top face and the outer edge of the undersurface together; and an electronic part disposed inside the cabinet, wherein the cabinet has an exhaust hole provided in the undersurface of the cabinet, at a position distant from the side of the cabinet; a fan disposed inside the cabinet, which blows air inside the cabinet from the exhaust hole; and at least one protrusion disposed at the back of the undersurface of the cabinet, protruding from the undersurface of the cabinet and holding the cabinet placed on a flat plate in a state of being lifted.08-25-2011
20100128426FLIP TYPE PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - The invention discloses a flip type portable electronic device which includes a main body and a cover. The main body includes a hinged end. The cover includes an assembling end that hinged with the hinged end of the main body. The assembling end of the cover defines a notch allowing for deformation of the assembling end. The flip type potable electronic device has simple structure and is easy to be assembled and detached that enhances the assembling efficiency and lowers the maintenance cost.05-27-2010
20090190294Flexible Sheet With Sealing Skirt For Keyboard Assembly - A computer comprises an upper housing, a lower housing, and a flexible sheet disposed between the housings. The sheet covers an area of least one of the housings. The sheet comprises an outer skirt that fits within a receiving portion in at least one of the housings thereby forming a seal around an edge of the computer.07-30-2009
20090161305KEYBOARD MODULE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING THE SAME - An electronic device including a housing, a keyboard module, and a limiting plate is provided. The housing has an accommodation slot including a carrying portion, at least one opening penetrating the carrying portion, and a wedging portion located on the edge of the opening. The keyboard module includes a keyboard disposed in the accommodation slot and at least one wedging element. The keyboard has a first surface facing the carrying portion and a second surface with multiple keys. The wedging element is disposed on the first surface and corresponding to the wedging portion. The wedging portion is limited between the wedging element and the first surface in a first direction perpendicular to the first surface. The limiting plate is disposed in the accommodation slot to limit a displacement of the keyboard module in a second direction.06-25-2009
20110141678ELECTRONIC DEVICE - According to one embodiment, an electronic device, includes: a first housing; a second housing comprising a first wall portion, a first end portion, and a second end portion, the first wall portion being provided with a keyboard mounting portion on which a keyboard is mounted, the second end portion opposing the first end portion; a hinge portion provided near the first end portion, and rotatably connecting the first housing and the second housing; a circuit board housed in the second housing, and positioned between the keyboard mounting portion and the second end portion; and a flexible first support portion supporting the circuit board so that the circuit board is spaced apart from the first wall portion.06-16-2011
20130120921ENCLOSURE AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING SAME - An enclosure of an electronic device includes a number of thin film solar cells formed on the exterior, and a power module connected to the thin film solar cells. The thin film solar cells convert light impinging on the enclosure into electrical energy. The power module stores and distributes the electrical energy converted by the thin film solar cells to the electronic device.05-16-2013
20110141677MODULARIZED INDUSTRIAL COMPUTER TERMINAL - A modularized industrial computer terminal includes an upper cover and lower cover pivoted to each other. The upper cover has a display, and the lower cover has a keyboard and access unit. The display, key board, and access unit are electrically connected to an industrial computer main frame through a wire collecting module. The access unit has connecting module having USB or mini USB connectors and storage module having disc drive or hard drive.06-16-2011
20100157517Apparatus with Sliding Housing Parts - An apparatus with a central housing, a top housing slidably movable relative to the central housing and a bottom housing slidably movable relative to the central housing is provided. The central housing is provided with an area for user input. A first portion of the area for user input is concealed by the top housing when it is in its retracted position and a second portion of the area for user input is concealed by the bottom housing when it is in its retracted position. The first portion of the area for user input is unconcealed when the top housing is in its extended position and the second portion of the area for user input is unconcealed when the bottom housing is in its extended position. The top housing and the optimum housing move in unison between their retracted and extended positions.06-24-2010
20100259879Electronic device - An electronic device includes a replaceable component; a battery that supplies power to the component and is removably attachable; an enclosure that includes a component housing opening in which the component is housed and a battery housing opening which is adjacent to the component housing opening and in which the battery is housed; and a lid that covers the component housing opening and forms a part of an outer surface of the enclosure. The lid includes a covering section which covers the component housed in the component housing opening and an extending section that extends toward the battery housing opening. The battery prevents a removableness of the lid from the component housing opening by covering the extending section when the battery is housed in the battery housing opening.10-14-2010
20100149741KEYBOARD BASE - A keyboard base includes a frame, a key panel, and a latching assembly having a stop plate, a sliding block and an elastic member. The frame includes a housing defined therein, a hook formed on a bottom of the housing, and a blind slot defined on a side wall of the housing. The key panel is received in the housing of the frame and includes a clasp snapped in the blind slot of the housing. The stop plate is perpendicularly mounted on the key panel facing the hook of the frame. The sliding block is slidably positioned between the stop plate and the hook of the frame. The elastic member is positioned between the sliding block and the stop plate for keeping the sliding block retaining on the hook of the frame to detachably fasten the key panel and the frame.06-17-2010
20100226084KEYPAD MODULE FOR MOBILE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A keypad module for a mobile electronic device is provided. The mobile electronic device has a main body. The keypad module includes a receiving bracket adapted to be mounted on the main body. A flexible circuit board is arranged in the receiving bracket. A switching sheet is located above the flexible circuit board, and capable of actuating the flexible circuit board to produce electrical signal. A rubber sheet is disposed on the switching sheet, and shielding cover sits on the rubber sheet. Wherein the shielding cover is secured to receiving bracket. The shielding cover and the receiving bracket cooperatively define a receiving housing to accommodate the flexible circuit, the switching sheet, and the rubber sheet.09-09-2010
20100238619ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a heat sink, a housing, and a cover. The housing contains the heat sink, and includes a first wall, a second wall located opposite to the first wall relative to the heat sink, a third wall extending between the first wall and second wall, and an open portion formed by continuously cutting out the first, second, and third walls. The cover includes a first portion which joins with the first wall and faces at least a part of the heat sink, a second portion which joins with the second wall and faces at least a part of the heat sink from a side opposite to the first portion, and a third portion which joins with the third wall.09-23-2010
20090323268Electronic apparatus - An electronic apparatus includes a keyboard unit that has an upper surface on which a plurality of keys are provided, and one side and a different side each of which has an attachment section, the different side facing the one side, a fixing section that fixes the keyboard unit in cooperation with the attachment sections of the keyboard unit, and a mounting section on which the keyboard unit is mounted in a state in which the keyboard is upwardly curved with respect to a predetermined reference surface when the keyboard unit is fixed by the attachment sections of the keyboard unit and the fixing section.12-31-2009
20110242749Electronic Device - An electronic device is described. The electronic device includes an upper cover and a base. The upper cover includes at least one supporting beam formed in an inner surface thereof and positioned corresponding to at least one boundary of a cavity region of the base. The width of the supporting beam is more than three times of the thickness of the upper cover. In addition, a distance between the edge of the supporting beam and the cavity boundary is less than 10 mm.10-06-2011
20130155592CONVERTIBLE TABLET - A computer system and an attached input unit are provided for a user to input data. A computer system may comprise a linking member, a display housing, and an input unit. The linking member may have a first hinge and a second hinge. The display housing may be pivotally attached to the first hinge of the linking member. The input unit may be attached to the second hinge of the linking member.06-20-2013
20130155593KEYBOARD - A keyboard includes a main body, a bottom plate, and a circuit board. The main body includes a top plate, a bottom plate opposite to the top plate, and a plurality of keys secured to the top plate. The bottom cover is secured to the bottom plate and includes a mounting portion. The mounting portion defines an installation opening. The circuit board is secured to the bottom plate and extends out of the installation opening. A gap is defined between each adjacent two keys. The bottom plate defines a plate opening corresponding to each key. The mounting portion abuts the bottom cover. A receiving space is defined between the bottom cover and the bottom plate. The bottom cover defines a cutout communicating with the receiving space. The gap, the plate opening, the receiving space, and the cutout corporately define a water path.06-20-2013
20120243161ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device includes a housing including an installing part having an opening, an electronic component installed in the installing part and including a first side surface and a second side surface, an attachment component fastened to the electronic component and configured to fix the first side surface to the housing, and a cover component detachably attached to the opening and configured to cover the opening. The cover component includes an elastic member configured to exert force to the vicinity of the second side surface.09-27-2012
20100053870COMPUTER KEYBOARD WITH TRANSPARENT COVERS FOR PROTECTING KEY CHARACTERS - A computer keyboard in one embodiment includes a plurality of keys, each of the keys including a suspension structure and a key body supported by the suspension structure, the key body comprising a color body member, a transparent colorless protective cover formed on the body member, and at least one character formed on the body member by laser engraving through the protective cover onto the body member wherein the body member has a flat top.03-04-2010
20100134965KEY ASSEMBLY AND PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A key assembly comprises a base plate, two resisting mechanisms and a key body. The resisting mechanisms and the key body are mounted the base plate, and the resisting mechanisms are respectively located at two opposite ends of the key body. When the key body slides toward and compresses one of the resisting mechanisms, said another one of the resisting mechanisms is stretched.06-03-2010
20110149495METHOD AND SYSYEM FOR COOLING A COMPUTER DEVICE - A system and apparatus to draw air for cooling an interior surface in a body of a computer device. In one embodiment, an upward-facing intake of a fan means is at least partially positioned vertically under vent means which are attached to and/or incorporated within an upper exterior surface of the body of the computer device. In another embodiment, air from outside the body of the computer device flows through said vent means and flows directly into the portion of the upper vent, where the vent means includes air-permeable, hydrophobic means to reduce liquid intrusion from the flow of air.06-23-2011
20110149494NOTEBOOK COMPUTER STAND - A notebook computer including a bottom case and a top panel is provided, wherein the top panel includes a first supporting element, a top panel body and a second supporting element. The first supporting element has a first side and a second side, wherein the first side pivots to the bottom case, and the top panel body pivots to the first side of the first supporting element. The top panel body has multiple sets of first fixing structure. The second supporting element has a third side and a fourth side, wherein the third side pivots to the second side of the first supporting element. The fourth side has a set of second fixing structures, which is inserted into one set of the first fixing structures.06-23-2011
20090168315KEYBOARD - A keyboard includes a main body including a plurality of input keys and a hanger mounted on the main body including a hook for hanging the keyboard.07-02-2009
20110211307ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A center section of the upper edge of the rotation member which is rotatable with friction with respect to a first housing in an arrow direction A-A by using, as a rotation shaft, a first shaft which forms a rotation shaft in parallel with a rear edge of the first housing, and a center section of a lower edge of a second housing which is openable and closable with respect to the first housing in the arrow direction A-A and which is rotatable in an arrow direction B-B in an opened state, are connected to each other rotatably in the arrow direction B-B a the second shaft which is perpendicular to the first shaft, and which, when the second housing is in a vertically opened state, is inclined at 45° in a direction in which the second shaft is tilted forward.09-01-2011
20100165559KEYBOARD - A keyboard includes a main body, a rotation detecting module, and a swivel hinge. The main body is disposed with a plurality of keys. The rotation detecting module is used for detecting the rotation of the main body. The swivel hinge is detachably connected to the main body. The swivel hinge includes an extending arm being rotatable with respect to the main body; and a supporting member pivotally engaging with the extending arm for supporting the main body.07-01-2010
20100067182ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An electronic apparatus includes a keyboard having a plurality of keys arranged on an upper surface and a rib, a long side of the keyboard extending in left and right directions, the rib protruding from the long side of the keyboard except at left and right ends; a supporting portion to support a lower surface at the left and right ends of the keyboard; and a fixing portion to fix the rib of the keyboard. The supporting portion supports the lower surface at the left and right ends of the keyboard so that the lower surface of the keyboard protrudes downward.03-18-2010
20100020480ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device is provided, including a first module, a second module, a control module, and a torsion hinge. The second module is rotatably disposed on the first module between a first position and a second position. The control module is slidably disposed on the first module between a third position and a fourth position. When the control module is in the third position, the second module is restricted to rotate with respect to the first module. When the control module is in the fourth position, the second module is released by the control module and rotatable with respect to the first module.01-28-2010
20110216492ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT - Electronic equipment is obtained, which is capable of regulating the arrangement position of a connection cable connected to an antenna module and preventing antenna properties from being degraded by a positional shift of the connection cable. The electronic equipment includes a housing, an antenna module placed in an end portion of the housing, and a connection cable connecting the antenna module to another electric circuit, wherein a guide groove accommodating the connection cable and regulating an arrangement position of the connection cable is formed on the housing.09-08-2011
20110051344SWITCHING DEVICE - A switching device with a first personal computer, having a first input device for the input of position information and a first monitor with a first display area for displaying information, and a second personal computer, having a second monitor with a second display area for displaying information, whereby the personal computers are connected by means of a first connection, the personal computers have a first program and the first program assigns the relative position of the position information designated for display to a display area and by means of a switching function redirects the input of the position information and the position information designated for display via the first connection to the personal computer connected to the assigned display area.03-03-2011
20110051343Keyboard - A keyboard includes a casing, a retaining frame, and a keyboard module. The casing is made from a metallic sheet and has upper and lower parts. The lower part is bent from front and rear ends of the upper part so as to define a gap between the upper and lower parts and two opposite side openings. The casing is formed with a central hole extending through the upper part and in spatial communication with the gap and the side openings. The retaining frame is received detachably in the gap of the casing, has a loop-shaped frame body disposed around the central hole of the casing, and is insertable through one of the side openings of the casing into the gap of the casing. The keyboard module is received in the central hole of the casing and engages the frame body of the retaining frame in a tongue-and-groove engaging manner.03-03-2011
20110063787KEYBOARD ARRANGEMENT - A physical keyboard includes a plurality of multi-functional keys with a reduced column QWERTY key arrangement overlaid with a numeric phone key arrangement for use in both text entry and telephony. Another physical keyboard includes a plurality of multi-functional keys having an array of alphabetic characters and an overlaid numeric array of numbers. A handheld mobile station has a first user interface having a standard alphabetic key arrangement and a second user interface having a numeric phone key arrangement. The space key of the keyboard may be taller than the remainder of keys in the row.03-17-2011
20110317352Operating Device for Operating Automation Technology Machinery - An operating device for operating automation technology machinery includes a transparent electrically non-conducting panel having an outer side and an inner side facing the interior of the operating device, and a membrane keyboard arranged on the outer side of the panel. The panel also includes channels extending through the panel from the outer side to the inner side, where an electrically conducting element is arranged in the channels and the membrane keyboard is connected to the electronics of the operating device by the electrically conducting elements. An operating device for operating automation technology machinery is thus provided in which it is possible to fit a membrane keyboard to any location on the front panel of the operating device.12-29-2011
20120155003RETRACTABLE MOUSE PAD FOR COMPUTERS - The retractable mouse pad for computers provides a mouse pad that is built into the housing of a portable computer or other portable electronic device, such as a laptop computer, a notebook computer or the like, or, alternatively, into the housing of a computer keyboard or the like. The housing has a slot formed therein, preferably along a lateral edge thereof. The slot is in open communication with a recess defined within the housing. A substantially planar plate having opposed upper and lower surfaces is slidably and releasably disposed within the recess. The upper surface of the plate is adapted for supporting a computer mouse, and the lower surface is adapted for mounting on a support surface, such as a desktop or the like. The plate is automatically driven to at least partially slide through the slot to an exterior of the housing.06-21-2012
20120026662INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - Provided is an information processing apparatus includes an exterior plate and a sheet-like member. The exterior plate is formed of a plate-like member. The exterior plate has one of a transparent first area and a semi-transparent first area. The sheet-like member is arranged on a rear surface of the exterior plate.02-02-2012
20120120579SERVER - A server includes two opposite brackets and a keyboard module. The keyboard module includes a supporting board fixed between the brackets and a keyboard slidably mounted on the supporting board.05-17-2012
20120162888INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - An information processing apparatus is disclosed which can be enhanced in degree of freedom in design. A hinge mechanism is provided which includes a first shaft structure provided in an exposed state on a second face of a main body section, a second shaft structure provided on a display section, and a shaft connection section which connects the first and second shaft structures to each other. The hinge mechanism pivotably connects the display section to the main body section between a first position at which a screen of the display section is opposed to a first face of the main body section and a second position at which the screen is inclined with respect to the first face of the main body section such that the center of the pivotal motion of the display section varies during the pivotal motion.06-28-2012
20120162887RUGGEDIZED EMF SHIELDEDLCD / PC COMBINATION SYSTEM - A secure all-in-one LCD or LED-based monitor and computer system includes a chassis enclosing the monitor and multiple computers. Two or more physically and electronically isolated computers are installed within the chassis, each having an independent operating system. The system also includes a power supply, a hardware-based electro-mechanical key/lock preferably with a non-duplicable key for user access. The chassis is constructed of conductive material to mitigate the effects and vulnerabilities between internal computers and outside sources, other computers, or listening devices. The internal computers are separated and isolated by internal walls made of conductive materials to militate against vulnerabilities introduced by multiple computers being hosed inside the same chassis. Rugged components and methods are used in order to withstand extreme shock and vibration as well as low and high operating temperatures.06-28-2012
20100271770Display Support For A Clamshell Electronic Device - A clamshell electronic device provided. A first hinge having a first centerline along the axis of rotation of the first hinge can be disposed on a base member. A second hinge having a second centerline along the axis of rotation of the second hinge can be disposed on a keyboard member connecting a display member to the keyboard member. The keyboard member can be slideably connected to the base member. The keyboard member can be continuously reversibly slideable from a first position to a second position. The first and second centerlines can be axially aligned when the keyboard member is in the first position. A rigid support member having a first end and a second end can be pivotably connected to the base member at the first end and pivotably connected to the display member via a third hinge at the second end.10-28-2010
20120218699MOBILE DEVICE WITH A CONCEALED KEYBOARD - An electronic device having a concealed keyboard includes a first housing, a second housing rotatably coupled to the first housing, and a concealment cover coupled to a rear of the first housing. The first housing has a coupling edge and two sides that are substantially perpendicular to the coupling edge of the first housing. The second housing has a coupling edge and two sides that are substantially perpendicular to the coupling edge of the second housing. A receiving portion is formed on a rear surface of the first housing and is configured to receive the second housing. When the second housing is in the receiving portion, each respective side of the first housing and the second housing are co-terminal with one another. The concealment cover is exteriorly positioned with respect to the second housing when the second housing is in the receiving portion.08-30-2012
20100328872ADJUSTABLE MOUNT ASSEMBLY - An adjustable mount assembly and a related rack mount system are provided. The adjustable mount assembly is adapted for mounting a user interaction device outward from a cabinet structure comprising a first surface and a second surface adjacent to the first surface. The adjustable mount assembly comprises a moving member movable substantially horizontally with respect to the first surface. The adjustable mount assembly further comprises an adjustable frame member coupled to the moving member for mounting the user interaction device, wherein a length of the adjustable frame member is adjustable with respect to the second surface. In accordance with an embodiment, the adjustable frame member comprises a two-fold sliding track, wherein the two-fold sliding track comprises a first fold slidably mounted on the first surface and a second fold fixedly holding the user interaction device.12-30-2010
20120262866Docking Station - A holder for an oblong-shaped device is provided. The holder can be a docking station for a media device and a keyboard. The holder can include a mounting tray and a mounting bracket assembly arranged on the mounting tray. The mounting bracket assembly can be configured such that the oblong-shaped device is securable to the mounting tray in both (i) a first position where a longitudinal axis of the oblong-shaped device extends substantially horizontally, and (ii) a second position where the longitudinal axis of the oblong-shaped device extends substantially vertically while the mounting tray is kept in a substantially upright position.10-18-2012
20110038115Illumination Arrangement - An arrangement comprising a printed wiring board (02-17-2011
20120268878MOUNTABLE DEVICE - A mountable device having a structure configured to be mounted to something. The mountable device has a display device holder, a keyboard holder rotatably coupled to the structure, a motor coupled to the keyboard holder, and a sensor.10-25-2012
20130010416ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING FUNCTION OF FIXING A KEYBOARD MECHANISM - An electronic device having function of fixing a keyboard mechanism is disclosed in the present invention. The electronic device includes a casing for holding the keyboard mechanism, and an accommodating space is formed on a lateral inner wall of the casing. The electronic device further includes a hook mechanism disposed inside the accommodating space on the casing. The hook mechanism includes an arm base, and an end of the arm base is connected to a surface of the accommodating space. The hook mechanism further includes a hook portion disposed on the arm base for contacting against the keyboard mechanism, so as to constrain a movement of the keyboard mechanism relative to the casing.01-10-2013
20130016467LEATHER CASE WITH KEYBOARDAANM KU; ALLENAACI WALNUTAAST CAAACO USAAGP KU; ALLEN WALNUT CA US - A leather case with keyboard includes a folding cover, a base, and a keyboard. The folding cover has a first support portion bendably connected to a second support portion. A bending portion is formed therebetween. The base is bendably connected to the first support portion and has a securing member. A receiving region is defined by the securing member and the base to accommodate the keyboard removably. A leather case assembly with keyboard is also disclosed.01-17-2013
20120243160ADAPTIVE COMPUTING SYSTEM WITH MODULAR CONTROL, SWITCHING, AND POWER SUPPLY ARCHITECTURE - The adaptive computing system described herein may generally include a modular control, switching, and power supply architecture. In particular, the adaptive computing system may provide a platform supporting multiple independent desktop computer modules that occupy less physical space than a standalone commercial computer, provide performance density comparable to current server solutions, and address concerns relating to stability, safety, productivity, performance, assembly, service, and other factors important to diverse desktop computer user communities. Moreover, mechanical, electrical, and functional components associated with the adaptive computing system may have various certifications or otherwise be relied upon to demonstrate compliance with criteria in regulatory, environmental, consumer safety, and other contexts.09-27-2012
20100085694MARKING DEVICE DOCKING STATIONS AND METHODS OF USING SAME - Docking stations and docking methods are provided for use with marking devices used for marking the presence or absence of an underground facility in a dig area. The docking station may serve as a home base for storage of a marking device, for charging the battery of a marking device, for transferring data to and from a marking device, and for securing a marking device against unauthorized use and/or theft. The docking station may be a mobile docking station that is installed in a vehicle or may be a fixed docking station that is installed at a central location in the field, at a central office, at a home base facility, and the like.04-08-2010
20130170124FOLDABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A foldable electronic device includes a first body, a second body and a hinge body. The hinge body is pivoted to the first body around a first pivoting axis and pivoted to the second body around a second pivoting axis so that the first body is able to rotate relatively to the second body. When the first body rotates to a first position relatively to the second body, a first front surface of the first body is closed to a second front surface of the second body on a closing plane, and a pivoting plane where the first pivoting axis and the second pivoting axis are located on and the closing plane are oblique to each other.07-04-2013
20130170123REINFORCING STRUCTURE FOR SLIM KEYBOARDS - A reinforcing structure for a slim keyboard includes a baseboard with a plurality of coupling portions, a top board including at least one opening and connecting to the baseboard, and at least one keyboard portion coupling with one coupling portion and movable within the opening of the top board and against the a circuit board to form a depressing movement and generate a key command signal. The baseboard has a reinforcing portion extended vertically upwards from one end thereof via a first bending line, and the reinforcing portion has a connecting portion extended horizontally outwards from one end thereof via a second bending line. The connecting portion and top board have respectively at least one fastening hole and fastening portion that are run through by a fastening element for fastening. The reinforcing structure thus formed improves stroke feedback feeling, makes the keyboard lighter, and reduces assembly process and cost.07-04-2013
20130120922SIDE ACCESS LCD KEYBOARD CONSOLE WITH KVM - A side-access KVM module comprising a user console and a KVM switch is adapted for pull-out installation within a server rack, the user console portion comprising a keyboard, video display, and mouse, each of which being oriented for side-access operation. The side-access KVM provides reduced operation space for applications in confined spaces such as military transport vehicles and the like. Moreover, the disclosed embodiments provide for a minimal 1U (1.75 inches) requirement for server rack space.05-16-2013
20110211306ELECTRONIC DEVICE - According to one embodiment, an electronic device incorporates a housing, and a keyboard unit attached to the housing. The keyboard unit includes a plate-like base, a plurality of keys mounted on the base, a base cover including a plurality of through holes through which the keys are inserted, and a plurality of peripheral surfaces defining four sides of each of the through holes, and a hook portion provided in one of the peripheral surfaces of the base cover, and used to detach the keyboard unit from the housing.09-01-2011
20130148282ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH KEYBOARD - An electronic device includes a display, a keyboard, and a fixing element. The display includes a display surface and an opposite rear surface having a fixing structure. The keyboard has a using state and a folded state. When the keyboard is in the using state, the keyboard is positioned in front of the display, and when the keyboard is in the folded state, the keyboard is fixed on the rear surface. The fixing element is connected between the fixing structure and the keyboard and configured to cooperate with the fixing structure to enable the keyboard to change between the using state and the folded state.06-13-2013
20130114198MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PROTECTIVE COVER FOR A COMPUTING ACCESSORY AND SUPPORT ACCESSORY FOR A PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE, AND METHODS AND SYSTEMS RELATING THERETO - A computing system is provided with a portable electronic device, a computing accessory, and a multi-functional support accessory. The support accessory may provide a supportive configuration for supporting the portable electronic device in an upright, working position. The support accessory can also transition to a protective configuration for acting as a protective cover for the computing accessory. When the support accessory is in the protective configuration, the computing accessory can be inserted into, or otherwise protected thereby. When the support accessory is in the supportive position, the portable electronic device can be stabilized in an upright orientation by the support accessory.05-09-2013
20130194738Latch Mechanism For Portable Electronic Device - A latching assembly comprises a bracket, and a hook. The hook comprises: a top; a base having a first portion proximate to a first end and a second portion proximate to a second end. The second portion is inclined or sloped towards the top. A front surface extends from the first end to the second end. The front surface is substantially parallel to the surface of the second part at the first end, forming a first portion of the base for engaging the bracket. The front surface is further inclined or sloped toward the surface of the second part at the second end. When the bracket and the hook are engaged and the first part and the second part are separated by force, the bracket slides on the second portion of the base and the inclined or sloped front surface at the second end, thereby disengaging the bracket from the hook.08-01-2013
20120293939SLIDABLE SUPPORT STAND - The present invention discloses a slidable support stand including a base, a cover and a support piece. The cover is disposed to the base and includes a first cover body and a second cover body. The first cover body is capable of rotating about the base, and the second cover body is pivoted to the first cover body and is capable of rotating about the first cover body. The support piece is disposed to one side of the base and is capable of sliding relative to the base. When the support piece slides out of the side of the base and the second cover body flips to the side of the base, the second cover body leans against the support piece, and thus the first cover body can be used for supporting a tablet computer or a handheld communication device.11-22-2012

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