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359 - Optical: systems and elements

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359197100 Using a periodically moving element 520
359223100 By moving a reflective element 98
359221200 With particular mount or drive for element 59
359226300 Fluid filled medium 4
20090195850LIQUID OPTICAL ELEMENT - A liquid optical element is provided and includes: an insulating film; a wall structure arranged upright on the insulating film to surround a region on the insulating film; a first electrode arranged in contact with the insulating film; a second electrode arranged to face the first electrode; and a polar liquid and a nonpolar liquid sealed between the insulating film and the second electrode to a state where the polar liquid and the nonpolar liquid are separated from each other. One of the polar liquid and the nonpolar liquid is transparent, while the other is opaque. At least one of the first electrode and the second electrode has an aperture or a notch in a region corresponding to the region surrounded by the wall structure.08-06-2009
20110235145OPTICAL COMPONENT FOR REFRACTING LIGHT RAYS PASSING THROUGH THE OPTICAL COMPONENT - An optical component deflects light beams which pass though the optical component. The optical component comprises multiple fluid cells arranged next to each other in a regular structure, and an influencing means, where a fluid cell contains at least two immiscible fluids, where an interface will form between two fluids of a fluid cell, where the interface can be given a specifiable shape and/or orientation by the influencing means, where a fluid cell comprises at least one optical medium, where the optical medium is disposed adjacent to a fluid of the fluid cell, where the shape of the surface of the optical medium which faces the adjacently arranged fluid cannot be changed, and where the optical medium serves to deflect the light beams which pass through the fluid cell by a specifiable angle.09-29-2011
201101881062D/3D SWITCHABLE IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE - A two-dimensional (2D)/three-dimensional (3D) switchable image display device is provided. The 2D/3D switchable image display device forms gradation of an image in a light modulation panel, provides color to light beams that penetrate a plurality of electro-wetting prisms arranged in correspondence to the plurality of pixels of the image, and adjusts the direction of the light beam such that the light beams of the pixels of the image are directed towards at least two different view zones in a 3D mode and such that the light beams maintain their paths in a 2D mode.08-04-2011
20120026568LIQUID DEVICE AND DISPLAY APPARATUS - A liquid device includes: first and second substrates oppositely provided to each other at a distance; first and second partition walls provided between the first substrate and the second substrate to extend in a first and second directions, respectively; first and second electrodes respectively provided on both side surfaces of the second partition walls; liquids filling liquid chambers formed by the first and the second partition walls and having interfaces varying in response to voltages applied by the first and second electrodes; and first and second extraction electrodes wired on the first substrate along contact lines between the first substrate and the side surfaces of the second partition walls and externally extracted from joint parts between the first partition walls and the first substrate, wherein the first electrodes are connected to the first extraction electrodes, and the second electrodes are connected to the second extraction electrodes.02-02-2012
359222100 By frustrated total internal reflection 3
20110267667TIR Switched Flat Panel Display - A flat panel display uses pixels (11-03-2011
20110007377APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR REDUCING PIXEL OPERATIONAL VOLTAGE IN MEMS-BASED OPTICAL DISPLAYS - Embodiments of a display comprising pixels formed from suitably tethered deformable membrane-based MEMS subsystems are provided that include the means to dynamically alter the in-plane tension, and thus the effective spring constant, of the deformable membrane being ponderomotively propelled between active and inactive optical states, said dynamic alteration being effected by exploiting transverse piezoelectric properties of the deformable membranes. Manipulating the spring constant can reduce the actuation force required to turn pixels on, thus significantly reducing the operational voltages for the display composed of an array of such subsystems. Since display power rises with the square of the pixel drive voltage, such architectures give rise to more power efficient display systems.01-13-2011
20100328748TIR Light Valve - An array of light valves switch light by enabling and disabling total internal reflection (TIR) on a surface of the light valve. The disabling of the TIR is accomplished by putting another optical element in contact with the surface and then diffusing or changing the direction of the light. The mechanical mechanism to move the optical element is a simple one in that it only moves the optical element a small distance to change the valve from a first position to a second position.12-30-2010
359226200 Pivotal or rotational element 2
20090310204ARRANGEMENT OF MICROMECHANICAL ELEMENTS - The invention relates to arrangements of micromechanical elements, preferably microoptical elements, which are each held by means of spring elements. In this respect, they can be pivoted or also deflected in translation around a rotational axis by the effect of electrostatic forces. It is the object of the invention to provide an arrangement having micromechanical elements which can be operated over a long time period without drift without any frequent recalibration being necessary. The arrangement in accordance with the invention having micromechanical elements is made in this connection such that electrodes are likewise arranged beneath micromechanical elements, that is, on the side onto which no electromagnetic radiation can be directly incident. In this respect, a respective electrode is arranged and made such that it is associated with at least two micromechanical elements. It can in this connection effect a deflection of the micromechanical elements associated with it by electrostatic force effect. It is only necessary to set a suitable difference of the electrical voltage between the electrode and the respective micromechanical element for this purpose. Electrodes are arranged in the region of gaps of adjacent micromechanical elements for this purpose.12-17-2009
20100188723OPTICAL MODULATOR WITH BEAM-POINTING CORRECTION - An apparatus for providing a modulated pulsed radiation beam (07-29-2010
20120170092METHOD OF OPERATING A LASER IN AN OPTICAL COMPONENT, OPTICAL COMPONENT, AND OPTICAL COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - A method and a device for operating a laser in an optical component are provided, wherein the laser is a local oscillator of the optical component; and wherein a linewidth of the laser is broadened. Furthermore, an optical communication system is suggested comprising said optical component.07-05-2012
20090141326Image-forming device with scanner unit - An image-forming device includes: a housing; an endless belt; a plurality of process units; and a plurality of scanner units. Each scanner unit and each process unit are inclined obliquely to a vertical direction. At least a part of each process unit is inserted into and removed from the housing in an obliquely inclined direction.06-04-2009
20090097087MICROMECHANICAL SENSOR- OR ACTUATOR COMPONENT AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF MICROMECHANICAL SENSOR- OR ACTUATOR COMPONENTS - The invention relates to a micromechanical sensor- or actuator component with an optical function and to a production method. A substrate thereby has electrodes and electrical contactings, an optical, electrically actuated element which can be deflected relative to the substrate. A transparent cover is likewise present. The object of the invention is to produce a micromechanical sensor- or actuator component with an optical function and a method for the production of such components with which to reduce or even avoid reflections which might impair the function of the micromechanical sensor- or actuator component. According to the invention, the optical main axis of the cover is thereby orientated non-perpendicular to the surface of the substrate.04-16-2009
20090103155System configurations and methods for controlling image projection apparatuses - The mirror device comprising a plurality of deflectable mirrors for reflecting light, wherein the mirror is controllable to deflect to a first direction during an incident period with the light incident to the deflectable mirror and at an end of the incident period the mirror is controllable to deflect to a second direction opposite to the first direction during a non-incidence period in which the light is not incident to the present mirror.04-23-2009
20090316241Method and Apparatus for Positioning a Focused Beam - A method and apparatus involve: using beam influencing structure to cause a converging beam of radiation to propagate along a first portion of a path of travel; supporting an optical part so that the path of travel extends through the optical part, the converging beam arriving at the optical part along the first portion of the path of travel, and the path of travel having a second portion along which the converging beam travels away from the optical part; and selectively tilting the optical part about a pivot axis lying in an imaginary plane extending transversely to the first portion of the path of travel, pivotal movement of the optical part about the pivot axis causing a change in the orientation of the second portion of the path of travel with respect to the first portion thereof.12-24-2009
20100188722BEAM IRRADIATION APPARATUS - An attachment lens is arranged in a stage subsequent to a scanning lens. After a laser beam is converged by the scanning lens, the laser beam is converted into a parallel beam by the attachment lens. When the scanning lens is displaced in a direction perpendicular to an optical axis of the laser beam, a traveling direction of the laser beam is bent by a predetermined angle immediately after the laser beam passes through the scanning lens. Then, the traveling direction of the laser beam is further bent by a predetermined angle in the same direction by the passage of the laser beam through the attachment lens. Accordingly, a final swing angle of the laser beam outgoing from an outgoing window is increased by a swing angle imparted by the attachment lens compared with the case where the attachment lens is not arranged. One of lens surfaces of the attachment lens is formed in a toroidal surface, which allows the laser beam to have a long outline in a vertical direction.07-29-2010
20120120469ILLUMINATION OPTICAL SYSTEM - The region and spot size of light that irradiates a specimen are changed. Provided is an illumination optical system including beam-deflecting means for changing the deflecting direction of light from a light source; a wavefront modulation device at a position optically conjugate with the beam-deflecting means and capable of modulating the wavefront of the light; a Fourier transform system that focuses the light from the wavefront modulation device and performs Fourier transformation thereon; an inverse Fourier transform system that performs inverse Fourier transformation on the light from the Fourier transform system to form a collimated light beam; and an objective optical system that focuses the light from the inverse Fourier transform system on an object, wherein the Fourier transform system includes a mechanism capable of changing the focal length while maintaining the focal position at the inverse Fourier transform system side at a fixed position.05-17-2012
20120229877OPTICAL POWER SWITCH (OPS) - The present invention is generally related to the field of optical systems and/or lens attachments, and more specific to an optical system and/or lens attachment providing a switchable Optical Power Switch (OPS) controllably switchable between different states. A soft transparent material (09-13-2012
20110310450OPTICAL SCANNING DEVICE AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - An optical scanning device includes: a light source unit that includes a light emitting unit composed of a laser light source emitting linearly polarized light inside a package member; a deflector that deflects a light beam emitted from the light emitting unit; a pre-deflector optical system arranged on an optical path between the light emitting unit and the deflector; and a scanning optical system that scans a target surface to be scanned with the light beam deflected by the deflector. The pre-deflector optical system includes at least two parallel plate optical elements each composed of a transparent medium having an incident surface and an exit surface parallel to each other. The parallel plate optical elements are arranged to be tilted in inclination that is opposite to each other in a plane of polarization of the linearly polarized light.12-22-2011

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