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Hybrid vehicle (IPC)

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180 - Motor vehicles

180540100 - POWER

180650100 - Electric

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180650220 Specific vehicle architecture (IPC) 177
180650275 Control of individual subunit specific to hybrid operation 92
180650265 Control of multiple systems specific to hybrid operation 85
180650270 Control of external device in conjunction with specific hybrid function 7
20130025951PROCESS FOR CONTROLLING A START-STOP OPERATION OF A VEHICLE HAVING A HYBRID DRIVE, AND A CORRESPONDING VEHICLE - A process for controlling a vehicle start-stop operation having a hybrid drive with an internal-combustion engine and an electric motor, a service brake with an ABS and an electric parking brake, includes: determining, monitoring and analyzing performance parameters of the vehicle, the internal-combustion engine, the electric motor, the service brake and the parking brake; automatically releasing the parking brake in the case of a starting prompt because of determined performance parameters; driving the vehicle by the electric motor for the start; starting the engine by the electric motor if the engine is switched off; driving the vehicle by the electric motor and the engine; activating a generator operation of the electric motor in the case of a braking prompt because of determined performance parameters; activating the service brake; and automatically locking the electric parking brake when the vehicle is stopped after a previously definable deceleration time.01-31-2013
20100155160DUAL HOUSING CLUTCH ASSEMBLY FOR A HYBRID VEHICLE - A clutch assembly for a hybrid vehicle includes a clutch assembly including a first housing comprising a first clutch, a first clutch actuator and a second housing having the first clutch actuator at least partially disposed therein so that said first clutch actuator selectively engages the first clutch.06-24-2010
20100147606ELECTRIC VEHICLE WITH INCREASED RANGE - The present invention relates to a drive mechanism of an electric vehicle that is realized only by means of one or more electric motors that are connected to at least one storage battery, wherein a generator is provided that can be connected for supplying energy to the drive mechanism, wherein the generator is coupled to a Wankel engine that drives only the generator when needed, but delivers no driving power as torque to the drive train of the electric motor or motors of the drive mechanism. A method for operating an electric vehicle is also presented.06-17-2010
20100163321POWER CONVERTER MODULE FOR A BATTERY-OPERATED VEHICLE - A power converter module and a battery-operated vehicle which is powered using the power converter module are disclosed. This power converter module may swappable with a battery module that is similarly sized, so that the battery-operated vehicle can selectively run from either the battery module or the power converter module. The power converter module converts fuel into an electrical power supply having a form similar to the power supplied by the battery module.07-01-2010
20090159348Ac Voltage Output Apparatus and Hybrid Vehicle Including the Same - An AC command voltage obtained by compensating a reference value of a commercial AC voltage output from a multiplication unit using an FB control unit is multiplied by k (0≦k≦1) by a multiplication unit and output to a first inverter control unit, and the remaining part is output to a second inverter control unit. The first and second inverter control units generate signals, based on command voltages obtained by superposing the AC command voltage from an AC output control unit on respective phase command voltages.06-25-2009
20120217076SYSTEM FOR THE STORAGE OF ELECTRIC ENERGY WITH REDUCED THICKNESS FOR A VEHICLE WITH ELECTRIC PROPULSION - An embodiment of a system for the storage of electric energy with reduced thickness for a vehicle with electric propulsion; the storage system has: a support plane; and a plurality of chemical batteries, each of which includes at least one electrochemical cell which rests on the support plane and has a flat parallelepiped shape with two mutually parallel, opposite larger bases; in each chemical battery the electrochemical cell is arranged parallel to the support plane and rests a larger lower base on the support plane; and each chemical battery includes its own compression system which presses directly on a larger upper base of the electrochemical cell opposite to the larger lower base, keeps the electrochemical cell pressed against the support plane, and is independent from the compression systems of the other batteries.08-30-2012
20120217075HYBRID VEHICLE DRIVING DEVICE - In the hybrid vehicle driving device including an engine drive system transmitting a drive force of an engine to a transmission through a one-way clutch and transmitting a drive force after shifting by the transmission to a rear wheel and a motor drive system transmitting a drive force of a motor to the rear wheel, the drive force of the motor of the motor drive system is joined to a point upstream the transmission and downstream the one-way clutch in the engine drive system. The transmission includes a twin clutch capable of shifting between neighboring shift gears by alternately switching the connection state of a clutch on one side and a clutch on the other side, and is automatically shifted so as to produce an optional rotational speed and motor torque at which the electric power generation efficiency becomes high at the time of regeneration control of the motor.08-30-2012
20090095548DRIVE SYSTEM WITH FLUID PUMP - A drive system (04-16-2009
20090294189CASE STRUCTURE OF INTEGRATED PACKAGE MODULE FOR HYBRID VEHICLE - The present invention provides a case structure of an integrated package module for a hybrid vehicle. A front case of the integrated package module is formed of a first front case having a receiving groove on a upper portion thereof and a second front case. The case structure can stably mount and support the integrated package module on a vehicle body in a safer and cost-effective manner.12-03-2009
20130062130Electric or Hybrid Motor Vehicle Bodywork Structure, This Vehicle, and Method for Controlling/Modifying the Temperature of the Passenger Compartment Thereof - A bodywork structure for controlling or modifying the temperature of a passenger compartment of an electric or hybrid motor vehicle is provided. The bodywork structure includes at least one interior and exterior panel and one intermediate layer between the panels, each panel being based on a thermally conducting and electrically insulating material. The intermediate layer has at least one phase change material PCM and electric components coupled to it and is configured to be connected to an accumulator battery and which are able to convert the electrical energy available when the battery is being recharged into thermal energy stored by the PCM, so that the stored thermal energy is then transmitted to the interior of the vehicle when the latter is in use thanks to crystallizing of the at least one PCM, which is conversely able, by melting, to absorb an excess of heat inside the vehicle when this PCM is not recharged.03-14-2013
20110011654HYBRID VEHICLE - A hybrid vehicle is provided in which a case (01-20-2011
20110017532A HYBRID POWERTRAIN - A hybrid powertrain (01-27-2011
20110284299VEHICLE STRUCTURE OF A HYBRID VEHICLE - A vehicle structure of a hybrid vehicle that contributes to compactly structuring the vehicle body, which is provided with: a battery disposed at the lower side in a vehicle up-down direction of a rear seat so as to overlap with the rear seat in plan view; and a fuel tank including a shallow profile portion that is disposed at the lower side of the battery such that a portion thereof overlaps with a floor face of the battery in plan view, and a deep profile portion that is made thicker in the vehicle up-down direction than the shallow profile portion and that is disposed at the rear side of the battery such that at least a portion thereof overlaps with a rear face of the battery in elevational view.11-24-2011
20110284298VEHICLE FRONT PORTION STRUCTURE - A vehicle front portion structure is provided which can lengthen a wheel base without increasing the size of a vehicle body. A vehicle front portion structure is provided with a bumper reinforcement of a front bumper, a power unit that drives a front wheel arranged to a vehicle rear of the bumper reinforcement, and a cooling unit which is arranged at a vehicle front of a dash panel, and is arranged at a vehicle rear of the power unit.11-24-2011
20110290571DRIVEN VEHICLE AXLE - The embodiments relate to a driven vehicle axle, which is coupled or can be coupled to an internal combustion engine and/or at least one electric machine that optionally can be operated as an engine or generator and which includes a brake device having an eddy current brake (12-01-2011
20090101420STRESS-INDUCED BANDGAP-SHIFTED SEMICONDUCTOR PHOTOELECTROLYTIC/PHOTOCATALYTIC/PHOTOVOLTAIC SURFACE AND METHOD FOR MAKING SAME - Titania is a semiconductor and photocatalyst that is also chemically inert. With its bandgap of 3.0, to activate the photocatalytic property of titania requires light of about 390 nm wavelength, which is in the ultra-violet, where sunlight is very low in intensity. A method and devices are disclosed wherein stress is induced and managed in a thin film of titania in order to shift and lower the bandgap energy into the longer wavelengths that are more abundant in sunlight. Applications of this stress-induced bandgap-shifted titania photocatalytic surface include photoelectrolysis for production of hydrogen gas from water, photovoltaics for production of electricity, and photocatalysis for detoxification and disinfection.04-23-2009
20110168463System And Method For Electrostatic Air Filtering In An Automotive Vehicle - A system and method is provided for electrostatic air filtering in automotive vehicles, such as electric and hybrid electric vehicles. The system includes an electrical distribution system and an electrostatic filtering system having discharge electrodes and an accumulation electrode. The distribution system is in high-voltage electrical communication with the filtering system as well as an electric motor and a high-voltage energy storage device in the vehicle. In operation, the distribution system distributes high-voltage electric power to the filtering system. The filtering system receives the high-voltage electric power to generate a high-voltage electrostatic potential between the accumulation electrode and the discharge electrodes to remove particulates from air flowing through a region of the electrostatic filtering system.07-14-2011
20110114400ELECTRIC POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM FOR VEHICLE - To stabilize the transmission characteristic of an electric power supply system for vehicle even when the vehicle being charged and powered by it shifts horizontally, a power transmitting antenna, which is arranged on the ground, and a power receiving antenna, which is arranged at the bottom of the vehicle, set up resonances at substantially the same resonant frequency and produce magnetic resonant coupling between them. When the power receiving antenna enters the zone in which the power transmitting antenna is located, power is transmitted to the vehicle. By setting the width of the power receiving antenna as measured in the vehicle's width direction to be larger than the length of the power receiving antenna as measured in the vehicle's traveling direction, the transmission characteristic can be stabilized.05-19-2011
20110192661METHOD FOR OPERATION OF A BRAKING SYSTEM OF A HYBRID VEHICLE, BRAKING SYSTEM AND VEHICLE - A method is provided for operating a braking system of a hybrid vehicle that can be driven by an internal combustion engine and an electrical machine. A brake pressure for a mechanical brake in the braking system is reduced during braking with recuperation, in comparison to the brake pressure during braking without recuperation. A braking system and a vehicle having a braking system that functions in accordance with the method also are provided.08-11-2011
20090166108Mobile inverter generator - A vehicle in certain embodiments of the present teachings may include one or more of the following features: (a) a chassis, (b) at least one front ground engaging member and at least one rear ground engaging member coupled to the chassis, (c) a steering member for steering at least one of the ground engaging members, (d) an engine carried by the chassis for powering the vehicle, the engine including a cylinder disposed adjacent a crankshaft and an inverter generator operatively connected to the crankshaft, (e) an output shaft operatively coupled to the crankshaft to transmit power from the engine to at least one of the ground engaging members, and (f) a cover attached to the engine adjacent to the inverter generator, a cooling line disposed within the cover, and a fluid within the cooling line such that heat is transferred from the inverter generator to the fluid.07-02-2009
20110203859VEHICLE HAVING DRIVE TRAIN - The invention relates to a vehicle having a drive train, which comprises at least one first engine and a wheel, wherein a torque can be transmitted from the first engine to the wheel by the drive train, and wherein at least one first unit of the drive train is connected to an interface, by which rapid and simple replaceability of said unit is possible, wherein the interface is designed to be connected to a second unit, which is different from the first unit, wherein both units are designed to store electricity, to convert chemically bound energy into energy of rotation and/or to convert electricity into energy of rotation and/or to convert rotation energy of rotation into electricity.08-25-2011
20100101876COMPOSITE GROUND CARGO VEHICLE - A ground cargo vehicle has a chassis, multiple wheels mounted on the chassis such that the chassis is mobile upon the wheels, and a cargo compartment mounted on the chassis. The cargo compartment includes at least one panel constructed of a reinforced polymer composite material, and a lowered floor disposed lower than the top of at least one of the wheels. The vehicle may be powered by a hybrid drive system mounted on the chassis, the hybrid drive system including an internal combustion drive component and an electrical drive component. The floor may have a roadway height of less than 14 inches. The cargo compartment, cab compartment, chassis, and floor of the vehicle may be constructed entirely of lightweight reinforced polymer composite material.04-29-2010
20090139783Hybrid Vehicle - A hybrid vehicle is optionally driven by an electrical machine which can be supplied with power from a galvanic cell or which, during a generating operation, supplies the galvanic cell with power, and by an internal-combustion engine which can be supplied with a combustible liquid from a tank. An activated carbon canister is assigned to the tank for collecting vapors of the combustible liquid, the activated carbon canister being connectible, as required, with the intake system of the internal-combustion engine for carrying out a scavenging, wherein the activated carbon canister is positioned in the area of the galvanic cell.06-04-2009
20090050384DRIVETRAIN OF A HYBRID MOTOR VEHICLE - A drivetrain is proposed for a hybrid motor vehicle, which comprises an electric machine arranged between the vehicle's transmission (02-26-2009
20090065274Hybrid Driving Unit and Vehicle Carrying the Same - A hybrid driving unit (03-12-2009
20090242286Power Output Device of Hybrid Vehicle - A trans axle includes motor generators with central rotation axes of respective rotors arranged coaxially, a power split device arranged coaxially with the central rotation axis of a crank shaft and between motor generators, and a power control unit controlling the motor generators. The power control unit is arranged such that a reactor is positioned at least on one side and a smoothing capacitor is positioned on the other side of the central rotation axis of motor generator. The motor generators, the power split device and the power control unit are housed and integrated in a metal case, and fixed on a body of a vehicle (10-01-2009
20090260903Method of compensating for auxiliary loads of hybrid vehicle - The present invention provides a method of compensating for auxiliary loads of a hybrid vehicle, which divides the auxiliary loads into a mechanical auxiliary load and an electrical auxiliary load and performs an appropriate auxiliary load compensation according to the kind of auxiliary loads, thus improving system efficiency as well as power performance of the vehicle.10-22-2009
20100163322Method of arranging an electric accumulating system close to a platform of a vehicle and hybrid propulsion vehicle - A method for arranging an accumulating device in proximity of a floor of a vehicle forming a bottom wall of a passenger compartment of the vehicle itself; the accumulating device has a heating base wall which is free from heat insulation, and a non-heating base wall which is parallel and opposite to the heating base wall and is provided with a heat-insulating material layer; and the method provides for the steps of arranging the accumulating device in a seating obtained in proximity of the floor; and implementing the accumulating device with a symmetry allowing the reversal of the accumulating device itself within the seating obtained in proximity of the floor in such a way that the heating base wall may be equally either facing upwards and then towards the passenger compartment or facing downwards and then towards the external environment.07-01-2010
20120103709CONTROL APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR HYBRID VEHICLE - In control apparatus and method for a hybrid vehicle, a line pressure control valve disposed at a downstream side of each of mechanical oil pump (M-O/P) and electrically driven oil pump (S-O/P) to decrease a supplied hydraulic pressure from at least one of the mechanical oil pump and the electrically driven oil pump by opening drain ports thereof in accordance with a control valve command value is provided, the control valve command value is set by adding a predetermined additive correction quantity to a required line pressure set in accordance with operating states of a hydraulic pressure clutch (CL05-03-2012
20100200314ENERGY STORAGE ASSEMBLY WITH POKA-YOKE CONNECTIONS - An energy storage assembly with a plurality of flat electrochemical cells, each of them includes a pair of electrodes which electrically connect the electrochemical cells with each other through outward electrode terminals, wherein each electrochemical cell includes as a pair of outward electrode terminals a straight outward terminal and a curved outward terminal, the electrochemical cells are connected with each other that a straight outward terminal of one of the electrochemical cell is connected with a curved outward terminal of an adjacent electrochemical cell.08-12-2010
20100258367TRAVEL DRIVE SYSTEM WITH MULTIPLE TRANSMISSION PATHS FOR HYBRID VEHICLE AND METHOD USING SAME - The present invention relates to a travel drive system for a hybrid vehicle, comprising a thermal engine (10-14-2010
20100187027BATTERY SYSTEM WITH BATTERY HOLDERS - The connecting bolts 07-29-2010
20100155159HYDRO-MECHANICAL CLUTCH FOR A HYBRID TRANSMISSION AND METHOD FOR OPERATING THE SAME - A clutch assembly and method of operating the clutch assembly to start an engine of a hybrid vehicle includes a first clutch and a first clutch actuator for selectively engaging the first clutch. The first actuator has a first at-rest position engaging the clutch and a hydraulically charged position disengaged from the first clutch. The clutch assembly further includes a second clutch actuator having a second at-rest position away disengaged from the first clutch and a second hydraulically charged position engaged with the first clutch.06-24-2010
20090044995Hybrid Vehicle - A hybrid vehicle which can determine slope ascending and slope descending without using GPS radio waves. The hybrid vehicle includes a control unit determines a slope ascending state or a slope descending state of the vehicle by making use of an inclination sensor which detects an inclination with respect to a horizontal surface in the running direction of the vehicle or a vehicle drive sensor. Alternatively, the control unit obtains slope ascending information or slope descending information of the road by making use of a driver operation panel or a bus location system. The control unit sets a charge rate target value of an energy storage device based on these slope ascending state, slope ascending information, slope descending state, and slope descending information and controls charging to the energy storage device.02-19-2009
20100252341ELECTRIC ROTARY MACHINE - The electric rotary machine comprises a stator and a rotor. The rotor is incorporated rotatablly inside the stator keeping an air gap between the rotor and the stator, the rotor being divided into at least two of a first rotor and a second rotor in a direction of a rotating shaft thereof, and each of the first and second rotors having field magnets with different polarities disposed alternatively in a rotating direction of the rotor. A magnetic flux control mechanism controls effective magnetic fluxes by varying positions of the field magnets of the second rotor relatively with respect to that of the first rotor in at least the rotating direction of the rotor. The stator core is provided with a magnetoresistive layer that is interposed in the path of the effective magnetic fluxes in the stator core.10-07-2010
20100236846BATTERY PACK WITH DUAL MODE COOLING SCHEME - A battery pack includes a plurality of battery modules mounted within a casing. A heat exchanger receives a fluid and a valve selectively connects one of two sources of fluid to the heat exchanger. One of the two sources is at a higher temperature for providing heating fluid to the heat exchanger, and a second of the sources is at a lower temperature to provide cooling fluid to the heat exchanger.09-23-2010
20100243346BATTERY PACK FOR A VEHICLE - A battery system is provided for a vehicle. The battery system includes, but is not limited to, comprising: a heat transfer loop, a battery cell, a thermoelectric semiconductor device coupled to the battery cell and the heat transfer loop, a variable voltage source coupled to the thermoelectric semiconductor device, and a temperature sensor coupled to the battery cell. A controller is coupled to the variable voltage source and the temperature sensor and also configured to receive a signal indicative of a temperature of the battery cell from the temperature sensor and adjust a voltage of the variable voltage source applied to the thermoelectric semiconductor device based at least in part on an evaluation of the temperature.09-30-2010
20090183933All wheel drive electrically-variable transmission - A transaxle (07-23-2009
20090114462DRIVE DEVICE OF VEHICLE - A drive device of a vehicle includes a motor generator, a lubricant circulating mechanism lubricating and cooling the motor generator, a power control unit controlling the motor generator, arranged on a circulation path of a lubricating oil and being in contact with the lubricating oil for transferring and receiving a heat to and from the lubricating oil, and a casing accommodating the motor generator, the lubricating mechanism and the power control mechanism, and provided with the circulation path. Preferably, the power control unit includes a power control element and a board (05-07-2009
20090071733Hybrid electric vehicle - A full hybrid electric vehicle comprises a heat engine, a one-way-clutch connected to the engine shaft, an electric motor, a planetary gear unit, a clutch with limited torque, and a transmission. The planetary gear unit includes at least a sun gear (an input element), a ring gear (an input element) and a pinion carrier (an output element). The torque-limited clutch seats between two of the planetary gear elements. The engine is connected to and applies torque on one of the input elements. The electric motor is connected to and applies torque on the other input element. While the vehicle is running, the engine can be started smoothly by engaging the torque-limited clutch and controlling the motor torque, and a shock on the vehicle similar to a rough shift can be avoided.03-19-2009
20090107743Power generation and battery management systems - The disclosed power system may comprise first and second batteries; an electrical power generator; an electrical load powered by at least one of the first battery, the second battery or the electrical power generator; a converter; and a battery management controller. The converter is connected to both the first and second batteries and configured to operate in a neutral mode, a first battery charging mode, or a second battery charging mode. The converter is configured to create a voltage difference between the first and second batteries in the charging modes. The battery management controller is configured to monitor the voltage of the first battery and the voltage of the second battery and/or to monitor current flow to and from the first and second batteries. The controller controls operation of the converter to operate in the neutral mode, the first battery charging mode or the second battery charging mode.04-30-2009
20130140100Control Strategy For Powering Auxiliary Device In Trolley Capable Mining Truck - A trolley capable mining truck includes a pantograph supported on machine frame for electrically connecting the truck with an overhead trolley line. A power system includes an onboard electrical power source providing electrical power to a pair of electric drive propulsion motors along a first electrical path in a first configuration of the power system. The electric drive propulsion motors, in turn, power ground engaging propulsion elements. In a second configuration of the power system, the pantograph provides electrical power from the overhead trolley line to the electric drive propulsion motors along a second electrical path, which includes a transient damping reactor. In a third configuration of the power system, the onboard electrical power source provides electrical power to an auxiliary device along a third electrical path including an auxiliary power converter, wherein the auxiliary power converter includes the transient damping reactor.06-06-2013
20100294578WORKING MACHINE - A plurality of supports and a top plate attached to between upper ends of the supports are provided, and a power storage device and a controller are installed on the both upper and lower sides of the top plate respectively. Meanwhile, a hydraulic pump and a control valve are accommodated in space for hydraulic devices on the lower side of the top plate, and a heat insulating member and heat shield plates are provided as heat shield means for protecting the power storage device and the controller against heat from the exterior including heat of the hydraulic pump and the control valve.11-25-2010
20100320015DRIVE FOR AN HYBRID VEHICLE AND CLUTCH HAVING A RELEASE MECHANISM - A drive for an hybrid vehicle, having an electric machine situated in a housing and having a clutch that is provided with a release mechanism. The release mechanism is connected to a housing-mounted component, that is locked against rotation, via at least one damping element, the damping element absorbing multi-dimensional motions.12-23-2010
20110114401ELECTRIC POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM FOR VEHICLE - To stabilize the transmission characteristic of an electric power supply system for vehicle even when the vehicle being charged and powered by it shifts horizontally, a power transmitting antenna, which is arranged on the ground, and a power receiving antenna, which is arranged at the bottom of the vehicle, set up resonances at substantially the same resonant frequency and produce magnetic coupling between them. When the power receiving antenna enters the zone in which the power transmitting antenna is located, power is transmitted to the vehicle. By setting H, which is the distance between the power transmitting and receiving antennas that face each other, so that H satisfies 0.11×W05-19-2011
20110114402COOLING CONDUIT ARRANGEMENT FOR HYBRID VEHICLE WITH TWO RADIATORS - An inflow conduit through which coolant flows into a hybrid radiator that is arranged in front of an engine radiator is arranged on an upper portion of a bumper reinforcement and attached to the front of the hybrid radiator. As a result, damage to the inflow conduit can be inhibited and the coolant can be cooled by running air before it is cooled in the hybrid radiator.05-19-2011
20100193268HYBRID VEHICLE DRIVE SYSTEM - A drive system is provided for a hybrid vehicle that has an engine with a crankshaft and a motor/generator having a shaft member. The drive system includes a starter sprocket connected for rotation with the shaft member and a crankshaft sprocket connected for rotation with the crankshaft. A chain is engaged with the starter sprocket and the crankshaft sprocket. A planetary gear set is configured to multiply torque of the motor/generator, with the multiplied torque being provided to the engine crankshaft via the sprockets and the chain to start the engine.08-05-2010
20100059299BATTERY ARRANGEMENT - A battery arrangement (03-11-2010
20100000806ENGINE SYSTEM - An engine system includes three different types of motors with complementary characteristics, which together provide increased performance and efficiency. The engine system generally includes a fuel-consuming engine (such as an internal combustion engine), an electric motor and an air motor. The air motor is powered by compressed air stored in air tanks. The air tanks can store energy much more quickly and efficiently than electric batteries. Therefore, the air tanks are a more efficient way of recouping the energy of braking the vehicle. The air tanks can be used to power the vehicle, especially at cruising speed, and can recharge the batteries over time. The three motors are complementary to one another in several ways which provide improved performance and efficiency.01-07-2010
20120247846Work Vehicle - A work vehicle comprising, a power unit, an electric motor activated by electric power from the power unit, a propelling transmission system for receiving drive power from the electric motor, a cabin including a roof portion the driver rides, an air conditioner for adjusting air temperature in the interior of the cabin. the power unit and the air conditioner are provided in the roof portion of the cabin.10-04-2012
20100175934OPTIMISED ENERGY STORAGE DEVICE - A lead-acid battery comprising:—at least one negative electrode comprising lead-based battery electrode material and at least one region of capacitor material overlying the lead-based battery electrode material, each electrode being in electrical connection to an outer terminal of the battery, and—at least one positive lead-dioxide based battery electrode, each positive electrode being in electrical connection to a second outer terminal of the battery,—separator interleaving the facing electrodes;—electrolyte filling at least the space of the electrodes and separators wherein the capacitor material overlying the lead-based battery electrode material comprises 20-65% by weight of a high electrical conductivity carbonaceous material, 30-70% of a high specific surface area carbonaceous material, at least 0.1% lead and binder.07-15-2010
20120055722Hybrid vehicle - A main battery and an auxiliary battery are both mounted on a hybrid vehicle without narrowing a cargo room.03-08-2012
20090133943Vehicle mounted with fuel cell power supply system - It is an object of the present invention to provide a vehicle that can efficiently cool or heat a group of the components, in view of appropriate operating temperature ranges of respective components configuring a fuel cell power supply system, while realizing saving of a mounting space in the vehicle and cost of the vehicle. A vehicle 05-28-2009
20120118654Distributed power generation system for surface transport - A power generation system for a surface transport vehicle having at least two wheels. The power generation system includes a primary power generation device and a secondary power generation device. A connector attaches the secondary power generation device to at least two wheels of the surface transport vehicle. The power generation system also includes a power storage unit capable of storing energy received from either the primary or secondary power generation devices. Furthermore, the power generation system includes a torque converter which is capable of transferring power from the secondary power generation device to the power storage unit.05-17-2012
20120228040HYBRID VEHICLE WITH EXHAUST POWERED TURBO GENERATOR - A hybrid vehicle employing an internal combustion engine and an electric drive includes a turbine powered by exhaust gases from the internal combustion engine. The turbine drives a generator which provides electrical power to the electric drive motor and the electrical power storage system for the drive, usually comprising a battery. This exhaust gas energy recovery system may be used with either a serial hybrid system in which the internal combustion engine powers another generator or a parallel system in which both the mechanical outputs of the internal combustion and electric motor are combined to drive the vehicle.09-13-2012
20120318590Hydraulic-Electric Regenerative Energy Storage System for Plug-In Hybrid Motor Vehicles - A hydraulic energy storage system (comprising a hydraulic pump/motor, a high pressure hydraulic accumulator, a low pressure hydraulic accumulator/reservoir, and interconnecting hydraulic lines) is incorporated into a EV, HEV, or PHEV to provide hydraulic regenerative braking and propulsive assistance for the vehicle. Implementation of the low cost and long-lasting hydraulic energy storage system in the vehicle, together with the electric energy storage system (comprising a motor/generator and battery pack) of the vehicle, allows significantly reduced demands and higher operating efficiencies for the battery pack, thereby facilitating a more cost-effective, efficient and/or durable overall energy storage system for the vehicle.12-20-2012
20120318589BELT TENSIONING ASSEMBLY FOR AN ENGINE SYSTEM HAVING A MOTOR-GENERATOR UNIT - A system for maintaining tension in a drive belt comprises a first belt tensioner that comprises a first pulley mounted on a first lever arm, and a second belt tensioner that comprises a second pulley mounted on a second lever arm. The first belt tensioner is configured and positioned to bias the first pulley against the drive belt at a first location following a departure of the drive belt from a pulley coupled to a motor-generator unit and to thereby maintain tension on the drive belt during both driving and driven modes of the motor-generator unit. The second belt tensioner is configured and positioned to bias the second pulley against the drive belt at a second location prior to an approach of the drive belt toward the pulley and to thereby maintain tension on the drive belt at the second location during both driving and driven modes.12-20-2012
20110226539VEHICLE WITH REMOVABLE AUXILIARY POWER SYSTEM - An electric and hybrid vehicle configuration with removable auxiliary power supply is disclosed which provides a flexible configuration for, on the one hand, allowing on demand increased range and additional power for accessories and/or increased performance when the auxiliary power supply is easily inserted in the vehicle to charge the battery in an electric vehicle and on the other hand, allowing for weight reduction and increased storage capacity or increased battery capacity when the power supply is removed. In another embodiment, the removable auxiliary power supply may drive the vehicle either separately or in conjunction with the charging of the vehicle main battery to thereby provide a hybrid vehicle configuration.09-22-2011
20120080248Vehicle drive device - A vehicle drive device configured with an input member drivably coupled to an internal combustion engine. The drive device is also configured with an output member drivably coupled to wheels, a friction engagement device that selectively drivably couples the input member and the output member to each other, and a rotary electric machine provided on a power transfer path connecting between the input member and the output member. On the vehicle drive device, a housing oil chamber houses at least friction members of the friction engagement device and is filled with oil, a housing space houses the rotary electric machine, and there exists a first oil passage through which oil is supplied to the housing oil chamber. There is also a second oil passage through which oil is discharged from the housing oil chamber and a third oil passage through which oil is supplied to the housing space.04-05-2012
20110259657VEHICLE HAVING ELECTRIC DRIVE - Different axle arrangements are provided for a hybrid vehicle or a vehicle that can be driven exclusively by an electric machine. The vehicle has a front and rear axles and at least one drive that comprises an electric machine for driving at least one wheel of one of the axles.10-27-2011
20100230191ELECTROCHEMICAL CELL WITH A NON-GRAPHITIZABLE CARBON ELECTRODE AND ENERGY STORAGE ASSEMBLY - An electrochemical cell with a cathode electrode and an anode electrode separated by a separator, whereby: 09-16-2010
20100230190TRANSPORTATION VEHICLE WITH ECONOMICAL FUEL CONSUMPTION - A transportation vehicle with economical fuel consumption consumes fuel to generate primary energy. Besides, the transportation includes an electrolytic device and a fuel cell. The electrolytic device is used to decompose water into oxygen and hydrogen gases by using electricity generated from a primary energy of the transportation vehicle. The fuel cell uses the hydrogen gas from the hydrogen inlet pipe as fuel so as to generate electricity, and then an auxiliary energy is produced by the electricity from the fuel cell so as to drive the transportation vehicle. Thus, the present invention saves energy and reduces carbon emission, and the present invention also meets requirements of environmental protection and prevention of energy crisis.09-16-2010
20100230189COOLING SYSTEM FOR A VEHICLE - A cooling system is provided for a vehicle having an electric power producing device and a power-plant operable to propel the vehicle. The cooling system includes a primary heat exchanger arranged relative to the power-plant. The primary heat exchanger is operable to receive coolant from the power-plant, reduce temperature of said coolant, and return the reduced temperature coolant to the power-plant. The cooling system additionally includes an auxiliary heat exchanger arranged relative to the primary heat exchanger, and operable to receive the reduced temperature coolant from the primary heat exchanger. The auxiliary pump further reduces the temperature of said coolant, and provides the further reduced temperature coolant to the electric power producing device. The electric power producing device may be employed in a hybrid vehicle, where the electric power producing device is a motor-generator operable to propel the vehicle.09-16-2010
20100133024VEHICLE - A vehicle includes: an engine driven with gasoline; a lid member opening/closing an opening of an accommodation room that accommodates a nozzle receiving unit when gasoline is supplied; a rotating electric machine driven on electric power; a charging/power feeding unit receiving electric power; a lid member opening/closing an opening of an accommodation room accommodating a charging/power feeding unit; and an open/close control mechanism setting the other of the lid member and the lid member in the closed position when one of the lid member and the lid member is set in the open position.06-03-2010
20130168166Inverter Mounting on an Electric Drive Loader - The present disclosure provides a work machine having a frame and a front and rear wheel axle. The machine includes a cab coupled to the frame. The cab is configured to include controls for controlling the operation of the work machine. The machine also includes an electrically-powered drive assembly coupled to the frame and front and rear axles and an inverter electrically coupled to the electrically-powered drive assembly. The machine further includes a platform assembly disposed adjacent the cab and coupled to the frame. The platform assembly comprises an outer wall at least partially surrounding the inverter.07-04-2013
20130112491REAR PROTECTION STRUCTURE FOR VEHICLE - A rear protection structure is provided for a vehicle which is equipped with an engine and a rear wheel-driving motor each as a traveling-driving power source of the vehicle and in which the rear wheel-driving motor is arranged between left and right rear wheels and of the vehicle, and a fuel tank for the engine and the rear wheel-driving motor are arranged adjacent to each other in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle. A rear suspension supporting the rear wheel-driving motor has a suspension member with an octothorpe-like shape, and the rear wheel-driving motor and high-voltage lines connected to the rear wheel-driving motor are arranged within a space enclosed by the suspension member.05-09-2013
20130146374HYBRID VEHICLE BRAKING ADJUSTMENT FOR VEHICLE WEIGHT - A method, apparatus, and system are disclosed for hybrid power system braking. In one embodiment, a vehicle weight input is received by a brake controller. In response to receiving the vehicle weight input, a maximum negative braking torque is determined. Regulation of negative braking torque according to vehicle weight is accomplished by one or both of a regenerative braking device and mechanical braking device.06-13-2013
20100282529ELECTROCHEMICAL CELL AND ENERGY STORAGE ASSEMBLY - An electrochemical cell with a pair of electrodes arranged as a stack of flat electrode films separated by a separator film, wherein electrode films of each electrode are electrically connected with each other through inner electrode conductors, the inner electrode conductors of the different electrodes are arranged on opposite sides of the electrochemical cell in electrode material-free area of the electrode films, each inner electrode conductor is connected with a separate inner conductor element through a predetermined number of weld points integrated in the electrode material-free area of the respective electrode.11-11-2010
20100300780Apparatus and system for low voltage direct current at industrial power recharging of hybrid high occupany capacity on-road transporation vehicles - The invention presents a dual-mode hybrid high occupancy capacity vehicle (HHOCV) with a novel electrical energy and power storage application, electrical energy and power source and charging system in conjunction with additional methods to maximize the energy and rate of use such that the overall system is far superior to multiple personal transportation vehicles and roadway based catenary mass transit systems, including, but not limited to petroleum-only fueled high occupancy capacity vehicles. The HHOCV exhibits a novel battery charging system by taking advantage of existing track/trolley/catenary facilities for electrically charging its electrical storage media at a high energy rate so as to minimize disruption of such charging services, and is not confined by physical boundaries or limitations and may travel off the power source to the existing common roadways returning only to be recharged. The design incorporates software controllers and other devices to maintain the energy transfer rate and is of such physical size that the overall invention may either be retrofitted to existing buses or designed within new high occupancy vehicles.12-02-2010
20130153313ENERGY REGENERATION DEVICE FOR EITHER HYBRID VEHICLE OR ELECTRIC AUTOMOBILE - [Problem] The motive power of a hybrid vehicle is the driving power of a gasoline engine, the electric power produced by a generator coupled to the engine, and the electric power obtained by conversion from kinetic energy into electric energy through a regeneration brake during deceleration. Also, an electric vehicle uses the electric power of a battery as its motive power by converting kinetic energy into electric energy through a regeneration brake during deceleration and storing the electric energy. However, the regenerated energy is little.06-20-2013

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