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726035000 Theft prevention 27
726036000 Via power supply 11
20100083386Tokenized Resource Access - A method and system for unlocking diagnostic functions in a hardware device for a user. The method obtains a signed permission object for the hardware device, and validates the signed permission object. A memory of the hardware device stores a device identifier and a last recorded sequence number. The signed permission object includes a sequence number and is associated with an expiration counter having an initial value that indicates a lifetime for the signed permission object. When the signed permission object is valid, the method updates the expiration counter to decrease the lifetime of the signed permission object, stores the sequence number associated with the signed permission object as the last recorded sequence number in the hardware device, and unlocks the diagnostic functions for the user based on the signed permission object.04-01-2010
20120180140SECURE PIN ENTRY DEVICE - A secure PIN entry device including a PIN entry assembly operative to receive a PIN from a user, a PIN entry prompter operative when actuated to prompt a user to enter a PIN via the PIN entry assembly, a PIN entry prompt security check enabled controller operative to prevent operation of the PIN entry prompter unless a predetermined security check has been successfully completed and security check functionality operative to check at least part of the PIN entry device for the presence of an unauthorized PIN eavesdropping element thereat and to provide an output to the PIN entry prompt security check enabled controller indicating whether the predetermined security check has been successfully completed.07-12-2012
20130081147ANTI-KEYLOG EDITOR - Various embodiments for protecting keyboard data inputted by a user in a computer having a keyboard hardware are disclosed. According to one exemplary embodiment, a method for protecting keyboard data, where the keyboard hardware comprises an I/O port having an input buffer and an output buffer, includes: receiving scan code data based on keyboard data inputted by the user, wherein the scan code data are latched in the output buffer of the I/O port; executing an interrupt routine to fetch the scan code data from the output buffer to a CPU of the computer, wherein the latched scan code data remains in the output buffer after the latched scan code data are read from the output buffer; transmitting a control command to the keyboard hardware through the input buffer of the I/O port; and receiving from the keyboard hardware a response signal generated in response to the control command, wherein the keyboard hardware is configured to transmit the response signal to the output buffer of the I/O port.03-28-2013
20100100972APPROACHES FOR A LOCATION AWARE CLIENT - Techniques for performing an action, based on the present location of a client, to protect resources of the client from theft or unauthorized access. A server may intermittently receive, from a client, location information such as GPS information, triangulation information based on one or more Wi-Fi access points, and IP trace information. The server may determine the client's location by (a) determining, for an interval of time, whether GPS information, triangulation information, and IP trace information are available for the client, and (b) based on the available GPS information, triangulation information, and IP trace information, determining the present location of the client, e.g., by determining a weighted arithmetic mean or by using a sequence of types of location information ordered based on accuracy. In response to following a security policy, the server may perform an action, specified by the security policy, based on the present location of the client.04-22-2010
20090158445Security Circuit for Power Up - A circuit and method for securing against non-reset of a device associated with the circuit, the circuit comprising: a first register for holding a first multi-bit value and to produce a first multi-bit output value related to the first multi-bit value; a second register for holding a second multi-bit value and to produce a second multi-bit output value related to the second multi-bit value; an inverter means arranged to invert only one of the first and second output values; and a comparator arranged to compare the inverted and non-inverted output values to produce a comparator output, wherein the first and second registers are arranged such that they are subject to substantially the same operational conditions.06-18-2009
20090158444System and Method for Controlling Access to Addressable Integrated Circuits - A circuitry access system for controlling access to addressable circuit elements of an integrated circuit. The circuitry access system includes a first storage element having a first listing of unique identifiers each identifier representing one of the addressable circuit elements. A selector distinguishes a first subset of unique identifiers from the first listing. A second storage element receives and stores the first subset in an arrangement that does not include an indication of the absence of any unique identifier of the first listing that is not included in the first subset. An output of second storage element allows a user of the integrated circuit to access one or more of the addressable circuit elements corresponding to the first subset of unique identifiers. A method of controlling access to addressable circuit elements is also provided.06-18-2009
20090070887Integrated laser Auto-Destruct System for Electronic Components - An apparatus, method and system for securing proprietary semiconductor IC components including a target semiconductor IC; at least one laser diode array disposed adjacent to the target semiconductor IC and coupled thereto; a power supply coupled to the at least one laser diode array; a sensor for sensing a predetermined parameter operatively coupled to the laser diode array through the power supply; wherein the sensor detects the existence of a predetermined event and as a result of the detection of the predetermined event activates the power supply and energizes the laser diode array, causing the laser diode array to project focused laser energy into the target semiconductor IC, damaging the target semiconductor IC.03-12-2009
20130047272INTEGRATED CIRCUIT FOR PREVENTING CHIP SWAPPING AND/OR DEVICE CLONING IN A HOST DEVICE - An integrated circuit is disclosed that can be included in a host electronic device that can be commonly manufactured, where the integrated circuit can be designated (“locked”) for a specific manufacturer, thereby substantially reducing the likelihood that a third party will be able to successfully clone a host electronic device manufactured by the specific manufacturer and/or swap the chip containing the integrated circuit for one having more enabled features. The integrated circuit includes an ID module that can be programmed after fabrication. Components within the integrated circuit designate manufacturer-specific configurations (e.g., address mapping, pin routing and/or vital function releasing) based on the programmed manufacturer ID. As a result, once the integrated circuit has been programmed with the manufacturer ID, the integrated circuit will function correctly only within a host device manufactured by the manufacturer associated with the programmed manufacturer ID.02-21-2013
20120192293Method and Apparatus for Configuring an Electronics Device - A method and apparatus for configuring an electronics device. The method includes receiving, by the electronics device, a request for a command to perform a predetermined operation by the electronics device and sending the command in response to receiving the request. The electronics device then receives a signature based upon the command, whereupon the electronics device verifies the signature by the electronics device and, following an affirmative verification, executes the command for performing the predetermined operation. In this way, the electronics device may be reconfigured remotely without knowledge of the particular command for performing the predetermined operation by the electronics device.07-26-2012
20090094702SECURE APPARATUS, INTEGRATED CIRCUIT, AND METHOD THEREOF - A wireless apparatus, an integrated circuit, and a method thereof. The wireless apparatus, providing hardware security, comprises a secure memory and a secure Integrated Circuit (IC). The secure memory comprises security authentication data. The secure IC, coupled to the secured memory, comprises a processor, a security controller, a security pin, and a read only memory (ROM). The processor is configured to process data. The security controller, coupled to the processor and the secure memory, translates the security authentication data to the processor. The security pin, coupled to the security controller, enables security of the secure IC. The ROM, coupled to the processor, has stored thereon instructions determining a security level according to the security authentication data and the security of the secure IC. The instructions are executed by the processor upon a boot-up operation.04-09-2009
20090271878ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR RECORDING DISASSEMBLE HISTORY INFORMATION AND JUDGING THE ELECTRONIC DEVICE THEREOF - An exemplary electronic device includes a detecting component and a storage unit. The detecting component generates detecting signals when the electronic device has been disassembled. The storage unit stores disassemble history information based on detecting signals received from the detecting component.10-29-2009
20120117666MULTILAYER SECURING STRUCTURE AND METHOD THEREOF FOR THE PROTECTION OF CRYPTOGRAPHIC KEYS AND CODE - An arrangement for the protection of cryptographic keys and codes from being compromised by external tampering, wherein the arrangement is utilized within a multilayered securing structure. More particularly, there is provided a multilayered securing structure for the protection of cryptographic keys and codes, which may be subject to potential tampering when employed in computers and/or telecommunication systems. A method is provided for producing such multilayered securing structures within a modular substrate with the intent to protect cryptographic keys and codes which are employed in computers and/or telecommunication systems from the dangers of potential tampering or unauthorized access.05-10-2012
20090013415SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DETECTING ABNORMAL OPERATION - A semiconductor device includes a pull-up unit pulling up a voltage of an output node to a first voltage in response to a control signal, a photo sensing unit pulling down a voltage of the output node to a second voltage in response to an incident light, and a CPU, the CPU reset in response to the voltage of the output node produced in response to the incident light.01-08-2009
20130019324Embedded Ring Oscillator Network for Integrated Circuit Security and Threat Detection - Aspects of the disclosure relate to combining on-chip structure with external current measurements for threat detection in an integrated circuit. This method considers Trojans' impact on neighboring cells and on the entire IC's power consumption, and effectively localizes the measurement of dynamic power. An on-chip structure can permit threat detections. In one aspect, the on-chip structure can comprise a plurality of sensors distributed across the entirety of the IC, with each sensor of the plurality of sensors being placed in different rows of a standard-cell design. In another aspect, data analysis can permit separating effect of process variations on transient power usage of the IC from effects of a hardware threat such power usage. The on-chip structure also can be employed for implementation of a PE-PUF.01-17-2013
20110302664DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PROTECTING AN ELECTRONIC SYSTEM AGAINST UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS - The invention relates to an electronic system comprising a printed circuit (12-08-2011
20090083862PROVIDING SECURE INPUT TO A SYSTEM WITH A HIGH-ASSURANCE EXECUTION ENVIROMENT - Methods for maintaining the security of a secured execution environment on a system comprising said secured execution environment and a second execution environment are disclosed. A maintained current state for the secured execution environment is selected from among a group of possible states including a standard input mode state and a nexus input mode state. A flow of user input is directed according to the current state through a secure kernel of both the second environment and the secured execution environment.03-26-2009
20100037326RADIATION CURABLE EMBOSSED INK SECURITY DEVICES FOR SECURITY DOCUMENTS - A security document and a method of manufacturing a security document are provided in which a radiation curable ink is applied to at least one side of a substrate including at least one region of transparent plastics material forming a window or half-window area. The ink is embossed while soft and cured with radiation to form an embossed security device within the window or half-window area including one or more of a diffractive structure, a lens structure or other security element having a relief structure.02-11-2010
20130219526Security System and Methods for Integrated Devices - Systems and methods for implementing security mechanisms in integrated devices and related structures. This method can include validating a device ID, generating a random value based on selected seed parameters, performing logic operations from hardware using the random value, and validating the integrated device based on logic operations from software using the random value. The system can include executable instructions for performing the method in a computing system. Various embodiments of the present invention represent several implementations of a security mechanism for integrated devices. These implementations provide several levels of encryption or protection of integrated devices, which can be tailored depending on the hardware and/or software requirements of specific applications.08-22-2013
20090126030Tamper detection line circuitry for use in authenticating an integrated circuit - Provided is tamper detection line circuitry for an authentication integrated circuit for use in authenticating an integrated circuit. The tamper detection line circuitry includes a source of pseudo-random bits, and an XOR gate with two inputs and an output in signal communication with flash memory erase and reset circuits. A complete erasure of the memory is triggered by a 0 from the XOR gate. The circuitry also includes first and second paths arranging the source and XOR gate in signal communication with each other, as well as a number of triggers connected to the respective paths, each trigger configured to detect a physical attack on the authentication integrated circuit, said triggers configured to pull a respective path to 0 if a physical attack is detected.05-14-2009
20110265191SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PLACING AN ELECTRONIC APPARATUS INTO A PROTECTED STATE IN RESPONSE TO ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - A system and method is disclosed for placing an electronic apparatus into a protected state in response to environmental data. The method discloses: receiving a set of environmental data applicable to an electronic apparatus; generating an environmental status applicable to the electronic apparatus based-on the environmental data; and placing the electronic apparatus into a protected state based-on the environmental status. The system discloses an environment characterization module which receives a set of environmental data applicable to an electronic apparatus, and generates an environmental status applicable to the electronic apparatus based-on the environmental data; and an apparatus protection module which places the electronic apparatus into a protected state based-on the environmental status.10-27-2011
20100037325Enhanced Packaging for PC Security - A pay-per-use computer, or other electronic device that uses local security, may use a security module or other circuit for monitoring and enforcement of a usage policy. To help prevent physical attacks on the security module, or the circuit board near the security module, a second circuit may be mounted over the security module to help prevent access to the security module. Both circuits may be mounted on a interposer and the interposer mounted to the circuit board, creating a stack including the first circuit, the interposer, the security module, and a main PC board. When the PC board includes dense signal traces under the security module a three dimensional envelope is created around the security module. When the first circuit is a high value circuit, such as a Northbridge, the risk/reward of attacking the security module is increased substantially and may deter all but the most determined hackers.02-11-2010
20080244759COMPUTER SYSTEM WITH ELECTRONIC LOCK AND KEYBOARD TO CONTROL THE ELECTRONIC LOCK - An exemplary computer system includes an input device for users to input a command therein and converting the command into a coded command; a computer chassis; a computer power supply; a power switch by which a user is capable of turning on or off the computer power supply; a code receiving module attached in the computer chassis for receiving the coded command from the input device; a decoding module connecting to the code receiving module to decode the command into a command signal; a control module connecting to the decoding module to receive the command signal, and control the power switch being enable or disable to be operated to turn on or off the computer power supply; and an electronic lock controlled by the control module to lock or unlock the chassis based on the command signal.10-02-2008
20080244758SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SECURE ASSOCIATION OF HARDWARD DEVICES - An apparatus to protect one or more hardware devices from unauthorized software access is described herein and comprises, in one embodiment, a virtual machine manager, a memory protection module and an integrity measurement manager. In a further embodiment, a method of providing secure access to one or more hardware devices may include, modifying a page table, verifying the integrity of a device driver, and providing memory protection to the device driver if the device driver is verified.10-02-2008
20090089886Adjustable Feature Access for a Controlled Environmental System - The present invention provides apparatuses and methods for restricting access to a control unit in an environmental system based on a lock level. The control unit (e.g., a thermostat) is configured with a selected lock level, where each lock level is mapped to an associated set of features. A user is able to access any of the features from the associated set of features without entering a security sequence. Also, a feature parameter may be restricted in accordance with the activated lock level. The control unit may be reconfigured with a different lock level by an administrator only when a security sequence is entered. Also, features may be mapped by an administrator to a set of features when the control unit is operating in the locked state. When the control unit is operating in the unlocked state, all supported features can be accessed by a user.04-02-2009
20090119785System and Method for Secure Usage of Peripheral Devices Using Shared Secrets - A system, method, and program product is provided that establishes a shared secret between a computer system and a peripheral device such as a removable nonvolatile storage device or a printer. After establishing the shared secret, the peripheral device is locked. After the peripheral device is locked, an unlock request is received and the shared secret is sent to the peripheral device. The peripheral device then attempts to verify the shared secret. If the shared secret is successfully verified, then the peripheral device is unlocked allowing use of the device by using an encryption key that is made available by the verified shared secret. On the other hand, if the shared secret is not verified, then the peripheral device remains locked and use of the device is prevented.05-07-2009
20100287624METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DETECTING THE OPENING OF A COVER ENCLOSING THE DEVICE - An object of the present invention is to provide a mechanism for tamper detection of electronic devices (11-11-2010
20100146641METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PROTECTION OF AN MRAM DEVICE AGAINST TAMPERING - Data, stored in MRAM-cells should be protected against misuse or read-out by unauthorised persons. The present invention provides an array of MRAM-cells provided with a security device for destroying data stored in the MRAM-cells when they are tampered with. This is achieved by placing a permanent magnet adjacent the MRAM-array in combination with a soft-magnetic flux-closing layer. As long as the soft-magnetic layer is present, the magnetic field lines from the permanent magnet are deviated and flow through this soft-magnetic layer. When somebody is tampering with the MRAM-array, e.g. by means of reverse engineering, and the flux-closing layer is removed, the flux is no longer deviated and affects the nearby MRAM-array, thus destroying the data stored in the MRAM-cells.06-10-2010
20120198572Determining Fraudulent Use of Electronic Devices Utilizing Matrix Codes - In one or more implementations, a computing device may receive information from a matrix code reader that scans multiple matrix codes, each displayed by one of multiple devices. The computing device may determine whether or not the devices are being fraudulently utilized, such as whether the devices are in the same location. Additionally, in some implementations, a computing device may receive a service request from a matrix code reader that includes an associated telephone number. The computing device may extract the number and may handle the service request based on the number. Moreover, in various implementations, a computing device may receive information from a matrix code reader that scans a displayed matrix code. The information may include an electronic signature that is included in the matrix code by the device. After receiving the information, the computing device may analyze the information to determine that the electronic signature is valid.08-02-2012
20090165149Method for Making Secure the Execution of an Intermediate Language Software Code in a Portable Device - A method for executing an application compiled in intermediate code on a portable digital appliance equipped with a virtual executing machine for interpreting the intermediate code. The method includes a step of applying a secure execution mode wherein the interpretation of the intermediate code by the virtual machine includes the following steps: for each item of data the code handled for execution of an arithmetic and/or logical operation defined by the code, generating control data, related to the data of the code via a predetermined function; in parallel with the execution of the operation, executing a control operation related to the operation defined by the code via the predetermined function, and acting on the control data.06-25-2009
20090126029Permanent Data Hardware Integrity - A method for processing digital data X of an item of software coded on l05-14-2009
20090025094Data collector with expanded functionality - Embodiments of the present invention recite a data collector with expanded functionality and a method of enhancing revenue generation using a data collector with expanded functionality. In one embodiment, a central unit of a data collector is configured to receive a replaceable unit such that any one of a variety of replaceable units can be configure to be attached to said central unit.01-22-2009
20090193527METHOD FOR MONOTONICALLY COUNTING AND A DEVICE HAVING MONOTONIC COUNTING CAPABILITIES - A method for monotonically counting and a device having monotonically counting capabilities. The device includes: a monotonic counter, an input interface adapted to receive requests to update a value of the monotonic counter and an average request rate limiter circuit adapted to selectively reject a request if an amount of monotonic counter value updates within a predefined time window exceeded a threshold; wherein the threshold and the predefined time window are defined in response to at least one legitimate request pattern.07-30-2009
20090144838Method and Apparatus for Secure Mode Indication - A method and apparatus for a hand-held device for ensuring a secured mode transition. The method includes receiving a request to transition to a mode, determining the mode of the hand-held device, transitioning to a transition mode relevant to the received request, wherein the relevant transition mode ensures that the transition is securely executed, setting the device in accordance with the received request, and transitioning to the mode requested.06-04-2009
20090249496INFORMATION TERMINAL APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM THEREOF - There is provided an information terminal apparatus including a detecting unit that detects whether authentication information has been input within a given period of time or not, a determining unit that determines whether the authentication information agrees with given authentication information or not, a processing unit that performs processing in a first mode if the authentication information is not detected by the detecting unit within the given period of time or if the authentication information is detected by the detecting unit within the given period of time but the determining unit determines that it does not agree with the given authentication information, and a log processing unit that memorizes/stores operation history information operated while the processing in the first mode is being performed.10-01-2009
20080313746Integrated circuit protection and detection grid - A mesh of conductors forms a grid in a multi-layered electronic device. The mesh of conductors includes (12-18-2008
20090293136SECURITY SYSTEM TO PREVENT TAMPERING WITH A SERVER BLADE - Method, computer program product and apparatus for physically securing a server in response to detecting an unauthorized intrusion event. The method comprises detecting an unauthorized physical intrusion event to a data center, rack or chassis including a plurality of servers, communicating the detected unauthorized intrusion event to a management module that manages the plurality of servers, and automatically physically securing one or more of the plurality of servers against manual removal. Optionally, the step of physically securing may include disabling one or more front panel controls on the plurality of servers, such as a physical power switch. In a further option, the step of physically securing may include disabling one or more external ports on the plurality of servers, such as a keyboard-video-mouse port. A preferred method allows the one or more physically secured servers to continue to operate.11-26-2009
20100251391THEFT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - Methods and apparatus for theft management are described. In an embodiment an out-of-band notification is received, indicative of theft of a computing device. In response, a theft message is delivered to the computing device using a wireless wide area network. Other embodiments are also disclosed and claimed.09-30-2010
20130219525SECURE AUDIO PERIPHERAL DEVICE - A secure audio peripheral device, coupled to a computer, capable of enabling a user to use audio devices such as a microphone, speakers or headset when the device is in operational state, while giving to the user a clear visual indication that the audio devices are enabled. The device simultaneously disables the microphone; and turns off the visual indication when the device is in secure state. The operational state is activated by the user by pressing a momentary push-button switch. A timer resets the device to a secure state after a short preset time. The device has anti-tempering functionality and becomes permanently disabled if tempered with. Optionally the device is coupled to the computer via a USB port that powers a USB CODEC chip and a LED used as the visual indicator.08-22-2013
20100037327SYSTEM FOR MANAGING HARDWARE RESOURCES, COMPUTER SYSTEM, METHOD FOR MANAGING HARDWARE RESOURCES, AND PROGRAM - A system for managing hardware resources includes a computer system and a management server, wherein the computer system includes a static authentication key generation unit that generates authentication keys for the detected hardware resources, a dynamic authentication key generation unit that requests arrangements of a hardware resource and an activation key to the management server by transmitting a dynamic installation authentication key generated from a system authentication key, a first additional hardware resource authentication unit that judges whether or not a new hardware resource is unauthorized by comparing the authentication key with the activation key, and a second additional hardware resource authentication unit that judges whether or not the new hardware resource fit the computer system by comparing the dynamic installation authentication key with the activation key, and wherein the management server includes an activation key generation unit that transmits the activation key to the computer system.02-11-2010
20110067119IP BASED SECURITY APPLICATIONS USING LOCATION, PORT AND/OR DEVICE IDENTIFIER INFORMATION - Methods and apparatus for determining, in a reliable manner, a port, physical location and/or device identifier, such as a MAC address, associated with a device using an IP address and for using such information, e.g., to support one or more security applications is described. Supported security applications include restricting access to services based on the location of a device seeking access to a service, determining the location of stolen devices, and verifying the location of the source of a message or other IP signal, e.g., to determine if a prisoner is contacting a monitoring service from a predetermined location.03-17-2011
20090249495QUICK-RELEASE COMPUTER ACCESS COVER - A latch and latch handle recessed into the computer cover is provided, with the latch handle preferably presently a cam surface internally that interacts with a compatible cam surface associated with a lock bar. Preferably, a key lock is functionally integrated with the latch in such a way that when the key lock is unlocked the latch handle and latch are free to displace and to then urge the retention bar to disengage detents or hooks from slots or receptacles, by way of releasing the cover from a chassis or body of the desktop or workstation. Accordingly, in essentially one efficient movement via engaging the latch handle, a user will be able to quickly remove the cover.10-01-2009
20080282361Flat panel display with display signal input socket having safeguarding terminal - An exemplary flat panel display includes a micro processing unit, a display signal input socket defining a safeguarding terminal, an input interface configured for a user to input a user code, a first storage unit storing a security code, and a second storage unit storing a safeguarding mark. The micro processing unit is configured to monitor a voltage applied to the safeguarding terminal, detect a status of the safeguarding mark, compare the user code with the security code according to the status of the safeguarding mark, and output a control signal according to a result of the comparison.11-13-2008
20080229432Electronic apparatus and method for preventing unauthorized access to an electronic apparatus - According to an aspect of an embodiment, an electronic apparatus comprises: an electronic apparatus powered by one of a plurality of electric power sources, comprising: a power supply unit for providing the interior of the electronic apparatus with the electric power from one of the electric power sources alternatively; and a controller for requesting user authentication when supply of the electric power to the interior of the electric apparatus is switched from one of the power sources to another.09-18-2008
20090038019TAMPER DETECTION MECHANISM AND CARD PROCESSING DEVICE - A tamper detection mechanism for detecting tampering when a sub system is removed from a host device may include a screw member that may include a head portion, a major diameter shaft portion and a minor diameter shaft portion. The tamper detection mechanism may also include a through hole provided in the sub system, a lever member, and a detection switch. The lever member may withdraw from said through hole as it is pushed by the major diameter shaft portion when the screw member is tightly screwed, and may advance into the through hole when the screw member is loosened. The detection switch may detect whether the screw member is tightly screwed or loosened based on withdrawal or advancement of the lever member.02-05-2009
20130133088CONNECTION DEVICE AUTHENTICATION - A method and apparatus are provided for a secure interconnect between data modules, including a security apparatus within a secured data interconnect apparatus installed with a security chip. The interconnect apparatus may be authenticated prior to enabling a stacking feature. Authentication of a interconnect apparatus may be used to ensure the quality and performance of the interconnect apparatus and the data modules.05-23-2013
20100333215ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH STYLUS - An electronic device comprising: a main body and a stylus, wherein the main body comprises: a trigger, which is assigned identification information; a socket configured for receiving the stylus, wherein the socket defines a grooves on an inner surface thereof, and the grooves is configured for placement a trigger; and a processing unit configured for recognizing the identification information of the trigger to determine whether to lock or unlock the electronic device; the stylus comprises: a shank and a ring, wherein the ring is extended from the circumferential surface of the shank, a hook is formed in an end of the stylus, and a protrusion is protruded from the circumferential surface of the ring in alignment with the hook and is received in the groove to press the trigger when the stylus is inserted into the socket and the hook is aligned with the trigger.12-30-2010
20100180350ELECTRONIC SECURITY DEVICE FOR MONITORING COMPUTER EQUIPMENT, ASSOCIATED ASSEMBLIES AND METHODS - An electronic security device for monitoring equipment is disclosed, with each of the items of equipment being linked to a computer network by a plug and a cable at the level of a network interface, the device being arranged between an apparatus of the cabled network and the network interface of the item of computer equipment, the device comprising at the level of each linking cable between the management apparatus of the cabled network and the item of equipment to be monitored: a detection circuit able to detect on said cable, without perturbation, the presence of electrical energy originating from the item of equipment and revealing normal network activity and an isolating circuit able to be activated in the absence of such detection by the detection circuit, so as to isolate the cable in question of said cabled network, and an evaluating circuit able to be activated after the isolation performed by the isolating circuit, so as to apply to the cable a signal having a predetermined waveform, so as to detect the wave reflected and to determine on the basis of the reflected wave an abnormal condition in the circuit constituted by the cable and by the network interface of the item of equipment.07-15-2010
20100017893System for Securing Register Space and Method of Securing the Same - A system includes a processing device, at least one data processing module, and a security control module. The security control module is operatively connected to both the processing device and the data processing module. The security control module is operative to control access to a protected register that is associated with the at least one data processing module. As such, the security control module operates as a firewall or filter to allow or deny access to a protected register. Security-unaware data processing module are therefore secured in the system at a central location while eliminating the need to use only security-aware data processing module. A method for securing data processing modules, including security-unaware data processing module, is also disclosed.01-21-2010
20090217389HARDWARE PASSWORD ALIGNMENT SYSTEM APPARATUS AND METHODS - A system, apparatus, and methods are disclosed for aligning a stored scancode sequence that corresponds to a hardware password, with a password input device type such as a current keyboard type. Aligning the stored scancode sequence with the password input device type enables successful validation of a hardware password despite a change in a password input device type or inadvertent corruption of a non-volatile memory used for storing the scancode sequence such as non-volatile memory that stores BIOS information for a computing device.08-27-2009
20100064379Remote Diagnosis of Unauthorized Hardware Change - Aspects describe remotely diagnosing unauthorized hardware changes on a mobile device. The changes can be identified based on hardware component identification and/or based on behavior characteristics of the device. If an unauthorized change is detected, information relating to that change can be reported to a service provider. Further, actions associated with the authorized change can be automatically implemented or implemented after confirmation to proceed with the recommended action.03-11-2010
20110061113ACCESSORY AUTHENTICATION FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES - Improved techniques to control utilization of accessory devices with electronic devices are disclosed. The improved techniques can use cryptographic approaches to authenticate electronic devices, namely, electronic devices that interconnect and communicate with one another. One aspect pertains to techniques for authenticating an electronic device, such as an accessory device. Another aspect pertains to provisioning software features (e.g., functions) by or for an electronic device (e.g., a host device). Different electronic devices can, for example, be provisioned differently depending on different degrees or levels of authentication, or depending on manufacturer or product basis. Still another aspect pertains to using an accessory (or adapter) to convert a peripheral device (e.g., USB device) into a host device (e.g., USB host). The improved techniques are particularly well suited for electronic devices, such as media devices, that can receive accessory devices. One example of a media device is a media player, such as a hand-held media player (e.g., music player), that can present (e.g., play) media items (or media assets).03-10-2011
20120278905CONFIGURABLE INTEGRATED TAMPER DECTECTION CIRCUITRY - Tamper detection circuitry includes a first surface layer surrounding a protected memory, the first surface layer comprising a first plurality of conductive sections; a second surface layer surrounding the protected memory, the second surface layer comprising a second plurality of conductive sections; a programmable interconnect located inside the first surface layer, the programmable interconnect being connected to each conductive section by a plurality of conductive traces, the programmable interconnect being configured to group the conductive section of the first and second plurality of conductive sections into a plurality of circuits, each of the plurality of circuits having a different respective voltage; and a tamper detection module, the tamper detection module configured to detect tampering in the event that a conductive section that is part of a first circuit comes into physical contact with a conductive section that is part of a second circuit.11-01-2012
20110035813ENCRYPTED DATA STORAGE DEVICE - A data storage device has encrypted user data and a media key stored on media, and a root key stored in an electronic circuit. The data storage device has a first connector adapted to receive a user key and a hardware key device connected to a second connector adjacent an installation space. The hardware key device stores a destructible key in non-volatile memory. The hardware key device is mechanically destroyed, thereby rendering the encrypted user data non-decipherable after the destroying.02-10-2011
20100325741System and Method of Owner Control of Electronic Devices - A system and method of owner control of an electronic device are provided. Owner identification information, such as data integrity and source authentication information, is stored on the electronic device. Received owner control information is stored on the electronic device where the integrity of the received owner control information is verified and/or the source is authenticated using the owner identification information. In one embodiment, owner identification information comprises an owner signature private key.12-23-2010
20110154509METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PROVIDING A SECURITY BREACH INDICATIVE AUDIO ALERT - A device for providing a security breach indicative audio alert. The device includes: a security monitor adapted to detect a security breach in device and a loudspeaker, the device wherein including a secure audio alert generating hardware, adapted to participate, in response to the detection of the security breach, in a generation of a security breach indicative audio alert. The secure audio alert generating hardware is connected to an audio mixer that is adapted to mix the security breach indicative audio alert signal with audio signals generated by a software controlled audio source to provide a mixed signal. The audio mixer is further adapted to provide the mixed signal to the loudspeaker that reproduces the mixed signal as sound.06-23-2011
20080320608DATA PROTECTING APPARATUS AND DATA PROTECTING METHOD - In a vehicle audio apparatus, the detection switch is turned off when the lock claw is released from the lock-claw holder to open the front panel. The bi-directional switches are thereby turned off, disconnecting the data lines SD+and SD− between the USB interface unit of the main unit and the USB socket of the front panel. Thereafter, the front panel is opened, releasing the connector 12-25-2008
20090077675Smart Wallet - A smart wallet that can only be exclusively opened by an authorized individual through biometric authentication is disclosed. The smart wallet also has a security system associated therewith to prevent the smart wallet from being lost or stolen. The system comprises a fob key configured to send periodic wireless transmissions to the smart wallet device having the ability for approximate range detection. Various embodiments include audible, visual and vibrational indications for authentication, battery power and range detection.03-19-2009
20120278906SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DETECTING AND MITIGATING PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC DEVICE TAMPERING - Systems and methods are disclosed for preventing tampering of a programmable integrated circuit device. Generally, programmable devices, such as FPGAs, have two stages of operation; a configuration stage and a user mode stage. To prevent tampering and/or reverse engineering of a programmable device, various anti-tampering techniques may be employed during either stage of operation to disable the device and/or erase sensitive information stored on the device once tampering is suspected. One type of tampering involves bombarding the device with a number of false configuration attempts in order to decipher encrypted data. By utilizing a dirty bit and a sticky error counter, the device can keep track of the number of failed configuration attempts that have occurred and initiate anti-tampering operations when tampering is suspected while the device is still in the configuration stage of operation.11-01-2012
20120151607SYSTEM FOR DETECTING INTRUSIONS BY DEVICES WITH OPENABLE CASING - The invention comprises an intrusion-detection system based on a switch 06-14-2012
20100031376Continuity Check Monitoring for Microchip Exploitation Detection - Apparatus, method and program product detect an attempt to tamper with a microchip by determining that an electrical path comprising one or more connections and a metal plate attached to the backside of a microchip has become disconnected or otherwise altered. A tampering attempt may also be detected in response to the presence of an electrical path that should not be present, as may result from the microchip being incorrectly reconstituted. Actual and/or deceptive paths may be automatically selected and monitored to further confound a reverse engineering attempt.02-04-2010
20100031375Signal Quality Monitoring to Defeat Microchip Exploitation - Method and apparatus and associated method of detecting microchip tampering may include a conductive element in electrical communication with multiple sensors for verifying that signal degradation occurs at an expected region of the conductive element. A detected variance from the expected region may automatically trigger an action for impeding an integrated circuit exploitation process.02-04-2010
20100024046METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DETECTING A LATERAL INTRUSION OF A SECURE ELECTRONIC COMPONENT ENCLOSURE - Methods and systems for detecting lateral intrusion of a secure electronic component enclosure are disclosed. According to one system, the system includes a secure enclosure for enclosing at least one electronic component. The secure enclosure includes a first and a second printed circuit board (PCB) and a security ring sandwiched between the first and second PCBs defining an interior region for enclosing the at least one electronic component. The PCBs define opposite sides of the enclosure and the security ring defines lateral surfaces of the enclosure. The lateral surfaces defined by the security ring are wrapped by at least two wires that define at least two circuits. An intrusion detection module detects an intrusion of the secure enclosure based on a condition of the at least two circuits.01-28-2010
20120066774NON-VOLATILE MEMORY FOR ANTI-CLONING AND AUTHENTICATION METHOD FOR THE SAME - A method and a non-volatile memory apparatus for cloning prevention is provided. The non-volatile memory apparatus includes an Enhanced Media Identification (EMID) area, which is located in a specific area of the non-volatile memory, and stores an EMID for identifying the non-volatile memory; and an EMID encoder for modifying the EMID by a preset operation in conjunction with an arbitrary value.03-15-2012
20120159650APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR RECOGNIZING SECURITY SITUATION AND GENERATING SITUATION INFORMATION BASED ON SPATIAL LINKAGE OF PHYSICAL AND IT SECURITY - An apparatus for recognizing security situation and generating situation information based on spatial linkage of physical and IT security, the apparatus includes: a security event collection unit for mapping, when a security event is detected from a security device, unique information of the security device to a location or an object in a real space, and collecting correlated security events based on the mapped information; a security situation awareness unit for determining a type of a security situation and a degree of threat based on the correlated security events; and a situation information generation unit for analyzing a correlation between the correlated security events and the security event to generate security situation information.06-21-2012
20120159652APPARATUS AND METHOD TO HARDEN COMPUTER SYSTEM - In some embodiments, a processor-based system may include a processor, the processor having a processor identification, one or more electronic components coupled to the processor, at least one of the electronic components having a component identification, and a hardware security component coupled to the processor and the electronic component. The hardware security component may include a secure non-volatile memory and a controller. The controller may be configured to receive the processor identification from the processor, receive the at least one component identification from the one or more electronic components, and determine if a boot of the processor-based system is a provisioning boot of the processor-based system. If the boot is determined to be the provisioning boot, the controller may be configured to store a security code in the secure non-volatile memory, wherein the security code is based on the processor identification and the at least one component identification. Other embodiments are disclosed and claimed.06-21-2012
20120159651SECURE KVM SWITCH - A secure switch assembly for controlling first and second computers using a common keyboard and a common mouse is provided. The switch assembly comprises a secure controller together with first and second switching elements. The secure controller comprises receiving means, configured to receive a selection signal from a user, determining means configured to determine whether the selection signal represents a single, coherent selection and transmitting means configured to emit first and second enabling signals. The first switching element is associated with a first computer and is configured to receive a signal indicative of a mouse instruction from a mouse, a signal indicative of a keyboard instruction from a keyboard and a first enabling signal from the secure controller. The second switching element is also associated with the first computer and is configured to receive a signal indicative of a mouse instruction from the first switching element, a signal indicative of a keyboard instruction from the first switching element and a second enabling signal from the secure controller. The first and second switching elements are configured to enable transmission of the mouse and keyboard instructions therethrough if both the first and second enabling signals are respectively received. The first and second computers are effectively isolated by the first and second switching elements and thereby effect assurance to a high grade.06-21-2012
20120124680METHOD FOR DETECTING ABNORMALITIES IN A CRYPTOGRAPHIC CIRCUIT PROTECTED BY DIFFERENTIAL LOGIC, AND CIRCUIT FOR IMPLEMENTING SAID METHOD - In a method for detecting anomalies in a circuit protected by differential logic and which processes logic variables represented by a pair of components, a first network of cells carrying out logic functions on the first component of said pairs, a second network of dual cells operating in complementary logic on the second component, the logic functions being carried out by each pair of cells in a pre-charge phase placing the variables in a known state on input to the cells and followed by an evaluation phase where a calculation is performed by the cells, the method includes detecting an anomaly by at least one non-consistent state.05-17-2012
20120317662DELAYING OR DETERRING COUNTERFEITING AND/OR CLONING OF A COMPONENT - In an embodiment, to deter or delay counterfeiting/cloning of a replacement component of a host device, the replacement component is provided with a code value. The code value is generated from a value of at least one physical parameter of the replacement component and is stored on the replacement component. The host device determines whether the replacement component is authentic if the stored code value matches a reference code value.12-13-2012
20120216301IMPLEMENTING HACKING DETECTION AND BLOCK FUNCTION AT INDETERMINATE TIMES WITH PRIORITIES AND LIMITS - A method and circuits for implementing a hacking detection and block function at indeterminate times, and a design structure on which the subject circuit resides are provided. A circuit includes an antenna wrapped around a dynamic bus inside circuitry to be protected. The antenna together with the dynamic bus node is designed so an average bus access activates a field effect transistor (FET) that is connected to a capacitor. The FET drains the capacitor in a specified number of activations by the antenna. The capacitor has a leakage path to a voltage supply rail VDD that charges the capacitor back high after a time, such as ten to one hundred cycles, of the dynamic bus being quiet. The capacitor provides a hacking detect signal for temporarily blocking operation of the circuitry to be protected responsive to determining that the dynamic bus is more active than functionally expected.08-23-2012
20100050275DEVICE THAT CAN BE RENDERED USELESS AND METHOD THEREOF - In one form a device having an integrated circuit is rendered useless by providing a piezo element coupled to a voltage terminal of the integrated circuit of the device. A render useless signal is generated by any of several ways. The piezo element, in response to the render useless signal, renders in any one of several ways the device to be rendered useless. The piezo element, when disturbed, generates a voltage which is provided to the voltage terminal of the integrated circuit, the voltage being sufficiently high to render useless at least a portion of the integrated circuit. In other forms the render useless signal renders MRAM circuitry within the device useless by moving a magnetic field across the MRAM circuitry to vary resistance of memory reference cells. In one form the magnetic field is moved by spring-loading or pivoting a magnet that is released by the piezo element.02-25-2010
20130174283PORTABLE DATA CARRIER HAVING AN OPERATING ERROR COUNTER - A method in a portable data carrier for safeguarding the data carrier against external attacks on the data carrier, wherein at least one counter is employed in the data carrier. A specified command is safeguarded such that it is executed by the data carrier only when the at least one counter lies in a specified values range. The at least one counter is decremented before an execution of the command and incremented only when the command has been executed without interruption. The at least one counter here is settable multiple times, in particular even after the issuance of the data carrier to a user.07-04-2013
20130174282DIGITAL RIGHT MANAGEMENT METHOD, APPARATUS, AND SYSTEM - A digital right management method, including: encrypting, by a first user equipment which has access right to shared digital contents, a key of the digital contents with at least an equipment key of a second user equipment intended to share the digital contents to generate a ciphertext of the key of the digital contents; generating, by the first user equipment, from the ciphertext a new authorization certificate corresponding to the digital contents; and transmitting, by the first user equipment, the new authorization certificate and the digital contents to the second user equipment to instruct the second user equipment to share the digital contents in accordance with the new authorization certificate.07-04-2013
20120227117SECURE PROCESSING MODULE AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - Described herein are devices and techniques related to implementation of a trustworthy electronic processing module. During fabrication, a manufacturer is provided with partial technical specifications that intentionally exclude at least one critical design feature. Fabrication of the electronic processing module is monitored from a trusted remote location; wherefrom, the intentionally excluded at least one critical design feature is implemented, thereby completing manufacture of the trustworthy electronic processing module. At least one of the acts of monitoring and implementing can be accomplished by instantiating executable software remotely from a trusted remote location and immediately prior to execution. It is the executable software that enables at least one of the acts of monitoring and implementing. Further, the instantiated executable software is removed or otherwise rendered inoperable immediately subsequent to execution. In some embodiments the critical design feature can be implemented within a configurable element, such as a field programmable gate array (FPGA).09-06-2012
20110047630METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR TAMPER PROOFING A SYSTEM OF INTERCONNECTED ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A method and system for tamper proofing a system of interconnected electronic devices. The method comprises splitting embedded software of each electronic device into at least two executable parts, a stationary part residing in memory of said each electronic device and a non-stationary part residing in memory of another electronic device.02-24-2011
20120272340SECURING WAKEUP NETWORK EVENTS - In an embodiment, a method is provided. The method of this embodiment provides receiving a packet having a wake-up pattern, and waking up if the wake-up pattern corresponds to one of a number of dynamically modifiable passwords on a pattern wake list, each of the dynamically modifiable passwords being based, at least in part, on a seed value10-25-2012
20100229248AUTOMATIC CONTROL OF A SECURITY PROTECTION MODE OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An automated method and apparatus is provided for deterring unauthorized use or theft of electronic devices, or other sorts of items into which a tracking device has been installed, particularly those in a distribution channel. The automated method is performed by a computer system of a monitoring center, and comprises the steps of: receiving a call over a network from the electronic device, said call initiated by an agent installed on the electronic device, said agent including functionality for tracking usage of the electronic device and for reporting information regarding said usage to the monitoring center, the agent thereby facilitating recovery of the electronic device when stolen; in response to the call, determining, at least, whether a sale of the electronic device has been reported; and by communication with the agent, causing the electronic device to enter into a state that is dependent, at least, upon the determination of whether a sale of the electronic device has been reported, said state affecting whether the agent reports information to the monitoring center regarding usage of the electronic device.09-09-2010
20120102580Out Of Band Vital Product Data Collection - A vital product data (VPD) system is connected to a network, allowing the VPD system to be accessed for inquiries about VPD. The VPD system includes a baseboard management controller (BMC), a VPD cache, a platform initialization system and a tamper detection switch. The BMC communicates with the tamper detection switch and sets a VPD flag to false when tampering is detected. Queries to the BMC through the network for VPD are then held pending and the VPD cache refreshed with a no-boot power on, using the platform initialization system to collect the new VPD capturing the nature of any modifications after tampering.04-26-2012
20130024952Detecting a Security Breach of an Electronic Device - A system and method for detecting a security breach of an electronic device are provided. The system includes a sensor assembly having at least one IR LED which outputs IR light, and an IR sensor which detects the IR light output by the IR LED and outputs corresponding IR detection signals. The system further includes a processor which generates an IR profile of an interior of the enclosure with reference to the IR detection signals output by the IR sensor. The processor determines that there has been a security breach of the enclosure at least in response to detecting IR activity in the enclosure from the IR detection signals that does not correspond to the IR profile. Output signals from a various other sensors may be used to confirm whether the security breach has occurred.01-24-2013
20080250509Write Protection For Memory Devices - Provided is a method for implementing write protection for a non-volatile rewritable memory device, such as a hard disk drive or flash memory module. A write protect command including a first write protect limit address is received, and the first write protect limit address is stored in a register, if it is within an accessible memory area of a memory device. Any subsequent write access to a write protected area is prevented, the write protected area being defined by the first write protect limit address. Associated devices, modules, and systems are also provided.10-09-2008
20130179996IIMPLEMENTING DATA THEFT PREVENTION - A method and circuit for implementing data theft prevention, and a design structure on which the subject circuit resides are provided. A polymeric resin containing microcapsules surrounds a security card. Each microcapsule contains a conductive material. The conductive material of the microcapsule provides shorting on the security card responsive to the polymer resin and the microcapsule being breached, and a data theft prevention function using the shorting by the conductive material to prevent data theft.07-11-2013
20080216179Computer chassis for improved security and connectivity of secured items - An apparatus for improving the security and connectivity of secured items. Embodiments provide an apparatus for securing items that comprises at least one interface for coupling the secured item to an external system, external device, external component, etc. The item may be coupled to the interface before placing the apparatus in a secured state, where a portion of the interface accessible from the outside of the apparatus provides electrical access to the item when in the secured state. Additionally, embodiments provide movement detection and alert mechanisms to enable the apparatus to detect movement thereof and generate an alert, thereby deterring theft of and/or tampering with the secured item.09-04-2008
20130104252TAMPER DETECTION COUNTERMEASURES TO DETER PHYSICAL ATTACK ON A SECURITY ASIC - Various embodiments of the present invention relates generally to an integrated circuit, and more particularly, to systems, devices and methods of incorporating a tamper detection countermeasure into a security ASIC to deter physical attacks. The tamper detection countermeasure architects an active mesh to cover a sensitive area in the security ASIC. A plurality of time-varying random numbers is generated by a random number generator (RNG), and the active mesh is driven and configured according to these random numbers. During tamper detection cycles, the active mesh is monitored with respect to the plurality of random numbers that is directly provided by the RNG. Upon a tampering attempt, a flag signal is generated and used to initialize subsequent anti-tampering actions. The active mesh may be controlled and monitored based on time-varying codes, and therefore, an adversary may not easily bypass the active mesh and attack the sensitive area.04-25-2013
20130125251Mobile Device Peripherals Management System and Multi-Data Stream Technology (MdS) - A device and system for management of and access to externally connected peripheral devices by mobile devices. User and/or application data on a mobile device is sent to externally connected peripheral devices. External peripheral devices includes, but are not limited to, printers, scanners, displays, audio interfaces, speakers, network adapters, storage drives, hard drives, and the like. An end user mobile device application interface is installed as an application on a mobile device. Data may be sent directly to a peripheral device, or to a peripherals aggregation device, which may be active or passive.05-16-2013
20130125250ANTI-TAMPER DEVICE FOR INTEGRATED CIRCUITS - An anti-tamper device (05-16-2013
20130139272Resource-Type Weighting of Use Rights - Resource-type weighting is used in evaluating the use-rights associated with hardware resources.05-30-2013
20130091589MULTI-DOMAIN SECURE COMPUTER SYSTEM - Disclosed is a hardware based secure multi-level security computing system system. The system comprises a chassis enclosing multiple separate, secure computer devices or domains, each within an electromagnetic shielding Faraday cage. The chassis structure includes internal electromagnetic shields and other features to prevent cross domain electromagnetic interference or compromising emanations. The chassis may be the size of a standard computer tower. The computer devices or domains may be configured for handling information of different classification levels. Optionally, each of the computer devices may operate on significantly less power than a standard computer. Preferably, each computer operates on no more than 50 Watts of power, more preferably on less than 35 Watts of power.04-11-2013
20120284808PROTECTION OF A NON-VOLATILE MEMORY BY CHANGE OF INSTRUCTIONS - A method for protecting a volatile memory against a virus, wherein: rights of writing, reading, or execution are assigned to certain areas of the memory; and a first list of opcodes authorized or forbidden as a content of the areas is associated with each of these areas.11-08-2012
20130160149ENCRYPTION KEYPAD CAPABLE OF PREVENTING ILLEGAL DISASSEMBLY - An enhanced encryption keypad (06-20-2013
20110289603ANTI-KEYLOG EDITOR - Various embodiments for protecting keyboard data inputted by a user in a computer having a keyboard hardware are disclosed. According to one exemplary embodiment, a method for protecting keyboard data, where the keyboard hardware comprises an I/O port having an input buffer and an output buffer, includes: receiving scan code data based on keyboard data inputted by the user, wherein the scan code data are latched in the output buffer of the I/O port; executing an interrupt routine to fetch the scan code data from the output buffer to a CPU of the computer, wherein the latched scan code data remains in the output buffer after the latched scan code data are read from the output buffer; transmitting a control command to the keyboard hardware through the input buffer of the I/O port; and receiving from the keyboard hardware a response signal generated in response to the control command, wherein the keyboard hardware is configured to transmit the response signal to the output buffer of the I/O port.11-24-2011
20120030775DETECTING COUNTERFEIT ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS USING EMI TELEMETRIC FINGERPRINTS - One embodiment of the present invention provides a system that non-intrusively detects counterfeit components in a target computer system. During operation, the system collects target electromagnetic interference (EMI) signals generated by the target computer system using one or more antennas positioned in close proximity to the target computer system. The system then generates a target EMI fingerprint for the target computer system from the target EMI signals. Next, the system compares the target EMI fingerprint against a reference EMI fingerprint to determine whether the target computer system contains a counterfeit component.02-02-2012
20130198873CHIP AUTHENTICATION USING SCAN CHAINS - Methods and systems for generating a circuit identification number include determining a propagation time delay across a scan chain of known length; comparing the propagation time delay to a threshold associated with the scan chain length; storing an identifier bit based on the result of the comparison; repeating the steps of determining, comparing, and storing until a number of stored identifier bits reaches a threshold number; and outputting the stored identifier bits.08-01-2013
20120036586Reclaim my lost computer - If this invention is granted and allowed to be brought to market there will finally be a method by which a lost or stolen computer will have a very high degree of probability that it will be returned to its rightful owner in good working order. In the near future I think it will destroy the market for all stolen computers.02-09-2012
20130212713METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING BACKEND SUPPORT FOR DEVICE CONTROL IN RISK CONDITIONS - An approach is provided for providing backend support for device control in risk conditions. A device control support platform determines one or more computational chains consisting of one or more computation closures for managing one or more risk conditions associated with at least one device. The device control support platform further causes a projection, a distribution, or a combination thereof of the one or more computational chains, the one or more computation closures, or a combination thereof to one or more other devices. The device control support platform also causes an execution of at least a portion of the one or more computational chains, the one or more computational closures, or a combination thereof to cause an initiation of at least one computational broker at the at least one device for managing the one or more risk condition.08-15-2013
20130212714Information Management System And Device - The present invention relates to an information management system, and in particular to a portable information management device. The device includes a housing having a first surface and a second surface, said first and second surfaces securely enclosing electronic componentry of the device, wherein the electronic componentry includes: a data storage device for storing information about a person or asset; and a processor for transferring the information from the data storage device to an external device via a communication means, wherein the communication means includes: an antenna to allow contactless transfer of the information; and an input/output interface to allow transfer of the information via physical means.08-15-2013

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