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20120204256Method for Inputting Usernames and Passwords to Access or Use Different Assets - A method for imputing different usernames and passwords using an input device with a display to use different protected assets that requires the inputting of a preselected username into a username enter box and the inputting of a preselected password into a password entry box immediately prior to use. The method includes the steps of designating two or more username keys on said input device, each said username key being assigned with a unique letter or number located on said input device and to a unique username made of a plurality of alpha-number characters, designating two or more password keys on the input device each being assigned with a letter or number located on said input device and to a unique password made of a plurality of alpha-number characters. Next the protected asset is then accessed and the username key and keyword key assigned to the asset is imputed.08-09-2012
20120204255MOBILE PLATFORM SECURITY APPARATUS AND METHOD - A mobile platform security apparatus and method is provided. The apparatus may perform a security setting by generating a first authentication key, a second authentication key, and a third authentication key for each function called by an application program. The apparatus may store the first authentication key and an identifier for identifying the application program in a first storage unit, the second authentication key and the identifier in a secret domain of a second storage unit, and register the third authentication key and the identifier as a function parameter in the application program. Subsequently, if the function is called by the application program, the apparatus may determine values for the first authentication key, the second authentication key, and the third authentication key corresponding to the called function, and may perform authentication processing using the three authentication key values.08-09-2012
20090193516ONE TIME PASSWORD INQUIRY METHOD AND TOKEN - The invention relates to a one time password inquiry method, including steps of triggering a one time password token, determining whether the trigger is a generation or an inquiry operation, if it is an inquiry operation, inquiring and displaying the latest generated password; otherwise, generating a one time password. Meanwhile, the invention also provides a one time password token with inquiry function, including a trigger module, a determining module, a one time password generating module, a storage module, a display module and an inquiry module. By adding inquiry function, the token meets the need for a user to inquiry a one time password, eliminates the asynchronous problem between the token and a server, and lowers power loss taken by the token.07-30-2009
20100115607SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DEVICE SECURITY WITH A PLURALITY OF AUTHENTICATION MODES - A security processing element stores authentication data corresponding to a plurality of possible authentication modes. At a time of activation, the security processing element randomly selects one of the authentication modes for presentation to the user. The user must successfully enter data corresponding to the randomly selected authentication mode. In an alternative embodiment, the security processing element can randomly select a plurality of authentication modes that are sequentially presented to the user. The user must successfully respond to each of the plurality of requested authentication modes. In another embodiment, for high security communications, the security processing element may select from a subset of authentication modes that are considered to be more robust. Conversely, the security processing element may select from a subset of randomly presented authentication modes that are considered less robust when used in a low security setting.05-06-2010
20130086672SECURITY METHOD OF A PORTABLE DEVICE - An application program of the portable device receives a command of an owner when the portable device is powered on. The application program notifies a basic input/output system to set a protection variable, and notifies the owner to set a password in a setup menu of the basic input/output system after the application program receives the command of the owner. A keyboard controller turns off the portable device to enable the protection variable after the basic input/output system sets the protection variable and the setup menu of the basic input/output system stores the password. After the protection variable is enabled, whenever the portable device is powered on, the basic input/output system checks a password inputted to the portable device at least once and the basic input/output system executes a corresponding operation according to a check result.04-04-2013
20130042318Authentication System and Method Using Arrays - The present invention relates to a user authentication system and in particular to a method and system in which the user has to apply a transformation which can be an ArrayCard consists of transparent and/or opaque cells of Physical (static/electronic) or Virtual form or it can be a form of secret remembered which needs to be applied on an array of cells to arrive at a unique One-Time-SecretCode for each authentication request along with a sequence of cells/positions (pattern) in an array as a secret pattern. First, user undergoes registration phase to get authenticated to access the application. While registering user applies a transformation on the array of cells displayed on user terminal and registers a pattern by selecting the corresponding symbols from the resultant array. Once user gets registered, then he can access the application by authenticating himself to the system. At the authentication phase, user has to apply the transformation on the array of cells displayed and enter the symbols from the resultant array as One-Time-SecretCode by recollecting his own secret pattern. This user entered One-Time-SecretCode will be checked by the system and if found genuine, access will be granted or else access will be denied.02-14-2013
20100107241SECURE CACHING OF SERVER CREDENTIALS - A credential caching system includes receiving a set of authentication credentials, storing the set of authentication credentials in a credential cache memory, wherein the credential cache memory is coupled with a management controller, and supplying the set of authentication credentials for automatic authentication during a reset or reboot. In the event of a security breach, the credential caching system clears the set of authentication credentials from the credential cache memory so that the set of authentication credentials may no longer be used for a reset or reboot.04-29-2010
20090328198SECURE PASSWORD ORGANIZER - A computer-readable stored median has stored thereupon a program for performing a method of generating, storing, accessing, retrieving and displaying a plurality of records such as in an electronic device. The electronic device may include a data entry mechanism and a keyboard and may further include a processor, a memory, and a display. The method compromises the steps of generating and saving a master passcode in the memory and generating a record such as an account identification, a user ID and a password, and saving the record in the memory. The method further comprises the steps of generating a user ID for storage in the memory and generating and storing the password corresponding to the user ID in the memory. Access to the memory is provided by entering the master passcode for retrieval of the records.12-31-2009
20090328197USER VALIDATION USING IMAGES - A method of validating a user, includes: —storing for a user data representative of a validation code for the user including a combination of symbols from a set of symbols; presenting a displayed image including a plurality of designatable areas in which the set of symbols is distributed between said designatable areas such that each designatable area contains a plurality of the symbols; varying the image between subsequent presentations such that the distribution of symbols between the designatable areas changes between subsequent presentations, validating a user in an validation routine by detecting designation by a user of a combination of the designatable areas in a presented image, and determining whether the combination of designated designatable areas contains the combination of symbols making up the validation code for the user.12-31-2009
20090307767Authentication system and method - An authentication system includes a user terminal to perform authentication based on a password corresponding to a seed number generated in accordance with a predefined rule. The system further includes a password issuance apparatus to issue the password in response to reception of a request message including the seed number.12-10-2009
20130074180USER CERTIFICATION IN A STRUCTURE DESIGN, ANALYSIS, AND IMPLEMENTATION SYSTEM - A computer-implemented subsystem and method is disclosed for receiving user qualification data, comparing that data to certification criteria, and providing user certification according thereto, in the context of a system for designing a structure. A variety of users may be certified, including architects, designers, component and service providers, permitting authorities, builders, financers, future tenants, etc. A wide variety of certifications may be provided including by trade, by attributes of the structure, by intended use of the design system, etc. Certification may be based on general experience, references, time spent with the design system, training completed, examination passed, other certifications, etc. Certification may be stand-alone or may be part of an ongoing continuing education process. The design system may limit actions a user may perform on a design based on certification and certification level. Certified users may be connected with clients and other opportunities through the design system or otherwise.03-21-2013
20130074179SINGLE SIGN-ON FOR REMOTE DESKTOPS - A mechanism is provided for automatically logging into a cloud based system that does not accept token log-on credentials generated by a single sign-on service. In an embodiment, a one-time password is automatically generated and persisted. The generated password is used to log in automatically to a cloud based system that does not accept tokens generated by the web-ID providers and for connecting to other services. Examples of such systems may include Windows, Linux, and iOS.03-21-2013
20130061317SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ACCESS CONTROL IN A PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method of access control in an electronic device includes monitoring for input at the electronic device, for each input determined to be one of a plurality of predefined gestures including gestures from a touch-sensitive input device or from a movement sensor, mapping the input to a respective Unicode character and adding the respective Unicode character to a passcode to provide an entered passcode, comparing the entered passcode to a stored passcode, and changing an access state at the electronic device if the entered passcode matches the stored passcode.03-07-2013
20130061316Capability Access Management for Processes - Capability access management techniques for processes are described. In one or more implementations, a token is formed having one or more security identifiers that reference capabilities described in a manifest for the executable code responsive to an input received to initiate execution of executable code installed on the computing device. The one or more processes formed through execution of the executable code on the computing device are associated with the token, the token usable to manage access of the one or more processes to the capabilities of the computing device.03-07-2013
20090055923Operation system login method and electronic device using the same - An operating system login method and an electronic device using the same are provided. The operating system login method comprises the following steps. Firstly, a facial characteristic of a user is captured. Next, whether the facial characteristic of the user is stored in a database is determined. If the facial characteristic is stored in the database, then a login user's account number and password are automatically read from the database. Then, whether the login user's account number and password pass verification is determined. If the user's account number and password pass verification, then the user is allowed to login the operating system.02-26-2009
20130185788TRAVERSAL OF A SOFT BAR TO UNLOCK AN APPLICATION - Illustrated is a system and method to receiving input at a soft bar, the input received at a middle position on the soft bar equal distance from a first position and a second position on the soft bar. The system and method also including a traversing of the soft bar from the middle position to one of the first or second position, using the input, a plurality of times to generate a candidate password, each traversal to generate a position value that is part of the candidate password. Further, the system and method to include unlocking a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for use, the unlocking to occur where the candidate password is equivalent to a stored password.07-18-2013
20090049542METHOD OF SOFTWARE DISTRIBUTION VIA THE INTERNET - In one general aspect there is provided a method for distributing software. The method comprising (a) a software user creating a user profile which includes one or more types of biometric data; (b) providing the biometric data to a software distributor; (c) obtaining the software; and (d) utilizing the software on the user's computer having a biometric sensing device that senses or measures a biometric parameter of the user useful for creating biometric data, wherein utilizing the software causes the activation of a verification program or function that compares the sensed or measured biometric data to the biometric data in the user profile. In another aspect, the invention relates to a method of handicapping two or more players of a game of skill, wherein the players are of varying skill levels. Also provided are methods of ranking players according to skill level and generating a professional gaming league based on skill level. Also provided is a system and an apparatus for verifying the identity of a user in a game of skill.02-19-2009
20090019540Password protection - An authentication system, including a pattern module to provide a pattern, a function module to provide a one-way function having a plurality of input and output values, a function processor to find one of the input values for the one-way function such that a corresponding one of the output values has the pattern, a password module to provide the one input value as a password for use in password authentication against the one output value, the one output value being a check value having a length, a compression module to determine a storage value such that: the check value can be reconstructed from the storage value and the pattern, and the storage value has a length which is shorter than the length of the check value, and a storage module to store the storage value in a storage medium for later retrieval. Related apparatus and methods are also included.01-15-2009
20090013402METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING A SECURE LOGIN SOLUTION USING ONE-TIME PASSWORDS - A method and system for a secure login solution for users logging into computers and systems that require authentication is provided incorporating one-time passwords. The method and system allows a user to establish a login key combination in relation to a login key structure. The login key combination is in association with an identification means, such as a username/ID, and allows the user to generate a one-time passcode in response to a random login key. The method and system is directed at situations where the user desires to log into a system from a computer or other electronic device that may not be secure, including for example from computers or devices other than the user's own and/or by using a communications connection that may not be secure, such as a wireless network connection. The method and system is simple and easy to implement and does not require the use of physical devices.01-08-2009
20130167223METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR SECURING A SOFTWARE APPLICATION ON A MOBILE DEVICE - A method of securing a software application on a mobile device is described. The method includes configuring the mobile device with a management server to allow the mobile device to communicate wirelessly over a wireless network. A listing of applications is transmitted to the management server over the wireless network. The management server generates user credentials data to associate at least one user with an authorization to access at least one application residing on the mobile device. The management server transmits the user credentials data to the mobile device over the wireless network. The mobile device accesses the user credentials data when a user attempts to access the software application on the mobile device. The user is permitted to execute the software application when the user credentials data indicates that the user is authorized to access the software application.06-27-2013
20130167224LOCK FUNCTION HANDLING FOR INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICES - Embodiments relate to a method, program product and an information processing device for handling lock functions. The device includes a lock function for restricting user operations and a lock setting unit responsive to the lock function for transitioning the information processing device to a locked state after a period of inactivity. It also includes a lock releasing unit responsive to the lock setting unit for releasing the locked state in response to the input of a predetermined first password and a changing unit responsive to the lock releasing unit for changing the number of characters to be inputted in the first password to release the locked state.06-27-2013
20110283353Method and a device for generating a secret value - A device and a method for graphical passwords. A device displays an initial image comprising a plurality of graphical elements, each graphical element having at least two variants; receives user input to select a variant of a number of the graphical elements, thereby generating a modified image; and generates the secret value from at least the selected variants of the graphical elements. The graphical elements are advantageously seamlessly integrated in the images, thereby making the system resistant to shoulder surfing attacks.11-17-2011
20090193517IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE PROCESSING SYSTEM - An image processing apparatus capable of managing easily secret information even with detachably attaching an external memorizing device, includes an ID (plug and play ID) retrieving unit for retrieving ID from the connected memory, a user information storing unit for storing user information, an active memory information storing unit for storing the retrieved ID with corresponding to the respective users, a memory use judging unit for judging as to whether the memory is usable based on the ID retrieved from the connected memory and on the ID stored in the active memory information storing unit, and a data writing controlling unit for writing data to the memory judged as usable.07-30-2009
20090320126INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - An information processing apparatus sets positional relationship information indicating positional relationship between a designated position, which is to be designated on a screen by a user in a case where a plurality of images inclusive of the pass image are displayed on the screen at the time of authentication, and a display position of the pass image (S12-24-2009
20080216170Password strength checking method and appartatus and program and recording medium thereof, password creation assisting method and program thereof, and password creating method and program thereof - A password strength checking method includes operations of inputting a password to be checked, generating a plaintext password candidate according to the same generation procedure as that used by a password guessing tool, determining whether or not the inputted password and the generated password candidate match each other, directing generation of the next password candidate when the match is not determined, determining strength of the inputted password based on the number of the generated password candidates when the match is determined, and outputting information of the determined password strength.09-04-2008
20090150991PASSWORD GENERATION - A device, method and system for authentication by a user are disclosed herein. The exemplary method may authenticate a user password entered by a user. User specific attributes may be accessed and used to produce a generated password. The generated password may be produced using an algorithm and the user attributes. The generated password may be used to log onto a resource for the user.06-11-2009
20100125907UPnP CDS USER PROFILE - In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a hierarchy of authentication folders configured in a control directory server (CDS) of a Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) network, a personal identification number (PIN) code associated with a user and comprising of identifiers, and non-public media content organized in the CDS to provide selective service to users, where the non-public media content is made accessible to the user when the user is authenticated with a selection of the hierarchy of authentication folders.05-20-2010
20100122340ENTERPRISE PASSWORD RESET - One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for automatically authenticating a user. During operation, the system receives a user's request for authentication. The system then extracts information associated with the user from user-specific information stored in an enterprise computer. The extracted user information does not explicitly relate to a password. The system further generates one or more challenges based on the extracted user information, and receives the user's response to the challenges. Subsequently, the system compares the user's response to the extracted user information, and authenticates the user.05-13-2010
20100088758SECURITY SYSTEM, SECURITY METHOD AND RECORDING MEDIUM STORING SECURITY PROGRAM - A security system to give a user in a specific area use authority based on authentication, and to permit use of the specific area by the use authority. The security system includes an authentication unit to authenticate a user, a position detection unit to detect at least one of a position and move of a user, and a use authority control unit to monitor at least one of a position and move of a user to whom the use authority is given based on the authentication of the authentication unit by a detection output of the position detection unit, and, if a distance between users is equal to or below a predetermined value, to change the use authority which is given to each user.04-08-2010
20100083369METHOD AND APPARATUS PROVIDING A FRAMEWORK FOR SECURE INFORMATION LIFECYCLE - A method, apparatus and computer program product for handling secure information (e.g., a password, an account number, a personal identification number (PIN), a user identifier, an encryption key, and a path where said secure information is stored) is presented. Secure information is stored in a software container. A plurality of representations of the secure information is provided, each of the plurality of representations for use under different conditions. Dependent on the particular condition, at least one of the plurality of representations of the secure information is provided by the container. The container holds the secure information during all stages of processing in a manner that prevents unauthorized parties from gaining access to the secret in clear form.04-01-2010
20100083368THUMB DRIVE GUEST USER - A method and system for managing a computer user, comprising initiating a user session for the computer user based on user data stored in one partition on a removable computer readable medium. The user data is associated with a user ID, and the user ID is stored on a second partition of the removable computer readable medium. The user ID is used to identify the user data to the computer user. The computer user is authenticated as being associated with the user data based in part on the user ID. Also described is an article of manufacture for creating a partition on a removable computer readable medium for storing user data and associating it with a second partition storing an associated user ID on the removable computer readable medium.04-01-2010
20090089875LOCAL VERIFICATION OF TRUSTED DISPLAY BASED ON REMOTE SERVER VERIFICATION - In a system with a main memory, a network adapter, and a display, a transaction security module in communication with the network adapter. The transaction security module acts to: establish a secure identification item with an entity which positively identifies the entity; accept an application OS of the entity; and initiate a guest OS with the entity; the network adapter acting to connect with the entity subsequent to initiation of a guest OS; and the display acting to display the secure identification item subsequent to connection with the entity.04-02-2009
20080244733Information management system, information management method, and computer program product - An information management system includes a management terminal, and a production base terminal, an installation terminal, a recycling base terminal or a reproduction base terminal connected to the management terminal via a network. Upon receipt of product information and recording medium information from the production base terminal and the customer information from the installation base terminal, the management terminal stores therein the information, and selects a recycling base or a reproduction base based on the information. The management terminal transmits at least one of the product information and the recording medium information to the recycling base terminal or the reproduction base terminal.10-02-2008
20080235788HAPTIC-BASED GRAPHICAL PASSWORD - A system and method of generating a graphical password is provided. User input into from input device is acquired based upon a grid point of a two dimensional grid mapped to the input device. A haptic input state of a haptic input device is acquired when the grid point when selected by the user. A tuple is generated based upon positional coordinates of the input device at the grid point and a value associated with the haptic input state of the haptic input device. A password can then be generated comprising multiple tuples.09-25-2008
20090049543METHOD FOR BOOTING AND PROTECTING DATA IN HARD DISK OF COMPUTER SYSTEM AND MODULE FOR PROTECTING DATA THEREOF - A method for protecting data in a hard disk includes the steps of creating a password database in a basic input output system (BIOS) of a computer system and providing a first password column in the password database for a user to set a first password string. When the computer system is booted, a request of inputting a password is sent to the user to continue the booting program of the computer system. When the received password is the first password string, the data in the master boot record of the hard disk is backed up to a storage area, and the data in the master boot record is erased.02-19-2009
20120198546APPARATUS, METHODS, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR ENTERING SECURE PASSWORDS - Apparatus, methods and/or computer program products are provided that facilitate entering secure passwords into a user device. A user requested image is displayed via a display or monitor of a user device. The image is zoomable to one or more higher resolution levels beyond an initial display resolution, and the image is displayed at higher resolution levels in response to a user activating a zoom function via the user device. The coordinates of a user selected feature within a displayed higher resolution level image are obtained and translated into a password. The password is then entered into the requesting application.08-02-2012
20090193518Keyboard with Programmable Username and Password Keys and System - A computer input system and method that includes a plurality of username keys and a plurality of password keys that can be selectively programmed by the user. When the user is required to enter a username or password to use the computer, a software program, a file, a network or a website, the user moves the cursor on the display to the proper field and touches one of the pre-programmed username and password keys to automatically input the username and password. The system includes a software program that creates a username and password recording page in which the user enters different usernames and passwords and then assigns them to different username keys and password keys on the keyboard. The system also creates a protected asset menu page that allows the user to list different protected assets and the combination of username and password keys needed to use, open or access them. The keyboard may include a security feature that prevents unauthorized use of the keyboard.07-30-2009
20130219489SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR STORING A PASSWORD RECOVERY SECRET - Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for storing a password recovery secret on a peripheral such as a power adapter by receiving a password recovery secret at the power adapter via an interface with the computing device, and storing the password recovery secret on a memory in the power adapter. The password recovery secret can be recovered by requesting the password recovery secret from the power adapter, wherein the password recovery secret is associated with a computing device, receiving the password recovery secret from the memory of the power adapter, and recovering a password based on the password recovery secret. The power adapter can include an electrical source interface, an electronic device interface, an intermediate module to adapt electricity between the interfaces, a memory, and a memory interface through which a password recovery secret is received for storage in the memory.08-22-2013
20090178135LANGUAGE INDEPENDENT LOGIN METHOD AND SYSTEM - The present invention prevents illegitimate access to a user computing machine. A method in accordance with an embodiment includes: setting an authentication routine in the user computing machine; generating a virtual keyboard on the user computing machine; entering a user identification through the virtual keyboard, the user identification being entered according to a virtual keyboard form factor; comparing the entered user identification with a secure user identification previously stored in the user computing machine; and validating the user access to the user computing machine if a match occurs, otherwise denying access.07-09-2009
20120198545System and Method for Providing Digital Content - A method of electronically displaying glyphs. The method includes receiving a glyph spacing, moving a first glyph toward a second glyph along an axis, identifying an intersection of a first axis coordinate of the first glyph with a second axis coordinate of the second glyph, and moving at least one of the glyphs along the axis to separate the first and second axis coordinates of the respective first and second glyphs by the glyph spacing.08-02-2012
20090199294Managing Password Expiry - A method and apparatus for managing the expiration of a password. In one embodiment, the method comprises determining whether a behavior anomaly associated with an account has occurred. In response to a determination that the behavior anomaly has occurred, the method expires a password associated with the account and forces the password be changed the next time the password is presented for accessing the account.08-06-2009
20090199293METHOD AND SYSTEM OF MANAGING USER ACCESS IN A COMPUTING SYSTEM - A method and system of managing user access in a computing system is provided. The system can include an operations controller in communication with the computing system for managing the commercial transactions of the computing system over the internet, and an access management controller in communication with the operations controller. The access management controller can receive an input comprising user roles and actions associated with the computing system. The access management controller can generate a matrix indicating a relationship between the user roles and the actions. The access management controller can provide the input to the operations controller for implementation of access rules in accordance with the relationship indicated in the matrix. The access management controller can attempt to access in the computing system at least a portion of the user roles and actions after the operations controller has implemented the access rules. The access management controller can compares the attempted access with the relationship indicated in the matrix to determine access discrepancies.08-06-2009
20090199295IMAGE PASSWORD AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM OF PORTABLE ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR THE SAME - The present invention provides an image password authentication system of a portable electronic apparatus and a method for the same. An image with a plurality of image regions is stored in the portable electronic apparatus, and the image regions are selected on a touch panel to generate an authentication parameter. The authentication parameter comprises user-selected image regions, a sequence of user-selected image regions, an elapsed time of selection operation, and requested times of selection operation. The authentication parameter is stored in a database module and is used to verify a validation parameter which is generated when users select the plurality of image regions on the touch panel of the authentication system in operating the portable electronic apparatus. Hence, the image password authentication can be provided to replace the existing number-input or character-input password authentication scheme.08-06-2009
20120079589SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTHENTICATION USING A SHARED TABLE AND SORTING EXPONENTIATION - Disclosed herein are systems, computer-implemented methods, and computer-readable media for authentication using a shared table. The method receives an authentication challenge from a first entity including an accumulator with an initial value, lists of elements in a shared table, and a list of sorting algorithms, each sorting algorithm is associated with one of the lists of elements and modified to include embedded instructions operating on the accumulator. The method then generates a temporary table for each list of elements in the shared table by copying elements from the shared table as indicated in each respective list of elements, each temporary table being associated with one sorting algorithm in the list of sorting algorithms. The method sorts each generated temporary table with the associated sorting algorithm, thereby updating the accumulator with the embedded instructions. Finally, the method transmits the updated accumulator to the first entity for verification.03-29-2012
20090083849SECURITY PROTECTION METHOD AND PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING SAME - A security protection method used in a portable electronic device is provided. The portable electronic device provides an ID table for recording IDs of external electronic devices that are allowed to access the portable electronic device. The method includes: obtaining an ID of an external electronic device when the external electronic device is connected to the portable electronic device; determining whether the obtained ID exists in the ID table; and allowing the connected external electronic device to access the portable electronic device when the obtained ID exists in the ID table. A portable electronic device used the method is also provided.03-26-2009
20090083848PRINTING METHOD - A method and apparatus for printing a data item. The method comprises receiving at a printer a first component of said data item from an external data source; generating a second component of said data item at said printer; and printing said data item by printing said first and second components.03-26-2009
20120096543AD HOC TRUST DELEGATION IN HUMAN BASED WORKFLOW SYSTEMS USING ONE TIME ACCESS KEY - A method of ad hoc trust delegation in human-based workflow systems using one-time access key is provided herein. The method may include the following steps: generating a unique access key to a workflow system in response to a delegation of trust to one or more users; associating the unique access key with a specified portion of a workflow within the workflow system; embedding the unique access key in a message sent to the one or more users; and providing the one or more users with a one-time access to the workflow system, such that the access is limited to the specified portion of the workflow, in response to applying the unique access key to the workflow system.04-19-2012
20120185934METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INPUTTING PASSWORD IN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method inputs a password in an electronic apparatus. In the method, whether an authentication number input request corresponding to a password exists is determined. When the authentication number input request exists, a screen for requiring input of an authentication query number and a corresponding authentication number is displayed. Whether the input authentication number and the input authentication query number match with each other is determined. When they match with each other, relevant approval screen or a relevant function is entered. Since a specific authentication number with respect to a specific authentication query number among a plurality of authentication query numbers is used with a general number or character in a combined manner, a password may be kept safe even when exposed and so use convenience is provided.07-19-2012
20090249477METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING WHETHER A COMPUTER USER IS HUMAN - A method and system for determining whether an online service user is human is provided. In one implementation, the method may include collecting personal information about the online service user, generating a question based on the personal information, communicating the question to the online service user in the form of a CAPTCHA, and receiving a response to the question presented in the CAPTCHA, wherein a correct response is interpreted to mean that the online service user is human. The method and system may also include measuring the response time in answering the question.10-01-2009
20090241185SECURE PASSWORD ENTRY - A method, system, and program defeating unauthorized keystroke logging during password entry are provided. Secure password entry is facilitated by displaying a password prompt comprising a changing stream of random characters, where a particular character within the stream of random characters is displayed at a visibly detectable higher frequency. A user selects a password character by entering input to increment or decrement the particular high frequency character to reach the password character, such that any unauthorized keystroke logging to detect said password is ineffective. Once the user reaches the password character, the user provides another input indicating a selection of the current high frequency character as the password character. Once the user has selected all the characters of the password, the user enters an input indicating the password is complete and the password entry controller then passes the password to the calling layer.09-24-2009
20100162385Method of determining when a computer program password is under attack - Determining the onset of a computer password attack by counting the total number of characters and the number of wrong characters in the submitted password and comparing these numbers to the correct password. If the total number of characters in the submitted password differs from the number in the correct password, or if the number of wrong characters exceeds the user-defined number allowed, a password attack is declared.06-24-2010
20100180335SELF-PROTECTING STORAGE - A method and apparatus for managing passwords for accessing data in a storage is provided. The method comprises generating and storing a password, generating and providing to the storage a request to access data in response to receiving a first request to access data in the storage, retrieving and providing the password to the storage in response to the request for a password. The apparatus comprises an initialization module and a storage access module. The initialization module is configured to generate and store a password. The storage access module is configured to generate and provide a request to access data in response to receiving a first request to access data in the storage, receive a request for a password, retrieve the password in response to the request for a password, and provide the password to the storage to obtain access to the data in the storage.07-15-2010
20090106833ELECTRONIC APPARATUS WITH PERIPHERAL ACCESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD THEREOF - A method for managing access authorization of peripherals of an electronic apparatus is provided. The method includes the step of: providing a data storage for storing a peripheral registry table which stores hardware IDs of the peripherals; reading the hardware ID of the peripheral when the peripheral is connected to the electronic apparatus; determining whether the hardware ID is recorded in the peripheral registry table; activating an access of the peripheral when the hardware ID is recorded in the peripheral registry table; and registering the hardware ID of the peripheral into the peripheral registry table when the hardware ID is not recorded in the peripheral registry table.04-23-2009
20100251358ELECTRONIC DEVICE, UNLOCKING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - There is provided an electronic device capable of automatically unlocking a lock of an external storage device using a password without adding a function to the external storage device. An electronic device 09-30-2010
20100125906RESETTING A FORGOTTEN PASSWORD USING THE PASSWORD ITSELF AS AUTHENTICATION - One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for resetting a user's forgotten password. During operation, the system receives a user's request for resetting the user's forgotten password and derives one or more challenges from the user's forgotten password. The system then presents the derived challenges to the user and receives a response from the user to the challenges. The system further compares the user's response to the one or more challenges with the user's forgotten password, thereby facilitating password resetting.05-20-2010
20090210938Utilizing Previous Password to Determine Authenticity to Enable Speedier User Access - Illustrative embodiments provide a computer implemented method, a data processing system, and a computer program product for previous password based authentication. In one illustrative embodiment, the computer implemented method comprises obtaining a combination of an identifier and a password and determining whether the password is current and correct. The computer implemented method responsive to determining the password is other than current and correct, prompting for an old password and determining whether the old password matches a previous password. Responsive to the old password matching a previous password, thereby creating a password match, permitting access to a resource.08-20-2009
20080282343Digital Rights Management Using Biometric Data - Present inventions relates to a method of digital rights management for content data, comprising the steps of: obtaining (11-13-2008
20090113543AUTHENTICATION CERTIFICATE MANAGEMENT FOR ACCESS TO A WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A system and method for authenticating a user to a user device using one or more-factor authentication with a certificate are provided. The status of the certificate is stored at the user device such that the stored status is queried during the authentication process. The status is updated as a background operation on the user device on a periodic basis. In the event that the user device fails to obtain updated status information, further status update requests are issued by the user device at varying time intervals until a response is received. In the event that the user is authenticated to the device but the certificate is subsequently revoked, access to all or a subset of user data and functions on the user device may be restricted.04-30-2009
20080276312COMPUTER READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM STORING SOFTWARE EXECUTION CONTROL PROGRAM, SOFTWARE EXECUTION CONTROL METHOD AND SOFTWARE EXECUTION CONTROL SYSTEM - A character string indicating a date obtained from a calendar clock is combined with a fixed-value character string held internally to generate a hash character string using a hash function. The hash character string is compared with an input character string. When there is a match, the body portion of an application software is executed. When there is no match, a process is terminated without executing the body portion of the application software.11-06-2008
20100299745LOCKING AND RESETTING LOCK KEY OF COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A device, such as a mobile phone, may include a memory to store a device-lock pass code. A processor in the device may compare the device-lock pass code stored in the memory to a device-lock pass code entered by a user to determine whether the entered device-lock pass code is correct. The processor may disallow use of the device when the entered device-lock pass code is not correct. The processor may reset the device-lock pass code stored in the memory when an entered unblock pass code is correct. Whether the unlock pass code is correct or not may be based on a comparison of the unblock pass code entered by the user to an unblock pass code associated with a removable identity module. In one embodiment, the memory in the device may include a boot module and an operating system. The memory may also include a memory area that stores the device-lock pass code. In one embodiment, the memory area is not accessible by the boot module, but may be accessed by the operating system.11-25-2010
20110010770SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PERFORMING KEY INJECTION TO DEVICES - A key injection service module for an asset management system is provided for a secure means of injecting keys into products. To provide this service, a controller is used to define one or more key types defining the format of the keys in a file. The controller is then used to define a product model, and then to bind each key type to the product models.01-13-2011
20100333195PASSWORD PROTECTION SYSTEM - A password registering method used in an electronic device includes displaying one visual dial on a touch screen of the electronic device; recording rotation parameters of the visual dial rotated by a user, and generating input information according to the rotation parameters; and registering the password according to the generated input information the user's confirming the rotation operation.12-30-2010
20090064317DATA PROTECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD THEREOF - An exemplary data protection system includes a storage module, an input module, and a logistic module. The storage module is configured for storing data and a preset password. The input module is configured for inputting a password. The logistic module is configured for comparing the input password with the preset password. If the input password is identical to the preset password, the data stored in the storage module is set to accessible. When operations of accessing to data are finished, the data is blocked from accessing.03-05-2009
20090064316Method and Apparatus for Enhancing Information Security in a Computer System - A method of enhancing information security in a computer system comprises receiving an input signal, reading a starting password, comparing the input signal with the starting password for generating a comparison result, and controlling an operating status of a basic input and output system of the computer system according to the comparison result.03-05-2009
20100031343USER POLICY MANAGEABLE STRENGTH-BASED PASSWORD AGING - Password aging based on the strength of the password provides an incentive for users to generate and/or memorize more complex passwords. The strength of the password is computed from a formula that relates the length of the password and the types of characters contained in the password to a strength value, which can be performed using a lookup table having values for different characteristics of the password, determining partial strength values corresponding to the ranges in which the characteristics fall, and then adding the partial strength values. Alternatively, a separate password strength application may be used to provide the strength value, which is entered by the user or administrator generating a new password. Alternatively, the password may be generated based on a specified desired expiration period, with the strength computation performed to ensure that the strength is sufficient to merit the desired expiration period.02-04-2010
20090217373ACTIVE VERIFICATION OF BOOT FIRMWARE - Techniques are described for generating and actively verifying a boot code associated with a peripheral device of a computer system to prevent potential security threats the boot code may introduce into the computer system. The techniques for generating boot code entail generating the boot code from a high-level programming language using a verification application program interface (API). The API aids in generating a certificate, which is associated with the boot code in that the certificate describes operation of the boot code. After generating the boot code and associated certificate, the two are loaded onto a memory module of the peripheral device. Once the peripheral device is connected to the computer system, the computer system may retrieve the boot code and certificate. The computer system utilizes techniques to actively verify the boot code by performing a security check on the boot code in accordance with the associated certificate. Finally, the computer system executes the boot code based on a result of the security check.08-27-2009
20110078786Providing a User Input Interface Prior to Initiation of an Operating System - A processor-based system, including systems without keyboards, may receive user inputs prior to booting. This may done using the graphics controller to generate a window which allows the user to input information. The system firmware may then compare any user inputs, such as passwords, and may determine whether or not to actually initiate system booting.03-31-2011
20110072510APPARATUS, METHODS, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR ENTERING SECURE PASSWORDS - Apparatus, methods and/or computer program products are provided that facilitate entering secure passwords into a user device. A user requested image is displayed via a display or monitor of a user device. The image is zoomable to one or more higher resolution levels beyond an initial display resolution, and the image is displayed at higher resolution levels in response to a user activating a zoom function via the user device. The coordinates of a user selected feature within a displayed higher resolution level image are obtained and translated into a password. The password is then entered into the requesting application.03-24-2011
20120204254METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANAGING SECURITY STATE TRANSITIONS - A method and apparatus for managing security state transitions within a device is provided herein. During operation a security token will indicate whether or not a device is operating in a secured or unsecured state. The security token controls whether or not image validation will take place and if access to security critical resources is allowed. When a switch to a non secure state is made, the security token will be eliminated and blocked from recreation in the non-secure state, thus preventing non-secure code from spoofing a secure state indication. In the non-secure state, image validation is bypassed and the non-secure code is allowed to execute. Once a switch back to a secure state takes place, the secure token is recreated and all images on the device are analyzed to determine if they are approved.08-09-2012
20110162066PASSWORD PROCESSING METHOD AND APPARATUS - A password processing method is provided. According to an embodiment, an object is displayed, and moved in at least one direction according to the user's motion. The password is processed in accordance with a combination of motions of the object in the at least one direction.06-30-2011
20090241184METHOD FOR GENERATING ACCESS DATA FOR A MEDICAL DEVICE - A method for generating an access code to a medical device including a memory for patient data, the access code being valid only once. According to the method, a query key is generated from a device-internal identification and is transmitted to an authorization entity. The authorization entity generates an associated release key from the query key. The release key grants access and modifies the internal identification when the release key is entered into the device such that the access code cannot be used a second time.09-24-2009
20090222909Password Management Outside of a Bios - In accordance with at least one presently preferred embodiment of the present invention, there is broadly contemplated herein the managing of a POP not solely in the BIOS but at least partly in a more secure location. In accordance with a particularly preferred embodiment of the present invention, this location could be in a NVRAM (non-volatile random access memory) inside a TPM (trusted platform module). Most preferably, this location will contain code that the BIOS preferably will need to access and employ in order to complete the booting of the system.09-03-2009
20090222908Device for Transmission of Stored Password Information Through a Standard Computer Input Interface - A novel password management device is interposed between a computer and a conventional computer input device such as a keyboard. Passwords are defined at the input device, stored in a preferably encrypted password vault and forwarded to a secure application. When the user is prompted for a password, the device retrieves the password from the vault and provides it to the computer in a manner indistinguishable from conventional data traffic, mitigating the likelihood that the innocuous data stream will be monitored to recover the password. The transmission of a password is push technology and may be enhanced by a gating feature. Automatic password retrieval from the vault is convenient to the user, particularly if the device automatically generates random passwords. No software is installed on the computer; the device is operating system, application and platform independent. The device may be integrated within the input device or within the computer itself.09-03-2009
20080313731SELF-SERVICE CREDENTIAL MANAGEMENT - A self-service system and method for credential reset permits an administrator to customize policies for credential reset based on any user or group of users. Administrators may choose to set a more stringent policy for credential reset for users or groups that have higher-level permissions to access sensitive information within the resource protected by the credential. Customizable, plug-in gates are provided to permit administrators fine grained control over reset policy definition. When the user initiates a credential reset, the reset policy applicable to that user is invoked, and the user is presented with gates to pass pursuant to the applicable reset policy. The user's responses are compared to responses presented by the user at registration. If the responses meet the reset policy's threshold for accuracy, the user is permitted to reset the credential.12-18-2008
20120311698Methods and Systems for Using Derived User Accounts - Methods, systems and articles of manufacture consistent with features of the present invention allow the generation and use of derived user accounts, or DUA, in a computer system comprising user accounts. In particular, derivation rules define how a DUA is linked to or created based on an existing original user account, or OUA. Derivation transformations may also update the state of a DUA based on its corresponding OUA or give feedback from the state of a DUA to the state of its corresponding OUA.12-06-2012
20100115608IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR, AND COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM FOR IMPLEMENTING THE METHOD - An image processing apparatus capable of reducing the frequency of a user's inputting work for authentication information to improve the convenience.05-06-2010
20090300755PROVIDING HINTS WHILE ENTERING PROTECTED INFORMATION - One or more hints can be presented during the entry of protected information. Traditionally, for security reasons, the protected information is displayed as ambiguous characters, hindering the ability to determine if there was an error inputting the information. A hash can be calculated from some or all of the protected information already input, and the resulting hash value can be used to select a hint. The hints can be selected from a relatively small number of easily distinguishable hints, including visual, auditory and sensory hints, or any combination thereof. The hints are not a globally unique identifier of the protected information and can, instead, be used to detect a deviation from the correct entry of the protected information.12-03-2009
20090293117AUTHENTICATION FOR ACCESS TO SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT KIT FOR A PERIPHERAL DEVICE - A set of code for a peripheral device is installed on a host device. The set of code is used to control access to the peripheral device from the host device. The set of code also contains one or more subsets of code that can be used by software entities on the host device for access to the peripheral device. A software entity on a host device must be successfully authenticated with the set of code installed on the host device. Once the software entity is successfully authenticated, the set of code will provide access to the one or more subsets of code specific to the software entity. The one or more subsets of code can be used by the software entity to access the peripheral device.11-26-2009
20100031344TOUCH-SCREEN BASED PASSWORD INPUT SYSTEM AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING SAME - An electronic device includes multi-touch screen and a password input system. The multi-touch screen can detect a sequence of user inputs, each of which involves tapping at least one point thereof. The password input system includes a determining unit, a storing unit, an indexing unit, and an outputting unit. The determining unit can count the numbers of touch point(s) of the user inputs. The storing unit stores a character database which includes a collection of numbers of touch point(s) and a collection of corresponding machine-readable characters. The indexing unit can look up matching machine-readable characters for the user inputs in the character database. The outputting unit can output the matching machine-readable characters sequentially as a password.02-04-2010
20100024031System and method for transforming hierarchical objects - A method and apparatus for configuring a device, by receiving or creating a hierarchical object controlling the configuration of the device, deriving a set of commands relevant to the hierarchical object, receiving a string from a command line interface, parsing the siring into a command in accordance with the relevant set of commands, and executing the command thus manipulating the hierarchical object.01-28-2010
20100024030RESTARTABLE TRANSFORMATION AUTOMATON - Data transformation is lazily performed to facilitate reduced memory footprint, among other things. Rather than constituting an entire data structure, information is saved to enable iterative construction the structure. Moreover, an interface is afforded that appears to operate over a fully resolved structure but which is implemented on top of a restartable transformation mechanism that computes values in response to requests. These computed values could also be released based on one or more configurable policies.01-28-2010
20100017874METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR LOCATION-AWARE AUTHORIZATION - A method and system for controlling access to a module based on spatial location of the module is provided. One implementation involves detecting spatial location of the module, accessing a set of rules indicating locations where access to the module is not authorized, and controlling access to the module based on the detected location by checking the detected location against the set of rules, and denying access to the module when the detected location is within locations where access to the module is not authorized.01-21-2010
20090172808ACCESS CONTROL DEVICE - An object of the invention is to provide an access control apparatus for lessening the occasions of invading a place where no entry is permitted without setting any separate access condition for a temporary user of a visitor, etc., in a room entering and leaving management apparatus using personal identification information of an IC card, etc.07-02-2009
20120060213Orderly Change Between New And Old Passwords - A processor stores a current password in a current password storage area, which results in committing the current password as a valid password. In turn, the processor initiates a password change interval that indicates a required point at which to change the current password. The processor also stores a future password in a future password storage area, which activates the future password. Activating the future password allows a user to login using the future password, but is independent of the password change interval (e.g., does not reset the password change interval). The processor subsequently receives a login request from a user that includes a login password, and determines that the login password matches the future password. As a result, the processor authorizes the user in response to determining that the login password matches the future password.03-08-2012
20120047574TERMINAL AND METHOD FOR RECOGNIZING MULTI USER INPUT - A terminal includes an input unit to receive input signals of users, a human information detection unit to detect user human information of the users, a user identification unit to identify the users using the user human information, and a control unit to identify the users corresponding to the input signals, and to control the terminal according to the input signals of the identified users. A method for controlling a terminal includes receiving input signals of users, detecting user human information, identifying the user using the user human information, identifying the users corresponding to the received input signals, and controlling the terminal according to the input signals of the identified users.02-23-2012
20120005747SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR STORING A PASSWORD RECOVERY SECRET - Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for storing a password recovery secret on a peripheral such as a power adapter by receiving a password recovery secret at the power adapter via an interface with the computing device, and storing the password recovery secret on a memory in the power adapter. The password recovery secret can be recovered by requesting the password recovery secret from the power adapter, wherein the password recovery secret is associated with a computing device, receiving the password recovery secret from the memory of the power adapter, and recovering a password based on the password recovery secret. The power adapter can include an electrical source interface, an electronic device interface, an intermediate module to adapt electricity between the interfaces, a memory, and a memory interface through which a password recovery secret is received for storage in the memory.01-05-2012
20120159611Central Administration and Abstraction of Licensed Software Features - Systems and techniques are provided to allow for license abstraction by a central licensing server among a set of remote clients. The central server may generate a configuration file that can be pushed to remote clients, to configure the clients to provide desired software features. The licensed features may be distributed among the clients in any combination desired by an administrator.06-21-2012
20120159612System for Storing One or More Passwords in a Secure Element - The present invention involves a system for storing one or more passwords on a portable communication device having a secured element and a user interface, the system comprising memory associated with the secure element; a card management module operably associated with the portable communication device and with the secure element capable of controlling the secured element to facilitate writing to and reading from the memory; a graphical user interface operably connected via the user interface of the portable communication device with the card management module, the graphical user interface providing for input of the one or more passwords into the memory via the card management module and for viewing the one or more passwords so stored in the memory.06-21-2012
20100095371Visual authentication systems and methods - Methods for authenticating a user including presenting a series of images that are solely identifiable by the user, and that are not otherwise capable of being represented or expressed by the user, apart from the recognition thereof. Additionally, methods are provided that include the use of a gradient of morphed images created from a related set of initial images, including facial photos of various emotions that have been morphed into discernable images that are uniquely identifiable by a single user for use in authenticating the identification of that user by a secure system.04-15-2010
20110099626MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PERIPHERAL CONTROL SYSTEM AND MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PERIPHERAL - A multi-functional peripheral control system is composed of an authentication server having a user information management database for storing authentication information corresponding to each user, and that performs user authentication processing with reference to the user information management database, and one or more multi-functional peripherals managed by the authentication server, in which the multi-functional peripheral has a user information management table for storing authentication information corresponding to a user, when being possible to connect to the authentication server, transmits user information to the authentication server to perform authentication processing, and when being impossible to connect to the authentication server, performs alternate authentication with reference to the user information management table, and the multi-functional peripheral includes a user deletion portion for deleting user information that authentication is not permitted by the authentication server from the user information management table.04-28-2011
20110099625TRUSTED PLATFORM MODULE SUPPORTED ONE TIME PASSWORDS - A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) can be utilized to implement One Time Password (OTP) mechanisms. One or more delegation blobs can be created by the TPM and the delegation authentication values of the delegation blobs can be based on the version number of the delegation blobs. A data blob with a protected secret can comprise a pointer to the delegation table of the TPM. The version number can be provided to an authority from which an OTP (a delegation authentication value) can be received. The OTP can be utilized to gain access to the secret and an authentication value of the key blob, which can be utilized to increase the version number of all associated delegation blobs. Policy limitations can be associated with the delegation blobs and can be enforced by policy enforcement mechanisms that can reference the TPM tick counter to enforce temporal policy restrictions.04-28-2011
20090133120PREVENTING TRIVIAL CHARACTER COMBINATIONS - Methods, systems, and products for preventing the selection of trivial character combinations in passwords. Methods may include maintaining a database of trivial patterns representing sequences on the keyboard and independent from the starting point of the sequence. When a new password is proposed a check is done to verify if the pattern of the new password matches with an existing “forbidden” pattern and in such case it is refused by the system. Any number and kind of trivial patterns may be forbidden. The security administrator may choose patterns which should not be permitted.05-21-2009
20120216277USER PROFILE AND USAGE PATTERN BASED USER IDENTIFICATION PREDICTION - Embodiments of the present invention provide method, system and computer program product for user profile and usage pattern based user ID prediction. In accordance with an embodiment of the invention, a user can request a user ID to access a portion of a computing system. One or more characteristics of the user, such as a role or location can be determined and correlated to one or more different additional user ID options. In this regard, the additional user ID options can be a suggested alternative user ID for use by the user commensurate with the role or location of the user, or with past patterns of other users considered similar to the user based upon the characteristics of the user.08-23-2012
20100175127METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MAXIMIZING CAPACITY OF ACCESS CONTROLLERS - A method and apparatus are provided for controlling access to a secure area. The method includes the steps of providing a plurality of user credentials, generating a Boolean equation based upon the plurality of user credentials where the generated Boolean equation provides a predetermined response to each user credential of the plurality of credentials, saving the generated Boolean equation in a memory in place of the user credentials and recognizing a user credential of the plurality of user credentials by reference to the Boolean equation.07-08-2010
20120174211INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE - An information processing device includes a processing unit which performs user authentication. The processing unit includes a setting part that determines setting of operation of a target device using the user authentication. An authentication information setting part determines user authentication information. A password generation part generates a one-time password partially or fully. A transmission part transmits the setting of operation of the target device and the one-time password to the target device.07-05-2012
20100299746PASSWORD PROTECTION SYSTEM - A password registering method used in an electronic device includes generating and outputting indicating information according to at least one program as an indicating command executed to indicate the user to input a password; detecting and outputting first input information, recording a first time value when the first input information is detected; detecting and outputting second input information, recording a second time value when the second input information is detected; recording time period between the first time value and the second time value; generating password information according to the input operations and the time period; and registering the password information as a password to unlock the electronic device. A password protection method for unlocking the electronic device and the electronic device are also provided.11-25-2010
20130174249SECURE LOCK FUNCTION FOR AN ENDPOINT - Disclosed are apparatus and methodology for providing secure control over stored metrology parameters. A random number key is generated and associated with identifiable information such as a serial number associated with a device. The random number and identification information are stored in a database separate and remote from the device. Alteration of the stored metrology parameters are permitted only upon use of the random number as a key to unlock the device.07-04-2013
20120084855SECURE PIN RESET PROCESS - A secure password/Personal Identification Number (PIN) reset process is disclosed. The process involves replacing a transportation password/PIN of a terminal with a user-specific password/PIN. During the replacement, the user-specific password/PIN is bound with a token. The token can then be used to securely reset the password/PIN of the terminal back to the transportation password/PIN if the user-specific password/PIN is forgotten or compromised.04-05-2012
20130174250ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR RESTRICTING ACCESS TO THE ELECTRONIC DEVICE UTILIZING BIOS PASSWORD - A method for restricting access to an electronic device using basic input output system (BIOS) password comprises: generating a first window on a display to receive a first user input in response to a password pre-setting input via an input module; formatting the first user input into American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII); and writing the ASCII into a BIOS chip as the preset password. The electronic device is also provided.07-04-2013
20120272312UPPER-ORDER COMPUTER, LOWER-ORDER COMPUTER, MONITORING SYSTEM AND MONITORING METHOD - The present disclosure discloses an upper-order computer, a lower-order computer, a monitoring system and a monitoring method, so as to eliminate the disadvantages of low standardization level and small scale in manually setting and adjusting performance parameters. The upper-order computer includes a central control module and an information interacting module, the information interacting module including a human-computer interacting unit, and the central control module including a processing unit, a display control unit and a parameter configuring unit, wherein the processing unit is adapted for controlling a lower-order computer by sending control commands; the display control unit is adapted for processing effective operating data acquired from the lower-order computer, and is adapted for instructing the human-computer interacting unit to perform presenting; and the parameter configuring unit is adapted for configuring parameters of the lower-order computer by sending parameter configuring commands. It can be seen that the upper-order computer is capable of presenting the processed effective operating data and configuring parameters. Compared with directly setting and adjusting the controller by human, the technical solution of the present disclosure has the advantages of high standardization level and large scale.10-25-2012
20110307952ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH PASSWORD GENERATING FUNCTION AND METHOD THEREOF - An electronic device with a password generating function is provided. The electronic device stores a number of password keys. The electronic device generates a password editing interface for user to edit a graphic password. The password editing interface includes a password key area and a password editing area. The password key area displays the password keys and the password editing area is provided for editing the password keys. The password key is selected from the password key area to the password editing area to edit the graphic password.12-15-2011
20120102565METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING THE EXECUTION OF A FUNCTION PROTECTED BY AUTHENTIFICATION OF A USER, IN PARTICULAR FOR THE ACCESS TO A RESOURCE - A method and system for controlling the execution of a function protected by authentication of a user and which is provided for example for the access to a resource The method includes inputting, by the user, of personal data using an input device, authenticating the user with the input personal data for authorizing or not authorizing the execution of the function; in a secure card connected to the input device, storing limited validity authentication data dependant on the input data; when the card is connected to a processing device by which the user generates a message whose processing implements the function, using the stored data, taking into account the limited validity, to authorize or not authorize the execution of that function.04-26-2012
20130179965Information Processing Device and Method for Switching Password Input Mode - The present invention discloses an information processing device and the switching method for the password input mode thereof. The information processing device includes a usage scene monitoring unit configured to monitor the usage scene or the usage environment of the information processing device and a password input switching unit, configured to judge the usage scene or the usage environment of the information processing device 07-11-2013
20130097697Security Primitives Employing Hard Artificial Intelligence Problems - A security module generates a random image having a plurality of password-element indicators therein. The random image is provided to a user. The user selects portions of the random image. The security module determines whether the selected portions of the random image correspond to a password for the user. The security module grants access if the selected portions of the random image correspond to the user's password. However, if the selected portions of the random image do not correspond to the user's password, the security module may generate another random image having a plurality of password-element indicators therein, wherein each of the random images are computationally de-correlated.04-18-2013
20130133062System and Method to Capture and Manage Input Values for Automatic Form Fill - A system for automatically completing fields in online forms, such as login forms and new user registration forms, which employs a Master Cookie File containing sets of records associated with the user, his or her accounts or web sites, and registered values associated with form tags (e.g. username, password, address, email, telephone, etc.). When the user encounters another form, the MCF is automatically searched for matching values and form tags, primarily from the same account or web site, or alternatively from other accounts or sites. A flowing pop-up menu is displayed nearby the form fields from which the user can select values to automatically complete the form. Automatic account information updating, value expiration management, mapping of favorite values, and sharing of values are optional, enhanced functions of the invention.05-23-2013
20080201773Image Processing Device - An image processing device is provide with an external storage which is detachably connectable to the image processing device, an inputting unit configured to allow a user to input user information, a registration unit configured to register ID information intrinsic to the external storage and the user information input through the inputting unit with registration data in a related manner, a permission unit configured to retrieve the ID information from the external storage and permit access to the external storage connected to the image processing device only if the retrieved ID information is included in the registered ID information which is registered with the registration data, and a data processing unit configured to read/write data from/to the external storage if access to the external storage is permitted by the permission unit.08-21-2008
20110225648METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REDUCING THE USE OF INSECURE PASSWORDS - One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for reducing the use of insecure passwords. During operation, the system receives a login request at a computer system, wherein the login request includes a username and a password. Next, the system saves the password to an attempted password list, wherein the attempted password list includes passwords that have been attempted during login. The system then receives a password change request, wherein the password change request includes a username and a new password. Next, the system determines whether the new password is a member of the attempted password list. If so, the system rejects the password change request. However, if not, the system processes the password change request.09-15-2011
20130185789METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROTECTING A PASSWORD OF A COMPUTER HAVING A NON-VOLATILE MEMORY - A method for protecting a password of a computer having a non-volatile memory is disclosed. A password is stored in a non-volatile memory of a computer. The computer is then transitioned to a power saving state. In response to a detection of an unauthorized access to the non-volatile memory during the power saving state transition, a password input is requested from a user. The computer returns to a power-on state from the power saving state when there is a success in authentication of the input password.07-18-2013
20130191908METHODS, DEVICES, AND SYSTEMS FOR UNOBTRUSIVE MOBILE DEVICE USER RECOGNITION - The present invention discloses methods, devices, and systems for unobtrusively recognizing a user of a mobile device. Methods including the steps of: unobtrusively collecting motion data from the mobile device during normal device usage by monitoring standard authorized-user interaction with the device, without any form of challenge or device-specified action; demarcating the motion data into user motion-sequences based on changes in a motion-state or an elapsed time-period without an occurrence of the changes, wherein the motion-state refers to a placement and speed of the mobile device at a point in time; calculating user motion-characteristics from the user motion-sequences; and generating a motion-repertoire from the user motion-characteristics, whereby the motion-repertoire enables unobtrusive recognition of the user. Preferably, the method further includes the step of: detecting unidentified motion-characteristics that are not associated with the motion-repertoire, thereby enabling unobtrusive recognition of unidentified usage.07-25-2013
20120084854HARDWARE-BASED HUMAN PRESENCE DETECTION - A method, system, and computer program product containing instructions to provide hardware-based human presence detection. Rather than rely upon software to display a CAPTCHA image, hardware in the form of a sprite engine of a graphics device is used to write a random text string directly to the display device, overlaying the user interface provided by software. Because the sprite engine is isolated from a host operating system for the system, the random text string cannot be captured and processed by software robots running under the host operating system.04-05-2012

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