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725 - Interactive video distribution systems

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725078000 Multiunit or multiroom structure (e.g., home, hospital, hotel, office building, school, etc.) 214
725075000 Vehicle 82
20120204213WIRELESS THEATER SYSTEM - An approach for providing lossless raw video data wirelessly to a soundbar from a headunit to eliminate the multitude of wires that traditionally connect to a television in a home theater.08-09-2012
20090193472VIDEO AND AUDIO NETWORK DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - This disclosures describes a local area network (LAN) video and audio system 07-30-2009
20130061271Daisy Chain Devices and Systems for Digital Signal Switching and Distribution - The invention provides systems, devices, methods and software to daisy chain multiple individual transmitters, optionally nodes, optionally extenders, and receivers to form any sized scalable system of digital video and audio signal switching and distribution. The video audio systems are for a simpler system design, wiring, control and expansion, to accomplish signal interfacing, switching, splitting for many varied input and output requirements with a scalable pair of transmitters and receivers.03-07-2013
20110067073COMMUNICATION UNIT AND A METHOD FOR PROVIDING ACCESS TO AN IPTV NETWORK - The present invention is arranged to provide an improved way of remote access to locally transmitted multicast television channels. The invention relates to a communication unit for communication of IPTV channels to at least one user unit. It comprises a receiver arranged to receive a set of IPTV channels, and a distribution channel set up unit arranged to set up one separate distribution channel to each user unit so as to distribute one of the IPTV channels in said set of IPTV channels over each distribution channel. The present invention further relates to a method for providing remote access to a first IPTV network.03-17-2011
20080250461MULTIMEDIA DATA TRANSMITTING APPARATUS AND MULTIMEDIA DATA RECEIVING APPARATUS - To provide, in a multimedia content server which stores multimedia data and transmits the stored multimedia data to a terminal, a technique which allows the terminal to properly detect and process version up of section data even when random access for trick play, and the like, is performed. Upon receiving a data transmission request from a multimedia data receiving apparatus, a multimedia data transmitting apparatus transmits the requested multimedia data and notifies data necessary for obtaining an update-point of section data included in the multimedia data or a URI which enables the obtaining of the data, to the multimedia data receiving apparatus.10-09-2008
20100169939Method of Sharing Personal Media Using a Digital Recorder - A method and apparatus for sharing personal media using a digital recorder allows multimedia devices to view content stored on a DVR across a network. The DVR records video content from broadcast signals and records video content downloaded via the Internet.07-01-2010
20100275235SENSORY EFFECT MEDIA GENERATING AND CONSUMING METHOD AND APPARATUS THEREOF - Provided is a method and apparatus for generating and consuming sensory effect media. The method for generating sensory effect media includes receiving sensory effect information about sensory effects that are applied to media, and generating sensory effect metadata including the received sensory effect information.10-28-2010
20100281507Platform for Personal Media Broadcaster based on XML and Method for Setting up IP Automatically - The present invention provides a platform for an XML-based personal media broadcaster, in which TV programs, which are multimedia, are provided to allow a viewer to view a program desired by him or her at a desired time and at a desired place by compositely implementing an open service architecture, a time-shift function and a place-shift function, thus enabling the platform for a personal media broadcaster to be implemented. The present invention includes an XML module (11-04-2010
20110197236MEDIA DISTRIBUTION SERVER THAT PRESENTS INTERACTIVE MEDIA TO DIGITAL DEVICES - A media distribution server presenting interactive media on digital devices, such as mobile devices, PCs, TVs, ebook readers, electronic tablets, etc. and receiving user response interactively. During the presentation of interactive media the user is prompted with multiple choices for their selection, which can be provided using keys (such as softkeys) on the digital device. The media distribution server prepares the subsequent portions of the interactive media and delivers them to the digital device. In one embodiment, the necessary text, graphics, audio and video are assembled and integrated dynamically and is presented on the digital device to the user. Further the user is prompted to approve online purchases, make online appointment requests, show interest in products, etc. while browsing the interactive media on their digital device. The media distribution server supports such activities as necessary.08-11-2011
20100088730HYBRID AUDIO/VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM - A television entertainment system that combines the visual imagery of television entertainment and transmission with the audio of radio entertainment and transmission to create a new synthesis system for therapeutic benefit designated as Hybrid Radio Television. Each segment (video/audio) of the system can be viewed or heard/listened to on its own, however, it is designed to be viewed and heard/listened to as an integrated whole, as selected by a viewer.04-08-2010
20090276812SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR LOCAL BROADCASTING - A video controller broadcasts input video through a premises media, such as a coaxial cable to one or more premises televisions or television channels. When a PC provides the input video, a mode change may occur to direct the video to the PC monitor or to the broadcast output. The video resolution of the PC is set to provide a desired digital television resolution with broadcast video. An audio driver may be used to provide USB audio output from the PC. When the PC monitor or broadcast output is selected for video output, the non-selected output is disabled or provided with a video indication that another video output is active. An EDID can be captured from the PC or PC monitor to assist with mode changes and setting PC video resolution. The input video may be provided directly from a digital video source and broadcast to selected televisions or channels.11-05-2009
20090119719DEVICE REGISTRATION SYSTEM, SERVER, AND TERMINAL DEVICE - A device registration system for registering a terminal device for obtaining and using contents in a server that stores contents. The server stores a contents list indicating contents stored and a registration list for registering specific information to the terminal device. The server receives the specific information and transmits the contents list to the terminal device. The terminal device receives a selection of a content from the contents list according to input by a user and requests the server to transmit the selected content. When the specific information to the terminal device of the request source is not registered in the registration list, the server performs a registration process and transmits the requested content to the terminal device.05-07-2009
20080288987METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR UTILIZING A/V BRIDGING AND A/V BRIDGING EXTENSIONS TO REPLACE DISPLAY PORT, HDMI, DVI AND/OR ANALOG PORTS ON A PERSONAL COMPUTING SYSTEM - Aspects of a system for utilizing A/V bridging and A/V bridging extensions to replace Display Port and/or analog ports on a computing system may include a LAN subsystem that enables transmission of at least video data from a computing device, such as a computer workstation, to a multimedia monitor coupled to the computing device via an Ethernet interface connector. The transmission may enable rendering of the video data on the multimedia monitor. The computing device may be coupled to a docking station or to a port replicator. The docking station may be coupled to the Ethernet interface connector via an Ethernet connector. The port replicator may be coupled to the Ethernet interface connector via an Ethernet connector. The LAN subsystem may enable access to the Ethernet interface connector to enable transmission and generation of line encoded bits based on the video data via the Ethernet interface connector.11-20-2008
20110055876Universal Entertainment Unification System - A system for the unification of a plurality of entertainment devices such as televisions, gaming consoles, computers, or radios. The present invention introduces a system that involves a plurality of devices that can individually connect to the available entertainment devices in a home. Through the use of wireless networking, media and entertainment can be shared between each entertainment device.03-03-2011
20100058400Managing Access to High Definition Content - A system and method for managing access to high definition (HD) content includes a master customer premises equipment (CPE) device enabled for prioritizing conflicting requests for HD content based on predefined priority settings associated with a plurality of client CPE devices. Access to HD content by the client CPE devices may be associated with a token and conflicting requests may be resolved in favor of the client CPE device that holds the token. Disclosed systems permit administrators to control the use of limited resources within a location by limiting access to the limited resources by secondary users.03-04-2010
20110162014COMMUNICATION APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, a communication system includes a video signal receiver, a video signal output module, a power control signal receiver, and a socket. The video signal receiver is configured to receive a video signal from a first external apparatus. The video signal output module is configured to output, to a second external apparatus, the video signal received from the first external apparatus. The power control signal receiver is configured to receive a power control from the first external apparatus. The power control signal receiver is lower in power consumption than the video signal receiver. A power cable configured to supply power to the second external apparatus is connected to the socket. When the power control signal receiver receives a power control signal for activation, power is supplied to the video signal receiver and the socket.06-30-2011
20110162013HOME NETWORK MANAGEMENT - A method includes storing, at a first network device configured to communicate with at least one set top box (STB) and at least one digital video recorder (DVR), information identifying parameters associated with bandwidth in a home network. The method may also include receiving, at a first network device in the home network, a request having a corresponding first bandwidth and identifying a class of traffic associated with the request. The method may further include determining whether the first bandwidth is less than an available bandwidth associated with the identified class of traffic, approving the request when the first bandwidth is less than the available bandwidth, and modifying the available bandwidth associated with the identified class of traffic in response to approving the request.06-30-2011
20120311644COMMUNICATION APPARATUS, COMMUNICATION METHOD, AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - There is provided a communication apparatus including: a device detecting unit detecting devices capable of establishing a wireless connection; a user input unit selecting, based on a user operation, a combination of sync devices to carry out a pairing process out of a plurality of sync devices detected by the device detecting unit; a message transmitting unit transmitting an autosetup request message to one sync device out of the selected sync devices; a message receiving unit receiving an autosetup response message from a transmission destination of the autosetup request message; a wireless connection unit establishing a wireless connection with each of the selected sync devices; and a reproduction starting unit wirelessly transmitting, as a source device, data to be reproduced to each of the sync devices after establishment of the wireless connections.12-06-2012
20080216129Method and system for providing data from audio/visual source devices to audio/visual sink devices in a network - A method and system for providing data from one or more audio/visual (A/V) source devices to one or more A/V sink devices in a network is provided. The system implements a rendering method in a video rendering module configured to render display data related to digital videos from an A/V source device to one or more sink devices across the network. The video rendering module includes a presentation module configured to obtain selected display data from one or more of the A/V source devices across the network, and a navigation module configured to control the presentation module for obtaining the selected display data, and to allow one or more users to navigate through the display data to access the digital videos.09-04-2008
20100293581SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING A PERSONALIZED MEDIA CONSUMPTIONEXPERIENCE - There are presented systems and methods for enabling an association of media information relating to a playback of a media content file with a medium containing the media content file. In one embodiment, such a method for use by a playback device comprises obtaining a unique identifier present on the medium, transmitting the unique identifier, obtaining the media information relating to a usage of the media content file, and transmitting the media information. In another embodiment, such a method for use by a server comprises receiving a unique identifier present on the medium, storing the unique identifier in a memory, receiving the media information of the media content file according to the playing of the media content file, storing the media information in the memory, and associating the media information with the unique identifier.11-18-2010
20090133076Portable Hand-held Media Device with Integrated Modulator - A portable hand-held media device includes a receiver configured to receive image data representing an image, a display unit configured to display the image, and an integrated modulator configured to convert the image data into a digital television (DTV) signal and transmit the DTV signal to a monitor.05-21-2009
20100205640DRIVE THRU VISION - Embodiments of the invention relate to a method, system and computer-readable medium for conveying audio/video information. The method detects a presence of at least one automobile and communicates such presence to an information system comprising a number of display devices (D08-12-2010
20110185389AUDIO VIDEO DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM USING MULTIPLE NETWORK SPEAKER NODES IN A MULTI SPEAKER SESSION - This disclosure describes an audio video distribution system that uses a local area network to distribute a digital audio signal and that uses multiple network speaker nodes to broadcast the digital audio in a multi speaker session. The system includes a local area network that distributes the digital audio signal for the audio video distribution system. In addition, the system includes a first network speaker node participating in a multi speaker session and performing in a master mode, and where the first network speaker node calculates, originates, and controls a distributed multi session clock that is distributed over the network. The system further includes one or more additional network speaker nodes participating in the multi speaker session and perform in a slave mode, and where the additional network speaker nodes receive the distributed multi session clock from the first speaker node.07-28-2011
20100175093Method of Sharing Personal Media Using a Digital Recorder - A method and apparatus for sharing personal media using a digital recorder allows a plurality of multimedia devices to view content stored on a DVR across a local network. The DVR records video content from broadcast signals and records video content downloaded via the Internet.07-08-2010
20080250462Apparatus and system for connecting one electronic portable device to at least one other electronic device - The present invention relates to apparatus for connecting a multimedia portable electronic device capable of storing and playing and/or recording video in digital form, to at least one other electronic device. The apparatus further includes at least one wireless communications interface and means for implementing at least one function involving all or some of the hardware and/or programmable resources incorporated in or attached to the apparatus.10-09-2008
20120030716Multicast Video and Data Delivery With Beamforming Antennas in Indoor Wireless Networks - A method includes receiving input information related to transmission of video and data by an access point in a wireless network, the input information including at least one of setup connections, modulating and coding scheme MCS; receiving, by the access point, channel state each information from each user in the wireless network, the channel state information including signal-to-interference-and-noise-ratio SINR for each user under each beam pattern; and multicast beamform scheduling, responsive to the receiving, for multicast delivery of the video and data from the access point with beamforming antennas, the videos being at least one of a multi-resolution and a multi-layered video, the scheduling including a greedy procedure for selecting beams, assigning MCS and video layer or resolution to each of the beams.02-02-2012

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