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20090187952APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING DIGITAL MULTIMEDIA BROADCASTING SERVICE - An apparatus and method for displaying a digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) service, which is capable of always displaying a dynamic label service (DLS) of a digital audio broadcasting (DAB) signal in a ticker form in a digital multimedia broadcasting receiver. A method of displaying a digital multimedia broadcasting service includes determining whether additional data carried in a digital audio broadcasting (DAB) signal is received while any application is being executed; and displaying the executed application and the received additional data together on one screen when the additional data is received. Accordingly, since news information or traffic information can be always received in the DMB receiver even during the execution of any application, it is possible to make the DMB receiver more convenient for a user.07-23-2009
20100083320SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR A COMMUNICATION EXCHANGE WITH AN AVATAR IN A MEDIA COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) system having a controller to retrieve a user profile, cause a set-top box (STB) to present an avatar having characteristics that correlate to the user profile, receive from the STB one or more responses of the user, detect from the one or more responses a change in an emotional state of the user, adapt a search for media content according to the user profile and the detected change in the emotional state of the user, adapt a portion of the characteristics of the avatar relating to emotional feedback according to the user profile and the detected change in the emotional state of the user, and cause the STB to present the adapted avatar presenting content from a media content source identified from the adapted search for media content. Other embodiments are disclosed.04-01-2010
20100077435System and method for smart trick mode display - A system and method for smart trick mode display which is aware of content and metadata, user context and user interests, and selects frames to display during trick mode that may be of interest to the user, and filters frames that the user might not wish to see even inadvertently. More specifically, the media system and method for smart trick mode display analyzes a recorded video content during a trick mode playback of the recorded video; and identifies segments of the content that are least one of interest to the user or should not be displayed to the user. The system may then select keyframes or a short sub-segment of the segment of interest to the user and then either displays the keyframes or sub-segments in a manner so as to catch the user's attention, or specifically not display any keyframes or sub-segments having content that the user does not wish to see.03-25-2010
20130081089CONTENTS SHARING METHOD AND DISPLAY APPARATUS USING THE SAME - Disclosed herein are a contents sharing method and a image display device using the same, wherein the method comprises displaying an object for sharing a content that is being reproduced with an external image display device, when the object is selected searching for external image display devices capable of sharing contents, indicating a sharing device list including at least one of the searched external image display devices, selecting at least one external image display device from the displayed sharing device list, and displaying shared state information on at least one of the image display device and the selected external image display device.03-28-2013
20130036443INTERACTIVE AND PROGRAM HALF-SCREEN - A method and system that provides a television service via a customer device; receives a customer input to invoke an interactive mode pertaining to the television service; retrieves a graphical user interface that includes an interactive and program half-screen comprising an interactive half-screen and a program half-screen, wherein the interactive half-screen is substantially a same size as a program half-screen, and the interactive half-screen and the program half-screen occupy an entire size of the graphical user interface; and displays the graphical user interface via the customer device, wherein the interactive half-screen includes one or more interactive graphical elements and the program half-screen includes a program window to display a program.02-07-2013
20130036444DISPLAY APPARATUS DISPLAYING BROADCASTING INFORMATION OF THREE-DIMENSIONAL IMAGE AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed are a display apparatus displaying broadcasting information of a three-dimensional (3D) image and a control method thereof, the display apparatus including: a signal receiver which receives broadcasting information of each channel comprised in a broadcasting signal; an image processor which processes the broadcasting signal to display an image; a display unit which displays thereon an image and broadcasting information based on the broadcasting signal; and a controller which searches the received broadcasting information of each channel, identifies a 3D image among the broadcasting information, displays the broadcasting information of the 3D image by channel on the display unit and changes into a channel selected by a user, upon receiving a user request for displaying a 3D broadcasting list. Accordingly, users are capable of changing into a desired broadcasting channel for viewing by extracting broadcasting information of a 3D image only and displaying broadcasting information of each channel.02-07-2013
20090172747DISTRIBUTED TV ACCESS SYSTEM - Distributed navigation of broadcast signals is provided through an on-line application connected through a second network connection. A customer receives the broadcast signals through a first network connection, and navigates the broadcast TV content through an on-line application by a browser connected through a second network connection. The present on-line application provides flexible and re-configurable content services, which will need to be customized once for each service provider, but will render consistently on a variety of PC and non-PC client devices. Further, the present on-line application can provide targeted advertising by maintaining an advertising profile for each viewer, determined in part by recording data about the navigating of the content of the broadcast signals, and by recording a plurality of selections of the viewer transmitted to the on-line application. The on-line capability further provides ease for roaming access.07-02-2009
20090158357EXTENDED RECORDING TIME APPARATUS, SYSTEMS, AND METHODS - An embodiment for recording a channel that is communicating a program of interest identifies a selected program for recording as a program of interest based upon a characteristic of the selected program, the characteristic of the selected program corresponding to at least one characteristic associated with the program of interest,; records an advance period corresponding to a period before a beginning of the program of interest, and records a following period corresponding to a period after a conclusion of the program of interest.06-18-2009
20080301737SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PERSONALIZED TELEVISION VIEWING TRIGGERED BY A PORTABLE COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A portable communication device is equipped with a content and/or channel recommendation function that is configured to provide a user with content recommendations for watching a television program. The portable communication device is used as a remote control to control various aspects of the television. In one embodiment, channel recommendations are made based upon the user's mobile activities. Such activities include: web browsing, web searching, multimedia content rendered and/or downloaded on the portable communications device, contact information, and calendar information stored on the portable communication device. In another embodiment, the user may view television programs previously and/or currently being watched by a contact.12-04-2008
20130074128Communicating Video Content - A method includes receiving a selection of a channel at a set-top box device. In response to the selection of the channel, a still image associated with a program is displayed at a display device. The method further includes receiving a multicast stream of video content associated with the selected channel at the set-top box device. At least a portion of the multicast stream is received while the still image is displayed at the display device. The method also includes transmitting the video content to the display device.03-21-2013
20130074129METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR BROWSING USING ALTERNATIVE LINKBASES - Systems and methods for navigating hypermedia using multiple coordinated input/output device sets. Disclosed systems and methods allow a user and/or an author to control what resources are presented on which device sets (whether they are integrated or not), and provide for coordinating browsing activities to enable such a user interface to be employed across multiple independent systems. Disclosed systems and methods also support new and enriched aspects and applications of hypermedia browsing and related business activities.03-21-2013
20110283325METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR PROVIDING MEDIA CONTENT LISTINGS BY CONTENT PROVIDER - An interactive television program guide method and system is provided in which a viewer may direct a media guidance application to display program listings independent of scheduled broadcast time. Selectable options are presented to viewer on the screen, allowing the user to select a subset of content providers and view associated listings. The media guidance application removes duplicate listings from the listings display, in accordance with the viewer's preference. Listings may be displayed in a variety of arrangements, including alphabetical order by title, by genre, or by day scheduled for broadcast. Listings can also be sorted according to several criteria and displayed for further convenience to the viewer. The viewer may specify a broadcast time interval to further narrow the subset of listings that are displayed. Additional options displayed on the screen allow the viewer to re-sort listings on the display screen.11-17-2011
20110302614INTERACTIVE PRODUCT / SERVICE LISTING - A computing device receives selection of television content from a device associated with a user, and collects metadata associated with the selected television content. The computing device also collects information associated with commercials associated with the television content, and determines an interactive product/service listing based on the collected metadata and commercial information. The device further provides the interactive product/service listing to the device for display to the user.12-08-2011
20110289535Personalized and Multiuser Interactive Content System and Method - An interactive content system and method are provided that allows a user to interact with a piece of content. In another aspect, a multiuser interactive content system and method are provided that allows a plurality of users to independently interact with a piece of content.11-24-2011
20100169933ACCESSING AN EVENT-BASED MEDIA BUNDLE - Disclosed is a “bundle” of event-related multi-media content items provided to a customer of the event. The customer navigates through the bundle, tracks down selections of interest to himself, and “consumes” them. In some embodiments, the multi-media content items include recorded video clips, interviews, and other background information. Other content items can be live video feeds of the event taken from various viewpoints. Advertising for merchandise related to the event can be included. Some of the multi-media content items are designed to enhance the customer's experience of the event or to build loyalty. The media bundle is updated during the course of the event, removing items no longer of interest and adding new ones to keep the customer engaged. When the event is over, the media bundle can continue to operate to provide event recaps, post-event interviews, schedules for future events, and opportunities to purchase tickets for those future events.07-01-2010
20100169932SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INTERACTIVE ADVERTISING VIA NETWORK GENERATED OVERLAYS - In accordance with an aspect of the present invention, a mechanism is used to enable interactive functions via network generated overlays. This invention enables network operators to launch interactive functionality without requiring changes to existing equipment that exists in the field on the client end.07-01-2010
20110265126SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GENERATING A FAVORITES LIST OF MOVIE TITLES - In one embodiment, a system is disclosed allowing a cable subscriber to identify a movie title that is available for viewing using a VOD service offered by a cable service provider to be included in a list of favorite movie titles, where the list is associated with the viewer. The viewer can be informed of a point in time when one or more movies on the viewer's favorite list will no longer be available for viewing using the VOD service. In another embodiment, the viewer can be informed of a point in time when one or more movies on the viewer's favorite list will be available for viewing using the VOD service. The viewer can request recommendation of similar movie titles relative to a title identified in the list of favorite movie titles. Various other functions can be indicated by the viewer when viewing the list.10-27-2011
20090276809METHOD OF BROWSING RECORDED NEWS PROGRAM AND BROWSING APPARATUS FOR PERFORMING THE METHOD - Provided are a method of browsing a recorded news program and a browsing apparatus for performing the method. The method includes grouping moving picture news reports included in a plurality of news programs according to news report, and selecting one moving picture news report from among each of a plurality of groups according to preference information input by a user, thereby reproducing only a user desired part from contents of a moving picture news report. Thus, the method can be used to rapidly and efficiently browse the plurality of news programs.11-05-2009
20090150941APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR VIDEO-ON-DEMAND PLAYLIST - A method of providing programming content from a video server to a client coupled to the video server by a video content network includes the steps of sending, to the client, a playlist describing an interrelationship between at least one program segment and at least one related segment; sending, from the video server to the client over the video content network, video content comprising the at least one program segment and the at least one related segment; and modifying the playlist via communication to the client. The steps of sending the playlist, sending the content, and modifying the playlist are all accomplished within a single video-on-demand session per user.06-11-2009
20090119718MENUING SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING CONTENT DELIVERY WITHIN A VIDEO DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - A menuing system for a video distribution system provides an interactive display to allow a user to select and control the delivery of program material. A central host computer processes initial request for service from users and maintains a database of currently available program materials and other system resources. In response to a user's request for service, the central host computer assigns one of a plurality of assignable computing devices (ACDs) to communicate with the user. The ACD reads the database and presents an interactive menu to the user on the user's audiovisual display monitor. Using a graphical user interface (GUI) the user may then respond to the menu by selecting an item for viewing. The menuing system may have a number of levels that the user may parse through to allow the user to select desired program material. Upon selection by the user, the ACD passes the request on for further programming.05-07-2009
20080250458Media exchange for handheld wireless receivers and other media user devices - A system and methods of providing a globally accessible media exchange, whereby media creators, media rights holders, and agents can offer media and media rights to a world-wide market. Media users and publishers can find and preview the media that they need or want and purchase media ownership or license media rights through the media exchange. The media exchange can store digital graphics, audio, and video. The media exchange can also manage the transfer of media and media rights for physical media. In some embodiments, the media exchange can establish a dynamic fair market value based on matching asking prices and bids. Some embodiments could be limited to a single media type such as just audio media. A handheld, wireless video receiver that receives compressed video, decompresses the compressed video, displays the decompressed video. The receiver is part of a system comprising methods, medium, and handheld, wireless devices that compress, transmit, decompress and display digital video images. Real time wireless videoconferences connect multiple handheld video devices. The receiver can alter various setting including but not limited to the format for the compression, image size, frame rate, brightness and contrast. A zoom control can be used select a portion of interest of video being transmitted or being played back. The receiver may also have a touch sensitive display screen providing controls for video display and mobile telephone operation.10-09-2008
20080271088METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DELIVERING INFORMATION REFERRED TO BY CONTENT - Disclosed herein, in various embodiments, are methods and apparatus incorporating, among other things, the concept of using, in particular but without limitation, traditionally non-commercial programming as a medium for selling products or services on-line, and again in particular over the Internet. Using this concept, for example, a content element identified in a broadcast can be made identifiable by a user of the broadcast, and thereby enabling a user to determine the source, location, or other information referred to by the content element. Using this concept, for example, a user viewing a soap opera is able to use a device to electronically select a content element identified in the broadcast. In turn, information referred to by the content element can be displayed to the user, including purchase information. Using this particular concept of the invention, traditionally non-commercial programming can be efficiently used to indirectly advertise goods or services and offer them for sale on-line.10-30-2008
20080271086METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISPLAYING INFORMATION ABOUT A REAL WORLD SETTING - Disclosed herein, in various embodiments, are methods and apparatus incorporating, among other things, the concept of using, in particular but without limitation, traditionally non-commercial programming as a medium for selling products or services on-line, and again in particular over the Internet. Using this concept, for example, a real world setting identified in motion picture programming can be made electronically identifiable by a viewer of the programming, and thereby enabling a viewer to determine the source, location, or other information about the real world setting. Using this concept, for example, a viewer viewing a soap opera is able to use a device to electronically select a real world setting or location identified in the programming. In turn, information about the real world setting can be displayed to the viewer, including purchase information. Using this particular concept of the invention, traditionally non-commercial programming can be efficiently used to indirectly advertise goods or services and offer them for sale on-line.10-30-2008
20080271085SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EFFECTIVELY IMPLEMENTING A PERSONAL CHANNEL FOR INTERACTIVE TELEVISION - A system and method for effectively implementing a personal channel for interactive television comprises a personal channel manager that may include a configuration module, a search module, and a content packaging module. A system user may utilize the configuration module to perform a personal channel configuration procedure to specify personal channel configuration data for performing a content record search procedure. The search module may manage the content record search procedure according to one or more search parameters that may be defined during the personal channel configuration procedure. The search module may selectively locate and access one or more content records from one or more remote content databases during the foregoing content record search procedure. The content packaging module may then responsively coordinate a content record sorting procedure according to user-specified sorting criteria to thereby organize the located content records into a personal channel program. The personal channel program may then be presented upon a television device for viewing by the system user.10-30-2008
20120198500TOUCH SCREEN VIDEO PRODUCTION AND CONTROL SYSTEM - The present invention is a video production and control system that uses a touch screen display and user interface, managed by a controller, for video source control and video switching. The video source control component may include a set of touch screen windows that display feeds from sources of video information. For a selected feed window, the system displays a set of representations of preset configurations of the video source, which might be a camera, a video recorder, a handheld device, a storage device, a computer, or other source of video data. The representations may be thumbnail images of a view through the video source when it has the corresponding configuration. Selecting a different thumbnail using the touch screen will cause a controller to send control data through an output port that directs the video source to assume the newly chosen preset configuration. Some combination of controls in the touch screen user interface and control panel allow a user to manually reconfigure a video source, and optionally create a new corresponding preset thumbnail. The video switching component is used to select Preview and Program video feeds from a set of video input feeds. The video source configuration for some of the feeds may have been selected using touch screen video source control technology. Over time, the user can use the touch screen controls to switch which feeds are then designated as the Preview and Program feeds. The evolving Program signal is sent to a Program output connection for consumers of the Program, possibly after some reformatting. The current Program feed may be promoted from the current Preview feed. User controls determine the type of transition, such as cut or crossfade, that will apply to a transition from Preview to Program.08-02-2012
20080256580CONTENT DOWNLOADING METHOD AND APPARATUS USED BY MOBILE DEVICE - A content downloading method and apparatus of a mobile device employing an Internet protocol television (IPTV) are provided. The content downloading method and apparatus allow an IPTV to provide a mobile device with content information received from a service provider, allow a user to input content desired to be downloaded to the mobile device, and allow a user to download the content to the mobile device from the service provider via the IPTV, thereby quickly and easily downloading desired content to the mobile device without a complicated process of browsing and copying the content.10-16-2008
20120079540Secure Module And A Method For Providing A Dedicated On-Site Media Service - A service module for a dedicated on-site media service. The service module enables a dedicated media service for a broadcast signal. The electronic media module includes a tuner, a media storage device, and an adapter. The tuner, which is coupled to the media storage device, or portion thereof, is tuned to receive a broadcast signal. The media storage device stores this broadcast signal. The adapter is coupled to the media storage device and to the tuner. The adapter further interfaces the tuner and the media storage device of the electronic media module with an electronic media system. A content provider has remote control over the stored content. The content provider also has remote control over on-site presentation of the stored media to the viewer. Multiple dedicated service modules installed on-site allow these functions to be applied across multiple content-providers simultaneously.03-29-2012
20090178083SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SELECTING MEDIA ASSETS FOR DISPLAY IN A SCREEN OF AN INTERACTIVE MEDIA GUIDANCE APPLICATION - A method and system of selecting assets for display in an interactive media guidance application includes receiving a user input indicating interest in a media item; generating a list of media assets related to the media item, selecting, based on priority rules, a subset of the media assets to display in an interactive media guidance application, and displaying an identifier for each of the subset of media assets in the interactive media guidance application screen. The priority rules may assign a first priority to one type of media asset and a second priority to a second type of media asset, and may be based on: whether the media asset has been viewed, and a respective time associated with the media asset.07-09-2009
20080320525Audio stream management for television content - Audio stream management techniques are described. In an implementation, a unique representation is generated by a client for each of a plurality of audio streams associated with television content received at the client. Each of the unique representations is displayed in a user interface at the client to be selectable by a user to cause output of a respective audio stream with the television content12-25-2008
20090113486METHOD AND SYSTEM OF ENABLING COMPLETE VIEWING CONTENT FOR SELECTED PROGRAMMING - A system for enabling complete viewing of selected programming content. In response to receiving an input data stream from a programming service provider, the input data stream is stored in a supplemental storage. In response to a user selecting a programming channel after a program starts to air, the input data stream is stored in a programming storage. Then, the stored data stream is outputted from the supplemental storage to a viewing device.04-30-2009
20090205000SYSTEMS, METHODS, AND DEVICES FOR SCANNING BROADCASTS - The various embodiments disclosed herein provide methods, systems, and devices for capturing broadcast streams, analyzing the broadcast streams to obtain information about the media content transmitted in the broadcast streams, obtaining additional information about the media content if available, and assigning a unique event identifier specific to the instance of broadcast of the broadcast stream and/or media segment transmitted in the broadcast stream. In other embodiments, the unique event identifier is broadcasted to broadcast receiving devices. With the unique event identifier, broadcast receiving devices can access the obtained information associated with the media content.08-13-2009
20110145867METHOD FOR PROVIDING WIDGET ACCORDING TO BROADCAST SERVICE INFORMATION AND BROADCAST RECEIVING APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A method for providing widgets according to broadcast service information and a broadcast receiving apparatus using the same, are provided. The widget-providing method receives and outputs a broadcast, which is selected by a user, and displays one of a plurality of widget groups based on the acquired information of the selected broadcast. Accordingly, users can have and use widget groups related to information on the user-selected broadcast.06-16-2011
20090254947METHOD FOR PROVIDING INTERACTIVE MENUS UPON REQUEST TO TERMINALS COUPLED TO A COMMUNICATION NETWORK - A method is dedicated to providing interactive menus upon the request of a user communication terminal (T10-08-2009
20100162324METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CREATING A MEDIA PLAYLIST - An approach is provided for the creation of a media playlist for managing and scheduling content from a variety of media sources including broadcast and online sources. The playlist creation process facilitates efficient resolution of media scheduling conflicts by automatically identifying conflicts and generating alternate playlists to overcome them. The approach also enables a user to share the media playlist seamlessly with other devices and users.06-24-2010
20100186049Personalized Media Services - A personalized media service provides, e.g., user customization of radio channel selections, immediate availability of multiple pre-programmed and/or customized channels, the ability to intersperse different types of content including periodically refreshed information content, availability of personal radio functions on devices such as car audio systems, PDAs, smartphones, MP3 players, etc. Available channels include, e.g., pre-programmed channels selected for the user based on an interest profile, user-owned content, user-specified recorded content, etc. An audio user interface facilitates user selection of programming and user purchase of currently played audio material. An overall radio experience is thus provided that combines the customization and flexibility of digital media with the immediacy and ubiquity of radio. Video materials may also be accommodated.07-22-2010
20100251311Method for Providing Subscripton-On-Demand Services - A method for providing subscription-on-demand services for video-on-demand programs within an interactive information distribution system. The method includes associating a plurality of video-on-demand programming packages as a programming bundle and identifying a number of video-on-demand programming packages within the programming bundle that a subscriber has subscribed. When the number of video-on-demand programming packages exceeds a pre-specified number of programming packages, the subscriber is automatically subscribed to all the video-on-demand programming packages in the programming bundle.09-30-2010
20110023068METHOD AND SYSTEM TO SEARCH VIEWABLE CONTENT - A system to search to search viewable content in the context of television entertainment is provided. In one example embodiment, the system comprises a communications module to receive a request associated with one or more directional keys on a control device, a search term detector to determine a search term associated with the request, a search module to locate a content item associated with the search term; and a presentation module to present the content item associated with the search term.01-27-2011
20090019496METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DISPLAYING VIA A NETWORK OF AN INTERACTIVE MOVIE - The present invention relates to a system for transferring an interactive walkthrough movie located at a server via a network and displaying the same at a user station, which comprises: (a) a display unit at the user station for displaying movie frames; (b) a control device at the user station for enabling the user to navigate within the movie; (c) a map of the movie describing the links between the individual movie frames and the index of each movie frame, said map also maintains at any given time the present virtual location of the user within the map; and (d) a prediction unit for receiving inputs from said map and from a user control device, and based on said inputs predicting those future frames that may be required for view by the user, and instructing the server to convey said predicted future frames to the user station. The prediction unit may order a first level of resolution frames when the user is in a virtual movement, and a second level of resolution frames when the user is stationary within the interactive movie.01-15-2009
20130133010OBJECT MODEL DELIVERING LIVE TV PROGRAMMING STREAMS TO DIFFERENT CLIENT DEVICE - In embodiments of an object model for domain-based content mobility, a client object model architecture (05-23-2013
20110113452Terminating Enhanced Television Broadcasts - An enhanced television broadcast system may enable the transmission and reception of a real-time event when a new program is about to begin. The real-time event may control access to enhancements from the program that is ending. In some embodiments, these real-time events may constitute triggers that are included within packets transmitted in an Internet Protocol multicast. As one example, the trigger may include a Uniform Resource Locator in the form of a tv: protocol that automatically causes the television display to go to full screen television.05-12-2011
20090064235Video Broadcasts with Interactive Viewer Content - Methods are provided for providing information to a viewer of a digital broadcast. Digital broadcasts which include audio components, video components, and an additional information component are transmitted to media content display devices. Information may be extracted from the information component via user activation of an information interface and selection of desired information. The desired information may be extracted from the information component of the digital broadcast and/or transmitted to a broadcaster who may then, upon receipt of the request for information, modify the information component of the digital broadcast to the viewer.03-05-2009
20100146559FEEDBACK BASED BROADCAST SCHEDULING - Systems and methodologies are described that facilitated generating a broadcast schedule of content based on user feedback. Users can provide feedback such as ratings, interest (e.g., like or dislike), comments, reviews, critiques and so on regarding content available on a media distribution system. The feedback can be utilized to determine a schedule or order of content that is delivered via a broadcast mechanism. In addition, users can supply contemporaneous feedback during broadcast. Contemporaneous feedback can be employed to enable dynamic adjustment and/or reconfigurations of the broadcast schedule.06-10-2010
20110214150Imprint Client Statistical Filtering - A method, system API and computer product for adapting reverse data channel (RDC) utilization by selectively restricting the reporting of statistics data from client devices using a client-side filter adapted in response to configuration data from a file or other source file.09-01-2011
20100125876SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SUPPORTING MULTI-USER MEDIA CONTENT ACCESS USING INDEX POINTS - Systems and methods for providing more flexible multi-user media content access using index points is provided. A plurality of custom index points are maintained in a multi-user or multi-room media system. After receiving a request to view an asset, a listing of the index points associated with the requested asset is presented to the user. Each index point may be associated with a current viewing location within the asset. After receiving a selection of an index point, the asset is accessed at the viewing position referenced by the index point, and the index point is updated based on the user's progress through the asset. Users may assign custom names and descriptions to the index points and be presented with cached video around the index point in order to more easily identify the relevance of the index point.05-20-2010
20100242070System and method for combining information content from data transmission network with television signal - A system and method for adding information from a data transmission network to a television display includes a first receiver for receiving data signals from a data transmission network, a first signal processor for decoding the data signals and rendering a graphics image based on the data signals in a first area of a frame buffer, a second receiver for receiving television signals, and a second signal processor for decoding the television signals and rendering a video image based on the television signals in a second area of the frame buffer. A display component is provided for mixing the graphics image and the video image from the frame buffer to create a combined image for display on a display device. The data transmission network can be a wireless information network. The graphic image can be a change in the color of wallpaper of the display device.09-23-2010
20090031359METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GENERATING ROW ADVERTISING IN A PROGRAM GUIDE - A system includes a content processing system receiving row ad metadata for a row ad, communicating the row ad to a user device and communicating program guide information to a user device. The program guide information defines a plurality of rows. The user device populates a row from the plurality of rows in response to the metadata and displays the row ad and the program guide on a display associated with the user device.01-29-2009
20100064325Community-based recommendation engine - A community-based recommendation engine is provided. In one example embodiment, a system to provide community-based recommendation engine comprises a recommendation detector and a decision module. The recommendation detector is configured to receive, at a viewer's system, a recommendation for a content item from a contact of a viewer. The decision module may be configured to determine an action to be performed at the viewer's system, based on the recommendation and on one or more rules, accept the recommendation as an instruction to perform the action, and initiate the action at the viewer's system.03-11-2010
20110088068LIVE MEDIA STREAM SELECTION ON A MOBILE DEVICE - A method may include establishing, via a mobile device, a plurality of media streaming sessions with a respective plurality of source devices. A plurality of media streams may be received at the mobile device from respective plurality of source devices. Representations of the plurality of received media streams may be displayed at the mobile device. A user selection of a particular one of the plurality of received media streams may be received. An output stream that includes the particular one of the plurality of received media streams may be outputted.04-14-2011
20110179454SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR COMMERCE IN MEDIA PROGRAM RELATED MERCHANDISE - The disclosed technology provides systems and methods for delivering a media program and purchase opportunities related to the media program to user equipment. A media program and its related merchandise information can be located at a distribution facility. The distribution facility can tailor the purchase opportunities it provides to the user equipment based on the user equipment's equipment category. When user equipment receives purchase opportunities, the user equipment can select the opportunities based on which types of merchandise are supported by the user equipment. The user equipment and/or a distribution facility may be able to determine the location of the user equipment. When the distribution facility provides merchandise information for physical merchandise to the user equipment, the merchandise information can be selected to include physical merchandise that are available for purchase at stores that are, for example, near the location of the user equipment.07-21-2011
20100125875METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DELIVERING VIDEO AND VIDEO-RELATED CONTENT AT SUB-ASSET LEVEL - A method and apparatus for delivering an ordered list of items of supplemental content to a consumer comprising determining a context of a portion of media selected for consumption, determining consumer preference information corresponding to the consumer, generating the ordered list of items of supplemental content as a function of the context and of the consumer preference information.05-20-2010
20130014183System and Method for Broadcasting Advertisements - A broadcast system provides consumers with inducement to consume portions in which they may not have an active interest, such as commercials. To dissuade consumers from leaving the vicinity of the broadcast receiver or from switching to other broadcasts while a first broadcast airs such a portion, the first broadcast is augmented by a second content entity calculated to be of interest to the consumer. Interaction is required of the consumer in order for him to receive the second content entity, which necessitates his presence and attention.01-10-2013
20110078746SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DISPLAYING A BLOCKING OVERLAY IN A VIDEO - An overlay application provides users with opportunities to block or cover portions of the display area by displaying an overlay. The overlay may be displayed to block or cover PRI or may be used to block or cover any portion of the display area, even in the absence of PRI. The overlay may be displayed automatically based at least in part on the type of program, a particular scene, etc., or upon user request.03-31-2011
20110078747SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DISPLAYING A BLOCKING OVERLAY IN A VIDEO - An overlay application provides users with opportunities to block or cover portions of the display area by displaying an overlay. The overlay application may be used to implement an interactive poker game. An overlay may be displayed to block or cover players' cards on the display screen during e.g., a poker tournament, allowing the viewer to actively participate in the poker game. The overlay may be controlled by a content provider or may be user controlled.03-31-2011
20100313224CLIENT-SERVER BASED INTERACTIVE TELEVISION PROGRAM GUIDE SYSTEM WITH REMOTE SERVER RECORDING - An interactive television program guide system is provided. An interactive television program guide provides users with an opportunity to select programs for recording on a remote media server. Programs may also be recorded on a local media server. The program guide provides users with VCR-like control over programs that are played back from the media servers and over real-time cached copies of the programs. The program guide also provides users with an opportunity to designate gift recipients for whom programs may be recorded.12-09-2010
20100306806SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING VIDEO ON DEMAND PREVIEW CHANNEL THROUGH CHANNEL ZAPPING IN REAL-TIME BROADCAST SERVICE - Disclosed is a system and a method of providing a VOD (Video On Demand; below referred to as ‘VOD’) preview channel through channel zapping in a real-time broadcast service. To do this, the present invention includes a VOD preview channel for a VOD service between real-time broadcast channels, and allows a user to view a VOD screen as well as a real-time channel through channel zapping. As a VOD screen, a playing screen for playing a pre-downloaded VOD preview content for the corresponding VOD preview channel is displayed, and the corresponding VOD can be watched through such functions as an initial viewing and a continuous viewing if a viewing on the screen is wanted.12-02-2010
20100269141METHOD FOR PROVIDING A USER WITH A PROGRAM FINDING SERVICE IN A MULTI-CHANNEL BROADCASTING PROGRAM RECEIVER, AND ASSOCIATED MULTI-CHANNEL BROADCASTING PROGRAM RECEIVER - A method for providing a user with a program finding service in a multi-channel broadcasting program receiver includes: storing a list comprising a plurality of items, wherein each item represents a program; providing the user with a user interface to allow the user to add, change or adjust an item in the list; and outputting at least a portion of items of the list to be displayed on a screen and allowing the user to select a wanted program from the list, in order to trigger a switching operation for switching to a new channel on which the wanted program is transmitted. An associated multi-channel broadcasting program receiver includes a tuner, a video processing module, a memory and a controller. The tuner is arranged to select a channel. The video processing module is arranged to decode. The controller executing the method provides a user with the program finding service.10-21-2010
20100122300INTERACTIVE CONTENT REPRODUCTION - In an interactive content reproduction apparatus, user information is stored in the content reproduction apparatus, which is not at a server but at a client, and the content reproduction apparatus selects unit contents of specific levels from among interactive content according to the user information and reproduces a user-adaptive story in which the selected level-specific unit contents are connected in real time or non-real time.05-13-2010
20110258668Method and apparatus for interacting with media programming in real-time using a mobile telephone device - A system and method for providing real-time interaction with a multimedia program being presented to a viewer having an interactive end-user communications device. The system and method includes an applet distribution program to provide an applet to the interactive end-user communications device, where the applet includes a timer, time stamps and at least one interactive graphical user interface (GUI). The applet distribution program is operable to synchronize activation of the applet with the multimedia program while being presented to the viewer, wherein the applet generates, at a first predetermined time, a first interactive graphical user interface (GUI) on the end-user communications device, the first GUI displaying at least two values associated with the multimedia program for real-time selection by the viewer. A response signal is received from the end-user communications device when a predetermined metric associated with correct selections of the at least two values by the viewer is satisfied.10-20-2011
20080271089METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISPLAYING INFORMATION IN RESPONSE TO MOTION PICTURE PROGRAMMING - Disclosed herein, in various embodiments, are methods and apparatus incorporating, among other things, the concept of using, in particular but without limitation, traditionally non-commercial programming as a medium for selling products or services on-line, and again in particular over the Internet. Using this concept, for example, an element identified in motion picture programming can be made identifiable by a viewer of the motion picture programming, and thereby enabling a viewer to determine the source, location, or other information referred to by the element. Using this concept, for example, a viewer viewing a soap opera is able to use a device to electronically select a element identified in the broadcast. In turn, information referred to by the content element can be displayed to the viewer, including purchase information. Using this particular concept of the invention, traditionally non-commercial programming can be efficiently used to indirectly advertise goods or services and offer them for sale on-line.10-30-2008
20080271087METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DELIVERING INFORMATION ABOUT AN AUDIO ELEMENT - Disclosed herein, in various embodiments, are methods and apparatus incorporating, among other things, the concept of using, in particular but without limitation, traditionally non-commercial programming as a medium for selling products or services on-line, and again in particular over the Internet. Using this concept, for example, an audio element identified in a broadcast can be made identifiable by a user of the broadcast, and thereby enabling a user to determine the source, location, or other information about the audio element. Using this concept, for example, a user viewing a soap opera is able to use a device to electronically select an audio element identified in the broadcast. In turn, information about the audio can be displayed to the user, including purchase information. Using this particular concept of the invention, traditionally non-commercial programming can be efficiently used to indirectly advertise goods or services and offer them for sale on-line.10-30-2008
20100333145PROGRAMMABLE PERSONAL INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM - The present invention discloses a system, which can be used to run one or more widgets randomly at specific schedule according to user preference. The system, in one of the embodiments, comprises, a memory, for storing one or more of the widgets and an inputted schedule according to the user instruction; a user interface, for providing the users to input the schedule; a LCD, for displaying the contents of the widgets; a random program selector, for searching the appointed widgets during a specific time frame according to the schedule; a processing unit, for accessing a specific content from a server according to the appointed widgets; and a player, for playing the specific content according to the selecting result of the random program selector.12-30-2010
20110023069System and Method for Creating and Managing an Internet Protocol Television Personal Movie Library - A system and a method for creating and managing an Internet Protocol television personal movie library are disclosed. An access request for a movie library server and a personal movie library is received over a provider network. A movie search request for an on-demand movie is received over the provider network. The movie library server is searched for the on-demand movie. If the on-demand movie is located in the movie library server, then the on-demand movie is added to the personal movie library. If the on-demand movie is not located in the movie library server, then a content provider is connected to over a public network, the on-demand movie is downloaded from the content provider over the public network, and the on-demand movie is added to the personal movie library.01-27-2011
20100180311Method and Apparatus for Broadcasting, Displaying, and Navigating Internet Broadcasts - The invention provides a method and apparatus for broadcasting, displaying, and navigating Internet broadcasts comprising providing an Internet application; streaming to the application a plurality of channels of multimedia content over a broadband connection; forwarding for display a first channel featuring selected media content on a video monitor of a screen attached to a personal computer or of the broadband capable receiver or display; and allowing a user to select and display a second or subsequent channel after displaying the media content on the first channel, wherein the user can navigate through the plurality of channels while viewing the media content featured on each channel in full screen on the display device.07-15-2010
20120210370MULTI-PURPOSE DISPLAY DEVICE HAVING A CHANNEL SCAN INTERFACE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - A multi-functional display device having a channel scan interface and a method of controlling the same are disclosed herein. The method may include registering a first individual at the multi-functional display device to create an account that is associated with at least one first social network service (SNS) account for the first individual. A menu may be displayed for selecting among a plurality of channel scan modes for scanning channels of the multi-functional display device, including a channel scan mode for broadcast content and SNS content. For channel scan mode for SNS content, information for at least one second SNS account for a second individual associated with the at least one first SNS account may be retrieved, and a channel number assigned to the at least one second SNS account.08-16-2012
20090172746METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING EXPANDED DISPLAYABLE APPLICATIONS - An approach is provided for presenting, via a set-top box, a widget. The widget includes content retrieved over a data network and augmented content.07-02-2009
20090172745Method and Apparatus Regarding Receipt of Audio-Visual Content Information and Use of Such Information to Automatically Infer a Relative Popularity of That Content - A network element (07-02-2009
20110167457MOTION PICTURE REPRODUCING APPARATUS AND MOTION PICTURE REPRODUCING METHOD - [Object] An object is to provide a motion picture reproducing apparatus allowing a user to easily select a desired motion picture from a large number of motion pictures.07-07-2011
20100095329SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR KEYFRAME ANALYSIS AND DISTRIBUTION FROM BROADCAST TELEVISION - Embodiments of keyframe analysis and distribution from broadcast television are disclosed. For example, embodiments include methods and systems of sharing video frame data over a data network to provide features that may include improved program guides, parental or other monitoring of televisions or other video receivers, and sharing of user identified frames or scenes of video programs.04-15-2010
20100175092Customer Self Service In Interactive TV Environment for TV Programming Packages - Method and system for enabling users to perform self-service operations in interactive TV environments. In one embodiment, the method enables users to select and activate programming packages via a set-top box, thereby eliminating the need for the users to have to call a call center to activate the unit. Using a set of interactive screens, the user is enabled to view various programming package information, including comparative information. In one embodiment, the method assists users who are moving to activate/reactive broadcast services. For example, options are provided to enable the user to schedule service work, disconnect and activate services, and other activities connected with the move. In another embodiment, the method enables a user to select a programming package based on packages that are recommended by the system. Historic usage patterns, including viewing habits and attempts to access unavailable content are analyzed to determine which programming packages should be recommended for the user.07-08-2010
20120174164DETERMINING COMMANDS BASED ON DETECTED MOVEMENTS OF A REMOTE CONTROL DEVICE - A method includes displaying a first set of menu options, that are selectable by a user, on a display screen; detecting a movement, of a remote control device, that corresponds to a particular command; and in response to detecting the movement that corresponds to a particular command, displaying a second set of options, that are selectable by the user, on the display screen.07-05-2012
20100299709ACCESSING CONTENT VIA A RECEIVER COUPLED TO A TRANSMITTER - A communication system for accessing media items via a display device. A receiver is coupled to the display device and a transmitter is coupled to a computer system. Media items stored locally on the computer system and/or remotely on a remote server may be wirelessly transferred from the transmitter to the receiver for display on the display device. In addition, the transmitter and the receiver may be pre-paired prior to delivery to the user, allowing for the network to be configured without any user input. Advantageously, embodiments provide a user with the ability to conveniently view content stored on a computer or a web server without the user having to perform any wireless network setup procedures.11-25-2010
20090100474Remote control based output selection - Remote control based output selection techniques are described in which an output to a display device is selected based on identification of a remote control device that is manipulated by a user. In an implementation, each of a plurality of remote control devices is associated with a respective client device in an audio visual system. When a user manipulates one of the plurality of remote control devices, the manipulated remote control device is detected and a corresponding client device is determined. Then, an output to a display device is set to present audio visual data from the determined client device. In another implementation, when a manipulated remote control device is identified, a user interface for output on the display device is configured according to the identified remote control device and/or the functional capabilities of the identified remote control device.04-16-2009
20130174202IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS WHICH CAN PLAY CONTENTS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - An image processing apparatus and a method of controlling the image processing apparatus, are provided. The method includes: receiving a user command to select contents; searching for image quality control information which corresponds to contents selected according to the user command; and performing an image quality control according to the searched image quality control information. The apparatus includes a user interface (UI) unit which receives a user command to select contents; and a controller which searches for image quality control information which corresponds to contents selected according to the user command and performs an image quality control according to the searched image quality control information.07-04-2013
20120227074ENHANCED INFORMATION FOR VIEWER-SELECTED VIDEO OBJECT - The user of an Internet-enabled CE device such as a TV can select an object in a video presented on the display of the CE device by either touch sensitive screen or input device. The processor of the CE device can then determine the boundaries of the object, identify it using face/image recognition software, search for information/websites related to the object, and present those information/websites to the viewer on the display screen.09-06-2012
20120233643BROADCASTING RECEIVING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - There is provided a broadcasting receiving apparatus. The broadcasting receiving apparatus includes: a receiver which receives a broadcasting signal of a broadcasting channel; a UI generator which generates a data broadcasting UI; and a controller which controls the UI generator to generate a channel data broadcasting UI including a data broadcasting item corresponding to broadcasting contents of a tuned broadcasting channel if data broadcasting is received through the receiver.09-13-2012
20080301736Method, System and Apparatus for Conveying Personalized Content to a Viewer - According to embodiments of the present invention a method, system and apparatus for conveying personalized content to a viewer is provided. A method for conveying personalized content comprises obtaining an indication of viewer-selected content and receiving an indication of a viewing time by which a target receiver device is required to have received the viewer-selected content. The method further comprises determining a delivery window based on the viewing time and generating a delivery component including the viewer-selected content and an identifier associated with the target receiver device. The method further comprises causing the delivery component to be delivered to the target receiver device during the delivery window.12-04-2008
20130024898CONTENT PLAYBACK DEVICE, CONTENT PLAYBACK METHOD, CONTENT PLAYBACK PROGRAM, AND CONTENT PROVIDING SYSTEM - To provide a content playback device capable of, when playing back a content distributed in a streaming format via a network whose view mode is selectable among a plurality of view modes, presenting to a user the switchability between the view modes, thereby to improve the user's convenience. The content playback device includes a reception unit that receives, from the content distribution system, control information indicating a plurality of view modes selectable for viewing the video content, a presentation unit that presents, to a user, the view modes as options of a view mode for viewing the video content, an input reception unit that receives an input selecting one view mode among the view modes from the user; and a request unit that requests the content distribution system to distribute the video content in the streaming format, by transmitting information indicating the selected view mode to the content distribution system.01-24-2013
20080244662Option Menu for Use with a Computer Management System - A method for improving video quality of a video stream. The method decodes the video stream and generates subblocks of video data from the video stream. The method then removes effects of subblock boundaries from previous deblocking. Each subblock is then smoothed to create pixel values and optionally, subblocks are merged if a predetermined quality is not achieved from the smoothing analysis. The pixels values are filled into each pixel position in the subblock. The subblocks are deblocked and then at least one subblock is outputted to a rendering device.10-02-2008
20120254921METHOD OF SEARCHING INTERNET AND VIDEO RECEIVING APPARATUS TO USE THE SAME - A method of searching the Internet and a video receiving apparatus, such as an Internet TV, to use the same to enable currently-displayed video to be transmitted to an external apparatus, such as a remote controller, and the video received from the external apparatus to be controlled, thereby increasing user convenience. Specifically, the video captured from the video receiving apparatus is transmitted to the external apparatus which receives coordinate data and performs an operation indicated by a menu of the currently-displayed video corresponding to the coordinate data received from the external apparatus so that websites having menus requiring user control can be used without requiring redesign even if the websites are not designed for use with the video receiving apparatus.10-04-2012
20130097643INTERACTIVE VIDEO - Embodiments are disclosed that relate to providing an interactive video viewing experience. For example, one disclosed embodiment includes receiving an interactive video program that comprises a first video segment and one or more branch video segments that each corresponds to a branch along a decision path. The method includes pre-buffering a transition portion of a corresponding branch video segment for each possible user input of one or more possible user inputs along the decision path. The method includes sending the first video segment to a display device and, based upon an actual user input, branching from the first video segment to a transition portion of a branch video segment that corresponds to the actual user input.04-18-2013
20120278841METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR SELECTING DIGITAL ACCESS TECHNOLOGY FOR PROGRAMMING AND DATA DELIVERY - Methods and apparatus for selecting digital access technology for programming and data delivery over, e.g., a content-based network. In one embodiment, the network comprises an HFC cable or satellite network that includes a server process interfacing with a plurality of customer premises equipment (CPE), and/or associated client devices, each having different capabilities profiles. The server determines the one or more capabilities possessed by the CPE, and evaluates one or more program or content choices for possible delivery to that CPE based on its profile. The server generates a list of programs or content based on this evaluation, and transmits this list to the CPE, which displays the list for viewing by a user. The user is therefore offered a list of available content that is compatible with their specific configuration. A business and operational rules engine is also optionally employed to control the operation of the foregoing processes to accomplish particular business or operational goals.11-01-2012
20130152139SECOND SCREEN METHODS AND ARRANGEMENTS - The present technology concerns cell phones and similar devices, and their use in conjunction with media content (electronic and physical) and other systems (e.g., televisions, digital video recorders, and electronic program directories). Some aspects of the technology particularly concern “second screen” applications that sense a television program being watched by a user, and present menus of complementary content on the phone touchscreen from which the user can select. This complementary content can include other video content, associated web pages, opportunities to buy merchandise related to the program, etc. This complementary content can be identified by a provider of the television program, or can be identified otherwise (e.g., by crowd-sourcing). In some embodiments, the phone instructs a remote DVR to record content of interest for later viewing. The technology also provides features for making TV watching a social experience—involving remote friends. A great number of other arrangements and details are also disclosed.06-13-2013
20100299710METHOD FOR INPUTTING USER COMMAND AND VIDEO APPARATUS AND INPUT APPARATUS EMPLOYING THE SAME - An apparatus and method of inputting a user command is provided. The method includes displaying a navigation window including letter key symbols corresponding to keys on a manipulator. If a first user command as to a specific key on the manipulator is input, a specific letter key symbol on the navigation window corresponding to the specific key is activated, and if a second user command as to the specific key is input, the letter corresponding to the activated specific letter key symbol is input. Accordingly, even if the manipulator is separated from the display on which a result of the manipulator is displayed, the user can input a user command by looking at the display only.11-25-2010
20130160057Method for content-Based Non-Linear Control of Multimedia Playback - A system and method are provided for content-based non-linear control of video data playback. A multimedia database having multimedia data including multimedia content data is searched based on a user query to determine a first set of multimedia data. The multimedia data includes indexes to and condensed representations of corresponding video data stored in a video database. A portion of the first set of multimedia data is displayed at a control device in response to the user query. A user of the control device selects an element of the first set of multimedia data for video playback and video data corresponding to the element delivered to a video device for playback. A user of the control device selects an element of the first set of multimedia data for additional information and a second set of multimedia data corresponding to the element delivered to the control device.06-20-2013
20110296467LINKING INTERACTIVE TELEVISION APPLICATIONS TO DYNAMIC VIDEO MOSAIC ELEMENTS - The present invention teaches a method of creating and presenting a user interface comprising a Dynamic Mosaic Extended Electronic Programming Guide (DMXEPG) using video, audio, special applications, and service dynamic metadata. The system enables television or digital radio service subscribers to select and display of various programs including video, interactive TV applications, or any combination of audio or visual components grouped and presented in accordance with the dynamic program/show metadata, business rules and objectives of service providers, broadcasters, and/or personal subscriber choices, collectively referred to as mosaic element presentation criteria.12-01-2011
20110307927METHOD, SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR MANAGING NETWORK SERVICES - The present invention may be an apparatus, method and/or system related to a playback device, playback media, and a network service utilizing retail information specifying where the playback media was purchased to allow development of media content that changes behavior based on certain conditions (e.g., a priority list based on the retail information specifying where the playback media was purchased), network service availability, and/or user selections. Accordingly, content providers may author or provide a single version of the playback media which may be sold to consumers via different retailers, while simultaneously providing business and/or advertising opportunities specific to the retailer that sold the particular media.12-15-2011
20130198784INTERACTIVE USER INTERFACE FOR TELEVISION APPLICATIONS - An iTV user interface includes a navigable menu area through which a user can select from among a variety of services and a content display area in which formatted data associated with a selected menu service are displayed to the user. The formatted data is displayed in a rotating or ticker fashion having both a passive mode, in which the formatted data is displayed in a sequence independent of any selection operations by a television viewer, and active mode, in which the formatted data is displayed in a sequence that depends on selection operations by the television viewer. Advertisements and/or promotions may be interspersed among the content items. The navigable menu area and the content display area may be displayed to the viewer at the same time as television programming is displayed on the television.08-01-2013
20120066721Sports Information Gathering and Broadcasting System - Systems and methods of gathering, processing, and distributing information of a sporting event over a wireless network covering the sporting event, including a first portable device carried by a spotter of the sporting event to acquire global positioning system (GPS) data corresponding to the first portable device, to receive input data regarding status of the sporting event from the spotter, and to transmit the GPS and input data over the network, and a second portable device carried by a patron of the sporting event to receive the transmitted data, and to selectively display graphical representations of the transmitted data according to an input from the patron.03-15-2012
20130205348SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INTERACTIVE VIDEO CONTENT PROGRAMMING - The present invention is directed to a system and method for interacting with video by displaying one or more interface links associated with video content being displayed, pausing the video content when an interface link is interacted with, allowing the user to view ancillary content the interface link is linked to over a network, and unpausing the video content after the user elects to continue viewing the video content. In one or more embodiments, the ancillary content may permit e-commerce, display additional video or other images, and/or include links to additional ancillary content. The present invention also includes a method for creating an interactive video.08-08-2013
20130212629TELEVISION SYSTEM OPERATED WITH REMOTE TOUCH CONTROL - A television system comprises a remote touch-controlled device and a television receiver apparatus. A graphical user interface (GUI) is run on the touch-controlled device to provide a display that matches at least partially with the display of the GUI run on the television receiver apparatus. A user can thereby intuitively manipulates the touch-controlled device assisted by its GUI to remotely control the operation of the television receiver apparatus.08-15-2013

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