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To facilitate tuning or selection of video signal

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725 - Interactive video distribution systems


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725039000 Electronic program guide 1569
725058000 Program reserve or reminder system 82
725056000 Channel guide (i.e., channel-specific as opposed to program-specific guide) 80
725059000 Selecting from multiple inputs or sources 30
725057000 Tune-by-label (i.e., channel selection by alphanumeric character entry) 1
20100088728MEDIA CHANNEL SELECTION - A media control system processes a numeric user input to identify a set of alphabetic letters. The media control system selects a plurality of media channel names based on the set of alphabetic letters. The media control system generates a first signal to drive a first display of the media channel names. The media control system processes additional user input to select one of the displayed media channel names. The media control system generates a second signal to drive a second display associated with a media channel identified by the selected one of the displayed media channel names.04-08-2010
20090193460PROGRAM PROMOTION FEEDBACK - A user request to watch a program is received in response to a promotion for the program. One or both of recording the program and playback of the program is performed. Information regarding one or both of the recording and the playback is output, this information including an identifier of the promotion. Additionally, a report can be generated from this information output by multiple devices, the report describing the recording of the program and the playback of the program on the multiple device in response to the promotion.07-30-2009
20090193459CHANNEL SELECTION BY NAME - A method to directly tune to a specific station. Each number of a TV remote control keypad represents certain letters. A viewer enters the number that corresponds to each letter of the call letters of a desired TV station, and the TV uses metadata such as program and system information protocol (PSIP) information in received programming streams to dynamically correlate the station name to a channel number and tune to the channel number.07-30-2009
20110202956DISPOSITION OF VIDEO ALERTS AND INTEGRATION OF A MOBILE DEVICE INTO A LOCAL SERVICE DOMAIN - A handset or other end device in a local service domain receives video service notifications. The video service notifications can provide information to a user of the end device about a video service (e.g., a television program or a movie) available within a local network. The video service notification can include a request for a response to the notification, with the request having a corresponding URI or other type of link to cause a desired action (e.g., to commence recording or playing content associated with a particular video service). A mobile device configurable for direct communication in a wide area wireless network can join a local service domain and receive services through a gateway of that local service domain.08-18-2011
20120180088SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EFFECTIVELY IMPLEMENTING A PERSONAL CHANNEL FOR INTERACTIVE TELEVISION - A system and method for effectively implementing a personal channel for interactive television comprises a personal channel manager that may include a configuration module, a search module, and a content packaging module. A system user may utilize the configuration module to perform a personal channel configuration procedure to specify personal channel configuration data for performing a content record search procedure. The search module may manage the content record search procedure according to one or more search parameters that may be defined during the personal channel configuration procedure. The search module finds content records from content databases during the foregoing content record search procedure. The content packaging module coordinates a content record sorting procedure according to user-specified sorting criteria.07-12-2012
20120246679Method and Apparatus for Initiating and Executing a Joint Viewing Session of a Programming Event - Various mechanisms for initiating and/or executing a joint viewing session across a network are disclosed herein. A first user may provide an instruction to an entertainment device to send an invitation to a remote device corresponding to a second user, requesting that the second user participate in a joint viewing session of a programming event. A calendar event may be added to a calendar application at the entertainment and/or the remote device. In some embodiments, during the joint session, the programming event may be simultaneously presented at both the entertainment device and the remote device. A communications session may be established between the entertainment device and the remote device, and communications from the first user may be transmitted from the first entertainment device to the remote device for presentation to the second user during the joint viewing session.09-27-2012
20100077430Device for ip tv channel selection - The present invention is related to a device (03-25-2010
20130086611DYNAMIC HEADER IN AN INTERACTIVE APPLICATION ON TELEVISION - A system and method for navigating using a dynamic header in an interactive application of a television having a number of modules are described. Among all the modules of the interactive application, one or more desired modules are determined by analyzing at least one parameter (either based on user input or default values set by system). References to the determined desired modules are added in the dynamic header. The dynamic header is displayed in the interactive application of the television and the user is enabled to navigate in the interactive application using the dynamic header.04-04-2013
20130081082PRODUCING VIDEO BITS FOR SPACE TIME VIDEO SUMMARY - A computer-assisted method for producing a space time summary for one or more original videos includes automatically recognizing a key element in an original video, extracting pixels related to the key element from a series of video frames of the original video, producing a video bit comprising a series of video frames comprising the pixels and audio information extracted from the original video, wherein at least one video frame of the video bit is formed by a subset of pixels of the corresponding video frame in the original video, automatically displaying a plurality of video bits in a user interface, wherein the plurality of video bits are extracted from one or more original videos, and provide a space time summary for the one or more original videos, and allowing two of the plurality of video bits to be played simultaneously with audio and motion in the user interface.03-28-2013
20130081081Least Click TV - A system for minimizing interactions with at least an input mechanism, comprising at least a management server communicatively coupled to at least a user endpoint device, the user endpoint device comprising at least a display, an input mechanism, and a transponder mechanism configured to communicate data related to interactions with the input mechanism and displayed content, at least one storage device configured to store data based on content displayed on the display, interactions with the input mechanism, and content available for viewing, and at least one processor configured to use software to process the data such that a configuration of content data is prepared for display and the configuration is derived from at least the interactions with the input mechanism and the configuration is designed to minimize additional user interactions with the input mechanism to select the prepared content data.03-28-2013
20130036438SERVER SYSTEM FOR REAL-TIME MOVING IMAGE COLLECTION, RECOGNITION, CLASSIFICATION, PROCESSING, AND DELIVERY - Provided is a server system in which real-time communication based on a moving image group is performed between a number of users.02-07-2013
20100043024CHANNEL SWITCHING MODULE - A channel switching module is disclosed. The channel switching module includes a server host, an audio/video player and a display device. The server host has a controller for respectively connecting and controlling an audio/video processor, a signal transmission module and a channel switching unit, wherein the audio/video processor encodes/decodes to the internal audio/video files, and the channel switching unit switches channels, and the signal transmission module transmits out a selected audio/video signal. The audio/video player has a signal transmission module for receiving the audio/video signal transmitted by the server host and a controller for connecting and controlling an executing unit and a display device for playing.02-18-2010
20090158329CONFIGURATION OF ENHANCEMENT OPTIONS PROVIDED WITH A TELEVISION SERVICE - A method for providing a television service enhancement includes receiving a first user input requesting a television service, providing the user with an option to receive an enhancement to the television service for a charge, and receiving a second user input selecting the option to receive the enhancement to the television service.06-18-2009
20090158328INTERNET PROTOCOL TELEVISION CHANNEL SELECTION DEVICE - The present invention relates to an IPTV Channel selection device, for use in an IPTV system said IPTV system comprising a meta-information holding part that is adapted to store meta-information on each channel of a plurality of IPTV channels, wherein the IPTV Channel selection device comprises a selection engine that is adapted to select at least one IPTV channel from said plurality of IPTV channels based on meta-information on each channel of said plurality of IPTV channels in combination with at least one user-related selection criterion.06-18-2009
20090158327IPTV receiver and method of providing channel map information - AN IPTV receiver and a method of providing channel map information are provided. A network interface transmits and receives an IP packet through a network. An IP network stack checks a destination of the received IP packet and classifies the IP packet according to a protocol. A Service Information (SI) decoder parses a master SI table included in the IP packet to read channel map management information included in the master SI table, and parses a channel map record included in the IP packet to read a channel map instance included in the channel map record. An IPTV terminal function (ITF) operation controller controls the reception of the channel map record based on the read channel map management information.06-18-2009
20090158326Trick Play of Streaming Media - A data processing system, comprising a network interface configured to couple to a data network; one or more processors coupled to the network interface; memory coupled to the one or more processors; a video interface coupled to the one or more processors and configured to output video data to a video display device; logic encoded in one or more computer-readable media wherein execution by the one or more processors causes receiving and storing in the memory a plurality of still images from an audiovisual program, wherein each of the still images is associated with a sequentially later time point within the audiovisual program; receiving first user input specifying invocation of a trick play mode of playing the audiovisual program; generating video output to the video interface wherein the video output comprises a first image position comprising one or more of the still images, a linearly second image position comprising one of the still images, and a linearly third image position comprising one or more of the still images; wherein the still images in the video output are arranged in the image positions in sequential order according to time point within the audiovisual program; generating updated video output to the video interface in which the still image of the second image position is shifted into the first image position, one of the still images of the third image position is shifted into the second image position, and one or more new still images are in the third image position.06-18-2009
20090158325SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR A USER INTERFACE TO MANAGE THE RECORDING, DOWNLOADING AND SHARING OF CONTENT FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES - A system and method for a user interface to manage the recording, downloading and sharing of content from multiple sources are described. Various embodiments allow requesting content from a service provider by a user and receiving a user interface from the service provider, where the user interface indicates the availability of the content via multiple sources, and where the multiple sources include an Internet Protocol (IP) network, a broadcast service and a peer-to-peer network. Other embodiments are described and claimed.06-18-2009
20100031287AUTOMATION-RESISTANT, ADVERTISING-MERGED INTERACTIVE SERVICES - Systems and methodologies for implementing automation-resistant interactive computing services are provided herein. Function invocation mechanisms can be utilized as described herein to facilitate invocation and/or activation of one or more functions of an interactive service upon performance of an interaction falling within a predefined class of interaction with selected multimedia content. The described functionality invocation mechanisms can operate similarly to a traditional captcha image by requiring interaction that is easily understandable and performable by a human user but is prohibitively difficult for an automated program to carry out. Techniques such as masking relationships between user interaction and function invocation and varying elements of the selected multimedia content for respective accesses can be utilized to provide additional resistance to automation. Described invocation mechanisms can additionally be merged with advertising, which can optionally be targeted to a particular user(s).02-04-2010
20120167137SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATED SOCIAL NETWORKING - A system for sending content between a TV (e.g. IPTV or the like) and a website. The system includes an interface server and a TV that includes display, processor and an interface module for communicating with the interface server. The system also has programming executable on the interface server for coupling the server to a social networking website, providing a graphical user interface (e.g. in the form of an app) on the social networking site for linking to said TV, and sending content from the social networking site to the TV. The system also has programming executable on the TV processor for displaying a notification that content has been received; and displaying the content upon selection by a user.06-28-2012
20130047182FEATURE RECOMMENDATION FOR TELEVISION VIEWING - A method includes accessing television (TV) command data including a plurality of TV commands for controlling a TV. The plurality of TV commands includes at least one selection of a feature. The method may include identifying a first pattern of TV commands based on the TV command data. The first pattern of TV commands correlates with the at least one selection of a feature. The method may further include receiving a second pattern of TV commands. The method may include determining whether the second pattern of TV commands substantially matches the model pattern of TV commands. In addition, the method may include providing a feature recommendation based on the at least one selection of the feature in response to a determination that the second pattern of TV commands substantially matches the model pattern of TV commands.02-21-2013
20100064314System and Method for Managing Storage Capacity on a Digital Video Recorder - An Internet protocol television system includes a server that records content on a set-top box, determines storage capacity utilization, and when utilization is greater than a threshold, prompts to select other content on the storage device to be deleted.03-11-2010
20090044222Broadcasting Receiver - A broadcasting receiver capable of receiving the broadcasting services via both broadcast wave and the Internet is provided, which may allow a user to select a desired broadcasting service irrespectively of the difference in transmission channel between the broadcast wave and the Internet. The broadcasting receiver includes a channel table to record at least a channel for the digital broadcasting service via the broadcast wave and a piece of access point name information for the digital broadcasting service via the Internet correspondingly to a channel number selected by a user, in which streaming data output of the tuner or the Internet communication device is selected based on the user's choice on the channel number. Further, when the same broadcasting service is provided via both the broadcast wave and the Internet, the broadcasting service of the better receiving condition is received.02-12-2009
20090044221Information Processing Apparatus and Program Startup Control Method - According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus includes a CPU, a connector which outputs a video signal and inputs/outputs various commands for operation control, a command transmitting unit which transmits the various commands via the connector, a menu screen display unit which arranges an operation menu on a display screen and transmits a video signal for the display screen via the connector, when a command which requests display of the operation menu dealing with various programs which cause the CPU to perform information processes accompanied by playback of motion picture data as options is received by the command transmitting unit, and a program startup unit which starts up a program corresponding to a selected one of the options when a command which instructs selection of one of the options on the operation menu is received by the command transmitting unit.02-12-2009
20090044220CREATING SHORTLISTS FOR CONTROL OF A BROADCAST RECEIVER - A remote control device controls the tuning of a broadcast receiver to a plurality of broadcast channels. The device has a configuring mode for creating a set of specific broadcast channels, and an operational mode for restricting selection from among the channels to the specific channels only. In the configuring mode the device controls the receiver to tune to a candidate channel for providing visual or auditory feedback about the content available from the candidate channel. This feedback facilitates deciding on whether or not to have the candidate channel belong to the set.02-12-2009
20120192231Web computer TV system - Disclosed herein is a window-based computer system (07-26-2012
20120192230ADAPTIVE AUDIO/VIDEO STREAMS PROXY - A method is provided comprising: receiving a constant bit rate video stream representing a single video from a video source via a managed broadband connection; converting the constant bit rate video stream into a single non-adaptive bit rate video stream by modifying a video transport stack of the video to be compatible with a home device media player video transport stack; modifying a video control stack of the video to be compatible with a device in a home network; adding a home networking transport stack to the video stream, wherein the home networking transport stack is such that it would appear to the device in the home network as if the video stream came from a server local to the home network; and delivering the video stream to a device in the home network.07-26-2012
20120192229Process, instructions and architecture of a graphical user interface saved on a physical, computer read-able media device and run for the display of multiple streaming live video feeds simultaneously - An apparatus including the process, instructions and Architecture of a Graphical User Interface Saved on a Physical, Computer Read-Able Media Device and Run for The Display of Multiple Streaming Live Video Feeds Simultaneously as set forth in the following specifications. The multiple live feeds play live simultaneously and continuously, unlike others represented by the most recently updated or other still image. The apparatus projects, mirrors or otherwise transmits the signals via the internet, wi-fi (wireless internet), Wi-Max, cable, satellite, cellular, VoIP, radio frequency or other connection to users on mobile media devices such as mobile phones, smart-phones, tablet computer devices, computers, and other similar mobile devices.07-26-2012
20080301730Method and device for TV channel search - A TV channel search method and device is provided, wherein the method comprises (a) snatching screenshots of real time video signals of frequencies to generate snatched screenshots; (b) establishing and storing correspondence relationship of the snatched screenshots and frequencies; (c) providing the snatched screenshots for user selection and obtaining a snatched screenshot selected by the user; and (d) obtaining a frequency corresponding to the snatched screenshot selected by the user based on the correspondence relation of the snatched screenshots and frequencies, and then performing aimed TV channel switch and play. According to the method and device of the invention, the user can quickly and visually search a TV channel independent on EPG information after the correspondence relationship of images and frequencies has been established by snatching screenshots of real time TV pictures, and the method and device is applicable in both analog TV and digital TV.12-04-2008
20090282435Video Program Sequenced Output - A method is disclosed and includes receiving a selection of a first video program, receiving a selection of a linking command to link the first video program to a second video program, receiving a user request to output the first video program to a display device, and outputting the first video program in response to the user request. The method further includes after displaying the first video program, automatically outputting the second video program to the display device without an additional user action.11-12-2009
20090271822APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING IMAGE - Provided are an image processing apparatus and an image processing method thereof. The image processing apparatus includes: an information reader which collects information related to a search word; and a controller which selects a favorite broadcast depending on a viewing pattern and provides the information reader with the search word corresponding to the favorite broadcast.10-29-2009
20110047568TV USER INTERFACE WITH RECOMMENDED CONTENT ENTRY IN FAVORITES MENU - A “recommendation” genus entry is added to the list of other genre in a TV “favorites” menu. Entries in the recommendation genus entry are depicted in a stack and sorted by recommendation strength and channel number. A user can elect to hide the recommendation entry from the favorites menu.02-24-2011
20130067515PRESENTING MEDIA CONTENT TO A PLURALITY OF REMOTE VIEWING DEVICES - Methods and systems for processing and provisioning media content for display on a viewer device are provided. An example method may comprise accessing an advertisement database to obtain a plurality of advertisement media components The advertisement media components may be provided by an advertisement provider that pays to have the advertisement media components accessible. An entertainment database may be accessed to obtain a plurality of entertainment media components, the plurality of entertainment media components being provided by an entertainment provider that receives payment to make the entertainment media components accessible. Thereafter, the entertainment media components may be interspersed between the advertisement media components to provide viewer media content. An award associated with the viewer media content may be selectively allocated and the media content is communicated to at least one viewer device for viewing. A notification may be sent to the viewer device when the award has been awarded.03-14-2013
20090013349BROADCASTING RECEIVING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - There is provided a broadcasting receiving apparatus. The broadcasting receiving apparatus includes: a receiver which receives a broadcasting signal of a broadcasting channel; a UI generator which generates a data broadcasting UI; and a controller which controls the UI generator to generate a channel data broadcasting UI including a data broadcasting item corresponding to broadcasting contents of a tuned broadcasting channel if data broadcasting is received through the receiver.01-08-2009
20110283316System and Method of Providing Audio Content - A method includes receiving input from a remote control device at a set-top box device. The input identifies media content that includes audio content and video content. The input also indicates that the audio content is to be output via an audio output device coupled to the set-top box device without sending the video output from the set-top box device to an external display device coupled to the set-top box device. The method includes determining whether the media content is stored at a local memory device of the set-top box device. When the media content is stored at the local memory device, the method includes retrieving the media content from the local memory, sending a first audio signal corresponding to the audio content of the media content to the audio output device and blocking output of the video content to the external display device.11-17-2011
20090064221METHOD OF AUTOMATICALLY SWITCHING TELEVISION CHANNELS - Method for automatically switching television channels or other content sources. The method may be used with any electronic media to facilitate switching between channels or other content sources based on events or other occurrences in non-viewed channels, such as but not limited to switching channels based on sporting event occurrences (goals, ending of game, etc.), news event occurrence (breaking news, health tips, etc.), and other any number of other identifiable events.03-05-2009
20100122290SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FOCUSED NAVIGATION WITHIN A USER INTERFACE - A method for navigation of television program listings within a user interface includes successively displaying a first set of visual cards in a first area of the user interface. Each visual card of the first set of visual cards represents a corresponding broadcast time slot associated with a graphically represented first card characteristic. Selection by a user of a particular visual card of the first set of visual cards is enabled in order to view a television program corresponding to the time slot represented by the selected visual card. In an embodiment, a transition from display of a first visual card of the first set of visual cards to display of a second visual card of the first set of visual cards occurs automatically at the conclusion of a first time period.05-13-2010
20110302605METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SEAMLESSLY SWITCHING RECEPTION BETWEEN MULTIMEDIA STREAMS IN A WIRELESS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - Techniques to seamlessly switch reception between multimedia programs are described. For “continued decoding”, a wireless device continues to receive, decode, decompress, and (optionally) display a current program until overhead information needed to decode the new program is received. For “early decoding”, the wireless device receives a user input and identifies a program with potential for user selection. The wireless device initiates decoding of the identified program, prior to its selection, so that the program can be decompressed and displayed earlier if it is subsequently selected. For time-compensated transmission, a base station transmits video and audio for a program in a manner to account for the difference between audio processing delay and video processing delay at the wireless device. This allows the wireless device to present the audio earlier during a program change, since its processing delay is shorter, and thus provide a faster response to the program change.12-08-2011
20110302604METHODS AND ARRANGEMENTS FOR SYSTEM PROVIDING MEDIA VIA MULTICAST DISTRIBUTION - The present invention relates to a server and a method for achieving a fast channel change in e.g. an IPTV system. This is achieved by selecting a source for retrieving the requested channel based on the current load of the FCC server. The source may be the streaming server providing the regular multicast stream or a buffer providing a buffered version of the requested channel. According to one embodiment requests for fast channel change (relating to the same channel) are grouped and served and served as a bundle over multicast. By doing that one can alleviate the load on the FCC server and the network since multiple clients can share the same stream.12-08-2011
20110302603CONTENT OUTPUT SYSTEM, CONTENT OUTPUT METHOD, PROGRAM, TERMINAL DEVICE, AND OUTPUT DEVICE - A content output system has a terminal device which includes an input unit accepting an input of a selection of content performed by a user, a determination unit determining whether the content selected in accordance with the input to the input unit performed by the user is predetermined content, and a content-information transmission unit transmitting content information which is information on the content to an output device when the determination unit determines that the content is the predetermined content, and the output device which includes a content-information reception unit receiving the content information transmitted from the content-information transmission unit, a content-reception unit receiving the content corresponding to the content information, and an output unit outputting the content received by the content-reception unit.12-08-2011
20110289532SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INTERACTIVE SECOND SCREEN - A method and system for interactive second screen comprises the steps of capturing audio, video or image information from the primary screen via sensors built with the secondary screen device; ingesting and collecting VDNA (Video DNA) fingerprints of the captured media information in the secondary screen device; sending the ingested fingerprints along with other information such as metadata, user's location, etc, to the content identification server via Internet or mobile networks; providing content-aware information or resources back to the secondary screen device, and providing user interaction with the content-aware information and resources.11-24-2011
20110289531Using Viewing Signals In Targeted Video Advertising - At a client, a video is received. The video includes one or more advertisement slots. The video is played back to a user. During the playback of the video, an impending advertisement slot is detected. One or more advertisements are requested for placement in the advertisement slot. The one or more advertisements are received and placed in the advertisement slot.11-24-2011
20110289530Television Related Searching - The subject matter of this specification can be implemented in, among other things, a computer-implemented method that includes identifying metadata related to television programming being presented on a display device. The method further includes extracting one or more keywords from the metadata. The method further includes generating multiple search suggestions based on the keywords and first search results based on one or more of the search suggestions. The method further includes presenting the search suggestions and the first search results together on the display device.11-24-2011
20120017242Long Distance Audio Attendance - In one embodiment, a system or method is provided for collecting audio, video and/or graphical inputs from one or more viewers of a program. The received input(s) may then be provided to an aggregator that combines the received inputs into one or more aggregated audio, video, data and/or combined signals. Such aggregated signals may be generated based on one or more predefined or dynamically defined criteria. The aggregated signal may be provided by a system or method to an external user or customer connected via one or more distribution systems to other viewers of the program such that the viewers may substantially/simultaneously receive the one or more audio, video and/or data inputs provided by other viewers during given presentation of the program.01-19-2012
20090019479IPTV CAPABLE OF AUTO CHANNEL SETTING AND METHOD THEREOF - An Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) capable of auto channel setting and a method thereof are provided. A channel information generating unit converts summaries of a plurality of web contents provided through the Internet into channel information as required by channel listing, and allocates channel numbers to the plurality of web contents, and a storage unit stores the allocated channel numbers and the generated channel information.01-15-2009
20110265119IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR OPERATING THE SAME - A method for operating an image display apparatus is discussed. The method according to an embodiment includes reproducing content, storing at least part of the reproduced content, upon receipt of a content save command, displaying a content object representing the stored content, displaying objects representing other users or electronic devices of a connected network or a network linked to the connected network, and transmitting, when the content object is dragged and dropped on an object selected from among the objects representing other users or electronic devices, the stored content to a selected user or electronic device represented by the selected object. The content is at least one of a broadcast image, an external input image, an audio file, a still image, a connected Web page, or a text file.10-27-2011
20100269136TELEVISION OPERATION INTERFACE DISPLAY SYSTEM AND OPERATION METHOD FOR SWITCHING TELEVISION CHANNELS - A television (TV) operation interface display system and an operation method for switching TV channels are disclosed. The TV operation interface has a channel selection object that has a display zone corresponding to a plurality of TV channels, a bar as an indicating object for a user to move and accordingly select a TV channel, and a channel marker. The bar can automatically align with the channel marker for the user to conveniently switch to a preset favorite channel. The user can touch the bar at a fixed position in the display zone to set a favorite channel. The display zone is divided by the bar into a first zone and a second zone. The user can touch and trigger the first zone or the second zone to switch the TV channels, and can control a switching speed by controlling duration for touching the first or the second zone.10-21-2010
20110219404UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL MANAGEMENT IN DIGITAL DISPLAY DEVICES - In one embodiment, a system, comprising at least a first video source device, at least a first remote control device, a digital display device comprising logic to receive, in a digital display device, a signal to initiate an aggregation process, in response to the signal, enumerate at least a first video source device coupled to the digital display device, obtain, from the at least a first video source device, a first remote control code table, merge the first remote control table into a master remote control table, receive in the primary interface device manager, a user interface database from the secondary interface device manager, and store the master remote control table in memory.09-08-2011
20090165044METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SELECTING A PROGRAM ITEM - A method of selecting a program item by defining a programming template relating to a predetermined period for an individual viewer. The programming template includes a plurality of sequential time slots, each time slot being associated with a particular content type selected from a standard program content classification structure. For a given time falling within a respective the time slot, a program item is selected from a plurality of candidate program items. This program item identified as having content of the type associated with the one of the time slots. Thus an EPG is automatically compiled on the basis of a user profile which calls for a certain type of content (film/news/weather/clips etc.) at certain times of the day or week.06-25-2009
20110197226Linking Real Time Media Context to Related Applications and Services - Information about the context of electronic media may be extracted automatically. The extracted information may then be used to select ancillary services or applications that may be of interest to the user. The context information may be developed from ancillary information associated with the media, such as metadata or electronic programming guides. It may also be extracted from the media itself, including identification of image elements, audio elements, or other depicted features within the media in order to obtain information about what is being displayed.08-11-2011
20110197228Digital Over-The-Air Entertainment And Information - A system of distributing electronic content includes a satellite and a network operations center uplinking electronic content to the satellite. The electronic content may contain advertising and various other information including television, movies, and music. An over-the-air broadcast center receives the electronic content from the satellite and generates over-the-air electronic content. A user device is used to receive the over-the-air electronic content. The user device may filter the electronic content broadcast by the over-the-air broadcast center and store various information in a memory cache therein. When the user desires, the information in the memory cache may be used by the user at his convenience.08-11-2011
20100083310METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING MULTIPLE CHANNEL RECALL ON A TELEVISION RECEIVER - The various embodiments described herein provide methods and apparatus for providing multiple channel recall on a television receiver. A television receiver stores multiple previously viewed channels for selective recall by a user. A television receiver outputs a selection menu that includes a plurality of previously viewed channels. A user selects one of the channels from the selection menu for viewing, and a tuner of the television receiver is commanded to output the selected channel.04-01-2010
20110197227SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING ROAMING VIDEO WANTED LIST AND ROAMING VIDEO PREFERENCES - Various embodiments of the present invention relate to systems and methods for providing a roaming video wanted list and roaming video preferences. In particular embodiments, the systems and methods provide a first video service provider with a video wanted list and/or video preferences for a subscriber of a second video service provider so that the first video service provider can identify content available on the first video service provider's system that is listed on the subscriber's wanted list and/or is based on video preferences for the subscriber.08-11-2011
20100088721IPTV receiver and method for changing channel of IPTV receiver - A method of changing a channel in an Internet Protocol Television is disclosed. The method includes receiving Fast Channel Change information of Audio/Video streams associated with an internet broadcast service of at least one channel, pre-storing the Fast Channel Change information of the A/V streams, setting a display and codec configuration for a new channel using the pre-stored Fast Channel Change information, receiving the Audio/Video streams associated with the internet broadcast service of the new channel, and displaying Audio/Video streams of the new channel.04-08-2010
20090089833INFORMATION PROCESSING TERMINAL, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An information processing method includes the steps of: obtaining biometric information expressing biometric responses exhibited by a user during content playback; obtaining metadata for each content of which biometric information is obtained; identifying attributes linked to the biometric information within the attributes included in the obtained metadata and identifying, in the case of content wherein identified attribute values differ but the user exhibits similar biometric responses during playback, the different value of the attribute linked to the biometric information as a value not necessary to be distinguished; reconfiguring a profile by merging the information relating to the value which is identified which is not necessary to be distinguished, from the information included in the user profile; identifying recommended content based on the reconfigured profile; and presenting the identified recommended content information to the user.04-02-2009
20090089832System, method and apparatus for enabling channel surfing while buffering and recording of preferred channels - A system, method and apparatus for surfing channels while preserving content on a preferred channel includes buffering and optionally recording a prime channel using a first tuner while surfing available channels using a second tuner. Upon return to the preferred channel, the programming content of the preferred channel is continued to be viewed in a time-shifted manner. The simultaneous buffering of the prime channel upon changing viewing channels is performed such that the buffering of the prime channel includes a complete record of received content without any loss of programming information.04-02-2009
20090119706Generation and Delivery of Stepped-Frame Content Via MPEG Transport Streams - Systems and methods are disclosed for processing a video data streams having an input adapted for receiving and processing the video signal and rendering an output signal in a digital format, detecting a particular code within an individual frame of the processed signal that identifies the type of frame that contains the code, and storing the identified frame in a retrievable memory location of the system. This Abstract is provided for the sole purpose of complying with the Abstract requirement rules that allow a reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the disclosure contained herein. This Abstract is submitted with the explicit understanding that it will not be used to interpret or to limit the scope or the meaning of the claims.05-07-2009
20110202957METHOD FOR CONTROLLING VIDEO SYSTEM INCLUDING A PLURALITY OF DISPLAY APPARATUSES - A method for controlling a video system wherein the nearest display apparatus is selected by detecting a distance to each of a plurality of display apparatuses and information regarding the nearest display apparatus is transmitted to another video apparatus allowing a user apparatus to select the nearest display apparatus without additional input.08-18-2011
20080244649Image reproduction system and signal processor used for the same - An image reproduction system includes a TV set, an AV amplifier connected to the TV set, and a plurality of image output devices, such as a DVD player, a set-top box and a game console, connected to the AV amplifier. The ID information of these image output devices is displayed as a list on the screen of the TV set. The user can select any one of the image output devices from the list by using a remote control, for example. The fact of the selection is transmitted to the AV amplifier from the TV set. Upon this, the AV amplifier connects the selected image output device to the TV set, so that the image signals reproduced by the selected device are sent to the TV set.10-02-2008
20080244647APPLICATION EXECUTION METHOD AND APPARATUS - An application program executing a method and an apparatus for improving the speed of executing an application program for a digital television (DTV) are provided. If log information exists for a resource used by an application program, the resource indicated by the log information is requested, and the application program is executed using the resource transmitted as per the request. Accordingly, it is possible to rapidly provide the application program with the resource used by the application program, thereby increasing the speed of executing the application program.10-02-2008
20080244646Channel Switching Device and Channel Switching Method - A set top box 10-02-2008
20080250451APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SEARCHING TV PROGRAM - A TV program searching apparatus includes: an image receiving unit that receives an image having additional information from an external device; an additional information reading unit that reads the additional information from the image received from the image receiving unit; and a TV program searching unit that searches for a TV program related to the additional information using the additional information read by the additional information reading unit.10-09-2008
20080235726Television broadcast receiver - An object of the present invention is to provide a function to make a reservation for recording or watching with a simple operation during watching a program promotion, by adding a function to acquire the information required to make a reservation from the program promotion being watched. For the achievement of the object, a character recognition processing unit and an audio recognition processing unit extract keywords from video information and audio information contained in video information. Then, after the keywords are transferred to a keyword managing unit, a program information processing unit appropriately shows the program information to an operator. The operator can make the reservation simply by selecting the presented program information.09-25-2008
20090265737PUBLISHING KEY FRAMES OF A VIDEO CONTENT ITEM BEING VIEWED BY A FIRST USER TO ONE OR MORE SECOND USERS - Systems and methods for obtaining key frames of video content items being viewed by first users and publishing the key frames of the video content items to second users are provided. In general, either prior to playback of a video content item by a first user or during playback of the video content item by the first user, key frame information providing, referencing, or identifying key frames of the video content item is obtained. Each key frame is representative of a segment of the video content item. The key frame information for the video content item is then published such that each key frame is presented to one or more second users while the first user views the corresponding segment of the video content item.10-22-2009
20090119707AUTOMATIC CHANNEL SEARCH METHOD AND SYSTEM THEREOF - An automatic channel search system for use with a video display apparatus that has multiple video interfaces, in which all the channels of the multiple video interfaces are searched for a signaling channel carrying thereon a signal, and the signaling status and/or non-signaling status the respective channels is recorded. Utilizing this method, a channel search operation can be achieved in a significantly reduced time. Particularly, when there is one only one signaling channel found in the search, straightforward image processing is performed on the signal carried on that signaling channel to display the image of the signal. Further, when more than one signaling channel is found, the signaling channels are shown for the user to select one, and the signal of the selected channel is processed and displayed.05-07-2009
20090119705DYNAMICALLY CONFIGURABLE VIDEO INPUT LIST FOR TV - A video input list is presented on a TV with the viewer's most recent or most selected source moved at or near the top of the list. Also, specific and thus informative labels such as “DVD player” and “PVR” can be used in place of generic “HDMI 05-07-2009
20080288978Nut Cracker - A method of providing selectable interactivity for a viewer watching a show, whereby the viewer (11-20-2008
20080263591Content viewing session - Techniques are described to provide a content viewing session. In an implementation, an input is received that selects a length of a viewing session for content to be output at the client. The viewing session having the selected length is populated using a plurality of content that is likely to be of interest to a user of the client.10-23-2008
20080276274Media Services Devices and Methods - A media services device including a display device configured to present user-selectable options corresponding to video-on-demand services, and a video-on-demand application server component configured to provide the video-on-demand services responsive to user selection of the options.11-06-2008
20080271074METHOD FOR PROVIDING SERVICE INFORMATION AND APPARATUS THEREOF - A method for providing service information and a video apparatus employing the same are provided. The method for providing service information includes transmitting a request message for service information provided by an external apparatus connected according to the High Definition Multimedia Interface Consumer Electronics Control (HDMI CEC) standard, and receiving a reply message for the service information from the external apparatus as a reply to the request message. Accordingly, the video apparatus provides service information provided by the external apparatus connected thereto to a user.10-30-2008
20100146545RANDOMLY SELECTING CURRENT PROGRAMMING - A system for receiving and displaying broadcast audio and visual programming includes a television receiver and a display. The television receiver has a tuner for tuning to the channel to be displayed and is controlled by a processor with which the user communicates by way of a remote control unit. Operation of a random button on the remote control unit causes the processor to initiate a random mode selection whereby the television receiver randomly selects and displays one of the broadcast channels received.06-10-2010
20100138860Method and system for displaying a series of recordable events - A method and system for displaying identifiers for one or more series of recordable events is described. A system, such as the system of a digital video recorder, may receive a set of recordable events data, such as a listing of all television shows to be broadcast over a two-week period. The system analyzes the set of recordable events data for determining one or more sets of recordable events, where each set includes recordable events having the same title. The system analyzes each set of recordable events to determine sub-sets of recordable events based on relationships between the recordable events of each sub-set. The system displays an identifier for each sub-set of a given set of recordable events when the given set of recordable events is selected for display. A user may select to record a sub-set of recordable events by selecting the identifier that represents the sub-set.06-03-2010
20110271301SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING VIEWER-RELATED INFORMATION ON A DISPLAY BASED UPON WIRELESS IDENTIFICATION OF A PARTICULAR VIEWER - Systems and methods are described for presenting viewer-related programming to a particular viewer. In at least one embodiment, a wireless reader is configured to receive at least one identifier when the particular viewer is in proximity to the reader. A controller is configured to receive the identifier from the wireless reader and to associate the identifier with the particular viewer, and, upon successfully associating the wireless identifier with the particular viewer, to present the viewer-related programming associated with the particular viewer via the display or other presentation device located in proximity to the wireless reader. Viewer-related programming may including placeshifted content, viewing preferences, settings or other information as desired.11-03-2011
20110209176METHOD AND TERMINAL FOR REALIZING THE UPDATE OF MOBILE MULTIMEDIA BROADCASTING ELECTRONIC SERVICE GUIDE - A method for implementing update of mobile multimedia broadcasting ESG is disclosed in the present invention. The method comprises: upon receiving an ESG, a terminal storing the ESG and time information about reception of the ESG this time; when receiving an ESG again, the terminal judging whether condition for complete ESG update is met according to time information about reception of the ESG this time and the time information about reception of the ESG last time stored in the terminal, if yes, the terminal completely updating the ESG stored therein to the ESG received this time; otherwise the terminal judging whether a value of an ESG update indication carried in the ESG is the same with that of an ESG update indication in the ESG stored therein, if no, updating ESG information that has changed in the terminal. The present invention efficiently achieves operation of ESG update of the terminal.08-25-2011
20090138910METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SETTING AND ENABLING SHORTCUT KEY OF REMOTE CONTROLLER - Provided are a method and apparatus for setting/enabling a shortcut key of a remote controller. The method includes executing an application including device control software, requesting selection of a key of the remote controller that is to be mapped to the device control software when the device control software is selected, downloading the device control software when the key of the remote controller is selected, and mapping the device control software to the key of the remote controller.05-28-2009
20090165043System and Method of Delivering Video Content - Systems and methods of delivering video content are provided. A method of delivering video content is provided that includes predicting a channel change request at a network device. The predicted channel change request indicates a predicted stream of video content. The method also includes generating a control signal at the network device related to the predicted channel change request and storing the control signal at a data storage device associated with the network device. In an illustrative embodiment, the network device stores the control signal when the network device is associated with a first data capacity. Additionally, the network device sends a video content request to a service provider server when the network device is associated with a second data capacity. The video content request is related to the predicted stream.06-25-2009
20090025030Contents display system and contents display method - A contents display system for displaying contents including video data including a plurality of video intervals and concomitant data associated with the video data includes a contents display mode determiner for determining, per video interval, a display mode for displaying video data and concomitant data included in the contents to be displayed on a display screen, and a contents arrangement unit for generating, per video interval, contents in which the video data and the concomitant data are arranged according to the display mode determined by the contents display mode determiner.01-22-2009
20090019478IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - There is provided an image processing apparatus which comprises a receiver which receives primary image content; a communicator which communicates with at least one supply source which supplies related image content of the primary image content; a signal processor which processes and outputs the primary image content; and a controller which controls the communicator to request the supply source to supply the related image content, and controls the signal processor to process and play the related image content supplied from the supply source in response to the request if a user selects a key to play the related image content of the primary image content while the primary image content received by the receiver is processed by the signal processor.01-15-2009
20090019477DATA SEARCH METHOD AND DATA BROADCAST TRANSMITTING AND RECEIVING APPARATUSES - Provided are a data search method and data broadcast transmitting and receiving apparatuses. The data search method includes receiving a data search request; tuning a channel and receiving data to conduct a data search; obtaining a data search descriptor from the received data and conducting the data search; and outputting search results.01-15-2009
20110225610VIDEO ENABLED DIGITAL DEVICES FOR EMBEDDING USER DATA IN INTERACTIVE APPLICATIONS - Connecting viewers in the broadcasting and gaming experience for the purpose of enhancing the entertainment experience of a user is a fast growing technical area. It seeks to engage the viewer in a media that is visually rich which consequently provides a new and unique form of enhancing the user experience.09-15-2011
20110225609SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING PROGRAM AVAILABILITY - Modern broadcast services have a need for improving channel selection in an MDU network. A method is disclosed including the steps of receiving a request for a program, comparing the requested program to a stored list of available programs, and providing an alternative if the requested program is unavailable. An apparatus is disclosed including a user interface receiving a request for a program from a user, a controller comparing the requested program to a stored list of available programs, and a network interface receiving data relating to programs available from a source when available programs from the source change and transmitting the requested program if the controller determines that the requested program is available.09-15-2011
20090031342Systems and Methods of Differentiated Requests for Network Access - Methods and systems of handling channel changes in a digital home communication terminal are disclosed. An exemplary method comprises: receiving a request for access to a downstream network connected to the DHCT; determining a source of the request for access; and setting at least one parameter to a value based on the determined source; and performing a channel change using the at least one parameter having the set value An exemplary system comprises: a channel acquisition component, memory, and a processor. The processor is programmed by code, stored in memory, to: receive a channel change request; determine whether the channel change request is user-initiated; and instruct the channel acquisition component to perform a channel change using at least one parameter. The parameter has a value that is based on the determination.01-29-2009
20090049470Method and device for interactive operation of television - Image processing or image analysis to produce real time effects on images on a screen. The user shoots an imaginary gun, points a wooden stick, points his finger that has a colored paper attached etc, at the screen and effects happen to the images on the screen. The effects could be bullet holes, arrows, clothes, a raw egg, dripping blood, band-aids, etc. The effects move with the image on the screen as if the effect was really physically on the body. When the image leaves the screen temporarily and returns, the effect could still be in place on the image and move with the image. The identifying camera could be on the gun, stick and the like facing the images on the screen or the identifying camera could be on the screen of the TV, computer and the like facing the user with his stick or colored finger.02-19-2009
20090083791METHOD FOR TUNING TO CHANNEL AND BROADCAST RECEIVING APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A channel tuning method and a broadcast receiving apparatus using the same are provided. The channel tuning method includes receiving a channel selection command from a user, tuning to a predetermined broadcast signal using channel index information corresponding to selected channel information, and displaying the tuned broadcast signal. The channel index information includes physical transmission channel (PTC) information, and program number information which is contained in a program map table (PMT). Therefore, it is possible to simultaneously manage a plurality of broadcast receiving apparatuses using separate channel index information corresponding to channel information input to the broadcast receiving apparatuses.03-26-2009
20110145859SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETACHABLE MEDIA DEVICES AND CONTENT - Disclosed herein are systems, computer-implemented methods, and computer-readable storage media for detachable media playback. The system can detach individual channels of a media presentation from a first device and transfer them to nearby devices. The method causes a computing device to play media content having multiple channels to a user on a first device, identify a set of media playback devices nearby to the first device, identify playback capabilities and a status for each of the set of nearby devices, match a channel of the media content with at least one of the set of media playback devices and the identified playback capabilities and the status of the set of media playback devices, and transfer the matched channel to the at least one of the set of media playback devices. A central server can transfer the matched channel to other media playback devices.06-16-2011
20120079536PARALLEL TELEVISION BASED MEDIA INTERACTION - A control device for interacting with a television system that displays media information. The control device is adapted to cause a change in an audio and/or a video portion of the media information on receiving an input from a user. The control device may further, for example, be adapted to govern actions of elements selected from the media information. At least one module is adapted to receive a movement selection from the user. The at least one module may also be adapted to send a control signal directing application of a movement corresponding to the movement selection to an element from the media information. The at least one module may further be adapted to display supplemental media information that guides the user to enter the movement selection. The control device may, for example, be adapted to interact with the Internet, which may provide audiovisual streams to the television system.03-29-2012
20090083790Video scene segmentation and categorization - In one embodiment of the invention, an apparatus and method for video browsing, summarization, and/or retrieval, based on video scene segmentation and categorization is disclosed. Video shots may be detected from video data. Key frames may be selected from the shots. A shot similarity graph may be composed based on the key frames. Using normalized cuts on the graph, scenes may be segmented. The segmented scenes may be categorized based on whether the segmented scene is a parallel or serial scene. One or more representative key frames may be selected based on the scene categorization.03-26-2009
20090083792Television receiver and television receiving method - A television receiver includes at least two tuner units that respectively connect to multidirectional antennas respectively capable of electrically switching a directivity of a receiving radio wave and that select a television broadcast signal corresponding to a channel selected by a user. The television receiver further includes an optimum direction updating section (optimum direction updating process). Thereby, when a tuner unit currently being not used is present, an optimum receive direction of the multidirectional antenna on a channel other than a channel selected in a tuner unit currently being in use is serially updated by using the tuner unit currently being not in use. Consequently, it is possible to provide the television receiver that is capable of performing the channel selection always in the optimum receive direction of the multidirectional antenna and channel selection operation quickly or in a reduced period of time in the event of the channel selection.03-26-2009
20080263592SYSTEM FOR VIDEO CONTROL BY DIRECT MANIPULATION OF OBJECT TRAILS - One embodiment is a method for an interaction technique allowing users to control nonlinear video playback by directly manipulating objects seen in the video playback, comprising the steps of: tracking a moving object on a camera; recording a video; creating an object trail for the moving object which corresponds to the recorded video; allowing the user to select a point in the object trail; and displaying a frame in the recorded video that corresponds with the selected point in the object trail.10-23-2008
20110231875METHOD AND IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE FOR SETTING DEFINITION - Provided are a method and image display device for setting a definition of an image. According to the method, contents are received and a definition selected by a user is received. A definition selection menu to display at least one definition for the contents is displayed and it is determined whether a definition that the user selects is supported by the image display device to display an image on the basis of the definition that the user selects. Then, an optimal definition is displayed on the definition selection menu to display the received contents with the optimal definition in the image display device.09-22-2011
20090100461System for Distributing TV Signals to an End-Terminal - A system is described for distributing TV signals to an end-terminal. The system comprises at least one central broadcast station, a channel manager and one or more end-terminals connected to the channel manager. The broadcast station is adapted to transmit at least one TV channel signal, comprising an audio signal and a video signal and one or more service signals to the channel manager. Further, the channel manager is adapted to receive the TV channel signal, to extract the audio, video and service signals from the TV channel signal, to transform the signals into packetized elementary streams and to transmit a packetized data transport stream to the channel manager. The transport stream comprises a TV channel stream, comprising elementary audio and video streams, and a services channel stream, comprising one or more elementary service streams and the one or more end-terminals are adapted to select between the TV channel stream and the services channel stream.04-16-2009
20090144767METHOD FOR SWITCHING BETWEEN MINOR CHANNELS FOR DIGITAL TELEVISIONS - A method for switching between minor channels for digital televisions is disclosed. The method includes determining whether a minor channel is in a non-signal state, analyzing information of a major channel, to which the minor channel in the non-signal state pertains, if the minor channel is in the non-signal state, followed by obtaining information of minor channels pertaining to the major channel, and selecting other minor channels excluding the minor channel in the non-signal state based on an analysis of the information of the minor channels to sequentially determine whether the selected minor channels are in a signal state, followed by switching from the minor channel in the non-signal state to a minor channel in the signal state if a minor channel in the signal state is present.06-04-2009
20090204990METHOD FOR SWITCHING DIGITAL TV PROGRAM AND DIGITAL TV DEVICE - A method for switching a digital TV program and a digital TV device are provided. The method includes: retrieving a prestored identifier of a target VOD program and a prestored presentation position associated with the identifier of the target VOD program when a program switching from a current live program to the target VOD program is required; and performing the program switching by using the identifier of the target VOD program and the presentation position.08-13-2009
20120198494SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PRESENTING PROGRESSIVELY DOWNLOADED MEDIA PROGRAMS - A system and method for presenting progressively downloaded media programs is disclosed. A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, obtaining an estimated length of a media program where the estimated length is based on a plurality of different reported lengths of the media program in reported media program information, presenting at a display device a portion of the media program while it is being delivered by a media delivery system via a progressive download, and enabling active trick play functions for the media program based on the estimated length of the media program until a true time index is generated using an index file at an end of the progressive download of the media program. Other embodiments are disclosed.08-02-2012
20090249392DIGITAL BROADCAST RECEIVER AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING CAPTION THEREOF - A digital cable broadcast receiver and a method for automatically processing caption data of various standards and types, is disclosed. The digital broadcast receiver receives caption information indicating whether an digital television closed caption service is present or a line 21 closed caption service is present in the video stream. And the digital broadcast receiver receives also detailed caption service information indicating what kind of analog caption service is provided by decoding the analog caption data. Accordingly, the broadcast receiver can provide a user with information on what kind of analog caption service by decoded caption data can be provided.10-01-2009
20090254940SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DIRECTING CUSTOMERS TOWARD HELPFUL INFORMATION - Systems and methods direct a customer using an appliance coupled to a display toward received information. An input is received from the customer at the appliance, and a period of relative non-use is identified. In response to the period of relative non-use, the appliance is tuned to an informational channel to thereby present the received information to the customer on the display.10-08-2009
20080307458MULTICHANNEL DISPLAY METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR A DIGITAL BROADCAST-ENABLED MOBILE TERMINAL - A multichannel picture display method and system for a digital broadcast-enabled terminal is provided for receiving multiple service channels and displaying broadcast data of the multiple service channels simultaneously in response to a channel navigation request. A method for outputting broadcast data in a terminal according to the present invention includes outputting first broadcast data received through a currently selected service channel in a broadcast playback mode, receiving at least one second broadcast data through adjacent service channels of the currently selected service channel while outputting the first broadcast data, composing a multichannel screen comprising a main preview window for outputting a corresponding broadcast data received through a currently selected service channel and at least one sub preview windows for outputting at least one corresponding broadcast data received through the adjacent service channels, if a channel navigation is requested, and outputting the first broadcast data in any one of the at least one sub preview windows and any one of the at least one second broadcast data in the main preview window.12-11-2008
20080307455System for Providing and Handling Still Video Pictures - An interactive television method is disclosed. The method includes receiving, via a broadcast carousel, a photo feed comprising a plurality of still video pictures, sequentially displaying the plurality of still video pictures on a display, enabling a first user to select at least one still video picture from the photo feed, producing a wallet of pictures by storing the at least one selected still video picture, selected by the first user, in a memory, and forwarding the wallet of pictures to a second user. Related apparatus and methods are also disclosed.12-11-2008
20080307457CHANNEL SWITCHING METHOD AND METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IMPLEMENTING THE METHOD - A channel-switching method and apparatus are provided. The channel-switching method includes switching from a first channel to a second channel, outputting a partial video corresponding to the second channel on a screen while main data of the second channel is being buffered to be output, and outputting the main data of the second channel on the screen.12-11-2008
20080307456SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SEARCHING FORR AND FOR DISPLAYING MEDIA CONTENT - Systems and methods are provided for searching and for displaying media content on a display device, such as a television. A user may search for media content while viewing their display device. Further, a user may search multiple sources while viewing their display device to find media content to download, purchase, display, etc., on their display device. Search results are displayed on the display device, with various options available to the user. A user may then download, purchase, view and/or experience selected media content. Thus, users may then experience media content within a short period of time after deciding to acquire the media content. Further, users may view media content from a media server or media unit without preloading the media content on the media unit, and may experience a greater selection of media content.12-11-2008
20100180297Systems and Methods to Control Viewed Content - Systems and methods to allow a user to control viewed content. A particular method includes receiving at least one selected video stream of multiple video streams associated with a particular event. The method includes forming an output stream from the at least one selected video stream based on a user modifiable template. The method also includes sending the output stream to a display device for playback as indicated by the user modifiable template. The user modifiable template indicates a display region location where the at least one selected video stream is to be displayed.07-15-2010
20090083789System and method for controlling video inputs to a computer - A system and method are disclosed for configuring video ports on a computer. An operating system is used to generate a visual user interface comprising a plurality of icons representing video input sources coupled to a tuner and a plurality of icons representing tuner output channels. A user provides input data to associate individual video input sources with individual tuner output channels, thereby generating a set of predetermined video source-channel associations. Appropriate control signals are then used to process video data in accordance with said predetermined video source-channel associations.03-26-2009
20100186032METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING ALTERNATE MEDIA FOR VIDEO DECODERS - A system provides programming and advertising to a video decoder such as a digital video recorder, computer system, software or hardware player, etc. When a user makes a request to skip a commercial by issuing a command such as 30 second skip forward, alternate media is provided. In some examples, an image advertisement is provided for a predetermined period of time either during the commercial break or when regular programming resumes. In other examples, a substitute commercial is shown. The substitute commercial may be shortened or compressed. The alternate media may be perceptually encoded in a video stream, hidden in a video stream, or provided in a separate stream. In some examples, survey based and neuro-response based data is used to evaluate and select alternate media for particular programming.07-22-2010
20100262993VIDEO PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - A video processing apparatus is provided that is controlled such that the display position of a cursor for a pointing type remote controller does not change when input is switched in a configuration where the video processing apparatus is connected to an external video apparatus. When input video data is switched, a controller transmits position information regarding the display position of a cursor image to the external video apparatus via a communication unit. The controller receives cursor image data generated by the external video apparatus from the external video apparatus and causes a cursor image, based on the cursor image data, to be displayed on a display unit, such that a cursor image after the input video data is switched is displayed at a position corresponding to the display position of a cursor image that has been displayed before the input video data is switched.10-14-2010
20090077581Method for channel change in digital broadcasting - The present invention offers a method for channel change in digital broadcasting consisting of: a step 1 for recognizing a command for a channel change while the currently connected channel is being decoded at the digital broadcasting terminal; a step 2 for completing reception of the current stream while maintaining the received picture if there is a command for a channel change according to said step 1; a step 3 for receiving and analyzing the information of the newly concatenated stream without re-initializing the decoder and concatenating two streams; and a step 4 for renewing information of the newly concatenated stream in order to maintain continuity between the previous stream and the newly concatenated stream using the information obtained in said steps 2 and 3. Therefore, time delay during channel change will be minimized by changing channels without decoder re-initialization and without break in the channel changing time.03-19-2009
20100251295System and Method to Create a Media Content Summary Based on Viewer Annotations - A computer implemented method includes receiving, at a media server, a request from a first viewer to create a media content server including select segments of media content for display at a display device. The computer implemented method includes accessing a media content analyzer generated based on viewer annotation data associated with media content. The viewer annotation data is received from viewers other than the first viewer. The computer implemented method includes identifying segments of the media content using the media content analyzer. The computer implemented method includes selecting at least one segment of the identified segments of the media content for inclusion in a media content summary. The computer implemented method includes sending the media content summary including the at least one selected segment of the media content to the display device.09-30-2010
20100242066Method of Performing Random Seek Preview for Streaming Video - To provide random seek of a preview position for streaming video, while playing a video stream, a preview position of the video stream is sought, and a preview result extracted from the video stream corresponding to the preview position is displayed while the video stream continues playing. Over the Internet, the preview position may be sent to a transmitting device, and the transmitting device may extract the preview result, then transmit the preview result simultaneously while transmitting the video stream.09-23-2010
20100251296CHANNEL SWITCHING METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR IPTV SERVICE - A channel switching method and system for IPTV for reducing channel switching delay and improving bandwidth utilization efficiency is provided. The channel switching method includes pre-joining candidate channels while playing broadcast data on a main channel, the candidate channels being stored in a candidate channel table; releasing the pre-joined candidate channels, when a channel holding time of the main channel is greater than a predetermined channel holding time level; and re-joining the released candidate channels before a completion of playing the broadcast data on the main channel.09-30-2010
20100235859System and Method for Providing Improved Channel Mapping - Improved channel mapping is provided wherein both virtual channel information associated with the currently-tuned channel, as well as physical channel information associated with this same channel is added to a television system's channel map. User inconvenience associated with errors in the virtual channel information may be mitigated since the television system's channel map will contain, not only the standard virtual channel information provided by broadcast stations in their broadcast signals, but also the corresponding physical channel information for the broadcast station in question. In other embodiments, multiple channel maps may be maintained and be user-selectable.09-16-2010
20100064316METHOD FOR REDUCING CHANNEL CHANGE TIMES AND SYNCHRONIZING AUDIO/VIDEO CONTENT DURING CHANNEL CHANGE - A digital A/V apparatus provides reduced channel changes times and maintains synchronization between audio and video content during a channel change event. According to an exemplary embodiment, the digital A/V apparatus includes at least one signal receiver for receiving a first audio stream, a first video stream and a second video stream, wherein the first and second video streams represent the same program and the first video stream has at least one characteristic different from the second video stream; a first audio signal processor for processing the first audio stream to generate a first processed audio stream; a first video signal processor for processing the first video stream to generate a first processed video stream; a second video signal processor for processing the second video stream to generate a second processed video stream having a delay with respect to the first processed video stream; a first buffer for buffering the first processed audio stream to provide de-jittering; a renderer for rendering the first processed audio stream and the second processed video stream in response to a channel change command; a switch for switching from the second processed video stream to the first processed video stream after the renderer begins rendering the second processed video stream, and thereby causing the renderer to begin rendering the first processed video stream; and whereby synchronization between the first processed audio stream and the first processed video stream is maintained during a channel change event.03-11-2010
20110067057SYSTEM AND METHOD IN A TELEVISION SYSTEM FOR RESPONDING TO USER-SELECTION OF AN OBJECT IN A TELEVISION PROGRAM UTILIZING AN ALTERNATIVE COMMUNICATION NETWORK - A system and method in a television system for responding to user-selection of an object in a television program utilizing an alternative communication network, substantially as shown in and/or described in connection with at least one of the figures, as set forth more completely in the claims.03-17-2011
20110067056SYSTEM AND METHOD IN A LOCAL TELEVISION SYSTEM FOR RESPONDING TO USER-SELECTION OF AN OBJECT IN A TELEVISION PROGRAM - A system and method in a local television system for responding to user-selection of an object in a television program, substantially as shown in and/or described in connection with at least one of the figures, as set forth more completely in the claims.03-17-2011
20090019476Graphic user interface for playing video data - A graphic user interface is provided to facilitate a playback of a movie from any desired point. The graphic user interface includes a track bar to reflect how much time data pertaining to the movie title is available for playback. After it is determined that a current data point is being dragged along the track bar, a time corresponding to the current data point is tracked as such a subsequent playback of the movie starts right from the current data point. In one embodiment, dragging the current data point along the track bar is achieved by a scroll wheel.01-15-2009
20090106793Multimedia Presentation Resumption within an Environment of Multiple Presentation Systems - With at least one implementation described herein, one or more viewers are able to watch the same source multimedia content at multiple locations within an environment (e.g., a household). With at least one implementation described herein, a viewer is able to resume watching such content at a new location (or “locus”) from the point that she bookmarked the content at an original location. This abstract itself is not intended to limit the scope of this patent. The scope of the present invention is pointed out in the appending claims.04-23-2009
20090106794Multidimensional Navigation on Television Monitors - A method of navigating between TV channels and the like and a number of stored events on a TV or monitor, where the TV channels are provided in a sequence of positions between which navigation takes place normally using a P+ and P− button on a remote control, and where one position provides access to the stored events. Navigation to the position will enable navigation between the stored events using other buttons or touch sensitive areas on the remote control. One event may be automatically provided when navigating to the position.04-23-2009
20100306798IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS AND OPERATING METHOD THEREOF - An operating method of an image display apparatus includes displaying a screen on a display and displaying a thumbnail image screen in response to a command to display an input image list. The thumbnail-image list includes a plurality of groups of thumbnail images that respectively correspond to a plurality of input image signals on the display. Each thumbnail-image group includes one or more thumbnail images that represent different points of time in a corresponding input image signal.12-02-2010
20110131604METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SECURE TRANSFER AND PLAYBACK OF MULTIMEDIA CONTENT - A method and apparatus for secure transfer and playback of multimedia content enables the secure transfer of multimedia content from a digital video recorder (DVR) to a personal computer (PC) and further to a handheld device. A DVR determines which devices on a Local Area Network (LAN) are authorized to share and/or retrieve content from the DVR. The DVR receives a connection request from a PC on the LAN, authorizes the connection request and establishes a secure connection between the DVR and the PC. Once the secure connection is established, the DVR receives a request for multimedia content from the PC, prepares the multimedia content for transfer and transfers the multimedia content to the PC.06-02-2011
20100325663BROADCAST RECEIVING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SWITCHING CHANNELS THEREOF - A broadcast receiving apparatus and a method for channel switching in a broadcast receiving apparatus are provided. The method includes enabling a decoding unit when a broadcast receiving mode starts, decoding, when a serving transport stream is received via a serving broadcast channel, the received serving transport stream in the decoding unit, terminating the decoding of the received serving transport stream in the decoding unit, when the serving broadcast channel is switched to a target broadcast channel, decoding, when the target transport stream is received via the target broadcast channel, the received target transport stream in the decoding unit, and disabling the decoding unit when the broadcast receiving mode is terminated.12-23-2010
20110035773CONTROL SYSTEM AND USER INTERFACE FOR NETWORK OF INPUT DEVICES - Apparatus, methods, and systems for centrally and uniformly controlling the operation of a variety of devices, such as communication, consumer electronic, audio-video, analog, digital, 1394, and the like, over a variety of protocols within a network system and, more particularly, a control system and uniform user interface for centrally controlling these devices in a manner that appears seamless and transparent to the user. In a preferred embodiment, a command center or hub of a network system includes a context and connection permutation sensitive control system that enables centralized and seamless integrated control of all types of input devices. The control system preferably includes a versatile icon based graphical user interface that provides a uniform, on-screen centralized control system for the network system. The user interface, which includes a visual recognition system, enables the user to transparently control multiple input devices over a variety of protocols while operating on a single control layer of an input command device. In an alternative embodiment, the control system also enables gated signal pass-through control while avoiding signal jamming.02-10-2011
20090064222GUI WITH DYNAMIC THUMBNAIL GRID NAVIGATION FOR INTERNET TV - An Internet-enabled TV can display thumbnails of audio-video content available from an Internet server for selecting content to be displayed on the TV by a user manipulating a remote control. Internet information loading rules and thumbnail navigation rules are disclosed.03-05-2009
20110214144VIDEO-ENABLED COMMUNITY BUILDING - A system and method that provide media content owners the capability to achieve community building goals by exploiting video processing capabilities using rich, interactive and compelling media content on a network or Internet website. The system and method additionally provide website community building mechanisms to community members, thereby allowing the members to customize the actual community websites that many companies and website owners seek in order to enhance e-commerce revenue generation.09-01-2011
20100131980RECEIVER FOR ACCELERATING CHANNEL CHANGE TIME - In one embodiment, a receiver for an accelerated channel change is provided. The receiver receives a first version of a video stream for a first channel and causes display of video for the first version of the video stream for the channel. A second version of a video stream is received upon a channel change to a second channel, the second version including non-discardable pictures from the first version of the video stream. The receiver displays video for the second version of the video stream for the second channel. When a transition point is reached in the first version of the video stream for the second channel, a first version of a video stream for the second channel can be displayed.05-27-2010
20090031341METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REDUCING THE NUMBER OF CONTROL MESSAGES TRANSMITTED BY A SET TOP TERMINAL IN AN SDV SYSTEM - A method is provided by which a subscriber accesses an SDV channel using a set top terminal. The method begins when the set top terminal receives a user request to tune to a first SDV channel. An active services list is also received over an access network. The active services list includes an entry for each currently available SDV program and a time-to-live (TTL) associated therewith. Tuning information is identified for the first SDV channel from its entry in the active services list. The set top terminal tunes to the first SDV channel using the identified tuning information. The channel change information associated with the user request is locally stored in set top terminal for transmission over the access network at a later time.01-29-2009
20100037256Multimedia Channel Sharing Across Access Network Boundaries - An initiating viewer identifies a multimedia channel and submits a request to share the multimedia channel with at least one recipient viewer at another viewer premises. This request is processed by the multimedia receiver of the initiating viewer so as to generate a channel change request for submission to a service provider. In response to the channel share request, the service provider queries the recipient viewer to determine whether the recipient viewer accepts or rejects the offered multimedia channel. If the recipient viewer accepts the multimedia channel, the multimedia channel can be provided to the multimedia receiver of the recipient viewer either for storage for later playback or for immediate playback concurrent with the provision of the multimedia channel to the initiating viewer. Billing for costs associated with the shared multimedia channel is conducted based on billing feedback provided by the initiating viewer.02-11-2010
20100037257System and Method for Recalling Multiple Last Television Channels Viewed - A set-top box device comprising a recall channel stack module and an output module. The recall channel stack module is configured to store a plurality of last channels displayed. The output module is in communication with the recall channel stack module, and is configured to output a last channel menu listing the plurality of last channels displayed based on a last channel request.02-11-2010
20100064313PORTAL FOR FUTURE EPISODE INFORMATION - A device receives, from a set-top box (STB) and/or a user device, usage information associated with video content, and determines a content portal for a particular video content based on the received usage information. The device also provides, to the STB and/or the user device, the content portal for display, and receives, from the STB and/or the user device, selection of an option associated with the content portal. The device further provides information associated with the selected option to the STB and/or the user device for display and/or storage.03-11-2010
20100064315TELEVISION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING COMPUTER NETWORK-BASED VIDEO - A television system and method for providing computer network-based video. Various aspects may, for example, comprise a television system and method for providing both standard television video combined with computer network-based video, serially and/or concurrently. Various aspects may also comprise a user interface system and method for interacting with a user regarding the presentation and/or control of computer network-based video.03-11-2010
20090125938Television scripting language - Provided is a method and system for television channel selection, including a television controller operatively connected to an electronic memory and configured to process a video selection script. The television controller is also operatively connected to the television and to a television network comprising a plurality of channels. Also provided is a script authoring tool for authoring a video selection script in a Web-based scripting language by a viewer. The television controller is further configured to select a channel to display on the television based on the video selection script and to dynamically update the video selection script based on the occurrence of an event.05-14-2009
20100058384SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR TELEVISION INTEGRATED SURROUND SOUND SYSTEMS - Systems and methods for audio-video entertainment systems comprising a television and surround sound system integrating the television in the audio broadcast and/or the control of the surround sound system. More particularly, in one embodiment, an audio-video entertainment system includes a television and surround sound system incorporating the television speaker as the center channel speaker of the surround sound system. In another embodiment, the audio-video entertainment system includes a television driven surround sound system with the option of incorporating the television speaker as the center channel speaker of the surround sound system.03-04-2010
20100070998SET-TOP BOX AND PROGRAM BROWSING METHOD THEREOF - A set-top box (STB) includes a memory, a first tuner, a second tuner, and a decoder. The first tuner is configured for playing a current program on a current channel when in play mode, and for locking one or more subsequent channels after the current channel, and storing the intra frames from the programs on the subsequent channels in the memory when in browse mode. The second tuner is configured for storing the intra frames from the favorite programs in the memory when in play mode, and for storing the intra frame from the current program on the current channel in the memory when in browse mode. The decoder is configured for decoding the current program on the current channel into video and audio when in play mode, and for decoding the intra frames from the favorite programs in memory into images when in browse mode. A digital information system and a program browsing method are also provided.03-18-2010
20110083147METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR SIMPLIFIED REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION OF COMPONENTS - A remote control and method of programming a remote control for controlling components in an entertainment system are disclosed. The remote control may operate in multiple modes including a limited mode that prevents the remote control from sending predetermined commands to one or more components, even when instructed to do so by the user. In addition, the remote control may issue one or more commands to each component in response to a single user input.04-07-2011
20110078730METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SCHEDULING RADIO ACCESS TO REDUCE CHANNEL ZAPPING DELAY - Provided is a method and apparatus for scheduling a radio access to reduce a channel zapping delay. The radio access scheduling method may receive abstract information with respect to all of currently receivable channels at each channel scheduling interval, and may receive the abstract information in advance and provide the abstract information when a channel change request is received, and thereby reduce the channel zapping delay.03-31-2011
20110252444Television System Having Digital Buffers for Programming - A television is provided. The television includes an interface for connecting the television to a network, such as the Internet. The television also includes digital buffers internal to the television for digitally storing digital programming data obtained from a digital provider. The television being accessible through a graphical user interface over the Internet from a remote computing device. The graphical user interface providing a control panel for displaying status and at least one control including a control for playing or recording of certain channels at least partially to the digital buffers that are internal to the television.10-13-2011
20120278835APPARATUS, SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR TRANSMITTING MEDIA CONTENT EVENTS - Systems and methods are operable to transmit at least a portion of a media content event. An exemplary embodiment receives a request from a first media device, wherein the request identifies a media content event of interest; identifies a first media content stream with a concluding portion of the media content event of interest currently transmitting to a second media device; concurrently transmits the concluding portion of the media content event of interest to the first media device; and transmits a second media stream containing an initial portion of the media content event to the first media device.11-01-2012
20100275228METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DELIVERING MEDIA CONTENT - A method and apparatus for delivering media content. A method and apparatus for delivering media content that marks user specified events for playback such that the user would not miss significant events or events that are of interest to the user. The method and apparatus also flexibly moves the start point and/or extend the end point of the media content buffer.10-28-2010
20110252442METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TUNING TO PROGRAM CHANNEL BASED ON SOUND SAMPLE IN MOBILE COMMUNICATION TERMINAL - A method and an apparatus for tuning a program channel based on a sound sample in a mobile communication terminal are disclosed. The apparatus includes: a sound sample acquiring unit configured to acquire a sound sample of a predetermined period of time in a predetermined format, with respect to a program including audio played by a program playing source; a transmitting unit configured to transmit the sound sample to a server over a network, so as to acquire corresponding program channel information based on the sound sample; a receiving unit configured to receive the acquired program channel information; and a tuning and playing unit configured to tune to an appropriate program channel based on the received program channel information so as to receive and play a corresponding program. With the present disclosure, the user can conveniently tune the mobile communication terminal to an appropriate program channel based on the sound of the program so as to receive and play the program, instead of recognizing the channel information of a program being played himself.10-13-2011
20100083309SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING CUSTOMER SERVICE FEATURES VIA A GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE IN A TELEVISION RECEIVER - Systems and methods provide for graphically providing customer service features on a set top box (STB) or other television receiver in response to viewer instructions received from a remote control. Imagery including a customer service tile is presented on the display. A two-dimensional input is received from the remote control that indicates that the tile has been selected, and, in response to the received two-dimensional input, the customer service feature is provided. The customer service feature may provide information received from a remote source via a network, programming connection or other medium.04-01-2010
20090288116CHANNEL HOPPING SCHEME FOR UPDATE OF DATA FOR MULTIPLE SERVICES ACROSS MULTIPLE DIGITAL BROADCAST CHANNELS - Data broadcast over different channels may be updated in a digital broadcast receiving device. The device may include a receiver unit, a processor, memory instructions embodied in the memory for execution on the processor. The instructions may be configured to implement the method for updating data broadcast over different channels. A first digital broadcast signal may be received over a first channel. The receiving device may be tuned to a second channel at a predetermined time to receive a second digital broadcast signal. Selected data may be extracted from the second digital broadcast signal and stored or utilized with the receiving device. An update schedule may be generated for data transmitted with a digital broadcast signal. A broadcast time for an update packet may be determined from a packet header. A schedule packet may be generated containing the broadcast time and broadcast before the update packet.11-19-2009
20090241143Method and System for Providing Set-Top Box Remote Access Functions in a Browser Extension - A method and a system for providing remote set-top box access functions in an Internet browser extension is disclosed. Web page content of a currently viewed web page is compared to an entertainment content database. The web page content is determined to be associated with entertainment content in the entertainment content database. Also, it is determined that there is a media manipulation action for the entertainment content, and a notification that the media manipulation action is available for the entertainment content is displayed.09-24-2009
20080320513DYNAMIC CHANNEL SURFING GUIDE AND CUSTOMIZED TELEVISION HOME PAGE - The disclosure relates to an enhanced system and methodology of navigating video sources to determine video content to potentially view. Available video sources, such as individual television channels, not currently being viewed are monitored and analyzed, such as to determine if an advertisement is currently being presented. As a result of the content analysis and user preferences, the user is provided with a recommended subset of video sources to potentially view. User preferences can be explicitly indicated or inferred, such as based on a user's historical viewing habits. In addition, user preferences can be set for individual users or collective users, such as a combined mother and son “user.”12-25-2008
20080320514MOBILE TV SYSTEM AND METHOD WITH FAST CHANNEL CHANGE - To reduce latency during channel change, when a user changes the TV channel on a mobile TV device such as a wireless phone, the device leaves the power save mode and enters, for a limited timeout period, a Hilly energized mode in which the receiver and front end logic of the device remain energized during periods in which content from the old channel, content from the new channel, and content from a “next” channel are interleaved into the broadcast.12-25-2008
20090125937ASSISTED USER CONTROL IN RECOMMENDERS - A method and arrangement for modifying settings of a television program recommender displays the rating (recommended or not recommended) for a selected television program, and also displays icons for selection by the user to indicate whether the user agrees or disagrees with the recommendation. The television program recommender then updates its settings based on the user's icon selection. In addition, if the user indicates that he/she disagrees with the recommendation, the television program recommender determines and displays the number of times that the user needs to indicate his/her desires with respect to the selected television program in order for the recommendation to agree with the user's desires.05-14-2009
20110055865DIGITAL BROADCAST RECEIVER CONTROLLED BY SCREEN REMOTE CONTROLLER AND SPACE REMOTE CONTROLLER AND CONTROLLING METHOD THEREOF - A digital broadcast receiver controlled by a screen remote controller and a space remote controller and controlling method, the method including according to an embodiment displaying a screen remote controller, partitioning a portion of a whole screen of the broadcast receiver into at least two control regions, displaying a pointer to enable a first pointing signal outputted from the space remote controller to indicate one control region of the screen remote controller, receiving a second pointing signal from the space remote controller, and executing a function corresponding to the one control region indicated by the pointer.03-03-2011
20080244648PROCESS FOR DISPLAYING AND NAVIGATING PANORAMIC VIDEO, AND METHOD AND USER INTERFACE FOR STREAMING PANORAMIC VIDEO AND IMAGES BETWEEN A SERVER AND BROWSER-BASED CLIENT APPLICATION - A method for providing panoramic videos and images to a user using a server-client architecture while minimizing the wait time necessary before still images are available for viewing or videos begin playing. A series of location-referenced panoramic images are separated into one-dimensional tracks. Intuitive user controls are provided which allow the user to start and stop video playback, step through the panoramas in a track one at a time, and change the viewing orientation within the panorama. A video will start playing as soon as the video files for the preferred projected cube faces have been downloaded. This delay is reduced by storing the videos as keyframe distance files for opposing directions for each cube face and further reduced by encoding videos with different starting points so that they are staggered by a portion of the keyframe distance.10-02-2008
20100325662SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR NAVIGATING POSITION WITHIN VIDEO FILES - A video navigation system that provides substantial video context to enable a user to more accurately navigate to the relevant portion of the video. A user is provided with visual content that is temporally and spatially organized. By moving a pointer either horizontally or vertically along the time-organized content a user can change the view to enable more accurate selection of position within a video.12-23-2010
20110072460BROADCAST RECEIVER AND CHANNEL CHANGING METHOD THEREOF - A broadcast receiver and a channel changing method are provided. The broadcast receiver includes a first receiver which receives broadcast data of a plurality of channels; a second receiver which receives a plurality of keys input sequentially to select one of the plurality of channels; and a controller which processes a changeable channel among a plurality of channels corresponding to at least one key input first among the plurality of keys input before a completion of the input of the plurality of keys from the second receiver.03-24-2011
20110093892Method of Sharing Personal Media Using a Digital Recorder - A method and apparatus for sharing personal media using a digital recorder transfers multimedia content via email to a digital video recorder.04-21-2011
20110093891INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND VIDEO CONTENT DATA PLAYBACK METHOD - According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus is configured to execute player software for decoding encoded video content data received from a server. The information processing apparatus includes a display device, a capture module, an encoder, and a transfer module. The display device is configured to display video of the decoded video content data. The capture module is configured to capture the decoded video content data. The encoder is configured to encode the captured video content data. The transfer module is configured to transfer the encoded video content data to an electronic device configured to play back video content data received from an external device.04-21-2011
20090300677INTEGRATION OF CONTROL DATA INTO DIGITAL BROADCAST CONTENT FOR ACCESS TO ANCILLARY INFORMATION - Ancillary information associated with one or more images embedded in a digital broadcast data stream may be accessed by a digital broadcast receiving device. The device may include a receiver unit, a processor, and a memory. The processor may execute program instructions to access the ancillary information. Control data may be associated with one or more visual components of one or more video images. The control data and images may be combined into a digital broadcast data stream. The device may receive the images and control data. The images may be presented on a display device. The receiving device may use the control data to present or store a perceptible indication that ancillary information is associated with the visual components in conjunction with presenting the images. The device may use the control data to present or store the ancillary information in response to an input signal.12-03-2009
20110191803Trick Mode Support for VOD with Long Intra-Frame Intervals - A video-on-demand system encodes multiple video streams from media content, such that the video streams have staggered intra-frame intervals. When a client device requests a video stream, the video-on-demand system selects one of the multiple video streams based on the position of the intra-frames, and transmits the selected video stream to the client device.08-04-2011
20100031289Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same - A virtual channel table for broadcasting protocol and a method for broadcasting by using the virtual channel table includes identification information identifying and permitting discrimination of active and inactive channels contained in the virtual channel table. At a receiver, the virtual channel table transmitted from the transmitting side is parsed, thereby determining whether the current received channel is an active or inactive channel.02-04-2010
20100031288CUSTOM CONTENT CHANNEL - Methods, systems and computer-readable media to provide custom video content via a custom content channel are disclosed. A method to display custom video content includes receiving a selection of a channel via a set top box (STB) device and determining whether the channel is a custom content channel. The method further includes accessing a play list associated with the custom content channel based on the determination. The play list identifies one or more video files stored at the STB device. The method also includes playing the one or more video files of the custom content channel to a display device coupled to the STB device.02-04-2010
20090100462VIDEO BROWSING BASED ON THUMBNAIL IMAGE - Provided is video browsing based on a thumbnail image. When video data is selected on the basis of a representative image, thumbnail images generated from the selected video data are continuously displayed. The thumbnail images are sequentially displayed with a set time interval on a window on which the representative image is displayed. The thumbnail images can be enlarged and continuously displayed. Contents of a corresponding video can be recognized in a summarized form using the continuously displayed thumbnail images.04-16-2009
20120066715Remote Control of Television Displays - Video sources may be located on the Internet and particular videos at those sources may be selected for subsequent replay by using graphical controls provided, for example, in connection with a browser. These controls may permit the use of select, particular video segments for subsequent replay by adding them to a playlist. Then when the user has assembled the playlist in the order desired, the play of the playlist can be selected. The playlist video may then be displayed for the user on a remote display, such as a high definition television display. At the same time, the user's computer screen may display a control view which allows the user to view and add annotations and to control the play of a video on the high definition television screen.03-15-2012
20120210354GRAPHICAL NATIVE USER INTERFACE AND CONTROL FOR DEVICES WITHOUT GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE - Managing settings for a first network-connected device using a second device, including: accessing the first network-connected device configured as an IPTV client from the second device, wherein the IPTV client is configured without a GUI and the second device is configured with a GUI; retrieving current settings of the IPTV client; modifying and/or controlling settings of the IPTV client using a display of the second device; and communicating the modifications and/or controls of the settings to the IPTV client. Keywords include setting controls and network-connected device.08-16-2012
20120210355MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DISPLAY DEVICE HAVING AN ELECTRONIC PROGRAMMING GUIDE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - A multi-functional display device and a method for displaying an electronic programming guide (EPG) in the same are disclosed herein. The multi-functional display device may include a display for displaying broadcast programs or data, a network interface configured to receive event information associated with a social network service (SNS) account for an individual or entity, a storage device configured to store at least one channel number and at least one SNS account information assigned to the at least one channel number, and a controller for controlling the multi-functional display device. The controller may map the event information to one of the at least one channel numbers and may construct an EPG that includes the mapped event information and the corresponding channel number for display on the display.08-16-2012
20120011545Playing Out Interludes Based on Predicted Duration of Channel-Switching Delay or of Invoked Pause - When the user initiates the retrieval of the primary content information item by means of entering a user input into the data processing system, e.g. zapping a digital TV that switches channels upon receipt of the user input, he/she has to wait a noticeable time before the rendering and play-out of the primary content information item actually starts. The length of the delay is predicted, on the basis of which one or more secondary content items are rendered and played out to the user during this delay. The invention can also be used for bridging the waiting time in an online ordering system, when loading a program on a personal computer, and in an IMS-based IPTV network.01-12-2012
20120011544VIEWER-CUSTOMIZED INTERACTIVE DISPLAYS INCLUDING DYNAMIC VIDEO MOSAIC ELEMENTS - The present invention teaches a method of creating and presenting a user interface comprising a Dynamic Mosaic Extended Electronic Programming Guide (DMXEPG) using video, audio, special applications, and service dynamic metadata. The system enables television or digital radio service subscribers to select and display of various programs including video, interactive TV applications, or any combination of audio or visual components grouped and presented in accordance with the dynamic program/show metadata, business rules and objectives of service providers, broadcasters, and/or personal subscriber choices, collectively referred to as mosaic element presentation criteria.01-12-2012
20120030708Portable Media Device and Method for Presenting Viewing Content During Travel - A portable media device for use in cooperation with passenger entertainment systems installed in vehicles, such as automobiles and aircraft, and methods for manufacturing and using same. The portable media device is configured to communicate with one or more content sources, which provide viewing content and which may be proximate to, and/or remote from, the portable media device. Preferably being configured to wirelessly communicate with the content sources, the portable media device can select content from any available content source and can download and present the selected content in any conventional manner. The selected content can be streamed to the portable media device for contemporaneous presentation and/or stored by the portable media device for viewing at any time, including after disembarking the vehicle once travel is completed. As desired, the portable media device likewise can be configured to transmit appropriate upload content to the content sources.02-02-2012
20110072459Digital Broadcast Receiving Apparatus - A digital broadcast receiver is provided with a tuner part (03-24-2011
20110107371DISPLAY APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed are a display apparatus, system and control method, the display apparatus including a communicating unit which performs a communication with an external tuner, and receives an intermediate frequency (IF) signal from the external tuner; an IF signal processing unit which processes the IF signal received in the communicating unit; and a control unit which controls the IF signal processing unit to process the received IF signal to be a signal displayable on a display unit if receiving the IF signal from the external tuner.05-05-2011
20110107370SYSTEM FOR MEDIA PROGRAM MANAGEMENT - A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a communication device having a controller to capture an image, and transmit the image to a system. The system can be operable to determine that the image corresponds to a media program, identify metadata associated with the media program, and transmit the metadata to a set-top box operable to display program information according to the metadata. Other embodiments are disclosed.05-05-2011
20110107369SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ENABLING SOCIAL BROWSING OF NETWORKED TIME-BASED MEDIA - The present invention provides an easy to use web-based system for enabling multiple-user social browsing of underlying video/DEVSA media content. A plurality of user interfaces are employed linked with one or more underlying programming modules and controlling algorithms. A data model is similarly supported and used for managing complex social commenting and details regarding a particular video set of interest. An interest intensity measurement and mapping system and mode are provided for increased use.05-05-2011
20090133061BROADCASTING PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A broadcasting processing apparatus which receives a broadcasting signal, the broadcasting processing apparatus including a storage unit which stores therein at least one particular broadcasting image, and a controller which determines whether a received broadcasting signal has the broadcasting image if an automatic power-off mode is selected, and turns off power if it is determined that the broadcasting signal has the broadcasting image.05-21-2009
20120222071Facilitating Placeshifting Using Matrix Code - A method for providing a user of a target device with placeshifted content. The method includes detecting, utilizing the target device, a matrix code associated with an audio/visual program. Data encoded in the matrix code includes program identifying information and elapsed time information with respect to the program. The method further includes generating, utilizing the target device, a request for the program based at least in part on the encoded data. The method also includes transmitting, utilizing the target device, the program request across a network.08-30-2012
20120137325On-Board Vessel Entertainment System - An improved user experience is provided for passengers on a vessel such as an airplane, train or ship. Passengers can customize their travel experience ahead of time by accessing a web-based server system to indicate preferences with respect to a number of in-flight entertainment options. The passenger's experience is also enhanced by allowing passengers to share preferences such as media playlists with others. Meals can be ordered on-demand once on board, and seat-to-seat chat as well as group chatting is also made available through an in-seat or other proximate entertainment device.05-31-2012
20120174153VIDEO PLAYBACK APPARATUS AND METHOD - A video playback apparatus includes a user interface, an image processing module and a playback module. The user interface allows a user to select an original playback mode or a compensated playback mode, and outputs a corresponding playback mode signal. The image processing module is for receiving a video signal and the playback mode signal and sending the video signal substantially unaltered or compensating the video signal before sending according to the playback mode signal. The playback module is for playing back the video signal from the image processing module. The aforementioned video playback apparatus provides the user different playback mode selections for the same video.07-05-2012
20100050206METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PLAYBACK OF CONTENT ITEMS - A plurality of content items can be played back, simultaneously. Preferred content items can be played back in overlays (02-25-2010
20100031286SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AN AUTOMATIC TELEVISION CHANNEL CHANGE - A system and method for automatically changing channels. A user selection of a channel and a time associated with media content is received. The current time is determined. A display is powered on in response to determining the display is off. A display is automatically changed to the channel in response to the current time matching the selected time. The media content received through the channel is displayed.02-04-2010
20130174197VIDEO PREVIEW MODULE TO ENHANCE ONLINE VIDEO EXPERIENCE - A Video Preview Module, a fast and adaptable software module designed to generate an on-the-fly video storyboard that enhances the online video browsing experience of the user. The VP module is a client-side implementation. This allows the module to be scalable and adaptable in bringing a uniform online video browsing experience over multiple consumer devices.07-04-2013
20120185900METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SELECTIVELY VIEWING BROADCAST CHANNEL IN PARTICULAR PLACE - A method and system for selectively viewing a broadcast channel in a particular place is provided. A method of selectively viewing a broadcast channel in a particular place includes: receiving image information associated with different locations of the particular place from a plurality of imaging devices; receiving sound information associated with the particular place from at least one of the plurality of imaging devices; multi-channelizing the image information and the sound information to generate a frame that includes the image information and the sound information; and transmitting the generated frame to a user terminal.07-19-2012
20090328097System and Method for Displaying Television Program Information on a Remote Control Device - A remote control device comprising a display, a receiver module, and a detection module. The receiver module is configured to receive, from a set-top box device, information about content currently displayed on a screen connected to the set-top box device, and configured to display the information on the display. The detection module is in communication with the display. The detection module is configured to determine a button that is pressed on the remote control device, and configured to display an output on the display corresponding to the button and indicating that the button has been pressed.12-31-2009
20130174198SYSTEM FOR PRESENTING MEDIA PROGRAMS - A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may use, for example, a method for sending a set-top box an identification of the media player, receiving operational instructions from the set-top box according to the emulator executed by the set-top box that emulates a user interface of the media player by presenting a representation of the media player in a graphical user interface, and transmitting media content to the set-top box according to the operational instructions. The emulator can be supplied to the set-top box by way of a multimedia system communicatively coupled to the set-top box. The user interface presented by the set-top box by way of the emulator substantially mimics functions of the media player. Additional embodiments are disclosed.07-04-2013
20080301729REMOTE CONTROL FOR DEVICES WITH CONNECTIVITY TO A SERVER DELIVERY PLATFORM - The present invention relates to a remote control (12-04-2008
20080301728USER INTERFACE FOR THE IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS - An image processing apparatus is provided. The image processing apparatus includes a receiver which receives a broadcasting signal of a program corresponding to at least one of a plurality of categories; a UI generator which generates a UI having at least one of a plurality of attributes and capable of being displayed for the program; an image processing unit which performs image processing for the received broadcasting signal; and a controlling unit which controls the UI generator so that the attribute of the program can correspond to the category of the program.12-04-2008
20110004900CHANNEL NAVIGATION METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR NAVIGATING A PLURALITY OF AUDIO/VIDEO BROADCASTING CHANNELS - A channel navigation method for navigating a plurality of audio/video broadcasting channels includes: grouping the audio/video broadcasting channels into a plurality of groups; and providing a user interface module for selecting one of the groups to select an audio/video broadcasting channel within the selected group. A channel navigation apparatus for navigating a plurality of audio/video broadcasting channels includes: a processing circuit for grouping the audio/video broadcasting channels into a plurality of groups; and a user interface module, coupled to the processing circuit, for selecting one of the groups to select an audio/video broadcasting channel within the selected group.01-06-2011
20110131603TELEVISION RECEVER, AUTOMATIC CHANNEL SEARCH APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREOF - An automatic channel search method for updating a channel list, the channels list records the channel information. The automatic channel search method is performed by following the steps of: searching current available channels to obtained channel information a interval of a predetermined search period; and updating the channel list according to the obtained channel information.06-02-2011
20120240163INSERTING BRANDING ELEMENTS - Techniques are described that permit the flexible introduction of branding elements into or around video rendered by a media player. One or more sets of metadata related to the presentation of branding elements may be collected, and then one or more sets of the metadata may be selected based on business rules when the media player requests a particular piece of content. The selected metadata may indicate what branding element is to be displayed, and how it is to be displayed (e.g., position of element in video rendering window). The media player is then instructed based on the metadata to access and appropriately place the branding elements in or outside of the video rendering window (e.g., overlayed on top of the video content).09-20-2012
20120240162Content Provision - An apparatus for displaying live television is described in which live television can be received and output to a user on one or more display devices. A user analysis module is configured to acquire data concerning television content being viewed contemporaneously by other users in a network, and the user's set-top-box can output content related to the acquired data to one or more display devices so that it can be viewed by the user. In addition the set-top-box is connected to a server comprising an extractor configured to extract data from the live television. A selection tool is configured to select augmentation content using the extracted data, and the set-top-box is configured to output the selected augmentation content to one or more display devices.09-20-2012
20120090003Thought Control of Set Top Box - Disclosure is directed to commanding a content receiver by interpreting brainwave patterns that are captured from a user of the content receiver. The user's brainwave patterns may be captured by the use of a headset having a plurality of sensors that are disposed at various locations in proximity to the user's head. The content receiver may be operable to learn to recognize specific brainwave patterns for individual users. The content receiver may recognize a number of specific brainwave patterns for each user, each specific brainwave pattern corresponding to a specific command that is executable by the content receiver. When executing user commands, the content receiver may process an input stream from the headset and compare portions of the input stream to the recognized brainwave patterns in order to extract commands from the input stream. Following this, the extracted commands may be executed by the content receiver.04-12-2012
20100229193System and Method for Providing Available-Channel User Selectivity - Alternative-channel user selectivity is provided when a user tunes to a broadcast channel for which the desired broadcast station corresponding to such broadcast channel has been reassigned. In one embodiment, after tuning to broadcast channel in response to a user input, it may first be determined if in fact the desired broadcast station corresponding to the tuned broadcast channel has been reassigned. If so, one or more alternative broadcast channels corresponding to the desired broadcast station may be identified, and an alternative channel availability indicator may then be displayed to the user to provide alternative-channel user selectivity.09-09-2010
20120291068HOME DEVICE CONTROL ON TELEVISION - A set-top box may present video content on a television and receive a user request to present an interactive home controls application on the television. Based on the user request, the set-top box may retrieve information associated with one of multiple home devices, and may generate, based on the home device information, an interactive home controls frame that includes functional tiles for managing the home devices. At least one of the functional tiles may include information associated with the one of the multiple home devices and options to control the one of the multiple devices. The set-top box may simultaneously present to the user the interactive home controls frame, including at least one of the functional tiles, and the video content on the television.11-15-2012
20100199306Method and Apparatus for User Interface Movement Scheme - The system provides a method and apparatus for implementing an electronic menu navigation system to present a range of categories and content items within each category to the user, and to allow the user to browse the categories with a cascading movement. Within each category the user can navigate left and right to view the items contained in that category. The new navigation is implemented as a cascading browser or cascading menu. The menu is presented as a plurality of tiers with each tier having a plurality of seats. The effect is three dimensional and similar to viewing audience seating from a stage.08-05-2010
20100199305IPTV DIGITAL-BROADCAST SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REDUCING CHANNEL CHANGE TIME - There is provided a IPTV digital broadcast system and method capable of reducing a channel change time, the system including: an IPTV providing server providing a broadcast stream including broadcast data for each channel; an EPG server, when a client terminal accesses, providing an EPG, multicast group information for each channel, and PID information for each channel to the client terminal; and a PID providing server acquiring the PID information for each channel itself and providing the PID information for each channel to the EPG server. 08-05-2010
20130014162CHANNEL SWITCHING METHOD - A channel switching method is proposed. The channel switching method is adapted to a video playing system, and includes following steps. Video of a first channel is received and played, and a command to select a second channel is received. Information indicating a status of the second channel is queried, acquired and determined. It further switches to the second channel and plays the video of the second channel if the second channel is not in a commercial playing status.01-10-2013
20080222676METHOD FOR TRANSMITTING/RECEIVING BROADCASTING SIGNAL AND BROADCASTING SIGNAL RECEIVER - A method for transmitting/receiving a broadcasting signal and a broadcasting signal receiver are disclosed. An identifier of a burst period is obtained from program table information of the broadcasting signal including mobile data and only the burst period in which a broadcasting program desired by a user is transmitted is received. Accordingly, when the broadcasting signal is received, only a desired burst period is received such that power consumption of the broadcasting signal receiver can be reduced.09-11-2008
20080222675Pointing capability and associated user interface elements for television user interfaces - Systems and methods according to the present invention provide a user interface for television control functionality.09-11-2008
20130097636METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISPLAYING PICTURES DURING IPTV CHANNEL SWITCHING - The embodiments of the present invention provide a method and apparatus for displaying pictures during IPTV channel switching, and refer to the field of Internet Protocol Television. The method comprising: waiting to receive a channel switching command sent by a user; when the channel switching command is received, acquiring YUV signal values of a picture that is currently displayed; processing the YUV signal values to make the picture realize a predetermined dynamic effect, and playing the predetermined dynamic effect. Through realizing the technical solution of the present invention, many predetermined dynamic effects may be displayed during the time delay of IPTV channel switching, so that user's usage experience may be greatly improved.04-18-2013
20130104169System for Transmission and Distribution of Broadcast Digital Data - The invention relates to a data receiving and distribution apparatus and system which allows received data, typically that which can be used for generation of video and/or audio, to a number of points within a receiving location such as a number of rooms in a domestic premises or a number of apartments in a multi-dweller building and/or points in each of the apartments. There is provided data processing means intermediate the receiving means and the receiving location which allow the data to be processed from a first format into a format which can then be used at the receiving location to allow the data to be distributed efficiently within the receiving location.04-25-2013
20130125169DATA STORAGE MANAGEMENT AND SCHEDULING SYSTEM - A data storage management and scheduling system schedules the recording, storing, and deleting of television and Web page program material on a client system storage medium. A schedule of time versus available storage space is generated that is optimal for the viewer's scheduled program recordings. The programs include television broadcast programs and Universal Resource Locators (URLs). A program is recorded if at all times between when the recording would be initiated and when it expires, sufficient space is available to hold it. All scheduling conflicts are resolved as early as possible.05-16-2013
20130125168SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR VOICE DRIVEN CROSS SERVICE SEARCH USING SECOND DISPLAY - Apparatus and methods to implement a technique for using a second display with a network-enabled television. In one implementation, this feature allows the user to conveniently enter search terms and other commands for control of their IPTV device directly from a second display device using voice commands. Such is particularly convenient when the second display is a device such as a smart phone or tablet computer with limited display space for user data entry.05-16-2013
20130133002METHOD FOR PERFORMING INTELLIGENT RECOMMENDATION/SELECTION OF MULTICHANNEL BROADCASTING PROGRAMS, AND ASSOCIATED APPARATUS - A method for performing intelligent recommendation/selection of multichannel broadcasting programs includes: calculating a difference between a start time of each of at least one portion of the multichannel broadcasting programs and a specific time; and setting priority of each of the at least one portion of the multichannel broadcasting programs according to the difference, for use of performing intelligent recommendation/selection. An associated apparatus for performing intelligent recommendation/selection of multichannel broadcasting programs is also provided. For example, the apparatus is utilized for viewing one or more of the multichannel broadcasting programs. The apparatus includes a processing circuit arranged to perform intelligent recommendation/selection, where the processing circuit includes a calculation module and a priority control module, for performing operations of the method. In particular, various modes such as a normal recommending (NR) mode, an automatic recommending (AR) mode, and an intelligent program-viewing plan (IPP) mode may be involved with the method.05-23-2013
20130145394VIDEO PROVIDING TEXTUAL CONTENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system for interacting with a video includes a processor, a video decoder communicatively connected to the processor, a storage communicatively connected to the demultiplexer, the storage contains at least one video file having more than one video frame, at least one of the video frame including at least one respective metadata segment of the video frame, and an input device communicatively connected to the processor. The processor, responsive to the input device, processes the at least one of the video frame including the at least one respective metadata segment, controlling selection of another of the more than one video frame for the video decoder.06-06-2013
20100281500AV DEVICE AND UI DISPLAY METHOD - To solve the problems that it is necessary to perform an overlapped operation even if final viewing is to be decided while a plurality of contents included in a specified list of UI are compared (selected for a plurality of times) and that extra operation burden is given to a user in conventional technology. An AV device for giving priority to the list of a viewing source device to which the content outputted at present belongs and displaying it in UI at the time of receiving a list request of the content from the user is provided.11-04-2010
20110252443Method and Apparatus for Interfacing Broadcast Television and Video Display with Computer Network - A set-top component for interfacing between a video display screen, and any one of a plurality of sources of displayed video for presentation on the video display. The device employs a microprocessor and software to provide an interface for networked electronic components operating over different communications protocols and cabling ports to allow any electronic component to provide the displayed video for the video display. Also provided is an interface between a smart phone and the video display allowing the smartphone to operate as a remote control for the set-top component and to transmit the displayed video to the smartphone screen allowing remote viewing when a user leaves the room where the video display is located.10-13-2011
20130160055DISTRIBUTED PROCESSING FOR INTERACTIVE VIDEO - Processing interactive software supporting video, including a first computer configured to execute an interactive process and display a video stream response, where the interactive process responds to an external input by generating a control signal and sending the control signal, a remote console configured to receive the control signal and send the video stream response where the video stream response is computed by the remote console, and a hardware interface configured to convert the control signal from a first format to a second format and to convert the video stream response from the second format to the first format where the first computer sends the control signal and receives the video stream response in the first format and where the remote console receives the control signal and sends the video stream response in the second format.06-20-2013
20110314498TELEVISION APPARATUS AND CONTROLLING METHOD THEREOF - A television apparatus and a controlling method thereof are provided. The television apparatus includes an interface unit which is connected to an external apparatus in which multimedia data is stored, an output unit which reproduces the multimedia data provided from the external apparatus and outputs the multimedia data, and a controller which, if a pre-set event occurs, controls the output unit to output description information regarding the multimedia data along with the multimedia data. Therefore, the television device provides description information regarding multimedia data and thus a user does not have to explain about the multimedia data.12-22-2011
20110314497METHOD OF INTEGRATING CONTENT ON GUEST DEVICE WITH HOSPITALITY MEDIA SYSTEM, AND HOSPITALITY MEDIA SYSTEM THEREOF - A hospitality media system includes a media system controller and a plurality of media devices located in a plurality of rooms and coupled to the media system controller. Each room has one or more in-room media devices located therein for performing a media function. A connection port allows a user of a room to establish data communications between the media system controller and a guest device. The media system controller is coupled to the connection port and configured to catalogue guest content available on the guest device to thereby form a guest content list, associate the guest content with one or more associated rooms at least including the user's room, and perform the media function utilizing content selected from the guest content list only on the in-room media devices located within the one or more associated rooms.12-22-2011
20120030707Methods and Arrangements for Channel Change in an IPTV Network - The present invention relates to methods and arrangements for providing an improved channel change solution for and IPTV system. This is achieved by sending an additional FCC (Fast Channel Change) media stream using multicast from a fast channel change server. The FCC media stream contains a stream being a copy of the main stream wherein the speed is higher than the speed of the main stream. The FCC media stream may start with an I or S-frame and a number of STBs can use the same FCC multicast stream.02-02-2012
20120030706Virtual Set Top Box - Methods and apparatus are described for providing digital content to televisions or other devices having media playback capabilities over a network infrastructure using virtual set top boxes (VSTBs).02-02-2012
20130198778APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING PLAYBACK OF VIDEOS GROUPED IN A PLURALITY OF PLAYLISTS - There is provided an apparatus for controlling playback of videos grouped in a plurality of playlists. The apparatus may be for controlling a host device and includes a plurality of buttons. Each button is used to perform at least one task such as, for example, toggling the host device from a standby mode to an active mode and subsequently running a first video from one of the plurality of playlists associated with the button; playing back a second video from one of the plurality of playlists associated with the button; tagging a video frame from any video; skipping amongst videos grouped in one of the plurality of playlists associated with the button and so forth. A corresponding method is also provided.08-01-2013
20120066716METHOD FOR CREATING A PERSONALIZED SUBSCRIBER CHANNEL AND VIDEO PROCESSING DEVICE FOR USE THEREWITH - Media content is received from at least one external device that is coupled to a video processing device. Subscriber channel content is generated based on the media content. The subscriber channel content is transferred to a video distribution network to produce a personalized subscriber channel.03-15-2012

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