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720 - Dynamic optical information storage or retrieval

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720695000 Optical storage medium support (i.e., turntable or spindle motor) 149
720672000 Transducer carriage or actuator 47
720659000 Having power driven optical transducer assembly 31
720689000 Chassis base supporting transducer carriage 13
720671000 Protecting optical transducer 2
20130086599OPTICAL TAPE DRIVE MOVABLE PLANARIZER SUBSYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MINIMIZING DAMAGE TO AN OPTICAL PICKUP UNIT - In an optical tape drive system, a movable planarizer subsystem includes a tape planarizer support structure for supporting an optical tape planarizer. The support structure is moveable between an operational position and a non-operational position. The movable planarizer subsystem also includes an actuator for moving the support structure and the optical tape planarizer between the operational position and the non-operational position. The operational position of the support structure positions the optical tape planarizer to permit reading/writing of information from/to an optical tape via an optical pickup unit (OPU), and the non-operational position of the support structure positions the optical tape planarizer to permit passage of a tape leader through the tape drive system without damage to the OPU.04-04-2013
20110239238Integrated Disk Driving Module - An integrated disk driving module is disclosed, the module including a base unit including an opening-formed upper plate, a lateral surface plate bent from an edge of the upper plate to form an accommodation space, and a stepping motor fixture bent from the upper plate toward the accommodation space, wherein the stepping motor fixture is integrally formed with the upper plate; and a stepping motor including a lead screw and a pivot member arranged at a distal end of the lead screw and coupled to the stepping motor fixture, and wherein the stepping motor fixture is formed with an insertion groove into which the pivot member is secured, where width of the insertion groove is larger than a diameter of the pivot member.09-29-2011
20090158305DATA WRITING WITH PLASMON RESONATOR - A data writing system includes an array of cells for storing data and a write transducer that moves over a selected cell in the array of cells. The write transducer includes a writer producing a write magnetic field that intersects the selected cell. The write transducer also includes a plasmon resonator that is adjacent the writer. The plasmon resonator is shaped to receive lower power density radiation and to provide plasmon radiation at a higher power density to an optical spot intersecting with the selected cell. The plasmon radiation heats the selected cell above a write temperature.06-18-2009
20080282277Information Processing Device - The present invention relates to an apparatus capable of optically recording information onto an information medium (11-13-2008
20090276799Pickup Head Transmitting Mechanism of Disc Drive - A pickup head transmitting mechanism of a disc drive is provided. The pickup head transmitting mechanism has at least a guide rod, a thread rod, and a transmitting unit. The guide rod is utilized for supporting the pickup head of the disc drive. The thread rod is utilized for driving the pickup head along the guide rod. The transmitting unit is assembled between the pickup head and the thread rod and has a seat and a movable element. Wherein, the seat is fixed on the pickup head and has at least a sliding way extending toward the thread rod, and the movable element is slidably assembled in the sliding way and has a rack located on a surface thereof facing the thread rod. The rack is engaged with the thread rod.11-05-2009
20080209457DISC DEVICE - The invention provides a disc device capable of offering good SATA interface performance by optimizing the placement of the SATA connector relative to the control board, solving problems concerning noise or unnecessary radiation.08-28-2008
20090106783Electomagnetic field generating element, information recording/reproducing head and information recording/reproducing apparatus - The present invention provides an electromagnetic field generating element, an information recording/reproducing head, and an information recording/reproducing apparatus. The electromagnetic field generating element makes it possible to restrain magnetic field attenuation or magnetic field delay in a high frequency recording/reproducing head for use in thermally assisted magnetic field recording/reproduction using a near field. The information recording/reproducing head and the information recording/reproducing apparatus can carry out high frequency magnetic recording/reproducing.04-23-2009
20090125926MECHANISM FOR CONTROLLING POSITION OF OPTICAL ELEMENT - An optical element position control mechanism includes an optical element holding member which holds an optical element of a photographing system; an advancing/retracting movement guide member which guides the optical element holding member in an optical axis direction of the photographing system to be movable in the optical axis direction; and a biasing device including an arm, the arm being swingable about a swing axis which is substantially orthogonal to the optical axis and being engaged with the optical element holding member. The biasing device simultaneously exerts via the arm both a biasing force in a direction of movement of the optical element holding member that is guided by the advancing/retracting movement guide member and a biasing force in a direction orthogonal to the direction of movement of the optical element holding member on the optical element holding member.05-14-2009
20090070794OPTICAL MEMBER DRIVING APPARATUS, OPTICAL PICKUP APPARATUS INCLUDING THE OPTICAL MEMBER DRIVING APPARATUS, OPTICAL DISC APPARATUS INCLUDING THE OPTICAL PICKUP APPARATUS - An optical member driving apparatus comprising: a holding member configured to have an optical member mounted thereon; a driving unit assembly configured to be capable of driving the holding member; a connecting member configured to connect the holding member and the driving unit assembly; and a jointing member configured to joint the connecting member and either or both of the holding member and the driving unit assembly.03-12-2009
20080301725Thermally Enhanced Disk Drive - A disk drive data storage system. The system comprises a data storage disk, a movable member positioned near the data storage disk, and a sensor assembly, supported and movable by the movable member, for writing data to and reading data from the data storage disk. The system also comprises an integrated circuit that is electrically coupled to the sensor assembly and that moves with the movable member when the movable member moves the sensor assembly. The integrated circuit comprises a face and a backside, and the integrated circuit is in a fixed physical position relative to the movable member such that the backside is oriented toward the movable member.12-04-2008


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