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719 - Electrical computers and digital processing systems: interprogram communication or interprocess communication (ipc)

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719327000 Device driver configuration 84
719326000 SCSI device driver 25
719324000 Virtual device driver (VxD) 15
719323000 Video graphics device driver 14
719322000 Multimedia device driver 4
20090089813Method and system for dynamic audio stream redirection - There is provided a method of redirecting an audio stream from a first audio endpoint to a second audio endpoint in a computer operating system. The method includes directing the audio stream from a client application through a first audio resource stack to the first audio endpoint; creating an audio endpoint bridge to provide a path for the audio stream from the first audio resource stack through a second audio resource stack connected to the second audio endpoint; and redirecting the audio stream to the second audio endpoint using the audio endpoint bridge. The audio endpoint bridge can be created by forming a bridging application so as to activate the second audio stack. The bridging application can be hooked into a Windows audio engine in the second audio resource stack.04-02-2009
20090271805METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INTEGRATING AT LEAST ONE MULTIMEDIA DEVICES WITH AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A computer-implemented method and system for integrating at least one multimedia device with an electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a memory module loaded with audio drivers, video drivers and control drivers. The method includes retrieving the at least one multimedia device connected thereto to identify audio data, video data and control channels between the electronic device and the at least one multimedia device, respectively operating with the audio and video drivers to conduct audio and video data transmission by the respective audio and video data channels, and operating with the control drivers to conduct control signals transmission by the control channels so that each of the electronic device and the at least one multimedia device are capable of controlling each other to display multimedia data stored on the electronic device or the at least one multimedia device.10-29-2009
20090165024RECORDING MEDIUM, PLAYBACK APPARATUS, PROGRAM, AND PLAYBACK METHOD - A BD-ROM contains plurality of Titles which can be branched among and a Java application executable upon reproduction of each Title. Each Title has an AV Clip and an application management table. The application is a program described in a virtual-machine oriented programming language. The application management table correlates an application to an application run attribute in the corresponding Title. The run attribute may be a continuation attribute (Persistent) for continuing the application state in the branch origin or an AutoRun attribute for automatically running the application when the application is in a non-run state in the branch origin.06-25-2009
20130179907Multimedia Driver Architecture For Reusability Across Operating Systems And Hardware Platforms - A multimedia driver architecture allows significant portions of the driver components to be shared across operating systems and hardware platforms.07-11-2013
719325000 RAID metadriver 2
20090094620HIGH DATA AVAILABILITY SAS-BASED RAID SYSTEM - A storage system includes two RAID controllers, each having two SAS initiators coupled to a zoning SAS expander. The expanders are linked by an inter-controller link and create a SAS ZPSDS. The expanders have PHY-to-zone mappings and zone permissions to create two distinct SAS domains such that one initiator of each RAID controller is in one domain and the other initiator is in the other domain. The disk drives are dual-ported, and each port of each drive is in a different domain. Each initiator can access every drive in the system, half directly through the local expander and half indirectly through the other RAID controller's expander via the inter-controller link. Thus, a RAID controller can continue to access a drive via the remote path in the remote domain if the drive becomes inaccessible via the local path in the local domain.04-09-2009
20120278819POLLING-DRIVEN DEVICE DRIVER INTERFACE - Embodiments of the present invention provide a storage device (SSD) system architecture including a host comprising a device driver associated with a storage device and a central processing unit (CPU). The CPU is configured to request an input or output (I/O) operation of a storage device and begin polling the storage device via the device driver to determine whether the requested operation has been completed. The CPU begins its initial polling after waiting for a time interval equal to the storage device's predicted response time to elapse.11-01-2012
20110202932OPEN GATEWAY FRAMEWORK - An open gateway framework addresses the need for efficient modularization, extension, and adaptation of device functionality, such as gateway or set top box functionally. The open gateway framework facilitates rapid third party application development on customer electronic devices, particularly for telecommunications service providers. The open gateway framework provides: portability between different devices; rapid development based on extended platform features with a custom Application Programming Interface (API); and deployment with little or no impact on device base software.08-18-2011
20120210337Resource Affinity Via Dynamic Reconfiguration for Multi-Queue Network Adapters - A mechanism is provided for providing resource affinity for multi-queue network adapters via dynamic reconfiguration. A device driver allocates an initial queue pair within a memory. The device driver determines whether workload of the data processing system has risen above a predetermined high threshold. Responsive to the workload rising above the predetermined high threshold, the device driver allocates and initializes an additional queue pair in the memory. The device driver programs a receive side scaling (RSS) mechanism in a network adapter to allow for dynamic insertion of an additional processing engine associated with the additional queue pair. The device driver enables transmit tuple hashing to the additional queue pair.08-16-2012
20090158301Multi-function device ID with unique identifier - A computer system that recognizes multi-function devices and associates functions with multi-function devices. Each multi-function device may be represented by a multi-function object, allowing tools, applications or other components within the computer to take actions relating to the entire device or relating to a function based on the association of that function with other functions in the same device. These actions include displaying information about devices, instead of or in addition to information about functions. Actions also include selecting functions based on proximity within a device. Functions may be associated with a multi-function device using a unique device identifier provided by the device or generated for the function based on a connection hierarchy between functions and the computer. Devices may be configured to provide the same identifier regardless of the transport over which the device is accessed.06-18-2009
20090158300NETWORK REDUNDANCY CHECK APPLICATION PROGRAM MANAGEMENT METHOD - For use in a dual-path network system comprising a master end, a main transmission path, a sub-transmission path, an intermediary device, and a slave end, a network redundancy check application program management method is disclosed to virtualize COM ports of multiple IP addresses in the master end into one single virtualized COM port by means of a driver in the master end so that the user/user's application program needs only to manage/monitor the virtualized COM port. Through the driver and the firmware formed in the intermediary device, the invention covers all operation modes, and the user/user's application program needs not to worry about system complication resulted from the redundancy check system. Under the network architecture of the present invention, the master end enjoys the high stability of dual-path, and the manager needs not to manage a big number of COM ports.06-18-2009
20090119683SYSTEM AND INTERFACE FOR CONTROLLING DEVICES - A group of IT devices is divided into zones according to a predetermined condition. An IT managing server that manages the group of IT devices sends a control request for changing the state of IT devices included in one of the zones according to the state of those IT devices under its management. The control request specifies the zone as a control target. A facility managing server that manages a group of facility devices receives the control request and controls a facility device that exerts effect on the zone, which is specified as the control target in the control request.05-07-2009
20090077572NETWORK DEVICE DRIVER ARCHITECTURE - The invention proposes a network device driver architecture with functionality distributed between kernel space and user space. The overall network device driver comprises a kernel-space device driver (03-19-2009
20090328076SIMULATION OF SMARTCARD REMOVAL AND REINSERTION - A filter driver may be instantiated in a smartcardreader class, and used to modify the smartcard status in an operating system.12-31-2009
20090013335SENSOR PROCESS MANAGEMENT METHODS AND SYSTEMS - Sensor process management methods and systems are provided. Firstly, a sensor identification and a specific identification are received from a SDR (Sensor Data Record). The specific identification corresponds to one of the multiple sensor modes of a sensor. Then, a ProbeInfo table element is selected according to the sensor identification, and a driver identification is obtained from the selected ProbeInfo table element. Sequentially, a driver corresponding to the driver identification is activated according to the specific identification, and a process is performed under the sensor mode corresponding to the specific identification by the driver.01-08-2009
20090007151Printing For Virtualized Applications - Procedures for printing virtualized applications are discussed. In implementations, a spooler is associated with an established virtual environment including a virtualized application. The spooler may be associated by making a native spooler, installed on a computing system aware of the virtual environment. In other implementations, the spooler may be virtualized such as by including an instance of a spooler in the virtual environment. A printer driver may be virtualized for use in print virtual application output. Virtualizing printer drivers may allow virtual applications to access and use printer and/or software resources without installing the resource on the device.01-01-2009
20090007150Method and Apparatus for Improving the Efficiency of Interrupt Delivery at Runtime in a Network System - Processor affinity of an application/thread may be used to deliver an interrupt caused by the application/thread to a best processor at runtime. The processor to which the interrupt is delivered may either run the target application/thread or be located in the same socket as the processor that runs the target application/thread. The processor affinity of the application/thread may be pushed down at runtime to a network device, a chipset, a memory control hub (“MCH”), or an input/output hub (“IOH”), which will facilitate delivery of the interrupt using that affinity information.01-01-2009
20090083764Device-hosted services over media transfer protocol - An arrangement for exposing self-describing device-hosted services on a client device to a host application or processes over MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) is provided by which an MTP extension comprising new MTP commands enables the device-hosted services to be backwards and forward compatible with existing MTP implementations. The new MTP commands in the extension enable discovery by the host of device-hosted services provided by a connected client device. In an illustrative example, the device-hosted services include storage services which supplement traditional MTP storages with service features, functional device services which support message-based interaction between the host and client device, and information services which may simply present a rich, static dataset of information to the host rather than providing additional storage or functional capabilities. These device-hosted services advantageously enable richer communication between the host and client device.03-26-2009
20090083766SYSTEMS FOR PERFORMING BARE MACHINE COMPUTER APPLICATIONS - Systems for performing bare machine computing are disclosed. A system may include a bare machine computing platform that includes a processor, one or more input/output devices, and a storage medium. The bare machine computing platform does not include an operating system. The system may further include a processor readable storage medium including one or more instructions for implementing an application object. The application object may contain data and one or more instructions for enabling an operating environment and executing an application within the operating environment.03-26-2009
20110289517SIMPLE AND DYNAMIC CONFIGURATION OF NETWORK DEVICES - The present invention relates to a system and method for configuring and managing network devices. The arrival (and departure) of devices on a network can be detected by a monitor. Upon detection, network devices can be simply and dynamically configured with little or no end-user intervention, for instance by automatically loading device drivers and allocating resources for the devices. Furthermore, network devices can be associated with other network devices such as a personal computer to facilitate seamless integration of network devices with a computer operating system.11-24-2011
20090276793METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DEVICE DRIVER STATE STORAGE DURING DIAGNOSTIC PHASE - The present invention provides a computer implemented method, data processing system and computer program product for running a diagnostic test on an I/O adapter. The data processing system communicates a stop command to a functional device driver; wherein the functional device driver is configured to communicate with the I/O adapter. The data processing system determines whether the functional device driver has completed storing a state of the I/O adapter. The data processing system loads a diagnostic device driver for communicating with the I/O adapter. The data processing system applies test inputs to the diagnostic device driver, wherein at least one test input is presented to the I/O adapter. The data processing system receives test results from the diagnostic device driver.11-05-2009
20090100444Embeded driver for an electronic device - An electronics module with driver information electronically associated therein. The driver information may be in a memory on the electronics module. The memory may store drivers for multiple operating systems, including a virtual machine type operating system that can be used with any processor or operating system that can run the virtual machine. The memory may alternatively store website information, e.g., an address of the website and codes to use on the website to get the right driver and to validate the hardware.04-16-2009
20100125856TECHNIQUES FOR ESTABLISHING VIRTUAL DEVICES - Techniques for establishing virtual devices are presented. A legacy control system is encapsulated as a virtual device. The virtual device is isolated within a host hardware associate with a host OS and access to and from the virtual device is authenticated and controlled by the host OS. Legacy hardware used by the legacy control system is connected to the host hardware, thereby permitting the legacy control system to continue to access the legacy hardware when the virtual device processes.05-20-2010
20100083284DEVICE DRIVER INSTALLER AND INSTALLATION METHOD - This invention lightens a burden in development by using a generic device driver and also lightens a burden on a user by automatically performing customization suitable for a model to be installed. A client PC acquires AA from an image forming apparatus as its type ID. A generic device driver to be used is determined by extracting, from the type ID, a series ID determined by the interface. In addition, based on the value of a group ID representing a function group, the generic device driver is reconfigured and installed in accordance with the functions of the image forming apparatus.04-01-2010
20090089812System and method for controlling synchronization of media and multi-devices for single-media multi-device media service - Provided is a system and method for controlling synchronization of media and multi-devices for an SMMD media service. The system includes a metadata managing unit and a synchronization controlling unit. The metadata managing unit analyzes ne-media to extract metadata. The synchronization controlling unit constructs a synchronization information table to store control data extracted from the metadata, and controls one or more devices for media reproduction on the basis of the synchronization information table. Optimal connectable devices are mapped according to device attributes and synchronization information extracted from metadata of ne-media and the results are controlled according to the contents of media, thereby maximizing the effect of vivid media reproduction.04-02-2009
20090138897Information processing device and information processing method - An information processing device capable of communicating with an external device connected thereto via a network and includes an application acquisition unit that obtains an application program to be used to control a function of the external device from an application distribution device present on the network, an external device search unit that searches for external devices on the network and an application execution unit that controls the function of the external device by executing the obtained application program, is provided. The application program obtained by the application acquisition unit includes a function of searching for the external device via the external device search unit, which executes an external device search in response to a request issued from the application execution unit executing the application program.05-28-2009
20090089811Persistent per URL print settings - The present invention improves the economy of repetitively printing Web pages by automatically storing and recalling persistent “per URL” print settings. An exemplary method comprises the steps of receiving from a user a first request to print a web page, selecting by the user print settings for the first request, persistently storing as default print settings for the web page in association with at least a portion of a URL of the web page the print settings selected for the first request, receiving from the user a second request to print the web page and retrieving the default print settings using at least a portion of the URL.04-02-2009
20080209449Setting Device For Setting Allocation Information Of Setting Item In Setting Screen Of Device Driver - A setting device for setting allocation information of a setting item allocated in a setting screen of a device driver, the setting screen being adapted for altering a controlling condition of a target device. At an administrator terminal, allocation information setting application is activated upon execution of allocation information setting program. In a setting item edit screen displayed in a monitor, a list of setting items displayed at an allocated setting item display area or an unallocated setting item display area is dragged and dropped in a setting screen displayed at setting screen display area, whereupon the dragged setting item is allocated in currently displayed setting screen.08-28-2008
20100005482Method for handling small computer system interface (SCSI) commands via a redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID) device driver - The present invention is a method for handling an operating system kernel-provided command via a software-based device driver. The method includes receiving the operating system kernel-provided command from an operating system kernel. The method further includes determining if a kernel virtual address is required for responding to the command. The method further includes initiating a Direct Memory Access (DMA) operation for providing data to the operating system kernel in response to the command when a kernel virtual address is not required for responding to the command. The method further includes allocating a device driver buffer with a DMA address and a virtual address when a kernel virtual address is required for responding to the command.01-07-2010
20090007152MANAGEMENT OF EXTERNAL HARDWARE APPLIANCES IN A DISTRIBUTED OPERATING SYSTEM - Embodiments are provided to manage external hardware appliances from a distributed operating system interface in a computer network using a driver model to communicate with device drivers associated with the external hardware appliances. In one embodiment, a request to manage an external hardware appliance in the computer network may be received in a distributed web-based operating system interface. A driver model may be selected which is configured to interface with a device driver for managing configuration settings for the external hardware appliance. The driver model may be utilized to manage the external hardware appliance configuration settings from the interface. The settings may include managing domain name changes, firewall settings, proxy settings, and the like. In another embodiment, the driver model may be utilized to manage external hardware appliance settings during a network configuration operation initiated from the distributed operating system interface.01-01-2009
20080244619EXTERNAL STORAGE DEVICE AND METHOD OF AUTOMATICALLY OPERATING THE SAME - An external storage device and method of automatically operating the external storage device are provided. The external storage device includes a memory unit storing general data, a driver for operating the external storage device, an application program, an automatic execution program for executing the application program, and an automatic execution script for operating the automatic execution program; an automatic execution controller controlling an automatic execution of the driver and the application program; a general function controller controlling a general function of the external storage device; a general file management unit supporting an access to the general data stored in the memory unit; and an automatic execution file management unit supporting an access to the driver, the application program, the automatic execution program, and the automatic execution script, through the general file management unit according to a control signal of the automatic execution controller.10-02-2008
20110016475COMMUNICATION MODEL FOR A SCANNER - An extension module is generated to act on behalf of a TWAIN application by communicating with a WIA driver via WIA Service. A data structure is transmitted from the extension module to the WIA driver via a custom properties mechanism of WIA Service. The data structure contains a location of a binary data file containing instruction data for the scanner. The binary data file is located with the WIA driver according to the location. The instruction data is transmitted to the scanner, which processes the instruction data and transmits results back to the WIA driver. The WIA driver writes the results into a new binary data file. The data structure is updated and transmitted to the extension module via the custom properties mechanism, and the new binary data file is located. The obtained information is processed by the extension module on behalf of the TWAIN application.01-20-2011
20090265721INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus includes a device that performs data processing; and processors, each processor including a device driver corresponding to the device. A device driver set in correspondence with at least one processor has a resource-state holding unit that manages a resource flag indicating which processor is using or is scheduled to use resources used at the time of data processing using the device. At least one processor sets the resource flag to a flag value indicating that at least one processor is scheduled to use the resources in accordance with a schedule of at least one processor to use the device. At least one processor terminates or interrupts use of the device when at least one processor refers to the resource flag and recognizes that another processor is scheduled to use the resources during a period in which at least one processor is using the device.10-22-2009
20090265720EXTENSIBLE PRIVATE DRIVER INTERFACE - A computer with an extensible framework for facilitating communication between a software component installed on the computer and a device driver that executes functions in response to vendor-specific command objects (e.g., OIDs). The framework defines data structures and a standardized format for defining and implementing private interfaces. After selecting a private interface that is commonly supported by a software component and a driver, a private communication path may be established by an operating system component to facilitate the transfer of command information from the software component to the driver. The private communication path allows commands packaged as OIDs to be routed from software components to intended drivers. By defining private interfaces which route commands from software components to intended drivers, the extensible framework mitigates potential incompatibilities that may arise when drivers created by different vendors include OIDs with the same OID value.10-22-2009
20080307442Simultaneous Sharing of System Resources by Multiple Input Devices - There is disclosed a method, system and apparatus for enabling the sharing of computer system resources by multiple input devices. The multiple input devices utilize a device driver for all of the multiple input devices, with the method comprising: the device driver allocating a device identifier to each of the multiple input devices; the device driver receiving data from each of the multiple input devices by reference to the device identifier; and the device driver passing the received data to an application for processing.12-11-2008
20090199216MULTI-LEVEL DRIVER CONFIGURATION - A method, medium and implementing processing system are provided in which the Operating System (OS) driver is divided into two parts, viz. an upper level OS driver and a lower level OS driver. The lower level OS driver sets up the adapter hardware and any adapter hardware work-around. The upper level OS driver is interfaced to the OS communication stack and each can be compiled separately. The upper OS driver is compiled and shipped with the OS to make sure it is compatible with the OS communication stack. The lower OS driver, in an exemplary embodiment, is compiled and stored in an adapter flash memory. The OS dynamically combines the upper and lower OS drivers together during the load time.08-06-2009
20080263570Information processing apparatus, method of operating it, and computer readable information recording medium - A display part receives an input from a user and display a message to the user, a constraint processing part processes constraints among functions of a printer based on the input which the display part has received, and generates constraint information, and a message generating part manages a plurality of terms in a form of a term list, and combines terms of the plurality of terms to generate the message to be displayed by the display part based on the constraint information generated by the constraint processing part.10-23-2008
20080263569COMPOSITE SOLID STATE DRIVE IDENTIFICATION AND OPTIMIZATION TECHNOLOGIES - Technologies for an operating system identifying SSD and CSSD devices based on a corresponding descriptor, and for optimizing operating system functionalities with respect to the SSD/CSSD device. Optimizations include disabling non-SSD/CSSD functionalities, such as HDD defragmentation, and by enabling SSD/CSSD specific functionalities, such as write optimization storage functionalities.10-23-2008
20110231864Systems and Methods for Dynamic Configuration and Control of Multi Function Peripherals - Computer-implemented methods and systems for dynamic configuration and control of multi-function peripherals. A method comprises exposing a unified application programming interface (API) for operating a plurality of MFPs, receiving a first set of instructions from an application according to the API, the instructions directed to a first MFP; receiving a second set of instructions from the application according to the API, the instructions directed to a second MFP; translating the first set of instructions according to the native set of instruction of the first MFP, and sending the translated instructions to the first MFP; translating the second set of instructions according to the native set of instructions of the second MFP, and sending the translated instruction to the second MFP; thereby allowing the application to communicate with the first and second MFPs according to a unified API. The embodiments also allow for dynamic device discovery, and for matching advertised device capabilities to requests, among other things.09-22-2011
20110231863INFORMATION SERVICE PROVIDING SYSTEM, INFORMATION SERVICE PROVIDING DEVICE, AND METHOD THEREFOR - An information service providing device selects a combination, all sensors contained in which are available and which has the highest priority, from within the combinations of sensors, which are for implementing an information service. In addition, the information service providing device selects an appropriate parameter for the sensors and processing program selected so as to be provided appropriately in response to the environment in which an information service has been implemented, and sets the parameter to these. By selecting sensors and processing program, and setting parameters, the information service providing device with only the receipt of the designation of desired information service by a user, various information services by appropriately combining various kinds of sensors and a plurality of processing programs.09-22-2011
20090204979NETWORK SYSTEM, INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD - An information processing apparatus can easily delete drivers which become unnecessary as a result of removal of a peripheral device shared on a network or cancellation of a sharing setting. A driver deletion notification including the designation of a driver is input via an external network. In response to the deletion notification, the designated driver is deleted.08-13-2009
20090210889METHOD CIRCUIT AND SYSTEM FOR INTERFACING WITH AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - According to some embodiments of the present invention, there is provided an interface apparatus for a multi-application electronic device, including a human interface surface having integrated presentation and sensing elements, such that the device has substantially full functionality for substantially all applications without the use of other human interfaces.08-20-2009
20090210888SOFTWARE ISOLATED DEVICE DRIVER ARCHITECTURE - A device driver includes a hypervisor stub and a virtual machine driver module. The device driver may access device registers while operating within a virtual machine to promote system stability while providing a low-latency software response from the system upon interrupts. Upon receipt of an interrupt, the hypervisor stub may run an interrupt service routine and write information to shared memory. Control is passed to the virtual machine driver module by a reflector. The virtual machine driver module may then read the information from the shared memory to continue servicing the interrupt.08-20-2009
20090204978SYNCHRONIZING SPLIT USER-MODE/KERNEL-MODE DEVICE DRIVER ARCHITECTURE - A device driver includes a kernel mode and a user-mode module. The device driver may access device registers while operating in user-mode to promote system stability while providing a low-latency software response from the system upon interrupts. The device driver may include kernel stubs that are loaded into the operating system, and may be device specific code written. The stubs may be called by a reflector to handle exceptions caught by the stubs. A reset stub may be invoked by the reflector when the user-mode module or host terminates abruptly or detects an interrupt storm. The reset stub may also be invoked if errant DMA operations are being performed by a hardware device. The reset stub may ensure that hardware immediately stops unfinished DMA from further transfer, and may be called by the user-mode driver module.08-13-2009
20090222841ACCELERATION OF RECEIVE DATA THROUGHPUT OF A USB DEVICE - This invention proposes a procedure by which one or more number of IRPs (IO Request Packets) can be always kept pending with the USB Host controller in order to get the incoming data as soon as it arrives. When data arrives the USB Host Controller and driver will complete the IRP Request and the USB Client driver will buffer this data if there is no READ request pending from the application layer; else it will complete the application requests with data received from the device.09-03-2009
20090254924OPERATING SYSTEM INTERFACES FOR VIRTUAL WIFI AND SOFTAP CAPABLE DRIVERS - Some embodiments of the invention provide an interface between programmed instructions (e.g., an operating system) and a miniport driver configured to communicate with radio hardware on a computer. The interface may include components operable to invoke various wireless connectivity-related functionality implemented by the radio hardware and/or miniport driver. The functionality may, for example, include a capability whereby the computer may maintain simultaneous connections on a plurality of wireless networks using a single radio, and/or a capability whereby the computer may function as an access point for a wireless network.10-08-2009
20080307443INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME, PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - If a new device object matching at least a portion of device information concerning a device of an existing device object is detected, the device information of the existing device object is acquired, and the existing device object is deleted. Device information of the new device object is updated by using the acquired device information.12-11-2008
20080307441System and Method for Call Stack Sampling Combined with Node and Instruction Tracing - A system and method for Java™ call stack sampling combined with native sampling is presented. A kernel-mode device driver records and stores sampled context information that includes a program counter, a thread identifier, and a process identifier. The sampling thread receives a notification from the kernel-mode device driver, and proceeds to collect call stack information from a Java™ Virtual Machine. In turn, the sampling thread retrieves the sampled context information and harvests symbols corresponding to a loaded module. Once symbols are harvested, the sampling thread combines returned call stack nodes with native function leaf nodes into a unified output tree that provides the relationship between the two different node types. In one embodiment, the sampling thread may generate native function leaf nodes and the unified output tree in a post-processing manner.12-11-2008
20100153974OBTAIN BUFFERS FOR AN INPUT/OUTPUT DRIVER - Disclosed is a computer implemented method, computer program product, and apparatus to obtain buffers in a multiprocessor system. A software component receives a call from an I/O device driver for a buffer, the call including at least one parameter, and walks a bucket data structure to a current bucket. The software component then determines whether the current bucket is free, and obtains a buffer list contained with the current bucket. Responsive to a determination that the current bucket is free, the software component determines whether sufficient buffers are obtained based on the parameter. Upon determining there are sufficient buffers obtained, the software component provides the current bucket and a second bucket as a single buffer list to the I/O device driver.06-17-2010
20100153973Ultra-Wideband Radio Controller Driver (URCD)-PAL Interface - Various embodiments provide a two-way interface between a URC driver (URCD) and various Protocol Adaption Layer (PAL) drivers. The two-way interface can enable bandwidth to be shared and managed among multiple different PALs. The two-way interface can also be used to implement common radio functionality such as beaconing, channel selection, and address conflict resolution. In at least some embodiments, the two-way interface can be utilized for power management to place PALs in lower power states to conserve power and to support remote wake-up functionality. Further, at least some embodiments can enable vendor-specific PALs to interact with vendor-specific hardware.06-17-2010
20100262979CIRCULAR COMMAND QUEUES FOR COMMUNICATION BETWEEN A HOST AND A DATA STORAGE DEVICE - A method for communicating commands between a host and a flash memory data storage device includes populating a circular command queue of a driver on the host with commands for retrieval by the data storage device, transferring commands from the circular command queue to the data storage device via a device initiated direct memory access operation, populating, via a direct memory access operation initiated by the data storage device, a circular response queue of the host with responses by the data storage device for retrieval by the host device, where each response acknowledges the reception of a command from the host by the data storage device, and consuming responses from the circular response queue at the host.10-14-2010
20100242054METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INSTALLING PRINTER DRIVER - A method for installing a printer driver for a terminal, includes providing a driver installation apparatus that includes a control module, a communication module, and a storage module in which a plurality of printer driver files are stored. The control module scans the terminal, and checks if there is any printer connected to the terminal. When there is a printer connected to the terminal, the control module scans the model of the printer, and searches corresponding printer driver file according to the model of the printer in the storage module. The control module runs the printer driver file, and installs the corresponding printer driver in the terminal.09-23-2010
20100211962INPUT/OUTPUT BROKER MODEL - The described implementations relate to input/output (I/O) broker models for use with various devices. One implementation can dynamically match an I/O request to a suitable I/O driver. This implementation can also determine a buffering strategy for accomplishing the I/O request based, at least in part, on information obtained from the I/O driver.08-19-2010
20090328074Direct Memory Access Filter for Virtualized Operating Systems - Described techniques increase runtime performance of workloads executing on a hypervisor by executing virtualization-aware code in an otherwise non virtualization-aware guest operating system. In one implementation, the virtualization-aware code allows workloads direct access to physical hardware devices, while allowing the system memory allocated to the workloads to be overcommitted. In one implementation, a DMA filter driver is inserted into an I/O driver stack to ensure that the target virtual memory of a DMA transfer is resident before the transfer begins. The DMA filter driver may utilize a cache to track which pages of memory are resident. The cache may also indicate which pages of memory are in use by one or more transfers, enabling the hypervisor to avoid appropriating pages of memory during a transfer.12-31-2009
20090328075FILTER DRIVER TO ENUMERATE SMARTCARD NODES FOR PLUG AND PLAY - Described herein is a filter driver in a smartcardreader class that recognizes the presence of a smartcard in a smartcard reader and creates a device node (devnode).12-31-2009
20090113453System and Method for Consolidated Information Handling System Component Drivers - An information handling system which includes plural processing components operable to process information wherein at least one processing component has plural region-specific modes of operation, a driver package associated with the at least one processing component wherein the driver package has plural region-specific drivers, and an encrypted key stored on a processing component wherein the encrypted key designates one of the plural region-specific drivers to manage the processing component.04-30-2009
20090113456ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND APPLICATION PROGRAM SWITCHING METHOD THEREOF - An application program switching method for an electronic device having a first body and a second body is provided. A relative position of the first body and the second body is changed from a first state to a second state to activate a second application program while an external message is received during a first application program being executed, and an image displayed by the electronic device is switched from an executing frame of the first application program to an executing frame of the second application program for replying the external message via a keyboard of the second body. Next, the relative position of the first body and the second body is changed from the second state to the first state, and the image displayed by the electronic device is switched from the executing frame of the second application program to the executing frame of the first application program.04-30-2009
20090113454SYSTEM AND METHOD OF TESTING BRIDGE SAS CHANNELS - A system and a method of testing bridge SAS channels includes a control terminal, a hot-plug bridge interface, a first adaptor, an SAS back plate, and a second adaptor. The control terminal selects an SAS interface as a transmission path for sending a test signal. The hot-plug bridge interface receives and converts the test signal sent from the control terminal. The hot-plug bridge interface has a hot-plug function. The first adaptor is connected to the hot-plug bridge interface and the SAS back plate. The second adaptor is connected between the SAS back plate and a terminal unit. The control terminal sends the test signal and detects a signal under test sent back from the terminal unit, and compares whether they are consistent with each other or not. In this way, the control terminal determines whether the SAS interfaces in the SAS back plate run normally or not.04-30-2009
20090070788PORTABLE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SOFT RESET OF COMPUTER DEVICES - The subject application is directed to a portable system and method for soft reset of computer devices. Upon detection of a portable data device via an associated media interface, data communication is commenced between a computer device and the detected portable data device via the media interface. A system cycle instruction is then isolated according to the data communication between the computer device and the detected data device. A system cycle is then commenced with respect to the computer device, in accordance with the isolated system cycle instruction.03-12-2009
20100306788Apparatus and method for supporting suspend of composite network device - An apparatus and a method support a selective suspend mode in a driver for any one of at least two devices constituting a composite network device. When a device of the driver requests suspend mode transition, a Physical Device Object (PDO) constituting a driver of the composite network device is identified by a PDO check part. A suspend mode transition request information of the device is sent to an operating system through the PDO. When the operating system allows the suspend mode transition, a control part sends suspend mode transition indication information to the device through the PDO.12-02-2010
20090083767NETWORK DEVICE DRIVER SYSTEM HAVING COMMUNICATION FUNCTION AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SYSTEM - A network device driver includes a fetching/hooking module to fetch/hook hardware data and/or a hardware event of the communication terminal; a packet assembly module to packetize the hardware data and/or the hardware event; a packet release module to recover the packetized hardware data and/or the hardware event, which are/is received from another terminal connected with the communication terminal via a wired/wireless communication network; and a transmission module to receive/transmit the packetized hardware data and/or the hardware event from/to another communication terminal.03-26-2009
20130139183CREATION OR INSTALLATION OF A DISK IMAGE FOR A TARGET DEVICE HAVING ONE OF A PLURALITY OF HARDWARE PLATFORMS - The installation of a disk image onto a client device having a hardware platform of a particular class is described, where the disk image includes a driver-store having a plurality of drivers for a plurality of hardware platforms. The disk image is stored on the client device, and at least one driver from the driver-store is installed on the client device based on the hardware platform of the client device. A device driver configuration file is retrieved, wherein the device driver configuration file identifies one or more drivers associated with a class of hardware platforms, and identifies one or more common drivers shared by two or more of the plurality of hardware platforms. Drivers identified in the device driver configuration file and that are neither associated with the class of the client device, nor associated with the platform of the client device, are removed from the driver-store.05-30-2013
20110041143AUTOMATIC CLOSURE OF A FILE OR A DEVICE IN A DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM - A mechanism is provided for automatically closing a file or a device. A service routine monitor monitors a request received from either an application that opened the file or a device driver that readied the device. The service routine monitor determines whether the file or the device has been accessed within a predetermined time interval. Responsive to the file or the device failing to be accessed within the predetermined time interval, the service routine monitor sends a call to the application that opened the file or the application or a higher level device driver that requested that the device driver ready the device. Responsive to a response from the application or the higher level device driver indicating that the use of the file or the device is no longer needed, the service routine monitor closes the file or quiesces the device.02-17-2011
20110247015DRIVER APPARATUS, PROCESS CONTROL METHOD, PROCESS CONTROL PROGRAM - A technique is provided that contributes to improvement in convenience of a setting screen for carrying out setting for a function executable in an image processing apparatus. A driver apparatus that causes plural functions executable in an image processing apparatus to be executed in accordance with a setting content set in a setting screen corresponding to each function is provided.10-06-2011
20110247014ELECTRONIC APPARATUS, INPUT SIGNAL CONTROL METHOD, PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An electronic apparatus includes an input unit that receives an input signal from a first operation unit, a communication unit that is capable of performing communication with an external apparatus as a host apparatus and a device apparatus, a display unit, and a control unit that controls an input signal from the input unit such that the display unit performs a display according to an operation of the first operation unit. When the communication unit operates as a host apparatus, the control unit receives an instruction for operating the communication unit as a device apparatus, performs switching of a driver by uninstalling a driver for the action of the host apparatus and installing a driver for the action of the device apparatus, and transmits the input signal from the communication unit to the external apparatus which becomes the host apparatus corresponding thereto.10-06-2011
20110126217SYSTEM, A METHOD, AND A DATA-STRUCTURE FOR PROCESSING SYSTEM CALLS IN A COMPUTERIZED SYSTEM THAT IMPLEMENTS A KERNEL - A computer implementing a kernel, the computer including: a processor that is configured to run processes in kernel mode and to run other processes not in kernel mode, wherein the processor is configured to run in the kernel mode the following processes: (a) determining selection parameters that relates to a system call requesting an operation by a hardware device, by processing information of the system call; (b) deterministically selecting a single data-structure element (DSE) of a data-structure in response to a type of the system call, to at least one other determined selection parameter, and to a status of an activity flag included in the DSE that indicates an availability of the DSE for selection; wherein the selecting includes selecting a DSE that includes an activity flag that indicates that the DSE is available for selection; wherein at least one DSE of the data-structure is an inactive DSE that includes an activity flag indicating that the inactive DSE is not available for selection; (c) modifying an activity flag of at least one DSE of the data-structure, in response to activeness instructions stored in the DSE selected; (d) assigning a priority to the system call in response to a content of the DSE selected; and (e) selectively enabling fulfillment of the operation by the hardware device, in response to the priority assigned to the system call.05-26-2011
20090007153Hybrid resource manager - A hybrid resource manager is provided for use in a computing environment. The hybrid resource manager serves as the single resource manager that cooperates with an operating system to manage each of the individual device drivers associated with the various functions of a multifunction hardware device. In one example the hybrid resource manager implements a consistent management and policy framework to prevent conflicts from arising when multiple functions are simultaneously requested by various applications.01-01-2009
20090199215FRAMEWORK FOR COMPUTING DEVICE WITH AUXILIARY DISPLAY - A computer system with an architecture and protocol that facilitate ready integration with an auxiliary display device. The auxiliary display device is coupled to the computer system over a transport, such as Bluetooth, USB or TCP/IP. From an application level gadget, control of the display device is through a programming interface to a platform component. The platform component interfaces with a device driver, which has two components. One component is common and can be used with any auxiliary display device supporting the protocol, regardless of which transport is used. The second component is transport specific. The second component processes data streams representing packets according to the protocol, conveying the packets as data in accordance with the format of the transport. The second component may be simple because it is not required to perform any processing specifically associated with the display functions or protocol.08-06-2009
20090313642Adaptive Communication Application Programming Interface - A method and apparatus for inter-module communication is disclosed. The method includes defining a command definition, wherein the command definition comprises commands for interfacing with a multi-channel, multi-media, communication queuing system. The command definition can include, for example, driver object commands to request media type lists and command event lists, create drivers, request service, and release drivers. The command definition can also include, for example, service object commands to release service objects, notify when handling of an event is complete, invoke commands, release work items, suspend work items, resume work items, handle queued events, and cancel queued events. The command definition can also include, for example, client object commands to start a work item, release work items, save work item contexts, restore work item contexts, serialize work items, free work item storage, begin batch processing, and end batch processing.12-17-2009
20100037239PORTABLE TERMINAL AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING EXTERNAL INTERFACE THEREOF - The present invention relates to a portable terminal and a method of controlling an external interface thereof. When a system call that requests to open a external interface is input from a user process in a portable terminal that is connected to a plurality of external interfaces, a driver of the external interface is opened or intercepted using an external interface policy where open or intercepted information for each of the plurality of external interfaces is recorded to correspond to the user process. According to the present invention, an external interface that is not used by the portable terminal can be prevented from operating if externally attacked regardless of the user's intention.02-11-2010
20090217305PRINTING CONTROL APPARATUS, PRINTING CONTROL METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM STORING COMPUTER PROGRAM - A printing control apparatus includes a first obtaining unit configured to obtain management information that manages use of document data, a second obtaining unit configured to obtain attribute information relating to an attribute of management information obtained by the obtaining unit, an embedding unit configured to embed the management information obtained by the first obtaining unit and the attribute information obtained by the second obtaining unit in the document data, and an output unit configured to output the document data in which the management information and the attribute information are embedded by the embedding unit, to a printing apparatus.08-27-2009
20090217304Method of Switching Functions of a Device without Attaching and Detaching the Device - According to different VID/PIDs stored in a device descriptor of a USB composite device, various functions and corresponding drivers are assigned and switched. Therefore, the switches of functions are achieved without detaching and attaching the USB composite device. Possible problems while switching operation systems of different platforms are overcome. And the high cost in embedding various drivers into a mainframe is reduced.08-27-2009
20100058360STORING MEDIUM - A storing medium includes a driver program installable on a host computer and a plurality of files. The host computer includes a controller, and is connectable to a plurality of different types of peripheral devices. Each file includes separately a common setting file and an individual setting file. The common setting file includes common setting information that is commonly applicable to at least two types of peripheral devices. The individual setting file includes individual setting information that is unique to a single type of peripheral device. The driver program instructs the controller to select target setting information for controlling one peripheral device from the common setting information and the individual setting information included in the file corresponding to the one peripheral device, and to control the peripheral device based on the selected target setting information.03-04-2010
20100058359Virtual USB over NFC printing method and system - A VUSB over NFC mobile printing method and system. In an exemplary arrangement, an imaging device has a network connection with an application server and an NFC interface for connecting with a client device. When a mobile user places his or her client device in proximity with the NFC interface, an NFC connection is established between the client device and the imaging device and the imaging device intermediates between the client device and the application server using a VUSB protocol to enable the user to select and upload from the client device to the imaging device a document file that the user wishes to print, after which the imaging device facilitates printing the document file in accordance with user preferences.03-04-2010
20120304202ENABLING CUSTOMIZED FUNCTIONS TO BE IMPLEMENTED AT A DOMAIN - A system for enabling a customized function to be implemented at least one device in a domain, including: a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) coupled with a system, wherein the system is coupled with a server managing a premises, wherein the system is configured for interacting with at least one third party application that has a set of instructions thereon, via the set of APIs, such that the at least one third party application can communicate with a device driver at the premises without having knowledge of a protocol thereon and without having knowledge of the at least one device, wherein the premises comprises the at least one device; and an instruction translator coupled with the set of APIs which translates the set of instructions received from the at least one third party application to be an action and protocol that the at least one device understands.11-29-2012
20120137312IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD, AND PROGRAM - The invention provides a mechanism which allows a common device driver to obtain identification information of a USB device desired by an application that controls a USB device via a common device driver. Furthermore, the invention includes two types of common device drivers to be registered in an OS to have different priorities, and provides a common interface that does not allow the application to recognize their difference.05-31-2012
20120079507MANAGEMENT AND MARKETPLACE FOR DISTRIBUTED HOME DEVICES - A home device management technique is described that allows a user to manage a network of distributed home devices. Special application modules, driver modules, and service exchange ports are employed. Each application modules implements some functionality in the home, preferably using one or more devices in the home distributed system. Each driver module provides the logic for operating one or multiple distributed home devices and is capable of receiving commands from application modules and sending them to devices, detecting events for an associated type of home device, translating the detected event into a format usable by the application modules and notifying the application modules of the events. Events are communicated between the application modules and the driver modules by using one or more service exchange ports. Access control policies are employed to control access to the home devices. The application and driver modules can be obtained over a network from a home marketplace that can also determine their compatibility and interoperability with the home devices.03-29-2012
20120204192IMAGE RESCUE - An image rescue system includes an application program for communication with a mass storage device, the application program being in communication with an operating system layer for accessing the mass storage device to read and write information. The image rescue system further includes a device driver in communication with the application program, the operating system layer and the mass storage device, the device driver for allowing the application program to access the mass storage device to read and write information by bypassing the operating system layer, the device driver for communicating with the mass storage device to allow the application program to access information in the mass storage device considered damaged by the operating system layer, the damaged information being inaccessible to the operating system layer, wherein the image rescue system accesses the mass storage device to retrieve and recover information accessible and inaccessible to the operating system layer.08-09-2012
20110258640METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INTERCOMMUNICATIONS AMONGST DEVICE DRIVERS - Techniques for intercommunication amongst device drivers are described herein. In one embodiment, an application programming interface (API) is provided by a kernel of an operating system (OS) running within a data processing system. The API is accessible by device drivers associated with multiple devices installed in the system. In response to a request from a first instance of a driver the API, information indicating whether another instance of the same driver is currently started is returned via the API. Other methods and apparatuses are also described.10-20-2011
20110023054INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A unified application acquires a printer driver, which is an example of a device driver, managed by an operating system of the information processing apparatus, and a printer object corresponding to a printer port. The printer object is an example of a device object. The unified application determines whether a function of the printer driver corresponding to the printer object satisfies a condition for registering a printer icon of the unified application.01-27-2011
20110265100INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - An information processing apparatus capable of performing exclusive control on a communication channel for communicating with a peripheral apparatus among a device driver for the peripheral apparatus and a plurality of communication programs identifies, if the device driver is instructed to start up, which of the plurality of communication programs is using the communication channel by acquiring process information that is managed by an operating system (OS), issues a request to the identified communication program to close the communication channel, and enables the device driver to use the communication channel.10-27-2011
20110126218CONTROL APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - Functions of platform layer based on platform program are separated into a resource manager layer that performs logical controls for hardware resources and a resource controller layer that performs physical controls for the hardware resources. The resource manager layer requires identifying a desired data based on an application program, but does not require knowing the actual address of the desired data in a storing unit. The resource controller layer knows the actual address, and physically reads out and replies the data instructed by the resource controller layer.05-26-2011
20100115533Request content extraction method and apparatus - A filter object is set to combine with a driver causing a device to operate by calling entry functions from a kernel. A second function, via which the driver notifies to a first function of the kernel an entry point, a collection of memory addresses of the entry functions, and an entry point of the filter object, are defined in advance for the filter object. The filter object is caused to extract the entry point of the driver, if, upon installation of the driver, the driver is caused to call the second function defined in advance for the filter object; and to set the entry point of the filter object as an argument and call the first function of the kernel, to extract a content of a request from an application to the device, after the entry point is extracted.05-06-2010
20090300660Paravirtualization acceleration through single root I/O virtualization - The present invention is directed to an information handling system device for operatively coupling with a device implementing Input/Output (I/O) virtualization for data transmission. The information handling system device may be configured for executing an operating system control program to manage one or more guest operating systems on the information handling system device. The operating system control program may include a paravirtualization driver for formulating a work queue entry according to the I/O virtualization of the device. Data may be transmitted between the one or more guest operating systems and the device via the paravirtualization driver.12-03-2009
20090300659Device Managing System and Program - A device managing system, includes: a storage unit configured to store management information on at least two devices, the management information including at least one of a history of utilizing as a default device, specification, and a record of use; a determination unit configured to acquire the management information, and configured to determine a default candidate from the devices based on an indicator included in the acquired management information; and a setting unit configured to set the determined default candidate as a default device.12-03-2009
20090300658DEFINING, DISTRIBUTING AND PRESENTING DEVICE EXPERIENCES - Platforms and techniques for defining, authorizing/authenticating, distributing, and presenting dynamic device experiences using a number of hierarchically-related, declarative language data structures, such as extensible markup language (“XML”) elements or attributes. A dynamic device experience is presented when two electronic devices are in communication via a communication medium. The data structures are processed to present a graphical user interface to a user—the graphical user interface implements a dynamic device experience associated with the other electronic device. In one exemplary scenario, independent hardware vendors (“IHVs”) author XML documents that include device experience information (such as branding or advertising information, access to Web services or applications, and access to device functionality), in the form of items of data stored in the data structures. The XML documents are verified against a predetermined schema, secured using a cryptographic technique such as a digital signature, and discovered/distributed in flexible, tamper-resistant manners.12-03-2009
20090293070DEVICE DISPLAY OBJECT INFRASTRUCTURE - Multi-function devices expose multiple functions to device drivers or other lower-level software. Device function providers can interface with such drivers or lower-level software and can provide information, including device identifiers regarding such functions, to a device display object infrastructure. A device display object can then be created that encompasses one or more functions such that, in one embodiment, the device display object corresponds to a single, physical multi-function device. Alternatively, any combination of functionality from one or more physical devices can be combined into a single device display object representing a virtual multi-function device. Properties of the device display object can be set with reference to user-specified settings, remotely maintained metadata, locally available metadata, and information associated with each function. Functions can be ranked such that, if there is a conflict, information from more highly ranked functions is used to set the properties of the device display object.11-26-2009
20090172705Apparatus and Method for Preservation of USB Keyboard - Provided are a data security apparatus and method for a USB keyboard. The data security apparatus includes: a USB keyboard security driver for selecting a driver for a USB keyboard from USB devices connected to a personal computer, and replacing a data processing function address in a USB hub driver with a function address of the selected USB keyboard driver to acquire input data input by the USB keyboard; a USB keyboard data processing module for preferentially receiving the input data acquired from the USB keyboard security driver, and processing the input data through analysis, encoding and deletion processes; and a USB keyboard data transfer module for decoding the input data processed by the USB keyboard USB keyboard data processing module and outputting the decoded input data to a user's desired location. Thus, data input by a malicious program from a keyboard in communication with a main body of a personal computer (PC) through USB to transmit data can be protected from being transmitted to the external.07-02-2009
20090172704MODEL-BASED DATACENTER MANAGEMENT - Computer-readable media, systems, and methods for model-based data center management. In embodiments, a request to perform a management operation on a device in a data center is received and available paths to the device are determined. The paths are determined based on an artifact storing a topology of the data center. Further, a current favored path that is one of the available paths is determined based on a policy and the device is bound for performance of the management operation using the current favored path. In embodiments, the model-based data center management is configured to provide a generic description of the data center architecture and a generic description for one or more devices in the data center. The generic description provides for dynamic runtime data center configuration.07-02-2009
20120210336METHODS FOR FILTERING DEVICE ACCESS BY SESSIONS - The creation of individual workstations is enabled by filtering device communications such that device functions are visible to only the workstations to which each device is assigned. Device filtering is done through the use of operating system components providing full device functionality and performance without the creation of special device drivers or routing of communications through virtual machines or networks.08-16-2012
20090070789Power Setting Adjustments By Mission Operating System In Response to Requests From Platform Manager - A computer system includes software running on a hardware platform. The hardware platform provides a platform manager having an user interface that is independent of that for a mission operating system running on said platform. The platform manager issues platform requests for power-setting adjustments. The software includes a mission operating system with a power controller incorporated in or running on the mission operating system. The power controller adjusts power settings for hardware devices at least in part as a function of the platform requests.03-12-2009
20100064300System and method for providing applications and peripherals to a fixed price component-based computing platform - An apparatus, system and method of open platform computing. The present invention may include at least one microprocessor, a computer case that encases the at least one microprocessor, at least one operating system resident on the at least one microprocessor, wherein the at least one operating system includes an open platform for accepting a plurality of applications and hardware not presented as forming a portion of, and absent the plurality of applications not being operable by, the at least one operating system, at least three ports in the computer case, wherein the ports are communicatively electrically connected to the at least one microprocessor, and wherein at least one of the plurality of applications is applied at least one of the ports for presentation by the at least one microprocessor via the at least one operating system.03-11-2010
20110185369REFRESH OF AUXILIARY DISPLAY - A system includes an information processing apparatus and a display. The apparatus has at least one processor coupled via a bus to a memory, the processor being programmed to control one or more of a content generation unit to generate content for display, wherein the content includes a page having a plurality of content elements, an ID generating unit to generate content IDs corresponding to each of the content elements in the generated page, a content refresh determination unit to determine a content ID of at least one content element to be refreshed on the display, and a device driver to receive the generated content and transmit instructions to the display to cause display of the content. The device driver receives the content ID for the at least one content element to be refreshed, and transmits instructions to cause refresh of the at least one content element corresponding to the content ID at the identified page location.07-28-2011
20120254897POS HARDWARE ABSTRACTION - A framework for point of sale system is discussed. The framework includes an application program stored on a tangible computer medium. When executed by a computing device, the application is capable of communicating using a first protocol. The framework further includes a first point of sale hardware device externally located from the computing device and configured to communicate with the computing device using a second protocol and a device abstraction layer capable of communicating with the application program using the first protocol and the first point of sale hardware device using the second protocol to pass information between the application program and the first point of sale hardware device.10-04-2012
20100050189Method and system for socket API call emulation - A method and system for socket API call emulation facilitates communication between an application and non-networked I/O devices. The present invention intercepts and modifies IP-aware socket API calls en route from the application to non-networked I/O devices so that such calls are received by non-networked I/O devices as IP-unaware I/O access calls. The invention allows the application to use socket API calls to communicate with all entity types and thereby relieves an application developer of the burden to write and debug/edit separate code and documentation for non-networked I/O device types with which an application is expected to communicate. Socket API call emulation is in some embodiments performed by an emulation module within a socket API operatively coupled between an application and a device driver associated with a non-networked I/O device.02-25-2010
20090113455Network card testing method - A network card testing method, used to test if the network card is capable of functioning normally in a computer having Extended Firmware Interface (EFI) system. Wherein, in a protocol assignment table is recorded the connection relations of a network protocol of Extended Firmware Interface, and a driver program corresponding to a network driver interface specification (NDIS) layer. In addition, the driver corresponding to the network card is loaded at the NDIS layer. In implementing the network card test program, though the utilization of an additionally written EFI pseudo program as a medium of transmitting data for the network card testing program, and also though the utilization of an additionally written intermediate filter driver in invoking a driver suitable for the network card, the hardware testing of network card can be realized, thus increasing the category and scope of the network card testing supported by an EFI system.04-30-2009
20120185878System And Method For Consolidated Information Handling System Component Drivers - An information handling system which includes plural processing components operable to process information wherein at least one processing component has plural region-specific modes of operation, a driver package associated with the at least one processing component wherein the driver package has plural region-specific drivers, and an encrypted key stored on a processing component wherein the encrypted key designates one of the plural region-specific drivers to manage the processing component.07-19-2012
20090083765Accessing device-hosted services from scripting and other programming environments - An arrangement for exposing self-describing device-hosted services on a client device to a host application or processes over MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) is provided by which an MTP extension comprising new MTP commands enables the device-hosted services to be backwards and forward compatible with existing MTP implementations. The new MTP commands in the extension enable discovery by the host of device-hosted services provided by a connected client device. In an illustrative example, the device-hosted services include storage services, functional device services, and information services. These device-hosted services advantageously enable richer communication between the host and client device. A set of methods is further provided for taking any such device-hosted service present on a device and exposing the functionality, for example, to web-based client applications, as well as other thin-client solutions, through utilization of a scriptable or other programming environment.03-26-2009
20100131966FLAT OR EXTENDED ARCHITECTURE USING AN INTEGRATED APPLICATION AND OPERATING SYSTEM COMPONENT FOR COMPUTING SYSTEMS AND ENVIRONMENTS - An architectural model can use integrated and/or flat (or extended) approaches. An “integrated application and OS” component can effectively integrate at least one computer application program with one or more OS functions, in an integrated approach. The integrated application and OS component can be provided in or as an upper level system (or layer) in relation to a lower level system (or layer). The lower level system can include an OS operable to perform a reduced set of operating system functions not including one or more functions that can be performed by the integrated application and OS component of the upper layer. Furthermore, the OS may be specialized and/or optimized for the components of the upper level system including the integrated application and OS component. By way of example, the OS may be specialized and/or optimized for Web-based and/or Browser-based applications of the integrated application and OS component. In a flat approach, one or more components can be provided as adjacent components in an upper level, thereby allowing effective extension of the upper level to accommodate various needs including, for example, the need for new hardware, or customization for a particular situation. An adjacent component can, for example, include one or more operating system components not provided by the OS (e.g., Device Drivers) and/or one or more functions that are not provided by the operating system (e.g., application management, security and/or isolation of applications), effectively serve as an interface to another adjacent layer and/or the OS, or provide Real-Time Operating System (RTOS).05-27-2010
20120151504METHOD FOR CREATING A CUSTOMER-SPECIFIC SETUP FOR A LIBRARY OF DEVICE DRIVERS - A method for creating a customer-specific setup for a library of device drivers, wherein each device driver is a software module, via which a field device, or a field device type, can be serviced. The method permits creation of an individualized, customer-specific setup for the device driver library. This is achieved by the feature that a DTM library setup is expanded automatically by earlier assembled, customer-specific information.06-14-2012
20110145839ABSTRACT DATABASE QUERY - A tangible computer-readable medium encoded with an executable set of instructions for accessing a database with a terminal is provided. A detecting code segment detects connection properties of the database. A determining code segment automatically determines, based on the connection properties of the database and from a plurality of database connectivity drivers stored in a memory, one of the plurality of database connectivity drivers that enables communication with the database. A loading code segment loads the one of the plurality of database connectivity drivers on the terminal to enable the terminal to communicate with the database.06-16-2011
20080222662Method for testing device descriptions for field devices of automation technology - A method for testing device descriptions for field devices of automation technology, which are executed in a frame application running on a computer unit, provides, between the frame application and the device descriptions, a test component, which, on the one hand, is transparent for the communication between the frame application and the device descriptions, and which, on the other hand, tests interface invocations according to a predetermined specification.09-11-2008
20080222661Failover and Load Balancing - Provided are techniques for failover when at least one of a first network adapter and a data path through the first network adapter fails, wherein the first network adapter is connected to a filter driver, and wherein the first network adapter is connected to a second network adapter. With the filter driver, a path fail notification is received that at least one of the first network adapter and the data path through the first network adapter has failed. With the filter driver, packets directed to the first network adapter are rerouted to the second network adapter.09-11-2008
20130125144Device Display Object Infrastructure - Multi-function devices expose multiple functions to device drivers or other lower-level software. Device function providers can interface with such drivers or lower-level software and can provide information, including device identifiers regarding such functions, to a device display object infrastructure. A device display object can then be created that encompasses one or more functions such that, in one embodiment, the device display object corresponds to a single, physical multi-function device. Alternatively, any combination of functionality from one or more physical devices can be combined into a single device display object representing a virtual multi-function device. Properties of the device display object can be set with reference to user-specified settings, remotely maintained metadata, locally available metadata, and information associated with each function. Functions can be ranked such that, if there is a conflict, information from more highly ranked functions is used to set the properties of the device display object.05-16-2013
20080209448Apparatus, System, and Method For Extending A Device Driver To Facilitate A Network Connection To A Remote Event Manager - An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for providing a network interface to a small computer system interface (“SCSI”) storage device driver. The method includes detecting an event in one of a storage device and a SCSI device driver of the storage device and comparing an event identifier associated with the event to a list of event identifiers. The method includes suspending an application in communication with the storage device through the SCSI device driver and sending a request associated with the event to a remote event manager over a transaction control protocol/Internet protocol (“TCP/IP”) connection, each in response to the event identifier matching a listed event identifier. The method includes receiving a response related to the event from the remote event manager over a TCP/IP connection. The method includes resuming the application after sending the response to the storage device through the SCSI device driver or failing the application.08-28-2008
20120278818On-the-Fly Replacement of Physical Hardware with Emulation - Various aspects are disclosed herein for replacing the hardware backing the memory locations associated with a virtual machine with a backing mechanism. The backing mechanism may have the memory locations appear to contain data convenient to the driver in the virtual machine, typically containing what the hardware would have returned if the hardware had been read from. The data image being returned from the memory locations may travel with the virtual machine even if the virtual machine moves to a different physical machine that does not contain hardware equivalent to the hardware that was recently removed from the virtual machine.11-01-2012
20130152108METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR VIDEO PROCESSING - A method and system for video processing is disclosed. A device driver interface (DDI) call for flipping or updating an overlay may be skipped or ignored, and may not be used by a user mode driver to pass overlay properties to a kernel mode driver (KMD). Instead, the overlay properties may be passed to the KMD at rendering time during a DDI call for rendering. The user mode driver may call a DDI for rendering an overlay frame while simultaneously passing the overlay property data to the KMD. The KMD may store the overlay property data in an overlay flip queue, program the overlay hardware per the overlay property data stored in the overlay flip queue, and flip the overlay in response to the vertical synchronization deferred procedure call.06-13-2013
20120284734UNIVERSAL MEDICAL DEVICE DRIVER ADAPTER - A universal medical device driver adapter that enables the creation of medical device drivers without the need to write custom software for typical medical devices, thereby reducing development time for individual drivers and reducing training time and skill sets requirements of driver developers. Various format parameters are defined, such as baud rate, parity, buffer size, time stamps, tokens, message link, and the like, in an XML device driver file. When a recognized medical device is specified, the corresponding XML file is retrieved and an interface uses the parameters described therein for bidirectional communication with the monitor.11-08-2012
20130212602INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM - An information processing apparatus comprises: a display unit configured to display, on a display device, a virtual device object to which a first object of a first device driver corresponding to a first output function of an output apparatus and a second object of a second device driver corresponding to a second output function of the output apparatus are assigned; and an acceptance unit configured to accept a data output instruction to the displayed virtual device object, wherein when the data output instruction to the virtual device object is accepted, said display unit displays information capable of accepting an output instruction to one of the first output function and the second output function.08-15-2013

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