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719 - Electrical computers and digital processing systems: interprogram communication or interprocess communication (ipc)

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20090044203Apparatus and Method for Generating Programming Interactions for a Computer Program from an Incoming Data Structure - A user generates a mapping script using a mapping script generation mechanism. The mapping script is in a format that allows the mapping script to be generated and maintained by a non-programmer. A mapping engine reads a mapping script, reads an incoming data structure, and generates calls to an application interface that allows the incoming data structure to interact with the application. The mapping engine is a computer program, but does not need to change with different incoming data structures and different applications. The logic for mapping between a particular incoming data structure and a particular application is encapsulated in the mapping script, which is in a format that may be easily defined and maintained by a non-programmer. The mapping script may optionally include various mechanisms including a data conversion mechanism, a literal value mechanism, a conditional logic mechanism, and a mapping script selection mechanism.02-12-2009
20130031569RECEPTION APPARATUS, TERMINAL APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD, PROGRAM, AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - Disclosed herein is a reception apparatus including: a reception portion configured to receive AV content being transmitted; a command execution portion configured to execute a first application program in response to a first command for controlling the operation of the first application program executed in interlocked related to the AV content; a command transmission portion configured to transmit to an external terminal apparatus a second command for controlling the operation of a second application program that can be executed by the terminal apparatus in interlocked relation to the AV content when the terminal apparatus is connected to the reception apparatus; and a command reception portion configured to receive the first command transmitted from the terminal apparatus executing the second application program. The command execution portion executes the first application program in response to the received first command.01-31-2013
20090193439MANAGING COMPONENT PROGRAMS WITHIN A SERVICE APPLICATION - Methods, systems, and computer-storage media having computer-executable instructions embodied thereon that, when executed, perform methods in accordance with embodiments hereof, for managing component programs within a service application according to a service model. Initially, configuration settings, which can be administered to the component programs, are extracted from the service model. An instantiation process is initiated to manage the service application in accordance with the changes to a level of load on the service application and/or to specifications within the service model. The instantiation process includes deploying, or identifying as available, the component programs within the data center, and automatically propagating formalized values derived from the configuration settings throughout the deployed component programs. These derived formalized values are installed into the component programs, thereby providing for functionality of the service application consistent with the service model.07-30-2009
20130086596COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM, COMPILER, EXECUTION CONTROL APPARATUS, AND EXECUTION CONTROL METHOD - An input unit of a compiler accepts a second program called by a first program. A converting unit of the compiler converts the accepted second program into a program in which an initialization instruction and a return instruction are additionally written as instructions executed when an error occurs. An execution control unit of an execution controller executes an execution file having the program where the instructions are additionally written by the compiler in cooperation with a predetermined function group. If an error occurs, an error processing unit of the execution controller initializes a resource based on the initialization instruction described in the program in the execution file having the error, and returns to a caller program based on the return instruction.04-04-2013
20080256557Proactive Prevention of Service Level Degradation during Maintenance in a Clustered Computing Environment - A clustered computing environment with application staging, including a plurality of application instances running on at least one computer and operating in a clustered computing environment, and a stage manager operative to manage the transition of any of the application instances between a front stage assignment and a back stage assignment, where any of the application instances that are assigned as front stage application instances service requests, and where any of the application instances that are assigned as back stage application instances ceases to service requests and performs at least one maintenance task.10-16-2008
20100115532Computer System with Controller Kernel and Remote Desktop - Remote desktop software for use with guest operating systems that run on a controller kernel. Also, remote desktop software that can be used to remotely view and/or manipulate multiple containerized guest operating systems that run on a single computer. The multiple, containerized operating systems preferably run on a controller kernel. Alternatively, the multiple containerized operating system may be controlled to run on the single computer by other software, such as a hypervisor.05-06-2010
20100043016APPLICATION MANAGEMENT DEVICE AND APPLICATION MANAGEMENT METHOD - An application management device can collectively manage and receive providing service as to applications on different platforms in a mobile terminal device equipped with an IC card, such as a card application used for the same service, a native application, and “Java” (registered trademark) application. This application management device (02-18-2010
20100107181METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING APPLICATION BY USING APPLICATION INFORMATION TABLE - Disclosed are a method and apparatus for providing an application. The method includes receiving a first-level application information table (AIT) including one or more application driving conditions and location information of one or more AITs; creating an AIT map table by using the first-level AIT; obtaining a second-level AIT corresponding to a predetermined application driving condition included in the AIT map table based on the location information of the second-level AIT; driving an application based on the second-level AIT.04-29-2010
20090044202MODEL DRIVEN STATE MANAGEMENT OF APPLICATIONS - The subject matter disclosed herein provides methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for model driven state management of applications. In one aspect, there is provided a computer-implemented method. The method may include instantiating one or more business objects associated with an application. The transitions between states of the application may be checked using one or more models defined based on at least one of a context of the business object and a context of the application. An indication regarding the results of checking of the transitions may be provided to a user interface. Related apparatus, systems, methods, and articles are also described.02-12-2009
20120192208Method, Apparatus and Computer Program for Providing Multimedia Functions Using a Software Wrapper Component - Examples of the invention relate to a method, apparatus and computer program for performing a multimedia function in a computing device using a software wrapper component. The wrapper component comprises one or more multimedia software subcomponents. Each of the subcomponents performs at least part of the multimedia function. The wrapper component is capable in use of controlling the one or more multimedia subcomponents to perform the multimedia function in response to a request from a client component.07-26-2012
20090094619NONSTOP PROGRAM SYSTEM AND A METHOD OF CONTINUOUSLY RUNNING PROGRAMS BY SWITCHING BETWEEN PROGRAM SIDES - A nonstop program system includes program sides each including programs accomplishing the required function of the system and a dedicated variable area storing variables used for executing the program. Those programs are independent of each other and have the same contents. When the operational state of one program side is set to an ACT state, while using the one program side as the active side for executing the program in the one program side, the operational state of another program side is set to a HOT_SBY state, and a variable area of the other program side is synchronized with the variable area of the active side, thereby alternately and periodically switching the operational states of the program sides. When switching the active side, the operational state of the other program side is switched to the ACT state to cause the other program side as the active side to continuously execute the program.04-09-2009
20130074103INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - An apparatus having an OS to perform exclusive control among programs that are based on a predetermined API on a channel for communicating with a peripheral, a first driver for the peripheral to startup based on a request that is based on the predetermined API and communicate with the peripheral via the channel, a second driver for the peripheral to startup based on a request that is not based on the predetermined API and communicate with the peripheral via the channel, a program to communicate with the peripheral via the channel, and a controller to, when the second driver is started up based on a request that is not based on the predetermined API, if the program is using the channel, close the channel that the program is using based on exclusive control by the OS by starting the first driver.03-21-2013
20130061251EVENT AGGREGATION FOR BACKGROUND WORK EXECUTION - Systems, methods, and apparatus for separately managing foreground work and background work. In some embodiments, an operating system may identify at least one foreground component and at least one background component of a same application or different applications, and may manage the execution of the components differently. For example, the operating system may receive a request that at least one background component of an application be executed in response to at least one event. In response to detecting an occurrence of the at least one event, the operating system may determine whether at least one first condition set by the application is satisfied and whether at least one second condition set by the operating system is satisfied, and may execute the at least one background component when it is determined that the at least one first and second conditions are satisfied following the occurrence of the at least one event.03-07-2013
20130061250Methods, Devices and Computer Program Products for Confluence of Multiple Operating Systems - Applications of multiple operating systems are provided with access to hardware resources within a mobile device. An application associated with a primary operating system is provided with access to at least some of the hardware resources via a driver running within a kernel of the primary operating system. An application associated with a secondary operating system is also provided with access to at least some of the hardware resources via the driver running within the kernel of the primary operating system.03-07-2013
20130067500LEGACY APPLICATION INTEGRATION WITHIN A BUNDLE FRAMEWORK - A bundle entering a set of starting and active bundles within a bundle framework is detected by a controller bundle executed by a processor. A determination is made as to whether a manifest of the bundle includes an extension header that identifies at least one legacy application. In response to determining that the manifest of the bundle includes the extension header that identifies the at least one legacy application, at least one application proxy object is created for at least one defined entry point class of the at least one legacy application identified by the extension header. The created at least one application proxy object is registered as a service within a service registry of the bundle framework.03-14-2013
20090249365METHOD FOR GOAL BASED MODALITY - In one general embodiment, a method includes, from within a single application running under control of an operating system, receiving a request to launch a first task, outputting a first tabbed page having a first tab and information relating to the first task, receiving a request to launch a second task, outputting a second tabbed page having a second tab and information relating to the second task, launching a sub goal modal to the first task, suspending access to the first task pending resolution of the sub goal, displaying information about the sub goal upon receiving user selection of the first tab during suspension of the first task, and allowing access to the second task during suspension of the first task.10-01-2009
20090235282APPLICATION REMOTE CONTROL - Application remote control is affected across execution contexts. In one instance, input can be acquired from controlled applications and employed by other applications. Additionally or alternatively, remote control can be employed to test applications while minimizing unintended changes to applications under test caused by observation.09-17-2009
20090007148SEARCH TOOL THAT AGGREGATES DISPARATE TOOLS UNIFYING COMMUNICATION - A user entering information in an application might desire functionality not supported by that application. Based on an input or a subset of the input, a functionality associated with a different application can be automatically applied within a current application. Sometimes, a particular application or mode of communication can be used to send information and reply information can be sent in a different mode of communication. The communications can be automatically associated or related to each other. A user can be presented with information relating to both communications, upon request, although the communications might be associated with different modes of communication. Constraints or parameters can be placed on a subsequent communication by either a sender or a recipient.01-01-2009
20090007147ENABLING A THIRD PARTY APPLICATION TO PARTICIPATE IN MIGRATION OF A VIRTUALIZED APPLICATION INSTANCE - In one embodiment, an operating system manages virtualized instances of hardware resources and migration enabled applications partitioned into one of multiple partitions with a separate operating system kernel running in each of the partitions. A migration event controller of the operating system manages the checkpoint and restart process during migration of a virtualized instance of at least one migration enabled application from a departure partition to an arrival partition. The migration event controller supports migration enabled applications to separately specify at least one application specific checkpoint script and restart script to be triggered by checkpoint and restart events by the migration event controller so the at least one migration enabled application can participate in performing the checkpoint and restart process for additional state information during migration of the virtualized instance from the departure partition to the arrival partition.01-01-2009
20080295114Method and apparatus for execution control of computer programs11-27-2008
20110302594ACCELERATED CLASS CHECK - Determining a class of an object is disclosed. A pointer of the object is obtained. One or more bits that are not implemented as address bits are extracted from the pointer. The one or more bits are interpreted as an identifier of the class of the object. The class of the object is determined to correspond to the identifier.12-08-2011
20090300657INTELLIGENT MENU IN A COMMUNICATION DEVICE - The invention relates to a method for launching an application in a communication device, comprising the steps of detecting, in the communication device, one or more terms during communication between at least two parts wherein at least one of the parts is a person, comparing the terms with stored terms in a database, identifying one or more key terms depending on the comparison, determining a launch criteria based on the identified key terms, and launching at least one application, based on the launch criteria, in the communication device.12-03-2009
20080276255Alternate Communication Path Between ESSNI Server and CEC - An enterprise network interface client application and a local, central electronic complex (CEC) in a dual CEC environment implement an alternative method of communication. Upon a send failure of a command to a first CEC in the environment, the command is sent to a second CEC using a CEC to CEC message mechanism. A method of communicating an asynchronous event is implemented between a microcode layer and an enterprise network interface client application in a dual central electronic complex (CEC) environment. A copy of the event is retained. Upon a send failure of the event to a first CEC in the environment, the copy of the event is sent to a second CEC in the environment.11-06-2008
20110191786METHOD, APPARATUS, AND SYSTEM FOR ENHANCING APPLICATION RELIABILITY OF A SCRIPT-BASED SERVICE - A method, an apparatus, and a system for enhancing application reliability of a script-based service are disclosed. The method includes: analyzing data source information of a script-based service; obtaining current state information of the data source of the script-based service according to the analysis result; and judging the availability state of the script-based service according to the obtained current state information. With the technical solution of the present invention, a related analysis function is added to a script-based service server to analyze related data source information in the script-based service logic and mark the script-based service. In this way, a user can know the state of the script-based service when requesting a service, thus avoiding unnecessary service trials, saving system resources, and improving the user experience.08-04-2011
20100005481Method of Maintaining Applications in a Computing Device - A method is provided for managing the application lifecycle for user applications on a computing device. The method can centrally manage 01-07-2010
20100100891METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DATA PREPARATION AND COMMUNICATION BETWEEN SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS - A computer-implemented method can include executing a first application in stateful manner, wherein the first application executes continuously while receiving a sequence of a plurality of inputs from a user; and, in response to each of at least some of the plurality of inputs at the first application, executing a second application in a stateless manner by an execution controller, wherein the stateless execution can include the execution controller instructing the second application to execute an ordered stack of action scripts, the second application initiating and executing the ordered stack of action scripts, and the second application terminating upon completion of the executing of the ordered stack of action scripts.04-22-2010
20100011378PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR SCHEDULING SESSIONS - A portable electronic device and method for scheduling sessions in a portable electronic device is provided. The device provides a session manager. The session manager provides different types of sessions between multimedia services and multimedia drivers in the device. Each session comprises one or more statuses directed at controlling allotment of the multimedia services to applications. The session manager coordinates the statuses of the sessions if a service has modified a status of a corresponding session. The session manager provides callbacks to notify a corresponding service when a status of the corresponding session has been coordinated.01-14-2010
20090089810System and a Method for Generating a Closed Homogeneous Non-Distributed Application from an Open Heterogeneous Distributed Application - In accordance with a particular embodiment of the present invention, a method is offered that includes executing processing on an open heterogeneous distributed application, whereby the application is partially written in Java code. The method further includes generating a closed homogeneous non-distributed Java application based on the open heterogeneous distributed application. In more specific embodiments, in generating the closed homogeneous non-distributed Java application, drivers and stubs are generated. Once drivers and stubs are generated, they are combined with an original code base to produce the closed homogeneous non-distributed Java application. Driver generation produces a Java implementation of a user component, along with setting up an event-handling mechanism of the application, which is done at deployment, whereby the stub generation replaces a database and various libraries (e.g., J04-02-2009
20080209446Design tool for converting legacy applications to web services - A design tool assists with the conversion of legacy applications to web services. The design tool provides a flexible and visual design environment through which web services are defined, created, and deployed for controlling a legacy application. As a result, the legacy applications may be made accessible through web services to remote callers consonant with the wide spread adoption of web services. An organization may thereby extend the life-cycle of their legacy applications and continue to realize the benefit of substantial investment in the applications.08-28-2008
20090288103Method and Apparatus for Processing Access Requests for a Disk Drive - A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer usable program code for managing access requests for access to a disk drive. A placement of a set of disk heads tracked and an expected time to process already queued access requests by the disk drive are tracked. In response to receiving the request to access the disk drive at a device driver, a determination is made as to whether the request can be completed within a specified amount of time associated with the request without sending the access request to the disk drive. The request is placed, by the device driver, in a queue for execution if a determination is made that the access request can be completed within the specified amount of time.11-19-2009
20080271055PROTOCOL FOR COMMUNICATION OF DATA STRUCTURES - A system and method are provided for communicating information in a data structure between applications. According to the method, a description of a data structure is sent from a first application to a second application, and there is received from the second application an identification of at least one portion of the data structure that is requested by the second application. The first application marshals a subset of the data structure consisting of the at least one portion that was identified, and there is sent from the first application to the second application the marshalled subset of the data structure.10-30-2008
20080276256Method and System for Speeding Up Mutual Exclusion - In a multiprocessor computer system, a lock operation is maintained with a thread using non-atomic instructions. Identifiers are assigned to each thread. Flags in conjunction with the thread identifiers are used to determine the continuity of the lock with a thread. However, in the event continuity of the lock with the thread ceases, a compare-and-swap operation is executed to reset the lock with the same thread or another thread. Similarly, in the event there has been a collision between two or more threads requesting the lock, a compare-and-swap operation is executed to assign the lock to one of the requesting threads. Accordingly, prolonged ownership of a lock operation by a thread is encouraged to mitigate use of atomic operations in granting of the lock to a non-owning thread.11-06-2008
20090007149AGGREGATING STORAGE ELEMENTS USING A VIRTUAL CONTROLLER - Apparatus and method for aggregating storage elements. In accordance with various embodiments, a virtual storage space is formed across a plurality of storage elements each comprising an array of data storage devices. A virtual controller comprises a first storage element aggregator (SEA) configured to issue a first command to a selected storage element in response to receipt by the first SEA of a first host command. The virtual controller further comprises a second SEA configured to concurrently issue a second command to the selected storage element in response to receipt by the second SEA of a second host command.01-01-2009
20080250429Application-specific mapping of input device elements - A method for carrying out application-specific mapping of input device elements (for example, human input device buttons). The method includes, from an application matching program, determining, for an application program, whether a control element event (for example, a mouse button click event) needs to carry out an action that is specific to the application program, or to perform its default action. The application matching program is configured to execute independently of the application program. A computing system that is capable of carrying out the above method is also provided.10-09-2008
20090265719APPLICATION MACRO RECORDING UTILIZING METHOD INTERCEPTION - Method interception is utilized to generate macros. A recorder is injected within application code. The recorder intercepts a call to a method, captures information, and calls the original method. A macro can be generated subsequently as a function of the captured information. In one instance, macros can be utilized to test the application code. Additionally, information capture and ultimately macro generation can be combined with a tier splitting mechanism.10-22-2009
20080282267Dynamic Application Instance Placement in Data Center Environments - Techniques are disclosed for determining placements of application instances on computing resources in a computing system such that the application instances can be executed thereon. By way of example, a method for determining an application instance placement in a set of machines under one or more resource constraints includes the following steps. An estimate is computed of a value of the first metric that can be achieved by a current application instance placement and a current application load distribution. A new application instance placement and a new application load distribution are determined, wherein the new application instance placement and the new load distribution optimize the first metric.11-13-2008
20080282265Method and system for non-intrusive monitoring of library components - Embodiments of the present invention provide a method for monitoring components in a library by tracking the movement of library components. By tracking the movement of library components, the degradation of library components can be monitored and the reliability of library components determined, allowing unreliable components to be bypassed or replaced, enhancing the reliability of the library and preventing data loss.11-13-2008
20080282264SECURE AND SCALABLE SOLID STATE DISK SYSTEM - A solid state disk system is disclosed. The system comprises a user token and at least one level secure virtual storage controller, coupled to the host system. The system includes a plurality of virtual storage devices coupled to at least one secure virtual storage controller. A system and method in accordance with the present invention could be utilized in flash based storage, disk storage systems, portable storage devices, corporate storage systems, PCs, servers, wireless storage, and multimedia storage systems.11-13-2008
20080288964Methods and systems for centralizing an application process - Provided are methods and systems for centralizing an application process.11-20-2008
20080209445METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR AUTOMATICALLY DETERMINING CONFIGURATION PARAMETERS - Techniques are disclosed for automatically determining one or more configuration parameters associated with one or more programs executable by a computing system. For example, in a system including at least one application and at least one parameter which affects a behavior of the at least one application, a method for determining a frequency for invoking the at least one application includes the following steps. The method estimates a cost which includes overhead resulting from invoking the at least one application. The method estimates an improvement in the behavior resulting from modifying the at least one parameter based on invoking the at least one application. The method selects the frequency based on the cost and the improvement.08-28-2008
20080209444METHOD, SYSTEM AND PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR DEFINING IMPORTS INTO AND EXPORTS OUT FROM A DATABASE SYSTEM USING SPREAD SHEETS BY USE OF A CONTROL LANGUAGE - The present invention provides a vehicle for the exchange of data between a database and an independent spreadsheet. Specifically, the present invention may be used to import data from a database to a spreadsheet and/or to export data to a spreadsheet. To facilitate this exchange, one or more controls are entered into cells in the spreadsheet. The controls specify the manner in which the data is exchanged between the database and the spreadsheet. For example, a control may specify a data type, a formatting parameter, a source field, a destination field, and/or a formula for a designated cell in the spreadsheet. The controls are executed by a linker that links the data in the database and the data in the spreadsheet to effect the exchange of data between the two.08-28-2008
20090089809AUTOMATIC GENERATION OF PARALLELIZABLE APPLICATION UNITS SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system and method for automatic generation of parallelizable application units is disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes executing application binaries and dependencies having a hooked application method on a computer node of a cluster of a network, receiving a context of the hooked application method from a client of the network upon reaching a hook of the hooked application method during execution of the application binaries and the dependencies, executing the context of the hooked application method on the computer node, and generating results of the hooked application method on the computer node. The method may further include serializing the results on the computer node, and transmitting, via the network, the serialized results to the client. In addition, the method may include executing two or more hooked application methods in parallel.04-02-2009
20090144757Method and Apparatus for Adapting and Hosting Legacy User Interface Controls - A method and apparatus for adapting and hosting legacy user interface controls is provided. Legacy user interface controls are exposed within a new window manager as native user interface objects. A bridge between a hosted legacy user interface control and the legacy window manager intercepts messages intended for the hosted user interface control. The messages are filtered to determine if they should be passed to the new window manager. If a message is to be forwarded, the message is forwarded to a root Visual Gadget in the new window manager. The message is processed and routed down the window tree to an adapter control for hosting the legacy user interface control. The adapter control processes the message and routes the message to any listener objects attached to the adapter. If the message has not been completely handled, the message is “bubbled” up the window tree for additional processing.06-04-2009
20080282266METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT FOR RE-LOADING A CLASS - The method is for deploying an input class in a computer readable memory. A state class is created that has at least one field and at least one proxy method and a behavior class version that includes at least one method on the basis of the input class. At least one method call of the state class is redirected to the behavior class version. Also, an arrangement and a computer-software are disclosed.11-13-2008
20080263568Electronic Apparatus - An electronic apparatus includes program memory means, application program execution means, and attitude detection means. The program memory means stores a plurality of application programs. The application program execution means executes an application program read out from the program memory means. The attitude detection means detects the attitude of the electronic apparatus. The application program execution means performs an application switching process to execute a second application program when detection data obtained by attitude detection performed by the attitude detection means during execution of a first application program or data obtained by computing the detection data changes across a predetermined threshold.10-23-2008
20090199214IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR, AND STORAGE MEDIUM STORING CONTROL PROGRAM THEREFOR - An image processing apparatus capable of previously checking a setting mistake when a macro button is generated and preventing a macro using a reserved word from being inappropriately executed. A macro acquisition unit obtains the macro. A user information acquisition unit obtains user information associated with a user of the image processing apparatus. A replacing unit, when the macro obtained by the macro acquisition unit is a macro including a reserved word that is to be replaced with a portion of the user information, replaces the reserved word with the portion of the user information obtained by the user information acquisition unit. A check unit checks whether the macro replaced by the replacing unit can be normally executed. A notification unit notifies a check result of the check unit to a previously defined user.08-06-2009
20090100443Methods and systems for ambistateful backend control - Methods, computer-readable media, and systems control a backend. In one implementation, a method controls a backend by executing, at the backend, at least one command. The method may determine, by applying a set of ambistateful criteria, whether to place the backend under stateless control or stateful control, upon completion of executing the at least one command.04-16-2009
20090222840APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MAINTAINING SCRIPT LOGS ACROSS MULTIPLE FRAMES AND WORKFLOWS - A computer readable storage medium includes executable instructions to provide a scripting language framework. A script is run within the scripting language framework. The script defines an application characterized by a hierarchy of frames in a user interface window. A sub-frame log for a sub-frame in the hierarchy of frames is captured. The log is stored in a top log of a top frame of the hierarchy of frames.09-03-2009
20090199213Automatic Connections Between Application Components - The present disclosure includes, among other things, systems, methods and program products for automatic connections between application components.08-06-2009
20080307440INPUT/OUTPUT CONTROL APPARATUS, INPUT/OUTPUT CONTROL SYSTEM, AND INPUT/OUTPUT CONTROL METHOD - An input/output control apparatus includes: a request acceptance unit configured to accept a switch request for requesting to change an operating system occupying any one of the input device and the output device; a control information generator unit configured to generate control information including any one of input destination information and output enable information in response to the switch request; and a control information output unit configured to output any one of the input destination information and the output enable information. The input destination information includes at least information for specifying an input destination operating system to which information inputted from the input device is inputted; and the output enable information includes at least information for specifying whether or not each of the plurality of operating systems can output information to the output device.12-11-2008
20100175072OPERATION METHOD OF MOBILE APPLICATION MODEL - An operation method of a mobile application model is provided. An application model is composed that separates applications into individual views and executes the individual views with independent processes. Only a code for a running view is loaded in a memory and a corresponding application is executed in the composed application model when switching to the running view for execution of the corresponding application.07-08-2010
20120174122Method for Testing the Real-Time Capability of an Operating System - A method that tests the real-time behavior of an operating system having a first time system (e.g., a SMI tracer real-time extension) responsible for the real-time behavior of the operating system, wherein a test routine is periodically called for execution and the actual point in time of execution of the test routine is compared with an expected periodic point in time of execution of the test routine.07-05-2012
20110023053SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONSOLIDATING MIDDLEWARE FUNCTIONALITY - A method and server manage a consolidation of multiple middleware threads, by identifying types of a plurality of middleware, selecting a main middleware from the plurality of middleware, and initializing the main middleware as a main middleware thread. The managing also includes identifying other middleware from the plurality of middleware, based on a consolidated middleware functionality, and selecting slave middleware from the identified other middleware. The managing further includes initializing the slave middleware as slave middleware threads by the main middleware thread, such that each initialized slave middleware thread functions independently of the main middleware thread.01-27-2011
20090260020Automated Scripting Methods and Media - A method for automated scripting includes providing a first menu corresponding to a first object, wherein the first object is a message queue (MQ) object. A first parameter for the first object is received. A second parameter is also received, wherein the second parameter is entered by a user in the first menu. The method further includes creating the first object based on the first parameter and the second parameter.10-15-2009
20100192165ASCERTAINING DOMAIN CONTEXTS - Various embodiments pertain to ascertaining domain contexts. In one embodiment, an application receives content that may contain a script (i.e. code). In this case, the domain context is ascertained and the script is executed in the context of the domain associated with the received content, rather than requiring the application or some other component to navigate to a location, such as a web location, to attempt to ascertain the domain context of the script. In another embodiment, third party objects or code are required to provide their domain context to an application in order for the application to make a security-based decision.07-29-2010
20110131590CONTROL DEVICE, CONTROL METHOD, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - A control apparatus, a control method and a computer program are provided that are capable of shortening the developmental process and reducing the developmental load by enabling control that flexibly handles various required specifications and improving the reusability of programs. Functions implemented in an application layer and a platform layer are implemented by constructing a function framework which is an aggregate of components that implement detailed functions related with attributes such as a function or a role. The attribute information may be provided in a plurality of pieces, and when a function framework is constructed, a function framework conforming to various specifications can be constructed according to the selection of the attribute information.06-02-2011
20100223631METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ACCESSING EXTERNALLY-DEFINED OBJECTS FROM AN ARRAY-BASED MATHEMATICAL COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT - A method and apparatus, including a computer program apparatus, which facilitate invoking methods of objects defined within an object-oriented environment from an array-based technical computing environment often used in conventional mathematical tools. When a method is invoked from the computing environment, the techniques automatically compare the array input parameters with data-types accepted by methods defined within the object-oriented environment. Based on this comparison, the invention selects a method that best accepts the input arrays. The invention, therefore, allows a user to easily invoke methods from external objects, such as Java objects, directly from the technical computing environment of the mathematical tool.09-02-2010
20090037938Programmable control engine on wireless device - Systems and methods provide for programming a wireless device for an automation system. The system and methods include specifying commands that are to be preformed regarding function blocks that may be organized into an application on a wireless device. The function blocks may be maintained in a library by a control engine on the wireless device. The control engine receives commands related to function blocks, such as instantiating function blocks from the library or linking existing function blocks. The control application formed by the function blocks may be executed on the controller to provide an automation application.02-05-2009
20090037939Cell compatibilty in multiprocessor systems - In one embodiment, a multiprocessor computer system comprises at least a first partition having a first operating system comprising logic to initiate a request to add a first cell to the first partition, open a communication interface between the first operating system and a firmware module on the first cell, and transmit from the first partition to the first cell a compatibility command, logic in the first cell to determine whether the first cell is compatible with the first partition, and logic in the first partition to add the first cell to the first partition in response to a determination that the first cell is compatible with the first partition.02-05-2009
20130139182Integrating An Application Into Operating System Components Of A Mobile Computing Platform - The subject disclosure is directed towards integrating an application into an operating system component of a mobile computing platform. The application communicates registration information to an extension mechanism within the mobile computing platform. The extension mechanism registers the application and modifies the operating system component to provide interoperability with the application based on the registration information. The extension mechanism couples the operating system component with content from a counterpart application to the application, which corresponds to information presented on the operating system component.05-30-2013
20110247013Method for Communicating Between Applications on an External Device and Vehicle Systems - A is provided method for communicating between software applications on a portable device and a software-controlled vehicle system of a vehicle. The portable device is linked to the software-controlled vehicle system. The portable device includes a host software application and slave software applications. The host software application is capable of enabling slave software applications stored on the portable device through the software-controlled vehicle system. The host software application is enabled in response to establishing a communication link from the software-controlled vehicle system to the portable device. An authorized slave software application of the portable device is manually selected utilizing a vehicle human machine interface of the vehicle. The selected slave software application is launched via the host software application invoking a launch request command to the selected slave software application. An operating system of the portable device executes control of the selected slave software application via the vehicle human machine interface.10-06-2011
20100223630SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SWITCHING BETWEEN STATEFUL AND STATELESS COMMUNICATION MODES - Methods and systems for specifying the state of an application interface during configuration of the business system are provided. A state controller can manage communication between application interfaces and interface proxies. Each interface proxy replicates the services exposed by an application interface associated with backend applications in a business system. The state controller allows each application to operate in a stateful mode, a stateless mode, or a combined mode. The mode for an application can be specified during configuration/installation of the business system, removing the need to specify communication modes for applications during design and development of the applications and business system. The use of an interface proxy allows user interface (frontend) application to be developed and/or configured individually, and without regard to the communication mode used by the backend applications.09-02-2010
20090313641APPLICATION MANAGEMENT METHODS AND SYSTEMS - Application management methods and systems are provided. The OS (Operating System) information of a specific platform of a device is first obtained. A specific application among a plurality of applications is selected according to the OS information, wherein the applications are respectively coded for a plurality of platforms. Then, the selected application is executed on the device.12-17-2009
20090217303TEST SCRIPT TRANSFORMATION ANALYZER WITH CHANGE GUIDE ENGINE - A script analyzer with change guide generates accurate test scripts for evolving applications. Applications often have complex graphical user interfaces for which the permutations and combinations of GUI elements give rise to an enormous field of potential commands and command sequences to be tested. Furthermore, these applications change over time, rendering prior test scripts unworkable. The script analyzer automatically generates new test scripts to reliably test subsequent application versions, while greatly reducing the time, cost, and resource expenditures needed to arrive at subsequent application versions.08-27-2009
20090217302TEST SCRIPT TRANSFORMATION ARCHITECTURE - A test script transformation architecture helps generate accurate test scripts for evolving applications. Applications often have complex graphical user interfaces for which the permutations and combinations of GUI elements give rise to an enormous field of potential commands and command sequences to be tested. Furthermore, these applications change over time, rendering prior test scripts unworkable. The architecture facilitates the automatic generation of new test scripts to reliably test subsequent application versions, while greatly reducing the time, cost, and resource expenditures needed to arrive at new test scripts.08-27-2009
20090217301IDENTITY PERSISTENCE VIA EXECUTABLE SCRIPTS - Computing devices, computer-readable media, and methods are provided for generating and persisting a user identity associated with a client in a client-server network. A request for an identity script, the identity script comprising computer-executable instructions for creating one or more cookies, is sent from a client to a server. A dynamically generated identity script is returned to the client. User identities are persisted by utilizing cache validation to determine whether a new identity script should be generated.08-27-2009
20110154373AUTOMATIC MASH-UP APPARATUS AND METHOD - The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for automatic mash-up, and more particularly, to an apparatus and a method for automatic mash-up for providing new services by combining previously constructed services providing an open application programming interface (API). The automatic mash-up apparatus according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes: a mash-up execution unit executing a mash-up service comprised of two or more open applications; a service context inference engine unit inferring changes in service context of the mash-up service; and a mash-up management control unit reorganizing the mash-up service in accordance with an inference result of the service context inference engine unit.06-23-2011
20110154372AGILE HELP, DEFECT TRACKING, AND SUPPORT FRAMEWORK FOR COMPOSITE APPLICATIONS - This disclosure describes, generally, methods and systems for implementing agile and dynamic help, defect tracking, and support frameworks for composite applications. The method includes implementing, on a computer system including a storage database, a composite application including a plurality of application components and establishing, in the computer system's storage database, a storage container for each of the plurality of application components. The storage containers are configured to store support information for each of the component applications. The method further includes storing, in the storage database, support data for each of the plurality of component applications, removing at least one of the plurality of component applications from the composite application, and maintaining, in the storage database, the support data for the remaining component applications of the composite application.06-23-2011
20120304201Management of Process-to-Process Communication Requests - A mechanism is provided for managing a process-to-process communication request. A call is received in an operating system from an application in the data processing system. The operating system passes the call to a host fabric interface controller in the data processing system without processing the call. The host fabric interface controller processes the call using state information associated with the call. The call is processed by the host fabric interface controller without intervention by the operating system.11-29-2012
20110072443Management of Resources Based on Association Properties of Association Objects03-24-2011
20110154374APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MANAGING CUSTOMIZED APPLICATION - Provided is a technology capable of efficiently managing various customized applications according to clients and providing security and efficiency in executing and editing the customized applications. An apparatus for managing customized applications according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, comprising: an application supplying unit generating the customized applications by combining a plurality of pre-stored application data according to client information; an application executing unit generatin a virtual executing environment to allow the customized applications to be executed in a server or virtual server on a client terminal and supplies the virtual executing environment to the client terminal; and a filtering unit controlling whether it permits one or more of the execution and edition of the customized applications according to the client information.06-23-2011
20110154375MODULAR PLATFORM ENABLING HETEROGENEOUS DEVICES, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS TO INTEGRATE AUTOMATICALLY INTO HETEROGENOUS NETWORKS - A system includes a hardware platform, at least one driver, a plurality of devices connected to the hardware platform, a middleware interface, and a plurality of software services. Each of the plurality of devices is selected from the group consisting of sensors and actuators. The plurality of software services is generated by the at least one driver, wherein a software service associates with a device, and wherein each of the software services complies with the middleware interface. A method for interfacing a plurality of devices to a hardware platform includes communicably connecting each of the plurality of devices to the hardware platform, converting each of the plurality of devices into a programmable software service using a driver, and programming each of the software services to comply with a middleware interface.06-23-2011
20090241128Controlling Navigation of Application Logic Using Annotated Application Code - A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer usable program product for processing application code. In one embodiment, a call is received to invoke a set of methods of annotated application code. The annotated application code includes a set of annotations specifying a selection of the set of methods. A selected method from the set of methods is invoked in response to determining that the call is valid according to the set of annotations. Thereafter, a subsequent set of valid methods for execution is identified based upon an annotation associated with the selected method.09-24-2009
20090241129INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, PROGRAM AND INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM - The present invention provides an information processing apparatus including a content data acquisition part for acquiring content data containing location information of a script file capable of reading secure information in an IC chip from a service providing server, a file reading part for reading the script file from a settlement operator server based on the location information of the script file contained in the content data acquired by the content data acquisition part, and a secure information reading part for reading the secure information from the IC chip based on a secure information access description contained in the script file read by the file reading part.09-24-2009
20080320498High Performance Script Behavior Detection Through Browser Shimming - The behavior of browser applications, such as web browsers, can be controlled in part by script-based instructions present within documents read by those browsers. To analyze such scripts in an efficient manner, a script analyzer can identify the scripts in the document, divide them into script modules, and order the modules to represent an interpretational flow. The script can be interpreted and executed on a line-by-line basis and its behavior analyzed. Prior to interpretation, the scripts can be reviewed for delay conditionals, and such statements can be modified for more efficient interpretation. Additionally, if, during interpretation, the script generates new script, or modifies existing script, such new scripts can be themselves interpreted. External function calls made by the script can be intercepted and responded to in a generic fashion, limiting the need to create a document object model, based on the document's data, solely for script analysis purposes.12-25-2008
20080313656User mode stack disassociation - Various technologies and techniques are disclosed for allowing a user mode stack to be shared by multiple contexts. A user mode stack can be shared between execution contexts that are guaranteed to not need the user mode stack at the same time. For example, each user mode portion of a kernel thread is provided with a dedicated backing thread. When a respective dedicated backing thread is sleeping and not using a respective user mode stack, the user mode stack is allowed to float with a respective user mode portion to other kernel threads. The user mode stack is disassociated from the kernel portion of the thread. The kernel is notified of an address of a user mode thread context. The kernel mode portion of the converted thread becomes a backing thread that waits. The user mode portion of the converted thread can be switched without entering the kernel.12-18-2008
20090300656MOBILE APPLICATIONS - Providing a framework for developing, deploying and managing sophisticated mobile solutions, with a simple Web-like programming model that integrates with existing enterprise components. Mobile applications may consist of a data model definition, user interface templates, a client side controller, which includes scripts that define actions, and, on the server side, a collection of conduits, which describe how to mediate between the data model and the enterprise. In one embodiment, the occasionally-connected application server assumes that data used by mobile applications is persistently stored and managed by external systems. The occasionally-connected data model can be a METAdata description of the mobile application's anticipated usage of this data, and be optimized to enable the efficient traversal and synchronization of this data between occasionally connected devices and external systems.12-03-2009
20110167434SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REACTING TO SYSTEM CALLS MADE TO A KERNAL OF THE SYSTEM - A method for reacting to system calls made to a kernel of a computerized system, the method includes: receiving a first control data structure that comprises multiple segments; wherein each segment comprises a system call type field, at least one system call initiator field and at least one system call request field; converting the first control data structure into a non-executable control data structure that comprises multiple data-structure elements (DEs), wherein the DEs comprise DE fields that correspond to the system call type fields, to the system call initiator fields and to the system call request fields of the segments of the first control data structure; monitoring system calls made to the kernel by a comparing information of system calls made to the kernel to DE-fields of the non-executable control data structure; and controlling an execution of at least one system call by the kernel in response to a result of the comparing.07-07-2011
20110191785Terminating An Accelerator Application Program In A Hybrid Computing Environment - Terminating an accelerator application program in a hybrid computing environment that includes a host computer having a host computer architecture and an accelerator having an accelerator architecture, where the host computer and the accelerator are adapted to one another for data communications by a system level message passing module (‘SLMPM’), and terminating an accelerator application program in a hybrid computing environment includes receiving, by the SLMPM from a host application executing on the host computer, a request to terminate an accelerator application program executing on the accelerator; terminating, by the SLMPM, execution of the accelerator application program; returning, by the SLMPM to the host application, a signal indicating that execution of the accelerator application program was terminated; and performing, by the SLMPM, a cleanup of the execution environment associated with the terminated accelerator application program.08-04-2011
20080209447POOLING STATEFUL SESSION ENTERPRISE JAVA BEANS FOR REUSE - A method of interfacing with a remote engine can include the step of instantiating at least one stateful bean, such as a stateful session Enterprise Java Bean. For each stateful bean instance, an engine can be allocated. Each stateful bean instance can be associated with an allocated engine, where each stateful bean instance can operate as an interface for accessing the associated engine. Each associated stateful bean can then be added to a bean pool so that bean instances in the bean pool are available for handling requests.08-28-2008
20090150908MONITORING MULTI-PLATFORM TRANSACTIONS - A monitoring system monitors and provides performance data for a transaction performed by multiple applications over different platforms. The monitoring system provides the ability to initiate collection of transaction data from applications on multiple platforms. A request for a multi-platform transaction such as an SAP transaction is received by a first application, such as a JAVA application, on a first platform. Processing of the transaction triggers the first application to invoke a second application, such as an ABAP application, on a second platform. Code inserted into the first application intercepts the invocation of the second application, remotely executes a function on the second platform while providing a transaction identifier to an application server providing the second platform, and returns control back to the first application, which proceeds to invoke the second application to complete the multi-platform transaction. Performance data for the first application and the second application is accessed and correlated based on the transaction identifier to enable reporting of transaction performance over the two platforms.06-11-2009
20110099562 Method and System on Chip (SoC) for Adapting a Reconfigurable Hardware for an Application at Runtime - A method and System on Chip (SoC) for adapting a reconfigurable hardware for an application at run time is provided. The method includes obtaining a plurality of application substructures corresponding to the application. An application substructure performs one or more of a plurality of functions of the application. The method further includes retrieving compute metadata and transport metadata corresponding to each application substructure. Compute metadata specifies functionality of an application substructure and transport metadata specifies data flow path of an application substructure. Thereafter, the method maps each application substructure to a corresponding set of tiles in the hardware. The set of tiles includes one or more tiles and a tile performs one or more of a plurality of functions of the application.04-28-2011
20110099561CORRELATING PARTS OF COMPOSITE TRANSACTIONS INVOLVING ASYNCHRONOUS CALLING MECHANISMS - At least one presently preferred embodiment of the invention broadly contemplates correlating asynchronous transaction parts based on a unique transaction value (e.g. a unique business ID) that all the transaction parts will have access to. This avoids the need for enriching/changing the message body or message header with ARM “correlator” information.04-28-2011
20120317589METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR SETTING ACCESS TO A LIST OF CLASS ENTITIES - In an embodiment, a feature is an aspect of a class which represents information, data, behaviors, or capabilities encapsulated by the class. An accessing class may be given access to one or more specified features encapsulated by an accessed class, without gaining access to other features encapsulated by the accessed class. Accordingly, special access may be granted only to the behavior and data specifically designed for the accessing class, without allowing the accessing class access to all private data and behaviors of the accessed class, and without allowing all classes in a package access to the accessed class.12-13-2012
20120167120Detecting a return-oriented programming exploit - A method and apparatus for detecting a Return-Oriented Programming exploitation. At a computer device, a mechanism to detect a control transfer of a code location in a memory is established. This may be, for example, hooking the control transfer. The code location relates to an electronic file. In the event that a control transfer of the code location is detected, a comparison is made between a destination code location address with values in the freed stack. If the code location address matches any of the values in the freed stack, then it is determined that the control transfer of the code location relates to a Return-Oriented Programming exploitation.06-28-2012
20100205616APPLICATION WORKFLOW INTEGRATION SUBSYSTEM - A computer-implemented method, system and computer program product for integrating an application engine with processes depicted by a flow-chart created by a Business Process Management (BPM) engine are presented. Execution of a first application, which is generated by a first application engine, is initiated. The first application performs a first subtask that is depicted by a first component of a flow-chart that has been previously generated by the BPM engine. A Workflow Integration Subsystem (WIS), which provides an interface between the first application engine and the BPM engine, selects the flow-chart that contains the first subtask performed by the first application. The BPM engine calls other application engines to perform other subtasks that supplement the first subtask, such that the first subtask and the other subtasks combine to perform an entire task that is depicted by the flow-chart.08-12-2010
20120137311Real-Time Web Applications - A computer-implemented method for updating a web user interface on a client device is provided. A router back-boned to the Internet communicates with the client device web-user interface data defined in markup language to dynamically update the web-user interface on the client device. The router contains no logic regarding the web-user interface running on the client device. The client device has a browser server for dynamically updating the web-user interface through downloading and caching the data from the router. The browser server on the client device has (i) a user interface model of the web-user interface running on the client device defined in Javascript, and (ii) a JavaScript Runtime Engine for dynamically converting the downloaded and/or cached web-user interface markup language data into JavaScript objects. The web-user interface is dynamically updated by combining steps (i) and (ii).05-31-2012
20120137309WORKFLOW INTEGRATION AND PORTAL SYSTEMS AND METHODS - An exemplary system includes a workflow integration subsystem communicatively coupled to a backend workflow subsystem maintaining a set of backend workflow tasks native to the backend workflow subsystem, the workflow integration subsystem configured to maintain a set of integrated workflow tasks representative of the set of backend workflow tasks. The system also includes a portal subsystem configured to communicate with the workflow integration subsystem and the backend workflow subsystem. The portal subsystem is further configured to provide a frontend portal for access by a user, receive a request provided by the user through the frontend portal, and provide access to workflow functionality through the frontend portal in response to the request, wherein the portal subsystem is configured to select whether the workflow functionality is subject to control by the backend workflow subsystem or the portal subsystem. Corresponding systems and methods are also disclosed.05-31-2012
20100275218CONTROLLING ACCESS OF APPLICATION PROGRAMS TO AN ADAPTIVE INPUT DEVICE - Methods and systems for controlling access of application programs to an adaptive input device are described herein. One exemplary computing system includes an application programming interface executable on a computing device for controlling said access to an adaptive input device having a plurality of display regions. The application programming interface is configured to receive a display request from one of the application programs to display formatted output on the composite display and is further configured to apply at least a display sharing policy based on application-specific policy settings received from the application program for defining an application-specific area including at least one of the display regions. Further, the application programming interface is configured to generate formatted output based on the application-specific policy settings, and to send the formatted output to the application-specific area for display. The application-specific policy settings include a shared display mode and an exclusive display mode.10-28-2010
20120227060METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR WIDGET-CONTAINER HOSTING AND GENERATION - A method includes receiving at least one of a widget or a reference to a widget, where the widget can be at least one of a static data object, a media object, or a software object. At least a portion of a widget container, which is a procedural software framework containing a service module associated with the widget and the widget, is generated. The service module can be a pre-defined function associated with the widget container before the widget container is generated. The widget container can be configured to be executed at a widget-container processing device in response to a reference to the widget container being accessed from a processor-readable vehicle.09-06-2012
20110004886TRANSPORT INDEPENDENT ARCHITECTURE - A system for automating connection management in a manner that may be transparent to any actively communicating applications operating in a Network on Terminal Architecture (NoTA). An application level entity, such as an application node, may access another node by making a request to a high level communication structure via a high level interface. The high level structure may then interact with a lower level structure in order to facilitate a connection to a programmatic element on another device, for example, via a wireless communication transport.01-06-2011
20120266186PROVIDING INTER-PLATFORM APPLICATION LAUNCH IN CONTEXT - A method for providing inter-platform application launch comprises receiving a query from a first application, the query comprising one or more attributes of a resource; comparing the one or more resource attributes to a central registry, the central registry comprising a plurality of application launch points, the central registry being accessible from a plurality of different applications on a plurality of different platforms; identifying one or more application launch points that match the query; and returning a launch instruction for each of the one or more matching application launch points.10-18-2012
20120324481ADAPTIVE TERMINATION AND PRE-LAUNCHING POLICY FOR IMPROVING APPLICATION STARTUP TIME - A method and device for adaptively determining processes to kill when a low memory situation is detected, and for adaptively determining processes to pre-launch, are disclosed. The method for determining processes to kill includes tracking statistics of application launching behaviors, predicting application behaviors under certain system states in accordance with the tracked statistics, detecting a certain system state, and, if the certain system state is detected, adaptively selecting an application loaded in a cache memory to kill in accordance with the predicted behaviors. The method of determining processes to pre-launch includes tracking statistics of application launching behaviors, predicting application behaviors under certain system states in accordance with the tracked statistics, detecting a certain system state, and, if the certain system state is detected, adaptively selecting and pre-launching an application by loading the selected application into cache memory in accordance with the predicted behaviors and the certain system state.12-20-2012
20110321064ACCELERATED CLASS CHECK - Handling a virtual method call includes extracting, from a pointer to an object, an identifier associated with the class of the object, the pointer to the object being associated with the virtual method call, and the identifier being embedded within the pointer; using the identifier to obtain a virtual method table, including locating a first entry in a class identifier table mapping a plurality of class identifiers to a corresponding plurality of class data, the first entry being associated with the identifier and comprising the virtual method table or a pointer used to obtain the virtual method table; locating a second entry in the virtual method table, the second entry being associated with the virtual method call; and jumping to an address associated with the second entry to execute code at the address.12-29-2011
20110321063APPLICATION SETTINGS MIGRATION USING VIRTUALIZATION - Application setting virtualization for a user. Application settings from a source computer are copied to a user-specific location on a destination computer and layered under corresponding application settings associated with one or more applications installed on the destination computer. In response to receiving a request from an application for an application setting, the requested application setting is retrieved from the layered application settings such that the layers are searched in order for the requested application setting and the first application setting found is retrieved and returned to the requesting application.12-29-2011
20120291052MULTIMEDIA DATA PROCESSING METHOD - Disclosed is a multimedia data processing method by a framework, in which the framework is capable of directly controlling data input and output of components in a state of the framework being interposed between the components and an application program, thereby reducing the time and effort involved in developing the components or the application program.11-15-2012
20120137310COMMUNICATION APPARATUS, COMMUNICATION METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A communication device includes a first processing unit that detects a target and receives a first command for activating an interface upon a detection of the target. The communication device also includes a second processing unit that exchanges data with the target through the first processing unit. Further, the communication device includes an interface between the first processing unit and the second processing unit. The first processing unit selects a predetermined interface level from among a plurality of interface levels based on the first command and exchanges data with the second processing unit based on the predetermined interface level.05-31-2012
20130014131Method and device for managing application program - The disclosure discloses a method for managing an application program, in which a scene program module or an application management module of a mobile terminal saves a state of the application program by calling a Save function with a return value, and restores the state of the application program by calling a Startup function, so that the state of the application program in the current running application program list can be saved by the application program, and the state of the application program can be restored by the application program. The disclosure also discloses a device for managing an application program. By adopting the method and the device provided by the disclosure, the application programs can be saved and restored in batches, and it is advantageous to enhance user experience.01-10-2013
20080250428Configuration of devices within an instrument - A controller for an instrument includes a control program, an object that interfaces between the control program and the device, and a discovery process. The control program is used by the controller to provide software control of a device within the instrument. The object contains control information about the device so that the control information does not need to be known by the control program. The control information is needed to control the device. The discovery process, upon discovery that the device is within the instrument, obtains the control information from data storage within the instrument and instantiates the object.10-09-2008
20080222660Processing of data of a plurality of applications with a single client application - The present invention is directed to a method, a system, an interface entity, and a client application for processing data of a plurality of applications in a single client application.09-11-2008
20080222659ABSTRACTING OPERATING ENVIRONMENT FROM OPERATING SYSTEM - The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for abstracting an operating environment from an operating system running in the operating environment. Within an operating environment, an operating environment abstraction layer abstracts and exposes operating environment resources to an operating system. Accordingly, appropriately configured operating environment abstraction layers provide the operating system with a uniform interface to available resources across a variety of different operating environments. Each operating environment abstraction layer and the operating system include adjustable algorithms that can be adjusted to appropriately provide services to requesting applications based on exposed resources of the operating environment. Abstraction layers can be configured to analyze and become fully aware of their operating environment, including identifying the presence of other abstraction layers. An operating system and corresponding abstraction layer can be run in flexible combinations of privileged and unprivileged processor modes.09-11-2008
20080222658METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR WIDGET AND WIDGET-CONTAINER DISTRIBUTION CONTROL BASED ON CONTENT RULES - A method includes receiving an instruction used to define a widget-container containing a service module associated with a widget. The widget-container is a procedural software framework configured to be executed at a widget-container processing device in response to a reference to the widget-container being accessed from a content aggregation point. The widget-container has a portion configured for receiving the widget. The method also includes determining whether processing of the widget within the portion of the widget-container is restricted and/or allowed.09-11-2008
20130097621CONTEXT FOR REPLACEMENT FUNCTIONS - Techniques are described for providing context for replacement functions. In one or more implementations, a context module is provided that can set context information associated with a computing device in memory such that a replacement function can retrieve the context information. When a call to a target function is intercepted and a replacement function is invoked, the replacement function can use the context information to execute one or more tasks associated with the replacement function.04-18-2013
20130152107LIGHTWEIGHT FRAMEWORK FOR WEB APPLICATIONS - Various technologies described herein pertain to developing a web application using a scripting language-based framework. A call can be received via an interface of the scripting language-based framework. The call can manage a control included in the scripting language-based framework. Further, the call can be provided by an application that references the scripting language based framework. Moreover, a user interface can be generated based on the control managed by the call, and backend cloud-based services provided by a distributed data store on a cloud platform can be accessed based on the control managed by the call.06-13-2013
20130205307ANALYTICS DATA COLLECTION WITH LOW INTEGRATION COST FOR DYNAMIC MESSAGE PASSING SYSTEMS - A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product which capture and use analytics data relating to the internal activity of software programs executing in a message-passing runtime environment, such as that provided by Objective-C. The invention exploits the well documented interfaces of these environments together with their dynamic runtime capabilities to insert data collection and analysis code into an application without modification of the target application.08-08-2013
20130104148AMBIENT STATE FOR ASYNCHRONOUS METHODS - A method of providing asynchronous programming support at run time for scope-based ambient state at a method call is disclosed. In response to the method call, an asynchronous method stack frame is created along with ambient state for the asynchronous method call. In one example of the method, a current frame of a method stack is captured. A new frame is instantiated by setting a previous reference of the new frame to the current frame and moving data from the previous frame into the current frame. One example of instantiating the new frame includes pushing the current frame onto the stack. In another example, the new frame is lazily created when changes have been made. A state machine used to transform the synchronously-created method into an asynchronous method is moved from a current state to a next state. The captured frame is restored.04-25-2013
20130160031HARDWARE COMPUTING SYSTEM WITH SOFTWARE MEDIATION AND METHOD OF OPERATION THEREOF - A method of operation of a hardware computing system includes: generating a command stream by a general purpose central processing unit; and receiving, by an application manager, the command stream for executing a command by a programmable execution engine and providing a status through a command execution interface to the general purpose central processing unit for the command from the command stream.06-20-2013
20130185740INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, IC CHIP, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, PROGRAM, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM - There is provided an information processing apparatus, including a multi-platform capable of managing a plurality of applications, and an operating system which operates on the multi-platform, and is capable of being activated by a command of the multi-platform.07-18-2013
20130191853PROGRAM EXECUTION METHOD AND PROGRAM EXECUTION APPARATUS - In a terminal apparatus including a first application that runs on first middleware and a second application that runs on second middleware and performs management of billing, and so on, the second application receives an instruction to execute the first application, obtains billing information of the first application and judges whether or not the first application can be executed, and activates the first application through the second middleware and the first middleware when judging that the execution is possible.07-25-2013
20130212601METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MAINTAINING GAME FUNCTIONALITY FOR A PLURALITY OF GAME INSTANCES RUNNING ON A COMPUTER SYSTEM - A container layer for allowing a plurality of game instances running on an operating system to maintain full game functionality is configured to intercept a communication from a game instance of the plurality of game instances to the operating system and provide an appropriate response to the intercepted communication.08-15-2013

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