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717 - Data processing: software development, installation, and management


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717177000 Including distribution of software 278
20130031541SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR FACILITATING ACTIVATION OF OPERATING SYSTEMS - Systems and methods are disclosed that may be implemented to install and use a replacement BIOS code stored in non-volatile memory of the system BIOS to facilitate activation of a new or replacement OS on an information handling system. The replacement BIOS code may include an activation certificate of authority information to activate a different version operating system for use on an information handling system that has been previously configured with a different operating system version along with a previous BIOS code that did not include the updated OEM activation string.01-31-2013
20100058329Method and apparatus for dynamically instantiating services using a service insertion architecture - A generic service node that operates in a first state while waiting for instructions to adopt a specific service. Upon receiving the instructions, the generic service node operates in a second state where the node installs software received from a network to enable the generic service node to provide the specific service to the network. The generic service node is in communication with a control node or nodes such that the generic service node can be adapted to provide a particular service as requested by the control node(s).03-04-2010
20100017799SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ADDING LOCAL RESOURCES FOR USE BY A MOBILE AGENT OBJECT - System and method for importing service objects to a host computing environment. In one embodiment, a method includes the steps of executing a mobile agent object, (called a delivery-mobile agent object) in a mobile-agent runtime environment in a host computing environment and then installing a service object to be executable in the mobile-agent runtime environment.01-21-2010
20100077393METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATICALLY GENERATING SOFTWARE AND CONFIGURING APPLICATION INSTALLATION - Methods and apparatuses are disclosed for automatically generating software and configuring software application installation. Some embodiments may include a method of configuring one or more hardware resources within an enterprise, the method comprising the acts of installing at least one software application on the one or more hardware resources, orienting one or more logical areas within the one or more hardware resources, implementing one or more communication protocols between the one or more logical areas, and generating infrastructure for the at least one software application during the act of installing, wherein the infrastructure is based on predetermined choices.03-25-2010
20100169878Computer Readable Medium for Installing Software - A computer readable medium may stores a computer program including instructions for ordering a computer mounted on the processing device. The instruction may order the computer to perform acquiring a first IP address assigned to the function performing device, acquiring a unique network device name provided to the function performing device by using the first IP address, attempting to acquire a second IP address by using the network device name, determining whether the second IP address identical to the first IP address has been acquired, and installing the software in which the network device name is set as a destination of the function performing instruction in a case where it is determined that the second IP address which is identical to the first IP address has been acquired.07-01-2010
20100042989Method and apparatus for simplifying planning and tracking of multiple installation configurations - When planning and maintaining a network, it may be very difficult for a network provider to organize variations of equipment rack installations at several different sites. Present methods of planning installation configurations in a network involve planning the same equipment installation configuration at all sites, planning a limited number of variations, or planning multiple variations but, with difficulty, tracking and changing configurations. A method or corresponding apparatus in an example embodiment of the present invention provides a tool for simplifying the planning of multiple network element installation configurations at multiple sites within a network. The benefits include fewer required truck rolls, resulting in reduced costs before and after deployment of installation configurations. In one embodiment, the disclosed planning tool allows users to access and change generic installation configurations according to customizable options to allow users to produce and store customized templates of multiple network element installation configurations.02-18-2010
20100042988Installation Management using Virtual Machines - Computer components may be installed and configured using virtual machines, where a trusted relationship with a virtual machine is created when a virtual machine is launched on a device with an installation manager. The installation manager may provide configuration options, scripts, and other information to a configuration agent operating in the virtual machine. Additional virtual machines may be launched on other devices and trusted relationships established with the installation manager, which may also manage configuration agents on the additional virtual machines. In some embodiments, a remote controller may be used to control functions of the installation manager.02-18-2010
20100107154METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INSTALLING AN OPERATING SYSTEM VIA A NETWORK - A system and method for handling network interface error during operating system installation on a client device by an installation server via a network is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method includes determining available network interface modules in the client device when a request for an installation of the OS is forwarded by the client device, initiating the installation of the OS using a first network interface module of the available network interface modules, switching to a second network interface module of the available network interface modules when the first network interface module becomes inoperable due to an error, and continuing the installation of the OS on the client device using the second network interface module. The method further includes downloading the probe module from the installation server to the client device using a default connection between the installation server and the client device.04-29-2010
20090119662Deployment and Management Framework - A system and method for deploying and managing software components to a plurality of network devices of an extended data communications network. In one embodiment of the invention, a client type defining software components required for at least one network device of the plurality of network devices may be determined. At least one network device of the plurality of network devices corresponding to the client type may be determined. The software components may be provided to the at least one network device based in part on the client type. The software components may be installed on the at least one network device such that functional capabilities of the software components may be employed by the network device. In another embodiment, a record of the software components installed on the at least one network device on a hub server associated with the extended data communications network may be stored.05-07-2009
20130047150SOFTWARE INSTALLATION AND PROCESS MANAGEMENT SUPPORT - Methods, systems, and apparatus, including medium-encoded computer program products, for software installation and process management support. In one aspect, a method includes obtaining application information for a software application and an application executable for the software application, the application executable including machine code native to a target platform having an operating system, wherein the application information includes application code that depends on a runtime environment on the target platform to operate; and installing the application executable on the target platform, wherein the application code includes a resource associated with the application executable that runs in the runtime environment when the application executable is run in the operating system, and wherein the operating system maintains and presents the software application as a native application, distinct from other applications that depend on the runtime environment to operate.02-21-2013
20120192174APPARATUS AND PRINTER - An apparatus includes a framework for installing an application based on manifest information, and uses a prescription manifest prescribed to be used when using the framework. The apparatus determines whether the apparatus is a model for changing a declaration value of a manifest file. When the apparatus determines that the apparatus is the model for changing the declaration value of the manifest file, a manifest file added for the model for changing the declaration value of the manifest file is overwritten to the manifest file as a default.07-26-2012
20090094598Method of Installing Application Programs and Computer Accessible Recording Medium Storing Installation Program - There is provided a method of installing an application program to an information processing device which is connected with a network to which an information processing server storing various pieces information are stored. The method includes the step of making the information processing device acquire setting information from the information server, the setting information being the information input through the information processing device when the application program was previously installed, the information processing device having the information processing server store the information, and the step of installing the application program based on the setting information which is acquired by having the information processing device acquire from the information processing server.04-09-2009
20120117558MOBILE APPLICATION MIGRATION SERVICE - A mobile application migration service is usable to receive recommendations for replacement and/or alternative mobile applications for potential mobile device upgrades. Additionally, the service may be usable to compare legacy mobile applications to potential target mobile applications and simulate operation of selected target applications on a new target device. Further, a service may be usable to provide one-click purchase of one or more target applications, one-click installation of the selected target applications, and/or one-click migration of associated user and/or application data from a legacy device to a new device. Such recommendations, comparisons, simulations, and one-click migrations may be used to facilitate migration from one mobile device to another, even when legacy devices are customized with highly useful and/or often used applications.05-10-2012
20130067461METHODS, APPARATUS, AND ARTICLES OF MANUFACTURE TO DEPLOY SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS - Methods, apparatus, and articles of manufacture to deploy software applications are disclosed. A disclosed example includes query a user for a first parameter indicative of a capacity level needed for a software system and a second parameter indicative of a set of software applications to be installed for the software system, determine a group of components of the software system to be installed on the computer system based on the first parameter and the second parameter, determine a computer hardware requirement based on the set of software applications, compare the determined computer hardware requirement to a computer hardware configuration, indicate that the computer hardware configuration is sufficient when the computer hardware configuration at least meets the determined computer hardware requirement, and when the computer hardware configuration is sufficient, configure the set of software applications by installing the determined group of components of the set of software applications.03-14-2013
20130067459Order-Independent Deployment Collections with Dependency Package Identifiers - In accordance with one or more aspects, a first one or more packages are included in a deployment collection for a software product. One or more identifiers of each of a second one or more packages are also included in the deployment collection for the software product. The deployment collection is obtained at a device. For each of the second one or more packages, the package is obtained based on the identifier of the package, and the first one or more packages and the second one or more packages are installed on the device.03-14-2013
20110023024Information processing apparatus, workflow system, workflow management method, and storage medium of program for workflow management method - An information processing apparatus, implementing data processes via network, includes a remote environment file obtaining unit, a plug-in environment file generating unit, a difference file generating unit, a determining unit, and a plug-in setting file generating unit. The remote environment file obtaining unit receives an updating notice of workflow definition for the data processing, and obtains a remote environment file storing a plug-in program retained by an operation node. The plug-in environment file generating unit generates a plug-in environment file including a plug-in identification of a to-be-updated plug-in program. The difference file generating unit generates a difference file between the remote environment file and the plug-in environment file. The determining unit determines whether to set an install/uninstall process, or an operation attribution value for the plug-in program for the operation node. The plug-in setting file generating unit generates a plug-in setting file including an install path of the plug-in program.01-27-2011
20130067460METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SUBTRACTIVE INSTALLATION - An apparatus and method for obtaining a storage medium with a deeply customizable set of installed content. Soft assets (e.g., programs, songs, videos, etc.) that form the content are selected from among a much larger set of preinstalled soft assets previously stored on storage media, such as disk drives. In some embodiments, based on a user's selections, the non-selected assets are permanently erased from a storage medium, while the remaining assets are available as installed (wherein substantially no further processing is required to install them). In some embodiments, a new device uses the storage medium to provide its user with a fully functional device without the need to separately install the soft assets from a plurality of sources (e.g., from program-distribution CDROMS and the like). Some embodiments include the storage medium having the soft assets installed, and including a program that elicits selections from a user and erases non-selected assets.03-14-2013
20090254900NETWORK SYSTEM, COMPUTERS, AND METHOD AND PROGRAM FOR PROVIDING AND EXECUTING APPLICATIONS IN NETWORK SYSTEM - To provide a network system or the like that makes it possible for a client terminal to use an application without being influenced by the quality of circuits or the like and having a simple configuration, and that also makes it possible for a user to easily search a desired application. In a network system 10-08-2009
20090007095EXTENSIBLE DATA DRIVEN DEPLOYMENT SYSTEM - Systems and methods that facilitate deployment of server applications via employing a deployment system that declaratively defines deployment actions. Such system is extensible to enable user customization, and includes a deployment document that declaratively defines deployment terms. The deployment document can further describe what the tasks accomplish, and also what tasks are to be forwarded to the task handler at execution time.01-01-2009
20110041125PROGRAM INTRODUCTION SUPPORTING SERVER, PROGRAM INTRODUCTION SUPPORTING SYSTEM, PROGRAM INTRODUCTION SUPPORTING METHOD, AND PROGRAM INTRODUCTION SUPPORTING COMPUTER PROGRAM - A program introduction supporting server connected to a license managing server storing, by correlating a license identifier of a program license for an electronic apparatus, a program product identifier and a license status indicative of a state of using the program license corresponding to the license identifier, and a program managing server storing by correlating the program product identifier and a program, including a product information acquiring unit acquiring the program product identifier associated with the license identifier, a program acquiring unit acquiring the program corresponding to the program product identifier from the program managing server, a license acquiring unit acquiring a license file corresponding the license identifier by designating the license identifier and updating the license state of the license identifier to a value indicating of use of the license, and an installation controlling unit sending the acquired program and the acquired license file to the electronic apparatus.02-17-2011
20110191769Automated Network Backup Device and Method - Automatically backing up one or more computers across a network to a backup device coupled to the network through one of the computers connected to the network. In one embodiment, a user connects the backup device to a first network connected computer which triggers the launch, installation, setup and configuration of the associated software on the first computer thereby performing a backup operation of data from the first computer to the backup device. The user then connects the backup device to a second network connected computer which triggers the launch, installation, setup and configuration of the associated software on the second computer thereby performing a backup operation of data from the second computer to the backup device. Furthermore, the associated software installed on the second computer triggers communication with and a backup of data from the first computer across the network through the second computer to the backup device.08-04-2011
20110191768Systems and Methods to Identify Users Using an Automated Learning Process - A computer-implemented method includes: collecting first data from first computers on which first software is installed, the first data including first characteristics associated with the first computers and adoption results of the first software; correlating the first characteristics with the adoption results to generate a correlation result; prior to installation of the first software on a second computer, collecting second data associated with characteristics of the second computer; and making a determination whether to install the first software on the second computer based on at least the second data and the correlation result.08-04-2011
20110191767CONTROLLED USE MEDICAL APPLICATON - In an example, a virtualized medical application container can be created, including creating an image of a clean version of an operating system, installing a medical application on the image, and initializing the medical application on the image.08-04-2011
20090007097Product install and configuration providing choice of new installation and re-use of existing installation - A method, system and program are provided for managing the installation and configuration of a software product by using a proxy service to loosely couple the installation and/or configuration of constituent modules within the installation/configuration flow of the software product. The proxy service invokes the installation/configuration processing of an existing software component, thereby reducing the complexity associated with installing new component installation processes every time a component is to be supported, especially where the software products and new component(s) do not share the same installation/configuration platforms.01-01-2009
20110296402SOFTWARE LICENSE SERVING IN A MASSIVELY PARALLEL PROCESSING ENVIRONMENT - Techniques for implementing software licensing in a massive parallel processing environment on the basis of the actual use of licensed software instances are disclosed. In one embodiment, rather than using a license server or a node-locked license strategy, each use of a licensed software instance is monitored and correlated with a token. A store of tokens is maintained within the licensing system and a token is consumed after each instance successfully executes. Further, a disclosed embodiment also allows jobs that execute multiple software instances to complete execution, even if an adequate number of tokens does not exist for each remaining software instance. Once the license tokens are repurchased and replenished, any overage consumed from previous job executions may be reconciled. In this way, token-based licensing can be adapted to large scale computing environments that execute jobs of large and unpredictable sizes, while the cancellation of executing jobs may be avoided.12-01-2011
20110296403SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF CREATING AND ACCESSING SOFTWARE SIMULATED COMPUTERS - The system and methods of the present application comprise one or more computers that generate and maintain a plurality of software-simulated computers. Each software-simulated computer is adapted to efficiently run an installed application program. Additional security layers provide access to the installed application through a remote user interface installed on a user's computing device. The system generates a new copy of the software-simulated computer for each user session, that prevents configuration problems from interfering with the proper operation of the application program, thereby consistently running the application in an optimized fashion, regardless of changes made to the software-simulated computer by the user or a virus. These software-simulated computers are unaffected by changes a user makes on their own client device. To this end, the system provides robust, web accessible capabilities to application software that may not have been adapted for use on the Internet.12-01-2011
20080244566METHOD FOR INSTALLING A PRINTER DRIVER ON AN END USER'S COMPUTER - The invention relates to a method for installing a driver of a target device on an end user's computer, wherein a network couples the end user's computer and target device.10-02-2008
20100095295CONTROL DEVICE SETTING METHOD AND PROGRAM - Execution is provided of at least: the first processing for making the installer software store the group information that relates to information which classifies a plurality of apparatuses into groups and specifies the apparatuses belonging to each group or the address information indicating the location storing this group information, at the time of building the installer software for installing the universal control software that provides universal control of a plurality of the apparatuses; the second processing for notifying about the group information or address information to prompt the group setting of a plurality of the apparatuses when installing the universal control software using installer software; and the third processing for selecting an apparatus as the object of control from among the apparatuses specified by group information acquired from the storage location having been notified or specified by the address information, when universal control software is executed.04-15-2010
20120240108METHOD AND DEVICE FOR INSTALLING/UNINSTALLING SOFTWARE MODULES, WITH CENTRALIZED RESOLUTION OF CONSTRAINTS, IN AIRCRAFT APPARATUSES - The invention in particular has as an object the installation and/or deinstallation of at least one software module, with centralized resolution of constraints, in aircraft equipment items. After having received a list of software module references, the said list comprising at least one reference to the said at least one software module, and at least one command, linked to the said at least one reference, for installation of deinstallation of the said at least one software module, the constraints are accessed. This access is independent of the access to the said at least one module. A sequence of basic operations resolving the said constraints then is evaluated for applying the said at least one command to the said at least one reference.09-20-2012
20110173605Automated Configuration and Installation of Virtualized Solutions - An installation system for a multiple device, multiple application solution may include options for installing and configuring one or more of the devices as virtual machines. The installation system may start from bare hardware, install a virtual machine host, and configure one or more devices as virtual machines. The installation system may provide a set of predefined configurations from which an administrator may choose, and some embodiments may provide various algorithms or optimization routines to select an appropriate configuration based on intended uses or other factors. The configurations may be customized to create one or more documents that may be consumed during the installation process to automate many configuration settings.07-14-2011
20090288079AUTOMATIC INSTALLATION OF A SOFTWARE PRODUCT ON A DEVICE - Methods, systems, and apparatus, including medium-encoded computer program products, for installing software include receiving a request to install a software product on a device and identifying the software product and the source of the software product based on the request. A message, which includes data identifying the software product and the source of the software product, is transmitted to a remote update device. An authorization message is received from the remote update device indicating whether the source of the software product is authorized to provide the software product. If the authorization message indicates that the source of the software product is authorized to provide the software product, the software product is automatically installed on the device.11-19-2009
20120297377METHOD, SERVER AND SYSTEM FOR CONVERGING DESKTOP APPLICATION AND WEB APPLICATION - A method, Web server and computer system are provided for converging a desktop application and a Web application. The method includes in response to a request from a client user for using a target desktop application, starting a desktop application initialization process on the Web server and determining an appropriate corresponding hosting server for the user; preparing and provisioning desktop application environment on the corresponding hosting server and starting the target desktop application; transmitting the corresponding hosting server's address to the client so as to make desktop application interaction between the client and the corresponding hosting server; and in response to the completion of the desktop application interaction, stopping and exiting the target desktop application on the corresponding hosting server. The client user is provided with a unified Web console for accessing desktop applications and Web applications, and Web files are shared between the desktop applications and the Web applications.11-22-2012
20090007096Secure Software Deployments - Techniques for secure software deployments are described. In one implementation, a software package is published to an installation portion of a networked environment and stored. Similarly, an applicability rule (or policy) associated with the software package is published to the installation portion and stored. During a periodic synchronization between a host device and the installation portion, the applicability rule is communicated, and a determination is made whether the host device is intended to receive the software package based on the applicability rule communicated during the periodic synchronization. If the applicability rule is satisfied, the software package is installed on the host device. In a further implementation, the software package may be installed on the host device via a communication channel that is normally designated for non-routine communications, such as security packet updates and other administrative functions.01-01-2009
20090265705SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DEVELOPING AND DEPLOYING COMPUTER APPLICATIONS OVER A NETWORK - A stateful method of processing an XML markup document within a distributed computing system, includes the steps of: receiving the XML markup document by the CRE, parsing and holding the XML document's state by the CRE, receiving XML commands by the CRE, performing operations comprised in the XML commands upon the XML document by the CRE, and then updating the XML markup document's state by the CRE.10-22-2009
20090265704Application Management for Reducing Energy Costs - Embodiments of the invention provide methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for managing and executing applications in a clustered server system. In one embodiment, an application may be installed at an application server having the associated lowest energy cost of maintenance, thereby lowering the cost of operating the system. In another embodiment, requests for services from the system may be routed to application servers having the lowest energy cost, thereby lowering the cost of operating the system.10-22-2009
20090119661Method and System for Providing a Filter for a Router - A method and system for providing a standardized set of filters for a router. A set of pre-written filters are provided in a file, and a program is run on a computer to identify one of these pre-written filters as a substitute for a filter that was specifically written for the router. The standardized filter file is then loaded onto the router and the identified substitute filters are used instead of the filter that has been specifically written for the router. Preferably, the computer program is used to identify which one of the pre-written filters of the pre-written filter files most closely matches, according to a predefined test, the filter file written specifically for the router.05-07-2009
20110271274SYSTEM, METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR COLLABORATIVELY INSTALLING A COMPUTER APPLICATION - According to one embodiment, a computer program product for collaboratively installing a computer application includes a computer readable storage medium having computer readable program code embodied therewith, the computer readable program code including computer readable program code configured to: monitor an installation process of an application, send a remote assistance request in response to a determination that the installation process requires remote assistance, receive a response to the remote assistance request, and continue the installation process of the application using the remote assistance information. The response includes remote assistance information required for installing the application, and the remote assistance information is invisible to an installer of the application. In other embodiments, and a method for collaboratively installing a computer application includes operations for performing the above described processes, and a system includes modules for performing the above described processes.11-03-2011
20110209143METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ACQUISITION OF AN APPLICATION FOR INSTALLATION AT A COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A method and system for acquisition of an application for installation on a communication device. The method comprises monitoring a frequency of a usage event at the communication device to infer a set of usage characteristics; triggering a search request to a computer server for applications associated with the set of usage characteristics, the triggering of the search request based on a predefined threshold related to the monitored frequency of the usage event; receiving at the communication device a search result compiled at the server computer, the search result including an application for installation thereon; and providing a notification, at a graphical user interface (GUI) of the communication device, of the application for installation thereon.08-25-2011
20090133015DRIVER MANAGEMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREFOR - A driver management apparatus includes a receiving unit configured to receive a network entry message sent by unicast according to a search protocol for one-to-one connection from one of a plurality of devices connected to a network, a determination unit configured to determine a capacity to install a driver according to the search protocol for one-to-one connection of a device connected to the network, and a processing unit configured to perform processing for installing, on a client terminal apparatus connected to the network, a driver for operating a device that has sent the network entry message. The processing unit is configured to perform different processing operations for installing the driver for operating the device with respect to respective devices having different capacities according to the capacity determined by the determination unit.05-21-2009
20090138876METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DELIVERING APPLICATION PACKAGES BASED ON USER DEMANDS - A method and a system are provided for delivering on-demand software packages. In one aspect, the method may include subscribing services of a service provider operating a server, the server including an operating system and several application packages installed therein, initiating a client terminal by performing a network booting process using the operating system installed in the server, and executing in the client terminal a subscribed application package installed in the server using resources of the operating system resident in the client terminal. The method may further include charging the user a fee according to the application packages and the operating system subscribed by the user.05-28-2009
20110225578SCALABLE HIGH-PERFORMANCE INTERACTIVE REAL-TIME MEDIA ARCHITECTURES FOR VIRTUAL DESKTOP ENVIRONMENTS - Method for implementing a software application in networked desktop virtualization environment, desktop virtualization environment including desktop virtualization server and desktop virtualization endpoint device, both in communication with one another over network. Method involves: structuring software with multiple internal elements and interfaces among them; installing first instance of software on desktop virtualization server, detecting characteristics of desktop virtualization server computer; in first instance of article of software, selectively enabling first set of internal software elements and disabling remaining internal software elements based on results of detecting on server computer; installing second instance of software on desktop virtualization client endpoint device; detecting characteristics of desktop virtualization endpoint device; in second instance of article of software, selectively enabling second set of internal software elements and disabling remaining internal software elements based on results of detecting on desktop virtualization client endpoint device; and establishing an association of second instance of software with first instance of software.09-15-2011
20120144387METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PERFORMING SERVICES IN SERVER AND CLIENT OF CLIENT/SERVER ARCHITECTURE - A method and system for performing services in a server and a client of a client/server architecture are provided, and the method includes: when performing to a preset user decision point during the service performing process, the server interrupting the service performing and initiating a user decision request to a client, wherein the user decision request includes information requesting the user to decide a service performing action after the user decision point;06-07-2012
20090055819Method and an apparatus to conduct software release - Some embodiments of a method and an apparatus to conduct software release have been presented. In one embodiment, a user submits a request to conduct software release on a set of servers. Each of the servers has a distinct platform. In response to the request, a set of commands in a cross-platform language is sent to the servers via remote procedure calls (RPCs) in a transactional format.02-26-2009
20090106753Method and apparatus for automatically installing operating system onto computer - The present invention provides a method and an apparatus of automatically installing an operating system onto a computer. The method is characterized in that: the computer establishes a connection with a remote server through a network; the computer sends configuration information to the remote server; the computer receives a corresponding installation script sent from the remote server based on the configuration information; and the computer installs the operation system according to the installation script. The present invention only requires performing updates of the installation script and various drivers in the remote server, which enables an automatic installation for various configurations of the computer. In addition, the present invention need not to allocate a navigation disc or other installation load discs to the computer, which saves the costs.04-23-2009
20120198438SYSTEMS, METHODS, AND APPARATUS TO DEPLOY SOFTWARE - Systems, methods, and apparatus to deploy software are disclosed. An example method comprises storing a configuration of a software suite at a first computer in an object data store, wherein the software suite comprises a first component and a second component, and wherein the configuration comprises a deployment location for each of the first and second components, and a shared parameter of the first and second components; probing a second computer to determine if the first component is deployed, the second computer being indicated by the deployment location of the first component; retrieving the shared parameter of the first and second components from the object data store; establishing a connection from the first computer to the second computer; and transmitting from the first computer to the second computer an instruction to install the first component using the shared parameter via the connection.08-02-2012
20090144729Portable business process deployment model across different application servers - A method and apparatus for providing portability of a business process deployment model across different application servers. In one embodiment, a method may include determining which application server will be used for deploying a business process as a web application, and invoking an implementation framework of application server interfaces that corresponds to this application server. The method may further include utilizing the invoked implementation framework to obtain application server information needed for deploying the business process as a web application, and generating a web application package using the application server information.06-04-2009
20100192146DEPLOYMENT OF REMOTE PORTLETS INTO A PORTAL - A method and system for deploying remote portlet applications into a portal. The system includes a portal server in communication with a client, and including a portal which includes a portlet which receives a request from a user, via the client, to install a portlet application from a remote location, searches for a selected remote portlet application as selected by the user, and triggers an installation of the selected remote portlet application when selected for installation by the user, and a deployment application programming interface (API) which communicates with the portlet and deploys the selected remote portlet application to the portal when triggered by the portlet.07-29-2010
20100211945LICENSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, LICENSE MANAGEMENT COMPUTER, LICENSE MANAGEMENT METHOD, AND LICENSE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM EMBODIED ON COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - In order to facilitate a change of a computer into which an application program is to be installed, a license management computer stores management information, and in receipt of an installation request from an installation computer, it extracts the management information corresponding to the installation request. When there is no relevant management information, the license management computer generates and stores new management information, and permits installation of the application program to the installation computer. When the relevant management information is extracted, the license management computer compares device identification information and external device identification information included in the installation request with device identification information and external device identification information included in the extracted management information, and if at least one of the device identification information and the external device identification information matches the corresponding one, the license management computer permits installation of the application program to the installation computer.08-19-2010
20100251231DEVICE DEPENDENT ON-DEMAND COMPILING AND DEPLOYMENT OF MOBILE APPLICATIONS - To accommodate different types and versions of execution environments on mobile devices, requests for applications from a programmable device, such as a smart phone or other mobile device include status data about the characteristics of the device. Information about the display, memory, storage, and/or script engine may be forwarded with a request. At a fulfillment server, the information is evaluated so that an appropriately versioned and configured application can be custom built, or selected from a pre-built inventory of applications. This allows a user to postpone an upgrade and still receive appropriate versions of executable, optimized to the particular mobile device.09-30-2010
20110113422Programmatic Creation Of Task Sequences From Manifests - Methods, apparatuses, and systems are described for receiving, by a computer, data representing a plurality of manifests, each manifest identifying a different subset of a plurality of software components; generating, by the computer, and based on the manifests, a task sequence that indicates an order in which the plurality of software components are to be installed; and recording, by the computer, data representing the task sequence to a computer-readable medium05-12-2011
20100058328SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DIFFERENTIAL SOFTWARE PROVISIONING ON VIRTUAL MACHINES HAVING DIFFERENT CONFIGURATIONS - Embodiments relate to systems and methods for differential software provisioning on virtual machines having different configurations. A provisioning (or “cobbler”) server can interact with a local virtual machine installation client to initiate a software provisioning process to diverse sets of virtual machines. The provisioning process can entail, for example, the selection and delivery of an operating system to the diverse sets of virtual machines, as well as the installation of applications or other software. In conjunction with the provisioning process, the koan client can identify the virtual machine configuration or type for the various virtual machine sets, such as those based or hosted on a Xen virtualization type, a VMware virtualization type, or kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) type. The cobbler server can generate differentiated versions of the virtualized installations for the different types of target virtual machines, compatible with the various configurations. The supported virtual types can be extensible.03-04-2010
20090328032PROJECTING SOFTWARE AND DATA ONTO CLIENT - A software application written for a server environment is transformed into one which runs in a rich client environment. An entity model defines data sources as they are accessed from the server and as they are accessed from the clients. An application programming interface defines stereotyped interfaces which provide the same functionality on the server and the clients. A metadata model describes the components which make up the application and defines the differences in structure between the server and clients. The metadata model also defines mappings between components used on the server and clients. Settings and context information which tailor the activation and functionality of the components is also captured in the metadata model. Automated transformation is performed by using the mappings to identify the component set to use for the clients, selecting the client version of the application programming interfaces, and selecting the appropriate settings and context information.12-31-2009
20100269107METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR NOTIFYING ERROR INFORMATION IN A NETWORK - Method and application server for providing an asynchronous error notification from an application server to an application server controller in a network is provided. The method at the application server includes generating an error message when an error occurs at/during Open Service Gateway initiative (OSGi) framework runtime. The method also includes converting the error message as a Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) event. Moreover, the method includes providing the UPnP event comprising error information to the application server controller. The application server includes a receiver configured to receive a command from an application server controller to install an application in an Open Service Gateway initiative (OSGi) framework available at the application server. The application server also includes a processor configured to generate an error message when an error occurs during installation of the application in the framework and convert the error message as a Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) event. Moreover, the application server includes a transmitter configured to provide the UPnP event comprising the error information to the application server controller.10-21-2010
20100223608SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GENERATING REVERSE INSTALLATION FILE FOR NETWORK RESTORATION - Embodiments relate to systems and methods for generating a reverse installation file for network restoration. A set of managed machines, such as personal computers or servers, can be managed by a network management engine communicating with the machines via a secure channel. The network management engine can scan the managed network for kickstart, or provisioning answer files, that were used to install software to network nodes at a prior time. The network management engine can access the original kickstart file, and update that file to reflect a current state of the associated machine by inserting user-supplied updates, storage configuration updates, security credentials, and/or other data. Upon a crash or other malfunction of the associated machine, the network management platform can access the reverse kickstart file and generate a restoration of that node to a current state from the reverse kickstart data.09-02-2010
20120246636METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT FOR INSTALLING AND CONFIGURING A COMPUTER SYSTEM - Exemplary systems and methods for installing and configuring a computer include stipulating configuration rules and transmitting all programs to be installed to the memories of the computers of the computer system, selecting and executing functions which are intended to be executed by the computer system, in a sequence, and checking to determine whether a running function which is currently being executed contravenes a configuration rule.09-27-2012
20090106752AUTONOMIC APPLICATION INSTALLATION - Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to application installation and provide a method, system and computer program product for autonomic application installation. In one embodiment of the invention, an autonomic application installation method can be provided. The method can include initiating an installation of an application onto a target computing system, remotely retrieving a configuration for the target computing system previously established for other computing systems installing the application, applying the remotely retrieved configuration to the target computing system prior to installing the application onto the target computing system, and installing the application onto the target computing system.04-23-2009
20100333084SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MESSAGE-BASED INSTALLATION MANAGEMENT USING MESSAGE BUS - Embodiments relate to systems and methods for message-based installation management using a message bus. In embodiments, a deployment server or other provisioning host can be connected to a message bus with a managed network, including sets of hosts and targets, as well as a set of applications, management platform(s), and/or other resources. Those resources monitor the bus message traffic for installation events, such as the powering up, operating system provisioning, and bringing online of a set of real or virtual client machines. The set of applications or other resources listening to the message bus can detect the occurrence of an installation event, or transmit installation commands to the provisioning server. For instance, the set of applications can direct the installation of user applications or other software in dependency order. The set of applications or other resources can also initiate installations not based on detection of an in-process installation event.12-30-2010
20110055824AUTOMATIC REMOTE INSTALLATION OF A VIRTUALIZATION HOST - Techniques for automatic remote installation of a virtualization host are described herein. A logical network is configured at a management server to be associated with a network interface card (NIC) of a remote host, where the logical network is identified by a network identifier. The management server installs a software bridge within the remote host, where the software bridge is associated with a bridge identifier that is identical to the network identifier. The software bridge is configured to allow a plurality of virtual machines (VMs) hosted by the remote host to access the logical network via the NIC of the remote host.03-03-2011
20110055825IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, LICENSE PROCESSING METHOD, AND RECORDING MEDIUM EMBODIED WITH LICENSE PROCESSING PROGRAM - A disclosed image forming apparatus includes plural license communication control units receiving requests for setting license data having different license managing types, a plurality of license managing units decoding the license data and set licenses by enabling to use the license data, and a license management integrating unit selecting one of the plural license managing units in which the license corresponding the request for setting the license data is set depending on one of the plural license communication control units which receives the request for setting the license data.03-03-2011
20110214120INSTALLER AND METHOD OF INSTALLING PRINTER DRIVER - When installing an integrated type printer driver corresponding to a plurality of image processing apparatuses in an information processing apparatus, deletion of unnecessary individual printer drivers and an operation of setting various information are not required. An installer is an install program which installs the integrated type printer driver capable of executing image output from the plurality of image processing apparatuses connected to a network in the information processing apparatus. When individual printer drivers respectively controlling image output of the image processing apparatuses have been previously installed in the information processing apparatus, the installer collectively deletes the individual printer drivers of the image processing apparatuses which is able to control image output by the integrated type printer driver from the information processing apparatus at the time of installing the integrated type printer driver.09-01-2011
20100037219PREDICTIVE LOGIC FOR AUTOMATIC WEB FORM COMPLETION - A method, system, and computer program product for autonomously completing a web form based on preferences and conditions established by a user. A predictive logic autonomously completes a web form by determining a requested data type of one or more form objects in the web form. The predictive logic determines a form preference corresponding to an identifier of a selected form object and selects or inserts data of the form preference into the form object. The form preference may be predefined by a user and stored within a form preference database which contains data selections and/or insertions for specific form objects for web forms. The form preference may also specify conditions for triggering events or actions of a web browser. The predictive logic monitors user insertions of a web form and prompts a user to define additional form preferences.02-11-2010
20110099547APPROACHES FOR INSTALLING SOFTWARE USING BIOS - Approaches for installing software, configuration changes, or content on a machine using BIOS residing thereon. BIOS executing on a client contains an injector module, which is a component detects whether a bootstrap program is installed on the client, and, barring a valid reason for the absence of the bootstrap program, installs the bootstrap program on the client. The bootstrap program is a software program, stored by the operating system of the client, which determines whether an OS component program is installed and executing on the client, and, barring a valid reason for the absence of the OS component program, installs the OS component program on the client. The OS component program monitors the actions of the user of the client to ascertain whether any legitimate changes have been made to the software programs installed thereon and installs any additional desired software, configuration changes, or content on the client.04-28-2011
20110061046Installing Software Applications in a Layered Virtual Workspace - A virtual workspace can include an active instance of a layered virtual file system namespace. A layered virtual file system namespace is referred to by the virtual workspace and includes a collection of system data (e.g. layered virtual file system base layer), user data (e.g. layered virtual file system user layer), and virtualized applications (e.g. virtual app layer), metadata and policies (e.g. layered virtual file system layer scope). Because a virtual workspace can include software such as an operating system and one or more applications in addition to user data, a virtual workspace can be aligned with a namespace so that an operating system of the virtual workspace may be located at a “base layer”, one or more applications executing on the operating system may be located at an upper “virtual app” layer, and user data in a virtual workspace may be found at any layer at or above the user layer.03-10-2011
20100070969Automatic Detection And Installation Of Client Peripheral Devices By A Server - A server-client system is configured to automatically detect and install peripheral devices, such as printers, scanners, etc. that are attached to a client. The server is configured to detect the peripheral device and install a driver that is compatible with the peripheral device. The I/O queue created for the peripheral device is redirected to the port to which the peripheral device is connected.03-18-2010
20100058327METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR PROVIDING CUSTOMIZED ACTIONS RELATED TO SOFTWARE PROVISIONING - A provisioning server can be configured to determine software provisioning processes to be performed on one or more target machines. The software provisioning processes can include one or more customized actions to be taken before, during, or after the software provisioning processes, upon the occurrence of a particular event. The customized actions can be performed by the provisioning server, the target machines, provisioning clients assisting the provisioning, or by the software being provisioned.03-04-2010
20090282402MULTI-COMPONENT SOFTWARE APPLICATION INSTALLATION FACILITY - A method is presented for installing a software application on a data processing system that may include multiple data processing entities. The software application may include multiple components for installation on one or more of the entities. The method may include providing input information for each of the components designated for installation. Each component may then be installed according to its corresponding input information, and output information corresponding to each component may be generated. This output information may be provided to one or more data processing entities identified for installation of a subsequent component. The input information corresponding to the subsequent component may be at least partially determined from this output information.11-12-2009
20080320469METHOD OF RECEIVING/TRANSMITTING EVENT MESSAGE, CONTROLLED DEVICE, AND CONTROL POINT - A selective event message receiving method is provided, in which an application is installed in a controlled device (CD) by using a network, a start message which includes a parameter specifying at least one service included in the application and requests a start of the application is transmitted to the CD, and an event message that represents a state change of the at least one service specified by the parameter is received from the CD. Accordingly, the application can be efficiently managed by selectively recognizing state changes of some services of interest from among the services included in the application.12-25-2008
20110161954Image forming apparatus operating based on framework capable of sharing function among a plurality of bundles and method of installing bundle in image forming apparatus - Provided is a method of installing a bundle in an image forming apparatus operating based on a framework capable of sharing a function among a plurality of bundles. The method includes extracting related information between the bundle and another bundle from an XML file of any one bundle; and adding the extracted related information to a file including information of the bundle.06-30-2011
20110161953METHOD FOR OPERATING A HOSPITAL INFORMATION SYSTEM - A method for operating a hospital information system, including a plurality of computer machines interconnected in a network, is provided that keeps data and configurations globally consistent during installation, upgrade or update of the system or its subsystems, and ensures the ability of the distributed subsystems to cooperate on a single machine as well as between several machines without the need to execute the software manipulations on all machines at the same time. To this end, at least one embodiment of the method includes providing a installing module on one of the computer machines; extracting the software data from the installing module and writing the software data to a hard disk of the one computer machine; providing a set of software manipulation operations; choosing a number of software manipulation operations from the set based on the software data extracted from the installing module and executing the number of software manipulation operations on the one computer machine.06-30-2011
20120311561DISPLAY APPARATUS AND IMPLEMENTATION METHOD THEREOF - A display apparatus includes: a communication unit which communicates with a service providing apparatus providing at least one service and an external server storing information used to implement the at least one service; and a controller which receives the information used to implement the at least one service corresponding to unique information about the service providing apparatus from the external server, installs the at least one service based on the received information used to implement the at least one service, and executes the installed at least one service in a preset condition when the unique information about the service providing apparatus is received through the communication unit.12-06-2012
20100325626SERVING SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS FROM SERVERS TO CLIENT COMPUTERS - An application serving system is disclosed that comprises a target client computer that connects to a server system and subscribing institution host Web Server, over a network. Both the client computer Web server and server system implement a network protocol layer to communicate across the network. In a preferred embodiment, network is the Internet, or other public or private network, and the network protocol layers are implemented on top of TCP/IP or UDP/IP. Other network configurations and network protocols layers, however, could be implemented in place or in addition to the Internet such as wireless CDPD, GPRS, or other networks. The target, client computer is preferably a PC.12-23-2010
20100325625MANAGING ELECTRONIC DEVICES WITH DIFFERENT TYPES OF DEVICE LOCATION LIMITED DEVICE MANAGEMENT CLIENTS - Various embodiments pertain to managing electronic devices with different types of device location limited device management clients. According to one embodiment, first information describing first device capabilities 12-23-2010
20100325624Method and System for Application Portability - A method of deploying applications in an application deployment environment comprising a plurality of servers is provided that includes selecting an application for deployment on a first server in the plurality of servers, and activating an application configuration engine provided by a central deployment repository, wherein the application configuration engine instantiates the application on the first server based on configuration information for the application stored in the central deployment repository.12-23-2010
20110265080DYNAMIC RETRIEVAL OF INSTALLATION PACKAGES WHEN INSTALLING SOFTWARE - A method and apparatus for dynamic retrieval of installation packages when installing software is described herein. In one embodiment, a process can be provided to determine a specific installation package to be installed for software having one or more packages to be installed. A repository can be automatically identified from a plurality of repositories from which to obtain the specific installation package, based on priority criteria. The priority criteria can be based on dynamically changing parameters. The specific installation package can be obtained from the identified repository.10-27-2011
20090300601METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR PROVIDING A HOSTED APPLIANCE AND MIGRATING THE APPLIANCE TO AN ON-PREMISE ENVIRONMENT - An appliance support module can be configured to build software appliances for use in a hosted environment. The appliance support module can be configured to build the hosted appliances based on a request by a user for the hosted appliances. The appliance support module can be configured to receive a request to migrate the hosted appliances to an on-premise system. To migrate the hosted appliance, the appliance support module can be configured to convert the hosted appliances into a format capable of being supported by the on-premise systems.12-03-2009
20110307883Web Application Pinning Including Task Bar Pinning - Various embodiments provide a mechanism to allow end users to install web applications and websites onto their desktop. In accordance with one or more embodiments, client-side code can be utilized to allow developers associated with a website to define boundaries associated with user interaction, and have those boundaries enforced by a run-time engine. In at least some embodiments, developers can provide, through JavaScript code and/or HTML markup, various configurations for the creation of a start menu shortcut, navigation, and so-called jumplist integration.12-15-2011
20120072904METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FACILITATING CREATION OF A NETWORK INTERFACE - A method and apparatus for efficient wireless interface installation is disclosed. In one embodiment, a method for installing a first interface driver and a second interface driver is disclosed. The method comprises iterating a first interface driver installation process until at least one of success or a predetermined number of failures, if the first interface driver installation process is successful, iterating a second interface driver installation process until at least one of success or another predetermined number of failures, and generating an interface for communications between the first interface driver and the second interface driver, if the second interface driver installation process is successful.03-22-2012
20120254856SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PLUG AND PLAY BETWEEN HOST AND CLIENT - A system, method, and computer program product are provided for plug and play between a host and client. The system includes a client device configured to be communicatively connected to a host device, the client device including at least a portion of memory configured to store computer code for allowing the host device to identify and control the client device. Additionally, the client device is configured such that the host device is not required to have pre-installed the computer code for allowing the host device to identify and control the client device, prior to being communicatively connected to the client device, and the client device is further configured such that when the client device is communicatively connected to the host device, the client device is configured to transfer the computer code for allowing the host device to identify and control the client device to the host device for installation.10-04-2012
20110107327ASSISTING SERVER MIGRATION - The present invention describes a method and system for preparing a migration and consolidation of at least one source application to be migrated to or consolidated in at least one heterogeneous server device. A computing system selects at least one prospective target platform component based on an evaluation of at least one source platform component, a requirement of the at least one source application, and a compatibility and an affinity of the at least one prospective target platform component. The computing system collects first metadata of the at least one source platform component and the at least one prospective target platform component. The computing system collects second metadata associated with the migration and consolidation. The computing system groups the first metadata and the second metadata into a RFM (Request For Migration). The computing system prepares and configures a final target platform in accordance with the RFM.05-05-2011
20120260246SOFTWARE APPLICATION INSTALLATION - Systems, methods and computer program products may provide software installation on a computer in a computer system. A software installation method may include installing at a server in a computer system a first files package including computer program files for a first software application, the computer system including at least a first computer installed with a first configuration package, the first configuration package including files necessary to configure and register the first software application, receiving a request at the server from the first computer for access to the first files package, and making the first files package available for use by the first computer.10-11-2012
20120084771Communication Device and Management Method - A communication device includes a communication module, an installation module and an storage module. The communication module is configured to communicate with an external device based on a certain communication protocol. The installation module is configured to install a first application that performs communication using the communication module. The storage module is configured to store first information about the certain communication protocol and second information about the first application in a storage medium while associating the first information and the second information with each other when the first application is installed.04-05-2012
20120227035CROSS PLATFORM SERVICE NOTIFICATION - One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for notifying a user of availability of a service on a user's first platform (e.g., cell phone) where the user may have already used the service (or a variation thereof) on a second platform (e.g., laptop computer). In this manner, a user can be made aware of the availability of the service when using the first platform (e.g., cell phone) without having to search for (a version of) the service for the first platform, where the user may merely be aware of (a version of) the service for the second platform (e.g., laptop).09-06-2012
20090019435SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR OVER THE AIR PROGRAMMING - A method for programming computer code at a remote platform having a local computer. A home device sends a computer code to the local computer via wireless transmission wherein the computer code is stored within an alternate area of a flash memory. Once a complete copy of the computer code is recognized at the local computer the integrity of the computer code is checked and if proper, a new boot address is assigned at the local computer. At this time the local computer is rebooted such that when the computer restarts the alternate computer code is used thus effectively updating the computer software.01-15-2009
20130174142RECONFIGURATION OF COMPUTER SYSTEM TO ALLOW APPLICATION INSTALLATION - A method and apparatus for installing an application on a computer are disclosed. Following receipt of a request to install an application, a software state, comprising the new application and several of the applications installed on the computer, is derived. Then, the method determines whether the software state can be implemented on the computer. If the software state cannot be implemented on the computer, then the method derives another software state. This is repeated until the derived software state can be implemented on the computer system, or until determining that no software state exists which can be implemented on the computer system.07-04-2013
20110131567System and method for an application distribution and metrics system enabling the integration of distrubuted applications into host applications and the monetizing of distributed applications - The present invention comprises an application distribution and metrics system as well as an application monetizing system (ADMS). The ADMS incorporates a cross-platform application distribution system and a usage-based and ad-based monetizing system which allows for fine-tuned usage-based pricing schemes to be created based on system-defined metrics and developer-defined metrics, seamless integration of ad-based monetizing, third party participation in monetizing efforts, and a flexible revenue allocation process.06-02-2011
20120278797METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR PACKAGING ENCAPSULATED OPERATING SYSTEM AND CUSTOM SOFTWARE FOR SINGLE STREAM MULTI-SYSTEM INSTALLATION - Certain examples provide a clinical information system software system. The example system includes a decomposer to decompose system functions included in a system concept into a plurality of individual functional components. The example system includes a design process to transform the plurality of functional components into a series of input files that include definitions to describe components forming a clinical information system configuration for installation. The example system includes a product generator to combine the information in the series of input files into a single software artifact including information and functionality to bootstrap and load a machine node and make the software artifact available to a target site for execution and installation.11-01-2012
20120331458Comparing system engram with product engram to determine compatibility of product with system - A system engram encoding an existing configuration of a target system is received. The existing configuration includes one or more of hardware and software of the target system. The system engram is originally acquired by a first processing device and is received by a second processing device. The second processing device compares the system engram with a product engram encoding a required configuration of the target system for a product to be compatibly installed in relation to the target system. The required configuration includes one or more of required hardware and required software within the target system for the product to be compatibly installed in relation to the target system. The second processing device can output, as compatibility information of the product with the target system, results of comparison of the system engram with the product engram.12-27-2012
20110283275SERVER DEVICE AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM - A server device, which provides a client device with a driver package including a core module of a driver, includes a storage unit for storing the core module, function modules, and a rule file defining packaging conditions for the function modules; a receiving unit for receiving, from the client device, a request specifying function modules; a determining unit for determining function modules to be included in the driver package from the stored function modules, based on the specified function modules and the rule file; a creating unit for creating an install scenario that specifies a method for installing the function modules when the driver package is installed in the client device, wherein the install scenario is created based on the determined function modules and the rule file; and a package generating unit for generating the driver package including the core module, the determined function modules, and the created install scenario.11-17-2011
20120102485Runtime Extensions - Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, provide a technique for supporting native program code extensions for managed code environments. In one aspect, a method includes the actions of: obtaining a package of information defining an extension to an application program interface of a runtime, the package of information including native program code and descriptors that identify different computing platforms supported by the extension; obtaining a declaration of a target computing platform for an application program that employs the extension; comparing the declaration of the target computing platform for the application program with the descriptors that identify the different computing platforms supported by the extension; if the target computing platform is supported by the extension, generating an installable package for the application program; and if the target computing platform is not supported by the extension, providing a notification corresponding thereto.04-26-2012
20120102484INSTALLING SOFTWARE REMOTELY USING A HIGH PRIVILEGE PROCESS - Software that would not normally be able to be installed on a machine through a remote process is installed by a high privilege installer running on the machine. A request is received from a remote machine to install software on the machine using the high privilege installer. The high privilege installer determines when software that was requested remotely is to be installed. For example, the high privilege installer may monitor an install queue for software to be installed. When there are entries in the install queue, the high privilege installer is used to install the software. When there are no entries in the install queue, the high privilege installer may sleep until there is more software that is identified to be installed.04-26-2012
20120291022GENERATING APPLICATION RECOMMENDATIONS BASED ON USER INSTALLED APPLICATIONS - Methods, systems and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for receiving an application installation log, the application installation log including per-user installation data indicating when each of a plurality of applications available through an application marketplace was installed on a plurality of computing devices, determining an overall score corresponding to a first application and a second application, the score indicating a degree of overlap in installation periods of the first application and the second application on the plurality of computing devices, determining that the overall score is greater than or equal to a threshold score, generating an index, the index associating the second application as an application of interest in view of the first application, and storing the index in computer-readable memory.11-15-2012
20130014100NON-TRANSITORY COMPUTER READABLE INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM, LOG COUNTING APPARATUS AND PACKAGE CREATION METHOD - A log counting program causes a computer to function as a log counting apparatus, and function as a log collection part collecting log information from a client apparatus in which an installer package operates; and a log counting part carrying out counting concerning the collected log information. The installer package causes the client apparatus to function as one or more installers for installing software; a log obtaining part obtaining logs that are output by the one or more installers and system information of the client apparatus; and a log transmission part transmitting log information including the logs and the system information to the log counting apparatus according to a setting in the installer package. The log counting part uses the system information and counts events concerning the installation while distinguishing an execution environment of the client apparatus.01-10-2013
20100131943METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR OPTIMIZING APPLICATION DEPLOYMENT IN OPEN SERVICE GATEWAY INITIATIVE FRAMEWORK - Systems and methods for optimizing application deployment in an open service gateway initiative framework. A method includes receiving a check dependency message from an electronic device, checking for dependency on the open service gateway initiative framework, and generating a resolve status. The application is deployed based on the resolve status, and a command response is generated based on the deployment, and the transmitted to the electronic device.05-27-2010
20100131942SUITE-BASED INTEGRATION AND DEPLOYMENT OF BUSINESS PRODUCTS - Architecture having a single (or workbench) application via which a user can select and integrate products for deployment to machines. The user can interact with the workbench application to define an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, for example. Products are added to the workbench where the user has the option to configure product settings. Product dependencies are automatically resolved such that settings previously input and that apply as passed to subsequent products. The user then maps these product settings into roles which are assigned to individual machines. The workbench then determines and ultimately queues up the actual deployment tasks which need to occur on individual machines to configure each machine to match its associated role(s). The user can then select which tasks (or all) to execute at which point the workbench invokes remote configuration of said machines. Live progress and logging information is returned through the workbench.05-27-2010
20080244565Dynamic software installation and configuration - A setup workflow may be defined in a complex workflow manner that may have branching, error compensation, and relationships defined between a software product to be installed and previously installed or future products that may be installed. As a setup workflow operates, a remote device may be contacted for an updated setup step that may also include relationship definitions between the new setup step and other steps or installed components. The new step may be for a remotely provided service that may be used in lieu of a locally installed product. The setup workflow may include dependencies and coordinate setup workflows across multiple devices.10-02-2008
20080222630Customer relationship management portal system and method - A software-based customer relationship management system and method.09-11-2008
20120096454APPLICATION SERVICE PROVIDER DELIVERY SYSTEM - In one embodiment, a display engine and one or more data files are determined. They are then sent to a website provider's network. The display engine and data are used to provide ASP functionality without contacting the ASP network for every user request. So even if the ASP network is not available, the ASP functionality provided by the display engine and data is always accessible to the website provider. For example, the website provider's network may provide the ASP functionality by displaying data in one or more data files at a user's display device. This is performed without relying on the availability of the ASP network.04-19-2012
20130179874SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING AN ENTERPRISE DEPLOYMENT TOPOLOGY WITH THICK CLIENT FUNCTIONALITY - In accordance with an embodiment, one or more software application products, such as Oracle Fusion Applications, can be installed and/or configured according to an integration and deployment design/blueprint that is built or optimized for use within a multi-tiered deployment topology at an organization's (i.e., customer's) data center. Based on the customer site topology, provisioning of the software applications can be optimized; and application life cycle operations performed. This enables each product to be aware of the topology, which in turn provides customers with an “out-of-the-box” solution. The topology can also be optimized for security, performance and simplicity. In accordance with an embodiment, the deployment topology can include thick client functionality.07-11-2013
20130179875SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR ESTABLISHING A COMMUNICATION LINK BETWEEN NETWORK END USERS - A method of customizing information that is displayed on a computer via a communication portal may include providing first and second computer program products executable on a computer. The computer program products prompt an end user to install the first computer program product and to enter user-specific information that is received by the second computer program product. A display portal is opened that displays information responsive to the user specific information entered.07-11-2013
20130139147SYSTEM FOR PERFORMING REMOTE SERVICES FOR A TECHNICAL INSTALLATION - A system is provided for performing remote services for a technical installation comprising a first remote service system having a first tunnel connection for transmitting data between a first device at a distance from the installation and a first device internal to the installation, and a second remote service system having a second tunnel connection for transmitting data between a second device at a distance from the installation and a second device internal to the installation, wherein the second tunnel connection runs through the first tunnel connection. Performing a plurality of remote services in an installation can thereby be enabled at a high level of IT security and a high level of operational reliability of the installation, wherein the administrative effort on the part of the installation operator call be kept small.05-30-2013
20130097596SELECTIVE NOTIFICATION OF NATIVE APPLICATIONS - Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for providing selective notifications. In one aspect, a method includes receiving code for a web application, the code including a reference to a native application equivalent to the web application, and determining whether to display a notification regarding the native application equivalent to the web application, then selectively displaying the notification regarding the native application equivalent to the web application based on the determination.04-18-2013
20130104123IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR MANAGING THE IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, AND INFORMATION PROVIDING METHOD OF THE IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - An image forming apparatus is provided. The image forming apparatus includes a network interface unit which is connected to a host device in which a manager program is stored, a printing unit which performs a printing job, a storage unit which stores a management information base (MIB), and an agent program, and a control unit which communicates with the host device using a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). If an application is newly installed, the control unit updates the MIB. Therefore, it is possible to easily add, modify, or delete a management object (MO).04-25-2013
20130104122ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS AND MANAGEMENT METHODS USING THE SAME - Management methods for use in an electronic system having electronic devices and a host device in a daisy-chain configuration are provided. The Management method includes determining that the electronic system has a first connected combination when detecting that first electronic device and second electronic device have been connected with the host device; searching for a first set of software that are suitable for a combination of the first and second electronic devices according to the first connected combination; and installing or activating the first set of software that are suitable for a combination of the first and second electronic devices.04-25-2013
20130132942APPLICATION SOFTWARE INSTALLATION METHOD AND APPLICATION SOFTWARE INSTALLATION APPARATUS - An application software installation method and an application software installation apparatus are used to solve problems of operation complexity and high implementation difficulty in an existing installation process of application software. The method includes: mounting mirror data of a virtual machine, and mapping the mirror data as one virtual disk in a local file system; updating a registry file in a virtual disk according to registry change record data in an application software package; and updating a file structure in the virtual disk according to the file change record data and the file in the application software package, thereby implementing installation of the application software in the virtual machine. In the process of installing the application software, a user of the virtual machine does not need to perform complex operations, thereby reducing software installation difficulty.05-23-2013
20130132941MANAGEMENT OF MOBILE APPLICATIONS - In particular implementations, a mobile device management system allows network administrators to control the distribution and publication of applications to mobile device users in an enterprise network.05-23-2013
20130145361DISCOVERING AND INSTALLING WEB APPLICATION PLUGINS - A method for discovering and installing web application plugins is disclosed. In one embodiment, such a method includes initiating a client-side component of a server-based web application. The client side-component hosts a first document. The method opens an inline frame, such as an IFrame or Web Worker, within the first document that hosts a second document. The method uses cross-document messaging to communicate, from the second document to the first document, metadata describing a plugin's capabilities and metadata describing an API to access the plugin's capabilities via cross-document messaging. The method utilizes the capabilities of the plugin using cross-document messaging in accordance with the API. A corresponding system and computer program product are also disclosed.06-06-2013
20100287546PROGRAM INSTALLING METHOD, NETWORK SYSTEM, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM STORED MEDIUM - A program installing method is provided which installs a program for controlling an operation of one of a first apparatus and a second apparatus connected through a local network into an information processing apparatus which communicates with the first apparatus and the second apparatus through a different, global network. The method inquires of the first apparatus having an address designated by a user as a control target by the program about whether or not the address is correct from the information processing apparatus. The method then discriminates whether or not a program to be installed can control the first apparatus in response to the inquiry. If it is discriminated that the program cannot control the first apparatus, the method notifies that the designated address is wrong based on information indicative of a discrimination result.11-11-2010
20130152073SCRIPT GENERATION ENGINE - The present invention is an installation script generation engine. An application component distribution system can include a repository of semantic models for interdependent ones of application components. A mapping of individual listings in the semantic models to target platform specific installation instructions further can be included. Finally, a script generation engine can be configured to produce a target specific set of instructions for a specified application component based upon a mapping of at least one of the semantic models in the repository. Notably, each of the semantic models can include a listing of component relationships, target platform requirements and platform neutral installation instructions. Moreover, the component relationships can include at least one component relationship selected from the group consisting of a containment relationship, a usage relationship, a contradiction relationship, and an equivalence relationship. Finally, a Web services interface to the repository can be configured to permit remote access to the repository.06-13-2013
20100306762METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AUTOMATIC LOADING OF APPLICATIONS - An approach is provided for automatic loading of applications, including receiving user identification corresponding to a device. Data is also received, which indicates a set of one or more relevant applications that are a subset of multiple available applications. The set is automatically selected based on the user identification and an application favored by a contact associated with the user. Installation is initiated of an application of the selected set within the device. In some embodiments, access is provided to a social service via a network. The social service includes data that indicates multiple users, contacts among the users, and applications favored by the users. Access is also provided to receive at the social service a request message indicating user identification for a first user at a first network node. A message indicating a relevant application based on an application favored by a contact of the first user is transmitting to the first network node.12-02-2010
20100318987BOOTSTRAPPING STREAMED AND VIRTUALIZED APPLICATIONS - Technologies are described herein for bootstrapping streamed and virtualized applications from a network. Bootstrapping features may be deployed entirely over hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) or other file download, or file transfer, mechanisms. A bootstrap loader, or bootstrapper, may provide the user interface (UI) elements during launch of an application from a network. Prerequisites, system requirements, languages, and localization for the application may be supported. Consistent UI elements may be presented starting with the bootstrapper through to the streaming and initial execution of the application. Consistent UI elements and rapid streamed downloading can provide a user with a boot-like user experience even for an online click-to-run application being streamed from a network.12-16-2010
20100318986USING SOFTWARE STATE TRACKING INFORMATION TO ENACT GRANULAR UPDATE ROLLBACK - Embodiments of the invention provide the ability to determine whether a particular application may be safely added to a client computing device. Further, embodiments of the invention also allow for performing a rollback operation on clients experiencing a decrease of performance due to an addition of new software. For example, after a client updates to a new piece of software, a server may monitor the performance of the first client by analyzing a plurality of updates received from the first client. Each update may include a performance indicator. Using the updates, the server may detect a decrease in the performance of the first client. Upon detecting the decrease in the performance, the server may initiate a rollback to a previous state on the first client.12-16-2010
20130185714INSTALLING SOFTWARE ONTO A CLIENT THROUGH A NETWORK, AND CORRESPONDING CLIENT - The present invention relates to a method and system for installing software onto a client in the NIM environment and corresponding client. Said method includes: initializing said client, wherein a virtual mapping device associated with a memory driver of the client is created, the virtual mapping device for scheduling between the client's memory driver and the remote NIM server with respect to the I/O operation for running the software so as to direct the I/O operation for running said software to the client's memory driver or the remote NIM server; running said software on the client; acquiring the resources desired for running software; and conducting data migration operation from the NIM server to the client while running said software, wherein the migrated data is the resource data obtained from NIM server and desired for installing said software; and the software installation being completed when all the data desired for installing said software are migrated to the memory driver of the client. It is unnecessary for the present invention to copy all the installation images to the local client before installing software, therefore time delay of installing OSs or application programs can be shortened or even eliminated.07-18-2013

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