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Including distribution of software (e.g., push-down, pull-down)

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717 - Data processing: software development, installation, and management


717171000 - Network

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717173000 Including downloading 225
20090204957VIRTUAL COMPUTER SERVER APPARATUS, AND UPDATE IMAGE DETECTION METHOD - A virtual computer server apparatus includes an image information memory to store image information upon dividing into pages, the page being a memory of a predetermined size, an update unit configured to update the image information stored in the image information memory in accordance with operation of the application program, an update page detection unit configured to detect an update page from the pages storing image information transmitted to the terminal and displayed by the terminal as a display area, an update image detection unit configured to detect the image information updated by the update unit from image information in the update page before updated and image information in the update page after updated.08-13-2009
20110191764SYSTEMS, METHODS, AND APPARATUSES FOR FACILITATING DISTRIBUTION OF FIRMWARE UPDATES - Methods, apparatuses, and systems are provided for facilitating distribution of firmware updates. A method may include receiving a bundled firmware update package. The bundled firmware update package may include a plurality of firmware update packages. The method may further include extracting a firmware update package from the bundled firmware update package. The method may additionally include using the extracted firmware update package to update firmware installed on an apparatus. Corresponding apparatuses and systems are also provided.08-04-2011
20080256528SOFTWARE REPLACEMENT IN A STREAM PROCESSING SYSTEM - The invention concerns a method for replacing software of a stream processing system like a media gateway with redundancy comprising the steps of loading an upgrade of the software, or a part of the software, while the current release is running and integrating and activating the upgrade, such that the running upgrade takes over the functionality, where a redundancy sub-system for an operational sub-system, which should be upgraded, is reconfigured to an independent sub-system and the upgrade is loaded on the independent system, while the operational sub-system remains fully operational. The invention also concerns a respective stream processing system and a computer software product.10-16-2008
20120246631SERVER FOR SENDING NEW APPLICATION PORTIONS TO MOBILE WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS DEVICES AND RELATED METHODS - A communications system is to communicate with an application server storing a plurality of applications. The communications system includes a mobile wireless communications device configured to store at least one application from among the plurality of applications, the at least one application having stored version information associated therewith. An intermediate server is configured to update the mobile wireless communications device by at least obtaining respective current version information for associated current versions of the plurality of applications and obtaining the stored application version information from the mobile wireless communications device for the at least one stored application. The stored application version information is compared with the current version information for the at least one stored application. New application portions are downloaded from a current application associated with the current version information, and the new application portions are sent to the mobile wireless communications device.09-27-2012
20130081009Streaming from a Media Device - A technique for streaming from a media device involves enabling a local device to function as a streaming server. An example of a method according to the technique includes inserting a removable storage device that includes programs associated with a streaming application, running one or more of the programs, ensuring that a streaming software player is installed, and executing a streaming-related activity associated with the streaming application. An example of a system according to the technique includes a means for providing a streaming application that expects content to be found on a media drive, a means for intercepting requests for content expected to be found on the media drive, and a means for honoring the requests with content from a different media location.03-28-2013
20130036413METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR BUG-FIX NOTIFICATIONS - A customer initiates a customer support request indicating that a bug exists in an particular application. An internal bug-fix tracking system includes a case status server that receives a notification event indicating that the bug has been fixed in an updated software release. The associated customer support request is then updated to reflect the bug fix, triggering a notification e-mail that is automatically and directly sent to the customer.02-07-2013
20090158269SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION BASED ON ENTITLEMENT RECORDS - Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to software license management and provide a method, system and computer program product for authorizing customer managed software installation. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for authorizing customer managed software installation based on entitlement records can be provided. The method can include in response to a request to transfer a registered software product from an existing platform to a new platform, validating both an entitlement record and also a maintenance record for the registered software product and transferring the registered software product to the new platform only if both the entitlement record and the maintenance record validate.06-18-2009
20130047146METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SOCIALLY AWARE APPLICATIONS AND APPLICATION STORES - An approach is provided for social networking-based item installation. A social network platform receives a request from at least one device, a service, or a combination to initiate an installation of at least one item. The platform processes and/or facilitates a processing of information associated with the at least one device, the request, or a combination thereof to determine at least one other device. The service platform then determines to cause, at least in part, an initiation of the installation of the at least one item at the at least one device, the at least one other device, or a combination thereof.02-21-2013
20090307682Techniques for Acquiring Updates for Application Programs - Improved approaches for submission, management and/or distribution of updates to digital products, such as application programs (software programs), with respect to an online product distribution site are disclosed. Updates to numerous digital products can be centrally managed in a uniform and computer-assisted manner so that updates can be efficiently distributed to appropriate users.12-10-2009
20120192173SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR UPDATING SOFTWARE IN ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A system and method for communicating with one or more software-controlled devices.07-26-2012
20090031295Method and System for Customizing a Software Application - The technique introduced here includes a uniform customization system, which can support the customization of multiple software applications simultaneously. Customization data of a software application can be developed separately from the development of the application. The customization data is then stored, via the uniform customization system, into a customization storage. When the software application is executed, the software application retrieves, from the storage, the values of the customization data via the uniform customization system. The uniform customization system outputs the retrieved customization data indicating the current working context of a user, which may be used by the user to locate customization options in a customization user interface of the software application, for customizing functions performed in the current working context.01-29-2009
20130067453METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR OBTAINING A DYNAMIC UPDATE IN INSTANT MESSAGING SOFTWARE AND COMPUTER STORAGE MEDIUM THEREFOR - A method, system and a non-transitory computer storage medium for obtaining a dynamic update in instant messaging software. The method includes obtaining update manner modification parameters and real-time user interaction data; generating a corresponding update manner according to the update manner modification parameters and the real-time user interaction data; and obtaining corresponding updated information according to the update manner. With the above-mentioned steps, according to the habit of a user, the update manner of the dynamic modification allows the updated information to be obtained in a timely manner and reduce the pressure on bandwidth. It results in a balance between the bandwidth cost and the timeliness, which greatly saves the network bandwidth and improves the experience of user.03-14-2013
20130067452MANAGEMENT SERVER, HOST DEVICE, AND APPLICATION MANAGEMENT METHOD - An application management method, computer-readable medium, server, and host device are provided. The application management method includes receiving policy information including a management policy for an application used by a host device from the management server, receiving an installation program for the application based on the policy information, and installing the installation program in the host device based on the policy information.03-14-2013
20130067451APPLICATION DEPLOYMENT AND REGISTRATION IN A MULTI-USER SYSTEM - Embodiments are directed to efficiently provisioning applications in a multi-user environment. In one scenario, an administrator computer system pre-installs at least a portion of a software application on a data image, where the software application is to be installed on a client computer system upon receiving a notification from a computer administrator. The administrator computer system receives an input from the computer administrator indicating that a specified software application pre-installed on the client computer system's data image is to be installed on the client computer system. The administrator computer system then publishes a notification to the client computer system indicating that a specified software application pre-installed on the client computer system's data image is to be installed. Upon receiving the notification, the software application is installed on the client computer system from the data image.03-14-2013
20090235245Software Management System and Method - A software maintenance system for managing a software distribution system for distributing a software package to one or more target machines is described. The software distribution system comprises a plurality of software distribution parts. At least one of the software distribution parts is provided at each target machine for receiving the software package. The software management system comprises a software maintenance server for receiving a software package for updating one or more target machines and at least one software maintenance unit for each software distribution part. The software maintenance server is configured to: define at least target machines for download of the software package and provide the software package to the software distribution system. Each software maintenance unit for each software distribution part is for acting as an interface between the software maintenance server and each software distribution part. Each software maintenance unit is configured to control the respective software distribution part to achieve distribution of the software package to each target machine via the respective software distribution part.09-17-2009
20130167133METHOD, TERMINAL AND SYSTEM FOR UPGRADING SOFTWARE VERSION - The present invention discloses a method for upgrading a software version, which is applied to a mobile terminal, and the method comprises: a mobile terminal receiving a losslessly-compressed update file of a software version, and decompressing and restoring the update file; and the mobile terminal performing writing operation after the update file is decompressed and restored. The present invention further provides a mobile terminal and a system based on the method. Through the present solution, the update file of the software version of the mobile terminal is losslessly compressed by a lossless compression algorithm to solve the problems of very long downloading time and low downloading direct through rate in the related arts where the update file of the software version is directly downloaded and upgraded, therefore, the data transmission volume is reduced, the upgrade time of the mobile terminal is effectively reduced, and the mobile terminal can complete the upgrade process fast and securely, thus the upgrading and downloading efficiency is improved.06-27-2013
20080295091Broadcast download system via broadband power line communication11-27-2008
20110219366SYSTEM AND METHOD OF ADVERTISING FOR USE ON INTERNET AND/OR DIGITAL NETWORKING CAPABLE DEVICES - A system and method of advertising for use on an internet and/or digital networking capable device, wherein the system allows advertisers to use a loading space generated during the initiation of a process on the device to post any media and/or advertising content during the time between when a program or web page is requested and when it actually loads.09-08-2011
20090150878Method and system for updating the software of multiple network nodes - A method and system for updating a group of network nodes, such as a group of MFPs, with replacement software in a manner that improves network performance and the predictability of a completion time for installation of the replacement software involves throttling distribution of a software update package to avoid resource oversubscription while time-bounding distribution so that installation of the software update on all of the network nodes can be completed by a certain time and, in some embodiments, further involves determining a start time for distribution of the software update package based at least in part on a scheduled installation time selected by a network administrator, which provides a high degree of confidence that installation of the software update across the entire group of network nodes will be completed around a scheduled time (e.g. during “off hours”) notwithstanding the staggered distribution of the software update package.06-11-2009
20130219380Time Shift Configuration Management for Software Product Installation - Systems, methods and computer program products for providing software product configuration management through a time shift responsive to software product installation content, user inputs, and software product applicability rules are disclosed. A configuration engines may be loaded on a computing device, which access installation product content related to the software product via one or more data stores. The configuration engine detects the initial configuration state of the software product and accepts a user input identifying a desired final configuration state of the software product. The configuration engine applies at least one applicability rule to determine whether the installation product content needs to be acquired from the data store to achieve the desired final configuration state. The configuration engine modifies the software product from the initial configuration state to the desired final configuration state in a succinct and efficient manner without causing inoperability of the software product.08-22-2013
20110209140AUTOMATED DEPLOYMENT AND SERVICING OF DISTRIBUTED APPLICATIONS - Deployment and servicing tasks associated with multi-tier, distributed applications, application environments and data centers are automated so that a person does not have to manually perform these tasks. All of the information describing and defining the distributed service is modeled and stored in a re-useable service template that can be used to drive an automated system to programmatically deploy and manage the service over time. Deployment and servicing of a distributed application can be automated using re-useable models that capture hardware and workload definitions. The re-useable models in the form of service templates enable delta-based servicing of the application. The service can be deployed to one or more physical machines, one or more virtual machines or to a combination thereof. A default deployment plan can be customized with instance-specific customizations of service parameters.08-25-2011
20090138869METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR STORING AND TRANSMITTING HISTORICAL CONFIGURATION DATA ASSOCIATED WITH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ASSETS - Methods and apparatus for storing and transmitting historical configuration data associated with information technology assets are disclosed. The system reads and stores a first version of data with a timestamp. The system then performs a local update by reading a second version of data with a timestamp, replacing the first set of data and timestamp, and storing the changes between the first and second versions of data. The system also may receive update requests from a remote location for the latest version of data. The changes between versions of data are sent to the remote location, where the changes between versions of data are stored and are usable to create the requested latest version of data and/or prior versions of data.05-28-2009
20090064128SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR UPDATING DATA IN REMOTE DEVICES - A central host performs an automated method of updating multiple remote devices. In one embodiment, the host recognizes a predetermined download time and, in advance of the download time, transmits a calendar update to multiple remote devices. The calendar update includes the download time, and the remote devices may utilize the download time to set calendar reminders for entering an active state. Within a short time after reaching the download time, the host pushes download data to the remote devices by broadcasting the download data. In one aspect, the host may receive message acknowledgements from remote devices in response to a first calendar update, and the host may automatically transmit additional calendar updates to any remote devices that did not receive the first calendar update. Additional embodiments involve related methods and the terminal devices that receive the updates.03-05-2009
20100125840AUTOMATION OF APPLICATION DEPLOYMENT - Some embodiments of automating application deployment have been presented. In one embodiment, a production repository is created in a federated source code management system to accept software from only a single committer. The production repository is coupled to a set of repositories. Platform management infrastructure monitors the production repository for changes to the software. Further, the platform management infrastructure may automatically push the changes to one or more repositories affected.05-20-2010
20080209413SOFTWARE CHANGE MODELING FOR NETWORK DEVICES - A method for software change modeling for network devices provides dynamic (on the device) and static (computer) change modeling. The same source code and libraries are used for both modeling applications, allowing a user to see the impact of activating or deactivating specific software modules without affecting the actual node. A master node passes a node the identity of the software package(s) to be updated and the dependencies. The node notifies its running processes about the update. If any of the processes determine that the update will degrade or have a negative impact on the operation of the node, it returns a veto to the node which sends a list of the processes that are impacted along with the reasons why to the master node.08-28-2008
20080209412Reselling Experienced Agents - The present invention relates to Assistant Software Modules (ASMs) providing services to users of e.g. a mobile phone. The ASMs are becoming learned (or skilled) by the user modifying the behaviour of the ASMs. Adding rules to a configuration file of the ASM preferably performs the modifications, but the modification may also be implemented as a neural network being trained. The invention relates in particular to management of the ASM, which management comprising uploading an ASM from a user who has modified the functionality of the ASM and downloading the ASM to a new user The uploading, downloading and terms for acquiring an ASM is regulated by rules prescribed by a manager of the ASMs.08-28-2008
20110126187METHOD, SYSTEM AND COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR DISTRIBUTING SOFTWARE PATCHES - A software patch management solution (05-26-2011
20090265701METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PLATFORM-AGNOSTIC SOFTWARE INSTALLATION - A method for platform-agnostic software installation involves obtaining a knowledge package, where the knowledge package includes guidelines for obtaining and installing software deliverables. The method further involves obtaining a profile, where the profile includes platform-agnostic data indicating a desired system state. The method further involves distributing the knowledge package and the profile to a first managed host and a second managed host, where the first managed host has a first operating system platform, and where the second managed host has a second operating system platform. The method further involves filtering the profile based on the knowledge package to obtain a first platform-specific profile for the first managed host and a second platform-specific profile for the second managed host, updating the first managed host to the desired system state using the first platform-specific profile, and updating the second managed host to the desired system state using the second platform-specific profile.10-22-2009
20080288935Program Version Management Taking Into Account System Stability - A method of managing program versions by acquiring information about a program supplied via a network, comparing the program of a latest version with the program of a currently used version, and deciding whether or not to perform or prompt an update of the program includes determining whether or not to perform or prompt the update of the program in response to importance of modifications to be made from the program of the currently used version to the program of the latest version.11-20-2008
20110209139APPLICATION PLATFORM - An application platform is disclosed in a medical environment with a number of computer systems providing an information technology infrastructure and a plurality of basic information technology services to a number of users in the medical environment. At least one embodiment of the application platform provides a particularly simple and coordinated upgrade and update by independent software manufacturers and further provides a particularly high operational fail-safety during updates and upgrades by preventing damage to the systems caused by third party installer programs. To this end, at least one embodiment of the application platform includes a plurality of platform versioning building blocks and a number of platform data repositories, wherein the plurality of platform versioning building blocks are mutually independently updateable.08-25-2011
20110209138Method and System for Sharing Data Between Software Systems - A method and system for sharing data between software systems is provided. A graph data structure is maintained in storage of a computing device. The graph data structure has data items and relationships therebetween that are semantically described. A request received from a first software system is stored. The request is for the value of requested data that is semantically described, and an address declared by the first software system. The requested data is semantically resolved to at least one of the data items in the graph data structure. The address is called, and the value of the one data item is passed to the first software system when the value of one of the at least one data items is updated.08-25-2011
20090138870SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REMOTELY SECURING SOFTWARE UPDATES OF COMPUTER SYSTEMS - The subject application is directed to a system and method for providing a subscription service wherein a remote host enables the automatic receipt at a customer site of the most recent updates, patches, or fixes for services the customer site is running. The remote host uses a secured private port to transfer the updates to the subscribed systems. A remote host server searches an update database for updates of the services from a list configured by an administrator. The host server then downloads the updates and notifies the administrator that an update is available. An update script is subsequently generated, allowing the update to be pushed to a subscribing system. The host server the searches a listing of subscribing systems to determine which subscribing systems run a service for which an update is available. The host server, through a private port, uploads the content to the subscribing system automatically. The communication port is a secured port that will require authentication of the host server by the subscribing system prior to uploading.05-28-2009
20090144722Automatic full install upgrade of a network appliance - A method and apparatus for upgrading a network appliance. In one embodiment, a network appliance determines that it should be upgraded using a full install image. The network appliance then reserves an upgrade staging area in its memory device, downloads the full install image from a server to the upgrade staging area, and marks the upgrade staging area as bootable. Further, the network appliance reboots itself, and installs the full install image.06-04-2009
20090144721SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING SOFTWARE UPGRADES - A method and system provide a business scenario. The method includes executing a first deployment unit on a first application platform. The method includes replacing an original second deployment with an upgraded second deployment unit on an upgraded second application platform. The method includes executing the upgraded second deployment unit. The method including transmitting messages related to the business scenario over a communications link between the first deployment unit and the upgraded second deployment unit. The method includes storing master data related to the business scenario in a data storage.06-04-2009
20120272229COMMUNICATIONS TECHNIQUES FOR AN INTELLIGENT DIGITAL AUDIOVISUAL REPRODUCTION SYSTEM - Method for communication between a central server and a computerized juke-box which operates in a conference mode, including: sending a header before any transaction, which includes the identity of the destination together, the identity of the emitter, and the size of the packets; responding from the server in the form of a data packet, each packet sent by the server being encoded using the identification code of the juke-box software; and receiving a data packet by the juke-box, which decodes the packet, simultaneously performs a check on the data received by the CRC method and sends an acknowledgement of receipt to the server indicating the accuracy of the information received, to allow it to prepare and send another packet to the juke-box.10-25-2012
20090222810Preventing Overwrite Of Nonessential Code During Essential Code Update - Systems and methods are provided for downloading updated software from a head end to a cable modem that writes to flash memory an updated operating system code without overwriting the preexisting application code portion and also without overwriting the preexisting operating system code portion. Updated application code is not written until the updated operating system code has been verified as error-free.09-03-2009
20080313628METRICS PACK DISTRIBUTION FOR DATA REPORTING TOOL - Systems and methods for implementing non-executable configuration files into a resource reporting application are disclosed. In accordance with one embodiment, a method for implementing non-executable configuration files into a resource reporting application includes developing one or more non-executable data files for implementation into the resource reporting application. The non-executable data files are then bundled into a file pack. The file pack is then distributed to the resource reporting application. The resource reporting application then implements one or more non-executable data files into the resource reporting application. In further embodiments, the non-executable data files include XML files. In some embodiments, the non-executable data files are bundled into a .cab file pack.12-18-2008
20080307407Method and system for automatically classifying and installing patches on systems - A tool for classifying and installing patches on terminals. Specifically, when a patch is designed, it may be automatically installed on a terminal if it does not have a direct impact on the terminal and is not in an area which relevant to the terminal user.12-11-2008
20100192143CONSISTENT OPERATING SYSTEM SERVICING FOR DISTRIBUTED NODES - Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for deploying an updated image to nodes propagated throughout a distributed computing platform are provided. Upon receiving an indication to install a patch to an operating system residing on the nodes, an existing image of the operating system is accessed at a staging service. The staging service generates the updated image by applying the patch to the existing image. The process of applying the patch includes mounting the existing image of the operating system to a virtual machine, copying the patch to the mounted existing image, setting a command within the existing image that executes upon activating the virtual machine, and activating the virtual machine, thereby executing the command. This directs the patch to be installed. The updated image is pushed to the nodes. The nodes are configured to utilize the updated image as the operating system without performing an individual installation of the patch.07-29-2010
20100242034DISTRIBUTING SOFTWARE PRODUCTS AS AN EXECUTABLE CONTAINING SCRIPT LOGIC WITH EXTERNAL RESOURCES - An installation script may be utilized to install a software product containing a program file, using a single executable file. An installation script for managing installation operations may be generated by a computing device. The installation script may be combined with the program file associated with the installation operations. A single executable file that includes the combined installation script and the program file may be generated by the computing device. The single executable file may be distributed by the computing device. The single executable file may be executed by the computing device. Executing the single executable file may include querying a manifest, within the single executable file, which includes a list of resource files external to the single executable file. The resource files may be utilized by the single executable file to install the program file.09-23-2010
20100235825Mechanism for Staged Upgrades of a Virtual Machine System - In one embodiment, a mechanism for staged upgrades of a virtual machine system is disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes determining a minimum number of virtual desktop servers (VDSs) necessary to host one or more VMs associated with the VDSs, migrating in a live manner the one or more VMs to the minimum number of VDSs, upgrading the non-upgraded VDSs that are not hosting any VMs, repeating the migrating and upgrading until all of the VDSs are upgraded, load balancing the VMs among the upgraded VDSs, and upgrading each of the VMs upon hosting of the VM by an upgraded VDS.09-16-2010
20110067022METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR UPDATING A SOFTWARE IMAGE AT A CLIENT DEVICE - A system and method for communicating software images includes a server device that stores a software image therein and a client device that communicates a client device identifier to the server device through a network. The server communicates the software image to the client device through the network. The client device operates based on the software image.03-17-2011
20090070756SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RESOURCE UTILIZATION-BASED THROTTLING OF SOFTWARE UPDATES - The subject application is directed to a system and method for resource utilization-based throttling of software updates. A transfer of updated software is first commenced to a document processing device so as to perform an update of operational software associated with the device. Resource utilization associated with the operation of the document processing device is then sensed. In accordance with an output of the sensed resource utilization, an update process is throttled associated with the document processing device and the updated software.03-12-2009
20100333081Remote Update of Computers Based on Physical Device Recognition - A system for remotely updating a program configuration includes an update server in communication with a client device configured to execute a remote update program. The client device includes a first processor coupled to memory storing the program which, executed, performs physical device recognition on the client device to determine its machine parameters, and generates unique device identifiers based thereon, and a first transceiver configured to send the identifiers to the update server. The update server is configured to collect the identifiers from the client device, and includes a second processor for analyzing the identifiers and determining an updated program configuration based on the collected identifiers matching known identifiers, and a second transceiver configured to deliver data representing the updated program configuration to the client device for storage therein.12-30-2010
20110029965Method and system for distributing an upgrade among nodes in a network - A method for distributing an upgrade among a plurality of nodes communicatingly linked in a network includes: (a) introducing an upgrade element to a first node of the plurality of nodes; the upgrade element being appropriate for use by the first node for effecting the upgrade; (b) communicating the upgrade element from the first node to at least one other node of the plurality of nodes than the first node for use by the at least one other node for effecting the upgrade; (c) communicating the upgrade element from the at least one other node to at least one selected remaining node of the plurality of nodes not having received the upgrade element; and (d) repeating step (c) until the upgrade element is communicated to the plurality of nodes.02-03-2011
20090083727METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SECURELY INSTALLING PATCHES FOR AN OPERATING SYSTEM - A method and a system for securely installing patches for an operating system, wherein the system comprises a personal firewall, for filtering inbound and outbound network traffic; an operating system update agent, for connecting to an update server via the personal firewall to download patches; a policy manager, for invoking respective policies according to respective stages of the operating system; a stage coordinator, for coordinating the policy manager and the operating system update agent for different stages; and a policy database, for storing respective policies for respective stages of the operating system. With the method and system, the possibility of being infected by malicious software is significantly reduced when downloading patches for the operating system from the Internet.03-26-2009
20100058318ROLLING UPGRADES IN DISTRIBUTED APPLICATIONS - Embodiments described herein are directed to updating the various software associated with a distributed application in a piecemeal fashion. All instances of the software are analyzed and separated into different portions, called “roles.” Each instance of a role is strategically assigned to an update domain based on the structural information included in the service model of the distributed application. The distributed application is upgraded one update at a time by selecting an update or host update domain, bringing the roles assigned thereto offline, updating the offline roles, bringing the roles back online, and repeating for other update or host update domains.03-04-2010
20100058319AGILE DEPLOYMENT OF SERVER - System and method for agile deployment of servers. The system includes one or more storage subsystems, a host computer and a storage management server or general severs together with a system management server. A system administrator or a storage supplier preliminarily installs an application package on a server. The application package may include an operating system, programs, libraries, configuration data and initial data. When the system requires a new physical or virtual server, the system administrator replicates the installed application package and conducts the new server runs with the replicated application package. Operation sequences are provided for order of copying of the application package between the management servers and the storage subsystems. Change in the data from an initial state may be stored instead of the complete data.03-04-2010
20100070964EFFICIENT PATCHING - A facility for automatically processing software patches is described. The facility receives in a computing system a distinguished patch package for modifying the behavior of a programmatic entity. The facility automatically extracts from the distinguished patch package (1) patch application information that identifies a distinguished programmatic entity against which the patches to be applied, and (2) patch behavior information that specifies a manner in which to modify the behavior of the distinguished programmatic entity. The facility automatically adds to a patch table a distinguished entry containing the extracted patch application information and patch behavior information.03-18-2010
20120204171Method for Distributing Content to a User Station - A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium having stored thereon computer-executable instructions that, in response to being executed by a computing device, cause the computing device to perform operations including upon occurrence of a scheduled time, polling an update distribution server to determine that an update for a computer executable software application is available, the computer executable software application configured to operate on the computing device and in response to determining that the update is available, obtaining the update over the Internet from the update distribution server, and selecting whether to install the update at a first time or to defer installing the update until a second time that is later than the first time.08-09-2012
20120204170METHOD FOR UPDATING A WEB PACKAGE WITHIN A MANUFACTURING EXECUTION SYSTEM AND MANUFACTURING EXECUTION SYSTEM - In order to update an installed web package within a manufacturing execution system (MES) the below described steps are performed. A web package update is stored in a packages repository of a file system for the manufacturing execution system. The web package is updated by installing the web package update. At least one user customizable setting is preserved that is applied to the web package prior to the updating and applying the preserved at least one user customizable setting to the web package after the updating of the web package.08-09-2012
20110161951INFORMATION BRIDGE BETWEEN MANUFACTURER SERVER AND MONITORING DEVICE ON A CUSTOMER NETWORK - According to one aspect, a monitoring device is in communication with a computer over a first network. The computer is further in communication with a server over a second network. The computer includes a memory. A method for providing device information from the monitoring device to the server includes accessing a device web page stored on the monitoring device using a browser application operating on the computer. The monitoring device measures a utility characteristic and stores data indicative of the utility characteristic on a memory of the monitoring device. The method further includes receiving a file from the monitoring device. The file includes the device information. The device information includes at least device model information that identifies a model or type of the monitoring device. The method still further includes storing the file in the memory of the computer, accessing a server web page stored on the server using the browser application operating on the computer, and transmitting the file to the server.06-30-2011
20100281474FIRMWARE UPDATING - Updating firmware of remote devices is useful to administrators of such devices. Various embodiments provide for activating a process on a plurality of remote devices to update the firmware of each respective remote device. By monitoring the process for indications of when each respective remote device is ready for a subsequent event, the process of updating the firmware can be automated. Additional embodiments include verifying that each remote device has been updated as expected.11-04-2010
20110093844METHOD, SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR MANAGEMENT OF PUSH CONTENT - A method, system and apparatus for management of push content is provided. An intermediation infrastructure mediates traffic from a push content server that is addressed to a computing device. The intermediation infrastructure enforces various policies such that, for example, unwanted communications are not pushed to the computing device.04-21-2011
20120210315DEVICE MANAGEMENT IN A NETWORK - Methods and devices supporting the management of a plurality of electronic devices and processing of update information for updating software and/or firmware in the electronic devices. Prompting of users may be made using a language associated with the electronic device, and authorization to update an electronic device may be secured using a subscriber identity module.08-16-2012
20120159468SOFTWARE DEPLOYMENT TO MULTIPLE COMPUTING DEVICES - A particular method includes storing a manifest file and a parameters file at a data store. The manifest file and the parameters file are associated with a software deployment package. An application associated with the software deployment package is published to a first remote computing device and to a second remote computing device. The method includes receiving first parameter values from the first remote computing device and receiving second parameter values from the second remote computing device. The first parameter values are stored in a first region of the data store that is specific to the first computing device. The second parameter values are stored in a second region of the data store that is specific to the second computing device.06-21-2012
20110072423FIRMWARE UPDATE APPARATUS AND PROGRAM - In a firmware update apparatus, a reference device specification part specifies one of a plurality of audio processing devices as a reference device. A version number acquisition part acquires version numbers of firmwares stored in the audio processing devices. A matching table storage stores a matching table defining a combination of compatible version numbers of firmwares from among combinations of version numbers of firmwares. An incompatible device display part performs display for specifying an audio processing device that stores a firmware that does not satisfy compatibility defined in the matching table with a firmware stored in the reference device. An update target type selection part specifies a firmware update target device type from among a plurality of device types. A firmware update instruction part transmits an update command instructing update of the firmware to one or more of audio processing devices belonging to the firmware update target device type selected by the update target type selection part.03-24-2011
20110099545METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SIMULTANEOUSLY UPDATING SOFTWARE INSTALLED IN TERMINALS IN COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - Provided is a method of controlling a server to simultaneously update software installed in a plurality of terminals in a communication system, the method including: receiving an update message from each of the terminals; determining a size of a transmission window based on the update message; processing an image of software to be transmitted to the plurality of terminals, based on the size of the transmission window; and transmitting the image of software to the plurality of terminals.04-28-2011
20120233605Application Compatibility Leveraging Successful Resolution of Issues - Application compatibility techniques are described. In one or more implementations, one or more computing devices of a service provider receive data from a plurality of client devices via a network, the data describing one or more attempts that were at least partially successful in resolving one or more incompatibilities in execution of one or more applications on respective computing devices. The data is mined based on one or more criteria to identify at least one of the applications and validated to confirm the at least partial success in the resolution of at least one of the incompatibilities for the identified application. Data is stored that describes validated successful resolution of the incompatibilities and an update is disseminated based at least on the stored data to resolve the incompatibilities.09-13-2012
20120222026UPDATING ELEMENTS IN DATA STORAGE FACILITY USING PREDEFINED STATE MACHINE OVER EXTENDED TIME PERIOD - A sequence for distributing at least one of a plurality of code packages to the at least one facility according to different states of a fixed state machine is set. The at least one of the plurality of code packages is installed in at least one staging area. The at least one of the plurality of code packages is maintained in the at least one staging area in a valid, dormant mode while the fixed state machine is stopped. Pursuant to a resumption of the fixed state machine at a subsequent time, a current code package is swapped with the at least one of the plurality of code packages in the at least one staging area to activate the at least one of the plurality of code packages.08-30-2012
20120167072Simplifying Selection of Targets of Installation of Composite Applications - A mechanism is provided for formulating a deployment plan for a composite application. A set of topologies is provided for each component of a set of identified components of the composite application to be deployed. For a selected topology for each component of the set of identified components, a set of target computing resources are identified that meet, Within a predetermined threshold, a set of prerequisites for each component in the set of identified components. A list of hosts associated with the set of target computing resources that meet the identified topology is displayed. For a selected host for each component of the set of identified components, the set of target computing resources for the selected hosts is displayed. A deployment plan along with a set of installations or upgrades required for each of the selected target computing resources is then displayed.06-28-2012
20120131568SYSTEM AND METHOD OF PROVIDING SERVICE AGENT - Provided are a system and method of providing a service agent for a service execution environment based on user and terminal characteristics. The method includes providing a service agent satisfying a selected service and a verified terminal characteristics to a terminal unit when a user selects a specific service through the terminal unit, and generating or updating a user service list; searching the user service list when there is a request for providing update/re-installation/deletion of the service agent from the terminal unit, and then providing a service agent information list satisfying a verified service being used and the terminal characteristics of the terminal unit; and providing a service agent to the terminal unit to be updated/re-installed, when the user or the terminal unit selects the service agent to be updated/re-installed.05-24-2012
20120216184RUNTIME CODE REPLACEMENT - Runtime code replacement at a client-side Web application is provided, and preferably comprises: determining that source code of a Web application has been updated at a server; retrieving the updated source code; and replacing existing runtime code at a running client-side Web application with the updated source code. Replacing existing runtime code may replace live objects in a memory of a Web browser on which the client-side Web application is running, without requiring a restart of the client-side application.08-23-2012
20120174089METHOD AND AN APPARATUS TO CONDUCT SOFTWARE RELEASE - Some embodiments of a method and an apparatus to conduct software release have been presented. In one embodiment, a user submits a request to conduct software release on a set of servers. Each of the servers has a distinct platform. In response to the request, a set of commands in a cross-platform language is sent to the servers via remote procedure calls (RPCs) in a transactional format.07-05-2012
20120180037INTELLIGENT PATCH CHECKER - A client computer sends application information about a software application to a server system. The server system performs a comparison between the application information about the software application and the most-updated upgrade package for the software application. The most-updated upgrade package for the software application is stored in a part database. The most-updated upgrade package for the software application is received by the client system automatically when the comparison indicates that the most-updated upgrade package has not been installed on the client system. A client database stores a plurality of configuration files for a plurality of client systems. A first configuration file provides the sever system with the knowledge of the software applications installed on the client system. The application information about the software application comprises version information of the software applications and is stored in a database in the client system.07-12-2012
20120084765METHOD FOR DELIVERY OF SOFTWARE UPGRADE NOTIFICATION TO DEVICES IN COMMUNCAITON SYSTEMS - Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate providing software upgrade notifications to user devices that utilize unicast and multicast communication techniques in a wireless communication environment. Bandwidth and power consumption is minimized by permitting determination to be made regarding whether a given software update is relevant to the user device prior to attempting a download or receiving a notification thereof. Additionally, evaluation of version number and software identity facilitates determining whether to employ a unicast software check-up protocol or a multicast software check-up protocol. Software upgrade information may also be transmitted over a multicast channel for a predetermined time period, after which a user device may initiate a unicast check-up protocol to receive software upgrade information.04-05-2012
20120266155METHOD AND SYSTEM TO REGULATE THE ELECTRONIC AVAILABILITY OF APPLICATION SOFTWARE UPDATES BASED ON INFORMATION COLLECTED REGARDING INSTALLATION, USAGE AND SUPPORT FOR THESE UPDATES - A method for providing software updates. The method comprises selecting an eligible population for a software update from a target population and distributing the software update to the initial eligible population. Thereafter, use and error information is gathered and the size of the eligible population is adjusted according to a stability calculation based on the gathered information. This process is repeated until the entire target population for the update has received the update.10-18-2012
20080301667Dynamically Updating Software Applications on a Device - Described are systems and methods for updating software applications on a computer. Parameters associated with installed software applications are collected and transmitted to a server and installation instructions are determined based on the parameters. Installation instructions are then received from the server and appropriate updates are automatically installed according to the received instructions.12-04-2008
20080301666SYSTEM FOR AGGREGATING CONTENT DATA AND METHODS RELATING TO ANALYSIS OF SAME - Enables the aggregation and analysis of content data and optionally provides a configuration management system that is able to seamlessly make software upgrade recommendations based on the current system. Provides configuration management services for networked client computers. Includes various modules that provide functionalities such as: 1) identifying a configuration of each client computer coupled to the system; 2) recording a configuration associated with each client computer to a server module that collects the aggregated data; 3) analyzing client configuration data, aggregated client system configuration data, and data obtained from hardware/software vendors; and, 4) recommending actions to each specific client computer for hardware and/or software updates and additions, and/or reporting statistics related to other computer configurations; and/or, 5) enabling a user to revert their computer back to an older configuration. An additional option could include dynamically gathering data during the software installation process and storing that data on the server module.12-04-2008
20120266156RELEASE LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR A MULTI-NODE APPLICATION - A deployment system provides the ability to deploy a multi-node distributed application, such as a cloud computing platform application that has a plurality of interconnected nodes performing specialized jobs. The deployment system may update a currently running cloud computing platform application according to a deployment manifest and a versioned release bundle that includes jobs and application packages. The deployment system determines changes to the currently running cloud computing platform application and distributes changes to each job to deployment agents executing on VMs. The deployment agents apply the updated jobs to their respective VMs (e.g., launching applications), thereby deploying an updated version of cloud computing platform application.10-18-2012
20120102482Method for Communication System Service Upgrade and Upgrade Container Device Thereof - The invention provides a method for a communication system service upgrade, including: when a communication device prepares to be upgraded, an upgrade container device buffering message which currently needs to be sent to other network elements by the communication device into a sending buffer, and, when the communication device prepares to be upgraded and in an upgrade process, the upgrade container device receiving message which is transmitted to the communication device by other network elements and buffering the message into a receiving buffer; the upgrade container device sending the message in the sending buffer to destination network elements; thereby realizing an upgrade without interruption. The invention also provides an upgrade container device supporting the communication system service upgrade.04-26-2012
20120102481Coordinated Upgrades In Distributed Systems - A distributed application may be updated by using information provided by the application to determine grouping, sequencing, and whether or not to advance an update sequence. The application may provide input to an update sequence, and may cause the update sequence to repair one or more replicas prior to updating. The update mechanism may be used to change the distributed application topology as well as make changes to the application executable code, application configuration, quest operating system, virtual machine, and host systems, among others. In some cases, the distributed application may use a quorum to determine which version is current, and the quorum may change during the update process.04-26-2012
20120102480HIGH AVAILABILITY OF MACHINES DURING PATCHING - A cloud manager is utilized in the patching of physical machines and virtual machines that are used within an online service, such as an online content management service. The cloud manager assists in the scheduling of the application of software patches to the machines (physical and virtual) within the network such that the availability of the online service is maintained while machines are being patched. The machines to be patched are partitioned into groups that are patched at different times. Generally, the groups are partitioned into a highly available independent groups of machines such that one or more of the groups that are not currently being patched continue to provide the service(s) of the group that is being patched. The machines (physical and virtual) within each of the groups may be patched in parallel.04-26-2012
20120291020CROSS-PLATFORM PORTABLE PERSONAL VIDEO COMPOSITING AND MEDIA CONTENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - A method and a device are disclosed including a portable, collapsible neutral background screen and a portable computing device used to take a media clip against the neutral background screen to create and edit a finished media clip and upload the finished media clip via a computer network to an online performance venue for viewing, competition, and other actions by other participants and commercial entities. In some embodiments, the neutral background screen includes built-in speakers, lights and/or a drop-down microphone, which blend in with the neutral background screen.11-15-2012
20100205596METHOD FOR UPDATING FIRMWARE OF SENSOR NODES ON THE WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK - A method for updating firmware of a plurality of nodes constituting a wireless sensor network is disclosed. The wireless sensor network includes a server, a gateway and the plurality of nodes. The firmware to be updated is transmitted from the server through the gateway to an uppermost node. The firmware is sequentially transmitted to the plurality of nodes from the uppermost node to a lowermost node using wireless communication, and the respective nodes, which have received the firmware, record the firmware in their own memory. When the recording of the firmware is completed in all the nodes, boot programs of the respective nodes are run and the firmware, stored in the memory, is recorded in program memory, the firmware recorded in the nodes are executed, and the nodes constitute a new network while communicating with the peripheral nodes thereof.08-12-2010
20110265077RAPID UPDATING OF CLOUD APPLICATIONS - A method for facilitating the uploading of web applications to a cloud computing environment utilizes hashes or fingerprints of each file in a web application. Prior to submitting all the files of a web application to the cloud computing environment for deployment, fingerprints of each file in the web application are transmitted to the cloud computing environment to assess whether the cloud computing environment may already possess the file as a result of receiving it from previously uploaded web applications.10-27-2011
20110265076System and Method for Updating an Offline Virtual Machine - A system and method for updating an offline virtual machine are disclosed. The method comprises mounting an image of an offline virtual machine on a host operating system. The method further comprises generating drive-mapping information for the mounted virtual machine image and loading registry information of the mounted virtual machine image onto the host operating system using the drive-mapping information. An update to be applied to the offline virtual machine is determined based on the registry information and a patch bundle is retrieved based on the determination, wherein the patch bundle comprises registry update instructions, file system update instructions, and a patch file. The patch bundle is executed on the host operating system to update the offline virtual machine.10-27-2011
20130104117Data Concentrator Initiated Multicast Firmware Upgrade - Systems and methods for implementing data concentrated initiated multicast firmware upgrade in power line communications (PLC) are described. In an illustrative embodiment, a method performed by a PLC device may include forming a group of PLC devices to receive a transmission of a data set, the group being organized according to a hierarchical structure, transmitting the data set to the group of PLC devices, determining whether a PLC device in the lowest level of the hierarchical structure is missing one or more portions of the data set, and retransmitting at least the missing portions of the data set until the lowest level of PLC devices each have the full data set.04-25-2013
20130145357INTEGRATING APPLICATIONS - Method, computer program product and device for integrating a client application, associated with a service provider, with at least one web application instance implemented on a device platform of a device. A respective at least one user interface module of the client application is embedded into the at least one web application instance, wherein the at least one user interface module is implemented using web-based technology. Native parts of the client application are implemented in a centralized manner on the device, wherein the native parts of the client application are installed on the device and implemented using technology that is native to the device platform. A control module of the client application is implemented in a centralized manner on the device, wherein the control module is implemented using web-based technology.06-06-2013
20100281475SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MOBILE SMARTPHONE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT AND DELIVERY - Various embodiments of the disclosed invention include a design and development interface for mobile smartphone applications; the generation and delivery of content customized to the smartphone application execution platform; and the support of update functionality within the mobile applications. In one embodiment, a development environment provides templates via a website interface to easily create and design a smartphone application. This design interface can also be used to create updates for deployed smartphone applications. Within the mobile application, the application content is provided by XML data sets and non-textual data (such as images), and displayed within a set of modifiable containers. These containers and the data displayed within the containers may be updated and modified, enabling full customization of the application and its displayed content.11-04-2010
20080201703Packaging content updates - Aspects of the present invention are directed at obtaining user feedback and causing a package of content updates to be created and distributed based on the received feedback. In accordance with one embodiment, a method is provided for creating a package that contains one or more content updates configured to change the content that is displayed by default when a program executes. More specifically, the method includes obtaining input that describes one or more content updates. In this regard, the input received may include the user-defined content that will be displayed when the program executes and the identity of the content displayed by default. Then, the method assembles selected content updates into a package that is suitable for transmission over a network connection. When the package is assembled, processing is provided that allows the content updates in the package to be implemented on a remote computing device.08-21-2008
20100287544SECURE PATCH UPDATES OF A VIRTUAL MACHINE IMAGE IN A VIRTUALIZATION DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM - Virtual Machine (VM) images in a virtualized environment are updated through the use of patches. A virtualization data processing system includes a hypervisor that manages a VM image. The hypervisor is configured to retrieve a patch for an instance of the VM image from a secure site. The hypervisor blocks all other network access to the VM image. The hypervisor is configured to apply the patch to the instance of the VM image and unblock all network access to the VM image11-11-2010
20130132937METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AUTO INSTALLING APPLICATION INTO DIFFERENT TERMINALS - An apparatus and method of automatically installing an application in different terminals by storing terminal information of a user and allowing the user to install an application when the user installs an application in at least two terminals, and in which an installation process may be automatically conducted is provided. Information related to an application installed in a first terminal is received from the first terminal; and a second terminal is requested to install another application corresponding to the application, in the second terminal, by using the received information related to the application.05-23-2013
20130152067DEVELOPMENT OF PLATFORM INDEPENDENT APPLICATIONS - Method, system, and programs for providing development of applications that are interoperable across different device platforms. Application parameters of an application are defined allowing the application to be executable on a plurality of device platforms. A framework is applied to the application facilitating transportable code between a client device and a server to execute the application. The application is deployed so that it may be served to a client device.06-13-2013
20130152069METHOD, APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR INITIATING TERMINAL OPERATION - A method, an apparatus and a system for initiating a terminal operation are provided. The method comprises: a server encapsulating firmware update information for initiating a terminal to carry out a Firmware over the Air (FOTA) operation (S06-13-2013
20130152068Local Server Management of Software Updates to End Hosts Over Low Bandwidth, Low Throughput Channels - Various system embodiments for updating software on end hosts in computing environments and particularly storage environments are provided. A remote server pushes the software update image to and through a local server via a network connection and high-throughput channels and to the end host via low-throughput channels. The local server manages the update process; the remote server simply pushes the software update image and the end host simply receives and applies an update. The local server stares the current software image running on the end host and decides whether it is more efficient to simply send the software update image on or to create, send and apply a patch at the end host. This approach reduces the update time of the end host, reduces any disruption of normal message traffic to and from the end host and simplifies patch management.06-13-2013
20130152066DEVELOPMENT AND HOSTING FOR PLATFORM INDEPENDENT APPLICATIONS - Method, system, and programs for providing development, deployment, and hosting of applications that are interoperable across different device platforms. An application capable of being executed in a plurality of different device formats is generated. The application is deployed to a client device for execution at the client device. Execution of the same application is initiated at a server.06-13-2013
20130159989FIX DELIVERY SYSTEM - A fix delivery system receives situation data representative of a problem, analyzes the received situation data to determine whether the problem associated with the situation data matches a known problem, and responsive to a determination that the problem associated with the situation data does not match a known problem, conducts problem determination to identify the problem. The fix delivery system further receives a developed cumulative fix for the identified problem, builds an installable cumulative fix for the identified problem using the situation data, and responsive to a determination that the installable cumulative fix meets predetermined requirements and the installable cumulative fix is a new installable cumulative fix, saves the new installable cumulative fix in a storage system and sends the new installable cumulative fix to a requester.06-20-2013
20130212574Sub-Device Discovery and Management - A sub-device agent running on a network device provides tools for detecting and managing sub-devices connected to the network device. The sub-device agent reports the presence of the sub-devices to a configuration manager, which provides a user interface for managing the sub-devices. The sub-devices are not directly detectable by or visible to the configuration manager. The sub-device agent provides access to the sub-devices for monitoring, configuring, updating, etc. The sub-device agent may be used to install or upgrade firmware or software on the sub-device or to monitor a status of the sub-device. Sub-device modules, such as OEM plug-ins and drivers, may be used by the sub-device agent to discover and manage the sub-devices.08-15-2013

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