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717 - Data processing: software development, installation, and management


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717172000 Including distribution of software (e.g., push-down, pull-down) 314
20130031539SIGNATURE-BASED UPDATE MANAGEMENT - A computing device to determine whether to update using a computer file by generating a file signature for that computer file based on its file header information and comparing the file signature to a collection of file signatures for updates already applied for matches.01-31-2013
20110191763Feature Manager System for Facilitating Communication and Shared Functionality Among Components - The feature manager system for facilitating communication and shared functionality among components comprises a network of components, where one component receives or generates a request for a feature, searches its local system for the feature, and if the feature is not available locally, sends a request to a server component in the network. The server component searches its local system for the feature, and either sends the feature to the requesting component, or sends a separate request for the feature to another server component in the network.08-04-2011
20130086573AUTOMATIC SELF-TEST METHOD FOR MEDICAL DEVICES - A computer-implemented method is disclosed for validating an operating system patch, along with a computer program product and a patch module. After output of an operating system patch an automatic self-test is executed on the medical device at application level, which tests whether the installed operating system patch was able to be successfully installed. In this case a validation signal is output. The self-test is executed directly on the application system.04-04-2013
20110202910LOW COST AND FLEXIBLE ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A premises data management system includes a first communication network configured to transmit and receive data to and from a user interface. Another communication network is configured to access data from and provides data to accessories within the premises management system. A gateway of the system includes a first interface channel and another interface channel. The gateway receives the data from the first communication network, via the first interface channel. The gateway reformats the data from the first communication network for communication to the other communication network via the other interface channel. The gateway also requests data from the accessories via the other interface channel and replies to the user interface via the first interface channel.08-18-2011
20100077390METHOD FOR UPDATING AND MANAGING AN AUDIOVISUAL DATA PROCESSING APPLICATION INCLUDED IN A MULTIMEDIA UNIT BY MEANS OF A CONDITIONAL ACCESS MODULE - A method to force a multimedia unit to update an application for viewing broadcast conditional access content by linking said update to an update of the conditional access module firmware. The firmware update is initialized by means of version information transmitted in the content stream. In particular, this version information may be included in ECM or EMM messages or in services information tables in order to be processed by the conditional access module independently from the multimedia unit. The version information comprises of a minimum version and of an available maximum version. If the conditional access module detects that the current version of the firmware is inferior to the available maximum version, it transmits a message requesting an update of the application that initiates downloading a firmware updating from a management center. The update installation is carried out simultaneously in the conditional access module and in the multimedia unit.03-25-2010
20100115505SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGING DATA ORIGINATING FROM AND DESTINED FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE - A system for managing data originating from and destined for a motor vehicle, including: a first data communication unit permanently disposed on-board the vehicle; a second data communication unit disposed at a distance from the vehicle; and at least two devices for transmitting, receiving and storing data originating from and destined for the vehicle, the device communicating data with the first and second communication units, interfacing with a user of the vehicle and including a data storage. The second communication unit can be a computer terminal connected to a computer network, such as the Internet and/or an intranet, providing access to an interactive computer application, such as to transmit data originating from the vehicle and to receive the data destined for the data transmission, reception and storage devices and the vehicle. The storage devices can synchronize non-custom data that have become obsolete.05-06-2010
20130042228APPLICATION SERVER - An applet server accepts requests for applets from client computers. A request specifies the format in which an applet is to be delivered to the requesting client computer. The applet server has a cache used to store applets for distribution to client computers. If the specified form of the requested applet is available in the cache, the applet server transmits the applet to the requesting client. If the applet is not available in the cache, the server will attempt to build the applet from local resources (program code modules and compilers) and transformer programs (verifiers and optimizers). If the applet server is able to build the requested applet, it will transmit the applet to the requesting client computer. If the applet server is unable to build the requested applet, it will pass the request to another applet server on the network for fulfillment of the request.02-14-2013
20130042229METHOD OF UPDATING LIST OF SOFTWARE-AS-A-SERVICE AND SYSTEM FOR THE SAME - A method of updating a list of SaaS and a system for the same are provided. A software server of the present invention updates a software list, in which information about software provided to a user terminal is recorded, on the basis of use information for at least one software program received from the user terminal. The software server includes a receiver that receives software use information, and a processor that determines software to be added to a software list and software to be removed from the software list to update the software list on the basis of the received software use information. Accordingly, software that is provided as a service from a server is automatically updated on the basis of software use information, thus overcoming limitations that are caused by setting a service list according to the individual determination of a manager of the server.02-14-2013
20130074062METHOD FOR OPERATING A HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE AND SYSTEM INCLUDING SUCH A HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE - A method for operating a household appliance includes detecting an identifier of the household appliance with a mobile device having a data collector, where the household appliance has a memory containing a control program and at least one appliance program executable by the control program and a processing unit configured to execute the control program. A database that is accessible on the internet is accessed using the identifier and the mobile device. At least one appliance program is selected and transmitted to the mobile device. The at least one appliance program is transferred to the memory of the household appliance.03-21-2013
20130074061CENTRALLY COORDINATED FIRMWARE UPGRADE MODEL ACROSS NETWORK FOR MINIMIZING UPTIME LOSS AND FIRMWARE COMPATIBILITY - Techniques are presented for managing firmware updates for a plurality of devices within a wireless network. Embodiments monitor network usage of the plurality of devices to collect historical usage data. An optimal window of time for updating the firmware of the plurality of devices is then determined, based on the collected historical device usage data. Embodiments flag at least one of the plurality of devices for a firmware update, based on a current firmware version of the device and a corresponding available firmware version for the device. In one embodiment, dependencies for each of the plurality of devices are considered in flagging the devices for the firmware update. The firmware of the flagged devices is updated during the determined optimal window of time.03-21-2013
20090271779UPDATING A FILE USING DIFFERENCES AND FILE FORMAT THEREFOR - A method for updating a local file and format for the local to be updated is described. An update file, which is a newer version of the local file, is accessible from a server over a network. A list of new hash values corresponding to data blocks of the update file is retrieved from the server. An algorithm locates divisions between the data blocks when a value of a rolling checksum reaches a particular value, the blocks being of variable size. New hash values of the update file are compared with local hash values of the local file. For each of the new hash values not having a matching local hash value, the corresponding data block is downloaded the server written to a new file. For each of the new hash values having a matching local hash value, the corresponding block is copied to the new file. The procedure is executed entirely on the client.10-29-2009
20090271778APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR TRANSPORT OPTIMIZATION FOR WIDGET CONTENT DELIVERY - Apparatus and methods for transport optimization for widget content delivery includes obtaining updated content corresponding to a mobile widget having a plurality of informational hierarchical depths, and obtaining user navigation pattern historical data corresponding to the mobile widget, wherein the user navigation pattern historical data corresponds to the plurality of informational hierarchical depths. The aspects also include obtaining a first informational hierarchical depth range for inclusion in a first content update message for delivery to a device, wherein the first informational hierarchical depth range is based on the user navigation pattern historical data. Further, the aspects include generating a content update message with a first portion of the updated content corresponding to the first informational hierarchical depth range. Optionally, the aspects further include reducing a size of the first portion of the updated content in the first content update message, thereby defining a first compressed portion of the updated content.10-29-2009
20090077548METHOD, SYSTEM, AND STORAGE MEDIUM FOR PROVIDING SEARCH AND REFERENCE FUNCTIONS FOR A MESSAGING SYSTEM - An exemplary embodiment of the invention relates to a method, system, and storage medium for providing search and reference functions for a messaging system. The method comprises receiving a request to search a data archive for reference information relating to at least one keyword selected by a messaging system user while the messaging system user is actively engaged in composing a message or a response to a message. The keyword is selected from the body of text contained in the message. The method further includes searching the data archive and, if a reference is found, presenting the reference to the messaging system user within the message. The data archive includes information gathered from the messaging system user's message folder and at least one of a local data storage system, and a shared online repository. Embodiments of the invention also include a system and a storage medium.03-19-2009
20090119657Methods and systems for software upgrades - Before delivery, a manufacturer records module information identifying hardware modules, and corresponding software modules, installed in a vehicle. The module information includes a part number and a unique identifier for each hardware module, and name and version identifier of software loaded for each hardware module. The manufacturer, or a telematics operator, may broadcast files with upgraded software to vehicles over a wireless network. Or, upgraded software may be delivered to a vehicle via a connection between the vehicle and a computer, or a wired network. A vehicle's computer system authenticates a software file before upgrading from it by performing steps of an authentication sequence as a server in a client-server relationship with a computer device that broadcasted the file to the vehicle. A telematics system onboard the vehicle may collect and store vehicle usage information for use in determining when to upgrade from the authenticated software file.05-07-2009
20090007091Techniques for automatic software provisioning - Techniques to perform automatic software provisioning are described. An apparatus may comprise a provisioning database, a client provisioning module and a network interface. The provisioning server may be operative to store software update packages for different packet telephony devices. The client provisioning module may be operative to automatically provision packet telephony devices in response to provisioning requests from the packet telephony devices. For example, the client provisioning module may receive device configuration information for a packet telephony device, and retrieve a software update package from the provisioning database based on the device configuration information. The network interface may send the software update package to the packet telephony device on behalf of the client provisioning module. Other embodiments are described and claimed.01-01-2009
20130125108SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR UPGRADING FIRMWARE - In an embodiment, a firmware upgrading system includes a device having a first memory configured to store a firmware, wherein the firmware includes a set of instructions that control the operation of the device. The system also includes a first processor configured to execute the firmware. The system also includes a first capacitively coupled (CC) communication module configured to enable the device communicate with a device reader, and the device is configured to receive upgraded firmware via the CC communication module. In another embodiment, a non-transitory, computer-readable medium storing instructions executable by a processor of an electronic device, including instructions to receive a selection of a file from a user interface, wherein the file comprises an upgraded firmware for a probe. The medium also includes instructions to send the upgraded firmware from the selected file to the probe via a capacitively coupled (CC) communication link.05-16-2013
20130167132SYSTEM, ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH FIRMWARE UPDATING FUNCTION AND METHOD THEREFOR - A system with a firmware updating method is applied between a primary electronic device and at least one secondary electronic device. When the primary electronic device detects that one firmware of the at least one secondary electronic device runs error and needs to be updated, the primary electronic device acquires a corresponding firmware according to an alert from the at least one secondary electronic device and transforms the corresponding firmware to the at least one secondary electronic device; or the at least one secondary electronic device detects running situation itself and acquires the corresponding firmware from the primary electronic device, thereby updating the firmware of the at least one secondary electronic device.06-27-2013
20110283274FIRMWARE IMAGE UPDATE AND MANAGEMENT - An embodiment of the present invention allows the firmware of one processor in a multi-processor system to be updated even if that processor is unstable due to a corruption of system software. For example, in a system that includes a primary processor and one or more secondary processors, an embodiment of the present invention allows the firmware of a secondary processor to be updated even if that processor is unstable due to a corruption of system software. An embodiment of the present invention also enables a network-based firmware update of a processor or microcontroller in a system, such as a consumer electronics device, wherein the processor or microcontroller requires such updates to occur via a serial port.11-17-2011
20130036412SOFTWARE DISTRIBUTION AMONGST MEDICAL DEVICES TAKING INTO ACCOUNT DEPENDENCIES BETWEEN DEVICES - A computer-implemented method is provided for distributing product updates from a configuration device to one or more handheld medical device. The method includes: receiving a request to download a product update to a requesting medical device; determining dependencies that must be met before the product update can be downloaded to the requesting medical device, where at least one of the dependencies specifies a version of software that resides on a device which is interoperable with the requesting medical device; receiving a listing of peer devices from the requesting medical device, such that each peer device in the listing of peer devices is distinct from and interoperable with the requesting medical device; determining software residing on a given peer device for each peer device in the listing of peer devices; comparing the at least one dependency with the software residing on each peer device in the listing of peer devices; and distributing the product update to the requesting medical device when the at least one dependency is met.02-07-2013
20110302572EMBEDDED NETWORK DEVICE AND FIRMWARE UPGRADING METHOD - An embedded network device includes a memory, a NOR flash, a first part and a second part of old firmware. The NOR flash includes a first image sector which stores the first part of the old firmware, a second image sector which stores the second part of the old firmware, and a third image sector for backup the old firmware. The embedded network device obtains a first part and a second part of new firmware and store the new firmware in the memory, reads the first part of the old firmware from the first image sector and writes to the third image sector, reads the first part of the new firmware form the memory and writes to the first image sector, reads the second part of the new firmware from the memory and writes to the third image sector.12-08-2011
20110289497Method and System for Updating a Medical Device - Embodiments described herein include methods and/or systems for updating a medical device. Embodiments include medical devices which are configured for updates in response to various events including connection of a peripheral device to the medical device, a user initiated event, or based on received recommendations.11-24-2011
20110289498INSTALLING AND EXECUTING SHARED APPLICATIONS IN SHARED FOLDERS - Provided are a method, system, and program for installing and executing shared applications in shared folders. A program is installed by a base computer, having a local storage, to a shared folder accessible to multiple client computers over a network. Installing the program adds files for the program to the shared folder and modifies the local device used by the base computer and enables the base computer to run the program by accessing the program files in the shared folder. An image is created of the local device of the base computer including the installed program. The image is provided to the client computers to apply to local devices of the client computers. Applying the image to the local devices of the client computers enables the client computers to access the program files in the shared folder to run the program.11-24-2011
20110296398SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DETERMINING WHEN TO UPDATE A PACKAGE MANAGER SOFTWARE - Embodiments relate to systems and methods for determining when to update a package manager software on a client. An update tool can interface with a package manager running a first version of the package manager software to inspect an available update to a package installed on the client. The update tool can determine that a second version of the package manager software is require to install the update to the package. The update tool can access the second version of the package manager software, remove the first version of the package manager software from the package manager, and unpack and install the second version of the package manager software on the package manager. Further, the update tool can install the update to the package installed on the client, and can update other resources associated with the client as appropriate.12-01-2011
20110296397SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GENERATING CACHED REPRESENTATIONS OF HOST PACKAGE INVENTORIES IN REMOTE PACKAGE REPOSITORIES - Embodiments relate to systems and methods for generating cached representations of host package inventories in remote package repositories. A physical or virtual client machine can host a set of installed software packages, including operating system, application, and/or other software. A package manager installed on the client reports an inventory of the installed packages to one or more package servers. The package server(s) can receive the inventory from machines populating the managed network, and generate an encoded identification for each constituent package, such as a hash-based output based on package attributes. The encoded identification and other data can be stored to an aggregate package cache in the one or more package servers, for more efficient management of the host machines in the managed network. In embodiments, the package update files for each identifier can also be stored in the cache for even more efficient inventorying and package update operations.12-01-2011
20110296396Mechanism for Dynamically Generating Spec Files for Software Package Managers - A mechanism for dynamically generating spec files for software package managers is disclosed. A method of embodiments of the invention includes extracting, via a file developer at an application server of a computer system, file information from project files of a software package tool associated with a software application, the file information relating to the software application, and generating, via the file developer, a package spec file using the extracted file information such that the package spec file is compatible with the software application.12-01-2011
20110296395SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GENERATING CLIENT QUALIFICATION TO EXECUTE PACKAGE UPDATE MANAGER - A compatibility tool can certify compliance between software packages managers, used by or known to a user, and software packages to be updated or installed on a computing system. Additionally, the compatibility tool can identify a software package manager that is compatible with the software packages to be updated or installed, if the user does not have or know of a compatible software package manager. To certify software package managers or identify compatible software package managers, the compatibility tool can maintain a database of software package managers associated with software packages that are compatible with the software package managers.12-01-2011
20100058317Method for provisioning trusted software to an electronic device - The operations required to verify the origin and the authenticity of a software module for an electronic device can advantageously be divided between a general-purpose computer, hereinafter the host, having the electronic device attached to it, and the electronic device itself. More specifically, memory and processing intensive tasks such as syntax checking are done at the host, while security-critical tasks such as cryptographic verifications are done at the electronic device. The present invention thus provides a method for updating software on an electronic device in a trusted way, wherein verification steps are divided between a host system connected to the electronic device, and the electronic device itself. The present invention thus further provides a storage medium containing a program for a host system, causing this host system to perform verification steps with respect to a software update for an attached electronic device, and to appropriately interact with said electronic device.03-04-2010
20100169877Method Of Updating A Printing Device Via Syndication Services - It is a first aspect of the present invention to provide a computer implemented method of updating a device via syndication services that includes receiving a syndication feed from the syndication change server via a user computer device; and updating the firmware, software, configuration, bookmarks, and/or settings of the device.07-01-2010
20100262958SYNCHRONIZATION OF MOBILE DEVICE WITH APPLICATION - Embodiments related to synchronizing a state of a mobile device with a state stored of a mobile device application server are disclosed. One embodiment provides a method of synchronizing a state on a mobile device and a state on a mobile device application server comprising receiving a state change at the application server that changes a state relative to a state stored on one or more mobile devices, and storing the state change. Next, the method comprises receiving a request from a mobile device for information regarding any state changes that have occurred, sending a response notifying the mobile device of the state change, receiving from the mobile device an application manifest that gives a current state of the mobile device, updating the application manifest to form an updated application manifest that reflects the state change, and sending the updated application manifest to the mobile device.10-14-2010
20100235824System and Method for Remote Device Application Upgrades - A method and system for remotely upgrading a remote device may be used to upgrade application programs in devices that are difficult to access physically, such as undersea optical devices in an optical communication system. The method and system uses a Non-Erasable Application (NEA) to manage the upgrade of an application program, to determine if the application program is valid, and to provide default application functions if the application program is not valid. The NEA may be stored on a memory that is not remotely erasable and the application program may be stored on a memory that is non-volatile and programmable. Code status indicators may be used to indicate if the application program is valid, for example, to indicate that the code is present and functional.09-16-2010
20090307681Wireless Network and Methods of Wireless Communication For Ophthalmic Surgical Consoles - A wireless network of surgical consoles and other equipment is used to transfer data. A surgical console has a system processor running software that operates the surgical console and a wireless processor coupled to the system processor. The wireless processor runs software that facilitates wireless communication. A transceiver is coupled to the wireless processor. The system processor is physically separate from the wireless processor. The wireless processor is used to transfer data to other devices and receive software updates.12-10-2009
20110126186APPLIANCE MAINTENANCE IN COMPUTING SYSTEM ENVIRONMENT - Methods and apparatus involve maintaining software appliances. An original appliance is created, including partitioning the appliance binary into multiple files. A kernel file is booted by an appliance owner during instantiation. An identifier of the appliance is sent back to the creator to determine whether an updated operating system image exists. If so, a whole updated image is delivered back to the owner where it replaces the original image in persistent storage. Pluralities of appliances are instantiated from the updated image. In this manner, only a single act of maintenance occurs instead of multiple patches for many instantiations of the image. If not, appliance boot sequence continues, including applying application overlay files. The overlays are obtained during appliance shutdown by taking snapshots of application-specific files and system files that the instantiated appliance may have modified during execution. Other features contemplate computing systems and computer program products, to name a few.05-26-2011
20120185841COMPUTER SYSTEM AND PROGRAM RESTORING METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed are a computer system storing with a restoration program and a method of updating the restoration program, the computer system including: a first storage unit in which a predetermined program is installed, a second storage unit in which a restoration program corresponding to the program is stored, a communication unit which communicates with an external server, a user input unit, and a controller which stores an update file corresponding to the program received from the external server in the first storage unit, and updates the program installed in the first storage with the update file, the controller updating the restoration program of the second storage unit with the update file of the first storage unit if receiving a certain key input through the user input unit, and restoring the program on the basis of the updated restoration program.07-19-2012
20090049440Method for the Transmission of Program Updates for Program-Controlled Devices in a Communication Network - The invention is characterized in that a user profile for a program-controlled device is updated on a regular basis. The program is updated in accordance with said user profile. One advantage of the invention lies in the fact that peak loads of communication networks caused by the simultaneous transmission of program updates are avoided.02-19-2009
20110271270SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR UPGRADING KERNELS IN CLOUD COMPUTING ENVIRONMENTS - The system and method described herein may upgrade kernels in cloud images deployed in cloud computing environments without having to rebuild a machine image that contains a root file system for the cloud image. For example, the cloud image may include a ramdisk that compares the kernel booted in the cloud image to the root file system to verify whether the machine image contains a directory hierarchy matching an operating system release for the kernel. In response to the machine image containing the matching directory hierarchy, the root file system may be mounted for execution in the cloud computing environment. Alternatively, in response to the machine image lacking the matching directory hierarchy, the ramdisk may dynamically create the matching directory hierarchy and inject modules that support the kernel into the root file system prior to mounting and delivering control to the root file system.11-03-2011
20090100419METHOD FOR DETERMINING PRIORITY FOR INSTALLING A PATCH INTO MULTIPLE PATCH RECIPIENTS OF A NETWORK - Embodiments of the invention provide a computer implemented method and system for installing a patch on at least some of the servers of a network having multiple servers. The method comprises the steps of identifying a plurality of servers of the network that each requires installation of the patch, and assigning two or more priority values to each of the identified servers. The priority values for a given identified server are each associated with a different criterion in a set of criteria. The method further comprises selectively processing the assigned priority values for respective identified servers, in order to determine an initial priority, comprising a first sort order, for installing the patch on each identified server. The first sort order is revised in accordance with information pertaining to prior use of respective identified servers, to provide a second sort order. The patch is installed on each of the identified servers, in an order determined at least in part by the second sort order. As an option, one or more additional sort orders can be provided for use in determining the order for installing the patch.04-16-2009
20110209137LABEL PRINTER API USING PROGRAM SCRIPTING LANGUAGE - A system and method are defined for modifying functionality of a printer that is provided with firmware for controlling printing operations. First programming code is developed that, when executed on a computer readable medium, interfaces with the printer's firmware and modifies the functionality of the printer. The first programming code is written in a first programming language, such as the LUA programming language, and the firmware is written in a second programming language other than the first programming language. Thereafter, the first programming code is executed on the computer readable, and the functionality of the printer is modified as a function of the executed first programming code interfacing with the firmware. The firmware is not modified by the interfacing.08-25-2011
20110209136APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR UPGRADING LIGHTING CONTROLLERS - A lighting system controller is provided that is adapted to upgrade a lighting controller with a software component having multiple upgrade dependencies. According to one example, the lighting system controller is configured to generate an upgrade plan based on the current configuration of the lighting controller and the upgrade dependencies associated with the software component. Further, according to this example, the lightings system controller executes the upgrade plan to install the software upon with the software component is dependent prior to installing the software component.08-25-2011
20090183148REMOTE INSTALLATION - A remote delivery system for delivering software is provided. The system includes a software receiving system; and a software delivery system operable to automatically deliver software to the receiving system. The software delivery system is operable to determine a delivery time, the delivery time being a function of timing information stored in the software delivery system. The software delivery system is operable to deliver the software at the delivery time,07-16-2009
20090138867Method and configuration/software update server for transmitting data between a customer device and the server - A method configures, in a semi-automatic manner, a communication device, connected to a packet-switched network, especially Internet, for communication with another, especially remote, subscriber. For this purpose, configuration data are provided on a configuration/software update server and are retrieved by the user of the device according to the user-specific or device-specific conditions by selecting from at least two types of inquiry data characterizing the conditions, e.g. inquiry data containing first country information items and second inquiry data containing second Internet service provider information items, and determination data.05-28-2009
20090138868Techniques for Providing Software Patches to a Computer System - A technique for providing a software patch to an associated computer system includes receiving, at a wireless communication device, a communication. Next, it is determined, at the wireless communication device, whether the communication is associated with a software patch available for the associated computer system. When the communication is associated with the software patch, a notification is sent from the wireless communication device to the associated computer system that the software patch is available.05-28-2009
20090144720CLUSTER SOFTWARE UPGRADES - A device, system, and method are directed towards upgrading software on a cluster. A cluster of nodes is divided into two partitions. The first partition is brought offline, and the software on each of its nodes is updated. The nodes are partially initialized and form an offline cluster, leaving uninitialized subsystems that share external resources or external communication. The second partition is brought offline. The nodes of the first partition complete their initialization and the first partition cluster is brought online. The nodes of the second partition are updated and join the first partition cluster. Quorum mechanisms are adjusted to allow each partition to operate as a cluster. The system thereby updates each node of the cluster with minimal time offline and without requiring software of different versions to intercommunicate.06-04-2009
20090144719USING SYSTEM FINGERPRINTS TO ACCELERATE PACKAGE DEPENDENCY RESOLUTION - A computer system can be updated and/or reconfigured quickly by preparing a list of attributes of the system and computing a fingerprint based on the list. The fingerprint serves as a key to a database of precomputed upgrade plans. If a matching plan is found, it can be executed to update the computer system without performing a time-consuming dependency resolution operation. If no applicable precomputed plan is found, a plan must then be computed, but the computed plan may be saved in the database to speed up future system updates.06-04-2009
20090013318SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR UPDATING NETWORK COMPUTER SYSTEMS - An update system configured to provide software updates, software patches and/or other data packets to one or more computer systems via a network is disclosed. The update system may interact with a network management system, such as an enterprise management system, to distribute data packets and gather configuration information. The update system may generate and send commands to the network management system. The network management system may carry out the commands to distribute data packets and/or gather configuration information.01-08-2009
20110145808Content Receiver Having a Low-Power Mode - A method, system and apparatus for interacting with scheduling data and primary data. A content receiver may receive scheduling data and extract, from the scheduling data, a time at which primary data is available. The content receiver may enter a de-powered state until the time, at which point it powers up. The content receiver may receive the primary data at the time and process it as necessary. Following processing, the content receiver may again power down.06-16-2011
20090049439Welding-Type Power Supply With Boot Loader - A method and apparatus for providing welding-type power are disclosed. They include a source of welding-type power and at least one welding system peripheral. Each includes a network module that has boot loader software. A network is connected to the two network modules, and the network has connection for updates that is capable of receiving software updates. The network connection for updating may be on a user interface module, disposed inside or outside of a housing of the source of welding-type power and may include an RS232 connection. The network modules may include application software. The peripheral may be a wire feeder, a robot interface, or any other peripheral. A second peripheral, with a network module and boot loader software, may also be connected to the network. The updating can occur when the system is powered up. The software update is obtained from a personal computer, a personal digital assistant, or over the internet.02-19-2009
20080263538IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, PROGRAM UPDATING SYSTEM, AND PROGRAM UPDATING PROGRAM - In order to shorten the unusable time, the MFP can communicate with a server storing a plurality of kinds of update programs together with update information for each of a plurality of kinds of functions, and includes a flash memory to store an execution program, a function execution portion to execute the stored execution program and execute at least one of the functions, a performance storage portion, when any of the functions is executed, to store performance information indicating execution of the function for each executed function in the flash memory, a determination portion to determine a target program from among the update programs stored in the server based on the performance information and the update information stored in the server, and an updating portion to acquire the determined target program and update the execution program stored in the flash memory with the acquired target program.10-23-2008
20110231833UPGRADING SYSTEM SOFTWARE IN A CHASSIS WITHOUT TRAFFIC LOSS - Rolling software upgrades may be employed for a network device in a modular chassis and/or virtual chassis. The network device may include memory devices to store a software upgrade package and a group of instructions, and a processor. The processors may install the software upgrade package on a backup routing engine; determine subsets of multiple line cards on which to perform a software upgrade, where ports in each of the multiple line cards are part of a link aggregation group (LAG); initiate a reboot process for each of the subsets of multiple line cards, in sequence, where the reboot process for each of the line cards results in a software upgrade without deactivating any LAG. The processors may also switch the backup routing engine and a master routing engine to create a new master routing engine and a new backup routing engine, and install the upgrade package on the new backup routing engine.09-22-2011
20090183149DATA IMAGING SYSTEM AND METHODS - A method performed by a network device may include receiving index information from a second network device identifying an updated application, querying a third network device for the identified updated application, receiving the identified updated application from the third network device, storing the identified updated application received from the third network device and applying stored application user settings from memory to the stored updated application.07-16-2009
20090222809Portable device upgrade via a content transfer protocol - Embodiments of the present invention provide a portable MTP framework. In an embodiment, the portable MTP framework includes an MTP communications stack and a portability layer. The portability layer decouples the MTP communications stack from the underlying platform, storage, and transport components, thereby achieving transport protocol, platform, and storage media independence. The portable MTP framework according to embodiments of the present invention includes platform-specific software components, including, for example, communications device drivers (USB, TCP/IP, etc.), a transport controller, a session handler, storage device drivers (USB drive, SD card, Hard disk, etc.), a storage controller, and a platform interface. The portable MTP framework further includes application-specific software components, including, for example, an MTP router, MTP agents, and MTP managers.09-03-2009
20090222808METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR PROVIDING A SOFTWARE APPLIANCE BASED ON A ROLE - An appliance module can be configured to provide software appliances to users. The appliance module can be configured to provide the software appliances based on a role desired by the users. The role can be the desired functionality to be provided by the software appliance. To achieve this, the appliance module can be configured to receive a request for a software appliance. Based on the request, the appliance module can be configured to determine a software appliance that includes one or more applications that meets the role set forth in the request and just enough operating system to support the one or more applications. The appliance module can be configured to provide the software appliance to the requesting user.09-03-2009
20090271777METHOD FOR DISTRIBUTING UPDATE MODULES FOR COMPUTER SOFTWARE OVER A NETWORK - A method for distributing update modules for computer software has been developed. The method includes requesting and receiving a list of updated software modules stored on a network server. The user then determines if each updated module is presently installed on the user's system. If the updated module is not installed, the user requests a runtime artifact from the server for the module which is then installed on the user's system.10-29-2009
20090249321APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR WIDGET UPDATE SCHEDULING - Methods and apparatus for scheduling a content update of a mobile widget are provided. The method may include receiving a widget update consideration. The method may also include generating a content update schedule for a mobile widget based on the update consideration. Further, the method may include storing the generated content update schedule for use in updating a content of the mobile widget.10-01-2009
20080313627INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, SOFTWARE UPDATING METHOD, AND IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS - An information processing apparatus which updates a basic software package is disclosed. The information processing apparatus includes an encryption and decryption unit which stores values calculated uniquely from software and encrypts information based on the calculated values and decrypts encrypted information based on the calculated values. The basic software package includes a firmware authenticating module for authenticating a firmware updating file which includes new software for updating the basic software package, a value uniquely calculated from the new software, and a public key signature. The information processing apparatus further includes a software updating module which updates the basic software package by using the authenticated firmware updating file, and an encryption key managing module for encrypting again the information encrypted by the values based on a value changed by updating the basic software package.12-18-2008
20080307406DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CHECKING THE CURRENT SOFTWARE INSTALLATION IN FIELD DEVICES IN A DISTRIBUTED SYSTEM, IN PARTICULAR AN AUTOMATION SYSTEM - A device and a method for checking the current software installation in field devices in a distributed system, e.g., an automation system, which field devices communicate via a fieldbus with at least one control unit for system management, wherein the appliance library assistant means are implemented in the control unit and compare the current installation of a selectable field device with the latest available update versions, in order to initiate an update if a more recent update version is available.12-11-2008
20100162225CROSS-PRODUCT REFACTORING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A method for automatically propagating refactoring changes across multiple applications is disclosed herein. In one embodiment, such a method may include receiving a primary change for an artifact managed by a first application. The first application may calculate referencing changes necessitated by the primary change for artifacts managed by the first application. The first application may then generate a difference notification documenting the primary and referencing changes. This difference notification may be transmitted to a second application. The second application may analyze the difference notification to determine what refactoring changes are needed for artifacts managed by the second application. The second application may then implement the refactoring changes to the artifacts managed thereby. A corresponding apparatus and computer program product are also disclosed and claimed herein.06-24-2010
20110113419Programmatic Creation Of Task Sequences From Manifests - Method, apparatuses, and systems are described for receiving, by a computer, data representing a first manifest and a second manifest, the first manifest identifying at least some of a plurality of software components and the second manifest identifying at least some of the plurality of software components; determining a first one of the software components that is identified by the second manifest and not identified by the first manifest; generating, by the computer, a task sequence comprising instructions for installing the first one of the software components to a software stack; and recording, by the computer, data representing the task sequence to a computer-readable medium.05-12-2011
20100186008Method and system for managing online applications - A system and method for managing an online software application, which includes an online user manual integrally bundled with the online software application, the user manual providing one or more supporting tools to enable the online, real-time management and distribution of the online software application. The supporting tools include tools such as a personalization module, a statistics module, an access channel tools module, a licensing module, an authentication module, and other tools or modules as necessary for managing the online software application during its complete lifecycle.07-22-2010
20100262960Communication Terminal - A communication terminal includes: an update section that obtains software via a communication network from a predetermined provider so as to update the software; and a failure monitor section that monitors whether there is a failure to interfere with an update of the software by the update section. The communication terminal further includes an update record section that records, if there is the failure and the update becomes an incomplete update on an occasion of the update by the update section, the presence of the incomplete update; and an update prompting section that prompts, if a monitor result by the failure monitor section changes from that there is a failure to that there is no failure, performing by the update section the update whose presence is recorded by the update record section.10-14-2010
20090100420Automatic Acquisition and Installation of Software Upgrades for Collections of Virtual Machines - An automated approach to updating, testing, and distributing virtual machine images is described. Centralized updates allow for a virtual machine image executed locally on thousands of machines to be updated in a single place and the automated testing and distribution signaling provides for smooth rollouts of the updates.04-16-2009
20100262959REVOCATION OF APPLICATION ON MOBILE DEVICE - Embodiments related to the revocation of applications on mobile devices are disclosed. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a method of revoking an application stored on a mobile device, wherein the method comprises receiving an application revocation request, the application revocation request comprising an instruction to revoke a selected application saved on one or more mobile devices, sending to a mobile device an application revocation instruction configured to revoke the selected application on the mobile device, and sending to another entity a request to roll back a previously-made transaction related to the selected application.10-14-2010
20100218179MANAGED ENVIRONMENT UPDATE SELECTION - Software update selection information can be obtained for each of multiple machines in a managed environment. The update selection information for each machine can represent selections of software updates corresponding to software installed on the machine. The software update selection information for the machines can be aggregated to produce aggregated software update selection information. In addition, the aggregated software update selection information can be used to produce a subscription set of software update selections corresponding to software to update on the machines. The subscription set can exclude available software update selections that do not correspond to software installed on the machines.08-26-2010
20100242033Method and System for Controlling Software Version Updates - Methods and systems are provided for controlling asynchronous distribution and installation of software updates affecting applications installed on terminal devices of a wireless network. A versioning schema enforced by the application development environment enables the runtime environment of a terminal device to evaluate a software update to identify potential compatibility issues and control installation of the update.09-23-2010
20100242032NETWORK APPLICATION VERSIONING - A system and method for managing application version changes on a network server. A backup is made of a deployed application version. When an update version of the application is to be deployed, a backup of the current application, including dynamic data, is performed. The update version is deployed and automatically monitored. If the update version is determined to be healthy, it is backed up. If it is determined to not be healthy, the previous version is automatically retrieved and deployed. An application skeleton may be automatically generated to facilitate comparison and backups of the application.09-23-2010
20120036504Mechanism for Customized Aggregation of System-Specific Information for Post-Installation Suggestions - A mechanism for customized aggregation of system-specific information for Post-Installation Suggestions is disclosed. A method of embodiments includes determining identifying information of a computer system of an end user computing device communicably coupled to an update service computing device, aggregating a plurality of updates, suggestions, and information specific to the computer system of the end user computing device into a customized result list, the plurality of updates, suggestions, and information received from a repository of historical system results and a plurality of third-party vendors and associated with various components of the computer system including the hardware of the computer system and the software of the computer system, and providing the customized result list to the end user computing device.02-09-2012
20090328027CLUSTER SYSTEM, PROCESS FOR UPDATING SOFTWARE, SERVICE PROVISION NODE, AND COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM STORING SERVICE PROVISION PROGRAM - In a cluster system: a heartbeat transmission unit in a service provision node transmits to a monitoring node a heartbeat packet which contains interval information indicating an interval greater than normal intervals at which normal heartbeat packets are transmitted, when an execution unit in the service provision node receives a stop command. Thereafter, when software realizing the execution unit is updated and the execution unit is restarted, the heartbeat transmission unit periodically transmits the normal heartbeat packets to the monitoring node at the normal intervals, where the normal heartbeat packets contain interval information indicating the normal intervals. A heartbeat monitoring unit in the monitoring node determines that the execution unit is in operation, while the monitoring node receives heartbeat packets at intervals indicated by the interval information stored in the monitoring node and updated with received interval information.12-31-2009
20110067021ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD OF UPDATING SOFTWARE THEREOF - An electronic device connects to a server to update software. The electronic device includes an execution module, a download module and an installation module. The execution module determines whether a new update schedule is available on the server according to an update schedule. The download module downloads the new software package according to the update schedule when a new software package is detected. The installation module installs the new software package.03-17-2011
20090320015METHOD FOR UPDATING SYSTEM CONTROL PROGRAM, DISPLAY APPARATUS, AND SERVER THEREOF - An update method of a system control program of a display apparatus is provided. The update method includes requesting a system control program for update to a server, selecting contents which are reproducible by the requested system control program for update, and sending the requested system control program for update and the selected contents to a display apparatus.12-24-2009
20090320016IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR, STORAGE MEDIUM, AND DISTRIBUTION SERVER - An image processing apparatus in an arrangement where image processing apparatuses are connected to the same network, which is capable of upgrading a version of a common function module of the image processing apparatus while maintaining the consistency between the image processing apparatuses. An MFP connected via the network to a distribution server inquires the server about whether there is a version upgrade program for a function module of a type corresponding to the MFP. If so, the MFP acquires integrated version information on the version upgrade program from the server, updates version upgrade information on the function module based on the acquired information, acquires version upgrade information on function modules of MFPs of other types, and upgrades the version of the function module based on the acquired version upgrade information and the updated version upgrade information.12-24-2009
20100223607SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ABSTRACTING SOFTWARE CONTENT MANAGEMENT IN A SOFTWARE PROVISIONING ENVIRONMENT - To provision software content from the different software repositories and manage updates to the repositories, a provisioning server can maintain a repository record. The repository record can include an identification of the repositories associated with the provisioning server. Additionally, the repository record can associate, with each identification of a repository, the type of repository, the software content contained in the repository, and provisioning objects associated with the software content contained in the repository. The provisioning server can be configured to utilize the repository record during provisioning processes for software content and for updating software content of target machines.09-02-2010
20100306758PORTABLE TERMINAL DEVICE AND RECEPTION METHOD FOR SIMULTANEOUSLY DISPLAYING APPLICATIONS - When data received separately in first and second reception processing is processed separately by first and second application programs, and when data received by the first reception processing contains specific data specifying processing by the second application program, and the specific data has regional properties, the current region where the second application program is executed is judged, and if the region does not match a region to which processing specified by the specific data belongs, the content specified by the specific data is converted based on data in a predetermined table, and processing is executed by the second application program. Accordingly, two application programs can be linked in a mobile phone unit or other terminal devices, and problems when executing one application with regional properties under control of the other application can be resolved.12-02-2010
20100333080PEER-TO-PEER METHOD OF DEPLOYING AND MANAGING EXECUTABLE CODE AND ASSOCIATED PLUG-INS - A system for peer-to peer distributed client updates. The system includes a server to which a list of target network accessible devices as devices that are to receive an update file is uploaded. The server then generates a list of the targeted network accessible devices, which includes a plurality of superior nodes and a plurality of subordinate nodes, which are each subordinate to a respective one of the superior nodes. The server then sends an update file to each of said superior nodes, which sends the update file to each of the nodes subordinate to the respective superior nodes. Each of the target network accessible devices then directly transmits a reporting result indicating a result of a software update at each of the superior and subordinate nodes.12-30-2010
20110029964METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR UPDATING PROGRAMS IN A MULTI-CLUSTER SYSTEM - A multi-cluster system including a plurality of clusters that execute a program, the plurality of clusters are configured to receive a patch from a monitoring center to update the program, a system storage unit that is connected to the plurality of clusters via a first network, and an add-on cluster to be added on to the multi-cluster system is connected to the first network, the add-on cluster receives, from the system storage unit, a version number management table and a program version number of an in-operation program in the plurality of clusters, requests the monitoring center to distribute a patch of the version number of the in-operation program in the plurality of clusters, receives the requested patch and updates the program that has been installed into the add-on cluster.02-03-2011
20110029963SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DEPLOYING SOFTWARE INTO A COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT - There is provided a system and method of deploying software into a computing environment by a processor. An exemplary method comprises providing, by a processor, a model of software to be deployed and providing, by a processor, a model of the environment into which the software is to be deployed. The exemplary method also comprises customizing, by a processor, a plan for deploying the software into the computing environment. The exemplary method additionally comprises deploying, by a processor, the software into the computing environment according to the customized deployment plan.02-03-2011
20110246977CONTROL SYSTEM CODE INSTALLATION AND UPGRADE - A system including multiple control system devices. The control system devices include a processor; a memory coupled to the processor and configured to store code for the control system device; and a communication interface coupled to the processor. A control system device is configured to receive updated code corresponding to at least one of the control system devices, and configured to transmit the updated code to the corresponding at least one of the control system devices.10-06-2011
20110113420Distribution Of Software Updates - Methods, apparatuses, and systems for distribution of software updates are described. A first software component and a task sequence may be received at a computer. The task sequence may include instructions for installing the first software component at the computer. The computer may store the first software component and the task sequence in a computer-readable medium. The computer then may execute the task sequence to install, in the computer-readable medium, a software stack from an image of the software stack also stored in the compute-readable medium, and the first software component into the installed software stack. The task sequence may include instructions for de-installing a software component from the installed software stack.05-12-2011
20110246978APPLICATION PORTABILITY AND TRANSFER OF DEVICE MANAGEMENT FOR MOBILE DEVICES - Provided are methods and apparatus for managing software components on a device when transferring device management responsibilities for the device from a first device management server to a second device management server. The capability to change device management servers while coordinating changes to software components on a managed device may be referred to as application portability. A mobile device in the present disclosure may change device management providers while maintaining access to certain licensed applications managed by a device management server. In an embodiment, a proprietary software component may be removed and a replacement software component installed from a category of applications that comprises the removed proprietary software component and the installed replacement software component. Also provided is a mechanism for managing software components on a mobile device switching network providers by sending configuration changes rather than reloading software components that are substantially similar.10-06-2011
20110214115METHOD AND APPARTUS FOR PROVIDING A HIGH LEVEL MOBILE VIRTUAL MACHINE - An apparatus for providing a high level mobile virtual machine may include at least one processor and at least one memory including computer program code. The at least one memory and the computer program code may be configured to, with the at least one processor, cause the apparatus to perform at least maintaining a record, at a service platform, of service software versions employed at one or more virtual machines, providing a service software upgrade from the service platform to at least one of the one or more virtual machines, and tracking which of the one or more virtual machines employs the service software upgrade. A corresponding method and computer program product are also provided.09-01-2011
20100180272System For Enabling Virtual Services On A Business And A Consumer Device - A system for facilitating sale of a virtualized information handling system. The virtualized information handling system may be a consumer electronics type information handling system or a small business type information handling system. In operation the system offers a virtualization enabled information handling system at a point of sale. The offer can include an offer for an integrated (i.e., built-in) Productivity virtual machine as well as an integrated web browser. During the sale of the information handling system, the customer is provided with an opportunity to purchase additional virtual machines as part of an up-sell offer. If the customer opts not to purchase additional virtual machines, the customer can decide to purchase one or more of the proffered additional virtual machines at a later point. Each purchased virtual machine is uniquely linked to the customer.07-15-2010
20100070963MOBILE COMMUNICATION TERMINAL AND METHOD OF UPDATING SOFTWARE THEREOF - There is provided mobile communication terminals and a method of updating software of the same. A method of updating software of mobile communication terminals includes, when software providers provide one or more pieces of update software for updating software of mobile communication terminals, creating a broadcast message including information about each piece of the update software, broadcasting the broadcast message to each of the mobile communication terminals over a wireless communication network, and, when a request to update the software of the mobile communication terminals is received from each of the mobile communication terminals that have received the broadcast message, providing a piece of corresponding update software to each of the corresponding mobile communication terminals over the wireless communication network. Accordingly, mobile communication terminals can be prevented from accessing a network unnecessarily, and ineffective use of wireless resources can be reduced.03-18-2010
20110154315FIELD LEVEL CONCURRENCY AND TRANSACTION CONTROL FOR OUT-OF-PROCESS OBJECT CACHING - A method includes executing a multi-threaded, object-oriented application (OOA) on a device; receiving, by multiple threads of the OOA, an object from an out-of-process cache memory; mutating one or more fields of the object, wherein the one or more fields correspond to one or more attributes of the object; and applying an update of the one or more fields that have been mutated to the out-of-process cache memory, wherein the applying the update updates the one or more fields mutated at a field level and not at an object level.06-23-2011
20110154314Methods and Systems for Managing Update Requests for a Deployed Software Application - An exemplary method includes receiving data representative of an update request for a deployed software application, assigning an update request identifier to the update request, displaying a portal configured to facilitate management of a plurality of software development operations associated with the update request, receiving a request input by a user via the portal to perform a software development operation included within the plurality of software development operations associated with the update request, establishing a link between the requested software development operation and the update request identifier, and using the established link to track the update request throughout a software development lifecycle of a software update created in response to the update request. Corresponding methods and systems are also disclosed.06-23-2011
20110035742SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EXTENDING A COMPONENT-BASED APPLICATION PLATFORM WITH CUSTOM SERVICES - A system and method for dynamically associating an application with an extension service to generate an extended, dynamically linked version of the application. The application is configurable for deployment on an electronic device and for subsequent interaction with the extension service during execution through communication messages defined in a structured definition language. The system and method include a parser module configured for analyzing a set of service metadata descriptors to identify a communication interface associated with the extension service, such that the service metadata descriptors describe the communication interface including structure and type of parameters expected by the extension service for use in manipulation of the communication messages. The system and method also include a linking module coupled to the parser module for using the communication interface and a reference to the extension service in the code of the application to build a runtime dynamic link between the extension service and the application to produce the executable application.02-10-2011
20110061044COMMUNICATING INFORMATION IN COMPUTING SYSTEMS - A system is provided and includes a first computing device operable to execute an application, and a second computing device, remotely and continuously communicable with the first device, by which a non-distractive description of updated information of the application is automatically issuable to a user substantially immediately following an occurrence of the update, wherein a form of the non-distractive description is defined in accordance with an activity currently performed by the user.03-10-2011
20100281473AUTOMATED SOFTWARE DEPLOYMENT TRIGGERED BY STATE DIFFERENCES IN DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS - An automated arrangement for deploying software updates to a distributed system based on state differences is provided in which a manifest defines a target snapshot of the desired state of the system after it is updated. A snapshot of the current distributed system state is taken and a state difference between the current state and the target state is calculated. A rule-based engine applies pre-defined rules to generate a sequence of actions that when performed will bring the distributed system to the target state. Accordingly, rather than have to focus on how to change the distributed system, software developers and system administrators may instead specify the target distributed system state in the manifest and the present automated deployment arrangement will perform the required actions to deploy the updates and achieve the desired state.11-04-2010
20100088692DYNAMIC, CUSTOMIZABLE AND CONFIGURABLE NOTIFICATION MECHANISM - Provided are arrangements for delivering customized application or update notifications corresponding to a software application so that a user may be informed of the value of the application or update. In addition, the notifications may be rendered by a configurable notification mechanism so that the behavior of the notification, i.e., when and how often it is displayed, to what users and in what conditions, and the like, is also configurable. In this way, users become more invested in the application or update, are more likely to install the same, and become more aware of what changes to expect following installation.04-08-2010
20090241102METHOD FOR UPDATING ELECTRONIC DICTIONARY - A method for updating an electronic dictionary is provided. The method is adapted to an electronic dictionary software and the electronic dictionary software is respectively installed into a plurality of personal computers. Each personal computer is connected to an integrated platform through an intranet and the integrated platform possesses an electronic dictionary database. The method includes inputting at lease one update datum through a user interface of the electronic dictionary software on at least one of the personal computers. Then, the integrated platform receives the update datum through the intranet. Thereafter, the update datum is identified. Finally, the update datum is stored into the electronic dictionary database.09-24-2009
20080320466AUTOMATIC SOFTWARE INSTALLATION AND CLEANUP - An application installation and removal system and method comprising: an operating system for controlling and maintaining resources on a computer; and an event monitor configured detect availability of an new software to be installed on the client; receive a list of new software on the client; perform installation of the software on the client wherein performing installation comprises creating a record of all user defined applications on the client immediately prior to performing the installation in a log file; installing the new software on the client; rebooting the client after the installation of the new software on the client; resorting all the user defined applications recorded in the log file to the same state as the user defined applications were prior to the installation of the new software.12-25-2008
20120311557UPDATING DISTRIBUTED STORAGE NETWORK SOFTWARE - A method begins by a management unit of a distributed storage network (DSN) sending a software update notice to a plurality of dispersed storage (DS) units, wherein the plurality of DS units supports a plurality of digital storage vaults, and wherein a set of DS units of the plurality of DS units supports a digital storage vault of the plurality of digital storage vaults. The method continues with a DS processing module determining an update strategy for updating software of the plurality of DS units such that at least a decode threshold number of DS units of the set of DS units is continually available to service access requests to the digital storage vault and updating the software of at least some of the plurality of DS units in accordance with the update strategy.12-06-2012
20110161950SOFTWARE OPERATION RESULTS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A software operation results management system has a server and a client connected to a network. The server manages operation results of prescribed software that is supplied from the server to the client and operates on the client. The server has software for storing the prescribed software; and monitoring software for monitoring operation results of the prescribed software on the client. The server transmits the prescribed software to the client in response to a request. The server requests operation results of the prescribed software from the client. The client apparatus has software requesting means for requesting the prescribed software from the server. Operation results acquired by the monitoring software are stored and transmitted to the server.06-30-2011
20120311558Method of Handling Periodic Update of Software Component and Related Communication Device - A method of handling a periodic update of a software component in a software component management object (SCOMO) client in a service system is disclosed. The method is utilized in the SCOMO client, and comprises configuring a first node in a SCOMO tree corresponding to the software component, for storing timing information of the periodic update, wherein the SCOMO tree is stored in the SCOMO client; and transmitting a request to a SCOMO server of the service system according to the timing information, for requesting an update of the software component.12-06-2012
20120311556SERVER APPARATUS AND TELEPHONE SYSTEM AND FIRMWARE UPDATE CONTROL METHOD USED IN SERVER APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, a server apparatus includes a timer, an acquisition module, a memory, and a controller. The timer measures a current time. The acquisition module acquires pieces of local time information from the terminals. The memory stores in a management table terminal IDs in association with pieces of local time information, and time differences between the pieces of local time information and the current time. The controller updates the firmware of each of the terminals sequentially, starting with a terminal with the sum of the time on the timer and the time difference is reached the update start time, based on the management table.12-06-2012
20120204169HYBRID CLOUD INTEGRATOR - A hybrid cloud integrator provides a capability for integrating data processing resources provided as services across a hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud integrator includes a software framework that provides for installing, configuring, activating, and controlling operation of a number of plug-in software components. The plug-in software components are configured to provide for using data processing resources provided as a service to process a consumer workload.08-09-2012
20110016462COMPUTER PERIPHERAL PRODUCT AND METHOD OF BRANDING UTILITY SOFTWARE ASSOCIATED WITH SAME - A method of customizing the branding of utility software associated with a customized computer peripheral device. The customized peripheral device includes brand data stored in memory. The utility software includes a branding module that reads the brand data from the peripheral device during installation upon a computer and customizes the utility software based upon the brand data. The brand data may include the custom branding information or may provide a brand identifier that permits the branding module to obtain the correct custom branding information from a remote server.01-20-2011
20110138375AUTOMATED STATE MIGRATION WHILE DEPLOYING AN OPERATING SYSTEM - Migration of a user state from a source computing device to a destination computing device using a state migration point (SMP) is disclosed. The destination computing device may be the same as the source computing device but with a different operating system. The user state is securely stored by the SMP until the user state is restored on the destination computing device or a predetermined period of time has elapsed. Additional SMPs can be added without an architectural change. SMPs can be used to simultaneously migrate the states of multiple users of the source computing device to multiple destination computing devices. The SMPs can be restricted to migrate only the user states of computing devices with particular IP subnets. The SMPs can retain user states for a period of time after restoration in order to provide a backup, if necessary.06-09-2011
20100023938HOME APPLIANCE AND HOME APPLIANCE SYSTEM - A home appliance and a home appliance system are provided. The home appliance receives input of a sound including update information, and updates a product operating program. The home appliance system receives a sound including product information from the home appliance, judges whether to update the product operating program of the home appliance, and transmits update information.01-28-2010
20100017795SERVER, TERMINAL, AND METHOD FOR SOFTWARE GROUP SERVICE - Provided are a server, a terminal, and a method for providing a software group service. The software group service server includes: a software storing unit for storing a plurality of software; a software group managing unit for grouping software stored in the software storing unit by user and managing lists of the grouped software; a web service providing unit for inquiring a software group list requested from a user to the software group managing unit and provides the requested software group list to the terminal; and a software group providing unit for receiving a request of a software group service from the terminal, searching a corresponding software group from the software storing unit, and providing the searched software group to the terminal.01-21-2010
20100017794OPERATING SYSTEM PATCH METADATA SERVICE AND PROCESS FOR RECOMMENDING SYSTEM PATCHES - A system for providing computer operating system updates includes a service provider facility including a service provider server and a patch database storing patch metadata related to the computer operating system updates, a customer facility including a customer server and at least one operating system node, and an original equipment manufacturers facility communicatively coupled to the customer facility, wherein the customer server accesses a list of available computer operating system updates through the service provider server based upon a customer's subscription with the service provider to download the computer system updates from the original equipment manufacturers facility to the at least one operating system node.01-21-2010
20110307881MULTI-BRANCH MANAGEMENT FOR UPDATING SOFTWARE - A system for managing updates of an executable component in accordance with an updating tree with multiple branches is provided. In one implementation, specific updates are provided to users with specific problems while general updates are provided to all users of the executable component. A range of lower version numbers is reserved for the general updates. When a specific update with a version number higher than those in the reserved range has been installed on a computing device, an installer may prevent a new general update with a lower version number to be installed. The installer may determine a new specific update corresponding to the general update and provide an indication to the user to install this new specific update instead of the general update. This multi-branch update delivery system enables users to elect to receive only updates that are necessary.12-15-2011
20110321031UPDATING NODES CONSIDERING SERVICE MODEL CONSTRAINTS - Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for deploying an update to nodes propagated throughout a data center are provided. Launching new upgrade to hosting environment residing on the nodes typically invokes a mechanism (e.g., fabric controller) to form a group of nodes that are independent of one another with respect to upgrade domains, which are assigned to tenants (e.g., program components of service applications running within the data center) presently hosted by the nodes. The constraints of the update domains are articulated by service level agreements established for the service applications, respectively. Forming the group involves identifying independent nodes for membership, where no two members of the group host analogous tenants (belonging to a common service application) that are assigned to distinct update domains. However, it is acceptable to join to the group those nodes hosting analogous tenants that are each assigned to the same update domain.12-29-2011
20110321032DYNAMIC WEB RESOURCE PROVISIONING - In one embodiment, Dynamic Web Resource Provisioning (DWRP) is a web services based mechanism for dynamic web services application programming interface (API) extensibility. A director network device provisions one or more agent network devices with a message in the form of a POST request to a first API. The message includes instruction configured to extend a second API in the agent network device. The director network device delivers dynamic language code to the second API by way of a PUT request.12-29-2011
20090083726NON INVASIVE CONTEXTUAL AND RULE DRIVEN INJECTION PROXY - User requests for a web application can be received at a reverse proxy. Web application code for a first application can be obtained. Data can be checked at the reverse proxy to determine whether to insert an element into the first application. If there is a match, a combined web application can be produced, including the first web application and the element.03-26-2009
20120210314CONCURRENT UPGRADE OF ALL COMPONENTS IN STORAGE SUBSYSTEMS - A plurality of upgraded components associated with an upgraded storage subsystem replaces a plurality of existing components associated with an existing storage subsystem. Support for a verify I/O command is created. A target volume is created in the upgraded storage subsystem having a same volume identification as a source volume. For a command received on the at least one of the plurality of upgraded components, the verify I/O command is invoked on at least one of a comparable one of the plurality of existing components. If the command is verified, the command is driven. The at least one of the plurality of upgraded components disguises a true volume identification of the target volume from the at least one of the plurality of existing components.08-16-2012
20120210313Systems and Methods for Controlling Application Updates Across a Wireless Interface - Various embodiments of the present invention are directed to systems, methods, and compute program products for managing connections between a mobile device and a network server over a network connection in a bandwidth-efficient manner. In one embodiment, a mobile device includes a processor, and there are a plurality of services executed by the processor, each of the services receiving information updates over a network connection from a server. At least one update interval function executed by the processor assigns an update interval to each of the services, the update intervals governing when each of the respective services request updated information over the network connection.08-16-2012
20120047498UPDATING MACHINE-READABLE INSTRUCTIONS IN AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - To update machine-readable instructions in an electronic device, update information for updating the machine-readable instructions of the electronic device is determined based on reducing an update time that accounts for a communication link speed and an application time for applying the update information, where the application time is dependent upon information relating to the components of the electronic device.02-23-2012
20120117556SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING UPDATES ON A MOBILE DEVICE - A system and method are provided to organize updates on a mobile device. The organization of the updates can be controlled according to something detectable on the mobile device which can be correlated to something detectable in the updates. For example, updates to be displayed on the mobile device can be organized based on context provided by the mobile device, such that more relevant updates are distinguishable from those that may be less relevant. In this way, all updates are accessible to the user, but those that are deemed to be particularly relevant may be more visible and more easily accessed to avoid the need to sort through or scroll through large lists of new updates.05-10-2012
20110167419INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - An information processing apparatus is provided with a reception unit that receives, via a network, compressed difference files corresponding to respective regions of firmware that are to undergo an update process, a selection unit that selects a difference file of a size expandable in a second area, from the difference files received by the reception unit, a transition unit that transitions to a state where no jobs are received except for the update process, an expansion unit that expands the difference file selected by the selection unit in the second area, and an execution unit that executes the update process on the firmware after the transition to the state by the transition unit, by compressing the difference file expanded by the expansion unit and storing the compressed difference file in a first area.07-07-2011
20120017206Distributed Fault Tolerant Architecture For a Healthcare Communication System - A healthcare communication system includes a first plurality of computer devices operable as a nurse call system. The first plurality of computer devices has core nurse call functionality. The system also includes a second plurality of computer devices communicatively coupled to the first plurality of computer devices. The first plurality of computer devices are interconnected logically and/or physically in a tiered architecture arrangement to provide fault isolation among the tiers so that faults occurring in computer devices of one tier don't affect the operability of computer devices in other tiers and so that faults occurring in any of the second plurality of computer devices don't affect the core nurse call functionality of the first plurality of computer devices.01-19-2012
20120072898ON-PREMISE DEPLOYMENT OF VIRTUAL DESKTOP SERVICE SERVERS - A license server is used for activating and authorizing operation of software components for providing desktop virtualization service. A service server installed with the software components communicate with the licensing server on a periodic or random basis. The service server is managed by a virtual desktop service provider separate from the developer of the software components for providing desktop virtualization service. If the licensing server does not send any reply messages or sends a reply message including deactivation code to the service server, the service server is disabled. The licensing server may also collect information about the use of service server to determine compliance with licensing restrictions.03-22-2012
20120072897MICROCONTROLLER FIRMWARE RUNNING FROM RAM AND APPLICATIONS OF THE SAME - In one aspect, the present invention relates to a system memory device for a computer system having a processor and a firmware. In one embodiment, the system memory device has a RAM, and a ROM with stored boot block data and operational code data, the boot block data containing computer-executable instructions for initializing the firmware, determining if the operational code data is valid, and if the operational code data is valid, copying the operational code data from the ROM to the RAM, where the operational code data contains computer-executable instructions for enabling a plurality of different interfaces to receive a firmware update from a firmware update provider, and if the operational code data is not valid, causing a particular one of the plurality of enabled interfaces to wait for an available firmware update and, when a firmware update is available, receiving the firmware update.03-22-2012
20120124569COMMUNICATION MIDDLEWARE APPARATUS FOR GUEST, COMMUNICATION MIDDLEWARE APPARATUS FOR HOST, AND DRIVING METHOD USING THE SAME - There is provided a communication middleware apparatus for a host device, including: a profile manager configured to receive specification information of a guest device through a Low-rate Wireless Personal Area Network (LR-WPAN) module; an application program manager configured to search for an application program for a host device that has to be newly installed or updated, based on the specification information of the guest device, and to install or update the found application program for the host device in the host device; and a firmware manager configured to search for firmware for the guest device that has to be updated based on the specification information of the guest device, and to transmit the found firmware for the guest device to the guest device through the LR-WPAN module.05-17-2012
20100205595METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ALLOWING ACCESS TO DEVELOPED APPLICATIONS VIA A MULTI-TENANT ON-DEMAND DATABASE SERVICE - In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for allowing access to developed applications via a multi-tenant on-demand database service, in a controlled environment. These mechanisms and methods for providing such access can enable embodiments to provide additional control over the development process as well as the access of such developed applications. The ability of embodiments to provide such additional control may lead to an improved application development framework, etc.08-12-2010
20100070962TARGETED INSTANT MESSENGER BEHAVIORS EMPLOYED FOR OPTIMIZATION OF A CLIENT - A system and method are disclosed for selectively updating software and sending other information, such as advertisements, to an IM client device based on client-side behavior vectors collected from the IM client. Behavior vectors are information related to a software component, such as IM client messenger, client device, and a user of the client device, including, but not limited to core software, optional software, advertisements displayed, usage data, performance data, and client meta data.03-18-2010
20120137280ELECTRONIC FIGURE AND ELECTRONIC FIGURE SYSTEM - An embodiment of the invention provides an electronic figure. The electronic figure comprises a storage device, a function library and a processing unit. The storage device stores identification data corresponding to an account of a network service system. The function library stores a plurality of function programs and each function program corresponds to a first parameter which is used to determine whether the corresponding function program can be executed. The processing unit executes the function programs according to the corresponding first parameters.05-31-2012
20120137279In-Context Notification Of An Available Update Of A Computer Program - In-context notification of an available update of a computer program, the computer program configured to present a graphical user interface (‘GUI’) that includes one or more GUI elements where in-context notification includes: receiving, by the computer program, a notification of an available update to the computer program, the notification specifying one or more presently existing GUI elements affected by the update and displaying in the GUI, for each presently existing GUI element affected by the update, proximate to the presently existing GUI element affected by the update, an update indicator.05-31-2012
20110185350SHARED-PROGRAM UPDATING SYSTEM - A shared-program updating system for updating a shared program that is loaded in a memory and is dynamically linked to and shared by other programs, includes an update processing unit that updates a target shared program, which is shared by the other programs, and which is to be updated. The update processing unit includes 1) an updating access control section that directs each of a plurality of using programs, serving as the other programs that access the target shared program, to stop accessing the target shared program and, after the target shared program is updated, allows the using program to resume accessing the target shared program, and 2) an updating section that updates the target shared program after the using program has stopped accessing the target shared program.07-28-2011
20110185349LAMP BALLAST CONFIGURED TO OPERATE IN A SELF-FORMING NETWORK - A lamp ballast for a ballast system having a client device includes a lamp drive system, a control subsystem and a wireless communication subsystem. The lamp drive system delivers power to a lamp. The control subsystem controls operation of the lamp drive system. The wireless communication subsystem includes an embedded web server configured to display information on the client device indicative of a status of the lamp ballast. The embedded web server can generate a web page interface on the client device so that the client device can send a control signal to the control subsystem. The lamp ballast can receive information such as a status of a plurality of ballasts from a network of ballasts and can provide the information to the client device. The lamp ballast can receive a control signal from the client device and can pass the control signal to at least one of the plurality of ballasts in the network of ballasts. The wireless communication subsystem can broadcast the web page interface to the client through a plurality of different paths.07-28-2011
20120174088ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR UPDATING SOFTWARE THEREOF - Disclosed are an electronic device and a method for updating software thereof. The electronic device includes: a communication unit which includes predetermined software needed for communicating with an exterior; a first storage which stores user information set up in the electronic device; a user input unit; and a controller which updates the software with an update file needed for updating the software and sets up the stored user information again in the communication unit if receiving update instruction for the software through the user input unit.07-05-2012
20120180036CUSTOMIZATION OF MOBILE-APPLICATION DELIVERY - A technique for facilitating customization of a software application is described. During this customization technique, an indicator, which indicates that a software application for an electronic device has been discovered by a user, is provided to a publisher of the software application. In response to the indicator, the publisher provides a token to the user. This token identifies a customized application-delivery service for the software application and/or a user-specific customization of the software application. Note that the customized application-delivery service and the user-specific customization are based on information about the user associated with the user's pre-existing or just-established relationship with the publisher. Next, the token is provided to an application-delivery service, and the application-delivery service provides the customized software application to the electronic device or a computer, for example, using the customized application-delivery service.07-12-2012
20100011350Method And System For Managing An Initial Boot Image In An Information Storage Device - A storage device configured with a user-addressable LBA space stores an initial boot image in a region of the LBA space that is outside the user-addressable LBA space. Updates to the initial image are carried out as an unencrypted process when speed is desired. A second copy of the initial boot image may be maintained by the storage device to provide for update flexibility. When two copies of the initial boot image are maintained, one is designated as active and the other is used for updates. When an update to a copy is completed, that copy is designated as being active.01-14-2010
20130174138SOFTWARE CATALOG INFORMATION MANAGEMENT - A first computing entity receives a respective set of software discovery rules from each of a plurality of other computing entities. Based on each of the sets of software discovery rules, a set of software discovery rules associated with the first computing entity is modified. The modified set of software discovery rules is communicated to each of the plurality of other computing entities.07-04-2013
20130174137MOBILE TERMINAL AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A mobile terminal capable of performing updating on an application and a control method thereof are disclosed. The mobile terminal includes: a checking unit configured to check status information of the mobile terminal in relation to updating of an application; a detection unit configured to detect an application in which an update event has occurred, on the basis of the status information of the mobile terminal; and a controlled configured to perform updating on the application detected by the detection unit.07-04-2013
20110239209SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR REMOTE MAINTENANCE IN AN ELECTRONIC NETWORK WITH MULTIPLE CLIENTS - A system for performing remote maintenance an electronic network serving a plurality of clients may comprise a central server, a first client system hosting first virtual machine, and a receiver associated with the first client system. The central server may broadcast a list of updated software modules available for delivery to the plurality of client systems. The first client system may including a plurality of nodes, each one of the plurality of processing resources having a respective set of processing instructions stored on an respective associated computer readable memory. The receiver may be operable to receive the list broadcast by the central server. The first virtual machine may be operable to determine whether to request any of the updated software modules on the received list based at least in part on the identity of the plurality of nodes of the first client system. The receiver may be operable to receive any updated software module requested by the first virtual machine. The first virtual machine may be operable to install any updated software module delivered to the client system.09-29-2011
20120331455DETERMINING BEST PRACTICES FOR APPLYING COMPUTER SOFTWARE PATCHES - In a method for making a recommendation for installing a software patch on a target computer, a computer identifies a first and a second set of computers from a group of computers. Each computer in the first set has hardware and software components, which are identical to each other or differ from each other by less than a predetermined measure. Each computer in the second set has hardware and software components, which are identical to each other or differ from each other by less than a predetermined measure. The computer selects one of the first and the second sets of computers such that the selected set of computers includes a higher number of computers with the software patch already installed.12-27-2012
20110296394SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GENERATING CACHED REPRESENTATIONS OF ENCODED PACKAGE PROFILE - Embodiments relate to systems and methods for generating cached representations of an encoded package profile. A physical or virtual client machine can host a set of installed software packages, including operating system, application, and/or other software. A package manager installed on the client machine can track the installed package complement, and updates available for those packages. The package manager can be configured to capture attributes of the set of installed packages, and generate an encoded identification of the installed packages using a hash or other algorithm. The encoded identification can be transmitted to one or more package servers or other management platform. The package server(s) can receive and decode the identifier, and insert that identifier and other package-related data into a local package cache. The package server(s) or other platform can configure package update or other activity using the cached representation of package profiles for one or more client machines.12-01-2011
20110296393SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GENERATING AN ENCODED PACKAGE PROFILE BASED ON EXECUTING HOST PROCESSES - Embodiments relate to systems and methods for generating an encoded package profile based on executing host processes. A physical or virtual client machine can host a set of installed software packages, including operating system, application, and/or other software. A package manager tracks the set of installed packages and updates available for the installed set. The package manager and/or other logic can identify currently executing processes on the client, and determine which package(s) corresponding to that set of executing processes are hosted on the client. The package manager can generate a report to a package server and/or other remote management platform to perform management operations on the client, such as, for example, to terminate executing processes on a target client to permit package update processes to take place. Other network management actions, such as inventorying or grouping virtual machines in a cloud or other network, can likewise be performed.12-01-2011
20120102479AUTOMATED SERVICE VERSION UPGRADING - A method consists of upgrading, at a server, a service from a first version to a second version, receiving a request from a client associated with the first version of the service, sending a response to the client indicating that the server supports the second version of the service, communicating with the client using the second version of the service as a result of receiving a communication from the client utilizing the second version of the service after sending the response, and communicating with the client using the first version of the service as a result of receiving a communication from the client utilizing the first version of the service after sending the response.04-26-2012
20100199272UPDATING FIRMWARE WITHOUT DISRUPTING SERVICE - A method, system, and computer usable program product for updating firmware without disrupting service are provided in the illustrative embodiments. An updated firmware code is sent to a first firmware component and a second firmware component. The first firmware component is a primary firmware component and the second firmware component is a backup firmware component in a redundant firmware configuration. The updated firmware code is installed in second firmware component. The updated firmware code is activated in a third firmware component. The third firmware component is in communication with the first firmware component. A fail-over from the first firmware component to the second firmware component is performed such that a user communicating with the data processing system and receiving a service using the first firmware component continues to receive the service using the second firmware component without a disruption in the service.08-05-2010
20130014098IMAGE INSTALL OF A NETWORK APPLIANCE - A method and apparatus for installing a network appliance. In one embodiment, the method includes copying an install image pertaining to the network appliance to an install staging area in a memory device of the network appliance, obtaining current installation object data from a server, and saving an up-to-date set of installation objects in the install staging area using the installation object data received from the server. The method may further include marking the install staging area as bootable, rebooting the network appliance, and installing from the install staging area onto the network appliance.01-10-2013
20130019237SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR LINKING PRE-INSTALLED SOFTWARE TO A USER ACCOUNT ON AN ONLINE STORE - Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for associating an application for installation on a computer with a user account on an online store. A system configured to practice the method presents an application available for download, receives from a client device a software adoption request including an identifier associated with a user account and a proof of entitlement associated with a software package or the user account, verifies the proof of entitlement by comparing the proof of entitlement to a database, and if the proof of entitlement is verified, adopts the software package as part of the user account.01-17-2013
20080235678Methods and Apparatus for Patching Software in Accordance with Instituted Patching Policies - The present invention concerns methods and apparatus for controlling software patching activity in, for example, computer systems. Methods and apparatus of the present invention may implement a software shell and institute a patching policy to control patching activities. When implemented, the software shell acts as a barrier which permits patching of the underlying software only when the patching activity would be in accordance with the instituted patching policy. Various patching policies can be instituted in embodiments of the present invention. For example, patching may be done when convenient; or just before when software characteristics and/or behavior. In other circumstances, patching may be delayed until confidence has been established in a new patch so as to avoid disrupting a computer system that is already functioning in an acceptable manner. In still further circumstances, a particular software action may be blocked so as to avoid the necessity of having to patch software, particularly when the action may interrupt the orderly function of a computer system.09-25-2008
20110265075APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR FIRMWARE UPDATE IN A PORTABLE TERMINAL - An apparatus and method for downloading an update file using a Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) service of a portable terminal are provided. The apparatus includes a controller and a command analyzer. The controller processes to receive a device management command from an update server, the device management command including information indicating the execution or non-execution of update and checksum information for delta information, and performs the firmware update. The command analyzer analyzes the received device management command, and if update execution is necessary, the command analyzer determines if the delta information is information valid for the portable terminal based on the checksum information, before receiving the delta information.10-27-2011
20110265074SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GENERATING EXPORTABLE ENCODED IDENTIFICATIONS OF NETWORKED MACHINES BASED ON INSTALLED PACKAGE PROFILES - Embodiments relate to systems and methods for generating exportable encoded identifications of networked machines based on installed package profiles. A physical or virtual client machine can host a set of installed software packages, including operating system, application, and/or other software. A package manager tracks the set of installed packages and updates available for the installed set. The package manager can be configured to capture an inventory of the installed packages, and generate an encoded identification of the entire package complement and/or selected subsets of those packages. In aspects, the encoded identification can be based on a set of attributes of the installed packages and/or their constituent files, such as file names, version numbers, size, and/or other attributes. The encoded identification for the client machine can be transmitted to one or more remote management platforms, such as package servers, network management servers, or others for remote operations on the client machine.10-27-2011
20080222628Method and Apparatus for a Browser with Offline Web-Application Architecture - A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for a computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer usable program code for providing an offline version of an online application. In one embodiment, the process initiates an online application on a connected client device using a specific operating environment associated with the online application. In response to detecting the online application going to an offline status, a determination is made as to whether a native application on the client device is present that is supportive of the online application. In response to a determination that the native application is present, the native application is executed using the specific operating environment associated with the online application. The specific operating environment associated with the online application on a server is transferred to an environment associated with the native application on the client.09-11-2008
20120254851Energy Efficiency Control Policy Library - An energy efficiency control policy library. Network devices can access the energy efficiency control policy library to download library control policies that are compatible with the network device. Such library control policies can be identified based on configuration information that is provided to the energy efficiency control policy library. In this control policy provider framework, the energy efficiency control policy library can be designed to monitor and analyze configuration and performance information that is uploaded from the network devices. Such continual monitoring and analysis would enable the energy efficiency control policy library to identify continual optimizations to the control policy in the network device.10-04-2012
20130097595UPDATE SCANNING - One or more techniques and/or systems allow for updates (e.g., questions) to be provided via sync calls to a server (e.g., in determining whether (non-question) software updates should be installed on a client device), where the total number of updates exceeds single sync call server limitations. For example, relationships between updates may be determined and updates may be grouped into two or more sets based upon the relationships, where different sets can independently be transmitted to the server in different sync calls. Grouping updates according to the policies provided mitigates errors that may otherwise occur when making multi-sync calls (e.g., asking a second question before a first question where the second question should follow the first question because the relevance of the second question depends upon an answer to the first question).04-18-2013
20130125109METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GENERATING A REVERSE BINARY PATCH - A reverse patch for undoing a forward patch for obtaining a new binary image from an old binary image is generated in two parts. First a reverse index file is generated when the forward patch is created at a host or server. The reverse index file identifies regions of similarity between the old binary image and the new binary image. The reverse index file is transmitted with the forward patch to an electronic device. Second, while applying the forward patch to obtain the new binary image from the old binary image, the electronic device generates the reverse patch based upon the new binary image, the old binary image, and the reverse index file. The forward patch and reverse patch may both be incremental patches. Incremental patches are generated and applied on a sector-by-sector basis.05-16-2013
20130125107ROBUST FIRMWARE UPDATE WITH RECOVERY LOGIC - The updating of firmware components on a client device is described. Operations may include facilitating parsing of a firmware update configuration file on the client device, wherein the firmware update configuration file identifies an update repository, one or more firmware updates, and update package information for each of the firmware updates; facilitating validation of each firmware update by comparing, for each firmware update, the update package information with information of an update package stored in the update repository; facilitating receiving the update package for each firmware update from the update repository; facilitating performing a backup of firmware components on the client device corresponding to the firmware updates; and facilitating updating of the firmware components using the received update packages.05-16-2013
20080209411Method for updating indicia readers - A method of operating an indicia reader comprising the steps of: requesting upgrade software from a remote server; the remote server sending in response to the request an information bearing indicia (IBI) to a device local to the indicia reader; providing the IBI on a readable medium; reading the IBI; recognizing in the indicia the presence of indicia upgrade information regarding retrieval of the upgrade software; and, retrieving upgrade software from the remote server in response to the indicia upgrade information.08-28-2008
20080201702SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SCHEDULING SOFTWARE UPDATES - A system and method for scheduling software updates on data processing systems. In an embodiment, software updates are scheduled on a data processing system by identifying a list of software updates; scheduling at least one primary software update for execution within a scheduled outage time based on an estimated execution time and an estimated rollback time for the at least one primary software update; executing the at least one primary software update during the scheduled outage time; and ordering the list of software updates for possible execution of at least one secondary software update in any remaining outage time in dependence upon the estimated execution times and estimated rollback times for each of the remaining software updates. The list of software updates may also be ordered in further dependence upon evaluation of relative priorities between the software updates, any prerequisite software updates, and a performance scaling factor for the data processing system.08-21-2008
20100287543MANAGEMENT OF A GRID COMPUTING NETWORK USING INDEPENDENT SOFTWARE INSTALLATION PACKAGES - A grid computing network including a server node and several client nodes, of which at least one client node includes a core program to manage the computing modules of the client node, the computing modules being coded as data bundles including independent packages, the packages being executable by the core program independently. The core program is also coded as a data bundle including individual packages, wherein one single package of the computing module or the core program can be activated for other computing modules of the client node for the computing task of the computing module.11-11-2010
20110239210SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR REMOTE MAINTENANCE IN AN ELECTRONIC NETWORK WITH MULTIPLE CLIENTS - According to one embodiment, a client system supported by remote maintenance in an electronic network configured to serve a plurality of clients may include an electronic network, a plurality of storage resources, a first virtual machine, a second virtual machine, and a virtual machine manager. The electronic network may include a plurality of processing resources and a communication bus. The plurality of storage resources may be accessible by the plurality of processing resources. The plurality of storage resources may include a computer readable memory. The first virtual machine may handle a first data set associated with the client system. The first virtual machine may include an operating system and a reporting agent. The second virtual machine may handle a second data set associated with an external data center. The virtual machine manager may be configured to manage data transfer between the first virtual machine and the second virtual machine. The second virtual machine may be configured to assess a state of the first virtual machine and identify a software update for installation on the first virtual machine. The virtual machine manager may manage an attestation process for the first virtual machine prior to delivering or installing the software update on the client system using the first virtual machine.09-29-2011
20110307880DYNAMIC WEB APPLICATION NOTIFICATIONS INCLUDING TASK BAR OVERLAYS - Various embodiments provide a mechanism to allow end users to install web applications and websites onto their desktop. In accordance with one or more embodiments, client-side code can be utilized to allow developers associated with a website to define boundaries associated with user interaction, and have those boundaries enforced by a run-time engine. In at least some embodiments, developers can provide, through JavaScript code and/or HTML markup, various configurations for the creation of a start menu shortcut, navigation, and so-called jumplist integration.12-15-2011
20110314464Software Upgrades of Network Elements in Telecommunications Network - A method of upgrading software in network elements of a telecommunications network where operation of a plurality of network elements of a first type depends on operation of a network element of a second type. The method comprises receiving upgrade packages by the network element of the second type and at least part of the network elements of the first type. At least part of the network elements of the first type entering a waiting state and starting their upgrade when start of the upgrade of the network element of the second type is detected.12-22-2011
20130191821TRANSPARENT UPDATE OF ADAPTER FIRMWARE FOR SELF-VIRTUALIZING INPUT/OUTPUT DEVICE - A firmware update process for a self-virtualizing IO resource such as an SRIOV adapter is incorporated into a platform firmware update process to systematically update the resource firmware in a manner that is for the most part transparent to the logical partitions sharing the adapter. In particular, resource firmware associated with a self-virtualizing IO resource is bundled with firmware for at least one adjunct partition associated with that self-virtualizing IO resource within a common firmware image so that, upon restart of the adjunct partition to use the updated firmware image, the resource firmware is also updated, with a logical partition that uses the self-virtualizing IO resource maintained in an active state during the restart, and without requiring the self-virtualizing IO resource to be deconfigured from the logical partition.07-25-2013
20120030665METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR UPDATING FIRMWARE - A method and apparatus for updating firmware using a firmware-over-the-air update. The apparatus comprises a plurality of repository files each comprising one or more settings. The apparatus is configured to store a specified value corresponding to at least one of the settings. The apparatus is capable of receiving a firmware over-the-air update which overwrites at least one repository file with an updated version. The apparatus is capable of identifying repository files which have been changed by the update and for which at least one corresponding specified value exists. Identification is achieved by comparing representations of repository files. Further, the apparatus is capable of merging updated repository files to retain specified values.02-02-2012
20120030664PROCESSING OF SOFTWARE OBJECTS MOVED INTO A DROPZONE REGION OF AN APPLICATION - A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing code representing instructions that when executed are configured to cause a processor to perform a process. The code can comprise code to receive, on a client side of a network, an indicator that a first software object has been moved from a first application into a dropzone region of a second application. The code can include code to receive an indicator that a second software object has been moved into the dropzone region of the second application, and code to access a plurality of dropzone conditions. The code can include code to determine that a dropzone condition from the plurality of dropzone conditions has been satisfied based on the first software object and the second software object both being moved into the dropzone region, and code to send to a server side of a network an indicator that the dropzone condition has been satisfied.02-02-2012
20120066673SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DYNAMIC MOBILE APPLICATIONS - Various embodiments of the present invention are dynamic, cross-platform application architectures for devices. According to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, a platform-specific thin client can be provided on a mobile device. The thin client can be a simple code base customized for the device platform and prepared to configure itself to become a desired application. The thin client can be directed at a trusted source, which can initiate the configuration by delivering data instructing the thin client as to how it should behave under the current conditions and by delivering a framework for the GUI of the application. After the thin client is configured, the thin client can receive content for providing an application to a user. Thus, only a simple code base need be provided on for a device, and that code base can be dynamically configured to perform a desired task under given conditions.03-15-2012
20130205290METHOD TO AUTOMATICALLY UPDATE A CONTROL AND PROCESSING PROGRAM - In a method and medical examination apparatus to automatically update a control and processing program at a terminal apparatus that is provided to process examination information obtained by the medical examination apparatus and to control an examination program at the medical examination apparatus, the examination program is updated at the examination apparatus, update information is transmitted from the examination apparatus to the terminal apparatus, the control and processing program is updated at the terminal apparatus depending on the update information.08-08-2013
20130205289UPDATE CONTROLLING METHOD FOR FIRMWARE, BASE STATION APPARATUS AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - A method comprises selecting from among a plurality of firmware updating procedures, a firmware updating procedure by which a service stopping period that arises, in at least one of communication schemes, from firmware updating in at least one of a common function section and a plurality of individual function sections, the service stopping period being equal to or lower than a predetermined threshold value, and carrying out the selected firmware updating procedure.08-08-2013
20130212572Implementing Updates To Source Code Executing On A Plurality Of Compute Nodes - Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for implementing updates to source code executing on a plurality of compute nodes are provided. Embodiments include receiving, by a compute node, a broadcast update-notification message indicating there is an update to the source code executing on the plurality of compute nodes; in response to receiving the update-notification message, implementing a distributed barrier; based on the distributed barrier, halting execution of the source code at a particular location within the source code; based on the distributed barrier, updating in-place the source code including retaining workpiece data in memory of the compute node, the workpiece data corresponding to the execution of the source code; and based on completion of the updating of the source code, resuming with the retained workpiece data execution of the source code at the particular location within the source code where execution was halted.08-15-2013
20130212573IMPLEMENTING UPDATES TO SOURCE CODE EXECUTING ON A PLURALITY OF COMPUTE NODES - Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for implementing updates to source code executing on a plurality of compute nodes are provided. Embodiments include receiving, by a compute node, a broadcast update-notification message indicating there is an update to the source code executing on the plurality of compute nodes; in response to receiving the update-notification message, implementing a distributed barrier; based on the distributed barrier, halting execution of the source code at a particular location within the source code; based on the distributed barrier, updating in-place the source code including retaining workpiece data in memory of the compute node, the workpiece data corresponding to the execution of the source code; and based on completion of the updating of the source code, resuming with the retained workpiece data execution of the source code at the particular location within the source code where execution was halted.08-15-2013

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