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715 - Data processing: presentation processing of document, operator interface processing, and screen saver display processing


715764000 - On-screen workspace or object

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715862000 Proximity detection 29
715859000 Status indicator 19
715858000 Automatic position adjustment 10
715857000 Pointer direction adjustment 4
20100088652MOUSE MOVEMENT USING MULTIPLE THRESHOLDS UTILIZING LINEAR EXPONENTIAL ACCELERATION AND SUB-PIXEL PRECISION - Moving a pointer in a graphical user interface environment is provided. An input comprising an initial delta value determined by a device driver is received from the device driver. The initial delta value is located in a data structure. A new delta value associated with the initial delta value is selected from the data structure. A new position of a pointer in the graphical user interface environment is calculated based on the new delta value. The new position of the pointer is sent to the graphical user interface environment for rendering.04-08-2010
20090100382Method of Changing Multiple Boolean State Items in a User Interface - A method of changing the states of multiple Boolean state items displayed in a computer system user interface window draws a box around a plurality of Boolean state items displayed in the window. Each of the items displayed in the window initial state, which is either of the two Boolean states. In response to drawing the box, the method changes the initial state of at least some of the items within the box to a final state, which is the opposite Boolean state. The change of state may be according to a default behavior. The user may change the default behavior.04-16-2009
20120311506Selector - Sectors including selection elements are scaled (12-06-2012
20130132912GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE, DISPLAY APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A graphical user interface, a display apparatus and a control method thereof are provided. The display apparatus includes: a display unit which displays thereon an image comprising a plurality of user interface (UI) objects and a pointer; a pointer adjuster which generates the pointer and moves the pointer based on a user command for moving the pointer received from an input device; and a controller which controls the pointer adjuster to adjust a moving speed of the pointer according to a density of the UI objects displayed on the display unit.05-23-2013
20110202889ENHANCED ROLL-OVER, BUTTON, MENU, SLIDER, AND HYPERLINK ENVIRONMENTS FOR HIGH DIMENSIONAL TOUCHPAD (HTPD), OTHER ADVANCED TOUCH USER INTERFACES, AND ADVANCED MICE - A hypermedia object associated with an application, displayed on a display screen, and responsive to information is disclosed. The information is provided by a user interface input device having two-dimensional pointing functions and at least one additional user-adjustable input for entering values from a range of more than two possible values. The hypermedia object includes a first visual representation of the hypermedia object for display in a first region of a display screen, an associated responsive area in a second region of the display for in activating the hypermedia object, and a procedure for allowing a user to activate the hypermedia object from a user-initiated action enacted on the user interface input device. Activating the hypermedia object enables the entry of at least one additional user-adjustable input value for use by the associated application.08-18-2011
20080256492OBJECT DISPLAY APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - An object display apparatus displays a plurality of object at respective display positions, and receive a designation to set one of the plurality of displayed object as an object of interest. Upon reception of an addition or deletion instruction of one or more objects with respect to the plurality of displayed objects, a display of the objects is updated by moving object other than the object of interest while keeping the display position of the designated object of interest.10-16-2008
20100077360METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MAINTAINING SECURE DATA INPUT AND OUTPUT - Methods and systems for enhancing the security of data during input and output on a client computer system are provided to prevent attempts by unauthorized code to access, intercept, and/or modify data. Example embodiments provide a plurality of obfuscation techniques and security enhanced drivers that use these obfuscation techniques to prohibit unauthorized viewing/receiving of valid data. When the drivers are used together with the various obfuscation techniques, the security enhanced drivers provide mechanisms for “scheduling” the content of the storage areas used to store the data so that valid data is not available to unauthorized recipients. When unauthorized recipients attempt to access the “data,” they perceive or receive obfuscated data. The obfuscation techniques described include “copy-in,” “replace and restore,” and “in-place replacement” de-obfuscation/re-obfuscation techniques. In one embodiment, a security enhanced display driver, a security enhanced mouse driver, a security enhanced keyboard driver, and a security enhanced audio driver are provided. To complement the security enhancements, the methods and systems also provide for a watchdog mechanism to ensure that the driver is functioning as it should be and various user interface techniques for denoting security on a display device.03-25-2010
20130080979EXPLICIT TOUCH SELECTION AND CURSOR PLACEMENT - A system and method for implementing an efficient and easy to user interface for a touch screen device. A cursor may be placed by a user using simple inputs. The device operates places the cursor coarsely and refines the cursor placement upon further input from the user. Text may be selected using a gripper associated with the cursor. The user interface allows text selection without occluding the text being selected with the user's finger or the gripper. For selecting text in a multi-line block of text, a dynamic safety zone is implemented to simplify text selection for the user.03-28-2013
20130036388MOVING A GRAPHICAL SELECTOR - In general, this disclosure describes techniques for moving a graphical selector. In one example, a method includes activating, by a computing device, a graphical key that is displayed with a presence-sensitive interface of the computing device. Upon activation of the graphical key, the method also includes receiving gesture input corresponding to a directional gesture using the presence-sensitive interface of the computing device and moving a graphical selector displayed with the presence-sensitive interface from a first graphical location to a second graphical location by at least one selected increment based on a property of the gesture input.02-07-2013
20100100853MOTION CONTROLLED USER INTERFACE - A graphical user interface (GUI) is disclosed. The GUI comprises a three-dimensional virtual desktop surface. The GUI displays a view of the three-dimensional virtual desktop surface from a selected viewpoint and viewing angle and modifies at least one of the viewpoint and viewing angle based on detected head movements of a user.04-22-2010
20130074012SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR POSITIONING A CURSOR - Systems and methods are described for repositioning a cursor. One embodiment is a method implemented in a mobile device for repositioning a cursor. The method comprises displaying a user interface and receiving, by the mobile device via the user interface, an initial tap on the mobile device by a user. Based on the initial tap, an anchor is invoked for repositioning a cursor, wherein the location of the anchor corresponds to a location of the cursor. The method further comprises receiving an additional tap after the initial tap. Based on a location of the additional tap with respect to the anchor, the cursor is repositioned according to the additional tap. The method further comprises updating the user interface to reflect repositioning of the cursor.03-21-2013
20130067418IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, METHOD AND PROGRAM - Provided is an image processing apparatus including an edge strength calculation section which respectively calculates edge strengths for all pixels of an image represented by image data set as an object to be processed, a cursor position acquisition section which successively acquires positions of a cursor on a display screen on which the image is displayed, and a cursor speed setting section which sets a moving speed of the cursor based on a variation of the edge strength in a current position of the cursor, calculated based on the positions of the cursor successively acquired by the cursor position acquisition section and the edge strengths calculated by the edge strength calculation section.03-14-2013
20110022990METHOD FOR OPERATION TO A MULTI-TOUCH ENVIRONMENT SCREEN BY USING A TOUCHPAD - A method for operation to a multi-touch environment screen by using a touchpad defines a movable control window on the screen, calculates an inter-window coordinate set of the object mapped from the touchpad to the control window according to an absolute coordinate set of the object on the touchpad and a resolution ratio between the touchpad and the control window when the touchpad is detected being touched, defines a cursor on the screen representative of the object according to the inter-window coordinate set, and changes a coordinate set of the cursor on the screen representative of the object according to a number of the object on the touchpad and movement thereof. This method allows a user to intuitively operate the screen by using the touchpad.01-27-2011
20080307370DISPLAY SYSTEM FOR AN AIRCRAFT COCKPIT - The display system (12-11-2008
20120131512DISPLAYING POSTS IN REAL TIME ALONG AXES ON A COMPUTER SCREEN - Sequentially displaying posts apart from each other on a computer screen, including prompting a user to input a dimension element including one or more of a character, graphic, or symbol on the computer screen; identifying posts containing one or more dimension elements; sequentially displaying the identified posts apart from each other along a first axis; displaying a moveable cursor along the first axis across one or more displayed posts and that indicates only one or more particular posts; moving the cursor according to the user's operation; identifying one or more posts at a position currently indicated by the cursor; identifying one or more additional posts containing one or more dimension elements related to the elements contained in the posts currently indicated by the cursor; and sequentially displaying posts of the one or more additionally identified posts along a second axis.05-24-2012
20110173572METHOD AND INTERFACE FOR DISPLAYING LOCATIONS ASSOCIATED WITH ANNOTATIONS - Methods, systems and computer program products for displaying geographical locations with the one or more annotations. In a particular embodiment, a language model is used to obtain the probability distribution of the locations over one or more annotations. Further, the system and the method utilizes the probability data obtained from the language model to determine a probability score for each location over the one or more annotations. Subsequently, one or more geographical locations are displayed on a world map, based on the probability score of the geographical locations over the one or more annotations. In one embodiment, geographical locations may be highlighted using a color code on a heat map overlaid on the world map. The color code may represent the ranking of the geographical locations based on the calculated probability score for each identified geographical location. Further, when the user provides one or more additional annotations, the world map may be dynamically updated to display the relevant geographical locations associated with the updated annotations.07-14-2011
20080244461Method, Apparatus, System, Medium, and Signals For Supporting Pointer Display In A Multiple-Party Communication - Systems, apparatus and methods related to multiple-party communications conducted between client computers in a computer network. For example, a system for supporting multiple-party communications on a client computer in communication with a server in a computer network is disclosed. The system includes a client processor circuit operably configured to transmit a first cursor message to the server to elicit a first pointer message from the server, the first cursor message representing a change in a position of a first cursor associated with the client computer in response to user input received from a user of the client computer. The system also includes a server processor circuit operably configured to receive the first cursor message from the client computer, transmit the first pointer message to the client computer in response to the first cursor message, the first pointer message representing the change in the position of the first cursor provided by the first cursor message. The client processor circuit is operably configured to receive the first pointer message from the server and to cause a corresponding change in a position of a first pointer associated with the first cursor and displayed on a display area of the client computer, in response to the first pointer message.10-02-2008
20100125815GESTURE-BASED CONTROL METHOD FOR INTERACTIVE SCREEN CONTROL - A gesture-based control method for interactive screen control includes configuring an image-capturing module to capture a sequence of images of a gesture, configuring an analyzing module to determine whether the images captured by the image-capturing module match a predefined gesture corresponding to a function of an input device, and when it is determined that the images captured by the image-capturing module match the predefined gesture, configuring a processing module to perform an operation associated with the corresponding function of the input device and to control an interactive screen to show a result of the operation performed thereby.05-20-2010
20090288041Methodology to Create a Logical Landing Zone Surrounding an Object to React to Determined HTML Events - A method, system, and computer-usable medium are disclosed for managing elements within a graphical user interface (GUI). Logical landing zones are generated to create non-visible areas of a GUI associated with one or more GUI elements. A mouse cursor is hovered over a first linked element results in a JavaScript onmouseover event. When executed, the mouseover event displays a second, noncontiguous linked element. Moving the mouse away from the first linked element results in an onmouseout event, which activates a first logical landing zone that comprises the second linked element and is contiguous to the first linked element. The second linked element continues to be displayed, and allowing user interaction, as long as the mouse cursor remains within the first linked element or the first logical landing zone.11-19-2009
20090288042METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING MULTIPLE COMPUTERS - A system for controlling multiple computers comprises a plurality of host computers with associated display screens with particular display boundaries, a set of a cursor control device and a keyboard and a KM (keyboard/mouse) switching device with second set ports coupled to each of the host computers and first set ports coupled to the cursor control device and the keyboard, wherein a pointer controlled by the cursor control device is located within one of the display screens with a particular display boundary and the host computer associated with the display screen is controlled by the cursor control device and the keyboard, wherein the KM switching device includes interface hosts coupled to each of the first set ports, a first HID (human interface device) device and a second HID (human interface device) device coupled to one of the second set ports, respectively, wherein the first HID device detects that the pointer controlled by the cursor control device moves out of the particular display boundary of the display screen to the other display screen, the host computer associated with the other display screen is controlled by the cursor control device and the keyboard through the associated interface host.11-19-2009
20110173573METHOD FOR INPUTTING A CHARACTER IN A PORTABLE TERMINAL - Disclosed is a character input method, by which it is possible to input a character through one touch-and-drag action. The method includes displaying a predetermined character at a location of a cursor on a display area when a predetermined character is selected in a selection area, displaying a next selection area when the predetermined character has been input for at least a predetermined time, and moving the cursor to a next space and waiting for an input of a next character in the display area when a dragging to the next selection area is performed when the predetermined character has been input for at least the predetermined time.07-14-2011
20110209096INPUT DEVICE, INPUT METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An input device includes a pointer movement control unit that controls movement of a pointer to select a component in a GUI represented spatially on a two dimensional screen based on a user operation, and a movement direction setting unit that sets a direction of movement of the pointer to be in a first direction or a second direction vertical to the first direction of the GUI in accordance with an orientation of the input device.08-25-2011
20100058249SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING A GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE FOR PREDICTION MARKETS - A system for providing a probability output and receiving an input includes a processor and a memory unit in communication with the processor. The memory has processor-executable instructions that configure the processor to provide a user interface having the probability output, wherein the probability output is in a graphical form and receives an input from the user via the user interface, wherein the user provides the input by marking portions of the graphical form of the probability output.03-04-2010
20080244464Duplicating the Position of a Pointer Icon - A method, apparatus and software is disclosed which enables the position of a pointer icon on a first display to be duplicated on one or more other displays.10-02-2008
20080244460Cursor for Presenting Information Regarding Target - In a graphical user interface, when a cursor is positioned over an icon or link associated with a target, the appearance of the cursor changes to present information describing or related to the target. Such information can include, for example, an excerpt of the contents of the target, and/or meta-data for the target, and/or an indication of what application or applications may be used to open the target. The information presented in the cursor can be shown in graphical form or in text form, or in a combination of both.10-02-2008
20080244463METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING A PRESUMPTIVE DRAFTING SOLUTION - A method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for providing a presumptive drafting solution. Input from a cursor control device is received, wherein the input reflects a movement in a computer drawing program of a cursor over a drawing having one or more geometric entities (having one or more geometric attributes). In one or more embodiments, a relevant geometric entity is identified based on how the cursor is moved over the drawing. A presumptive drafting solution is then provided based on the identified relevant geometric entity. In addition, prior drawing solutions (having one or more solution attributes) are obtained and compared to the one or more geometric attributes. A drawing solution having one or more solution attributes similar to the one or more geometric attributes may be provided to the user.10-02-2008
20080282200INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD - To provide a method for displaying a list of contents divided in plural pages by saving a trouble for finding the desired contents. If the user puts (hovers) a cursor over an index for displaying a divided partial list, the attribute values of the contents included in the partial list corresponding to the index are displayed. Also, it is suitable that the attribute values displayed at this time are configured so that the attribute values used for sort may be displayed as a tooltip.11-13-2008
20080295039Animations - Animations enhance viewing and consumption of electronic items that are presented to a user on a screen of a computing device. These animations may occur in response to receiving an instruction to move a position of a cursor displayed on the screen of the computing device. A user may trigger this instruction, for instance, by selecting a portion of the electronic content with use of the cursor. In response to the selection, the cursor or some other entity may undergo some form of animation. This animation may notify the user that the selection is being processed, and may also indicate a future position of the cursor at a time after the selection is processed.11-27-2008
20100146453DISPLAY APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - Disclosed are a display apparatus which displays contents and a method of controlling the same, the display apparatus including: a display unit; a user selection unit; a user interface generator which generates user interface information; an image processor; and a controller which controls the user interface generator to generate a guide image indicating a contents search mode on an edge of the display unit if performing a first operation to set up the contents search mode through the user selection unit, displays searched contents if performing a second operation to search contents while displaying the guide image, and controls the image processor to play selected contents if performing a third operation to select contents from searched contents.06-10-2010
20090164948SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SELECTING WEIGHTING FOR SEARCHING AND FOR PRESENTATION OF SEARCH RESULTS - Systems and methods for assigning weights to a plurality of objects are defined. Metrics associated with the objects are defined. A cursor is displayed and movement of the cursor is constrained by a control weight shape. Movement of the cursor within the control weight shape defines the weights assigned to the metrics. A display weight shape including a plurality of display weight factors is displayed. Each of the display weight factors corresponds to one of the metrics and their display corresponds to the weights assigned to the metrics.06-25-2009
20100153888Method and System for Implementing a User Interface with Ghosting - An approach is described for implementing a GUI that an account for illegal operations by the user. Visual ghosting is implemented that includes separation support. If an object is manipulated into an impermissible/unacceptable configuration, ghosting separation is performed to display multiple ghost images, where a first ghost image shows a legal configuration of the object and a second ghost image shows the current configuration of the object. The second ghost continues to track the user's manipulation of the object until a legal configuration is achieved. The improved approach provides a visual representation that corresponds to the expected end result, but is also be useful to track the user's actions if there is a violation.06-17-2010
20100153889ELECTRONIC TEXT READING ENVIRONMENT ENHANCEMENT METHOD AND APPARATUS - An apparatus, method and article of manufacture of the present invention provide an enhanced user interface for a computer system that maximizes a reader's ability to rapidly comprehend a text. The invention provides a dynamically presented outline of the text, such that the reader maintains a sense of location within the entire text. Additional information about the text and results of operations on the text are presented on the corresponding portions of the outline.06-17-2010
20100192107SHARED INFORMATION DISPLAY DEVICE, SHARED INFORMATION DISPLAY METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - A shared information display device includes a work information managing section that receives work content data and cursor operation signals from the plurality of users, a display section that simultaneously displays an image of the work content data and cursor images of the plurality of users, and a cursor moving section that moves a cursor image of each user. The shared information display device includes a user attribute information section that acquires or stores user attribute information of each of the plurality of users, and a cursor image preparing section that prepares a cursor image of each user thereof on the basis of the user attribute information, wherein the display section displays the cursor image of each user prepared by the cursor image preparing section on the display screen.07-29-2010
20100185989User Interface For Initiating Activities In An Electronic Device - In one embodiment, a user interface is presented for initiating activities in an electronic device. The user interface includes an element referred to as a “launch wave”, which can be activated at substantially any time, even if the user is engaged with an activity, without requiring the user to first return to a home screen. In various embodiments, the user can activate the launch wave by performing a gesture, or by pressing a physical button, or by tapping at a particular location on a touchscreen, or by activating a keyboard command. In one embodiment, activation of the launch wave and selection of an item from the launch wave can be performed in one continuous operation on a touch-sensitive screen, so as to improve the expediency and convenience of launching applications and other items.07-22-2010
20090077503Method And System For Automatically Associating A Cursor with A Hotspot In A Hypervideo Stream Using A Visual Indicator - Methods and systems are described for automatically linking a cursor to a hotspot in a hypervideo stream comprising a plurality of video frames that are associated with at least one user selectable hotspot. One method includes establishing an association between a selectable hotspot in a first activation region of a first video frame received for presentation in a video presentation space and a cursor when a first position of the cursor is within the first activation region corresponding to the selectable hotspot. The method also includes receiving a second video frame that includes the selectable hotspot in a second activation region different from the first activation region, and determining whether a second position of the cursor is outside of the second activation region of the second video frame. Responsive to the determination, the second video frame is presented with a visual indicator associating the cursor with the selectable hotspot based on the association between the cursor and the selectable hotspot.03-19-2009
20090113353CURSOR LOCATOR - Illustrative embodiments provide a computer implemented method, data processing system and a computer program product for indicating the location of a cursor within an application to a user. In one illustrative embodiment the computer implemented method comprises initiating a monitoring service to generate collected information regarding the location of the cursor within the application and comparing the collected information with a set of respective predetermined values to create a set of compared values. Responsive to a determination based on the set of compared values, presenting a visual cue indicating the location of the cursor to the user.04-30-2009
20080229254METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ENHANCED CURSOR CONTROL - Methods and systems for moving a cursor quickly, efficiently, and accurately on displays with increasingly higher resolutions, for moving a cursor when the motion and range of the input device (mouse, keyboard, joystick, trackpad™, trackpoint™, etc.) is constrained, and for avoiding the problem of large repetitive motions when using an input device to move the cursor on computer displays.09-18-2008
20090064054INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, PROGRAM, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD - According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus is provided with a display section, and can be instructed to be operated by a pointer displayed on the display section, and includes a detection section for detecting, from an input image of a hand, a position of the hand in the image, an operation section for obtaining a probability that the hand exists in the image by using the latest detection result detected by the detection section, and a value of a probability distribution function having a peak at a position which has been evaluated last time as a position at which a probability that the hand exists is high, and a pointer display section for moving the pointer, on the basis of an evaluation value obtained from the probability, to a position at which the probability that the hand exists is the highest and displaying the pointer at the position.03-05-2009
20100306710LIVING CURSOR CONTROL MECHANICS - Disclosed herein are systems and methods for controlling a cursor. A user may control a cursor displayed by a computing environment such as a game console, a computer, or the like by performing one or more gestures. An activity of a cursor on an audiovisual display may be controlled based on one or more gestures of the user, a profile of the user, other inputs, or combinations thereof. Further, an appearance of a cursor on an audiovisual display may also be controlled based on one or more gestures of the user, a profile of the user, other inputs, or combinations thereof. User gestures may be detected by, for example, a capture device. For example, the capture device may capture a depth image of a scene including a user.12-02-2010
20100313171Information Display System and Information Display Apparatus - This information display system includes an input device, a computer, a receiving apparatus including a receiving portion and a control portion and a display portion, and a user can set whether to transmit operating information from the computer to the receiving apparatus in at least either the computer or the receiving apparatus in the information display system.12-09-2010
20110113387DISPLAY CONTROL APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - There is provided a display control apparatus comprising: an input unit configured to designate a position on a display screen; a display control unit configured to control to identifiably display a set region set on the display screen; and a control unit configured to control to, when a trajectory of the designated position after a start of designating the position by the input unit does not satisfy a predetermined condition while the set region is set on the display screen, change a portion occupied by the set region on the display screen in accordance with the trajectory, and when the trajectory satisfies the predetermined condition, set a new set region different from the set region on the display screen in accordance with the trajectory.05-12-2011
20110113388SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SECURITY MANAGEMENT BASED ON CURSOR EVENTS - Systems and methods for security management based on cursor events. Click coordinates on a webpage of user's activity are logged in order to detect multiple or repeated transactions that bare the same exact coordinates. Such multiple or repeated activity may be helpful in detecting scripted attacks or bot net activity in a variety of environments and transactions. Further, the invention may also capture the coordinates of the location of submit buttons, and similar buttons, on a webpage to analyze whether a click action or other pointer action occurred within the button's parameters.05-12-2011
20110119636 METHOD AND SYSTEM TO IMPROVE GUI USE EFFICIENCY - A method and system to facilitate manipulation of the pointer on a screen displaying application windows when the applications use logical barriers to block the movement of the pointer in a window area. The GUI computes new pointer coordinates on the screen of an application window. In the case where the pointing device movement requires a crossing of a logical barrier implemented by the application, if the pointing device is in ‘flying mode’ the GUI of the invention authorizes the pointer to directly cross the barrier. If the pointing device is in ‘crawling mode’ the GUI does not authorize the barrier to be crossed and the pointer is blocked by the barrier.05-19-2011
20090217209METHOD AND SYSTEM OF CONTROLLING A CURSOR IN A THREE-DIMENSIONAL GRAPHICAL ENVIRONMENT - A method of controlling a cursor displayed on a display device is provided. A three-dimensional environment is displayed on a display device. A cursor and a plurality of objects are displayed on the display device within the three-dimensional environment. The cursor comprises a zone defining a volume to identify at least one object that is at least partially located within the volume. The size of the volumetric activation zone is dynamically adjusted so that a predetermined constraint is satisfied. The predetermined constraint is a function of at least a relationship between the volumetric activation zone of the cursor and at least one of the plurality of objects08-27-2009
20100058250Editing numeric charts - A computer-executed method for editing a numeric chart includes displaying a numeric chart having at least one object with a dimension representing a variable and positioning a cursor in the object. A numeric value of the variable is displayed near the object in response to positioning the cursor in the object. In response to receiving a command to change the value of the variable, the displayed value and the dimension are changed to correspond to the changed value. The chart may be edited by moving an element of the object with a cursor and presenting a readout of the value of the variable at or near the location of the cursor. The chart may be edited by changing a location of an element of the object in response to entry of a value in an entry field that is at least partly within the object.03-04-2010
20090241071Served ads as previews and summaries - When an appropriate context-sensitive ad is created for readers of a content page, it can also serve as a summary of page. In this context, the content indicates anything triggering a user's experience that may be used to decide what ad to show. This could be a particular web site, an application on user's computer, a virtual world, or even a physical location. An embodiment of this invention provides a method to serve the ads previously given on a page or other content to a user, at a time other than when the user is actually consuming that content. This Ads-as-a-summary concept can take various forms. It can also be leveraged at various times, such as a preview.09-24-2009
20080282201AIRCRAFT DISPLAY SYSTEM - The display system (11-13-2008
20110161888Operation direction determination apparatus, remote operating system, operation direction determination method and program - There is provided an apparatus including a touch panel for detecting a moving start point and a moving end point of a pointer, a first determination unit for, while an apparatus is being gripped with a first hand, determining whether the apparatus is being one-handedly operated with a finger of the first hand as the pointer, a setting unit for, when the apparatus is being one-handedly operated, setting a determination region made of two or more regions to each of which a different moving direction is assigned, by using two or more curved lines which are previously obtained by approximating to a moving trajectory of the pointer during one-handed operation and are set with the detected moving start point as an intersection, and a second determination unit for determining a moving direction assigned to a region in which the detected moving end point is positioned as the operation direction.06-30-2011
20110191723METHOD OF CONTROLLING A CURSOR ON A MULTI-TOUCH SCREEN BY USING ON-DEVICE OPERATION - A method of controlling a cursor on a screen by using a touch device includes changing a display coordinate set of the cursor on the screen representative of an object according to a relative coordinate set with respect to movement of the object on the touch device, hiding the cursor from the screen when the object leaves the touch device for a duration in excess of a predetermined time, and when the cursor is not displayed on the screen and an object touches the touch device, computing an initial display coordinate set of the cursor on the screen according to an absolute coordinate set of the object on the touch device and a resolution ratio between the touch device and the screen. With this method, the cursor on the screen can be intuitively operated by using the touch device.08-04-2011
20100281434Cursor Adjustment in Ambient Light - A method of assisting discovering a cursor on an electronic display is disclosed. In general, if a cursor moves from one display region to another and there is a difference in ambient light, a cursor adjustment may need to be executed. In another embodiment, the method may look to see if a user is moving the cursor in a fashion to locate the cursor in which case a cursor adjustment should be executed. If three cursor inputs are in successively opposite directions or have opposite acceleration and are received within a brief period of time, the cursor adjustment may be executed.11-04-2010
20080244462METHOD FOR PROVIDING GUI HAVING POINTER MOVING AT A VARIABLE SPEED AND A VIDEO APPARATUS - A method for providing a Graphical User Interface (GUI), and an image apparatus having the same are provided. According to the method for providing a GUI, the position of the moving pointer on a display is determined, and the speed of movement of the pointer varies according to the determined result. Accordingly, manipulation of a pointer P is made more convenient.10-02-2008
20090300553Defining a border for an image - Some embodiments provide a method that provides a display area for displaying an image that includes several of edges. The method provides a border drawing tool that in response to cursor movement across the image displays a search window about the cursor. The search window specifies a region to be searched to identify edges for use in defining a border for the image. In some embodiments, the size of the search window varies based on the speed of the cursor. The search window is a square box in some embodiments and a circle in other embodiments. The search window is centered at the cursor in some embodiments. In some embodiments, the display area is also for displaying the defined border over the image.12-03-2009
20130125064TERMINAL APPARATUS AND GUI SCREEN GENERATION METHOD - A terminal apparatus operates according to manipulation by a user on a Graphical User Interface (GUI) screen. The terminal apparatus includes: a generator that generates the GUI screen, the GUI screen including an object selectable in the manipulation and a pointer for selecting the object; and a blur calculator that calculates a vertical blur amount and a horizontal blur amount of a position at which the pointer is displayed on the GUI screen. The generator changes the GUI screen in a vertical direction depending on the vertical blur amount, and changes the GUI screen in a horizontal direction depending on the horizontal blur amount.05-16-2013
20090172604KEYPAD NAVIGATION SELECTION AND METHOD ON MOBILE DEVICE - A handheld electronic communication device includes a plurality of text entry keys arranged in a keyfield. A user navigates among alphabetic selections shown on a display by moving his fingers across keys lying within a navigation travel region and other wise generally used to effect text entry into the device.07-02-2009
20120042287EMPHASIS-ADDING SYSTEM AND EMPHASIS-ADDING METHOD - A display part is provided with a display screen with a horizontal axis representing a time and a vertical axis representing an amount of modulation and a pre-emphasis waveform image is displayed on the display screen. In the pre-emphasis waveform image, a cursor can be arranged on a tap which corresponds to a portion in which a bit can be emphasized. An emphasis waveform addition part generates an emphasis waveform corresponding to the pre-emphasis waveform image on the display screen, based on an amount of amplitude changed according to movement of the cursor, and adds the emphasis waveform to the test signal. Thus, a user is allowed to make a setting with intuitive operation.02-16-2012
20120159400SYSTEM FOR LEARNED MOUSE MOVEMENT AFFINITIES - A system for learned mouse affinities, including: a context listener to determine a context in which a user is operating, wherein the context listener also listens for an occurrence of a trigger event within the context; a mouse listener to recognize a mouse action by the user; and a mapping stored on a memory device, wherein the mapping includes mouse actions mapped to context actions, wherein the context actions correspond to the trigger event, wherein the context action is implemented in response to the mouse action according to the profile and after the occurrence of the trigger event.06-21-2012
20110093819ZEROCLICK - A GUI interface, a method of programming a GUI interface, and an apparatus which enables functions of controls in the GUI to be activated by a movement to a control and then another subsequent movement related to that control. It may be defined more precisely below, A GUI in which, when a pointer 04-21-2011
20110107275METHOD OF TESTING A CURSOR INTERACTIVE WITH A POINTING DEVICE ON A DISPLAYING DEVICE - A method of testing a cursor interactive with a pointing device on a displaying device includes pointing at a position on a displaying device by the pointing device within a predetermined period, identifying whether a movement of the cursor makes any change corresponding to the pointing device, and concluding a testing result in accordance with the movement of the cursor.05-05-2011
20100095249COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM HAVING STORED GAME PROGRAM THEREIN, AND GAME APPARATUS - Based on operation information obtained from an operating device for pointing to a position on a screen of a display device, a pointing position to which the operating device points is repeatedly calculated. Next, a change amount of the pointing position is calculated. Then, whether or not the change amount of the pointing position meets a first condition is determined. As a result, when it is determined that the change amount of the pointing position meets the first condition, predetermined processing is executed for the pointing position or a position specified based on the pointing position.04-15-2010
20100083186MAGNIFIER PANNING INTERFACE FOR NATURAL INPUT DEVICES - A magnifier movement system is described herein that provides a more user-friendly experience for users of natural input devices when moving the magnifier and interacting with magnified user interface elements. The system receives an indication that a user has touched the screen with a natural input device at a particular location. The system displays a drag control for moving the magnifier, but does not move the magnifier unless the user selects the drag control and moves the natural input device. If the drag control is unselected and the system receives additional natural input, then the system passes the input on to the magnified application. Thus, the magnifier movement system provides a more satisfying user experience for users of natural input-based computer systems and screen magnifiers.04-01-2010
20100275165USER INTERFACE FOR QUERYING DEPENDENCY RELATIONS BETWEEN TEXTUAL DATA ELEMENTS IN A MEMORY - A method of and a computer arrangement for presenting a user interface on a display. A first box is presented on the display to a user, the first box having multiple sides. The user is allowed to perform an action on at least one of the sides of the box. The action is interpreted as an instruction to be carried out by the computer arrangement and the instruction is selected from a set of instructions including an instruction to establish a relation between a first term to be put into the first box by the user and a second term in a second box on the display.10-28-2010
20110239165System and Method for Using a Cursor to Convey Information - Methods and systems are provided for the controlled cursor's behavior. According to one example method, any desired data may be linked to a cursor and a desired cursor behavior could be defined to convey the linked data using the cursor. When a change in the linked data is detected, the example method includes using the desired cursor behavior to convey the changed data independent of a location where the cursor is placed on a screen.09-29-2011
20110276926METHOD FOR EXECUTING USER COMMAND ACCORDING TO SPATIAL MOVEMENT OF USER INPUT DEVICE AND IMAGE APPARATUS THEREOF - A method for executing a user command based on spatial movement of a user input device and an image apparatus having the same are provided. According to the method for executing a user command, a user command which is determined based on the spatial movement of the user input device is executed. Accordingly, a method for inputting a user command becomes more diverse and convenient to use, and a more compact user input device may be provided.11-10-2011
20110276925Presentation of Information Describing User Activities with Regard to Resources - A resource reference is detected in a base resource, such as a web page or an email message. The resource reference refers to a target resource, such as another webpage or another email message. An appropriate activity-based resource type for the resource reference is then identified. The resource reference is then linked to an activity-based resource such that when the base resource is displayed and a user interacts with the resource reference, the activity-based resource is displayed to the user. The activity-based resource comprises a calculated field that has a value that indicates how one or more users have interacted with one or more resources. The value of the calculated field is calculated using activity data indicating how users interacted with the resources. The activity data is generated without receiving input of the activity data from the users.11-10-2011
20100199224SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GENERATING A USER INTERFACE FOR TEXT AND ITEM SELECTION - A system and method for generating a user interface for text and item selection is disclosed. As described for various embodiments, a system and process is disclosed for providing an arrangement of selectable items, a mechanism for selection from the arrangement of selectable items, and a mechanism for adjusting the granularity of control of the selector. In one embodiment, the granularity control can be a zooming mechanism to modify the size and/or position of items in a selection set. In another embodiment, the granularity control can be a modification of the motion vector based on a distance from a reference point and the speed or quantity of deflection of a pointing device. Thus, as a selection point approaches the selection set, the motion of the selection point becomes less responsive to movement of the pointing device, so the user has more control over the positioning of the selection point relative to an item in the selection set.08-05-2010
20100169839METHOD FOR PROVIDING GUI USING POINTER HAVING VISUAL EFFECT SHOWING THAT POINTER IS MOVED BY GRAVITY AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS THEREOF - A method for providing a graphical user interface (GUI) using a pointer having a visual effect showing that the pointer is moved by gravity is provided. If the pointer is determined to be placed on a first area, the pointer is moved according to user's manipulation, and if the pointer is determined to be placed on a second area, the pointer is moved to another position. Accordingly, convenience and entertainment are provided to the user who manipulates the pointer.07-01-2010
20080250359Numerical controller having multi-path control function - Programs of a plurality of paths are displayed in parallel on a display screen. If a cursor of an editing target program is moved, cursors of the other programs are interlocked and moved so as to be aligned on a same row. If a sequence number that is set to any of blocks at a cursor position is a synchronization target sequence number, the movement of the cursor is stopped. If a cursor is operated further, a program of a path which does not have a block having the synchronization target sequence number at a cursor position is scrolled until a block having the synchronization target sequence number reaches a cursor position, then stops. As a result, synchronization target blocks in each path are positioned on a same row.10-09-2008
20080222574GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE GRAPHICS-BASED INTERPOLATED ANIMATION PERFORMANCE - An arrangement provides for displaying an object, such as a drawn object, or a database search result, based on a graphical user interface. A first display window is provided for specifying attributes of an object. A second window is provided for spatially inserting anchors for the object, where each anchor specifies a desired characteristic of the object, such as a pose of a face. A third window is provided for the desired object display. The anchors are placed in the second window with the aid of a controlled cursor. Placement of the cursor in the second window also controls the displayed object in the third window, which is developed based on the placement of the cursor in the second window relative to the anchors.09-11-2008
20080222573Computer mouse with cursor finding function and faster screen privacy function - A computer pointing device has a first additional button that jumps a cursor off the screen to the START button. The second additional button protects the privacy of screen content by instantly moving the cursor to the minimize box of the most recently opened window. When multiple child windows are open, in cascade or tile format, pressing again on the second button instantly moves the cursor to the second most recently opened window. If the child windows are in cascade format, that second most recently opened window jumps to the foreground with the cursor at the minimize box. Further pressing the second button moves the cursor to the third most recently opened window. If there are three buttons and a fourth press of the second button is made, the cursor moves back to the most recently opened child window and, if in cascade format, that window returns to the foreground.09-11-2008
20130179843FAST CURSOR LOCATION - Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for fast mouse pointer location. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for fast mouse pointer location includes determining a contemporaneous location of a mouse pointer in a GUI of a host computer, dimensioning in memory of the host computer different shapes and arranging the shapes to proximately meet at a point of intersection, overlaying the shapes in the GUI at a position proximate to the contemporaneous location of the mouse pointer, displaying the shapes in the GUI for a brief period of time before hiding the shapes from view in the GUI and repeating the determining, dimensioning, overlaying and displaying for different movements of the mouse pointer in the GUI.07-11-2013
20130097564INPUT APPARATUS AND DISPLAY CONTROL APPARATUS - In an input apparatus, a display portion displays a plurality of function items on a screen to form a plurality of rows that are parallel in a predetermined row direction. The function items are provided with selection regions, respectively. One of the selection regions is selected, using a pointer according to a predetermined selection manipulation, and is determined according to a predetermined determination manipulation. When a first function item in a first row of the plurality of rows is selected, a selection region of the first row is enlarged in a direction directing at a row next to the first row.04-18-2013
20130152022Mouse Movement Using Multiple Thresholds Utilizing Linear Exponential Acceleration and Sub-Pixel Precision - Moving a pointer in a graphical user interface environment is provided. An input comprising an initial delta value determined by a device driver is received from the device driver. The initial delta value is located in a data structure. A new delta value associated with the initial delta value is selected from the data structure. A new position of a pointer in the graphical user interface environment is calculated based on the new delta value. The new position of the pointer is sent to the graphical user interface environment for rendering.06-13-2013
20120260219METHOD OF CURSOR CONTROL - A processing system includes a touch screen display, and another input device such as a track pad and/or mouse. The processing system includes a graphical user interface (GUI) having a cursor control component to hide the cursor on the touch screen display when an input signal is sensed from the touch screen display, and to show the cursor on the touch screen display when the input signal is sensed from the other input device.10-11-2012
20100318944AUTOMATIC TOOL DOCK - There is disclosed an interactive display system comprising an interactive surface for displaying an image and for receiving inputs from remote devices, the system being adapted to detect the presence of at least two remote devices proximate the interactive surface.12-16-2010
20130159937INTERACTING WITH DETAIL-IN-CONTEXT PRESENTATIONS - A method for generating a presentation of a region-of-interest in an original image for display on a display surface, the method comprising: establishing a lens for the region-of-interest, the lens having a focal region with a magnification for the region-of-interest at least partially surrounded by a shoulder region across which the magnification varies to provide a continuous transition from the focal region to regions outside the lens; receiving a first signal for selecting the shoulder region; while receiving the first signal, receiving a second signal for selecting the focal region and for adjusting a position of the focal region relative to the shoulder region to define a degree and a direction of a folding of the focal region over the shoulder region for the lens; and, applying the lens to the original image to produce the presentation.06-20-2013
20110289461Method and sytem for rendering computer interface cursors - A processor-controlled system and method implementing a process for morphing a cursor tool between various states comprising the steps of displaying a cursor tool in a first state that includes a functionality and visual parameters with values, determining a second state of the cursor tool that includes a functionality and visual parameters with values, selecting an adjustment time period, changing the functionality of the cursor tool from the functionality of the first state to the functionality of the second state, and adjusting values of the visual parameters of the cursor tool in the first state, throughout the adjustment time period, until they are equivalent to the values of the visual parameters of the second state at the end of the adjustment time period and the cursor tool is displayed in the second state.11-24-2011
20130091472INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An information processing apparatus, method, and recording medium which acquire movement trace information and automatically determine a division point for dividing the movement trace information based on an analysis result of the movement trace information. Optionally a movement trace track is generated from the movement trace. Various criteria used for how the division points are generated include using distance and time; altitudes; repeated track; mode of transportation; and lapse of data, for example.04-11-2013

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