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Dynamically generated menu items

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715 - Data processing: presentation processing of document, operator interface processing, and screen saver display processing


715764000 - On-screen workspace or object

715810000 - Menu or selectable iconic array (e.g., palette)

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715825000 Dynamically generated menu items 89
20130086527Method, Apparatus, Computer Program and User Interface - A method, apparatus, computer program and user interface wherein the method comprises: providing a plurality of user interface items in a menu structure where each user interface item is associated with at least one function of an apparatus; determining that a function associated with a user interface item is unavailable; removing the user interface item associated with the unavailable function from the menu structure; and providing a replacement user interface item in the position of the menu structure previously occupied by the removed user interface item.04-04-2013
20130086526METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR USING SEARCH AND SELECT FORMS ON A MOBILE DEVICE - Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for providing and using user interfaces for search and select forms on mobile devices. According to one embodiment, providing a user interface of a search function for an application can comprise generating the user interface including a plurality of controls. Each control can be associated with a search criteria and can provide for a selection of one or more values for the associated search criteria. The user interface can be provided to a mobile device. An indication of a selection of one of the controls can then be received from the mobile device. The user interface can be updated based on the selected control being associated with either a single-select criteria or a multi-select criteria. One or more values for the search criteria associated with the selected control can then be received through the updated user interface.04-04-2013
20130086525Method, Apparatus, Computer Program and User Interface - A method, apparatus, computer program and user interface wherein the method comprises: providing a plurality of user interface items in a pre-defined menu structure where each user interface item is associated with at least one function of an apparatus; determining that a function associated with a user interface item is unavailable; removing the user interface item associated with the unavailable function from the pre-defined menu structure; and maintaining the pre-defined menu-structure by providing a replacement user interface item in the position of the pre-defined menu structure previously occupied by the removed user interface item.04-04-2013
20110202878MENU EXECUTING METHOD AND APPARATUS IN PORTABLE TERMINAL - Provided is a menu execution method and apparatus in a portable terminal. The menu execution method includes displaying, on a touch screen, an item list which comprises a plurality of divided regions in each of which a corresponding item is formed, recognizing a user gesture at one of a first position and a second position, the second position being different from the first position, and executing a menu corresponding to the recognized position, in which a first menu for providing a first service related to the item formed in the divided region is preset in the first position of the divided region on the touch screen, and a second menu for providing a second service related to the item formed in the divided region is preset in the second position of the divided region on the touch screen, the first and second services being different.08-18-2011
20090158213MOBILE TERMINAL AND METHOD OF CONFIGURING AND EXECUTING APPLICATION FUNCTIONS FOR THE SAME - A mobile terminal and method of configuring and executing application functions for the same are provided. The mobile terminal includes a display unit for displaying a list of all functions related to a selected application, and for displaying, in response to a request for a related function display during application execution, a related function list, a memory unit for storing a general purpose table containing mappings between shortcut keys and commonly used functions, and for storing a user specific table containing mappings between shortcut keys and related functions set by a user, and a control unit for configuring the related function list for the selected application, for executing the selected application, and, in response to a key input during application execution, for directly invoking a related function or for controlling the display unit to display the related function list and then for invoking a related function selected from the related function list.06-18-2009
20120192112Graphical display for sorting and filtering a list in a space-constrained view - Techniques for sorting and filtering a list in a space-constrained viewing area are described. A filter widget and a list of items are displayed in a view of an electronic display screen. In response to user input selecting the filter widget, and without changing to a different view, a filter category overlay is displayed in the view to provide various selectable filter categories. In response to selection of a filter category, a visual depiction of the selected filter category is displayed in the view. The list of items is filtered according to the selected filter category and displayed in the view without changing to any other view. Subsequently added visual depictions are linearly stacked in the view. Further, a filter modification overlay, which provides selectable filtering attributes, is displayed upon selection of a visual depiction.07-26-2012
20130061177EFFICIENT BROWSING, SELECTION, VISUALIZATION, AND TRACING OF COMPLEX MULTI-DIMENSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS AMONG OBJECTS - A method for interacting with multi-dimensional object relationships, including: opening an expandable dialog in response to detecting a cursor hover event by a cursor on a first object in a user interface, wherein the user interface is displayed on a display device; expanding the dialog according to a navigable chain of object relationships, wherein the chain of object relationships includes progressive lists of possible objects linked by lists of possible relationships, wherein the dialog is responsive to compound hovering by the cursor; and saving a relationship path selected from the chain of object relationships according to a user selection of a second object, wherein the relationship path includes the second object linked to the first object by a first relationship.03-07-2013
20090300547RECOMMENDER SYSTEM FOR ON-LINE ARTICLES AND DOCUMENTS - A system and method for recommending on-line articles and documents to users is disclosed. The method provides an article widget user interface and a full-screen widget user interfaces to allow a user to rate articles, to preview articles, to filter articles based on category, article length, or other characteristics. A recommender system is configured to provide a continually refreshing list of recommended articles to the user via the user interfaces. The system comprises a module configured to monitor the user's explicit and implicit interactions with the user interfaces, and provides a refreshed list of recommended articles accordingly. The recommender system may be configured to use a package of approaches including rule-based, content-based or collaborative filtering approaches including Slope, Co-Visitation, Mwinnow and Clustering/Co-clustering.12-03-2009
20130067408CONTEXTUALLY APPLICABLE COMMANDS - A graphical user interface includes a collection of selectable content items, and a command surface for selectively displaying command selectors relating to the collection of selectable content items. Responsive to user selection of a first content item from the collection, the command surface is updated to include a first set of one or more command selectors applicable to the first content item. Responsive to user selection of a second content item, the command surface is updated to include a second set of one or more command selectors applicable to both the first content item and the second content item. Each command selector in the second set is selectable to execute a contextually applicable command related to both the first content item and the second content item.03-14-2013
20130067409Customizable Database-Driven Menu Structure for a Portable Computing Device - A portable media playing device incorporating a menu structure. The device includes a display mechanism, a navigation database, including a navigation record with a navigation description, and an action database, including an action record with an action description. The action database is customizable. A display driver displays the navigation description. When the navigation description is selected, the display driver displays the action description. When the action description is selected, a digital synchronization system generates an extra action request (EAR) record that includes an action identifier and action data for storage in an EAR database. When the device is synchronized with a computer, a synchronization manager accesses the EAR database and updates the action database with any new action records.03-14-2013
20080313565DYNAMIC USER INTERFACE FOR IN-DIAGRAM SHAPE SELECTION - Technologies are described herein for providing a dynamic user interface (UI) to allow a user to select an active diagram shape for insertion into a flowchart or other diagram without leaving the drawing canvas. Through the use of the embodiments presented herein, a diagramming application provides a user with a dynamic UI within the drawing canvas that includes a selection of diagram shapes from a shape gallery located adjacent to the drawing canvas. Using the dynamic UI, the user may select and insert a shape into the diagram without leaving the canvas. Additionally, the user may select a replacement shape from the dynamic UI for replacing an existing diagram shape without leaving the drawing canvas. The dynamic UI is triggered for display next to a cursor when the cursor hovers over or navigates in proximity to a diagram shape, a connection control, or any other UI trigger.12-18-2008
20110283234Contents Management System, Contents Management Method, and Computer Program - A contents management system manages multiple contents stored in a plurality of apparatuses. The contents management system includes a command input unit that assigns a viewing style for guiding a user to desired contents and a contents search condition; a screen format generating unit that generates a screen format according to the assigned viewing style; a contents search unit that searches a contents providing space constituted by the plurality of apparatuses, each storing contents, according to the assigned search condition; and a contents presenting unit that displays and outputs information on the individual contents searched by the contents search unit on the screen format through mapping.11-17-2011
20110302533Operating Device for an Electric Domestic Appliance and Operating Method - An operating device for an electric domestic appliance has an operating panel with operating elements, wherein the operating elements are touch switches, which can be actuated by placing a finger on the operating panel or moving a finger over the operating panel. The operating device advantageously has a large touch screen. The operating panel has at least in the area of the operating elements a convexly curved surface contour, so that virtual rollers can be simulated by the display in the form of the touch screen and can be rotated by moving the finger over it. Selected functions are activated by touching them.12-08-2011
20110276921SELECTING CONTENT BASED ON INTEREST TAGS THAT ARE INCLUDED IN AN INTEREST CLOUD - Techniques are described herein for selecting content based on interest tags that are included in an interest cloud. An interest cloud is a tag cloud that includes interest tags, which correspond to respective interests of a user. An interest of a user is subject matter that is deemed to have a greater importance than other subject matter to the user based on information that pertains to the user. For example, an interest of a user may be derived from information in the user's emails, vitality streams, Web browsing history, etc. In another example, a user may designate subject matter as being an interest of the user. For instance, if a user adds an interest tag to an interest cloud, subject matter that corresponds to the interest tag is said to be an interest of the user.11-10-2011
20090144659METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR EXECUTING APPLICATIONS IN MOBILE COMMUNICATION TERMINAL - A method and an apparatus for executing applications in a mobile communication terminal providing portal services are provided. The mobile communication terminal receives a portal package containing at least one portal application and installs it. When there exists a portal application compatible with a pre-mounted terminal application among the applications contained in the portal package, one of both applications is used to display contents associated with both applications.06-04-2009
20120110508ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING ORIENTED CONTEXT-AWARE USER INTERFACE - An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) context-aware user interface may be provided. A task list comprising a plurality of objectives may be displayed. Upon receiving a selection of at least one of the plurality of objectives, a context state may be updated according to the selected at least one objective. A suggestion list comprising a plurality of tags associated with the selected at least one objective may then be displayed.05-03-2012
20120110507Context Menu - Context menus are described. In one or more implementations, an option is displayed in a user interface by a computing device, the option selectable to cause a representation of an object to be added to a context menu. In response to selection of the option, the context menu is configured by the computing device to include the representation of the object such that the representation of the object is selectable to launch the object by the computing device.05-03-2012
20120036479INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD AND PROGRAM - The present disclosure provides an electronic device, the device including, processor, a display, and an interface configured to, detect non-contact proximity of an operation member, determine whether the member is within a first selection region corresponding to a first selection object; and display a second selection object adjacent to the first selection object when it is determined that the member is within the first selection region.02-09-2012
20100088639METHOD AND HANDHELD ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING A GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE WHICH ARRANGES ICONS DYNAMICALLY - A method and handheld electronic device having a graphical user interface which arranges icons dynamically are provided. In accordance with one embodiment, there is provided a method for providing an icon menu with dynamic icon arrangement within a graphical user interface (GUI) displayed on a display screen of a handheld electronic device, the method comprising: (i) determining a screen orientation of the GUI in accordance with a device orientation; (ii) rendering a first user interface screen in a portrait screen orientation comprising a reduced icon menu having a plurality of icons and a secondary input area adjacent to the reduced icon menu when the screen orientation is a portrait screen orientation; (iii) rendering a second user interface screen in a landscape screen orientation comprising a first expanded icon menu having a plurality of icons when the screen orientation is a landscape screen orientation, wherein the first expanded icon menu has more icons than the reduced icon menu; and (iv) displaying the rendered first or second user interface screen on the display screen.04-08-2010
20090228834FLOW RADIOLOGY USER INTERFACE - The present invention concerns a novel and non-obvious system for viewing and interpreting radiology films by integrating one or more prior films from the same subject with the current film in a manner that produces a chronological moving image of the films.09-10-2009
20090187858VIEWING DIGITAL IMAGES USING A FLOATING CONTROLLER - A method and apparatus for viewing one or more images using a floating controller is provided. A collection of digital images may be managed using a digital image system that displays images using a floating controller. While a pointer is over the floating controller, the floating controller is continuously displayed, but when the pointer is moved off the floating controller, a period of time during which no user input of any type is tracked. If, while the pointer is off the toolbar, an idle period exceeds a predetermined threshold duration, then the floating controller is hidden. A set of images of a bounded sequence of images may be displayed on the floating controller. A visual indication that indicates whether a particular image in the set of images is either the first or last image in the bounded sequence may be displayed on each image of the set of images.07-23-2009
20090113345AUTOMATICALLY CULLED CROSS-MENU BAR - Unused menu items arc automatically removed from a TV menu such as a cross-media bar (XMB).04-30-2009
20090276730TECHNIQUES FOR NAVIGATION OF HIERARCHICALLY-PRESENTED DATA - The present disclosure generally relates to providing third party applications a standardized framework for presenting user interface elements for its content. In particular, embodiments may provide application programming interfaces (APIs) to user interface views and user interface control elements. In some embodiments, the APIs may provide user interface views and control elements that can be arranged in a stack, which can allow for efficient transition and navigation between the various views of the third party applications as well as other applications on a device.11-05-2009
20110173568MECHANISM FOR A VENDING MACHINE GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE UTILIZING XML FOR A VERSATILE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - Logic for a vending machine customer interface is supplied from one a plurality of markup language descriptions of the customer interface contained within storage media in the vending machine. Each markup language description is configured to cause the customer interface flow between different sets of application states, and content that is displayed/rendered when respective application states are activated. In response to customer selection of a particular product or class of products, based on the customer selection, the controller processes customer interface flow and content based upon a corresponding markup language description to produce the customer interface display.07-14-2011
20110209091SYSTEM AND METHOD TO MEASURE BANDWIDTH IN HUMAN TO MACHINE INTERFACES - The invention relates to a system and method of measuring bandwidth to determine whether there is a sufficient data rate available to enable or disable features and applications located in a vehicle. Based on the available bandwidth, the system activates or deactivates buttons associated with devices located in the vehicle. Activation and deactivation of the devices are represented on an interface, such as a display, in the vehicle.08-25-2011
20090037846APPARATUS, METHODS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS PROVIDING MENU EXPANSION AND ORGANIZATION FUNCTIONS - Display of menu items on a display of an electronic device, such as a cellphone or other portable device, is managed by defining first and second menus including respective first and second groups of menu items (e.g., graphic icons and/or text), wherein the first group of menu items is a subset of the second group of menu items. The device transitions from display of the first menu to display of the second menu responsive to user activation of a menu expansion function. Menu items may be organized responsive to user input.02-05-2009
20100131900Methods and Systems for Improved Data Input, Compression, Recognition, Correction, and Translation through Frequency-Based Language Analysis - System and method for improving data input by using word frequency to text predict input. Other systems and methods include analyzing words already contained in a document (e.g. spell checking and OCR) and using word frequency to create a proxy system to reduce the space required to store data, allowing for more efficient usage of storage and enhancing the embedded content of matrix codes. The system displays the most common words in a language based upon the previously entered or displayed word(s), or the previously entered or displayed character or characters. Words with the most common frequency of use with the prior word(s) are displayed in a table to enable the user to quickly select one of the displayed words for rapid data entry. The input device can be a touch-sensitive display or non-touch sensitive type device.05-27-2010
20080282192METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SELECTING AND DISPLAYING A NUMBER OF TEST DATA ITEMS - In one embodiment, a user-operable mechanism or selecting a number of tests in a test program is displayed via a graphical user interface (GUI). In response to a selected number of tests, a first plurality of test data items are filtered to obtain a number of test data items associated with the selected number of tests. The number of test data items associated with the selected number of tests is displayed via the GUI. Other embodiments are also disclosed.11-13-2008
20080235624INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM STORING INFORMATION PROCESSING PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus is disclosed. The information processing apparatus executes a function corresponding to a menu item of application software which menu item is selected by a user. The information processing apparatus includes an information processing unit which executes plural small functions of which the function corresponding to the selected menu item is formed, a recipe data forming unit which forms recipe data in which an executing condition and an executing order of the plural small functions corresponding to the selected menu item are defined, and an information process executing unit which causes the information processing unit to execute the plural small functions based on the formed recipe data.09-25-2008
20100138789DISPLAY APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A control method and display apparatus are provided. The control method includes displaying a content, and if a preset input is performed, displaying a user interface menu associated with the corresponding setup options of the displayed content.06-03-2010
20090178005METHODS AND DEVICES FOR DYNAMIC MENU UPDATE - A method for altering man machine interface (MMI) configurations for use in a device is provided. The method comprises the following steps. A status of a service is queried after detecting that an inspection condition is satisfied. The queried status is acquired from the currently associated network. A menu item of a service menu is enabled when the queried status indicates that the service is available. Otherwise, the menu item of the service menu is disabled or the menu item is removed from the service menu when the queried status indicates that the service is unavailable, preventing a user from requesting the service via the menu item.07-09-2009
20080313566DYNAMIC INTERFACE FOR REMOTE CONTROL OF A HOME AUTOMATION NETWORK - A home automation network system having an automation controller and a remote control is described. The automation controller can dynamically download extracts from a menu database to the remote control as a user navigates through the menus. Downloading can be based on remote control configuration parameters communicated to the automation controller. Menus can be selected based on display limitations and input control types available on the remote control.12-18-2008
20100153881PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR SELECTING AN ITEM FROM A DATABASE - A method and apparatus for selecting items from a collection of items are indexed by a list of item identifiers. The item identifiers may be in the form of text, symbols, graphics, etc. An initial display is generated which includes on or more parts of the item identifiers. Selection of the one or more parts may be made and results in the generation of a display of further one or more parts for selection. The further one or more parts may be selected in order to the selected on or more parts to build a larger part or whole of an item identifier. Accordingly, selection from a large list of item identifiers may be carried out in a relatively short time period.06-17-2010
20090327961SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FILTERING AND ORGANIZING ITEMS BASED ON COMMON ELEMENTS - A system and method for filtering and organizing items in a computer system based on common elements is provided. A graphical user interface includes a plurality of display objects, each display object representing one or more items and a metadata property control corresponding to a metadata property. Selection of the metadata property control causes a list of filter terms to be presented on the display and also may cause a list of check box controls to be presented on the display, each check box control being adjacent to a respective one of the filter terms. The list of filter terms may be presented in a drop down menu. Selection of a check box control causes each item that satisfies the corresponding filter term to be presented on the display. The filters may be dynamically generated based on the properties of the separate items.12-31-2009
20110239161Method and Device for Displaying Information, in Particular in a Vehicle - In a method for displaying information, in particular in a vehicle, a list of multiple graphic objects is graphically represented on a display, a display area of the display being associated with each represented graphic object and the objects being selectable for executing a function. Prior to the selection of one of the objects, an animation runs in the display area of at least one graphic object, which illustrates the function associated with the graphic object.09-29-2011
20090113346METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTEXT-AWARE DELIVERY OF INFORMATIONAL CONTENT ON AMBIENT DISPLAYS - A method and apparatus is disclosed whereby the context of user activity can be used to tailor the ambient information system. The method and apparatus use both short-term context such as recent activity and long-term context such as historical patterns to highlight specific content on channels or widgets that are likely to be of most immediate interest to the user. This contextual information provided by the framework can also be used to make intelligent decisions about how to tailor the user experience after a user has interacted with the item in question. Additionally, context information accumulated on one device such as a mobile phone can be broadcasted to other devices to influence the ambient information display application on a second device such as a desktop based on enabling remote access to the local context repository.04-30-2009
20110113375SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ILLUSTRATING A MENU OF INSIGHTS ASSOCIATED WITH VISUALIZATIONS - A system and method are provided for generating one or more menus having options that display insights from visualizations. The options presented in the menus enable users to determine relationships between elements of the visualization. The relationships may be displayed textually to enable user to navigate the menus using a keyboard, a text-to-voice converter, and/or pointers.05-12-2011
20110029923INTEGRATING TRANSPORT MODES INTO A COMMUNICATION STREAM - Integrating multiple transport modes into a single communication stream on a computing device such as a mobile computing device. One or more recipients and one or more transport modes available for communication with the one or more recipients are provided to a user. An application program executing on the computing device receives a first message from the user to send to one or more selected recipients. The computing device transmits the received first message to the selected recipients via a first transport mode. Thereafter, the computing device receives a second message from one of the recipients via a second transport mode. The received second message is displayed to the user in the same communication stream by the application program. As an example, the user uses the application program to communicate with the recipients using text messaging, electronic mail message, and other transport modes.02-03-2011
20110029924PORTABLE COMPUTING APPARATUS AND PROCESSING METHOD USING THE SAME - A portable computing apparatus and a processing method using the same, the portable computing apparatus including a management module and a processing module, wherein the management module provides a predetermined function list to a sub-display module when a specific event occurs, and the processing module processes a function selected from the function list by a user.02-03-2011
20110113374Graphical User Interface User Customization - A user interface for an audio/visual device enables a user to customize the selection of menu items that are displayable on a menu, perhaps a racetrack menu, provided by the user interface to enable the user to operate the audio/visual device, in which a multitude of menu items that may be selected for being so displayed are visually displayed and the user is able to operate a first manually-operable control (or a first set of manually-operable controls) to select a menu item from among that multitude for being displayed on the menu. It may be that the menu is simultaneously displayed with the multitude of menu items to enable the user to immediately see the results of their selections. It may be that the user is able to again select that menu item within the multitude of menu items to cause that menu item to cease being displayed on the menu. It may be that a second manually-operable control is provided to the user to enable the user to select another menu item already being displayed on the menu to cause that menu item to cease being displayed.05-12-2011
20090064044Automated Grouping of Image and Other User Data - A user selects a data file (e.g., an image file) from an interface (e.g., a thumbnail view). Upon selecting a file from the interface, the contents of that file are presented to the user in an appropriate manner (e.g., providing an enlarged image display). The selected file is also moved to a separate folder. As the contents of additional files are presented to the user, those files are also moved to the separate folder. A new folder is created when the user returns to the interface and selects another file from that interface, or alternatively, upon instruction from the user to create a new folder. The user may then rename or otherwise modify the folder(s).03-05-2009
20100235791SMART MENU APPARATUS - A smart search menu is displayed on a video display unit, wherein the menu includes an accumulated search criteria list and a results list. A user's selection is input from the menu as a selected element, and, if the user has selected an element of the search criteria, then the information is output to the video display unit. By accumulating the search criteria as a list of search criteria, the user is less likely to be “lost” within the search menus, and may therefore more quickly find desired content within a content database.09-16-2010
20100064256Information Processing System - A menu controller responds to a general user's login, by displaying a general user oriented menu frame including menu items accessible for selection by a general user, to a managing user's login, by displaying a manager oriented normal menu frame including in an initial state thereof a combination of menu items accessible for selection by a general user, and a menu item accessible for selection for reconfirmation of the managing user's login, and to a selection of the menu item for reconfirmation, by displaying menu items accessible for selection by a managing user.03-11-2010
20100251178LIST ITEM LAYOUTS SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method of displaying list items is provided that includes defining a plurality of list items, defining a plurality of layouts, and linking each list item to a layout such that each layout can be linked to one or more list items. An electronic device is provided that includes a display and a user interface configured to display lists on the display, wherein the items of the lists are formatted based on a limited number of layout types such that the items having similar components share a common layout type. A user interface for an electronic device is also provided that includes a plurality of list items having properties defined by a layout, wherein each layout defines the properties for one or more list items and is stored in an object.09-30-2010
20110154262METHOD AND DEVICE FOR ANTICIPATING APPLICATION SWITCH - A device in conjunction with a correlation matrix anticipates combinations of applications of the device switching from one to another on a display of the device. The device utilizes an anticipation system to determine which application is active, generate a switch anticipation list from the correlation matrix according to the active application, create a selection menu from the switch anticipation list, and send the selection menu to the display. The device updates the correlation matrix with a predetermined correlation function.06-23-2011
20110154261USER INTERFACE WITH RIBBON USAGE FOR HEARING AID FITTING SYSTEMS - The present subject matter relates generally to an improved user interface for input and output of information used in fitting systems for hearing aids. In an embodiment the system includes displaying, on a display device, a graphical user interface, wherein the graphical user interface includes a ribbon showing one or more functional category associated with fitting the hearing aid to the wearer, the graphical user interface adapted to display response data of the hearing aid according to data inputted into the one or more functional categories, wherein the data inputted comprises settings data for the one or more functional categories. The system further includes updating the data displayed on the display device in response to receiving changed data inputted into the one or more functional categories of the ribbon.06-23-2011
20120304125SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING OBJECTIFIED IMAGE RENDERINGS USING RECOGNITION INFORMATION FROM IMAGES - An embodiment provides for enabling retrieval of a collection of captured images that form at least a portion of a library of images. For each image in the collection, a captured image may be analyzed to recognize information from image data contained in the captured image, and an index may be generated, where the index data is based on the recognized information. Using the index, functionality such as search and retrieval is enabled. Various recognition techniques, including those that use the face, clothing, apparel, and combinations of characteristics may be utilized. Recognition may be performed on, among other things, persons and text carried on objects.11-29-2012
20120304124CONTEXT AWARE INPUT ENGINE - Context aware input engines are provided. Through the use of such engines, various input elements may be determined based on analyzing context. A variety of contexts may be analyzed in determining input elements. Contexts may include, for example, a communication recipient, a location, a previous user interaction, a computing device being utilized, or any combination thereof. Such contexts may be analyzed to advantageously provide an input element to a user. Input elements may include, for example, an onscreen keyboard of a certain layout, an onscreen keyboard of a certain language, a certain button, a voice recognition module, or text-selection options. One or more such input elements may be provided to the user based on analyzed context.11-29-2012
20120304123CAROUSEL USER INTERFACE - A method and an apparatus provide a carousel interface for efficiently accessing data in a touchscreen enabled device. At least one previously navigated object is displayed in a reference region of the carousel interface. Objects associated with a last navigated object are displayed in a carousel belt region of the carousel interface such that the carousel belt region wraps around one end of the reference region. A user input for selecting an object in the carousel interface is received. In response to the user input for selecting an object, the carousel interface is navigated to the selected object, and the carousel interface is updated with the selected object as the last navigated object.11-29-2012
20120151413METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING A MECHANISM FOR PRESENTATION OF RELEVANT CONTENT - A method for providing a mechanism by which relevant content can be determined and/or presented may include receiving an indication of a touch event at a touch screen display, determining context information associated with a device employing the touch screen display, determining relevancy information for a plurality of content items based on the context information, and causing provision of a set of relevant content items according to a selected presentation paradigm based on the relevancy information. A corresponding apparatus and computer program product are also provided.06-14-2012
20090113344REMOTE CONFIGURATION OF A HARDWARE DEVICE MODULE OF A SECURITY SYSTEM - A security system is provided. The security system comprises a plurality of hardware device modules and a plurality of sensor detection devices. At least one hardware device module has a microcontroller coupled to a memory element that stores a configuration map for remote configuration comprising configuration option information available for the hardware device module. The plurality of sensor detection devices are capable of sending a signal to one or more of the hardware device modules.04-30-2009
20110161881IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, METHOD OF CONTROLLING DISPLAY OF FUNCTION BUTTON, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An image processing apparatus comprising: a display; a controller that displays or hides a function button for use of a function on a display screen on the display according to one or more than one pattern information object indicating the setting whether to display or hide the function button on the display screen; a firmware updater that updates firmware; and 06-30-2011
20120311498DOCK FOR FAVORITE APPLICATIONS - Systems, methods and products are described that provide a dock for favorite applications. One aspect includes providing a dock point on a display device of an information handling device; responsive to user input associated with said dock point, launching a utility organizing a sub-set of user applications installed on said information handling device in a predetermined arrangement of launch points; providing an animated movement of said launch points in said utility responsive to user input; and responsive to user input selecting a launch point in said utility, launching an application associated with said launch point on the information handling device. Other embodiments are described.12-06-2012
20110055759Browsing or Searching User Interfaces and Other Aspects - User interfaces for browsing and/or searching are described. In one embodiment, a method includes displaying a first display area for display representations of documents matching a search query, the first display area configured to display content of the documents which can have a plurality of different types of content including at least one of text-based content and a folder, and displaying a second display area for selecting a selected document to be displayed in the first display area. Other embodiments are also described, and computer readable media and apparatuses are also described.03-03-2011
20100333026OBJECT BROWSER WITH PROXIMITY SORTING - A method, apparatus, and article of manufacture provide the ability to interface with objects. A computer-implemented scene having two or more objects is displayed and a corresponding list of the two or more objects is displayed in independent categories called facets and in an ungrouped flat list. A user identifies a viewpoint within the scene that establishes a location and an orientation within a space of the scene from which to view the scene objects. Dynamically and independently from additional user actions, a proximity of each of the two or more objects from the viewpoint is determined. The ungrouped list of the two or more objects is sorted based on the proximities and displayed.12-30-2010
20110010669Items Selection Via Automatic Generalization - A method and system, are provided herein, for automatic selection of one or more items (e.g., files, emails, etc.) in a user interface, based upon selection data received from a user (hard labels) and possibly also predicted (soft) labels (e.g., from a label prediction algorithm) based on behavior data associated with the selections. More particularly, a user selects and deselects items as positive and negative examples that are used as explicit labels to form an item selection list. The explicit labels are used possibly along with additional, predicted labels to create a list of generated items the user may want to select. This list is returned to the user interface as automatically selected items. In one example, the selection list may be iteratively updated upon receiving subsequent user selection data (e.g., user may select items incorrectly selected) by determining alternative items that the user may be interested in selecting.01-13-2011
20110010670METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR RECOMMENDING ARTICLES - A system and method for recommending on-line articles and documents to users is disclosed. The system provides recommendations for articles with a display including at least one view showing a plurality of data items regarding one or more articles, an input device, a receiver module for receiving information regarding one or more articles, and a processor module, for determining replacement information to be displayed, based on the user input. The system may include a plurality of views and a changer module to switch between the views. The plurality of views includes a text view where the one or more articles are presented in a list and a grid view where the plurality of items are presented in a grid. A computer-implemented method of providing recommendations for articles is also disclosed.01-13-2011
20110072395DETERMINING ACTIONS INVOLVING CAPTURED INFORMATION AND ELECTRONIC CONTENT ASSOCIATED WITH RENDERED DOCUMENTS - Information is captured from a rendered document with a handheld document data capture device. Electronic information associated with the rendered document is applied to determine the system's actions and/or behaviors in response to the data capture. In some embodiments, the electronic information is markup data or an action map associated with the rendered document. In some embodiments, an electronic counterpart corresponding to the rendered document is located, and information associated with the electronic counterpart is applied to determine actions and/or behaviors available to a user of the handheld document data capture device.03-24-2011
20110093815GENERATING AND DISPLAYING HYBRID CONTEXT MENUS - Hybrid menus can be generated and displayed, where the hybrid menus comprising primary and sub-menus having different geometries. Depending upon the context in which a user provides selection input for menu display, the context-appropriate model elements are retrieved from a tree model. A layout generation component transforms the tree model into a hybrid menu for display to the user.04-21-2011
20090300546Creation and suggestion of contact distribution lists - Techniques described herein allow for suggesting creation of distribution lists and suggesting use of distribution lists once they have been created. For instance, these techniques may track a frequency with which contacts (e.g., email addresses, phone numbers, screen names, etc.) are used with one another. The techniques may then suggest that a user create a distribution list that includes those contacts. Furthermore, once a contact has been associated with a particular distribution list, these techniques may suggest that a user send a message to this distribution list in response to the user selecting the contact (rather than the list) as a destination of the message.12-03-2009
20120005627Device and method utilizing animated frames to dynamically create snapshots for selectable menus - A user menu is created by retrieving at least one animation frame that corresponds to a user selected portion of stored subject matter. The animation frame or frames are displayed at a portion of the display and aid the user to accurately enter the subject matter at a desired location.01-05-2012
20110167386Method and Device for Producing a Selection from an Items List07-07-2011
20110167385PROCESSING OF DATA FOR IMPROVED DISPLAY - A method and system relate to the processing of data in order to display thumbnails, when commanded by a user, containing information concerning multimedia content, for example television programs, having respective durations and available via a plurality of respective sources and at respective times. The thumbnails are distributed across a screen: by time of availability along a first axis, and by source along a second axis distinct from the first axis. In particular, the apparent dimensions of the thumbnails are equal and independent of the content duration.07-07-2011
20120017176METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISPLAYING A MENU - A method and apparatus for displaying a menu. The method includes displaying a menu page including menu items on a menu region of a display; allocating an information region on a portion of the menu region; dividing and reconfiguring the menu page in units of small pages according to a size of a reduced menu region caused by a simultaneous display of the information region and the menu page; and displaying the reconfigured menu page on the reduced menu region.01-19-2012
20120023450USER INTERFACE DEVICE AND USER INTERFACE METHOD - A user interface device includes: a display unit on which plural buttons are displayed; a touch panel integrally formed with the display unit and detecting input in plural input areas corresponding to respective display areas of the plural buttons; a pressure detection means for detecting water pressure; and a layout control means for changing a layout of the buttons and the input areas so as to reduce the number of the buttons and the input areas corresponding to the buttons in accordance with detected magnitude of water pressure when the water pressure detected by the pressure detection means is equal to or higher than a previously set threshold value.01-26-2012
20120023449SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AN INTERACTIVE FILTER - A system applies an interactive filter. The system includes a data storage device, a display device, a user interface input device, and a processor. The data storage device stores data. The display device displays an initial representation of the data. The user interface input device facilitates a localized selection of a portion of the initial representation displayed on the display device. The localized selection is determined by hovering a navigation icon in alignment with a selection area corresponding to the portion of the initial representation. The processor dynamically applies a filter parameter to the portion of the initial representation based on the localized selection from the user interface input device.01-26-2012
20120023448Relational Service System and Method for Generating an Input Method - A relational service system for generating an input method is disclosed; the system uses an input unit to provide phonetic symbol and symbol input for a user, transmits an input string by the user to a temporary storing unit for display and selection, and then transmits the selected input string back to the input unit. When the input string is in the temporary storing unit, a analysis unit breaks the input string to obtain one or more words and analyzes the word to find a keyword, then a decision unit uses the keyword to search in a database to determine if there's an associated word or phrase related to the word, if so, then a prompting unit is enabled to use a relational information display unit to display related information in a tree structure, and finally a service unit uses an associated word or phrase selected by the user to initiate a remote service, such as ordering food, restaurant reservation, or booking movie tickets.01-26-2012
20120060122DOCUMENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM, IMAGE FORMING DEVICE, DOCUMENT DATA CONTROLLING METHOD, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - In a document distribution system, a storage unit stores distribution destination setup information including a filtering setup item for filtering document data and a process setup item indicating processes permitted on a distribution destination device. A distribution unit distributes document data based on distribution setup information. An acquisition unit acquires information of document data from a distribution destination device. A filtering unit filters the acquired document data based on the filtering setup item. A display control unit performs display control of a screen of screen data generated based on the process setup item of the distribution destination setup information and the information of the document data.03-08-2012
20120079427Sprocket Shaped User Interface for Navigating a Dynamic Collection of Information - The sprocket shaped menu except selections of information from the menu, where selecting an item in the menu causes other parts of the look of the menu to change. In one embodiment, this can cause a break in the menu which shows a preview. In another embodiment, touching an item on the menu can cause an automatic update of the other items unless those other items have been automatically updated within a predetermined time before, such as within 15 minutes.03-29-2012
20120079428AXES-BASED MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE - A method of displaying an on-screen graphical user interface, the method comprising providing a plurality of user-selectable icons, and a plurality of content icons representing respective items of contents; generating image data for the on-screen user-interface with a multi-dimensional array which includes a first axis comprising the plurality of user-selectable icons adapted to be arranged in a specific direction and which is also adapted to include a second axis comprising the plurality of content icons in a direction intersecting, or abutting, the first axis; and outputting the image data for the on-screen user interface related to displaying the contents to a display, wherein the generating displays the second axis to intersect, or abut, the first axis.03-29-2012
20110099521SYSTEM FOR BROWSING THROUGH A MUSIC CATALOG USING CORRELATION METRICS OF A KNOWLEDGE BASE OF MEDIASETS - A system and method to navigate through a media item catalog and generate recommendations using behavioral metrics such as correlation metrics (FIGS. 04-28-2011
20120233570BORDER MENU FOR CONTEXT DEPENDENT ACTIONS WITHIN A GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE - A border menu can be presented on four sides of an outer border of a graphical user interface. The border menu can be presented at the top of a stack of a graphical user interface. The border menu can include a set of user-selectable options, each selectable via a pointing device, each of the user-selectable options being associated with at least one of an icon or text button. At least one of the user-selectable options can be presented along each of the four sides of the outer border of the border menu. Selection of each of the user-selectable options can result in triggering an event, which results in firing of a programmatic action to run executable code for a corresponding one of the user-selectable options. At least a portion of the user-selectable options can include application-specific options for an application running on the computing device.09-13-2012
20120167010CONTINUOUS CONTENT REFINEMENT OF TOPICS OF USER INTEREST - Techniques are disclosed for a user interface that provides active assistance to discover, investigate, refine and save multiple topics of interest, i.e., a topic incubator where user interests are discovered, quickly developed to maturity and preserved. Each topic may have an independent topic interface with independently suggested topics. In each topic interface, users may control topic development by selecting saved topics, dynamically suggested topics and manually entered topics. Suggested topics may be based on saved interests, related interests and/or browsed content. Suggested topics may differ between topic interfaces and may change with topics. Suggested topics may be continuously refined or updated based on existing topics, changed topics, selected suggested topics and selected content. Users control treatment of selected topics individually or as refinements of (combinations with) other topics to create compound topics. Users replace or refine existing topics in existing topic interfaces or branch off topics into additional topic interfaces.06-28-2012
20100205563DISPLAYING INFORMATION IN A UNI-DIMENSIONAL CAROUSEL - The disclosed embodiments are directed to displaying a portion of a list of items and selecting an icon in the list that when activated allows additional items to be added to the list.08-12-2010
20100070923ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR SORTING MENU OPTIONS OF A PROGRAM MENU IN THE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method for sorting menu options in a program menu of an electronic device creates an order parameter, a basic count parameter, and a carry count parameter to each menu option. The basic count parameters, the carry count parameters, and the order parameters are recalculated in response to a user-selected menu option, a user-added menu option, or a user-deleted menu option. The menu options are displayed according to the order parameters.03-18-2010
20120260215PUSH NOTIFICATIONS FOR UPDATING MULTIPLE DYNAMIC ICON PANELS - The present application is directed to push notifications that can be used to dynamically update multiple icon panels. For example, the push notifications can be used to update two or more icon panels associated with the same application or two or more panels (i.e., sides) of a three-dimensional icon. In one embodiment, one or more push notifications can be used to independently update content on the panels. In another embodiment, a user can choose settings to assign panels that are to be updated using push notifications. A third party server can be automatically informed of an identification for the panel so that future push notifications incorporate the identification information.10-11-2012
20120179996Flower Look Interface - A user interface includes menu items arranged in a flower-like configuration. A number of menu items are peripherally arranged around a central item and mapped to selectable elements of an input device. Then, a display image including the menu is transmitted to a display. Subsequently, in response to a received selection, a corresponding action may be performed such as execution of a task, modification of the display image, and so on. In certain implementations, the menu items may be selected utilizing a cursor. The menu items may include a smaller portion located closer to the central item and a larger portion located further away. In still other implementations, the menu may also include a number of menu items that are not peripherally arranged around the central item. In response to a received selection, the menu items which are peripherally arranged around the central item may be altered.07-12-2012
20120096406ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING MENU USING THE SAME - An electronic device and a method for providing a menu are disclosed. The electronic device displays a plurality of words on the screen, detects a first action specifying selection of at least one of the displayed words, searches an option item related to the word selected by the first action, generates at least one menu item based on the selected word and the searched option item, and displays the generated menu item in a first area of the screen.04-19-2012
20120096405APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DIET MANAGEMENT - The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for diet management. More particularly, the present invention relates to an apparatus and method for diet management for deciding a target menu according to an input selecting at least a portion of the overall menu, and calculating the calories of the target menu, and providing corresponding information04-19-2012
20110320979METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CREATING A TO-DO ITEM BASED ON SELECTION OF A FUNCTION TO BE PERFORMED BY AN APPLICATION - An apparatus may include a to-do item creator configured to create a to-do item based on selection of a function to be performed by an application using an operational characteristic. An application multi-tasking module may allow for multi-tasking of applications as well as movement of applications from a multi-tasking environment to a to-do item list. Further, a to-do item manager may manage the to-do item list and/or allow the user to select a to-do item to thereby perform the function with the application using the operational characteristic. Accordingly, creation and use of to-do items may be simplified.12-29-2011
20100199219ADAPTIVE SEARCH RESULT USER INTERFACE - A method and apparatus for an adaptive search user interface is provided. The user interface allows for search results to be customized by the user. The user interface includes a discovery bar of multimedia content that includes additional media content, advertisements, and features that are recommended to users. The discovery bar of multimedia content is customizable based upon user command input. The user interface also includes methods and graphical interface in which to resolve recording conflicts.08-05-2010
20080222568PROGRAM, METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SELECTING THE THREE-DIMENSIONAL MODEL OF A COMPONENT - A computer functioning as three-dimensional (3D) computer aided design (3D-CAD) system executes the process for selecting a 3D model of a component from a library. The process includes a step for designating a category of a component; a step for displaying a menu for designating values of category-dependent items representing a specification of the component; a step for narrowing down, on the basis of the designated value, records of a database, in which each record for each component includes the items representing the specification; a step for extracting a possible value of an item with its value being undetermined and accordingly updating a choice(s) selectable via the menu; and a step for determining, to be a 3D model to be loaded from the library, the 3D model of the component uniquely determined after repeating the above-mentioned steps for narrowing-down, extracting and updating for one time or more.09-11-2008
20130179838MAINTANENCE OF TERMINATED APPLICATIONS WITHIN THE BACKSTACK - The claimed subject matter provides for systems and/or methods for affecting the maintenance of applications, and re-launching of applications, on a backstack in a computing environment in which the applications have been killed and/or terminated. The backstack comprises a list of application that have been recently used or otherwise invoked by the computing environment or the user via the computing environment. In one embodiment, the computing environment comprises a graphical user interface (GUI) in which the user may engage in deliberate gestures to interact with applications, including the re-launching of killed or otherwise terminated applications. Upon a user command intending such relaunching, the computing environment may present to the user a temporary UI screen associated with the killed application and present a more fully functioning screen upon a commit signal to execute the killed application.07-11-2013
20120254801REAL-TIME MENU ARCHITECTURE - A system and method for implementing a dynamic menu characterized by a real-time menu architecture. An example method includes determining a menu structure, with reference to a data set, for use with user interface software. A menu is then displayed, wherein the menu includes menu items arranged according to the menu structure. An initial drop-down menu list of the menu includes one or more of the menu items. Each menu item is associated with a data object of the data set. A signal is generated when a change is made to a data set corresponding to a menu item. The menu is then updated based on the signal. In an illustrative embodiment, the example method further includes employing a browser to trigger implementation of the method. The browser communicates with a web server, which communicates with an application that is adapted to analyze the data set and associated data structure and provide an update in response thereto via, the signal, to the web server. The web server includes software for enabling the browser to render an updated menu or graphical representation thereof.10-04-2012
20120254800INDEPENDENT ATTRIBUTE FILTERING - A graphical user interface (GUI) tool is presented to a user for interacting with an underlying database. The GUI tool includes a field selection and attribute selections for the field. The user selects a field and an attribute for that field and is presented with a first list of values retrieved from the database for the selected attribute. Next, the user selects a filter for the attribute within the GUI tool and a second reduced list of values is presented to the user within the GUI tool representing the filtered first list of values acquired by applying the filter.10-04-2012
20130132903Local Coordinate Frame User Interface for Multitouch-Enabled Applications - Methods and apparatus for providing a local coordinate frame user interface. A local coordinate frame user interface is described that may be used in conjunction with other tools provided by an application such as a graphical input and editing application. A user may draw or modify graphical objects using strokes applied with a brush or other tool, or perform other input and editing operations of the application, with one hand. While performing these various operations with one hand, the user may invoke and manipulate the local coordinate frame user interface with the other hand. Using this combined graphical input and editing method, a user may quickly adjust various attributes of selected tools and/or drawn objects, switch drawing tools or modes, and perform various other adjustments and actions via the local coordinate frame user interface with one hand while performing other actions with the other hand.05-23-2013
20130152019APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR FACILITATING DISCOVERY OF ITEMS VIA AN INTERFACE DEPICTING SELECTABLE REPRESENTATIONS BASED ON SIMILARITY - Embodiments of the invention relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and computing devices, and more particularly, to an apparatus and methods configured to facilitate discovery of items via an interface, such as a touchscreen interface, depicting item representations based on similarity of one or more attributes.06-13-2013
20130091466Translating Events in a User Interface - Systems and methods for translating events in a high definition video playback system are disclosed. A disc viewer is configured to read at least one user interactive program on a high definition optical disc defining an original menu of a user interface. The user interface defines a plurality of event handlers for user interaction with the user interface. An express menu renderer is configured to generate a menu populated with a plurality of selectable elements that are responsive to interaction with a mouse and/or pointing device. The selectable elements correspond to user interactive features of the user interface and have a corresponding visual identifier.04-11-2013

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