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715 - Data processing: presentation processing of document, operator interface processing, and screen saver display processing


715751000 - Computer supported collaborative work between plural users

715753000 - Computer conferencing

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20110191696SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR COLLABORATIVE BROWSING ON THE TELECOM WEB - Embodiments of the invention broadly contemplate systems, methods, apparatuses and program products providing collaborative browsing on the World Wide Telecom Web (WWTW) via a collaborative WWTW browser. According to embodiments of the invention, collaborative usage of the WWTW is enabled via connecting users and VoiceSites together.08-04-2011
20100083143Internet banner system with live interaction - The present invention comprises a means to conduct interactive communication, including text chat, audio chat, and video chat, from within an internet banner context. Text chat, audio chat, and video chat are provided without the need to launch an additional application, or pop-up browser window. A comprehensive list of transactional data is available to administrators to analyze the effectiveness of internet banner advertisements and customer service transactions.04-01-2010
20130080927Multiple personalities in chat communications - The same user is able to project different personalities while visiting different chat rooms. The personalities are tailored to the chat room being visited. Different personalization items (e.g., an icon or avatar, wallpaper, sounds, a smiley set, and text style) are provided based upon the chat room that the user is visiting. The personalization items may be customized based upon the identity of the chat room (such as a particular chat room, the type of chat room, or the content of the chat room). The personalization items may be host based and may leverage instant messaging (“IM”) personalization items. The personalization items may be user selected or user provided.03-28-2013
20130080928EMBEDDABLE CONTEXT SENSITIVE CHAT SYSTEM - A system and method including a networked processor with a chat management engine operative to embed one or more context sensitive chat widgets in a web page and receive chat messages from the widgets, wherein the messages are associated with a web page context. The system may be further operable to exchange those messages among a plurality of users and determine a sentiment value for those chat messages. In some embodiments a promo engine may modify a web page in response to the sentiment value. For example and without limitation, altering the price for a product or service, adding a product or service, or removing a product or service. Dynamic demographic congregations may be formed that allow for trigger based advertising at a predetermined sentiment value, times or event. Some embodiments provide for coupling to social networks.03-28-2013
20090158176SHARING OF CONTENT AND HOP DISTANCE OVER A SOCIAL NETWORK - A method, system, and apparatus are directed to sharing information over a network. A drag-and-drop of a selection of a portion of content may be received at a sharing area. A sharing message may be generated based on a type of the portion. If the type of the portion indicates storage, the sharing message may comprise a hyperlink to a storage. The sharing message may be useable for providing the portion on at least one client device associated with at least one of a plurality of members of a social network. Sharing over the network of the portion between an originating sharing member and the plurality of members of the social network may be enabled. The portion may be shared for a customizable project. A hop distance may be provided for the shared portion.06-18-2009
20130042187METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR USING SUBJECTS IN INSTANT MESSAGING SESSIONS ON A MOBILE DEVICE - A system and method are provided that incorporate subjects or subject lines into instant messaging sessions or conversations on a mobile device. During an instant messaging session, the user is provided with an option to specify a subject for at least the current portion of the session or for the entire session. The subject is proposed to the other users in the session, who can accept, ignore or modify the subject at their end. Multiple subjects can be specified for a single conversation if desired, and the subjects can be displayed with the contact in a message list. The instant messaging sessions may then be searched using search tools that are typically used for search email and other data messages.02-14-2013
20130047099SOFT-SENDING CHAT MESSAGES - Techniques are disclosed for supplying users in an online environment with a safe and effective chat facility. The chat facility is “safe” in the sense that the ability of users to compose inappropriate messages is greatly restricted, while “effective” in the sense that users are still allowed a broad range of expressivity in composing and exchanging chat messages.02-21-2013
20090307614MEDIA CONTENT AND CHAT INTEGRATION - In various embodiments, a method includes receiving a request to initiate recording of media content of an event. The method also includes controlling capturing of the media content by a capture machine in response to the received request. The method includes opening a chat session among one or more persons that are listeners or viewers of the event being captured, wherein the opening is in response to the request to initiate recording of the media content. The chat session comprises one or more entries that include a chat input from the one or more persons and a timecode of the chat input. The method includes receiving a request to stop recording of the media content of the event. The method also includes combining at least a subset of the one or more entries of the chat session with the media content using the time code of the one or more entries.12-10-2009
20090307613CATEGORIZING ELECTRONIC MESSAGING COMMUNICATIONS - Electronic messaging communications, including Instant Messaging messages, are organized into particular categories, as selected by the users providing the messages. This enables messages of a particular category to be displayed at a recipient of the messages, while other messages are masked from view. It also facilitates the capturing of certain related messages to the exclusion of others.12-10-2009
20090307612INITIATING A SUPPORT CHAT SESSION IN RESPONSE TO THE OCCURRENCE OF A SUPPORT EVENT WITH TRANSMISSION OF DETAILED EVENT INFORMATION - Technologies are described herein for launching an online support chat session in response to an occurrence of a support event on a personal computer and transmitting detailed event information via the chat session for display to support personnel. When an error or other event occurs on a computer, an online support chat session is established using an online support chat client associated with the error or event. The pertinent information about the error or event along with additional data regarding the computer and the user are transmitted via the online support chat session for display to the support personnel.12-10-2009
20090094537METHOD FOR ALLOWING USERS OF A DOCUMENT TO PASS MESSAGES TO EACH OTHER IN A CONTEXT-SPECIFIC MANNER - This invention relates to digital reading applications—specifically the ability to discuss documents contextually, in real time or asynchronously, in a virtual space within a document. The preferred embodiment of this method allows for discussions to take place inline, in parallel, or in any fashion wherein user conversations can be tied to the user's location within a document. This method has two possible core modules: a program that allows a free-flowing real-time conversation between people filtered according to relationship between the portion of the document they are looking at and the portion others are looking at (one embodiment of this could be an instant messaging program), and a context-based comment and response system linked to selections or parts or elements of the document (and taking place in real-time or archived formats), with the ability to make those comments visible relative to a user's motion through the document.04-09-2009
20130073989Dynamic Content Feed Filtering - Dynamic filtering of content in a content feed may be provided. A user interface may be displayed on a computer for presenting different views of content. The user interface may include a title bar for switching between the different views and for displaying notifications. The different views may include content generated by users of the content feed. Content in the different views may be filtered based on a type and a priority of the content during the presentation of each of the views in the user interface.03-21-2013
20130073990METHOD OF UPDATING SCROLL BAR IN SCREEN OF USER TERMINAL AND USER TERMINAL FOR UPDATING SCROLL BAR IN SCREEN - A method of updating a scroll bar in a screen of a user terminal according to an embodiment of the present invention may include displaying a chat window including at least a portion of a chat history among users in a first display area of a touch display, displaying a scroll bar in a second display area of the touch display, storing the new chat message in a temporary memory temporarily upon receipt of the new chatting message, adding the new chat message into the chat history in response to a touch event of the user on the touch display, and updating the scroll bar in response to the new chat message being added into the chat history.03-21-2013
20090271716System and method for real-time scheduling - A system and method for dynamically scheduling a meeting time in association with an instant messaging client. The system includes a chat server, a grid scheduling server, a local instant messaging client, a remote instant messaging client, and a grid scheduling client. The instant messaging client facilitates a chat session in conjunction with the chat server. The grid scheduling server generates a representation of scheduling information from a scheduling matrix including a list of times arranged transversely to a list of participants to the meeting. The grid scheduling client in conjunction with the grid scheduling server hosts a grid scheduling session in real-time on the local and remote instant messaging clients and schedules the meeting time according to real-time input from participants on the local and remote instant messaging clients.10-29-2009
20090031223CHAT SYSTEM, CHAT DEVICE AND CONTROL METHOD OF CHAT SERVER, INFORMATION STORAGE MEDIUM - Provided are a chat system for achieving good communication among users, a control method for a chat device and devices in a chat server, and an information storage medium. A message transfer unit (01-29-2009
20090013265Instant messaging communication system and method - A method of providing instant messaging communication between a first user and at least one other user via a communication network. The method comprises: executing an instant messaging client at a user terminal of the first user, the instant messaging client having a user interface comprising a message composition region; the instant messaging client receiving a selection of media for insertion into the instant messaging communication from the first user; the instant messaging client generating a link comprising the address of the selected media at a network element and creating a selectable control with the link embedded therein; inserting the selectable control in the message composition region of the instant messaging client; the instant messaging client receiving user-viewable text entered by the first user into the message composition region in addition to the selectable control; and the instant messaging client transmitting the contents of the message composition region of the instant messaging client to the at least one other user over the communication network responsive to a command from the first user.01-08-2009
20110296320MOBILE TERMINAL AND GROUP CHAT CONTROLLING METHOD THEREOF - A mobile terminal and group chat controlling method thereof are disclosed, by which a chat content transceived in an performed group chat after a join-impossible state can be received in the course of performing the group chat if impossible to join the group chat. The present invention includes performing a group chat with a plurality of counterparts, displaying a chat window of the performed group chat, if the mobile terminal is impossible to join the group chat (i.e., if the mobile terminal enters a join-impossible state) in the course of performing the group chat, receiving chat contents transceived among a plurality of the counterparts in the performed group chat after the join-impossible state, and displaying the received chat contents.12-01-2011
20100005402System and Apparatus for Whispering in Group Chats - A method, system and program storage device are provided for allowing chat room participants to communicate with other participants privately without requiring general chat “friends” or “buddies” pre-authorization. All chatting dialog including private and public chats are consolidated into a unified group chat dialog window that requires no special handling by a user to see public and private chats. The private and public chat messages are displayed chronologically in a single chat message log within the chat group window.01-07-2010
20110191697METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DISCOVERY OF LOCAL ACTIVITIES BASED ON AUTONOMOUS SUGGESTION FOR DISCOVERY OF LOCAL ACTIVITIES - A computer-implemented method and system for autonomously suggesting an activity to a user of a locality platform application, based on a range of locality factors. The method comprises accessing a locality platform application at the user interface of the client device, determining a location of the client device, computing at least one influencer factor based on the determined location, compiling at least one suggestion for the locality-related activity, the compiled suggestion at least partly based on the at least one influencer factor, and providing, at the user interface of the client device, the at least one suggestion.08-04-2011
20090150803INSTANT MESSAGING INTERFACE HAVING MULTIPLE RESPONSE WINDOWS - The present invention is directed to an instant messaging interface having multiple response windows. An instant messaging (IM) interface in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes: a chat window for displaying a chat between a plurality of IM users; a current response window for displaying response data for inclusion in the chat; a next response window; and a move element for: clearing the response data displayed in the current response window and sending the response data to, and displaying the response data in, the next response window; and sending the response data displayed in the next response window back to the current response window.06-11-2009
20090150804CONTRACT AMENDMENT MECHANISM IN A VIRTUAL WORLD - A method for amending a contract in a virtual world may include presenting an online chat option in response to another user's avatar coming within a predetermined proximity range of an avatar of the user and in response to the other user's avatar and the user's avatar having previously entered into a contract in the virtual world. The method may also include recording the online chat between the users to define an amendment to the contract in response to the online chat option being selected. The method may further include appending the amendment to contracting terms in a contract object in response to acceptance of the amendment by the users.06-11-2009
20100122185SYSTEM FOR MESSAGING AND COLLABORATING IN AN INTRANET ENVIRONMENT - A messaging system and associated computer program product. The messaging system includes a plurality of browsers connected through a common server. The server includes a message engine for receiving from a first user browser a request to enter chat mode with a second user browser; then receiving asynchronously from the second user browser a request to download any content from the common server or any other intranet or Internet server; and responding to the request from the second user browser with content modified to instantiate a chat session between the first and second user browsers.05-13-2010
20100083141ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS DIALOG USING SEQUENCED DIGITAL IMAGES STORED IN AN IMAGE DICTIONARY - A system and method for an electronic communications dialog between a plurality of users using digital images via a web portal. The user selects a template for entering a plurality of words and associated images that constitute an initial electronic message. The user then enters a plurality of words into the template corresponding to the initial electronic message. A plurality of images are selected having a direct correspondence with the plurality of words entered into the template. Each image is inserted into the template in a sequence corresponding to the initial electronic message. When the initial template is complete, the initial electronic message containing the sequenced images is sent to at least one other user via the web portal. A visual dictionary can be created for each user using a facility which takes images from any electronic source and allows users to apply naming tags to store the images for subsequent retrieval. A visual library can be created for each user to save completed and partially completed templates that can be retrieved for further editing or use.04-01-2010
20100083142Presence Change Alert - An apparatus and a method for monitoring availability of a contact are described. The apparatus includes an interface module for receiving a selection from a user that indicates the contact to be monitored. The apparatus also includes a presence change alert manager that is coupled to the interface module and is coupled to a network. The presence changer alert manager is configured to determine at least one relevant type of availability for the contact and to determine if availability information obtained from the network corresponds to a change in a relevant type of availability for the contact. The apparatus further includes a notification manager coupled to the presence change alert manager. If the presence change alert manager determines that the obtained availability information corresponds to a change of a relevant type of availability for the contact, the notification manager generates a notification alerting the user of the change.04-01-2010
20100138756SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SYNCHRONIZED AUTHORING AND ACCESS OF CHAT AND GRAPHICS - A system and method for communication in an online electronic chat environment having multiple communication devices connected to each other in a communication network is provided. Displayed on a display screen of an electronic communication device of the multiple communication devices, is a chat region configured to hold text, and a graphics region to hold graphic objects. The chat region and the graphics region are positioned on a common electronic canvas of the display screen. Text from the chat region can be moved to the graphics region, and graphic objects in the graphics region may be moved to the chat region. The design allows for the mixing of chat and graphics in a common window when material is moved between the two modalities. In additional embodiments, the text in the chat region and the graphics in the graphics region are synchronized whereby movement of one causes action in the other.06-03-2010
20100162138CONVERSATION BUBBLES INCLUDING VISUAL CUES FOR THREADED MESSAGING APPLICATIONS - The claimed subject matter provides for systems, devices, and methods employing one or more visual cues to conversation bubbles in a threaded messaging environment. As used herein, a threaded messaging environment can include “texting” and other messaging protocols. The visual cues can include indexed conversation bubble tails, color drop-shadow effects, and dynamic adaptive conversation bubble footprints. These visual cues can facilitate rapid visual user comprehension of messages related to particular conversants, the extents of a message, or combinations thereof.06-24-2010
20080215995Model based avatars for virtual presence - An image generating system for simultaneous visual representative display of multiple computer users is disclosed. The method and apparatus includes hardware, software, and a system for generating various images for one or more users of a connected computer system, and imposing them onto the systems and ultimately the visual display of each user's system. The images, which may be known as avatars, may be static images, animated 2D, and/or animated 3D images. The images are simultaneously displayed on the outputs of each user. Each user may react and interact with the images of the other users through their own image.09-04-2008
20100131866METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR WEB-BASED TELECONFERENCING - A system enables web-based teleconferencing. The system uses a voice services router connected to phone devices associated with respective web browser clients. The system also uses an application server connected to the voice services router for receiving conference call events for a conference call from the voice services router and for transmitting the conference call events to a message server. The application server is furthermore connected to the web browser clients associated with the phone devices for receiving conference commands from the web browser clients and for transmitting the conference commands received from the web browser clients to the voice services router. The message server is connected to both the application server and the web browser clients to thereby act as a message broker for receiving messages from the application server for the conference call and for communicating the messages for the conference call to the web browser clients.05-27-2010
20090119606SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COMBINING INSTANT MESSAGING WITH EMAIL IN ONE CLIENT INTERFACE - A system and method for seamlessly merging chats and email into one user interface is provided. The system and method of the present invention does not require that all users have access to the technology. Users of the technology can continue to communicate with others who may use email or their instant messaging system, although some of the minor features require that all users have the same technology. Terms used to describe the invention are “ChatMail” and “ChatThread”. ChatMail suggests the blend of chat and email while ChatThread suggests a blend of chat and an email “thread” which is a common semi-technical term that means a series of emails that share a common subject.05-07-2009
20120297322Merging Instant Messaging (IM) Chat Sessions - The present disclosure provides for merging of instant messaging (IM) chat sessions. In one embodiment, a method for automatically replying to an IM message from a first IM sender when a recipient is engaged in an IM session with a second IM sender is provided. In another embodiment, the disclosure provides a method for forwarding IM messages to a recipient at different IM clients. In still another embodiment, a method for transferring IM messages to a different recipient is provided. In some embodiments, two separate IM chat sessions are merged into a single IM chat session.11-22-2012
20120297321SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MANAGING INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATIONS - Described are systems and methods for managing a display of chat windows. A user electronic device receives an incoming communication from a remote electronic device. A chat session is established between the user electronic device and the remote electronic device in response to receiving the incoming communication. A period of time is input to the user electronic device during which a display of all incoming communications are prevented from being displayed in chat windows in the user electronic device. At least one of a display of new chat windows and the chat session is suspended during the period of time. An electronic notification is generated that indicates that a user of the user electronic device is temporarily unavailable.11-22-2012
20090265643Instant messaging reception indication - An instant message device provides an instant messaging reception indication by displaying an instant message sent by the instant message device, along with a visual indication of the current state of the instant message. The current state of the instant message reflects whether the instant message has been visibly displayed on the receiving device and the user is active on the device.10-22-2009
20120198359COMPUTER IMPLEMENTED SYSTEM AND METHOD OF VIRTUAL INTERACTION BETWEEN USERS OF A VIRTUAL SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT - A method of displaying a graphical representation of a first user in a virtual social environment includes providing an avatar representing the first user. The avatar is stored on a first database. An identifying image of the first user is provided and the identifying image is stored on a second database. The avatar is spatially coordinated with the identifying image such that the avatar and the identifying image are in fixed relationship to one another within the virtual social environment. The avatar is displayed in fixed relationship to the identifying image within the virtual social environment on a display screen.08-02-2012
20110271213EVENT BASED SOCIAL NETWORKING APPLICATION - A method and apparatus are provided for event-based sharing of audio/video in real-time along with chat text by anyone capturing or viewing the shared video. An IMS-based server acts as a hub for the shared audio/video and chat text, which is then distributed to all participants. The chat text is conveyed in the data stream associated with the ISO transport stream carrying the audio and video streams. The audio and video streams and the chat text are recorded using a Network Digital Video Recorder, and can be viewed later by a user. During playback of a recorded event, the user can also switch between different recordings of the same event if available, as the IMS server maintains synchronization information for different recorded streams of the event. The method and apparatus provide improved social networking.11-03-2011
20090187834Method and system for implementing a single user computer application in a multi-user session - There is provided a method of implementing a single user computer application in a multi-user session comprising receiving a request to access the single user computer application, opening a first multi-user session, tolling a pre-run phase of the first multi-user session, and initiating a run phase during which concurrent running of the single user computer application by each user in a multi-user pool is monitored and data corresponding to a performance of every user is provided to each user. A system for implementing a single user computer application in a multi-user session comprises a multi-user implementation server, a single user computer application database including the single user computer application, a multi-user shell application configured to provide an interface between the single user computer application and a multi-user control application capable of coordinating concurrently running the single user computer application by every user in a multi-user pool.07-23-2009
20090138809System and method for an instant messaging interface - Computer-implemented systems and methods for a simplified instant messaging interface are provided for allowing users to initiate and engage in instant messaging conversations. In various embodiments, the systems and methods reduce the overhead involved in initiating and/or engaging in instant messaging conversations. In some embodiments, the simplified instant messaging interface allows users to initiate and or engage in conversations without having to open a separate standard messaging window for every conversation. In some embodiments, the simplified instant messaging interface may be used in conjunction with a standard instant messaging interface.05-28-2009
20090019377Method to Enable Selection of Segments in an Instant Messaging Application for Integration in Other Applications - A Segment Interface Program (SIP) is disclosed that enables a user to choose locations in other applications to receive segments, and to mark segments for manual or automatic transmission to those applications. The SIP comprises an Application Interface Program (AIP), a Segment Creator Program (SCP), a Segment Queue Program (SQP), and a Segment Delivery Program (SDP). The SIP accesses a Rules database, a codes database, and a queue database. The AIP enables a user to select a location in an application and assign an application code and a location code to the location. The SCP enables a user to select a segment in a chat transcript, assign an application code and a location code to the segment, and send the segment to the SQP. The SQP receives the segment, assigns a queue number, and places the segment in a queue table. The SDP reads the user code, the application code and, when the application is active, sends the segment to the location in the application with the corresponding code. A single segment may be inserted into an application in multiple locations by creating additional codes for multiple instances of a location.01-15-2009
20090177981Portable Electronic Device for Instant Messaging Multiple Recipients - A portable electronic device with a touch screen display displays a list of instant messaging conversations including a group conversation. The group conversation includes a first multi-recipient identifier and a group conversation indicia. In response to detecting a user selection of the group conversation, the device displays a set of outgoing messages from a user of the device to multiple recipients in a chronological order and a second multi-recipient identifier. The device receives a new outgoing message for the group conversation entered by the user of the device through the touch screen display, and responds to detecting a user request to send the new outgoing message to the multiple recipients by sending the new outgoing message to the multiple recipients in the group conversation. The new outgoing message is appended to the set of outgoing messages displayed on the touch screen display.07-09-2009
20090063996METHODOLOGY AND PROCESS FOR SUPPRESSING DE-FOCUSING ACTIVITIES DURING SELECTIVE SCHEDULED MEETINGS - Within exemplary embodiments of the present invention repeating calendar event scheduling application options are implemented to support the implementation of a distraction-free meeting event. This aspect is accomplished by the calendar event invitation specifically stating that the meeting is expected to be distraction free, and as such, the acceptance of a meeting invitation would require that the meeting invitee submit to the computing system suspension requirements that are necessitated to initiate a distraction-free meeting. This meeting policy is enforced by the calendar event scheduling application being configured to effectively suspend the local activity of a computing system or incoming and outgoing communication requests that are received at the computing system.03-05-2009
20090199111CHAT SOFTWARE - Provided is a display method for visually distinguishing an avatar which speaks actively from another avatar which does not speak so actively. A server scores each avatar depending on whether messages are old or new and on frequency to speak, and sends the score to terminals. The terminal which received the score sent from the server arranges an avatar with a higher score at a position easily seen by an operator of the terminal, so that the operator understands the ranking of the avatars at a glance.08-06-2009
20100185960Method and Apparatus for Displaying Information During an Instant Messaging Session - A method and an apparatus are provided for controlling a graphical user interface to display information related to a communication session. Information relating to data produced by a first participant to the communication session is displayed on a first display unit, wherein the information produced by the first participant is displayed at a first position on the first display unit. Data is received from a second participant to the communication session, and information relating to the data received from the second participant is displayed on the first display unit, wherein the information received from the second participant is displayed at a second position on the first display unit. The first and second positions are horizontally spaced apart.07-22-2010
20090094536SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ADDING MEMBERS TO CHAT GROUPS BASED ON ANALYSIS OF CHAT CONTENT - A system, method, and program product is provided that selects an instant messaging message that includes one or more words in a text area. The instant message is a communication with an instant messaging participant that corresponds to an instant messaging participant identifier. A count is kept of the words that match keywords that are associated with a selected instant messaging group data store that is stored in a nonvolatile data area. If the count exceeds a particular threshold, the instant messaging participant identifier is added to the selected instant messaging group.04-09-2009
20100169801MULTIPLE AVATAR PERSONALITIES - Perception of multiple online personas is enabled in an instant messaging communications session. At least two identities within a communications environment to whom messages may be directed are identified. A first persona of a user is enabled to be projected to a first of the identities while a second persona of the same user is enabled to be concurrently projected to a second of the identities. The first and second personas each include an avatar capable of being animated, and the first persona and the second persona differ.07-01-2010
20090077476System and Method for Preventing Screen-Scrapers From Extracting User Screen Names - Graphic screen names are used instead of using text screen names in a Web chat room or an instant messaging system so that screen scrapers cannot generate an e-mail list for spam by extracting the screen names from the Web chat room or instant messaging system.03-19-2009
20100251142SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PERSISTENT MULTIMEDIA CONFERENCING SERVICES - Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for managing a virtual meeting room communication session. The method includes establishing a persistent virtual meeting room communication session, the virtual meeting room communication session including shared resources available to virtual meeting room communication session participants, displaying to meeting participants a set of connected graphical elements representing a structure of the virtual meeting room communication session via a graphical user interface (GUI), receiving from one of the meeting participants input associated with the set of connected graphical elements, the input having an action associated with the virtual meeting room communication session, and performing the action based on received user input. The virtual meeting room communication session can persist when no participants are in the communication session. The persistent virtual meeting room can record changes in session context such as a record of session control events, resource changes, and participant listings.09-30-2010
20100251141 Method of Sharing Information Associated with a Webpage - The invention discloses a method of sharing webpages between users. Webpages are shared by uploading information to a database as users browse the web. The information is then disseminated to other users visiting the webpage. The invention also discloses customized method of displaying information related to the webpage, including by methods of displaying comments by user and on set locations of the webpage. The invention also includes a method of finding new friends with similar interests, and a method of finding new friends based on the similarity of interests between users.09-30-2010
20100125801TERMINAL AND CONTROLLING METHOD THEREOF - A terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, by which a chatting window of a chatting counterpart having sent a chatting content can be automatically activated if the chatting content is received in the course of having a chat with a plurality of counterparts individually. The present invention includes a display module configured to display a messenger for performing chatting with at least one or more chatting counterparts, a wireless communication unit configured to transmit a user-written message to the chatting counterparts, the wireless communication unit configured to receive messages from the chatting counterparts, and a controller configured to individually display chatting windows with the chatting counterparts on a screen of the messenger, if the message is received from a first chatting counterpart among the chatting counterparts, the controller configured to display the received message by activating the corresponding chatting window for performing the chatting with the first chatting counterpart.05-20-2010
20120198360SPINNING OFF CHAT THREADS - A solution for providing an instant messaging (IM) space, such as for a chat session, is provided, which includes provisions for spinning off of chat threads. An embodiment of the invention provides a method of providing an IM space, the method comprising: providing a first graphical user interface (GUI) space for an IM conversation; obtaining a selected portion of the IM conversation represented on the first GUI; and creating a second GUI space for a second IM conversation based on the portion selected.08-02-2012
20090249228COMPUTER METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PERSISTING PIECES OF A VIRTUAL WORLD GROUP CONVERSATION - Computer method and apparatus persists portions of group conversations in a virtual environment. A group conversation is formed of group member communications. Indications or illustrations, such as chat bubbles, are displayed to end users to represent the group member communications. The invention system enables a user to persist a portion of the group conversation by selecting respective indicators (e.g., chat bubbles) corresponding to one or more of the group member communications. The processor (persist engine) also enables any user to interact with persisted conversation portions. Interactions supported include moving, arranging, tagging with metadata and saving snapshots of the persisted conversation portions, in the virtual environment.10-01-2009
20090113316SYSTEM & METHOD FOR TELEPHONE CONFERENCE BASED COMMUNICATION, ENTERTAINMENT AND ADVERTISING PLATFORM WITH ACCOUNTING FUNCTIONALITY - This invention enables people from the at-home viewing or listening audience of any television or radio broadcast to talk with each other to discuss the program's content on the telephone at any time before, during or after a show. In addition to discussion forums based on broadcast and print media content, the system provides premium priced telephone access to people with specific expertise, e.g., sports stars, politicians and a host of other specialists. Income is earned on a per-minute or flat-rate basis and billed to the caller primarily via credit card or their phone bill. Revenue can be derived from the sale of advertisement, e.g., mentions of the sponsor over the telephone during the initial greeting and within conferences, as well as from the licensing of the service to media networks as a value added service.04-30-2009
20090113315Multimedia Enhanced Instant Messaging Engine - A method to provide additional media objects for two or more users intercommunicating over a network is described. The intercommunication messages are analyzed to determine additional related media objects available on the network, and one or more best related media objects are transmitted to the intercommunicating users. The additional media objects are rendered within the context of the network intercommunication.04-30-2009
20090070688METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANAGING INTERACTIONS - A method and apparatus for managing interactions between participants of a shared virtual environment is disclosed. The method comprises establishing a communication session by a first participant of the shared virtual environment with a second participant of the shared virtual environment. A data stream is received by the first participant located at a first location from the second participant located at a second location. Using the received data stream, a view of the shared virtual environment for the first participant is generated. An audio of the received data stream is controlled by the first participant. A text of the controlled audio is generated and the generated text is displayed in the view of the shared virtual environment of the first participant.03-12-2009
20130132865Social Networking Methods And Apparatus For Use In Facilitating Participation In User-Relevant Social Groups - The A mobile device is associated with a user profile which includes one or more user interests. The device sends a request for identifying social groups in a mobile geographic location. In response to the request, the device receives data identifying a plurality of social group profiles corresponding to a plurality of social groups in the mobile geographic location. The mobile device presents a list of the social groups based on the received data, ranked in accordance with similarity scores. Each similarity score is produced based on both a proximity identified between the mobile and social group geographic locations, and similarities identified between the one or more user and group interests. In response to receiving a user input, the device may enter into the social group and present a chat session interface for a chat session for the selected social group.05-23-2013
20130132866METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR A GLOBAL GOAL BASED SOCIAL NETWORKING - The present invention provides a method and system for a Global Internet Goal based Social Networking Platform—Linkagoal. The Linkagoal provides an organized online forum for setting goals and finding solution by mutually sharing knowledge, expertise and experience with the like-minded goal oriented other Linkagoal user. The user links one or more goals and the corresponding action items on the Linkagoal platform. The user completes specific actions required to complete his goals. The Linkagoal forum is configured to have features including, but not limited to, a Linkagoal Goal Meter, a Linkagoal Chat' Aura, that further includes a Chat' Aura Integrated, a Chat' Aura Station, and a Chat' Aura Mobile. These features facilitate the Linkagoal users to achieve their goals efficiently, and successfully. The utility of the present invention extends to numerous commercial and non-commercial applications.05-23-2013
20100306676DYNAMIC COLLABORATIVE TECHNIQUES - Techniques for dynamic collaboration are provided. A main collaboration session having multiple interacting parties proceeds in a sequential and linear fashion. An element of the main collaboration session, where the element is not a last or most recent element of the main collaboration session, is acted upon and a sub communication session is initiated. The main collaboration session and the sub communication session proceed independent of one another but remained linked and can be later re-integrated with one another.12-02-2010
20130014035MOBILE TERMINAL AND CONTROLLING METHOD THEREOF - A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed. The present invention includes a wireless communication unit transceiving a chat content with at least one counterpart terminal, a controller controlling at least one chat window respectively corresponding to the at least one counterpart terminal, each of the at least one chat window displaying the chat content transceived with a specific counterpart terminal corresponding to the corresponding chat window among the at least one counterpart terminal, and a touchscreen displaying the at least one chat window and one input window for receiving an input of the chat content, wherein if entire region corresponding to the at least one chat window is bigger than a display region of the touch screen, the controller controls the touchscreen to display partial region belonging to the display region of the touchscreen among the entire region corresponding to the at least one chat window.01-10-2013
20130145289REAL-TIME DUPLICATION OF A CHAT TRANSCRIPT BETWEEN A PERSON OF INTEREST AND A CORRESPONDENT OF THE PERSON OF INTEREST FOR USE BY A LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENT - Systems and methods of automatic notification, collection and real-time replication of online chat conversations between a POI and a correspondent of the POI are disclosed. In one embodiment, the method may include automatically notifying an analyst when an online chat conversation associated with the POI has commenced. The method may also include generating a real-time viewable version of the online chat conversation in a duplicate transcript. The method may further include screening and organizing a set of online chat conversations associated with the POI based on a set of predetermined screening criteria.06-06-2013
20110029898Merging Instant Messaging (IM) Chat Sessions - The present disclosure provides for merging of instant messaging (IM) chat sessions. In some embodiments, two separate IM chat sessions are merged into a single IM chat session.02-03-2011
20110035687BROWSER ENABLED COMMUNICATION DEVICE FOR CONDUCTING CONVERSATIONS IN EITHER A REAL-TIME MODE, A TIME-SHIFTED MODE, AND WITH THE ABILITY TO SEAMLESSLY SHIFT THE CONVERSATION BETWEEN THE TWO MODES - A browser enabled communication device capable of conducting conversations, including multiple media types, in either a real-time or a time-shifted mode, with the ability to seamlessly transition between the two modes.02-10-2011
20110119599IM Conversation Management - A method and apparatus for managing IM conversations is provided. In response to idle time and, preferably, read message status, particular current conversations are removed from a list of current conversations. The removed conversations may be moved to an archive which may be automatically maintained in response to size constraints. An archive interface is facilitated to review conversations, save all or portions thereof, delete, etc. The archived conversations are preferably associated with the contact for the conversation to show a history of conversations.05-19-2011
20110214073Providing a modified Non-Communication application interface for presenting a message - A computationally implemented method includes, but is not limited to: determining which of a plurality of end users are to be presented with a message, the plurality of end users having access to one or more non-communication applications through one or more non-communication application interfaces; and providing a modified non-communication application interface for accessing at least one of the one or more non-communication applications to one or more end users who have been determined to be presented with the message, the modified non-communication application interface including at least a channel to access the message. In addition to the foregoing, other method aspects are described in the claims, drawings, and text forming a part of the present disclosure.09-01-2011
20100037153CHAT AND WEB PAGE INTEGRATION METHOD AND SYSTEM - A system and method for providing chat on a Web page, whereby the chat text and the Web page content are displayed together in the same viewable area within a Web browser, the Web page content that is beneath the Chat text remains viewable, and the Chat text remains viewable even as a user scrolls the Web page or navigates to a new Web page. To prevent Chat boxes from obstructing Web content while Chat is being displayed, the boxes can automatically move to another location when a user moves his or her mouse nearby the area containing the Chat boxes.02-11-2010
20120304080METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INSTANT MESSAGING CONVERSATION SECURITY - A method for securing an instant messaging (“IM”) conversation between at least a first and a second user, the first and second users having a first and a second client, respectively, in communication over a network, the method comprising: receiving a command from the first user through an input device and a graphical user interface (“GUI”) presented on a display of the first client to disable copying of the IM conversation; and, transmitting a message to the second client to inform the second client and the second user that copying of the IM conversation has been disabled.11-29-2012
20120304079PROVIDING CONTEXTUAL INFORMATION AND ENABLING GROUP COMMUNICATION FOR PARTICIPANTS IN A CONVERSATION - Configurations for providing a widget that displays participants involved in the conversation thread and provides different graphical elements (e.g., buttons) to initiate one click actions to start a group chat, create a meeting on each participant's calendar, or start a new conversation thread. In the case of the group chat, the subject technology can include the contents of the group chat session as an additional electronic message in the conversation thread. In one example, the widget is implemented as a floating toolbar that can be positioned in the user interface while in the conversation thread view.11-29-2012
20110154224Methods, Systems and Platform Devices for Aggregating Together Users of a TVand/or an Interconnected Network - Described herein are methods, systems, and devices comprising or utilizing a digital processing device comprising an operating system that is configured to read executable instructions for creating at least one contextual-based chatroom that is focused on a topic of interest that is in common between at least a first user (including e.g., a pulled or pushed user) and at least a second user (including e.g., a pulled or pushed user) of an interconnected network.06-23-2011
20100058202METHOD SYSTEM AND PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR PROVIDING ENABLING AN INTERACTIVE AND SOCIAL SEARCH ENGINE - A system for an interactive and social search engine includes a search component responding to a user's search request for generating a listing of search results including site addresses. A display component displays the listing along with a rating control for each site address in the listing. A rating component accepts inputs from the rating control to affect an order of the listing where a change in a rating of a site address dynamically controls the displaying of the listing and subsequent search requests. A browsing control component scrolls through and vies content of each site address in the listing. A chat component conducts organized communication sessions between users of the system. A communication component conducts communication between users of the system in real-time. A detection component detects concurrent users of the system requesting substantially similar searches and establishes communication between the concurrent users.03-04-2010
20090187835INSTANT MESSAGING SYSTEM AND METHOD - Methods and apparatuses for processing an instant message from a source wireless communication device to a destination device are described herein. In one aspect of the invention, an exemplary method includes receiving the instant message from the source wireless communication device, the instant message having a source wireless communication identifier, a destination instant messenger identifier, and data contents; extracting the source wireless communication identifier, the destination instant messenger identifier and the data contents from the instant message; retrieving a source instant messenger identifier corresponding to the source wireless communication identifier; binding the source instant messenger identifier with the source wireless communication identifier; and transmitting the data contents with the source instant messenger identifier to the destination device over a communication network, based on the destination instant messenger identifier. Other methods and apparatuses are also described.07-23-2009
20090138808Method and apparatus for providing attributes of a collaboration system in an operating system folder-based file system - A conventional operating system folder or directory based file system is implemented with, or enhanced to provide, attributes of shared collaborative workspaces. In particular, the conventional file system is connected to either a server based or a distributed collaboration system and the user interface of the operating system file system is augmented to allow it to control aspects of the collaboration system. Each folder or directory can be synchronized and treated as a “workspace” that can be viewed and shared with other users or groups of users. Folder can also be provided with “awareness” information that indicates collaborators that are present and those that are sharing the workspace.05-28-2009
20100281399Linked Information System - A method of providing an interactive expert link within a linked information system configured to obtain a set of media content related to at least one tracked theme or topic within a field and to generate a set of links between media content from the set of media content as a function of a relevance to the at least one tracked theme or topic, the method including the steps of identifying a new development within a topic from the at least one tracked theme or topic, obtaining a set of independent expert inputs related to the new development from a set of experts, wherein an expert meets a set of predefined expert criteria related to the field or topic, providing access to the set of independent expert inputs to the set of experts, enabling experts to provide expert commentary to one or more independent expert inputs from the set of independent expert inputs and providing access to the expert commentary to the set of experts.11-04-2010
20110055735METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INITIATING AND MANAGING CHAT SESSIONS - Method and apparatus for initiating and managing a chat session are described herein. According to one embodiment, user activities with respect to the data processing system are monitored, including user activities that are unrelated to chat services. In response to a request to initiate a chat session between a local user and a remote user, a first chat service account is selected from a list of chat service accounts associated with the remote user based on the monitored user activities. A chat session is initiated using the selected first chat service account of the remote user and a second chat service account selected for the local user. Certain information is displayed within a chat window indicating that the chat session is conducted between the first and second chat service accounts. Other methods and apparatuses are also described.03-03-2011
20110167359METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR PROVIDING ONLINE CHAT - The present disclosure relates generally to digital conferencing. A chat server causes a chat user interface to appear as a popup window hovering over a web page. In response to a first event, the chat server causes the chat user interface to appear as part of the web page.07-07-2011
20110126132SYSTEM AND METHODS OF GENERATING SOCIAL NETWORKS IN VIRTUAL SPACE - A system and method of generating social networks within a virtual space, wherein the virtual space may be defined by the geographic location of the user or a metric based on a user attribute. The present invention permits a user to establish the outermost geographic boundaries of a virtual space, in which the user may establish a communication link for the purposes of social networking. The present invention allows for fixed and user-defined virtual space in which both permanent and terminable social networks may be created. Permanent virtual spaces provide the convenience of archiving and searchable review. The present invention allows for a user to be assigned to an existing virtual space based on a metric, or for a new virtual space to be created for a user based on a metric.05-26-2011
20100180217LIVE SEARCH CHAT ROOM - One embodiment provides a system of exchanging information between a first party and a second party over a network. The system includes an interface module to prompt a query from a first party by a first key word search and to prompt a query from a second party by a second key word search in the network, a key word comparator module to compare the first and second key word searches, and a chat room admission module to automatically admit the first and second parties to a chat room if the first and second key word searches have substantial similarity. The chat room is embedded into a search result web page.07-15-2010
20110307807Game Invitations Through Peer-to-Peer Chat - A web-server engagement invitation system operates from a computerized internet-connected server having a plurality of clients, and serves content as web pages or presentations to individual ones of the clients through software executing from a machine-readable medium. A chat system operable by the server through the software provides chat communication between individual ones of the clients online. An invitation system operable through the chat system, enables a first client engaged in or entering one of the pages or presentations to issue an invitation to one or more other receiving clients to enter the same page or presentation, the invitation served as a chat message through the chat system.12-15-2011
20120060106Conversational Question and Answer - Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for facilitating online conversation. In one aspect, a method includes determining that a user has submitted a question to be viewed by trusted participants of an online conversation, wherein the trusted participants include the user, one or more advertisers and one or more social network friends of the user, obtaining a reply to the question from one of the trusted participants, and providing the reply to the trusted participants.03-08-2012
20120023420Graphical User Interface for Messaging System - A method, system and graphical user interface for a chat room system is disclosed. One aspect of certain embodiments includes sending messages that originate from a user's current chat room as well as messages that originate from nearby chat rooms to the user. Both types of messages are displayed in a single context to the user.01-26-2012
20120023419SLIDER AND HISTORY FIELD FOR SMART CHAT SESSIONS - A context sensitive slider content area provides a slide out mechanism that is automatically actuated when additional information is needed during a chat session between an agent and a visitor, e.g. where a pre-chat and/or exit form is to be completed. The context sensitive slide out content area also provides problem resolution information to the visitor to help in solving problems, e.g. the top five problems; and also provides a self-service step-by-step wizard. A history section is provided with which the visitor can track back all previous steps carried out within the smart client. A history bar provides an iconic representation of all previous activities. A technique is also disclosed for executing various actions, such as form filling or requests for additional services, in a chat session.01-26-2012
20120159354Automated Real-Time Data Stream Switching in a Shared Virtual Area Communication Environment - Switching real-time data stream connections between network nodes sharing a virtual area is described. In one aspect, the switching involves storing a virtual area specification. The virtual area specification includes a description of one or more switching rules each defining a respective connection between sources of a respective real-time data stream type and sinks of the real-time data stream type in terms of positions in the virtual area. Real-time data stream connections are established between network nodes associated with respective objects each of which is associated with at least one of a source and a sink of one or more of the real-time data stream types. The real-time data stream connections are established based on the one or more switching rules, the respective sources and sinks associated with the objects, and respective positions of the objects in the virtual area.06-21-2012
20120110479PARTY CHAT SYSTEM, PROGRAM FOR PARTY CHAT SYSTEM AND INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM - [Task] The present invention aims at providing a chat system capable of suitably displaying text information for which player requires in such a form that operability of the game is not damaged and in a form having reality.05-03-2012
20120151385LIVE SEARCH CHAT ROOM - One embodiment provides a system of exchanging information between at least two parties over a network. The system includes a social media generator module, executed by one or more processors, to receive a comparison result between an existing first key word search from a first party and a subsequent second key word search from a second party via a network, and to generate a new social media embedded into a search result web page associated with the second party, when the comparison result indicates no substantial similarity between the first key word search and the second key word search.06-14-2012
20120151384SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR FACILITATING MEDIA CONNECTIONS - A method of connecting consumers with third parties includes providing one or more widgets adjacent a plurality of directory listings of third parties on webpage, with each widget being associated with one of the third parties. An indication can be received that a consumer has executed one of the widgets. The consumer and third party can be connected in a live chat session in response to the execution of the widget. The live chat session can be configured to allow direct communication between the consumer and the third party.06-14-2012
20100205546ORGANIZING ENTRIES IN PARTICIPANT LISTS BASED ON COMMUNICATIONS STRENGTHS - Organizing a participant list includes maintaining a participant list of users of an electronic communications system to be used by a first user of the electronic communications system. Communications strengths between the first user and each of the users included in the participant list are determined. The users included in the participant list are organized based on the corresponding communications strengths. Communications strengths may be determined for users included in a group within a participant list, and the users within the group may be organized within the group based on communications strength. An additional group in the participant list in which some or all of the users included in the participant list are organized based on communications strength may be provided.08-12-2010
20100205545SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR STANDARDIZED VISUAL INDICATORS IN ELECTRONIC MEDIA - Methods and systems for associating a standardized electronic icon with a user and displaying the icon with electronic communications of the user are disclosed. A computer implemented method includes: determining one or more icons to associate with an individual when the individual creates an electronic message; and at least one of selectively and automatically appending at least one of the one or more icons that are associated with the individual to the electronic message. The at least one of the one or more icons is subsequently displayed with the electronic message to a recipient to provide information about the individual to the recipient.08-12-2010
20100205544GENERATING A LIVE CHAT SESSION IN RESPONSE TO SELECTION OF A CONTEXTUAL SHORTCUT - Embodiments are directed to identifying entities in content, highlighting the identified entities, and displaying an interactive chat session based on a selected entity. The interactive chat session and the content may be displayed in the same browser window. The interactive chat session may be overlaid on top of the content, inserted inline into the content, or otherwise embedded within the content. The content and the interactive chat session may both remain active in the browser window, enabling a user to conveniently read and chat about the content. The topic of the interactive chat session may be automatically selected from a hierarchical taxonomy of chat session topics, or the user may select the topic from one or more provided taxonomies.08-12-2010
20100175004VIRTUAL MEETING BOOTH - In one embodiment, a method includes obtaining, at a first location, a request to initiate a web conference. The request is obtained from a first party. The method also includes communicating with a second location configured to create the web conference based on the request, and determining when the web conference is created by the second location. If it is determined that the web conference is created by the second location, the method further includes issuing an invitation to at least a second party to invite the second party to participate in the web conference with the first party.07-08-2010
20100175003Management of Virtual Discussion Threads in a Synchronous Conferencing System - A mechanism is provided for defining and managing virtual discussion threads in a generic synchronous conferencing system. A chat server and chat client define a virtual discussion thread (VDT) entity that includes a group of chat entries or parts of chat entries. The chat entries in a VDT logically belong to the same “hidden” discussion within a chat session. Use of the VDT enables a chat system to support a user in understanding existing discussions by showing VDTs available in the overall list of chat entries and evidencing the chat entries in a VDT.07-08-2010
20100050095METHOD, SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR DISPLAYING AN INSTANT MESSAGE - A method, system and apparatus for displaying an instant message are provided in embodiments of the present invention. The method includes: receiving a message task file, obtaining the message metadata carried in the message task file; generating a message display page file according to the message metadata, generating an instant message, and delivering the message display page file and the instant message so that the message display apparatus displays the message display page file. The embodiments of the present invention enable real-time display of the instant message without interrupting play of the TV program or deteriorating the effect of watching the TV program, and fulfill the purpose of advertisement. As regards system construction, only a few devices need to be added and deployed simply, almost without affecting the existing Internet Protocol Television IPTV system.02-25-2010
20110004832AIRCRAFT CREW USER INTERFACE FOR AN AIRCRAFT ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM - Provided is a system and method for displaying a graphic on a crew user interface. The system comprises a crew user interface comprising an input and an output, a server accessed by the crew user interface comprising a display application program that retrieves screen configuration data stored in a non-volatile memory of a database connected to the server and an aircraft entertainment system connected to the crew user interface. The output comprises the graphic that is produced during run-time by the application program interpreting the screen configuration data.01-06-2011
20120240062Text-based messaging application cloud - This disclosure relates to systems and methods for providing an application services cloud based on text-based messaging that hosts a plurality of application services that enables applications to be designed and delivered in a simple, productive, and extensible user experience. The present disclosure transforms any device equipped with text-based messaging into a cloud computer, a thin client with connected access to cloud-hosted applications. The disclosure overcomes heretofore unsolved platform design and implementation challenges for text-based messaging applications such as issues of user interface constraints, security, service discovery, information filtering and tracking, platform integration and extensibility, and architectural scalability.09-20-2012
20110047487TELEVISION CHAT SYSTEM - A television chat system is provided that allows television viewers to engage in real-time communications in chat groups with other television viewers while watching television. Users of the television chat system may engage in real-time communications with other users who are currently watching the same television program or channel.02-24-2011
20080270916METHOD FOR AUTOMATICALLY INITIATING AN INSTANT MESSAGING CHAT SESSION BASED ON A CALENDAR ENTRY - A computer implemented method, data processing system, and computer program product for automatically initiating an instant messaging (IM) chat session based on a calendar entry. A user's IM client receives instructions to initiate an IM chat session based on a scheduled entry in the calendaring system. These instructions may be received from the user's calendaring system or a continuously running service, such as a daemon, independent of the IM client. Upon receiving the instructions, the IM client may optionally alert the user to the impending chat session. The IM client then presents a chat window for the instant messaging chat session to the user at a time specified in the scheduled entry. Data associated with the scheduled entry in the calendaring system, such as notes or attachments related to the chat session, may also be displayed in the chat window.10-30-2008
20110276905COLLABORATION SYSTEM - A method and controller are provided for use in a communication system including a plurality of user terminals in communication with each other and the controller via a plurality of communication channels. The method includes receiving, by the controller from a sender user terminal, a message designated to be communicated to a recipient associated with a recipient user terminal. Additionally, the method includes posting, by the controller via a dashboard interface, the message to a discussion to which it pertains. Finally, the method includes distributing, by the controller, the message to the recipient user terminal based on a preferred communication channel, availability, and workload for the recipient associated with the recipient user terminal.11-10-2011
20110276904DOODLE-IN-CHAT-CONTEXT - Solutions for providing integrated media services, e.g., in the context of communications services offered through a user supersystem configured as an interactive graphical communications hub. For example, interactions with a messaging interface may provide access to media creation functionality, including doodle functionality, in the context of the messaging and/or in the context of other media. In one implementation, the communications interface allows a user to doodle in the context of an image file (e.g., a photo) while in the context of a chat application.11-10-2011
20120331405GROUP CONVERSATION BETWEEN A PLURALITY OF PARTICIPANTS - A system and method for presenting a group conversation on an electronic device of a user, via displaying, on a graphical user interface of the device, a group of contacts with which the user can communicate, the group of contacts comprising one or more individual contacts and one or more social circles which define a preset collection of contacts associated with one another. User input is received via the graphical user interface, the user input specifying a selection of participants from the group of contacts for a group conversation. The group conversation provides for sharing communication messages among the participants. A conversation window is presented on the graphical user interface. The conversation window displays a collection of contact icons with each contact icon respectively corresponding to one of the selected participants of the group conversation, and a conversation thread with the shared communication messages.12-27-2012
20120290954SHARING DATA WITHIN AN INSTANT MESSAGING SESSION - Sharing data within an instant messaging session is described. A user participating in an instant messaging session may request a data access key. The key, which provides access to data associated with the user, may then be transmitted via the instant messaging session to one or more other participants in the instant messaging session. The other instant messaging session participants can then use the key to access, via the instant messaging session, the data associated with the user.11-15-2012
20120290953APPARATUS, SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR FACILITATING SOCIAL NETWORKING VIA A MEDIA DEVICE - Techniques for facilitating social networking via a media device are described. Some embodiments provide a social networking facilitator (“SNF”) as part of a media device, such as a set-top box that is configured to receive media content events from a broadcast system, such as a satellite broadcast system. As the media device presents a media content event, a user can share, via the SNF, information about the presented media content event with members of his social network. In particular, the SNF prepares a message that includes information about or from the presented media content event, such as a title, a channel, a summary, rating, video clip, or the like. This message can then be edited by the user, such as by adding a comment or rating, before being transmitted by the SNF a social networking system, to be forwarded as a notification to members of the user's social network.11-15-2012
20120290952ENABLING CHAT SESSIONS - Methods, systems, computer readable media, and apparatuses for enabling chat sessions are presented. In response to detecting that a first user is viewing a first program, a chat invitation may be automatically transmitted to a second user. The chat invitation may identify the first user and the first program, and further may invite the second user to initiate a chat session with the first user. An updated chat invitation may be automatically transmitted in response to detecting that the first user has changed to viewing a second program, and a chat session that has been initiated may subsequently be transferred to another device. Content prioritization settings may be accounted for in transmitting one or more chat invitations, and before a chat invitation is transmitted, it may be determined that a sufficient amount of time has elapsed to suggest that the user will continue viewing the first program.11-15-2012
20100153861INTERACTIVE EVENTS - An interactive event allows clients to provide feedback to the performing artist and/or producers relative to the event being observed. Feedback options include shout outs, emotapplause, and voting.06-17-2010
20100131867System and method for expert service providers to provide one on one chat advice services through unique empowered independent agents to consumers - The present invention provides techniques for managing, supporting and empowering Independent Agents to offer a method for enabling expert Service Providers to deliver, and charge for, advice to consumers, by connecting two parties in real time in an online chat. The present invention also provides the method and techniques for expert Service Providers, in turn, to provide their service through a multiplicity of Independent Agent channels without the potential for communication device conflict; thereby ensuring successful connections for consumers.05-27-2010
20110161839INTERCOM AND CHAT FOR HOME MEDIA NETWORK - A media client presents a menu interface for a media client intercom and receives, via the menu interface, a signal from a user to initiate an intercom message. The media client receives a message input from the user, where the message input is provided through the human interface device, and converts the message input into a digital format to create a digitized message. The digitized message is sent, exclusively via a home media network, to another media client within the home media network.06-30-2011
20130024789Mobile Application For Organizing and Conducting Group Discussions and Activities - A mobile application for facilitating the organization and conduction of group discussions and activities. The mobile application comprises a predefined menu having a predefined set of menu options which have data fields for a master user to input the desired parameters. The mobile application sends commands which divide a group into subgroups based on predefined parameters. The mobile application is accessed by participants of subgroups. The mobile application sends topics and prompts, which comprise any sort of input, participation or contribution by the participants of the subgroups desired by the master user. The mobile application provides a reporting menu to a participant of each subgroup for reporting on the subgroup's activities or discussions at the conclusion of a session. The mobile application provides evaluation menus to the participants of the subgroups to allow them to evaluate aspects of the group session, and send the evaluations to the master user.01-24-2013
20130174060ENHANCED BUDDY LIST USING MOBILE DEVICE IDENTIFIERS - A graphical user interface on a display device of a computer enables communications using a computer service. The graphical user interface includes a list of potential message recipients selected by a user as significant to the user. The graphical user interface also includes a mobile device identifier associated with one or more of the listed potential message recipients and a user account identifier associated with one or more of the listed potential message recipients. At least one of the listed potential recipients includes a mobile device identifier as the only available conduit for data delivery to the potential message recipient using the computer service.07-04-2013
20130174061Facilitating Consumers to Connect with Suitable Providers on World Wide Web (WWW) - An aspect of the present invention provides a convenient mechanism for connecting consumers with providers. In an embodiment, a server system receives a search phrase from a consumer specifying a set of requirements, and identifies a suitable provider matching the requirements. The server system creates a chat room as a response to receiving the search query, and facilitates both of the provider and the consumer to participate in created chat room. As the chat room is created automatically without additional (i.e., other than receiving search phrase) interactions with the consumer, the provided interfaces are convenient.07-04-2013
20110246910CONVERSATIONAL QUESTION AND ANSWER - Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for facilitating online conversation. In one aspect, a method includes determining that a user has submitted a question to be viewed by trusted participants of an online conversation, wherein the trusted participants include the user, one or more advertisers and one or more social network friends of the user, obtaining a reply to the question from one of the trusted participants, and providing the reply to the trusted participants.10-06-2011
20080222537GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE THAT IDENTIFIES THE REASONS FOR PUBLIC DISAGREEMENTS - A single place where all of us can meet on an equal basis 24/7 from anywhere we can reach to, and communicate back from, in the universe is now being built. The present invention is an interface for universal information exchange over a public data network (e.g., Internet). Explicit agreements to Rules of Response are used to cause its users to identify all possible questions and disagreements expressed with symbols through the interface. The result is a universal information exchange that can be used by all as a common meeting point from anywhere to exchange and verify information, answer questions, resolve disagreements, and exchange any combination of goods and services.09-11-2008
20120254774METHOD FOR MANAGING A LOCAL MESSAGING PLATFORM - A method for managing a chat room by a computer, including assigning an identifier to a user device in response to receiving a user device location from the user device; associating the identifier with a chat room having a coverage area encompassing the location of the user device; facilitating user interaction with the chat room through the identifier; and terminating the association between the user device and the identifier in response to a change in location of the user device.10-04-2012
20110276903Integrated Multi-Modal Chat - Solutions for providing context-driven communications mode determinations. Some such solutions use a communications hub located in a home (e.g., a user supersystem) to facilitate context-driven, multi-modal communications. For example, a tablet system may be used as a graphical communications hub in a family's home, used by the family to communicate to and from the home via multiple communications modes (e.g., family chat, family activities, user-based messaging, etc.) over one or more communications channels. Determination of an appropriate mode for communications may be driven by contextual (rather that channel-based) factors relating to the communications.11-10-2011
20080209347Redirection of a Message to an Alternate Address - Presence information of a first user in a messaging system, such as an instant messaging system, is relayed to a second user. A first communications client of a first user detects a change in the presence status of a first user and sends an alert message to a second communications client of a second user. Moreover, systems and methods are provided for sending the alert message to an alternate address, including alternate instant messaging (IM) addresses, e-mail address, or telephone numbers, in the event that the intended recipient of the alert message is not accessible at his or her original IM address.08-28-2008
20110214074TEMPLATING AND PROVISIONING OF COLLABORATIVE FACILITIES FOR A DATA-AGNOSTIC COLLABORATION SERVICE - Various embodiments herein include one or more of systems, methods, software, and/or data structures to create collaboration enabled client applications. In some embodiments, web services are provided on one or more servers that may be called by processes within client applications to facilitate collaboration within a workspace. These web services, in some such embodiments, may be properly called by an authorized user. Virtual meeting places referred to as rooms may be created dynamically and may each include one or more collaborative services. To facilitate the dynamic creation of new rooms, room templates may be provided which allow new rooms to be easily and automatically created. The room templates may store state information for the pre-existing rooms from which they are based.09-01-2011
20130151993System and Method for Sharing Electronic News Items - A system and method are provided for sending a first message to a recipient using a messaging channel, the message including information identifying an electronic news article provided by a data channel; receiving a second message from the recipient over the messaging channel, the second message having been composed in a news application; and displaying the second message in association with the electronic news article in the news application. A system and method are also provided for receiving a first message from a sender over a messaging channel, the message including information identifying an electronic news article provided by a data channel; obtaining the electronic news article using the data channel; enabling a second message to be composed in a news application displaying the electronic news article; and sending the second message to the sender using the messaging channel.06-13-2013
20100293478Interactive learning software - Disclosed is a fully interactive, Web-based, distance learning software application which helps professionals to prepare for the oral examinations necessary to attain board certification or to achieve other advancement in fields such as medical specialties including anesthesiology, emergency medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, general surgery, radiology, psychiatry and others. The browser-based technology requires no software installation on subscribers' computers, mobile platforms, televisions or set-top boxes; and, gives site-users, by the foregoing means, access from distant and remote locations, to several interactive functions including, but not restricted to, subscriber-to-subscriber (peer-to-peer) live and interactive practice examinations with video-chat capability; subscriber-to-examiner (peer-to-examiner) live and interactive mock examinations with video-chat capability, that can be recorded, stored and downloaded to computers, mobile devices, televisions and set-top boxes at remote and distant locations for later review; subscriber self-test examinations, which allow the subscriber to interactively self-test against a pre-recorded examiner; videos of successful oral exam performances in a mock examination setting, with an onscreen notepad and video controls that allow the subscriber to type in notes and store them; and instructional videos that provide guidelines and insight into various aspects of personal preparation and behavior for oral examinations.11-18-2010
20130205229SYSTEMS, METHODS AND INTERFACES FOR USING A MESSAGING PROGRAM ACROSS A MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS ENVIRONMENT - A method for using a messaging program across a multiple applications and communications environment includes engaging a multiple applications and communications environment. The multiple applications and communications environment comprises at least one primary application and at least one secondary application. The at least one primary application is associated with a primary work product object and the at least one secondary application is associated with a secondary work product object. The primary work product object and the secondary work product object are associated with a work product matter. The method further includes configuring a messaging program to establish a first chat instance within the primary work product object and a second chat instance within the secondary work product object. The first chat instance and the second chat instance are determined by a set of permissions related to the primary work product object. Another method has the at least one primary application being a web application, a file manager application or an email application and the at least one secondary application being a web application, a file manager application or an email application.08-08-2013
20130205230ESTABLISHING A CHAT SESSION BETWEEN USERS IN A NETWORK SYSTEM - A method and system for establishing a chat session between users in a network system. A request is received, from a first user at a first browser, to enter a chat session with a second user at a second browser. A request for information from a server specified by the second user is received asynchronously from the second user at the second browser, wherein the second browser has not received notice of the request from the first user to enter the chat session. The server is accessed to receive the information. The received information is modified by addition to the received information of a chat user interface to open a browser window at the second browser. Content of the browser window causes a chat applet instance to be downloaded for execution at the second browser to instantiate the chat session between the first user and the second user.08-08-2013
20130091443MOBILE TERMINAL AND CONTROLLING METHOD THEREOF - A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, by which a user is enabled to quickly recognize chat contents (e.g., speakers, chat subjects, chat contexts, etc.) of a chat with counterparts in a manner of partitioning a chat content display window into regions per counterpart belonging to a chat group and then arranging and displaying the chat contents of the chat with the corresponding counterparts on the partitioned regions per time line, respectively.04-11-2013
20120284651PERSISTENT PARTY ROOMS - Using persistent party rooms, including: initializing, via a computing device, a global array according to a hierarchical server architecture; determining, via the computing device, whether or not to create a new persistent party room or to join a previously bookmarked persistent party room; creating, via the computing device, the new persistent party room within a position indexed in the global array; and joining, via the computing device, the previously bookmarked persistent party room by searching for the previously bookmarked party room utilizing the global array.11-08-2012
20130185659STANDARDIZED VISUAL INDICATORS IN ELECTRONIC MEDIA - Methods and systems for associating a standardized electronic icon with a user and displaying the icon with electronic communications of the user are disclosed. A computer implemented method includes: determining one or more icons to associate with an individual when the individual creates an electronic message; and at least one of selectively and automatically appending at least one of the one or more icons that are associated with the individual to the electronic message. The at least one of the one or more icons is subsequently displayed with the electronic message to a recipient to provide information about the individual to the recipient.07-18-2013
20120011454Method and system for intelligently mining data during communication streams to present context-sensitive advertisements using background substitution - The present invention mines or extracts data present during interaction between at least two participants, for example in a chat session, a video session, etc. via the Internet. The data, which can include participant web camera generated video, audio, keyboard typed information, handwriting recognized information, is analyzed. Based upon the analysis, content-dependent information is determined and may be displayed to one or more participants in the chat session. In one aspect, a video foreground based upon a participant's generated video is combined with a customized computer generated background that is based upon data mined from the chat session. The customized background preferably is melded seamlessly with the participant's foreground data, preferably via background substitution that combines RGB video with depth data that predicts what background may substituted with new imagery. Content-based targeted information can include advertisement(s).01-12-2012
20130198657Integrated Public/Private Online Conference - Various embodiments of systems, methods, and computer programs are disclosed for providing an integrated public/private online conference. One embodiment is computer program embodied in a computer readable medium and executable by a processor for providing an online conference. One such computer program comprises: logic configured to establish an audio conference between a plurality of participants operating corresponding computing devices connected via a communication network; logic configured to designate at least one of the participants as a private participant that participates in the audio conference in a private mode and a remaining portion of the participants that participant in the audio conference in a public mode; and logic configured to present the audio conference to the public participants via a public conference interface that visually identifies only the public participants.08-01-2013
20130198656Event Management/Production of an Online Event Using Event Analytics - Various embodiments of systems, methods, and computer programs are disclosed for producing an online event. One embodiment is a method comprising: a conferencing system establishing an audio conference between one or more speakers and a plurality of listen-only viewers accessing the conferencing system via a communication network; the conferencing system presenting an event production user interface to an event producer, the event production user interface configured to enable the event producer to selectively control a viewer user interface presented to the listen-only viewers during the online event; obtaining analytics data associated with the online event; and during the online event, providing a production recommendation to the event producer in the event production user interface based on the analytics data.08-01-2013
20120297323METHOD, SYSTEM AND PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR ASSIGNING A RESPONDER TO A REQUESTER IN A COLLABORATIVE ENVIRONMENT - A method, system and program product for assigning a resource to a client in a collaborative environment. The method includes defining, using a tool, a threshold value for collaborative attributes for each resource responding to one or more clients and calculating on a periodic basis, using the tool, an updated value for the collaborative attributes for each resource. The method further includes comparing, upon receipt of a collaboration request, the updated value with the threshold value defined for collaborative attributes for a first resource and, if the updated value is less than the threshold value for the first resource, connecting the client to the first resource for establishing a collaborative session. If not, repeating comparing the updated value with the threshold value for the collaborative attributes defined for a next resource and connecting the client to the next resource whose updated value is less than the threshold value.11-22-2012

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