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User interactive multicomputer data transfer (e.g., file transfer)

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715 - Data processing: presentation processing of document, operator interface processing, and screen saver display processing


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715749000 Downloading remote executables (e.g., Java, CGI) 14
20130031485MOBILE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE DYNAMIC ADAPTOR - A system and method for delivering business intelligence content to one or more mobile devices from multiple source reporting systems comprise a dynamic adaptor utilizing a networking protocol. The dynamic adaptor comprises at least one source specific adaptor that abstracts interaction with the at least one source reporting system and generates the result in a common format as metadata. A metadata manager is employed for storing, processing, and retrieving an information describing the at least one metadata from the at least one source specific adaptor. A presentation engine combines the metadata with the information from the at least one source specific adaptor that corresponds to an object selected by a user. The common report metadata is utilized to retrieve the at least one information from the metadata manager and to selectively combine with the metadata when the user requests for the previously retrieved information.01-31-2013
20130031484FILE TRANSFER APPLICATIONS - Devices, methods and products are described that provide file transfer applications. One aspect provides a method including opening a file transfer application on an information handling device having an internal storage device; providing a source display area indicating a source storage device; providing a destination display area indicating a destination storage device; responsive to movement of one or more file icons a predetermined threshold amount beyond a boundary separating said source display area and said destination display area, change one or more indications to indicate to a user a destination storage device to which one or more files is to be transferred, said changing further comprising modifying screen brightness of the source display area; and responsive to movement of said one or more file icons a predetermined threshold amount beyond said boundary, transferring said one or more files to said destination storage device. Other embodiments are described.01-31-2013
20090125816USER INTERFACE FOR A DICOM TRANSFER CONFIGURATION - A graphic user interface as well as related methods and logic for a DICOM transfer configuration are provided. For example, a first image object corresponding to an origin node is provided. A second image object corresponding to a destination node is provided. The second image object includes an indicator associated with a DICOM transfer. At least one link image object is between the first image object and the second image object. The link image object is indicative of a potential DICOM transfer. The first, second, and link image objects are displayed in a user interface. The potential DICOM transfer is operable to be configured via the user interface.05-14-2009
20130031486PUSHED CONTENT NOTIFICATION AND DISPLAY - Presenting content within an application on a device is disclosed. Receiving notification of new content within an application at a device is disclosed. Presenting the received notification at the device is disclosed. Receiving a selection of the notification, and displaying the new content in the screen directly following receiving the selection of the notification are disclosed. Notification can be received outside the application, e.g., by posting notification on a social network, posting notification to a web site, and posting a message to a user's avatar in a virtual world. A selection can be received while the device is offline, in which case the new content displayed is that content stored on the device.01-31-2013
20130086482DISPLAYING PLURALITY OF CONTENT ITEMS IN WINDOW - A web server computer comprises a memory configured to store a plurality of content items, each content item having tags representing the subject matter of the content items. A processing circuit is configured to receive a request from a user for a resource locator associated with a first content item, transmit the first content item to the user for display in a window containing the first content item, identify at least one tag associated with the first content item, search the database using the at least one tag to identify a second content item, and transmit the second content item to the user for display within the same window as the first content item.04-04-2013
20130080912NETWORK CONTACT MANAGEMENT - A contact management method and system is provided. The method includes presenting, by a computer processor via a dashboard of a graphical user interface, a user name icon associated with a user. The computer processor presents a list of names associated with users and receives a selection for a first contact name. A file sharing option between the user and a user associated with the first contact name is enabled. The computer processor receives a selection for a second contact name and in response presents an internal network contacts map comprising the user name icon connected to the first contact name via a first link and the user name icon connected to the second contact name via a second link. The first link comprises an attribute indicating the file sharing option and the second link comprises an attribute indicating that the file sharing option is not enabled.03-28-2013
20100107087Messaging Interface Systems and Methods - Disclosed are systems and methods for delivering a plurality of sender messages and recipient messages on an interface. The interface can receive a first sender message, the first sender message being displayed in a first format on the interface so that the first sender message is graphically associated with a sender graphic. The interface can receive a second sender message being displayed in a second format on the recipient interface. A format can be any feature, characteristic, attribute and/or appearance of any kind of a sender's message or recipient's message. Also disclosed is a selection tool to allow the visualization of a conversation history for a particular individual by performing a selection command over the communication of that individual wherein when the selection tool provides a selection of the first sender message, the first sender message assumes the second format or a third format.04-29-2010
20130042184METHOD AND SYSTEM TO TRANSMIT DATA - Methods and systems for transmitting data are disclosed. In one embodiment a portable electronic device comprises a processor-implemented user interface module to cause the presentation of a first information field to a user as part of a graphical user interface in the portable electronic device, and to receive information entered or data identification in the first information field. A data transmitting module commences transmitting the information entered or the data identified over a network in response to the user interface module detecting that the user has navigated away from the first information field.02-14-2013
20130042183DATA SHARING SOFTWARE PROGRAM UTILIZING A DRAG-AND-DROP OPERATION AND SPRING-LOADED PORTAL - Embodiments include a program for transferring of data from a source computer to a location on a target computer utilizing a drag-and-drop operation and a spring-loaded portal. I/O devices are monitored for mouse input that includes coordinates of a mouse pointer. Whether an end-user is utilizing the mouse pointer to perform the drag-and-drop operation is determined. The spring-loaded portal is expanded from a closed position to an open position. A screen snapshot image of the location on the target computer is retrieved and overlaid on the spring-loaded portal. The transferring of data from the source computer to the location on the target computer is executed, wherein the location on the target computer is previewable at the source computer through the spring-loaded portal. Whether to abort the transferring of data is determined. The spring-loaded portal is minimized from the open position to the closed position.02-14-2013
20120166965DIGITAL DOWNLOADING JUKEBOX SYSTEM WITH USER-TAILORED MUSIC MANAGEMENT, COMMUNICATIONS, AND OTHER TOOLS - A digital downloading jukebox system including a mechanism for delivering custom services to a recognized user, including services for creating playlists, communicating with others, accessing other features, etc. is provided. In some exemplary embodiments, after a user is recognized, the jukebox system allows users to access a special front-end via the Internet or on an actual jukebox. Then, the user may, for example, create playlists, share songs with friends, send messages to friends, and access other value-added content. Other exemplary embodiments allow users to become certified, charging them for services without requiring constant inputting of coinage or credit card information. Such a system preferably learns about networks of friends, and enables managers to send similar messages to regular customers and/or others known to the system.06-28-2012
20120226996APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SHARING COMMENT IN MOBILE COMMUNICATION TERMINAL - An apparatus and a method share a comment related to contents in a mobile communication terminal. In the method, a comment regarding a contents file that is being reproduced is received. A comment Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is read from a metadata storage space of the contents file. The comment regarding the contents file is stored in a storage space of the comment URL.09-06-2012
20130067350USER TERMINAL AND METHOD OF MANAGING APPLICATION OF THE TERMINAL - According to one embodiment, a data transceiver accepts a new application file, and a setting information processor transfers and copies setting information described in a setting information area of an existent application file, to a corresponding setting information area of the new application file.03-14-2013
20080294998NETWORK ENTITY, TERMINAL, COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING WIDGITS INCLUDING ADVERTISEMENTS FOR ASSOCIATED WIDGETS - A network entity is provided and includes a processor that is configured to send a first widget to a mobile terminal. The first widget is associated with a second widget, and the mobile terminal is configured to present content of the first widget in a display of the mobile terminal and in a manner including a content item related to the second widget. The processor is therefore also configured to receive, from the mobile terminal, a request for the second widget based on the presentation of content of the first widget including the content item related to the second widget. Further, the processor is configured to send the second widget to the mobile terminal in response to the request, where the mobile terminal is configured to receive the second widget and present content of the second widget in the display.11-27-2008
20120102413CONTENT PRODUCTION - A method includes causing a display by a first device of a user interface containing a visual representation of content accessed from a source remote from the first device. Responsive to a user's selection of a first control associated with the user interface, a hard copy representation of the content is caused to be generated. Responsive to a user's selection of a second control associated with the user interface, an electronic file representation of the content is caused to be communicated to a second device remote from the first device.04-26-2012
20110191691Systems and Methods for Dynamic Generation and Management of Ancillary Media Content Alternatives in Content Management Systems - Computer-implemented systems and methods are provided that include receiving, using one or more processors, first data and first metadata corresponding to first content. Second data or second metadata corresponding to second content is received, where the second content includes second data or second metadata not present in the first content. One or more options are provided to a user, where each respective option in the one or more options is for a combination of the first and the second content, where an aspect of the combination is determined by a criterion associated with the respective option. A selection of an option in the one or more options from a user is received, and access to a combination of the first and second content is provided as determined by the criterion of the option selected by the user.08-04-2011
20120110470TOUCH-BASED SYSTEM FOR TRANSFERRING DATA - Data transfer system. The system transfers data by touch from a first digital device to a second digital device and includes a first digital device having a touch screen along with a second digital device also having a touch screen. The first and second digital devices are connected to a network including a data storage cloud wherein the first digital device is programmed to copy a touched visual representation of a data item to the data storage cloud and wherein the second digital device is programmed to retrieve the data item from the data storage cloud when a paste-able area in the second digital device is touched. The first and second digital devices may be touch-enabled smart phones, tablet computers or other digital devices.05-03-2012
20130219288Transferring of Communication Event - A system and method for transferring a communication event for example a voice or video call between a remote user device and a first user device, from the first user device to an alternate device is described. The method comprises capturing with a visual motion recognition component a first input from a user of the first user device, the first input being a physical gesture made by the user to indicate a desire to transfer the communication event. A set of user devices in physical proximity to the user is detected, and a second input is received from the user to select one of the set of devices as the second device. The communication event can then be transferred to the alternate, second device.08-22-2013
20120036451ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR FACILITATING RECORDING MEETING CONTENTS - An electronic device includes a screen, a processor, and a storage unit. The storage unit stores one or more computerized instructions. The storage unit includes a meeting user interface (UI) module. The meeting UI module includes a meeting information display sub-module and an application control sub-module. The meeting information display sub-module is may display meeting subject item, an attendee contact list, and a file list on a desktop of the display screen. The application control sub-module may display shortcuts on the desktop of the display screen. The shortcuts are associated with a voice recording application, a note application, and a task editing application.02-09-2012
20120036450METHOD FOR PROVIDING INDICATION OF COMMUNICATIVELY COUPLED DEVICE - A system, method and apparatus are described herein for communicatively coupling a communication device to a computing device. In one implementation, identification information of the communication device is transferred to the computing device. For example, the identification information can include wallpaper from the communication device that is loaded onto the computing device and displayed to identify the computing device. The method can include running a synchronization application on the computing device in response to a request for synchronization, retrieving a wallpaper file associated with a communication device, when the communication device is communicatively coupled to the computing device, and displaying the wallpaper file on a display associated with the computing device.02-09-2012
20090288016METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR TRANSFERRING FULL-TRACK CONTENT MEDIA FILES FROM A SERVER COMPUTER SYSTEM TO A USER MOBILE DEVICE - The invention provides a method of transferring media, comprising receiving a selection from a user computer system over a network at a server computer system, transmitting a download page from the server computer system to the user computer system, the download page having a link, based on the selection, a full-track content media file being downloadable from the server computer system onto the user computer system when selecting the link, determining at the server computer system whether a mobile device can receive full-track content, and transmitting the full-track content media file from the server computer system to the mobile device in response to the selection, only if the mobile device can receive full-track content.11-19-2009
20080276183METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR WEB PAGE CO-BROWSING - A method and apparatus for extracting information from a web page on a standard end user browser without plug-ins, includes the steps of dynamically creating an element on a web page being viewed by an end user, copying at least a portion of the contents of the web page or form field values, and uploading the data to a target domain, wherein the target domain may be different from the domain of the web page. In co-browsing applications, the data uploaded is used to create a copy of the website for display to a third party.11-06-2008
20080235600Interaction with a Display System - A method of interacting between a display system and a user device is described in which a number of images are displayed by the display system. A user captures one of the images using a camera on the user device and sends the captured image over a wireless link to the display system. Upon receipt, the display system determines the identity of the sending user device and analyses the received image, and if the image matches one of those displayed, the system sends any data associated with the displayed image to the user device over the wireless link. A user may also upload data to form a media package over the wireless link.09-25-2008
20080282174Signing up to a person or entity - Various embodiments provide an individual with an ability to “sign up” or subscribe to an individual or entity so that they can automatically receive various content published by the individuals or entities. In at least some embodiments, sign up functionality can allow the individual to directly sign up to the person or entity. In yet other embodiments, sign up functionality is provided, at least in part, through the use of one or more services, such as a profile service. Using one or more services can obviate the need for an individual to remember sites, user names or log-in information while, at the same time provide the ability for the individual to synchronize content on their local computing device. In addition, using a profile service can provide an automatic, time-saving way to sign up to individuals or entities. In addition, in at least some embodiments, a user interface component is provided and serves to provide an aggregation view of information that is synchronized on the individual's local computing device.11-13-2008
20080270913Methods, Media, and Devices for Providing a Package of Assets - Methods, media, and devices for providing a package of assets are provided. In some embodiments, methods of distributing a package of assets to a portable device are provided, the methods comprising: identifying the portable device; identifying an asset that correspond to the portable device and the package of assets; and transferring the asset and a definition of assets that corresponds to the package of assets to the portable device. In some embodiments, methods of presenting a package of assets on a portable device are provided, the methods comprising: providing information for identifying the portable device; receiving an asset and a definition of assets, wherein the asset corresponds to the portable device; and presenting the asset according to the definition of assets.10-30-2008
20080270912METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MIMICKING THE DISPLAY LAYOUT WHEN INTERFACING TO MULTIPLE DATA MONITORS - A computer for use in the transfer and monitoring of data and a method of verifying the transfer of patient physiological data is herein disclosed. The computer comprises a display for displaying data, a controller for controlling the display of the data, a graphical user interface being disposed to display data, a first input device connected to the controller for entering data that is recorded and displayed by a data recording device and a second input device connected to the controller for entering data into the controller that is indicative of the spatial arrangement of the display of the data by the data recording device, wherein the controller uses the data indicative of the spatial arrangement of the display of data by the data recording device to display the data in the graphical user interface according to the data by the data recording device.10-30-2008
20120198354INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, AND METHOD AND INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM - An information processing apparatus includes a first communication unit that receives management data including at least identification information of content data from a different device by using a first communication method. The apparatus also includes an output unit that outputs a first display based on the management information received by the first communication unit. Further, the apparatus includes a selection acceptation unit that accepts a selection of the content data according to a selection operation on the first display. The apparatus additionally includes a second communication that sends a request for the content data of which the selection acceptation unit accepts the selection to the different device and receives the content data corresponding to the request by using a second communication method whose communication range is wider than that of the first communication method.08-02-2012
20090024931HOST APPARATUS, DEVICE AND METHOD TO SETUP FOLDER SHARE SERVICE - A host apparatus, a device, and a method to setup a folder share service. A controller to control displaying a user interface (UI) screen to select a device using the folder share service and a shared folder, and a UI screen to set permissions of the selected shared folder corresponding to at least one added user account and to set store options of a file to be stored to the shared folder in a display. A first communication portion transmits setup information of the user account to the device.01-22-2009
20080263455GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE FOR ELECTRONIC FILE SHARING - A method, implementable in a system coupled to a display device and a network, includes generating in a first region of a screen of the display device a user-interface portion associated with a first electronic destination address. The user-interface portion is configured to receive from a second region of the screen, in response to a command by a user of the system, a first icon representing a data set. In response to the user-interface portion receiving the first icon, a copy of the data set, or the data set itself, is electronically transferred over the network to the first destination address.10-23-2008
20090249219Providing a Shared Desktop Interface of Multiple Computer Terminals - Disclosed is a method, system, and computer-readable medium with executable code for viewing the operation of multiple client terminals from a single user interface of a server terminal. A buffer sharing logic of the server terminal and the client terminals is used to transmit and receive display data between the computers. The server terminal may use buffer sharing logic to cycle between desktop views or program windows of processes running on the connected client terminals. A user of the server terminal may select to view program windows of processes running on the connected client terminals, or a virtual extended desktop of the server terminal and connected client terminals. Once a program window or virtual extended desktop is chosen, the user of the server terminal may view the client terminal screen where the chosen desktop or window resides.10-01-2009
20130219291PROVIDING ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTION OF FILTERED CALENDARS - Systems and methods are disclosed for providing electronic distribution of filtered calendars. The disclosed systems and methods may include receiving control data. The control data may be configured to indicate a portion of master calendar data a user designates to transmit. Furthermore, the disclosed systems and methods may include filtering the master calendar data based on the control data to create filtered calendar data and transmitting the filtered calendar data.08-22-2013
20130219289Real Transfer by means of electronic devices - Real Transfer allows to transfer money or another measurable commodity between two mobile devices, and to visualise this action in a way representing physical decanting of liquid between two vessels. The transfer may be carried out between a mobile device equipped with a mechanism of specifying a position in space (a gyroscope, acceleration sensor) and another mobile device or computer. The funds are transferred by means of a gesture of decanting the liquid from one device to another. On the basis of the position of the device, the speed and quantity of the transferred commodity is specified while the funds are being transferred. Both the sending and the receiving device must be equipped with a mechanism of wireless communication, e.g. WIFI or Bluetooth. The devices must also have access to the Internet in order to ensure connection with the application server.08-22-2013
20120144315AD-HOC ELECTRONIC FILE ATTRIBUTE DEFINITION - Embodiments disclosed herein generally relate to systems and methods for classifying, sorting, storing, managing, tagging, searching, organizing, and/or performing actions on files, folders and other electronic information using one or more data processing systems.06-07-2012
20080313548Systems and methods for activity-based control of consumer electronics - The present invention provides apparatus, systems and methods for activity-based control of multiple consumer electronic devices independent of a state of the consumer electronic devices. In an embodiment a remote control apparatus for controlling consumer electronic devices includes a user interface, a consumer electronic device interface, a transition-based controller and control logic. The transition-based controller generates transition commands to control multiple consumer electronic devices independent of keeping track of state information. A transition command includes a pre-defined sequence of consumer electronic device commands that can be transmitted to transition the consumer electronic devices from one user experience to another. A method for activity-based control of multiple consumer electronic devices independent of a state of the consumer electronic devices is also provided.12-18-2008
20080307319IMAGE-FORMING APPARATUS AND INFORMATION-PROCESSING METHOD - An image-forming apparatus includes a web browser and is connectable to a network. The image-forming apparatus includes a transmission unit configured to transmit a menu request including identification information of the image-forming apparatus, a reception unit configured to receive a response to the menu request from a management server via the network, an execution unit configured to analyze and execute a processing command included in content of the response received by the reception unit, and a display unit configured to generate a display file by embedding a processing result of the processing command executed by the execution unit into the content of the response received by the reception unit and to display the display file via the web browser.12-11-2008
20080307317SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SELECTING AND/OR COMMUNICATING WEB CONTENT - The present invention provides systems and methods for selecting and/or communicating web content. Systems and methods are disclosed for rendering object(s) in web pages movable by a user of a client device. The object(s) may further be selected for communication to one or more other device(s) and/or location(s). For example, the one or more other device(s) may include mobile devices such as cell phones, personal digital assistants, pocket PCs, laptops, etc. In addition, the one or more other location(s) may correspond to a storage location in memory, a weblog, etc. The invention also discloses inserting a customizable window in the displayed web page for receiving selected object(s) and/or other personal text or information. Methods for performing business over a computer are also disclosed which include displaying advertisements relevant to the selected object(s) in the customizable window.12-11-2008
20080307318DATA PIVOTING METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR COMPUTER NETWORK ASSET MANAGEMENT - A method, system, and network include hardware and software for selecting data of a particular type relating to the management of resources associated to form a local area network of computer workstations and associated peripherals. The present disclosure automatically inventories computer workstations, peripheral devices, and related software associated to form said local area network. From such inventory, the presently disclosed method and system automatically monitors workflow and events occurring in the operation of said local area network and displays graphically on a host computer workstation a set of information relating to the operation of said local area network. The method, system, and network permit pivoting on selected portions of said information by searching and displaying data of a particular type relating to said selected portions of said information in response to the position of a computer screen cursor in proximity to said selected portions of said information.12-11-2008
20120198353TRANSFERRING DATA USING A PHYSICAL GESTURE - A system and method for making the transfer of data within a networked computing environment more intuitive is described. In one aspect, the disclosed technology performs a data transfer from an origin device to one or more target devices in response to one or more physical gestures. In some embodiments, the one or more physical gestures may include the physical action of shaking and/or pointing the origin device for the data transfer in the direction of a target device or an image associated with a target device. In some embodiments, a user of an origin device may initiate an indirect data transfer from the origin device to a target device by performing a particular physical gesture in the direction of an image associated with the target device. An indirect data transfer is one where the origin device utilizes an intermediary device in order to transmit data to one or more target devices.08-02-2012
20100192070Method and device for updating a language in a user interface - Method and device for updating a language in a user interface. The present invention concerns a first device (07-29-2010
20090077471SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USING A WEBSITE CONTAINING VIDEO PLAYLISTS AS INPUT TO A DOWNLOAD MANAGER - Systems and methods for enabling the download of a set of media files with a specific order and specific contents and, more particularly, to enabling a download manager to automatically receive the information it requires to retrieve those elements required to replicate a streaming edit through local playback after the downloads complete.03-19-2009
20100229101WEATHER INFORMATION IN A CALENDAR - A system receives location information from a user, retrieves weather information based on the received location information, retrieves calendar information associated with the user, and associates the weather information with the calendar information in a calendar application.09-09-2010
20130219290SYSTEM AND METHOD OF TRANSMITTING DATA BY USING WIDGET WINDOW - A system and method of transmitting data by using a widget window are provided. A method of transmitting, by a first device, a file by using a widget window includes selecting a file stored in the first device, and moving the file to the widget window, when the file is moved to the widget window, displaying a device selection list, and, when at least one device is selected from the device selection list, providing the file to the selected device, wherein the file is provided to the selected device via a second device that is connected with the first device.08-22-2013
20110239128DATA TRANSMISSION METHOD AND DATA TRANSMISSION SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a data transmission method and system. The system includes a connection module for setting up a transmission path between a computer end and a device end, a display unit, a capture unit disposed at the device end for capturing an image of the screen including an icon, and a computing unit for recognizing the image to determine that the icon corresponding to an object is shown on the image. The method includes the steps of: displaying a screen including an icon at the computer end; capturing an image including an icon of the screen; recognizing the image to determine that the icon corresponding to an object is shown on the image; and transmitting the object from the computer end to the device end through the transmission path. The present invention does not require complicated operation at the computer end and improves convenience for the application.09-29-2011
20110145724Multi-Screen Electronic Device and Reference Material Display Method Thereof - A multi-screen electronic device includes a first screen, a second screen, a storage unit, and a central processing unit electrically connected to the first and second screens and the storage unit. Also, a reference material display method applied to the multi-screen electronic device includes the steps of opening an e-book file stored in the storage unit and displaying contents of the e-book file on the first screen of the multi-screen electronic device; searching for a predetermined mark that is shown on the first screen; transmitting the predetermined mark to a predetermined website; and displaying contents sent back from the predetermined website on the second screen of the multi-screen electronic device. Thus, the reference material display method allows a user to read the e-book file compactly.06-16-2011
20090019372FRAMEWORK FOR PERSISTENT USER INTERACTIONS WITHIN WEB-PAGES - A method, article of manufacture, and apparatus for tracking user interactions comprising receiving a first request associated with a first user, to exchange a communication with a second user about one of a plurality of elements of a web-page, wherein the plurality of elements includes at least one of graphical elements and textual elements; in response to the first request, exchanging a communication between the first user and the second user; capturing the communication; storing an interaction object comprising the communication, wherein storing includes associating the interaction object with the one of the plurality of elements of the web-page; and serving a modified version of the web-page to a third user; wherein the modified version specifies the interaction object being associated with the one of the plurality of elements of the web-page.01-15-2009
20090164910Sharing of scheduling time-blocks - An apparatus includes a data processor, a memory that stores an electronic calendar application and an associated electronic calendar database that stores data representing at least one electronic calendar, a user interface and a transmitter. The data processor is configurable to operate with the electronic calendar application and to receive user input from the user interface to generate a time-block from the at least one electronic calendar and to send the time-block through the transmitter to a recipient electronic calendar application in another apparatus. The user enters at least one date and a start time and an end time for the at least one date into the user interface for use in generating the time-block. The apparatus may further include a receiver configurable to receive a time-block from another electronic calendar application residing in another apparatus, where the data processor is further configurable to create a new electronic calendar that includes calendar entries received in the time-block. The apparatus may further include a receiver capable to optionally acknowledging receipt and actions performed on a time-block by the receiver to the originating sender.06-25-2009
20090106665MOBILE TERMINAL AND METHOD OF DISPLAYING INFORMATION THEREIN - A mobile terminal, computer program product and method of displaying information therein are disclosed, by which data stored in the mobile terminal can be uploaded to a website to be shared. The present invention includes a camera for taking a picture, a memory for storing data, a wireless communication unit for transmitting the data, a display displaying the data stored in the memory, and a controller controlling the data transmitted among the data stored in the memory to be displayed by being discriminated from the data not transmitted.04-23-2009
20090106666File transfer method, file transfer apparatus, and file transfer program - A method for transferring a content data file stored in a storage unit from a file transfer apparatus to an external device is provided. The method includes displaying a file display window and a file transfer window on a display unit so that the file transfer window is viewable at any time, where the file display window includes at least one file identification image for identifying one of at least one data file and the file transfer window is used for receiving a request for transferring a data file to the external device, and, upon detecting a drag and drop operation of a file identification image displayed in the file display window into the file transfer window, reading the data file corresponding to the file identification image from the storage unit and writing the data file to the external device using a transfer processing unit of the file transfer apparatus.04-23-2009
20090037825MODE-SWITCHING IN ULTRA MOBILE DEVICES - Arrangements for managing displays of ultra-mobile devices (UMD's). Automatically or manually, a small-mode interface on a UMD screen, wherein one application window is visible, is switched to a large-mode interface.02-05-2009
20100281396METHOD FOR CONTROLLING USER REPRESENTATIONS, CORRESPONDING DEVICE AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - A method is provided for monitoring a representation of a user in a virtual environment. The method includes: a step of continuous supervision of a state of transfer of data between a terminal of said user and an entity for management of said virtual environment; a step of adaptation of a behaviour of said representation following a modification of said data transfer state.11-04-2010
20100281394System and Method for Photo-Image Local Distribution - A system and method are provided for the local distribution of stored photo-images to wireless picture frames. The method interfaces a photo-image discovery device, having no dedicated display, to a display monitor presenting a menu of photo-image user prompt options originating from the photo discovery device. A photo-image from the storage site is selected, as well as a wireless picture frame destination. Then, the photo-image is wireless sent to the selected destination. In one aspect, the wireless picture frame is selected in response to discovery device movements.11-04-2010
20130145281Data sending and receiving system related to touch screen - A data sending program in a first microprocessor system of a data sending intelligent instrument includes a sending action command judging program. If the sending action command judging program judges that an action for operating an image by a user matches a preset data transmitting command, data corresponding to the image is transmitted. A data receiving program preset in a second microprocessor system of a data receiving intelligent instrument includes a receiving action command judging program. If the receiving action command judging program judges that an operating action by the user matches a preset data receiving command, the data is received. The image corresponding to the data received is generated in a page which the use executes the operating action on. Instead of executing operations by the user in prior art, the program controls a sending and receiving process and executes the operations.06-06-2013
20100332996METHOD AND APPARATUS OF ACQUIRING INFORMATION REGARDING APPLICATIONS FOR DISPLAY ON A USER INTERFACE - An approach is provided for acquiring information regarding installed applications on a user equipment. A request for information is received regarding one or more applications installed on user equipment in a category of applications. The request includes a respective unique identifier for the one or more applications. And, a transmission of the information is initiated including an icon corresponding to the one or more applications compiled using the respective unique identifier for the one or more applications12-30-2010
20120246573SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF COPYING DATA - A particular method includes detecting a context switch to a first interface. In response to the context switch, data values from a plurality of data fields of the first interface may automatically be copied to a shared storage location.09-27-2012
20100064230METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REMOTELY DISPLAYING SCREEN FILES AND EFFICIENTLY HANDLING REMOTE OPERATOR INPUT - A system and method for remotely displaying screen files and for trapping a customized set of operator input is disclosed. A server generates and deploys a plurality of screen files to a remote client. The screen files each include a plurality of display control elements and a list of events to be trapped and forwarded to the server. The list of events may be optimized for each particular screen file. The remote client displays the plurality of display control elements and stores the list of events. For any event that occurs which is included in the list of events, such as a submit data event, the remote client sends data indicative of the event to the server. The server interprets the data indicative of the occurrence of the event, processes the event, and, if appropriate, generates and sends a command to update the displayed representation of the screen file.03-11-2010
20100070876Self-Replicating Rich Media Interface - A rich media interface allowing a user to consume a variety of media, such as images, audio recordings, video recordings, and texts. The user's interactions with the media may be reported to a server. Through the rich media interface, the user may create a new copy of the rich media interface. The new copy of the rich media interface may be functionally equivalent to the copied rich media interface. The new copy may also report a user's interactions with the media. The reports received from both rich media interfaces may be distinguishable through the use of identifiers associated with each of the rich media interfaces.03-18-2010
20100064231System for Creating Associations Between Elements of a Message Application - A messaging application includes a user interface executable from a digital media on a computing system onboard or accessible to a computing appliance, the user interface enabling display and access to one or more message folders, a list of contacts, a calendar, and a message generation template, and a word tagging utility installed to and executable from the digital media and made accessible through the user interface. The application is characterized in that the word tagging utility is operable to tag functional elements of the message application to create associations between the tagged elements, the associations recognized by the messaging application in the performance of tasks involving the elements.03-11-2010
20100070875INTERACTIVE PROFILE PRESENTATION - Techniques, systems, and graphical user interfaces for presenting an interactive profile of a second entity to a first entity in an electronic communication (e.g., email, instant messaging, chat-room, etc.) application are disclosed herein. Data associated with a second entity is extracted from one or more non-dedicated sources external to the electronic communication. The extracted data is presented to a first entity as the interactive profile of the second entity in the electronic communication application. The interactive profile is also capable of acting as an electronic communication channel through which the first and second entities may communicate.03-18-2010
20130167039METHODS, APPARATUSES AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR PROVIDING CONTENT TO USERS IN A COLLABORATIVE WORKSPACE SYSTEM - A system and method and computer program product for the operation thereof to configure the system for delivering content to users of a collaborative workspace. The system comprising: servers configured to be capable of communicating with a plurality of user-operated client devices over a network and to provide a collaborative workspace service by hosting collaborative workspaces accessible by a plurality of users of said client devices, wherein the collaborative workspace service provides users with access to user-generated content and wherein the one or more servers have access to user data pertaining to the users of the collaborative workspace, the servers being configured to be operable to perform at least one of: generating content identification data indicative of items of user-generated content accessible using the collaborative workspace service; and monitoring the interaction of a user with user-generated content accessible using the collaborative workspace service and generating collaboration data indicative thereof.06-27-2013
20130167040SELECTIVELY TRANFERRING IMAGE DATA FROM USER EQUIPMENT TO EXTERNAL DEVICE - Described embodiments provide a method and user equipment for selectively transferring image data from user equipment to a coupled external device. The method may include determining whether user equipment is coupled to an external device, receiving selection inputs from a user for selecting at least one of applications installed in the user equipment when the user equipment is determined as being coupled to the external device, and selectively transferring image data produced in the user equipment based on the selected application. The method may further include controlling the coupled external device to display the transferred image data on a display unit of the coupled external device.06-27-2013
20090006978ADAPTIVE ARTWORK FOR BANDWIDTH- AND/OR MEMORY- LIMITED DEVICES - Methods and apparatuses for adaptive presentation of graphical representations.01-01-2009
20120311459FACILITATED CONTENT ITEM TRANSFER - Embodiments of methods, systems, and storage medium associated with content transfer between computing devices are disclosed herein. In one instance, the method may include a computing device providing a first session identifier to a first computing device; receiving a second session identifier from a second computing device; determining whether to establish a communication connection between the first and second computing devices, based at least in part on the first and second session identifiers; establishing the communication connection between the first and second computing devices based on the result of the determination; and in response to receiving, from the first computing device, an indication of an intent to transfer a content item, facilitating transfer of the content item from the first computing device to the second computing device via the communication connection. Other embodiments may be described and/or claimed.12-06-2012
20110047480System and Method to aggregate users data that is spread all over the internet and show an uniform view in the form the user is most used to - This invention is a web based application that creates a private cloud for the user by bringing together portions of cloud based systems where the users assets (documents, emails, photographs etc.,) are stored. This system allows the users to move their files (and other assets) from one provider to another with ease as though all the assets are stored together. This invention removes the concept of cloud versus local assets by providing a seamless means to see and manage files irrespective of where they are stored. It also stores the relevant meta data on the assets so assets that are duplicated at different places can be easily identified and cataloged.02-24-2011
20110055721INDICATING UNAVAILABILITY OF AN UPLOADED VIDEO FILE THAT IS BEING BITRATE ENCODED - Techniques are described herein for indicating unavailability of an uploaded video file that is being bitrate encoded. For instance, upon a determination that the uploaded video file is being bitrate encoded, a graphical user interface may be provided that includes an interface element indicating that the uploaded video file is unavailable for processing except for the bitrate encoding. The interface element may be an icon, a textual message, or any other suitable interface element that is capable of indicating that the uploaded video file that is being bitrate encoded is unavailable. When the bitrate encoding is completed, the interface element may be automatically updated to indicate that the uploaded video file is available for processing.03-03-2011
20110138299METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SUGGESTING DATA FOR TRANSFER - An approach is provided for suggesting data for transfer from an electronic data storage medium to another electronic data storage medium. An external device receives an input for specifying an amount of data to transfer from a first storage medium to a second storage medium. An external device also determines an available storage space in the second storage medium. Then, the external device generates, based on the input and the available storage space, a list of data to suggest for transfer from the first storage space to the second storage medium.06-09-2011
20100180209ELECTRONIC DEVICE MANAGEMENT METHOD, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND HOST ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE METHOD - An electronic device managing method and system, and a host electronic device using the method are disclosed. The host electronic device may be connected to a plurality of client electronic devices. The host electronic device may perform file storage state management, remaining battery capacity management, and file reproduction management to integrally and efficiently managing the plurality of client electronic devices. The file storage state management includes managing file storage states corresponding to the memories of the plurality of client electronic devices. The remaining battery capacity management includes managing the remaining capacity of the batteries of the plurality of client electronic devices. The file reproduction management includes managing reproduction of at least one of the files stored in the plurality of client electronic devices.07-15-2010
20120151376FILE TRANSMISSION METHOD - A file transmission method detects a predetermined sending operation carried out on an icon of a selected file, which is displayed on a touch screen of a first electronic device, and detects a predetermined receiving operation on touch screen of a second electronic device. The method establishes a connection between the first electronic device and the second electronic device, and sends the selected file from the first electronic device to the second electronic device, then displays the icon of the selected device on a blank region of the touch screen of the second electronic device.06-14-2012
20100023875AUTOMATIC RENDERING OF USER INTERFACE ELEMENTS - Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to user interfaces and provide a novel and non-obvious method, system and computer program product for automatically rendering user interface elements based on predefined rules. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for automated rendering of user interface elements in a user interface can be provided. The method can include reading a plurality of rules, wherein each rule specifies criteria for automatic rendering of a user interface element in the user interface and receiving an attribute value via a data feed. The method can further include determining that the attribute value meets criteria for at least one rule and automatically rendering a user interface element in the user interface. The method can further include periodically rendering the user interface element in the user interface so as to reflect updated attribute values.01-28-2010
20130125014METHOD OF TRANSITIONING CONTENT ON USER DEVICES - A method and system for micro-cloud computing is described. An application serving node, which is a specifically configured piece of customer premises equipment such as a set-top box, is the server for a micro-cloud network. Various user devices that form part of the micro-cloud network, such as television sets and smart phones, communicate with the application serving node. The application serving node is configured with software that allows various heterogeneous types of data to be obtained and streamed to the user devices in multiple ways. The application serving node performs much of the processing necessary for such content streaming itself and thus represents an edge-based network architecture.05-16-2013
20130014022NETWORK SYSTEM, COMMUNICATION METHOD, AND COMMUNICATION TERMINAL - A first communication terminal includes a first communication device, a first touch panel for displaying motion picture contents, and a first processor for accepting input of a hand-drawing image. The first processor transmits a hand-drawing image input during display of the motion picture contents and start information for identifying a point of time when input of the hand-drawing image at the motion picture contents is started to a second communication terminal. The second communication terminal includes a second touch panel for displaying motion picture contents, a second communication device for receiving the hand-drawing image and start information from the first communication terminal, and a second processor for displaying the hand-drawing image from the point of time when input of the hand-drawing image at the motion picture contents is started on the second touch panel, based on the start information.01-10-2013
20120210246Method, apparatus, system and computer program product for media management - A method for media management, said method comprising the steps of: 08-16-2012
20110107235PROVIDING PARTS OF CONTENTS FOR NETWORK DISPLAY DEVICE - Provided is a method which allows users to access a content provider server, select only a part of content and download or stream the selected part of content, over a network.05-05-2011
20110107234SERVER PROVIDING CONTENT UPLOAD SERVICE, AND TERMINAL AND METHOD FOR UPLOADING CONTENT - A server providing a content upload service, and a terminal and a method of uploading content, wherein the server includes a communication unit that communicates with a user terminal; a storage unit that stores information about an Application Programming Interface (API) of a site for uploading content; and a controller that provides, to the user terminal, information about upload properties of at least one site to which a user desires to upload content, based on the information about the API.05-05-2011
20100095222METHOD, APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR COORDINATED CONTENT DISTRIBUTION WORKFLOW - A method, apparatus and system for coordinated content distribution include identifying a respective content type and a destination for the content to be distributed, selecting a respective packaging service for packaging the content based on at least the content type and selecting a respective delivery service for distribution of the content based on at least the destination of the content. In various embodiments, when content is ready for packaging a request is communicated to the selected respective packaging service. Subsequently, a request for delivery is communicated to the selected delivery service for delivering the packaged content. The present invention provides an automated media distribution workflow that controls and monitors automated distribution tasks which are integrated with user driven tasks.04-15-2010
20120124481INTERACTING WITH A DEVICE - A method for communicating with a device including configuring a sensor to detect the device and a user interacting with the device through at least one gesture, identifying the device with a computing machine, and initiating a file transfer between the device and the computing machine in response to identifying the device and at least one of the gesture.05-17-2012
20100205536METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING ACCESS TO A VIRTUAL WHITE LINE (VWL) IMAGE FOR AN EXCAVATION PROJECT - Methods and apparatus for facilitating detection of a presence or an absence of at least one underground facility within a dig area. Source data representing one or more input images of a geographic area including the dig area is electronically received at a first user location, which may be remote from the dig area. The source data is processed so as to display at least a portion of the input image(s) on a display device. One or more indicators are added to the displayed input image(s), via a user input device associated with the display device, to provide at least one indication of the dig area and thereby generate a marked-up digital image. A limited access file comprising information relating to the marked-up image may be transmitted to at least one party associated with the at least one underground facility.08-12-2010
20120137230Motion enabled data transfer techniques - A method of transferring data between computing devices by way of asynchronous enablement is disclosed, the method comprising: receiving a user gesture input at a first computing device; receiving a user voice command; determining whether the user gesture input forms one of a plurality of different motion types; determining whether the user voice command matches a user-defined voice command; and one of the following: transferring data from the first computing device to a second computing device, in response to a determination that a second computing device is available for the reception of data, and transferring data from the first computing device to a server, in response to a determination that a second computing device is not available for the reception of data.05-31-2012
20120137229CONTENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS AND METHODS USING DIGITAL IMAGES - A content distribution system includes a host server communicatively coupled to at least one data store, at least one user, and a network communicatively coupling the at least one user to the host server and the content. The host server includes instructions executable by a processor therein, and in response to such execution causes the host server to: provide sequence of digital images to the at least one user, wherein each of the digital images indicative of content in the at least one data store, and responsive to a selection of one of the digital images, distribute the content to the at least one user.05-31-2012
20120137228POINT-TO-POINT FILE TRANSMITTING DEVICE AND FILE TRANSMITTING METHOD THEREOF - The present invention relates to a point-to-point file transmitting device and a file transmitting method thereof, the point-to-point file transmitting device comprises: at least one first USB connecting unit, at least one second USB connecting unit, at least one micro-control unit, and a network transmission application, wherein the first USB connecting unit connects to a first host, the second USB connecting unit connects to a second host, and the network transmission application are respectively installed in the first host and the second host; so that, through the network transmission application, a network transmission channel is established between the first host and the second host used for files sharing and data transmission. Besides, by way of the file transmitting method, the files sharing and data transmission can be completed between the first host and the second host when the network transmission applications installed in the two hosts are executed.05-31-2012
20120216126SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRANSFERRING DATA AMONG COMPUTING ENVIRONMENTS - Systems and methods for transferring data among computing environments include a method for transferring data items among a portion of a remote computing environment and a portion of a local computing environment using a presentation layer protocol. Data items are transferred during transfer cycles and upon the release of data objects into a destination computing environment. Transfer cycles may transfer data among local and remote computing environments, among more than one remote computing environment, and may further transfer in parallel with other transfer cycles. A first transfer cycle transferring a first data item continues to transfer the first data item when a second transfer cycle initializes and transfers a second data item during a portion of the first transfer cycle. Data operations may be performed on data items during the transfer of a data item, and data items may be compressed or segmented prior to transfer.08-23-2012
20120179976APPARATUS, METHOD, AND MEDIUM FOR PROVIDING USER INTERFACE FOR FILE TRANSMISSION - Disclosed are an apparatus, method, and medium for providing a user interface for file transmission. The apparatus includes a motion perception (recognition) module perceiving (recognizing) a motion input to the user interface and identifying a position of the perceived (recognized) motion, a motion execution module executing a motion corresponding to the perceived motion and the identified position of the perceived motion and modifying components of the user interface according to the executed motion, and a communication module transmitting a file to a transmission target based on the perceived motion and the identified position of the perceived motion. The components of the user interface may include a file list region, a transmission target region, and an execution region.07-12-2012
20100011301METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR EFFICIENT REMOTE APPLICATION PROVISION - A method of remotely providing an application includes identifying a visible portion of a first application window on a display of a client. A data stream corresponding only to the visible portion of the first application window is received. The received data stream is provided to the client such that the visible portion of the first application window is able to be presented on the display.01-14-2010
20120317496WEBSITE OBJECT-REQUEST METHOD AND SYSTEM - A mobile computing device adapted to request to receive a plurality of objects comprising a website in a new order, the new order being different than an original order, wherein, at least a portion of the original order comprises an order provided from a base level website object. The new order for requesting to receive the plurality of objects is based on at least one of a plurality of metrics. The metrics comprise a depth of each of the plurality of objects, one or more children of the plurality of objects, an object type for each of the plurality of objects, whether a connection has been established with a domain servicing each of the plurality of objects, and when the connection was last established to the domain servicing each of the plurality of objects.12-13-2012
20130174051BUNDLING CONTENT AND FUNCTIONALITY INTO DATA THAT IS REFERENCED BY A TAG - There is provided a method that includes (a) receiving digital content, (b) providing, via a first user interface, a template that lists a plurality functions, (c) receiving a communication that indicates an enabled function from the plurality of functions, (d) storing the digital content and the enabled function, as data in a database, (e) transmitting a link to access the data in the database, and (f) generating a second user interface to display the digital content and perform the enabled function.07-04-2013
20120084665METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INTELLIGENT PROCESSING OF ELECTRONIC INFORMATION WITH CLOUD COMPUTING - A method and system for intelligent electronic information processing with cloud computing. The method and system include selecting one or more portions of a set of electronic information including any unwanted portions that have been reviewed and are to be eliminated from display. The selected portions are recorded on a cloud computing network in a cloud computing object thereby eliminating any unwanted previously reviewed portions of the set of electronic information from display with display of any additional sets of electronic information. The previously reviewed portions without the reviewed and unwanted portions are available to and across plural network devices and across plural login accounts anywhere on the cloud computing network.04-05-2012
20080301566Bitmap-Based Display Remoting - bitmap transfer-based display remoting by a server coupled to a client is described. Specifically, an application executing on the server implements operations to render a portion of a graphical user interface (GUI). The server decomposes corresponding rendering-based command(s) into simple bitmap raster operations commands. The server sends the bitmap-based commands to the client. The client, responsive to receiving the commands, respectively stores and draws bitmaps from an offscreen display surface, as directed by the server, to an onscreen display surface to present the GUI portion to a user. Logic at the client to store and present the GUI portion are independent of any client-implemented display remoting cache management logic. The client operations are also independent of determinations and processing of graphical object semantics beyond bitmap semantics. Such management and semantic determinations and processing are implemented and maintained respectively at and by the server.12-04-2008
20120324368Object transfer method using gesture-based computing device - A file transfer method is operative in a mobile computing device having a display interface that supports gesture-based control operations. The mobile computing device includes a remote access client. One or more other computers associated with the user each maintain connections to a Web-based remote access service. The user desires to copy and/or move resources between first and second of his or her connected computers. According to the file transfer method, after receipt of data indicating a first gesture requesting a copy or move operation with respect to the resource in the file system, an overview of one or more target devices is displayed. The overview is a folder level view of all folders and files located on the target devices, which are the one or more other computers also having a connection (or capable of having a connection) to the Web-based remote access service. In addition to displaying the folder-level view, an additional display element is shown. This display element is a representation of the resource from which the copy or move operation has been requested. The display element is displayed as an overlay, and it is adapted to be selectively positioned (by the user) in the overview using a gesture. Thereafter, and upon receipt of data indicating a second gesture that has caused the representation to be positioned over an available transfer location within a computer connected to the Web-based remote access service, the copy or move operation is completed.12-20-2012
20120272158METHOD AND DEVICE FOR IDENTIFYING DEVICES WHICH CAN BE TARGETED FOR THE PURPOSE OF ESTABLISHING A COMMUNICATION SESSION - Computer-based methods and devices for identifying devices and objects that can be targeted for the purpose of establishing a communication session are described. In an example embodiment, a mobile handset displays a visual indication of the location of devices in proximity relative to the location and orientation of the mobile handset. A mobile handset includes object recognition logic for determining when the mobile handset is targeting another device with which the mobile handset is authorized to communicate. In some cases, the targeted device may be a non-computing object serving as a proxy for another computing device.10-25-2012
20120272157FILE PROCESSING SYSTEM AND MANAGEMENT DEVICE - A workflow file includes body data and information defining a user who can process the file. In a file processing system including a plurality of file processing devices each having a touch panel, when a first file processing device to which a first user who can process the workflow file logs in detects that a first gesture of identifying the workflow file and a second gesture of indicating a second user who will perform processing subsequently have been performed on the touch panel, the second user is identified based on the second gesture and the defining information, and a second file processing device corresponding to the second user is reported to that effect. When the second file processing device detects that a third gesture for making a request for processing of the workflow file has been performed, the second file processing device acquires the body data of the workflow file.10-25-2012
20120278728DOWNLOAD MONITORING IN A MEDIA DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - Systems and methods are provided for monitoring downloading of media programs to media devices over a network. One exemplary method involves providing, to a message server communicating with the media device over the network, a download request for downloading the media program from a content source coupled to the network to the media device, receiving, from the message server, status information for the download of the media program by the media device, and providing, to a client device coupled to the network, the download status information received from the message server.11-01-2012
20120278727METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ALLOWING DRAG-AND-DROP OPERATIONS ACROSS THE SHARED BORDERS OF ADJACENT TOUCH SCREEN-EQUIPPED DEVICES - A user interface(s) in which the displays of different devices become “synchronized” when the devices are brought into close proximity with one another. One exemplary embodiment permits drag-and-drop procedures that originate on one device to be terminated on the other. Illustratively, the solution could be handled in the following manner: 11-01-2012
20120096370USER INTERFACE TO FACILITATE EXCHANGING FILES AMONG PROCESSOR-BASED DEVICES - A first processor-based device (PBD), such as a personal computer functioning as a host and containing digital media files, may share a selected file with a second PBD. Media file-sharing may be facilitated by an automated technique including graphical user interfaces (GUIs). In one embodiment, when a device user wishes to transfer a file to another device, the user hovers the file over a particular desktop icon and drops it, causing it to be automatically transmitted to a corresponding destination. Optionally, in response to hovering, a software program automatically generates a GUI indicating potential destinations. The user then selects a destination, and the system automatically transfers the file to that destination. In another embodiment, media sharing can be initiated from a digital appliance, such as a digital picture frame, and a file can be sent to another PBD, such as another digital picture frame via an intermediary PBD.04-19-2012
20120096369AUTOMATICALLY DISPLAYING PHOTOS UPLOADED REMOTELY TO A DIGITAL PICTURE FRAME - Provided is novel computer enabled approach for loading pictures on to a digital picture frame, or on to a computer system functioning as a digital picture frame, via an Internet interface. The digital picture frame operates according to software instructions that when processed by a microprocessor or the like, downloads pictures over the Internet from using data storage software and displays them. In one embodiment, the digital picture frame, being an Internet-connected device with a processor capable of executing a variety of software programs and displaying images on a monitor, preferably including a touch screen input interface (ex. a “tablet” such as an Apple iPad), is used as part of a healthcare system for in-home healthcare providers. When the system is not being used for the provision of healthcare, it can display photos and videos which have been uploaded by the family and friends of the patient.04-19-2012
20120096368CLOUD-BASED VIRTUAL CLIPBOARD - A system and method are disclosed for quickly and easily making data from one device available to other devices in a user's collection of computing devices. In one example, each of a user's computing devices includes a client-side clipboard application. A cloud clipboard service may be resident on a server to which each of the user's computing devices are operatively connected. Data from a local clipboard buffer on a user's computing device is automatically uploaded by the associated client-side clipboard application to the cloud clipboard service. Thereafter, the uploaded data it is automatically propagated to a user's other networked devices for use on those devices. Data from one user uploaded to the cloud clipboard service may also be propagated to the devices of one or more other users.04-19-2012
20120331394BATCH UPLOADING OF CONTENT TO A WEB-BASED COLLABORATION ENVIRONMENT - Systems and methods of batch uploading of content to a web-based collaboration environment are disclosed. In one aspect, embodiments of the present disclosure include a method, which may be implemented on a system, for receiving an upload request from a user through a user interface to upload multiple items and sequentially uploading each of the multiple items to the host server. In one embodiment, the user is able to navigate away from the user interface through which the upload request was submitted prior to completion of the uploading of each of the multiple items to the host server. In addition, the upload of the multiple items is not interrupted if the user accesses a link on the user interface causing another user interface to launch in a browser.12-27-2012
20120290942APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR STORING DATA OF PERIPHERAL DEVICE IN PORTABLE TERMINAL - An apparatus and method for playing data, played in a device connected with a portable terminal, in another device are provided. An apparatus for storing data of a peripheral device in a portable terminal includes a user interface (UI) managing unit and a data processing unit. The UI managing unit is configured to display, in the event of connection with a peripheral device, a UI for controlling data played in the peripheral device. The data processing unit is configured to copy the played data of the peripheral device through the UI and display a list of the copied data. The data processing unit is further configured to transmit data selected from the displayed list to another device.11-15-2012
20130174048TECHNIQUES FOR GUIDED ACCESS TO AN EXTERNAL DISTRIBUTED FILE SYSTEM FROM A DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Techniques for guided access to an external distributed file system (DFS) from a database management system (DBMS) are provided. A user access a graphical user interface (GUI) to interactively define a search on an external DFS. The search and any filtering conditions are processed on the external DFS and results are imported to the DBMS and mapped to a table in the DBMS for manipulation and access by the user within the DBMS.07-04-2013
20130174049METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INTUITIVE MULTITASKING - A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided for intuitive multitasking. In the context of a method, a method is provided that includes causing a first user interface associated with a first device, a first application, or a first view of a single application to be presented, the first user interface defining an initial user interface area. The method further includes causing a second user interface associated with a second device, a second application, or a second view of the single application to be presented, the second user interface being at least partially within the initial user interface area. The method may also include causing the first user interface to be presented concurrent with the second user interface so as to define a resized user interface area that is smaller than the initial user interface area and is at least partially within the initial user interface area.07-04-2013
20130174050METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DOWNLOADING THIRD PARTY CONTENT WITHIN THE SAME WEB PAGE CONTEXT - An approach is presented for enabling users to download third party content within the same web page context. A content access module determines a request for causing a downloading of content associated with a webpage rendered at a device, wherein the content is hosted at at least one content store. A rendering of information associated with the content, the downloading of the content, or a combination thereof from the at least one content store as a sub-element of the webpage, is caused. The content access module then determines to cause, at least in part, the downloading of the content to the device, one or more other devices, or a combination thereof within a context of the webpage.07-04-2013
20080235599CONTENT SHARING VIA DISCOVERY OF AND TRANSFER TO NEARBY MORE CAPABLE DEVICES - A method, mobile telecommunications apparatus, and electronic device for optimally presenting media content are disclosed. A memory stores the media content. A processor identifies a media type for the media content and identifies capable media devices among proximate media devices. An interface transfers the media content to a selected media device.09-25-2008
20130097525DATA TRANSFERRING METHOD USING DIRECTION INFORMATION AND MOBILE DEVICE USING THE SAME - A method of transferring data between a first mobile terminal and a second terminal, the method includes displaying an object on a display unit of the first mobile terminal; receiving an input of a directional gesture on the displayed object; and transmitting the object to the second mobile terminal based on the input gesture, when the first mobile terminal and the second terminal are in a predetermined directional range with respect to each other.04-18-2013
20130104051UNIFIED DESKTOP BIG BROTHER APPLICATION POOLS - Methods and devices for selectively presenting a user interface or “desktop” across two devices are provided. More particularly, a unified desktop is presented across a device and a computer system that comprise a unified system. The unified desktop acts as a single user interface that presents data and receives user interaction in a seamless environment that emulates a personal computing environment. To function within the personal computing environment, the unified desktop includes a process for docking and undocking the device with the computer system. The unified desktop presents a new user interface to allow access to functions of the unified desktop.04-25-2013
20130125016SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRANSFERRING CONTENT BETWEEN DEVICES - A system and a method for transferring content between devices are disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, users lay their electronic devices (such as content reading devices, mobile tablets or smart phones) side by side and use a touch screen to “slide” or “swipe” digital content (e.g., via finger swiping of a book cover) from one device to the other. The devices automatically pair with one another based on certain pairing criteria detected contemporaneously with slide or swipe of digital content. If the pairing criteria are satisfied, the digital content is transferred.05-16-2013
20130125017SELECTIVE SENDING OF PORTIONS OF ELECTRONIC CONTENT - A user of a handheld communication device selects in a foreground process portions of an electronic document. In a background process a new document is prepared that comprises the selected portions. The user selects the address for forwarding the new document, and the new document gets sent in a background process.05-16-2013
20130125013Distributed media player branding - Distributed media player branding is described, including receiving a request indicating retrieval of data associated with a media player, the request being sent from another media player, retrieving the data associated with the media player by the another media player, the data being configured to present at least a portion of a brand associated with the media player on a display used by the another media player, and presenting the at least the portion of the brand on the display used by the another media player.05-16-2013
20130125015AUTOMATED DATA DELIVERY SYSTEMS - The Automated Data Delivery Systems (ADDS) are two delivery systems designed to either deliver specific data to customer computers over a network, e.g., the Internet, or from one application program to another. In both cases the user computer requesting data delivery can either have a special automatic data reception capability or receive the data without screening. In particular, ADDS are systems that allows a data delivery services to be offered on the Internet or an Intranet between two sites or offered between an Internet site and a User Computer. In addition the ADDS invention includes a modification to existing or future application programs that allow the program to deliver specified data, in the format specified by the user, to the location specified by the user, and at a schedule specified by the user. In the case of Internet delivery the Website might charge a specified price for the delivery service.05-16-2013
20130125018METHOD FOR CONTROLLING CONTENT-SHARING, AND PORTABLE TERMINAL AND CONTENT-SHARING SYSTEM USING SAME - The present invention relates to a method for controlling05-16-2013
20100281395SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR REMOTE FILE TRANSFER - The present invention provides a method for transferring files between first and second computing devices. The method includes the steps of providing a first user interface associated with the first computing device; displaying a remote screen interface on the first user interface, the remote screen interface arranged to display at least one object associated with a file stored on the second computing device; and transferring the file associated with the at least one object to the first computing device, responsive to a user of the first computing device moving the object to a predetermined area of the remote screen interface.11-04-2010
20080201647WEATHER INFORMATION IN A CALENDAR - A system receives location information from a user, retrieves weather information based on the received location information, retrieves calendar information associated with the user, and associates the weather information with the calendar information in a calendar application.08-21-2008
20110225509Display, view, and operate multi-layers item list in web-browser with supporting of concurrent multi-users - Support end-user to view and operate computer system resources through logically organized graphically displayed multi-layered item lists (MLIL) has been fully realized on native window UI in user click based computer user work environment, which run on top of modern computer operating system such as Microsoft Windows system. To support such functionality on web browser based user interface (“UI”), the console support modules of a control management system (a web server) must provide mirrored image of the MLIL in memory for being graphically displayed in the user's web UI, where the MLIL is a logical organized structure for representing actual one or more computer resources information. The console support modules are required to provide immediate response to each user's actions of either viewing or operating the resources represented by the MLIL. The accomplishment of supporting end-user to view and operate computer system resources through logically organized graphically represented multi-layered item lists on web based UI is a giant step towards realization of the next generation of web based computer user work environment.09-15-2011
20110252337Messaging and Presence Protocol as a Configuration and Management Bus for Embedded Devices - Techniques are provided herein for establishing at a network management server a presence on a network. A presence associated with one or more managed devices on the network is detected. An instant messaging (IM) session is established with the one or more managed devices. The IM session forms a virtual chat room for performing a management function on the one or more managed devices, and IM messages are sent that are configured to perform the management function on the one or more managed devices. Techniques are also provided herein for establishing on a network an enriched presence by a network management server that is configured to perform a management function via a presence function of a messaging and presence protocol.10-13-2011
20130151985DATA PROCESSING METHOD OF BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SOFTWARE - A data processing method includes generating statistical data according to data stored in a database; displaying a dialog window on a display screen, the dialog window including at least one block linked to at least one predetermined public address; and selecting the at least one block for uploading the statistical data to the at least one predetermined public address.06-13-2013
20130191757TRANSITIONING VIDEO BETWEEN TELEVISION AND TABLET COMPUTER OR THE LIKE - A plurality of icons are displayed on a companion device having a touch screen interface; the icons can be manipulated by the touch screen interface, and each of the plurality of icons represents a different one of a plurality of audiovisual assets which can be viewed on an external audiovisual device. An input gesture on the touch screen interface is obtained from a user of the companion device, wherein a given one of the icons is flicked in a manner associated with the external audiovisual device. Responsive to the obtaining of the gesture, a signal is dispatched from the companion device. The signal causes the external audiovisual device to access a given one of the plurality of audiovisual assets associated with the given one of the icons. Techniques for other than touch screen devices, and techniques to obtain programs on the companion device, are also provided.07-25-2013
20120060100System and method for transferring media content - A system and a method transfer media content. An application may identify rendering devices in a network and/or may register with an events framework for media-related actions. The application may receive information for a media-related action which specifies media content and an action. The application may identify one or more of the rendering devices as capable of rendering the media content and may use a communication to direct the identified rendering device to render the media content. The identified rendering device may render the media content in response to the communication from the application.03-08-2012
20120066612DOWNLOAD BAR USER INTERFACE CONTROL - Various embodiments provide a download bar user interface control that is designed to help users maintain focus on their browsing activities, while offering notifications regarding a file download. In at least some embodiments, the download bar user interface control is non-modal and is presented at a location within the browsing field-of-view that is selected to reduce user distraction. Various embodiments also provide a download manager user interface that enables multiple download-related tasks to be performed. In at least some embodiments, the download manager user interface is presented responsive to input to the download bar user interface control. Further to some embodiments, the download bar user interface control can be closed responsive to the download manager user interface being presented and download-related notifications and options transferred from the download bar user interface control to the download manager user interface.03-15-2012
20130205222SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR THE IDENTIFICATION AND/OR DISTRIBUTION OF MUSIC AND OTHER FORMS OF USEFUL INFORMATION - The present invention relates generally to the field of telecommunications systems and methods. More specifically, the present invention is directed to systems and methods for identifying and/or distributing music and other types of useful information for users in a very simple and convenient manner. A variety of systems and methods are disclosed which provide users with quick and convenient access to various forms of information, such as, for example, audio information including music and news items as well as coupons and other information. The systems and methods allow users to store data representative of a time of transmission and preferably a source of transmission so that data of interest may be identified for ordering an/or downloading.08-08-2013
20130205223SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CUSTOMIZED MUSIC SELECTION AND DISTRIBUTION - Systems and methods for the customized selection and distribution of digital music are described herein. In one embodiment, a method of selecting and delivering music to a user includes creating an annotated record of one or more digital music tracks by performing a waveform analysis to determine characteristics of the one or more digital music tracks, associating a plurality of global music factors with the one or more digital music tracks, and associating a plurality of population music factors with the one or more digital music tracks. The method further includes receiving one or more user characteristics, selecting one or more digital music tracks for delivery by matching the one or more user characteristics against information in the annotated record of the one or more digital music tracks, and delivering the one or more digital music tracks to the user.08-08-2013
20130205219SHARING SERVICES - Apparatuses and methods relating to content sharing are described. In one embodiment, a match between content type and one or more content services determine what content sharing services are displayed. In one embodiment, content sharing is accessible to all applications in an operating system.08-08-2013
20130205221FACILITIES CONTROLLING DEVICE, SCREEN DISPLAYING METHOD, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - A facilities controlling device includes a file acquiring portion that acquires a screen file from a storing portion and acquires a corresponding image file, display script file and processing script file from the storing portion, a data processing portion that acquires, from a device, device data corresponding to data identifying information in the screen file acquired by the file acquiring portion, and performs data processing on the acquired device data based on a processing script in the processing script file corresponding to the device data obtained by the file acquiring portion, and a display processing portion that displays, in a screen, the device data produced by the data processing portion and a symbol of the image file acquired by the file acquiring portion, based on the display script in the display script file acquired by the file acquiring portion.08-08-2013
20130205220TIMER-BASED INITIATION OF SERVER-BASED ACTIONS - This description relates to methods for initiating a server-based action using a timing mechanism. Furthermore, the description relates to the implementation of the aspects and embodiments of the method for initiating a server-based action described herein in hardware or software, or a combination thereof. The description suggests a mechanism to trigger the delayed execution of a server-based action based on hovering over interactive elements in a graphical user interface.08-08-2013
20120072853Cooperative Drag and Drop - A method for communicating a data object between sending and receiving portable electronic devices (03-22-2012

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