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715 - Data processing: presentation processing of document, operator interface processing, and screen saver display processing


715733000 - For plural users or sites (e.g., network)

715734000 - Interactive network representation of devices (e.g., topology of workstations)

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20100083119CONFIGURATION FACILITY FOR THE CONFIGURATION OF A TIME-TRIGGERED BUS SYSTEM - A configuration facility is presented and specified, with at least one computer unit and a display device for the configuration of a time-triggered bus system. The bus system has at least two bus nodes and a data bus connecting the bus nodes. At least one node task and at least one transmission task can be executed at the bus nodes. The node tasks can be presented in time sequence in a node task field, the transmission tasks can be presented in time sequence in a transmission task field separate from the node task field, and the node tasks and the transmission tasks can be coordinated with each other by graphic allocation.04-01-2010
20100042927Third Party Management of Computer System Control - Systems and methods for configuring Internet resources are disclosed. One method comprises: providing, to a user of web hosting services, a user control panel; and providing, to a reseller of the services, a reseller control panel. Through the user control panel, the user configures an Internet resource hosted by the web hosting provider for the user. Through the reseller control panel, the reseller defines content on the user control panel. Another method allows configuring an Internet resource hosted by a web hosting provider of an Internet service to a user. This method comprises: providing a reseller control panel, through which a reseller defines content on a user control panel. This method also comprises: generating the user control panel through which a user configures the Internet resource. The Internet resource is associated with the user and used by a program executing on a server operated by the web hosting provider.02-18-2010
20100107083MEMORY RECOVERY SCHEME AND DATA STRUCTURE IN A HEATING, VENTILATION AND AIR CONDITIONING NETWORK - The disclosure provides systems and methods for updating a parameter in a device in an HVAC network. In various embodiments, a method comprises a sending by an interface device to the device: a) a parameter value change message, and b) a new value of an installer parameter. The method includes the device determining if the parameter update is within an allowed range, and updating the parameter in a memory of the device if the parameter update is within the allowed range. The method further includes the device sending the parameter to an interface device. The method still further includes relaying the parameter to an active subnet controller by the interface device. In further embodiments, the method determines whether a parameter definition is a changed parameter definition. If the definition is the changed parameter definition: a device definition parameter message is sent to the interface device from the device in the HVAC network. A device parameter value is also sent from the HVAC device for each parameter in a same group of parameters affected by the change of definition.04-29-2010
20090327902Adapting a Network Topology - A mechanism is provided for adapting a network topology, in which the network topology comprises a plurality of points, a plurality of connections, each connection connecting a pair of points, and a zoneset comprising a plurality of zones, each zone defining a series of points that are connected. The mechanism performs operations of receiving one or more user inputs, each user input comprising a change to a zone, performing an analysis of the or each user input, to determine one or more consistent universal changes to the zoneset, presenting an output to the user comprising one or more of the determined consistent universal changes to the zoneset, receiving a selection user input selecting a presented consistent universal change to the zoneset, and changing the zoneset according to the selected consistent universal change to the zoneset.12-31-2009
20090070680DISPLAYING AND MANAGING INHERITED VALUES - A method, system, and article of manufacture that help system administrators visualize the relationship between a global setting and the setting in each instance. One embodiment of the present invention comprises receiving a selection of a setting, determining an inheritance state for the selected setting, and displaying a graphical indication of the inheritance state of the selected setting. In some embodiments, the method further comprises displaying a graphical indication of the inheritance relationship between the selected setting and at least one related setting. The method may also include receiving a change inheritance relationship command, and changing the inheritance relationship for the selected setting.03-12-2009
20120226985HOSTED VIRTUAL DESKTOP DYNAMIC CONFIGURATION BASED ON END POINT CHARACTERISTICS - In accordance with an example embodiment, there is disclosed herein an apparatus comprising a communication interface configured to receive data representative of a virtual desktop, a user interface, and virtual desktop logic coupled with the communication interface and the user interface. The virtual desktop logic determines capabilities of the user interface and provides a virtual desktop on at least one component of the user interface based on the determined capabilities of the user interface.09-06-2012
20120117477SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FLASHING A WIRELESS DEVICE - A system and method for flashing wireless devices. One or more wireless devices are received. The testing device being operable to receive the one or more wireless devices simultaneously. A selection of one or more original equipment manufactures (OEMs) is received. Models of wireless devices associated with the one or more OEMS are visually displayed in response to receiving the selection of the one or more OEMS associated with the one or more wireless devices. A selection of one or more models associated with the one or more wireless devices is received on the test device. Instructions associated with the one or more models are displayed for flashing the one or more wireless devices. The one or more wireless devices are flashed in response to a user selection to flash each of the one or more wireless devices.05-10-2012
20090235174Virtualization of Groups of Devices - A virtialization mechanism may create a virtual representation of a group of physical computers and the physical connections between the computers. The mechanism may comprise a discovery tool for determining a topology of connected physical computers and selecting the elements to virtualize, a device virtualization tool that may create virtual versions of the physical computers, and a connection virtualization tool that may create virtual connections between the virtual computers. The virtual devices and virtual connections may then be operated virtually. In many cases, optimized versions of the virtual devices and virtual connections may be performed.09-17-2009
20090013256METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AUTOMATICALLY ESTABLISHING BI-DIRECTIONAL LINE-SWITCHED RINGS IN TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORKS - A method of automatically provisioning a network-wide function using a plurality of network elements in a service provider network and using a sub-network level approach is provided. In one specific approach, a software wizard facilitates provisioning a bi-directional line switched ring (BLSR). First user input, specifying a plurality of ring attribute values that define attributes of a bi-directional line switched ring, is received. Second user input, specifying one or more working spans for the bi-directional line switched ring, is received. Each of the network elements is automatically configured to participate in the bi-directional line switched ring based on the parameter values. Embodiments may provide a software wizard for implementing the foregoing process. In certain features, spans for a BLSR are automatically selected based on a selection of a first candidate span; only selected nodes and spans that are capable of participating in a BLSR are displayed; and port orientation for all spans in a BLSR is automatically determined based on user input defining port orientation for a first port of a first span.01-08-2009
20080294995SYSTEM AND METHOD OF AUTOMATICALLY GENERATING ANIMATED INSTALLATION MANUALS - An information management system is disclosed and includes a bootstrap server and at least one additional component. Further, the system includes an animated installation manual file stored within the bootstrap server. The animated installation manual is configured to be presented to a user upon an initial boot of the bootstrap server. Additionally, the animated installation manual can be automatically generated based on configuration information received from the user.11-27-2008
20110035672METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SETUP OF, AND COMMUNICATION WITH, AN RFID MIDDELWARE SERVER FROM AN ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING SYSTEM SERVER - A method of configuring a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) middleware server is provided. The method includes calling a server form, using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, from an ERP server. The method also includes identifying at least one RFID middleware server using the server form, and configuring one or more processes, using the server form, to run on the at least one identified RFID server. The one or more configured processes are transmitted from the ERP server to the RFID middleware server in order to configure the RFID middleware server.02-10-2011
20110283194DEPLOYING ARTIFACTS FOR PACKAGED SOFTWARE APPLICATION IN CLOUD COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT - Deploying artifacts and tools in cloud computing environment for provisioning packaged software applications generates a user interface code automatically and dynamically using information from at least structural data representations of cloud computing environment and base configuration requirements for running one or more packaged software applications in the cloud computing environment. In one aspect, the automatically generated code may be augmented using one or more library codes and auxiliary files. Specific configuration requirements are further obtained by running the automatically generated user interface code. One or more components to deploy in the cloud computing environment are determined that meet the base configuration requirements and the specific configuration requirements, by analyzing the structural data representations.11-17-2011
20110302496Network Management System and Graphical User Interface - A network management system and graphical user interface for configuring a network connection between first and second service access points utilizes a configuration manager and information manager to provide a generic set of models so that different manufacturer's nodal processors and other network hardware can be inserted into the network with minimal changes to the software which controls the device. The system comprises an information manager including routing information for the network. The configuration manager operates to establish a connection across each subnet on the route by sending requests to element managers to program the subnet elements.12-08-2011
20110289417USER INTERFACE FOR CONFIGURING AND MANAGING THE CLUSTER - In general, an appliance that simplifies the creation of a cluster in a computing environment has a fairly straightforward user interface that abstracts out many of the complexities of the typical configuration processes, thereby significantly simplifying the deployment process. By using such appliance, system administrators can deploy an almost turn-key cluster and have the confidence of knowing that the cluster is well tuned for the application/environment that it supports. In addition, the present disclosure allows for configurations and integrations of specialty engines, such as Q processors or J processors, into the cluster. The disclosure provides systems and methods for configuring a cluster, managing a cluster, managing an MQ in a cluster, a user interface for configuring and managing the cluster, an architecture for using specialty engines in a cluster configuration, and interconnect between cluster components, and a file system for use in a cluster.11-24-2011
20110296310DETERMINING WHETHER A COMPOSITE CONFIGURATION ITEM SATISFIES A COMPLIANCE RULE - At least one selection relating to at least one element of a compliance rule is received through a user interface. The compliance rule is for a composite configuration item that has a collection of configuration items that are related to each other. Each of the configuration items represents a configuration of an information technology component. It is determined whether the composite configuration item satisfies the compliance rule, where the elements of the compliance rule are compared to the corresponding configuration items of the composite configuration item as part of the determining.12-01-2011
20090150788System and Method for Configuring Enterprise Information Handling System Storage Solutions - Enterprise information handling system storage solutions are configured automatically through a graphical user interface that accepts storage device and storage topology selections from an end user to automatically present a graphical image depicting interconnection devices that interface the storage devices. For example, cables with a color selected by the end user are depicted interfacing storage devices with the selected color. In one embodiment, switches are automatically selected and depicted for the storage devices and storage topology selected by the end user.06-11-2009
20120110459AUTOMATED ADJUSTMENT OF INPUT CONFIGURATION - A method and system for automatically adjusting input configuration are disclosed. The method may include monitoring information input by a user into a graphical user interface (GUI). The method may further include determining an input configuration state of the computing system set by the user for the information input into at least one field of the GUI at an initial input instance. The method may also include, at one or more subsequent input instances, automatically adjusting the input configuration state for the field to the determined input configuration of the initial input instance. A computer program product is also disclosed.05-03-2012
20100122175TOOL FOR VISUALIZING CONFIGURATION AND STATUS OF A NETWORK APPLIANCE - The present invention is directed towards systems and methods of providing management of network services provided by an intermediary device managing traffic between a plurality of clients and servers. The intermediary device may include one or more virtual servers managing a plurality of services. A user can invoke a visualizer tool of the intermediary device to identify a configuration and an operational status of the virtual servers and services managed by the virtual servers. The visualizer tool may also determine from the configuration two or more services having a common set of configuration properties and managed by a first virtual server. The visualizer tool may establish a service container comprising these services. The visualizer tool may display via an interface a graphical representation of the configuration and the operational status of the first virtual server and the service container identifying the common set of configuration properties of these services.05-13-2010
20100083120Storage System, Control Program and Storage System Conttrol Method - There is provided a storage system including one or more LDEVs, one or more processors, a local memory or memories corresponding to the processor or processors, and a shared memory, which is shared by the processors, wherein control information on I/O processing or application processing is stored in the shared memory, and the processor caches a part of the control information in different storage areas on a type-by-type basis in the local memory or memories corresponding to the processor or processors in referring to the control information stored in the shared memory.04-01-2010
20110173542MOBILE ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - According to an aspect of the disclosure, an energy management apparatus for a mobile energy management system and method includes detecting an availability of at least one network device at a site, displaying a proximity control selector within a graphical user interface of a mobile device associated with the site that can be toggled to enable and disable proximity detection using the mobile device, detecting a distance of the mobile device relative to the site in response to enabling proximity detection on the mobile device, and initiating a change to the operating condition of the network device in response to detecting a change in the distance of the mobile device relative to the site and the setting of the proximity control selector. According to an aspect of the disclosure, the network device may be a thermostat associated with the HVAC system of the site or other energy consuming appliances.07-14-2011
20110173541Mass Configuration Tool for Network Telephone Devices - The subject matter of this specification can be implemented in, among other things, a computer-implemented method for generating a plurality of configuration files including receiving user inputs indicating a structure of buildings in which network telephone devices are located and receiving a user selection of a field to be configured from among fields to be included in the configuration files. The method further includes receiving a user selection of elements from the structure and receiving a user input indicating operations to be performed on the selected elements. The method further includes identifying values for the selected elements for each of the network telephone devices based on the structure and evaluating the operations using the values for the selected elements to determine values for the field for each of the network telephone devices and generating the configuration files for each of the network telephone devices using the values for the field.07-14-2011
20090177970Method for online servicing of a field device of automation technology - A method for online servicing of a field device of automation technology with a servicing program running on a computer unit connected with the field device via a communication connection. The servicing program requires a device description for display of field-device-specific servicing elements or menu structures, and it is provided that the field device is opened via the device description and field-device-specific servicing elements or menu structures for transmitting from the field device to the device description, so that the field-device-specific servicing elements or menu structures can be displayed with the help of the servicing program.07-09-2009
20080320395Electronic apparatus, an imaging apparatus, a display control method for the same and a program which allows a computer to execute the method - An electronic apparatus is disclosed. The electronic apparatus may include a plurality of terminals that output a predetermined item of information; a connecting appliance selecting means for selecting a type of another electronic apparatus to be a target for connection among other electronic apparatuses having a terminal connectable to at least a single terminal among the plurality of the terminals through a predetermined communication means; a connecting terminal selecting means for selecting a combination of terminals used for connection from combinations of terminals provided on the electronic apparatus and terminals provided on the selected type of another electronic apparatus; and a setting detail deciding means for deciding setting details of output to the another electronic apparatus in accordance with the type of the selected another electronic apparatus and the combination of the terminals.12-25-2008
20080215986DEVICE DIRECTED USER INTERFACE ELEMENTS FOR DATA HANDLING SYSTEM MANAGEMENT CONSOLE GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE - A management console managing a data handling system stores user interface panel elements, and an attached device sends directions to the management console to select at least one of the stored user interface panel elements for a graphical user interface (GUI) panel for the device. The device sends directions to the management console to correlate at least one device command for the device to the GUI panel for the attached device; and the management console generates GUI panel(s) employing the selected user interface panel element(s); and calls commands in response to operation of inputs to the GUI panel(s), the correlated command being available to be called. Further, the attached device(s) send directions to the management console as to labeling of the GUI panel for the attached device; and the management console inserts label(s) in the user interface panel element per the labeling directions.09-04-2008
20110126109Presence and Geographic Location Notification Based on a Delegation Model - A user of an instant messaging system may store names of other users of the instant messaging system on a participant list (which may be referred to as a “buddy list”), and the names may be categorized into one or more groups. Similarly, a user of a mobile device, such as a mobile telephone, may store contact information about people on the mobile device. Information describing the on-line presence of the user within the instant messaging system or geographic location of a mobile device, such as a mobile telephone associated with the user system, may be disseminated to users on the participant list or people on the contact list based on notification information that is associated with groups of users or contacts. A delegation model is used to control whether a user is permitted to make modifications to the notification information.05-26-2011
20120297306AUTO-CONNECT IN A PEER-TO-PEER NETWORK - A wireless device that automatically forms a connection to a remote device in accordance with a peer-to-peer protocol. The remote device may be designated as an auto-connect device for the wireless device such that, when the wireless device determines that it is in the vicinity of the auto-connect device, it can re-form a connection to the remote device based on stored information for re-establishing connections among a persistent group of devices, but without any express user input. When a user requests that the wireless device perform a function that involves interaction with an auto-connect device, that function may be performed with the delay associated with forming a connection. Any of multiple techniques may be employed for identifying devices designated as auto-connect devices and for determining when the wireless device and a remote, auto-connect devices are in close proximity.11-22-2012
20110209066VIEWING TERMINAL APPARATUS, VIEWING STATISTICS-GATHERING APPARATUS, VIEWING STATISTICS-PROCESSING SYSTEM, AND VIEWING STATISTICS-PROCESSING METHOD - Provided is a viewing terminal apparatus that can present an appropriate result of statistics on viewing of a content for diversified viewing modes. The viewing terminal apparatus includes: a category determining unit that determines, as a viewer category, a relationship between viewers who are viewing a content displayed on a display; a transmitting unit that transmits, to the viewing statistics-gathering apparatus, first viewing status information indicating the content that is being viewed by the viewers and the viewer category determined by the category determining unit, the content being associated with the viewer category; and a viewing statistics presenting unit that obtains viewing statistics information from the viewing statistics-gathering apparatus, and presents a result of statistics that is (i) indicated by the obtained viewing statistics information and (ii) a result of statistics on viewing of a content only by viewers who belong to a predetermined viewer category.08-25-2011
20080263453METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROCESS CONFIGURATION - A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer-usable program product for process configuration are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A process that is to be configured is identified. A list of tasks associated with the identified process is displayed. A set of the tasks displayed in the task list are selected. The selected tasks are configured according to one or more task parameters. If the process that is being configured is already running, the process is suspended before the selected tasks are configured. If the process is suspended, the process is resumed after the selected tasks have been configured. The process is identified, the list of task is displayed, and the one or more tasks are selected and configured using a graphical user interface.10-23-2008
20080282171System and method for production of online magazines - A computer system for supporting inclusion of continuously updated content into web publications, the computer system including an input unit for obtaining content from a plurality of sources of continuously updatable content at independent locations over a network, and a selection unit for representing the plurality of sources to a user, allowing the user to select from the plurality of sources using the selection unit, thereby building content from the selected sources into a web publication produced online by the user. Related apparatus and methods are also described.11-13-2008
20080288873Cluster Management System and Method - Compute clustering software embodied in a computer-readable medium and operable to provide a graphical user interface (GUI) is provided, the GUI operable to present a selection area for illustrating a plurality of receptors in a chassis, each receptor configured to couple to a network device, wherein the selection area conveys a physical location of each of the plurality of receptors, receive information from a user to create a defined cluster by pointing and clicking on a portion of the plurality of receptors illustrated in the selection area, present an image selection window with a plurality of software image choices, receive an image selection for each of one or more selected receptors in the defined cluster, and wherein the software is operable to associate each logical address of the defined cluster with a not necessarily same selected one of the plurality of images.11-20-2008
20090031222Network design processing device, network design processing method and network design processing program - In a network design processing device 01-29-2009
20120198345SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR EFFICIENTLY MANAGING AND CONFIGURING VIRTUAL SERVERS - The present invention is related to providing faster and more efficient ways to deploy and manage virtual server configurations in a hosted virtual server service. Broadly, a web interface allows a user to set conditions upon which specific types of virtual servers will be instantiated or terminated on a third-party hosted virtual server service. For example, the user may wish to instantiate a new virtual server each time the load on existing virtual servers exceeds a predetermined threshold. The web interface may also allow a user to select from among a plurality of hosted virtual server services. The web interface may further allow a user to incorporate dynamic variables into configurations of instantiated virtual servers.08-02-2012
20120198344COMPARING AND PROVISIONING CONFIGURATIONS FOR A CLIENT HAVING A WINDOWS-BASED EMBEDDED IMAGE - Examples of methods and apparatus are provided for comparing and provisioning configurations for a local client having a windows-based embedded image. The apparatus may include a retrieval module of the local client configured to facilitate locating a remote repository server containing a new configuration file, to facilitate obtaining the new configuration file from the remote repository server, and to facilitate obtaining a previous configuration file associated with a previous configuration change successfully applied to the embedded image. The apparatus may include a configuration comparison module of the local client configured to compare the new configuration file with the previous configuration file. The apparatus may include an apply settings module of the local client configured to apply, to the embedded image, one of a new configuration change and the previous configuration change based on the comparison. The new configuration change may be based on the new configuration file.08-02-2012
20090055748SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FLEXIBLY SELECTING AND VISUALIZING CONFIGURATION CHANGES OVER TIME - A system and method for flexibly visualizing and selecting configuration changes over time is disclosed herein. The system may include a coarse selection interface configured to select one of a coarse time range and a discrete point in time from an available overall set of discrete points in time, a fine selection interface configured to select one of a fine time range and the discrete point in time from the selected one of the coarse time range and the discrete point in time, and a visualization panel configured to display a graphical representation of configuration changes selected through the fine selection interface. The method may include selecting the coarse time range on the coarse selection interface, selecting the fine time range on a fine selection interface, and visualizing the graphical representation on the visualization panel.02-26-2009
20110225499NETWORK DEVICE - A network device includes a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port adapted for connecting to a USB connector of a wireless network module, and a Linux-based embedded system that includes a user interface unit, a data converting unit, and a driver unit. The user interface is for providing a user interface to a user terminal and for user input of configuration data for the wireless network module through the user terminal. The user interface unit receives the inputted configuration data from the user terminal. The data converting unit is coupled to the user interface unit for receiving the configuration data therefrom and for converting the configuration data into at least one command. The driver unit is coupled between the data converting unit and the USB port for transferring the at least one command from the data converting unit to the wireless network module.09-15-2011
20110231768Systems and Methods for Suggestive Redirection - A system for suggestive redirection includes a user interface module to provide a user interface between a network user with administrative authority and an Internet service, a communication module to receive a request to establish a redirection policy from the network user with administrative authority, a policy generating module to establish the redirection policy, and a policy enforcement module to apply the redirection policy to a user request to access an intended content. The policy enforcement module determines whether or not the redirection policy is in effect to redirect the network user to the suggestive online content. The suggestive online content may provide a hint or suggest a vacation, a purchase, a healthy habit, an activity, or an event. A policy enforcement module may determine that the redirection policy is activated, determine that the intended content is to be redirected under the redirection policy, and, based on the determination, selectively redirect the network user to the suggestive online content.09-22-2011
20090249213User interface providing information system topology presentation - A user interface includes a graphical topological representation of an information system. Information is collected regarding connections between switches, storage nodes and computer nodes in the information system. Any sub networks in the system are identified based on the collected information and classified as LANs or SANs. Connections between the various components are determined, and a layout of any identified LANs, computer nodes, SANs, and storage nodes is established for generating the topological representation in the user interface. The graphical topological representation of the information system is displayed in the user interface with the LAN icons, computer node icons, SAN icons and storage node icons laid out in a matrix-like arrangement of columns and rows, such that for LANs, computer nodes, SANs and/or storage nodes that are connected to each other, the corresponding icons are located on or near a same row in the graphical topological representation.10-01-2009
20100262917SYSTEM FOR FACILITATING THREAD-BASED MESSAGE PRIORITIZATION - To perform thread-based message prioritization, metadata may be extracted from a received electronic message. Based on the extracted message metadata and accumulated metadata extracted from previously received messages, a message thread to which the received electronic message belongs may be identified. Based on a set of thread priority assessment criteria, a priority level for the message thread may be determined. At least part of the message thread may be processed according to the priority level. The processing may be altering a notification behavior of an electronic messaging client for electronic messages of the message thread. Thread priority assessment may be based on user-configurable criteria that may be set via a graphical user interface. Message thread identification may also be based on user-configurable criteria that may be set via a graphical user interface.10-14-2010
20100218103DISCOVERING, DEFINING, AND IMPLEMENTING COMPUTER APPLICATION TOPOLOGIES - A method and system for discovering, defining, and implementing an application topology through the user of a graphical user interface is provided. A topology system may analyze the topology of an enterprise and provide a graphical representation of the application topology. The topology system may discover the application topology of an enterprise by accessing various configuration data stores of the enterprise. The topology system provides a graphical representation of the application topology and allows a user to modify the topology using a graphical user interface. The topology system may then control the implementation of the application topology.08-26-2010
20100251127SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGING TRUSTED RELATIONSHIPS IN COMMUNICATION SESSIONS USING A GRAPHICAL METAPHOR - Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for linking participants in a communication session. The method includes presenting a set of connected graphical elements on a graphical user interface (GUI) representing a structure of the communication session and a trusted relationship between a first participant and a second participant in the communication session, establishing a bidirectional link between the first participant and the second participant, wherein the communication device exchanges trusted information between the first participant and the second participant, and displaying a depiction of the bidirectional link to at least one participant in the communication session. The method optionally includes negotiating a calendar event with the second participant via the bidirectional link based on the trusted information. Graphical elements associated with the first and second participants can depict one or more of presence, context, and persona information.09-30-2010
20100251125SYSTEM, DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING INTERACTIVE CONTENT ON AN COMPUTING DEVICE - A system, device and method for providing interactive content on a computing device is provided. In an embodiment, a computing device in the form of a portable computing device is configured to execute a primary web browser application and a secondary web browser application. The primary web browser application is configured to generate a web-page including a fillable form on the portable computing device. The secondary web browser application is configured to receive the input for the fillable form by generating a mirrored fillable form, and to automatically populate the fillable form on the web-page using the completed version of the mirrored fillable form.09-30-2010
20100235750SYSTEM, METHOD AND PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR A GRAPHICAL INTERFACE - A system for a graphical user interface for network applications and network resources includes a workspace application unit for presenting to a user, the network applications and network resources within a workspace area where the user can interact with the network applications and network resources to perform tasks. A configuration unit organizes the network applications and network resources within the workspace area according to stored preferences, maintains network links to the network applications and network resources, maintains current states of the network applications and configures devices according to stored preferences for the user to interact with the network applications and network resources. At least one rendering unit renders the network applications and network resources for display in the workspace area.09-16-2010
20100211878SELF INSTALLING NETWORK COMPUTER-PERIPHERAL DEVICE - A method for configuring a network computer-peripheral device, and a network computer-peripheral device, such as a printer or scanner, includes a configuration tool for programming network settings into the device. The device includes a network scanning unit configured to scan a computer network to retrieve at least one network setting. The configuration tool is adapted to program the retrieved at least one network setting into the device, and the device itself is configured to execute the configuration tool.08-19-2010
20100251126Analyzing User Behavior to Enhance Data Display - A method and apparatus for enhancing the display of data is provided. User interaction data describing the interactions of a plurality of users with a user interface component is stored. The user interaction data is analyzed to identify patterns of prior use of the user interface component. The operation of a three-tier architecture may be configured to enhance performance based on the patterns of prior use. For example, upon determining a certain percentage of users interact with the user interface component in a manner requiring the visual appearance of the user interface component to be updated to depict additional data not previously depicted, the additional data may be cached at an application tier or provided to a client before a user requests the additional data to minimize the delay in retrieving the additional data. The patterns of prior use may also be used to selectively initialize resources at the middle-tier.09-30-2010
20120144307Profile Management Method - Most computer operating systems are able to automatically configure the coupled computer peripheral device for use with the computer operating system without the need for installation of a specific driver. However, when these peripheral devices are detected by the computing system, a generic UI control configuration is often assigned to them and whatever customised settings previously configured by the user will be lost and replaced with a new set of unfamiliar setting. This poses much inconvenience and hassle to gamers when they use a different computing system or machine. Described according to an embodiment of the invention is a profile management method, operating on a computing cloud, comprising steps for receiving client data provided by a computing system detecting coupling of a user-interface (UI) thereto and for retrieving configuration data corresponding to the client data for use in configuring the UI by the computing system.06-07-2012
20100325550RFID SYSTEMS - This invention relates to methods, computer program code and apparatus for improved RFID tagging systems. We describe a module for configuring an RFID system comprising a plurality of RFID readers, said RFID system operating in an environment comprising a plurality of RFID tagged entities, the module comprising: code to enable a user to build an interface for defining a state map for said RFID system, said state map comprising a plurality of states representing information about tagged entities within the environment and transitions between said plurality of states; a transition logic module storing transition logic controlling transitions between states wherein said transition logic module is connected to said interface so that transition logic for said state map is defined using said interface; and a database for storing said states, said transitions and said defined transition logic.12-23-2010
20130145274INTERACTIVE PRODUCT CONFIGURATION - An example product configuration system includes a Configuration Input Manager that receives a selection of configuration parameters from a system user and coordinates obtaining input from the external information sources regarding the selected configuration parameters. Requests for input are transmitted along a plurality of communication channels individually selected for each configuration parameter. The Configuration Builder then assimilates the various input, such as the collective knowledge, opinions, preferences, experience, and other input provided by the external information sources, and compiles that information to generate a plurality of proposed product configurations that are consistent with the information provided.06-06-2013
20100332990INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR HETEROGENEOUS DATA SOURCES - Systems and methods integrate disparate backup devices with a unified interface. In certain examples, a management console manages data from various backup devices, while retaining such data in its native format. The management console can display a hierarchical view the client devices and/or their data and can further provide utilities for processing the various data formats. A data structure including fields for storing both metadata common to the client device data and value-added metadata can be used to mine or process the data of the disparate client devices. The unified single platform and interface reduces the need for multiple data management products and/or customized data utilities for each individual client device and provides a single pane of glass view into data management operations. Integrating the various types of storage formats and media allows a user to retain existing storage infrastructures and further facilitates scaling to meet long-term management needs.12-30-2010
20110029880Apparatus and method for capacity planning for data center server consolidation and workload reassignment - A server migration tool used to construct data center migration scenarios allowing for a user to rapidly manipulate a large number of input parameters required to describe a transformation from one data center configuration to a new data center configuration. The tool then performs the transformation and allows the user to interact with new data center configuration to understand its performance. A novel parameterization, speed independent service demand (SISD), greatly facilitates scaling performance metrics between different hardware platforms.02-03-2011
20110029881DEVICES AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING SOFTWARE PROGRAMS COMPATIBLE WITH A COMPUTER SYSTEM FOR DOWNLOAD BY A USER - Devices and methods are provided for determining the compatibility of software programs for a computer system and providing a list of the compatible software programs for a user of the computer system.02-03-2011
20110246897INTERACTIVE VISUALIZATION TO ENHANCE AUTOMATED FAULT DIAGNOSIS IN NETWORKS - Described is a visual analytics system for network diagnostics. The visual analytics system obtains network diagnostic-related information from a diagnostic system. The visual analytics system includes an interactive user interface that displays the representations of network components, including network machines and, zero or more links between those components, (e.g., as appropriate based upon selection or dynamic conditions). The user interface includes a main network view that displays representations of network components, a diagnostics view that displays suggested diagnosis results obtained from the diagnostic system, and a performance counter view that displays performance counter data. User interaction with one of the views correspondingly changes the displays in the other views. The system allows effective exploration of multiple levels of detail, e.g., variable, component, edge level and network levels, for example, via flexible navigation across these levels from the top, the bottom, or anywhere in the middle, while retaining context.10-06-2011
20100146396SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR WEB SERVICE FUNCTION, DEFINITION, IMPLEMENTATION, AND/OR EXECUTION - Systems and methods for defining, implementing, deploying and/or executing Web services. A Web service is defined using a graphical interface that allows the application developer to specify the operation of the Web service through inclusion and configuration of graphical nodes representing particular operations and/or functions. The Web service definition can, in some instances, include standard functions and/or previously defined Web services. The environment for definition typically includes a user input device, a graphical display device, a system data store and a system processor. The system processor is in communication with the other elements. The user defines the Web service using an interface provided via the graphical display device. The user interacts with the interface using the user input device. The system processor receives the information from the user input device and updates the provided interface on the graphical display device accordingly. The graphical definition of the Web services is stored at least ephemerally in the system data store, but may, in some instances, be saved to the system data store. Once defined, the graphical definition is converted into a programmatic implementation executable by a Web services server. This programmatic implementation can then be transmitted to an appropriate Web services server accessible by an intended user community.06-10-2010
20110214059Media Distribution in a Content Delivery Network - A control board residing in a content delivery network interacts with a canvas display on a client device. The canvas displays a plurality of user-selectable client devices and a plurality of user-selectable media resources. The control board comprises a media routing module that is responsive to the client-device canvas for displaying available media resources for each of the client devices. The control board also comprises a media rendering module that is responsive to a user's selection of at least one client device and at least one media resource for providing device-specific configuring of the selected media resource. The control board may comprise a canvas display module responsive to at least one of the media routing module, the media rendering module, and the canvas for configuring the canvas display.09-01-2011
20090327901BROADCAST DESIGN FOR PROVISIONING RECONFIGURABLE OPTICAL ADD/DROP MULTIPLEXER CIRCUITS - A method includes receiving an order for services to be provided by an optical network, the order identifying bandwidth requirements for the optical network and multiple broadcast locations; creating an optical network identifier, the optical network identifier including an aggregation of dense wavelength data multiplexers that may define one or more paths; prompting a user to select a path for a broadcast circuit through the dense wavelength data multiplexers using a graphical user interface; querying an operations support service for available bandwidth to support bandwidth requirements over the selected path; and assigning the circuit path based on the available bandwidth.12-31-2009
20100058190Method And System For Coordinating Device Setting Between a Communications Client And Its Host Device - A system and method for propagating device settings to a data communications client from a host on a mobile device, the system having at least one host application adapted to operate on the mobile device host and further adapted to change device settings on the mobile device; a notification means adapted to notify the data communications client of device settings changes on the mobile device; a mode setting at the data communications client, the mode setting adapted to indicate whether client applications on the data communications client should use device settings from the host; and a client settings application adapted to receive a notification from the notification means and change device settings for the client applications if the mode setting indicates the client applications should use device settings from the host.03-04-2010
20100070867NETWORK CONFIGURATION VIA A WIRELESS DEVICE - When configuring a network system (03-18-2010
20080256455Method for Defining the Physical Configuration of a Communication System - A method is provided for automatically generating code to define and control a system of connected hardware elements. The method comprises: accepting a system configuration macro with sub-macros for system elements, subsystem elements, and connections there between; accepting a plurality of tables with a plurality of system element behaviors, a plurality of subsystem element behaviors, and a plurality of connection options; defining the system of connected elements in response to selecting sub-macros; defining the physical links between the system elements and the behavior of the system and subsystem elements in response to populating the selected sub-macro parameters; expanding the selected sub-macros; generating executable code; and, accessing the tables in response to parameters in the executable code. Advantageously, the form and function of the system can be defined with programming, or writing application specific code.10-16-2008
20110083076Image forming apparatus, method for providing user interface content, and method for receiving user interface content in host device - A method of providing user interface (UI) content in an image forming apparatus is provided, which includes receiving attribute information of a second web browser installed in a host device, if the host device accesses the image forming apparatus using location information of the image forming apparatus and the second web browser requests the UI content of the image forming apparatus connected to the host device; determining whether the UI content displayed on the first display unit is identically displayed on a second display unit of the host device, using the received attribute information; and providing a plug-in corresponding to the second web browser according to a result of determining. Therefore, the host device may normally display the UI content of the image forming apparatus 04-07-2011
20110083077SITE CONTROLLER DISCOVERY AND IMPORT SYSTEM - An approach for site controller discovery, import and integration. A customer may purchase site controllers to be put at its remote location, sometimes prior to having network connectivity to the remote location. Eventually, the customer may want to integrate the remote site controller with a supervisor at its home facility. The approach may provide site controller discovery, import and integration including automation of integration of the deployed site controller configuration and enterprise hierarchy to the home facility supervisor with minimal user intervention. During importing and integration into the customer's supervisor, enterprise model data may be retrieved and added to the existing multi-site hierarchal structure with the supervisor. The import operation may automatically perform a configuration backup to complete the integration process. The configuration in the deployed site controller or controllers may be considered a master configuration. Therefore, by importing configuration data directly from such source, data transfer should be accurate.04-07-2011
20110072352METHOD AND APPLICATION TOOL FOR DYNAMICALLY NAVIGATING A USER CUSTOMIZABLE REPRESENTATION OF A NETWORK DEVICE CONFIGURATION - In one embodiment of the invention, a method and an application tool for dynamically representing configuration commands of a network device on a user interface are provided. According to the method, a data model is stored with the application tool. Thereafter, the configuration commands are rendered on to the data model and the rendered data model is represented on the user interface in real time.03-24-2011
20110016400TRANSMISSION SYSTEM, TRANSMISSION APPARATUS, AND METHOD - If a firmware set is released, a transmission system does not permit a change in a version combination of firmware included in the firmware set and does not display a change button on a firmware selection screen used for selecting a firmware set not to be changed/deleted. If a firmware set is not yet released, the transmission system permits a change in aversion combination of firmware included in the firmware set. As for a firmware set whose change is permitted, the transmission system displays a change button on a firmware selection screen used for selecting a firmware set to be changed/deleted. As for a firmware set whose change is not permitted, the transmission system does not display the change button on the firmware selection screen used for selecting a firmware set to be changed/deleted.01-20-2011
20110161824Process and system for interaction with an application that is shared among multiple users - This invention relates in a general way to the shared digital interfaces that allow collaborative work among multiple users, and in particular a process and a system for interaction with a common application (06-30-2011
20090241030SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR EFFICIENTLY MANAGING AND CONFIGURING VIRTUAL SERVERS - The present invention is related to providing faster and more efficient ways to deploy and manage virtual server configurations in a hosted virtual server service. Broadly, a web interface allows a user to set conditions upon which specific types of virtual servers will be instantiated or terminated on a third-party hosted virtual server service. For example, the user may wish to instantiate a new virtual server each time the load on existing virtual servers exceeds a predetermined threshold. The web interface may also allow a user to select from among a plurality of hosted virtual server services. The web interface may further allow a user to incorporate dynamic variables into configurations of instantiated virtual servers.09-24-2009
20110154207Methods, Systems, and Products for Calendaring Applications - Methods, systems, and products acknowledge a reminder in a calendaring application. When an acknowledgement of the reminder is received, a message is communicated to similarly acknowledge a pending reminder in another instance of the calendaring application.06-23-2011
20110154206UNIVERSALLY ACCESSIBLE PRINTER CONFIGURATION PAGE - A system configured to organize and display configuration information associated with at least one digital printing apparatus. The system includes a processor, a communications interface operably connected to the processor and configured to establish an operable connection to at least one remotely located printing device, and a computer readable medium operably connected to the processor, the computer readable medium containing a set of instructions. The instructions are configured to instruct the processor to request configuration information from the at least one printing device, receive the configuration information from the at least one printing device, format the configuration information such that the configuration information is displayable in a window within the user interface, and display the configuration information.06-23-2011
20110047468DATA TRANSMISSION PROGRAM, DATA TRANSMISSION APPARATUS, AND METHOD FOR EDITING OPERATION MANUAL - A data transmission program, stored in a computer-readable recording medium, causing a computer to function as a transmission-request receiving unit configured to receive an editing-program transmission request from a second information processing apparatus displaying an operation manual that includes a procedure for remotely controlling a first information processing apparatus on a display device, the editing-program transmission request being transmitted from the second information processing apparatus, and a program transmitting unit configured to transmit, once the transmission-request receiving unit receives the editing-program transmission request, an operation-manual editing program for editing the operation manual to the second information processing apparatus, the program transmitting unit also transmitting an emulation program for causing the display device to display a control screen used at the time of remote controlling of the first information processing apparatus to the second information processing apparatus.02-24-2011
20120311450Mechanism for Customizing an Operating System Installer via a Web-Based Interface - A mechanism for customizing an operating system installer via a web-based interface is disclosed. A method of the invention includes providing a web-based interface that enables an end user to customize a kickstart file to install an operating system (OS) on a computing machine of the end user, identifying a base kickstart file template selected by the end user via the web-based interface, identifying one or more customizations to the base kickstart file template that are selected by the end user via the web-based interface, modifying the base kickstart file template with the one or more customizations selected by the end user to create a modified kickstart file, and providing the modified kickstart file to the end user for use by an OS installer of the computing machine in installing an OS that includes the one or more customizations selected by the end user.12-06-2012
20110055708METHOD FOR CHANGING SERVICE QUALITY OF A CONTENT ADAPTIVELY - The present invention relates to a method for changing service quality of a content adaptively. In the present method, when allowance of access to a network is requested, whether transfer speed demanded by the request of access allowance can be provided is checked. If can not be provided, service quality of a connection being serviced is lowered. In the meantime, the present method monitors whether available bandwidth is generated, and upgrades service quality of a connection being serviced when available bandwidth is generated. The above operations can make a given network resource fully used.03-03-2011
20110055707RESERVATION OF RESOURCES AND DEPLOYMENT OF APPLICATIONS USING AN INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT - Systems and methods to reserve resources is provided. In exemplary embodiments, a selection of a profile from a user is received. A dynamic graphical user interface is generated, using one or more processors. The dynamic graphical user interface allows the user to configure a topology based on the selected profile. The dynamic graphical user interface provides input fields in which the user may select a resource. An indication of the selected applicable topology property for configuring the topology is received. A topology is automatically generating based in part on the selected applicable topology property.03-03-2011
20110055706Control device, control point, and method for controlling frendly name priority order - A control device is provided. The control device includes a storage unit to store a predetermined first prefix, a user interface unit to receive the first friendly name corresponding to the control device, a generation unit to generate the second friendly name using the input first friendly name and the first prefix pre-stored in the control device, a stack unit to generate a device description using the generated second friendly name, and a communication interface unit to transmit the generated device description to the control point.03-03-2011
20110138291CONFIGURABLE NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM EVENT PROCESSING USING SIMPLE NETWORK MANAGEMENT TABLE INDICES - In an embodiment, a computer-implemented method, comprises receiving a simple network management protocol (SNMP) management information base (MIB) definition file; identifying in the MIB definition file one or more SNMP notification varbinds and associated notification varbind information; storing in a compiled MIB file for each of the varbinds: notification varbind info and columnar index info; causing generating a user interface having values based on the compiled MIB file; receiving user input selecting values and setting one or more network management system (NMS) event descriptions or event correlation rules; creating a NMS configuration file that is configured to cause the NMS at runtime to include and use the event descriptions or event correlation rules, and the compiled MIB file, in SNMP notification configuration or event correlation functions of the network management logic. As a result, descriptive data relating to SNMP notification columnar objects s becomes available for use in graphical user interface data display panels in event descriptions and in event correlation rules and processes without users or administrators having to learn a special language or API or use a special NMS configuration file format.06-09-2011
20100180203CONTENT RECOMMENDATION DEVICE AND CONTENT RECOMMENDATION METHOD - A content item recommendation device includes; a storage which stores information of a plurality of content items describing identifiers and usage characteristics of the resources used in the content items; a first specifying unit which specifies first content items which use at least S number of resources in common with a specified content item; a second specifying unit which specifies second content items which use at least K number of resources in common with each of the first content items; a calculator which calculates relationship levels between the specified content item and each of the second content items; a selector which selects recommended content items from the second content items based on the relationship levels.07-15-2010
20120151354SYNCHRONIZATION BASED ON DEVICE PRESENCE - The disclosed subject matter relates to an architecture that can facilitate initiation of an automatic synchronization operation based upon presence information in connection with a wireless communications network. For example, when certain mobile devices register with a particular network entity (e.g., a femtocell) that services a particular target location (e.g., place of residence), then such registration can be leveraged to indicate presence at the target location. Accordingly, synchronization between the mobile device and other devices can be automatically initiated, without requiring input or effort by a user, or even that the user remembers to perform the synchronization operation. Moreover, the synchronization operation can be wireless, so connection cables need not be maintained or employed.06-14-2012
20110191686SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISTRIBUTING USER INTERFACE DEVICE CONFIGURATIONS - A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a computing device including a memory, a display device and a controller. The controller is programmed to provide to a first server a request for User Interface (UI) device configurations, provide to the first server configuration criteria associated with the request, receive configuration data associated with target UI device configurations from the first server, present a Graphical User Interface (GUI) on the display device based on the configuration data where the GUI displays selections for each of the target UI device configurations, provide a selection from among the selections of the target UI device configurations, and receive provisioning information from the first server that allows for implementing the selection of the target UI device configuration. Other embodiments are disclosed.08-04-2011
20100058189DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING AND MONITORING DOMESTIC TECHNOLOGY DEVICES - The invention relates to a device having a network server computer (03-04-2010
20100023866Network-Based System for Configuring a Programmable Hardware Element in a Measurement System using Hardware Configuration Programs Generated Based on a User Specification - A system and method for online configuration of a measurement system. The user may access a server over a network and specify a desired task, e.g., a measurement task, and receive programs and/or configuration information which are usable to configure the user's measurement system hardware (and/or software) to perform the desired task. Additionally, if the user does not have the hardware required to perform the task, the required hardware may be sent to the user, along with programs and/or configuration information. The hardware may be reconfigurable hardware, such as an FPGA or a processor/memory based device. In one embodiment, the required hardware may be pre-configured to perform the task before being sent to the user. In another embodiment, the system and method may provide a graphical program in response to receiving the user's task specification, where the graphical program may be usable by the measurement system to perform the task.01-28-2010
20110307790EXTENDING REVALIDATION-TIME OF DIAMETER SESSIONS - Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method performed by a Policy Charging and Control Node (PCRN) for updating a session associated with a subscriber in response to an event. The method may include receiving at the PCRN an event message indicating that an event has occurred within the session; retrieving subscriber information including at least one incremental value associated with the event for the subscriber; determining an updated value based on the at least one retrieved incremental value and at least one reference value; and responding to the event message with an update message including the updated value. Various exemplary embodiments may further include configuring a subscriber profile repository to include at least one incremental value and terminating the session if the subscriber is not allowed to use incremental updates or no incremental value is defined for the subscriber.12-15-2011
20110307789PUBLISH/SUBSCRIBE OVERLAY NETWORK CONTROL SYSTEM - A system may include an overlay network linking a plurality of publishers, a plurality of subscribers, and a plurality of brokers. The overlay network may include a first computer network having a first network protocol carried by a second computer network having a second network protocol. The system may also include an agent carried by each of the publishers, the subscribers, and the brokers that adjust the network's topology based upon collected runtime data of condition of each link within the network and/or broker availability to any publisher and subscriber.12-15-2011
20120005580Autonomic I/O Tracing and Performance Tuning - In an embodiment, a kernel performs autonomic input/output tracing and performance tuning. A first table is provided in a device driver framework and a second table in a kernel of a computer. An input/output device monitoring tool is provided in the device driver framework. A plurality of instructions in the kernel compares each value in the first table with each value in the second table. Responsive to a match of a value in the first table and a value in the second table, the kernel automatically runs a command line to perform a system trace, a component trace, or a tuning task. The first table is populated with a plurality of values calculated from a plurality of data in a plurality of device memories and in the controller memory and the second table is populated in accordance with a second plurality of inputs to the command line interface.01-05-2012
20120023409OBTAINING AND DISPLAYING NETWORK TOPOLOGY INFORMATION - Computer-readable media, methods and network information computer systems are provided for obtaining network topology information about a relationship between a configuration item and a network of configuration items based upon a property of the selected configuration item, and displaying the network topology information as a topological map.01-26-2012
20110107224METHOD FOR PROVIDING IDENTIFYING INFORMATION FOR COMPUTERS ON A NETWORK - A hostname configuration unit associates a display hostname with a regular hostname of a host, where the regular hostname identifies the host and the display hostname identifies a service associated with the host, where the service is provided by a client application. The hostname configuration unit further associates a graphical representation with the display hostname. A hostname query unit is configured to provide the client application the regular hostname, the display hostname, and the graphical representation in response to a request for hostname data received from the client application. The regular hostname, the display hostname, and the graphical representation are used by the client application to advertise a service to allow a remote node to access the advertised service of the application over a network.05-05-2011
20120151353SERVER IP ADDRESSING IN A COMPUTING-ON-DEMAND SYSTEM - A method and system may provide a graphical user interface to a user via a web portal. A representation of a provisioned server device may be provided via the graphical user interface, wherein a primary Internet protocol (IP) address is associated with the provisioned server device. A selection of the provisioned server device may be received. A request to assign a secondary IP address to the selected server device may be received, wherein the secondary IP address is different from the primary IP address. The secondary IP address to the selected server device may be assigned based on the request.06-14-2012
20110099478IDENTIFYING COLLECTION IMAGES WITH SPECIAL EVENTS - A method for associating event times or time periods with digital images in a collection for determining if a digital image is of interest, includes storing a collection of digital images each having an associated capture time; comparing the associated capture time in the collection with a special event time to determine if a digital image in the collection is of interest, wherein the comparing step includes calculation of a special event time associated with a special event based on the calendar time associated with the special event and using such information to perform the comparison step; and associating digital images of interest with the special event.04-28-2011
20120131468TEMPLATE FOR OPTIMIZING IT INFRASTRUCTURE CONFIGURATION - A computer implemented method, system, and/or computer program product provides hierarchical templates to optimize a configuration of an information technology (IT) infrastructure. A technology rule set, which defines technology weights of an IT infrastructure by mapping capabilities of IT infrastructure components to IT infrastructure attributes needed to execute a specific workload, is established. Hierarchical templates, which are tied to configuration logic for creating IT infrastructures, are sent to a user. Based on user-selected templates, a candidate IT infrastructure for executing the specific workload is configured. In response to determining that the candidate IT infrastructure fails to meet the customer's expectations, the candidate IT infrastructure is reconfigured until the customer's expectations are met.05-24-2012
20100205535CONTROL SYSTEM ENGINEERING APPARATUS - A connection is made to one of a plurality of programmable controllers (hereinafter, “PLCs”) included in a control system in which the plurality of PLCs are connected to one another via one or more networks; the one of the PLCs is specified as an originating PLC; network configuration information of the control system and online connection paths to the PLCs included in the control system are collected; layout relationships among the networks as well as connection relationships of the PLCs and coordinates thereof are calculated based on the network configuration information and the online connection paths; and the results are displayed on a display means as objects.08-12-2010
20100281387SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MANAGING BUILDING AUTOMATION SYSTEMS AND IT SYSTEMS - A system for managing building automation systems and information technology systems includes an IT management server in communication with a plurality of IT sites and a BAS integration server in communication with a plurality of BAS sites. The system further includes a user application server that communicates with the IT management server and the BAS integration server to provide at least one application for managing the plurality of IT sites and the plurality of BAS sites.11-04-2010
20100275124Managing Services on a Network - The present invention provides a method and apparatus for providing real-time, two-way transactional capabilities on the Web. Specifically, one embodiment of the present invention discloses a method for enabling object routing, the method comprising the steps of creating a virtual information store containing information entries and attributes associating each of the information entries and the attributes with an object identity, and assigning a unique network address to each of the object identities. A method is also disclosed for enabling service management of the value-added network service, to perform OAM&P functions on the services network10-28-2010
20120185776ANALYZING RESOURCE CONSUMPTION OF SOFTWARE EXECUTING DURING A USAGE SCENARIO - Described herein are various principles for assisting in the identification of a configuration of computing device and reconfiguration of the computing device. More particularly, some of the principles relate to identifying one or more software processes configured to be executed during operation of the computing device in a usage scenario. Following operation of the computing device in the usage scenario, amounts of one or more resources consumed by each of the software processes throughout the usage scenario may also be identified. In some embodiments, once the software processes and amounts of the resource(s) consumed by the software processes have been identified, the processes and the amounts can be displayed to a user and the user may then reconfigure the computing device, such as by preventing some software processes from executing during the usage scenario or by delaying an execution of some software processes.07-19-2012
20120260179METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR OPTIMIZED EXECUTION USING RESOURCE UTILIZATION MAPS - Systems and methods enable displaying a graphical representation of system resource usage in a resource utilization map to inform users about system resource utilization by applications and processes running on a computing device. Users may provide inputs to enable the system to adjust resource allocations based on user preferences. This may enable users to improve the overall operational performance of the device consistent with their current personal preferences by identifying applications or processes of most or least interest so the device processor to prioritize system resources accordingly. Some aspects transmit resource allocation data based on such user input to a central server to enable community based resource allocation schemes. Community based resource allocation schemes may be transmitted to computing devices for use as default or preliminary resource allocations for particular applications, websites or device operating states.10-11-2012
20110004827Scalable, Cross-Platform Method for Multi-Tile Display Systems - A distributed visualization system including a cluster graphics library for large scale, cross platform display environment (CGLX) is described. The distributed visualization system includes multiple slave nodes and one or more master nodes in communication with the multiple slave nodes in a network. The distributed visualization system further includes a network layer adapted for transmitting and receiving configuration and synchronization information, a cluster layer adapted for synchronization and event distribution of graphics context and content, render node layer for managing and synchronizing multiple rendering contexts according to the render nodes and one or more user interfaces associated with the one or more control nodes. The one or more user interfaces adapted for configuring and synchronizing the distributed visualization system, wherein the configuring and synchronizing of the distributed visualization system includes one or more control nodes configuring and synchronizing the multiple slave nodes.01-06-2011
20120278722Managing Service User Discovery and Service Launch Object Placement on a Device - Methods and apparatuses to manage service user discovery and service launch object placement on a device. A method comprising: obtaining information to assist in identifying a portion of a user interface of a wireless device, the wireless device communicatively coupled to a network system over a wireless access network; determining a differentiating attribute of the identified portion of the user interface; obtaining one or more service launch objects for placement in the identified portion of the user interface; and sending configuration information to the wireless device over the wireless access network to assist the wireless device in placing the one or more service launch objects in the identified portion of the user interface.11-01-2012
20120089917METHOD FOR PROVIDING A GUI IN WHICH THE CONNECTION RELATIONSHIPS AND THE ARRANGEMENT OF DEVICES ARE SHOWN, AND DEVICE ADOPTING SAME - A method and device for providing a Graphic User Interface (GUI) that displays connections between a plurality of devices and an arrangement of the plurality of devices, by determining connections between a plurality of devices and an arrangement between the plurality of devices; generating a GUI that displays the devices, the connections between the devices and the arrangement of the devices; and displaying the generated GUI, making it possible for a user to easily and intuitively determine the connections and arrangement of the devices that are connected to a network.04-12-2012
20100229097Method for Selecting a Communication System Assigned to a Transmission Network of an Automation System - A method for selecting a communication system assigned to a transmission network of an automation system, where a transmission network with a plurality of subscribers, connected to the transmission network, of one or more automation systems is displayed, or is capable of being displayed, on a display unit. The transmission network is assigned to a plurality of communication systems, where the plurality of communication systems are each designed or configured for communication over the transmission network between at least two of the subscribers connected to the transmission network. By selecting a selection area assigned to the transmission network on the display unit by a selection device, the plurality of communication systems assigned to the transmission network are displayed on the display unit. Subsequent to selection of the selection area assigned to the transmission network by the selection means, one of the displayed communication systems is then selectable by means of the selection means.09-09-2010
20110320952NETWORK DEVICE CAPABLE OF EDITING AND CONFIGURING SETTING INFORMATION, DEVICE CONTROLLER, NETWORK SYSTEM, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A network system enables a common setting information item and different setting information items on a plurality of network devices to be displayed, and collectively configured and edited on a Web browser on a PC. The device controller accesses a network device to acquire and display setting information on network devices. The accessed network device collects setting information from the other network devices via a network in response to the access from the device controller, generates one HTML file based on the collected setting information, and transmits the HTML file to the device controller. The setting information configured or edited on the device controller is broken up into respective sets of setting information on the network devices, and is transmitted to the other network devices as HTML files, to cause the setting information to be reflected thereon.12-29-2011
20120102407DISPLAYING BATTERY LIFE RESULTING FROM SETTING CHANGES - An indication of a remaining battery life currently available based on a current resource setting for a resource of a computing device is displayed. A user input to change the resource to a new resource setting is received, and in response to the user input an indication of the remaining battery life currently available based on the new resource setting is identified and an indication of the remaining battery life currently available based on the new resource setting is displayed. In situations where the resource is a screen of the computing device, the new resource setting can be a new screen brightness setting, and the screen brightness can be changed concurrently with displaying the remaining battery life currently available based on the new screen brightness setting.04-26-2012
20100131854GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE FOR MANAGING SERVICES IN A DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING SYSTEM - Available components that make up a distributed computing system are discovered. The available components include available hardware components and available software components that operate on the available hardware components. The available components and dependencies between the available components are graphically displayed in a map of the distributed computing system. A plurality of undeployed services is also graphically displayed. A selection of one of the plurality of undeployed services and a selection of one of the available components is received. The selected undeployed service is deployed to the selected available component.05-27-2010
20130174042DISPLAY APPARATUS, UPGRADING APPARATUS, DISPLAY SYSTEM AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A display apparatus, an upgrading apparatus, a display system, and a control method thereof. The display apparatus includes: an image processor which processes an image signal; a display which displays an image based on the processed image signal; a connector to which an upgrading apparatus for processing the image signal is connected; a controller which controls the connector to receive upgrade information about a function to be upgraded from the upgrading apparatus if the upgrading apparatus is connected to the display apparatus through the connector, and controls the display to display the received upgrade information. Thus, a user can easily recognize the functions improved or added by the upgrade as compared with that before the upgrade, and a user may become more comfortable and confident about the upgrade.07-04-2013
20130174043Remotely Configured Media Device - Improved techniques for controlling operation of a portable electronic device are disclosed. Portable electronic devices which interact with a host electronic device can have their operational settings (e.g., configurations or preferences) remotely controlled. As a result, a host electronic device can offer a more sophisticated user interface and portable electronic devices need less local user interface features because these operational settings can be remotely controlled. The remotely-controlled (i.e., host controlled) operational settings are transferred to the portable electronic devices, whereby the portable electronic devices can thereafter operate in accordance with such settings.07-04-2013
20110246898MOBILE ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - According to an aspect of the disclosure, a mobile energy management system and method includes controlling at least one network device at a site using the proximity detection of a mobile device which may be based upon the detection of a plurality of zones. Various features may be presented on a graphical user interface of the mobile device including a proximity control feature for enabling and disabling proximity detection, a set location setting for associating the current location of the mobile device with the location of the site, a set travel distance feature enabling the user to enter a travel distance within the graphical user interface, and a map which may present the location of the site, the current location of the mobile device, and the plurality of zones. The network device may be a thermostat associated with the HVAC system of the site or other energy consuming appliances.10-06-2011
20110246896METHODS, APPARATUSES, AND SYSTEMS RELATING TO AUTOMATION IN DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS - Apparatuses, systems and methods are presented. In one embodiment, the method includes receiving a graphical user interface part of a deployment file on a first computer, the deployment file configured to cause a second computer to perform a computer-implemented job. The method may also include loading the graphical user interface part of the deployment file on the first computer. Additionally, the method may include displaying an interactive graphical user interface on a display device in data communication with the first computer.10-06-2011
20080222530Navigating user interface controls on a two-dimensional canvas - Described is a technology for two-dimensional navigation among user interface controls of a canvas based on up, down, left or right navigational commands received from a two-dimensional directional input mechanism such as a D-Pad, such as on a mobile device. Navigation includes iterating over candidate controls to determine which will control be chosen receive focus based on a received navigational command, the control that currently has focus, and criteria including distance and relative position of each candidate control to the control currently having focus. Vertical distance (alignment) as well as absolute distance may be used to determine the candidate control having the least computed distance. Direction and whether the candidate control is also currently visible in a viewport when the control having focus is currently visible in the viewport are other criteria that may be used in selecting a chosen control on which focus will be set.09-11-2008
20110271196System and Method for Assisting in Remote Message Server Configuration - When a user enters an email address associated with a remote message server account in a configuration area on a display, one or more suggestions for other field inputs are made based on canonical data or historical data from a variety of users. If the user cannot find a desired entry in the suggestions, the user may enter new information. The newly entered information (once validated) improves the prediction capability for subsequent users. A database stores information associated with each email address domain name including one or more remote message server names, one or more username patterns and ranking values. When more than one suggestion for a field is presented to a user, the suggestions are ranked in accordance with the respective ranking values such as by the popularity of a particular configuration.11-03-2011
20130132850CUSTOMIZED DIAGRAMMATIC VIEW OF A NETWORK TOPOLOGY - A method includes receiving a request for network topology information for a network. The request includes an identifier for a requesting entity and an identifier for the network. The method also includes accessing network topology information for the network based on the identifier for the network. The network topology information identifies a plurality of network elements in the network and defines a relationship between the network elements. A diagrammatic view of the network topology is determined based on the network topology information for the network. The method includes determining one or more aspects of at least one network element based on the identifier for the requesting entity. The method further includes associating the one or more aspects to the at least one network element to form a customized diagrammatic view of the network topology. The method also includes providing the customized diagrammatic view of the network topology.05-23-2013
20110214060MOBILE ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - According to an aspect of the disclosure, a mobile energy management system and method includes controlling at least one network device at a site using the proximity detection of a mobile device which may be based upon the detection of a plurality of zones. Various features may be presented on a graphical user interface of the mobile device including a proximity control feature for enabling and disabling proximity detection, a set location setting for associating the current location of the mobile device with the location of the site, a set travel distance feature enabling the user to enter a travel distance within the graphical user interface, and a map which may present the location of the site, the current location of the mobile device, and the plurality of zones. The network device may be a thermostat associated with the HVAC system of the site or other energy consuming appliances.09-01-2011
20110231769Systems and Methods for Scheduling Online Access - A system for restricting online access, in one example embodiment, includes a user interface module to establish a user interface between a user and a Domain Name Server network or an Internet Service Provider. The system further includes a communication module to receive, from the user, access parameters associated with an online access restriction policy for a network. The access parameters may include one or more periods of time associated with the online access restriction policy. Based on the parameters, the system may determine which content is to be inaccessible under online access restriction policy. The system may further include an activation module to activate and deactivate the online access restriction policy. The system may restrict the content requested by a network user based on the determination that the online access restriction policy is activated and the content is inaccessible under the online access restriction policy.09-22-2011
20130151976Providing Feedback for Screen Sharing - A method, data processing system and computer program product for sharing displayed content. A content displayed on a source computer system is shared with a set of target computer systems, wherein the content is displayed on a target display on each target computer system in the set of target computer systems. In response to a change in the content displayed on the source computer system, a progress in displaying the change in the content on the target display on the each target computer system in the set of target computer systems is identified. An indication of the progress in displaying the change in the content on the target display on the each target computer system in the set of target computer systems is generated at the source computer system.06-13-2013
20100318917NETWORKED AUDIO/VIDEO SYSTEM - A system for configuring an audio/video (AV) system includes a computing device having a processor to enable a user, with a user interface of the computing device, to configure the AV system. The processor may enable the user to draw output zones to create a representation of a geographical layout of a venue in which the AV system is located. The processor may enable the user to place transmitting and receiving AV devices within the output zones that substantially represent physical locations thereof within the venue. The processor may enable the user to logically associate receiving AV device channels of one or more receiving AV devices within an output zone. The processor may also enable the user to select which of a number of source AV signals from transmitting AV devices the user wants to route to the associated output zone. The processor routes the source AV signals from one or more transmitting AV devices over a network to the one or more receiving AV device channels, such that the one or more receiving AV device channels are processed according to the output zone as configured by the user in the user interface.12-16-2010
20130191755COMMISSIONING DEVICES FOR AUTOMATION SYSTEMS - Remote commissioning for an automation system enables a retailer to sell a new device to a customer pre-configured to work together with devices that are already a part of the user's automation system. Knowledge of how the devices are likely to be used at the automation system's location, a list of existing devices already installed and how they are configured, possible input from the customer, and the end user's current usage patterns are optionally used to configure the devices before they leave the store. Assisted local commissioning for an automation device enables an end user to commission devices themselves by simplifying the installation and commissioning process. The system uses a reference database of devices that includes information on how to commission the devices along with user-manual information and pictures for physical installation, and setup instructions so the system can walk a user through the process step by step.07-25-2013
20120030574KEY-CONFIGURED TOPOLOGY WITH CONNECTION MANAGEMENT - Systems, methodologies, media, and other embodiments associated with key-configured topology connection management are described. One exemplary system embodiment includes a logic for mapping a resource to a port through which it can be accessed and a logic for determining whether a requestor will be granted a connection to the machine on which the resource resides based, at least in part, on membership in a key-configured topology. Membership in the key-configured topology may be determined by a connection management logic analyzing a key provided by the requestor in a request related to accessing the resource. The key may be internally generated by a key maintenance logic.02-02-2012
20120030573FRAMEWORK FOR AD-HOC PROCESS FLEXIBILITY - The present disclosure involves systems, software, and computer implemented methods for providing a unified runtime framework and graphical, process-centric user interface for ad-hoc business process flexibility. One process includes operations for providing process instances of one or more business processes in a process visualization user interface. A request to initiate an ad-hoc change of a selected process instance is received from the client, and client user interaction options for implementing the ad-hoc change are provided to the client. A selection of a particular user interaction option for implementing the ad-hoc change is received from the client, and the ad-hoc change is implemented.02-02-2012
20130198637CLOUD SERVICE DASHBOARD - Techniques for displaying cloud services availability and configuration information which have particular applicability in an environment where a cloud service provider offers virtual data center services to numerous commercial customers.08-01-2013
20120066605SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION DISCUSSIONS INDEXED BY SYSTEM COMPONENTS - A method provides, as part of a computer administration system, an administration interface that can operate almost any computerized device having a user interface. The computer administration system manages components of a computer system and the administration interface is operable to configure the components and to provide dynamic performance and configuration information of the components to the user as the components operate. The method provides a “commentary input” area on the administration interface while providing performance and configuration information of a specific component or a set of components. Thus, the method can receive comment(s) about the specific component(s) of the computerized system in the commentary input area. When this occurs, the method stores the comment(s) in a data store in a manner that associates the comment(s) with the specific component(s) that was being monitored. The method also automatically stores contemporaneous component data with each comment in the data store.03-15-2012
20120066604METHOD, SYSTEM AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR DYNAMIC RULE ENGINE FOR A WIND TURBINE FARM - In one aspect, embodiments of a method of configuring rules for SCADA data of a wind farm are described. One embodiment comprises receiving supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) data for a wind farm comprised of one or more wind turbines. The SCADA data includes parameters for the wind farm. At least a portion of the SCADA data for a selected group of the wind farm parameters is dynamically configured using a graphical user interface (GUI) that interfaces with a rules engine. The SCADA data is configured using one or more operators. At least a portion of the dynamically configured data is output.03-15-2012

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