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715 - Data processing: presentation processing of document, operator interface processing, and screen saver display processing


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715738000 Network resource browsing or navigating 493
715744000 Interface customization or adaption (e.g., client server) 477
715734000 Interactive network representation of devices (e.g., topology of workstations) 396
715740000 Remote operation of computing device 139
715741000 Access control or permission 100
20110209065METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONSUMER-SPECIFIC COMMUNICATION BASED ON CULTURAL NORMALIZATION TECHNIQUES - A method and system for providing consumer-specific communication based on cultural-normalization techniques. The method includes obtaining information about the consumer using an interactive interface, receiving an identification of a consumer-selected language and an output format selection, providing plain-language output information in the consumer-selected language and output format, presenting questions, by a query/interrogation unit, regarding the plain-language output information, acquiring responses to the presented questions, and ascertaining an understanding of the plain-language output information based on the acquired responses. The system includes a controller, an interactive interface unit, a format selection unit, a language selection unit providing content in a user-selected language, a query/interrogation unit, and a response evaluation unit analyzing responses to determine a user's literacy level. The response evaluation unit configured to mine, analyze, and/or parse contents of a database containing user responses to the queries.08-25-2011
20110202845SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GENERATING AND DISTRIBUTING THREE DIMENSIONAL INTERACTIVE CONTENT - A system and method for generating three dimensional images is provided. The system can include interface devices and display devices associated with each interface device. Servers operative to generate a series of three dimensional images and transmit the generated three dimensional images to the display device. If the servers receive user input from the one of the interface devices, the servers can alter the series of three dimensional images being generated and transmit the altered three dimensional images to the display device associated with the interface device.08-18-2011
20100077309Information Processing Apparatus, Information Processing Method, Information Processing System, and Program - An information processing apparatus including a meta information acquisition section for acquiring meta information of content displayed on a first display device, a specifying section for specifying network location information of information relating to the meta information, a generation section for generating display information of a screen to be displayed on a second display device, based on the network location information, and a communication section for transmitting the display information to the second display device.03-25-2010
20100077308METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISTRIBUTING GOVERNMENT AND COMMUNITY INFORMATION - A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) system having a controller to present a government representative or a community representative a graphical user interface (GUI) for entering government or community information, receive government or community information from the government or community representative, generate a notification GUI for presenting the received government or community information, identify a plurality of users of the IPTV system having interests that correlate to the government or community information, and direct the notification GUI to one or more set-top boxes (STBs) of the identified plurality of users. Other embodiments are disclosed.03-25-2010
20130080899UNIFIED DESKTOP BIG BROTHER APPLICATIONS - Methods and devices for selectively presenting a user interface or “desktop” across two devices are provided. More particularly, a unified desktop is presented across a device and a computer system that comprise a unified system. The unified desktop acts as a single user interface that presents data and receives user interaction in a seamless environment that emulates a personal computing environment. To function within the personal computing environment, the unified desktop includes a process for docking and undocking the device with the computer system. The unified desktop presents a new user interface to allow access to functions of the unified desktop.03-28-2013
20130036358NETWORK SYSTEM AND COMMUNICATION METHOD - A first terminal (02-07-2013
20090158161COLLABORATIVE SEARCH IN VIRTUAL WORLDS - In a first embodiment, first information regarding an object in a virtual world is received from a virtual world client. The first information is stored in a database. Second information regarding the object is received from a second virtual world client. The second information is then also stored in the database. In a second embodiment, a request is received from a virtual world client. Then a database is searched based on the request and based on tags corresponding to virtual world objects, wherein the tags are stored in the database, wherein the searching returns one or more tagged virtual world objects. Then the one or more tagged virtual world objects are sent to the virtual world client.06-18-2009
20100107082COMMENT DELIVERY SYSTEM, TERMINAL DEVICE, COMMENT DELIVERY METHOD, AND RECORDING MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM THEREFOR - A comment delivery server associates comment contents in which an elapsed contents playback time has been set as a comment attachment time with contents identification information, and stores these as comment information. The comment delivery server reads from a comment information storage section comment information which corresponds to contents identification information received by a contents identification information receiving section, and delivers it to a terminal device. The terminal device transmits identification information for contents targeted for playback to the comment delivery server, receives comment information transmitted from the comment delivery server, and stores the received comment information. Of the comment information stored in the comment information storage section, comments to which have been assigned a comment attachment time which corresponds to an elapsed contents playback time for the contents being played back are displayed so as to be synchronized with the elapsed contents playback time of the contents being played back.04-29-2010
20090044125Content Server Latency Demonstration - A first portion of a content page can be loaded in a first user interface, where the first portion includes content received from a publisher server. A second user interface can then be displayed. A second portion of the content page can be loaded in the second user interface, where the second portion includes one or more content items received from one or more content servers. In addition, one or more attributes associated with the one or more content items can be displayed in the second user interface.02-12-2009
20090044124METHOD, APPARATUS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR FACILITATING DATA ENTRY USING AN OFFSET CONNECTION ELEMENT - A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided for facilitating data entry into an electronic device via a touchscreen. As a user touches the touchscreen at a first location, a cursor may be displayed at that location. Because the cursor, as well as various items displayed on the touchscreen, are likely now obscured by the instrument used to touch the touchscreen, the user may sweep his or her finger away from the first location, at which point a pointer, or similar connection element, may be displayed between the cursor, which is maintained at the first location, and the second, new location of the instrument. The user may unlock the connection element and cursor, causing the connection element, and by extension the cursor, to begin moving with the instrument. The user may then move the cursor to its desired location by movement of the offset connection element.02-12-2009
20090271706METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ORGANIZING AND PLAYING DATA - The present invention provides a general solution to presenting media interface and navigation tools for content provided from a plurality of sources. The invention maintains a user at a single site regardless of the source of the media content. This permits a consistent interface to be presented to the user. Because the user remains at the same site, differences in tiered membership may be tracked so that the user is only presented with content that the user is permitted to view. The invention uses a metadata language to characterize content so that viewer type, membership level, and other information can be maintained and used for an enjoyable viewing experience.10-29-2009
20090271705Method of Displaying Interactive Effects in Web Camera Communication - To allow for greater interactivity in video chat environments, displaying multiple effects from a sender of a first electronic device to a chat client of a second electronic device on a video chat region starts with the sender selecting an effect. If the selected effect has a predetermined mapping interactive effect, the interactive effect is displayed on the chat client. Then, the sender applies the effect or the interactive effect to an application region of the video chat region of the chat client. The application region is a partial or an entire region of the video chat region.10-29-2009
20090077469System for Managing Multi-Media Content Across Multiple Software Applications - A system is provided to i) Allow a computer to access multiple streams of multi-media content, such as video, audio and RSS content; ii) put a “place holder” inside software applications into which the multi-media content can be directed; and iii) direct the multi-media content to any software application running in the foreground that contains a place holder.03-19-2009
20130067337INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD, INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, AND PROVIDING MEDIUM - The invention enables users to virtually attach information to situations in the real world, and also enables users to quickly and easily find out desired information. An IR sensor receives an IR signal transmitted from an IR beacon, and supplies the received signal to a sub-notebook PC. A CCD video camera takes in a visual ID from an object, and supplies the inputted visual ID to the sub-notebook PC. A user inputs, through a microphone, a voice to be attached to situations in the real world. The sub-notebook PC transmits position data, object data and voice data, which have been supplied to it, to a server through a communication unit. The transmitted data is received by the server via a wireless LAN. The server stores the received voice data in a database in correspondence to the position data and the object data.03-14-2013
20120117476PERFORMANCE DATA USER INTERFACE - A user interface and methods for providing a user interface comprising graphical representations of data, metrics, and other information specific to a particular user. The data, metrics, and other information may be derived from publically available information, private information, or both.05-10-2012
20120117475System And Method For Generating An Information Stream Summary Using A Display Metric - A system and method for generating an information stream summary using a display metric is provided. An information stream including a plurality of information stream items is received. A display metric is calculated for each of the plurality of information stream items. The information stream items are grouped into one or more summary objects. A size is assigned to each of the one or more summary objects and the one or more summary objects are displayed based on the assigned size.05-10-2012
20110022961Interactive User Interface - A user interface for an interactive information distribution system comprising a graphics region, a video region and a mask/reveal layer. The user interface is generated in a head end of the system as a digital bitstream and transmitted to subscriber equipment for display. Operation of the user interface is facilitated by functions on both a local level with the subscriber equipment and on a system level within the head end. One embodiment of the user interface is an interactive program guide.01-27-2011
20090265634SITUATIONAL WORKSPACES - A workspace container provides data content in a generic way with interfaces and tools common to data of different types. The container has an owner, and may include one or more activities, which each have an objective and are associated with various resources to accomplish the objective. User interaction in the container transforms the container contents and is persisted with the container. Different data types are represented uniformly from the perspective of data input, data access, and display rendering. Additionally, common tools can be embedded within the container, which receive content items and user-generated content as input to transform the container contents at a runtime of the container. The container may also be collaborative, with multiple users having access to the data content simultaneously (except for actual content collisions). The container may be exposed to another user through request-to-perform techniques as passed through a work package.10-22-2009
20090235173IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, OPERATION-SCREEN CHANGING METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM - In an image forming apparatus, a plurality of sets of flow definition data and screen definition data are stored in associated manner in a storage unit. A client device selects one of the sets of the flow definition data. Screen definition data corresponding to a process defined by the selected flow definition data is acquired from the storage unit and an editing screen is created from this screen definition data. The editing screen is sent to the client device and a predetermined operation with respect to a component of the editing screen is received from the client device. Screen definition data is created based on the changed editing screen in accordance with the predetermined operation, and the new screen definition data is stored in the storage unit so as to be associated with the flow definition data.09-17-2009
20090235172METHOD, APPARATUS, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR PROVIDING WEB SERVICE TESTING - A method, apparatus, and a computer program product for providing web service testing are provided. The apparatus may include a processor that is configured to provide a user interface for a testing tool accessible in a distributed network architecture. The processor may also be configured to receive selections of an application(s) to be tested that is accessible in a distributed network architecture, a function(s) that is associated with the selected application and a method(s) that is associated with the selected function(s). Additionally, the processor may be configured to receive selections of a test case(s) that is associated with the selected method(s). Moreover, the processor may be configured to automatically conduct the selected test case(s).09-17-2009
20090006970PRODUCT SERVICE SYSTEM AND METHOD - An appliance is configured to establish a communications link through the appliance between a user and a service representative as part of installing, diagnosing and servicing the appliance.01-01-2009
20130167034AGGREGATED, INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATION TIMELINE - Described is a technology by which an interactive timeline user interface shows communication data aggregated from various sources (e.g., a telephone service, a website, an application and/or the like) in time order. To reduce the number of items in the timeline, certain items may be combined into a compressed item, e.g., items from the same source and/or of the same type may be rolled up into a rolled up item. The user may also interact to reply to a data item. For example, an editor may be provided upon interaction with a data item in the timeline, and the type of reply that is sent may automatically match the type of data item, (e.g., a text message reply to a text message).06-27-2013
20080294994Event management system and method with calendar interface - A system and method for managing, advertising, and promoting events. Event information is collected from users and the Internet and stored in one or more databases on one or more servers. The event information is organized in the one or more databases according to various attributes and may be selectively displayed on one or more styles of calendar display interfaces, which may be in the form of a web page. The system monitors user interaction with the calendar display interfaces to charge and credit event advertisers, event promoters, and managers of event calendars.11-27-2008
20080294993Method and system for facilitating delivery of content - There is provided a method for use by a server for facilitating delivery of content to a number of display devices. Each of the display devices can include, for example, an output display and a personal computer. In one embodiment, content is received from a computer coupled to the server. The content can be, for example, an image, video, or audio data. The content is stored in a source storage file, which is associated with a number of display devices coupled to the server. A group synchronization command is then received from the computer. Thereafter, the content is provided to a group of synchronization files associated with the source storage file. The content is then transmitted from the group of synchronization storage files to the number of display devices.11-27-2008
20080294992METHODS AND APPARATUSES FOR DISPLAYING AND MANAGING CONTENT DURING A COLLABORATION SESSION - Methods and apparatuses share shared content from a presenter device with an attendee device; display the shared content on the attendee device; display an indicator associated with the shared content on the presenter device; and display a control tab configured to change a shared status.11-27-2008
20090100341ITERATIVE DEVELOPMENT OF SERVICES FROM WSDL - Iterative development of services may be provided by simultaneously developing service implementations and the corresponding WSDL description. At least one web service may be specified by WSDL code accepted as input. Output code may be created corresponding to each of the inputted web service. A graphical display item may be displayed corresponding to each inputted web service. The WSDL code, output code, and graphical display may be updated to reflect user input modifying a web service. A WSDL document and/or an output code document may be generated including modified web services.04-16-2009
20120233547PLATFORM FOR RAPID DEVELOPMENT OF APPLICATIONS - Various embodiments are directed towards a platform for rapid development of applications. A data processing application may be generated by applying templates, work streams, change entries, and user modifications to generate data processing applications. In at least one of the various embodiments, the applications may be generated based project initial instructions and by receiving and processing example data in combination with templates, change entries, and work streams. Further, in at least one of the various embodiments, modifications made to the generated applications may be preserved as change entries associated with a work stream. In at least one of the various embodiments, separate applications may be generated based on the work streams and/or change streams of other applications. In at least one of the various embodiments, if a generated application may be modified a new revision number may be associated with the modified version of the application.09-13-2012
20120266072Method And System For A Digital Diary System - A wireless communication device may generate an interactive digital diary for one or more users. The device may handle location information, multimedia data, transactions and/or secure communications via a plurality of technologies. Digital diary information may be stored internally or externally, it may be searchable and/or may comprise moving images, still images, audio, text, geographic location, entity information, time, date, transactions, financial information, consumer information, security information, user input, communications, user contacts, software applications, user profiles, scheduled events, prompts and/or reminders. The digital diary may comprise an interactive user interface which may have mapping capability and may provide link access to digital diary information and/or associated entities. User input methods may comprise screen touch, pressure sensor, key entry and/or voice. Information may be captured via a camera, microphone, geo-location data receiver, transaction write/reader, digital clock, digital calendar, key entry and/or tactile sensor.10-18-2012
20110283193METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING AN AUTOMATED CONTENT TIME-SHARING SERVICE - A method and apparatus for providing an automated content time-sharing service to a plurality of participants are disclosed. A user accesses a service platform, (e.g., via a Web site), that provides the service, and selects content, (e.g., a written, audible and/or visual work), offered by the service platform. The user interacts with the service platform for scheduling access to portions of the selected content, and identifying and grouping participants, (which may include the user), whom are to be granted access to the content portions. The user may also further interact with the service platform to generate content portion-forming information, (e.g., number and/or order of content portions). A dedicated Web space is provided for each group of participants to access and post communications about the selected content portions. The communications are then are archived according to the time interval during which the communications were posted.11-17-2011
20110283192SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DATA MANAGEMENT IN A COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A communication device and a method for data management include setting relevant information for contacts in a contact list to one or more social network applications, and confirming contacts associated with a specific social network application when the communication device runs the specific social network application. The method includes obtaining current status of the confirmed contacts from the social network application, arranging all the contacts in the contact list according to the current status of the confirmed contacts and showing the contact list in an arranged order on a display.11-17-2011
20100122172INVENTORY CONTROL SYSTEM FOR DIGITAL SIGNAGE - An inventory control system for a digital signage network is provided that uses a denormalized relational database to maintain a record of each of a plurality of screen zones for displays of the network. An inventory column in the database may be used to track scheduling assignments for each day of a calendar year. A screen zone may be given a collective duration limit that prevents assignment of media content items to that screen zone if the assignment would cause the limit to be exceeded for any of the days in the scheduling request. A screen zone may also be designated as overbookable to allow a scheduling assignment even if the limit is exceeded, or may be designated as partially bookable to allow the assignment of media content items for only those days specified in the request for which the limit would not be exceeded.05-13-2010
20090187828DEFINING AN INTERACTIVE USER INTERFACE - A system and method for defining an interactive user interface having one or more states and one or more interactive elements. An exemplary implementation of the method comprises the steps of inputting one full screen graphics of an interactive user interface for each state of the interactive user interface; defining an area within the interactive user interface for each of the one or more interactive elements, and automatically generating computer readable code or graphics enabling a graphic display of each state of each interactive element. The method may further comprise the step of storing the geometric properties and positional information of the defined area of the interactive user interface corresponding to each of the one or more interactive elements. The stored geometric properties and positional information can be used to facilitate the editing and modification of the interactive user interface.07-23-2009
20110302495Interpreting a Gesture-Based Instruction to Selectively Display A Frame of an Application User Interface on a Mobile Computing Device - In general overview, the present disclosure is directed to a system and method for selectively displaying a frame of an application user interface on a mobile computing device. A user interface analyzer on a mobile computing device analyzes a user interface for an application executing on a remote server. The user interface analyzer identifies frames in the user interface, the positions of the frames, relationships between frames, and horizontal and vertical panning offsets to move between adjacent frames. The mobile computing device receives a user input requesting the display of an adjacent frame. Based on the information the user interface analyzer obtained, the mobile computing device displays an adjacent frame of the user interface.12-08-2011
20130185641AUDIENCE PLATFORM - An audience platform is disclosed. In a first example case, a first question is received. A preference event associated with the first question is received. A score is determined for the first question based at least in part on the preference. In a second example case, indications of a first and second potential interviewee are received. Preference events associated with the first and second potential interviewees are received. Scores are determined for the first and second potential interviewees based at least in part on the received preference events. A designated interviewee is selected based on the first and second scores. In a third example case, indications of a first and second potential awardee are received. Preference events associated with the first and second potential awardee are received. Scores are determined for the first and second potential awardees based at least in part on the received preference events.07-18-2013
20110289415IMAGE COMPARISON BASED ON CHECKSUMS - A method including dividing a first image into first sub-images; calculating a first checksum value for each of the first sub-images; dividing a second image into second sub-images; calculating a second checksum value for each of the second sub-images; comparing the first checksum values with the second checksum values; and determining whether one or more differences in checksum values exist between the first checksum values and the second checksum values and correspondingly whether one or more differences exist between the first sub-images and the second sub-images.11-24-2011
20110296308MOBILE TERMINAL AND CONTROLLING METHOD THEREOF - According to an embodiment of the present invention, a mobile teriiiinal includes a display unit configured to display at least one display data, a communication unit configured to exchange the at least one display data externally, and a controller configured to establish a data path to an external display device via the communication unit, to control the at least one display data displayed on the display unit to be transmitted to and to be displayed on the external display device via the data path, and to determine whether to transmit the at least one display data according to a privacy property, wherein the privacy property indicates whether a sharing restriction is set for each of the at least one display data.12-01-2011
20080270906METHOD AND SYSTEM TO SHARE CONTENT - In one embodiment, a method is provided. The method comprises at the instance of a publishing user, receiving a location on a network at which content to be shared is located; making the location known to a group of users; and or each user in the group, providing an indication to the publishing user of whether that user has accessed the content.10-30-2008
20100005394METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR COLLABORATIVE VIEWING - A method and apparatus for dynamically sharing information between viewers viewing an event, in which information is stored in a database and is being pushed from server to viewers according to a time-line. Additional information is uploaded to the server by the users, a display device associated with each user displays the main event, a billboard comprising data pushed from a server, a private area in which the user can display or manipulate data, and a shared area displaying information contributed by any of the users. The billboard data and the shared area data optionally comprise prioritized and current data which corresponds with the state and subject of the broadcast event.01-07-2010
20090144627AUTONOMIC WORKSPACE ESTABLISHMENT THROUGH SOCIAL NETWORK DISCOVERED RELATIONSHIPS - Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to collaborative computing and provide a method, system and computer program product for autonomically configuring a workspace in a collaborative computing environment. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for autonomically configuring a workspace in a collaborative computing environment can be provided. The method can include identifying a subject user and corresponding workspace in the collaborative environment, locating within a social network a related user for the subject user, retrieving a workspace configuration for the related user, and applying the workspace configuration to the corresponding workspace of the subject user.06-04-2009
20100070866METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR TREATING PRESENCE - A method for treating presences is performed as follows. A watcher uses “subscribe” in requesting to subscribe presences of contact persons, and the updated presences of the contact persons are transmitted by “notify” to the watchers through a filtering scheme. The filtering scheme is based on GUI display of the watchers, the last accessing time of the contact persons, and/or the auto leave status of the watcher.03-18-2010
20090292994AUTOMATED CONTENT TRACKING AND CONVERSION - Source file information is associated with source file content in response to a copy operation of the source file content from a source file. An automated conversion of the source file content to a form compatible with a target file is performed based upon differences between the source file information and target file information in response to a paste operation.11-26-2009
20100169785Methods and Systems for Interacting with an Imaging Device - Aspects of the present invention are related to systems and methods for remote interaction with an imaging device.07-01-2010
20090037822CONTEXT-AWARE SHARED CONTENT REPRESENTATIONS - Systems and methods for providing context-aware content representations are disclosed. In general, the context-aware content representations are visual representations presented in association with a content representation host representative of a user or, alternatively, some other entity. The context-aware content representations are indicative of content made accessible by the user or of interest to the user and are additionally influenced by context. The context may be, for example, topics of social interactions such as text-based or voice-based conversations, device information descriptive of a device on which the accessible content is stored or through which the content is accessible, physical location, location within a virtual world, content access information related to content accessed by the user or entity represented by the content representation host or accessed by another user through the content representation host, or the like.02-05-2009
20090100342Method and system for presenting address and mapping information - A method and apparatus for mapping address information (e.g. locations denoted by name or address, street addresses, landmarks, etc.) off of disparate sources and onto new or existing maps, are disclosed. A mapping component (e.g. a standalone application, a web-browser plug-in, an ActiveX control, a DLL, a COM object, a web object, a part of a an application displaying and/or generating maps, etc.) running on an electronic device (e.g. personal computer, workstation, thin client, PDA, cellular phone, GPS device, etc.) may receive input of address information and relay the received input to a mapping application (e.g. an online mapping service such as Google Maps®, Yahoo! Maps®, Windows Live Search Maps®, MapQuest®, etc.; or a mapping application running locally on a PDA, cell phone, etc.) for plotting on a common map, displayed by a map-display application (e.g. a browser, a web user agent, etc.). A mapping component may have a permanent visibility to the user (e.g. by being a top-most application in a windowed environment, by being present in a portion of the user's desktop that is commonly unobstructed by other applications such as the system tray, by being a widget, by being a control on a browser toolbar, etc.) A mapping component may be a module of a display application. A mapping component may receive user input directly, for example by typing; and/or via the clipboard, for example via a drag-and-drop or copy/paste operation or a pre-determined key combination; and/or via the use of context menus; and/or by any other means supported by the electronic device. A mapping component may aggregate multiple received address information prior to relaying the aggregated address information to a mapping application and/or a map-display application. A mapping component may parse, or otherwise process the location data prior to relaying the location data to a mapping application and/or a map-display application. The user may select an existing map for receiving the input; or, the optimal map for displaying the address information may be selected automatically; or, a mapping service may associate the user with stored maps and select the optimal map for receiving the address information.04-16-2009
20090150787DATA PROCESSING DEVICE - A data processing device is connected to a web data providing unit that provides web data via a network. The web data has at least one of first web data and second web data corresponding to the first web data. A screen reader can be installed on the data processing device. The displaying unit displays the web data. The screen reader voices the first web data displayed on the displaying unit and fails to voice the second web data displayed on the displaying unit. The acquiring unit acquires the web data from the web data providing unit. The determining unit determines, based on visually impaired information indicating that the user is a visually impaired, whether or not the acquiring unit should acquire the first web data from the web data providing unit even if the user instructs the acquiring unit to acquire the second web data from the web data providing unit.06-11-2009
20090150786Media content tagging on a social network - Tagging media content based on ratings by users of a computer implemented social network and recommending the tagged media content are provided. Content modules containing audio, video, or audio-video content are accessible to users of a social network. Each user of the social network has an updatable user profile with one or more user attributes to characterize the current state of the user. The users can rate the content modules with ratings related to the user attributes. Characterization of a content module is accomplished by the accumulation of user ratings for the content module and assigning one or more tags to the content module. The tags are also related to the user attributes. The content module tags and user attributes are used to recommend one or more content modules to the user. Content module rankings based on the tags and user attributes are also provided.06-11-2009
20100122173TRUSTED RELATIONSHIPS IN MULTIPLE ORGANIZATION SUPPORT IN A NETWORKED SYSTEM - Some embodiments of supporting trusted relationships between multiple organizations in a networked system have been presented. In one embodiment, a centralized server manages a networked system, which includes the centralized server and a set of computing machines coupled to each other within an internal network of a customer. The centralized server may segregate data and encapsulating resources within the networked system by a set of organizations created by the customer. Furthermore, a trusted relationship defined by a system administrator of the centralized server may be applied to a first one and a second one of the set of organizations.05-13-2010
20120110458Mobile Content Capture and Discovery System based on Augmented User Identity - A system and a method is provided for collecting information and discovery of the information based on an augmented user identity. A note creation function allows a user of a computer device to create notes. A note interaction function allows the user to interact with notes and/or Cloud information available via the Internet. An annotiation function annotates content to the notes, which could be context traits and/or user identity traits. User identity traits are augmented through information obtained from the creation process and/or the interaction process with notes or Cloud information. Using a discovery function, notes can be discovered for a user from a note database/store using aspects of the context traits and/or the augmented user identity traits.05-03-2012
20100125796CONTENT PUBLISHING SYSTEM, PUBLISHING METHOD FOR A CONTENT PUBLISHING SYSTEM, AND PUBLISHING TERMINAL - A content publishing system, a publishing method for a content publishing system, and a publishing terminal provide a service that is particularly convenient for the customer. A content publishing system SY having a plurality of publishing terminals 05-20-2010
20130219278Transferring of Communication Event - A method and system for transferring a communication event between a remote user device and a first user device from the first user device to a second, alternate user device is described. The method comprises capturing with a visual motion recognition component a first input from a user of the first user device conducting the communication event, the first input being a physical gesture made by a user to indicate a desire to transfer the communication event. A set of user devices in physical proximity to the user is detected, and a second physical gesture made by the user is captured to select one of the set of devices. The communication event is then transferred to the selected device.08-22-2013
20120066603SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR INTERACTIVELY DISPLAYING USER IMAGES - In accordance with the present invention, an interactive user display application is provided. The application displays and refreshes images that are intended to represent users or members of a social network or other web-based service. Using these images, the interactive user display application allows a user of the application to interact with other users or their profiles while viewing their images or while interacting with or consuming media.03-15-2012
20110197132Cloud Desktop System with Multi-Touch Capabilities - The present invention provides a collaborative tool which is a distributed multi-touch cloud-connected desktop tool comprising a client application and/or webtop with an integrated immersive Natural User Interface adapted for any input device having a touch screen. Thanks to the invention users can access their desktops from everywhere, at anytime and from any capable device, as the desktop is multiplatform and can be accessed from mobile devices, web browsers or from desktops as standalone application without the necessity of a desktop computer. Thanks to the invention, users can share digital content, edit it and interact with it in a cooperative and collaborative manner while still able to individually and independently arrange objects and/or applications in each of the clients for the best convenience of each user.08-11-2011
20100083118TIERED WEB CONFERENCE - In a tiered web conference method and system, a presenter is able to add material of the presenter's presentation to the material of another presenter's presentation in real-time and is able to broadcast both presentations to a targeted audience. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a secondary presentation that adds material to an original presentation, wherein the original presentation is provided by a first user, and the secondary presentation is provided by a second user; and displaying the original presentation and the secondary presentation simultaneously to a target group of viewers.04-01-2010
20090063983SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REPRESENTING CONTENT, USER PRESENCE AND INTERACTION WITHIN VIRTUAL WORLD ADVERTISING ENVIRONMENTS - A control system renders a shared virtual environment to one or more users and obtains metadata associated with content accessed by the users. Representations based on the gathered metadata are provided to a viewing user, and may include visual elements serving as host, content and/or presence representations. Applicable representations are identified from a plurality of defined possible content representations based on the metadata associated with and obtained for a hosting user. The representations may be descriptive of a variety of parameters, including but not limited to the type, timing, nature or other parameters associated with content currently being accessed by a hosting user, content available from the hosting user, a future schedule for content access, time remaining for the hosting user to remain within a shared virtual environment, the hosting user's social network status relative to the viewing user. Presence representations may be displayed to provide information on a hosting user's presence availability within a shared virtual environment elative to one or more determined time slots.03-05-2009
20100100823Method and apparatus for generating a web-based user interface - A method and apparatus for generating a user interface comprising generating an interface information packet comprising user interface information readable by a script-based application, sending the interface information packet to a client device, and generating a user interface of the client device via a display engine in accordance with the interface information packet.04-22-2010
20090049387METHOD AND SYSTEM TO CONTROL OPERATION OF A PORTLET - A method to control a portlet associated with a portal page may include deactivating a selected portlet in response to operating a deactivation feature. The method may also include reactivating the selected portlet in response to operating a reactivation feature. The method may also include freezing a portlet content in the selected portlet in response to deactivating the selected portlet. The method may further include disabling hyperlinks, buttons and other inputs to the selected portlet in response to deactivating the selected portlet. The method may further include reconfiguring a portal server to ensure that a portlet content of a selected portlet cannot be affected while the selected portlet is deactivated.02-19-2009
20090063984Customized today module - A method and apparatus for customizing content presented to individual users or user segments is provided. There may be three components, a web portal and toolbar component, a modeling component, and a scoring component. The web portal and toolbar component presents content items and collects data. The web portal and toolbar component generates user event data based on the user actions. The user event data is forwarded to the modeling component. The modeling component generates content scoring functions based on user event data and attributes of content items. Content scoring functions may be unique to individual user segments. The content scoring functions based on content features generate probability a content item will be viewed. The scoring component decides which content items are placed in a portal. The scoring component uses the scoring functions generated by the modeling component to rank content items in real time.03-05-2009
20110173540DYNAMIC USER INTERFACE FOR WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICES - A user interface for a wireless communication device has a visual interface that includes multiple visual elements representing events of the same type where non-textual visual characteristics represent unique information of the events. Accordingly, the visual interface includes at least a first visual element representing a first event occurring at a wireless communication device and a second visual element representing a second event occurring at the wireless communication device and being of the same event type as the first event. The first visual element has a first non-textual visual characteristic representing first information related to the first event and the second visual element has a second non-textual visual characteristic representing second information related to the second event different from the first information. The event type is one of a received email event, a transmitted email event, a voice mail event, a missed call event, a received text message event, a sent text message event, a dialed call event, or a received call event.07-14-2011
20090241029METHOD FOR COLLABORATIVE DISPLAY OF GEOGRAPHIC DATA - Embodiments of the present invention recite a method for collaborative display of geographic data. In one embodiment, a configuration file is created which defines how geographic data collected by a geographic data collection device is to be displayed by an office application. The configuration file is used to create a geographic data file in which collected geographic data is formatted to visually convey information about a geographic feature. The office application then accesses the geographic data file and automatically displays the geographic feature in a manner which is consistent with the configuration file.09-24-2009
20090089679INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM STORING INFORMATION PROCESSING PROGRAM - An information processing device includes a storage component that stores browsing screen data that is provided at an external device and create a browsing screen that is displayed on a display of the external device as a result of the external device interpreting and executing the browsing screen data; an acquisition component that acquires content update data for updating the browsing screen data; and an update component that updates the browsing screen data based on the content update data.04-02-2009
20100138748Wireless Network Access to Remote Computer - A wireless mobile device includes a processor configured to perform steps for accessing a remote computer. The steps performed by the processor include sending an access request to the remote computer using a transmitter to initiate a remote access session with the remote computer, and receiving display data from the remote computer in response to the access request using a receiver. The steps further include receiving user input data in response to the display data, and sending the user input data to the remote computer using the transmitter.06-03-2010
20090276712Safety awareness system - The disclosure describes, in one aspect, a method of providing notification data. A user can input notification data at a terminal in response to one or more prompts. The notification data is transmitted from the terminal to a centralized server. The centralized server stores the notification data. The centralized server may be polled to obtain the notification data stored by the centralized server. Finally, notification display systems display a visual indication of the notification data.11-05-2009
20090282342System and method for travel plan monitoring and notification - A system and method are provided that include accessing an online data source, obtaining first travel information relating to a reservation made by a user, and storing the first travel information. The method also includes obtaining and storing second travel information relating to a second reservation made by the user. The method further includes determining and storing trip information from the first and second travel information. The trip information relates to a trip planned by the user and the trip is associated with the first and second reservations. The method may include accessing the online data source repeatedly at a programmable interval.11-12-2009
20090300503METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR NETWORK-BASED AUGMENTATIVE COMMUNICATION - The present invention discloses a method and system of augmentative communication which employs a server, a network, and a client device to generate augmentative communication output on the client device. A user on the client device receives augmentative communication output by generating a request directed to the server, which the server receives through the network. The server retrieves the requested augmentative communication content from storage and outputs it to the client device through the network. In one mode of operation, augmentative communication content is outputted directly from the server to one or more means for generating perceptible output on the client device. In a second mode of operation, the augmentative communication content is provided to the client device as a set of augmentative communication pages, whereby once the client device has received the set of pages, the connection to the server is no longer needed. Thus, the present invention provides the user with augmentative communication output that is portable, accessible from multiple devices, and requires little storage space or processing power from the user's device. A network-based method and system for creating and editing augmentative communication pages is also provided.12-03-2009
20100299603User-Customized Subject-Categorized Website Entertainment Database - A dynamic website database system constructs, maintains and rank orders a searchable database of media works. Each media work is assigned attributes that relate to subject matter categories, in addition to general entertainment ratings. The system rank orders each media work separately in each applicable category. Users access the website over the Internet and categorize the media works in the database, add new titles to the database, and rank them by category. Users search for media works of interest by category and by rank within the category and rent or purchase media works and related items through the website. Bloggers, discussion forums, and informational links draw individuals passionate about a given subject to the site and cause them to form virtual associations, which are ready made sources for evaluating, financing and developing new media works and marketing and selling existing media works.11-25-2010
20090006971PORTAL PAGE GENERATION - A solution for generating a portal page based on a data item. In particular, one or more portlets are selected from a set of available portlets based on the data item. The selected portlet(s) are then included on the portal page, which can be provided to a user device for display. The data item can be provided to a content provider for the portlet in order to generate the display area for the portlet. Information on the user and/or user device can be used when selecting the one or more portlets for inclusion on the portal page.01-01-2009
20080250322EXPANDING A SOCIAL NETWORK BY THE ACTION OF A SINGLE USER - Techniques for creating a social network are provided. Private relationships that are established (e.g., in the context of instant messaging) may become public by the action of a single user. Each user determines whether they want to be “social” to (or discoverable by) friends of the user's friends. For example, user A is a friend of (i.e., has established a relationship with) user B and user B is a friend of user C, but user A and user C are not friends of each other (i.e., user A and user C have not established a relationship with each other). If user C unilaterally takes an action, then user A is able to see that user C is a friend of user B. User A may then take further actions to attempt to establish a relationship with user C or otherwise contact user C.10-09-2008
20080276178Adjusting media display in a personal display system based on perspective - A personal display system with which a user may adjust the configuration of displayed media is provided. The personal display system may include an electronic device operative to provide media to a personal display device operative to display the received media. Using one or more optical and digital components, the personal display device may adjust displayed media to overlay features of a theater, thus giving the user of the personal display device the impression of being in the theater. In some embodiments, the personal display device may receive a user selection of a seat in the theater from which to watch the media, and may adjust the media display accordingly. In some embodiments, the personal display device may detect the user's movements using one or more sensors and may adjust the displayed image based on the user's movements. For example, the device may detect a user's head movement and cause the portion of media displayed to reflect the head movement.11-06-2008
20080276177Tag-sharing and tag-sharing application program interface - Various embodiments provide a mechanism by which a user's tags can be shared across a variety of web sites, applications or services, in addition to those web sites where a particular tag may have been created. In one or more embodiments, an application program interface (API) is provided and exposes one or more methods by which a user's tags can be exposed. Once a user's tags are exposed and discoverable, various services and information can be provided which are tailored to a particular individual as a function of their tags.11-06-2008
20120297305PRESENTING OR SHARING STATE IN PRESENCE - Presentation and/or sharing status related information about a user is provided through a presence channel to alert existing or potential participants in a communication session. When the user is in a display sharing environment, giving a presentation, or sharing a display screen with other users, his/her state is detected. A presence status display may then be provided to other users in communication with the user or attempting to establish a communication session with the user alerting them that the user has duplicated their display onto other screens or display devices or has shared their desktop with one or more other users. A number of heuristics may be employed to determine presenting or sharing state of the user such as detection of display sharing, active presentation applications, calendar entries, active communication applications, facial detection through image capture devices, and the like.11-22-2012
20090265633Network gateway for a vehicle - The present invention relates to the network gateway for the vehicle sharing the contents between all display units of an inside-vehicle. For this, the invention includes an interface connecter which is connected respectively to at least one or more display units that receive a user command and display the process result for the user command; and a controller which shares a contents by transmitting the contents from a specific display unit to another display unit in case it is commanded to perform the contents sharing from the specific display unit through the interface connecter.10-22-2009
20080282170TEMPORARY COMMUNICATION AREAS FOR A COMPUTER USER INTERFACE - Techniques are disclosed for displaying information to a user on a display device of a computer system. In one general aspect, a first view is displayed on the display device, where the first view has at least a first work area. In response to the receipt of a first input received by the computer system, a second view is displayed on the display device. The second view includes the first work area and a temporary communication area, or “pop-in window,” included within the first work area. The temporary communication area has a defined function associated therewith requiring input from a user. The temporary communication area may close after the user provides the necessary input and the defined function is performed.11-13-2008
20080282169Multi-user interactive web-based searches - A method for multiple users to jointly interact with web-based search results is provided. Selections of the search results by a user are immediately communicated to other users. Viewing options may be customized on a per-user basis for greater individual control over viewing the results. Results may be further acted upon to complete transactions. Individual results are easily referenced in chat windows. Status of query and transactions are communicated to all users.11-13-2008
20080209330System and Method for Collaborative and Interactive Communication and Presentation over the Internet - A novel interactive system for E-learning and Tele-conferencing via the Internet is described that integrates video, audio, slides, text and other required means of communication in a simple to use platform. The system allows presenter to poll audience and see the results. The system records the session for future Video-On-Demand viewing. The KZO platform could be locally installed at customer premise or it could be located in KZO or other service provider hubs. The video and audio streaming is based on open-source Flash technology, or any other similar technologies.08-28-2008
20080209328User interface annotations - Some embodiments of user interface annotations have been presented. In one embodiment, comments are retrieved from a database coupled to a client machine executing an application program, wherein subjects of the comments comprise at least one of a graphical user interface (GUI) of the application program and one or more user interface (UI) elements in the GUI. Then annotations of the comments are presented on the GUI.08-28-2008
20080209329SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SHARING DATA - To share stored data with a recipient, a communication identifying the recipient may be received, the stored data to be shared with the recipient may be automatically determined from the received communication, and presentation of a human-readable card, which includes both textual and graphical information, may be caused. The human-readable card may be caused to be presented in substantially its entirety on a display of a mobile handheld computing device employed by the recipient.08-28-2008
20080209327Persistent spatial collaboration - Persistent, spatial collaboration on the web supports a free-form, user-intuitive approach to a variety of projects and activities. Users can place differing object types at any time any where on a web page and/or the system can automatically, and with no user effort, affect object placement based on one or more meta data characteristics. A user can, in real-time, see changes made by another user to a web page, and, if desired, react accordingly, enabling true collaboration even if the various users are at remote locations. The flexibility of the methodology and system provides a platform for users to engage in projects and activities in a manner and environment suited to the users' mind sets, creativity, and natural proclivities.08-28-2008
20110271195METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ALLOCATING CONTENT COMPONENTS TO DIFFERENT HARDWARD INTERFACES - A method and apparatus are described that facilitate mobile device interoperability with a remote environment. A method may be provided that may determine, for each of a plurality of content components of a user interface, a respective hardware interface via which to transmit the content component. The method may also generate meta-information associated with at least one of the content components to facilitate recomposition of the content component and may cause the plurality of content components and the meta-information to be transmitted via the respective hardware interfaces with at least two of the content components being transmitted via different hardware interfaces. A method may also be provided that receives a plurality of streams of content components and meta-information via different respective hardware interfaces, recomposes the content components in accordance with the meta-information to form a unified user interface and causes a display to be presented of the unified user interface.11-03-2011
20090158160METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IMPLEMENTING AVATAR MODIFICATIONS IN ANOTHER USER'S AVATAR - A method and apparatus that implements avatar modifications to another user's avatar from a first mobile communication device is disclosed. The method may include selecting an avatar modification to relating to a user of a second mobile communication device based on input from a user, and sending a signal to initiate transmission of selected avatar modification to at least one of the second mobile communication device, an avatar management server, and a plurality of mobile communication devices wherein the user's avatar modification may be viewed by other mobile communication device users.06-18-2009
20080270908Systems And Methods For Contacting An Acquaintance - Systems and methods are disclosed enabling users to post searchable data, such as information about themselves and others as well as details of a personal encounter such as the date, time and place where it occurred, to a user interface in a computer network. Search and match quality tools generate possible encounter matches based on comparisons of the information posted by a first and second user and provide potential matches ranked by quality of the match. Accordingly, the system and methods provide a place where people can post information about previous encounters (or proposed future encounters), lost contacts, and the like and to contact the potential encounter subject. This Abstract is provided for the sole purpose of allowing a reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the disclosure contained herein and should not be used to interpret or to limit the scope or meaning of the claims.10-30-2008
20080270907METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING INFORMATION THROUGH NETWORK - Provided is a method and apparatus for providing information through a network. The method of providing information through a network includes: setting correspondence relations between first information, that is provided in a network site and a user wants to acquire through the network, and the appearance of an application; requesting a server for the first information and receiving a response; analyzing second information included in the response; and displaying the second information by manipulating the appearance of the application, according to the correspondence relations without visiting the network site or activating another application.10-30-2008
20100138747Interactive Digital Media Frame - The present invention allows for a content provider to interact with a user on a Digital Media Frame (DMF) in real time is disclosed.06-03-2010
20090089678SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CREATING TOPIC NEIGHBORHOOD VISUALIZATIONS IN A NETWORKED SYSTEM - A computer-implemented system and method for creating topic neighborhoods and a visualization for related topic neighborhoods in a networked system are disclosed. The apparatus in an example embodiment includes a neighborhood generator configured to receive an explicit identification of a topic for association with a neighborhood; create a neighborhood in association with the explicitly identified topic; gather neighborhood information related to the neighborhood from sources related to the topic; and provide access to the neighborhood via a neighborhood visualization on a webpage.04-02-2009
20120198342AUTOMATIC GENERATION OF TASK SCRIPTS FROM WEB BROWSING INTERACTION HISTORY - Embodiments of the invention relate to automatically identifying web browsing tasks based on a web browsing interaction history. According to one embodiment of the invention, a web browsing interaction history of a user is analyzed to identify web browsing actions associated with web sites. Abstracted action sequences for the web browsing actions that are identified are generated, and action subsequences for the abstracted action sequences are generated. A similarity between each of the action subsequences is determined, and similar action subsequences are designated as a web browsing task.08-02-2012
20110209064SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING VIRTUAL DESKTOP EXTENSIONS ON A CLIENT DESKTOP - The system and method described herein may identify one or more virtual desktop extensions available in a cloud computing environment and launch virtual machine instances to host the available virtual desktop extensions in the cloud. For example, a virtual desktop extension manager may receive a virtual desktop extension request from a client desktop and determine whether authentication credentials for the client desktop indicate that the client desktop has access to the requested virtual desktop extension. In response to authenticating the client desktop, the virtual desktop extension manager may then launch a virtual machine instance to host the virtual desktop extension in the cloud and provide the client desktop with information for locally controlling the virtual desktop extension remotely hosted in the cloud.08-25-2011
20090164908USING A SCALABLE GRAPHICS SYSTEM TO ENABLE A GENERAL-PURPOSE MULTI-USER COMPUTER SYSTEM - A graphics system is disclosed. The graphics system includes at least one GPU (graphics processing unit) for processing a compute workload. The graphics system uses a multi-user manager for allocating the compute workload capability for each one of a plurality of users. Each user will use an access terminal.06-25-2009
20090164907DATA DISPLAY METHODS AND SYSTEMS - Data display methods and systems for use in an electronic device are provided. First, data is provided. Then, a display format is determined according to a browsing mode of the electronic device, and the data is displayed based on the display format.06-25-2009
20090055747Method and System for Controlled Access to Profile Information for Non-Affiliated Users Over a Network - An information management and distribution system is disclosed. The information management and distribution system includes a client-side application and a server application that interact to facilitate the controlled exchange of contact information over a network. The client-side application can provide creation and design, rolodex, exchange, and update features. The information management and distribution system can also include a corporate administrator application. Still another aspect of the invention is that contact information can be distributed to registered users in a common format.02-26-2009
20090144628INTERNET INTERFACE & INTEGRATION LANGUAGE SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system for generating, on a user terminal, a user interface having at least two interface items, where the system is configured to store at least two sets of data each corresponding to the interface items. A first set of data includes data for generating and controlling the performance of an operation associated with a first of interface items, and a second said set of data includes data for generating and controlling the performance of an operation associated with a second of the interface items. When a user interacts with the first interface item, the system is configured to perform the action associated with the first interface item, independent of the second interface item and without performing any other action corresponding to the user interface.06-04-2009
20090024928System for object-oriented data management of securities trends - The invention relates to a system for processing electronic data which is transmitted from a host computer to a client computer which converts the electronic data into a target format which differs from the format in which the data was received at the host computer. With the system, stock market-relevant information is to be made accessible, intuitive, and quickly grasped by market laypersons and promotes risk-free and motivating learning of the market's ground rules and an understanding of their complex mechanisms within the stock exchange. The system includes modules to receive and store data on a host computer to convert the data received at the host computer by a conversion rule into an object-oriented data format, to transmit the converted data to a client computer, its display unit reproducing the transmitted data as graphical objects; and to interactively process the transmitted data on the client computer.01-22-2009
20090199104IDEA COLLABORATION METHOD - A method of ranking user reputation in a multi-user network includes using a display interface to display various concepts for discussion to multiple users of the network. The method includes receiving, from a first registered user via a data interface, a discussion post and a ranking for one of the displayed concepts. Other registered users submit responses to the first registered user's discussion post, such that each response includes an indication of whether the response is positive or negative. The method includes determining, via a processing device, a reputation rank for the first registered user. The reputation rank calculation is based on a number of discussion posts received from that registered user, as well as a number of positive responses received from the other registered users for the first registered user's discussion posts. The method includes displaying the reputation rank to the registered users via the display interface.08-06-2009
20090199103SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTO-GENERATING THREADS ON WEB FORUMS - Methods and systems for auto-generating threads on web forums are described. Comments are received on web content contained on a web page within a web site, where the web site further includes a web forum. The comments can be monitored to determine if a comment threshold is reached, and a web content thread can be auto-generated in the web forum when the comment threshold is reached.08-06-2009
20090199102COMMUNICATION METHOD, APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR A RETAIL ORGANIZATION - A data communication method and apparatus for a retail organization is disclosed. In the method an intermediate data processing entity generates a set of data for sending to at least one mobile terminal based on data from at least one data processing device associated with the retail organization and send the generated set of data to the at least one mobile terminal. At least one mobile terminal may send user data to the intermediate data processing entity. Upon receipt of user data from at least one mobile terminal the received user data is processed in the intermediate data processing entity to determine if data is to be communicated from the intermediate data processing entity. If it is determined that communication of data is needed, data can be communicated to at least one of a data processing device associated with the retail organization and at least one mobile terminal.08-06-2009
20120144306METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INTERACTING OR COLLABORATING WITH EXPLORATION - Embodiments of the present disclosure may include methods, systems, and computer-readable media that enable executing oilfield software on a first computing device; communicably coupling the first computing device with a second computing device, the second computing device comprising a touch interface; receiving input from a user via the touch interface; and causing the oilfield software to perform an action in response to the input. Embodiments of the present disclosure may also include methods, systems, and computer-readable media that enable presenting a result of the action via a second touch interface of a third computing device communicably coupled to at least one of the first and second computing devices.06-07-2012
20090063985SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CREATING AND MANAGING LABEL CONTENT - A system and method for creating and managing content for a plurality of labels, includes a database containing images of the labels and a server accessible to a plurality of customers over a network. A traffic manager module provides a user interface to a customer for review and approval of the labels following changes of the labels. An asset manager module provides a user interface for accessing the images and a current inventory status of each of the plurality of labels. The database further includes a plurality of label fields having a family level, a product level and a SKU level of data that have hierarchical relationships such that plurality of label fields use the family level of data unless exception data is present at the product or SKU levels of data. A content manager module allows simple family level and product level changes to the label content.03-05-2009
20090063986SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR VERIFYING AN ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT - A system for verifying an electronic document, including a first device comprising a first display, a first interface and a first displaying program for displaying the electronic document on the first display, a second device comprising a second display, a second interface and a second displaying program, a communication channel between the first interface and the second interface, wherein the first and the second device are operable to exchange the electronic document and wherein the system comprises a selection function, the selection function for selecting a part of the electronic document and generating position information of the selected part of the electronic document, and wherein the second displaying program is operable to lock the electronic document after the exchange with the first device and display the selected part of the electronic document on the second display.03-05-2009
20120079388SYSTEM AND METHOD OF USER SUBMITTED COMPETITION - A system and process for user submitted competition is disclosed. The system may include an electronic venue, a server coupled to the electronic venue, a network, and a processor coupled to the electronic venue and the processor. The electronic venue may be configured to display user submissions. The processor may be configured to present two or more user submissions matched against one another in a competition. The process may include displaying a plurality of user submissions in a competition on a host website and providing a voting mechanism for selecting one of the user submissions. A winner may be displayed based on the results of the voting mechanism.03-29-2012
20090083634MULTIMEDIA CONTROL AND DISTRIBUTION ARCHITECTURE - In one embodiment, a multimedia control and distribution architecture is provided. A media server/controller generates a plurality of graphics signals, each graphics signal including a separate user interface to be displayed on a particular device, such as a touch screen unit. A universal extender (UVX) coupled to the media server/controller converts and extends the graphics signals for transmission on a plurality of universal transmission pathways. Each of the plurality of devices receives a graphic signal passed thereto, displays graphics embodied in the graphics signals, and accept user input in response to the graphics signal. For example, the one or more touch screen units may accept a user touch and pass a location of the user touch back on a universal transmission pathway to the UVX, for transmission to the media server/controller. The media server/controller generates control commands and provides the control commands.03-26-2009
20090083633SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONSOLIDATING MULTIPLE TRANSACTIONS - A system for initiating multi-faceted transactions facilitating ancillary services includes a server connected to a network, a database, and a web-based interface configured to allow interaction between the server and a first user connected to the network, wherein the server is configured to receive, store, secure, and back-up data, format the data into at least one of a plurality of formats, transmit the formatted data to at least a first service provider connected to the network. A method for integrating business transactions includes providing an established group of services, uploading customer data to a database securely through a web-based interface, formatting the customer data to reflect at least one industry specification, and transmitting the formatted customer data to at least one service provider, the service provider representing one of the established group of services.03-26-2009
20110231767METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRESENTING CONTENT - A method and apparatus is disclosed for providing content to a user. The method includes using sensor data from multiple sensors associated with the user to determine a trigger event, determining content associated with the trigger event, and causing the content to be presented to the user. A trigger rule is created which defines the trigger event, representing when content is to be presented. A number of different types of event criteria may be defined, such as position event criteria, movement event criteria, timing or duration criteria, time and/or date criteria, heart rate criteria, or the like, allowing each of the event criteria to be associated with a respective type of sensor. Also disclosed is a method and apparatus for charging for providing content to a user.09-22-2011
20090100344MAINFRAME-BASED BROWSER - In various embodiments, a programmable apparatus for use in a computing environment is provided. The apparatus may include a browser configured for viewing at least the following portions of a mainframe system: at least one enterprise architecture framework (EAI) component of an EAI framework operatively associated with the mainframe system; an extensible language tag name including at least one of an associated default value or an edit table identification; an edit table entry.04-16-2009
20090100343METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING OBJECTS IN A DISPLAY ENVIRONMENT - A system for managing an object base on a criterion in a display environment, includes a condition analysis unit which selects the object having metadata information corresponding to condition information of the criterion, and a display manager which manages an arrangement of the object according to an arrangement of the criterion with respect to the display environment.04-16-2009
20090222732SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SERVER-DIRECTED DOCUMENT INPUT VIA A DOCUMENT PROCESSOR INTERFACE - The subject application is directed to a system and method for server-directed document input via a document processor interface. A thin client interface is generated on a graphical display associated with a document processing device via a web server. The document processing device is controlled via a controller using software instructions. User instructions relative to a scanning operation are then received and data corresponding to the user instructions is communicated to the server via a network interface. The server receives the user instructions and generates device control instructions. The control instructions are communicated to the controller of the processing device. Operation of a scanner integrated with the processing device is commenced and scanning is performed of an electronic document from a tangible document positioned on the scanner according to the device control instructions. The electronic document is communicated from the processing device to the server via the network interface.09-03-2009
20090249212METHOD FOR DIGITAL PHOTO MANAGEMENT AND DISTRIBUTION - Digital images are captured on a digital camera, automatically formatted, and uploaded to a server for review and collaborative modifications. An on-line web gallery is automatically generated by the server whereby low resolution versions of the images are transferred to the server and appear in the gallery within seconds from capturing the images. Among other things, a viewer located remotely from a photographer can observe new images in the gallery in real time as they are captured, place a request for post-production modifications to selected images and download a high resolution version of selected images.10-01-2009
20090254831YAHRZEIT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method of and system for providing an electronic Yahrzeit display corresponding to the current date including determining a current date, performing a search in a database storing a plurality of Yahrzeit entries to identify the Yahrzeit entries having an anniversary of the death date corresponding to the current date, and electronically displaying the identified Yahrzeit entries in a rotating manner, wherein each of the identified Yahrzeit entries are displayed for a predetermined amount of time, wherein the method and system may convert dates between a plurality of calendars.10-08-2009
20100162124Methods, Systems, And Computer Program Products For Presenting A Map In Correspondence With A Presented Resource - Methods and systems are described for presenting a map for presenting in correspondence with a presented resource. A first message is received from a resource provider including a presentable resource accessible via a uniform resource identifier (URI). Map information identifying a map associated with the presentable resource is also received. Location information identifying a location on the map corresponding to the resource is received. The presentable resource is presented in a browser and the identified map including a visual representation of the presentable resource at the identified location on the map is presented in a second presentation space of the browser. In another aspect, message information identifying a recipient of a presentable resource accessible via an URI is received. Map information identifying a map corresponding to the presentable resource is determined based on the message information. A message including the map information is generated and sent to the identified recipient.06-24-2010
20120144305METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SIMULTANEOUSLY PRESENTING AT LEAST TWO MULTIMEDIA CONTENT ON A PROCESSING DEVICE - A method and apparatus for simultaneously presenting at least two received multimedia content to a user is disclosed. At least one receiving device receives more or more multimedia content from at least one sending device. The at least one receiving device determines characteristics of each received multimedia content and operating condition on the at least one receiving device. The characteristics and the operating condition are used to retrieve a policy for presenting the received multimedia content to a user. When executed, the policy identifies whether two or more received multimedia content are to be simultaneously presented to the user.06-07-2012
20080307312USER INTERFACE DEVELOPMENT TOOLS - A user interface tool can use a repository of user interface elements to create a user interface. One or more of the elements in the repository can be reused within the interface or among multiple interfaces. At least some of the elements have associated behavioral information. The behavioral information can indicate how an element is to function or appear based on, for example, the device or business channel in which the user interface is used. The tool can employ a multi-layer architecture. At least some behaviors of the tool (e.g., which elements from the repository are presented to the user, which actions the user can perform on a user interface) can be dependant on one or more roles of the user.12-11-2008
20080307311System and method for obtaining and sharing content associated with geographic information - A system and method are provided that allow the obtaining, categorization, discovery, and navigation of content, in particular video content. The system may be operable for a user, for a set of people authorized by the user, or for anyone with an Internet connection. The system employs a desktop software application, an Internet file sharing service, or a combination of both. The system includes an integrated content detector, such as a video camera, with an upload component and a geographic location detector. In use, for example, a user may view a map indicating the locations where video clips were recorded by the user's camera. Any video can then be watched, for example, in a window overlaid on the map, by selecting the same. In one example, a trip may be reconstructed on a map and videos of different locations can be viewed by interacting with the map and map overlays.12-11-2008
20090276713NETWORK ACCESSIBLE CONTENT MANAGEMENT METHODS, SYSTEMS AND APPARATUSES - A computer implemented method and system for transforming multiple data sources into information displayed on multiple websites and stored in a computer readable medium. One described method includes inputting two or more keywords in a computer readable medium, creating two or more data feeds based on said keywords or a combination of thereof from one or more data sources, displaying said data feeds in two or more modules located on one at least two websites; and updating said modules using said data feeds and input from users interacting with one or more of said websites.11-05-2009
20100153851RENDERING RSS SUBSCRIPTIONS ON A CALENDAR - Rendering RSS subscriptions on a calendar may be provided. First, an RSS feed may be received by an RSS client. The RSS feed may contain a data item associated with an event date. A recipient computer running an electronic calendar program may display the received data item on the surface of an electronic calendar. The data item may be displayed in the location on the electronic calendar representing the event date. Periodically, new content may be downloaded from the RSS feed and used to update the displayed data items. The RSS client may also handle data related to the scheduling functions of the electronic calendar. Displaying the received data item may comprise displaying a graphical icon contained within the received data item wherein the graphical icon is a visual representation of an event represented by the data item.06-17-2010
20120198341System and Method of Automatic Scaling of Clinical Data for Varied Display Size - The system and method of the present application allows for the configurable display of a number of physiological parameters on a wide variety of display sizes, usually those displays that are smaller than the bedside monitor display. The system and method organizes data in a grid of displayable elements, each displayable element including a piece of information corresponding to a collected physiological parameter of a patient. Depending upon the size of the display, an appropriate number of displayable elements are organized in a grid on the display and the size of each grid on the display is configurable and adjustable by a user.08-02-2012
20090300502AGGREGRATION, STANDARDIZATION AND EXTENSION OF SOCIAL NETWORKING CONTACTS TO ENHANCE A TELEVISION CONSUMER EXPERIENCE - A system and method for the aggregation, standardization and extension of social networking contacts to enhance a television consumer experience are described. An embodiment of a system includes a device connected to one or more devices with social networking technology. The device is accessed by a user to invite one or more contacts to join an aggregated social network via an aggregated social networking contact list. The aggregated social networking contact list to include all contacts associated with the one or more social networking technology devices. The device to receive and store aggregated social network content and to receive main content. The device to cause the display of the stored aggregated social network content overlayed on the main content via a user interface on a display device. Other embodiments are described and claimed.12-03-2009
20100262915PUBLISHING LOCATION FOR A LIMITED TIME - A method and user device for limiting a time for which location data sharing is enabled for a user device of a data sharing group, the data sharing group comprising at least two user devices inclusive of the user device, each user device of the data sharing group configured to store data shared by user devices of the data sharing group on the respective user device and to maintain a list of the user devices in the data sharing group. The method comprises receiving an instruction through a user interface on the user device indicating that location data sharing is to be enabled for a limited time period after which location sharing is to be disabled, obtaining location data for the user device during the limited time period; and sending the location data to at least one other user device of the sharing group during the limited time period.10-14-2010
20100205534Method Of Facilitating Access To IP-Based Emergency Services - A method of responding to an emergency includes monitoring for an internet protocol based help request message; receiving the help request message; evaluating the help request message and additional information; and dispatching emergency help in response to the help request message and the additional information.08-12-2010
20090077468METHOD OF SWITCHING INTERNET PERSONAS BASED ON URL - A method of communicating with a remote site on a network by establishing different user personas respectively associated with different remote sites on the network, each user persona containing one or more attributes used in accessing the remote sites, and then accessing a specific one of the remote sites using the attributes in a specific one of the user personas that is associated with the specific remote site. The specific remote site can be associated with the specific user persona by a universal resource locator (URL), e.g., for web sites on the Internet, and the accessing is automatically performed in response to matching of the URL of the specific remote site to the URL associated with the specific user persona. A default persona can be used for any remote site having no specifically associated user persona.03-19-2009
20100218102Display Management System - A display management system including an apparatus executing specified functions; and a server connected communicatably with the apparatus,08-26-2010
20100218101USER HEALTH STATUS - A method includes providing a first user with an ability to indicate a health status and receiving an indication of the health status. The method also includes assigning a health status and associated task requests to the first user into a record and providing the health status and task requests as corresponding to the first user. The method further includes enabling other users to select from one or more of the task requests and receiving an indication that a second user has selected a first task request associated with the health status. In addition, the method includes assigning the first task request associated with the health status and providing, to the other users, the health status as corresponding to the first user and the assigned first task request associated with the health status as assigned to the second user.08-26-2010
20100235749WEB TO PHONE CONTACT INFORMATION MESSAGING SYSTEM - A method of transmitting contact information to an approved mobile communication device includes receiving an input representative of desired contact information located on a first web page and an input representative of the identity of a desired mobile communication device. The method also includes saving information representative of the desired contact information in a contact information database. The method also includes determining whether the desired mobile communication device is an approved device and transmitting to the desired mobile communication device information representative of a notification to send the information representative of the desired contact information. The method also includes receiving an input from the desired mobile communication device information representative of an acceptance to receive the information representative of the desired contact information, and transmitting to the desired mobile communication device information representative of the desired contact information.09-16-2010
20100138749SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GENERATING A WORK OF COMMUNICATION WITH SUPPLEMENTAL CONTEXT - A system for selecting, managing, sharing and displaying content data files in a manner that takes into the account the contextual significance of said content data files to a narrative, an author(s) and an audience. A system that is able to place an absolute and relative value upon the significance of a media object is able to assist in stimulating the recollection of the author and audience, thus making every aspect more memorable and enhancing by improving the ease of use and the quality of the final result of the use of the system of this invention.06-03-2010
20100146394Methods, Systems, And Computer Program Products For Browsing Using A Geospatial Map Metaphor - Methods and systems are described for browsing using a geospatial map metaphor. In one aspect, input for indicating a content provider associated with a location on a map being presented via a user interface is received. A geospatial identifier associated with the content provider associated with the location on the map is determined. A network address for the content provider is determined based on the determined geospatial identifier. Content from the content provider is requested via the determined network address. Content from the content provider is received in response to the request.06-10-2010
20100199184PRIORITIZING VITALITY EVENTS IN A SOCIAL NETWORKING SYSTEM - A social networking system is configured to enable users in the system to prioritize vitality events in their respective vitality streams. For instance, a user may designate that at least one specified prioritization action is to be performed for any vitality event having one or more characteristic(s) specified by the user. Accordingly, when a vitality event having the one or more specified characteristic(s) is associated with the user, the at least one specified prioritization action is performed with respect to that vitality event.08-05-2010
20100199188Auto-discovery of diverse communications devices for alert broadcasting - Methods and systems for communicating messages to target communications devices in a target physical location are disclosed. Network sources are queried for logical locations accessible to the network source. A specification of a physical location associated with each logical location is received. Each logical location specification is stored in a data store in association with the associated physical location specification. A specification of the target physical location is received. Those logical location specifications associated with the target physical location are retrieved from the data store, thereby identifying target logical locations. For each target logical location, at least one of the network sources accessible to that logical location is queried for specifications of communications devices accessible to that logical location, thereby identifying the communications devices in the target physical location. The message is communicated to the target communications devices in the target physical location via at least one of the target logical locations.08-05-2010
20100199185COMMON NAVIGATION MECHANISM FOR DESKTOP AND BROWSER-BASED APPLICATIONS - A client application provides a user interface for defining a form that includes a navigation control. The navigation control includes two or more selectable tabs that are each associated with a target, such as another form or a report. When one of the selectable tabs on the navigation control is selected using an appropriate user input device, the target associated with the selected tab is displayed in the form. The client application also provides functionality for publishing a form including navigation controls to a server application, thereby making the form and the navigation control accessible through a Web interface.08-05-2010
20090282341ASSOCIATING INPUT WITH COMPUTER BASED CONTENT - Notes and other input may be entered directly onto computer based content. The notes may be taken on a portable computing device that contains metadata from the computer based content. The metadata and input are stored and once the portable computing device is in communication with the second computing device displaying the computer based content, the input is displayed near the computer based content that was displayed at the time the input was created.11-12-2009
20090083632REPRESENTING USER INTERACTIONS AS A SYNCHRONOUS ACTION IN A BUSINESS PROCESS FLOW - Method and system for generating user interactions in a flow-based engine during the execution of a synchronous flow which potentially represent the logic for handling another user interaction. The method encapsulates and hides the asynchronous nature of the user interaction, thus enabling the author of the business flow to use the user interaction as a single synchronous action oblivious to the underlying asynchronous implementation, said method comprising of the steps: defining user interactions action in a business flow diagram as an atomic action; translating said flow into executable form; executing said flow, presenting said UI to end-user as a replacement to the original UI response for which the flow was invoked; receiving end-user response; resuming said flow and using said response in subsequent flow commands and continuing the original user interaction session.03-26-2009
20090019368System and method for handling a data refresh procedure in a production execution system - A system for handling a data refresh procedure in a production execution system includes a network having data processing units running a MES software for controlling and monitoring a production process operating production components. A production modeler within the MES software defines a business logic that includes a plant model of the production process and the operating procedures for the production components in a graphical environment. A client application builder within the MES software provides a WEB based graphical user interface for generating cross-functionality graphic screens that form part of the network as presentation clients and display data stemming from the production components and being manipulated by the production modeler, where required. The production modeler defines a presentation logic operating the cross-functionality graphic screens, and updates the data at the presentation clients exclusively when the business logic requires the update to the presentation logic.01-15-2009
20090319903METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISTRIBUTING SYSTEM INFORMATION WINDOWS - An approach is provided for distributing system information. In one embodiment, the approach provides for determining an overflow condition associated with one of a plurality of system information windows, wherein the overflow condition exists if the one system information window extends to an adjacent transmission period. A next available slot within a communication channel is determined; the one system information window in the overflow condition is assigned to the next available slot. According to another embodiment, the number of system information windows to be transmitted during a longest one of a plurality of repetition periods is determined. Also, the number of system information windows corresponding to a shortest one of the repetition periods within the determined longest repetition period is determined. An average amount of the system information windows is determined based on the determined shortest repetition period and one or more available transmission periods associated with a communication channel of a network. The system information is scheduled for transmission over the communication channel according to the determined average of system information windows.12-24-2009
20090319904System and Method for Remote Data Acquisition and Distribution - Methods and systems for remote data collection and distribution include components and operations for receiving, at a server, data transmitted by a first client device via a communication network. The method may also include selecting, by one or more client devices associated with the communication network, a second device to receive the data. The method may further include establishing a connection between the server and the selected second device via the communication network. The method may also include automatically transmitting the received data to the second device using the connection via the communication network. The method may further include causing, by the one or more client devices, the second device to execute a predefined operation.12-24-2009
20090319902MULTIPURPOSE INFORMATION TRANSFER MEDIUM EYEPIECE - An aircraft communications system is located on an aircraft. The aircraft communications system comprises a set of eyewear units, an aircraft data processing system, and a wireless system. Each eyewear unit has a set of sensors and a display. The set of eyewear units is capable of receiving user input and is capable of presenting information to a set of users of the set of eyewear units. The aircraft data processing system is capable of receiving the user input and sending the information to the set of eyewear units in response to receiving the user input from the set of eyewear units. The wireless system is located proximate to the cabin of the aircraft and is capable of sending the user input from the set of eyewear units to the aircraft data processing system and sending the information to the set of eyewear units.12-24-2009
20100306661METHODS AND DEVICES FOR RECORDING CHANGES IN VISUAL STIMULI OBSERVED THROUGH BROWSER-BASED INTERFACES - The invention provides methods and devices that address problems encountered when attempting to accurately reconstruct visual stimuli being displayed to a user as they interact with online-content, typically through a browser interface. In one embodiment, the invention provides for the browser to maintain a record of selected technical parameters and relevant data that may impact the manner in which online-content is being displayed to the user, taking into consideration the current context in which the browser is being operated. In another embodiment, the invention is a device for recording events as reported from a browser interface. The events are recorded in a selected format and syntax to form a primary index of events and related outcomes which comprise the user's interface experience. In operation, the devices detect events as detected at the browser interface. Next, the devices identify, categorize, and filter detected events as to their relevance to the visual stimuli being presented to the user. The devices then assign a unique identifier, preferably in the form of an alphanumeric string, to each relevant event. Furthermore, the devices record selected events into a log (along with their categorization), a unique identifier, and the time in which the event occurred. Yet another embodiment are devices that record changes in parameters that may impact the visual stimuli.12-02-2010
20100306660METHOD FOR DISPLAYING WEB USER'S AUTHENTICATION STATUS IN A DISTRIBUTED SINGLE LOGIN NETWORK - The invention provides a system and method for automatically displaying a user's logged-in status across an Internet based network of affiliated Web sites via a visual indicator such as a toolbar to help the user to be certain about his logged-in status when he stays with one or switches from one to another affiliated Web site.12-02-2010
20090037823DETACHABLE AND REATTACHABLE PORTAL PAGES - A portal environment may include at least one detachable and reattachable portal page. The detachable and reattachable portal page may include a detach feature to detach the portal page from the portal environment. A reattach feature may be provided to reattach a detached portal page to the portal environment. In another embodiment, a method to detach and reattach at least one portal page may include detaching a selected portal page in response to activating a detach feature. The method may also include reattaching the detached portal page in response to activating a reattach feature. The selected, detached portal page may be transferred to a window in response to activating the detach feature. Tunneling communication may be provided between the detached portal page and the portal environment.02-05-2009
20090070679METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SOCIAL NETWORK ANALYSIS - Methods and system for social network analysis are described. In one embodiment, user interaction data of a time period for a plurality of users in a social network may be accessed. Network analysis may be performed on the user interaction data. A necktie-shaped graph may be generated from the user interaction data in accordance with the performing of the network analysis. The necktie-shaped graph may be utilized for analysis of the social network.03-12-2009
20090070678SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COLLECTING AND AGGREGATING INFORMATION - A method and computer program product for sending a meeting invitation to one or more meeting attendees and sending an information request to at least one of the one or more meeting attendees and a meeting host. An information request response is received from at least one of the one or more meeting attendees and the meeting host. A meeting profile is updated with information based upon, at least in part, the received information request response.03-12-2009
20100306659PROGRESSIVELY DISCOVERING AND INTEGRATING SERVICES - Tools and techniques related to progressively discovering and integrating services are provided. These tools may receive electronic communications addressed to users of communications platform software. In turn, these tools may analyze the electronic communications, and generate upsells for presentation to the users. These upsells may relate to updating profile records associated with the users.12-02-2010
20100306658PORTABLE TERMINAL, AND URL MANAGING METHOD AND PROGRAM THEREFOR - A portable terminal allows a bookmark to be shared among a plurality of browsers without using a dedicated managing program. A mobile telephone 12-02-2010
20110010630PERSONALIZATION CONTENT SHARING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method includes enabling a user to define his/her buddies from among members of a community and enabling the user to select media content to be played on devices of his/her buddies. Another method includes providing media content chosen by a first user to be played by a media player on a device of a second user in response to an identification of the first user.01-13-2011
20130145273METHODS AND DEVICES FOR CONFIGURING A WEB BROWSER BASED ON AN OTHER PARTY'S PROFILE - Methods and devices for configuring a web browser based on an other party's profile are described. In one aspect, the method includes: receiving a selection of an other party's identifier within a web browser; and in response to receiving the selection of the other party's identifier: i) receiving an other party's profile associated with the other party's identifier; and ii) configuring the web browser based on the other party's profile. In another aspect, the present application describes a method implemented by a web server. The web server has stored therein an other party's profile. The method includes: receiving a selection of an other party's identifier; and in response to receiving a selection of the other party's identifier: i) retrieving an other party's profile associated with the other party's identifier; and ii) sending the other party's profile to the electronic device.06-06-2013
20100332989METHODS FOR PRESENTING A MODAL DIALOG BOX USING AN INVISIBLE PANEL UNDERNEATH - Techniques for presenting a modal dialog box in a graphical user interface are described herein. According to one embodiment, a semi-transparent panel is displayed superimposed on a graphical user interface (GUI) page in response to a first user interaction with the GUI page. The GUI page provides a user interface for managing a virtualization system. A dialog box is then displayed on top of the semi-transparent panel, where the dialog box is to receive an input from the user. An alert is generated in response to a second user interaction with an area of the semi-transparent panel other than the dialog box, where the alert indicates that the second user interaction is invalid. Other methods and apparatuses are also described.12-30-2010
20110029879OBJECT-ORIENTED SYSTEM FOR CREATING AND MANAGING WEBSITES AND THEIR CONTENT - The invention teaches a method for creating and managing a website as an object oriented system, comprising: providing on a system server a plurality of hierarchical classes of objects, each of the classes representing one aspect of the storage, presentation and logic of a website; providing on a web server an interface operable to present representations of objects instantiating the plurality of hierarchical classes and receive commands meant to one of: instantiate a new object, destroy a presented object, and change a property of a presented object; and storing on a database server objects as a traversable tree in accordance with the plurality of hierarchical classes.02-03-2011
20110029878MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PERIPHERAL AND SYSTEM - A multi-functional peripheral receives at a time of logging in initial screen information managed by the authentication server relating it with login information used for the user authentication processing. A display controlling portion displays a screen corresponding to the initial screen information as an initial screen after login. The display controlling portion, in the case of detecting that the initial screen information is information indicating a screen relating to a function of an application and a function of the application is changed in the application server, displays an alternative screen giving a notification that the function of the application is changed, as the initial screen after login.02-03-2011
20110041065Method of Processing an Electronic Service Guide and Electronic Service Guide Broadcaster - The invention relates to a method of processing an electronic service guide in a terminal. The terminal is configured for receiving an electronic service guide over a network. The method involves receiving the electronic service guide by the terminal over the network. The terminal has a first capability status. The electronic service guide is processed by the terminal in dependence of the first capability status of the terminal.02-17-2011
20110041063METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING SOCIAL NETWORK SERVICE - A method for controlling a mobile terminal including receiving, via a wireless communication unit and using a messaging service on the mobile terminal, a bulletin board invitation message from a host terminal and including an invitation to join a bulletin board created by the host terminal; transmitting, via the wireless communication unit using the messaging service, an acceptance message to the host terminal indicating the mobile terminal accepts the invitation for joining the bulletin board created by the host terminal; displaying, on a display of the mobile terminal, the bulletin board created by the host terminal; and transmitting, via the wireless communication unit using the messaging service, contents to be displayed on the bulletin board to the host terminal.02-17-2011
20110041064INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, PROGRAM, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM - An information processing apparatus includes a reading unit that reads, from a memory area of an IC chip, identification information of a service including at least any one of a wire communication service via an external wire communication or a wireless communication service via an external wireless communication, which use the memory area of the IC chip. The information processing apparatus also includes an acquisition unit that acquires service information to allow a user to use a service from an external server by transmitting the identification information of the service which the reading unit has read to the external server, and includes a display unit that displays to allow the user to use the service based on the service information which the acquisition unit has acquired.02-17-2011
20110246895METHOD OF IMAGE PROCESSING WITH DYNAMIC ANONYMIZATION - A method is provided for processing at least one image, comprising a representation of a first user for presentation to a second user, comprising steps for: obtaining an indication representative, either of an absence of relationship between the first and the second user, or of a relationship existing between the first and the second user; and modifying said image before presentation to the second user, in such a way that the first user is not identifiable by the second user, said modifying step being intended to be executed if it is determined, in accordance with at least one anonymization rule defined in relation to said cue, that said image need undergo such a modification.10-06-2011
20100223555Environment Independent User Preference Communication - Included are embodiments of a method for communicating user preferences to at least one environment. At least one embodiment includes receiving a request from an environment for preference information related to a user and receiving a user identifier from the environment, the user identifier obtained via a portable user device. Other embodiments include determining at least one user preference related to the user, determining capabilities related to the environment, and communicating at least one user preference to the environment.09-02-2010
20100199187INSTANT DATA SHARING SYSTEM AND MACHINE READABLE MEDIUM THEREOF - An instant data sharing system is provided. The system comprises a user interface (UI) module, an instant communication module and a data sharing module. The UI module comprises a communication window and a presentation window and is used for operating the data sharing system by a user. The instant communication module establishes an instant communication with at least one remote host via a network, wherein the user performs the instant communication with the remote host via the communication window. The data sharing module is used for selecting a shared data, displaying the shared data on the presentation window and transmitting the shared data to the remote host. The data sharing module selects an encoding operation module to encode the shared data according to a type of the shared data, and transmits the encoded shared data to the remote host through a transmission module.08-05-2010
20100262916System and Method For Facilitating User-Generated Content Relating to Social Networks - A system and method for facilitating user-generated content relating to social networks are provided. The system provides an online environment which poses questions to users, and which allows the users to answer such questions by identifying appropriate contacts of the user. The system automatically identifies the user's contacts by consulting one or more electronic accounts of the user on one or more social networking sites/services, and/or one or more e-mail accounts. The user can respond to questions posed by clicking on appropriate contacts, dragging them, and dropping them in an answer area in the online environment. The user can manage his/her contacts by creating one or more groups and/or tags associated with each contact. The grouped/tagged contacts can be imported into a contact management system, and can be used by researchers to conduct social network visualizations or to achieve other research objectives.10-14-2010
20090327900INDICATING RESOURCES TO WHICH THERE ARE ACCESS RIGHTS - Methods and computer storage media for displaying shared resources of a sharing device to which a computing device of a network has access are provided. Shared resources of a sharing device are determined. A message is generated that includes information regarding the shared resource. The message is communicated to a computing device that interprets the message to identify those resources that are shared with the computing device. Upon determining those resources that the computing device has access rights, the computing device provides an indication for a user that facilitates the utilization of those shared resource to which it has access rights. In some embodiments, the message is securely communicated.12-31-2009
20090313548SESSION INITIATION USING SUCCESSIVE INPUTS - Session initiation using successive inputs is described. In an implementation, a determination is made as to when a sufficient number of successive inputs have been collected to uniquely identify two or more clients from a plurality of clients. Each of the successive inputs is input via a respective user interface output by a respective client. Responsive to the determination, an interactive session is initiated involving the two or more clients that were uniquely identified.12-17-2009
20100070865METHOD FOR PROVIDING A SERVICE TO UPLOAD AND DISCLOSE CRITICIZING OPINIONS ABOUT CRITICIZING TARGETS - The present invention discloses a method for providing a service to upload and disclose criticizing opinions about criticizing targets. The method allows a web server to provide, on-line, a web screen that includes a list configured by classifying a plurality of criticizing targets into a main group wherein the criticizing targets are divided every category and a sub-group wherein the criticizing targets in the main group are subdivided into more than one step every category. An upload of criticizing opinions about various criticizing targets and a disclosure about criticizing opinions uploaded by other persons can be performed on one web site by providing a web site collecting various criticizing targets on a web.03-18-2010
20100037142INTERACTIVE PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR WITH DEFAULT DECISIONS - An interactive product configurator includes a constraint network having a plurality of nodes. The configurator receives a new user choice after previously asserting one or more default decisions. The configurator then retracts the previously asserted default decisions before asserting the new user choice. The default decisions are then reasserted.02-11-2010
20100037141ENHANCING USER INTERACTION BY DISPLAYING IMAGES FROM A NETWORK - In a user-interactive method and system, a display application for enhancing user interaction over a network is provided. The method includes receiving preference information from a first user, the preference information indicating at least one type of image the first user wishes to view. In response to a network interaction being established between at least the first user and a second user, the method further includes retrieving a plurality of images associated with the second user based on the preference information. The method further includes displaying the plurality of images based on the preference information.02-11-2010
20090217170SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SHARING DISPLAY INFORMATION - A system for sharing display information comprising a network apparatus for connecting to a receiver of display information, and a memory for storing at least one program, a first graphics driver, a second graphics driver, and a network sharing program. A processor configured to execute the program, the first graphics driver, and the second graphics driver stored in the memory. The program is executed for generating display information to the first graphics driver. The first graphics driver is executed for forwarding display information to the second graphics driver and the network sharing program. The network sharing program is executed for processing display information and for sending the processed display information to the receiver through the network apparatus. The second graphics driver is executed for translating display information. The system also includes a graphics apparatus for generating display information of a whole desktop according to display information sent from the second graphics driver.08-27-2009
20090217169Status Processing System, Status Processor, And Status Displaying Method - A status processor is communicable with a host device via a network. The processor includes a media connecting unit, a status-reflecting filename setting unit, and a server unit. The media connecting unit is capable of connecting a storage media. The status-reflecting filename setting unit sets a status-reflecting filename corresponding to a status of the processor or the storage media. The server unit transmits data indicating an existence of the file having the status-reflecting filename to the host device.08-27-2009
20110179357METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING SUPPLEMENTAL VIDEO CONTENT FOR THIRD PARTY WEBSITES - A method, apparatus and article of manufacture for providing supplemental video content for third party websites is disclosed. In one embodiment, coded instructions are transmitted from a content enhancement server to a host server, for incorporation into the webpage source code. The host server is controlled by a first entity and the content enhancement server is controlled by a second entity commercially distinct from the first entity. Keywords are obtained by executing of the coded instructions in the webpage received in the client computer from the host server to send the address of the requested webpage to the content enhancement server, which generates supplemental substantive video content information for transmission to the client.07-21-2011
20100064224METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DISPLAYING INFORMATION - A method of displaying information on a screen, including providing the information, wherein the information is based on user text information, and displaying a predefined message on a screen, if the user text information is empty or invalid, otherwise displaying the user text information on the screen for a display time, wherein the display time depends on an amount and/or complexity of the user text information.03-11-2010
20110252325SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBPAGE APPLICATION - A Facebook™ application comprises logging on to Facebook™; looking in the Newsfeed for the “7 Days Out Application”; and clicking on the application for full listing of friends' plans, as well as events (sponsored by advertisers) over the next seven days. The application also comprises logging on to Facebook™; navigating to the “Home” page; clicking on the tab or icon for “7 Days Out—Share Your Plans for Next 7 Days With Friends”; uploading a statement of plans for each particular day that the user wants to let friends know plans; and saving the inputted information.10-13-2011
20110078573TERMINAL APPARATUS, SERVER APPARATUS, DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD, AND PROGRAM - Provided is a terminal apparatus including a display unit displaying an execution screen of a shared application, reflecting on a display operations performed by multiple users as operations performed on one application, where the shared application includes a function for displaying an identification object that associates each of the users with an operation result, displayed on the execution screen, reflecting the operation performed by each of the users, a function for setting, when a first user selects an identification object related to a second user and specifies a region on the screen, the specified region as a shared region that is shared by the first and second users, and a function for controlling, when the first or second user performs operation in the shared region, such that the displayed operation result reflecting the operation is not shown to users other than the first and second users.03-31-2011
20110078572SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ANALYZING CLICKSTREAM DATA - Systems and methods are provided for analyzing clickstream data related to consumption of media items by determining whether clickstream data is missing and using information about the time the media was used, characteristics of the media, and user inactivity and activity thresholds.03-31-2011
20110010631SYSTEM AND METHOD OF STORING AND RETRIEVING ASSOCIATED INFORMATION WITH A DIGITAL IMAGE - A method and apparatus for processing metadata of an image are disclosed. The metadata is associated with the image and an applet views the metadata in response to selection of the image. The metadata may include links to websites, audio files, video files, and text files, as well as image capture information including GPS location, time and date of capture, camera settings, etc. In response to selection of the image, or in response to arriving at a website pointed to by a URL in the metadata, a list of information materials associated with the image may be displayed. One or more of the information materials may be automatically activated.01-13-2011
20110010632COMPUTER INTERCONNECTION SYSTEM - A computerized switching system for coupling a workstation to a remotely located computer. A signal conditioning unit receives keyboard and mouse signals generated by a workstation and generates a data packet which is transmitted to a central crosspoint switch. The packet is routed through a crosspoint switch to another signal conditioning unit located at a remotely located computer. The second signal conditioning unit applies the keyboard and mouse commands to the keyboard and mouse connectors of the computer as if the keyboard and mouse were directly coupled to the remote computer. Video signals produced by the remote computer are transmitted through the crosspoint switch to the workstation. Horizontal and vertical sync signals are encoded on to the video signals to reduce the number of cables that extend between the workstation and the remote computer. The signal conditioning units connected to the workstations include an onscreen programming circuit that produces menus for the user on a video display of the workstation.01-13-2011
20100325549PERSISTENT MEDIA PLAYBACK - Persistent media playback techniques are described. In an implementation, a media player is served via a network for display by a browser of a device. Web pages are served via the network for display by the browser of the device. Each of the web pages is configured for integration with the media player so that the media player is persistently displayed by the browser during navigation among the web pages. The media player may be configured to play media files providing a variety of different media types. The media player may also provide contextual suggestions of media.12-23-2010
20100122174System and method for interfacing interactive systems with social networks and media playback devices - A system and method for interfacing interactive systems with social networks and media playback devices is described. For example, a system for generating and interacting with media content is described. In one embodiment, the system includes an interactive system that displays media content, wherein the interactive system includes a first computer and sensors for recording a user's interaction with the displayed media content, and a kiosk that allows a user to share the interactive media content with social networks and media playback devices, wherein the interactive media content includes the media content and metadata representing the user's recorded interaction with the media content.05-13-2010
20080235593Mobile device system and mobile device - When one mobile device is activated, the existence of information which other mobile devices hold is also confirmed. There is provided a mobile device system including a plurality of mobile devices, wherein each mobile device includes a communication unit for communicating with other mobile devices, an information storage unit for storing information, a list storage unit for storing a list of information stored in the information storage unit and in the information storage units of the other mobile devices, a display unit, and a control unit. The control unit displays the list stored in the information storage unit on the display unit and, when information stored in the information storage unit of another mobile device is specified, requests transmission of information from the other mobile device using the communication unit and displays information transmitted in response to the request on the display unit.09-25-2008
20110154205RUI SERVER, RUI CLIENT AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed are a remote user interface (RUI) server including a communication unit which communicates with an RUI client through a network; and a controller which controls the communication unit to transmit user interface (UI) information having horizontal UI information and vertical UI information.06-23-2011
20090119598SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ITEMISING WEB PAGES FOR DISPLAY ON A SCREEN - Embodiments of the invention provides a method of and apparatus for itemising web pages for display on a screen in a system comprising a server connected to the internet the server having storage for format data in respect of one or more accessible websites, the method comprising: at a client requesting from the server format data for a requested website; upon receipt of the format data, accessing the website; and when the website has been accessed itemising locally the website in dependence on the format data.05-07-2009
20110161822METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONNECTION MANAGEMENT AND RESOURCE SHARING - A method and system for connection management and resource sharing is provided. The method includes; initial setting up each resource dependent device, including: classifying a resource dependent device in group and assigning a resource associated with a limited resource device to the group; and selecting one resource dependent device from each group to be actively connected to the corresponding resource of the limited resource device. The system includes: an initial setting up module for classifying a resource dependent device in group and assigning a resource available in a limited resource device to the group; and a selector for selecting a single resource dependent device from each group to be actively connected to the corresponding resource of the limited resource device. The method includes: selecting a group from a list of groups, each associating with one or more resource dependent devices connectable to a limited resource device and associating with a single resource available in the limited resource device; and selecting a single resource dependent device from the selected group to actively connect the selected single resource dependent device to the corresponding single resource of the limited resource device. The system includes: a first selecting module for selecting a group from a list of groups, each associating with one or more resource dependent devices connectable to a limited resource device and associating with a single resource available in the limited resource device; and a second selecting module for selecting a single resource dependent device from the selected group to actively connect the selected single resource dependent device to the corresponding single resource of the limited resource device.06-30-2011
20110047464INTERACTIVE SERVICES - A plurality of users participate (S02-24-2011
20110055705Source user based provision of one or more templates - A computationally implemented method includes, but is not limited to: receiving one or more requests for one or more particular templates that are associated with one or more source users, the one or more particular templates designed to facilitate one or more end users to achieve one or more target outcomes when one or more emulatable aspects included in the one or more particular templates are emulated; and providing from a plurality of templates the one or more particular templates, the providing being based at least on the association of the one or more particular templates with the one or more source users, the one or more particular templates developed based on one or more reported aspects associated with the one or more source users In addition to the foregoing, other method aspects are described in the claims, drawings, and text forming a part of the present disclosure.03-03-2011
20110055704METHOD AND SYSTEM TO CONTROL OPERATION OF A PORTLET - A method to control a portlet associated with a portal page may include deactivating a selected portlet in response to operating a deactivation feature. The method may also include reactivating the selected portlet in response to operating a reactivation feature. The method may also include freezing a portlet content in the selected portlet in response to deactivating the selected portlet. The method may further include disabling hyperlinks, buttons and other inputs to the selected portlet in response to deactivating the selected portlet. The method may further include reconfiguring a portal server to ensure that a portlet content of a selected portlet cannot be affected while the selected portlet is deactivated.03-03-2011
20120204113Automatic Display of Synergized Status Information - A system and a method are disclosed for presenting static and dynamic data on a mobile device for a contact responsive to a communication with the contact. When a communication is initiated, a contact is identified based on static information such as an email address or a phone number. Additionally, dynamic data, such as a status message posted on a social networking service associated with contact, or a location of the contact is retrieved from appropriate services or databases in real time. The retrieved dynamic data is displayed on a user interface on the mobile device in substantially real-time, allowing the user to view static and dynamic information about a contact.08-09-2012
20080250323Method and apparatus for recommending an application-feature to a user - One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for recommending an application-feature to a user. During operation, the system receives application-usage information from a client at a recommendation-server, wherein the application-usage information specifies characteristics of a user's interaction with an application. Next, the system compares the application-usage information to additional application-usage information from other users to identify a usage-group, which contains users who use the application similarly to the user. The system then identifies an application-feature associated with the usage-group, but which is not associated with the user. Finally, the system sends to the client an application-feature identifier, which identifies the application-feature, to facilitate recommending the application-feature to the user.10-09-2008
20110258549APPLICATION SELECTION USER INTERFACE - An apparatus includes a builder, a template engine, and an assembler. The template engine is operable to identify a reference template associated with application selection. The assembler is configured to assemble a request from the identified reference template and state data indicated by the reference template. The builder is configured to process a user interface description retrieved using the request to cause the display of a user interface having one or more objects each associated with an application available from a network service, the applications having been selected according to the state data.10-20-2011
20120204112METHOD FOR FACILITATING THE INTRODUCTION OF USERS WITH SIMILAR OR COMPLEMENTARY INTERESTS IN A GIVEN LOCALE WITHIN A GIVEN TIMEFRAME - A method of confirming a meeting time, date or location for a pre-selected activity wherein two or more users on a social utility website or app interact is provided. The method includes the following steps: a) both users indicate times and dates they are available to meet; b) both users indicate the geographical parameters within which they are available to meet; c) the website provides both users with a set of results that includes a list of options within the intersecting choices of both users; d) one user selects an option on the list, which is then highlighted on the second user's screen; e) the second user may click on the highlighted option to confirm, or alternatively click on a different selection, which is then highlighted on the first user's screen; and f) when an item is chosen by both users, it is displayed as confirmed on both users' screens.08-09-2012
20120204111HIGHER-LEVEL E-MAIL ADDRESS CREATION AT SIGNUP - A computing system assisting a user in signing up for an online service using a third-level e-mail address for use in provisioning an online service. A first phase user interface is displayed to the user to assist in creating a third-level domain name. The user may enter the third-level portion of the domain name in this user interface, which in connection with a first-tier domain portion, and a second-level domain portion, formulates a third-level domain name. The third-level domain name is verified for uniqueness. If not sufficiently unique, the process repeats until a sufficiently unique third-level domain name is selected. A second user interface is then displayed that permits a user to enter a prefix, which in combination with the third-level domain name creates a third-level e-mail address. This third-level domain name may then be used as an identifier for an online service and/or to provision an online service.08-09-2012
20130014017INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM - An information processing apparatus (MFP) of the invention accepts designation of screen data which has been embedded in the information processing apparatus in advance, or screen data of an external server apparatus (Web server) which provides the screen data of an operation screen. If the screen data provided by the Web server is designated, the MFP obtains the screen data from the Web server, and determines whether it is possible to display the operation screen based on the obtained screen data as the menu screen on an operation unit. If the MFP determines that it is impossible to display, as the menu screen, the operation screen based on the screen data provided by the Web server, it restricts the use of the screen data, and accepts designation of new screen data.01-10-2013
20110138288METHOD, SYSTEM, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR TAGGING OF PORTLETS IN A PORTAL INFRASTRUCTURE - A method for tagging of portlets in a portal infrastructure includes: receiving by at least one consumer system from at least one client system tagging information related to remote portlets produced by at least one producer system; sending by the at least one consumer system the tagging information related to the remote portlets to the at least one producer system that produced the remote portlets, where the at least one producer system uses the tagging information related to the remote portlets to update global tag sets for the remote portlets; receiving by the at least one consumer system the updated global tag sets from the at least one producer system; and creating by the at least one consumer system a response to a request for portal pages comprising the remote portlets from the at least one client system using the received updated global tag sets.06-09-2011
20100115413Interactive Computer System For Providing Television Schedule Information - The present invention provides systems and methods for providing television schedule and/or listing information to a viewer, and for allowing the viewer to link, search, select and interact with information in a remote database, e.g., a database on the internet. The television schedule and/or listing information can be displayed on a variety of viewer interfaces, such as televisions screens, computer monitors, PCTV screens and the like. The television schedule and/or listing information may be stored on the viewer's computer, television, PCTV, or a remote server (e.g., a website), or the television schedule and/or listing information may be downloaded from a remote database to the viewer's computer, television or PCTV.05-06-2010
20110138289SHARING OF INFORMATION ASSOCIATED WITH EVENTS - Techniques are provided that allow users to collaborate in relationship to data views, application displays, applications or events. A user can type in a text view related to a specific view in an application display, and the information is shared with other users that take part in sharing that view. A user that expresses an interest in an event is notified about the event and has the capability to interact, in relation to the event, with other users (e.g. by text). The particular form of interaction (and sharing) can be selectively specified. This interaction is comparable to a dynamic bulletin board where the subject is event driven, and where a user can specify who are allowed to participate. In the case of an event interest(s), users specify their interest (e.g. in other user application events or system events) and the system automatically alerts them to the occurrence of the event.06-09-2011
20100199186METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR INTERACTIVE EVOLUTIONARY COMPUTING (IEC) - Methods and systems for interactive evolutionary computing may include generating a set of candidate molecules based on an evolutionary scheme in which an objective function is a priori mathematically unexpressed, presenting data based on the set of candidate molecules to one or more users, receiving at least one input from the user(s), the input(s) based on the user(s)'s evaluation of the presented set of candidate molecules, and, based on the input(s), using at least the evolutionary scheme and the input(s) to generate an updated set of candidate molecules, and repeating the presenting and receiving.08-05-2010
20090300504FREE BUSY CALENDAR INTERFACE - An electronic device having access to a calendar database comprising calendar event data identifying events scheduled for respective time slots and a method of using such a device are provided. The device is configured to generate on a display a calendar events detail user interface screen that includes a plurality of fields specifying information about an event scheduled to occur at a time slot, one of the fields being an availability status field displaying an availability status for the time slot, and in which the availability status options for the availability status field are dependent on a type of a remote messaging server.12-03-2009
20100031153METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DISPATCHING EVENTS TO MULTIPLE BROWSER WINDOWS/TABS USING A SINGLE CONNECTION - An initial browser window establishes itself as a “master” window for an associated server. A master window “cookie” data structure is created by the master window to share state among the windows for the server. Through the initially created master window cookie, all subsequently created browser windows detect that a master window is currently active, determine the master window's window name, and then establish themselves as slave windows through the master window. Slave windows call into the master window to request server updates/events, and provide the master window with their respective window names for future reference, e.g. when the master window distributes updates/events received from the server to the slave windows. The master window uses only a single HTTP GET command to fetch and dispatch updates/events associated with itself and all slave windows for the server.02-04-2010
20090172554INTRA OPERATOR FORENSIC META DATA MESSAGING - The inventive system and method for enabling interactive collaboration among video surveillance operators is presented. The device has a message including an incident or meta data having a source identifier, a meta data composer, a transport layer, and a display device, such that the message is packaged using the meta data composer and transmitted using the transport layer to the display device. One embodiment facilitates sharing using a common console, and the other facilitates sharing to one or more operators; both embodiments use a common Meta Data messaging mechanism. Meta data refers to any surveillance related data that is worthy of sharing between operators. It includes, but is not necessarily limited to, salvo information, camera, incident related data, video device location details, etc.07-02-2009
20090172553Spreadsheet Software Services - Embodiments of the present invention include the creation of spreadsheet software services. In one embodiment, the features and functionality of a spreadsheet may be transformed into a software service, such as a web service, for example. In one embodiment, the present invention includes a method of generating a software service comprising analyzing a spreadsheet to extract an output schema corresponding to at least a portion of the spreadsheet, generating a software service interface description comprising the output schema and the description of the output data, wherein the software service interface is accessible over a network, and accessing the functionality of the spreadsheet using the software service interface description.07-02-2009
20090172551BEHAVIOR-BASED SELECTION OF ITEMS TO PRESENT ON AFFILIATE SITES - A content provider system interacts with a network of web sites to provide behavior-based content to users. Operators of the web sites add widgets to selected web pages of their sites. The widgets, when executed on the computing devices of users who view the selected web pages, report user-generated events to the content provider system. The content provider system analyses the reported events to detect behavioral associations between particular web sites, web pages, products, and/or other types of items. The widgets may also retrieve and display behavior-based content that is based on these item-to-item behavioral associations. For example, when a user views a particular web page, a widget on that page may request and display descriptions of, and links to, other sites or pages that are (a) behaviorally related to the page being viewed or an item represented thereon, and/or (b) behaviorally related to the past browsing activities of the particular user.07-02-2009
20090172552METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING PRESENTATION OF CONTENT AT A USER TERMINAL - The invention controls presentation of content at an end user terminal to allow an end user to consume any kind of content without specifying anything about how the content is delivered. A method includes creating a content schedule, determining content presentation control information using the content schedule, and using the content presentation control information to control the presentation of content on one or more end user terminals. The content schedule, which identifies a plurality of content items intended for the end user terminal, includes at least one content characteristic associated with each of the content items. The content presentation control information is adapted for controlling presentation of the content items at the end user terminal in a manner tending to render the content characteristics transparent to the end user. The content items may be distributed using different content distribution modes, which include at least one time-dependent distribution mode and at least one time-independent distribution mode. The content presentation control information controls the presentation of content at the end user terminal.07-02-2009
20120042254SYSTEM FOR INITIATING COMMUNICATION BETWEEN A USER INTERFACE AND A VISION PROCESSOR - A method is disclosed for instructing a user interface (UI) in communication with a first of vision processor (VP) to establish communication with a second (VP). The invention is useful in a machine vision system having a plurality of VPs and at least one UI. The method includes the steps of providing each VP with a link function for establishing communication between a VP and a UI; and activating the link function so as to issue instructions to the UI to establish communication with another VP. The link function enables local dynamic display of a remote VP on the UI, and a dynamic connection that provides a continually updated display representing a current state of the VP connected to the UI. An operator may observe results and alter parameters on any of the VPs in the system without having to first understand the architecture of the machine vision system.02-16-2012
20120042253POPULATION SEGMENTATION - Segments used to select content to be targeted to a user are recursively refined based on continuously derived user characteristics. Based on information gathered from new requests for targeted content and/or user interaction with previously delivered content the user is assigned to one or additional candidate segments. The candidate segments can be used to select content to be delivered to the user based on the user's assignment to the targeted segments. Accordingly, each user is grouped into one or more targeted segments and based on the user's inclusion in those segments, requests for targeted content can be served to the user.02-16-2012
20120042252Cloning Or Extending A Computer Desktop On A Wireless Display Surface - Techniques are provided for cloning a computer desktop to a wireless display surface. A source computer and a display in communication with a destination computer establish a wireless connection. A user console session of the source computer has a virtual display driver that corresponds to the wireless display. An application of the console session instructs the virtual display driver to render graphics to a display surface. The source computer takes this graphical information that, when executed on a processor generate an image, text, sound or input—encodes it with a remote presentation protocol. Through encoding and decoding image data, text, sound, and input of the user console session transmitted to a wireless display with a remote presentation protocol, fidelity and interactivity are improved.02-16-2012
20120210235ONE CLICK DEPLOYMENT - Techniques are provided for deploying applications hosted by an application service provider. An application in a first environment is automatically deployed to a second environment in response to receiving a request over a network from the party for whom the second environment is being hosted. The first environment may be an environment where applications are developed by the party over the network. Deployment of the application may entail provisioning of an environment for the application.08-16-2012
20120210234TECHNIQUES FOR GENERATING A VISUAL REPRESENTATION OF USER ACTIVITY ASSOCIATED WITH AN INFORMATION RESOURCE - A system and methodology for visually representing user activity associated with an information resource is described. User activities are associated with symbolic representations of those user activities. To visually convey selected aspects of the user activity, the activity is mapped to visual attributes that alter the appearance of the symbolic representation. The result is a dynamic and universal representation of user activities that aide online users to efficiently discern the relevancy and popularity of an information resource.08-16-2012
20110167352EXCLUSIVE OPERATION CONTROL APPARATUS AND METHOD - Provided is an exclusive operation control apparatus which, when input operations of a plurality of users compete with each other, displays a content on which the plurality of input operations are reflected, instead of performing only one of the input operations. An operation determination section (07-07-2011
20120017155Instant delayed gratification presentation-interactive electronic commerce - Interactive electronic commerce capabilities are provided in a way that overcomes prior limitations. In one embodiment, a transaction is performed by: a server system receiving a representation of an audible response of a user to an audio or video program; in response, the server system storing transaction initiation information in a manner accessible to a digital electronic device; wherein a user is enabled to, at a time removed from a time of the audio or video program and in the user's normal course of using the digital electronic device, complete the transaction using the transaction initiation information.01-19-2012
20120023408PROVIDING REGIONAL CONTENT INFORMATION TO A USER DEVICE BY USING IDENTIFIERS FOR CONTENT INFORMATION - A method and a system are put forth for providing regional content information to a user device (e.g., television, laptop, cell phone, etc.). In one example, the system provides content information messages that provide explanations of cultural peculiarities that may occur in the original media content (e.g., television programs, Internet streams, etc.). Accordingly, the system allows media content to be understood by various users who have different cultural backgrounds.01-26-2012
20120159335Integrated System and Method for Implementing Messaging, Planning, and Search Functions in a Mobile Device - An integrated system and method for implementing messaging, planning, and search functions in a mobile device. The system includes a messaging suite, a planner suite, a search suite, and a user interface configured to permit a user to interact with at least one of the messaging suite, the planner suite, and the search suite. An active resource directory is provided to store properties of objects associated with the messaging suite, the planner suite, the search suite, and to track one or more of the user's activities while accessing functions of the messenger suite, the planner suite, or the search suite. The system also includes a controller coupled to the messaging suite, planner suite, search suite, user interface, and active resources directory, where the controller is configured to provide integration of functions from each of the messaging suite, planner suite, search suite, and user interface.06-21-2012
20120159336ELECTRONIC LIST PRIORITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD OF USING SAME - An electronic list prioritization system for the improved management, sorting and prioritizing of list items is described. The system comprises a computer program that a user may interface on any suitable electronic device. The user may prioritize list items with a number of advance prioritization features describe. The list may be a task list having a task field and in some embodiments a primary and secondary priority field allowing the user the ability to prioritize a list by a secondary priority field without adjusting the priorities in the primary priority field.06-21-2012
20120159334EXTENSIBLE SYSTEM ACTION FOR SHARING WHILE REMAINING IN CONTEXT - An operating system provides an extensible share action to broker content sharing between applications executing on a computing platform such as a personal computer, tablet computer, or smartphone. The share action enables a consistent user experience for content sharing to be implemented across all applications and eliminates users having to switch from the current application they are using to some other functionality in order to share content. Applications can participate with the operating system share action as source applications and/or target applications. Source applications may describe what content is shareable given the current state of their application when the user chooses to invoke the share action. Target applications can be configured to receive the shared content from the source application according to content type, and will expose a companion view of their application to the user that is specifically tailored to facilitate sharing.06-21-2012
20120159333REPRESENTATION OF AN INTERACTIVE DOCUMENT AS A GRAPH OF ENTITIES - Techniques for representing and publishing an interactive document useful for analyzing data. The document may be represented as a directed acyclic graph of entities interconnected by edges. The entities may be of multiple types. Yet, a broad range of interactive documents may be represented by a limited number of types of entities and the capabilities to interconnect entities of different types and to share a data schema across entities of different types. A tool may enable a user to author such documents. The tool may also facilitate publishing of the document. For publishing, the document may be converted to an executable form. Prior to such a conversion, the graph may be modified for more efficient processing. The graph may also be partitioned such that portions of the graph, when distributed across tiers of a computing system, such as a cloud-based platform, execute on computing devices that provide efficient operation.06-21-2012
20120072843Figment collaboration system - There is provided a system and method for the Figment collaboration system, providing intuitive user interfaces for collaboration. There is provided a system comprising an input surface, a display outputting on the input surface, and a server having a processor configured to receive a first input from the input surface, convert the first input into a first content box, generate contextual content suggestions based on the first content box, and show the first content box and the contextual content suggestions in a workspace canvas output to the display. By utilizing data sources accessible through a network, the contextual content suggestions may provide highly relevant data and remote user access to facilitate enhanced collaboration. At the same time, by supporting familiar workflows similar to working with conventional whiteboards, users can readily use the Figment collaboration system without the stress of having to learn poorly designed and complicated collaboration interfaces.03-22-2012
20120254760SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ACCELERATING CONTENT GENERATION FOR SELECTED CONTENT - According to embodiments of the invention, a computer system extends an invitation to a plurality of content generators to request authentic content relating to one or more selected topics. The computer system receives content generated in response to the invitation and publishes that content online. The computer system calculates an efficacy of the request by obtaining data regarding to the online content and user interactions with the content. The computer system is configured to obtain data corresponding to user interactions with the content on the website hosting the content as well as user interactions with the content on third party websites such as Facebook® or Twitter®. Using that data, the computer system calculates an efficacy of the request. The computer system may also generate one or more reports to convey the calculated efficacy of the request.10-04-2012
20120079387CUSTOMIZABLE INTERNET PROTOCOL REMOTE CONTROL - A system for controlling an electronic device comprising: a server configured to connect to an internet protocol based network and configured to make available a website, wherein the website is configured to allow a user to develop a customized web page for controlling an electronic device, and wherein the server is configured to receive input from the user's customized web page and respond with commands capable of controlling the electronic device.03-29-2012
20100095214Device Cloning Method for Non-Programmatic Interfaces - Devices, methods, and computer-readable media for cloning a device setting input from a user by aggregating a user interface based on two or more members of plurality of peripheral computing devices, e.g., multifunction peripheral rendering and/or printing devices, having a user interface where two or more members of the plurality of user interfaces each require a user input; replicating a user input of at least one member of the plurality of user interfaces based on the aggregated user interface; and outputting for routing, to two or more members of the plurality of peripheral computing devices a replicated user setting based on the aggregated user interface.04-15-2010
20100095213SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING VIRTUAL SPACES FOR ACCESS BY USERS VIA THE WEB - A system configured to provide one or more virtual spaces that are accessible to users. The virtual spaces may be provided such that an enhanced level of interactivity between the virtual spaces and the Web, including resources that communicate with the system via the Internet (e.g., via users, websites, webpages, other web resources, etc.) and/or other networks. To provide this enhanced level of interactivity, the system may enable interactions between an instance of a virtual space and the Web (e.g., queries, commands, communication, administrative controls, etc.) via a standard web protocol, such as a HyperText Transfer Protocol (e.g., http, https, etc.) and/or other standard web protocols. Since interactions take place between the instance of the virtual space and the Web via a standard web protocol, the instance of the virtual space may interact directly with Web resources such as web servers, web browsers, websites, webpages, and/or other Web resources.04-15-2010
20120151351EBOOK SOCIAL INTEGRATION TECHNIQUES - Techniques are provided in which usage information is obtained, regarding reading-related usage of an ebook by a reader. Based at least in part on the usage information, a determination or approximation is made regarding a portion being read by the reader. Based at least in part on the portion, the reader is targeted with a graphical display to be presented at least in part via the ebook. The graphical display provides a social interaction-related recommendation or suggestion relating at least in part to the portion.06-14-2012
20110099477SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DYNAMIC HISTORICAL BROWSING - Systems and methods for dynamic historical browsing of a collection of documents, such as a collection of webpages. In some embodiments, the entry point of the browsing experience may be a timestamp-based or version-based. The entry point may be established by a navigation parameter, such as a graphical slider, for example. A historical browsing experience may be replicated based on the entry point. The system may be implemented via client-side implementation or a server-side implementation. A rich interface application (RIA) may be used.04-28-2011
20090132927USER INTERFACE AND METHOD FOR MAKING ADDITIONS TO A MAP - A user interface is provided, including an input to transmit a request from a client computer system to a server computer system, a view transmitted in response to the request form the server computer system to the client computer system and displayed at the client computer system, wherein the view may include a map and the view may be configured to enable the making of an addition to the map.05-21-2009
20120166955SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INTERACTIVE EVENT DISPLAY - A system and method for receiving structured data including sporting event information and graphing relative scores of the event on a timeline together with indicia indicative of significant moments related to the sporting event. Interactivity includes receiving a user selection to display details about the sporting event in either text, audio or video. The system may also email the graph of the sporting event or post the graph to social media sites.06-28-2012
20100088606IMAGE PROCESSING SYSTEM, SERVER APPARATUS, CLIENT APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - An image processing system includes a server apparatus and a client apparatus connected to each other via a network. The client apparatus inputs text and pieces of font attribute information and transmits the text and information to the server apparatus. The server apparatus stores pieces of rendering shape information of characters and transmits pieces of rendering shape information corresponding to pieces of font attribute information received from the client apparatus to the client apparatus. The client apparatus generates an image corresponding to the text on the basis of the pieces of rendering shape information received from the server apparatus and displays the image in a display device. Particularly, the server apparatus transmits pieces of rendering shape information corresponding to individual characters in the received text to the client apparatus. The client apparatus generates images of the characters. Accordingly, a character string received from the server apparatus can be easily modified.04-08-2010
20120131466User-Based Monitoring and Control - Novel tools and techniques to give a customer greater visibility into network performance and/or utilization, particularly with respect to the customer's broadband connection to a provider's access network (and/or the Internet more generally). Some tools can track the amount of bandwidth assigned to each class of service on a customer's broadband connection, and/or the bandwidth provided to each of the devices on the customer's premises network. These values can be used as inputs to a state machine that governs the use of the broadband connection.05-24-2012
20120131465DIGITAL IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE WITH REMOTE VIEWING INTERFACE - A method for remotely viewing digital images provided to a digital image display device, the digital image display device including an image memory for storing a plurality of digital images, a display screen, and a network interface for communicating with a network, the method comprising: providing a remote viewing interface for the digital image display device, the remote viewing interface being accessible over the network from a location remote from the digital image display device; displaying one of the plurality of stored digital images on the display screen; and simultaneously displaying, on the remote viewing interface, information indicating which of the plurality of stored digital images is currently displayed on the display screen.05-24-2012
20100205533METHODS FOR INTERACTIVE AND SYNCHRONOUS DISPLAY SESSION - A system for interactively displaying and distributing information. The information may relate to consumer products, any type of article of commerce, marketing and advertising layouts, floor plans, planograms or any other type of information that is capable of being illustrated graphically. A consumer engages in an Interactive Information Session with an attendant, such a help desk attendant. During the Interactive Information Session, the attendant and consumer see synchronized displays of images or animations of the information, which may be manipulated by either one of them. The attendant and the user can communicate interactively by voice or text during at least part of the Interactive Information Session. In another embodiment, two or more users of a system according to the invention can collaboratively design a product, marketing or advertising layouts, planograms, floor plans or other graphical information in an Interactive Design Session. During the session one of the users controls the design at any time. Different users may have control at different times. The users can engage in interactive voice or text communications during at least part of the Interactive Design Session.08-12-2010
20120254761MULTIPURPOSE MEDIA PLAYERS - Disclosed are Multipurpose Media Players that enable users to create transcriptions, closed captions, and/or logs of digitized recordings, that enable the presentation of transcripts, closed captions, logs, and digitized recordings in a correlated manner to users, that enable users to compose one or more scenes of a production, and that enable users to compose storyboards for a production. The multipurpose media players can be embodied within Internet browser environments; thereby providing high availability of the multipurpose players across software platforms, networks, and physical locations.10-04-2012
20120173986BACKGROUND SYNCHRONIZATION WITHIN A MULTI-ENVIRONMENT OPERATING SYSTEM - A device and method for synchronizing background images within a multi-environment operating system is provided herein. During operation, a processor running a first operating system environment will utilize a first background image for a first graphical user interface on the device. The first operating system will save the first background image to a shared image file. A second operating system environment being run by the processor will access the shared image file and utilize the first background image for a second GUI on an external display.07-05-2012
20120179971USER DEFINABLE ON-LINE CO-USER LISTS - Systems and methods are disclosed for tracking and displaying the logon status of selected co-users of an on-line or network system in real time to a tracking user in a unique graphical interface. The invention provides user definable on-line co-user lists, or “buddy lists,” which track specific co-users in real-time automatically. When a user logs on to a system, one or more of the user's buddy lists are presented to the buddy list system. The buddy list system attempts to match co-users currently logged into the system with the entries on the user's buddy list. Any matches are displayed to the user. As co-users logon and logoff, a user's buddy list is updated to reflect these changes. An indication can also be added to show that a co-user just logged on or just left the system.07-12-2012
20120317490Central System Based User Interface Resource Management - A processing device includes a user interface module, the user interface module to connect the processing device with a user interface. A communication module connects the processing device with a mobile device. A communication link is established between the processing device and the mobile device. The communication module receives a request from the mobile device to display information. The user interface module sends the information for display on the user interface.12-13-2012
20120317489Method and Apparatus Providing for Transmission of a Content Package - An apparatus for providing for improved transmission of a content package may include a gesture recognizer configured to recognize gesture inputs on a touch screen which select content for transmission. A communication interface may search for signals from accessible devices, and a received signal strength meter may determine corresponding received signal strengths. A target device selector may select a target device from the accessible devices based at least in part on the received signal strengths. The communication interface may then provide for transmission of a content package including the content and configured for reception by the target device in instances in which the target device is selected. A corresponding method and computer program product are also provided.12-13-2012
20120317488TECHNIQUES FOR ADAPTING AN INTERPRETIVE RUN TIME APPLICATION TO MULTIPLE CLIENTS - Techniques to adapt an interpretive runtime engine to multiple clients are described. An apparatus may comprise a logic device arranged to execute a web client. The web client may comprise, among other elements, a client adapter operative to detect a user event for a client user interface, send changes to user event properties associated with the user event to a server application, receive a graphical user interface (GUI) independent object and updated user event properties from the server application, and update a rendered image in the client user interface using the GUI independent object and updated user event properties received from the server application. Other embodiments are described and claimed.12-13-2012
20120084657PROVIDING CONTENT TO A USER FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES BASED ON INTEREST TAG(S) THAT ARE INCLUDED IN AN INTEREST CLOUD - Techniques are described herein for providing content to a user from multiple sources based on interest tag(s) that are included in an interest cloud. An interest cloud is a tag cloud that includes interest tags, which correspond to respective interests of a user. An interest of a user is subject matter that is deemed to have a greater importance than other subject matter to the user based on information that pertains to the user. For example, an interest of a user may be derived from information in the user's emails, social update streams, web browsing history, a content element that is selected by the user, content that is received from a source that is selected by the user, etc. In another example, a user may designate subject matter as being an interest of the user.04-05-2012
20120221953Methods and Devices for Information Exchange and Routing - Method and device for information exchange and routing by providing items of information that are organized in discrete flows to third parties. Relationships are defined among the flows such that at least one item of information in at least a first discrete flow is selectively copied to at least a second discrete flow. This allows users to easily discover and exchange real-time items of information across applications.08-30-2012
20120221952ADVANCED USER INTERFACE AND CONTROL PARADIGM INCLUDING CONTEXTUAL COLLABORATION FOR MULTIPLE SERVICE OPERATOR EXTENDED FUNCTIONALITY OFFERS - Methods and systems for presenting information regarding multiple categories of content are provided. In addition, methods and systems that suggest activities by a user in relation to content and determined affinity for content in relation to user contacts are provided. A user interface application is provided that operates to display status and/or historical information regarding content, suggested activities, and suggested contacts. The user can interact with the interface to access detailed information and to act on suggestions. In addition the user can interact with the interface to share content to other users, including users participating in real time communication sessions.08-30-2012
20120233548METHOD AND DEVICE FOR SCHEDULING FOLLOW-UP EVENTS - A device and method for scheduling follow-up events in relation to an existing event record. The device receives an input follow-up request associated with the existing event record and automatically generates a follow-up event record having information in its field populated using the information contained in the existing event record. The date of the follow-up event is automatically generated based upon the date of the existing event record. If the existing event record is a recurring event, then the date of the follow-up event is based on the frequency of recurrence. The follow-up event record may be displayed for user editing and may be transmitted to the attendees to propose scheduling of the follow-up event.09-13-2012
20080301562Systems and Methods for Accelerating Access to Web Resources by Linking Browsers - Retrieval of information and resources over the Internet is accelerated by automatically linking and synchronizing multiple device browsers in multiple tabs of device windows. The parallel tasks of access and execution, enables a client computerized device to search for information in parallel by activating multiple web sites' search engines, activating translation of web pages content by multiple translation engines at the same time and activating and deactivating a multiplicity of web resources in parallel. The method includes assigning multiple device browsers to multiple tabs in multiple device windows, thus enabling the efficient presentation of multiple web resources and enabling the user to speed the selection and switching between the accessed web resources displayed as tabs on device windows. Browsers linking topologies include; linking one to one, one to many, and many to many with unidirectional or two directional linking.12-04-2008
20120324359Systems and Methods for Monitoring and Enhancing Software Applications - Systems and methods for monitoring computer and/or software usage and enhancing functionality of target software applications are provided. In some aspects, the systems and methods may identify user activity with sufficient depth for meaningful analysis, even when the target application restricts access to, for example, its user-interface object model or event stream, without requiring code-level integration with the target application. In other aspects, the systems and methods may enable fast and convenient assignment of semantic meaning to user-interface elements to enable actionable usage reporting, among other things In further aspects, the systems and methods may allow convenient definition of a sequence of user-interface actions as a workflow, which may be analyzed in a variety of manners including, for example, monitoring and analyzing for user utilization and compliance. In other aspects, the systems and methods may be utilized where the target application restricts external access to user-interface object models.12-20-2012
20120324358DELIVERY OF A USER INTERFACE USING HYPERTEXT TRANSFER PROTOCOL - A method is provided to remotely access an application hosted by a server and having a corresponding application graphical user interface (GUI) represented on the server, the method comprising: a client automatically sending GUI display update requests to the server throughout a duration of the access, the requests being HTTP requests over corresponding HTTP connections.12-20-2012
20110239121INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM STORING INFORMATION PROCESSING PROGRAM - The present invention provides an information processing apparatus including: an acquisition section that acquires first display content information indicating display content being displayed at a display section of a device used by a user, and user information indicating the user that displayed the display content at the display section; a generating section that, when second display content information corresponding to the user information acquired by the acquisition section is stored in a storage section, generates difference information indicating a difference between the stored second display content information and the acquired first display content information being displayed at the display section; and a transmission section that transmits a display instruction to display the difference information at the display section of the device.09-29-2011
20110239120ON-DEMAND FEATURE SERVER ACTIVATION IN THE CLOUD - A feature activation system provides a mixed computing environment that includes a server and cloud computing. The hybrid model splits the execution of a communication feature between the cloud and the enterprise server installed at or with the enterprise. Service activation is linked to a portal that can communicate with either an intermediary system or directly with an entity executing computer programs in the cloud. When the customer desires to use a feature, the customer accesses the portal and activates the feature the enterprise desires. In the background, the portal instantiates a virtual machine, on any cloud platform, and then installs the feature with virtual machine on that cloud server. To execute feature, the enterprise server and the virtual machine exchange information between the server and the cloud and allow the feature to access the enterprise server or enterprise data. When the user has completed feature execution, the instance of the feature may be stopped and discarded and any data may be saved either at the enterprise or within the cloud.09-29-2011
20120278721Museum Tour System and Method - Embodiments of the invention provide a museum tour system to be used by a museum administrator and a museum guest. The system can include a museum object database in a server to store a plurality of museum object records. The system can also include a museum portal that can provide a user interface in which the museum administrator adds museum object records, creates tours, edits tours, or adds products. The system can include a mobile device application to provide a tour segment to a mobile computing device of the museum guest when the museum guest approaches the museum object. The mobile device application can recognize a proximity of the museum guest to the museum object in order to choose the appropriate tour segment.11-01-2012
20110276884SCALABLE AFFINITIZED STATE MANAGEMENT - A state affinitized system comprises worker computing devices uniquely affinitized with one or more states such that only those worker computing devices maintain local copies of the states with which they are affinitized. Requests and data relevant to a state are directed to the worker computing device affinitized with that state, such as by front-end computing devices. A centralized persistent storage can maintain a copy of each state and can modify the states in response to newly received information in the same manner as the worker computing devices. Such maintenance can be performed by coalescer computing devices, which can also derive second order data from the states in the centralized persistent storage, which can be further added to the state and also communicated to the worker computing device affinitized with that state. Crawler computing devices can obtain additional information for incorporation into states from network-based information repositories and services.11-10-2011
20100229095Workflow Widgets - Systems, methods, computer-readable mediums, user interfaces and other implementations are disclosed for workflow widgets. In some implementations, a widget workflow method includes: launching a widget at a first device; and updating the widget with content created at a second device.09-09-2010
20120096362Methods And Systems For Rating Associated Members In A Network - Systems and methods for rating associated members in a social network are set forth. According to one embodiment a method comprising outputting a ratings interface for rating at least one member of a social network associated with a user, wherein the rating interface provides the user with the ability to rate the member in one or more categories, receiving ratings for the member from the user, associating the ratings with the member, and connecting the ratings for the member with the user is set forth.04-19-2012
20110289416Screensaver System and Method for Providing Content to Users and Workstations - A system and method for providing personal computing device screensaver content from a central server, the system further utilizing membership in Active Directory groups to control the screensaver content, enabling screensavers to be remotely enabled for immediate display of urgent messages, utilizing distributed relay services to minimize public internet traffic in the distribution of content to workstations, providing the display of or interaction with a website within a screensaver, providing acknowledgement of displayed information by a user to build an audit trail, and centrally controlling the length of time that information is displayed on selective screensavers and to end users.11-24-2011
20120102405SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MATCHING PERSON-SPECIFIC DATA WITH EVIDENCE RESULTING IN RECOMMENDED ACTIONS - There is provided a method that includes (a) receiving first information about a patient via a first user interface that is communicatively coupled to a communication network, (b) receiving second information about the patient via a second user interface that is communicatively coupled to the communication network, where the first information and the second information, together, comprise answered questions, (c) evaluating the answered questions, to yield a suggested diagnosis and a follow-up question, and (d) transmitting the suggested diagnosis and the follow-up question to the second user interface via the communication network. There is also provided a system that employs the method, and a storage device that contains instructions that cause a processor to perform the method.04-26-2012
20120290936AUTOMATIC GENERATION OF TASK SCRIPTS FROM WEB BROWSING INTERACTION HISTORY - Embodiments of the invention relate to automatically identifying web browsing tasks based on a web browsing interaction history. According to one embodiment of the invention, a web browsing interaction history of a user is analyzed to identify web browsing actions associated with web sites. Abstracted action sequences for the web browsing actions that are identified are generated, and action subsequences for the abstracted action sequences are generated. A similarity between each of the action subsequences is determined, and similar action subsequences are designated as a web browsing task.11-15-2012
20120290935INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, SERVER DEVICE, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, COMPUTER PROGRAM, AND CONTENT SHARING SYSTEM - Provided is an information processing apparatus including a script management unit for injecting a script for monitoring an operation, by a user who directly operates content, on content of the user into the content, and communicating with the script injected into the content, and a user operation information transmission unit for receiving details of the user operation detected by the script, and transmitting the details to an external server device. When a cursor position is received from the script as the details of the user operation, the user operation information transmission unit transforms the cursor position that the script has acquired into a cursor position with respect to a reference position on a screen and transmits the cursor position to the server device.11-15-2012
20100131853DYNAMIC ADAPTIVE CROSS-SITE CUSTOM INTERFACE - The system includes a user interface module to receive a request to access a dynamic adaptive custom user interface and to generate a dynamic adaptive custom user interface. The user interface module configures the user interface with one or more application modules, where each application module utilizes a data set provided by an application server. The user interface module uses a proxy module to obtain the data set from the application server. The user interface module populates the user interface with the data set from the application server and provides the dynamic adaptive custom user interface having the data set provided by the application server.05-27-2010
20100131852SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DELIVERING DOCUMENTS TO PARTICIPANTS OF WORK-FLOW EVENTS OR TASKS - A system and method for transmitting documents from a document device, such as an MFP. The MFP accesses calendar and workflow servers to determine a list of information items. A user can select an information item for which the document is to be associated and the document device will then determine all of the associated document destinations, e.g., workspaces, email addresses, and the like, and then subsequently transmit the documents to all of the document destinations that are associated with the information item or a subset of the document destination associated with the information item as selected by the user.05-27-2010
20130019179MOBILE APPLICATION ENHANCEMENTS - A system and a method for displaying presentation data based on user interactions are provided. The user interactions are received by a mobile device that transmits the user interactions to a virtual mobile adaptor executing an application. The user interactions are then associated with the application and a presentation content is generated based on integrating the user interaction data with the application. The presentation content is then transmitted to a virtual mobile display. The user interactions may be communicated from the mobile device to the virtual mobile adaptor via a cloud-based network.01-17-2013
20110161823INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM CONTROLLING IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS TO DISPLAY SCREEN INFORMATION, CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR, EXTERNAL CONTROL APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROVISION APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, AND STORAGE MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM - An information processing system capable of maintaining the flexibility for constructing an information provision apparatus, and of reducing load on the information provision apparatus. An image processing apparatus requests screen information from an information provision apparatus via an external control apparatus, receives the screen information from the information provision apparatus in response to a request, and displays the screen information received. The external control apparatus receives the request from the image processing apparatus, transfers it to the information provision apparatus, receives the screen information transmitted from the information provision apparatus in response to the request transferred, changes a content of the screen information received, and transmits the screen information changed to the image processing apparatus. The information provision apparatus receives the request from the image processing apparatus via the external control apparatus, generates the screen information, and transmits the screen information generated to the external control apparatus.06-30-2011
20130024775INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus that controls a user interface to display content, acquires position information corresponding to an input received at the user interface, determines a condition corresponding to the position information, and controls the user interface to display data corresponding to the input based on a result of the determining.01-24-2013
20130024774METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MULTI-EXPERIENCE ADAPTATION OF MEDIA CONTENT - A method or apparatus that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a method for adapting media content of a source device for a recipient device. Characteristics of a first environment of a source device and of a second environment of a recipient can be identified. At least one difference between the characteristics of the first environment of the source device and the characteristics of the second environment of the recipient device can be determined. A presentation of media content can be modified according to the at least one difference between the characteristics of the first environment of the source device and the characteristics of the second environment of the recipient device. Other embodiments are disclosed.01-24-2013
20130174041SUPPORTING DISPLAY OF CONTEXT MENUS IN BOTH CASCADED AND OVERLAPPING STYLES - A computing system provided according to an aspect of the present invention contains a server system operable to send a same hierarchical menu to client systems which display the sub-menus of the hierarchical menu in a overlapping style or a cascading style. As a result, the implementation of server systems supporting such client systems may be simplified. According to another aspect, an event handler is also implemented on the server system, to process the events generated by client system displaying menus in both the overlapping style and the cascading style. According to yet another aspect, a server system stores a in-memory representation of a context menu, and thereafter serves requests from different clients for the same hierarchical menu based on such in-memory representation.07-04-2013
20130174040METHODS, APPARATUS AND SYSTEMS FOR GENERATING, UPDATING AND EXECUTING A CROP-PLANTING PLAN - Crop-planting plans may be generated with crop-planting information received from a variety of sources, such as a user, remote sensor, database, and/or data feed. The crop-planting plans may dynamically aid farmers and other production agriculture professionals when determining a crop-planting strategy and implementing a crop-planting plan. Crop-planting plans may include a variety of recommended crop-planting practices and projected outcomes for the implementation of the recommended crop-planting practices.07-04-2013
20080235592System and method of presenting media content - A method of presenting media content is disclosed that includes providing a first view including multiple image cells to a destination device of a first user, where at least one cell of the multiple image cells includes an image. The method further includes automatically collecting a second image from a third party website associated with a second user and providing a second view to the destination device. The second view includes the multiple image cells having the image and includes the second image.09-25-2008
20110246894FILE SHARING METHOD AND SYSTEM - A file sharing method and a file sharing system are provided. The system includes a first file processing apparatus and a second file processing apparatus with wireless transmission function to transfer files therebetween. At first, the first file processing apparatus is coupled to the second file processing apparatus. The first file processing apparatus automatically or manually executes a file sharing software to receive desktop information of the second file processing apparatus, and the file sharing software integrates a desktop of the first file processing apparatus with the desktop information to generate a integrated desktop shown on the first file processing apparatus. The second file processing apparatus processes a file in response to a control operation of an icon on the integrated desktop.10-06-2011
20080222529METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR AUTOMATIC MANAGEMENT OF MOVABLE TIME IN CALENDARS - A computer implemented method for scheduling time of a user for at least one event, the method includes selecting, for each event, at least one of a time slot and a set of constraints for a time period, wherein the set of constraints are selected from a plurality of constraints; entering at least one of the time slot and the set of constraints into a calendar of the user; and scheduling the time for the user according to the available time indicated in the calendar and at least one of the time slot and the set of constraints.09-11-2008
20080222528Information display method, information processing apparatus, and recording medium recording information display program - A method of displaying item information related to a plurality of individuals having different properties onto a screen. The method includes the steps of: obtaining information indicating equivalent time in property, which is time corresponding to a property of each individual; setting a time axis on the screen such that equivalent time in property of each individual indicated by the obtained information has the same position and the same display length, or the same position or the same display length in a time axial direction; and displaying item information related to each individual on the screen in relation to the set time axis.09-11-2008
20130179791SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REAL-TIME DATA IN A GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE - A system and method for real-time push delivery of updates/changes of database records displayed in user interfaces without the clients requesting such data. The data is provided to the graphical user interface such that when changes occur to the source database origin of the displayed data the client user interfaces that contain the records are updated in real-time by receiving an update signal over the computer network which updates the graphical user interface on the client device to reflect the changes that have occurred to the contained data. In order to achieve real-time connectivity, a channel is created between each of the client computing devices and the communications server and subsequently a session with the application server. Data changes recorded from the application server are pushed to each of the client computers simultaneously via the communication server.07-11-2013
20130104044INTEGRATED APPLICATION LAUNCHING IN HETEROGENEOUS CLOUD COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT - Application programs delivered from one or more cloud computing systems (“clouds” or “CCSs”) are integrated into a desktop being delivered/hosted by another cloud (“primary” CCS). In one respect, the integration includes integration of controls for directly launching a separately hosted application program from a desktop hosted by the primary CCS, such as by selection of a start menu entry or activation of a “shortcut” icon that points to the application program. In another respect, a separately hosted application program is launched based on a user opening or accessing content (e.g. data file) that is specifically associated with the separately hosted application program but residing more locally, such as in the hosted desktop. In this aspect, the content is seamlessly redirected to the other cloud without requiring any direct network connectivity between the clouds.04-25-2013
20130104045SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MOBILE INTERACTION - According to one embodiment, a method for collecting feedback from a mobile device user using a mobile interaction application executed on one or more processors of a mobile device includes receiving a selection of a target of the feedback from the mobile device user; presenting a graphical user interface on a display of the mobile device, the graphical user interface including a multi-level rating scale and an open-ended comment element; receiving feedback associated with the selected target from the mobile device user through an input device of the mobile device, the received feedback corresponding to at least one of the multi-level rating scale and the open-ended comment element; and wirelessly transmitting a message including the received feedback associated with the selected target and corresponding to at least one of the multi-level rating scale and the open-ended comment element.04-25-2013
20130132848APPLICATION INTERACTION VIA MULTIPLE USER INTERFACES - Techniques for concurrently presenting multiple, distinct user interfaces for a single software application on multiple display devices. Each of the user interfaces can be interactive, such that user input received with respect to any of the user interfaces (presented on any of the display devices) can change the state of the application and/or modify data associated with the application. Further, this state or data change can be reflected in all (or a subset) of the user interfaces.05-23-2013
20110219310System, Method and Computer Program Product for a Dating Decision Process - A system and method include establishing a first member profile and displaying a second member profile. The first member is restricted from viewing portions of the second member profile. A level of interest the first member has for a second member is indicated in the second member profile and the server restricts the second member from viewing the indication. The first member is notified that the level of interest the first member has for the second member matches a second member's selected level of interest for the first member and the second member is notified of the matching. The first member views at least a portion of the portions that were restricted, the matching interest level and the list of pre-defined stages available for further selection and matching. The first member is enabled to contact the second member in response to the matching interest level corresponding to a desire to meet.09-08-2011
20080201641Method And The Associated Mechanism For 3-D Simulation Stored-Image Database-Driven Spectacle Frame Fitting Services Over Public Network - A method of spectacle frame 3-D simulation fitting over public network, such as Internet, based upon database of product information and digitized user images as acquired via devices connected to computer. Particularly, consumers can take advantage of present method to choose spectacle frames from wide variety of selections, expeditiously by the use of public computer network (Internet). Consumers may use digital cameras, network cameras or scanned photos to submit facial image, and by way of calibration steps and additional side-view images of the consumers when test-fitting spectacle frames, simulated 3-D presentation of a consumer wearing the intended spectacle frame can be viewed for purpose of fitting and purchasing over the network. With the accessibility and availability of the Internet, just a few clicks on the mouse enable the consumers to choose spectacle frames of their preference and in a way that affords wide selections at low costs and easy access.08-21-2008
20100287477Analysis System For Analyzing Biological Samples, Data Processing Method And Computer Program Product - Embodiments related to analysis system for analyzing biological samples, a data processing method and a computer program product are disclosed. An analyzer is coupled to an control computer and has a control application program which receives control data, sends analytical data, and generates a host screen image. A remote computer is coupled to the control computer, and provides a data manager application program which sends the control data to the control computer, receives the analytical data, and generates a first window. A remote application program interoperates with a host application program which generates a second window containing a duplicate of the host screen image. A user interface program displays a first display window and a second display window, the first display window being one of the first and second windows and the second display window containing a screen shot of the other one of the first and second windows.11-11-2010
20130151974OUTLINE VIEW - Disclosed in some examples are methods, systems, and machine readable mediums for creating and presenting an outline view, the outline view including a first user navigable graphical panel, the first panel displaying first organizational elements corresponding to a first outline level of an electronic content work; a second user navigable graphical panel, the second panel displaying one or more child organizational elements of a selected first organizational element, the child organizational elements corresponding to a second outline level of the electronic content work; and one or more content previews of content within the electronic content work in the first or second panel, the content previews corresponding to the first or second outline levels of the electronic content work, respectively.06-13-2013
20130185642USER INTERFACE - A user interface method comprises: causing a plurality of first objects to be displayed; causing one or more second objects to be displayed, each second object associated on the display with one or more of the first objects; and, in response to an input, causing at least one of the first objects to be displayed with decreased prominence and causing at least one second object that is associated with the first object to be displayed such that the relative decrease in prominence of the second object, if any, is less than the relative decrease in prominence of the first object.07-18-2013
20120005579INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD THEREOF, AND PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a Web browser which can hold a plurality of items of screen data provided by a Web server, and can selectively display one of a plurality of screens each of which corresponds to one of the plurality of items of screen data on a foreground of the Web browser. In the apparatus, a control unit controls, based on a definition included in the screen data, a state of a device provided with the apparatus. A recognition unit recognizes a screen which is being displayed on the foreground of the Web browser. The control unit controls the state of the device based on the definition included in the screen data which corresponds to the screen recognized by the recognition unit.01-05-2012
20120030571System and Method for Controlling Local Computer Applications Using a Web Interface - A system for a user to control one or more Local Applications of a Computing Device via a Web Browser, said system comprising: the Computing Device and one or more Local Applications located thereon, wherein said Local Applications are capable of accessing resources located on said Computing Device; an Interpreter Module in communication with said one or more Local Applications; and a Web Browser in communication with said Interpreter Module and capable of interpreting and displaying information; wherein said Web Browser is used to operate said one or more Local Applications via said Interpreter Module; said Interpreter Module interpreting and relaying data packets between said Web Browser and said one or more Local Applications;02-02-2012
20120036439METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MESSAGE TRANSMISSION AND DISPLAY IN COMPUTING DEVICE - A method and system for message display and transmission in a computing device are disclosed. The method includes a step of determining whether a storage unit of the computing device stores at least a set of communication data or not. If the storage unit does not store the communication data, then the communication data would be downloaded from a server to the computing device and be stored in the storage unit. Moreover, the communication data is displayed by a display device of the computing device according to a particular procedure executed by the computing device.02-09-2012
20120047438CUSTOMIZED SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR WEBSITE USER DATA COLLECTION, ANALYSIS AND REPORTING FOR AN ENTIRE WEBSITE - The present invention relates in general to web site administration. In particular, the present invention relates to a system and method for collecting information and user reactions to an entire website and reporting to the website owner.02-23-2012
20120066602METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DRAG AND DROP CONTENT SHARING IN A MULTI-DEVICE ENVIRONMENT - Methods and systems for interacting with graphical user interface elements to invoke commands and initiate requests in a multi-device environment are described03-15-2012
20120066601CONTENT CONFIGURATION FOR DEVICE PLATFORMS - The present technology includes a digital content authoring tool for authoring digital content without the need to understand or access computer code. The present technology further includes creating digital content that is compatible with a diverse population of end user devices without the need for separate versions of the completed content. Instead, the digital authoring tool can manage versions of assets, which individually, can be compatible with different device criteria. Additionally, the present technology contemplates methods of delivering packages of the digital content that are configured to be compatible with the hardware configuration of each requesting device, despite the diverse capabilities of end user devices. Accordingly, the technology described herein provides a simple method for creating and delivering digital content that is configured for presentation on a user's specific device.03-15-2012

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