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Audio user interface

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715 - Data processing: presentation processing of document, operator interface processing, and screen saver display processing


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715728000 Audio input for on-screen manipulation (e.g., voice controlled GUI) 44
715729000 For a visually challenged user 3
20130042180METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING MAP INTERACTIVITY FOR A VISUALLY-IMPAIRED USER - Map interactivity for a visually-impaired user is provided. A map is displayed on a display module of a device and a grid is overlaid onto the displayed map using a rendering module. Each cell of the grill corresponds to a location on the map. Further, a user selection is received using the input module concerning a cell of the grid from the displayed map. Information associated with a selected cell is retrieved using the location module within the device and a speech segment relating to the information is output using an output module.02-14-2013
20090113306DATA PROCESSING DEVICE - A data processing device includes a displaying unit, a user type determining unit, and a display controlling unit. The display unit displays display data including first display data for visually impaired users and second display data for sighted users. The user type determining unit determines whether a user is visually impaired or sighted. The display controlling unit controls the displaying unit to display the first display data when the user type determining unit determines that the user is visually impaired, and to display the second display data when the user type determining unit determines that the user is sighted.04-30-2009
20100262914NOTIFYING BLIND USERS OF LIVE REGION UPDATES - A method, apparatus, and computer program product are present for generating audio cues. New content is requested for a live region in a number of live regions displayed on a display device from a server. In response to receiving the new content for the live region in the number of live regions in the webpage, the live region in the number of live regions in the webpage is updated to form an updated live region displayed on the display device. An audio cue is generated on a sound generation device. The audio cue identifies the live region in the number of live regions in the webpage for which the new content has been received.10-14-2010
20100115412IMAGE BROWSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE BROWSING METHOD - An image browsing apparatus has: a display unit for displaying image data; a reproducing unit for reproducing audio data; a detector for detecting a feature of the audio data reproduced by the reproducing unit; and a controller for, when predetermined audio data is reproduced by the reproducing unit, controlling an updating interval of the image data displayed to the display unit on the basis of the feature of the predetermined audio data detected by the detector.05-06-2010
20120266071AUDIO CONTROL OF MULTIMEDIA OBJECTS - In some examples, aspects of the present disclosure may include techniques for audio control of one or more multimedia objects. In one example, a method includes receiving an electronic document that includes a group of one or more multimedia objects capable of generating audio data. The method also includes registering a multimedia object of the group of one or more multimedia objects, wherein registering the multimedia object comprises storing a multimedia object identifier that identifies the multimedia object. The method further includes receiving audio data; and determining, by a computing device, a volume level of the audio data generated by the registered multimedia object based on one or more configuration parameters, wherein the one or more configuration parameters define one or more volume levels associated with the multimedia object identifier. The method also includes outputting, to an output device, the audio data at the determined volume level.10-18-2012
20090158158SYSTEM FOR SCHEDULING AND TRANSMITTING MESSAGES - A system for scheduling and transmitting messages is disclosed. The system stores a plurality of audio files in an audio database, generates a schedule of queued messages via the plurality of audio files, transmits the queued messages based on the schedule, and reconfigures the schedule based on a user interaction delivering the queued messages in accordance with the reconfigured schedule. A scheduled plurality of messages can be transmitted in a clear and professional manner. Additionally, “ad hoc” messages can be incorporated into the schedule without significantly disrupting the other messages.06-18-2009
20130047087RELATED INFORMATION SUCCESSIVELY OUTPUTTING METHOD, RELATED INFORMATION SUCCESSIVELY PROVIDING METHOD, RELATED INFORMATION SUCCESSIVELY OUTPUTTING APPARATUS, RELATED INFORMATION SUCCESSIVELY PROVIDING APPARATUS, RELATED INFORMATION SUCCESSIVELY OUTPUTTING PROGRAM AND RELATED INFORMATION SUCCESSIVELY PROVIDING PROGRAM - Related information successively outputting and providing methods and apparatus are disclosed wherein the processing load to a related information successively providing apparatus upon provision of content related information can be reduced significantly. The outputting apparatus selects content identification information set as a successive output object in a list included in page information acquired from the providing apparatus as noticed content information, and acquires content related information coordinated with the selected content identification from the providing apparatus. The outputting apparatus outputs the acquired content related information and detects an end of the outputting. When an end of the outputting is detected, the selection of noticed content information, acquisition and outputting of related information and detection of an end of outputting are successively executed again. As a result, content related information acquired from the providing apparatus are outputted automatically and successively.02-21-2013
20090307594Adaptive User Interface - A method comprising: obtaining music information that defines at least one characteristic of audible music; and controlling changes to an appearance of a graphical user interface using the music information.12-10-2009
20130097510AUDIO ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM - An audio adjustment system is provided that can output a user interface customized by the provider of the audio system instead of the electronic device manufacturer. Such an arrangement can save both field engineers and manufacturers a significant amount of time. Advantageously, in certain embodiments, such an audio adjustment system can be provided without knowledge of the electronic device's firmware. Instead, the audio adjustment system can communicate with the electronic device through an existing audio interface in the electronic device to enable a user to control audio enhancement parameters in the electronic device. For instance, the audio adjustment system can control the electronic device via an audio input jack on the electronic device.04-18-2013
20120198339Audio-Based Application Architecture - An application architecture comprises one or more audio interfaces placed within the premises of users. A cloud-based application engine receives audio information from the interfaces and provides information to cloud-based applications based on the audio within the user premises. The other applications utilize the information to provide or enhance services to the users.08-02-2012
20090013254Methods and Systems for Auditory Display of Menu Items - Various methods and systems are provided for auditory display of menu items. In one embodiment, a method includes detecting that a first item in an ordered listing of items is identified; and providing a first sound associated with the first item for auditory display, the first sound having a pitch corresponding to the location of the first item within the ordered listing of items.01-08-2009
20110041061Obfuscating identity of a source entity affiliated with a communique directed to a receiving user and in accordance with conditional directive provided by the receiving user - A computationally implemented method includes, but is not limited to: receiving one or more conditional directives from a receiving user, the one or more conditional directives delineating one or more conditions for obfuscating identity of a source entity affiliated with one or more communiqués directed to the receiving user; and presenting at least a second communiqué in response to at least a reception of a first communiqué affiliated with the source entity and in accordance with the one or more conditional directives, the second communiqué being presented in lieu of presenting the first communiqué. In addition to the foregoing, other method aspects are described in the claims, drawings, and text forming a part of the present disclosure.02-17-2011
20090144626ENABLING AND EXERCISING CONTROL OVER SELECTED SOUNDS ASSOCIATED WITH INCOMING COMMUNICATIONS - An online identity may selectively control perceptibility of incoming sounds associated with electronic messages between online identities (FIG. 06-04-2009
20090292993Graphical User Interface Having Sound Effects For Operating Control Elements and Dragging Objects - Systems and methods for providing an enhanced auditory behavior to a graphical user interface are described. Control elements portrayed by the graphical user interface on a display are associated with at least two states. When transitioning between states, a sound effect specified for that transition can be provided to provide further user or designer customization of the interface appearance. Movement of objects can be accompanied by a repeated sound effect. Characteristics of both sound effects can be easily adjusted in volume, pitch and frequency.11-26-2009
20100169781POSE TO DEVICE MAPPING - Embodiments may comprise logic such as hardware and/or code to map content of a device such as a mobile device, a laptop, a desktop, or a server, to a two dimensional field or table and map user poses or movements to the coordinates within the table to offer quick access to the content by a user. Many embodiments, for example, utilize three wireless peripherals such as a watch, ring, and headset connected to a mobile Internet device (MID) comprising an audible user interface and an auditory mapper to access to the content. The audible user interface may communicatively couple with the peripherals to receive pose data that describes the motion or movements associated with one or more of the peripherals and to provide feedback such as audible items and, in some embodiments, other feedback.07-01-2010
20090150785Input device for inputting voice information including voice recognizer - An input device for inputting a command to an electronic system such as an on-board navigation system includes a microphone for inputting voice, a voice recognizer for analyzing the inputted voice and comparing it with data stored in a voice recognition dictionary, a touch panel displaying keys corresponding to the inputted voice and a controller for controlling operation of the input device. User's voice inputted from the microphone is fed into the voice recognizer to calculate a degree of coincidence with the data in the voice recognition dictionary. The keys corresponding to the inputted voice having a high degree of coincidence are displayed on the touch panel in an enlarged size. The enlarging rates may be determined according to the degree of coincidence. The user is able to finalize, easily and quickly, the keys constituting a command by touching the panel because candidate keys are enlarged.06-11-2009
20100122170SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR INTERACTIVE READING - A method of interactive reading may include generating a user interface. The user interface may include audio data and video data received from a first user device and audio data and video received from a second user device. Additionally, a selection of a book from the first user device is received. A graphical representation of the book comprising text and illustrations from the book is displayed on the user interface, wherein the book is presented a single page at a time. An indication from the first user device or second user device to proceed to a second page of the book may be received the user interface may be updated to present the second page of the book. Also, the user interface may be transmitted to the first user device and the second user device. The method may also include a recording of the audio and video data sent by the user devices to be played back later.05-13-2010
20100088604INFORMATION STORAGE MEDIUM, COMPUTER TERMINAL, AND CHANGE METHOD - A computer terminal changes the non-evaluation property of one of the reference timings to the evaluation property based on a result of the evaluation conducted by comparing one of the reference timings having the evaluation property with the timing of the input performed by the operator.04-08-2010
20110173539ADAPTIVE AUDIO FEEDBACK SYSTEM AND METHOD - Various techniques for adaptively varying audio feedback data on an electronic device are provided. In one embodiment, an audio user interface implementing certain aspects of the present disclosure may devolve or evolve the verbosity of audio feedback in response to user interface events based at least partially upon the verbosity level of audio feedback provided during previous occurrences of the user interface event. In another embodiment, an audio user interface may be configured to vary the verbosity of audio feedback associated with a navigable list of items based at least partially upon the speed at which a user navigates the list. In a further embodiment, an audio user interface may be configured to vary audio feedback verbosity based upon the contextual importance of a user interface event. Electronic devices implementing the present techniques provide an improved user experience with regard to audio user interfaces.07-14-2011
20090113305Method and system for creating audio tours for an exhibition space - The present invention describes a system and method for planning and authoring an audio and/or video guided tour of an exhibition space, such as a museum or gallery. A mapmaking tool is provided whereby the user can graphically map the exhibition space and the location of the exhibits within that space. An authoring tool is also provided whereby the user can, with the resulting map of an exhibition space resulting from the mapmaking tool, record audio tours for each exhibit. If the location of an exhibit is changed, the associated audio and/or video tour remains associated with such exhibit.04-30-2009
20110271193PLAYBACK APPARATUS, PLAYBACK METHOD AND PROGRAM - A playback apparatus is provided that includes an operation plane, a detection unit to detect which of contact relationship including first contact relationship, second contact relationship with a higher degree of contact than the first contact relationship and third contact relationship with a higher degree of contact than the second contact relationship the operation plane and an operation object have, a creation unit to create a list screen of content data for selecting content data based on movement of the operation object with respect to the operation plane in the first contact relationship, a playback unit to play back content data, and a playback control unit to cause the playback unit to play back content data selected on the list screen when becoming the second contact relationship from the first contact relationship if contact relationship becomes the third contact relationship from the second contact relationship.11-03-2011
20100100820USER SPECIFIC MUSIC IN VIRTUAL WORLDS - A computer-implemented method of providing user specific music for a virtual world environment can include, responsive to an input from a user, associating an event with a music source, wherein the event involves an avatar representing the user within a virtual world executing on a virtual world server and storing, within a client of the user, an association between the event and the music source. The client can monitor a virtual world session, within which the user is represented by the avatar, for the occurrence of the event, and responsive to the client detecting the event, outputting, from the client, audio played from the music source associated with the detected event, wherein the music source is played without involvement of the virtual world server.04-22-2010
20090313547MULTI-MEDIA TOOL FOR CREATING AND TRANSMITTING ARTISTIC WORKS - A system for collaboratively producing artwork includes a server and a plurality of user computers coupled to a network. The server transmits a request for submissions to collaborators and who prepare portions of the artwork using multimedia tools provided by the server computer. The collaborators transmit their completed portions of the artwork back to the server computer where they are compiled and transmitted to a recipient on a designated time.12-17-2009
20130191753Balancing Loudspeakers for Multiple Display Users - A method consistent with the present invention involves displaying a window on a computer monitor; at one or more programmed processors, determining a position of the window on the computer monitor; at the one or more programmed processors, deducing a user position for a user of the window with the window based on the position of the window on the computer monitor; and steering audio signals from an application running in the window to a loudspeaker in an array of loudspeakers, where the loudspeaker is a loudspeaker in the array of loudspeakers closer to the deduced user position than another loudspeaker in the array. This abstract is not to be considered limiting, since other embodiments may deviate from the features described in this abstract.07-25-2013
20090164905MOBILE TERMINAL AND EQUALIZER CONTROLLING METHOD THEREOF - A mobile terminal including an output unit configured to output sound, an equalizer configured to adjust parameters of the sound output by the output unit, a display unit including a touch screen and configured to display a Graphic User Interface (GUI) including a graphical guide that can be touched and moved to adjust the parameters of the sound output by the output unit, and a controller configured to control the equalizer to adjust the parameters of the sound output by the output unit in accordance with a shape of the graphical guide that is touched and moved.06-25-2009
20080263451Method for Driving Multiple Applications by a Common Diaglog Management System - The invention describes a method for driving multiple applications (A10-23-2008
20090217167Information processing apparatus and method and program - Disclosed herein is an information processing apparatus for executing control such that one of image data and audio data is made subject to reproduction and the other data made subject to accompanying reproduction to reproduce both the subject to reproduction and the subject to accompanying reproduction, including a comparing section configured to unify a form of a feature of the subject to reproduction and a form of a feature of the subject to accompanying reproduction and make a comparison between these features; and a selecting section configured to select, on the basis of a result of comparison made by the comparing section, the subject to accompanying reproduction for the subject to reproduction from candidates of at least one subject to accompanying reproduction.08-27-2009
20090249209CONTENT REPRODUCING APPARATUS AND CONTENT REPRODUCING METHOD - A content reproducing apparatus and a content reproducing method reproduce sound from image data or music data from the beginning, in a case where music data and image data is obtained from a content storage device and reproduced in succession. An input receiving unit receives a user's input, an external-output requesting unit requests a content storage device to externally output contents, and a reproducing unit reproduces the contents. The external-output requesting unit requests the content storage device to externally output the corresponding music data and the corresponding image data in analog format based on the input received by the input receiving unit, in order to cause the reproduction unit to reproduce music data and image data in succession. As a result, the content reproducing apparatus and method eliminate the necessity of switching reproduction of digital (or analog) information to the reproduction of analog (or digital) information, for reproducing the image (or music) data immediately after the music (or image) data.10-01-2009
20090254829USER INTERFACE WITH VISUAL PROGRESSION - In one embodiment, a graphics user interface is provided. The graphics user interface includes a plurality of graphical representations identifying separate audio data, respectively. Each of the plurality of graphical representations is configured in a list to be selected for playback of the respective audio data. A progression icon is displayed in each of the respective graphical representations. Each progression icon illustrates a temporal progression of the playback of the respective audio data.10-08-2009
20100162122Method and System for Playing a Sound Clip During a Teleconference - A system, method, and device for playing a sound clip during a teleconference. The method includes recording or otherwise obtaining a sound clip, storing the sound clip, associating the sound clip to a corresponding activation code, associating a description or identifier to each sound clip, selecting the sound clip to be replayed, and playing the sound clip during a teleconference, while the user is on mute, by entering a corresponding activation code into a user interface.06-24-2010
20100162121DYNAMIC CUSTOMIZATION OF A VIRTUAL WORLD - A method and apparatus of dynamically customizing a virtual world. A first user and a second user engage in a conversation with respect to a location in the virtual world. A speech processor monitors the conversation and detects that a sound made matches a key sound. The virtual world is altered to include a virtual world customization based on the key sound. The virtual world customization may also be based on user information associated with the user in the conversation that made the sound.06-24-2010
20100192066METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR A GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE - A method of providing capabilities for searching a plurality of audio files by a graphical user interface in a display. A window showing information concerning at least one of a plurality of audio files is configured to operate in an always-on-top mode within the user interface, while occupying an area that is substantially less than 10% of the display's overall area. The window provides a search entry element configured to receive at least one search criterion provided by a user, the search criterion established by the user to identify at least one audio file from among the plurality of audio files. Additional unobtrusive windows are provided in the same user interface to present the results of search actions, these additional windows being initialized as hidden, and visible when a user initiates a search action or actively engages the search results.07-29-2010
20100205532Customizable music visualizer - Audio/music visualizers have become standard features in most music/video software applications available for music/video players. The music visualizer presents the user with a beautiful presentation of music coupled with visuals that are synchronized to the music to create a compelling experience. The presented music visualizer provides a new ability to create a synchronized and personalized music visualization experience by a user without the need for programming. There are no preset effects, rather the user interacts with the visualizer system through a User Interface to create a visualization design through the use of video effects available through the UI. Once the design has been completed the system will synchronize the user's customized visualization design with an input musical selection. In this manner, the user has created their own customized music/video visualization which may also be stored for later playback or modification.08-12-2010
20100162120Digital Media Player User Interface - A user interface of a digital media player is disclosed. In one embodiment, a digital media player comprises a memory storing a plurality of channels of digital media files and a plurality of background animation files, wherein each channel is associated with a respective background animation file. The digital media player receives a user selection of a channel, displays a channel name of the selected channel, and plays the background animation file associated with the selected channel. In another embodiment, the digital media player receives a user selection of a channel, displays a channel name of the selected channel, and displays a visual representation of the plurality of channels, wherein a first indicia is used to represent the selected channel and a second indicia is used to represent the other channels.06-24-2010
20100162119IMMERSIVE AUDIO COMMUNICATION - A method and system for using spatial audio in a virtual environment, which is capable of running on portable devices with limited processing power, and utilising low bandwidth communication connections. The system identifies a first avatar in the virtual environment; and determines if the avatar satisfies a reuse criterion, which will enable the system to reuse the audio information which has been generated for a second avatar in the virtual environment for the first avatar.06-24-2010
20100241963SYSTEM, METHOD, AND APPARATUS FOR GENERATING, CUSTOMIZING, DISTRIBUTING, AND PRESENTING AN INTERACTIVE AUDIO PUBLICATION - Systems, methods, and apparatuses for generating, customizing, distributing, and presenting an interactive audio publication to a user are provided. A plurality of text-based and/or speech-based content items is converted into voice-navigable interactive audio content items that include segmented audio data, embedded visual content, and accompanying metadata. An audio publication is generated by associating one or more audio content items with one or more audio publication sections, and generating metadata that defines the audio publication structure. Assembled audio publications may be used to generate one or more new custom audio publications for a user by utilizing one or more user-defined custom audio publication templates. Audio publications are delivered to a user for presentation on an enabled presentation system. The user is enabled to navigate and interact with the audio publication, using voice commands and/or a button interface, in a manner similar to browsing visually-oriented content.09-23-2010
20100235747METHOD FOR ADJUSTING PARAMETERS OF AUDIO DEVICE - A method for adjusting parameters of an audio device is provided and applied to an adjusting system operated by a user to adjust the audio device. The method includes steps of: executing an application program with the adjusting system; the application program providing a graphical user interface for receiving data wherein the graphical user interface at least includes a plurality of options to be selected; and adjusting a plurality of parameters of the audio device associated with a first option when the first option of the plurality options is selected and outputting a sound by the audio device.09-16-2010
20120198340SINGLE ACTION AUDIO INTERFACE UTILISING BINARY STATE TIME DOMAIN MULTIPLE SELECTION PROTOCOL - An interface protocol for the functional manipulation of complex devices such as consumer electronic devices without the necessity of the visual feedback via textual or graphic data, wherein the sensor functions change with time rather than placement, so that a user action biases a binary state switch, which is correlated to a timed audible audio data stream, the correlation indicating the desired action selected by the user.08-02-2012
20120036437Method, Devices, and System for Delayed Usage of Identified Content02-09-2012
20110113337INDIVIDUALIZED TAB AUDIO CONTROLS - According to one general aspect, a method may include detecting an audio signal configured to be played from a local loudspeaker. The method may also include determining which of one or more applications is included with the audio signal, wherein the determined application includes one or more tabs. The method may include determining which tab of the one or more tabs of the determined application is included with the audio signal. The method may comprise providing a graphical user interface (GUI) included with a handle of the determined tab, wherein the graphical user interface is configured to facilitate the manipulation of the audio signal by a user. The method may include manipulating the audio signal, based upon a command generated by the graphical user interface in response to a user interaction.05-12-2011
20100306657Audio-Enhanced User Interface for Browsing - Embodiments of the present invention pertain to, but are not limited to, browsing a displayed listing of stored audio content such as music in a music player, PC, or portable electronic device, including MP3 players and mobile phones. Various embodiments of the present invention recognize that to improve the user's browsing experience, the user's selections from the listing should be accompanied by audio effects specifically configured to facilitate the corresponding content navigation. For example, the effects could be that as the currently selected item in the listing changes, an excerpt of the music track (or of a member of the group of music tracks) in the new item (i.e., “new currently-selected” item) in the listing is played with 3D audio effects such that the position from which the music track appears to be playing is in symphony with the new item's movement on the user interface.12-02-2010
20130139062Audio Indicator of Position Within a User Interface - A mobile communication device and method for controlling a user interface of the mobile communication device are disclosed. The method includes generating a multi-page graphical user interface that enables a user of the mobile communication device to control operations of the mobile communication device, displaying a current page of the multi-page user interface, changing the current page of the multi-page user interface that is displayed in response to a user action, and projecting an audible sound for each page of the multi-page user interface that is displayed.05-30-2013
20100083116INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD AND INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE IMPLEMENTING USER INTERFACE SUITABLE FOR USER OPERATION - A volume setting icon is provided with a slider for indicating a volume increasing from left toward right. A region in a direction of lower volume relative to a position corresponding to a current value, at which the slider is displayed, is identified as a volume low region, and a region in a direction of higher volume is identified as a volume high region. When the slider is selected, the slider can continuously be operated to move in any direction toward the volume low region and the volume high region. When the volume low region other than the slider is touched, the slider is instantaneously operated to move to a position corresponding to a touch position. When the volume high region other than the slider is touched, the slider is not instantaneously operated to move to a position corresponding to a touch position.04-01-2010
20100332988MOBILE MEDIA DEVICE USER INTERFACE - A mobile media device user interface is described. In one or more implementations, output of a plurality of audio content is monitored by a mobile media device. Each of the audio content was received via a respective one of a plurality of broadcast channels by the mobile media device. A user interface is displayed on a display device of the mobile media device, the user interface describing each of the plurality of audio content and the respective broadcast channel from which the audio content was received.12-30-2010
20110010626Device and Method for Adjusting a Playback Control with a Finger Gesture - In some embodiments, a method is performed at an electronic device with a touch-sensitive surface while the device is providing content. The device detects a finger contact at a first location on the surface. The first location and an edge of the surface define a first distance. The finger contact at the first location corresponds to a start of a control adjustment gesture for setting an adjustable parameter for providing content. In response to detecting the start of the control adjustment gesture, the device maps a range of positions associated with the adjustable parameter to correspond to at least a portion of the first distance; detects movement of the finger contact in the control adjustment gesture; and modifies the adjustable parameter for providing content in accordance with the movement of the finger contact in the control adjustment gesture and the mapping of the range of positions.01-13-2011
20110029876CLICKLESS NAVIGATION TOOLBAR FOR CLICKLESS TEXT-TO-SPEECH ENABLED BROWSER - A clickless, text-to-speech enabled browser includes a navigation toolbar having a plurality of button graphics and a web page region which allows for the display of web pages. Each button graphic including a predefined active region, an associated text message related to the command function of the button graphic, and an event handler that invokes text-to-speech software code for automatically speaking the associated text message and then executing the command function associated with the button graphic.02-03-2011
20110029875VEHICLE ALARM CUSTOMIZATION SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Vehicle alarm customization systems and methods are disclosed. An exemplary method includes a vehicle alarm customization system providing a user interface configured to facilitate end-user customization of a vehicle alarm, receiving an end-user selection of an audio content instance via the user interface, accessing data representative of the audio content instance, and customizing the vehicle alarm to sound at least part of the audio content instance in response to a vehicle alarm trigger event.02-03-2011
20110119589Navigable User Interface for Electronic Handset - An electronic device having a user interface on which selectable operation indicators are navigated wherein each operational indicator is associated with a corresponding application or other selectable item. The operational indicators are sequentially identified, in a specified order and for a specified time interval, in response to a first input at the user interface. Selection occurs in response to a second input at the user interface during the corresponding time interval. Such selection may, for example, launch an application or cause the display of a submenu or perform some other function05-19-2011
20090222731MIXING INPUT CHANNEL SIGNALS TO GENERATE OUTPUT CHANNEL SIGNALS - Techniques for mixing multiple input channel signals into multiple output channel signals are provided. A graphical user interface (GUI), which includes multiple indicators, is displayed. The input channel signals are mixed to produce multiple output channel signals. The mixing is performed based on the distance between the indicators' positions in the GUI. According to one embodiment of the invention, the mixing is also performed based on the angle formed between the indicators. Thus, the extent to which an input channel signal is carried by an output channel signal is, in one embodiment of the invention, a function of both the distance between the indicators and an angle formed by the indicators in the GUI.09-03-2009
20110072350SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR RECORDING AND SHARING AUDIO FILES - Systems for recording and sharing audio files among a plurality of users. The systems include a server that is configured to receive, index, and store a plurality of audio files, which are received by the server from a plurality of sources, within at least one database in communication with the server. In addition, the server is configured to make one or more of the audio files accessible to one or more persons—other than the original sources of such audio files. Still further, the server is configured to receive and publish comments associated with the audio files within a graphical user interface of a website. The comments may be submitted to the server through the website by persons other than the original sources of such audio files.03-24-2011
20120066600MULTIMODAL USER NOTIFICATION SYSTEM TO ASSIST IN DATA CAPTURE - A system for executing a multimodal software application includes a mobile computer device with a plurality of input interface components, the multimodal software application, and a dialog engine in operative communication with the multimodal software application. The multimodal software application is configured to receive first data from the plurality of input interface components. The dialog engine executes a workflow description from the multimodal software application by providing prompts to an output interface component. Each of these prompts includes notification indicating which of the input interface components are valid receivers for that respective prompt. Furthermore, the notification may indicate the current prompt and at least the next prompt in sequence.03-15-2012
20100088603Medical patient device - A medical patient device having a medical measurement unit for detecting and processing analysis-specific signals, a computer unit, a user interface, a configuration data interface for receiving configuration files and having a memory unit, wherein the medical patient device is arranged and adapted so that by means of the user interface, a user can load configuration files into the patient device via the configuration data interface and store them in the memory unit, and can configure the user interface by accessing the downloaded configuration files stored in the memory unit.04-08-2010
20100070863 METHOD FOR READING A SCREEN - The present disclosure is directed to a method for reading a computer screen having a set of information and a button for submitting the set of information. The method may comprise collecting the set of information; determining a set of representative information, wherein the set of representative information is a subset of the set of information; concatenating the set of representative information to form a summarized context; associating the summarized context with the button; and producing audible sound reciting the summarized context when the button receives focus from a computer mouse.03-18-2010
20090241028COMPUTER SYSTEM FOR ADMINISTERING QUALITY OF LIFE QUESTIONNAIRES - The present invention includes in one embodiment, a computer survey system comprising a microprocessor, a display screen, a user input device and a database all in communication with the microprocessor. The microprocessor activates software that systematically administers a quality of life survey by displaying a plurality of quality of life questions on the display screen. The software requests responses from the participant using a user input device and stores the response in a database. The system further has a sound player that is configured to play a recording of the question displayed on the display screen upon activation of the sound player by the user input device.09-24-2009
20110154204Web-Enabled Conferencing and Meeting Implementations with a Subscription-Based Model - Meeting and conferencing systems and methods are implemented in a variety of manners. Consistent with an embodiment of the present disclosure, a meeting system is implemented that includes a computer server arrangement with at least one processor. The computer server arrangement is configured to provide a web-based meeting-group subscription option to potential meeting participants. A meeting scheduling data is received over a web-accessible virtual meeting interface. The meeting scheduling data includes group identification information and meeting time information. In response to the group identification information, participant identification information is retrieved for participants that subscribe to a meeting group identified by the group identification information. In response to the meeting time information and the participant identifying information, audio connections are established for participants of the meeting. Merged audio from the established audio connections is provided to the participants over the established audio connections.06-23-2011
20110055703Spatial Apportioning of Audio in a Large Scale Multi-User, Multi-Touch System - A large scale multi-user, multi-touch system with a specialized zone-based user interface including methods for space management and spatial apportioning of audio cues. The system comprises a multi-touch display component fabricated in dimensions sufficient for at least a plurality of users and for displaying projected images and for receiving multi-touch input. The apparatus includes a plurality of image projectors, a plurality of cameras for sensing multi-touch input and the apparatus includes interface software for managing user space. The interface software implements techniques for managing multiple users using the same user interface component by allocating physical spaces within the multi-touch display component and coordinating movement of displayed objects between the physical spaces. Embodiments include a plurality of audio transducers and methods for performing audio spatialization using the plurality of audio transducers corresponding to the physical spaces, apportioning of volume levels to the audio transducers based on movement of a displayed object.03-03-2011
20110010627SPATIAL USER INTERFACE FOR AUDIO SYSTEM - A system, apparatus, and method for generating a spatial user interface for an application, system or device. The user interface includes a means of representing user interface functions or commands as audio signals, with the audio signals being perceived by the user in a spatially different location depending on the function or command. A user input device is provided to enable a user to select a function or command, or to navigate through the spatial representations of the audio signals.01-13-2011
20120204110SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AN IN-SYSTEM EMAIL INTERFACE - The embodiments describe an in-vehicle text email method and system. The in-vehicle text email system provides email to a driver in a format that is suitable for output in a vehicle. The format combines audio as well as visual output mechanisms to deliver an email to the driver in a way that minimizes the level of attention needed to digest an email while operating the vehicle.08-09-2012
20110138284THREE-STATE TOUCH INPUT SYSTEM - A touch screen input device is provided which simulates a 3-state input device such as a mouse. One of these states is used to preview the effect of activating a graphical user interface element when the screen is touched. In this preview state touching a graphical user interface element on the screen with a finger or stylus does not cause the action associated with that element to be performed. Rather, when the screen is touched while in the preview state audio cues are provided to the user indicating what action would arise if the action associated with the touched element were to be performed.06-09-2011
20110087965METHOD FOR SETTING UP A LIST OF AUDIO FILES FOR A MOBILE DEVICE - A method for setting up a list of audio files for a mobile device, and a mobile device utilizing the method for setting up the list of audio files are described.04-14-2011
20110138285PORTABLE VIRTUAL HUMAN-MACHINE INTERACTION DEVICE AND OPERATION METHOD THEREOF - A portable virtual input control device and a method thereof are provided, which can achieve a purpose of human-machine interaction and remote control. The portable virtual input control device comprises a main body, an operation interface display unit connected to the main body, an image capturing module adjacent to the main body, and a central processing module, built in the main body. The operation interface display unit is movably disposed in front of a head of the user for displaying an operation interface corresponding to a controlled device. The image capturing module captures a position image of a hand of the user outside the operation interface display unit. The central processing module transmits display data to the operation interface display unit to display the operation interface, and connected to the image capturing module for receiving the position image of the hand of the user captured by the image capturing module, and determining a control command input by the user according to the display data and the position image of the hand of the user.06-09-2011
20120151349APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MAN-MACHINE INTERFACE FOR INVISIBLE USER - Man-machine interface apparatus and method for an user are provided. The man-machine interface apparatus includes: a touch recognizing unit recognizing a touch by the invisible user; and a voice notifying unit notifying the invisible user of a name of a menu or application service corresponding to the touched position through a voice.06-14-2012
20090259942VARYING AN AUDIO CHARACTERISTIC OF AN AUDIBLE NOTICE BASED UPON A PLACEMENT IN A WINDOW STACK OF THE APPLICATION INSTANCE ISSUING THE NOTICE - An application instance can be identified that is associated with an audible notice, which is to be presented. A placement of the application instance in a window stack can be determined. An audio characteristic (e.g., volume, pitch, speed, repetition, audio channel, etc.) of the audible notice can be adjusted based upon the determined placement in the window stack. Different placements in the windows stack can result in different adjustments. The adjusted audio notice can then be presented.10-15-2009
20100023864USER INTERFACE TO AUTOMATICALLY CORRECT TIMING IN PLAYBACK FOR AUDIO RECORDINGS - Exemplary embodiments of methods to automatically correct timing of recorded audio in GUI are summarized here. One or more controls to adjust resolution of timing and degree of correction for the audio are displayed. The resolution of timing relates to heats on a grid and is affected by the degree of correction. The degree of correction is mapped to a time interval at each beat along the grid. Next, a user manipulation of one or more controls selecting a resolution and a degree of correction is received. Correction of timing is performed according to the selected resolution and degree of correction. Correcting of timing may include aligning a transient of the audio to the beat by compressing or stretching a portion of the audio. Compressing or stretching the portion of the audio depends on a length of the portion relative to a distance between adjacent beats.01-28-2010
20100017719Conferencing system with low noise - A conferencing system with low noise.01-21-2010
20110307787SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ACCESSING ONLINE CONTENT - An example method of accessing a web page includes receiving audio output from speakers of electronic equipment; detecting a cue in the received audio output; determining a web address based on the detected cue; and connecting to a web page using the web address.12-15-2011
20130185639TERMINAL HAVING PLURAL AUDIO SIGNAL OUTPUT PORTS AND AUDIO SIGNAL OUTPUT METHOD THEREOF - A terminal having plural audio signal output ports and an audio signal output method thereof are provided. The audio signal output method of a terminal having at least two audio signal output ports includes setting allocation information on which audio signal source is allocated to each of the audio signal output ports according to a user input, extracting the set allocation information, and outputting an audio signal of an audio signal source through a corresponding audio signal output port according to the extracted allocation information. An audio signal output apparatus capable of variously using an audio signal output port according to the need of a user, and a method thereof may be provided.07-18-2013
20120210233Smartphone-Based Methods and Systems - Methods and arrangements involving portable devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, are disclosed. One arrangement enables a creator of content to select software with which that creator's content should be rendered—assuring continuity between artistic intention and delivery. Another arrangement utilizes the camera of a smartphone to identify nearby subjects, and take actions based thereon. Others rely on near field chip (RFID) identification of objects, or on identification of audio streams (e.g., music, voice). Some of the detailed technologies concern improvements to the user interfaces associated with such devices. Others involve use of these devices in connection with shopping, text entry, sign language interpretation, and vision-based discovery. Still other improvements are architectural in nature, e.g., relating to evidence-based state machines, and blackboard systems. Yet other technologies concern use of linked data in portable devices—some of which exploit GPU capabilities. Still other technologies concern computational photography. A great variety of other features and arrangements are also detailed.08-16-2012
20110167350Assist Features For Content Display Device - Systems, techniques, and methods are present for allowing a user to interact with the text in a touch-sensitive display in order to learn more information about the content of the text. Some examples can include presenting augmented text from an electronic book in a user-interface, the user-interface displayed in a touch screen; receiving touch screen input by the touch screen, the touch screen input corresponding to a portion of the augmented text; determining a command associated with the touch screen input from amongst multiple commands associated with the portion of the augmented text, each of the multiple commands being configured to invoke a function to present information regarding the portion of the augmented text; and presenting, based on the command associated with the received touch screen input, information corresponding to the identified portion of the augmented text.07-07-2011
20100095212METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR VISUALIZING A MEDIA LIBRARY - Visualizing and exploring a music library using metadata, such as genre, sub-genre, artist, and year, is provided. Geometric shapes, such as disks or rectangles, may be divided into sectors representing genre and each sector may be further divided into sub-sectors representing artists associated with each genre. The sector's relative size generally reflects the importance of the corresponding genre within the library. Likewise, the sub-sector's relative size generally reflects the importance of the corresponding artist within the genre which may be determined by the number of media items of the artist. Marks representing each media item may be arranged and displayed within the geometric shape to reflect the mark's corresponding genre, artist, and year. In addition, each mark may reflect an attribute, such as playcount, of the media item and each sector may reflect the mean value of an attribute of all media items within the sector.04-15-2010
20120131462HANDHELD DEVICE AND USER INTERFACE CREATING METHOD - A handheld device stores mapping relationships between a plurality of user sound types and a plurality of user situations. The handheld device detects a user sound signal from surrounds of the handheld device, and analyzes the user sound signal to obtain a corresponding user sound type. The handheld device determines a corresponding user situation according to the corresponding user sound type and the mapping relationships between the plurality of user sound types and the plurality of user situations, and creates a user interface corresponding to the determined user situation.05-24-2012
20110185279METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR REQUESTING AND DELIVERING MELODY MESSAGES - A method for requesting and creating a personalized message by selecting a song clip, entering a recipient's phone number, and recording a personalized message, which is then sent to the identified recipient at a scheduled date and time by phone. The personalized message can be received by a recipient who answers the phone, or can be recorded by the recipient's voicemail system.07-28-2011
20110185278METHODS FOR PROVIDING A PLAYLIST BY ACQUIRING RADIO DATA SYSTEM INFORMATION FROM MULTIPLE RADIO STATIONS - Wireless electronic devices with two frequency modulation (FM) tuners are provided. An electronic device may use a first FM tuner to tune to a current radio station and may use a second FM tuner to scan other radio stations to obtain a list of radio data system (RDS) information. The electronic device may use the list of RDS information to display a master playlist that includes an alternate song list reflecting songs that are currently playing on the other radio stations. A user of the electronic device may select a song from the alternate song list, may switch to a new radio station to listen to the selected alternate song, may tag the song for later purchase, or may return to the master playlist. The user may purchase the tagged songs at a later time through a media management service that can be launched directly on the electronic device.07-28-2011
20120260176GESTURE-ACTIVATED INPUT USING AUDIO RECOGNITION - In one example, a method includes, displaying, at a presence-sensitive screen of a computing device, an input field in a region of a graphical user interface (GUI). The method further includes receiving, at the presence-sensitive screen, user input including one or more gestures to select the input field, wherein the one or more gestures to select the input field include motion at a location of the presence-sensitive screen that corresponds to the region of the GUI displaying the input field. The method also includes, while the input field is selected, detecting, by the computing device, an audio signal and identifying, by the computing device, at least one input value based on the detected audio signal. The method also includes assigning, by the computing device, the at least one input value to the input field in the GUI.10-11-2012
20120324355SYNCHRONIZED READING IN A WEB-BASED READING SYSTEM - A system and method is presented for the creating a synchronized reading session in a web based reading environment. Data is maintained in a database relating to books, chapters, pages. Through a speaker interface, one user operating a speaker computer controls the pages that appear on the interfaces of all participants in the synchronized reading session. The speaker interface also accepts an audio input that is also shared with the interfaces of all participants in the session. All participants view the same pages and hear the same audio in synchronization. Temporary audio input abilities may be granted to a particular participant computers in order to allow a participant to ask a question. Temporary page control can also be granted to a particular participant computer. The speaker computer retains the ability to revoke temporary control granted to participant computers.12-20-2012
20110276882AUTOMATIC GROUPING FOR USERS EXPERIENCING A SPECIFIC BROADCAST MEDIA - According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a method for grouping chat users, the method comprising acts of receiving, via a first interface of a server, audio signals from a user over a communication network, receiving, via a second interface of the server, audio signals from a plurality of broadcast channels over the communication network; comparing, by a processor, the audio signals received from the user and the audio signals received from the plurality of broadcast channels, determining, by the processor, based on the act of comparing, that the audio signals from the user correspond to a program currently being broadcast on one of the plurality of broadcast channels, and grouping, by the processor, the user into a chat group based on at least one grouping criteria, the at least one grouping criteria including the program currently being broadcast.11-10-2011
20100229094AUDIO PREVIEW OF MUSIC - Systems, methods, and machine-readable media are disclosed for providing an audio preview of songs and other audio elements. In some embodiments, the electronic device can provide a user-controllable pointer scrollable through various categories, such as different genres or artists. Responsive to each movement of the pointer, the electronic device can select a song from the pointed-to category and can play a portion of the selected song. In other embodiments, music groups can be defined, where each music group includes songs that go well together. The electronic device can play, in succession, a portion of one song from each of the music groups. Responsive to a user selection of a playing portion, the electronic device can create a playlist based on the music group of the selected playing portion.09-09-2010
20120331387METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING GATHERING EXPERIENCE - The present disclosure relates to the use of gestures and feedback to facilitate gathering experiences and/or applause events with natural, social ambience. For example, audio feedback responsive to participant action may swell and diminish in response to intensity and social aspects of participant participation. Each participant can have unique sounds or other feedback assigned to represent their actions to create a social ambience.12-27-2012
20110320949Gesture Recognition Apparatus, Gesture Recognition Method and Program - There is provided a gesture recognition apparatus including a recognition unit for recognizing a gesture based on a set of gesture information input in a given input period, a prediction unit for predicting the gesture from halfway input gesture information among the set of gesture information, and a notification unit for notifying a user of prediction information about the result of predicting the gesture. A user can confirm what kind of gesture is recognized by continuing to input gesture information through a notification of the prediction information.12-29-2011
20100131850METHOD, APPARATUS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR PROVIDING A CURSOR FOR INDICATING CONTEXT DATA IN A MAPPING APPLICATION - An apparatus, method and computer program product are provided for providing a cursor for indicating context data in a mapping application. An electronic device may display a map to a user via a mapping application having a cursor. A user may provide input selecting a type of context data to be represented by the cursor. The cursor may be positioned at a location on the map, and the electronic device may obtain context data based on the user input relating to the position and area proximate the position of the cursor on the map. The electronic device may then update a representation of the cursor using visual and other indicia to reflect the context data.05-27-2010
20120151348Using Cinematographic Techniques for Conveying and Interacting with Plan Sagas - The subject disclosure is directed towards obtaining a linear narrative synthesized from a set of objects, such as objects corresponding to a plan, and using cinematographic and other effects to convey additional information with that linear narrative when presented to a user. A user interacts with data from which the linear narrative is synthesized, such as to add transition effects between objects, change the lighting, focus, size (zoom), pan and so forth to emphasize or de-emphasize an object, and/or to highlight a relationship between objects. A user instruction may correspond to a theme (e.g., style or mood), with the effects, possibly including audio, selected based upon that theme.06-14-2012
20080229206AUDIBLY ANNOUNCING USER INTERFACE ELEMENTS - Systems, apparatus, methods and computer program products are described below for using surround sound to audibly describe the user interface elements of a graphical user interface. The position of each audible description is based on the position user interface element in the graphical user interface. A method is provided that includes identifying one or more user interface elements that have a position within a display space. Each identified user interface element is described in surround sound, where the sound of each description is positioned based on the position of each respective user interface element relative to the display space.09-18-2008
20130145271CALENDAR INTERFACE FOR DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS - Information from communications is displayed in a calendar format. Text from the communications is used to determine whether a scheduling entry should be created. If so, text from the communication is used to create a proposed calendar or to-do list entry, which can be saved, modified or canceled by the user. Information from a call log can be filtered and displayed in a calendar format.06-06-2013
20110271192MANAGING CONFERENCE SESSIONS VIA A CONFERENCE USER INTERFACE - Various embodiments of systems, methods, and computer programs are disclosed for managing conference sessions via a graphical user interface. One such method comprises: a conferencing system establishing a conference session between a plurality of participants accessing the conferencing system via a communication network; presenting a conference interface via a graphical user interface to a client device operated by one of the participants; displaying in the conference interface a participant object identifying each of the plurality of participants in the conference session; selecting one of the participant objects via the graphical user interface; moving the selected participant object via the graphical user interface to a drop target associated with a breakout session; removing the participant from the conference session; and adding the participant to the breakout session.11-03-2011
20130097511Positioning a Virtual Sound Capturing Device in a Three Dimensional Interface - A method, system, and computer-readable product for positioning a virtual sound capturing device in a graphical user interface (GUI) are disclosed. The method includes displaying a virtual sound capturing device in relation to a virtual sound producing device in a three dimensional interface and in a two dimensional graphical map. Additionally, the method includes adjusting the display of the virtual sound capturing device in relation to the virtual sound producing device in both the three dimensional interface and the two dimensional graphical map in response to commands received from an input device.04-18-2013
20110276883Online Multiplayer Virtual Game and Virtual Social Environment Interaction Using Integrated Mobile Services Technologies - A system, method, and software allowing user interaction with virtual games/virtual social environments by using a mobile device and SMS/MMS messaging over a cellular telephone network. A communication device server sends to and accepts from a mobile aggregator, asynchronous SMS/MMS/text/email messages related to a virtual game running on a game server. The virtual game server integrates with a virtual social network utility such as Facebook®, and is accessible to the user through a dedicated web server. Multiple users may register with the social network utility to access the virtual game over the computer network (using the social network utility web server or a dedicated web server) or over the cellular telephone network (using the aggregator/communication device server). This system and method allows the user to interact with the virtual game/virtual social network while the user is offline.11-10-2011
20110225498PERSONALIZED AVATARS IN A VIRTUAL SOCIAL VENUE - A method is provided for creating a personalized social setting for sharing streaming media content. A virtual social venue comprising a virtual three-dimensional setting for sharing streaming media content is created. Users from one or more social networks are invited to participate in the virtual social venue. Avatars are provided to each user who enters the virtual social venue. The users' profile images are extracted from the social network(s) from which they were invited, and mapped onto the avatars of the corresponding users. Alternatively, users designate video feeds that are mapped onto their corresponding avatars. Streaming media content is then presented to the users in the three dimensional setting of the virtual social venue. In this setting, users are able to see avatar representations of other users, along with their mapped profile images or video feeds, while viewing and/or listening to the streaming media content.09-15-2011
20130139061DESKTOP SOUND SOURCE DISCOVERY - Multiple applications may execute on a computing device and the computing system may monitor the multiple applications, identify a set e applications generating sound and determine whether at least one sound related criterion is satisfied. If at least one sound related criterion is satisfied, the computing system displays sound indicators for the set of applications generating sound.05-30-2013
20100293468AUDIO CONTROL BASED ON WINDOW SETTINGS - A method includes displaying a window associated with an application, providing audio content associated with the application, receiving a user input, determining whether the user input corresponds to a window manipulation of the window, where the window manipulation is other than a closing of the window, determining an audio setting that corresponds to a window setting associated with the window manipulation, when it is determined that the user input corresponds to the window manipulation, and outputting the audio content in correspondence to the audio setting.11-18-2010
20120260177GESTURE-ACTIVATED INPUT USING AUDIO RECOGNITION - In one example, a method includes, displaying, at a presence-sensitive screen of a computing device, an input field in a region of a graphical user interface (GUI). The method further includes receiving, at the presence-sensitive screen, user input including one or more gestures to select the input field, wherein the one or more gestures to select the input field include motion at a location of the presence-sensitive screen that corresponds to the region of the GUI displaying the input field. The method also includes, while the input field is selected, detecting, by the computing device, an audio signal and identifying, by the computing device, at least one input value based on the detected audio signal. The method also includes assigning, by the computing device, the at least one input value to the input field in the GUI.10-11-2012
20130159861Adaptive Audio Feedback System and Method - Various techniques for adaptively varying audio feedback data on an electronic device are provided. In one embodiment, an audio user interface implementing certain aspects of the present disclosure may devolve or evolve the verbosity of audio feedback in response to user interface events based at least partially upon the verbosity level of audio feedback provided during previous occurrences of the user interface event. In another embodiment, an audio user interface may be configured to vary the verbosity of audio feedback associated with a navigable list of items based at least partially upon the speed at which a user navigates the list. In a further embodiment, an audio user interface may be configured to vary audio feedback verbosity based upon the contextual importance of a user interface event. Electronic devices implementing the present techniques provide an improved user experience with regard to audio user interfaces.06-20-2013
20110314381NATURAL USER INPUT FOR DRIVING INTERACTIVE STORIES - A system and method are disclosed for combining interactive gaming aspects into a linear story. A user may interact with the linear story via a NUI system to alter the story and the images that are presented to the user. In an example, a user may alter the story by performing a predefined exploration gesture. This gesture brings the user into the 3-D world of the displayed image. In particular, the image displayed on the screen changes to create the impression that a user is stepping into the 3-D virtual world to allow a user to examine virtual objects from different perspectives or to peer around virtual objects.12-22-2011
20120023406AUDIO MIXING CONSOLE - Mixer includes first and second displays each capable of displaying a pop-up screen that simultaneously displays pieces of information of eight channels. Once a display instruction for displaying a pop-up screen is received, it is ascertained whether or not the pop-up screen currently instructed to be displayed can be displayed on both of the first and second displays. If the pop-up screen can be displayed on only one of the displays, the currently instructed pop-up screen and one-screen channel selection switch are displayed on the one display together with. If, on the other hand, the pop-up screen can be displayed on both of the displays, the instructed pop-up screen are displayed on in a two-screen format on individual ones of the displays, and a two-screen channel selection switch is displayed on each one of the pop-up screens.01-26-2012
20130198635Managing Multiple Participants at the Same Location in an Online Conference - Various embodiments of systems, methods, and computer programs are disclosed for managing multiple participants at the same location in an online conference. One embodiment is a method for providing an online conference comprising: a conferencing system establishing an audio conference with a plurality of client devices via a communication network, each client device associated with a first participant; the conferencing system determining at least one second participant co-located with one of the first participants and the corresponding client device; and the conferencing system presenting, to each of the client devices, the audio conference and a conference user interface, the conference user interface displaying a participant object identifying each of the first and second participants.08-01-2013
20130212478AUDIO NAVIGATION OF AN ELECTRONIC INTERFACE - Embodiments of methods, apparatuses, devices and/or systems for navigating electronic interfaces via an audio signal comprising commands are disclosed.08-15-2013

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