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Video interface

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715 - Data processing: presentation processing of document, operator interface processing, and screen saver display processing


715716000 - On screen video or audio system interface

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715720000 Video traversal control 49
715721000 Indexed control 29
715722000 Video parameter control 14
20120173980System And Method For Web Based Collaboration Using Digital Media - A system and method configured to allow production team members to view, organize and manage production of a motion picture. The system and method allows the production team members to organize the project script; extract the script into scenes and slates; view, organize, select and collaborate on uploaded digital media and takes for each scene as well as uploaded audio, music or special effects that are to be applied to the product. The system tracks versions of the project by monitoring each change as well. The system also allows production member to organize project calendars, tasks associated with projects, contacts, notes, budgeting and other facets of the project. The system incorporates security measures which allow certain members of the production team to only have access to designated high-security material.07-05-2012
20100050082Interactive Video Insertions, And Applications Thereof - Embodiments of this invention relate to controlling insertion of visual elements integrated into video. In an embodiment, a method enables control of insertions in a video. In the embodiment, control data is received from a user input device. Movement of at least one point of interest in a video is analyzed to determine video metadata. Finally, a visual element is inserted into a video according to the control data, and the visual element changes or moves with the video as specified by the video metadata to appear integrated with the video.02-25-2010
20100050081IMAGE PROCESSING APPARATUS, DISPLAY APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD OF DISPLAY APPARATUS - An image processing apparatus, a display apparatus and a control method of the display apparatus are provided. The display apparatus includes: a communication unit which receives a first image from an image processing apparatus; an image processing unit which processes the first image which is received through the communication unit and a second image; a display unit which displays the first image and the second image which are processed by the image processing unit; and a control unit which controls the image processing unit so that the second image which is displayed in the display unit can be adjusted depending on a control of the image processing apparatus. Thus, the present invention provides a method and an apparatus using a strong image system of a television in a personal computer screen like an application.02-25-2010
20100011294VIDEO MODE INDICATOR TECHNIQUES - The mode indicator techniques include applying a plurality of mode effects to content and generating a graphical user interface including the content formatted in the plurality of mode effects.01-14-2010
20120246567LOGGING EVENTS IN MEDIA FILES - Logging events in a media file, including: providing a logger tool to allow a user to view media in multiple ways and to capture and validate key events within the media file; and tracking and logging events in the media file by adding information to the media file including locations of bars and tone, slates, content, logos, commercial blacks, quality control issues, subtitles, and captions.09-27-2012
20110191683Methods and Systems to Enhance Advisor-Client Communications - Methods and systems enable an advisor to communicate with clients by email containing embedded video content where the video content has been vetted and approved by a compliance officer or function to reduce the likelihood that a problematic video with be disseminated to a client.08-04-2011
20130036356SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MANAGING VIDEO DATA - Described herein are systems and methods for managing video data. Embodiments are described by reference to a Digital Video Management (DVM) system, for example methods for facilitating collaborative incident management. In overview, a DVM system provides a user interface, which is renderable at a plurality of client terminal. This allows an operator of each client to independently view DVM content items. In some cases the user interface is provided by components delivered to the clients via a web-server arrangement. The user interface is configured thereby to allow an operator of a first client terminal to provide a request to share a specified DVM content item with the operator of a second client terminal. In response to this request, the content item is delivered to the operator of the second client terminal.02-07-2013
20130036355SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EXTENDING VIDEO PLAYER FUNCTIONALITY - A system and method for extending a video player for the purpose of embedded purchase, donation, and referral is described. An example embodiment includes: loading a video player into an application or web page, the video player having underlying video elements; using an application programming interface for the video player; creating an enhanced video player by creating various user interface elements layered on top of the underlying video elements to appear as if the created user interface elements are part of the video player; using the enhanced video player to play a video; and allowing a user/operator to donate, purchase, or provide information via the created user interface elements as a result of viewing the video or portion thereof.02-07-2013
20090158156Online programming of operator interface panel - An operator interface panel with means for editing video pages in the panel when the panel is online. This allows a user to work directly with the panel for adding or deleting new video pages, making modifications to the pages by adding or deleting objects, or by making changes to the objects on the pages. The result is time saving for development of video pages. In addition, machine start-up time and diagnosis time is saved because of online programming capability in the panels.06-18-2009
20090119593VIRTUAL TABLE - In one embodiment, an apparatus having a processor configured to: receive a first video image captured by a first camera via a first polarized filter having a first polarization, the first video image pertaining to a first display at a first location; receive a second video image from a first logic device, the second video image captured by a second camera via a second polarized filter having a second polarization, the second video image pertaining to a second display at a second location; transmit the second video image to the first display; control the first display to display the second video image, the first display having a third polarization substantially opposite from the first polarization; and transmit the first video image to the first logic device, the first video image to be displayed onto the second display having a fourth polarization substantially opposite from the second polarization.05-07-2009
20120166951Video-Related Meta Data Engine System and Method - A engine for use with a display is disclosed. The engine includes a presenter that presents at least two audio/visual works, at least one software application capable of at least one metadata-related interaction with the at least two audio/visual works, communication points over which the audio/visual works are received, and over which at least a portion of the at least one metadata-related interaction occurs, and a hierarchical taxonomy that effects a common metadata reference to each recurrence of a particular object across the audio/visual works, and across each of the at least one metadata related interaction.06-28-2012
20120166950Video Player with Assisted Seek - A computer-implemented method provides a user interface for users to navigate through a video content item with various navigation options including the ability to navigate through portions of the video content item not buffered at the user's viewer. The navigation method receives gestures from users that result in navigation.06-28-2012
20130047086METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRESENTING MEDIA CONTENT - A system that incorporates the present disclosure may include, for example, a method for receiving from a first media device a selection of replacement content, where the replacement content corresponds to a portion of media content presentable by the first media device, and where replacement content is selected according to a plurality of options presented by the first media device as the portion of the media content is being presented. The method may further include retrieving the replacement content with a metadata pointer provided with the media content, transmitting to a second media device a request to accept the replacement content, and transmitting the replacement content to the second media device for presentation at the second media device in response to receiving an acceptance response from the second media device. Other embodiments are disclosed.02-21-2013
20120192072CALL TO ACTION LOCKOUT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A Call-To-Action Lockout on a mobile device coupled to a data network is disclosed as a method and apparatus comprising providing a media application configured to respond to a control point associated with media content, providing media content which has at least one associated control point, triggering at least one control point while experiencing the media content; and performing an appropriate Call To Action Script (CTAS) in response to the triggered control point.07-26-2012
20090282337SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGEMENT AND PRESENTATION OF AUDIOVISUAL CONTENT - Several embodiments of the present invention take the form of a system and method for management and presentation of audiovisual content via a global computer network. The system and method includes a database disposed on the network and an interface in electrical communication with the database.11-12-2009
20120226982VIDEO DISPLAY DEVICE AND MENU SCREEN DISPLAY METHOD - According to one embodiment, a video display device includes a menu screen display module. The menu screen display module displays a menu screen. The menu screen includes at least two hierarchical levels. A higher hierarchical level includes a first group formed by arranging select elements representing classifications of various functions related to video image displaying. A lower hierarchical level includes a second group formed by arranging select elements representing the functions. Upon receipt of a signal from a direct key to which one of the classifications represented by the select elements of the higher hierarchical level is assigned, the menu screen display module displays the menu screen in a state in which one of the select elements is selected. Here, the one of the select elements represents the one of the classifications to which the direct key is assigned, and the operation device includes the direct key.09-06-2012
20120226981CONTROLLING ELECTRONIC DEVICES IN A MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM THROUGH A NATURAL USER INTERFACE - Technology is provided for controlling one or more electronic devices networked in a multimedia system using a natural user interface. Some examples of devices in the multimedia system are audio and visual devices for outputting multimedia content to a user like a television, a video player, a stereo, speakers, a music player, and a multimedia console computing system. A computing environment is communicatively coupled to a device for capturing data of a physical action, like a sound input or gesture, from a user which represents a command. Software executing in the environment determines for which device a user command is applicable and sends the command to the device. In one embodiment, the computing environment communicates commands to one or more devices using a Consumer Electronics Channel (CEC) of an HDMI connection.09-06-2012
20130067331Method and System of Simultaneous Display of Multiple Screens on a Target Display - The present invention discloses a method for simultaneous display and activation of at least one video and at least one interactive application on a target display. The method comprises the steps of: streaming data of the computerized device to the target display, displaying data of the computerized device on the target display in full screen mode, activating a video on the computerized device, determining display settings of the video and the computerized device at the target display, streaming the video data to the target display, displaying the video stream on the screen simultaneously with the computerized device according to determined settings, receiving user selection of at least one interactive application, determining display settings of the video and the interactive application at the target display, streaming the selected interactive application display data to the target display, displaying the video stream on the screen simultaneously with interactive application according to determined setting.03-14-2013
20120117472Systems and Methods for Application of Special Effects to a Captured Video Stream - A method is implemented in a computing system for controlling the application of special effects to a video stream. The method comprises identifying applications requesting access to the video stream and retrieving identifiers associated with each of the applications requesting access. Based on the identifiers, a query operation is performed to obtain information relating to the applications. The method further comprises receiving a selection of one or more applications associated with the identifiers. Based on the selection, a version of the video stream is routed to each application.05-10-2012
20090235170METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR SHARING EITHER A COMPUTER DISPLAY SCREEN OR A MEDIA FILE AND SELECTING THEREBETWEEN - A method selectively either (a) plays a media file accessed from a computer on a remote display device connected to a media adapter or (b) masquerades uncompressed pixel-level computer display screen graphics data as a media stream supported by the media adapter to cause the display device to substantially clone or extend what appears on at least a portion of a local display screen attached to the computer. The method senses when a user enters an input signifying a desire by the user to play a media file on the computer. If said input is not sensed, then the method performs a masquerading process to process, compress, and package the display screen graphics data as a media stream and then transmits the media stream to the media adapter. If said input is sensed, then the method transmits the media file to the media adapter.09-17-2009
20090235169DIGITAL VIDEO RECORD DEVICE WITH TOUCH-PANEL HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE - A digital video record device with a touch-panel human machine interface includes a touch panel and a digital video record electronic apparatus. The touch panel is disposed in front of the screen of a monitor, electrically connected to the digital video record electronic apparatus, configured to generate touch coordinate signals, and adapted to send the touch coordinate signals to the digital video record electronic apparatus. The digital video record electronic apparatus electrically connects with at least a video camera, processes video signals generated by the video cameras, displays video signal related pictures and a plurality of icons denoting an operating instruction on the monitor, receives the touch coordinate signals from the touch panel, determines whether the touch coordinate signals correspond to a display range of the icons, and executes, upon affirmative determination, an operating instruction corresponding to the determined icon.09-17-2009
20090006964INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD OF THE SAME - According to one embodiment, an apparatus includes a receiving unit which receives a command according to pushing of a predetermined button of the buttons, a control unit which, if the command is received by the receiving unit, waits for a predetermined period before an operation corresponding to the command and controls an operation other than the operation corresponding to the command in accordance with a count of the command received during the period, and a display unit which displays a reproduction condition of the multimedia data controlled by the control unit.01-01-2009
20130167033SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GENERATING PRESENTATIONS - A system and method allows a user to specify a presentation by arranging content into a hierarchical arrangement. A described method includes providing a hierarchy manager to manage a hierarchy of a plurality of content to be used in a presentation, providing an interface to receive a script and associate the script with at least a portion of the content, and digitally generating a file responsive to the content, the hierarchy, and the script, where the file represents the presentation. The script can control one or more behaviors of the presentation during a display of the presentation. Generating the file can include inserting the script into the file to cause an execution of the script during the display of the presentation.06-27-2013
20080294991MECHANISM FOR ELECTRONIC DISPLAY DEVICES - A computing device is provided that includes a display comprising a plurality of discrete elements. A memory is used to store a data collection of paginated content. A processor of the computing device is configured to retrieve each of the pages from the memory. The processor signals the display to individually present each of the pages. A sensor device is coupled to the processor. The sensor device is deflectable to signal the processor a deflection value that causes the processor to sequentially present at least portions of multiple pages on the display.11-27-2008
20080294990Intelligent Video Tours - Intelligently crafting a dynamic video tour using a plurality of video devices selected in real time is provided. A list of attributes is received, the list of attributes describing at least one characteristic of a video device. A list of factors is continuously received, the list of factors describing one or more events, an event occurring at a point in time. A subset of the plurality of video devices is selected, based upon the received list of attributes and the received list of factors. The subset changes over time due to one or more changes in the list of factors. Video is displayed from the selected subset of the plurality of video devices as a tour, the displayed video changing over time as the selected subset changes over time.11-27-2008
20120110455VIDEO VIEWING AND TAGGING SYSTEM - Systems and methods are provided to view, manipulate, and share videos within a gaming platform implemented as an advisory services network. Within the context of a serious game designed around a complex business problem of an organization, players can review videos conveying ethnographic information, mark segments of the videos, tag the videos or segments for categorization, create discussions around the videos or segments, add the videos or segments as evidence to a dossier, embed the videos or segments into existing discussions, or the like.05-03-2012
20090210789TECHNIQUES TO GENERATE A VISUAL COMPOSITION FOR A MULTIMEDIA CONFERENCE EVENT - Techniques to generate a visual composition for a multimedia conference event are described. An apparatus may comprise a visual composition component operative to generate a visual composition for a multimedia conference event. The visual composition component may comprise a video decoder module operative to decode multiple media streams for a multimedia conference event, an active speaker detector module operative to detect a participant in a decoded media stream as an active speaker, a media stream manager module operative to map the decoded media stream with the active speaker to an active display frame and the other decoded media streams to non-active display frames, and a visual composition generator module operative to generate a visual composition with a participant roster having the active and non-active display frames positioned in a predetermined order. Other embodiments are described and claimed.08-20-2009
20110289411METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR RECORDING USER INTERACTIONS WITH A VIDEO SEQUENCE - A method and system for recording user interactions with a video sequence is provided. The method includes playing a video sequence receiving a user input in the video sequence, displaying, on the video sequence, a response to the user input, and recording the response into the video sequence.11-24-2011
20080235588MEDIA PLAYER PLAYLIST CREATION AND EDITING WITHIN A BROWSER INTERPRETABLE DOCUMENT - A system and method through which a playlist can be edited in a browser, wherein the playlist comprises a plurality of playlist entries, and wherein the playlist is stored as a browser interpretable document. A method can comprise loading a browser interpretable media player playlist into a browser on a device, wherein the browser comprises a user interface area and a display window, and wherein the playlist comprises a plurality of content entries; rendering the playlist within the browser display window; receiving from a user instructions to edit the playlist; applying the instructions to the playlist; and, displaying the edited playlist within the browser display window. The edited playlist can be saved as a as a browser interpretable document.09-25-2008
20090327893COORDINATED VIDEO PRESENTATION METHODS AND APPARATUS - A coordinated video presentation comprises a plurality of sets of video content that is displayed in display areas on a display. The display areas each correspond to a video session playing one of the sets of video content. The display areas move on trajectories. Video objects can move among the video sessions. The display may display controls or other interactive graphical user interface elements. A user can interact with the interactive elements that are not obstructed by the coordinated video session.12-31-2009
20090031220METHOD OF MANAGING CHARACTER FONTS WITHIN MULTIMEDIA SCENES, AND THE CORRESPONDING COMPUTER PROGRAM AND TERMINAL - A method is provided for managing fonts in a radio communication terminal, which can receive fonts in order to render contents on a screen. One such method involves the use of the following elements in the terminal, namely: a font database that lists all of the fonts or font portions stored by the terminal and matches at least one management parameter with each of the fonts; and set of font management commands including at least one command, which is applied to a font portion and which belongs to the group containing at least a command for transmitting a font portion for storage in the terminal, a command for updating a font portion stored in the terminal and a command for deleting a font portion stored in the terminal.01-29-2009
20110191684Method of Internet Video Access and Management - A system and apparatus for enabling the end user to schedule the display of online videos and dynamically displaying online videos according to a user preference. The system provides an editorially-selected guide to online videos in which videos from existing online video providers are gathered under a single portal and thereby provides the end user a directory through which the user can view recommended videos as presented by the system, or personalize the selections into a dynamically-generated subset of videos. The system also provides a seamless playlist of multiple videos from various websites, and allows the user to manage and re-sequence this playlist.08-04-2011
20100169780STORAGE DEVICE MANAGING PLAYABLE CONTENT - Displaying storage device-generated menus for playback includes connecting a storage device to a host capable of playing back video content, and presenting to the host a root directory through which a content selection file allows selecting video files for playback through user-storage device interaction, and, optionally, one or more service files that provide various useful information that are also playable back through user-storage device interaction. This typically further includes displaying a Main Menu that represents these files and playing Main Menu items as regular video files/contents. While the content selection file is played back, a content selection menu is generated by the storage device and displayed by the host, and each content selection menu item is playable by transmitting a playback command to the storage device rather than to the host. A storage device is also provided, which uses such method.07-01-2010
20090089676Tabbed Multimedia Navigation - Various embodiments are directed to improved systems and techniques for allowing a user to navigate to media content on a mobile computing device and/or perform available operations associated with the media content. In one embodiment, for example, a mobile computing device may comprise a display to present a tabbed multimedia graphical user interface comprising a navigation bar including a plurality of navigation tabs for navigating to media content and performing available operations associated with the media content. The plurality of navigation tabs may comprise an audio navigation tab associated with audio content, a pictures and videos navigation tab associated with image and video content, a still camera navigation tab for taking digital photographs, a video camera navigation tab for taking video movies, and an online and bookmarks navigation tab associated with online media content. The tabbed multimedia graphical user interface may present a corresponding view associated with an active navigation tab. Tapping a different navigation tab on the display or inputting a directional command to the mobile computing device may immediately navigate to the different navigation tab and display the corresponding view for enabling a user to navigate to media content and perform available operations associated with the different navigation tab.04-02-2009
20090150782Method for displaying menu based on service environment analysis in content execution apparatus - A method for displaying a menu based on a service environment analysis in a content execution apparatus is disclosed. In accordance with the method for displaying the menu based on the service environment analysis in the content execution apparatus of the present invention, a menu is displayed according to a menu information extracted from a storage media, wherein services available to a user from a content execution apparatus is determined and the menu information is updated according to the availability of services.06-11-2009
20110219308PRE-PROCESSING AND ENCODING MEDIA CONTENT - A method, apparatus, system, article of manufacture, and computer readable storage medium provide the ability to generate a media content deliverable. Media content is defined and template files are established. Each template file contains settings used to generate one or more commands that operate on the media content to output a different deliverable. One or more of the template files are selected and master settings for the media content is specified. Commands are then generated that are based on each of the selected template files and the master settings. Further, the commands are utilized to output one or more of the deliverables.09-08-2011
20120036436CONTEXTUAL WEB PAGE SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system and method for controlling a media generation system where a media event may be selected via a stateless software module, the system receiving a media event protocol file corresponding to the selected media event. The media generation system generates the media event based on the received media event protocol file.02-09-2012
20100122169IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS - A simplified menu includes menu items of a “user menu” in which a user can change and customize a menu, a “user menu selection” for selecting a menu item capable of being set in the user menu, and a “detailed menu switch” for switching the menu from a simplified menu to a detailed menu. The “user menu selection” is displayed in the simplified menu, which is not a menu of a different hierarchy. Accordingly, the user can perform an operation in the simplified menu.05-13-2010
20100122168METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ENHANCING DIGITAL VIDEO EFFECTS (DVE) - A method and apparatus for enhancing digital video effects (DVE) operates to embed DVE functionality within a graphics modeling system and provides the user with an interface configured to present model elements to a user as controllable parameters. In order to embed DVE functionality, a dynamic data structure is introduced as a scene to allow the addition of user defined model elements. The user interface enables the identification of, and access to the newly introduced model elements. 05-13-2010
20100083114ZOOM INDICATION FOR STABILIZING UNSTABLE VIDEO CLIPS - A computer-implemented method for zoom indication for stabilizing unstable video clips is described. To indicate zoom, a zoom value associated with an unstable segment of a video clip is received. The zoom value represents a value by which frames of the video clip in the unstable segment need to be zoomed to stabilize the unstable segment. An indicia is displayed representing the zoom value in a thumbnail in a user interface. The thumbnail represents the video clip. The indicia displayed over a region in the thumbnail corresponding to the unstable segment in the video clip.04-01-2010
20090210790INTERACTIVE VIDEO - An interactive video player that is configured to play an interactive video that has interactive control(s). A user may remotely design the interactive video via a configuration interface through which a video may be selected, and one or more interactive controls may be specified. A configuration center may then automatically generate the interactive version of the video with the specified controls. The interactive video player may also have a data input mechanism through which a browsing user may conveniently enter data relating to the interactive video. One function of the interactive control(s) may be to present a browsable hyperlinked document upon selection of the control.08-20-2009
20090089677SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ENHANCED TEXTUAL PRESENTATION IN VIDEO CONTENT PRESENTATION ON PORTABLE DEVICES - Systems and methods for enhancing display of textual information in a video stream displayed on a portable device. In one aspect textual information is identified in frames of a video stream and is enhanced to improve visual readability of the textual information. The textual information may be enhanced by enlarging portions of frames of the video stream that include the textual information to overlay other portions of the display screen. The textual information may also be enhanced by converting the textual information in the frames of the video stream into character glyphs for display on the display screen of the portable device. Identification and enhancement of the textual information may be performed within the portable device or within systems external to the portable device and may be performed by automated procedures or responsive to user input on the portable device.04-02-2009
20090187825Annotating and Sharing Content - Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to annotating and sharing content. In aspects, an annotation tool presents a user interface that allows a user to enter and view annotations associated with content such as a video. The annotation tool allows the user to associate each annotation with a particular time segment of the video such that when that time segment is played in a video player, its associated annotation is presented. The annotation tool also presents a user interface that allows the user to share the video as annotated with other users as desired. Other users receiving the annotated video may further annotate the video and share it with others.07-23-2009
20080250321METHOD AND SOFTWARE FOR CREATING AN IMAGE FILE INCLUDING MULTIPLE STILL IMAGES AND SPECIAL EFFECTS - Disclosed is a method of creating a pleasure image file comprising a plurality of images. The method comprises providing a plurality of still image files for use in creating a pleasure image file comprising a plurality of still images from the plurality of still image files and receiving an input indicative of a sequence for displaying the plurality of still images when playing the pleasure image file. Incorporating some effects for each still image in creating the image file comprises assigning a period during which each still image is to be displayed on a screen, adding a display special effect to be used while displaying the at least one still image, and creating the pleasure image file configured to display the plurality of still images on a screen in accordance with the sequence each for the assigned period, wherein the at least one still image is to be displayed with the display special effect.10-09-2008
20080209325Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program - An information processing apparatus includes: a content-list creating unit for selecting, on the basis of a predetermined subject, contents out of recorded program contents, information contents concerning receivable program contents, contents acquired from an outside, and contents stored in the information processing apparatus in advance to thereby create a content list; a content-list selecting unit for selecting out of plural content lists created by the content-list creating unit, on the basis of at least one of contents of the content lists and a situation during user operation, plural content lists to be displayed; and a display control unit for causing a predetermined display unit to display the plural content lists selected by the content-list selecting unit.08-28-2008
20090113304Method and System for Handling Media in an Instant Messaging Environment - A method and system for handling media at a communication entity, wherein the media is associated with a communication session that is capable of entering an active state and an inactive state. The method comprises determining when the communication session is in an inactive state, causing the media associated with the communication session to be stored when the communication session has entered an inactive state, and causing the stored media to be conveyed to a user of the communication entity upon determination that the communication session has re-entered an active state.04-30-2009
20090276711SCENE-GRANULAR GEOGRAPHICAL-BASED VIDEO FOOTAGE VISUALIZATONS - Systems, methods, and computing devices are provided for viewing scene-granular video based on geographical location. The computing device may include a memory configured to store video and geographical coordinates at which the video was captured. The computing device may further include, a processor that is configured to execute a video path viewing program, and a display that is configured to display a graphical user interface of the video path viewing program. The graphical user interface may be configured to display a path graphic spatially representing the geographical coordinates along which the video was captured, a location selector that is selectively movable along the path graphic to a selected path location, and a video icon that is configured to display a preview of a portion of the video corresponding to the selected path location.11-05-2009
20090288009METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR GRAPHICAL OBJECT IMPLEMENTATION - A system displays a graphical element in a graphical user interface, and receives a command to display the at least one graphical sub-element associated with the graphical element. The system replaces the display of the graphical element with a display of at least one graphical sub-element associated with the graphical element, and implements the graphical sub-element such that execution of the graphical element invokes execution of the graphical sub-element associated with the graphical element.11-19-2009
20110126104USER INTERFACE FOR MANAGING DIFFERENT FORMATS FOR MEDIA FILES AND MEDIA PLAYBACK DEVICES - Described herein is a media manager user interface (UI) application/engine for managing different formats for media files and playback devices in a media system. The media system may include a source device, at least one playback device, and the media manager UI, coupled through a communication system. A source device may store a plurality of media files for various media forms. Each media file and playback device may have a playback format that is specified by values of one or more format parameters. The media manager UI allows users to select media files stored on the source device for downloading onto selected playback devices through the communication system. The media manager UI may automatically determine and store compatibility data indicating format compatibility between different media files and playback devices, the compatibility data being used to automatically convert media files to the formats of the playback devices.05-26-2011
20080244409METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONFIGURING A VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SOURCE - A method of controlling a video source in a video surveillance system having a video source connected by a network to a workstation having a graphical user interface for enabling a user to control the video source comprising the steps of providing a video analysis program for analyzing the video images generated by the video source before the video images are transmitted over the network, providing a file containing the user interface controls for the graphical user interface and the parameters for configuring the video analysis program; storing the file in memory, downloading the file to the workstation at run time and enabling a user to configure the video analysis program by interacting with the graphical user interface.10-02-2008
20080282164INTERACTING WITH PHONE NUMBERS AND OTHER CONTACT INFORMATION CONTAINED IN BROWSER CONTENT - The present invention discloses a method for handling contact information in a communication device. The method can include a step of presenting content within a visual interface of the communication device. A contact detection algorithm can execute to detect contact items included in the content. A visual indication can be presented next to each detected contact item. User input can be received, which causes the communication device to perform a contact action relating to one of the contact items. The contact action can add contact information to an address book, can initiate a communication session, and/or can place the contact item in a memory space for later use by an application other than one in which the content was presented.11-13-2008
20080282166METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DESIGNING A PASTRY - Method and systems for creating a pastry design are disclosed. The pasties are designed by receiving a tiers selection defining a number of pastry tiers; receiving a shape selection for each of the selected number of pastry tiers; presenting a pastry design based on the number of tiers selection and the shape selection for each of the number of pastry tiers; receiving decoration element inputs corresponding to one or more decoration elements; updating the presented pastry design with the one or more decoration elements responsive to the decoration element inputs; and storing the updated pastry design to a storage medium. A computer readable medium for performing the method is also disclosed.11-13-2008
20080288870SYSTEM, METHODS, AND APPARATUS FOR MULTI-USER VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS - A computer software product, methods and apparatus for improved video communications are provided. In one embodiment, an apparatus is provided that is configured to allow multi-user video communication. The video communications are streamed to and stored on a server device on a network. In one embodiment, the server device is configured to associate multiple video streams to a thread and allow users access to stored video content and associated files. This Abstract is provided for the sole purpose of complying with the Abstract requirement rules that allow a reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the disclosure contained herein. This Abstract is submitted with the explicit understanding that it will not be used to interpret or to limit the scope or the meaning of the claims.11-20-2008
20080288871BROADCAST RECEIVING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR REPLAYING CONTENT THEREBY - A broadcasting receiving apparatus and a method for replaying content received thereby are provided. The method for replaying displays a video signal and content on a display, and the broadcast receiving apparatus includes a control unit which controls to output a video signal on a first screen, and to output a content list including broadcast content and multimedia content on a second screen. As a result, multitasking is possible in which content is searched by a user, and selected content is replayed while a broadcast signal received from a broadcast station is processed and displayed on a display.11-20-2008
20080229203Method of identifying video assets - A method of identifying video assets with reference to spoken audio content is provided. The method comprises the steps of receiving a text string to define the audio content of interest; searching a database to identify instances of the received text string; and displaying an image taken from the respective video asset which contains each of the instances.09-18-2008
20080244408Internet Search Engine with Display - The display of a search engine provides advertisements with video and audio content. A plurality of search results is displayed on a web page with a paired video advertisement. The advertisements are ordered and the audio portion of each advertisement is played according to the ordering. Each search result is listed by web site with a plurality of web pages from each web site shown as thumbnail images. One of the images is a hit page from the website and is highlighted. Additional hit pages are indicated in another field. If the website has more pages than the number of image fields, all pages of the website are streamed through the image fields. The advertisement paired with a website in the search results may be selected based on the search term or any derivation of the search, including tags on the website or hit page.10-02-2008
20080244407ABSTRACTIONS IN DISC AUTHORING - Authoring a Blu-ray Disc, comprising: providing abstractions that offer a functionality for a user to switch views of a BD-ROM data structure based on requirements and levels of expertise of the user; and providing a mechanism to author projects independent of an underlying format compliant to a final project output format.10-02-2008
20120144304SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REDUCING ARTIFACTS IN IMAGES - A system and method reduce artifacts in images in a manner that efficiently incorporates user feedback, minimizes user effort, and adaptively processes images. According to one exemplary embodiment, the method includes executing an algorithm to remove artifacts in a first region of a first frame, regions outside of the first region being unaffected; identifying a second region of a second frame following the first frame, the second region of the second frame corresponding to the first region of the first frame; displaying the second frame with an indication of the second region; receiving a first user input defining a third region inside the second region; and executing the algorithm to remove artifacts in the second region excluding the third region.06-07-2012
20080282165Device, methods, and media for providing mult-point video conferencing unit functions - Devices, methods, and media for providing multi-point video conferencing unit functions are provided. In some embodiments, devices for providing multi-point conferencing unit functions comprise: a combination of at least one input interface that receives a plurality of video signals, and that receives a visual layout from an EMCU end-point; a processor that selects a subset of the plurality of video signals; a combination of at least one output interface that sends the subset of the plurality of video signals to the EMCU end-point and that sends the visual layout to a video conferencing end-point, wherein the visual layout incorporates the subset of the plurality of video signals.11-13-2008
20100146392METHOD OF SELECTING A FRAME FROM MOTION VIDEO - A method of selecting a frame (e.g., 06-10-2010
20110271191Providing An Indication Of Change At A User Interface Device Over A Network Between Computers - A first computer receives data of a user interface device over a network from a second computer, wherein the data of the user interface device is received in response to a change occurring at the user interface device. In response to a request from a requesting entity in the first computer, a module in the first computer determines whether the data of the user interface device has been received by the first computer. In response to determining that the data of the user interface device has been received, the module provides the received data to the requesting entity in response to the request, and in response to determining that the data of the user interface device has not been received, the module provides an indication to the requesting entity that no change has occurred at the user interface device.11-03-2011
20130191750COMPUTERIZED INFORMATION AND DISPLAY APPARATUS - Apparatus useful for obtaining and displaying information. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a network interface, display device, and speech recognition apparatus configured to receive user speech input and enable performance of various tasks via a remote entity, such as obtaining desired information relating to directions, sports, finance, weather, or any number of other topics. The downloaded may also, in one variant, be transmitted to a personal user device, such as via a data interface.07-25-2013
20130191751SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MAPPING MEDIA CONTENT TO WEB SITES - Systems and methods for mapping viewable and non-viewable media to websites are disclosed. Mapping is executed through associated or embedded data, based upon frame and/or time segment of the media. The media-to-browser-destination-data (MBDD) may be embedded in media content, embedded in a transmitted signal, downloaded or pushed to a media playing device, or provided by a graphic overlay. Media players are disclosed that can process the MBDD to launch a browser to a selected web site.07-25-2013
20090144624System, Method, and Computer Program Product for Video Based Services and Commerce - A system, method, apparatus and computer program product for providing location based functions and mobile e-commerce comprising a central processing unit including a processor, a storage device, and programming stored in the storage device, a display device, an audio input device, an audio output device, a communications module, a commerce module, an image module, and a location module. The programming controls the operation of the present invention to provide functions based on location data, to facilitate commercial exchanges by wirelessly exchanging payment and product information with venders, to identify services such as venders meeting selection criteria, to wirelessly exchange select information with other users and systems, to restrict and/or monitor the use of the device based on authorized user parameters, selecting one of a plurality networks through which to communicate, detecting a trigger for performing an action based on a change in location and sensed data, storing a voice annotation with a computer data file, determining service providers and associated communication parameters, contemporaneously maintaining a wireless voice and data link, providing a system for selecting and delivering mobile advertisements, and many other functions and services that are described herein.06-04-2009
20090138802METHOD OF CONTROLLING DISPLAY ON FUNCTION OPERATION SCREEN - In an information utilizing device, a function item that has not been used by a user at all or that has a low frequency of use is deleted from function items displayed on a screen or is excluded from selectable items and displayed as a non-selectable item on the screen.05-28-2009
20090187826DATA CONTROL AND DISPLAY SYSTEM - A system and method for controlling the production of data including a control layer having a computer and a user interface that enables an operator to control the production of data. The system and method also includes a content layer in communication with the control layer. The control layer can access video and graphical data from the content layer. A processing layer is in communication with the control layer and the content layer, such that the processing layer is able to process the video and graphical data from the content layer upon the command of the control layer. There is also a delivery layer in communication with the control layer and the processing layer, such that the delivery layer delivers the final output of the video and graphical data upon the command of the control layer.07-23-2009
20120144303HD WEBSITE SKIN - A high definition website skin is provided, including a file containing computer executable instructions is executed on a host processor of a computer apparatus, directing the apparatus to render a webpage, the file including a high-definition video background rendering portion and a content overlay rendering portion.06-07-2012
20090063979Banner interface video function navigation - In an example embodiment, computer-implemented methods, apparatus, and systems to navigate extensible video functions are provided. These may operate to receive a first request for a banner interface region. In response, the banner interface region is rendered with video content. The banner interface region includes a graphical user interface that maps to a variety of extensible video functions. A second request to access one of the video functions may be received, and the selected extensible video function is then executed. Additional methods, apparatus, and systems are disclosed.03-05-2009
20120079385SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR USING PLAYLISTS - Systems and methods for automatically generating a playlist of series assets and systems and methods for grouping assets of a playlist in clusters are provided. In one embodiment, series assets may automatically be included into a playlist for that series. In another embodiment, an interactive media guidance application may group assets in clusters based on one or more user selected parameters or may group assets in cluster based on automatically determined parameters. In yet another embodiment, the interactive media guidance application may group assets in clusters and display at least one identifier in connection with each cluster to indicate a basis for forming the cluster. The identifier may be a key word or catch phrase that succinctly identifies a trait or characteristic of assets in a particular cluster associated with the identifier.03-29-2012
20090055743Providing a User Interface - A user interface may be provided. First, a first input may be received, and in response to the received first input, at least a portion of a plurality of content elements may be displayed. Then, a second input indicating a selection of a one of the displayed plurality of content elements may be received. In response to the received second input, a displayed full version of a programming content and the displayed plurality of content elements may be removed. Also, in response to the received second input, a shrunken version of the full version of the programming content and a more detailed version of the selected one of the plurality of content elements may be displayed. Next, in response to a received third input, the more detailed version and the displayed shrunken version may be removed and the full version of the programming content may be redisplayed.02-26-2009
20090083630COMPUTER SYSTEM WITH TUNNELING - A computer system with a CPU, at least one guest operating system and a controller kernel. The controller kernel includes a socket for running an application on the controller kernel itself. The controller kernel also includes a video integration module so that video output data from the guest OS may be combined with video output data from the guest OS. In this way, a user of the guest OS can use an application by tunneling, and without the need to virtualize the video output data of the application running on the controller kernel in order to incorporate it with the video output data of the guest OS. This is especially preferred when the controller kernel is written in a different form than the guest OS, such as when the controller kernel is in LINUX and the guest OS is in a Windows form because it allows a guest OS of one form (for example, Windows) to reliably, quickly, efficiently and robustly run applications written in another form (for example, LINUX).03-26-2009
20080263448APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR LOW BANDWIDTH PLAY POSITION PREVIEWING OF VIDEO CONTENT - A computer readable storage medium includes executable instructions to display video content. A cursor associated with the relative position of the video content is provided. A new cursor position associated with a request for a new relative position of the video content is received. A thumbnail image of the video content corresponding to the new relative position is displayed. The thumbnail image is then transitioned to a full display image.10-23-2008
20100153847USER DEFORMATION OF MOVIE CHARACTER IMAGES - A method or apparatus permits a user to input anatomical feature deformations of character images of a video or movie for display during the video or movie. The user views a video and may select particular anatomical features of the video. In response to the input, the method or apparatus generates a deformed anatomical feature corresponding to the selected anatomical feature. The deformed anatomical feature is displayed in place of the selected anatomical feature during the video. The method or apparatus may then automatically generate modifications of the deformed anatomical feature for display with additional frames of the video so that the modifications correspond to orientation and position changes of the selected anatomical feature in additional frames of the video.06-17-2010
20090063978NETWORK STATUS ICON IN NAVIGABLE TOOLBAR - A navigable graphic user interface (GUI) is presented on a TV screen and can be navigated by a user manipulating a remote control to select audio-video content for display on the TV. A network status icon is provided on the navigable GUI to indicate whether the Internet can be accessed from the TV to obtain audio-video content.03-05-2009
20090204898MANAGEMENT OF RECORDED DATA FOR ONLINE SIMULATIONS - Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to online simulations. In one embodiment of the invention, a method for managing recorded data for an online simulation can be provided. The method can include determining that a first experience of a user of the online simulation shall be recorded. The method can further include generating a recording of the first experience and associating metadata with the recording. The method can further include reading metadata of a second experience of the user of the online simulation and determining that the metadata of the second experience matches the metadata of the first experience. The method can further include notifying the user that the recording is associated with the second experience.08-13-2009
20090217165MEDICAL SUPPORT CONTROL SYSTEM - A medical support control system comprising a recording device for recording an image signal from a medical device, a medical support control device for synthesizing an image based on the image signal and a prescribed GUI, and a display manipulation device for display the GUI, wherein: on the basis of an input of setting information about the recording device on an administrator setting window of a GUI displayed by the display manipulation device, the medical support control device creates a GUI including device selection means for causing one of the medical devices to be selected, image selection means for causing one of image signals output from the medical devices to be selected, and display means for causing the image corresponding to the selected image signal to be displayed, and causes the created GUI to be displayed on the display manipulation device as a manipulator window.08-27-2009
20090282338System and methods for producing and retrieving video with story-based content - Embodiments of the invention provide a system and methods for producing and retrieving video with story-based content. Embodiments of the invention use an interview process to capture a contributor's knowledge in the form of a narrative or story. An enabling feature of such embodiments is that one or more predetermined questions are associated with each predetermined story topic. Embodiments of the invention also provide a mechanism for appending a story with insight from one or more other vantage points (personal perspectives) as part of the knowledge capture process. In embodiments of the invention, the story/question relationship may be used to classify KM records. Metadata associated with the story and/or the contributor may also be used for the automatic classification and retrieval of such records.11-12-2009
20100275121APPLICATION OF SPEED EFFECTS TO A VIDEO PRESENTATION - Some embodiments provide a method of specifying speed effects for playing a video clip. The method defines a set of speed effects for the video clip. It then displays in real-time a presentation of the video clip that accounts for the set of speed effects defined for the video clip. In some embodiments, this method represents the playback speed of a video clip in terms of a graph that is part of a graphical user interface (“GUI”). This graph is defined along two axes, with one axis representing the playback time, and the other axis representing the content-time (i.e., the time within the video clip). In these embodiments, a user can change the playback speed of the video clip by using a set of GUI operations to select and modify the graph. For instance, a user can select and adjust the graph at different instances in time in order to change the playback speed of the video clip at these instances. Different embodiments use different types of graphs to represent playback speed. For instance, some embodiments use a deformable line bar that is superimposed on a rectangle that represents the video clip.10-28-2010
20090259941Preprocessing Video to Insert Visual Elements and Applications Thereof - Embodiments of this invention relate to preprocessing video such that visual elements, such as advertisements, can be inserted at a later point in time when the video is requested by a user. In an embodiment, a video and target data is received. The video is analyzed to determine how a target moves and changes over time. Metadata describing how the target moves and changes over time is stored. When a user requests an on-demand video such as from a video sharing site, a visual element is inserted into the video. The visual elements move and change as defined in the stored metadata. In this way, advertisements can be inserted into on-demand video such as video from a video sharing website.10-15-2009
20090259940MOBILE VIDEO APPLICATION SERVICE CREATION TOOL - A tool that enables a technologically unsophisticated user to develop and deploy what could be considered a technically complex video application without requiring the user have knowledge in the workings of various programming technologies. A wizard-driven web-based approach to dynamically and intelligently generate video media (e.g., menus) for mobile devices, map user actions to defined functions, and intelligently create the application artifacts (VoiceXML scripts, JSP's) required that use the generated video menus. It can securely deploy the application artifacts to platforms accessible by the targeted mobile devices. Thus, using a point and click web-based tool, a complete video portal application for mobile devices can be developed and deployed in a few minutes by users who do not have developer expertise.10-15-2009
20120096355Multimedia Visual Progress Indication System - A multimedia visual progress indication system that provides a cache bar that is overlaid onto the program material or displayed on a dedicated display. A cache bar indicates the length of a recording session or the length of stored program material and expands to the right when material is being recorded. Index and/or bookmark indicators are displayed next to the cache bar. A position indicator moves within the cache bar and tells the user visually where his current position is within the program material. Numeric time or counter mark of the current position is displayed in the vicinity of the cache bar. The trick play bar and its associated components are displayed for a predetermined time period.04-19-2012
20080307307Image capture and manipulation - The present disclosure includes, among other things, systems, methods and program products for image capture and manipulation.12-11-2008
20090049385Persistent visual media player - An apparatus and method for presenting an embedded visual media player included in a web page in a floating mode is disclosed herein. The status of the embedded visual media player and/or the position of the embedded visual media player relative to the current viewable area of a window are monitored to initiate the floating mode. The floating mode keeps the embedded visual media player within the viewable area while the web page is scrolled.02-19-2009
20100262911GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE FOR STILL IMAGE CAPTURE FROM VIDEO FOOTAGE - A graphical user interface includes a first display area configured to display a first image. The first image is associated with a capture time. The graphical user interface also includes a second display area configured to display a second image and a third display area configured to display a third image. The graphical user interface further includes a user input device.10-14-2010
20100192065METHOD FOR BROWSING VIDEO FILES - A method for browsing video files is provided. By utilizing the method, the end user could preview cover pages and dynamic images of video files on a television monitor simultaneously, and perform a browsing operation and capture a currently displayed image picture to be a cover page of the currently displayed video file through a remote control. Thereby, the user convenience on browsing the video files is improved.07-29-2010
20100218098SYSTEM AND METHODOLOGY FOR IMAGE AND OVERLAID ANNOTATION DISPLAY, MANAGEMENT AND COMMUNICATION - An electronic image visualization system, such as a music stand system and display, management and communications methodologies relating thereto are presented. The electronic music stand system is comprised of a performer subsystem comprising a processing subsystem, librarian logic, performance logic, and communications management logic. The communications management logic provides management of communication via the communications interface with external apparatus responsive to the performance logic and the librarian logic. The user input apparatus and the display apparatus can be integrated into a touch-screen input display. The user input apparatus can alternatively be at least one of a touch-tablet, a stylus-based writing tablet, a mouse, a keyboard, a joystick, a game controller, and a switch. In a preferred embodiment, the librarian logic, the performance logic and the communications management logic are defined by program data stored in the data storage apparatus, and the processor is responsive to the program data for managing data formatting, displaying music, and management of communications of data with the external apparatus. In one embodiment, two Performer subsystems are operable alternatively as one of a single appliance as a linked set a linked mode and as two independent appliances a stand-alone mode, wherein in the linked mode each of the two Performer subsystems operate cooperatively with each other as a linked set to provide a two page display on the video presentation, and wherein in the stand alone mode each of the two Performer subsystems operates independently and mutually exclusive of the other to provide two independent and mutually exclusive single page displays on the video presentation. The present invention also relates to a method for providing for video display of music responsive to the music data stored in a music database. The method is comprised of defining a page of music image data from the music database; defining ordered logical sections; storing the mapping in a memory for selective retrieval; and providing for the video display of the music responsive to the mapping and the storing.08-26-2010
20090077467MOBILE TELEVISION AND MULTIMEDIA PLAYER KEY PRESENTATIONS - Methods and apparatus for providing an intuitive user-interface on a mobile device keypad for controlling television and multimedia applications uses a keypad protocol as a standard interface between video application software and the mobile device keypad. The keypad protocol can provide a common set of interfaces and APIs to facilitate development of video applications that are compatible with a wide variety of keypads, including keypads that may be developed after applications are fielded. Video applications can inform the keypad protocol of keypad configurations to support video functions, including providing graphics for presenting intuitive function description graphics on display keypads. In an embodiment, the mobile device can be configured to control external multimedia players using a area wireless data link transceiver within the mobile device while presenting intuitive graphics on the keypad showing assigned multimedia player functions assigned to particular keys.03-19-2009
20100262912METHOD OF DISPLAYING RECORDED MATERIAL AND DISPLAY DEVICE USING THE SAME - A method of displaying a recorded material and display device using the same facilitates user recognition of the content of selected recorded material prior to its reproduction. The display device includes a personal video recorder for storing content of at least one recording item of a recording item list; a PVR controller (10-14-2010
20100235745ACCESSIBILITY SYSTEM FOR CONSUMER DEVICES - An electronic device includes a number of features for which settings can be adjusted by a user. The device includes a user interface through which the user can adjust the settings; a standard operating mode in which settings for all of the features are available through the user interface, when activated; and an increased accessibility operating mode in which settings for the features are presented differently in the user interface, when activated, than in the standard operating mode.09-16-2010
20090049386Inter-Device Operation Interface, Device Control Terminal, and Program - There is provided an inter-device operation interface that is displayed on a display unit of a device control terminal that controls an operation between devices connected through a network, including: a contents display area to display information of contents held by a device; an operation display area to display information of an operation executed to the contents; and a device display area to display information serving as a target of the operation, and wherein, when information displayed in each of the display areas is selected by using the operation unit of the device control terminal, a service provided by the device connected through a wide-area network is displayed in the device display area as the candidate of the target.02-19-2009
20100251120Time-Marked Hyperlinking to Video Content - In one example, a method includes: receiving from a first user interface a first input from a first user specifying a first particular instant in a video other than a beginning of the video; in response to the first input, generating by one or more computer systems first data for inclusion in a link to the video, the first data representing the first particular instant in the video and being operable automatically to direct playback of the video at a second user interface to start at the first particular instant in the video in response to a second user selecting the link at the second user interface; and communicating the first data to a link generator for inclusion in the link to the video.09-30-2010
20110066945Video Greeting Cards - A multimedia device comprising: a recording unit comprising a camera and a microphone, allowing users to record video messages; a contributor chain module arranged to organize the recordings corresponding to the order of video messages contributed by each user; a user interface allowing users to input additional content and edit the video messages; a communication unit allowing input and output of multimedia content; a managing unit comprising a power source, a processor, a memory and an application, arranged to save, manage and allow editing of multimedia content, so as to produce an integrated multimedia content from the abovementioned content; and a playback unit comprising a display and a speaker, arranged to allow reproducing the integrated multimedia content. One multimedia device is arranged to allow different users to sequentially save and edit multimedia content, to reproduce the integrated multimedia content and to allow associating different parts of the integrated multimedia content with individual users.03-17-2011
20090113303ANALYZING VIDEO GAME PERFORMANCE USING NON-INTRUSIVE CAPTURE AND STORAGE OF RUN-TIME GAME DATA - The performance of a video game is analyzed using non-intrusive capture and storage of game data. A non-linear capture format is used for capturing run-time game data. The run-time game data includes run-time parameters associated with execution of an application code as well as run-time parameters associated with hardware of a game platform upon which the application code is being executed. The captured data is stored in a storage medium using a non-contiguous storage format.04-30-2009
20110119586PERSISTENT VISUAL MEDIA PLAYER - An apparatus and method for presenting an embedded visual media player included in a web page in a floating mode is disclosed herein. The status of the embedded visual media player and/or the position of the embedded visual media player relative to the current viewable area of a window are monitored to initiate the floating mode. The floating mode keeps the embedded visual media player within the viewable area while the web page is scrolled.05-19-2011
20090037819APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR HANDLING SPECIAL WINDOWS IN A DISPLAY - An apparatus and method for handling special windows in a display comprises a window manager in an operating system that is called by application programs to create special windows. The window manager embeds static key signals including encoded special window information, such as the coordinates of a window area to be specially processed, into a video RAM. An existing video interface scans the video RAM and transmits display information, including the key signals, to the display. The present invention further comprises a window decoder in the display, that detects the key signals, extracts the encoded special window information, and controls display circuitry performing the desired special processing. The key signal encoding scheme does not create visually discernible display aberrations that could distract the user or interfere with normal window management.02-05-2009
20090070677APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING THUMBNAILS - An apparatus and method enabling a user to easily confirm a moving image. An apparatus for displaying thumbnails displays moving image clips in the form of thumbnails, and automatically plays a moving image corresponding to the thumbnail, on which an indicator is positioned, in accordance with a shift of the indicator. Also, if a key for adjusting the number of thumbnails displayed on a screen is input, the number of thumbnails displayed and the arrangement of the thumbnails are adjusted in accordance with the input of the adjustment key. In this case, a playback of the moving image corresponding to the thumbnail on which the indicator is positioned is maintained without interruption, and only the arrangement of the remaining thumbnail is changed. As described above, since the moving image is directly played, a user can easily search for and play a desired moving image, and can adjust the number of thumbnails displayed using a key for adjusting the number of thumbnails displayed on the screen, thereby providing convenience in operation to the user.03-12-2009
20130132839Dynamic Positioning of Timeline Markers for Efficient Display - Systems and methods are presented for simultaneously displaying a plurality of timeline markers within a timeline marker region of an interface for a video application. The timeline marker region may include multiple display tracks within which numerous timeline markers may be positioned for simultaneous display. At a given instant, each timeline marker may appear in a particular one of the multiple display tracks, and the entire collection of timeline markers being simultaneously displayed at that instant may be arranged so that all of the timeline markers appear separately from each other. Pairs of timeline markers which coincide with non-overlapping portions of the timeline may be placed in the same display track, while timeline markers that coincide with overlapping portions of the timeline may be put into separate display tracks, thus guaranteeing that all the timeline markers appear separately from each other.05-23-2013
20100313129Self-Expanding AD Unit - Methods for presenting self-expanding content in a web page. A client computer may receive, from a server computer, a content unit including initial visual content and a self-contained expansion element. The client computer may display all or a portion of the initial visual content in an initial display window. After displaying the initial visual content, the client computer may execute the self-contained expansion element, which causes the client computer to perform actions including: defining a size and location for an expanded display window larger than the initial display window; hiding elements of the web page determined to interfere with the expanded display window; loading, from the server, expanded visual content; and displaying at least a portion of the expanded visual unit in the expanded display window.12-09-2010
20100313130SEARCH ENGINE FOR VIDEO AND GRAPHICS - A method of selecting graphic or video files having corresponding locators used to locate such graphic or video files using a computer. Identifiers are created by searching an area within a web page near a graphic or video file for searchable identification terms and searching an area within a web page near links to a graphic or video for searchable identification terms. The identifiers are stored in a database. User requests for graphic or video file content are received and the database of identifiers is searched to find graphic and video files corresponding criteria of the user. Graphic or video file content is then provided to the user.12-09-2010
20130145267VIDEO STREAMING IN A WEB BROWSER - A video element of a browser can be moved, resized, etc. independently of the remainder of a browser page. In one embodiment, as the video element is moved, the remainder of the browser page is reformatted so as to change the page's layout. The renderer of the content can have a different video provider sourcing the video element than the remainder of the browser page. As a result, two different content streams can be provided to the renderer in parallel. In another embodiment, the video element can be docked, such as through a flick operation or a drag-and-drop operation. Once docked, the browser page can be scrolled while the docked video element remains at a fixed location relative to an edge of the browser page.06-06-2013
20130145268FRAME CONTROL - A graphical user interface associated with a touch enabled device displays a first video track and a second video track. The first video track includes a first plurality of frames and the second video track including a second plurality of frames. Further, the touch enabled device receives a touch input that indicates a movement of the first video track relative to the second video track. In addition, in response to the touch input, the first video track is displayed in a modified position such that a first frame in the first plurality of frames is aligned with a second frame in the second plurality of frames.06-06-2013
20100332986EMBEDDED ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING MULTIMEDIA FILES THEREIN - An embedded electronic device includes a display, a user interface (UI) module, a playback module, a playback control module, and a storage module. The UI module displays a UI window on the display and accepts input to send out a control command The playback control module controls the playback module according to control commands from the UI module and acquires an executing state from the playback module. The storage module is accessed by the UI module and the playback control module. The storage module records the control command from the UI module and the executing state from the playback control module. The UI module fetches the executing state from the storage module on demand.12-30-2010
20110029873Methods and Systems for Previewing Content with a Dynamic Tag Cloud - A video tapestry comprising a plurality of blended frames of a media presentation can be presented, with the frames comprising two or more frames displayed simultaneously. A dynamic tag cloud can be presented based on data identifying different portions of the tapestry for use in navigation or understanding the video content. A method can comprise obtaining a plurality of keywords for content of a media presentation, associating a first keyword with a first tag cloud and associating a second keyword with a second tag cloud, and generating a program component for providing a dynamic tag cloud using the first and second tag clouds. The program component can display the first tag cloud when the first portion of the video tapestry is referenced and the second tag cloud when the second portion of the video tapestry is referenced. The portions may be referenced by user input, a play head, or other activity.02-03-2011
20100174988SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING VIRTUAL INTERFACE - A system and a method of the present invention output a virtual interface screen to the display using independent video output channel which is not directly involved with the operating system. An embodiment for realizing the virtual interface uses an overlay function and the other uses a miniport function. In the case of using the overlay function, an overlay area in the video memory is used as the independent video output channel for displaying the virtual interface screen. In the case of using the miniport function, a part of commonly used general area in the video memory is used as the independent video output channel for displaying the virtual interface screen. The virtual interface of the present invention outputs a virtual interface screen independently of the operating system using an overlay function or a miniport function thereby providing the virtual interface screen to a display screen without assignment of screen resources from the operating system.07-08-2010
20110246890PERSONALISED VIDEO GENERATING AND DELIVERY - A personalised video message system has a first database of personalised video files each of which refers in the video content to a respective name or entity and a second database of video message files each of which contains in the video content a respective message or greeting. A selection system enables a user to select from a remote computer a first video file from the first database, a second video file from the second database, and to identify an intended recipient. A video processing means is arranged to join the selected first and second video files to produce in a single video file a personalised message comprising the concatenated video content and a delivery system sends a message to the identified recipient which includes a means to access the concatenated video content.10-06-2011
20100131848UNIFIED MEDIA DEVICES CONTROLLING USING PRE-DEFINED FUNCTIONAL INTERFACES - A method (and a computer-readable medium comprising executable instructions for generating a user interface on a display) are disclosed for controlling a plurality of media objects connected to a network. The method displays a subset of a group of predefined functional interfaces. A functional interface comprises one or more user menus and each user menus is associated with at least one media object. The method forwards a user request to a control server and to receive a response to the user request from the control server. A user request comprises one or more user interactions with the subset of the functional interfaces. The method further comprises updating the subset of the functional interfaces on the display screen.05-27-2010
20100131847SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IDENTIFYING MEDIA AND PROVIDING ADDITIONAL MEDIA CONTENT - The invention broadly contemplates a system providing an integrated television and Internet media experience. The system provides for automatic integration of television and Internet media via identification of source input media, analysis of the identified source input media, retrieval of related Internet content, and integration of the source media and the related Internet content for display.05-27-2010
20110072348ONE CLICK FULL-SCREEN VIDEO SYSTEM AND METHOD - The present invention provides a method and system for playing full-screen video on a user computer. The method includes displaying in the user interface at the user computer a web page containing at least one link to electronic video file, selecting the link to request the video file, downloading the video file to user computer in response to the request, detecting by the user computer receipt of the video file, opening in the user interface to window of the video player in full-screen mode in response to the detecting, and reading the video file by the player to play the video in the window. A feature of the present invention is that the video player may not have its preferences preset by the user to open in any particular mode. The mode in which the video player opens will be determined by the downloaded video file.03-24-2011
20090327894Systems and methods for remote control of interactive video - The present invention describes a system and method for controlling interactive video, including a remote control device allowing the user to interact with the video. The method allows bringing the “lean-forward” hypervideo experience to a “lay-back” environment such as the TV screen. The method also allows for the creation of a single system that combines both the social aspects of the “lay-back” and the “lean-forward experience” into a new type of rich media viewing experience.12-31-2009
20100064221METHOD AND APPARATUS TO PROVIDE MEDIA CONTENT - Apparatus and methods to present visual displays are disclosed. In a particular embodiment, a method of providing media content is disclosed and includes identifying an available region of a video display. The available region includes a plurality of noncontiguous portions located outside of a first display region of the video display that is to display primary media content. The method also includes aggregating the plurality of noncontiguous portions to produce a second display region of the video display, the second display region including a contiguous portion that is to display secondary media content.03-11-2010
20100064220METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING INTERACTIVE HYPERLINKED VIDEO - An approach is provided for enabling interactive hyperlinked video. A hyperlink is generated and specifies an action that is performed upon activation of the hyperlink. The hyperlink is embedded in a video stream.03-11-2010
20120304066Menu Overlay Including Context Dependent Menu Icon - A video device displays video in one of a plurality of contexts in an onscreen display area. In response to the menu command, the video device generates a menu overlay within the onscreen display area while maintaining the video within the menu overlay, and generates within the menu overlay a context icon based on the selected context.11-29-2012
20120304065DETERMINING INFORMATION ASSOCIATED WITH ONLINE VIDEOS - Determining information associated with a video is described herein, including: receiving a selection associated with a trigger point in a feature frame associated with a streaming video; and presenting a popup layer including content associated with the trigger point.11-29-2012
20110072349User manipulation of video feed to computer screen regions - A process for dividing an electronic screen, such as a television or computer screen, into discrete, independently operating sub-screens includes the step of electronically linking the screen to a screen operating system. This operating system is capable of selectively dividing the screen into two or more sub-screens which support audio or visual data in an active mode simultaneously and independently. This is performed through the use of a plurality of data access lines which provide data simultaneously to the two or more sub-screens such that the data can be simultaneously accessed and manipulated in more than one sub-screen such that each sub-screen actively supports data generated from a dedicated software program. Such invention may be implemented in customized encoded hardware or a combination of hardware and software.03-24-2011
20110060992VIDEO-COLLABORATION APPARATUS AND METHOD - A video collaboration apparatus provides a video presentation. The apparatus includes an input interface, a presentation interface to output an output media stream that includes one or more input media streams presented in the display, a user interface to capture events caused by a user and to generate data dependent on configuration events, an output generator to generate the output media stream, wherein the user interface generates a graphical user interface to capture configuration events and the graphical user interface includes one or more objects presenting displayed input media streams.03-10-2011
20100281370VIDEO-ASSISTED MARGIN MARKING FOR DENTAL MODELS - Tools are described for preparing digital dental models for use in dental restoration production processes, along with associated systems and methods. Dental modeling is improved by supplementing views of three-dimensional models with still images of the modeled subject matter. Video data acquired during a scan of the model provides a source of still images that can be displayed alongside a rendered three-dimensional model, and the two views (model and still image) may be synchronized to provide a common perspective of the model's subject matter. This approach provides useful visual information for disambiguating surface features of the model during processing steps such as marking a margin of a prepared tooth surface for a restoration. Interactive modeling tools may be similarly enhanced. For example, tools for margin marking may synchronize display of margin lines between the still image and the model so that a user can interact with either or both of the visual representations, with changes to a margin reflected in both displays.11-04-2010
20110154203Interactive Advertising Platform and Methods - A method of providing an entertaining and interactive interface for a user to view a displayable multimedia packet, comprises: obtaining a multimedia packet (“MMP”) relating to a product, service or provider, the MMP having a predesigned progression from beginning to end; obtaining or generating a series of queries relating to the product, service or provider; establishing a series of predetermined elapsed times, based on the MMP's predesigned progression, at which each of the various queries will be presented to the user; associating each of the various queries with one of the predetermined elapsed times; and placing the MMP and the queries into a format presentable to a user to allow the user to view the MMP along with the queries.06-23-2011
20110161817SLIDE KIT CREATION AND COLLABORATION SYSTEM WITH MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE - A slide kit creation system and method allows reviewers of a slide kit to insert non-textual comments, such as audio comments, to be associated with selected slides. In one embodiment, audio comments are transmitted to a host computer by telephone, and may be posted on the host computer for access by other reviewers. The audio comments may also be transcribed in text form. In another embodiment, comments may be associated with various portions of a video, in the same manner. A video navigation bar is coded to indicate which portions of the video are associated with comments. Alternatively, certain attributes of the video can be altered to indicate the presence of comments associated with specific scenes of the video.06-30-2011
20120311447COLLECTING, AGGREGATING, AND PRESENTING ACTIVITY DATA - Activity data generated during a day or other time period on one or more computing devices is collected and aggregated. The aggregated data is then presented through an activity review user interface. The activity review user interface can be presented on a large format display device, such as a projector or television. The activity review user interface can also be navigated using natural input methods, such as gesture and voice input.12-06-2012
20100325546METHOD FOR OPTIMIZING AND PRIORITIZING VIDEO ROUTING OPERATIONS IN CONJUNCTION WITH MULTIPLE INTEGRATED DEVICE CONTROLS IN AN INTEGRATED, CONFIGURABLE OPERATION ROOM SYSTEM - A method to optimize and prioritize video routing operations in conjunction with multiple integrated device controls in an integrated operating room system is presented. The method comprises initializing a routing having a source and a destination for routable devices, displaying the routing and a device menu including routable and non-routable devices, requesting a change in the devices, and for each of the devices for which a change is requested, opening a device control window for the device using the device menu, changing the device according to the change request, and closing the device control window, wherein for every device for which a change is requested, when the device control window is opened, all other devices remain accessible. In one embodiment, displaying is performed using a touch screen. In one embodiment, when a change is requested for a routable device, a small video preview window replaces the normal video preview window.12-23-2010
20090199099Video browser for navigating linear video on small display devices using a similarity-based navigation hierarchy of temporally ordered video keyframes with short navigation paths - A computer-based method is provided for enabling navigation of video using a keyframe-based video browser on a display device with a limited screen size, for a video segmented into video shots. The video shots are clustered by similarity, while temporal order of the video shots is maintained. A hierarchically organized navigation tree is produced for the clusters of video shots, while the path lengths of the tree are minimized.08-06-2009
20110093784APPARATUS, SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR A WEB-BASED INTERACTIVE VIDEO PLATFORM - An apparatus, a system, a method and a computer program product are provided. The system includes a controller configured to broadcast a web-based meeting between a first user and a second user. The system further includes a graphical user interface configured to display the broadcasted web-based meeting. The controller is configured to receive a request from the first user through the graphical user interface. The request includes one of a text question, a recorded video question and a request from the first user to present a live video question to the second user. The controller is further configured to broadcast the request through the graphical user interface. When the received request includes the request from the first user to present the live video question, the controller is further configured to broadcast the request as a real time video feed of the first user, so that the first user can ask the question in real time and the second user can respond to the first user's question in real time.04-21-2011
20110093783METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR LINKING MEDIA COMPONENTS - A system and method for linking media components may include a processor that executes a handshake protocol according to which a video component is rendered conditional upon receipt of notification of rendering of an associated media component. The system and method may additionally perform a keyword comparison algorithm to determine a relevancy between the video and other associated media component.04-21-2011
20120210226METHOD TO PLAYBACK A RECENTLY-PLAYED ASSET VIA A SECOND DISPLAY - Apparatus and methods are provided to implement a technique for using a second display with a content playback device. In one implementation, this feature allows users to replay or resume playback of a recently-played asset directly via a second display. Knowledge of the recently-played asset could come from a second display or from a content playback device such as an IPTV. The recently-played list may be specific to the user account, a user profile within the user account, or the content playback device. In this way, the user is able to retrieve the asset on all their content playback devices, not only on the content playback device on which the asset was originally played. In some implementations, the second display may be a smart phone that can often be found beside the user, a laptop or tablet PC, or the like.08-16-2012
20120210225SYNCHRONIZATION OF FAVORITES AND/OR RECENTLY VIEWED LISTS BETWEEN REGISTERED CONTENT PLAYBACK DEVICES - Systems and methods for creating and employing software to handle the playback of media, especially video, in browsers that, in addition to or instead of playing the media in the browser, may use second display protocols to instruct a separate display device to play the media. The software can of any type that can transmit the content or specify a network location of the content item for subsequent playback to a content playback device. In one implementation, the software may be in the form of a web browser or other application that is configured to use for the playback of selected media types. The browser maintains a list of favorite and/or recently viewed services and content items and is configured to filter the list to include only those content items, or services with such content items, available for play back on the separate content playback device. In this way, favorite content items and services and/or recently viewed content items and services are made accessible using the second display on any content playback device registered with the user.08-16-2012
20090300498Method and System for Generating and Presenting Mobile Content Summarization - This invention involves a system and method to construct a visual representation of multidimensional data that works especially well for video. The system comprises an application on a mobile device having a screen, an assignment module assigning the media segments to the screen, a rendering module rendering the assigned media segments on the screen, a playback module playing the assigned media segments, a catalog module representing media metadata about the mobile content, a summarization module stewarding the media metadata, and a remote server storing the mobile content and the media metadata. The application retrieves the mobile content from the remote server and accesses the assignment, the rendering, the playback, the catalog, and the summarization modules. The system also comprises a method to log and analyze the browsing interactions of one or more users, and present a view of the media that reflects what is interesting to the user.12-03-2009
20110197130Method and system for determining viewing time of an online video - A method and system for approximating the viewing time of a video posted on a website of a plurality of websites on the Internet is disclosed herein. The method and system is able to approximate the viewing time of the online video by a visitor computer and transmit the information to a compiling server.08-11-2011
20100017717VIDEO PROCESSING DEVICE AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - According to one embodiment, a video processing device includes a video processor configured to process video information, and a controller configured to control the video processor. The controller includes a graphical user interface (GUI) module acquired in the form of a Web application, a Web browser which provides a user interface upon execution of the Web application for the GUI modules and a lower-level control module which incorporates an HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) server to perform a sequence control related the video processor and acquisition of status information in communication with the user interface on the Web browser.01-21-2010
20100017718SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR PRODUCING AND RETRIEVING VIDEO WITH STORY-BASED CONTENT - Embodiments of the invention provide a system and methods for producing and retrieving video with story-based content. Embodiments of the invention use an interview process to capture a contributor's knowledge in the form of a narrative or story. An enabling feature of such embodiments is that one or more predetermined questions are associated with each predetermined story topic. Embodiments of the invention also provide a mechanism for appending a story with insight from one or more other vantage points (personal perspectives) as part of the knowledge capture process. In embodiments of the invention, the story/question relationship may be used to classify KM records. Metadata associated with the story and/or the contributor may also be used for the automatic classification and retrieval of such records.01-21-2010
20100017716METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GENERATING A SUMMARY - A method and apparatus for generating a summary of a plurality of distinct data streams (for example video data streams). A plurality of related data streams are collected. The data streams comprise a plurality of segments and each segment is synchronized (01-21-2010
20110307785REPLACING AN IMAGE WITH A MEDIA PLAYER - A computer-implemented method that includes receiving a request to generate an interface within a software application that is configured to play back one or more media files; for a first media file, generating an image representing a frame of the first media file; and causing the image to be displayed within the interface on a display device, where the image is configured to detect an event that causes a media player to be loaded into the software application behind the image.12-15-2011
20080209326System And Method For Preparing A Video Presentation - A process, method and system for preparation of a video presentation including providing video content, selecting at least one presentation template from a library of presentation templates and assembling the video content and the at least one presentation template to provide the final video presentation.08-28-2008
20120042250EMBEDDED VIDEO PLAYER - A system, method and various user interfaces provide an embedded web-based video player for navigating video playlists and playing video content. A website publisher can create and store a video player with customized parameters (e.g., player type, appearance, advertising options, etc.) and can associate the player with a playlist of selected videos. The stored video player is associated with a player ID in a player database and can be embedded in a website using an embed code referencing the player ID. A user interface for the embedded player provides controls for controlling video playback and for controlling the selection of a video from the playlist.02-16-2012
20120173981SYSTEMS, DEVICES AND METHODS FOR STREAMING MULTIPLE DIFFERENT MEDIA CONTENT IN A DIGITAL CONTAINER - A user interface is configured to present a plurality of user-selectable icons. Each user-selectable icon of the plurality of user-selectable icons is individually configured to trigger playing of different streaming media content in an area on the user interface of the user-selectable icon upon a cursor-over or hover action on the user-selectable icon or other selection action by the user. The user-selectable icons are presented in a digital container wherein the container is configured to display contents of the container within a defined area on the user interface such as a Web page. The container may include a single user-selectable icon that is individually configured to trigger playing of streaming media content or multiple different user-selectable icons that are each individually configured to trigger playing of different streaming media content based on assigned specifications or selected criteria.07-05-2012
20120072842APPARATUS FOR COOKING AND METHOD OF HELPING A USER TO COOK - The present invention provides an apparatus for cooking and a method of helping a user to cook by prompting the user, step by step, to carry out the corresponding preparation at the right time. The apparatus comprises a presenter, configured to present information with respect to a first preparation for a first operation; a detector, configured to detect whether said first preparation has been carried out; and a performer, configured to perform said first operation. By applying the apparatus and method of the present invention, the process of cooking is greatly simplified to users. Users no longer need to monitor the cooking process. All they need to do is carry out the corresponding preparations as prompted or guided.03-22-2012
20120124475SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INTERACTING WITH AN INTERNET SITE - A system and method for enabling a user to interact with a social networking structure for an internet website on a video device connected to a network enabled host device is provided. The present disclosure provides for accessing an internet site in response to a user input, the user input initiated while outputting a program to a display, retrieving content from the internet site based on at least one characteristic associated with the program, and outputting the retrieved content in an overlay or user interface on the display simultaneous with the program. The user interface provides the ability to access multiple profiles for determining whose content or message to display, and also includes a rotating carousel message display system, with a current message surrounded above and below by a previous message and a next message in the display queue in a different size or font.05-17-2012
20110119585APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PLAYBACK OF FLASH-BASED VIDEO ON MOBILE WEB BROWSER - An apparatus and method for playing a flash-based video through a video plug-in on a mobile web browser are provided. The apparatus includes a structure analyzer and a video display controller. The structure analyzer analyzes a structure of flash content. If there is any video information in the analyzed flash content, the structure analyzer extracts the video information from the flash content. The video display controller receives the video information from the structure analyzer, and then controls displaying video according to the received video information by using a video plug-in. This apparatus and method allow effectively playing a flash-based video through a video plug-in even in a case of insufficient system performance.05-19-2011
20120137221Web Browser Toolbar - A system and a method are disclosed for displaying page elements embedded on a webpage displayed on a handheld computing device. Tools provide one or more functionality to a user, including an ability to view a webpage, to share a webpage, to view webpages within a domain that are popular with the user's connection in a social networking system, etc. The tools are received and rendered within a toolbar interface including a toolbar icon for each tool. The tool interfaces associated with each icon may be displayed on the handheld computing device automatically or responsive to a user request.05-31-2012
20120254759BROWSER-BASED RECORDING OF CONTENT - This document describes techniques for browser-based recording and streaming of content. In at least some embodiments, a web browser interfaces with recording devices (e.g., a video camera, a microphone, a still-image camera, and so on) of a computing device to stream content data from live events and to record the live events to produce content files. The web browser can also upload the content files to a web-based resource, such as a web server. Further to some embodiments, the techniques can enable multiple recording devices to be used concurrently to record live events. Also in at least some embodiments, the techniques can enable concurrent or semi-concurrent recording and upload of content. For example, a portion of a live event can be recorded and the resulting content data can be uploaded while additional portions of the live event are recorded.10-04-2012
20120173982CONTROL PANEL AND RING INTERFACE FOR COMPUTING SYSTEMS - In a system including a display and a selection device, a method of providing and selecting multiple control panels on the display includes providing a user interface on the display. The user interface includes an object that has an axis and is user-scrollable about the axis to selectively bring each of the multiple control panels into and out of view.07-05-2012
20120173979REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD WITH ENHANCED USER INTERFACE - A remote control system and method for a multi-media device, such as a television, is provided. The remote control device includes a display. The remote control device can be a tablet computer, a laptop computer or a smart phone. When an application software program is initiated on the multi-media device, one or more user interface elements are presented on the display of the remote control device. The user interface elements are relevant to the initiated application software program. One or more of the user interface elements can be manipulated such that the application software program adjusts in response. The system and method can provide an adaptive and/or customizable user interface that is appropriate for the application software that is initiated, thereby enhancing user interaction.07-05-2012
20120179967Method and Apparatus for Gesture-Based Controls - In an embodiment, a slide gesture is detected, in a particular area on a touch screen interface of a device, from a first location in the particular area to a second location in the particular area. A video playback command is identified based at least on the slide gesture and an action associated with the video playback command is performed.07-12-2012
20120179969DISPLAY APPARATUS AND DISPLAYING METHOD THEREOF - A display apparatus is provided including a user interface unit which displays a plurality of icons and a control unit which, if a stretch motion of widening a touch point while one of the plurality of icons is touched, controls the user interface unit to execute part of a function corresponding to the icon and display a function window corresponding to the part of functions.07-12-2012
20120179968DIGITAL SIGNAGE SYSTEM AND METHOD - A digital signage system comprising: a client device associated with a display device and linked to a server through the worldwide network, and having a user input device, the client device being configured to perform the following functions: (a) receiving a signal from the server, the signal corresponding to signage; (b) displaying the signage based on the signal; (c) displaying a window to configure the signage, the window being displayed in front of the signage, the window providing inputs to select content and/or format of the signage; (d) transmitting a selection of the content and/or format to the server when the selection is entered by a user; (e) receiving an updated signal from the server corresponding to the signage modified according to the selection; and (f) displaying the modified signage while the window is displayed, thereby providing the user with near real-time feedback of changes made to the signage.07-12-2012
20120260172GUI FOR AUDIO VIDEO DISPLAY DEVICE (AVDD) WITH PERVASIVE APPEARANCE BUT CHANGED BEHAVIOR DEPENDING ON COMMAND INPUT MODE - A graphical user interface (GUI) on an audio video display device (AVDD) can be operated in at least first and second input modes. When the first input mode is active the GUI has a first behavior and/or appearance whereas when the second input mode is active the GUI has a second behavior and/or appearance.10-11-2012
20120260171USER INTERFACE FOR AUDIO VIDEO DISPLAY DEVICE SUCH AS TV - For a graphical user interface (GUI) for an audio video display device (AVDD) showing plural content information panels arranged in a grid, each content panel belongs to a respective category, with content panels of different categories being mixed on the screen. A category icon with an associated color and shape is presented next to each content panel to make it easy for a viewer to understand which category of item the content panels represents. Examples of some categories are favorites, recorded, recommended, frequently viewed, and now playing. Next to each icon, a numeral pertaining to the grid position of the content may also appear to facilitate voice selection of a content panel by number. The numerals are enlarged when voice command input is enabled.10-11-2012
20100011295Method of Delivering Customer Contact Service to IPTV Viewer - An application for a client device which is arranged to receive and render selected video streams including content indicators relating to content to be rendered at a given location on a screen of the client device is disclosed. The application responds to user interaction with a rendered stream at rendered locations of the content to store an indicator of the user's interest in the content. The application then cooperates with an analyzer, arranged to analyse the user's interest in the content, and responds to the interest satisfying business logic by providing an indication of an interaction opportunity to the user of the client device during the rendering of the video stream.01-14-2010
20120317485VIRTUAL MEETING VIDEO SHARING - A method is provided in one particular example that includes identifying an attempt by a first communications device to play video data within a virtual meeting session using a first media player. The first communications device can be sharing at least a portion of a desktop presented on the first communications device with one or more other remote communications devices participating in the virtual meeting session. The method can also include identifying a copy of the video data, and launching one or more media players to present at least a portion of the copy of the video data on the one or more other remote communications devices. The one or more media players are launched to correspond to a location of the first media player on the shared portion of the desktop.12-13-2012
20120185772SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR VIDEO GENERATION - A method, computer program product, and system for producing video presentations is provided. The method may include providing, using one or more computing devices, a template configured to enable the generation of a video presentation. The method may further include receiving, using the one or more computing devices, an input parameter associated with the template from a user. The method may also include generating instructions, using the one or more computing devices, the instructions configured to enable the video presentation based upon, at least in part, the input parameter associated with the template. The method may additionally include transmitting, using the one or more computing devices, the instructions associated with the video presentation to a video player configured to translate the video presentation to a web browser.07-19-2012
20120185773Method and System for Dynamically Displaying a Control Bar of a Multimedia Player - The present invention relates generally to a method for dynamically displaying a control bar of a multimedia player, wherein one subjective thereof is to prevent overlap occurred to the menu image provided by a multimedia source. The method is preferably used for a digital versatile disc with high storage capacity, for example, the Blu-ray disc. According to the embodiment of the present invention, the method includes a first step of retrieving an Interactive Graphic (IG) stream from a disc, in which the IG stream defines an interactive graphic to be displayed. The method next goes to detect a trigger event of displaying a control bar in response to a user's operation. Further, an available region of the screen and a displaying mode are determined after analyzing the IG stream. Finally, the control bar, as the displaying mode describes, is show on the screen.07-19-2012
20100293465Teleprompter System, Method, And Device - A system used for teleprompter service includes a server including a processor operationally coupled to a database, a memory, and a communications interface. The memory stores instructions that cause the server to receive video captured by a web camera and audio captured by a microphone. The video and audio are the recordings of a user's oral presentation. The server contemporaneously transmits, via the communication interface, data representative of text stored in the database, wherein the text is scrolled across a video monitor at a speed selected in real time by a user.11-18-2010
201200846523D VIDEO CONTROL SYSTEM TO ADJUST 3D VIDEO RENDERING BASED ON USER PREFERNCES - 3D image data can be modified based on user preference data received from a user. The user preference data may be received at a first device and used to adjust 3D image data generated by the first device for presentation by a display device, or the first device may receive the user preference data and transmit it to a display device such that the display device may adjust the 3D image data based on the user preference data. The 3D image data may be adjusted based on user preference data to support presentation of 3D imagery on the display device in a manner desired by a user. 3D user viewing preferences may include an amount of pop-out effect in images, a stereo baseline of images, a depth range of images, a spatial distribution of images, a degree of depth sharpness in images, or specification of a user's dominant eye.04-05-2012
20120266069TV Internet Browser - A TV Internet browser is described. The TV Internet browser includes features which facilitate the browsing of the Internet from a television including, for example, support for 3D pointing, scrolling and zooming/panning mode control, adaptations to support entry of text into text boxes, searching, and other features.10-18-2012
20120266068Responsive Scroller Controls in Server-Hosted Applications - Environments are disclosed in which a server executes an application on behalf of a client device and, in particular, to providing responsive scrolling in server-hosted applications. In one example, a remote computing device may be a mobile (or stationary) computing device with (or without) a touch screen input surface. Some or all of the client-server communication between a client-side scrollable UI control module of the remote computing device and a server-side scrollable UI control module of the server device may occur in an asynchronous manner.10-18-2012
20120272152METHOD FOR ADDING A VOICE CONTENT TO A VIDEO CONTENT AND DEVICE IMPLEMENTING THE METHOD - The invention relates to a method for adding a voice content to an audiovisual document. Initially, a video document is received in a device for reproducing and recording sound signals. The video content received possesses degraded areas and at least one non-degraded area perfectly visible to a user during the reproduction of said document. Said user reads a text which is recorded in the device. The text is read at determined moments of the reproduction of the video content received by using visual elements appearing in the non-degraded areas. A complete video document is generated by assembling the audiovisual document and at least one newly created sound content.10-25-2012
20120272151HIERARCHICAL DISPLAY AND NAVIGATION OF DOCUMENT REVISION HISTORIES - A system and technique for displaying a document's workflow history are disclosed. The system includes a graphical user interface for displaying one or more graphical representations of events generated by an application configured to edit a document. Each of the events generated by the application may be stored in a data structure that is associated with one or more portions of the document. The data structure may also be associated with a digital image that reflects the state of the document at the time the event was generated and one or more frames of digital video captured substantially simultaneously with the generation of the event. The system may display the stored events via graphical representations in the graphical user interface that represent a portion of the total document workflow history. A user may navigate through the graphical events based on a hierarchical algorithm for clustering events.10-25-2012
20120324354COMPUTER SYSTEM - A method includes displaying, to a user via an electronic device, a graphic user interface (GUI) comprising at least two display regions to display representations of digital objects. The GUI is capable of displaying the display regions simultaneously. The display regions include a resource display region and a selection display region. The GUI is configured to enable the user to select object representations displayed in the resource display region to be displayed in the selection display region. Multiple object representations can be displayed in the selection display region.12-20-2012
20120278718VIDEO DISPLAY APPARATUS, VIDEO DISPLAY MANAGEMENT APPARATUS, VIDEO DISPLAY METHOD AND VIDEO DISPLAY MANAGEMENT METHOD - According to one embodiment, a video display apparatus includes a selection module, a Web information analysis module, a screen generation module, a transmission module, a reception module, and an alteration module. The selection module is configured to select a partial area of a Web page. The Web information analysis module is configured to analyze first Web information which specifies the partial area. The screen generation module is configured to generate a screen for displaying page information of the partial area, based on the first Web information. The transmission module is configured to transmit the first Web information to an external apparatus.11-01-2012
20120089913METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GENERATING MOVING PICTURE CLIP AND/OR DISPLAYING CONTENT FILE LIST, AND RECORDING MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM FOR EXECUTING THE METHOD - A recording and reproducing apparatus for displaying a content file list, a content file list displaying method and a recording medium storing a program performing the method, which are capable of easily identifying a paused content file and memorizing a point of the content file which reproducing is paused and content of the content file at the paused point, are provided. The method includes: determining whether or not a paused content file exists; creating a content file list capable of identifying the paused content file with reference to the result of the determination; and displaying the created content file list.04-12-2012
20120096354MOBILE TERMINAL AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A mobile terminal and a control method thereof are disclosed. A mobile terminal and a control method thereof comprise a display; and a controller, when receiving a selection signal for a first item displayed on the display, searching for at least one second item of the same attribute with the first item selected and displaying the second item. According to the present invention, a search for related information is made easy by searching for a second item of the same attribute with that of a first item selected and displaying the second item.04-19-2012
20120102404Multimedia Aggregation in an Online Social Network - Multimedia content is featured on user pages of an online social network using embed codes that are generated using a configuration file associated with the source ID for the multimedia content and a content ID for the multimedia content. The configuration file, the source ID and the content ID are stored locally by the online social network so that any changes to the embed codes can be made by changing the configuration file associated with the source and regenerating the embed codes. By managing multimedia content in this manner, greater control can be exercised by the online social network over the multimedia content that are featured on its user pages.04-26-2012
20120102403VIDEO INTEGRATION - According to one aspect, a web optimized user device is provided. The web optimized device reduces complexity and facilitates interaction with web-based services and content. The web optimized device can be configured without a hard drive, facilitating integration of web-based services into a computing experience. The web optimized device presents a user interface that integrates video chat functionality into every aspect of the computer content accessed. In particular, a display manager manages the user interface presented and integrates video chat displays and features into the content displays in a content and/or context aware manner. These displays permit a user to intuitively interact with the video chat content and features while the user changes content, for example, web-based services, web-based applications, and other media content, without interruption of or interference from the video chat content.04-26-2012
20120290933Contextual Video Browsing - A method and system for contextual browsing of videos that are relevant to a current video. Browsing controls that include labels and previews are presented in a user interface. The labels represent sets of videos that are organized according to their relevancy to a current video. The previews represent videos from a set of videos that is currently in focus. If the user switches focus from one set of videos to another set of videos, the previews are updated to correspond to the videos in the second set of videos. The user can also browse through the previews in order to select another video for playback.11-15-2012
20130174038WEB VIDEO OCCLUSION: A METHOD FOR RENDERING THE VIDEOS WATCHED OVER MULTIPLE WINDOWS - Computer-implemented methods, computer program products and computer systems that render display of a video on a first page, that has been occluded from view by the subsequent viewing of a second page, to viewing on such subsequently viewed second page. Source location of the video is identified from source code of the first page, the identified video source is retrieved, and then it is input into source code of the second page to transfer the video to the second page. The video may then me displayed on the second page. The computer program products and computer systems both include a number of program instructions for effecting the transfer of the video from the first page to the second page for the continuous unobstructed or non-occluded viewing thereof.07-04-2013
20130174037METHOD AND DEVICE FOR ADDING VIDEO INFORMATION, AND METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DISPLAYING VIDEO INFORMATION - A method and device for adding video information is provided in the present application. The method includes: selecting a starting and ending instant for adding commentary information, and selecting a frame of image between the starting instant and the ending instant; selecting a hotspot for adding the commentary information on the image, and obtaining extent information of the hotspot; editing the commentary information on the hotspot; and saving the commentary information, the extent information of the hotspot corresponding to the commentary information, and the starting and ending instant corresponding to the commentary information as a video commentary stream, and storing the video commentary stream in a server. The present application further provides a method and a device for displaying video information. By the embodiments of the present application, the video information can be displayed dynamically, and the user experience can be improved.07-04-2013
20080235587SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTENT DISTRIBUTION - A method and system for integrated personal content access have been disclosed. The system includes a gateway which provides simulated multimedia streams by extracting digital content from a web site, converting the digital content to a simulated video stream, and sending the simulated video stream to a target display device. Neither the web site nor the target display device need to change to provide this feature. The gateway is further able to provide a shadow download feature, where if a user downloads content, the user also has access to other resolutions or formats of the same content via the gateway for his various devices. When the gateway receives a request to access the content, it obtains identifiers for the user's devices, and determines a format corresponding to each of the devices. The gateway retrieves the content for each device in their respective formats and forwards them to the respective device.09-25-2008
20110246891Pushing a Graphical User Interface to a Remote Device with Display Rules Provided by the Remote Device - A graphical user interface (“GUI”) can be presented on a remote control accessory device that has user input and display devices. The portable media device can provide the accessory with a GUI image to be displayed. The accessory can specify the configuration of the remote GUI image and send that information to the portable media device. The portable media device can generate a GUI image based on the configuration and send the GUI image to the accessory. The accessory can display the GUI image on one part of its display and other information on another part of its display. The portable media device can define different GUI image types for use with different types of input controls of the accessory. Based on which input control is currently active, the portable media device can send the corresponding GUI image to the accessory for display on the accessory display.10-06-2011
20110246889STATISTICAL AND VISUAL SPORTS ANALYSIS SYSTEM - A system for the capturing, storing, searching and display of statistical, textual and visual sports information of both players and teams across a wide spectrum of game situations is described. A user can search through an enormous amount of stored statistical and visual information to find highly specific information about a particular player, team, or game situation involving a particular player and/or team. A series of search drill down menus allows the user to very quickly and easily go sequentially through a number of search result options to find the particular piece (or pieces) of information being sought, whether it is statistical or visual in nature, about a particular player, team, or game situation. Information regarding the search result is also simultaneously displayed with the corresponding text and visual information, which allows the user to put the particular play or player act into proper context.10-06-2011
20130179787Rendering of an Interactive Lean-Backward User Interface on a Television - Embodiments of the invention relate to user interfaces and systems and methods for generating a real-time “lean-back” user interface for use with a television or other display device and for reuse of encoded elements for forming a video frame of the user interface. An interactive session is established between a client device associated with a user's television and the platform for creating the user interface over a communication network, such as a cable television network. The user interface is automatically generated by the platform and is animated even without interactions by the user with an input device. The user interface includes a plurality of interactive animated assets. The animated assets are capable of changing over time (e.g. different images, full-motion video) and are also capable of being animated so as to change screen position, rotate, move etc. over time. A hash is maintained of cached encoded assets and cached elements that may be reused within a user session and between user sessions.07-11-2013
20130179788Method and Apparatus for Presenting Media Programs - A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a computing device, including a controller to: transmit a client program having a graphical user interface to a media device operating in an interactive television network, wherein the client program presents a symbolic overlay that superimposes onto media content received by the media device and enables the media device to associate commentary with the media content received at the media device; and present the commentary by symbolic representations in a carrousel format within a window of the presentation of the symbolic overlay and in a vicinity of the media content. Other embodiments are disclosed.07-11-2013
20110271190FIGHT ENGINE - System and Method for uploading, managing, incorporating user feedback and user expressed preferences, computing and assigning rating and match-ups, and delivering digital video content, including streaming video, related to competitive Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) matches. All users who are logged into a database as members have varying degrees of access and authority to up-load, access, view, rate, comment on, match-up, track and obtain information on video content and information related to individual competitors, events, and other reference information related to MMA. The system allows user content to be uploaded, categorized, sorted, data-based, and available for search, comment, rating, and interactive video title selection and presentation.11-03-2011
20130139060CONTENT SERVICE METHOD - The present invention relate to a content service method, which enables a user reproducing/watching a video content to easily and freely input a user comment on an image area or a specific reproduction section of a specific scene, and automatically registers/posts a corresponding article to a web service based on tagging information according to the input user comment, thereby enabling the user to acquire additional comments, such as necessary replies/opinions, from a group of many unspecified intelligent users who use the web service, and which further generates/manages additional information on each video content based on the user comment on the specific image area or the specific reproduction section of the specific scene and additional comments on the user comment made by many unspecified users, thereby generating/managing more detail and various additional information on the video content.05-30-2013
20130179786SYSTEM FOR RECOMMENDING MOVIE FILMS AND OTHER ENTERTAINMENT OPTIONS - Described herein is a online, network-based system that recommends to a user media items for the user's enjoyment, based upon the user's emotional goal, i.e., the user's goal with respect to the user's emotions and thoughts after viewing, listening or reading the media item. The system is used on and in conjunction with a computer, such as a desk top or laptop device, or a tablet device, smart phones, and other internet-enabled devices. The system may be used to recommend a film based on the user's mood at the time the user is using the system, or based on what the user anticipates his or her mood to be at the time the film will be viewed. However, preferably the system is used to recommend a film based on the emotional state that the user would like to create for him or herself and/or for others who will be viewing the film with the user (such as to raise the film viewer(s)' spirits, to battle the forces of evil, to understand life, etc.).07-11-2013
20130124996Video Editing Including Simultaneously Displaying Timelines and Storyboards - Video editing including simultaneously displaying timelines and storyboards is described, including displaying a timeline of a video presentation, displaying a storyboard of the video presentation including scenes of the video presentation. simultaneously to the displaying the timeline, and navigating the timeline in response to receiving an input to select a individual scene of the video presentation.05-16-2013
20130132842SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR USER INTERACTION - Systems and methods for streaming video, interacting with video content, and sharing video content are disclosed herein. Other embodiments are also disclosed herein.05-23-2013
20130132841SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR UTILIZING GEO LOCATION DATA FOR THE GENERATION OF LOCATION-BASED TRANSITIONS IN A MULTIMEDIA WORK - According to a preferred aspect of the instant invention, there is provided a system and method that allows the user to automatically utilize the embedded location data of digital image files in the production of a multimedia work. The system allows the user to select a transition from among a plurality of provided transitions, wherein the embedded location data of a selected digital image file is then used to adapt the selected transition to a location-based transition, which is then subsequently inserted into the multimedia work.05-23-2013
20130132840Declarative Animation Timelines - Methods and systems for declarative animation timelines are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method includes generating a declarative timeline data structure, creating an animation of an image along the timeline, and adding a declarative command corresponding to the animation into the declarative data structure. The method also includes, in response to a request to render the animation, generating a run-time command corresponding to the declarative command and executing the run-time command. In other embodiments, a method includes receiving a request to render an animation, wherein the animation includes a declarative timeline data structure having a plurality of commands, parsing the plurality of commands, passing each of the parsed plurality of commands to an animation function, receiving a plurality of run-time commands in response to said passing, and causing a rendering the animation by causing an execution of the plurality of run-time commands.05-23-2013
20130179785COMPUTING DEVICE FOR PERFORMING AT LEAST ONE FUNCTION AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - A multimedia device for performing at least one function and a method for controlling the multimedia device according to embodiments are discussed. A multimedia device for performing at least one function includes an interface module configured to receive a command signal while performing a first function from among the at least one function; a capture module configured to capture a screen image displayed according to the first function; an adjustment module configured to adjust at least one of a size and location of the captured screen image; and a controller configured to perform a second function if an application having the adjusted at least one of size and location is selected, wherein the application is used to control the multimedia device.07-11-2013
20080209324PSEUDO DRAG-AND-DROP OPERATION DISPLAY METHOD, COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT AND SYSTEM BASED ON THE SAME - A computer-implemented method is provided for displaying a pseudo drag-and-drop operation of an object from a window of a Web browser out of the Web browser's window on a desktop of a computer system, wherein a first swf file is played by a Flash Player® upon a request by the Web browser to provide a particular content within the Web browser's window, and the object is at least one part of the particular content. The method comprises: detecting a click event on the object of the particular content; identify a second swf file in connection with the first swf file; requesting the Flash Player® to play the second swf file in response to the detection of the click event, the played second swf file providing an alternative object, the alternative object having an appearance same as the object displayed within the Web browser's window; displaying the alternative object at a position of a mouse pointer upon the detection of the click event, the displayed alternative object being dragged by the pointer of the mouse; and moving the alternative object in accordance with the mouse pointer until a drop event is detected.08-28-2008
20130205212METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR A UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL - A method and system for a universal remote control used with display devices that support automatic content recognition (ACR) are described. The remote control may be paired to the display device and may receive a trigger signal from the display device that corresponds to an interactive event overlay displayed on the display device as a result of the ACR operations. The pairing may occur through the use of near field communication (NFC) signals and/or WiFi signals. A graphical user interface (GUI) may be generated for display on a screen of the remote control device that corresponds to the interactive event overlay. The screen may be a touch-screen that enables the user to interact with the remote control through the GUI. The remote control may communicate one or more signals to the display device in response to user input received by the remote control device from information provided through the GUI.08-08-2013
20130205213CAPTION-BASED NAVIGATION FOR A VIDEO PLAYER - A video player has scrolling text acting as a navigational aid for the video. The video player consists of a video, together with captions for an extended amount of time around the current point in the video.08-08-2013
20100318914VIEWER-CENTRIC USER INTERFACE FOR STEREOSCOPIC CINEMA - Described is a user interface that displays a representation of a stereo scene, and includes interactive mechanisms for changing parameter values that determine the perceived appearance of that scene. The scene is modeled as if viewed from above, including a representation of a viewer's eyes, a representation of a viewing screen, and an indication simulating what each of the viewer eyes perceives on the viewing screen. Variable parameters may include a vergence parameter, a dolly parameter, a field-of-view parameter, an interocular parameter and a proscenium arch parameter.12-16-2010
20100318913METHOD AND APPARATUS OF PROVIDING GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE FOR VISUALLY STREAMING MEDIA - An approach is provided for determining that a plurality of media feeds from one or more media sources are to be presented, and initiating presentation of a graphical user interface in which the plurality of media feeds are displayed. The media feeds are displayed as a respective plurality of images representative of content of the respective media feed. The plurality of images are displayed in motion, and move differently from one another.12-16-2010
20120284623ONLINE SEARCH, STORAGE, MANIPULATION, AND DELIVERY OF VIDEO CONTENT - A computer device programmed for managing online video content includes a processing unit that is capable of executing instructions, and a non-volatile computer-readable storage device. The storage device stores a search module programmed to allow a user to search for video content, the video content including video clips from movies. The storage device also stores a storage module programmed to operate as a central hub for management of the user's video content, the storage module allowing the user to add, delete, view, categorize, send, receive, edit, and comment on video clips that are stored on the user's storage module, the storage module being programmed to provide a page on which representations of the video clips are shown and organized, and the storage module being programmed to allow the user to interact with storage modules of other users for purposes of assessing compatibility, dialogue, comments, greetings, gifts, and recommendations.11-08-2012
20120284622CONTEXT-SENSITIVE MOBILE CONTROLLER FOR MEDIA EDITING SYSTEMS - Methods and systems for providing media editing capability to a user of a mobile device in communication with a video or an audio media editing system. The methods involve receiving at the mobile device information specifying a current user context of the media editing system and automatically activating functionality on the mobile device that corresponds to the current editing context. The functionality may be a subset of the editing system controls, controls associated with a plug-in software module, or new controls or control modalities enabled by the form factor and input modes featured on the mobile device. The functionality of the mobile device may be updated as the editing context changes, or temporarily frozen to enable multi-user work flows, with each user using a different editing function.11-08-2012
20120284624MULTI-POINT REPRESENTATION - Some embodiments of the invention provide a method that presents a preview of a set of images in a graphical user interface (GUI) of a device. To generate the preview, the method initially selects a subset of images that includes several images in the set but not all the images in the set. After selecting the subset of images, the method concurrently displays the images in the selected subset as the preview of the set of images.11-08-2012
20130159858COLLABORATIVE MEDIA SHARING - A media party network service manages a set of media parties and a set of users of the media party service. Managing the media parties can involve instantiating new media parties according to input from the users, allowing the users to join the media parties, and tracking which users are participating in which media parties. Managing a given one of the media parties may include maintaining a queue of media items, allowing users in the media party to provide input to add media items to the queue and to provide input to skip media items in the queue. The media party service streams the given one of the media parties to client devices of the users currently in the given media party such that all of the client devices are currently displaying substantially a same part of a media item in the corresponding queue.06-20-2013
20130159859METHOD AND USER DEVICE FOR GENERATING OBJECT-RELATED INFORMATION - A method, performed by a user device, includes receiving a user input for selecting an object displayed on a screen of the user device while reproducing video contents, detecting position information of the selected object and reproduction time information when the object is selected on the screen and transmitting the position information and the reproduction time information to a contents information management server.06-20-2013
20130185638Gesture-Alteration of Media Files - Gestures allow selection and alteration of media files. A video file is graphically illustrated on a touch sensitive display. A gesture input is received at a point of contact on the touch sensitive display and ends with disengagement of the touch sensitive display. A vector is determined from the point of contact to the disengagement of the touch sensitive display. The video file is then modified in response to the vector.07-18-2013
20110296307OBJECT SELECTING APPARATUS, OBJECT SELECTING PROGRAM, INTEGRATED CIRCUIT USED FOR THE OBJECT SELECTING APPARATUS, AND OBJECT SELECTING METHOD - In an object selecting apparatus for allowing a user to select an object in a video image: when the object sought to be selected by the user moves, the user selects the desired object intuitively and without feeling uncomfortable; an input operation from the user is received and anticipated paths of the respective objects are estimated based on path information occurring during the certain period of time prior to a point in time which is the start of a predetermined period of time before a time of receipt; and an appropriate object is determined as the object selected by the user when the anticipated position on the anticipated path, which corresponds to the time of receipt, is close to an inputted position.12-01-2011
20110320948DISPLAY APPARATUS AND USER INTERFACE PROVIDING METHOD THEREOF - A UI providing method includes inputting a user signal to select one from among a plurality of modes corresponding to an arrangement of a video wall system, inputting screen setup information corresponding to the mode selected according to the user signal, and displaying a video wall setup UI window to configure settings of a video wall system screen according to the inputted screen setup information. Accordingly, it is possible to configure a video wall system easily.12-29-2011
20120060094SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING INFORMATION RELATED TO VIDEO PROGRAMS IN A GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE - A system and method for displaying information relating to video programs in a graphical user interface. Real-time data for video programs are received from a plurality of data sources. A real-time popularity metric for each video program is determined based on the real-time data. For at least a subset of the video programs, a respective graphical user interface object that corresponds to at least one respective video program in the subset of the video programs is displayed based on a respective real-time popularity metric for the at least one respective video program, wherein a location at which the respective graphical user interface object is displayed in the graphical user interface relative to other graphical user interface objects and a visual appearance of the respective graphical user interface object relative to other graphical user interface objects indicate the popularity of the at least one respective video program relative to other video programs.03-08-2012
20120066596System And Method For Video Communication On Mobile Devices - A video teleconferencing system which allows a mobile device to conduct teleconferences over fixed and mobile packet networks with end points with other mobile devices or a personal computer. The mobile device includes a user interface that displays a video image associated with a first participant. A selectable user interface element corresponding to a second participant video image may be displayed on the user interface and in response to selection of the selectable user interface element, a video image associated with the second participant may be displayed.03-15-2012
20130205211SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ENTERPRISE INFORMATION DISSEMINATION - An enterprise information management system is provided which establishes, at an Internet server, a central location to accumulate enterprise-related content such as slide presentations, documents, images, and videos. Additionally, the system allows for event-tracking and custom content creation. This centralized content can be accessed from several security-enabled interfaces (client devices operated by enterprise, employees) including a desktop computer, slate computers, smart phones, all using a variety of operating systems (O.S.) including Windows-based O.S., an Android O.S., an iOS from Apple Computer, etc.08-08-2013
20130091432METHOD AND USER INTERFACE FOR FORENSIC VIDEO SEARCH - A forensic video search user interface is disclosed that accesses databases of stored video event metadata from multiple camera streams and facilitates the workflow of search of complex global events that are composed of a number of simpler, low complexity events.04-11-2013
20130091431VIDEO CLIP SELECTOR - A video previewing and selection system may allow a user to filter and select video clips based on metadata associated with the video clips, including metadata that defines when certain people are shown in the clips. A set of video sequences may be analyzed to extract existing metadata and present the metadata in a user interface. A user may select various metadata which may be used to filter the selections using logical AND and OR combinations. The user interface may allow a user to view the clips, as well as select clips for further editing by a video editor.04-11-2013
20130212477Interactive Marketing System - This invention relates generally to a content integration and delivery system and a method of using the same. In particular, the present invention relates to a system that integrates digital video content with object-oriented script (hotspots) to provide object specific marketing, including potential channels of distribution, such as internet shopping. The system includes the process of identifying and marking the relative location of specific objects within digital media and providing an outlay for the users to locate the object over the global system of interconnected computer networks (e.g. Internet). By using the disclosed interactive platform, a user can easily view, display, select and purchase any featured product in the video through Internet.08-15-2013

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