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715 - Data processing: presentation processing of document, operator interface processing, and screen saver display processing


715705000 - Help presentation

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715709000 Coaching (e.g., animated examples, or handholding or show me execution) 38
715711000 Tool tip (e.g., cursor position based) 26
715710000 Input alert 16
715712000 Topic roadmap or index 10
20100017711OPERATION GUIDANCE DISPLAY APPARATUS - Provided is an operation guidance display apparatus which enables improvement of an operability for a user. When an input device (01-21-2010
20100050079CONTEXT DRIVEN HELP FUNCTION - Disclosed are methods and systems for generating dynamic context aware help for operations supported by at least one reporting system. The methods and systems relate to receiving a help request for an operation from a client computer including at least one report file, analyzing the at least one report file to generate context data, dynamically generating help data according to the context data and the operation and sending the generated help data to the client computer.02-25-2010
20130086473CENTRAL ACCESS LAUNCH CENTER FOR WEB BASED SCENARIOS - A computer system includes instructions recorded on a computer-readable medium and that are executable by at least one processor. The system includes a message generation module configured to generate and send an electronic message containing a selectable link, the selectable link being unique to an identified prospective customer and to enable access to a remotely hosted, on-demand computer application. The system includes an interface module configured to present an interface to the identified prospective customer in response to receiving a selection of the selectable link contained in the electronic message, where the interface includes an information area and a selection area having one or more selectable uniform resource locators (URLs), where each of the URLs points to a demonstration scenario in the on-demand computer application and each of the URLs is a same URL for each different identified prospective customer.04-04-2013
20090158152SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GENERATING CONTEXT SENSITIVE HELP FOR A GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE - The subject application is directed to a system and method for generating context sensitive help for a graphical user interface. Display data corresponding to a plurality of indicia is first generated on an associated display, each indicia corresponding to a functionality of an associated information processing device. Selection data is then received corresponding to a selected indicia from those displayed. A touch down signal is then received corresponding to a tactile exertion of positive physical pressure. Duration data representing the duration of the exerted positive physical pressure is then received. A display of data associated with the functionality of the information processing device is subsequently triggered in accordance with the selected indicia corresponding to the received selection data and the received duration data.06-18-2009
20100107075System and method for content customization based on emotional state of the user - A new approach is proposed that contemplates systems and methods to present a script of content comprising one or more content items to a user online, wherein such content is not only relevant to addressing a problem submitted by the user, but is also customized and tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the user based on the user's profile and/or emotional state at the time. Such an approach enables a personal “agent” that understands the user's emotional state, specific needs and interests by maintaining a personal profile and history of the user. Based on in-depth personal knowledge and understanding, the agent is capable of identifying, retrieving, customizing, and presenting to the user a unique experience that distinguishes it from the experiences of any other users in the general public.04-29-2010
20130047082METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR CREATING AND EDITING VIDEO CONTENT ON MOBILE DEVICES - Computer-implemented methods, systems, and programs are provided for creating and editing video content on mobile devices.02-21-2013
20090271704DISPLAYING HELP SENSITIVE AREAS OF A COMPUTER APPLICATION - A window of a computer application on a display device is controlled through associating a pop-up window with the screen window of the computer application, wherein the computer application provides more than one screen window and a pop-up window is associated with each screen window of the computer application, and at least one mouse-sensitive area is defined for each screen window of the computer application, such that a mouse click on a mouse-sensitive area causes the appropriate pop-up window to be displayed on the display device.10-29-2009
20090235168USER MEDIATED EMBEDDED HELP SYSTEM - An embedded help system for a software application; said facility providing embedded help data to a user in response to a help query from said user; said embedded help data comprising base embedded help data and user added embedded help data; said embedded help data pertinent to the operation of said software application.09-17-2009
20090006957Providing Assistance for Editing Markup Document Based on Inferred Grammar - Methods and apparatus are provided for assisting a user who is editing a markup document on a computer. The user is presented with the markup document on a display of the computer for editing and provided with grammatical assistance based on a grammar inferred from current content of the markup document. The grammar may be inferred and updated automatically after the markup document is loaded or edited. The assistance provided may be based on a combination of an inferred grammar and a real grammar. The markup document can be an extensible markup language (XML) document.01-01-2009
20090150779METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISPLAYING HELP INFORMATION - A method of intelligently displaying help information that is easy for a user to use on a computer or similar electronic device is provided by the invention. An application window is displayed on a display device. A computer includes help information consisting of a plurality of records associated with each other in sequence of display including a first record and a second record displayed subsequent to the first record, as a database. Subsequently, a help window for displaying help information is displayed on the display device to display help information included in the first record. Event information related to event input by an input device with respect to the application window is acquired and help information included in the second record is displayed on the help window. A user can obtain help information necessary for subsequent operation from the help window.06-11-2009
20110060989HELP FILE GENERATING METHOD AND APPARATUS - A method of generating a help file used commonly in different models of image forming apparatuses includes reading a setting value indicating a function provided by one of the image forming apparatuses, setting a field value of a parameter corresponding to the read setting value, and configuring a help message based on the set field value of the parameter. A system to generate a help message includes a configuration module to determine identification information regarding each of a plurality of functions of an object included in one of software versions and characteristic data regarding the software version, and a universal help file including function descriptions for all of the software versions provided in a computer, receiving the identification information and the characteristic data, and generating the help message regarding the object using the function descriptions according to the identification information and the characteristic data. The function descriptions include a section filled with the characteristic data.03-10-2011
20100122164CONTEXTUAL PREDICTION OF USER WORDS AND USER ACTIONS - The invention concerns user entry of information into a system with an input device. A scheme is provided in which an entire word that a user wants to enter is predicted after the user enters a specific symbol, such as a space character. If the user presses an ambiguous key thereafter, rather than accept the prediction, the selection list is reordered. For example, a user enters the phrase “Lets run to school. Better yet, lets drive to “.””” After the user presses the space, after first entering the second occurrence of the word “to,” the system predicts that the user is going to enter the word “school” based on the context in which the user has entered that word in the past. Should the user enter an ambiguous key after the space, then a word list which contains the word “school” is reordered and other options are made available to the user. The invention can also make predictions on context, such as the person to whom the message is sent, the person writing the message, the day of the week, the time of the week, etc. Other embodiments of the invention contemplate anticipation of user actions, as well as words, such as a user action in connection with menu items, or a user action in connection with form filling.05-13-2010
20120017148Navigating Between A Map Dialog And Button Controls Displayed Outside The Map - A method of interacting with a map displayed on a mobile device entails displaying a map in a map dialog on a display of the mobile device, displaying control buttons on the display but outside the map dialog, and receiving user input to switch between a map manipulation mode, where user input manipulates the map, and a control button mode, where user input enables navigation between the control buttons. In one implementation, switching between the two modes permits the same user interface element to be used for navigation/manipulation of the map and of the control buttons, depending on which mode is activated. In one implementation, clicking the track pad toggles between the map manipulation mode and the control button mode.01-19-2012
20110296304Adaptive Gesture Tutorial - A system and a method are disclosed for determining and presenting a gesture tutorial comprising audio and/or video presentation on a gesture that is not frequently used by the user. To determine a tutorial, the system determines the user's gesture repertoire comprising information about gestures already learned by the user, e.g., gestures detected a pre-determined number of times on the user's computing device or another computing device associated with the user. The system determines a gesture associated with the user's computing device that is not represented in the gesture repertoire. The system determines a tutorial for the determined gesture and transmits the determined tutorial for presentation to the user.12-01-2011
20090300495SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AN ADAPTIVE WIZARD UTILITY FOR GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACES - System and method for implementing an adaptive wizard utility for a graphical user interface (“GUI”) are described. In one embodiment, the method comprises, responsive to presentation of a page of the wizard utility to a user, monitoring user activity in connection with the page; analyzing the user activity to determine a current performance designation of the user; and modifying at least one page of the wizard utility based on the current performance designation of the user.12-03-2009
20120110450DYNAMIC HELP USER INTERFACE CONTROL WITH SECURED CUSTOMIZATION - A help interface is generated to present static help content and customized help content for an application. Help content data is accessed to define the static help content and a control command to support incorporation of the customized help content. The control command is implemented to determine a configuration of the application, and a user context is determined based on a user characteristic and the application configuration. The customized help content is then resolved based on the control command and the user context. In some cases, a help system may include a help viewer module or program in communication with a computer-readable memory storing the help content data. The help viewer may then render the help interface based on the static help content and customized help content resolved from the control command, the application configuration, and other aspects of the user context in which it is presented.05-03-2012
20120110449Method And System For Guiding User Selection Of A Replacement Watercraft Propeller - A computer implemented system automatically launches a video to assist a computer user in navigating through a set of menus on a graphical user interface (GUI) without separately requiring the computer user to select a link to a video file or launch a software program designed to playback the video. The system executes a two-phase process for assisting the computer user in determining a replacement part for an OEM part. In the first phase, the system selectively presents a series of menus to the computer user to allow the computer user to identify the OEM part. A video is automatically played during the first phase of the process to assist the user in completing the first series of menus. After the computer user has completed the first menus, the system launches a second set of menus and begins playing a video to assist the computer user in determining options for the replacement part.05-03-2012
20090276705SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE AND PROCESS FOR ASSESSING MULTI-PERSPECTIVE MULTI-CONTEXT ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR - A multi-perspective context sensitive behavior assessment system includes an adaptive behavior model builder establishing a real-time reference model that captures intention of motion behavior. It operates by modeling outputs of multiple user defined scoring functions with respect to multiple references of application specific target areas of interest. The target areas have criticality values representing a user's preference regarding the target areas with respect to one another. The outputs of the scoring functions are multiplied by the critically values to form high level sequences of representation that are communicated to the user.11-05-2009
20080244402INFORMATION PROCESSOR, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING PROGRAM RECORDING MEDIUM - An information processor includes an information processing unit that executes an information process by reference to a setting, a setting unit that executes a provisional selection to select one or more selection items among multiple selection items and a definitive selection for deciding the provisional selection by reference to an operation by a user and determines a setting of the information process by reference to a result of the definitive selection, a determination unit that determines a selection item to be explained by reference to one or more selection item provisionally selected by the setting unit, and an explanation outputting unit that outputs an explanation for the user for the selection item to be explained which is determined by the determination unit.10-02-2008
20090288003Cost effective system and method for monitoring machinery units - The present software and hardware system provides monitoring and adaptive operator communication and software for a plurality of machinery units (11-19-2009
20080215976AUTOMATED SUPPORT SCHEME FOR ELECTRONIC FORMS - Actions associated with entering information into different fields of an electronic form are monitored. The types of support provided for entering the information into the different fields can be dynamically varied according to monitored user actions or according to the context or categories of users, fields, or forms. Different types of query or search engines can be used to further identify the context, intent, or meaning of information entered into the different fields. The identified context, intents, or meanings are then used to provide further on-line support. Other analytics of both field entries and user actions can also be used to provide addition help when entering information into the on-line forms.09-04-2008
20100005391ACCESS CONTROL APPARATUS, ACCESS CONTROL METHOD, AND ACCESS CONTROL PROGRAM - Additional information indicating photographic conditions for a received image signal is compared with additional information indicating photographic conditions for an access target image signal. If the both conditions satisfy a predetermined relationship, an access to the access target image signal is permitted.01-07-2010
20080244399CONTEXTUAL SUPPORT CENTER - A method and system to provide contextual support data are described. The method may detect an event related to an object associated with an application and presented to a user in a first portion of an interface of the application. In response to detecting of the event, the method may locate support data related to the object, including using contextual information pertaining to the object and to the user. The method may present, in a second portion of the interface, the located support data related to the object. The detecting of the event may include a user interaction with the interface of the application. The contextual support system may include a user interface module, a detection module, a look-up module, a database and a database server. The support data may also be contextual to a person or an attribute of the person.10-02-2008
20080276170SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GENERATING AND ARRANGING STATUS GADGETS IN A SMALL DISPLAY AREA - A system and method for persistently providing at least one status notification regarding a device component or application on an electronic system or device is provided. A selectable status notification icon (status gadget) is assigned for each of a number of applications and/or components for which status is monitored, each status notification icon reflecting changes in the monitored status. The status gadgets are persistently displayed in a user interface on the display screen of the electronic system or device. A contextual dialog is also displayed when a status gadget is selected.11-06-2008
20080250316MECHANISM TO IMPROVE A USER'S INTERACTION WITH A COMPUTER SYSTEM - An approach for improving a user's interaction with computer system which may include building a context aware user interface by extending a concur task tree (CTT). Although a task model approach may work well in the design time, it does not appear to take consideration of contextual information at runtime. To overcome this limitation, an approach may be used to apply contextual information to the task at runtime. The approach may introduce task activation criteria based on contextual information and apply contextual information to optimize interaction quality.10-09-2008
20080244400RECIPE REPORT CARD FRAMEWORK AND METHODS THEREOF - A computer-implemented method for performing recipe evaluation is provided. The computer-implemented method includes integrating a plurality of data sources into a single recipe report card framework. The recipe report card framework includes an editor for interacting with the plurality of data sources. The computer-implemented method also includes displaying a plurality of graphical displays. Each graphical display of the plurality of graphical displays is configured to present a signal parameter of a set of signal parameters for at least a substrate. The computer-implemented method further includes providing a plurality of criteria for each of the set of signal parameters. The computer-implemented method yet also includes providing a plurality of ranges for the each of the set of signal parameters. The computer-implemented method yet further includes providing an expert guide, which is configured to provide guidance in analyzing a recipe.10-02-2008
20090265630DEVICE FOR ESTIMATING USER OPERATION INTENTION AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - There is provided an apparatus which provides manipulation assistance, even in the case where a user trying to executing a certain function has performed a wrong manipulation, by inferring the function which the user originally wanted to execute.10-22-2009
20100146390Obtaining user assestance - An apparatus, device, method, computer program product, and system that searches a plurality of end user assistances respectively corresponding to a plurality of items for an end user assistance correlating with a user-selected item.06-10-2010
20090055737Contextual Collaborative Electronic Annotations - An application having an associated and a graphical user interface is initiated. Thereafter, the widget determines a first state of the application. Once the first state of the application is determined, the widget calls at least one remote repository to retrieve one or more electronic annotations associated with the first state of the application. These electronic annotations are then displayed in connection with the graphical user interface of the application.02-26-2009
20110271185PROVIDING A CONTEXT-AWARE HELP CONTENT USING A TRANSPARENT OVERLAY ON A TOUCH SENSITIVE SCREEN - Objects shown on a display interface can be collected for a running application. Identifications (IDs) representing the objects can also be collected. A determination can be made concerning whether there are object identifications of objects with help contents associated. A transparent layer can be displayed on the display interface. All the objects associated with help contents of the layer can be visually indicated in the transparent layer. The visual indicators can indicate that help is available for a corresponding object. When no help is available, no visual indicator is shown in the transparent layer proximate to corresponding object.11-03-2011
20090089673System and Method for Persisting Hover Help - A method, system and computer-usable medium are disclosed for providing a persistent display of hover assistance elements in a user interface. A user interface (UI) containing hover assistance elements is selected and a persistent hover assistance manager is used to simultaneously display all hover assistance elements in a viewable area of the UI. The hover assistance elements, with their respective hover assistance values, are then persistently displayed proximate to their corresponding UI elements. Hover assistance elements are selectively removed from persistent display and then selectively returned to persistent display.04-02-2009
20090132919Appending Hover Help to Hover Help for a User Interface - Enabling end users to add their own hover help to extend hover help that is provided in a user interface, without having access to the code of the application. An end user can extend the application-provided hover help information to make it more helpful or tailored to his own needs. The originally-provided hover help is retained, and may be rendered in addition to the user's appended hover help. Or, by specifying that the user-provided hover help is displayed in the same location as the originally-provided hover help, the user-provided hover help can be rendered such that the originally-provided hover help is at least partially obscured.05-21-2009
20090132920Community-based software application help system - A framework for enabling a community of users to share help information about an application program. The framework includes a mechanism for users to generate and share help information and a mechanism for users to access help information created by other users. To generate help information, tools may be incorporated into an application to enable users to capture information about the application as they are performing functions. Those tools capture as a video clip a representation of screen displays created by the application as the user interacts with the application to perform a function about which help information is to be generated. Along with the scenes captured in the video clip, application context information and explanatory material, such as an audio narration, can be captured. The mechanism to access help information includes a server to which video clips can be posted and catalogued, allowing identification of clips in response to user input describing a required help topic.05-21-2009
20090006956METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISPLAYING INFORMATION - An information display method and apparatus are provided. The information display method includes opening a popup window that displays information regarding a first location of a screen; moving the popup window to a second location if a movement command is input; and displaying information regarding the second location in the popup window.01-01-2009
20090199097Context Sensitive Help - Systems and methods for providing context sensitive help on an electronic device. The system include a processor, an application attributes discovery module which provides one or more attributes associated with an application running on the electronic device, a system state discovery module which provides system information associated with components of the electronic device, a help infrastructure module which uses the system information and application attributes to determine a help context at the time a user invokes a request for help, a help context mapping module which includes one or more help contexts including a context node that best matches the system state information and which contains one or more help topic identifiers that are mapped to help topics, a help topic collection module that provides one or more help topics corresponding to the help topic identifiers and a help viewer that displays the help topics.08-06-2009
20090055738Techniques for Providing Dynamic Help Content for a Command Line Interface - A technique for providing assistance to a user of a system includes receiving a current command entered into a command line interface of the system and determining a current state of a system. Command help for the current command is then generated based on the current state of the system.02-26-2009
20090083627Method and System for Providing Information in Virtual Space - In an information providing system 03-26-2009
20090100337HELP OPTION ENHANCEMENT FOR INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE SYSTEMS - A method for providing help within an interactive voice response application can include the step of determining an interactive voice response event corresponding to a help menu request. The event can be classified as a default help request or a user initiated help request. If the event is classified as a default help request, a time for receiving user input can be set to a default value. If, however, the event is classified as a user initiated help request, the time for receiving user input can be set to a value less than the default value. The interactive voice response application can take programmatic action upon expiration of the time for receiving user04-16-2009
20090249204FILE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, MOBILE TERMINAL, AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM RECORDING MOBILE TERMINAL PROGRAM - A file management system includes a file server with a file storage device storing a file associated with an update date and time of the file and a mobile terminal with a file information output device to output information of the file, wherein the mobile terminal comprises a file obtaining device that obtains the file and the update date and time, and an obtained list information creation device that creates obtained list information associating the file identification information with the update date and time of the file, and an update information output device in the file server outputs update information indicating the file has been updated, if the update date and time about the file is less recent than the update date and time stored in the file storage device, and an update display control device in the mobile terminal displays a message informing the file has been updated if the update information is received.10-01-2009
20090183072EMBEDDED USER ASSISTANCE FOR SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS - A system for providing user assistance receives a request for user assistance from a component on a user interface. The component includes a help identifier, and the request is generated by a type of user selection, such as the clicking of an icon. The system determines a level of user assistance based on the type of selection and retrieves user assistance content based on the help identifier and the determined level of user assistance. In one embodiment, the user interface includes three levels of user assistance.07-16-2009
20090254822HI-EFFICIENCY WIZARD FRAMEWORK SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method and computer program product for defining a first data request for presentation within a wizard. The first data request solicits a first response from a user of the wizard. At least a second data request is defined for presentation within the wizard after receipt of the first response from the user. The at least a second data request solicits at least a second response from the user of the wizard. A computing device is defined as the intended recipient of the first response and the at least a second response. The first response and the at least a second response are concurrently provided to the computing device.10-08-2009
20090276706Method for automating troubleshooting flowcharts - A troubleshooting flowchart is automated by taking relevant information from the flowchart and entering it into a control file or database. A graphical user development tool is provided so a flowchart can be automated by someone not skilled in programming. Whenever possible the troubleshooting device queries the device under test, reads the response and determines the next troubleshooting step based on the response. If the troubleshooting step requires the user to provide an answer, the troubleshooting device displays a question, and a means to input the answer. Objects such as text, audio, video or other files are displayed to make the meaning of the question clearer. Also a troubleshooting step could be a procedure that the user needs to perform. Best troubleshooting practices can be implemented by unskilled users using this troubleshooting device.11-05-2009
20100218095Obtaining user assistance - An apparatus, device, method, computer program product, and system that searches a plurality of end user assistances respectively corresponding to a plurality of items for an end user assistance correlating with a user-selected item.08-26-2010
20100235738PRODUCT LIMITATIONS ADVISORY SYSTEM - A system that automatically prompts a computer user about a known limitation of a product component, such as a software component. Generally, there is contemplated herein a method including providing a physical computing device, running software in the physical computing device, detecting whether the software has a known limitation, and automatically providing an advisory responsive to detecting a known software limitation.09-16-2010
20110066939TROUBLESHOOTING SUPPORT METHOD, AND TROUBLESHOOTING SUPPORT APPARATUS - When a problem occurs in a computer system, the following processing is performed. That is, a troubleshooting procedure that includes, at least, operation content and input request for system information, presented to an operator, and in which command to acquire system information related to the input request from the information source of the system information are assigned to the input request, is referenced. Furthermore, in accordance with the command, system information is collected from an information source where system information exists. Then, after those input request for system information have been removed from the troubleshooting procedure, the resultant troubleshooting procedure is presented to the operator. Thus, the workload of the operator in the troubleshooting operation can be significantly reduced, and the time until the operation is completed is shortened, making rapid troubleshooting possible.03-17-2011
20090319896VISUAL INDICATORS ASSOCIATED WITH A MEDIA PRESENTATION SYSTEM - Visual indicators associated with a media presentation system are described. An example apparatus includes a media presentation system in which one or more events may occur; an event controller to detect an event that causes the media presentation system to generate a sound to inform a user of a condition and to determine if the user is able to audibly receive the sound; and a visual indicator corresponding to the condition to be displayed in response to a determination that the user is unable to audibly receive the sound.12-24-2009
20100223549SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING ENTERTAINMENT DEVICES USING A DISPLAY - A method is disclosed for controlling an electronic device, the method including but not limited to electronically identifying a first remote control device for a first electronic device at a multimedia processor end user device; accessing specification data for the first remote control device for determining functions available on the first remote control device; displaying an image of a second remote control on the display for the multimedia processor end user device; mapping a set of remote control functions available on the first remote control device to a set of function keys on the second remote control display; and highlighting a function key on the image of the second remote control to which a function performed by a selected function key on the first remote control is mapped. A system and computer program product are disclosed for performing the method.09-02-2010
20100223550APPRATUS, PROGRAM AND METHOD FOR ASSISTING A USER IN UNDERSTANDING CONTENT - An assisting apparatus, method and computer program that assists a user in understanding content. The assisting apparatus includes a history storing unit that stores a history of assistance settings set up by the user for each of a plurality of pieces of content already accessed by the user, a retrieval unit that, when the user accesses content, retrieves the history of assistance settings stored in the history storing unit in association with the accessed content, and a setting-up unit that sets up one of assisting functions that assists the user in understanding the accessed content, on the basis of the history of assistance settings retrieved by the retrieval unit.09-02-2010
20110119582METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR RENDERING MULTIPLE HOSPITALITY SERVICES TO A USER VIA A VIRTUAL PLATFORM FIELD - A method and system for rendering multiple hospitality services to a user via a virtual platform are provided. The method includes providing the virtual platform. The virtual platform includes one or more virtual guides in an electronic device. Further, the method includes establishing a connection with a server by the user using the virtual platform to receive the hospitality services via the virtual guides. The method also includes interacting with the user by the virtual guides to receive one or more requests based on the connection and rendering the hospitality services to the user by the virtual guides based on the requests. The system includes an electronic device. The electronic device includes the virtual platform comprising one or more virtual guides to render the hospitality services by interacting with the user. The system also includes a server in communication with the electronic device.05-19-2011
20100325541GUIDANCE INFORMATION PROVIDING DEVICE AND GUIDANCE INFORMATION PROVIDING SYSTEM - An MFP sequentially displays a plurality of operation screens on a display panel by switching, and receives a user operation on each operation screen. The user operation is performed for the switching or execution of a function, and the operation screens include screens customized by a user. A guidance information providing device includes: an information storage part storing switching information pieces in correspondence with the customized screens; a route generator that generates route information with reference to the stored switching information pieces, the generated route information indicating a display order of customized screens to be sequentially displayed between a current customized screen and a desired customized screen; a controller that selects, from among the stored switching information pieces, a switching information piece indicating switching from the current customized screen to a next customized screen to be displayed according to the display order indicated by the generated route information; a guidance generator that generates guidance information indicating an operation method for the user to switch the current customized screen to the next customized screen; and a communicator that outputs the generated guidance information.12-23-2010
20100325540SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT TOOL FOR PROVIDING USER CONTEXT INFORMATION TO IMPROVE MESSAGE QUALITY AT DEVELOPMENT TIME - A message occurrence can be detected when a software application runs on a computing device. The message occurrence can be an occurrence where a text containing message is presented upon a user interface of the software application or a log associated with the software application is updated with a text containing message. A user context for the message occurrence can be determined. The user context can include a user sequence and an execution path. Message occurrence information can be conveyed to a message context catalog. Within the message context catalog, the message occurrence information can be indexed against unique message identifiers. Message occurrence information from the message context catalog can be presented in a computer's user interface when a message uniquely identified by the message identifier is presented in the user interface. The user interface can permit a user to edit text of messages.12-23-2010
20110041057COMPUTER SELF-SUPPORT MANAGEMENT - A computer based technique for providing a list of selectable computer solutions in a self-support environment. The technique includes sending a computer solution to the client computer in response to a request from the client computer for the computer solution from the list. The computer solution includes at least an automated solution.02-17-2011
20110041056ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH TOUCH-SENSITIVE DISPLAY AND METHOD OF FACILITATING INPUT AT THE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method includes receiving a character in response to a touch on a touch-sensitive display, adding the character to a character string, identifying, from stored data, objects that at least partially match the character string, and determining a next character of at least one of the objects identified, yielding a set of next characters.02-17-2011
20110246881TRANSLATING TEXT TO, MERGING, AND OPTIMIZING GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE TASKS - A system and method that enables a plurality of lay users to collaborate on automating computer tasks is disclosed. In one embodiment, the system automatically performs these tasks, rather than just documenting how to perform them. The system allows a database of solutions to be built for every important computer task. A key characteristic of this system is that users contribute to this database by simply performing the task. The system records the graphical user interface (GUI) actions as the user performs the task. It aggregates GUI traces from multiple users into a canonical sequence of GUI actions parameterized by user-environment that will successfully accomplish the task on a variety of different configurations. A classifier is used to predict which steps are likely to be misinterpreted and requests human intervention to properly perform them. This process can be done iteratively until the translation is believed to be correct.10-06-2011
20110246880INTERACTIVE APPLICATION ASSISTANCE, SUCH AS FOR WEB APPLICATIONS - An application assistance system is described herein that provides an on-demand canonical user interface that can quickly allow a user to learn the actions exposed by an application, such as a web site. The application assistance system is a pattern and method for guiding the user of a site/application through a set of possible actions on a page by providing a well-known invocation of hints. These hints show the actions/tasks that a user can take on a page by visually spotlighting a specific area of the page and providing a tooltip or pop-up dialog that describes the action/task the user is trying to complete while preserving the data the user has already entered. The system also provides a task pane that supports randomly accessing various steps of a task the system is explaining. Thus, the system makes it much easier for a user to learn to use an application.10-06-2011
20100037137INFORMATION-SELECTION ASSIST SYSTEM, INFORMATION-SELECTION ASSIST METHOD AND PROGRAM - Information selected by a user and number of selection times thereof are registered in pair in a selection-candidate list storage section (02-11-2010
20100037136Context-Aware Non-Linear Graphic Editing - A graphical editor displays graphical representations of underlying data items in a distribution of information-bearing states across a bounded region of a display. One or more of the data items are selected as belonging to a context of a user task or operation. The information-bearing states are redistributed in the bounded region of the display so that an amount of information sufficient to the task is provided through the graphical representations of the data items in the context and any space in the bounded region of the display needed to display such information is acquired by a decrease in the amount of information provided by the data items outside the context.02-11-2010
20100058185DYNAMIC HINTS FOR GUI CONTROL MODES CONTINGENT UPON CONTEXT-DEFINED CONDITIONS - Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for assisting a user in a GUI. In an embodiment of the invention method for assisting a user in a graphical user interface (GUI) can include detecting a proximity event in connection with a GUI control of an application in a mode contingent upon a context-defined condition within the application, retrieving an explanation from memory for the mode of the GUI control and contingency of the context-defined condition, and rendering the explanation in association with the mode of the GUI control and the contingency of the context-defined condition.03-04-2010
20110078569VALUE HELP USER INTERFACE SYSTEM AND METHOD - A computer-implemented method providing value help user interface for an underlying application where a request for field names associated with at least one value help backend system is sent by a server. The server may receive the field names from the backend system and display the field names in a user interface and provide filter criteria for each field for the user. The user may enter the search and filter criteria and the user interface may be configured to receive the filter criteria from the user. The search request may be sent to a value help service. The value help service may prompt the back end system to run a search and in turn receive results from the back end system that includes data and metadata. The metadata may describe the format of the search results. The data may be passed according to the metadata and a search results may be generated for the user. The user may make a selection from the search results and the selected data my be delivered to an underlying application.03-31-2011
20100058184METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DEPLOYING A NAVIGATION TOOL ASSOCIATED WITH A CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT APPROACH FOR AN ENTERPRISE - A computer-based method for accessing the various individual tools from multiple continuous improvement programs from a single user interface is described. The method includes generating a user interface with a plurality of selectable icons, each icon corresponding to a predefined continuous improvement (CI) cycle step, providing, upon receiving a user selection of one of the CI cycle steps, user selectable process steps to the user interface, providing, upon receiving a user selection of one of the process steps, user selectable tool choices to the user interface, and generating, upon receiving a user selection of one of the tool choices, at least one interactive user interface that provides at least one of an example of the tool choice and instructions relating to the use of the tool choice.03-04-2010
20080229198Electronically providing user assistance - Provided embodiments include a device, apparatus, system, computer program product, and method. A provided method includes receiving a signal indicative of a user-selected portion of a manual pertaining to an apparatus that includes an electronic device. The method also includes searching a file for an assistance pertaining to the apparatus and corresponding to the user-selected portion of the manual. The method further includes generating a signal indicative of the assistance pertaining to the apparatus and corresponding to the user-selected portion of the manual, wherein the manual is physically distinct from the apparatus. In an alternative embodiment, the method includes facilitating an electronic display of the assistance using a user interface of the electronic device. The facilitating may include facilitating a projection of a display of the assistance from the electronic device. In another alternative embodiment, the method may include displaying at least two user-selectable portions of the manual.09-18-2008
20110047462DISPLAY-INDEPENDENT COMPUTERIZED GUIDANCE - A method for display-independent execution of a computerized guidance script, the method comprising capturing a screenshot of a graphical user interface (GUI) of a computerized application, analyzing the screenshot for matching a control of the screenshot with a control of the guidance script, and executing the guidance script, based on the matching, to operate the computerized application. Additionally, a display-independent computerized guidance engine, comprising a screenshot analysis engine and a guidance script execution engine.02-24-2011
20100293461HELP INFORMATION FOR LINKS IN A MASHUP PAGE - A mashup page presents link help information for logical links that pass context between widgets on the mashup page.11-18-2010
20100115407MOBILE TERMINAL AND DISPLAYING METHOD THEREOF - A method of displaying in a mobile terminal includes displaying a map on a display unit, displaying at least one icon on the map, the at least one icon being linked to a certain area of the displayed map, receiving a signal for changing a scale of the map, changing the scale of the map in response to the signal and displaying the map according to the changed scale, displaying the at least one icon differently according to the changed scale of the map, wherein the at least one icon is updated when map data corresponding to the certain area is changed, the map data comprising first map data corresponding to a first time point and second map data corresponding to a second time point, and displaying a first icon corresponding to the first map data and a second icon corresponding to the second map data differently to indicate a change of the map data between the first time point and the second time point.05-06-2010
20110145707COMPUTER-IMPLEMENTED METHOD AND SYSTEMS FOR ASSISTING A USER IN APPLYING A BUSINESS PROCESS PATTERN - A computer-implemented method for assisting a user in applying a business process pattern. In some embodiments, the computer-implemented method includes providing a graphical user interface (GUI) adapted for displaying a first representation of a business process and for allowing user editing of the business process. The computer-implemented method also includes receiving a user selection of a fragment of the business process as displayed in the first representation. In some embodiments, the computer-implemented method includes calling a second representation of the business process, the second representation including a hierarchy of fragments of business process, and checking whether the fragment selected by the user corresponds to one of the fragments of the second representation. The computer-implemented method may also include instantiating a business process pattern using the selected fragment if the fragment selected corresponds. The selected fragment is re-usable within the business process pattern.06-16-2011
20120210215METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING NETWORKED ASSISTANCE AND FEEDBACK CONTROL FOR CONSUMER ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A computer-implemented method, system, and apparatus for providing networked assistance and feedback control for consumer electronic devices are disclosed. The system and method in an example embodiment include: gathering user behavior and feedback information collected on a user platform via a data network; processing the user behavior and feedback information, by using a processor, to infer a problem encountered by a user on the user platform in operating a consumer electronic (CE) device of the user platform; activating a user interface on the user platform to offer the user assistance in resolving the problem; and recording the problem as a design hint related to a potential design change corresponding to the CE device.08-16-2012
20090300494USER ASSISTANCE PANEL - A system for providing user assistance receives a request for help content for a first component of a plurality of components displayed on a user interface page. The system generates a user assistance panel that is displayed simultaneously with the user interface page without substantially obscuring the user interface page. The user assistance panel includes the help content for the first component and a heading for a second component of the plurality of components that has associated help content.12-03-2009
20090055739CONTEXT-AWARE ADAPTIVE USER INTERFACE - Technologies, systems, and methods for context-aware adaptation of user interface where monitored context includes ambient environmental and temporal conditions, user state, and the like. For example, when a user has been using an application for a long time, ambient lighting conditions are becoming darker, and the user is inferred to be experiencing increased eye strain and fatigue, the user interface may be adapted by increasing the contrast. Such adaptation may be based on rules, pre-defined or otherwise. The processing of sensor data typically results in context codes and detection of context patterns that may be used to adapt user interface for an optimized user experience.02-26-2009
20090172541METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING DYNAMIC CONTEXT ASSIST FOR A COMMAND LINE INTERFACE - A method, system, and computer program product for providing dynamic context assistance to a user of a system, such as a storage system. One or more current command line interface (CLI) entries that are entered in a CLI of the system are received and a current state of the system is determined. Dynamic context assistance is then generated for one or more current CLI entries based on entered values of the one or more CLI entries. In this regard, the dynamic context assistance can be generated and displayed in a text or graphical form when one or more dynamic context assist keys are entered in the CLI in conjunction with the current CLI entry.07-02-2009
20090158153Method, system, and computer program product for generating a front end graphical user interface for a plurality of text based commands - A method, computer program product, and system are disclosed for generating a graphical user interface (GUI) for a plurality of text based commands, in which environment mapping definitions may link generic GUI components with predefined command structures. The plurality of text based commands may be command-line interface (CLI) commands. The environment mapping definitions may be applied to a command specification defining characteristics of the plurality of text based commands in a standard format in order to build a GUI from generic GUI components. The command specification may be generated by providing an interpretation reference defining CLI conventions and parsing a command description to extract the command specification with reference to the interpretation reference.06-18-2009
20110072346CONTEXT-BASED SMART TAGS - A context-based action determiner is configured to facilitate the application of context-based smart tags. The context-based action determiner includes a type determining module configured to determine a type of a context object based on a context in which the context object is being used. The context-based action determiner also includes an action determining module configured to determine one or more context-specific actions that may be performed for the context object based on the type of the context object and to provide the context-specific actions to a user. The context-based action determiner further includes a selection receiving module configured to receive a selection from the user of a context-specific action to be performed and an action performing module configured to perform the selected context-specific action. The type of the context object and the action to be performed are determined based on a smart tag configuration.03-24-2011
20120260165RECOMMENDING CONTENT - A method for recommending content items to a user is provided. It includes: (i) receiving one of at least an acceptance input and a rejection input from a user in relation to content presented to the user; (ii) in response to an acceptance input, rendering the presented content, or in response to a rejection input, selecting fresh content for presentation; and, (iii) repeating steps (i) and (ii) until a acceptance input is received. Content is selected in dependence on a associated probability associated with that content. The probability is increased in response to an acceptance input, the increase being determined in part on a measure of a predicted reduction in user satisfaction that would be associated with an additional rejection input.10-11-2012
20120166945Dynamic Help Content Presentation Methods and Systems - An exemplary method includes a dynamic help content presentation system detecting a user input command provided by a user, the user input command requesting help with content being presented by a media content access subsystem, identifying, in response to the user input command, a context of the content being presented by the media content access subsystem, and automatically presenting help content associated with the identified context by way of a mobile device while the content is being presented by the media content access subsystem. Corresponding methods and systems are also disclosed.06-28-2012
20120166946DYNAMIC HANDLING OF INSTRUCTIONAL FEEDBACK ELEMENTS BASED ON USAGE STATISTICS - Historical data representative of past interactions of a user of a computer application with a user interface screen of the computer application can be retained, for example for later analysis to determine whether to present one or more instructional feedback elements associated with the user interface screen or with a user interface element within the user interface screen. Upon detecting a current navigation of the user to the user interface screen, a determination can be made whether to present an instructional feedback element. The instructional feedback element can be presented if the historical data indicate at least one factor suggestive of a need by the user for assistance with the user interface screen or with the user interface element within the user interface screen. The instructional feedback element can be hidden if the historical data do not indicate any of the at least one factors. Computer program products, systems, and methods having similar features are also described.06-28-2012
20120084648SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATED END-USER SUPPORT - A system and method for displaying content in a browser window associated with an end-user is described. In one implementation, data that includes links is received from a content provider, each of the links is identified and encoded, and the received data along with the links are displayed in the end-user's browser window.04-05-2012
20080301558Interface, Method, and System for Providing Inline Contextual Help and Support - A method and apparatus is disclosed herein for providing contextually relevant support information. In one embodiment, a server provides a web page over a network that includes one or more help indicators. The web page and the help indicator are shown to a user in a window of a graphical user interface of the client device. When the user selects the help indicator, the support system receives data indicative of user help requests from the client device. In response to receipt of a support request, the support system generates a response based on a current context of the web page. In one embodiment the response is provided to the client device for display over an area in the window of the graphical user interface without obscuring or disrupting content displayed by the web page.12-04-2008
20110131491DYNAMIC HELP INFORMATION - Dynamic help information is provided by receiving unit, configured to receive at least one operation of a user and to obtain the user's operation history, where the operation history includes at least one operation; a determining unit, configured to determine the corresponding help information according to the user's operation history; and an information obtaining unit, configured to obtain said corresponding help information. Assistance in providing help information is also provided, comprising: an operation capturing unit, configured to capture and send at least one operation of a user; and an information displaying unit, configured to receive and display the help information corresponding to the user's operation history, where the operation history includes at least one operation. With the apparatuses and method of this invention, the pertinent help information can be dynamically provided for users according to user's operation history.06-02-2011
20110320943Process and Apparatus for Computer Training - An adaptive and interactive training system and method is provided. The system provides training content to a user of an application program based upon a variety of factors. The system selects the training content based upon the user's individualized needs vis-à-vis an application program. The system may customize the training sent to the user by evaluating the user's actual interaction with the application program, the user's personal profile and the group profile of groups to which the user belongs.12-29-2011
20110161812Searchable Menu system via Keyword Search - Displaying a visual cue is disclosed. One or more search criteria is/are received. One or more objects that are associated with a user interface is/are searched based at least in part on the one or more search criteria to obtain a search result. A sequence of one or more choices associated with accessing the search result is/are obtained. A visual cue is displayed for at least a portion of the sequence of one or more choices.06-30-2011
20130174034Providing Variable Responses in a Virtual-Assistant Environment - Virtual assistants intelligently emulate a representative of a service provider by providing variable responses to user queries received via the virtual assistants. These variable responses may take the context of a user's query into account both when identifying an intent of a user's query and when identifying an appropriate response to the user's query.07-04-2013
20080244401User interface teaching concepts in an application - Various embodiments provide a wizard integrated as part of an application to assist a user in operating within the application. In one or more embodiments, the wizard comprises an inline portion of the application's user interface and is designed to enable a user to express a desired goal and then present one or more choices that appear to satisfy the user's desired goal. The choices are titled in a manner that obscures or abstracts away more complex choices and concepts with which a user may not be familiar. When the user selects a particular displayed choice, the wizard can present further choices which are progressively narrowed to focus on the user's desired goal, thus directing the user to a suitable feature to accomplish his or her goal and providing just-in-time conceptual information about the feature to enable the user to use that feature.10-02-2008
20080244398Direct Preview of Wizards, Dialogs, and Secondary Dialogs - A method, system and computer-usable medium are disclosed for previewing the user interaction steps of a wizard within a graphical user interface (GUI). User gestures are performed on the wizard's associated menu item or graphical icon to display a non-executable replica of the wizard in a variant visual style. The non-executable replica of the wizard is displayed in a variant visual style to signify that the wizard is in preview mode and that it cannot be executed as an active wizard. Predetermined GUI widgets (e.g., buttons, text boxes, checkmarks, etc.) are disabled and do not respond to user gestures. However, predetermined GUI navigational widgets (e.g., tabs, previous/next buttons, drop-down boxes) are enabled to allow the user to navigate from one wizard user interaction to another.10-02-2008
20130179780PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT - An information processing apparatus that determines a direction to browsed next as a guiding direction with a location of content displayed by a display of the information processing apparatus as a reference location; determines a perceptual strength of each of a plurality of active elements disposed in different locations on or within a casing of the information processing apparatus based on the guiding direction; and controls each of the plurality of active elements based on the perceptual strengths.07-11-2013
20130097499METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING PROCESS GUIDANCE - A context-sensitive process guidance system provides process guidance based on context data from a system used in performing the process. The system may be a work item tracking system or similar project management tool. Process guidance may provide information to a user performing actions related to a process. Context data may be derived from various sources, including the state of an application at the time of the request for process guidance, the user making the request and the role assigned to that user in the process, or the data displayed for the user who made the request. The context-sensitive process guidance system may display context-sensitive process guidance content and provide links to related process guidance content based on the context data.04-18-2013
20130097498EMBEDDING NON-BLOCKING HELP COMPONENTS IN A DISPLAY PAGE USING DISCOVERY DRAWER FEATURE CUES - A method, system, and non-transitory computer readable medium to provide trigger-sensitive application help content to a user using a digital application. The method commences upon receiving an input application user interface, the input application user interface being encoded for display within a digital application context (e.g. on a computer screen or on a mobile device). Then, recoding the input application user interface to produce an output application user interface comprising one or more expandable screen devices added to the input application user interface. The user's progress (or lack thereof) is detected based on the user's interaction with the output application user interface page (e.g. on a computer screen or on a mobile device). At least one aspect of the method includes executing or otherwise interacting with a display protocol, the display protocol comprising detecting a trigger event, and revealing the expandable screen device to display an expanded screen device.04-18-2013
20130132834ELECTRONIC DEVICE CAPABLE OF GENERATING LEARNING INTERFACE BASED ON USER EXPERIENCE - An electronic device includes an input unit, a storage unit to store a database that defines several menu item groups. Each menu item group includes several menu items that are associated with each other. A processor starts a learning mode in response to a user input from the input unit, and in the learning mode, the processor receives an user input relating to one or more menu items, determines one or more menu item groups based on the user input, and generates a learning menu based on the one or more menu item groups.05-23-2013
20110231758SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GENERATING AUTOMATED SOFTWARE WORKFLOWS FOR BIOLOGICAL TESTING - The workflow application integrates with a research software application associated with a laboratory instrument to provide a user with step-by-step instructions on how to follow the workflow steps of a laboratory experiment. The instructions are dynamically tailored, according to the nature of the workflow, the samples being experimented upon and/or the operating states of the instrument and/or the research software application. The workflow application significantly reduces the learning curve to operate sophisticated laboratory instruments. In a genetic testing instrument the workflow application can prescribe the need for control samples and can optimize the layout of samples within the instrument's sample receiving plate or fixture.09-22-2011
20110258544SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SUGGESTING AUTOMATED ASSISTANTS BASED ON A SIMILARITY VECTOR IN A GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE FOR MANAGING COMMUNICATION SESSIONS - Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for suggesting and inserting automated assistants in a graphical user interface for managing communication sessions. A system for suggesting an automated assistant generates a first vector describing a current context of a current communication session, and generates a comparison of the first vector and a second vector associated with a past context of an automated assistant in a past communication session. Then, if the comparison exceeds a similarity threshold, the system suggests the automated assistant to at least one user in the current communication session. Optionally, the system can predictively insert the automated assistant in a communication session if the comparison exceeds a similarity threshold. The graphical user interface for managing communication sessions displays automated assistants in a same manner as human participants.10-20-2011
20130159851METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING HELP CONTENT TO USERS - The various embodiments herein disclose a method of providing help content to users for a plurality of applications installed on the user device to direct users on how to proceed with operation of a particular application. The method comprises selecting an application installed in the user device, activating a help mode function provided in a user device, checking for the help content corresponding to the selected application, connecting the user device to an central server if a help content pertaining to the selected application is not available, synchronizing the selected application with the applications in the central server and extracting the help content for the selected application from the central server to the user device. The activation of the help mode disables the plurality of applications installed in the user device and sets the user device to function under a help mode.06-20-2013
20110307780CLOUD-BASED APPLICATION HELP - A cloud help system is described herein that is a confederation of both internet and product help content that gives the user of a software application a rich web-based user interface for searching the internet in conjunction with and in the context of the software application. An application developer associates identifiers with various features and areas within an application. Upon detecting a user request for product help, the system receives the identifier and identifies instructional material related to the received identifier. The instructional material combines traditional local and online help information with dynamic content from an online data source. The online data source includes an association between each identifier and one or more searches for online content. An administrator can update the online searches over time so that new material can be incorporated.12-15-2011
20110314375Personal Assistant for Task Utilization - An electronic personal assistant that uses task information to obtain task performance assistance and help content is provided. Tasks from an electronic tasks application may be utilized by the personal assistant application to search a variety of information sources for task performance functionality and help content related to the tasks. The personal assistant may provide functionality to help a user actually perform a given task. Alternatively, once help content is obtained, a new task may be generated or the related task may be modified to provide the help content or to provide a link to the help content. The personal assistant application may provide the help content in a separate user interface or cause an application from which the help content is obtained to be launched.12-22-2011
20130198627Dynamic Extension View with Multiple Levels of Expansion - Application extension management may be provided. A plurality of related documents may be scanned to determine whether an activation trigger associated with an application extension has been triggered. In response to determining that the activation trigger associated with the application extension has been triggered, the application extension may be triggered and a user interface element associated with the application extension may be displayed according to a display rule.08-01-2013

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