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715 - Data processing: presentation processing of document, operator interface processing, and screen saver display processing


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715708000 Context sensitive 183
715706000 Virtual character or avatar (e.g., animated person) 60
715715000 Balloon or bubble appearance 7
715707000 Adaptive to user skill level 6
715714000 Combining diverse help information (e.g., different sources) 3
20090164900METHOD FOR DISPLAYING DOCUMENT-BASED HELP WITH THE HELP SYSTEM FOR A PROCESSING APPLICATION - A computer-implemented method for integrating help functions. A compound document is received. The compound document comprises a help module. The help module comprises a first collection of help information that applies specifically to the compound document. The compound document is associated with a processing application used to manipulate the compound document. The processing application comprises application help. The application help comprises a second collection of help information that applies to the processing application. The first collection of help information is distinct from the second collection of help information. The method also includes integrating the help module into the application help to form a modified help. The modified help comprises a combination of the first collection of help information and the second collection of help information. The modified help can be stored or displayed.06-25-2009
20080229199Customizing help content - A method for providing customized help, the method comprising: retrieving a first help content from a first help datastore in response to a help request received from a user, the first help datastore storing a plurality of help content each associated with a respective help identifier; retrieving a second help content from a second help datastore, the second help datastore storing a plurality of help content each associated with a respective help identifier, the second help content having the same help identifier as the first help content; generating a help presentation file comprising the first help content and the second help content; wherein one the first help datastore or the second help datastore is editable by the user and the other help datastore is non-editable by the user.09-18-2008
20100088601Providing Help Information - A computer-implemented method for providing content includes extracting preconfigured content from an application; selecting, from second content associated with the application, a plurality of portions of the second content using the extracted preconfigured content; ranking the plurality of portions based at least in part on the preconfigured content; and associating a reference with the preconfigured content in the application such that the reference is displayed with the application, the reference providing user navigation to at least one of the plurality of portions selected based on the ranking.04-08-2010
20120179965GESTURE-BASED NAVIGATION SYSTEM FOR A MOBILE DEVICE - Systems and methods to facilitate the navigation of functions of an application of a mobile device using a gestural input scheme. A navigation scheme based on simple user-initiated gestures reduces the safety hazards and physical challenges that are introduced when interacting with a mobile device in the wild. A mobile device having a motion sensor is programmed with an application that allows a user to navigate between the various functions (e.g., features, screens, and menu options) of the application by moving the mobile device according to predefined gestures. The motion sensor in the mobile device senses a user gesture imposed on the mobile device and the application on the mobile device responds to the gesture by navigating to the function that is correlated to the gesture as part of the application.07-12-2012
20130047081METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR CREATING VIDEO CONTENT ON MOBILE DEVICES USING STORYBOARD TEMPLATES - Computer-implemented methods, systems, and programs are provided for creating and editing video content on mobile devices.02-21-2013
20090044111IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS AND METHOD TO OFFER HELP INFORMATION THEREIN - An image forming apparatus and a method to offer help information therein include an input unit to receive a search request command to search help information from a user, a storage to store at least one help moving picture, a display to display the help moving picture, and a controller to control the display to display a help moving picture corresponding to the search request command.02-12-2009
20130073957METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DYNAMICALLY GENERATING A TRAINING PROGRAM - Learning content management systems and processes are described that enable a user to independently define or select learning content, frameworks, styles, and/or protocols. The frameworks may be configured to specify a flow or an order of presentation to a learner with respect to a learning content presentation. The style definition may define an appearance of learning content. At least partly in response to a publishing instruction, the received learning content and the received framework definition are merged and then rendered in accordance with the defined style. The rendered merged learning content and framework definition are packaged in accordance with the defined/selected protocol to provide a published learning document.03-21-2013
20090119587Interactive complex task teaching system - A system which allows a user to teach a computational device how to perform complex, repetitive tasks that the user usually would perform using the device's graphical user interface (GUI) often but not limited to being a web browser. The system includes software running on a user's computational device. The user “teaches” task steps by inputting natural language and demonstrating actions with the GUI. The system uses a semantic ontology and natural language processing to create an explicit representation of the task that is stored on the computer. After a complete task has been taught, the system is able to automatically execute the task in new situations. Because the task is represented in terms of the ontology and user's intentions, the system is able to adapt to changes in the computer code while still pursuing the objectives taught by the user.05-07-2009
20120233546SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING VOICE, CHAT, AND SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE APPLICATIONS USABLE IN SOCIAL MEDIA TO SERVICE PERSONAL ORDERS AND REQUESTS BY AT LEAST ONE AGENT - An application that provides voice, chat, or short message services on a social media site to present a data field in a user interface for a person to enter information to request support, make a purchase, or seek information; presents an option to a person that allows the person to select how they want to be contacted by at least one agent; captures information from the social media site for the person; populates a preformatted note with the personal information and selection received from the person, the preformatted note having fields corresponding to the information and contact option, with the preformatted note formed by populating an input field with corresponding information or a selection by the person; stores all or part of the preformatted note as the record of the person's request for support; implements an algorithm to determine social affinity to route the request to at least one agent or another phone number or an automated response machine; and routes the request by voice or data channel, tracks the request and response, reports the results, and uses those results as feedback for future routing for the person or the person's social contacts.09-13-2012
20090013251HOST DEVICE TO INSTALL DRIVER AND METHOD THEREOF - A host device to install a driver and a driver installing method thereof. The host device includes a user interface to provide a step-by-step setup screen to install a driver of an external device and a setup method screen to inform a setup method of the step-by-step setup screen, and receives a selection signal with respect to the step-by-step setup screen, and a driver installer to install the driver according to the selection signal input through the user interface.01-08-2009
20120173974SOCIALIZED HELP FOR COMPUTING APPLICATIONS - In an embodiment of the invention, a method for managing socialized help in a networked computing application is provided. The method includes receiving, from a help authoring user in a graphical user interface (GUI) rendered for the help authoring user, a specification of a designated region of the GUI, storing help text authored by the help authoring user in connection with the designated region, detecting a help request by a help consuming user in association with a region of a GUI rendered for the help consuming user and corresponding to the designated region, retrieving the help text authored by the help authoring user in connection with the designated region, and rendering the help text in the GUI rendered for the help consuming user.07-05-2012
20100088599ELECTRONIC DEVICE, COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM, AND HELP DISPLAY METHOD - An electronic device comprising: a display unit configured to display a setting menu; an operation unit configured to receive an operation from a user; an operation detection unit configured to detects the operation received by the operation unit; a timer unit configured to measure an elapsed time that has elapsed since a start operation relating to a setting of a given function received by the operation unit is detected by the operation detection unit; and a help display processing unit configured to cause the display unit to display help information thereon when an end operation relating to the given function to the operation unit has not been detected by the operation detection unit before the elapsed time measured by the timer unit reaches a predetermined time.04-08-2010
20110289409Generating User Help Information for Customized User Interfaces - A method for generating user help information for a customized user interface, the customized user interface including one or more user interface components from a library of user interface components, the method comprising the steps of: associating library component help information with each user interface component in the library of user interface components; identifying component help information from the library component help information for each component in the customized user interface; aggregating the identified component help information into user help information for presentation to a user of the customized user interface.11-24-2011
20100064217CONTENT EXPLAINING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A content explaining apparatus and method computes the degrees of similarity between a specified content and the other contents than the specified content of multiple contents based on content information stored in content information database means, computes a user realization degree for each of the other contents based on user information stored in user management database means or the content information stored in the content information database means, computes an explanation accuracy degree of each of the other contents for the specified content from the similarity degree and user realization degree of said each of the other contents, and presents content explaining information for the specified content according to the explanation accuracy degrees.03-11-2010
20100077305SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ENHANCING USER ACCESSIBILITY IN A VIRTUAL UNIVERSE - A system and method to enhance user accessibility in a virtual universe and, in particular, to enhance user accessibility by providing information and/or actions to users participating in the virtual universe. The system comprises an assignment engine configured to assign an accessibility unit to an item within a virtual universe and a detection engine configured to detect a triggering event, which triggers the accessibility unit. The system also comprises an accessibility action engine configured to provide at least one of information and an action to a user when the accessibility unit is triggered.03-25-2010
20100122163SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR VIDEO TRAINING AND INFORMATION ON TOOLS USED IN THE VIDEO AND WEB SITE FOR EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION - An interactive web site for use by a community of users includes multimedia information for education and use by the users. The multimedia information includes video information that demonstrates procedures of interest to the community. Tags are provided to the video identifying products and tools used in the video. Links are presented on the web site linking to additional information on the products and tools. Links are also provided that automatically schedule telephone conferences or other communications between the users and vendors of the products or services tagged in the videos.05-13-2010
20110219304DICTIONARY INFORMATION DISPLAY DEVICE - A block data creation unit creates an explanatory assistance block data item in which an explanatory information item is placed on a word thereof in a display block of a specific size for each of the words searched for by the dictionary search unit. A block data display unit causes the display unit to display a specific number of explanatory assistance block data items created by the block data creation unit so as to correspond to an order of the words arranged in the text. A block change unit changeably displays another explanatory assistance block data item according to a user operation to the explanatory assistance block data items displayed by the block data display unit.09-08-2011
20090276703PROFILE-BASED HELP FOR METAVERSE APPLICATIONS - A method, medium and implementing processing system are provided for enabling enhanced help or guidance that is tailored to a user and is available on a multitude of “levels” and in a variety of ways. A user is enabled to create a user profile by inputting information about his or her personal interests, i.e. what they plan or hope to do in a virtual world application and possibly how the application can best meet the individual's needs. Users are enabled to specify interests using a form, free-form text, or other means of input. Based on the user input specifications, and depending upon user activity while in the metaverse application, information will be provided about users, places, and events that may be useful to the user in accomplishing the individual user's objectives.11-05-2009
20110271184CLIENT APPLICATION AND WEB PAGE INTEGRATION - Application integration may be provided. A first application may be executed on a client computer. The first application may connect to a second application, such as a browser-based application. The first application may identify at least one functionality associated with the second application and display a user interface element associated with the at least one functionality within the first application.11-03-2011
20110209059PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING OPERATION OF THE PROCESSING APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus includes a changing unit. A graphical user interface image is displayed by a display unit and includes an operation image and an explanation image. The operation image shows plural display components respectively associated with instructions by an operator. The explanation image shows explanations concerning operations performed by using the operation image and associate any one of the plural display components with an associating area in the explanation image. The changing unit changes, according to designation on the associating areas by the operator, the graphical user interface image to make it possible to distinguish the display component associated with the associating area from the other display components.08-25-2011
20090119586Automatic Generation of Interactive Systems From a Formalized Description Language - Systems and methods are described that automatically generate interactive systems configured for collecting dialog data of human-machine interactions in dialog systems. The systems and methods comprise receiving a task flow that describes operations of a dialog system. A formal description of the task flow is generated, and an interactive system comprising a graphical user interface (GUI) is automatically generated from the formal description. The GUI consists of templates for control of the dialog system and real-time collection and annotating of dialog data during a live dialog between only the dialog system and callers to the dialog system. The dialog data consists of data of the live dialog.05-07-2009
20090037815POINTING HELP SYSTEM - Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to the help function and provide a method, system and computer program product for a pointing help system. In one embodiment of the invention, a method for pointing help in a GUI can include receiving a help event in association with a GUI control in the GUI, generating a help message for placement in a portion of the GUI statically configured to present different help messages, and visually coupling the GUI control with the help message through pointing help. In particular, in one aspect of the embodiment, visually coupling the GUI control with the help message through pointing help can include generating an arrow shell in a window separate from the GUI; and superimposing the arrow shell over the GUI to visually couple the GUI control with the help message.02-05-2009
20100223548METHOD FOR INTRODUCING INTERACTION PATTERN AND APPLICATION FUNCTIONALITIES - The invention describes a method for introducing interaction pattern and/or functionalities of a plurality of cations (09-02-2010
20110126100METHOD OF PROVIDING GUI FOR GUIDING START POSITION OF USER OPERATION AND DIGITAL DEVICE USING THE SAME - A method of providing a GUI and a digital device includes determining whether a user has approached a start position of an operation of a user input unit for operating the GUI that is displayed on a display; and displaying a guide on the GUI that is displayed on the display if it is determined that the user has approached the start position of an operation. Accordingly, a user can confirm that his/her finger has approached the start position of an operation through the guide, and thus can input a desired command as seeing only the display.05-26-2011
20090265629SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR EXTENDING ASSISTANCE IN A MULTI-FUNCTION PERIPHERAL DEVICE - Systems and methods of providing help to users of electronic devices, such as multi-function peripherals (MFPs), are disclosed. Help information is maintained in a plurality of storage devices that are in communication with a plurality of MFPs. The storage devices are configured so as to be located remotely from the MFPs. When users request assistance from an MFP, the MFP communicates with the storage devices to obtain the appropriate help information. The storage devices are further configured to allow third parties, including users of the MFPs, as well as MFP vendors, to update the help information, enhancing the assistance received by the users in response to a request for help. Should new applications be installed on the MFPs, help information associated with the new applications may be stored by the storage devices and similarly updated.10-22-2009
20080276169METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REQUESTING HELP - A method (and system) of requesting help includes connecting a user to a help request generator, accessing, by the help request generator, a database including a list of helpers, selecting helper from the list of helpers, and transmitting a help request from the help request generator to the helper11-06-2008
20080270901DISPLAY CONTROL APPARATUS AND DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD - An object of this invention to cause a display control apparatus capable of sequentially playing back drawn contents to implement, by a simple method, playback that facilitates grasp of contents while shortening the playback time. A display control apparatus of this invention includes an operation information acquisition unit which acquires, from a hard disk which records contents of a change in a drawing area for drawing an object upon acquiring operation information representing an operation in the drawing area, pieces of information about the contents of the change, a playback portion extraction unit which determines, of the pieces of acquired information, information to be used for playback of drawn contents and determines the playback timing of the information, a playback unit which extracts the information determined to be used for playback and plays back the drawn contents on a display apparatus at the determined playback timing using the extracted information.10-30-2008
20110209060METHOD AND ADJUSTING DEVICE FOR PROJECTION-TYPE DISPLAY - An image display device including an image input means to which image signals are input, an image display means for forming an optical image based on the image signals, and a device adjusting means for adjusting internal conditions of the device is provided with an adjusting operation support means for supporting an operation of the device adjusting means. Because the adjusting operation support means is provided, a user may easily adjust the image display device while confirming adjusting operation support information displayed by the adjusting operation support means.08-25-2011
20090164898DOCUMENTATION SYSTEM - A first application executes in an identified state. The first application broadcasts the identified state. The broadcasted identified state of the first application is received by a second application. The second application determines contextual content based on the received identified state of the first application. The contextual content is displayed.06-25-2009
20110225494WHITEBOARD PRESENTATION OF INTERACTIVE AND EXPANDABLE MODULAR CONTENT - In one aspect, described herein is a method for creating an interactive expandable multimedia tutorial. The method includes receiving a plurality of tutorial elements, generating a first user interface including a plurality of regions that correspond to each of the plurality of tutorial elements, presenting the first user interface on a display device, receiving a request to access the one or more additional tutorial elements, accessing the one or more additional tutorial elements, generating a second user interface comprising one or more regions that correspond to each of the accessed one or more additional tutorial elements, and presenting the second user interface on the display device, wherein the second user interface is displayed simultaneously with the first user interface, and wherein at least a portion of the first user interface remains visible to the user to enable navigation between the second user interface and the first user interface.09-15-2011
20090063969APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING SET TOP BOX ASSISTANCE - A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a server having a controller to monitor for a tutorial request from a set top box coupled to a monitor display where the tutorial request is associated with use of the set top box, determine a tutorial type based on the tutorial request, and establish real time communication using a first webcam coupled to the set top box and a second webcam coupled to a communication device at a support center when the tutorial type is a video conference. Other embodiments are disclosed.03-05-2009
20080313539ON-BOARD INPUT AND MANAGEMENT DEVICE FOR A COMPUTING SYSTEM - An on-board input and management device is disclosed. In an exemplary implementation, a method of managing a blade computing system may include monitoring current systems status in a blade computing system with an integrated management controller. The method may also include using the integrated management controller for user interaction to monitor and modify configuration of a plurality of modules in the blade computing system. In an exemplary embodiment, all of the modules in the blade computing system may be monitored and managed.12-18-2008
20100211873Apparatus and method of controlling information processing apparatus, and recording medium storing controlling program - An information processing apparatus having an operating system installed thereon is provided with a help file manager. The help file manager obtains language type information indicating a language type currently set for the operating system, obtains one of a plurality of help files that corresponds to the obtained language type information from a resource file, and expands the obtained help file into an expanded help file to store the expanded help file at the information processing apparatus. The information processing apparatus displays a help window generated based on the expanded help file that is stored.08-19-2010
20080250314VISUAL COMMAND HISTORY - Embodiments of the invention provide a visual command history for a software application. A method for generating a visual command history for a software application configured to edit a computer-aided design (CAD) drawing may include receiving a selection of a command to perform, determining an area of the CAD drawing modified by the command. When the command is performed, the method may include capturing at least one image of the area of the drawing modified by the command and storing the images in the visual command history. The visual command history is configured to maintain a record of each command performed by the software application. A user may interact with the visual command history to undo a sequence of commands performed using the software application beginning from the most recent command up to command selected from the visual command history.10-09-2008
20130139056Installation Wizard with Multidimensional Views - Mechanisms are provided for consistent and coherent layout for an installation wizard. The mechanisms divide the installation wizard into a plurality of actions. The mechanisms generate a graphical user interface panel for each of the plurality of actions to form a plurality of graphical user interface panels and generate at least one optional view for each graphical user interface panel. For each given action of the installation wizard, the mechanisms present a graphical user interface panel with a default view based on context of the given action and responsive to user input selecting an optional view, present the graphical user interface panel with the selected optional view.05-30-2013
20100064216SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR JOINT REPLACEMENT - Systems and methods for joint replacement are provided. The systems and methods include a surgical orientation device and at least one orthopedic fixture. The surgical orientation device and orthopedic fixtures can be used to locate the orientation of an axis in the body, to adjust an orientation of a cutting plane or planes along a bony surface, to distract a joint, or to otherwise assist in an orthopedic procedure or procedures.03-11-2010
20110016392Power Injector with Help Functionality - A power injector (01-20-2011
20080229197DYNAMIC AND INTELLIGENT HOVER ASSISTANCE - A method, system and article of manufacture for hover help management in data processing systems and, more particularly, for providing dynamic and intelligent hover assistance in graphical user interfaces. One embodiment provides a method of displaying hover assistance on a display screen. The method comprises moving a pointer element to a position over a user interface element shown on the display screen in response to user manipulation of a pointing device, while the pointer element is positioned over the user interface element, invoking a first hover element for display on the display screen, and invoking a second hover element for display on the display screen after invoking the first hover element, and while the pointer element continues to be positioned over the user interface element.09-18-2008
20080229196IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - An image forming apparatus can display a hint screen or a help screen on a display unit to explain the way of operation to be executed by the apparatus. A hint controlling unit generates a HTML file of the hint screen corresponds to each screen based on weighting of each manual upon calculation of weight of each manual. A screen controlling unit displays manuals in the order of weighting based on the HTML file generated in the hint controlling unit while the character size is varied depending on the weighting to display. This allows a user to easily select a manual that is more likely to contain information that the user want to refer.09-18-2008
20120204105Generating User Help Information for Customized User Interfaces - A method for generating user help information for a customized user interface, the customized user interface including one or more user interface components from a library of user interface components, the method comprising the steps of: associating library component help information with each user interface component in the library of user interface components; identifying component help information from the library component help information for each component in the customized user interface; aggregating the identified component help information into user help information for presentation to a user of the customized user interface.08-09-2012
20080256447METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MAPPING A VIRTUAL HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE FOR A MOBILE DEVICE - A system and method for mapping input elements with actions performed by a mobile device is described. In some cases, the system creates an input map that is accessible by a generic guide script running on a mobile device. The guide script may access the input map in order to present tutorial information specific to the mobile device.10-16-2008
20100180200ELECTRONIC ASSISTANT - The present invention relates to an electronic assistant. In one embodiment, a system for assisting with a current workflow being performed on a computing device includes a watcher for extracting a context from the current workflow, a harvester for identifying at least one document associated with a concept that matches the context, and a suggestion generator for displaying the document to the user of the computing device, where the document is suggested to aid the user in performing the current workflow.07-15-2010
20110093779Wizard in a Wizard Engine - A method for managing a web application initiated by a user is disclosed which enables navigation between two or more wizards while executing said web application. Predefined instructions ensure that a user can execute a plurality of steps in different orders when navigating between two or more wizards without losing any data that has been executed in a previous step. A wizard engine is also disclosed which is adapted to execute the suggested method.04-21-2011
20120254748HOST DEVICE TO INSTALL DRIVER AND METHOD THEREOF - A host device to install a driver and a driver installing method thereof. The host device includes a user interface to provide a step-by-step setup screen to install a driver of an external device and a setup method screen to inform a setup method of the step-by-step setup screen, and receives a selection signal with respect to the step-by-step setup screen, and a driver installer to install the driver according to the selection signal input through the user interface.10-04-2012
20090132918Community-based software application help system - A framework for enabling a community of users to share help information about an application program. The framework includes a mechanism for users to generate and share help information and a mechanism for users to access help information created by other users. To generate help information, tools may be incorporated into an application to enable users to capture information about the application as they are performing functions. Those tools capture as a video clip a representation of screen displays created by the application as the user interacts with the application to perform a function about which help information is to be generated. Along with the scenes captured in the video clip, application context information and explanatory material, such as an audio narration, can be captured. The mechanism to access help information includes a server to which video clips can be posted and catalogued, allowing identification of clips in response to user input describing a required help topic.05-21-2009
20120124471Virtual tour, display and commerce - A virtual tour and display begins with an initial view of a start location. The user navigates by clicking on navigational arrows located on the various spaces, such as halls or galleries or store areas, in each case initiating an animated movie which either turns the user within the same space or goes to a different location within the same space or by moving to a different space. A user can move to a gallery, which displays thumbnail images, such as a pictures on a wall, or clothing on a wall or rack or other items to be viewed. The user can select one of the thumbnail images, such as a picture to be viewed and have a full screen view of the selected image or hear an audio clip about the selected image, or other options.05-17-2012
20120131457CONFLICT SWITCHES FOR IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE NODE CHANGES - An enhancement implementation analysis method and system are provided. A processor may determine a node in an implementation guide hierarchy to be analyzed for conflicts. Based on the determination, a list of all switches assigned to the node in the implementation guide hierarchy may be retrieved from a data store. The list of retrieved switches may be checked by a processor to determine whether the switch is an active conflict switch. Upon a determination that the conflict switch is an inactive conflict switch, the conflict switch may be deleted from the retrieved list of all switches. If the conflict switch is determined to be an active conflict switch, the conflict switch may be added to a list of relevant switches, and the list of relevant switches may be processed to resolve conflicts, and a corresponding implementation guide may be presented.05-24-2012
20120179964METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING HELP OF PORTABLE TERMINAL - A method and apparatus for providing a help function of a portable terminal are provided. The method for providing help of a portable terminal preferably includes: selecting a recommended help based on weights of respective help items set according to usage frequencies of respective functions included in the portable; displaying the selected recommended help; and reducing a weight of a help item corresponding to the selected recommended help by a preset size. The method and the apparatus apply a high weight to an added function, a changed function, and a function not used by a user, and outputs a selected recommended help (tip) based on the weight that allow the user to conveniently pick up and suitably use various functions of the portable terminal.07-12-2012
20120240043Self-Revelation Aids for Interfaces - Systems and/or methods are provided that facilitates revealing assistance information associated with a user interface. An interface can obtain input information related to interactions between the interface and a user. In addition, the interface can output assistance information in situ with the user interface. Further, a decision component that determines the in situ assistance information output by the interface based at least in part on the obtained input information.09-20-2012
20110239116ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING STATIONS WITH TOUCH SCREEN USER INTERFACE - Disclosed herein are representative embodiments of methods, apparatus, and systems for using and operating electric vehicle charging stations (“EVCSs”) or electric vehicle supply equipment (“EVSE”) having a touch screen. The touch screen display device can be used, for example, to facilitate user interface with the EVCS/EVSE. The touch screen display apparatus can provide a quick and efficient means for a user to input a wide variety of information. Also disclosed herein are representative embodiments of a network communication system for EVCSs or EVSE.09-29-2011
20110320942Computer Program and Methods for Automatically Initializing an Audio Controller - A computer program of the type commonly known as a “wizard” is disclosed that initializes user interface software for controlling an audio conferencing device. The wizard allows the desired audio inputs (e.g., microphone, telephones, etc.) and audio outputs (speakers, recording devices, etc.) to be chosen by an audio system administrator. Thereafter, the wizard allows an audio conferencing device (or devices) to be chosen by the administrator, or allows such a device(s) to be optimally chosen dependent upon the chosen inputs and outputs. The wizard then maps the inputs and outputs to the input and output ports on the audio conferencing device. When the administrator finishes the wizard, the wizard computes the mapping parameters and other audio-optimizing parameters for the selected inputs and outputs. These parameters are then loaded into the user interface software automatically.12-29-2011
20110320941STEREOSCOPIC 3D CONTENT AUTO-FORMAT-ADAPTER MIDDLEWARE FOR STREAMING CONSUMPTION FROM INTERNET - Stereoscopic (3D) content streaming on PC from internet may become a commonplace practice. However, expecting a user to learn which formats and eyewear type to select for a particular display configuration type may be a challenge. Embodiments automatically discovers the PC system configuration and content formats being delivered, and using content-to-display format matching, adapts the content for best viewing quality for the user. The interactive application backed by a library instructs the user to setup the viewing configuration and conditions for optimum quality, removing the confusion choices can produce otherwise.12-29-2011
20120102402Framework for Custom Actions on an Information Feed - Systems and methods for providing a custom action for an information post are described. In one embodiment, data for generating a user interface component for display at a client machine may be transmitted from a server to the client machine. The user interface component displaying one or more information posts may be capable of being generated in accordance with first computing programming language instructions provided by a first entity. Each information post may include information relating to a record stored on a storage medium accessible to the server. Selected ones of the information posts may have associated therewith a custom action activation mechanism for activating a custom action relating to the associated information post. The custom action activation mechanism may be capable of being generated in accordance with second computer programming language instructions provided by a second entity.04-26-2012
20130014012INTERACTIVE ELECTRONIC TECHNICAL MANUAL SYSTEM AND METHOD - Methods and systems are provided for an interactive electronic technical manual system. A system includes a user interface for receiving input from a user and providing output to the user. A database stores instructions associated with tasks. The system also includes a diagnostic reasoner for receiving commands, controlling an external device in response to the commands to implement a test of the external device, and sensing signals associated with the test of the external device. The system further includes an interface module in communication with the user interface, the database, and the diagnostic reasoner. The interface module sends instructions associated with tasks to the user interface from the database, conveys commands from the user interface to the diagnostic reasoner, receives data associated with the signals sensed by the diagnostic reasoner, and analyzes the data associated with the signals.01-10-2013
20130097497IN-PRODUCT QUESTIONS, ANSWERS, AND TIPS - One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a technique for providing help content related to a software application to a user. The technique involves receiving textual input related to a first software application from a first user and comprising help content and generating a first discussion element based on the textual input. The technique further involves receiving first contextual information associated with the first user and related to the first software application, associating the first contextual information with the first discussion element, and transmitting the first discussion element to a server machine for processing.04-18-2013
20080201637IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS, METHOD FOR CONTROLLING DISPLAY OF IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR EXECUTING METHOD FOR CONTROLLING DISPLAY OF IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS - An image pickup apparatus includes a touch panel used for displaying various screens, each including a plurality of buttons from which a user selects a desired button, a menu screen display controlling unit for controlling the touch panel to sequentially display menu screens through which the user navigates to a setting screen for setting a predetermined function in accordance with the selected buttons, and a guide screen display controlling unit for controlling the touch panel to sequentially display guide screens through which the user navigates to the setting screen in accordance with the selected buttons in a path different from that of the menu screens, each of the guide screens displaying a button or description regarding at least the purpose or effect of the operation. An initial screen of the touch panel includes a menu button for entering the menu screen and a guide button for entering the guide screen.08-21-2008
20100287472AUTHORING OF DEMONSTRATION ENVIRONMENTS - An authoring system is provided for generating a demonstration payload, which is installable on a target electronic device to create a demonstration environment on the target electronic device. The authoring system includes a build interface operative to receive authoring inputs which specify characteristics of the demonstration environment. The authoring inputs include specification of promotional media to be played during a promotional mode of the demonstration environment, and specification of mock user data to be accessible during a tryout mode of the demonstration environment. The system further includes an assembler module operative to generate the demonstration payload based upon the authoring inputs.11-11-2010
20130151962Help Functionality And Graphical User Interface Applications - Systems, methods, and computer program products for help functionality and graphical user interface applications are disclosed. One disclosed embodiment of a method includes the steps of initiating display of a help window associated with a graphical user interface application; in the help window, providing a listing of different selectable modes associated with a function supported by the graphical user interface application; and in response to receiving selection of a given mode in the listing of different selectable modes in the help window, configuring the function according to the given mode as specified by the selection06-13-2013
20110307779SYSTEM OF RETAINING, MANAGING AND INTERACTIVELY CONVEYING KNOWLEDGE AND INSTRUCTIONAL CONTENT - An instructive content creation and viewing system, including a first microprocessor assembly, an intuitive viewing interface, a second microprocessor assembly in communication with the first microprocessor assembly, and an content creation interface. The viewing interface is housed on the first microprocessor assembly and the content creation interface is housed on the second microprocessor assembly. The content creation interface is used to create the instructive content, while the first microprocessor assembly obtains the instructive content. The viewing interface presents the instructive content while the viewing interface adapts to the instructive content and user preferences or actions.12-15-2011
20130198626ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND SERVER - According to one embodiment, an electronic device communicating with a server includes a transmitter, a receiver and a display controller. The transmitter is configured to transmit, to the server, at least one of setting information of an application set by a user and setting information set in the electronic device by the user. The receiver is configured to receive, from the server, answer information to anticipated user's questions in accordance with the setting information. The display controller is configured to controls to display the answer information.08-01-2013
20120060091GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE DEVICE - A graphical user interface device includes an operation procedure information database, a display element information database, an operation determination section, a display element selection section, and an integrated procedure and display-element screen preparation section. Procedure information and a display item to be operated by an operator are registered in the operation procedure information database. The procedure information is text information forming an operation manual. The operation determination section determines a current operation step based on information given from an actual plant. The integrated procedure and display-element screen preparation section prepares a layout of an operation screen allowing the procedure information and the display item of the current operation step to be simultaneously displayed on a single screen of the input/output equipment.03-08-2012

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