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715 - Data processing: presentation processing of document, operator interface processing, and screen saver display processing

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715764000 On-screen workspace or object 6535
715733000 For plural users or sites (e.g., network) 1868
715751000 Computer supported collaborative work between plural users 1420
715716000 On screen video or audio system interface 1025
715762000 User interface development (e.g., GUI builder) 474
715863000 Gesture-based 424
715760000 Mark up language interface (e.g., HTML) 391
715702000 Tactile based interaction 327
715705000 Help presentation 318
715730000 Presentation to audience interface (e.g., slide show) 171
715727000 Audio user interface 139
715748000 User interactive multicomputer data transfer (e.g., file transfer) 134
715704000 Playback of recorded user events (e.g., script or macro playback) 80
715761000 Plural adjacent interactive display devices 56
715866000 Miscellaneous customization or adaptation 19
715864000 For a small display screen (e.g., personal digital assistant, palm-top) 16
715750000 Multiple users on a single workstation 11
715703000 Cultural based (including language, time, monetary units displayed) 11
715701000 Force feedback interaction 9
715865000 Miscellaneous interface for the handicapped or disable user 8
20100083107METHOD AND SYSTEM OF PROVIDING INFORMATION DURING CONTENT BREAKPOINTS IN A VIRTUAL UNIVERSE - The present invention is directed to a system and method for providing information during content breakpoints in a virtual universe. The system comprises a placement engine configured to detect a content breakpoint within a virtual universe, which is defined as at least one of a login process, a logoff process, a teleportation, a wait state, and during any point where a user changes information streams in the virtual universe. The system also comprises an insertion resolution engine configured to create a list of prioritized information to present to a user within the virtual universe and an information definition engine configured to present the prioritized information to the user of the virtual universe during the content breakpoint.04-01-2010
20110202833METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR RECOGNIZING EXTERNAL MEMORY IN PORTABLE TERMINAL - Provided is a method and apparatus for recognizing an external memory in a portable terminal. The method includes sensing an insertion of the external memory and being requested, by a user, to recognize data stored in the external memory, and recognizing the entire stored data while displaying data one at a time or in its entirety depending on the processing speed of the terminal.08-18-2011
20100077303ACCESSING DATA REMOTELY - A method, apparatus and computer program product to operate a device to access data remotely is described. The processing method includes connecting to a remote data source and transmitting data requests to a remote data source. The device receives responses to the data requests, the responses include data and a flag indicating a status of store, reset or ignore with respect to the respective data request. The device stores the data request in an ordered record when the respective flag is indicating a status of store or reset. Storing a data request in the ordered record may further comprise storing in the record the respective flag, when the respective flag is indicating a status of reset.03-25-2010
20100077302Method and Apparatus for Displaying Contact Widgets - In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an electronic device may determine a last update time for at least one contact widget in real time. The electronic device may display the at least one contact widget based at least in part on the last update time.03-25-2010
20090187822SYSTEM AUDITING FOR SETUP APPLICATIONS - A verification architecture for verifying that a setup application (or installer) for installing, modifying, repairing and uninstalling an application properly deploys the desired features in complex computing environments. The extensible framework allows all facets of an API to be customized for the needs of any software product. An explorer user interface facilitates viewing and managing the data that represents the behavior of the installer in the targeted environment. The explorer allows the user to make changes either on a single item or a large number of items all at once. The explorer can display the differences between two different executions of the tool, and then allow the user to view each individual difference and update the expected behavior in the environment based on the data presented. This solution applies to businesses that plan on releasing a software product which include multiple configurations and/or is intended to deploy on multiple platforms.07-23-2009
20090172529DEVICE, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR OPTIMIZED CONCURRENT ERROR DETECTION - A method, apparatus and system for accepting a plurality of user-selected properties pre-designated for detecting errors in portions of a circuit, accepting a plurality of user-selected erroneous outputs, each of which may correspond to one of the plurality of user-selected set of properties, executing a simulation of the circuit for each of the plurality of user-selected properties, detecting in the output of the simulation, one of the plurality of user-selected erroneous outputs of the circuit for the corresponding one of the plurality of user-selected properties, and performing error correction on the circuit for the corresponding one of the plurality of user-selected properties. A method, apparatus and system for automatically selecting a subset of a set of inputs which when input into a circuit simulation generate erroneous output data to a primary output of the circuit and performing error correction on the circuit therewith. Other embodiments are described and claimed.07-02-2009
20090172528SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DYNAMICALLY PRESENTING A SOFTWARE SYSTEM LANDSCAPE - Embodiments of the invention are generally directed to a system and method for dynamically presenting a system landscape or software system landscape. The system landscape is monitored for changes and updates. A service is responsible for extracting and structuring the system landscape data in a presentable format. An output controller displays the system landscape data. A system landscape directory stores the system landscape data.07-02-2009
20100042919WINDOWLESS CROSS PLATFORM PROGRAM, METHOD AND ENVIRONMENT - A program and method for developing a computer program usable on a plurality of operating systems. User interface objects and output control interfaces are written in a windowless manner. Operating system specific libraries are provided for rendering objects to canvas, reading a user input, or hosting an object window. Operating system functions are abstracted as attributes which define how text and drawings are rendered.02-18-2010
20090158148Automatically provisioning a WWAN device - Network connection information is requested by a wireless wide area network device via the internet. Such information may include configuration information, data roaming partner information, and/or cost information regarding roaming partner connection and/or a subscriber plan related to the wireless wide area network. To retrieve the information, the wireless device sends a request to a redirection server, which in turn provides an internet address for a provisioning server, or instructs a provisioning server to provide the network configuration information to the wireless device. A user and/or the wireless device may use the network connection information when deciding whether and/or how to connect to the network. A network provider may use methods disclosed herein to efficiently update wireless devices that subscribe to the network. The network provider may provide selected network connection information based on information regarding the wireless device, such as the user identification.06-18-2009
20090158147SYSTEM AND METHOD OF PRESENTING MEDIA DATA - Systems and methods of presenting media data are provided. A particular method includes receiving a first event message associated with the media data from a media engine presenting media data via a graphical user interface (GUI). The method also includes executing an instruction in response to the first event message. The instruction modifies an in-memory representation associated with the GUI in which the media data is being presented.06-18-2009
20090044109Method, apparatus and system for enabling a new data processing device operating state - A method, apparatus and system to enable a data processing device to operate while seemingly “off”. According to one embodiment, a data processing device is configured to recognize a new system state, i.e., Visual Off. On such a data processing device, when the power button is pressed, the request to turn off the device is intercepted by a module and the device is transitioned to a Visual Off state. To the user, this transition appears instantaneous. During the transition, audible and visual indicators on the data processing device and on human interactive devices (“HID devices”) coupled to the data processing device may be turned off and/or disabled. While in the Visual Off state, the device may be fully operational, or in an alternate embodiment, the device may be placed in a low power state. When the user presses the power button again to “wake up” the data processing device, the device may transition from Visual Off into an “on” state (“Visual On”), i.e., all audible and visual indicators on the data processing device and HID devices coupled to it may be turned back on and/or enabled.02-12-2009
20090044108GUI CONTENT REPRODUCING DEVICE AND PROGRAM - Provided is a GUI content reproducing device which is capable of displaying a GUI content, starting from an arbitrary part thereof by utilizing an existing GUI content player. A GUI content player section (02-12-2009
20090044107DATA MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES - The exemplary embodiments provide a computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer usable program code for managing data. A graphical user interface is generated. The graphical user interface comprises a first selecting component for receiving a selection from a user of at least one attribute of a record from a set of records to be measured for relevancy, a second selecting component for receiving a selection from the user for a granularity of the at least one attribute to be measured for relevancy, and a displaying component for displaying a result to the user, wherein the result includes a visual representation of the relevancy of the at least one attribute selected by the user based on the granularity selected by the user.02-12-2009
20090307587GRAPHING CALCULATOR HAVING TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY UNIT - A graphing calculator includes: a touchscreen display unit having a formula display area and a graph display area; a formula input section configured to receive a calculation formula; a formula display control section configured to control the touchscreen display unit to display the calculation formula in the formula display area; a formula drag determining section configured to determine whether the calculation formula is dragged to the graph display area; a function calculating section configured to perform a calculation corresponding to a type of a function included in the calculation formula; a range setting section configured to set coordinate ranges to be used for generating a graph image; and a graph display control section configured to generate a graph image corresponding to the calculation formula and the calculation result according to the coordinate ranges.12-10-2009
20090307586USER INTERFACE (UI) DIMENSIONING - Determining a total dimension of items in computer-based user interface control (e.g., non-uniform items displayed in grid-view), may be accomplished by determining an estimated dimension value (e.g., for all items in a series) and combining (e.g., multiplying) that value with a total number of items (e.g., items in the series). If a viewport offset value and viewport item value is known, and/or a previously realized dimension and previously realized item value is known, the estimated dimension value may be determined by combining one or more of these values with values for realized items. Otherwise, the estimated dimension value can be determined by dividing the realized items dimensions value by the number of realized items. A total dimension value may be used by a user interface element, for example, to calculate an appropriate size and location of a scroll bar display.12-10-2009
20090300491METHOD TO ASSIST USERS IN PREVENTING ERRORS WHEN USING TYPE-AHEAD - A method and system to provide selection of entries in input fields, such as email client, includes pre-processing a list of potential addresses before the list is shown to a user by eliminating less important or invalid entries, and then displaying a list of entries for selection to the user in a format which highlights the most probable address to support selection of a “right” address.12-03-2009
20090049380Page Modules and States - A system, a method, and a user interface for providing content by using several modules for displaying the content within a single page. Each module includes several different states, and each state has particular features and/or advantages. A first module within the page is for presenting content from a first source and a second module is for presenting content from a second source. The first module is stacked on top of the second module within a window for presenting the page. The content in the first module is independent of the content in the second module such that a user interacts with the content of each module independently and without the need for navigation to a location external to the single page.02-19-2009
20090006953PUBLISHING PROTOCOL EXTENSIONS FOR ENHANCED AUTHORING OF WEB PAGES - An extension of the capabilities of existing web publishing protocols provide support for web content management features typically found only in web content management systems. Any client that supports these extensions can utilize these features. These extensions allow for additional metadata, additional state information about the page, additional field information, and server styles to be passed to the client, edited or applied, and returned to the server. The extensions model specific information from the server, to the client, and back to the server. All metadata, field values, and styles passed back from the client to the server will be applied to the page on the server. Any state change on the page will be applied to the page on the server. The server and client each interpret and process the extensions in a way that offers the user a better end-to-end story for publishing web pages from a client application.01-01-2009
20100064212Electronic Device Having a User Input Interface Opposite a Display - A consumer electronic device, such as a cellular telephone, includes a monolithic housing. A display is positioned on a first face of the housing and displays graphics to the user. An input interface, such as a keypad, for example, accepts user input and is positioned on the opposing back face of the housing. The display and the interface are oriented in opposing directions, and the display overlays an image of the input interface over the displayed graphics to allow a user to view which keys the user presses.03-11-2010
20080307304Method and system for producing a sequence of views - A method for producing a sequence of views, comprising the steps of providing a screenplay as an initial meta script in a meta script language for a computer; converting the initial meta script into commands for controlling at least one motion picture production device; executing the converted commands with said at least one motion picture production device in order to create a sequence of views; and displaying, in real time, the sequence of views on a display device.12-11-2008
20090089671PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLER PROGRAMMING WITH EMBEDDED MACRO CAPABILITY - A software development tool for an industrial control system is provided. The tool includes one or more identifier components that indicate a portion of a data structure. A macro component maps one or more substitution values indicated by the identifier components into an alternative form of the data structure.04-02-2009
20100169771User Interface for Managing Patient Care Plans - Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for managing patient care plans are provided. In embodiments, a graphical user interface provides for the presentation and management of patient care plans. The user interface includes a plan summary area that is configured to display information relating to a patient care plan. The user interface also includes a plan detail area configured to display an activated patient care plan that is indicated by an activated icon. Additional informational icons are displayed in both the plan summary area and the plan detail area. The activated patient care plan includes orders that are displayed in an order summary area. The number of orders of the patient care plan to be signed is indicated in the plan detail area. The user interface may also include a checks alerts input to proactively check alerts before signing the orders.07-01-2010
20090089672BODY COMPOSITION DISPLAY SYSTEM FOR DISPLAYING MOST SUITABLE TYPE OF BODY COMPOSITION FOR EVERY USER - A server selects one of a predetermined display specification programs based on at least one of attribute information related to an attribute of the user, purpose information related to a usage purpose of the user, and measurement data of the user input from a communication terminal capable of exchanging data with a body composition measuring instrument. The selected display specification program is transferred to the body composition measuring instrument via the communication terminal. As a result, the display specification program of the body composition measuring instrument is updated.04-02-2009
20090150774METHOD OF ORGANIZING APPLICATION SPECIFIC DOCUMENTS BASED ON DOCUMENT ATTRIBUTES - A method of organizing application-specific documents of a computer system includes receiving a user-based selection of at least one document attribute through an application residing on a processor of the computer system, searching currently open documents within the application to locate documents associated with the at least one document attribute, organizing a first attribute group based on results of the searching, and graphically representing the first attribute group as a group of application-specific documents. The searching includes retrieving status information from the currently open documents and the organizing includes categorizing documents associated with the at least one document attribute and grouping the categorized documents as the first attribute group.06-11-2009
20090158146RESIZING TAG REPRESENTATIONS OR TAG GROUP REPRESENTATIONS TO CONTROL RELATIVE IMPORTANCE - A method and system are provided for enabling a user to control or adjust importance levels assigned to tags by manipulating corresponding tag representations or a tag group representation displayed to the user. In one embodiment, tag representations for a number of tags are displayed to a user. The tags are generally any criterion used to describe or classify digital content. In one embodiment, the user is enabled to resize, or otherwise manipulate, the tag representations to thereby adjust the importance level of the corresponding tags. In another embodiment, tags are classified into at least one tag group. A tag group representation corresponding to the tag group is displayed to the user. The user is then enabled to resize, or otherwise manipulate, the tag group representation to thereby adjust an importance level of each of the tags in the tag group.06-18-2009
20090276700Method, apparatus, and computer program product for determining user status indicators - An apparatus for providing user status indicators may include a processor. The processor may be configured to receive context information from one or more platforms. The processor may also be configured to determine one or more user status indicators based on the context information and provide for presentation of the user status indicators in association with the user account. Associated methods and computer program products may also be provided.11-05-2009
20080209319Graphical user interface with a background class loading event system - According to one aspect of the invention, a method for searching for a particular type of class file and a graphical user interface for displaying the names of the class files of the particular type are provided. A first class file is searched for a particular feature. If the class file contains the feature, the name of the class file is displayed. A second class file may then be searched and displayed if it contains the same feature. The names of all class files having the feature may then be displayed in a menu on the graphical user interface. The graphical user interface may also include a window displaying a list of features. When one of the features is selected, the names of all the class files having the feature are displayed in the menu.08-28-2008
20080209318Dynamic Overlaying of Content on Web Pages for Tracking Data - A computer system for overlaying content in a designated area of a web page is disclosed. The computer system may be used to run executable code configured to identify a data field in a received web page, insert a visible user control substantially adjacent to the data field, display the web page comprising the user control, and cause a value in the data field to be tracked upon actuation of the user control.08-28-2008
20080209321Mobile terminal apparatus, and display control method therefor - In the state when the schedule function is activated, when a rotational motion of a display unit using a rotating mechanism thereof is detected, or when an acceleration of a predetermined acceleration value or greater is detected, the mobile terminal apparatus modifies the schedule display based on the above detection. Specifically, the mobile terminal apparatus modifies either the displayed schedule period or the display magnification factor of the display content.08-28-2008
20080209320COMPUTER-BASED EVALUATION TOOL FOR SELECTING PERSONALIZED CONTENT FOR USERS - The invention relates to a method and system for selecting personalized content for a user, the method being performed by an evaluation tool instantiated on a computing device and comprising the evaluation tool. The evaluation tool creates a content selection rule for the user for finding and filtering content items, such as advertising content. The tool generates a content selection algorithm from the content selection rule for determining which content items to present to the user and presents the content item to the user based on the content selection algorithm and allows the user to interact with the presented content item. The tool also monitors the user's interaction with the presented content item for determining a modification of the content selection algorithm based on the user's interaction and presents the content item to the user based on the modified selection algorithm. The tool also enables the user to view and modify the selection rule and the content selection algorithm.08-28-2008
20080209317Invocation of Sponsor-Defined Action on Mobile Communication Device - A software application having a graphical user interface (GUI) is provided indicating labeled keys on a keypad of a user's mobile communications device. The GUI has sponsor regions for insertion of various sponsor provided content which may be cached on the communication device. The determination of which sponsors' content to be displayed on the device may be dependant on the content being viewed by the user. The sponsor's content may be inserted into the sponsor region. A selection of the sponsor's content may be made by a user to initiate a user transaction.08-28-2008
20080209316SYSTEM AND METHOD OF IMPLEMENTING AN EXTENSIBLE COMMAND-LINE INTERFACE - A system and method of implementing an extensible command-line interface may be employed to extend a command-line application. In accordance with one aspect, a plug-in management engine may define a contract that allows access to a command-line interface and may allow plug-ins honoring the contract to interface with the command-line application through the interface.08-28-2008
20100138742Method and Apparatus for Displaying Information Related to User Actions - In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus comprising a processor configured to transmit data based at least in part on an action of users related to consumed media. Further the apparatus comprises a user interface configured to display an indicator associated with the data.06-03-2010
20090282330INPUTTING DATA ON A PORTABLE COMPUTING DEVICE - A method for displaying input from a portable computing device on a second computing device is described. Later inputs on the portable computing device are displayed in a scrolling fashion on the second computing device with later input being displayed below previous input without regard to the location of the input on the portable computing device.11-12-2009
20090006954UNIFIED USER EXPERIENCE USING CONTEXTUAL INFORMATION, DATA ATTRIBUTES AND DATA MODELS - Various implementations are described herein for providing unified user experiences using data attributes and data models. By referencing structural information of data attributes included in data models, users are able to interact with and/or view related data stored in different databases. Contextual information for the different databases, data attributes, and data models provide a seamless unified user experience when running reports, scripts, web controls and so forth associated with the related data.01-01-2009
20080244393METHOD AND APPARATUS TO PROVIDE VISUAL CUES INDICATIVE OF THE LEVEL OF SEVERITY OR IMPORTANCE - A method of displaying information to relate level of severity or importance comprising the steps of (a) displaying data points; (b) coloring said data points in varying colors according to set levels; and (c) adjusting shades of said colors depending on further defined levels within said set levels. Another method of displaying information to relate level of severity or importance comprising the steps of (a) querying disparate information systems with a certain search parameter (b) displaying data points returned from said search parameter into a single window; (c) coloring said data points in varying colors according to set levels; and (d) adjusting shades of said colors depending on further defined levels within said set levels. A system for displaying information according to level of importance or severity comprising a database, a worklist and an interface wherein said interface conveys level of importance or severity using varying shades of colors.10-02-2008
20080244394DISPLAY AND LAYOUT FLOW OF RELATIVELY POSITIONED USER INTERFACE ITEMS - An improved solution for managing a user interfaces is provided. Aspects of the invention include the display and layout flow of relatively positioned user interface items. In an embodiment of the invention, a method of managing a user interface is provided, the method includes: obtaining a document for a rendition, wherein the document includes a plurality of user interface items; positioning a first user interface item at a first location on the document; setting a display property value of the first user interface item to one of: on or off; and relatively positioning from the first user interface item a second user interface item at a second location, wherein the relative positioning is independent of the display property value.10-02-2008
20080282159Summarization of attached, linked or related materials - A summarization system and method. The summarization method includes utilizing a first body of information to obtain a second body of information, which is identified (by a hyperlink, an attachment identifier, a reference, etc.) in the first body of information. A summary of the obtained second body of information is then computed. The computed summary can be displayed to a user and/or stored for later use.11-13-2008
20090327885LIFE RECORDER AND SHARING - A system and method that includes capturing content active in a device, identifying at least one target device to which the captured content is to be uploaded, and automatically uploading the content to the at least one other target device if a content sharing module in the device is active.12-31-2009
20090327884COMMUNICATING INFORMATION FROM AUXILIARY DEVICE - An auxiliary device communicates with a user in a manner other than a conventional, textual visual representation. For example, auxiliary device(s) can provide information aurally, vocally, visually (non-textual), tactilely and/or olfactorily. The information communicated can include alternative information to information displayed on a primary display of the computer system. A platform component of a computer system can provide device-specific and/or device-independent information to the auxiliary device.12-31-2009
20080229194VIRTUAL FEATURES OF PHYSICAL ITEMS - Displaying information about a physical object. Input is received at an interactive surface. The input includes a first physical object being placed on the interactive surface. The first physical object is detected. This includes detecting identifying information about the first physical object. Information is displayed about the first physical object on the interactive surface.09-18-2008
20080270898Methods and Apparatus for Dynamically Updating a Graphical User Interface, to Focus on a Production Display or a Debug Display - In one embodiment, a computer automatically determines whether one or more debug indicators, each of which is associated with one or more of a plurality of test data items, indicate 1) that one or more of the test data items pertain to a production mode, or 2) that one or more of the test data items pertain to a debug mode. Depending on whether one or more of the debug indicators indicate that a particular one of the test data items pertains to the production mode or the debug mode, the particular one of the test data items is allocated to a production display or a debug display of a graphical user interface (GUI). Then, depending on whether a next test data item to be displayed pertains to the production mode or the debug mode, the GUI is dynamically updated to focus on the production display or the debug display. Other embodiments are also disclosed.10-30-2008
20090089670INTERACTIVE TOOL FOR VISUALIZING PERFORMANCE DATA IN REAL-TIME TO ENABLE ADAPTIVE PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION AND FEEDBACK - An interactive tool is disclosed for visualizing performance data in real-time to enable adaptive performance optimization for an application running on a massively parallel computer system. The interactive tool may be used to visualize network congestion (and other) performance counters for an application as it runs on the parallel system in real-time. Further, a developer may use the interactive tool to experiment with various tuning options and optimization approaches on-the-fly.04-02-2009
20090049379USER INTERFACE TO BROWSE SYNDICATION DATA MIXING MODULE CONFIGURATIONS - A user interface is configured for browsing pipes. The pipes are characterized by a plurality of metadata values, including metadata values not discernible from the pipes themselves. Display is caused of a first list of pipe indications for pipes characterized by metadata values, of at least a first category of metadata, satisfying particular criteria. Also, display is caused of a first list of metadata values for at least a second category of metadata, other than the first category of metadata, the pipes of the first list of pipe indications being categorized by the metadata values of the first list of metadata values. Display is caused of a second list of pipe indications characterized by a selected at least one of the metadata values of the received first list of metadata values, as well as of a second list of metadata values, the pipes of the second list of pipe indications being categorized by the metadata values of the second list of metadata values.02-19-2009
20090132914Electronic Program Guide Dispaly Device for Displaying Electronic Program Guide - In a terminal device, a template containing scripts defining terminal operation used for bi-directional service is obtained and analyzed/stored in advance. The terminal device obtains an electronic program guide, and if a program allowing use of a stored template exists, displays, on the electronic program guide, information indicating presence of the template, information indicating template function and charge information associated with the use of the template.05-21-2009
20090164896SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DYNAMICALLY CHANGING A DISPLAY - A technique for managing the display of content on a display of an electronic device may be based on a distance of the user to the display. The distance may be estimated by analyzing video data to detect a face of the user and establish a distance parameter based on a relationship between facial features. Based on this information, the displayed content may be adjusted to facilitate easy viewing of the displayed content, such as by changing the size of the displayed content, the layout of the displayed content, or the number of visual elements that make up the displayed content.06-25-2009
20090187823AUTOMATED SOLUTION THAT DETECTS CONFIGURATION PROBLEMS IN AN ECLIPSE-BASED SOFTWARE APPLICATION - The present invention discloses an automated method for detecting configuration problems in an ECLIPSE-based software application. Such a method can begin with the receipt of a user-command to test a configuration of an ECLIPSE-based software application or with a detection of a feature addition/update when an auto-testing feature is enabled. Information about the available sites for the ECLIPSE-based application can then be obtained. Then, a list of software elements required to operate the ECLIPSE-based software application can be compiled. At least one data attribute can be extracted from the meta data of each software element in the compiled list. The extracted data attributes can then be analyzed. When the analysis identifies a configuration problem, the existence of the configuration problem can be validated.07-23-2009
20090049381MOVING COMPUTER DISPLAYABLE CONTENT INTO A PREFERRED USER INTERACTIVE FOCUS AREA - A system for displaying content, such as a computer's displayed desktop, to a user such that remote content may be easily accessed, is presented. An exemplary display system includes a preferred interaction area through which the user interacts with the displayed content. The display system detects a user's reposition action and repositions the displayed content on the display system according to the detected reposition action. A user may reposition any portion of the displayed content to any location within the preferred interaction area. That portion of the displayed content falling outside of the preferred interaction area is displayed according to the available display area outside of the preferred interaction area. The displayed content outside of the preferred interaction area may be scaled according to the available display area. Display areas uncovered by repositioning the displayed content may be displayed with empty space.02-19-2009
20090049378METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR ASSOCIATING ELEMENT DIAGRAMS WITH APPLICATIONS - A method and computer program for enabling a user of a computer application modeled with one or more element diagrams to view and relate to the element diagram and follow the flow of the process modeled through the computer diagrams. The method attaches to the computer program the element diagrams and components for viewing and relating to the element-diagram without introducing further code into the original computer application.02-19-2009
20090031219ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PREVIEWING MEDIA CONTENT - An electronic device (01-29-2009
20090024920Apparatus and method for extracting and using images from on-line forum posts and other web pages - A request for a web page can be received from an end user device (such as a laptop or desktop computer or a handheld device). An image associated with the web page is retrieved, such as by identifying an image path to an image file associated with the image. The image path could be contained in an on-line forum post or other suitable location. At least one property of the retrieved image is altered to produce an altered image. The alteration of the at least one property of the image reduces a storage space for the altered image compared to a storage space for the image. The alteration could, for example, include decreasing a size, a resolution, or a color depth of the retrieved image. The web page with the altered image is then provided to the end user device.01-22-2009
20090199094System and method for rewards integration in a computer system - A system and method of integrating financial information and rewards data in a computer system of a financial institution such as an online banking computer system. The method generally comprises providing to a customer of a financial institution access to a computer system comprising financial information and rewards data, and presenting the financial information and rewards data to the customer of the financial institution in a presentation layer viewable by the customer.08-06-2009
20090055735SYSTEMS USER INTERFACES AND METHODS FOR PROCESSING MEDICAL DATA - Illustrative embodiments comprise systems, user interfaces, and/or methods for automatically acquiring data representing a plurality of medical parameters of a patient, processing the data for presentation to a user via a display device, and initiating display of one or more image windows, which present processed data representing the plurality of medical parameters of the patient02-26-2009
20090083625Dynamic Printer Driver User Interface Generation - After print path construction logic has established a print path to convert print data from a source format to a target format, the print path construction logic determines, for each print filter that is contained in the print path, the set of print options that such a print filter provides. The print path construction logic can make this determination because the print filters expose which print options those print filters provide. The print path construction logic merges together the print options that each such print filter provides, including those print options together with the print options that the printer driver provides, thereby producing a master set of print options that is based on the print path (which, in turn, is based on the source and target formats, which may vary depending on the print data and the selected printing device). Thus, the master set of print options dynamically determined.03-26-2009
20090100336METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR COMMUNICATING DATA - Methods and systems for normalizing client access to data are provided. In one aspect, a method for accessing data in an automation system is provided. The method includes publishing at least one resource for at least one device and transmitting, from a client to the at least one device, a request to identify any available operations for the at least one published resource. The method also includes transmitting to the client a user interface generated by the at least one device in response to a client request for information relating to a chosen operation of the at least one published resource, and displaying results of the chosen operation in response to a client request to execute the chosen operation.04-16-2009
20090204896Background Particle Manipulation Responsive to the Contents of a Selected Folder - A user interface for an electronic device is described herein. The user interface varies properties of displayed background particles to provide the user with an indication of the contents of a selected folder without requiring the user to open the selected folder. In one embodiment, the electronic device varies the number of displayed background particles based on the number of items in a selected folder. Alternatively or additionally, the electronic device of the present invention may vary the size, color, shape, animation speed, etc., of displayed background particles based on the type, size, etc., of the contents of the selected folder.08-13-2009
20110145704PROVIDING MULTIPLE VIEWS OF A BUSINESS PROCESS DEFINITION TO DIFFERENT VIEWS - In one embodiment, a method for providing multiple views of a business process definition includes storing a model of a business process, and providing different view points of the model to different classes of users.06-16-2011
20090204897WORKFLOW TRACKING INFORMATION PREVIEW - A method and system for presenting workflow tracking information for approval workflows assigned to business objects is provided. The approval system receives from a user a request to display the workflow for a business object and a workflow that has been assigned to that business object. The current state of a workflow is defined by tracking information that may include a workflow approval status, an originator name of the business object, and multiple steps of the assigned workflow. Each step of a workflow may include a step name, a step approval status, approver tracking information, and optionally next steps. Each next step of the step is itself a step that may include additional next steps. The approval system may generate and display a tree-like representation of the current state of a workflow for a business object based on the tracking information.08-13-2009
20090249202Method and System for Processing Signals that Control a Device Using Human Breath - Certain aspects of a method and system for processing signals that control a device using human breath may include receiving at the device, one or more signals from a detection device operable to function as a human interface device (HID). The signals may be generated in response to detection of movement of air caused by expulsion of human breath. Human interfacing with a graphical user interface (GUI) of the device may be enabled via the received signals. The detection device may comprise a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) detector. The received signals may be formatted into a HID profile. The HID profile may comprise one or more drivers and/or libraries that enables the interfacing with the GUI of the device. The drivers may enable one or more of initiation, establishment and/or termination of communication by the device.10-01-2009
20080270899Computing device with multiple displays - A computing device comprises a plurality of on-board displays and a graphics controller configured to control output of image content to the plurality of on-board displays in an extended display mode and/or a dual display mode.10-30-2008
20090055736MOBILE TERMINAL, METHOD OF TRANSMITTING DATA THEREIN AND PROGRAM RECORDING MEDIUM THEREOF - A mobile terminal, method of transmitting data therein and program recording medium thereof are disclosed, by which information can be transmitted by being converted to an image. The present invention includes a user input unit for a signal input, a display displaying a screen for an execution of an application relevant to a message, a controller extracting a message, converting the extracted message to an image, and controlling the image to be transmitted, and a wireless communication unit for transmitting the image.02-26-2009
20090254821Systems And Methods For Interactions With Software Probes - Systems and methods are provided for enabling interaction between a user and a software probe inserted into application code for monitoring and testing application performance. Communications are initialized with the software probe and a user interface is provided to the user. Command data is received from the user through the interface and forwarded to the software probe. In response, data communications are received from the software probe.10-08-2009
20090259936Methods, Apparatuses and Computer Program Products for Generating A Preview of A Content Item - Methods, apparatuses and computer program products are provided for generating a preview of a content item. In this regard, generating a preview may be included in updating a content item. A preview of a content item may be generated by retrieving the content item via an interface, where the interface is determined from data associated with the content item. Upon retrieval of a content item via the interface, a preview of the content item can be generated, such as by generating an image file having associated metadata. The metadata may be used for interacting with the preview such as by linking the preview to additional, related content items. A request may also be received to update a content item, where the request is generated based on a current context of the content item and a triggering event.10-15-2009
20080307305METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DYNAMIC SESSION PLACEHOLDER FOR MESSAGE COLLECTION USER INTERFACE - A method and apparatus for representing a conversation of related messages is provided. In a message collection user interface for displaying messages sent and received by a communications device, a dynamic session placeholder is used for a respective conversation of related messages. The message collection user interface is displayed including any dynamic session placeholders in the list of messages. As messages from the conversation are occasioned, the dynamic session placeholder is updated. When the message collection is displayed, it is displayed in accordance with the updated session placeholder.12-11-2008
20100162107TERMINAL EQUIPMENT AND APPLICATION LIST DISPLAY METHOD - A terminal equipment and an application list display method are provided to display a list of identification information of applications in such a manner that a user can readily recognize a setup state of each application requiring setup of predetermined information in a data memory area. A terminal equipment 06-24-2010
20090271701Method for Systematically Identifying Technology-Based Solutions - A process for identifying technology-based solutions in the context of technical component development includes identifying technical components for particular technical systems, as well as the corresponding technological functions associated with the identified technical components. In one embodiment, development obstacles associated with technical component development may be identified. A set of potential solutions corresponding to the identified obstacles may then be generated using prior project information and/or the information accessed from one or more technology databases.10-29-2009
20090113298Method of selecting a second content based on a user's reaction to a first content - Embodiments include an apparatus, a system, a device, a computer program product, and a method. A method embodiment includes a method implemented in an environment that includes a person interacting with an electronic device via a user device. The method includes detecting a reaction by the person to a displayed first content. The method also includes determining a content attribute of the displayed first content. The method further includes facilitating a search for a second content based on the detected reaction and on the determined content attribute. The method includes displaying the second content in a manner perceivable by the person.04-30-2009
20090113296DISPLAYING A MAP AND ASSOCIATED SYMBOLIC CONTEXT INFORMATION - A map of a destination and its immediate surroundings are displayed at a relatively low level. Symbolic context information is displayed simultaneously, in order to provide a higher-level context for the location. The symbolic context information can include such things as nearby highways, exits, bridges, sports venues or other landmarks and points of interest. The symbolic context information can be displayed, for example, on the perimeter of the map, or on the map in a distinct visual style such as a different color or font or fish-eye view. As the map is updated, (for example if the user zooms in or out), the context information is updated as well. The context information can be interactive, and can display the relationship between the context item and the location being mapped.04-30-2009
20090113297Requesting a second content based on a user's reaction to a first content - Embodiments provide a device, a system, a computer program product, and a method. A method embodiment provides a method implemented in an environment that includes a person viewing content displayed by an electronic device. The method includes detecting a reaction by the person to a displayed first content. The method also includes transmitting a search request for a second content corresponding to the detected reaction and to an attribute of the displayed first content. The method further includes receiving a response to the search request that includes at least an indication of the second content. The method also includes displaying the second content.04-30-2009
20090070669IMAGE MANAGEMENT APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - An image management apparatus for managing a plurality of images is configured to manage image files so that an image used as a search key, which is of importance to a user, can be displayed with priority according to a high-visibility layout. A plurality of images are assigned priority levels. The images are arranged at positions corresponding to pieces of time information of the images and the assigned priority levels, and are displayed in a display area having a time axis. The priority levels are assigned by classifying the images according to differences between the pieces of time information.03-12-2009
20100185945OPERATION CONTROL APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING DEVICE THROUGH WIND RECOGNITION - An operation control apparatus can control a device through wind recognition. The apparatus includes a sensor unit to sense inputted wind and to generate waveform data with respect to the wind, a waveform comparison unit to determine strength and/or direction of the wind based on the waveform data, and a processing unit to perform an operation using the strength or direction of the wind. The processing unit may generate interactive data using the strength or direction of the wind, and transmits the interactive data to another mobile terminal during a voice call or video call. The interactive data may be displayed on a mobile terminal, and may change according to a change in the detected characteristics of the wind.07-22-2010
20090217163System and Method for Deploying and Maintaining Software Applications - A method and system for software deployment or maintenance where procedures for software installation or maintenance are defined by a skilled individual; site-specific or confidential information is separated from operating system native commands; parameterized commands referencing a hierarchy of variables are acquired by another individual; site-specific or confidential information of the other individual is combined with parameterized commands; new operating system native commands are generated; and, the new operating system native commands are execute on a computing system to reproduce the procedures for software installation or maintenance originally defined by the skilled individual.08-27-2009
20090217162Flexible System Monitoring Using SNMP - A method and apparatus for generating and managing simple network management protocol (SNMP) reports that support the retrieval and processing of tabular data. An SNMP management station or similar program provides a user with an interface for viewing and managing data and resources through SNMP. The data and resources are identified by object identifiers (OID). However, some data referenced by the OIDs is tabular data. The management station provides an interface and set of functions for the configuration of methods for processing and displaying the tabular data. The SNMP management station provides a set of functions including: summation, maximums, minimums, averaging, threshold checks, value comparisons and similar functions that can be applied to the tabular data and used to generate a result or indicator in a management report.08-27-2009
20100058181RECORDING, PLAYBACK, AND DISTRIBUTION OF DASHBOARD INTERACTIONS INCLUDING ANNOTATIONS - An interaction tracking facility records, stores, plays back, distributes and allows recipients to interject new events into a stored set of discrete interaction events of a dashboard. A recorder stores data that identifies dashboard annotation and analysis events so that they can be later retrieved and played back. During playback, the stored events are executed, in stepwise fashion, in another dashboard, recreating the events recorded on the first dashboard as if they were performed on the second dashboard. The second dashboard can be coupled to different data than the original dashboard without changing the stored events. Events are stored in a repository and identified by a URL, which can be sent to a recipient for retrieval. The playback can be stopped at any time, and a branch recording created with a second set of interaction events that are different from or additional to the original recording events.03-04-2010
20100064213Operation device for a graphical user interface - An operation device for a graphical user interface includes an image sensing unit and a GUI. The image sensing unit includes an IR lighting device, an image obtaining device, and a calculation control module. The IR lighting device is used for emitting IR to the user. The IR reflected from the user pass through the image obtaining device, forms a photo image, and outputs a digital image signal. The calculation control module receives and calculates the digital image signal, and corresponds to the user's body motions to generate an operation signal. The GUI is connected with the image sensing unit and is displayed on a display screen. By using the operation signal generated form the image sensing unit, the user can use the body motion to control and operate the GUI.03-11-2010
20080235580BROWSER INTERPRETABLE DOCUMENT FOR CONTROLLING A PLURALITY OF MEDIA PLAYERS AND SYSTEMS AND METHODS RELATED THERETO - A browser interpretable document comprising a first media file or a pointer to the first media file; a graphical user interface definition, or a pointer to the graphical user interface definition, the graphical user interface definition comprising a first user interface element and a function associated with the first user interface element; and, a set of commands, or a pointer to the set of commands, for controlling the operation of a plurality of media players; wherein, when the browser interpretable document is rendered by a conventional web browser, the web browser can render a graphical user interface based on the graphical user interface definition, and wherein the rendered graphical user interface controls one of the plurality of media players to facilitate playing of the first media file.09-25-2008
20090241026SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DISPLAYING ROLLING SEQUENCES - Systems and methods for displaying rolling sequences, such as time periods or data status may include a user interface displaying multiple panes providing access to data relating to a given time category. If a time category were to pass, the access to data relating to a given time category may move to the position and format held by the prior time category. The invention may be applied to payroll processing or other human capital management software, which may provide means for displaying payroll information of employees for multiple time categories at once, and may enable payroll information to transition as time categories pass.09-24-2009
20080320390Logon Management Software, Control Device, and Logon Management Method - A logon management software application is executed in a print control device (12-25-2008
20080320389Mobile Information Terminal and Display Control Program - The present invention aims at grasping comprehensively files including contents that meet a search condition and also improving a convenience. A mobile information terminal of the present invention having a display portion 12-25-2008
20080229195Managing operational requirements on the objects of a service oriented architecture (SOA) - A registry for a service oriented architecture (SOA) comprising a plurality of processing objects. The registry may include a plurality of non-formalized operation requirements for the plurality of SOA objects, a plurality of technical assertions for the plurality of SOA objects, and a plurality of links, linking each non-formalized operation requirement to at least one technical assertion of the registry.09-18-2008
20090106654BUSINESS TO MEDIA TRANSACTION BUSINESS PROCESS - A process of developing a computer network based universal transaction system. In one embodiment, such a process includes the steps of obtaining an offering interface broker, providing an offering system that an offering developer wants included in the computer network based universal transaction system with functionality of the offering system being extended by functionality provided by the offering interface broker, obtaining a marketplace interface broker, and providing a marketplace system that a marketplace supplier wants included in the computer network based universal transaction system with functionality of the marketplace system being extended by functionality provided by the marketplace interface broker.04-23-2009
20080282158GLANCE AND CLICK USER INTERFACE - A user interface includes a first region configured to provide information on and access to content applications of a device and services accessible via the device, a second region configured to provide information on and access to communication applications of the device and services accessible via the device, and a divider between the first area and the second area. The divider includes a time based segment that includes a movable icon. Each of the first and second region can be divided into a first section for creating new and available content and communication application objects, a second section for active content and communication application objects, and a third section for created/received/stored content and past/recent communication objects. The movable icon can be used to select sections for viewing the underlying objects and links.11-13-2008
20080256446DISPLAY CONTROLLER, DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD, DISPLAY CONTROL PROGRAM, AND PORTABLE TERMINAL DEVICE - A display controller includes display control means by which a partial display of a Web page is performed when the Web page is displayed on display means, display range detecting means for detecting a display range of the Web page displayed on the display means by the display control means, a key input pattern database in which information indicating an operation intended by a user is stored per key input pattern of the operating means, a home position database per URL for registering a home position used as the first display range when a Web page is displayed, together with URL information of each Web page, key input pattern detecting means for detecting a key input pattern of the operating means when the Web page is displayed by the display control means and home position registering means for registering a display range of the Web page detected by the display range detecting means as a home position corresponding to the Web page, together with URL information of the Web page, in the home position database per URL.10-16-2008
20080256444Internet Visualization System and Related User Interfaces - Systems and methods are described for an Internet visualization system and related user interfaces. In one implementation, the system analyzes Internet search logs to determine most popular search queries across the world at a current time. A user interface displays a keyword of each of the most popular queries in a single visual display that relates each query to a geographical location of greatest popularity. The system can also filter queries according to demographics. In one implementation the user interface provides a 3-dimensional Internet visualization that adopts an ocean or seascape theme. The ocean floor displays a map of the world, and query bubbles rise from geographical locations on the map. The size and duration of each query bubble denotes the relative popularity of a given query.10-16-2008
20080256445SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATED AIDS FOR ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING - Systems and methods for aiding individuals to complete tasks of daily living are provided. The situationally aware system comprises a controller, sensors, and effectors. The controller may include a program that describes a sequence of steps the user should perform to accomplish the task. In response to the information from the sensors and the user's compliance with the steps of the sequence, the controller instructs the effector(s) to relay at least one instructional cue to the user to aid in the performance of the task. The instructional cue may range from a simple blinking light, to detailed audio and/or visual instructions, to relaying a reward for the completion of the task. The instructional cue may also instruct the user to refrain from performing a task. The system is programmable, configurable, and may interface to the Internet.10-16-2008
20080256443SYSTEM FOR AGGREGATING AND DISPLAYING SYNDICATED NEWS FEEDS - The invention relates to a system for aggregating and displaying syndicated news feeds, said system comprising a graphical user interface comprising at least a first and a second user spaces, a tag generator engine to generate relevant tags from the incoming content of each syndicated news feed, a processor operatively coupled to the graphical user interface and the tag generator engine for displaying on the first user space representations of the relevant tags as a function of said tags occurrences, said representations adapted to be dragged and dropped onto the second user space, said processor being further arranged to display in the second user space the content associated to a tag when its representation is dropped into said second user space.10-16-2008
20080244395INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - An information processing system includes: a division instruction receiving unit that receives a first instruction which instructs division processing to an object; a division processing execution unit that executes the division processing to the object according to the first instruction to generate a plurality of objects; a memory that stores state information of the object and the plurality of objects; a restoration instruction receiving unit that receives designation of at least one of the plurality of objects and a second instruction which instructs restoration processing of the object; and a restoration processing execution unit that executes the restoration processing of the object on the basis of the state information, according to the second instruction.10-02-2008
20090150773DYNAMIC PRODUCT CONFIGURATION USER INTERFACE - Configuration user interfaces are dynamically generated in different installation scenarios independently of the application logic being configured. Page definition files specify control properties. Description fragments, extracted from the page definition files, are merged at run time with page templates selected to match the interface type of the target computer. A user interface page is generated on the target computer user interface using one of a plurality of display engines appropriate for the target computer user interface type. User interface generation may be part of a wizard which passes user input to application logic for validation.06-11-2009
20090172530HANDHELD ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR SWITCHING USER INTERFACE THEREOF - A handheld electronic device and a method for switching a user interface thereof are provided. The present method is suitable for a handheld electronic device having a first part and a second part. The first part comprises a screen, and the second part is slidingly disposed below the first part along a specific path. A part type of the second part is detected when the second part is slid out along the specific path relative to the first part. Then, the user interface is switched and displayed on the screen according to the part type, wherein the displayed user interface is corresponding to application programs relative to the part type. As a result, convenience of executing application programs on the handheld electronic device can be improved.07-02-2009
20090172527USER INTERFACE CONTROLLED BY ENVIRONMENTAL CUES - A method comprises receiving a signal containing an environmental cue; correlating the environmental cue to a user interface control element; and generating a user interface control command based on the environmental cue. A device may be controlled by receiving a visual image, processing the image to identify a visual cue, correlating the visual cue with a user interface control, and controlling the device using the user interface control. The visual image may be received from a camera that is part of an automobile, and the user interface control may include a control for a radio to tune to a radio station; a speed control for controlling a speed of the automobile corresponding to a speed sign visual cue; or a navigation system control for controlling a navigation system based on traffic signs. Other variations include an apparatus and computer-readable media including instructions for performing the methods.07-02-2009
20120042244Software application for the method of creating, engaging in and completing (or failing to complete) allowances on pre-programmed activities or newly created activities - The software application for creating, engaging in and completing (or failing to complete) allowances on pre-programmed activities or newly created activities are disclosed. A user creates an allowance for a selected activity and inputs allowance details (i.e. time period from “start date” to “end date,” specific number of uses, per week/month/year.) The user then engages in the selected activity in real life and tracks the engagement of the activity online. Tracking engagement in the activity will cause the user's displayed allowance to adjust according to the number of engagements. At the end of the time period of the allowance (i.e. “end date”), the user's allowance will display the number of uses the user actually engaged in alongside the original number of uses specified in the first step of the allowance creation. The user may create, engage in and complete (or fail to complete) in numerous allowances, and repeat the process.02-16-2012
20120159322GUI EVALUATION SYSTEM, METHOD AND PROGRAM - A GUI evaluation system for evaluating GUI usability includes an operation load calculation unit which calculate a load value indicating a level of load of an operation based on attributes of UI components used for a GUI to be evaluated, and a confirmation suitability determination unit which determines suitability of a confirmation method related to the operation based on a load value calculated by the operation load calculation unit.06-21-2012
20110107207Optical Disc Apparatus - An optical disc apparatus comprising a GUI processor that displays an image indicating how a remote control has been operated by a user and an image indicating the type of a reproduction process started by a reproduction controller in accordance with an operation signal output from the remote control and a process signal output from the reproduction controller. When a user has operated the remote control, the GUI processor displays an image indicating how the remote control has been operated by the user in accordance with an operation signal output from the remote control. Subsequently, when the reproduction controller has started a reproduction process, the GUI processor displays an image indicating the type of the reproduction process started by the reproduction controller in accordance with a process signal output from the reproduction controller.05-05-2011
20100095204INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - At least one layout data item is generated based on a layout pattern data item in which information about an area where at least one content data item is arranged is defined, and at least one new layout pattern data item is generated based on the layout pattern data item when the number of at least two different layout data items for generation is smaller than a predetermined number, so as to obtain at least two different layout pattern data items even though an operator does not specify a position where the content data item is arranged.04-15-2010
20090132915VIEW SELECTION AND SWITCHING - Application logic and user interfaces are separated to allow more than one interface or view to be easily employed for given application logic. A particular interface can be utilized to display data and/or facilitate interaction simply by identifying the interface. Available interfaces are identified to users for selection thereof. The specific interfaces and manner of identification can be filtered or otherwise controlled or arranged. Upon selection of an interface, data can be rendered accordingly. A transition can also be applied between switched interfaces.05-21-2009
20080301554Terminal device having power saving mode and folding mechanism enabling open/close motion of the same - There is provided a terminal automatically executing access processing to a URL registered in advance on a network in response to the cancellation operation of the power saving mode. This enables to execute accessing the predetermined URL on the network only by the cancellation operation of the power saving mode without need of an extra operation for the processing. Also, in a terminal having a folding mechanism, predetermined processing is automatically executed in response to the open motion from the closed condition. This enables to execute the predetermined processing only by the open motion without need of an extra operation for the processing. Thus operability of the terminal is improve, and as a result, convenience for the user is improved.12-04-2008
20080301552User-Created Metadata for Managing Interface Resources on a User Interface - A computer-implementable method enables a user to customize navigation of User Interface (UI) resources that are displayed on a computer User Interface (UI). A computer receives, from a user, an input of user-created metadata. This user-created metadata is associated with one or more UI resources that are depicted on a UI. In response to a user inputting specific metadata, the computer retrieves one or more UI resources that are associated with the specific metadata that has been input by the user. These retrieved one or more UI resources are displayed on the UI.12-04-2008
20080301553Verifying compliance of user interfaces with desired guidelines - Verifying the compliance of user interfaces with desired guidelines. In an embodiment, the desired guidelines are specified as a set of validation rules that are to be checked against image frames having multiple display portions. Each validation rule is specified as being applicable to specific interface characteristics. Thus, each validation rule is checked against display portions having matching interface characteristics.12-04-2008
20080301551TASTE NETWORK SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system and method for controlling the content presented to a viewing user based upon the viewing user's determined similarity with other users who have rated the content. An indication can be received from the viewing user that can change a similarity threshold that represents a maximum taste distance between the viewer user and the other users who have rated the content. If the similarity threshold is reduced, content that is displayed to the user and that is rated by other users who are outside of the reduced similarity threshold can be removed from the display in response to the indication received from the viewing user. If the similarity threshold is increased, content that is not already displayed to the user but that is within the increased similarity threshold can be added to the display in response to the received indication.12-04-2008
20100229087COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM, INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An information processing device includes; a processing content information creating unit that creates processing content information indicative of content of processing corresponding to operation accepted for operation target information to be operated by a user; a processing content information storing unit that stores the processing content information; and an outputting unit that outputs the operation target information added with additional information corresponding to the processing content information stored by the processing content information storing unit.09-09-2010
20080250313Metadata-driven automatic UI code generation - A framework for using metadata to describe user interface elements and for interactions of the user interface elements with an end user and/or with data source(s) that store configuration data. The metadata can be used to generate a settings UI and code that manages the UI such as gathering user input, handling UI events, validating collected data, handling errors and warnings, managing interactions between different UI controls, and the like. A computer-implemented system that facilitates a settings user interface can include a code generation component that employs the stored metadata to automatically generate the settings UI and code that manages the UI. The code generation component provides the generated code to a data source component that interacts with the data source(s). The settings UI is displayed to an end user via a user interface component.10-09-2008
20080250312SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATICALLY AND GRAPHICALLY ASSOCIATING PROGRAMMATICALLY-GENERATED MEDIA ITEM RECOMMENDATIONS RELATED TO A USER'S SOCIALLY RECOMMENDED MEDIA ITEMS - A system and method for automatically, programmatically generating media item recommendations on a graphical user interface (GUI) based on a friend media item recommendation selected by a user. In the preferred embodiment, a selected media item recommendation is displayed in the GUI. Received friend media item recommendations are displayed in a list in relevance order adjacent to the selected media item. A programmatically-generated media item recommendation list is automatically generated based on relevance to the selected media item and displayed in another adjacent area to the selected media item recommendation. In this manner, a user can easily play the selected media item recommendation, and then browse the friend media item recommendations and the automatically updated programmatically-generated media item recommendations, which are both provided in their own respective adjacent areas, in order of closest relationship to the selected media item recommendation, at anytime.10-09-2008
20080244396Method for Analyzing a Process of a Communication Taking Place Between at Least Two Instances - Embodiments of the present invention relate to a method for analyzing a process of a communication taking place between at least two instances, wherein the communication process comprises a sequence of several calls, which in turn comprise at least one message, wherein the communication process is represented on a display unit by symbols, and wherein a first plurality of messages forms a first procedure and a second plurality of messages forms a second procedure, and the first plurality of messages is represented by a first symbol and the second plurality of messages is represented by a second symbol, so that one procedure each is represented by a single symbol. Embodiments of the invention also relate to protocol testers for performing the method.10-02-2008
20080201636DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT APPARATUS AND DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT METHOD - A document management apparatus according to the invention is aimed at easily processing, managing and reusing newly taken image data in accordance with user's needs. The apparatus includes: a document area analyzing unit configured to analyze and extract a document area from image data; a text information analyzing unit configured to analyze and extract text information with respect to the document area; a text information semantic analysis unit configured to analyze and extract semantics of the text information from the text information; a managing unit configured to associate the document area, the text information and the semantics of the text information with each other, and manage them as integrated information; an integrated information presenting unit configured to present to a user at least the semantics of the text information, of the integrated information managed by the managing unit; and a user-designated semantic setting unit configured to be capable of allowing the user to change the semantics of the text information presented by the integrated information presenting unit and to set the changed semantics.08-21-2008
20090164895EXTRACTING SEMANTIC RELATIONS FROM QUERY LOGS - Methods, systems, and apparatuses for associating queries of a query log are provided. The query log lists a plurality of queries and a set of clicked URLs for each query. Each query is designated to be a node of a plurality of nodes. A plurality of edges is determined. A URL is designated to be an edge for a pair of queries if the URL is indicated as clicked in the sets of clicked URLs for both queries of the pair. The nodes and edges are displayed in a graph. Each edge may be displayed in the graph as a line connected between a pair of nodes that correspond to the pair of queries of the pair of nodes. The edges may be classified. Furthermore, the edges and/or the nodes may be weighted. Edges and/or nodes may be filtered from display based on their weights and/or on other criteria.06-25-2009
20090132916USER INTERFACE FOR ADJUSTING THRESHOLDS AND PRESENTING MAMMOGRAPHY PROCESSING RESULTS - Methods for displaying various user interfaces are disclosed for use in conjunction with image analysis software. User interfaces disclosed identify areas of interest on an analyzed image. The identified areas of interest are correlated with a confidence value displayed on the image as well, giving the user an idea of the likelihood that an identified area of interest corresponds to an actual area of interest on the image. The disclosed user interfaces may also provide a tool to users which allow the user to set and reset a threshold value or values used in analyzing the image. The displayed areas of interest may change due to the user setting a custom threshold value.05-21-2009
20110296302SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ADVERTISING ON COMPUTING DEVICES - This specification generally relates to systems and methods for advertising on computing devices, wherein an arbitrary application installed on the device can be advertising-enabled with specially designed device side components capable of detecting certain application events, requesting an advertisement, displaying it, and reporting on the user's reaction to the advertisement, assisted by special purpose configuration and advertising servers, such that no specific changes in application are required.12-01-2011


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