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715 - Data processing: presentation processing of document, operator interface processing, and screen saver display processing


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715224000 Form filling 96
715222000 Form creation 45
20120173958METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PUBLISHING DATA FROM INTELLIGENT ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A method, a substation automation apparatus and an intelligent electronic device (IED) are disclosed which are, for example, not limited only to publishing data (data emanating) from the IED. An exemplary method includes assigning a unique identifier to one or more data fields, where the one or more data fields is associated with a short address attribute in the data emanating from the intelligent electronic device; and dynamically updating the identifier based on user specific configuration data by an IED application configuration tool. The IED can include a list of functions; (e.g., each function being represented as a logical node; and each logical node containing data objects); and a flexible addressing scheme for configuring the data objects and publishing data from the IED, but not only data emanating from IED.07-05-2012
20100077288Displaying a Form - A method for displaying a form, the method includes: displaying a form that comprises a first field that is partially hidden; and controlling a status of the first field in response to first field status control information; wherein the status is selected from a group consisting of fully hidden, partially hidden, fully viewable and deleted.03-25-2010
20090125797COMPUTER READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM ON WHICH FORM DATA EXTRACTING PROGRAM IS RECORDED, FORM DATA EXTRACTING APPARATUS, AND FORM DATA EXTRACTING METHOD - The form data extracting apparatus, even input form does not have a logical structure stored in the generic logical structure DB, by using logical elements in the existing logical structure and a registered form obtained on the basis of (a) the logical structure, (b) pieces of position information of the logical elements, and (c) a relation between the logical elements. A logical element and a logical structure are extracted from the input form, and the extracted logical structure can be defined as a new registered form or a new logical structure.05-14-2009
20090307576METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FORM AUTOMATIC LAYOUT - A method and apparatus are provided for determining the layout of a form automatically to accommodate text in the form. Under the method and apparatus, a set of parameters define the sizing and alignment of elements of the form. Sizing and positioning instructions that are separate from the sizing and alignment parameters set the sizing and positioning of elements of the form based on the sizing and alignment parameters. The instructions determine the minimum size for the form, based in part on text in the form. The difference between the minimum size for the form and a desired size for the form is then distributed across the form to size and position the elements in the form.12-10-2009
20120117455ANTHROPOMIMETIC ANALYSIS ENGINE FOR ANALYZING ONLINE FORMS TO DETERMINE USER VIEW-BASED WEB PAGE SEMANTICS - An analysis engine executes under client control to review web pages in real-time and control interaction with the web pages of a website to assist the user of the client in providing selections, providing information and otherwise interacting with the website. In analyzing web pages, the engine uses rule-based logic and considers web pages from an anthropomimetic view, i.e., considers the content, forms and interaction elements as would be perceived and dealt with by a human user, as opposed to by merely considering the web pages in their native form, such as HTML formatted files.05-10-2012
20130167003ALERT AND NOTIFICATION DEFINITION USING CURRENT REPORTING CONTEXT - Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, are provided for alerts on fields of a report. In one aspect, there is provided a computer-implemented method. The method may receiving, at a first processor, a report generated at a second processor; determining, at the first processor, whether an alert defined for the received report is triggered; and providing an indication that the alert is triggered based on the determining. Related systems, methods, and articles of manufacture may also be provided.06-27-2013
20110035654CUSTOMIZING A FORM IN A MODEL-BASED SYSTEM - Techniques are described herein for customizing a form (a.k.a. a dialog) in a model-based system. For instance, the form may be customized without the need to modify the form in persistent memory, such as read-only memory (ROM), a hard disk, a magnetic disk, an optical disk, etc. A representation of a customization (e.g., an extensible markup language file, a management pack, etc.) regarding the form is captured in memory, such as a random access memory (RAM), and stored in a file or a database. For instance, the representation of the customization may be stored separately from the form. The representation of the customization is retrieved from the file or the database and applied to a rendering of the form.02-10-2011
20100138732METHOD FOR IMPLEMENTING SMALL DEVICE AND TOUCH INTERFACE FORM FIELDS TO IMPROVE USABILITY AND DESIGN - A method that includes providing a form label of a first size inside a form field where data is to be entered, detecting data entry into the form field, and reducing the form label to a second smaller size when data is entered into the form field, so that both the form label and entered data are simultaneously viewable in the form field.06-03-2010
20090265605FIXED-FORM INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, METHOD FOR MANAGING FIXED-FORM INFORMATION, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - A fixed-form information management system includes: an image input unit that captures an image of a document; a fixed-form recognition unit that recognizes a fixed-form type and an information structure of the document from the image captured by the image input unit; a comparison unit that compares the information structure of the fixed-form type recognized by the fixed-form recognition unit with information structure of a fixed-form type corresponding to the recognized fixed-form type and registered in advance; and a display unit that displays a result of the comparison by the comparison unit on a screen.10-22-2009
20120144285USER INTERFACE FORM FIELD EXPANSION - The subject disclosure relates to configurable multi-view data entry. When a user encounters a form field with a complex data type, depending on the invoking mechanism, either automatic when on focus, or through a user gesture such as clicking on an icon in the form field, the form field expands to multiple form fields including the original form field. The multiple form fields can allow the user to enter in each separate data item that makes up the complex data type. As data items are entered, the data items can be combined into a correct format and displayed in the original form field.06-07-2012
20100185929SOFTWARE USER INTERFACE USING H-GRID NAVIGATION - A hierarchical grid (H-Grid) is used to select a customer name after preliminary navigation has been performed. The preliminary navigation serves to identify an action, category or type of page to process or display data associated with the selected customer name. The H-Grid can be used in various ways as a replacement for, enhancement or addition to, key or query-based searching to retrieve a page or perform an action. In a particular example, the H-Grid includes customer names that have data available for display according to a form associated with a selected action or category. When the user clicks a customer name in the H-Grid a current form is populated with the customer's data. Subsequent navigation to other pages of data are populated with the currently selected customer name. This approach can replace the requirement of having the user to perform a search or query to identify the customer name or record.07-22-2010
20100138733METHOD, APPARATUS, MOBILE TERMINAL AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR EMPLOYING A FORM ENGINE AS A SCRIPT ENGINE - An apparatus for employing a form engine as a script engine may include a processor. The processor may be configured to determine whether an event relates to starting a form or running a script, employ a form engine having a user interface portion including user interface components in response to a determination that the event relates to starting the form, and adapt the form engine by providing a reduced user interface portion that does not create user interface components and does not generate user interface events in response to a determination that the event relates to running the script. A corresponding method and computer program product are also provided.06-03-2010
20090319881METHODS AND SYSTEMS OF AUTOMATED CLIENT-SERVER DATA VALIDATION - Methods and systems of automated data validation by client computer and by server computer based upon a form containing at least one form entry with at least one associated validation rule are presented.12-24-2009
20090113285FORM INPUT SUPPORT METHOD AND FORM INPUT SUPPORT APPARATUS - An form input support method for supporting to input data in a form-input-page displayed as a web page, wherein a screen storage function unit comprises a step for storing screens to store the form-input-page displayed as the web page, a data edit function unit comprises a step for editing data to display the form-input-page stored by the step for storing screens in an offline state and stores the data to be transmitted input in each input item in relation to the form-input-page, a data paste function unit comprises a step for taking out the data to be transmitted stored in relation to the form-input-page in the step for editing data, and for pasting and displaying the data to be transmitted in an input item of a corresponding form-input-page displayed as a web page in the online state.04-30-2009
20100306638OBJECT TEMPLATES FOR DATA-DRIVEN APPLICATIONS - An object template system is described herein that allows an administrator of an IT management application to define templates that provide a streamlined mechanism for pre-populating IT objects with common values based on business logic and processes. The object template system addresses manipulation of objects both as part of a user interactive session as well as in programmatic workflows, while also allowing for referencing of existing objects to assume integrity of data. A metadata-driven schema allows for portable definitions of simple and complex extensible objects. The system validates these definitions against the extensible types that define the objects to ensure structural integrity. Users can then apply these definitions at runtime to both create and/or update simple and complex management objects. Thus, the object template system allows an administrator to define controlled processes for creating and modifying management objects within a flexible IT management application.12-02-2010
20090327853Comparing And Selecting Form-Based Functionality - Methods, systems, and apparatuses for comparing and selecting form-based functionality may be provided. A user may select a particular functionality of an application. Various options for providing the functionality, which may be sorted by category, may be presented to a user in a single interface. The user may select each option to see more information about how the option would accomplish the desired functionality. The additional information may also preview the effect of choosing each option. If all of the options do not fit on the user's display, the options may be scaled to allow the display of more options.12-31-2009
20090177956Method and Apparatus for Implementing Browser Based Hypertext Transfer Protocol Session Storage - A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer usable program product for managing session data. The process determines whether preexisting session data associated with a request for content is present in response to receiving the request. Responsive to an absence of the preexisting session data being associated with the request, the process generates session data associated with the request. The process then generates a response page having a set of forms including a set of hidden fields. The set of hidden fields include the session data. Thereafter, the process sends the response page to a client browser.07-09-2009
20110161796FormDB: a process to create a forms database in Excel without user programming - This program converts a customized Excel form into a form where each record is stored in a database (spreadsheet). Five simple buttons are added to row 06-30-2011
20120311424SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGING WEB-BASED FORMS AND DYNAMIC CONTENT OF WEBSITE - Managing dynamic content of a website, including creating static content assigned to dynamic content of the website, with unmodifiable scripts; creating an active content for processing dynamic content, with hidden elements and elements with only visual marks representation; transmitting the static content to a user; selecting references to the active content within the static content; requesting description of the active content from a server; transmitting the active content to the user; displaying the active content; editing dynamic content and visual representations of data requested by user; representing a first document form generated from an HTML representation of server data and unmodifiable scripts, and which includes the elements; generating a request for data needed for a current visualization of the form; generating a second related data representation of another form; delivering second related data representation for display in browser; storing content of the website on server and making it publicly available.12-06-2012
20120311423Dynamically Controlling Collisions of Form Controls in an Electronic Document - Collisions resulting from the movement of form controls in an electronic document may be dynamically controlled. A user interface may be displayed on a computer which includes a design surface for manipulating the form controls in the electronic document. A selection of one or more form controls in the electronic document may be received by the computer. The selected form controls may be moved over the design surface from an original location. Non-selected form controls on the design surface may be moved to a new location on the design surface upon colliding with the selected form controls being moved. The non-selected form controls may further be aligned to a hidden grid within the design surface after being moved.12-06-2012
20100287459REUSABLE BUSINESS LOGIC ACROSS USER INTERFACE CONTAINERS - Embodiments are provided for a user interface to reuse business logic related to an ordered business process for managing data in an electronic document. Data may be received in the electronic document in an order-independent manner. The received data may include metadata defining business logic which includes one or more restrictions on a current state of the received data. The business logic may be used to determine whether the received data conforms to the one or more restrictions on the current state of the received data. The user interface may generate a visualization when the received data does not conform to the one or more restrictions on the current state of the received data in the electronic document. The visualization may include one or more actions associated with the presentation of the received data in accordance with the business logic.11-11-2010
20120151319SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SELF DIRECTED STRESS ASSISTANCE - A system and method for assisting a user cope with painful memories. The system uses a number of light sequence presentations to permit the user to self-direct a dynamically configurable Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) session. The system dynamically configures subsequent light sequence presentations based, in part, upon feedback received from the user.06-14-2012
20110093769COMPUTER FORM ACTION ZONE SUMMARY SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system and method for facilitating the entry by a signer user of information into a scaffold electronic document having multiple information entry fields, over the internet or similar network. The system includes a document summary server, in communication with a document execution server, and associated with a scaffold electronic document via network. The document summary server facilitates the entry by a signer user of information into one or more information entry fields in a scaffold document.04-21-2011
20100235724INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE DATA GENERATION METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM - An apparatus changes at least one of a size of variable graphics, a position of the variable graphics, and a size of a print area in such a way as to eliminate an overlap between the variable graphics and other graphics. To reduce the size of the variable graphics, the apparatus can reduce a thickness of an outer frame line of the variable graphics or reduce a height of a heading row of the variable graphics. Further, the apparatus can replace data, if the row height of the variable graphics is increased when the data is combined with the variable graphics, with another data. The apparatus can display original data in another area.09-16-2010
20120030556METHOD FOR ENABLING INTERACTIVE CONTENT WITHIN MESSAGING APPLICATION - Systems, methods and/or computer program products for presenting data to a user. In some cases, there is an additional processing of data for presentation, as some or all of the data received via a communication channel is replaced by data derived inter-alia by execution of instructions which were not executed during the original processing for presentation. Additionally or alternatively, in some cases at least some of the data transferred via a communication channel is in a form which excludes instruction(s) that could possibly be unacceptable to security module(s) and/or excludes instruction(s) that may be unsupported by a potential receiving system. In these cases, excluded instruction(s) are recovered and executed during the processing for presentation to a user. Additionally or alternatively, in some cases instead of presenting to a user received data such as content of a previously attached file, the data is stored and a reference to the stored data is presented.02-02-2012
20120159299METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FORM AUTOMATIC LAYOUT - A method and apparatus are provided for determining the layout of a form automatically to accommodate text in the form. Under the method and apparatus, a set of parameters define the sizing and alignment of elements of the form. Sizing and positioning instructions that are separate from the sizing and alignment parameters set the sizing and positioning of elements of the form based on the sizing and alignment parameters. The instructions determine the minimum size for the form, based in part on text in the form. The difference between the minimum size for the form and a desired size for the form is then distributed across the form to size and position the elements in the form.06-21-2012
20120131432SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DELTA ENCODING, TRANSMISSION AND DECODING OF HTML FORMS - A system comprising a Web Browser that performs delta encoding of HTML form data for HTML form submission over HTTP, and a Web Server that performs delta decoding of delta encoded HTML form data received over HTTP from the Web Browser, where delta encoding comprises encoding only HTML form elements that are changed by the user prior to submission of the HTML form, and delta decoding comprises reconstituting the complete form data using the delta encoded HTML form submission received over HTTP.05-24-2012
20120260154MULTI-VIEW RUNTIME INTERROGATOR - Methods, computer systems and computer readable media for designing and displaying device and platform-specific forms are provided. In embodiments, base forms are utilized and modified to create custom forms that are platform and device specific, without breaking the parent-child relationship between the base form and the custom form for any non-modified characteristics of the base form. Custom forms enhance the performance and appearance. In embodiments, interrogators are executed at runtime to specify a set of instructions that will be executed, further enhancing the performance and appearance associated with the form and the particular device displaying the form. In various embodiments of the present invention, user interfaces provide the designer visual representations of the forms as they appear on selected platforms and/or devices.10-11-2012
20110004819SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR USER-DRIVEN DOCUMENT ASSEMBLY - Document assembly systems and techniques are provided in which a user input is received indicating a form page and a list of data pages in a user-selected priority order, and the data in the form page processed to generate a document using content included in the data pages according to the priority order.01-06-2011
20130019155SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR COLLECTING MULTIMEDIA FORM RESPONSES - Systems and methods for collecting multimedia responses to prompts within a web form are provided. In one embodiment, a multimedia collection engine provides a multimedia response interface element that may be included with a web form to collect a multimedia response. The multimedia response is stored in association with other web form responses, and both the web form responses and the multimedia response may be viewed by a reviewer.01-17-2013
20120240023DISPLAY DEVICE, DISPLAY SYSTEM, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - A display device is capable of connecting to an information processing apparatus through a network, generates data for display based on electronic data of a document, and performs image display using the generated data for display. The display device includes a Web server unit that publishes Web content; a document structure analysis unit that analyzes a logical structure of the document and extracts elements of the logical structure; a data conversion unit that converts data of each of the elements extracted as an analysis result by the document structure analysis unit into Web content; and a publication processing unit that places the Web content converted by the data conversion unit on the Web server unit.09-20-2012
20110276871Multilingual Forms Composer - Digital documents are pre-loaded with expressions of underlying data in a plurality of output languages. Expressions of the underlying data are alternatively presented to users to facilitate data collection and information transfer between people who do not share a common language.11-10-2011
20120151318METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GENERATING INSPECTION DATA AND USING THE INSPECTION DATA FOR RECORDING OBSERVATIONS OF AN INSPECTION SITE - A method and system for generating and using inspection data is disclosed. Prior to an inspection, inspection data is generated which includes location and component attributes, observation codes, and relationships between the location and component attributes and observation codes. During an inspection, an inspector accesses the inspection data to generate a data entry form which reflects the attributes, observation codes, and the relationships chosen during the inspection data generation. The inspector uses the data entry form to generate an inspection record having a structure based on the predefined inspection data.06-14-2012
20130019156Method for Associating Third Party Content with Online Document Signing - Techniques for electronic signature process management are described. Some embodiments provide an electronic signature service (“ESS”) configured to associate third-party content with electronic signature documents by way of dynamic form fields. A dynamic form field is associated with a data store and an electronic signature document. The ESS may automatically populate the dynamic form field with data obtained from the associated data store. If a signer changes the data of the dynamic form field, the ESS may write back the changed data to the data store.01-17-2013
20130019154SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR COLLECTING MULTIMEDIA FORM RESPONSESAANM Wolfston, JR.; James H.AACI West LinnAAST ORAACO USAAGP Wolfston, JR.; James H. West Linn OR USAANM Bolton; Jeff M.AACI PortlandAAST ORAACO USAAGP Bolton; Jeff M. Portland OR US - Systems and methods for collecting multimedia responses to prompts within a web form are provided. In one embodiment, a multimedia collection engine provides a multimedia response interface element that may be included with a web form to collect a multimedia response. The multimedia response is stored in association with other web form responses, and both the web form responses and the multimedia response may be viewed by a reviewer.01-17-2013
20110314366INTEGRATING A WEB-BASED CRM SYSTEM WITH A PIM CLIENT APPLICATION - A customer relationship management (CRM) system utilizes a form definition, user interface (UI) definitions, and UI code to generate Web pages for interacting with CRM data. A CRM plug-in is configured to execute in conjunction with a personal information manager (PIM) client application and to utilize the same form definition, UI definitions, and UI code utilized by the CRM system to generate the Web-based CRM interface. The UI definitions are utilized to present UI controls for performing CRM-related functionality in the context of a UI generated by the PIM client application. The UI code utilized by the CRM system to implement Web-based UI controls can be utilized to implement the UI controls in the context of the PIM client application. The form definition utilized by the CRM system might be utilized to display CRM fields in the UI presented by the PIM client application.12-22-2011
20130191713PRESENTING DATA DRIVEN FORMS - Concepts and technologies are described herein for presenting data driven forms. In accordance with the concepts and technologies disclosed herein, a user device obtains a resource referencing or presenting data driven forms and obtains data displayed or used by the resource. The user device stores the data in a cache accessible by the user device. The user device can render multiple views containing data from the cache. The user device can display one of the views and hide the other views from display. If the user device detects input for viewing other views, the user device can present one of the previously hidden views. The user device also can manage the cache and download additional data, if the cache empties or is not full.07-25-2013
20120066579System and Method for Obtaining User Information - Embodiments presented herein provide methods, systems and computer program products for incentivizing users for providing user information. One method transmits data operative to cause a remote client application to render a structured form for input by a user. The structured form comprises one or more fields into which a user can input user attribute data. The method receives one or more user information objects including the user attribute data. The method accesses a data store of famous persons, comprising one or more famous person information objects each associated with a famous person, and including famous person attribute data. The method identifies one or more famous persons based on a matching of at least one of the user information objects and one or more famous person information objects. The method presents the identified famous persons and one or more aspects of associated famous person attribute data matching the user attribute data.03-15-2012
20120096339Seamless Upload And Ingest Of Release Forms From A Mobile Device To A Digital Media System - Embodiments are directed towards providing a method, a system and a network device for applying a form to a media item in a media library, including enabling, by a mobile device, a contributor of media items to prepare a form, uploading, by the mobile device, the form to a server computer that manages a media library, the media library being a collection of media items and forms associated with one more of the media items, enabling a contributor to upload, from a client computer, different than said mobile device, media items to the media library and enabling, by a client computer that communicates with the server computer, the contributor to associate the form with one or more media items uploaded by the contributor.04-19-2012

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