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715 - Data processing: presentation processing of document, operator interface processing, and screen saver display processing


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715206000 Hyperlink organization (e.g., grouping, bookmarking, etc.) 54
715208000 Hyperlink editing (e.g., link authoring, rerouting, etc.) 42
715207000 Hyperlink display attribute (e.g., color, shape, etc.) 27
20110179344KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER TOOL: AN APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER - A method for transferring knowledge including the steps of organizing an author's source documents including presentation and reference material into units of presentation and units of reference, establishing one or more sets of rules of presentation of the units, defining one or more components of presentation, preparing one or more sequences of presentation of the units, storing the units of presentation, units of reference, sequences of presentation, component definitions, and sets of rules in a knowledge database on a source computing system, and generating, based on the sets of rules, a collection of interlinked browser-ready electronic document pages.07-21-2011
20120204088USER INTERFACE SYSTEM WITH LINK SUPPORT SEARCHING - An online sales/automatic rebate and coupon redemption system provides online customers automatic retrieval and redemption of all applicable rebates and coupons during purchase. Purchase orders from customers are selectively fulfilled and products are shipped to the customers either by the system for online sales with automatic rebate and coupon redemption or by other merchant or manufacturer environments. The system purchases from merchants using applicable coupons and rebates and then sells the products to the customers, passing the savings to them. The system makes it possible to automatically retrieve coupons and rebates for items in a shopping cart during the activity of an online purchase at an electronic mall or an online merchant site. The system provides coupons to potential customers via email, based on customer profile, geographical information, etc. Manufacturers and merchants can update coupon value and content based on ongoing sales and volume of customer activity.08-09-2012
20110191664SYSTEMS FOR AND METHODS FOR DETECTING URL WEB TRACKING AND CONSUMER OPT-OUT COOKIES - An anti-tracking server includes a rendering engine for URL tracking and/or an opt-out cookie web crawler. The rendering engine is configured for emulating a browser visiting a plurality of web sites and processing elements of web content in web pages of the visited web sites. Web communication traffic generated as a result of said processing is captured and analyzed to identify URL tracking patterns. A URL tracking database reflecting identified URL tracking patterns is maintained. The opt-out cookie web crawlers are configured for visiting a second plurality of web sites, identifying hyperlinks pertaining to opt-out cookies in the second plurality of web sites, and following the identified hyperlinks to determine definitive uniform resource locators (URLs) for the opt-out cookies. An opt-out cookie database containing the definitive opt-out cookie URLs is maintained. The server coordinates with an anti-tracking application of a user device to provide the user device with access to information in the URL tracking database and information indicative of the definitive URLs.08-04-2011
20090193326METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CUSTOMIZING MARKETING SERVICES ON NETWORKS COMMUNICATING WITH HYPERTEXT TAGGING CONVENTIONS - The present server based communications system provides dynamic customization of hypertext tagged documents presented to clients accessing the system. The customization, which pertains to the content of the documents, is based on the specific requirements of a class to which the client belongs to. The class may be defined by the identity of the source which refers the client to the system. The system utilizes a database which dynamically retrieves stored data in response to a server software tool which configures the data into hypertext tagged documents. The system utilizes a dynamic token scheme to pass the identity of the referring network site from document to document to eventual purchase document accessed by the client through the hypertext tags.07-30-2009
20130031449System for Linking to Documents with Associated Annotations - An annotation system includes first annotation data for annotating a manifestation of a first instance of a first XML document. The first instance of the first XML document is served by a document system. The first annotation data includes a first XML document identifier for the first XML document. The first annotation data is uniquely identified by a first annotation data identifier. The document system is configured to respond to a request containing the first XML document identifier with a manifestation of a second instance of the first XML document. The annotation system: (A) receives a request containing the first annotation data identifier; (B) issues a request containing the first XML document identifier to the document system; and (C) in response to the request containing the first annotation data identifier, manifests the first annotation data in connection with a manifestation of a second instance of the XML document.01-31-2013
20100077286SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DISPLAYING NODE INFORMATION IN WIRELESS NETWORKS - The present disclosure generally pertains to systems and methods for displaying node information in wireless sensor networks. An exemplary system has logic that is configured to display a list of nodes in a wireless sensor network. The logic is further configured to display a plurality of function identifiers in response to a first user input identifying one of the nodes, and the function identifiers identify a plurality of functions and a script image of the one node. The logic is further configured to receive a second user input selecting one of the function identifiers and to transmit a remote procedure call through the wireless network to the one node in response to the second user input. The one node is configured to run the function or script image identified by the selected function identifier in response to the remote procedure call.03-25-2010
20100115389Method and System for Publication and Revision or Hierarchically Organized Sets of Static Intranet and Internet Web Pages - A method, system and computer program product for revising and publishing electronic documents. Two sets of electronic documents are generated and maintained on first and second computers. One set is stored on a first computer, for example, as static web pages at a company site. Another set is stored on a second computer at a non-local site such as, for example, an Internet server where the electronic documents are accessible to clients. Any modifications in the set of electronic documents at the local or company site are logged in a log file, and the set of electronic documents at the non-local site is modified accordingly so as to produce what appears to the client as a “dynamic” set of web pages. The revision and publication occurs through generation on the first computer of at least one category list document containing an item identifier, an item category, and descriptive data with hyperlinks to underlying detailed description electronic document files. The category list documents group items together which belong in a given category. The category list and the underlying detailed description electronic document files are saved in a format for accessing from a general viewer program such as, for example, a web browser. The detailed description data may also stored as text based records in, for example, a file of text records or a database of text records at the local site.05-06-2010
20100115388Dynamic Preloading of Web Pages - In a system having a page server for transmitting pages upon request and a page client (or “web browser”) for requesting pages and presenting those pages to an operator, the page client dynamically identifies links subsequent to the loaded page and preloads pages identified by those links for subsequent presentation to the operator, so that the preloaded pages are preloaded dynamically in response to operator selections and are available for presentation to the operator when ultimately selected. The page server and the page client may act independently or may cooperate so as to dynamically select and preload pages from the page server to the page client using parameters indicated by the page client (such as parameters selected by the operator or adaptively determined by the page client), parameters indicated by the web server (such as parameters selected by the page under presentation or adaptively determined by the page server), or parameters indicated by links to those subsequent pages, or responsive to a combination thereof. The page client may dynamically save and recall behavior information about pages to be presented, such behavior information possibly being independent of actual links indicated on the pages. The behavior information may be responsive to parameters selected by the operator parameters adaptively determined by the page client, or responsive to a combination thereof.05-06-2010
20130080867METHOD OF MANAGING AGGREGATE DOCUMENT - A method of managing an aggregate document includes a) presenting management options on a display device associated with a computing device in response to a user using the computing device to identify or select an aggregate document to be created of modified, b) presenting search selection options on the display device in response to the user selecting an embedded search service from a plurality of choices of embedded services, c) presenting a search result list on the display device after the user entered one or more search terms in a search text box and activated a search control and in response to receiving search results from a corresponding search conducted by the search engine, and d) adding a media content record to the aggregate document in response to the user activating an add control associated with a corresponding search result item.03-28-2013
20130036344INTELLIGENT LINK POPULATION AND RECOMMENDATION - Computer apparatus, system and method maintain a database of hyperlinks associated with activities and inactions in the past of a user. From a current work space of the user, a recommendation engine searches the database to retrieve hyperlinks based on user-specified context and topic. The recommendation engine displays recommended hyperlinks (candidates) and enables the user to filter the recommended hyperlinks by original source, activity metric or other relevance. To form and maintain the database, a context analysis engine captures activity content links. Each activity content link has a respective hyperlink associated with an activity/inaction of the user. The context analysis engine generates a metric based on the activity and records the respective hyperlink in the database along with the metric. The recommendation engine and context analysis engine may, on user command, further search social media or social networks in order to make hyperlink recommendations to the user.02-07-2013
20130080868SYSTEM AND METHOD THEREOF FOR DYNAMICALLY ASSOCIATING A LINK TO AN INFORMATION RESOURCE WITH A MULTIMEDIA CONTENT DISPLAYED IN A WEB-PAGE - A method for associating at least a link to an information resource with a multimedia content element. The method comprises identifying at least one multimedia content element in a web-page, wherein a uniform resource locator (URL) of the web-page is received from any one of a user device and a web server hosting the web-page; generating a signature for at least a portion of the at least one identified multimedia content element; determining at least a link to the at least a portion of the content respective of the generated signature; and providing the web-page with the at least a link respective of the signature of the at least a portion of the at least one multimedia content element to the user device.03-28-2013
20130036345SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PLACING VISUAL LINKS TO DIGITAL MEDIA ON PHYSICAL MEDIA - Systems and methods provide for determining a location and size of a visual link to digital media on physical media such as a paper document. An authoring tool for creating a link on a paper document, such as an Embedded Media Marker (EMM), identifies and scores other EMMs and related keypoints on the document to determine similarities between a newly-created EMM and other EMMs and keypoints on the paper document. The scores are visualized for a user on a display in order to position and size the newly-created EMM in a location on the paper document that will avoid confusion with other EMMs and related content. The location and size of the newly-created EMM may be automatically adjusted based on the scoring of the keypoints and related EMMs.02-07-2013
20130036343Systems and methods for a wireless web browser for use in handheld wireless devices - A system and method for a wireless browser operating in a handheld wireless device for efficient utilization of wireless networks wireless devices resources. The browser identifies ad-server reference links in a received html webpage before the browser can request the ad-server image files from their respective servers, deletes these links and collapses corresponding cells, to create a modified webpage. The wireless browser displays the modified webpage on the device screen. The browser by removing the request and receipt of ad file images from and into the wireless device over the wireless network makes efficient use of the wireless networks. The wireless browser inputs screen size and user desired font size parameters and uses these input parameters, parses the modified webpage into screen size segments and displays the segments one at a time that enables a user to navigate from a segment to another segment to efficiently view web page content.02-07-2013
20100042911SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING CONTENT ON A MOBILE DEVICE BY CONTROLLING AN APPLICATION INDEPENDENT OF USER ACTION - An advertising application is provided that can be used on a mobile device to impose screen control restrictions on a portion of the mobile device display, in order to provide a controllable mechanism for displaying advertising content. The advertising application causes the display screen to be split into two or more portions, with an advertising application display having limited screen control so that advertising content can be played according to a schedule or at event driven times as dictated by an administrator or other entity so that the mobile device's services may be subsidized in part by the advertising content providers. The advertising display runs independent of the normal, user initiated applications and does not need to consider screen placement within the normally running applications and is not dependent on when the user decides to close down an application.02-18-2010
20080282140EMBEDDED WEBSITE BANNER SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system and method for providing a website involve a novel way of porting a full website through an ad banner. A user viewing a website including the ad banner interacts with the ad banner. The ad banner then expands and the ported website is viewed in the expanded ad banner as covering over the first website. The user's perception does not include the experience of being redirected to another website. The method and system for providing this website are described herein.11-13-2008
20100332962DETERMINING WEB ANALYTICS INFORMATION - A system and associated method for determining web analytics information. A Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request for a target page referred from a referring page by a mouse click is processed to calculate web analytics data in the target page. The web analytics data regarding a mouse cursor position, a 2-dimensional information of the target page, and the URL of the referring page is transmitted to a web analytics server to generate the web analytics information for the referring page in format of a heat map of the referring page.12-30-2010
20100107045METHODS AND APPARATUSES FOR INTRA-DOCUMENT REFERENCE IDENTIFICATION AND RESOLUTION - Reference identification and resolution identifies reference text fragments in a document and associates referenced object text fragments in the document with the identified reference text fragments. Reference profiles are abstracted from the document. Each reference profile specifies at least a reference number and an object type identifier. A reference profile is paired with an object text fragment of the document containing the reference number of the reference profile. The pairing is repeated to associate reference profiles with object text fragments. A reference text fragment of the document satisfying one of the reference profiles is associated with the object text fragment paired with the satisfied reference profile. The associating is repeated to associate reference text fragments of the document with object text fragments.04-29-2010
20120185758INFORMATION BROWSING METHOD FOR PARTITIONING CONTENTS OF PAGE AND ASSIGNING IDENTIFIERS TO DATA PARTITIONS AND RELATED MACHINE-READABLE MEDIUM THEREOF - An information browsing method includes: partitioning contents of a page into a plurality of first data partitions by analyzing the contents of the page; assigning a plurality of first identifiers to the first data partitions, respectively; driving a display screen according to at least the first data partitions; and when receiving a partition selection input, determining a selected first data partition according to a first identifier corresponding to the partition selection input, wherein the selected first data partition is assigned with the first identifier.07-19-2012
20120166924SYSTEMS, METHODS, SOFTWARE AND INTERFACES FOR PERFORMING ENHANCED DOCUMENT PROCESSING AND DOCUMENT OUTLINING - An exemplary method includes accessing a source document where the source document is associated with a citation and copying a selected portion of the source document. Then, in response to copying the selected portion, the method includes generating a referenced element where the referenced element consists of the selected portion and a hyperlink associated with the citation. Finally, the method includes accessing a destination document and inserting the referenced element into the destination document. An additional exemplary method further includes storing a copy of the referenced element in a memory of an access device. Another exemplary method includes annotating the destination document and generating an annotated destination document. Another exemplary method includes printing, within a single print session, the annotated destination document and the source document. Yet another exemplary method includes printing, within a single print session, a non-annotated destination document, the annotated destination document and the source document.06-28-2012
20130047063METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR OPTIMUM PLACEMENT OF ADVERTISEMENTS ON A WEBPAGE - A method and system for placement of graphical objects on a page to optimize the occurrence of an event associated with such objects. The graphical objects might include, for instance, advertisements on a webpage, and the event would include a user clicking on that ad. The page includes positions for receipt of the object material. Data regarding the past performance of the objects is stored and updated as new data is received. A user requests a page from a server associated with system. The server uses the performance data to derive a prioritized arrangement of the objects on the page. The objects are arranged according to a calculation and returned to the user on the requested page.02-21-2013
20130047062METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR OPTIMUM PLACEMENT OF ADVERTISEMENTS ON A WEBPAGE - A method and system for placement of graphical objects on a page to optimize the occurrence of an event associated with such objects. The graphical objects might include, for instance, advertisements on a webpage, and the event would include a user clicking on that ad. The page includes positions for receipt of the object material. Data regarding the past performance of the objects is stored and updated as new data is received. A user requests a page from a server associated with system. The server uses the performance data to derive a prioritized arrangement of the objects on the page. The objects are arranged according to a calculation and returned to the user on the requested page.02-21-2013
20130047061Collaborative Content Publishing - Disclosed are, among other things, techniques to allow collaborative content publishing with high quality design for users who may or may not have extensive design experience. Flexible formatting may allow many sources of content to be easily used to produce publications with high visual appeal.02-21-2013
20130047064Interface Definition Language Extensions - Various embodiments provide an interface between a Web browser's layout engine and a scripting engine. The interface enables objects from the layout engine to be recognized by a memory manager in the scripting engine and interact in a streamlined, efficient manner. In accordance with one or more embodiments, the interface allows browser layout engine objects to be created as objects that are native to the scripting engine. Alternately or additionally, in some embodiments, the native objects are further configured to proxy functionality between the layout engine and the scripting engine.02-21-2013
20130047060MOBILE TERMINAL AND OPERATION CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - Embodiments discussed herein relate to a mobile terminal providing a user interface capable of more conveniently searching a user's visited web pages. To this end, a mobile terminal according to an embodiment discussed herein may include a storage unit configured to store link information between a first web page and a second web page when the second web page is approached from the first web page; a display unit configured to display a first indicator indicating the first web page and a second indicator indicating the second web page together with the link information; and a controller configured to control the display unit to display a web page corresponding to the selected indicator when either one of the first indicator and second indicator is selected.02-21-2013
20090307574SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ANONYMOUS INFORMATION EXCHANGE - A method for facilitating an exchange of information anonymously comprising one or more individuals registering with a server and supplying information about one or more other individuals or entities in the form of a report that is stored on the server. Users of the system then search the reports for information about the one or more other individuals or entities. After completing a search, users receive the information about the one or more individuals or entities from the server and review the information to determine if contact should be made with the author of any of the reports. If such contact is desired the user through the system communicates anonymously with the author of any of the reports.12-10-2009
20090307573ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - An energy management system and a computer-implemented method of managing energy consumption are disclosed. The computer-implemented method may include receiving one or more input signals which represent the real-time energy consumption of a facility, evaluating data obtained from the one or more input signals according to a set of energy operating rules, and generating output signals which cause a user to be alerted to the energy consumption of the facility. In some embodiments, evaluating data obtained from the one or more input signals according to a set of energy operating rules may include comparing the obtained data to predetermined or adaptive ranges or thresholds. The ranges or thresholds may be based upon at least one of an operational schedule of the facility, physical characteristics of the facility, energy-sensitive variables, customer-imposed targets, and energy supplier demand reduction requests. The system and method may detect anomalous energy use and send an alert message to a user or a browser-enabled user device.12-10-2009
20090307572TV set and remote guide to represent a web site home page - Internet web site pages are typically designed as a magazine or book page with test and graphics. The layout normally represents the message and intended function of the web site. In general, a web site home page derives its roots from the print media in terms of its looks, feel, message, and intended audience.12-10-2009
20120192048OBJECT DISPLACEMENT METHOD FOR WEB PAGE - A script (object displacement program) is embedded in a Web page to be transmitted from a Web server 07-26-2012
20130073935PREDICTIVE SYSTEM RECOMMENDED ACTIONS BASED ON RECENT ACTIVITIES - Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for tracking recent activities of processes and presenting recommended next actions based thereon. According to one embodiment, a method of tracking and interacting with one or more processes can comprise detecting one or more activities, each activity related to at least one of a plurality of ongoing transactions of the one or more processes. The one or more activities can be recorded in records of an activity log. At a later point in time, relevant records of the activity log for a particular user can be identified. A determination of a recommended next action can be made for each identified relevant record based on the recorded activity and the related transaction. A list of the identified relevant records of the activity log and the determined recommended next actions can be generated and presented to the user.03-21-2013
20120226967Spreadsheet-Based Graphical User Interface for Modeling of Products Using the Systems Engineering Process - A spreadsheet environment is used as a graphical user interface for depicting and interacting with the various aspects of a system. In particular, the spreadsheet environment supports using OMG SysML to model a system and to execute tasks associated with the systems engineering process.09-06-2012
20090031203HYPERLINKS - A method of creating hyperlinks from an electronic document and for accessing printed hyperlinks is described. A document 01-29-2009
20130067304METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DISPLAYING INSTANT MESSAGING MESSAGES - This invention relates to Instant Messaging technology and discloses a method and a device for displaying instant messaging messages. The method includes detecting whether an instant messaging message to be displayed includes a hyperlink; when it is detected that the instant messaging message comprises the hyperlink, pulling out abstract information corresponding to the hyperlink; filling the pulled-out abstract information in an inserted control; and displaying the instant messaging message as well as the control. The device includes a detection module, a pulling module and a display module. The invention is able to display to users the content of the hyperlink contained in the instant messaging message, therefore improving the usability and interactivity of the Instant Messenger and raising the users' experiences.03-14-2013
20130067303Distinct Links for Publish Targets - Techniques for sharing of items from online storage (e.g., cloud storage) are described herein. In one approach, distinct sharing links to an item can be generated for multiple different publish targets through a single publishing user interface exposed to a user. Through the publishing user interface, a user may submit a request having a selection of different social networks and/or other sites/targets to receive a sharing link for an item. In response to the request, a distinct sharing link is generated for each selected recipient and the generated sharing links are published to appropriate targets. Thus, a user is able to easily send links for a shared item to multiple targets through a single request and can separately manage permissions associated with each distinct sharing link.03-14-2013
20120117450DISPLAY APPARATUS, REMOTE CONTROLLER AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A display apparatus, a remote controller and a control method thereof, the display apparatus including a first communication section which receives web page data including a plurality of link items, a receiving section which receives a video signal, a signal processing section which processes the web page data or the video signal, a display section which displays a web page corresponding to the processed web page data or a video corresponding to the processed video signal, and a control section which groups the plurality of link items included in the displayed web page into a predetermined number of groups, generates index information about the groups and the link items included in the groups, and displays first user selection icons corresponding to each group using the generated index information.05-10-2012
20090259928SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION PLANNING - Systems, methods, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), and computer readable media for providing information related to a compensation plan for an enterprise. A view of a portion of a compensation plan developed by a compensation planning application is presented and includes a hyperlink. The hyperlink is associated with information related to the compensation plan, but stored separately from the compensation planning application, for example as part of a global rewards library. In response to receipt of a selection of the hyperlink, a view of the information associated with the hyperlink is provided.10-15-2009
20090235151METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ASSOCIATING THE COLOR OF AN OBJECT WITH AN EVENT - Method and apparatus for associating the color of an object with an event preferably provides linked information for the object in any one of a plurality of succeeding video frames based only on the color value of the object. Preferably, at least one computer is coupled to a GUI and to a pointing structure, and is configured to: (i) identify coordinates of the object in a first video frame where the pointing structure has pointed; (ii) determine the color values of the identified object; (iii) store the color values of the identified object; (iv) detect an action of the object being selected in any one of the plurality of succeeding video frames; (v) determine the color values of the selected object; (vi) determine whether the selected object color values correspond to the stored color values; and (vii) automatically provide the linked information to the GUI only when the color values correspond.09-17-2009
20090235149Method and Apparatus to Operate Different Widgets From a Single Widget Controller - A method, apparatus, and computer readable storage to manage and display mini Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications, or widgets. A widget controller can be associated with a plurality of widgets, upon which a user of the widget controller can then cycle among the associated widgets to display a selected widget. This conserves space on an output device since space for only one widget is needed. Widgets controllers can be embedded on web pages which are part of social networking sites. Particular widgets associated with a widget controller can be automatically determined and associated based on content of a web page containing the widget controller.09-17-2009
20090013242Automated Patent Office Documentation - The present disclosure provides systems and methods for automated patent office documentation. Some embodiments provide for analyzing electronic content such as an issued patent, application for patent, Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) office action, associated patent support data such as PTO information, and/or other reference materials, along with user input to identify references to external information, create an electronic association to the external information, and insert the electronic association into the electronic content.01-08-2009
20130166999METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MODIFYING THE LOOK AND BEHAVIOR OF A WEB APPLICATION - In order to integrate two or more different web applications to look like one coherent set a first request is provided from a web client to a first application. A second request is provided to a second application. The second request is intercepted by a software module. The second request is recognized to be related to the first application. Information is extracted from the second request by the software module. The information is used to configure the second application to look and/or behave like the first application.06-27-2013
20080294975SELECTABLE REVELATION OF CONTENT ATTRIBUTES FOR A HYPERLINK - Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to attribute revelation for a hyperlinked selection and provide a novel and non-obvious method, system and computer program product for user customizable hyperlink hover properties. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for selectable revelation of content attributes for a hyperlink can be provided. The method can include detecting a proximity event for a hyperlink referencing content including multiple attribute values for respective attributes. The method also can include retrieving hover properties for the hyperlink including a subset of the attributes. The method even also can include selecting a subset of attribute values corresponding to the subset of attributes. Finally, the method can include displaying the subset of attributes in a popup box for the hyperlink.11-27-2008
20120102384PRODUCT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT AND AUTOMATION - A series of UIs is presented on a computer display to allow a user to select one or more sources of help for various aspects of the computer. The user can select to have presented hyperlinks to obtain help information from the manufacturer of the computer, from the O.S. provider, and from third party providers of applications executable by the computer.04-26-2012
20100251085CONTENT AND SUBFOLDER NAVIGATION CONTROL - Techniques for navigating content and one or more subfolders within a folder are described. In an implementation, an instance of content is situated in a folder. The folder also includes one or more subfolders that may each have one or more instances of content situated within them. When the instance of content is accessed, an iterator control may be provided that is scrollable to present one or more representations (e.g., icons) of content that is situated in the folder and one or more representations of subfolders that are situated in the folder. One or more of the representations of subfolders are selectable to navigate to a subfolder page.09-30-2010
20110154175Input Shortcuts for a Communications Device - A method of inputting an electronic address into an address field on a communications device, the electronic address including a plurality of text characters and non-text symbol characters. The method includes: receiving a plurality of inputs for the address field through a user input interface of the device; adding text characters to the address field corresponding to the inputs; and detecting among the inputs repetitive successive inputs of a predetermined delimiter, selecting a non-text symbol character from a set of non-text symbol characters in dependence on a number of times the delimiter has been repetitively input without any intervening inputs, and adding the selected non-text symbol character to the address field.06-23-2011
20110283174Optimizing Security Seals on Web Pages - A method of providing web site verification information to a user can include receiving a DNS query including a host name and a seal verification site name, parsing the DNS query, and extracting the host name from the DNS query. The method also can include accessing a DNS zone file including a list of Trust Services customers and determining if the host name is associated with a Trust Services customer in the list of Trust Services customers. The method further can include transmitting a positive identifier to the requester if the host name is associated with a Trust Services customer and transmitting a negative identifier to the requester if the host name is not associated with a Trust Services customer. In a specific embodiment, the Trust Services include issuance of digital certificates.11-17-2011
20120290911Method for Content Folding - The present invention relates to content folding of a web page to enable rendering of the web page on a resource-constrained device, and more particularly to interrelated methods, gateway and device for folding, unfolding and rendering of a web page with reduced layout attributes, thus being vertically elongated. Embodiments of the invention analyze the structure and content of the web page and subsequently fold content that carries less information and which would impair the user experience if left unfolded. Other embodiments of the invention unfold previously folded content at an end-users discretion. Embodiments of the invention further offer an integrated pagination solution for folded and unfolded web-pages, and overall customizes the web-page to maximize the user-experience on a device with constrained resources.11-15-2012
20120290910RANKING SENTIMENT-RELATED CONTENT USING SENTIMENT AND FACTOR-BASED ANALYSIS OF CONTEXTUALLY-RELEVANT USER-GENERATED DATA - Techniques for ranking sentiment-related content using sentiment and factor-based analysis of contextually-relevant user-generated data is described, including generating a term, the term associated with a keyword and a factor, grouping user-generated content associated with the term, the user-generated content being retrieved by a crawler and stored in a database, assigning a rank to the term, the rank associated with one or more attributes of the user-generated content, and including a link associated with the term in a list, the list comprising a plurality of links associated with a plurality of terms, each of the plurality of terms having an assigned rank.11-15-2012
20120290909METHODS AND APPARATUS OF ACCESSING RELATED CONTENT ON A WEB-PAGE - A computer implemented method is provided that includes accessing, with a web browser, a first web-page hosted on a first server, the webpage identified by a first Uniform Resource Identifier (“URI”), associating the first URI with one or more different URIs, and displaying indicia within the web browser of the one or more associated URIs, wherein the web browser renders the web-page content from the first server, and the indicia is rendered by a software module from a source separate from the host web-page, the indicia including a link to the associated URI. Numerous other aspects are provided.11-15-2012
20120290908RETARGETING CONTEXTUALLY-RELEVANT USER-GENERATED DATA - Techniques for retargeting contextually-relevant user-generated data are described, including detecting an event associated with a widget embedded on a website, and configured to initiate a call to a service to retrieve content contextually relevant to the website, storing a file associated with a browser on a computing device, the file being configured to store the data, generating an identifier to send to the service when the file indicates the browser is configured to display other data associated with another website and being configured to provide a parameter to identify the content, retrieving the content using the identifier, the content being stored in a repository, rendering a display in an interface, and enabling a hyperlink associated with the content and configured to point to a website other than the website or another website, the content being retrieved from the website using a crawler.11-15-2012
20110289395METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DOCUMENT IMAGE LAYOUT DECONSTRUCTION AND REDISPLAY - The invention converts a document originating in a page-image format into a form suitable for an arbitrarily sized display, by reformatting or “re-flowing” of the document to fit an arbitrarily sized display device. A two-stage system analyzes, or “deconstructs,” page image layout. The deconstruction includes both physical (geometric) and logical (functional) segmentation of page images. The segment that image elements may include blocks, lines, and/or words of text, and other segmented image elements. The segment that image elements are synthesized and converted into an intermediate structure. The intermediate data structure is then distilled or converted or redisplayed into any number of standard print formats.11-24-2011
20110289394MOBILE TERMINAL AND CONTROLLING METHOD THEREOF - A mobile terminal is presented. The mobile terminal includes a memory unit, a wireless communication unit, a touchscreen configured to display a webpage including at least one hyperlink, and a controller configured to store a hyperlink selected on the touchscreen in the memory unit, display information associated with the selected hyperlink on the touchscreen, and display, on the touchscreen, a webpage linked to the selected hyperlink when the displayed information is selected.11-24-2011
20110289393APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SEGMENTATION OF WEB PAGES - Provided are a display device and method for displaying and controlling a web page on a display device, the method including: receiving web page information; grouping the web page information into at least one segment; displaying a web page based on the web page information and a selector which is navigable among the at least one segment; receiving a navigational command for navigating the selector; and controlling the selector to move among the at least one segment based on the received navigational command.11-24-2011
20110289392System and method for monitoring changes in databases and websites - A system and method is described for constructing a differential web in which information including objects, numbers, or text in databases and web pages may be selected using pointing device movements. Once selected, objects may be designated to be monitored for changes, said changes being captured and made browsable on web-like constructs. Changes to the objects that satisfy certain user-stated criteria may result in notifications to specific users who may also setup automatic transactions on the changed objects. Recognition and control units recognize the selected objects and make them available to be executed in a Cloud Computing Environment. Objects may be selected from different web pages and hence monitoring can be effectuated across disparate databases and web pages.11-24-2011
20110296288Specifications automation system and method - A method of leveraging computer technology to guide the user to create, display, and edit architectural and engineering information in ways specific to the architect's or engineer's needs in specification development is provided. This is provided in software that allows the automatic creation and management of architectural and/or engineering workflows, including but not limited to: procurement, quality assurance, and design, driven by engineering specifications and requirements contained therein and therewith. For each specification paragraph, in addition to the main textual component, appropriate attributes and/or elements are created and defined by a schema to support multitasking and the storing of related information for related purposes.12-01-2011
20080209309FACILITATING RETRIEVAL OF INFORMATION WITHIN A MESSAGING ENVIRONMENT - Techniques and mechanisms are provided that allow participants in an electronic messaging conversation (e.g. email or instant message) to retrieve information related to words and phrases in the electronic messaging conversation without leaving the electronic messaging environment. An electronic messaging environment is provided that includes user interface tools that allow a user to (1) select text within the EM conversation, (2) submit the text to an information retrieval service, such as a search engine, and (3) display the results generated by the information retrieval service. To facilitate the selection of relevant text, certain “suggested words” within the conversation may automatically be highlighted by the instant messaging client. Various techniques are provided for customizing which words are suggested, which sources are searched, and which search terms are used.08-28-2008
20110296289INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, CONTENT DISPLAY METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - An apparatus includes a processing unit configured to determine, using a control application, a type of schema of a selected link. When the schema is of a first type, the control application causes processing associated with the selected link to be performed by a content display module. When the schema is of a second type, the control application causes processing associated with the selected link to be performed by a module different from the content display module. The processing unit can be configured to run an operating system, a control application, and a content display module, such that the control application is interposed between the operating system and the content display module. The control application can determine a type of schema of a selected link.12-01-2011
20090006938Method and apparatus for searching web browser using zoom - Disclosed is a method and apparatus for searching a web browser using a zoom operation. A method of searching a web browser according to an aspect of the invention includes locating a pointer on a web browser using an input device, selecting one or more hyperlinks on the basis of the distance between the pointer and hyperlinks and displaying the hyperlinks, and outputting, when a screen of the web browser is enlarged and the size of the screen is out of a predetermined enlargement range, a page, which is linked to one of the selected and displayed hyperlinks, to an entire screen of the web browser.01-01-2009
20110264991Method and System for Management of Electronic Mail Communication - A method, system, and article for management of email communication content across a computer system network. An archive of email communications is retained on storage media in communication with the network. In addition, email communication is retained on storage media in communication with a client machine in the network. To mitigate duplication of email communications, duplicate communications are replaced with a hyperlink to the archive communication. This replacement supports removal of the duplicate communication from the storage media in communication with the client machine.10-27-2011
20110219290System For And Method Of Providing Enhanced Content Navigation On A Reader Device - A system for and method of providing enhanced content navigation on an electronic device in accordance with exemplary embodiments may include identifying electronic content to be displayed on the electronic device, embedding, in the electronic content, a navigation link that initiates a navigation action when activated at the electronic device, and transmitting, to the electronic device, the electronic content that comprises the navigation link via a network.09-08-2011
20100169755METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND APPARATUS FOR DEVELOPING WIDGETS - An exemplary computing system may receive input identifying a first data source. The computing system may also provide a widget template and receive a request to associate the first data source with the widget template. The computing system may create a map that associates the first data source with the widget template. The computing system may provide a widget that displays, based on the map and the widget template, data from the data source. Corresponding methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media are also disclosed.07-01-2010
20110197114ELECTRONIC MESSAGE RESPONSE AND REMEDIATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - Provided is a method, system and software for responding to an incoming electronic message, including determining whether the incoming electronic message is relevant or irrelevant to a user, and if the incoming electronic message is irrelevant to the user, parsing the incoming electronic message for message origination information and replying to the message using the message origination information.08-11-2011
20100281352INTERNET-BASED INFORMATION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ASCERTAINING A DATA-RECIPIENT-SPECIFIC DATA RECORD - An internet-based information system for selectively presenting data e-mails (11-04-2010
20110209038DYNAMIC LANGUAGE TRANSLATION OF WEB SITE CONTENT - A method, system and computer program product for providing translated web content is disclosed. The method includes receiving a request from a user on a web site, the web site having a first web content in a first language, wherein the request calls for a second web content in a second language. The method further includes dividing the first web content into a plurality of translatable components and generating a unique identifier for each translatable component. The method further includes identifying a plurality of translated components of the second web content using the unique identifier of each of the plurality of translatable components of the first web content and putting the plurality of translated components of the second web content to preserve a format that corresponds to the first web content. The method further includes providing the second web content in response to the request that was received.08-25-2011
201302192542D CODE LINKED TO CUSTOMIZED WEB PAGE WITH USER-UPLOADED CONTENT - Described herein are techniques related to delivering content and more particularly delivering customized web content with the aid of two-dimensional codes. This Abstract is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims.08-22-2013
20100281351WEB PRINT CONTENT CONTROL USING HTML - A web page is enhanced with “print tags.” These print tags indicate which portions of a web page's data belong to which content items. The print tags identify and distinguish between the content items. The web browser uses the tags to differentiate “real” content from advertisements on the web page, so that unimportant content is not printed. Additionally, if a content item is distributed over several pages, then the print tags convey information about which hyperlinks the web browser should automatically follow in order to obtain and print the entire content item. The print tags are embedded into the web document itself. In approaches discussed herein, the user does not need to cause his web browser to request any additional “printer-friendly” web page, because the browser automatically generates print data using the HTML print tags that are already contained in the web page that the user asked to be printed.11-04-2010
20080263435Differential Dynamic Content Delivery With Device Controlling Action - Differential dynamic content delivery including providing a session document for a presentation, wherein the session document includes a session grammar and a session structured document; selecting from the session structured document a classified structural element in dependence upon user classifications of a user participant in the presentation; presenting the selected structural element to the user; identifying a device controlling action; and executing the device controlling action to control a device for the user. In many embodiments, identifying a device controlling action includes identifying a device controlling action in dependence upon a presentation control instruction. In some embodiments, identifying a device controlling action further includes identifying a device controlling action in dependence upon a spoken key word. In some embodiments, identifying a device controlling action further includes identifying a device controlling action in dependence upon a classified structural element.10-23-2008
20110197115METHOD AND SYSTEM TO AUTOMATICALLY INSERT A RELEVANT HYPERLINK INTO A WEBPAGE - A method and system to automatically insert a hyperlink into a webpage containing text is described. The system comprises at least one processor and at least one software component. The at least one software component is executable by the at least one processor to receive, via, a network, the text. The at least one software component further compares a portion of the text to at least one character string that is stored in a database to identify the portion of the text as included in both the webpage and the database. The portion of the text is a name of a product and is associated with the hyperlink. The at least one software component is further executable to cause an insertion of the hyperlink into the webpage and to communicate the name of the product to a producer of the text. The name of the product is included in the webpage by the producer of the portion of the text.08-11-2011
20110202822System and Method for Tagging Digital Media - A method for tagging digital media is described. The method includes selecting a digital media and selecting region within the digital media. The method may further include associating a person or entity with the selected region and sending a notification of the association the person or entity or a different person or entity. The method may further include sending advertising with the notification.08-18-2011
20110173523WEB MEDIA ASSET ID SYSTEM AND METHOD - Methods of dynamically identifying a server provided media asset on a client device are provided herein.07-14-2011
20110173522SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING STATUS OF ELECTRONIC MESSAGES - Methods, systems and computer program products are displaying one or more electronic messages on a user interface. In one method, the method records timestamps of one or more activities of a user in a first user session. Subsequently, the method compares the timestamp of an initialization of a second user session, with the recorded timestamp of the one or more events such as a last logout timestamp and/or a last activity timestamp of the first user session. Further, the method may mark one or more new electronic messages based on the comparison of the timestamps. The method may then display the status of the marked one or more new electronic messages on a user interface based on the markings applied on the one or more new electronics messages received.07-14-2011
20090282323Window display system - A window display system has a text acquisition section for acquiring text of an original window in a superimposed region; a text transmitter for transmitting to a predetermined server the acquired text, the coordinates of the superimposed region, and the coordinates of each part of the text; and a display processor for receiving a screen generated in the server, and displaying the screen in the overlapping window, wherein the server has a screen generator for determining whether a predetermined keyword is contained in the text received from the user terminal, extracting the keyword and the URL if the keyword is contained in the text, and generating and transmitting a screen in which a link to a URL is embedded in the position of a keyword contained in the text on the basis of the coordinates of the text received from the user terminal.11-12-2009
20090254800METHOD FOR PROVIDING USER-DEFINITIONS OF TERMS - The present disclosure is a method for providing user-definitions of terms associated with a document. A method for providing user-definitions of terms may include providing a document, receiving text, receiving a request to define a term within the document, associating the user-provided definition of the term with the document, notifying the term includes the user-provided definition, receiving a request to view the user-provided definition, and displaying the definition to the remote user.10-08-2009
20090193325APPARATUS, METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR PROCESSING DOCUMENTS - A document processing apparatus includes an extracting unit that extracts text document information from a document data; an analyzing unit that analyzes a modification relation of a character string included in the text document information; an attribute unit that assigns an attribute indicating details of the modification relation to the character string, and embeds the attribute in the text document information; a document specifying unit that specifies a document-specifying character string that specifies other text document information, using the text document information in which the attribute is embedded by the attribute unit; and a document-identification unit that assigns document identification information to the document-specifying character string, and embeds the document identification information in the text document information.07-30-2009
20080215961Systems and Methods to Facilitate Communications - Methods and apparatuses to facilitate connections between peoples for real time communications. In one embodiment, a method includes: identifying an entity based at least in part on relevancy to a content of a document to be presented to a user; and for presentation to the user adding a communication reference separately from the content used to identify the entity; where the communication reference has been assigned to the entity and the communication reference can be used to request a connection for real time communications with the entity.09-04-2008
20090287989PRESENTING TAG CLOUDS BASED ON USER INFORMATION - In some embodiments, a method comprises detecting a request to display a tag cloud, where the tag cloud includes a plurality of tags and the tags hyperlink to related web content. The method can also comprise determining a user's interests and preferences based on the information provided by the user. The method can include using the information to determine the tags relevant to the user's preferences and interests. The method can also include displaying the tags in the tag cloud.11-19-2009
20090070661MANAGEMENT OF USER KNOWLEDGE ABOUT COMPUTER APPLICATIONS - A computer readable storage medium storing an article of software thereon, the software having instructions for performing the steps of monitoring an active window, determining if the active window is associated with note information in a database, providing a first visual indicator having a first state to convey that the active window is associated with the note information in the database and a second state to convey that no note information in the database exists for the window, receiving input from a user to open a note area for displaying or entering the note information associated with the active window, and presenting to the user the note area for displaying or entering the note information associated with the active window.03-12-2009
20120297279METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING SUPPLEMENTAL VIDEO CONTENT FOR THIRD PARTY WEBSITES - A method, apparatus and article of manufacture for providing supplemental video content for third party websites is disclosed. In one embodiment, coded instructions are transmitted from a content enhancement server to a host server, for incorporation into the webpage source code. The host server is controlled by a first entity and the content enhancement server is controlled by a second entity commercially distinct from the first entity. Keywords are obtained by executing of the coded instructions in the webpage received in the client computer from the host server to send the address of the requested webpage to the content enhancement server, which generates supplemental substantive video content information for transmission to the client.11-22-2012
20120297278INCLUDING HYPERLINKS IN A DOCUMENT - Techniques for including a hyperlink in a document is disclosed. A document is received via a communications interface. An entity pair is determined by a processor. The entity pair includes a concept included in a concept taxonomy and a textual representation included in the document. As output, a hyperlink is provided.11-22-2012
20100005381Method for organizing and consulting electronic data, in the environment of a media library - Method for organizing and consulting electronic data in the environment of a media library.01-07-2010
20080244375Hyperlinking Text in Document Content Using Multiple Concept-Based Indexes Created Over a Structured Taxonomy - Hyperlinks are automatically created and inserted into a subject document at the location of a subject concept within the subject document. The determination of when and where to insert the hyperlinks is made on the basis of associations of the subject concept with one or more object resources (to which the hyperlinks will point) according to semantic relationships between the subject concepts and the object resources as defined by a taxonomy. The hyperlinks may be displayed within a published version of the subject document in response to a cursor-control event.10-02-2008
20080276160DATA STRUCTURE SUITABLE FOR BROWSING AND MANAGING CONTENTS STORED IN STORAGE MEDIUM - A memory card has a data structure including three kinds of files: page files as a content main body to be displayed on a display section; a content management file that manages the page files belonging to each content; a total management file that manages all the content management files stored in the memory card. When retrieving page information, a CPU is configured to firstly access the total management file, secondly the content management file, and finally the page files.11-06-2008
20090265604GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION OF SOCIAL NETWORK VITALITY - A method for presenting a graphical representation of the strength or vitality of a contact's social network is disclosed. When a user pulls up a graphical user interface displaying contacts in his or her social network, in addition to the traditional profile data for each contact, a virtual object may be displayed. The virtual object for a contact may be displayed in different ways, depending on the strength of the contact's social network. Thus, a user may access a contact in their social network and, by viewing the social network virtual object, quickly and easily get a sense of the strength and vitality of that contact's social network.10-22-2009
20080282139Tree view for reusable data markup language - Methods and systems provide a “tree view” for a markup language referred to as Reusable Data Markup Language (“RDML”). Generally, a tree view comprises the components necessary for automatically manipulating and displaying a graphical display of numerical data contained in RDML markup documents. RDML is a markup language, such as the Hypertext Markup Language (“HTML”) or the Extensible Markup Language (“XML”). Generally, RDML facilitates the browsing and manipulation of numbers, as opposed to text as in HTML, and does so by requiring attributes describing the meaning of the numbers to be attached to the numbers. Upon receiving RDML markup documents, the tree view transforms, formats, manipulates and displays data stored in the markup documents using the attributes describing the meaning of the data. The tree view uses the attributes of the numbers to, for example, facilitate the simultaneous display of different series of numbers of different types on a single display. It automatically displays the relationship between series of numbers while displaying appropriate labels, titles, number precision, etc. A tree view may be a component of a data viewer used to retrieve, manipulate, and view documents in the RDML format.11-13-2008
20080288855SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DELIVERING INFORMATION RELATED TO A PRODUCT - The invention relates to a system for delivering information related to a product, including a computer, a webpage displayed on the computer that is directed to the product, a program executing on the computer for placing an overlay over the webpage where at least one portion of the overlay is generally transparent, and a program executing on the computer for displaying a plurality of hyperlinks on the overlay, each hyperlink indicating a different characteristic of the product. The invention also includes a program executing on the computer for, when a hyperlink is actuated, automatically displaying a sample and a menu of other samples of a characteristic of the actuated hyperlink.11-20-2008
20080215960Content Administration System - A content administration system receives user identification information from a terminal device via the Internet. The content administration system then specifies content administration information storage means corresponding to the received user identification information. The content administration system acquires object path information correlated to sharing permission information from a content administration information storage means of another unspecified user. The content administration system then acquires an icon image from the icon image storage means. The content administration system then makes display control information for the content administration screen containing the icon leading to the object based on the acquired icon image and the acquired object path information. The content administration system transmits the made display control information to the terminal device via the Internet. As a result, an administrator of a web site does not have to add a content path corresponding to an HTML file when adding content to a web site administered by themselves or when sharing content with another web site.09-04-2008
20120144281AUTOMATED TASK COMPLETION BY FLOWING CONTEXT - Providing context to a target minimizes the amount of information that a user must input. Context transfer pages receive context and reformat for the target. Selection of links to such pages provide context which is then reformatted and provided to the target to pre-populate information for the user. A return link can be specified to enable the target to return further context upon user interaction completion. The return link can specify further context transfer pages which can use the returned context to direct the performance of convenience actions, including invoking other applications on the user's computing device and entering information into them. The context transfer pages can themselves collect information from the user to provide appropriate interfaces without requiring resource investment from the target.06-07-2012
20080229182ELECTRONIC BOOK ELECTRONIC LINKS - An electronic book selection and delivery system distributes text to subscribers. The system includes the ability to use electronic links as well as a system for creating electronic links between specific electronic books and other electronic files. The links may be used or accessed by a menu system or by operation of a cursor and a select button. The other electronic files could be portions of a specific electronic book, such as a Table of Contents. The other electronic files could also exist external to a specific electronic book. For example, definitions provided in an electronic English-language dictionary could be linked to terms contained in an electronic book. The electronic links may be created by the book publisher or may be subscriber-defined. The links may use standard programming language such as hypertext markup language (HTML). The links may be established through use of a relational database.09-18-2008
20120272130OBJECT CONTROL METHOD FOR DISPLAYING OBJECTS IN FRONT OF LINK ELEMENTS - The system for the object control method according to an embodiment is a client/server system with a Web server (10-25-2012
20110209037METHOD FOR PROVIDING LINK AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS THEREOF - A method for providing a link in an electronic apparatus capable of reproducing contents, includes storing a first part of a first contents in a link storage area, forming a link between a second part of a second contents and the first part stored in the link storage area, and if the link is selected, displaying the first part while a contents screen including the second part is displayed. Accordingly, a user may easily find related contents from among contents stored in the electronic apparatus as a link is formed between related contents.08-25-2011
20120198321OBSERVATION DEVICE, METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR REPLACING CONTENT - An observation program including: receiving content which includes at least one term; observing the content to detect the at least one term; removing the detected at least one term from the content; replacing the removed at least one term by inserting a hyperlink relating to each term of the at least one term, and by applying replacement rules to the content; and providing the observed content including the hyperlink to a client device for presentation to a recipient of the content.08-02-2012
20090055720APPARATUS, AND ASSOCIATED METHOD, FOR GENERATING AN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INCIDENT REPORT - Apparatus, and an associated method, for generating a trouble ticket related to an IT incident. When an IT incident occurs, a worklog is formed by a reporter that enters information associated with the incident. Successive inputs, made by appropriate personnel, are made to update the status of the incident. A table-of-contents is formed, associated with the collection of entries of information. And, each entry of information is categorized, to identify the entry by an associated category.02-26-2009
20090006937OBJECT TRACKING AND CONTENT MONETIZATION - A system associates objects in a video with metadata; wherein the system contains an unlocking module for unlocking the video by breaking up objects in the video, tracking the objects through the frames, and associating the objects with keywords and metadata. Users including consumers, advertisers, and publishers suggest objects in the video for a tagging module to link to advertisements. A feedback module tracks a user's activities and displays a user interface that includes icons to objects that the tracking module determines would be of interest to the user.01-01-2009
20090019349METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR EXPOSING GAMES - A game exposing method and system is provided. The game exposing method includes displaying a game web site in a first folder of a file manager application of a user terminal; and displaying a game provided from the game web site in a second folder of the file manager application. Accordingly, it is possible to easily access the game portal web site and the game pages to play the games while operating in the file manager application.01-15-2009
20110225481Tagging Digital Media - A method for tagging digital media is described. The method includes selecting a digital media and selecting region within the digital media. The method may further include associating a person or entity with the selected region and sending a notification of the association the person or entity or a different person or entity. The method may further include sending advertising with the notification.09-15-2011
20090199079EMBEDDED CUES TO FACILITATE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT - A system is provided to facilitate documentation processing. The system includes one or more embedded components associated with an application and a linking component to automatically associate the embedded components with one or more related entities to the document. The embedded components are employed to determine other relationships for the document.08-06-2009
20110145686TERM-SPECIFIC NAVIGATION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INFORMATION SEARCHING - A term-specific navigation method and system is provided for information searching by a user of an Internet browser, that modifies, by using a processor, a copy of Internet content identified as a result of a specific user's search to mark in that copy the locations of a user's search terms; and provides the user with one or more links that will direct the user's browser to the locations in the copy where the user's specific terms were found.06-16-2011
20090063946ANCHOR STORE FOR TRANSMITTING MULTIPLE DYNAMIC ANCHORS - One or more sections of a document are visually altered, by a sending computer, to create an altered document. An anchor is dynamically created for each section of the document that was altered. Each anchor is appended to a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for the original document. An anchor store, which includes multiple anchors for different selected regions of the altered document, is created and sent from the sending computer to a receiving computer. When the anchor store is received by the receiving computer, a receiving user can select one or more of the anchors to view the visually modified resource.03-05-2009
20090055721PATENT CLAIM VISUALIZATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - Systems and methods are disclosed for patent claim visualization that automatically generate a visual claim hierarchy graph from a listing of the claim text. Rejection information may be added automatically by lexically analyzing an Office Action. Additionally, the user of this system can then provide additional information, including descriptions of the claim elements, and any rejections applied to the claims. Embodiments of the present invention can generate a visual representation of each claim, as well as indicating references and technical issues applied against those claims as part of the office action. In an exemplary embodiment, the visual information is presented in an HTML page, such that it may be viewed with a conventional HTML browser, and may be interacted with by the user to quickly see the rejections applied to any given claim. Embodiments of the present invention also provide different symbols for rejected versus non-rejected claims. This allows the user to quickly identify which claims are rejected, versus those that are non-rejected (allowed or merely objected to).02-26-2009
20120079361SYSTEM, METHOD, AND PROGRAM FOR GENERATING WEB PAGE - A method, article, and system for reconfiguring a web page. The method includes: extracting dependencies between pages, files, and components of the web page; measuring a network delay value, a transfer efficiency value, and a component size; estimating load time of a candidate file using information of the network delay value, the transfer efficiency value, the dependencies, and the component size; generating an integer programming problem to minimize an object function representing the load time of the web page by analyzing the web page; solving the integer programming problem; reconfiguring a library file from the solution; and reconfiguring the web page by replacing a link to the library file of each page with a link to the reorganized file.03-29-2012
20090100322RETRIEVING DATA RELATING TO A WEB PAGE PRIOR TO INITIATING VIEWING OF THE WEB PAGE - Data is stored in a server database relating to the availability and/or technical requirements for accessing web pages accessible at specific URLs. When a user browses a web page that includes hyperlinks to one or more other pages, stored availability/technical requirements data is retrieved from the server database and presented to the user to enable the user to decide whether or not to attempt to access one or more of the hyperlinked pages. The stored data may be retrieved for all hyperlinks on a web page when the page is first presented to the user or may be retrieved for a particular hyperlink only when a user has tentatively selected the particular hyperlink by a user action such as hovering a pointer icon over the hyperlink.04-16-2009
20080263434Method, Apparatus, and Program for Creating Bookmark Symlinks - A bookmark editor in an Internet web browser application allows a user to create symbolic links between bookmarks and bookmark folders. The bookmark editor may also detect when a bookmark already exists for a document and prompt the user to create a link rather than a new bookmark for the same document. The user may then keep a folder, subfolder, or bookmark and link to it via a symbolic link. When a bookmark is added to a folder or subfolder, the user does not need to duplicate that bookmark for a linked folder or subfolder.10-23-2008
20110231746SCALABLE DISPLAY OF INTERNET CONTENT ON MOBILE DEVICES - Mobile devices enabled to support resolution-independent scalable display of Internet (Web) content to allow Web pages to be scaled (zoomed) and panned for better viewing on smaller screen sizes. The mobile devices employ software-based processing of original Web content, including HTML-based content, XML, cascade style sheets, etc. to generate scalable content. The scalable content and/or data derived therefrom are then employed to enable the Web content to be rapidly rendered, zoomed, and panned. Display lists may also be employed to provide further enhancements in rendering speed. Context zooms, including tap-based zooms on columns, images, and paragraphs are also enabled.09-22-2011
20090187814METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANAGING CALENDAR INFORMATION FROM A SHARED DATABASE AND MANAGING CALENDAR INFORMATION FROM MULTIPLE USERS - A method and system for synchronizing and using calendar information from a shared database is disclosed. Calendar information can be stored in a shared database, e.g., on a server system and accessed and synchronized with one or more portable computer systems. The calendar information is stored using particular category types which facilitate separate manipulation, access and removal of the calendar information when placed onto a portable computer system (e.g., palmtop). In one embodiment, calendar information is stored on a shared database and is assigned a unique category type. Multiple portable computer systems can then access the shared calendar information which can be displayed on each computer system along with the system's own calendar information. The unique category type is different from the default type of each system's own calendar information and the user is not able to change category types on the portable computer system. Shared calendar information can be viewed and edited and then easily removed using the unique category type.07-23-2009
20090249178Document linking - Associating first metadata with a first element in a first document. The first metadata describes at least a location of the first element within the first document. Storing the first metadata extrinsically from the first document. Identifying a first link based on the first metadata. Displaying the first link.10-01-2009
20090222715ENHANCED BROWSER NAVIGATION - A method is provided for processing a Web page for display on a device in communication with a server when the Web page is selected by a user clicking on a hyperlink. The method comprises the following steps. Text associated with a link label of the hyperlink is stored. The stored text is used to identify a relevant portion of the Web page that is desired by the user. At least a portion of a Web page identified by a link destination of the hyperlink is retrieved. The relevant portion of the Web page is presented to the user. A computer readable medium comprising instructions for executing the method and a computing device configured to execute the instructions are also provided.09-03-2009
20090254801MODEL NAVIGATION - In an embodiment, a modeling environment (ME) may be configured to provide a navigation widget for navigating through a model. The navigation widget may display a first hierpath where the first hierpath is associated with a path to a first portion of the model. The ME may receive input, via the navigation widget, that is associated with a second hierpath, the second hierpath being associated with a path to a second portion of the model. In response to receiving the input, the ME may display a view of the second portion of the graphical model.10-08-2009
20130219255Authorized Syndicated Descriptions of Linked Web Content Displayed With Links in User-Generated Content - Syndicated descriptions of web content are obtained from feeds. For each item of each feed, a link is followed to a content page, and it is determined whether the content page directly or indirectly points back to the feed. If so, the description of the item from the feed is stored as an authorized description with a canonical form of the link to the item. Subsequently, when an item of user-generated content that includes a link to web content is received, the link to the web content is canonicalized. Based on the canonicalized link, any stored authorized syndicated descriptions of the linked content is obtained. If more than one authorized syndicated description of an item of linked content is available, one is selected. Then, the item of user-generated content containing a link can be published with an authorized syndicated description of the linked content.08-22-2013
20090259927SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR VIDEO CONTENT ASSOCIATION - The present invention describes methods and apparatus to associate video content. An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a method for associating video content involving the steps of requesting a webpage by a user computer and determining whether a keyword is present on the webpage requested by the user computer. Furthermore, the method includes the step of creating a link on the webpage from the keyword to the video file. Additionally, the method involves displaying the video file when the link is activated.10-15-2009
20090259926METHODS AND APPARATUS TO PLAY AND CONTROL PLAYING OF MEDIA CONTENT IN A WEB PAGE - Methods and apparatus to play and control playing of media content in a web page are disclosed. In one example, a method of monitoring media content in a web page loads a web page containing a media player and media content, processes an image of the web page to determine a control associated with the media player, and monitors the media content based on the control.10-15-2009
20100162093IDENTIFYING COMMENTS TO SHOW IN CONNECTION WITH A DOCUMENT - A system may identify a comment that includes a number of links, each of the links points to a corresponding document; identify one or more factors associated with each of the links, the one or more factors including at least one of: a click through rate associated with the links, explicit user feedback regarding the links, a length of an address associated with the links, a measure of popularity associated with the document corresponding to the links, or a comparison of a topic associated with the comment and a topic associated with the document corresponding to the links; assign a score to the links based on the one or more factors; select one of the links based on the assigned scores; and provide information regarding the comment to a client device for presentation in connection with presentation of the document corresponding to the selected link.06-24-2010
20100153833SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GENERATING QUOTATIONS FROM A REFERENCE DOCUMENT ON A TOUCH SENSITIVE DISPLAY DEVICE - The present invention is a system and method for generating quotations from a reference document on a touch sensitive display device or other handheld device, including the following steps: (a) providing a reference document; (b) displaying the reference document; (c) capturing an image of a portion of the reference document; (d) editing the captured portion of the reference document; and (e) generating a quotation comprising an image quotation and a bibliographical reference to a referenced portion of the reference document. The present invention may be used in Apple iPhones®, hand-held devices that inspectors may use to quote reference documents to substantiate statements of problems found during industrial inspections, and in other purposes.06-17-2010
20100180187ONLINE DONATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A system for soliciting donations via the World Wide Web or Internet. A donor may, if desired, be an individual or an individual representing an organization with a particular interest in a charitable organization. The charitable organization is a nonprofit organization that has a presence or website on the Internet. The system is integrated with the charitable organization's website. The charitable organization has cataloged on the system's database particular items or assets as gifts to the donor based on the contribution area of interest of the donor. The donor, in communication with the charitable organization, selects a donation by activating a hyperlink to the system's website. Transparent to the donor, the system is now in communication with the donor and the charitable organization. The system facilitates the donation process, the selection of gifts, the implication and effect of the tax deduction, and the delivery of the selected gifts.07-15-2010
20100229080COLLABORATIVE LINKING OF SUPPORT KNOWLEDGE BASES WITH VISUALIZATION OF DEVICE - A system and method which may be implemented at least partly by a computer, are provided for developing a support system. A virtual representation of a device is generated for display on a user interface. Links between components of the virtual representation, which represent components of the device, and corresponding cases in a searchable knowledge base (SKB) are stored. Users can navigate the SKB in search of a solution to a problem with the device with the assistance of the virtual representation which enables actuation of the existing links. The users are able to create new links, each new link linking a component of the virtual representation with a case in the SKB which the user identifies as providing a solution to the problem with the device which is related to the component. The new link is stored for future use by the user or by other users.09-09-2010
20090077461METHOD AND DEVICE FOR RETRIEVING DOCUMENTS - A document retrieval device for retrieving a second document in response to first indicating data received from a sensing device. The first interactive document has a corresponding page description stored in one of a plurality of servers. The device is configured to receive the first indicating data; determine a network address of a server handling the page description corresponding to the first interactive document; send second indicating data to the network address identified using the page identity; receive response data corresponding to the second document; and provide the second document to a user.03-19-2009
20100211860CREATING AND INSERTING LINKS BY DRAG AND DROP - A user interface is provided. The user interface may include a first portion and a second portion. The first portion may contain one or more listings corresponding to one or more entities. The second portion may include an editable surface for viewing and editing the entities. A command to drag and drop a listing corresponding to a first entity from the first portion displaying the listing into the second portion displaying a second entity is received. In response to receiving the command to drag and drop the listing from the first portion into the second portion, a link to the first entity is inserted into the second entity.08-19-2010
20100218078GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE (GUI) FOR SCIENTIFIC REFERENCE COMPRISING A THREE-DIMENTIONAL, MULTI-FRAMED UNIFICATION OF CONCEPT PRESENTATIONS - A three-dimensional scientific reference software program for generating a graphical user interface is disclosed. The interface includes a categorical listing of primary science and humanities disciplines/sub-disciplines providing a hyperlink to detailed information, and a categorical listing of cosmological phenomena corresponding to the primary science and humanities disciplines/sub-disciplines. Including the foregoing categorical text listings, a 3D unified schematic is displayed representing the cosmos as a whole, including a composite of multiple individual diagrams representing a cosmological phenomena and plotted within a graphical time/space coordinate system. Anyone of the individual diagrams may be displayed in enlarged isolated format, and the user can drill down to obtain more detailed information on anyone of said phenomena. Controls are provided for manipulating the unified schematic in three-dimensional space. The scientific reference software serves as a 3D graphics-based summation of science and humanities concepts for expedient reference.08-26-2010
20100241941Method and System for Forming a Hyperlink Within a Digital Version of a Paper - A method performed by a computer system. The method includes storing a version of a mass-produced printed paper, identifying at least a subset of characters within the version, and in response to the identified subset, forming at least one hyperlink within the version, the version being displayable on a display device as a likeness of the paper including an indicator of a hyperlink.09-23-2010
20100229081Method for Providing a Navigation Element in an Application - Integration of a first application and at least one second application can be done in the following way without requiring changes to the application source code even if the number or identity of the second application(s) changes. The first application reads a first piece of information identifying a reference provider and a second piece of information associated with information to be fetched from a second application from a configuration entry. The first application retrieves a reference from said reference provider, said reference referring to said information to be fetched from said second application and conforming to a format expected by said second application. The first application presents a navigation element associated with said reference to a user.09-09-2010
20100251086METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING HYPERLINKING IN TEXT EDITING - An approach is provided for associating one or more content identifiers with respective keywords. While a user is using a text editing application, the input is monitored to determine when one of the respective keywords is entered. In response, the one or more associated content identifiers are suggested as hyperlinks for that keyword within the message. If the user accepts one of the suggested content identifiers, then an appropriate hyperlink is created.09-30-2010
20100218077MODIFYING A MARKUP LANGUAGE DOCUMENT WHICH INCLUDES A CLICKABLE IMAGE - The invention relates to a method, a computer program product and a computer device for modifying a markup language document which includes a clickable image. The method comprises the steps of extracting a clickable portion of the clickable image, generating a reduced image corresponding to the extracted portion, adding a link element to the reduced image, the link element having an address corresponding to the link address of the clickable portion, and inserting the reduced image into the document. The method may be performed by a transcoding server, a client terminal or a web server operating in a computer network.08-26-2010
20100211861CONTENT DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT DEVICE, COMMUNICATION TERMINAL, PROGRAM, AND CONTENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - To provide a mechanism for supporting prevention of unintentional access to contents provided by malicious content providers. A gateway server device 08-19-2010
20100241940Trail-Based Data Content Discovery, Organization, and Processing - Embodiments described herein include a trail generator for implementing a content trail associated with selected data pages. The trail generator retrieves references to data pages selected from the Internet from storage and generates a content trail for the data pages selected from the Internet. The content trail is generated using the references by organizing the references into a user-defined, ordered sequence in the content trail and interconnecting the reference using user-assigned relationships to define at least one path in the content trail that is navigable by a viewer.09-23-2010
20100251084INPUT CONTENT TO APPLICATION VIA WEB BROWSER - The disclosed architecture allows markup language (e.g., HTML) pages to facilitate the insertion of content (e.g., text) into an application to which an input method is attached. In this way, a plug-in developer can implement any UI look and behavior using a web page language (e.g., HTML), communicate with a backend datasource just as a regular HTML page, and perform this using any suitable technology. Since the web page is stored in a web server and downloaded to client on-the-fly, install is minimal and users can use the latest version automatically. A broker component receives data derived from code authored in the programming language and embedded in a markup language and provides the additional arbitrary data to the application.09-30-2010
20100251087INFORMATION BROWSE APPARATUS - The information browse apparatus includes a display unit, an input unit, an information acquirer, and a display data constructor. The display unit has a display screen for displaying information. The input unit receives input information including location data of a point on a touch panel mounted on the display screen. The information acquirer acquires page information of a linked destination determined in accordance with the location data. The display data constructor updates display data currently displayed, so as to replace displayed content on a partial area of the display screen with a part of spread data of the page information. The partial area has been determined in accordance with the location data.09-30-2010
20080307297Method and System for Click-Thru Capability in Electronic Media - Methods and systems for capturing, collecting, analyzing and auditing of electronic documents. In an embodiment, there is provided the ability to present an audit function or “click thru” capability with respect to image files, non-structured text, non-structured html, and pdf documents.12-11-2008
20120198320LITIGATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A computer-based user interface for accessing litigation information associated with at least one litigation case includes a home page. The home page includes a first plurality of user-selectable hyperlinks. Each hyperlink in the first plurality of hyperlinks identifies a category of litigation information. The interface also includes a plurality of web pages. Each web page is associated with one of the hyperlinks in the first plurality of hyperlinks. Each web page provides litigation information related to the category identified by the hyperlink associated with the web page. Each web page is displayed in response to selection of the hyperlink associated with the web page.08-02-2012
20100269029SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GENERATING QUOTATIONS FROM A REFERENCE DOCUMENT ON A TOUCH SENSITIVE DISPLAY DEVICE - The present invention is a system and method for generating quotations from a reference document on a touch sensitive display device or other handheld device, including the following steps: (a) receiving a first input from a user designating a first point in a captured image of the reference document to define a first corner of a crop rectangle; (b) receiving a second input from the user designating a second point in the captured image to define a second corner of the crop rectangle, wherein the first input is released before the second input is initiated; (c) cropping the captured image from the first point to the second point of the crop rectangle when the second input is released to generate an image quotation; and (f) generating a quotation data object comprising the image quotation and a bibliographical reference to a referenced section of the reference document which contains the image quotation. After the image quotation has been cropped, it may be annotated using a similar two-touch method. The present invention may be used in smart phones such as Apple iPhones®, or industrial hand-held devices that inspectors may use to quote reference documents, and in other purposes.10-21-2010
20110066931METHOD FOR PROVIDING WIDGET AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING AND DISPLAYING THE SAME - A widget providing method and an apparatus for displaying the widget are provided. According to the present method of generating a hyperlink widget, a widget is generated upon selection of links included in a web page. The generated widget is displayed on the specific portion of a screen. Through the generated widget, a user may check brief information regarding the hyperlinked web page, select widgets including contents that the user wants, and load and display the hyperlinked web pages corresponding to the selected widgets, without the user having to return to the apparatus page and select another hyperlink.03-17-2011
20110066930SOCIAL WEBSITE DOMAIN REGISTRATION ANNOUNCEMENT - Systems and methods of the present invention provide for publishing an announcement of a registered domain name and a link to an associated website on a social networking website. A control panel for the registered domain name and associated website may be displayed on a client.03-17-2011
20090319879Double click inline edit / single click action - A system, method and prepaid payment card configured to enable web-browser behavior for double-click in-line edit and single click action fields.12-24-2009
20090113281Identifying And Displaying Tags From Identifiers In Privately Stored Messages - In a computerized method of identifying and displaying tags that represent respective identifiers in messages privately stored in a message store for restricted access by a user, at least one document identifier is discovered. The message store is scanned to identify messages containing the at least one document identifier and one or more identifiers in the messages identified as containing the at least one document identifier are identified. In addition, respective tags associated with the one or more identifiers are created and displayed in a tag area.04-30-2009
20100223541AUTOMATED AND USER CUSTOMIZABLE CONTENT RETRIEVAL FROM A COLLECTION OF LINKED DOCUMENTS TO A SINGLE TARGET DOCUMENT - A user initiated unification command can be received from a user interface. The unification command can be associated with a selected portion of a fragmented document. The fragmented document can include more than one discrete documents interconnected by at least one reference. Each reference can be a linkage to content of a document other than the one containing the reference. The selected portion can be associated with one of the discrete documents referred to as a root document. Responsive to the unification command, content represented by the reference can be acquired from the associated discrete documents without presenting the discrete document within a user interface window. The acquired content can be added to the root document.09-02-2010
20120144282SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CREATING A CUSTOMIZED DIGITAL IMAGE - There are provided methods and systems for providing viewers of a digital image with information about identifiable and scenes within the image. In an embodiment, digital images, uploaded to a host website, are customized through the incorporation of some number of selectable informational links and other text based information to provide viewers of the image real-time access to social and advertising related information regarding certain identifiable objects and scenes in the image. The selectable information links are incorporated within and around the digital image in a process referred to herein as image tagging.06-07-2012
20110119572MOBILE TERMINAL - A mobile terminal outputs text-to-speech (TTS) voice data. The mobile terminal displays text data including link data on a display unit of the mobile terminal, selects the link data, receives an original data of the link data as a background process, converts the original data to the TTS voice data, and outputs the TTS voice data though a voice outputting unit of the mobile terminal.05-19-2011
20100306636Framework for providing visual context to www hyperlinks - A method and a system for presenting Internet information to a user including providing to a user a visual image of a web page containing at least one hyperlink, and at least partially concurrently providing a visual image of another web page of at least one web site which is represented by the at least one hyperlink.12-02-2010
20130139042GENERATING AND PROVIDING GUIDANCE FILES FOR DOCUMENTS - A method, performed by a computer device, may include generating a guidance file for a document, where the guidance file includes guidance instructions for one or more interactive elements in the document; a script file configured to cause the guidance file to be accessed and to provide the guidance instructions in connection with the one or more interactive elements; and adding an instruction to the document to run the script file when the document is accessed.05-30-2013
20130139043SYSTEM, APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR UPDATING LINKS - A system, apparatus and method are provided for automatically updating links on a webpage. In one or more embodiments, a landing page can receive new content from a content provider and can replace the old content with the new content on the landing page. When the landing page has been updated, the webpage containing links to the landing page are also automatically updated to correctly describe the new content that is being displayed on the landing page.05-30-2013
20100332960METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ORGANIZING IDENTIFYING INFORMATION FOR WEB-BASED RESOURCES - A method for organizing identifying information for web-based resources may include: a) initializing an organizing tool and a web browser from a user device in operative communication with a network; b) searching the network for web-based resources associated with a search query by accessing the web search engine via the web browser; c) receiving a results list from the web search engine at the user device in response to the search query; and d) creating an organized file with the organizing tool based on the results list, the organized file including a root node with identifying information for the search query and a first level selectively populated with identifying information for one or more web-based resources included in the results list. A system for organizing identifying information for web-based resources may include a network, an organizing tool; and a user device.12-30-2010
20110022938APPARATUS, METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MODIFYING PAGES - According to one embodiment of the present invention, there is provided a method of determining, for a first web page in a set of web pages comprising a web site, one or more further web pages from the set of web pages to be identified in the first web page. The method comprises analyzing a log of web pages previously requested from the web site to determine one or more further web pages of the web site to be identified in the first web page, and modifying the first web page to identify the one or more determined further pages.01-27-2011
20110016377SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INCIDENT REPORTING - A system and method for incident reporting uses an application server on a network to facilitate the creation of incident reports and distribution of the reports for review, and controls access to the incident reports to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the reports. Each incident report is given a routing profile, which is tailored such that only proper authorized persons can review and/or edit the report. The progress of incident report review and incident investigation is tracked, and the tracking data are stored for monitoring and auditing purposes. Access to selected reports may be given to users on a temporary basis. The incident reports are archived to enable auditing and generation of reports.01-20-2011
20110029850DOCUMENT PROCESSOR AND RE-AGGREGATOR - A method and system for implementing a document processor and re-aggregator is described herein. A document is divided into one or more sections and formatting is removed. A condensed document is generated that includes one or more links to the one or more sections. The condensed document is transmitted to a mobile device to be displayed for a user. The user may choose to download one or more of the sections by selecting one or more of the links. Once downloaded, a section may be modified by the user. The one or more modified sections may be transmitted from the mobile device. The one or more modified sections may then be re-aggregated with the unmodified sections to form a revised document.02-03-2011
20110035651Apparatus and method for creating literary macrames - By the use of program scripts, databases, and other software elements, taking as input a set of text files making up a work of literature of substantial size, converting the files to an electronically-readable form, linking the files to each other to provide readers with a rich set of associations to be explored within the work, muting the presentation of the links in order to preserve the immersive character of the reading process, and simplifying the user browsing interface to limit distractions that vitiate the immersive reading experience. By the richness and simplicity of carefully-designed outputs, offering the author a new range of opportunities for engaging the reader, offering the publisher a new opportunity for succeeding in purveying electronic literature, and presenting the reader with an “electronic literary macramé”: a new class of work permitting a level of immersive reading practice obtainable only in the world of electronic text.02-10-2011
20110035650SERVICE REGISTRY POLICY AGGREGATOR - A service registry and repository based on a triplestore comprises: receiving a request to aggregate a service document; shredding elements of the service document to create logical objects within the triplestore; for each logical object, searching for all policy attachments logical objects that have a relationship with the logical object; for each located policy attachment, retrieving details of the policy and building a list of policies and associated logical objects in the repository; and returning an indication of the list of polices and associated logical objects. The list of logical objects and associated polices is used to compile a service document containing details of policies that have relationships with the selected service document logical objects. Objects that have associated polices are rendered with a hypertext policy icon next to the object and selection of the hypertext policy icon opens a new window with the policy details.02-10-2011
20110119571Mode Identification For Selective Document Content Presentation - Methods and apparatuses that identify one of a plurality of modes from a web page associated with a document received at a browser are described. An identified mode may correspond to a user interface configuration. A portion of content may be extracted from the document for a presentation configured by the user interface configuration. A presentation of the extracted content may be displayed on a display screen while excluding a reset of the document without displaying the web page.05-19-2011
20110113317Email with social attributes - This invention is an email system that replaces every URL, attachment and image in the email message with a short URL, where the original URL, attachment or image is publicly accessible through the short URL. The system further includes the short URL in the public profile associated with the email address of the sender and also publishes the most popular short URLs in the system.05-12-2011
20130151935GENERATING AN ELECTRONIC FORM LOCALLY ON A CLIENT COMPUTER FROM INPUT PARAMETERS - A computer displays a screen that includes a uniform resource locator (URL). In response to a selection of a uniform resource locator (URL) by an end-user at a computer, the computer intercepts a request within the computer to prevent the request from being sent to another computer. The computer determines whether the URL includes one or more parameters that define a field with a missing value, and that need entry of one or more input values from the end-user. The computer generates an electronic form utilizing the one or more parameters to formulate a field, within the electronic form, for each of the one or more parameters. The computer displays the electronic form including the field for each of the one or more parameters, which enables the end-user to enter information into the field within the electronic form.06-13-2013
20130151936PAGE PREVIEW USING CONTEXTUAL TEMPLATE METADATA AND LABELING - Architecture that provides a preview template of information supplemented to a result entry of a results page, such as a search engine results page. A data component supplements the result entry with information from a results destination document. The information is segmented and grouped into logical collections of related results according to contextual templates. Each template is associated with an interactive label that exposes a corresponding collection in response to label interaction. Each label of a template is a visual cue that includes a descriptive title which relates to individual web results of the collection. A user can scan through the labels and interact only with the section (collection) of interest to obtain a preview of destination document results before committing a click that navigates the user to the destination document of the website. The labels are also ranked within the template of information for a given result entry.06-13-2013
20110214047STRATEGIES FOR ANNOTATING DIGITAL MAPS - A strategy is described for annotating a digital map. According to one exemplary aspect, the user can link a single uploaded object to multiple locations within a map (or maps) without requiring separate uploading and storing operations. According to another exemplary aspect, the user can specify a range of zoom levels in which an object is made visible on the map. According to another exemplary aspect, the user can instruct map processing functionality (MPF) to automatically extract objects from a data source (such as an RSS data source) and annotate the map with the objects. Still further aspects are described.09-01-2011
20090235150SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DYNAMICALLY CREATING HYPERLINKS ASSOCIATED WITH RELEVANT MULTIMEDIA CONTENT - The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for dynamically creating hyperlinks associated with relevant multimedia content in a computer network. A hyperlink generation module receives an electronic text file from a server. The module searches the text file to identify keywords present in the file. Once the keywords have been identified, a database is queried to identify multimedia content that is related to the keywords. Generally, multimedia content is associated with metadata to enable efficient searching of the multimedia content. Typically, the multimedia content is contextually relevant to both the identified keywords and text file. One or more hyperlinks corresponding to the keywords are then generated and inserted into the text file. The hyperlinks provide pointers to the identified multimedia content. After insertion into the text file, the hyperlinks may be clicked by a user or viewer of the file to retrieve and display the identified multimedia content.09-17-2009
20090089652SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTEXTUAL COMMANDS IN A SEARCH RESULTS PAGE - The present invention is directed towards systems and methods for providing contextual commands for affecting plurality of items in a search results page. The method of the present invention comprises displaying a search engine results page (SERP), said SERP comprising a plurality of search result resources and access to contextually relevant commands. At least one resource identifier is transmitted to a content provider with a request for a subsequent SERP and the subsequent SERP is modified based upon the at least one resource identifier. The subsequent SERP is provided and displayed on the end user device.04-02-2009
20100241942METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR FORMING A HYPERLINK WITHIN A DIGITAL VERSION OF A PAPER - A method performed by a computer system. The method includes storing a version of a mass-produced printed paper, identifying at least a subset of characters within the version, and in response to the identified subset, forming at least one hyperlink within the version, the version being displayable on a display device as a likeness of the paper including an indicator of a hyperlink.09-23-2010
20100235723ELECTRONIC APPARATUS HAVING ELECTRONIC DICTIONARY FUNCTION - An electronic apparatus includes: a display device; an input unit; a dictionary storage; and a link destination display section configured to control the display device to display explanatory information being correlated with a passage being displayed on the display device based on link information that correlates the explanatory information as a link destination and the passage as a link source when the passage is selected in accordance with the user operation.09-16-2010
20100017696Intelligent Preloads of Views and Asynchronous Loading of Models Using the MVC Design Pattern - In one embodiment, the present invention is a system and method for loading a web page in a browser application. The method sends a request to retrieve the web page, receives a response to the request that includes the web page, and displays the web page in the browser application. The web page includes a static view portion, a dynamic view portion, and at least one possible action that a user may take from the web page. When the user takes each possible action, the browser application will display a related web page. The method receives a second response to the request that includes the static view portion of the related web page for each possible action, and stores the static view portion of the related web page for each possible action.01-21-2010
20090327849Link Classification and Filtering - A system for classifying links may be used for filtering email messages and other content. Links may be classified by many methods, including analyzing registration databases and cached or actual resources referenced by the links. Using registration data, a link may be classified based on the registrar, registrant, and the date of registration. The resource referenced by the link may be analyzed using keywords as well as incoming and outgoing links to the reference. Once classified, the link may be used to classify email messages and web content for unwanted advertisement, pornography, malicious software, phishing, or other classifications.12-31-2009
20090217146PAGE NAVIGATION GENERATION SYSTEM FOR A CUSTOMIZABLE APPLICATION - A page navigation rule generator system for a customizable application includes a page navigation rule detail module and a page navigation rule generation module. The page navigation rule detail module may be executable to receive a page navigation rule detail. The page navigation rule detail may include a page identifier to identify a display page in the customizable application, a navigation rule identifier to identify an evaluative expression, and a destination page identifier to identify a destination page in the customizable application. The page navigation rule generation module is executable to generate a page navigation rule detail entry in an application database from the page navigation rule detail. The page navigation rule detail is configurable to direct the customizable application to display a link to the destination page on the display page when the evaluative expression is determined to be a predetermined condition.08-27-2009
20110252297PERSONALISING CONTENT PROVIDED TO A USER - A method for personalizing content such as user interface items provided to a user during a session of an interactive application is disclosed. One or more environmental context attribute values for the session are determined. Responsive to a request for content, for at least one item of the content, each of the environmental context attribute values are mapped to respective values indicating a users level of interest in the item for the environmental context attribute values. Content is retrieved from a content database and the content is personalized as a function of the users level of interest in the item for the environmental context attribute values before being returned to the application.10-13-2011
20110154176ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT MANAGING APPARATUS AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM - An electronic document managing apparatus includes a link information acquiring unit, an integration unit, and an addition unit. The link information acquiring unit acquires link information relating to link destinations inside each of a plurality of electronic documents. The integration unit integrates the respective pieces of link information relating to the plurality of electronic documents to generate integrated link information. The addition unit adds the integrated link information to the plurality of electronic documents, respectively.06-23-2011
20120304045METHODS AND DEVICES FOR PROVIDING SPONSORED PROACTIVE SEARCHES FOR SPONSORED QUALITY OF SERVICE NETWORK CONNECTIONS - A user can select a higher Quality of Service network connection that is at least partially subsidized by a sponsor. In response, an indicia of the sponsorship of the higher Quality of Service connection is provided to the user. The indicia of sponsorship can be provided as a result of a sponsored proactive search, wherein advertising and/or sponsored links may be repeatedly or continuously provided to the user based on analysis of the user's navigation of the network while using the higher Quality of Service connection. A sponsorship message (analogous to a “brought to you by” message in conventional radio or television programming) and/or a sponsored link also may be provided. Accordingly, higher Quality of Service network connections may be at least partially sponsored by third parties to provide revenue to the network provider that can at least partially subsidize the higher Quality of Service network connection.11-29-2012
20120304044INTERFACE DEFINITION LANGUAGE EXTENSIONS - Various embodiments provide an interface between a Web browser's layout engine and a scripting engine. The interface enables objects from the layout engine to be recognized by a memory manager in the scripting engine and interact in a streamlined, efficient manner. In accordance with one or more embodiments, the interface allows browser layout engine objects to be created as objects that are native to the scripting engine. Alternately or additionally, in some embodiments, the native objects are further configured to proxy functionality between the layout engine and the scripting engine.11-29-2012
20110060980LINKED CODE GENERATION REPORT - A method includes generating source code corresponding to a block diagram model and generating hypertext links associating elements of the generated source code with elements of the block diagram model.03-10-2011
20130159826SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR RECOMMENDING A LIST OF URLS - The present disclosure is directed to a method for providing a recommended list of uniform resource locators (URLs) responsive to a uniform resource locator (URL). The method may include identifying, by a server, a plurality of users that clicked on an encoded uniform resource locator (URL) link corresponding to a URL. The server may identify a plurality of encoded URL links clicked by each of the plurality of users. The server may determine a number of users who clicked on each encoded URL link of the plurality of encoded URL links and also clicked on the encoded URL link. The server may enumerate, responsive a request comprising the URL, a list of URLs and their corresponding score based on the determination, each URL of the list of URLs corresponding to one of the plurality of encoded URL links.06-20-2013
20130159827APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DISPLAYING SUB PAGE CONTENT - An apparatus for displaying sub page content includes a display unit, a storage unit, and a processing unit. The apparatus communicates with a network server. The processing unit obtains a webpage from the network server and one or more sub pages linked to the webpage. The display unit displays a first window for displaying label of each sub page designating a type which is binding with each sub page. The processing unit controls the display unit to display a second window for displaying the sub page content of the label displayed on the first window which is determined to be selected according to whether operation position of user's operation performed on the first window is on the area of the label of sub page displayed. A related method is also provided.06-20-2013
20120278694ANALYSIS METHOD, ANALYSIS APPARATUS AND ANALYSIS PROGRAM - A data structure analysis means reads out document data A and document data B from a document data storage means, and analyzes the reference relationship between the documents to generate the structure information of the documents. Also, the data structure analysis means analyzes the relationship between items to generate the structure information between the items. A change information analysis means detects unassociated files and unassociated items which are present only in one document. An information matching means associates the unassociated files with one another on the basis of the structure information of the documents. Also, the information matching means associates the unassociated items with one another on the basis of the structure information between the items.11-01-2012
20110016376Web Page Hot Spots - An image map designer creates an image map for use with an image. The image map contains one or more hotspots, each of which specifies a set of pixels which may be non-contiguous and non-polygonal. The image map designer may create the image map using image processing software that facilitates creation of non-contiguous and non-polygonal image maps. Multiple versions of the image map may be created, each for use with a different magnification of the image. The image maps are stored in a compact format, which may be transmitted efficiently from a server to a client. Data contained within the image map facilitates the process of determining whether the client user's mouse pointer is within any of the hotspots, and the process of applying the image map to the image when rendered at different magnifications.01-20-2011
20110016375METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DYNAMIC MANAGEMENT OF DISTRIBUTED CONTEXT - The invention provides embodiments of a method an apparatus for dynamic management of distributed context. Each of a plurality of sticky notes can be associated with contextual information corresponding to a first context in which the virtual sticky note was posted. A request to access at least one of the virtual sticky notes can be received. A second context in which the request was generated can be identified. At least one of the virtual sticky notes that is associated with contextual information that corresponds to the second context can be identified. The identified virtual sticky note(s) can be communicated for presentation to a user.01-20-2011
20100332961Automatic link publisher - This invention is an online system that shows many links to registered users and if the user presses one of modifier keys while clicking on a link, the system in addition to showing the contents of the link, automatically posts the link to the user's public profile.12-30-2010
20130159828Method and Apparatus for Building Sales Tools by Mining Data from Websites - A website mining tool is disclosed that extracts information from, for example, a company's website and presents the extracted information in a graphical user interface (GUI). In one embodiment, web pages from a website are stored in, for example, computer memory and a structure of the web pages is identified. A plurality of blocks of information is then extracted as a function of this structure and a category is assigned to each block of information. The elements in the blocks of information are then displayed, for example to a salesperson, as a function of these categories. In another embodiment, Document Object Modeling parsing is used to identify the structure of the web pages. In yet another embodiment, a support vector machine is used to categorize each block of information.06-20-2013
20130159825SEARCH RESULTS WITH MAPS - A plurality of query responses is obtained based on a query. A corresponding selectable thumbnail map is determined for each query response, each corresponding selectable thumbnail map including a graphical geographic focus entity that is associated with the corresponding query response. A display of the query responses with the corresponding selectable thumbnail maps each displayed adjacent to its corresponding query response is initiated, in response to the query. A request for an expanded map is received based on a selection action associated with one of the corresponding selectable thumbnail maps. A display of the expanded map that includes a selectable link associated with the corresponding query response that is associated with the corresponding selectable thumbnail map that represents a compressed view of the expanded map is initiated, the expanded map displayed in a common display area with the display of the query responses with the corresponding selectable thumbnail maps.06-20-2013
20100262899INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS WITH TEXT DISPLAY FUNCTION, AND DATA ACQUISITION METHOD - A link processing unit links the music data and the lyric data acquired by a data acquiring unit with each other. If corresponding data is not present, the link processing unit causes the data acquiring unit to acquire the corresponding data and store it in a storage unit so as to link the music data with the lyric data. If a replay processing unit replays the music data, a synchronous display unit reads the corresponding lyric data and displays the lyrics in accordance with the progression of replay.10-14-2010
20100269028DISPLAYING A MAP ON A HANDHELD WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATION DEVICE - Tickers are populated with location-based information that is selected according to the geographic location of communication devices. The location of a communication device is identified based on a GPS system, proximity to transmitters in a wireless network, user input, or using other techniques. Location-appropriate content is obtained either in real-time from the network or from a local data store at the communication device. In general location-based, context-aware content can be displayed on tickers associated with a variety of communication devices, including mobile communication devices and “immobile” or stationary personal computers. When a ticker item is selected from the ticker, a location associated with the selected ticker item and/or a location of the communication device is used to generate a map that is displayed on the display of the device to the user.10-21-2010
20110161790METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DISPLAYING ADVERTISEMENTS ON A MOBILE DEVICE - The present invention relates to methods of providing advertisement images on mobile devices, and to mobile devices capable of performing such methods. In at least one embodiment, a method includes accessing graphical advertisement information pertaining to the advertisement image to be presented on a mobile device display, wherein the information includes at least one type of information, analyzing one or more of the at least one type of information, and selecting a position for the advertisement image to be displayed on the display. The method also includes determining whether a gap exists or will exist in relation to portion(s) of the advertisement image, and displaying the advertising image, where at least some pixels situated in the gap are set to a determined color that is based at least in part upon the analyzing. In additional embodiments, advertisement images are displayed during interface wait times, and/or for minimum impression times.06-30-2011
20120204089Methods And Apparatus For Providing Map Locations In User Applications Using URL Strings - Techniques for use in a wireless communication device for displaying a map are described. The device receives via a user interface a selection of a hypertext link object in an electronic file or message. The object is associated with a URL string which includes a server address and location data corresponding to a location. When a mapping application is installed in the device, the device executes the mapping application for rendering a map of the location in response to receiving the selection of the object. When the mapping application is not installed in the device, the device executes a web browser of the device for receiving and displaying a map image of the location in response to receiving the selection of the object.08-09-2012
20120204087Document Clipping with Linked Information - An apparatus receives a first selection command to select a part of an area of a displayed first document (e.g., text, image, etc) as a selected area. When the apparatus receives the first selection command, the apparatus causes display content included in the selected area selected in response to the first selection command to be stored in a storage unit and determines whether link information linked to second document is included in the selected area. The apparatus acquires document data of the second document using the link information in response to determining that the link information is included in the selected area.08-09-2012
20090241016DISPLAY CONTROL APPARATUS, DISPLAY CONTROL METHOD AND COMPUTER PRODUCT - A display control apparatus acquires a Web page from a Web server to transmit the Web page to a user terminal. The display control apparatus receives, from the user terminal, a request for access to a second Web page among link destination Web pages of a first Web page in which a link to one or a plurality of the link destination Web pages is embedded; extracts, from the first Web page, a keyword relevant to the second Web page; detects a notable portion, serving as a portion relevant to the keyword, in the second Web page; and sets a display priority of a notable part including the notable portion of the second Web page so that the display priority of the notable part is higher than that of an accessory part serving as a part other than the notable part.09-24-2009
20110161791METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR NOTIFICATION OF RECENT ACTIVITY ON A WEBSITE - It may be detected that a user of a communication application engages in an activity on a website. User preferences of the user then may be applied. If it is allowed by the user preferences, the fact that the user has engaged in the activity may be communicated to a process running on a computing device of at least one other user of the communication application. A list of one or more member identifiers may be generated on a computer display of the computing device. If allowed by user preferences of the user, a notification indicative of the recent activity engaged in by the member is generated on the computer display such that the notification is associated with at least one member identifier of the one or more member identifiers corresponding to the user.06-30-2011
20110047447Hyperlinking Web Content - In one embodiment, access a first one of one or more network resources, the first network resource comprising one or more keywords. For each of the keywords of the first network resource: request a search engine to conduct a search on the keyword; obtain one or more second ones of the network resources identified by the search engine as a result of the search conducted on the keyword; and associate the second network resources identified for the keyword with the keyword. Rank the keywords of the first network resource according to their relative degrees of popularity based at least on a number of the network resources tagged with the keyword. Visually distinguish the keywords of the first network resource according to their popularity ranking.02-24-2011
20120311420Method and System for Selecting and Delivering Media Content Via the Internet - A system and method for selecting portions of content, and media content sets to be delivered over a packet based network is provided. The selected portions of content (such as a web page) may be keywords such as a word or a group of words. The media content sets may include one or more of video content (that may include an audio portion), audio content, graphics, images, or other multimedia or single media content. The media content set may include advertising, informational, business, educational, governmental, institutional, customized (e.g., personalized) content and/or other content. According to an example embodiment, the present invention provides a heuristic model employing a piece-wise linear optimization function to select keywords and the media content sets for delivery by a media delivery provider.12-06-2012
20120311419SYSTEM FOR DISPLAYING CACHED WEBPAGES, A SERVER THEREFOR, A TERMINAL THEREFOR, A METHOD THEREFOR AND A COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM ON WHICH THE METHOD IS RECORDED - The present invention relates to a system, a server, a terminal and method for displaying cached webpages and to a computer-readable recoding medium on which the method is recorded. The system comprises a Web service server which stores at least one webpage; a caching server which collects links to webpages that match preset conditions in the webpage(s) for creating a caching page list that comprises at least one of the links to the collected webpages, and a terminal which refers to the link(s) to webpage(s) in the caching page list to cache the webpage(s), and simultaneously display the input link and the link to the cached webpage in response to a user call up of a specific webpage and wherein the terminal which receives the caching page list, displays the link(s) to webpage(s) in the caching page list so received, and provides a display such that webpages cached in links of the webpages are displayed are separate from non-cached webpages.12-06-2012
20110016378SYSTEM AND METHOD OF AUTOMATICALLY IDENTIFYING AND MARKING HYPERIMAGES WHEN DISPLAYED - A method and apparatus for processing a digital image are disclosed. Information, materials and metadata may be associated with the image, thereby forming a HyperImage™. A method includes evaluating metadata associated with an image, determining that the image is a HyperImage™, and indicating to a user that the image is a HyperImage™.01-20-2011
20100153832Collections of Linked Databases - Methods and systems relating to inferential networks are provided herein. This technology is further directed to methods and systems for making and using inferential networks. Still further, this technology is generally directed to making one or more inferential networks by using data generated from directed searches of collections of linked databases.06-17-2010
20100287458METHOD, SYSTEM AND COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR FURNISHING INFORMATION TO CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIVES - A method for providing scripts to customer representatives includes the steps of: receiving from a client computer information identifying a customer, a product, and a workflow; determining a script based on the received product and workflow information; obtaining the determined script, the script comprising text and variables, from a database; replacing the variables in the determined script with text in accordance with at least the received customer identification information to provide a customized script; and providing the customized script to the client computer for display.11-11-2010
20120151311SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GENERATING A CUSTOMIZED TASK LIST - Disclosed embodiments provide a system, machine-readable medium and a method that may generate user-defined task management device. A system for navigating through a number of different computer applications to complete a task. In a graphical user interface generated by a processor, a screenflow template is presented to a user via a list of screens, tasks and applications outlining steps in a process. Based on user inputs, a user-defined screenflow may be generated that incorporates screens for data entry and informational purposes, intermediate tasks for completion of the process, and computer applications for processing inputted and retrieved data. A screen of the user-defined screenflow may access data storage to obtain data required to complete the task.06-14-2012
20100180185SYSTEM AND METHOD APPENDING INTERNET COMMAND FUNCTIONS - A system and method of software database tracking system design encompasses user, commercial user, professional and novice researcher usage of the internet on database systems located locally on hard-drives or remotely on servers through internet protocol design computers and storage systems alike IP telephony, mobile phones, mobile system storage devices and average home computers to emulate small as well as large command demand files upon objects, through menus, or display directly on a location on a website to dedicate to the user's need and demand for a high-grade interoperability of usage on the internet both as point to point landing pages including objects as precisely offering step by step user's usage in a functioning internet environment including some cases of expertly delivering advertisements a unique database would calculate based upon the user of such a database tracking system while offered automatically in conjunction with selected user's use or subscribed upon their action to utilize the system as expertly set to calculate their desire based on usage for information such as advertisements, previously visited websites, dependent upon database created expert delivery in many forms.07-15-2010
20100180186System and Method for Storage and Distribution of Electronic Publications by Content Creators and Online Publishers with Referral-Based Commissions - A method for storage and distribution of electronic publications by content creators and online publishers with referral-based commissions utilizes a repository of products and an associated delivery system. An invitor registers with the system and provides referral addresses to the system, which sends an electronic invitation to use the system to the addresses. The recipients can use the system to purchase electronic publication products and/or to sell their own electronic publication products. Commissions are provided to the invitor based on purchases by the recipients of the invitations and/or based on sales of products on the system by recipients of the invitations.07-15-2010
20110258524GROUPING QUICK HYPERLINK - A hyperlink and navigation apparatus for providing a fast and flexible form of user navigation is presented. The hyperlink may be configured to simultaneously open multiple destinations when activated. The multiple destinations may include any number of applications or webpages. The hyperlink may also be user configurable to define the destinations associated with the hyperlink.10-20-2011
20110087953Automated embeddable searchable static rendering of a webpage generator - A computer program that creates a static rendering of a web page as an image and as text representing the page, by rendering an image of the web page from a web browser, storing the image on a server, extracting only the readable text from the source of the web page, and creating embeddable code that displays the stored image via HTML IMG tag and plain text parsed from the web page source, preferably separating each word by single spaces. Thus, allowing the programs user to input the URL of a web page, and as a function, return to the user code that can be placed within multiple internet e-commerce communities, that is both visually representative of the page and fully searchable using the technology of today's full text search, while preserving the security implemented within these controlled environments.04-14-2011
20120151310Method and system for identifying and delivering contextually-relevant information to end users of a data network - A method and system for identifying and delivering contextually-relevant information to end users of a data network is disclosed. A software plug-in is designed and adapted to work in cooperation with an electronic document reader software application. When a document is opened by the document reader application, the plug-in identifies relevant content within the document by means of keyword search rules utilizing keywords that are maintained in a keyword database. The plug-in then performs a markup of the original document for display to the user, either as a modification of the original document or in a separate popup window, by means of markup rules that extract relevant markup information from a contextual information database. In one preferred embodiment, the electronic document reader software application is Adobe Reader, and the keyword database contains a list of company names and associated product information. The plug-in performs a keyword search of the contents of the document in portable Document Format (PDF). Upon identification of a company name and/or a product in the subject document, associated product information is presented to the viewer. The product information may be supplemented with hyperlinks to company websites where additional product information, including purchasing information, may be found. The method is designed and adapted to execution on a computer network-based system.06-14-2012
20090300473Systems and Methods for Displaying Albums Having Links to Documents - Under one aspect, a method of displaying information includes: obtaining, responsive to a user query, an album from a remote computer, wherein the album comprises a plurality of links. Each link is to a static graphic representation, and each static graphic representation is stored in a document repository in a remote location. Each static graphic representation is a static graphic representation of a document retrieved from the Internet at a time before the obtaining. The method also includes getting, responsive to said user query, a subset or all of the static graphic representations using a corresponding subset or all of the links. The subset or all of the static graphic representations in the album is at least two static graphic representations in the album. The method also includes displaying the subset of static representations on a graphic output device.12-03-2009
20110154177SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISTRIBUTION AND NAVIGATION OF INTERNET CONTENT - A system and method for navigating Internet content with a limited or non-existent return channel, limited bandwidth and/or a set-top box with limited processing power.06-23-2011
20110154174EMBEDDED MEDIA MARKERS AND SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GENERATING AND USING THEM - Embedded Media Markers (EMM) are optical-filter-like overlaid marks that can be printed on a part of a paper document that signify the existence of media associated with that part of the document. Users take a picture of an EMM-signified document patch using a cell phone camera, and the media associated with the EMM-signified document location is retrieved and displayed on the phone. Unlike bar codes, EMMs are nearly transparent and thus do not interfere with the document contents. Retrieval of media associated with an EMM is based on image local features of the captured EMM-signified document patch. A semi-automatically technique places an EMM at a location in a document, in such a way that the EMM encompasses sufficient identification features with minimal disturbance to the original document.06-23-2011
20100017695INTEGRATING AN APPLET INTO A MULTI-PAGE OR MULTI-TASKING WEB APPLICATION TO ENABLE APPLET STATE TO BE AUTOMATICALLY SAVED AND RESTORED - A Web page of a Web application can be identified. The identified Web page can include an applet. A navigation action from the identified Web page to another Web page of the multi-page Web application can be detected. A state of the applet can be automatically saved before the applet terminates and the next Web page is navigated to. A navigation action to return to the identified Web page can be detected. This navigation can cause the previously saved applet state to be automatically retrieved and applied to the identified Web page so that the Web page is presented in a state that it was in when last navigated away from.01-21-2010
20090172509Electronic shipment planner - An electronic shipment planner is adapted for electronically presenting shipment and scheduling information to a user. The shipment and scheduling information includes at least one shipment event date. The shipment planner is linked to a shipment data repository containing shipment and scheduling information. A system interface communicates with the shipment data repository. An interactive shipment data link is electronically associated with the shipment and scheduling information, and cooperates with the system interface as commanded by the user to access and retrieve the associated shipment and scheduling information contained in the shipment data repository. A calendar display interface displays the shipment planner to the user in a calendar format, such that the interactive shipment data link is provided on the shipment event date associated with the shipment and scheduling information.07-02-2009
20120042230METHOD OF CREATING GRAPH STRUCTURE FROM TIME-SERIES OF ATTENTION DATA - Embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods and computer program products for generating search results comprising web documents with associated expert information. One embodiment of a method for generating such search results includes receiving one or more search queries, selecting one of the one or more search queries, determining one or more categories of web documents responsive to the selected search query and crawling a web graph of linked web documents to identify one or more web documents tagged as within the one or more categories responsive to the selected search query. The method further includes generating a result set of the one or more web documents identified as within the one or more categories responsive to the selected search query, ranking the result set and generating a list of ranked search results responsive to the selected search.02-16-2012
20130013990BROWSER-BASED RETRIEVAL AND DISPLAY OF CONTENT ASSOCIATED WITH A LINK THAT MATCHES A LINK SIGNATURE - A page update handler, which may be loaded by a web browser as part of a web page, adds functionality for dynamically updating the web page with content supplied by a content server. The content may be related to a particular item detected on the web page by the page update handler, such as a link that matches a link signature. The content server may operate in a different Internet domain from the server that servers the original web page, and may supply content for display on web pages of many different independent web sites. In one embodiment, an operator of a web site that is separate from the content server can enable the display of content from the content server on the site's web pages by adding an update handler tag to one or more corresponding HTML documents.01-10-2013
20120047423VIRTUAL HTML ANCHOR - A method allowing a reader of a document who is not the author of the document to reference and link to some specific portion or location in the document so that others may navigate directly to the specific portion of the document even where the author of the document has not provided an HTML anchor to the specific portion or location of the document is provided.02-23-2012
20120047422HOVERCARD PIVOTING FOR MOBILE DEVICES - Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for invoking execution of web based applications. In one aspect, a method includes receiving user input at a computing device, displaying a contact hovercard on a display of the computing device in response to the user input, the contact hovercard including first contact data and second contact data, the first contact data corresponding to a first web application and the second contact data corresponding to a second web application, the first web application and the second web application being executed on one or more servers, receiving user input selecting the first contact data, generating a user interface and accessing the first web application over a network in response to receiving the user input selecting the first contact data, and providing the first contact data as input to the first web application.02-23-2012
20120005565Small Form Factor Web Browsing - A large web page is analyzed and partitioned into smaller sub-pages so that a user can navigate the web page on a small form factor device. The user can browse the sub-pages to find and read information in the content of the large web page. The partitioning can be performed at a web server, an edge server, at the small form factor device, or can be distributed across one or more such devices. The analysis leverages design habits of a web page author to extract a representation structure of an authored web page. The extracted representation structure includes high level structure using several markup language tag selection rules and low level structure using visual boundary detection in which visual units of the low level structure are provided by clustering markup language tags. User viewing habits can be learned to display favorite parts of a web page.01-05-2012
20120117451METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISPLAYING WEBPAGE - A method and apparatus for displaying webpages connected to links of a first webpage are provided. The method includes displaying a first webpage having at least one link corresponding to another webpage, detecting a touch to select one of the at least one link, and loading a second webpage corresponding to the selected link in the background.05-10-2012
20110167328ACCESSIBLE CONTENT REPUTATION LOOKUP - Implementations of accessible content reputation lookup are described. In one implementation, before a user activates a link in a document, such as a hyperlink on a webpage, the user can designate the link. For example, the user can float a cursor over the link or interact with an icon placed proximate to the link. By designating the link, the user can request reputation information associated with the link, including information as to whether or not content associated with the link, an application used to access the content, and/or source(s) on which the content resides, are known to be dangerous or risky. If the reputation information indicates that the link is safe to activate, the user can activate the link and access the content. Alternately, if the reputation information indicates that the link is unsafe to access, the user can choose to forego activation of the link.07-07-2011
20120011425Graphic display for linked information - A method for graphically linking articles may include the steps of forming a first link between a selected article and a first linked article; forming a second link between the selected article and a second linked article; and interactively displaying the first link and the second link to the user.01-12-2012
20120023392USER INTERFACE FOR WEB COMMENTS - One or more server devices receive a request associated with a link, where the link is further associated with a comment and where the comment provides an opinion of, or remarks upon, a content of a document. The one or more server devices retrieve a content of the comment associated with the link from a database and retrieve the document. The one or more server devices generate another document that displays the content of the comment and includes a frame that further displays the document, and send the generated another document to the client device.01-26-2012
20120023391PROVIDING USEFUL INFORMATION ASSOCIATED WITH AN ITEM IN A DOCUMENT - A method includes recognizing an item within a first document based on a pattern associated with the item but not the exact content of the item. The method further includes identifying a link for the item and providing a second document that includes information associated with the item when the link for the item is selected.01-26-2012
20120023390INTEGRATED LINK STATISTICS WITHIN AN APPLICATION - To enhance the user experience for users of an application, such as a web browser, the application obtains statistics on shortened links that are displayed in an application or that are associated with displayed unshortened links. The statistics may include, for example, a number of times that content available via an unshortened link was viewed via its associated shortened link. The statistics are applied to enhance the ability of users of the application to locate relevant content. For example, the statistics may be shown in visual association with a link, or a set of links may be ordered at least in part based on the statistics associated with the links, or the links may be visually emphasized based on the statistics.01-26-2012
20120060079DISCOVERING ALTERNATIVE USER EXPERIENCES FOR WEBSITES - The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for discovering alternative user experiences for Websites. Embodiments of the invention permit a user to navigate to a Web page that has an alternative application for a Web site. In response to a Web browser detecting the alternative application a user-interface control at the Web browser can be activated. A user can then select the user-interface control to install the alternative application in am alternative application control center. Through the alternative application control center, a user activates alternative applications to interact with Web sites having alternative user experiences.03-08-2012
20120030551REPOSITIONING OF HYPERLINKS FOR COMMON FUNCTIONS - In one embodiment, common functions of hyperlinks are listed and associated with alternative terms, which may be words and phrases that are commonly used to identify hyperlinks in web pages and other documents. A common icon is associated with each common function, and a predetermined position on a display screen is assigned to each common icon. The alternative terms for each common function are compared to each of the hyperlinks in a source document. If a hyperlink matches an alternative term of a common function, the target resource locator from that hyperlink, which points to a target document, is associated with that common function. The corresponding common icon is displayed at its predetermined position on a display screen in the form of a common function hyperlink, which includes the target resource locator. Activating the common function hyperlink redirects the application to the target document.02-02-2012
20120159294Navigation Bars - A web site user interface for an e-commerce retail company allows a user to easily browse or purchase products or services offered by the company. The web site user interface can include a dual horizontal navigation bar including a main navigation bar and subordinate navigation bar. The subordinate navigation bar can be actively and passively customized. Further, the subordinate navigation bar can include product shipment information in a user specific notification pane. The web site user interface can also include a drop-down logo from the dual parent navigation bar where the web page continues to include the drop-down logo as the user scrolls down to focus on web page content. Alternatively, the web site user interface can include a main navigation bar and secondary navigation bar where the main navigation bar includes fewer subcategories of products than the secondary navigation bar.06-21-2012
20120159295METHOD FOR SINGLE PAGE BROWSER MULTI-TASKING - A web page provides multiple section containers, each having independently operating close control and history, without affecting the remainder of the web page. A menu on the page may permit the creation of the containers. An optional mode may be provided in which links within containers do or do not generate new containers within the web page.06-21-2012
20120072816WEB LINK ASSOCIATION METHOD AND SYSTEM - A link association method and system. The method includes receiving by a computer processor from a user, a first link for a first Webpage and a second link for a second Webpage. The user determines that the first Webpage is related to the second Webpage. The computer processor receives a specification command indicating that the first Webpage is related to the second Webpage and in response the computer processor associates the first link with the second link. The computer processor stores the first link associated with the second link and generates a report indicating that the first link is related to the second link.03-22-2012
20110072338Dynamic Hyperlinks for Process Control Systems - Methods and systems for providing knowledge access in a process control system and methods and systems for providing dynamic hyperlinks in a process control system are disclosed. A dynamic hyperlink may define an association between a process control object corresponding to a process control element and a knowledge object corresponding to a knowledge reference stored internally or externally to the process control system. At a run-time of a display view that includes the process control object, the defined dynamic hyperlink may be established without a configuration or a download. Upon selection of the defined dynamic hyperlink, the corresponding knowledge reference may be displayed. Defined dynamic hyperlinks may be stored in a process control system database independent of process control objects or knowledge objects. Embodiments of user interfaces for administrating dynamic hyperlinks are also disclosed.03-24-2011
20120159296Redaction with Classification and Archiving for Format Independence - A method including creating a universal view of a document in an archive, where the universal view comprises individual portions of information from the document as individual elements of the universal view; applying classifications to at least some of the individual elements; and supplying the individual elements with their respectively applied classifications from the archive.06-21-2012
20110107193METHOD OF REPLACING CONTENT - An observation device including: an input interface configured to receive content which includes at least one term; a processor including a computer readable storage medium storing instructions to cause the processor: to observe the content to detect the at least one term, to remove the detected at least one term from the content, and to replace the removed at least one term by inserting a hyperlink relating to each term, and by applying replacement rules to the content; and an output interface configured to provide the observed content including the hyperlink to a client device for presentation to a recipient.05-05-2011
20100095194IMAGE BASED ANNOTATION AND METADATA GENERATION SYSTEM WITH EXPERIENCE BASED LEARNING - Methods and systems enhance a user's experience when working with documents and images. Such methods and systems, provide pictures, graphics, images, etc. related to words, phrases, sentences, etc. when a pointing device is hovered over the word or phrase to help the user to understand and remember the words, phrases, sentences, etc. being read, and/or increase the enjoyment of the user.04-15-2010
20120233528TIME-BASED VIEWING OF ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS - Various embodiments provide techniques for time-based viewing of electronic documents. Examples of electronic documents include websites, webpages, text documents, web-based documents, and so on. In at least some embodiments, a time-based viewer is provided that enables a user to select a particular date and/or time for which to view an electronic document. The user can then navigate through the electronic document and view how the document will appear or did appear at the selected date and/or time. In at least some embodiments, a page container is provided that can include definitions for different versions of a page of an electronic document. According to some embodiments, the different versions of the page can correspond to different publication dates for the page. In some implementations, the time-based viewer can access a page container to retrieve a particular version of a page for display.09-13-2012
20120124458Social networking website & web-based system for collecting & presenting real-time user generated information on parties & events. - This invention is a social networking website & web-based system that allows users to post ‘party reports’—detailed, real-time information about current ongoing parties and events that they know of; allows users to comment and upload pictures & videos on the posted information in real-time; and presents this information in an organized fashion—by city, school or location, by date & time, or by both. The system also contains algorithms used to determine the top or best party cities, schools or locations based on predetermined formulas & user posted information. The website also allows users to connect with other registered users on the website and define them as their ‘peeps’ as well as create ‘crews’, which are close-knit groups of people that they usually party to go out with.05-17-2012
20120221929Touch Event Processing for Web Pages - One or more touch input signals can be obtained from a touch sensitive device. If the touch input signals are associated with one or more regions of a web page displayed on the touch sensitive device, a touch event associated with the regions of a web page is processed by the web page. Otherwise, the touch events can be processed by an application (e.g., a browser).08-30-2012
20120233531Method, Apparatus or System for Image Processing - A method, apparatus, system for image processing is provided that creates an object note for a picture. The method, apparatus or system includes: automatically obtaining picture description information from a picture source, wherein the picture description information at least partly have been formed automatically; obtaining annotation information from at least two object sources, wherein the two object sources are different from the picture sources, automatically fusing the said annotation information from the two object sources to form fused annotation information, and attaching said fused annotation information to the picture to create the object note for the picture.09-13-2012
20120233530Systems and Methods for Processing Inoperative Document Links - A client computer having one or more processors and memory, while displaying a browser application having a displayed address field, receives a user-identified document link. The client computer submits the user-identified document link to a server remotely located from the client computer. In response to a determination that the user-identified document link is inoperative, the client computer displays a plurality of distinct user-editable query terms in a search box distinct from the displayed address field of the browser application. At least one of the user-editable query terms is different from the user-identified document link, and is selected from a group including text extracted from the user-identified document link, and a term based on text extracted from the user-identified document link.09-13-2012
20120317467IDENTIFYING URL TARGET HOSTNAMES - Techniques are provided for displaying a uniform resource locator (URL) to assist a user in determining whether a URL destination is what the user expects. A link is presented for selection to a user, and a URL corresponding to the link is accessed. A portion of the URL that corresponds to a hostname component of the URL may be identified, and the URL may be displayed. The hostname component of the URL is visually distinguished from other components of the URL. In addition to or as an alternative to displaying the URL and visually distinguishing the hostname component, a warning message relating to the hostname portion of the URL may be displayed. The techniques may be implemented as a software plug-in or in any type of software application that is capable of recognizing URLs.12-13-2012
20120166925AUTOMATIC FEED CREATION FOR NON-FEED ENABLED INFORMATION OBJECTS - Information regarding a mobile user's context including but not limited to current mobile activity, social relations and associations history, and past mobile, search and browsing history is identified and converted to metadata. Metadata is also applied to content sources delivering content to a search engine or personalized content engine. The metadata is used in part to determine the relative display of content objects delivered to the mobile user as search results or a personalized aggregated information resource, e.g., home page. The user may select information, from one or more entities or search results or as presented to the user in other contexts, to be automatically delivered to the user's home page as a content feed including multiple content objects or content feeds associated with an entity. Information regarding mobile user activity is compiled and used to permit publishers and advertisers to identify target candidates to receive advertisements or marketing materials.06-28-2012
20120131429Magnifying the Text of a Link While Still Retaining Browser Function in the Magnified Display - A web browser magnifies the content of the whole page in memory and displays the relevant portion in a magnifier with hyperlinks. The web browser then maps the magnified display to the original document. Thus, manipulation of the mouse in the magnified display may result in an action with respect to the original document. The user may then select a link for navigation within the magnified display. Alternatively, the web browser may analyze the original web page and construct magnifier contents on the basis of either the document object model, extensible markup language (XML), or hypertext markup language (HTML) representation of the magnified portion.05-24-2012
20120131428WEB PAGE CRAWLING METHOD, WEB PAGE CRAWLING DEVICE AND COMPUTER STORAGE MEDIUM THEREOF - A web page crawling method, a web page crawling device and a computer storage medium thereof are provided. The web page crawling method analyzes a web page to create an object list which comprises a dynamic triggering object according to a DOM. And it creates a triggering mission list which comprises at least one triggering event corresponding to the dynamic triggering object according to the object list. Then it triggers the web page to generate a triggered web page according to the at least one triggering event. Finally, it creates a web page link list of the dynamic triggering object according to a new link object of the triggered web page. In addition, the web page crawling device is configured to carry out the web page crawling method, and the computer storage medium executes the web page crawling method after it is loaded into the web page crawling device.05-24-2012
20120216100SERVICE REGISTRY POLICY AGGREGATOR - A method of operating a service registry and repository based on a triplestore comprises: receiving a request to aggregate a service document; shredding elements of the service document to create logical objects within the triplestore; for each logical object, searching for all policy attachments logical objects that have a relationship with the logical object; for each located policy attachment, retrieving details of the policy and building a list of policies and associated logical objects in the repository; and returning an indication of the list of polices and associated logical objects. The list of logical objects and associated polices is used to compile a service document containing details of policies that have relationships with the selected service document logical objects. Objects that have associated polices are rendered with a hypertext policy icon next to the object and selection of the hypertext policy icon opens a new window with the policy details.08-23-2012
20120137201ENABLING PREDICTIVE WEB BROWSING - A system and method for determining and displaying, in a predictive manner, relevant “next clicks” based upon historical web-usage patterns of previous visitors (the browsing user and/or other users) to referring web pages. In one embodiment, identification of one or more links selected by previous visitors on a plurality of referring web pages is stored in a database. When the browsing user initiates a request to view a referring web page for which one or more links exist in the database, the appearance of those links on the referring web page is altered to suggest those links to the browsing user. Thus, the browsing user is given suggestions as to the most probable path (based upon his/her own history and/or the history of others) through each referring web page for which one or more links are stored in the database, thereby streamlining the browsing process.05-31-2012
20120137202SYSTEM FOR EXPLORING CONNECTIONS BETWEEN DATA PAGES - A system to explore connections between a current and other pages by stepping through and seeing connections by successive juxtaposition. Content links each represent a connection between a first and second pages, where such content links each include at least one departure point in the first page and arrival point in the second page. A current content link exists between a current (first) page and a companion (second) page. At least part of the current page including the current content link's departure point and at least part of the companion page including the current content link's arrival point, are shown spatially isolated in a display visually emphasizing the current content link.05-31-2012
20120173957METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR A HOME NETWORK AUTO-TREE BUILDER - A method and system is provided for detecting, commanding and controlling diverse home devices currently connected to a home network. An interface is provided for accessing the home devices that are currently connected to a home network. According to the method, a device link file is generated, wherein the device link file identifies home devices that are currently connected to the home network. A device link page is created, wherein the device link page contains a device button that is associated with each home device that is identified in the device link file. A hyper-text link is associated with each device button, wherein the hyper-text link provides a link to an HTML page that is contained on the home device that is associated with the device button, and the device link page is displayed on a browser based home device.07-05-2012
20100050066PORTABLE DATA CARRIER AS A WEB SERVER - The invention relates to a method for providing hypertext data through a hypertext server (02-25-2010
20100050065HYBRID INTERACTIVE ELECTRONIC TECHNICAL MANUAL - A method, apparatus, and computer program product of developing a hybrid interactive electronic technical manual. A set of sub-elements associated with core maintenance tasks is selected from a plurality of sub-elements in technical data for a device to form a set of core sub-elements. A cost-benefit analysis is performed on each sub-element in the set of remaining sub-elements to identify a sub-element benefit rating for the each sub-element. Sub-elements in the set of remaining sub-elements having a sub-element rating greater than or equal to a threshold benefit rating are selected to form a set of high benefit sub-elements. The set of core sub-elements and the set of high benefit sub-elements are converted from the non-interactive native file format to an interactive electronic technical manual database format. A set of links to the set of unconverted sub-elements is generated to form the hybrid interactive electronic technical manual.02-25-2010
20100275109EFFICIENT DISCOVERY, DISPLAY, AND AUTOCOMPLETION OF LINKS TO WIKI RESOURCES - An efficient system, and process, and user interface is provided for autocompletion of links within wiki page content. An indication is received that a user editing a wiki page desires to add a link to a resource. A user interface is provided to assist the user in autocompleting the insertion of the link into the wiki page. The user is provided with a list of both resource object types and options for each resource object type. The system is extensible in that new resource object types can be added to permit autocompletion of links to multiple resource types. A registration document is maintained by a wiki server that defines the resource object types that are available for autocompletion of links. The registration document contains contact information for providers that ultimately maintain the list of options for each of the resource object types.10-28-2010
20120254712Map Service - Map service techniques are described. In an implementation, text is received from an application for processing by one or more linguistic services. Based on service properties of respective linguistic services that are relevant to the application, particular linguistic services are designated to be available for use by the application and one or more other linguistic services are obscured from the application. A communication is formed to communication the text to a designated linguistic service.10-04-2012
20120084631SYSTEM AND METHOD OF EMBEDDING SYMBOLOGY IN ALPHABETIC LETTERS AND THEN LINKING THE LETTERS TO A SITE OR SITES ON THE GLOBAL COMPUTER NETWORK - A system and method of embedding symbology in alphabetic letters and then linking the letter to a site or sites on the global computer network, i.e., the Internet, are provided. The system and method provide for capturing an image of at least one character fixed in a medium; determining at least one letter of an alphabet corresponding to the at least one character; determining a numerical value for the determined at least one letter; looking up in a database a hyperlink corresponding to the numerical value; and presenting the hyperlink on a display device. The system and method further provide determining at least one marking within the at least one letter; and determining a location for the at least one marking within the at least one letter, wherein the combination of the at least one marking and the location for the at least one marking corresponds to the numerical value.04-05-2012
20120084630Generating Behavior Information For a Link - A computer-implemented method includes receiving a request for a web page; retrieving information associated with the web page, wherein the information comprises a link and one or more link placeholders associated with the link; determining context information associated with the computing device;04-05-2012
20120084629Systems and Methods for Generating Sitelets Using Information Assets - A definition of an information category a user wishes to publish to the Internet is received from a user. At least one information asset comprising a link to an information data object is received and assigned to the information category. Sitelet generation parameters are received from the user, including a sitelet category comprising the information category, and optionally, other sitelet generation parameters such as data feed types and additional information categories. A sitelet is then generated using the sitelet category and any other supplied sitelet generation parameters. The sitelet comprises a data feed of a first data feed type comprising a representation of the information assets assigned to the sitelet category and any additional information categories. The data feed type can be in any standard format, such as RSS or ATOM, or any custom format, such as iFrame HTML, XML or JSON. If the user specifies more than one data feed type, sitelets are generated for each data feed type.04-05-2012
20120226968ENHANCED BROWSER NAVIGATION - A method is provided for processing a Web page for display on a device in communication with a server when the Web page is selected by a user clicking on a hyperlink. The method comprises the following steps. Text associated with a link label of the hyperlink is stored. The stored text is used to identify a relevant portion of the Web page that is desired by the user. At least a portion of a Web page identified by a link destination of the hyperlink is retrieved. The relevant portion of the Web page is presented to the user. A computer readable medium comprising instructions for executing the method and a computing device configured to execute the instructions are also provided.09-06-2012
20090019348Fractal Grid Hierarchical Presentation Of Information - Information is displayed according to a fractal grid hierarchy that consists of multiple levels of resolution. Each level of a fractal grid hierarchy displays one or more cells in a nine-cell grid fashion. For each level after the first level, the level comprises a grid of nine cells for each cell of the previous level. This pattern is repeated for successive levels; the term fractal refers to this characteristic of a fractal grid hierarchy.01-15-2009
20120260151Information Processing Apparatus, Information Processing Method, Program, Server, and Information Processing System - Provided is an information processing apparatus including a selection unit for selecting page identification information, an acquisition unit for acquiring, from a server, a list for identifying, in an order of transition, one or more pages to which transition will be sequentially made from a page identified by the page identification information selected by the selection unit, and a display control unit for performing control such that information regarding each of the one or more pages identified by the list acquired by the acquisition unit is displayed.10-11-2012
20120233529USER INTERFACE FOR PRESENTING AND SEARCHING RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN DOCUMENT OBJECTS LOCATED ON A NETWORK - A user interface for presenting and searching relationships between document objects located on a network is described. The user interface may include a first portion of a screen display for displaying one or more link relationship attributes and a second portion of the screen display for displaying one or more entries from a group consisting of: (a) link references that represent the document objects, (b) link relationship attributes describing the link relationships, (c) link reference attributes describing the link references, and (d) document objects. The displayed entries in the second portion of the user interface are related to the displayed one or more link relationship attributes in the first portion.09-13-2012
20080301540Displaying the Same Document in Different Contexts - A computer readable medium is provided embodying instructions executable by a processor to perform a method for modifying a document according to a display context, the method including providing a document for display, the document comprising a function for determining a display context and modifying a style of the document, determining the display context for display of the document, modifying the style of the document according to the context, and displaying the document according to a modified style.12-04-2008
20120240021CONTENT MANAGEMENT AND DELIVERY SYSTEM - A content management and delivery system that works with a publisher website to deliver access to advertising content within Microsites relevant to content accessed by the user on the publisher website. The system includes a computer program product for determining relevance of the advertising content with regard to a selected item of editorial content, and for creating a link to the advertising content in accordance with the relevance thereof. The computer program product ensures that when a user navigates to the advertising content using the link, the user is not caused to exit from a publisher environment.09-20-2012
20120240019METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR TRACKING WEB LINK USAGE - A method and system for tracking web link usage is provided. An example system includes a request detector, a click history module, a link presentation generator, and a serving module. The request detector may be configured to receive a request for a web page comprising a web link. The click history module may be configured to access click history associated with the user account. The link presentation generator may be configured to modify the web page, utilizing the click history. The serving module may be configured to serve the modified web page in response to the request for the web page.09-20-2012
20120266058EmovieBook - An author enhances the reading experience by adding hyperlinks from the internet, inside their (e)book, script, instructional booklet, or manuscript that displays a visual/audio/text companion. Scripts with links show how scenes should look—similar to a movie or TV show pilot but shorter. Electronic Movie Book (EmovieBook) is a book with links to visual/audio/text aids. Any computer with internet access is required. The method is reading with hyperlinks to visual/audio/text aids, references or instruction.10-18-2012
20120240020SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DOCUMENT COLLECTION, GROUPING AND SUMMARIZATION - Computer-based method of generating a summary of one or more documents comprises identifying content including text having a measurable quality from a predetermined location, evaluating the content, using a computer processor, to determine whether the content represents a document of interest, and preparing a summary of the content if the content represents document of interest. A computer-based method of generating a summary of one or more documents, each including two or more sentences, is also provided.09-20-2012
20120324326METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR OUTPUTTING A MULTIMEDIA FILE OF A WEB PAGE - A method and apparatus for playing back a multimedia file of a web page containing link codes. The apparatus comprises: a media information setup unit which matches link codes contained in the web page to multimedia files, and sets up the matched link codes and multimedia files; a link address generating unit which generates a unique ID when the link code is clicked, and regenerates a URL address of the link site being opened; a link site searching unit which searches the unique ID and state information from the opened link site, and transmits the search result to a media control unit; and the media control unit which receives the unique ID and the state information from the link site searching unit, and controls the playback of the multimedia file matched to the link site corresponding to the received unique ID.12-20-2012
20120324325Patent Prosecution Accelerator Package - A package of digital files for patent prosecution contains an office action (OA) dedicated to a specific case in examination by a patent examination authority, the OA displayable in a display window coupled to a computerized appliance, and a first reference document also displayable in the same or a separate window. The OA comprises a statement alleging a portion of the first reference document as teaching or suggesting a limitation of a claim in examination in the specific case, and a word or phrase in the statement is implemented as a hyperlink to the portion of the first reference document alleged as teaching or suggesting the limitation of the claim, such that activating the link in a window on the display monitor displays the first reference document at a place at or near the portion alleged as teaching the limitation.12-20-2012
20120272128MOBILE TERMINAL APPARATUS - A mobile terminal apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a first display section, a second display section aligned with the first display section, and a control section configured to control display of the first and second display sections. The control section is configured to display, on at least one of the first and second display sections, a key object to switch a display mode of the first and second display sections. The control section is configured to switch the display mode between a first mode where an execution screen for one application is displayed on the first and second display sections and a second mode where an execution screen for one of two applications is displayed on the first display section and an execution screen for the other of the two applications is displayed on the second display section, based on an operation to the key object.10-25-2012
20120272129METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GENERATING A NEW EVENT DIRECTLY FROM A DOCUMENT - An event providing apparatus includes a storage device in communicating with a date/time detector module. The detector module detects a condition that at least a portion of information stored on the storage device could be mapped to an event, identifies date and time entries in the information, and generates a hyperlink to open an application for creating an event for each entry, the date and time being provided to the application to generate the event directly from the information. The apparatus also includes a display for displaying the time and date in the form of the hyperlink; and a prompter module communicating with the detector module for automatically providing a prompt related to the event in response to selection of the hyperlink. In response to user interaction with the user prompt, the application is started and the event based on the hyperlinked date and time is created.10-25-2012
20120278693SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR UBIQUITOUS APPLIANCE CONTROL - A slave relay station is adapted to serve and/or host pages comprising a simplified graphic user interface (GUI) encoded in a widely recognized format such as, for example, HTML or WML. The GUI embodies activatable links corresponding to control functions for configured appliances. A wireless phone or other device with network access and the capability to process and present such pages, for example via a Web browser, may then be utilized to effect control of such appliances by simply navigating to the network address of the slave relay station, obtaining an appropriate GUI page, and interacting with the links.11-01-2012
20120278692METHOD, APPARATUS, AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM FOR TRANSMITTING GRAPHIC INFORMATION - The present invention discloses a method, an apparatus, and a communication system for transmitting graphic information. In the technical solution of the present invention, the graphic information carries a hyperlink and an identifier of the hyperlink so that when the terminal receives the graphic information, the terminal may judge, according to the identifier of the hyperlink, whether the hyperlink has been processed, and the terminal requests the graphic from the network according to the hyperlink only when determining that the hyperlink has not been processed, therefore ensuring an effective decrease in bandwidth consumption of broadcast or multicast channels, effectively avoiding repeated processing and presentation of a same hyperlink by the terminal, and reducing the complexity of the processing of the terminal.11-01-2012
20120089895MOBILE TERMINAL DEVICE AND RECORDING MEDIUM - A mobile terminal device has a control unit and a display unit. The control unit executes a process which includes acquiring data having anchors that are link information that is linked to other data, specifying an anchor that is included in a display range among the acquired anchors, editing data that is to be displayed and includes the specified anchor to which a shortcut is assigned and making the display unit display the edited data.04-12-2012
20110276865AUTHORING CONTENT IN CONTEXT LOCATION OF BROWSER - A method is provided and includes sending a set of instructions from a server to a web browser, causing the web browser to identify a set of one or more universal resource locators (URLs) in the set of instructions sent from the server and causing the web browser to add one or more of the identified set of the one or more URLs in a context location of the web browser.11-10-2011
20100229082DYNAMIC CONTEXT-DATA TAG CLOUD - Disclosed are a system, method, and article of manufacture of a dynamic context-data tag cloud. A context data from a context-enriched message is acquired. A context-data tag that corresponds to the context data is generated. A context-data tag cloud comprising at least one context-data tag is provided. A mobile device that generated the context-enriched message for an updated context data may be queried. A depiction value of the context data may be updated according to an updated context-data value. The context-data tag cloud may include a visual cue of an attribute of the context data.09-09-2010
20100229079INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD - The page division unit which contains link information is updated by merging an image data indicated by the link information into the start of the page division unit, and changing a link destination indicated by the link information to the image data (S09-09-2010
20100131835SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR INFERRING INTENT OF WEBSITE VISITORS AND GENERATING AND PACKAGING VISITOR INFORMATION FOR DISTRIBUTION AS SALES LEADS OR MARKET INTELLIGENCE - A system for inferring intent of visitors to a Website has a visitor-tracking application executing from a digital medium coupled to a server hosting the Website, the server connected to a repository adapted to store data about visitor behavior, and an inference engine for processing the data to infer the intent of visitors. Visitor behavior relative to links is tracked, and intent of a visitor is inferred from one or both, or a combination of analysis of the behavior and deducing meaning for anchor text of links selected.05-27-2010
20120151312EDITING A FRAGMENTED DOCUMENT - A user command selecting a whole or part of a discrete document of the fragmented document is received at a computing device. The fragmented document includes a group of discrete documents connected by a set of links, each link being located within one discrete document and connecting to another different discrete document. An edit command to edit the selected whole or part of the discrete document is received. Each other discrete document connected to the selected whole or part of the discrete document is accessed by a link within the selected whole or part of the discrete document. The accessed discrete documents are edited according to the edit command.06-14-2012
20130019151SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING DOCUMENT - A method and computing system are provided for determining a hierarchical structure associated with a document. The hierarchical structure may be associated with a plurality of elements of the document. A map of the document may be generated. The map may include a plurality of links to one or more of the elements of the document.01-17-2013
20110161792PRODUCING INTERACTIVE DOCUMENTS - A method for converting a source document having graphical subject matter into an interactive document includes receiving, via a user interface, input regarding information to be tagged to objects on the source document and tagging information to objects on the source document in response to the input, thereby creating interactive effects based on the tagged information. The interactive effects can include pop-ups, external e-mail and URLs, and other interactive behavioral actions. A set of files that defines an interactive document is automatically created, wherein the interactive document incorporates the subject matter of the source document and includes the interactive effects. In another aspect, a computer readable medium containing instructions for controlling a computer system to perform a method of converting a source document having graphical subject matter into an interactive document is provided.06-30-2011
20130024758Linking Content Files - A system and method for linking content files is disclosed. The system comprises a targeting module, a link generation module and a graphic user interface module (GUI module). The targeting module determines a target content file based at least in part on an uploaded content file. The target content file comprises a long form content file. The link generation module is communicatively coupled to the targeting module for generating a link to the target content file. The GUI module is communicatively coupled to the targeting module and to the link generation module for generating a web page. The web page includes a playable version of the uploaded content file and the link to the target content file.01-24-2013
20130024759Shared Script Files in Multi-Tab Browser - A cloud-based server executes instances of a browser application responsive to requests from a plurality of user devices. The server interprets embedded code in a web document retrieved by a given browsing instance, and stores an intermediate representation of the embedded code in the web document in a dedicated memory resource associated with the given browsing instance. The server also stores the intermediate representation of an external file referenced by the web document in a shared memory resource such that the intermediate representation is accessible to the other browsing instances of the other user devices.01-24-2013
20080235566PRESENTATION OF MEDIA IN AN APPLICATION - A method and apparatus for presenting timed media represented by data in a markup language (e.g., HTML) including examining a tag or metadata which is capable of specifying more than one form or representation of timed media, such as different versions of a video encoded according to different video codec standards.09-25-2008
20080235565System and Method for Reference Validation in Word Processor Documents - Systems and methods are provided for supporting the use of hypertext links in documents such as word processor documents. A given word processor document is scanned for link representations to sources that are external to the word processor document. These identified link representations are then checked for validity and functionality, and the external sources are also checked for content and accessibility. In order to facilitate checking the content of the external sources, the word processor document is appended to include all or part of the content of each linked external source. The appended information is then used for subsequent content comparisons. Checking of the link representations and external sources is used to produce a current validity status for each link representations. The validity status of the links within a given document are indicated to an author or reader using visual queues by modifying non-link aspects of the word processor document, by modifying the appearance of a file name or file folder associated with the word processor document or by modifying the appearance of a cursor used in conjunction with the word processor document.09-25-2008
20130179762Method and Apparatus for Animating Transitions Between Search Results - The technology described relates to animated transitions between consecutive sets of search engine results.07-11-2013
20130179763Computer-Implemented Systems and Methods for Facilitating a Micro-Blog Post - Systems and methods are provided for facilitating a microblog post. A video is provided that includes a clickable link. Upon activation of the link, a graphical interface is provided for receiving a microblog post. The graphical interface is pre-populated with an address for the video and a keyword associated with the video. Upon completion of the microblog post, the microblog post that includes the address and the keyword is published.07-11-2013
20090100321UNIVERSAL CONTEXTUAL ACTIONS MENU ACROSS WINDOWS APPLICATIONS - A universal way of providing contextual actions on electronic business forms or rich documents in a consistent manner irrespective of the document format or its hosting application utilizes metadata along with the actual data that will invoke the same context menu in any application. Actions can be taken on the document or GUI data field regardless of the hosting application or the document format. This seamless behavior is provided through first provisioning the context data in the document or the GUI field as a hyperlink with a custom protocol. The contextual information available at predetermined places in the document is preserved during document format transformation or document transition. Second, providing relevant actions to the user in a consistent manner at the predetermined places in the document is accomplished by creating and registering a Protocol Handler that will be invoked when a user clicks on the hyperlink.04-16-2009
20130097477CONTENT TRANSFORMATION FOR LEAN-BACK ENTERTAINMENT - The present invention relates to an apparatus, a method and a computer program product for adapting a document with actively selectable content, e.g., web-based content, for consumption in a lean-back mode. The document is rendered in a way that it can be optimally consumed in the lean-back mode. The multimedia content of the document (images, text, etc.) is transformed into a continuous information flow (e.g. video) that can be rendered as if it were a television channel, for example.04-18-2013
20130104018METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DISPLAYING VISUAL CONTENT IN A VIRTUAL THREE-DIMENSIONAL SPACE - A system and method for displaying pages in a 3D virtual space. A set of pages may be portioned into one or more clusters of pages that are arranged in a plane in the 3D space so that for each cluster, the pages in the cluster are arranged contiguously in the plane. A boundary may then be formed in the plane around pages of the cluster. If a first page in a cluster contains an active link, a page opened by activating the link is positioned in the plane within the boundary of the cluster in a selectable position relative to the first page.04-25-2013
20130104017METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISPLAYING E-BOOK IN TERMINAL HAVING FUNCTION OF E-BOOK READER - A method and an apparatus that can display a page of an e-book according to user input information about reading of the e-book are provided. The includes displaying an opened page of the e-book; detecting a pointing position indicated by a pointer and an amount of position variation of the pointer with respect to the opened page; modifying the opened page based on the pointing position and the detected amount of position variation; and displaying a modified page.04-25-2013
20130124954Method and Apparatus for Merging Digital Content - Embodiments for merging digital content are disclosed.05-16-2013
20130132809STRUCTURE AND METHOD FOR WIDGET PERSONALIZATION AND WIDGET INTERACTION - The present invention provides a structure and method for widget personalization and widget interaction, wherein user preference keys and user preference values are generated according to user profiles and binding configurations of a plurality of widgets, and wherein the keys and values of a widget are added to URL of the widget, whereby a personalized widget is attained after the widget is reloaded. The setting data of a widget, including a plurality of element values, are stored in a document object model (DOM). When relativities exist between widgets, the related element values are transferred from one widget to other widgets through a transfer module to replace the element values in DOM of the other widgets and update the other widgets.05-23-2013
20080209308CONTENT REFERENCE LINKING PURCHASE MODEL - A model for the distribution of additional content referenced inside of a file. Wherein a link is inserted into the work to allow users to purchase or receive additional content through non-invasive means.08-28-2008
20110225480URL PROXY METHOD AND APPARATUS - Embodiments of the present invention relate to a method and system in which a repository of rules is applied to HTML code to modify the HTML code as it is served to correct/replace elements in the HTML code. For example, the links can be changed to retain a cobranded site, accommodate a resource constrained device, and accommodate a user's subscription or the like.09-15-2011
20100313108Displaying Information on a Mobile Device - A computer-implemented method for providing hypertext content to a mobile device may include obtaining a network-accessible electronic document that has content and an image, advertising material, or a plurality of similarly formatted hyperlinks. The network-accessible electronic document may be reformatted by collapsing the image, the advertising material, or the plurality of similarly formatted hyperlinks into a first expandable display element. The first expandable display element and at least a portion of the content may be provided for display in a first page on the mobile device. The method may further include receiving input that selects the first expandable display element. The first expandable display element may be reformatted into an image, advertising material, or a plurality of hyperlinks. The image, the advertising material or the plurality of hyperlinks may be provided, along with at least a portion of the content, for display in a second page on the mobile device.12-09-2010
20120284599Handheld Electronic Device and Method for Recording Multimedia Clip - A method for recording a multimedia clip used in a handheld electronic device is provided. The method comprises the steps outlined in the sentences that follow. An input command is received. An embedded program code of a multimedia clip in a web page is detected. A thumbnail corresponding to the multimedia clip is retrieved. A record file is generated, in which the record file is shown as the thumbnail on a display module of the handheld electronic device such that it is associated with the embedded program code and a URL corresponding to the embedded program. A handheld electronic device is disclosed herein as well.11-08-2012
20120284598Handheld Electronic Device and Method for Accessing Bookmark - A method for accessing web page bookmark applicable to a handheld electronic device is provided. The handheld electronic device comprises a storage unit, a touch display unit and a processing unit electrically connected to the touch display unit and the storage unit. The storage unit stores a plurality of website addresses each related to at least one tag. The method comprises the steps outlined below. At least one group of searching characters is received from the touch display unit. At least one stage of search is performed in the storage unit according to the group of searching characters and the tag to generate at least one stage search result. A search result is generated by the processor according to the at least one stage search result. A handheld electronic device is also disclosed herein.11-08-2012
20120284597PREDICTING USER NAVIGATION EVENTS - A method and system for predicting a next navigation event are described. Aspects of the disclosure minimize the delay between a navigation event and a network response by predicting the next navigation event. The system and method may then prerender content associated with the next navigation event. For example, the method and system may predict a likely next uniform resource locator during web browsing to preemptively request content from the network before the user selects the corresponding link on a web page. The methods describe a variety of manners of predicting the next navigation event, including examining individual and aggregate historical data, text entry prediction, and cursor input monitoring.11-08-2012
20120284596Systems and Methods for Integrating Research and Incorporation of Information into Documents - Systems and methods for integrating research and incorporation of information into a construction specification involve providing information for potential inclusion in a specification to a user as part of the specification editing process so as to reduce the time spent in finding and researching information and including the information in the specification. A template specification with sections is provided, each section having one or more computer links corresponding to potential customization of the section with customized information. In response to selection of the link, construction information for potential inclusion in the template specification as a customization thereof corresponding to the selected computer link is retrieved from a database of construction information and is displayed adjacent the template specification. A selection of a portion of the construction information for inclusion in the specification is received, and an appropriate portion of the construction information is automatically incorporated into the specification.11-08-2012
20130159824Managing Web Content on a Mobile Communication Device - Techniques for managing content on a mobile communication device include generating a first navigation structure of web content including a plurality of linked web content portions; identifying a web content navigation history of a user including one or more web content portions accessed by the user in the plurality of linked web content portions; and generating a second navigation structure of the web content, the second navigation structure including links associated with only the one or more web content portions accessed by the user, the second navigation structure displayable on a mobile communication device.06-20-2013
20110314363INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, PROGRAM, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM - In a case where a link to jump to a destination page is included within a source page, when movement information indicating that the link is moved to a predetermined position while being selected is input via an input section, a control section determines whether or not the link is moved to a predetermined region within a display surface based on the movement information and region information, and, when determining that the link is moved to the predetermined region within the display surface, the control section acquires from a storage section and causes a display section to execute processing of displaying on the source page, a page analysis result associated with the region information for specifying the predetermined region of a movement destination of the link.12-22-2011
20110314362System and Method for Displaying Relevant Data in Relation to Tiled Document Images - Devices and methods are provided for displaying digital publications and related information. In one embodiment, the method may involve: receiving a user selection for at least one of a digital publication and a new location within the publication; loading tiles into a viewing area of a display page, each tile comprising graphic page information for the publication; and calculating a center location of the viewing area. The method may involve: identifying a center tile in which the center location is located; calculating a time lag corresponding to how long the center tile has been viewed by a user; and in response to the time lag being equal to or greater than a defined time period, displaying selected data on the display page, the data being selected based at least in part on the graphic page information displayed in the center tile.12-22-2011
20130191711Systems and Methods to Facilitate Active Reading - Review systems and methods facilitate active reading by providing a flexible environment in which users can examine documents. A review system can comprise a virtual workspace, a document view region, a preview region, and optional document objects. The virtual workspace can simulate a desktop or other physical workspace. The document view region can display a portion of an open document at a magnification sufficient for reading. The preview region can display the document at a magnification sufficient to enable the general layout of the entire document to be determined. The document objects can be created from the document through tools of the review system. These document objects can be independently moveable throughout the virtual workspace as needed to facilitate the user's active reading process.07-25-2013
20130191710USER-INTERFACE FEATURE AND TECHNIQUE FOR PROVIDING USERS OF A NETWORK SITE LINKS THAT HAVE BEEN DETERMINED TO BE OF INTEREST TO THE USER - A visitor of a network site is provided information about previously viewed content from that site. One or more internal pages of the network site that the user selects to view during one or more visits to the network site is recorded. At least one of the one or more internal pages is associated with a heading or category that is displayed on the network site. A user-activity is detected corresponding to the visitor directing attention to the heading or category. In response, a dynamic display is generated that provides a link to the at least one internal page that is associated with the category or heading.07-25-2013
20130191709VISUAL PRESENTATION OF MULTIPLE INTERNET PAGES - A novel method for graphically organizing and displaying multiple pages of internet content based on how the page was accessed. Pages are determined to be indirectly accessed if they were accessed via a hypertext link or a trail of hypertext links. Pages are determined to be directly accessed if accessed via other means, such as a bookmark or via Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Page groupings are created for each directly accessed page, and each indirectly accessed page is categorized into a grouping associated with a directly accessed page containing a link through which the indirectly accessed page was accessed. The web pages are presented to the user in an interface that is a graphical representation of the page groupings, wherein a user selects a page to view by first selecting the page's page grouping and then selecting the page.07-25-2013
20120030553METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR ANNOTATING WEB PAGES AND MANAGING ANNOTATIONS AND ANNOTATED WEB PAGES - Methods and systems are provided for annotating content and managing annotated content, one or more annotations, and one or more web pages with the one or more annotations. The present invention provides a method that may include embedding a user interface in a web site. The user interface may include at least one annotation tool. Further, the method may include presenting the user interface with one or more web pages provided by the web site. The method may include allowing annotating content of the one or more web pages with one or more annotations. Further, the annotating may be allowed using the at least one annotation tool through the user interface. The method may also include managing at least one of the annotated content, the one or more annotations, and the one or more web pages with the one or more annotations.02-02-2012
20120030552ATTACHING LINKS TO EMAIL - The subject matter discloses a computerized apparatus for linking to an attached file from a text, the apparatus having a processor, the apparatus comprising a receiving module configured to receive an object comprising the text, wherein the object further comprises the attached file, wherein the receiver is further configured to receive a file identification associated with the attached file, wherein the receiver is further configured to determine a representation of the file in the text; a storage device for retaining the object received by the receiving module; a linking module configured to determine a link object, wherein the link object refers to the file, wherein the link object is displayable using the representation of the file; and an applying module configured to modify the object retained in the memory, wherein the applying module is configured to insert in the text the link object determined by the linking module.02-02-2012
20130198596LEGAL DOCUMENT ANALYZER AND PRESENTER - A document analyzer and presenter is capable of automatically analyzing and formatting unformatted documents and presenting them to the user. The document analyzer and presenter may be implemented on a single computer or over a plurality of electronic devices connected to each other by a network. Formatted documents are presented to the user in a viewing window. Key sections and terms are hyperlinked to each other and the user's history of actions are tracked and displayed to the user.08-01-2013
20130198595DYNAMIC FORM CONTROL - Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and software that provide for dynamic form control. Aspects pertain to forms derived from base forms associated with content targets. User input is received into the forms, such as input data or object selections, as well as other types of user input. Control information within the content targets is identified and, in response to the user input, the forms are controlled based on the control information.08-01-2013
20120042231EXPANDED TEXT EXCERPTS - A system provides a list of search results, where one of the search results in the list of search results includes a snippet from a corresponding search result document. The system receives selection of the snippet and provides an expanded snippet based on the selection of the snippet. The expanded snippet includes the snippet and other text from a subset of the search result document.02-16-2012
20130205186JamSciencePaper.Org - The present invention is an internet technology-based system (e.g., webpage) which allows users to search, restrict their quality of search, save their implemented searches to avoid future searching, and finally to make self-archiving of implemented searches. The system categorizes the scientific papers as theoretical and non-theoretical papers in all diciplines and fields of studies and notifies users for the most recent published papers as soon as their searches are saved.rela. These facilities are offered by an automated alarm system and a tool known as “Favorite Box”. Access to citations of theoretical papers is facilitated through an internal database which presents all theoretical papers or their respective citations in choronogical order. Access to citation of non-theoretical papers from all other journals is possible by allowing users to choose their favorite journals and implement their search procedure. This invention can be implemented through the use of an encoded computer readable medium.08-08-2013
20120072817ENTERPRISE APPLICATION WORKCENTER - A first computer system displays a user interface that includes a first portion and a non-overlapping, second portion. The first portion includes a first pagelet that comprises a plurality of first active links. The first portion also includes a second pagelet that includes a plurality of second active links. One of the first active links is activated, and in response the first computer system displays a first user interface in the second area. The first user interface includes a list of first links, wherein the list of first links is displayed while the first active links and the second active links are displayed in the first and second pagelets, respectively.03-22-2012
20120096338HYPERLINK TO COMPUTER GENERATED CONTENT - A system and a method for linking a graphical element on a first web-page with a computer generated content presented in a second web-page, the method comprising the steps of retrieving a computer generated content to said second web-page, retrieving from said second web-page content-generation parameters for regenerating said content at said second web-page, said parameters not being web-address parameters, storing said parameters at said first web-page, and associating said parameters with said graphical element.04-19-2012
20130212457Creating and Inserting Links by Drag and Drop - A user interface is provided. The user interface may include a first portion and a second portion. The first portion may contain one or more listings corresponding to one or more entities. The second portion may include an editable surface for viewing and editing the entities. A command to drag and drop a listing corresponding to a first entity from the first portion displaying the listing into the second portion displaying a second entity is received. In response to receiving the command to drag and drop the listing from the first portion into the second portion, a link to the first entity is inserted into the second entity.08-15-2013
20130212455System and Method for Examining the Financial Data of an Organization - A system and method for presenting views into general ledger data of an organization is described. In some examples, the system presents a hierarchy of views that include information associated with journal entries of the general ledger data along with links to other views within the hierarchy.08-15-2013
20130212456BROADCAST RECEIVING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF PROVIDING WEBSITE ACCESSING ROUTE USING THE SAME - A broadcast receiving apparatus and a method of providing a website accessing route using the broadcast receiving apparatus are provided. The broadcast receiving apparatus includes: a signal processing unit which performs signal processing with respect to received broadcast contents; a communicating unit which communicates with an external server to access websites; a display unit which displays the signal processed broadcast contents or the websites; and a controlling unit which provides links to a plurality of websites regarding a plurality of categories based on information about previous visits or current visits of a user to the websites and, if one of the plurality of categories is selected, the controlling unit provides a link to a website corresponding to the selected category.08-15-2013

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