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715 - Data processing: presentation processing of document, operator interface processing, and screen saver display processing

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715234000 Structured document (e.g., HTML, SGML, ODA, CDA, etc.) 1215
715255000 Edit, composition, or storage control 545
715205000 Hypermedia 413
715243000 Layout 366
715273000 Display processing 254
715201000 Integration of diverse media 252
715230000 Annotation control 228
715212000 Spreadsheet 223
715221000 Form 180
715227000 Table 87
715209000 Compound document 44
715229000 Version management 40
715254000 Text summarization or condensation 19
715211000 Drawing 16
20090113277DETERMINING A HIGH CONTRAST DISPLAY SETTING ON A CLIENT DEVICE TO PROCESS A WEB DOCUMENT - Described herein are processes and devices that determine a high contrast setting on a client. One of the devices described is a high contrast mode detector. The high contrast mode detector creates an object in a web document and assigns a pre-determined value to a displayable property of the object. The predetermined value is different than a high contrast value that the client would use to display the web document object if a high contrast setting is enabled. The high contrast mode detector associates the object with the web document. The client generates a computed value used to display the object. If high contrast mode is enabled, the client applies the high contrast value as the computed value, otherwise the client applies the pre-determined value. The high contrast mode detector compares the pre-determined value to the computed value and detects the high contrast setting based on the comparison result.04-30-2009
20090006936Collaborative document authoring - Embodiments are provided to enable a collaborative authoring of a document or other data structure. In an embodiment, a system includes a number of components configured to structure a collaborative authoring process. The components of the system can be used to define a number of sections, roles, and other collaboration parameters associated with a collaboration effort. A workspace can be provisioned to allow participants to interact with the document based in part on a number of permissions. Components of the system can be used to communicate a customized document to the participants based in part on an associated role and other collaboration parameters. Other embodiments and collaborative functionality are available.01-01-2009
20090307570WORKFLOW PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A workflow processing apparatus inputs a workflow description document in which a processes to be executed by a workflow have been described, reads data specifying a protocol, which corresponds to a process, from a memory, and executes a process, for which a specific protocol used at the time of execution has not been described in the workflow description document, using the protocol specified by the read data.12-10-2009
20090271690HANDLING CROSS-DOMAIN WEB SERVICE CALLS - Methods and apparatus are described for handling asynchronous web service calls across multiple domains. A JavaScript library provides a framework for handling such requests without being restricted by the “same origin” policy enforced by browsers.10-29-2009
20090235148DOCUMENT-LEVEL FEATURES IN ADD-INS - Document level add-ins. A computing environment may include one or more applications. The applications host documents. A method includes acts for facilitating an application level add-in to add document level controls. The method includes determining that a document has been opened or created. The method further includes determining from an application level add-in, a class of documents for which document level controls should be added. It is determined that the document that has been opened or created is in the class of documents. A document level control specified in the application level add-in is added to the document.09-17-2009
20090150758Method and system for creating user-defined outputs - A system and method for creating a template configured to generate reports for reporting medical information. The method allows a user to generate a single template that may be then utilized in order to create a plurality of reports for numerous patients. The template is created by dragging and dropping the desired information onto a blank report. Once the desired format of the template has been set by the user, the user may save the template for future use.06-11-2009
20090150757METHODS FOR DEFORMING MAP WIDGETS ON THE BROWSER - A method for displaying an image of a map using a processing system, the method including: dividing a first map image obtained from a map widget into sections wherein the first map image is displayed by the processing system; recording the location of each marker to be represented in a second map image; calculating a weight factor for each section; moving and deforming each section according to the weight factor of each section to form the second map image; placing a new marker on the second map image wherein the new marker represents at least one marker with a recorded location; and displaying the second map image in place of the first map image.06-11-2009
20090150759Method and apparatus for browsing content-based documents - A method and apparatus for browsing content-based documents are provided. The method includes analyzing documents to generate a document tree on the basis of content-based components, and presenting the documents on the basis of the generated document tree to be adaptive to a browsing environment. Thus, the method can be applied to a browsing environment having various platforms and display devices without having to reproduce the web documents.06-11-2009
20120036420Document Validation System and Method - The present invention relates generally to the field of self-validating documents in supply chain management, documentation services and method for creating the same.02-09-2012
20090222714COLLAPSING MARGINS IN DOCUMENTS WITH COMPLEX CONTENT - Architecture that facilitates the calculation of the final margins and positions of all objects in one formatting pass, without the need to reformat an object in the margin neighborhood. Clearance objects, float objects, and empty objects are taken into account. The one-pass algorithm computes the positions of objects on the document due to collapsing margins, determines the sizes of the resulting collapsed margins, and correctly places empty objects, floats, and clearance objects in the document. Clearances due to objects that belong to the neighborhood are processed as well as clearances due to objects outside of the neighborhood.09-03-2009
20100088581DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR TRANSFERRING A PLURALITY OF DOCUMENTS - The subject application is directed to managing electronic documents in associated data storage areas. User identification is received and indicia of data storage areas is displayed. Storage selection is received from the user to store incoming electronic documents. A storage area is then designated in accordance with the received selection and identification data. A shadow data storage area associated with the designated area is created and an access code associated with the designated area is determined. An input of incoming document systems is associated with the shadow area based upon the selection data. Documents are received, in their native formats, from the systems into the shadow storage area. The access code is then associated with each incoming document in the shadow data storage area. A log of history for each document is generated. The documents and logs are routed into the designated area from the shadow area.04-08-2010
20090144605PAGE CLASSIFIER ENGINE - Embodiments of the present invention relate to classifying pages of an electronic document, such as a scanned book page. OCR software is applied to the contents of the electronic document, revealing semantic information about the content of the electronic document. Software-based features are applied to the semantic information to determine the type of page the electronic document is. Page types may include table of contents (TOC), table of figures (TOF), bibliography, index, or other types of pages commonly found in a book, magazine, or other publication. Once determined, the determined page type is stored and used by other software engines.06-04-2009
20080244372SYSTEM FOR SUMMARIZATION OF THREADS IN ELECTRONIC MAIL - The present invention discloses a pre-processing summarization technique that makes use of knowledge specific to the electronic mail domain to pre-process an electronic mail message so that commercially-available document summarization software can subsequently generate a more useful summary from the message. The summarization technique removes extraneous headers, quoted text, forward information, and electronic signatures, leaving more useful text to be summarized. If an enclosing electronic mail thread exists, the summarization technique uses the electronic mail message's ancestors to provide additional context for summarizing the electronic mail message. The disclosed system can be used with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino infrastructure, along with existing single-document summarizer software, to generate a summary of the discourse activity in an electronic mail thread dynamically. The summary may be further augmented to list any names, dates, and names of companies that are present in the electronic mail message being summarized.10-02-2008
20080215958DOCUMENT STREAM OPERATING SYSTEM - A document stream operating system and method is disclosed in which: (09-04-2008
20090138788APPARATUS, METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR GENERATING A TEMPLATE FOR ARRANGING At LEAST ONE OBJECT AT AT LEAST ONE PLACE - Methods and apparatus for generating a template for arranging at least one object at least one place, wherein the at least one object is characterized by at least one feature, wherein the methods and apparatus facilitate: providing at least one initial object, arranging the at least one initial object at the at least one place, and generating the template by assigning to the at least one place the at least one feature of the at least one initial object, which has been arranged at the least one place.05-28-2009
20090049370Page Modules and Providing Content - A method of providing content to a user uses a browser, connects to a server; and performs a check. The method provides a set of modules, and thereby forms a page of modules. The method customizes a first module in the set of modules, saves the customization, and executes a function provided by a module in the set of modules. Initially, the set of modules may include a default set of modules, which includes the first module and a second module. The first module may assume several shapes, and content presented by the first module automatically adjusts according to the shape of the first module to maximize a field of view of the content for the user. Preferably, the first and second modules are stacked such that a horizontal dimension of the first and second modules spans the width of a browser window.02-19-2009
20090063943Use of Dynamic Anchors to Transmit Content - A section of a document is visually altered, by a sending computer, to create an altered document. An anchor is dynamically created for the section of the document that was altered. This anchor is appended to a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for the original document, and the appended URI is then sent from the sending computer to a receiving computer. When the appended URI is rendered by the receiving computer, the same altered document that was created by the sending computer is now displayed on the receiving computer.03-05-2009
20090063942SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ASSOCIATING A REPORT WITH A CUSTOMIZABLE TEMPLATE - A system and method for associating a report with a customizable template is disclosed. In some embodiments, the system comprises a first data source that stores a plurality of customizable templates, a second data source that stores a plurality of reports, and logic coupled to the first and second data sources and configured to associate at least one of the plurality of reports with at least one of the plurality of customizable templates.03-05-2009
20080263433Multiple version merge for media production - Methods, graphical user interfaces, computer apparatus and computer readable medium for merging different versions of multimedia project (e.g., movie) are disclosed. For example, modifications separately and concurrently made to multimedia assets of a multimedia project in production can be efficiently and intelligently merged. The multimedia assets can be audio, video or graphical elements.10-23-2008
20080263432CONTEXT DEPENDENT PAGE RENDERING APPARATUS, SYSTEMS, AND METHODS - Apparatus, systems, and methods disclosed herein may receive one or more sets of presentation rendering property values (PRPVs) at a client processing device from a network device. A set of PRPVs may be associated with a set of presentation characteristics of a sensory output device (SOD) used to present a multimedia presentation, a state of the SOD, or a state of a filter used to filter the presentation. A subset of PRPVs may be associated with a presentation element. An operating system or other entity associated with the client processing device may be interrogated to determine a state of the SOD or of the filter. Using the subset of PRPVs, the presentation element may be rendered for presentation at the SOD with a set of predetermined perceptual characteristics compatible with the presentation characteristics associated with the SOD. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.10-23-2008
20090204879 SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SCRIPT LANGUAGE-BASED DOCUMENT PROCESSING - The subject application is directed to a system and method for script language-based document processing. First, an electronic document inclusive of scripted commands is received. Scripted commands are then parsed from the received electronic document. At least one electronic document is then retrieved from an associated storage in accordance with the parsing of the scripted commands from the received electronic document. Thereafter, at least one document processing operation is performed on each retrieved electronic document in accordance with the scripted command parsed from the received electronic document.08-13-2009
20080270879COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM, DOCUMENT PROCESSING APPARATUS AND DOCUMENT PROCESSING SYSTEM - A computer-readable medium stores a program causing a computer to execute document processing. The document processing includes: acquiring document data including one or more pieces of attribute information; and acquiring attribute extraction information of each attribute information. Each attribute extraction information includes (i) extraction method information indicating an extraction method for extracting the corresponding attribute information from the document data, and (ii) position information that indicates a position of the corresponding attribute information in the document data, and corresponds to the extraction method indicated by the extraction method information for the corresponding attribute information. The document processing further includes registering attribute information that is extracted from the document data based on the attribute extraction information, as the attribute information of the document data.10-30-2008
20080313528METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PRODUCING PATENT SPECIFICATION - A method and system for producing a patent specification is capable of producing a patent specification draft rapidly for the inventor, applicant or patent attorney, thereby reducing the time to complete the specification and improving the mutual understanding between the inventor and the patent attorney. After the inventor inputs the technical characteristics and other related description via a graphic interface, a patent specification draft can be produced rapidly. The method includes the steps of inputting a title, selecting the type of invention, entering the graphic interface, inputting the name and function of each element to form an output data section, inputting the data having multiple sets of text areas, cooperating the input data having multiple sets of text areas with individual output data section, combining, trans-pasting and composing the corresponding input description to form multiple sets of output data sections. In this way, the contents of a patent specification can be formed.12-18-2008
20080313527Region-based controlling method and system for electronic documents - The invention provides a region-based controlling method and system of electronic documents. In this method, the electronic document is first encapsulated within a virtual “container”, forming a new electronic file (system), which contains at least a region judgment module, used to judge the current location of the document, and contains a play/display module that controls the status of playing or displaying the document. When the document needs to be played or displayed, the play/display module sends the request to the region judgment module to confirm the current location, and the region judgment module sends the region Authentication request to the region server via the terminal device. After the region authentication session finishes, the response from the region server is received by the terminal device. If the response indicates that the terminal device is within the authorized region, the play/display module will continue to play or display the document, and otherwise the play/display module will reject the request to open the document. By this invention, unauthorized copy and propagation of electronic files can be prevented.12-18-2008
20090077458Time-based Programming and Computation - A computer implemented method and system for calculating changepoints in a rule-based environment. At least one time-based value is created from at least one date value, and combined with at least one changepoint value to calculate changepoints. The changepoints are then formatted, and a report is generated and output for display to the user in plain language. In another aspect, a value is assigned to a time-based parameter and combined with a changepoint value to calculate changepoints.03-19-2009
20090070660SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANIPULATION OF DOCUMENT DATA INTERCEPTED THROUGH PORT REDIRECTION - The subject application is directed to a system and method for manipulation of document data intercepted through port redirection. Electronic documents targeted to a virtual port are first received from at least one application, with the virtual port being associated with the at least one application. Each of the electronic documents received in the virtual port are then stored and a display representing document images associated with each stored electronic document is then generated. Assembly instructions are received relative to an aggregate output document selected from the document imaged according to the generated display. A single output job is then output to at least one document rendering device comprising at least a portion of the stored output data.03-12-2009
20110055674METHOD FOR EXPRESSING EMOTION IN A TEXT MESSAGE - In one embodiment of the present invention, while composing a textual message, a portion of the textual message is dynamically indicated as having heightened emotional value. In one embodiment, this is indicated by depressing a key on a keyboard for a period longer than a typical debounce interval. While the key remains depressed, a plurality of text parameters for the character associated with the depressed key are accessed and one of the text parameters is chosen. Animation processing is then performed upon the textual message and the indicated portion of the textual message is visually emphasized in the animated text message.03-03-2011
20110055675METHOD FOR EXPRESSING EMOTION IN A TEXT MESSAGE - In one embodiment of the present invention, while composing a textual message, a portion of the textual message is dynamically indicated as having heightened emotional value. In one embodiment, this is indicated by depressing a key on a keyboard for a period longer than a typical debounce interval. While the key remains depressed, a plurality of text parameters for the character associated with the depressed key are accessed and one of the text parameters is chosen. Animation processing is then performed upon the textual message and the indicated portion of the textual message is visually emphasized in the animated text message.03-03-2011
20090083612Method for processing electronic documents - The illustrative embodiments provide a method and computer usable program product for processing an electronic document. A process parses the document and identifies a set of first data components which may be located anywhere in the document. The process also identifies a relationship between two or more first data components and validates the relationship. The process transforms the document into a set of second documents and a subset of data components of the second documents into a third document. The various operations are performed in accordance with a set of rules. A rule for parsing includes a specification of a data component including data component's identifier and attribute, a directive to proceed to a second specification based on a condition, a rule identifier, and a directive to proceed to a second rule based on a second condition.03-26-2009
20100050063SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CUSTOMIZABLE RESTRICTION MODE FOR DOCUMENT PROCESSING DEVICES - The subject application is directed to a system and method for customizable restriction mode for document processing devices. At least one document for processing is received, as well as document processing instructions for performing a selected document processing operation on a received document. A state of each of a plurality of functions associated with completion of the selected document processing operation is calculated, and each of a plurality of sub-functions corresponding to the plurality of functions is enabled. Timing data is generated for timing operation of each of a plurality of sub-functions in accordance with pre-selected timing characteristics. Control instructions are received, and operation of each of the plurality of sub-functions is controlled in a pre-selected order while enabled in accordance with timing data, state data, and the control instructions.02-25-2010
20100058159Inline history tracking and contextual display of project specific search histories on the Internet, Intranet or Program - This is a method of automatically tracking and displaying “Search Histories” inline within the context of an Internet research project. Links to context specific history listings can be displayed contextually within a block diagram and/or within a list. This contextual view of histories facilitates finding and quickly returning to a previously visited web pages. The detailed information about these pages contained in the history pages further facilitates finding the web page of interest. These tools are particularly helpful in the context of an Internet research project.03-04-2010
20110083067WEB BROWSING ENVIRONMENT PROVIDER SYSTEM FOR MULTIPLE USERS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - Provided are a web browsing environment provider system for multiple users, in which a remote server computer is used, and a method of controlling the system. The system includes a user device on which a user interface is displayed for reading a web page and controlling web browsing, and a web browsing environment server efficiently generating and managing an independent web browsing environment for each respective user device, notifying the user device about a state of the independent web browsing environment, rendering a web page, executing active contents contained in the web page, transmitting a web page image that is rendered to the user device, and controlling an operation requested by the user device to operate in the web browsing environment, thereby saving on resources related to performance. Thus, multiple users can perform the same level of web browsing operation as in a personal computer (PC) that is a main device of web browsing by using a user device having lower performance than the PC or low compatibility with the PC.04-07-2011
20080215957Systems and methods for generating technical documentation from enterprise service-oriented architecture content - Systems and methods are provided for generating technical documentation from content, such as enterprise SOA content. In one implementation, a computer-implemented method is provided that comprises receiving an identifier of a service interface description that defines an interface for implementing a service and processing one or more packages associated with the service interface description by reading data from one or more files of enterprise SOA content stored in a database. In addition, the method generates the technical documentation using the data read from the one or more files.09-04-2008
20110055673DOMAIN BASED WORKFLOWS - Technology is disclosed for using workflows based on domains in a hierarchical data structure (e.g. LDAP directory) or other type of data structure. When a workflow is created, it is associated with domain. The domain is defined by a selected node and all nodes below that selected node in the hierarchical data structure. At run time, the system identifies which workflows perform a requested task and are associated with a domain that includes the target of the task. If multiple workflows are determined, the user is provided with the ability to choose one of the identified workflows for performing the tasks.03-03-2011
20080256429APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CREATING PUBLICATIONS FROM STATIC AND DYNAMIC CONTENT - A computer readable storage medium comprises a publication definition module to create and define properties for a publication object. The publication definition module includes executable instructions to associate a set of static documents and a set of report templates with the publication object. Executable instructions define a conditional delivery rule for the publication object. The conditional delivery rule specifies a condition for the inclusion of a report template from the set of report templates to be merged with a static document from the set of static documents.10-16-2008
20080256430AUTOMATED IMPLEMENTATION OF CHARACTERISTICS OF A NARRATIVE EVENT DEPICTION BASED ON HIGH LEVEL RULES - Systems and methods providing automated implementation of production characteristics for a narrative event, where a presentation criterion encoding the production characteristics is interpreted and selects a set of algorithms to use to implement those production characteristics, and where those algorithms implement the production characteristics for the event content representing the narrative event as a presentation criterion production collection and a presentation criterion integration specification, such that for an event depiction from the event content integrated with the presentation criterion production collection according to the presentation criterion integration specification, that event depiction reflects the production characteristics.10-16-2008
20090300471Processing Publishing Rules by Routing Documents Based on Document Conceptual Understanding - Embodiments of the invention may be used to improve enforcement and compliance with publishing rules in an automated and provable manner. Prior to publication, documents may be processed using publishing rules (workflows) based on conceptual analysis of document content. Additionally, embodiments of the invention include a content creation system configured to provide prompt feedback on content coverage. Such a system enables the creator of information to better understand what approval requirements apply to content they create and intend to publish, as the content is being created.12-03-2009
20090177955METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MODELING USER REQUESTS, APPLICATIONS AND COMPONENTS USED IN DYNAMIC APPLICATION ASSEMBLY - A method for determining if a first component can be connected to a second component for inclusion in a processing graph, includes: accessing a first component description, the first component description describing an output object of the first component with a set of tags; accessing a second component description, the second component description describing an input condition of the second component with a set of tags; determining that the first component can be connected to the second component if the set of tags describing the output object includes all tags describing the input condition; and including the first and second connected components in a processing graph if they are connected to each other.07-09-2009
20090132899SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATICALLY INSERTING REFERENCE NUMERALS IN A PATENT APPLICATION - A system for preparing a patent application in conjunction with a word processing program. The patent application includes elements, each having a common noun and being differentiated by a different adjective or combination of adjectives. The computer program automatically inserts the proper reference numeral or reference numerals following each occurrence of the common noun throughout the patent application.05-21-2009
20080320377DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A document management system including a repository for storing electronic documents, a portable display for displaying an electronic document stored in the portable display, a folder adapted to physically receive the portable display. The repository may include a digital representation of the folder. The system may link in the repository the electronic document with the digital representation when the portable display is received in the folder. The system takes advantage of the physicality of the folder and the display with an added indexing, i.e. filing, resulting from the insertion. The portable display may be an electronic-paper display. The repository may be arranged to store the at least one electronic document in the digital representation when the portable display is received in the folder. The electronic document may be sent to the repository for storage in association with the digital representation of the folder.12-25-2008
20120047420METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DIRECTED DOCUMENTATION OF CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS - Methods and systems for directed creation of construction documentation are provided. Example embodiments provide a Directed Documentation System (a “DDS”), which directs, in a computer-assisted manner, the creation of a historical record of a portion or an entire construction project. In one embodiment, the DDS comprises a directed construction data organization process/component, a directed documentation data acquisition process/component, a construction documentation data retrieval process/component, and a construction documentation data distribution process/component. These components cooperate to direct the documentation of a construction project in a manner that insures that all desired aspects of the project are documented thoroughly and uniformly. This abstract is provided to comply with rules requiring an abstract, and it is submitted with the intention that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims.02-23-2012
20120060077METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR VIDEO SYNTHESIS - An approach is provided for generating a compilation of media items. A plurality of media items is received. Respective context vectors for the media items are determined. The context vectors include, at least in part, orientation information, geo-location information, timing information, or a combination thereof associated with the creation of the respective media items. A compilation of at least a portion of the media items is generated based, at least in part, on the context vectors.03-08-2012
20120072813METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DISPLAYING A WEB PAGE ADVERTISEMENT - Presented is a method of displaying a web page advertisement on a computing device. A web page advertisement is segregated from content on the web page during a web browsing session. The web page advertisement is then cached on the computing device for display at a time later to the web browsing session.03-22-2012
20120124456AUDIENCE-BASED PRESENTATION AND CUSTOMIZATION OF CONTENT - A system and method are disclosed for delivering content customized to the specific user or users interacting with the system. The system includes one or more modules for recognizing an identity of a user. These modules may include for example a gesture recognition engine, a facial recognition engine, a body language recognition engine and a voice recognition engine. The user may also be carrying a mobile device such as a smart phone which identifies the user. One or more of these modules may cooperate to identify a user, and then customize the user's content based on the user's identity. In particular, the system receives user preferences indicating the content a user wishes to receive and the conditions under which it is to be received. Based on the user preferences and recognition of a user identity and/or other traits, the system presents content customized for a particular user.05-17-2012
20120131426DOCUMENT GENERATION AND SERVICES MANAGEMENT - Methods, systems and program products for generating a document of understanding. Embodiments of the invention may provide an interface allowing a user to select from a plurality of component documents. Upon receiving a selection of component documents from the user, embodiments may generate a document of understanding based on the received selection. Embodiments may then submit the generated document of understanding for approval, and upon approval, embodiments my mark the generated document of understanding as active.05-24-2012
20090106639System and Method for an Extensible Media Player - In a method and system for creating an extensible media player, a media player application is instantiated on a client system. The media player application receives a data presentation file from a server. The data presentation file includes a playlist of media files and modules associated with each of the media files. The data presentation file is parsed and an instance of the playlist is created. The playlist instance may include playlist items corresponding to the media files of the playlist. Each playlist item may have an associated presentation instance governing presentation aspects of the playlist item. When a playlist item is selected for playback, the corresponding media file is transmitted to the client system. The media file and modules associated with the presentation instance for the playlist item are loaded by the instantiated media player. Once loaded, pre-timeline modules are executed prior to the playing of the selected media file. Additional modules are executed concurrently to the playing of the media file. Subsequent to the playing of the media file, post-timeline modules are executed. Following the presentation of the media file and associated modules, the media player application processes the next selected media file and its associated modules.04-23-2009
20090019347DOCUMENT PROCESSING SYSTEM, DOCUMENT INPUT-OUPUT DEVICE, RECORDING MEDIUM STORING DOCUMENT INPUT-OUTPUT PROGRAM, AND DOCUMENT PROCESSING METHOD - A document processing system, which includes a document management device having: a management section that manages document information including association between a document and identification information; and an accumulation section that accumulates an electronic document corresponding to the document, and a document input-output device having: a generation section that generates the electronic document; an extraction section that extracts the identification information; a determination section that obtains the document information and determines whether pages are overlapped; a detection section that detects whether an added portion exists in each of the overlapped pages; a deletion section that deletes a page not having the added portion; a controller that controls to incorporate the page having the added portion to a corresponding page in the electronic document; and an output section that outputs the electronic document including the incorporated page, or outputs the electronic document through image formation on a medium.01-15-2009
20080256428System for facilitating the preparation of a patent application with an automatically variable omnibus form paragraph - A method of preparing a patent application in conjunction with a word processing program. Key explanations/disclaimers are inserted into an omnibus form paragraph in response to keys being found in the claims. This increases efficiency in the drafting of the patent application and prevents mistakes by ensuring that the omnibus form paragraph contains the necessary disclaimers/explanations for the style of claims in the patent application.10-16-2008
20080235563Document displaying apparatus, document displaying method, and computer program product - A document displaying apparatus includes a document acquiring unit that acquires a structured document containing a plurality of structured document elements, a display-size acquiring unit that acquires a display size of a display area where the structured document is to be displayed, a sectionalizing unit that sectionalizes the structured document into pages based on the display size and an amount of the document elements, an information arranging unit that arranges the pages in the display area, and a document displaying unit that displays the pages in switchable manner.09-25-2008


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