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State error (i.e., content of instruction, data, or message)

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714 - Error detection/correction and fault detection/recovery


714001000 - Reliability and availability

714048000 - Error detection or notification

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714054000 Storage content error 77
714050000 State out of sequence 14
714053000 Address error 11
20100088554APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR CAPTURE OF FLOW CONTROL ERRORS IN CLOCK DOMAIN CROSSING DATA TRANSFERS - Apparatus methods for capturing flow control errors in FIFO exchanges between producing and consuming circuits operating in different clock domains. Tag information at the start of an exchange is transferred to a synchronizing component before data of a transfer transaction is entered in the FIFO. The tag information is also associated with each unit of data transferred to the FIFO by the producing circuit. The synchronizing component verifies the each unit of data retrieved by the consuming circuit has the expected tag information associated therewith and signals an error is the tag information does not match. Thus an error by the producing circuit in entering too much or too little data for a transfer is detected before erroneous data is retrieved and processed by the consuming circuit.04-08-2010
20130185604FAULT TOLERANT STABILITY CRITICAL EXECUTION CHECKING USING REDUNDANT EXECUTION PIPELINES - A circuit arrangement and method utilize existing redundant execution pipelines in a processing unit to execute multiple instances of stability critical instructions in parallel so that the results of the multiple instances of the instructions can be compared for the purpose of detecting errors. For other types of instructions for which fault tolerant or stability critical execution is not required or desired, the redundant execution pipelines are utilized in a more conventional manner, enabling multiple non-stability critical instructions to be concurrently issued to and executed by the redundant execution pipelines. As such, for non-stability critical program code, the performance benefits of having multiple redundant execution units are preserved, yet in the instances where fault tolerant or stability critical execution is desired for certain program code, the redundant execution units may be repurposed to provide greater assurances as to the fault-free execution of such instructions.07-18-2013
20100011258Coordinating the Execution of System and Database Scripts in a Database Server - An administrator can specify a script sequence including one or more system scripts and database scripts. A graphical user interface is provided to allow the administrator to specify an execution order of individual scripts in the script sequence and a timeout interval for when the script sequence will complete. Once the script sequence is specified, the script sequence can be run without further intervention by the administrator.01-14-2010
20120246524DEBUGGING AID FOR SECURE WIRELESS SYSTEMS - In an encrypted wireless system, when a wireless node detects that it is having problems, it may be programmed to transmit one or more diagnostic messages without encryption, or with reduced encryption. The transmitted diagnostic messages may be received and interpreted by a technician troubleshooting the system. Once the technician troubleshoots and repairs the system, the affected wireless node may detect that it is operating normally, and may cease transmitting the unencrypted, or reduced-encryption, diagnostic messages. In most cases, the wireless system does not need any particular input to initiate the unencrypted, or reduced-encryption, diagnostic message transmissions.09-27-2012
20130086436Device and Method for Checking Frames to be used by an Electronic Device of a Communication Network, on the Basis of Function Types and Using Parameters Contained in Said Frames - The invention relates to a device (D) for checking frames of groups of bits, received by an electronic device (O04-04-2013
20130086435SCALABLE I/O ADAPTER FUNCTION LEVEL ERROR DETECTION, ISOLATION, AND REPORTING - Embodiments of the invention relate to scalable input/output (I/O) function level error detection, isolation, and reporting. An aspect of the invention includes detecting an error in a communication initiated between the function and a system memory, the communication including an I/O request from an application. Future communication is prevented between the one function and the system memory in response to the detecting. The application is notified that the error in communication occurred in response to the detecting.04-04-2013
20130080843Detecting Sensor Malfunctions Using Compression Analysis of Binary Decision Diagrams - In particular embodiments, a method includes analyzing a binary decision diagram (BDD) representing a data stream from a sensor to determine a compression rate of the BDD and indicating a sensor malfunction in the sensor if the compression rate of the BDD deviates from a specified compression rate range.03-28-2013
20100332917Control apparatus - A control apparatus controls a device to which the control apparatus is connected. The control apparatus includes a storing unit and a linking unit. The storing unit stores an error message that contains information on a failed component in a storage device upon receiving the error message from the device. The linking unit stores the error message and information on a replacement component, which has been installed in the device in place of the failed component, in the storage device in association with each other upon receiving the information on the replacement component.12-30-2010
20100332916PORTABLE ELECTRONIC APPARATUS, PROCESSING APPARATUS FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC APPARATUS, AND DATA PROCESSING METHOD IN PORTABLE ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A smart card comprises a storage unit in which various data are stored, a communication unit to perform data communication with an external apparatus, and a processing unit which executes processing corresponding to a command received via the communication unit. The processing unit of the smart card detects data judged to have data abnormality from the data stored in the storage unit in a case where the command received from the external apparatus is an abnormal data confirmation command, and notifies the external apparatus of response data including information indicating the data in which the data abnormality has been detected by the detection.12-30-2010
20100107017Method to Isolate Crash of an Embedded Multi-Threaded Application to a Shared Library Call Without Core Dump Files or Debugger - The present disclosure relates in general to embedded information handling systems, and more particularly to systems and methods for isolating a crash of an embedded multi-threaded application to a shared library call in embedded information handling systems.04-29-2010
20120166890ERROR DETECTION IN FIFO QUEUES USING SIGNATURE BITS - A first in, first out (FIFO) queue includes logic to provide detection of operational errors in the FIFO queue. The FIFO queue includes entries to store data written to the FIFO queue and signature bits, each signature bit corresponding to one of the entries. A test pattern and a read signature register includes a number of bits greater than a depth of the FIFO queue. A comparator compares the test pattern to the read signature register and output an error signal indicating whether the test pattern matches the read signature register.06-28-2012
20090307536METHOD FOR PROTECTING SOFTWARE PROGRAMS - In order to protect a software program, at least one corruption function is included in the program. Also included in the program is at least one instruction that causes the program to be directed to the corruption function. An available breakpoint is then set such that, when the starting location of the corruption function is reached, an exception is generated and the handling of the exception causes the corruption function not to run. This has the effect that, if a malicious user attempts to use the available hardware breakpoint to perform unauthorized actions on the software program, the corruption function will run, and the software program will be unusable.12-10-2009
20130073914STORAGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Storage management systems and methods are presented. In one embodiment, a method comprises: performing a hierarchical configuration information process, including accessing information regarding hierarchical relationships of components associated with a storage environment; performing a storage resource consumption detection process, including detecting consumption of storage resources included in the storage environment; and performing a coordinated consumption analysis process in which at least part of an analysis of the consumption of the storage resources is coordinated across multiple levels of an active spindle hierarchy. In one embodiment, a reaction process is performed. The reaction process can include performing an automated consumption notification process and an automated reclamation process based upon results of the storage resource consumption detection process.03-21-2013
20090271666MESSAGE PROCESSING DEVICE AND METHOD THEREOF - There are provided a message processing device and a method improved to store a plenty of messages used for processing. When a message is transmitted to another node for providing a service, a message processing unit (10-29-2009
20090031177Method for providing download and upload service in network control system - The present invention relates to a method for providing a download and upload service using variable length packet communication in a living network control system. For example, a user located inside or outside a house controls or monitors operations or operation states of various appliances such as refrigerator or laundry machine through a living network installed at home, such as a RS-485 network, small output network, or power line network so that convenience of remote control and supervision can be provided to a user. Further, in a case where a download or upload service is executed in a living network in which various appliances connected thereto, variable length packet communication, which is capable of diving data by the buffer size of a device, and then sending and assembling the data, is used so that a download and upload service for various appliances connected through the living network can be more effectively executed.01-29-2009
20110022901METHOD FOR TESTING HARD DISKS UNDER AN EXTENSIBLE FIRMWARE INTERFACE - A method for testing hard disks under an extensible firmware interface (EFI) provides a device tree of hard disks. Nodes of the device tree represent block devices or file systems of the hard disks. Devices paths and handles corresponding to each of the device paths are obtained from the device tree. Parent controller handles of each of the device paths are obtained. If there are parent controller handles the same as the obtained handles, the parent controller handles the same as the obtained handles are deleted. The computer determines that a number of the hard disks is equal to a number of the device paths corresponding to the remained parent controller handles. Nodes information of each of the device paths corresponding to the remained parent controller handles are determined as hard disk information of each of the hard disks.01-27-2011
20120233508System and Method for Increased System Availability in Virtualized Environments - A method is provided for managing errors in a virtualized information handling system that includes an error detection system and a hypervisor allowing multiple virtual machines to run on the information handling system. The hypervisor may assign at least one memory region to each of multiple virtual machines. The error detection system may detect an error, determine a physical memory address associated with the error, and report that address to the hypervisor. Additionally, the hypervisor may determine whether the memory region assigned to each virtual machine includes the physical memory address associated with the error. The hypervisor may shut down each virtual machine for which a memory region assigned to that virtual machine includes the physical memory address associated with the error, and not shut down each virtual machine for which the memory regions assigned to that virtual machine do not include the physical memory address associated with the error.09-13-2012
20090013220Data Collecting Apparatus and Gateway Apparatus - This invention intends to provide a data collecting apparatus and a gateway apparatus capable of reducing the labor for setting the threshold value or condition used for a real running point, reducing the number of cases where the threshold value or condition is erroneously set and setting the threshold value or condition within a narrow range.01-08-2009
20090144588FINITE STATE MACHINE ERROR RECOVERY - The use of a simple (e.g., magnitude comparator) circuit, and of a flag bit, for detecting and preventing errors from occurring in the FSM state bits that could otherwise cause the system to hang. Preferably, the flag bit is set with all the valid state transitions, and a magnitude comparator (for instance) is used to continuously monitor the value of the current state bits. When a FSM state transition occurs based on the flag bit and the output of the magnitude comparator, a potential error condition can be detected and the FSM transition can be blocked or the FSM can be safely transitioned into a predetermined “reset state”.06-04-2009
20080288829METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR VERIFYING DATA IN A STORAGE SYSTEM - A method for verifying data in a storage system is disclosed. A host computer transmits area management data to a storage controller. The area management data specifies a range of a storage area in a storage device to be used by an application program having a mechanism for verifying data suitability. Upon receipt of an input/output request transmitted from the host computer, the storage controller performs verification, which is usually performed by the application program, of the data that is to be processed according to the data input/output request and to be input/output to/from the storage area, which is specified in accordance with the received area management data.11-20-2008
20110302458FRAMEWORK FOR MANAGING FAILURES IN OUTBOUND MESSAGES - Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method and related network node including one or more of the following: receiving, at a policy and charging rules node (PCRN), a request from a requesting node for an establishment of a first service data flow (SDF); generating a first rule set for implementing the first SDF in response to the request; transmitting a first rule of the rule set to a first node for installation of the first rule; waiting for a period of time for a response from the first node; determining from the response whether installation of the first rule at the first node failed or succeeded; and if installation of the first rule succeeded, transmitting a second rule of the first rule set to a second node for installation of the second rule.12-08-2011
20110289364APPARATUS, AND ASSOCIATED METHOD, FOR REPORTING DELAYED COMMUNICATION OF DATA MESSAGES - An apparatus, and an associated method, reports when incidence of email or other data-message communication of a wireless network system. An analyzer analyzes logged information and determines the incidence, such as by calculating a ratio, of delayed versus timely message communications. If the ratio, or other indication, is beyond a threshold, a reporter generates a report to alert the high incidence of delayed communications.11-24-2011
20110296254Distillation and reconstruction of provisioning components - Disclosed is a method for archiving provisioning errors that may occur during provisioning of a computing environment having configurable components. The method may comprise distilling a provisioning request, wherein the distilling the provisioning request includes recording, in a provisioning archive, a provisioning request component, and filtering the provisioning request component. The provisioning request component may comprise a component requested to be added to, removed from, and/or updated in the computing environment. The method may further comprise distilling a provisioning target, wherein the distilling the provisioning target includes recording, in the provisioning archive, a target environment, and filtering an existing component of the target environment. Additionally, the method may comprise applying the provisioning request to the provisioning target, including provisioning the target environment, resulting in an updated provisioning target. Furthermore, the method may comprise determining if a provisioning error occurred, and adding the provisioning error, if any, to the provisioning archive.12-01-2011
20090177930TIMING CONTROLLER, ERROR DETECTION METHOD OF THE TIMING CONTROLLER, AND DISPLAY DEVICE HAVING THE TIMING CONTROLLER - A timing controller includes a control unit, an error signal generating unit, and an operation detecting unit. The control unit transfers a plurality of input data and outputs a plurality of completion signals according to transfer states of the respective data. The error signal generating unit generates a plurality of error signals with different waveforms, and the operation detecting unit selectively outputs one of the plurality of error signals in response to the plurality of completion signals.07-09-2009
20100169718Metro Ethernet Connectivity Fault Management Acceleration - A network element disposed at an edge of a connectivity fault management (CFM) domain includes a switch fabric, a central processor (CP) card, and a line card in communication with the CP card through the switch fabric. The line card includes an Ethernet interface for transmitting and receiving Ethernet CFM frames over a network and circuitry configured to generate new continuity check messages (CCMs) periodically, to process CCMs received on each connection supported by the line card, and to detect a loss of continuity for any of the connections supported by the line card. The line card maintains a list of supported connections. A generate timer and an age counter are associated with each connection in the list. The line card generates a CCM for a given connection when the generate timer expires and detects a loss of continuity for the given connection when its age counter exceeds a threshold.07-01-2010
20100115346METHOD FOR PROCESSING CONTENT AND TERMINAL THEREOF - Disclosed is a method for processing a DCD content in a DCD (Dynamic Content Delivery). When a DCD content is delivered between a server and a terminal in a DCD service system, a client of the terminal delivers the DCD content to a DECA (DCD Enabled Client Application) of the terminal. If the DECA cannot play (execute) the content, the DECA sends to the client an error notification message and a generated status value (information about device capabilities of the terminal), and the client sends the error notification message and the status value to the server. Accordingly, if an error informing that the content received from the server cannot be played has occurred, the error is processed between the terminal and the server from the point of the terminal.05-06-2010
20120110395MESSAGE COMPOSITION MANAGEMENT FOR FATIGUED COMPOSERS - Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for message composition management for fatigued composers of electronic messages. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for message composition management for fatigued composers of electronic messages includes detecting a request by a message composer to transmit a message to a designated recipient in a messaging client executing in memory of a computer. The method also includes computing a fatigue quotient for the message composer. Finally the method includes diverting the message to a drafts folder instead of transmitting the message if the fatigue quotient exceeds a threshold value.05-03-2012
20090327819Fault Tolerant Distributed Mobile Architecture - A method, system and machine-readable storage medium for providing fault tolerance in a distributed mobile architecture (dMA) system. The method includes receiving a message or failing to receive the message within a predetermined time relating to a first dMA gateway (dMAG) at a second dMAG. It is determined whether the first dMAG is not operational or is otherwise offline based on the received message or the failure to receive the message. One or more dMA nodes associated with the first dMAG are notified in order to request connections to an external system via the second dMAG. The external system is also notified to request connections to one or more dMA nodes associated with the first dMAG via the second dMAG.12-31-2009
20100125762Form Validation with Table Driven Error Handling - Various embodiments provide a validation framework to validate whether data entered in a web application is valid. The framework includes a validation resource that contains a validation rule for the web application. The framework also includes a validation group web control that can generate client validation script that is useable by a client to validate whether the entered data is valid. In at least some embodiments, an event table that specifies the validation rules is used to present an error message when the entered data is not valid.05-20-2010
20100088555Method for encoding a contactless switching system - An embodiment of the invention relates to a contactless switching system and an embodiment relates to a method for encoding same with at least one sensor and at least one signal generator, where the signal generator sends at least one data sequence and the sensor receives the data sequence. In at least one embodiment, an aim is to specify a technical teaching for encoding a contactless switching system inexpensively and in a versatile fashion. To this end, at least one embodiment of the invention proposes anchoring user-implementable encoding in the checksum of the data sequence or the checksum computation code, so that the checksum which the data sequence contains is used to check the quality of the data transmission and at the same time to implement the encoding.04-08-2010
20100083058Method And System Of Installing A Program On A First Computer, And Dulpicating The Installation On A Second Computer - Installing a program on a first or primary computer system, and duplicating the installation on a second or secondary computer system. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are methods comprising installing a software program on a first computer system by way of a human interacting with the first computer system (the installing by way of a plurality of operations), programmatically duplicating each operation on a second computer system coupled to the first computer system (the duplicating of each operation on the second computer system in real time with each operation on the first computer system), programmatically analyzing a result of each operation on the first computer system against a result of each operation on the second computer system, and notifying the human (by way of the first computer system) when the result of the operation on the second computer system is unexpected.04-01-2010
20110173506Clearing SCSI Reservations for Non-Detectable Initiators for Extended Duration - A method, system and computer-usable medium are disclosed for managing storage system resources in a storage area network (SAN). A target data storage server registers itself within a storage area network (SAN) fabric to receive a Registered State Change Notification (RSCN) should a SCSI initiator become inactive. A SCSI initiator then requests reservation of a target LUN. In response, the target data server reserves the LUN for use by the SCSI initiator. If a RSCN is received by the target data storage server, then a GID_PN server request, which comprises the unique identifier of SCSI initiator, is generated after a predetermined time interval and a SAN fabric name server. If the name server's response to the GID_PN server request is positive, then the SCSI initiator was detected as being active and the target data storage server keeps the reservation for the LUN active for the SCSI initiator. Otherwise, the reservation for the LUN is released for use by other SCSI initiators.07-14-2011
20090037781CORRECTING INTERMITTENT ERRORS IN DATA STORAGE STRUCTURES - Embodiments of apparatuses and methods for correcting intermittent errors in data storage structures are disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a data storage location, error detection logic, inverting logic, control logic, operating logic, and evaluation logic. The error detection logic is to detect an error in a data value read from the data storage location. The inverting logic is to invert the erroneous data value to produce an inverted erroneous data value. The control logic is to cause the inverted erroneous data value to be stored in the data storage location and subsequently read from the data storage location to produce an operand value. The operating logic is to perform a logical operation using the erroneous data value and the operand value. The evaluation logic is to evaluate the result to determine if the error is a soft error.02-05-2009
20100138701Method and System for Retrieving Diagnostic Information - A system, method, and apparatus for retrieving trouble codes from an equipment under diagnosis and retrieving only relevant diagnostic information relative to the returned codes from one or more remote diagnostic libraries. An electronic diagnostic library contains diagnostic vehicle information tagged with trouble code identification ID's at a first location, and a diagnostic tool at a second location requests only relevant diagnostic information from the electronic library that is tagged with trouble code identification ID's corresponding to the retrieved trouble codes and information identifying the equipment under diagnosis. The diagnostic tool receives the specific diagnostic vehicle information at the first location and may store the specific vehicle information locally prior to displaying an index to the information to a repair technician.06-03-2010
20100005345BIT SHADOWING IN A MEMORY SYSTEM - A communication interface device, system, method, and design structure for bit shadowing in a memory system are provided. The communication interface device includes shadow selection logic to select a driver bit position as a shadowed driver value, and line drivers to transmit data for the selected driver bit position and the shadowed driver value on separate link segments of a bus. The communication interface device also includes shadow compare logic to compare a selected received value with a shadowed received value from the bus and identify a miscompare in response to a mismatch of the compare, and shadow counters to count a rate of the miscompare relative to a bus error rate over a period of time. A defective link segment is identified in response to the rate of the miscompare within a predefined threshold of the bus error rate.01-07-2010
20080270853Method of Routing I/O Adapter Error Messages in a Multi-Host Environment - A method and apparatus is provided for routing error messages in a distributed computer system comprising multiple root nodes, and further comprising one or more PCI switches and one or more I/O adapters, wherein each root node includes one or more system images. In one useful embodiment, a method is provided for routing I/O error messages to root nodes respectively associated with the errors contained in the messages. The method includes detecting occurrence of an error at a specified one of the adapters, wherein the error affects one of the system images, and generating an error message at the specified adapter. The method further comprises routing the error message from the specified adapter to the particular root node that includes the affected system image. The error message is then selectively processed at the particular root node, in order to identify the affected system image. Usefully, the step of routing the error message includes using a bus/device/function number associated with the error, together with a routing table located in one of the PCI switches, to route the error message to the correct root node and system image.10-30-2008
20090063909VARIABLE OSCILLATOR FOR GENERATING DIFFERENT FREQUENCIES IN A CONTROLLER AREA NETWORK - A device suitable for use as a module in a Controller Area Network (CAN) system with a bus or connection includes relatively simple and inexpensive components, including an oscillator that generates a number of different frequencies in response to directions from a microcomputer. A CAN Controller receiving the frequencies is connected to the bus via a transceiver. The device has utility for verification and validation work in association with a CAN system.03-05-2009
20090024880System and method for triggering control over abnormal program termination - Methods and systems for handling errors in applications are provided. A comparison may be executed to confirm that actual results are in accordance with expected results. If the comparison results in an application error, a special execution software object is executed. The special execution software object obtains and maintains a copy of the application context associated with the application error found. A user may then view the application context to determine the source of the error. A logbook may be maintained to store all of the application errors and associated application contexts.01-22-2009
20110145660DETECTION AND REDUCTION OF EXCESSIVE SNMP TRAFFIC - Various embodiments herein include at least one of systems, methods, and software to detect and reduce messages from network entity management clients that are not utilized by a network management system. Once identified, the network management system may send a command to the network entity management clients to no longer send particular message types to the network management system. The network management system may also, or alternatively configured to take no action when such messages are subsequently received.06-16-2011
20090327818MULTI-CORE ENGINE FOR DETECTING BIT ERRORS - The following description includes a method and a system of detecting bit errors in a multi-core processor. When a subatomic particle, or other matter, impacts the processing cores of the processor, bit flips may occur. To detect these bit flips and thereby prevent erroneous results, operations performed by one core are inversely performed by another core. By comparing the results of the original operation and the inverse operation, embodiments of the invention can detect errors in binary data. If an error is detected, then the operations are performed again. Alternatively, multiple cores do not perform inverse operations, but instead perform identical operations in parallel. The results from the parallel operations are compared and if the results are not identical, then the operations are repeated.12-31-2009
20110231712INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING PROGRAM - A CPU I/F decodes a signal transmitted from a CPU to a target location, and transmits the decoded signal to a mediating module mediating with the target location and to an access log recording unit. The access log recording unit generates an access log using the signal received from the CPU I/F, and stores the access log in an internal RAM. A DMA stores the access log stored in the internal RAM in a nonvolatile RAM when a system controller detects any occurrence of an error in the CPU.09-22-2011
20090249132Data Processing Apparatus and Method of Verifying Programs - According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus includes a plurality of execution modules, a system memory shared by the plurality or execution modules, and a scheduler which controls assignment of a plurality of basic modules to the plurality of execution modules in order to execute a program in parallel by the plurality of execution modules. The scheduler saves data items, which is to be input by the execution modules as input data items of the basic modules and is stored in the storage areas of the system memory, in other storage areas of the system memory before the basic modules are executed, and compares the data items stored in the storage areas of the system memory and accessed by the execution modules with the data items saved in the other storage areas of the system memory after the basic modules have been executed.10-01-2009
20080313507Software reliability analysis using alerts, asserts and user interface controls - Described is a technology by which software instrumentation data collected during software program usage sessions is analyzed to identify potential problems with software program usage, such as based on frequency of problem occurrence during the usage sessions. Reliability metrics may be calculated from the information. Failure data additionally collected during the usage sessions may be accessed to derive details that correspond to the potential problems. In one example, the information may be analyzed to determine which alerts and/or asserts occurred most often, and/or to determine a relationship between user interface control operations (e.g., clicks and usage of commands) and alerts or asserts.12-18-2008
20100162053ERROR DETECTION METHOD AND A SYSTEM INCLUDING ONE OR MORE MEMORY DEVICES - A system including one or more memory devices, and an error detection and correction method are disclosed. A memory device of the system includes an input for receiving a packet. A first portion of the packet may include at least one command byte, and a second portion of the packet may include parity bits to facilitate command error detection. The memory device may include an error manager configured to detect, based on the parity bits, whether an error exists in the at least one command byte, and circuitry configured to provide the packet to the error manager.06-24-2010
20100169719NETWORK FLOW VOLUME SCALING - Flow information records are identified and sorted out based on the sending and/or receiving customer. Prior art problems are overcome by using a combination of router identification, SNMP numbers and interface numbers to identify the source and destination of data flow records. A flow information packet containing one or more information flow records is received at a flow process and parsed to identify the router source. The datagram of the flow information packet is examined to identify an SNMP number associated with the source and/or destination affiliated with the flow information packet. Based on the SNMP number, the interface of the router associated with the datagram is identified and the records are accordingly sorted into buckets. The total traffic through the router interface for a period of time is obtained via an SNMP query and the data apportioned to a bucket is scaled based on the results.07-01-2010
20100262872METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING COMMUNICATION ERRORS ON A BUS - A semiconductor memory includes multi-mode reporting signals, a state register, and parity detectors. The parity detector determines whether signals received on a communication bus contain a desired parity. The multi-mode reporting signals enable reporting of communication faults without adding additional signals to the semiconductor memory by being configured in a normal operating mode or a parity fault mode for reporting communication faults to an external memory controller. The state register enables storing of received values from the communication bus. With the state register, a memory controller may determine correctly received signal patterns and failing signal patterns. Parity may be defined as even or odd and may be generated based on various signal configurations. The invention may be configured as a computing system comprising a processor, an input device, an output device, the memory controller, and at least one semiconductor memory.10-14-2010
20100229050APPARATUS HAVING FIRST BUS AND SECOND BUS CONNECTABLE TO I/O DEVICE, INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING APPARATUS - An apparatus connected to a first and second buses, the apparatus having a first controller that transforms first form data into second form data, transforms second form data into first form data, and outputs the transformed data, a second controller that transforms first form data into second form data, transforms second form data into first form data, and outputs the transformed data, a first distributing unit connected to the first and second controllers, the first distributing unit distributing first form data to the first and second controllers, respectively, a first selector that selects one of the second form data, and outputs the selected data, a second distributing unit connected to the first and the second controllers, the second distributing unit distributing second form data to the first and second controllers, respectively, and a second selector that selects one of the first form data, and outputs the selected data09-09-2010
20090077428Software Method And System For Controlling And Observing Computer Networking Devices - Mechanisms for managing the keyboard, video or mouse commands at a target device, which may be a computer or non-computer. During a boot up cycle, the present subject matter uses the intelligent platform management interface and a BIOS management application to receive keyboard or video signals from the BIOS, convert the signals to internet protocol format, and transmit those signals to a managing computer. Controls signals may be transmitted from the managing computer to the target device. After the boot up cycle, the target device may be configured to cause the management of the computer to be transferred from the BIOS management application to an operating system management application. During normal operation, the operating system management application provides for the ability to receive at the target computer keyboard, video or mouse signals and to transmit to the managing computer keyboard, video or mouse signals generated at the target device.03-19-2009
20100241910METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MAINTENANCE OF A DATA-PROCESSING APPARATUS - A method and system for performing one or more preventative maintenance functions for a data-processing apparatus. One or more notifications regarding daily maintenance functions can be generated in the form of a reminder when the data-processing apparatus begins operation. A history of the maintenance functions performed can be stored in a memory through remote data pushes. An email alert can be generated and transmitted to a user regarding incomplete maintenance functions in order to track the maintenance activities. The data-processing apparatus can be monitored in a consolidated manner and the occurrence of fault information stored and then rapidly retrieved to provide notifications indicative of such maintenance data.09-23-2010
20090113254System management apparatus and method for multi-shelf modular computing system - The invention provides a system management apparatus for a multi-shelf modular computing system. The system management apparatus receives and parses an alert information in response to an abnormal parameter/state relative to a component of the multi-shelf modular computing system sent from a shelf management device of the multi-shelf modular computing system, and stores the parsed alert information into a storage module. Then, the system management apparatus periodically retrieves the parsed alert information, if any, from the storage module and generates a visual alert information indicating the abnormal parameter/state. Thereby, a user can view the visual alert information to perceive the abnormal parameter/state rapidly and intuitively, so as to take corresponding measures.04-30-2009
20110107157REGISTER ACCESS CONTROL METHOD AND CIRCUIT - A register access control circuit and method includes extracting data written to a plurality of registers by specifying the common address in response to read access to a common address, comparing the data extracted from the respective registers, and outputting the data extracted from one of the registers as read data when the data extracted from the respective registers match.05-05-2011
20100325495SYSTEMS AND METHOD FOR TRANSACTION STALL DETECTION AND PROPAGATING THE RESULT IN A MULTI-CORE ARCHITECTURE - The present invention is directed towards systems and methods for determining failure in and controlling access to a shared resource in a multi-core system. In some embodiments of a multi-core system, individual cores may share the same resource. Additionally, the resource may occasionally fail or need to be reset, and the period during which the resource is being reset may be non-instantaneous. In an embodiment without coordination between the cores, one core experiencing a failure may reset the resource. During the period in which the resource is resetting, another core may interpret the reset as a failure and reset the resource. As more cores interpret the resets as failures, they will trigger resets, quickly resulting in the resource being constantly reset and unavailable. Thus, in some embodiments, a coordination system may be utilized to determine failure of a shared resource and control resets and access to the shared resource.12-23-2010
20100332915METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANAGING COMMUNICATION SERVICES FOR USER ENDPOINT DEVICES - A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, an edge device having a controller to receive a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) message from a user endpoint device (UE) requesting communication services, forward the SIP message to a network element of a Server Office, receive from the network element a first error message indicating communication services at the Server Office are unavailable, replace the first error message with a second error message, the second error message indicating a temporary unavailability of communication services, and transmit the second error message to the UE. Additional embodiments are disclosed.12-30-2010
20090006904APPARATUS AND METHOD TO CHECK DATA INTEGRITY WHEN HANDLING DATA - An apparatus and method to check integrity when handling data. The method provides a storage array which includes a plurality of sectors. The method defines (N) data state identifiers and (N) parity state identifiers. The method receives a command to handle data, where that command designates a target sector. The method determines the data state identifier assigned to the target sector, determines the parity state identifier assigned to the target sector, and compares the data state identifier and the parity state identifier. If the method determines that the data state identifier and the parity state identifier are the same, the method performs the command to handle data. Alternatively, if the method determines that the data state identifier and the parity state identifier differ, the method generates an error message.01-01-2009
20110010590ENTERPRISE BLACK BOX SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DATA CENTERS - Enterprises are fast moving towards restructuring their IT infrastructure by exploiting the emerging models of data centers. In one extreme, the whole of application, storage, and network needs of an enterprise are to be managed by third party data centers. While the use of third party data centers is an attractive proposition for enterprises, it can potentially put their intellectual property in the form of applications and data assets under threat. There is a need for a system that is a part of a data center but owned by an enterprise that provides a single point of entry and exit for interacting and communicating with the data center and the enterprise relies on this system to obtain an insight into the functioning and behavior of the data center.01-13-2011
20110113292Method, Device, Computer Program Product and Data Processing Program For Handling Communication Link Problems Between A First Communication Means and A Second Communication Means - A method for handling communication link problems between a first communication means and a second communication means. Data signals, control signals and/or error information are transferred between the first communication means and the second communication means using the communication link. The method includes activating a static identification pattern in the first communication means representing an error information, and stopping a clock signal (Clk) inside the first communication means to freeze a present error condition, in response to a communication link problem being detected, and transferring the activated static identification pattern permanently and/or repeatedly to the second communication means using the communication link.05-12-2011
20100153791MANAGING BY ONE PROCESS STATE OF ANOTHER PROCESS TO FACILITATE HANDLING OF ERROR CONDITIONS - One process of a processing environment maintains state on behalf of another process of the processing environment, and uses that state to determine if a problem exists with the another process. The one process is a non-volatile process, while the another process is a volatile process.06-17-2010
20100251035PROGRAM, INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, CONTENT PROCESSING METHOD, AND CONTENT PROCESSING SYSTEM - An information processing device includes: a receiving operation for receiving, from a transmission device, content and first verification data corresponding to divided content obtained by dividing the content; a detecting operation for detecting an error of the divided content based on second verification data to be calculated based on the divided content and the first verification data received in the receiving operation; and an obtaining operation for obtaining other divided content corresponding to the divided content having the error detected in the detecting operation from another information processing device different from the transmission device, when the error of the divided content is detected in the detecting operation.09-30-2010
20090313509CONTROL METHOD FOR INFORMATION STORAGE APPARATUS, INFORMATION STORAGE APPARATUS, PROGRAM AND COMPUTER READABLE INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM - A control method for an information storage apparatus has the steps of: providing redundancy of information stored in the information storage apparatus; a redundancy failure recording part recording a record of a redundancy failure in a state recording part, when the failure has occurred in keeping of the redundant state of the information; a redundancy monitoring part reading the record of the redundancy failure from the state recording part the record; and a reporting part reporting the redundancy failure when the record of the redundancy failure is read by the redundancy monitoring part.12-17-2009
20100037104IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING APPLICATION THEREOF - A method to control an application installed on an image forming apparatus includes checking current status information of the image forming apparatus, comparing the checked current status information with executability information to execute a pre-stored application, and if the application is executable as a result of the comparing, executing the application, and if the application is not executable, displaying information that the application is not executable.02-11-2010
20090217109ENHANCED PRESENCE ROUTING AND ROSTER FIDELITY BY PROACTIVE CRASHED ENDPOINT DETECTION - Endpoint crashes in a real time communication system are detected by a home server providing presence and other services to the endpoint upon receipt of an error message from an access server between the endpoint and the home server. The home server uses a cookie inserted into a dialog between itself and the endpoint identifying the endpoint, a session state created by the access server identifying the endpoint, or a transaction state maintained by the home server to look up the endpoint associated with the error message. Race conditions occurring when an endpoint crashes and recovers rapidly can be avoided employing a timestamp or sequence number incremented for each new endpoint registration and comparing a current timestamp or sequence number to the stored one before updating records at the home server. By notifying other subscribers about crashed endpoints, routing fidelity is enhanced.08-27-2009
20100058119SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGING NON-VOLATILE MEMORY BASED ON HEALTH - An invention is provided for managing non-volatile memory having a plurality of memory blocks and a plurality of error values associated with the memory blocks. The method includes recording an error value indicating a number of errors occurring in a memory block during an operation accessing the memory block. The error values can then be aggregated to calculate an overall health of the memory, or used individually, for example, by selecting a memory block for a memory operation based on the associated error value. In general, the error value is updated when the most recent number of errors occurring in the memory block during an operation accessing the memory block is greater than a current recorded value.03-04-2010
20110154131METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR PROVIDING INTELLIGENT MONITORING SERVICES - Methods, systems, and computer program products for intelligent monitoring services are provided. A method includes sampling data for a subject over a defined time period and calculating a normative value for the defined time period based on the sampled data. The method also includes monitoring incoming data for the subject, comparing a monitored value for the incoming data to the normative value, and generating a responsive action when the monitored value deviates from the normative value.06-23-2011
20120036399System And Method For Automated Software Application Development - A computer-implemented method for identifying a new software application to be developed. A computer database is searched for matching keywords that correspond to any of a group of selected keywords, indicative of the new application. The database contains descriptive keywords which are indicative of a set of existing applications. If no matching keywords are found in the database, then a description of the new application is requested from the potential user; the description of the new application is received from the potential user; and the description of the new application is used as a basis for developing the new application.02-09-2012
20120304024DATA PROCESSING METHOD, DATA PROCESSOR AND APPARATUS INCLUDING A DATA PROCESSOR - A method of processing data in a data processor comprising at least two data processing units. The method comprises performing different data processing steps in the data processing units concurrently during a parallel operation, and replicating performances of selected identical data processing steps in the data processing units during a non-synchronised redundant operation. The non-synchronised redundant operation comprises an initial performance of the selected identical data processing steps in one of the data processing units and a replicate performance of the data processing steps starting later than the initial performance, preferably in another of the data processing units. Initial result data representative of results from the initial performance are registered, and compared with replicate result data representative of results from the replicate performance, and an error signal is produced in case of discrepancy.11-29-2012
20110072319Parallel Processing of ETL Jobs Involving Extensible Markup Language Documents - Techniques for running an Extract Transform Load (ETL) job in parallel on one or more processors wherein the ETL job comprises use of an extensible markup language (XML) document are provided. The techniques include receiving an XML document input, identifying a node in the XML document at which partitioning of the XML document is to begin, sending partition information to each respective processor, performing a shallow parsing of the XML document in parallel on the one or more processors, wherein each processor performs shallow parsing using the identified partition node until it reaches its identified partition, using the shallow parsing to generate the partition of the input XML document, wherein each processor generates a different partition of the same XML document, and sending each partition in streaming format to an ETL job instance.03-24-2011
20120066555MOBILITY OF VERSIONED WORKLOAD PARTITIONS - A versioned workload partition (WPAR) can be migrated from a source machine to a destination machine. Each thread associated with a process executing within the versioned WPAR is frozen. For each thread associated with the process, an error number associated with the thread is received in response to freezing execution of the thread and at least a current state of the thread is determined as checkpoint information associated with the thread based, at least in part, on the error number associated with the thread. The checkpoint information associated with the one or more threads is provided to the destination machine. The checkpoint information is used at the destination machine to reconstruct the process within a destination versioned WPAR on the destination machine.03-15-2012
20120066556ERROR HANDLING IN A VIRTUALIZED OPERATING SYSTEM - When moving workload partitions (WPARs) from machine to machine, operating systems may encounter errors that prevent successful WPAR migration. Recording and reporting errors can be challenging. To move WPARs, the operating system may employ a plurality of software components, such as code residing in user space (e.g., application programs, OS libraries, and shell scripts), code residing in the operating system's kernel, and code residing on remote machines. Embodiments of the invention include a framework that enables all the software components to record errors. The framework can also report the errors to users and processes.03-15-2012
20080229157Performing Externally Assisted Calls in a Heterogeneous Processing Complex - A mechanism is provided for accessing, by an application running on a first processor, operating system services from an operating system running on a second processor by performing an assisted call. A data plane processor first constructs a parameter area based on the input and output parameters for the function that requires control processor assistance. The current values for the input parameters are copied into the parameter area. An assisted call message is generated based on a combination of a pointer to the parameter area and a specific library function opcode for the library function that is being called. The assisted call message is placed into the processor's stack immediately following a stop-and-signal instruction. The control plane processor is signaled to perform the library function corresponding to the opcode on behalf of the data plane processor by executing a stop and signal instruction.09-18-2008
20120151283DETECTION AND REDUCTION OF EXCESSIVE SNMP TRAFFIC - Various embodiments herein include at least one of systems, methods, and software to detect and reduce messages from network entity management clients that are not utilized by a network management system. Once identified, the network management system may send a command to the network entity management clients to no longer send particular message types to the network management system. The network management system may also, or alternatively, be configured to take no action when such messages are subsequently received.06-14-2012
20110055640METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR EXCEPTION DETECTING AND ALERTING - Methods and system for exception detecting and alerting are described. An exception indicating an occurrence of an error in an application and a path to the exception in an application space may be received. The received exception may be compared to a stored exception in a prior version of an exception data structure to determine whether the received exception is a new exception. The exception data structure may include a plurality of stored exceptions. The results of the comparison may be provided.03-03-2011
20100281312SERVER-BASED NOTIFICATION OF ALARM EVENT SUBSEQUENT TO COMMUNICATION FAILURE WITH ARMED SECURITY SYSTEM - A server-based environment for reporting a status of a security, monitoring and automation controller is provided. Detecting cessation of an always-on persistent network connection between the SMA controller and the server is also provided. Reporting the cessation of the network connection to an end user and defined others is further provided. A further aspect provides for automatically reporting an alarm event to a central station, the end user, and others, in the event the cessation of the network connection occurs while the SMA controller is armed and after a zone fault event, and not receiving a disarm notification prior to expiration of a preset entry delay.11-04-2010
20110264967Method and Apparatus for Maintaining the Status of Objects in Computer Networks Using Virtual State Machines - A network appliance for monitoring, diagnosing and documenting problems among a plurality of devices and processes (objects) coupled to a computer network utilizes periodic polling and collection of object-generated trap data to monitor the status of objects on the computer network. The status of a multitude of objects is maintained in memory utilizing virtual state machines which contain a small amount of persistent data but which are modeled after one of a plurality of finite state machines. The memory further maintains dependency data related to each object which identifies parent/child relationships with other objects at the same or different layers of the OSI network protocol model. A decision engine verifies through on-demand polling that a device is down. A root cause analysis module utilizes status and dependency data to locate the highest object in the parent/child relationship tree that is affected to determine the root cause of a problem. Once a problem has been verified, a “case” is opened and notification alerts may be sent out to one or more devices. A user interface allows all objects within the network to be displayed with their respective status and their respective parent/child dependency objects in various formats.10-27-2011
20110138235Method and system for reporting the policy installation failure - A method and a system are provided for reporting policy installation failures in the field of communications. The method and system enable the policy decision functional entity (PD-FE) to accurately obtain detailed information of policy installation failures of the policy enforcement functional entity (PE-FE), thus enhancing the efficiency of sending the next policy for installation. The method includes: when the installation of a policy sent from the PD-FE to the PE-FE is failed, the PE-FE generates a feedback message to be sent to the PD-FE, and the feedback message includes the error reason of the policy failed in installation.06-09-2011
20100122123METHOD FOR GUARANTEEING CONSISTENCY OF FUNCTIONAL PARTS ACROSS A SOFTWARE INSTALLATION IN A COMPUTER - A method for guaranteeing consistency of functional parts across a software installation in a computer that is platform and language independent. Specifically, each software installation will contain a part, for example a DLL that exports a function or variable, which is available to other parts in the installation. All other parts in the installation, for example, executable files and other DLLs, will reference the exported resource. The name of the exported resource should evoke a particular software level and be specific to the software installation it belongs to. All other software installations on the same computer will follow this practice. Thus, all parts in a software installation will effectively reference a software level (via an exported resource). When the multiple parts of software are loaded into computer memory prior to execution of the software, the operating system will attempt to resolve references to the exported resource. If a software part has been modified such that it refers to an inconsistent export resource, the operating system will produce an error at software load time, immediately identifying the inconsistent part.05-13-2010
20090300433INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, MEDIUM RECORDING ERROR NOTIFICATION PROGRAM, AND ERROR NOTIFICATION METHOD - There is provided an information processing apparatus that includes a CPU board 12-03-2009
20110264966Redundant Media Packet Streams - This invention concerns the transmitting and receiving of digital media packets, such as audio and video channels and lighting instructions. In particular, the invention concerns the transmitting and receiving of redundant media packet streams. Samples are extracted (10-27-2011
20100023813Data Filtering Method - The invention discloses a data filtering method for filtering a 3G data stream which is received. The data filtering method according to the invention includes the following steps. At first, a step (a) of receiving a 3G data stream continually is performed. Then, a step (b) of determining whether the 3G data stream comprises a complete filtering unit is performed. If the 3G data stream comprises a complete filtering unit, a step (c) of determining whether the 3G data stream includes invalid data is performed. If the 3G data stream includes invalid data, a step (d) of marking the invalid data according to a predetermined protocol is performed. Finally, a step (e) of filtering out the marked invalid data is performed.01-28-2010
20110154132METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR TRACKING DATA FLOW BASED ON FLOW STATE VALUES - In one embodiment, a processor-readable medium storing code representing instructions that when executed by a processor cause the processor to update, at a memory location, a first flow state value associated with a data flow to a second flow state value when at least one of a packet from the data flow is received or the memory location is selected after a time period has expired. At least a portion of the packet is analyzed when the second flow state value represents a flow rate of a network data flow anomaly.06-23-2011
20120047406REDUNDANCY CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD OF TRANSMITTING COMPUTATIONAL DATA THEREOF - A method of transmitting computational data comprising: a step of generating first computational data and generating first generated data using a first generation algorithm for error detection on return; a step of generating second computational data and generating second generated data using a second generation algorithm for error detection; a step of mutually comparing the first/second computational data; a step of transmitting transmission data including coincident computational data and first/second generated data; in the receiving device, a step of generating computational data and third/fourth generated data from preset first/second generation algorithms; and a step of comparing the first/third generated data and the first/third generated data, and detecting error in the received computational data.02-23-2012
20120005543SECURE CHECKING OF THE EXCLUSIVITY OF AN ACTIVE/PASSIVE STATE OF PROCESSING UNITS - In a method and a device for securely checking the exclusivity of a binary active/passive state of redundant units, the device includes: at least one exclusive communication device of the state capable of transmitting an exclusive signal relating to the exclusivity of the state to at least one checking device integrated within each of the units. The checking device is capable of checking and confirming the exclusivity of the state. Each of said redundant units in the active state is capable of transmitting to the exclusive communication device the identity signal; the exclusive communication device is capable of receiving at least one of the identity signals from the redundant units; the exclusive communication signal is capable of producing the exclusive signal from at least one of the identity signals; and the checking device is capable of determining the exclusivity of the state of the unit by reading the exclusive signal.01-05-2012
20120060063MANAGEMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MANAGING A STARTUP OF AN OPERATING SYSTEM - According to an embodiment, a management apparatus includes a management table, a control unit, a module timer, and a judgment unit. The control unit controls an order of executing modules based on an execution order described in a management table. The module timer measures the execution time of each running module. The judgment unit writes real execution time in the management table when the real execution time at the end of the exertion is equal to or shorter than the expected execution time. Otherwise, the judgment unit writes a flag for defective condition in the management table when the real execution time is longer than the expected execution time. When a flag for defective condition is written in the management table, the control unit stops the execution of the running module and starts the execution of the next module.03-08-2012
20120159266METHOD, APPARATUS OR SOFTWARE FOR PROCESSING EXCEPTIONS PRODUCED BY AN APPLICATION PROGRAM - A method, apparatus and software is disclosed in which original exceptions issued by an application program are encoded as substitute exceptions with associated metadata identifying the original exception so as to enable to enable a first application program receiving the exception but not arranged to process the original exception to process the substitute exception and to enable a second application program receiving the exception and arranged to process the original exception to extract and process that original exception.06-21-2012
20120159265STORAGE APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD FOR STORAGE APPARATUS - A first controller stores externally input data to a memory of the first controller, reads data stored in the memory of the first controller and transmits the data to a second controller through a first controller bridge, detects a failure at the first controller bridge in transmission of the data. The second controller receives the data through a second controller bridge, writes the received data into a memory of the second controller, and determines whether the failure is caused by the first controller if a failure occurs in the memory controller and the second controller bridge. If a failure is detected in the first controller and the second controller and the failure is caused by the first controller, the first controller transmits the data causing the failure during transmission through the first controller bridge and the second controller receives the data through the second controller bridge.06-21-2012
20110107156COMPUTER, COMPUTER SYSTEM, AND APPLICATION EXECUTION METHOD - A computer receives one or more processing requests from at least one or more clients through a network and executes an application for processing the received processing requests using a Java servlet. The processing requests each contain one or more addresses as the destinations of the processing requests. The computer is connected to a database including the following information: application information in which an identifier that uniquely identifies each application and binary logic for executing the application are brought into correspondence with each other; and adapter information in which the identifier and each of the addresses are brought into correspondence with each other. When the computer receives the processing request, it identifies the binary logic based on an address contained in the received processing request and executes the identified binary logic and thereby executes the application.05-05-2011
20120233507CONFIRM INSTRUCTION FOR PROCESSING VECTORS - The described embodiments include a processor with a fault status register (FSR) that executes a Confirm instruction. In these embodiments, when executing the Confirm instruction, the processor receives a predicate vector that includes N elements. For a first set of bit positions in the FSR for which corresponding elements of the predicate vector are active, the processor determines if at least one of the first set of bit positions in the FSR holds a predetermined value. When at least one of the first set of bit positions in the FSR holds the predetermined value, the processor causes a fault in the processor.09-13-2012
20090132867MEDIA FOR USING PARALLEL PROCESSING CONSTRUCTS - One or more computer-readable media store executable instructions that, when executed by processing logic, perform parallel processing. The media store one or more instructions for receiving one or more portions of an inner context of a program created for a technical computing environment, allocating one or more portions of the inner context of the program to two or more labs for parallel execution, receiving one or more results associated with the parallel execution of the one or more portions from the two or more labs, and providing the one or more results to an outer context of the program.05-21-2009
20110185237System and Method for Delivering Messages - A system and method for delivering messages are provided. A method for communications device operations includes detecting a failure in a delivery of a message to a first recipient device, determining a second recipient device for the message, and initiating a redelivery of the message to the second recipient device. The first recipient device is formerly registered in a first domain of a communications network or is unavailable in the first domain.07-28-2011
20100275070CONVERSION OF A CLASS ORIENTED DATA FLOW PROGRAM WITH INHERITANCE TO A STRUCTURE ORIENTED DATA FLOW PROGRAM - System and method for converting a class oriented data flow program to a structure oriented data flow program. A first data flow program is received, where the first data flow program is an object oriented program comprising instances of one or more classes, and wherein the first data flow program is executable to perform a first function. The first data flow program is automatically converted to a second data flow program, where the second data flow program does not include the instances of the one or more classes, and where the second data flow program is executable to perform the first function. The second data flow program is stored on a computer memory, where the second data flow program is configured to be deployed to a device, e.g., a programmable hardware element, and where the second data flow program is executable on the device to perform the first function.10-28-2010
20120233509FAULT DETECTING METHOD AND INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - An information processing apparatus including a storage area separated into a user space and a kernel space executes, generating a core file of a process existing in the user space, retaining the process with the core file which starts being generated in the user space, and notifying a monitor unit of an identification number of the process with the core file which starts being generated, wherein the monitor unit detects a fault in the process by receiving the identification number allocated to the process.09-13-2012
20110131456Flexibly Integrating Endpoint Logic Into Varied Platforms - In one embodiment, the present invention is directed to an integrated endpoint having a virtual port coupled between an upstream fabric and an integrated device fabric that includes a multi-function logic to handle various functions for one or more intellectual property (IP) blocks coupled to the integrated device fabric. The integrated device fabric has a primary channel to communicate data and command information between the IP block and the upstream fabric and a sideband channel to communicate sideband information between the IP block and the multi-function logic. Other embodiments are described and claimed.06-02-2011
20120239988COMPUTING UNIT, METHOD OF MANAGING COMPUTING UNIT, AND COMPUTING UNIT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM - The processing load caused by fault monitoring of software components is reduced. Provided is a computing unit (09-20-2012
20120239987System and Method of Manipulating Virtual Machine Recordings for High-Level Execution and Replay - Execution behavior for processes within a virtual machine is recorded for subsequent replay. The execution behavior comprises a detailed, low-level recording of state changes for processes within the virtual machine. The low-level recording is processed via replay to produce a sliced recording that conforms to time, abstraction, and security requirements for a specific replay scenario. Multiple stages of replay may be arbitrarily stacked to generate different crosscut versions of a common low-level recording.09-20-2012
20120239986SCRIPT EXECUTION WITH FALLBACK - A script specifies a script action and an expected reaction in response to the script action. When one of the script actions is executed, a failure is detected indicating that the expected reaction did not occur. In response to the failure, a fallback action is executed.09-20-2012
20110047417METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ERROR DETECTION IN PATTERN DEFINITIONS - A method and system for detecting errors in stored pattern definitions. The method describes structuring a pattern definition into a specified format and creating a pattern definition file. The structured pattern definition contents are hashed to generate a filename for the pattern definition file. This filename, along with a corresponding identifier, is added to an identifier document. Each filename in the identifier document is compared with all other filenames to determine a degree of overlap. A potential error is indicated if a filename substantially matches any of the other filenames in the identifier document.02-24-2011
20120324297FRAMEWORK FOR MANAGING FAILURES IN OUTBOUND MESSAGES - Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method and related network node including one or more of the following: receiving, at a policy and charging rules node (PCRN), a request from a requesting node for an establishment of a first service data flow (SDF); generating a first rule set for implementing the first SDF in response to the request; transmitting a first rule of the rule set to a first node for installation of the first rule; waiting for a period of time for a response from the first node; determining from the response whether installation of the first rule at the first node failed or succeeded; and if installation of the first rule succeeded, transmitting a second rule of the first rule set to a second node for installation of the second rule.12-20-2012
20110231711STORAGE SYSTEM AND KNOWN PROBLEM INFORMATION MANAGEMENT METHO - Proposed are a highly reliable storage system capable of inhibiting the problematic operation or change of state in the [storage] system, and a known problem information management method capable of improving the reliability of the storage system. The storage system is provided with a storage apparatus including a storage medium for storing data, and a management apparatus for managing the storage apparatus. The management apparatus includes an apparatus-side known problem information storage unit for storing known problem information as information concerning a problematic operation or a change of state, a maintenance management terminal operation controller for receiving a user's operation or change of state and creating history information according to the operation or change of state, and an apparatus-side known problem information search unit for searching, from the apparatus-side known problem information storage unit, known problem information corresponding to the history information, wherein the maintenance management terminal operation controller inhibits the operation of the searched known problem information.09-22-2011
20110276842MACHINE ABNORMALITY MONITORING DEVICE - A machine abnormality monitoring device has basic information and a priority level preset for each type of abnormality. When an abnormality occurs, snapshot data regarding the abnormality occurrence is stored while being associated with the basic information. In cases where a new abnormality occurs when the snapshot data storage unit has no free storage area, if snapshot data at a priority level lower than that of the new abnormality exists in prior snapshot data stored in the snapshot data storage unit, the storage control unit stores the snapshot data regarding the new abnormality in the snapshot data storage unit in place of the prior snapshot data at the lower priority level while associating the new snapshot data with the basic information. Thus, the administrator is able to acquire the snapshot data regarding an abnormality in question with high reliability.11-10-2011
20110320888Load Balancing in Broker-Based Messaging Systems and Methods - An exemplary method includes a message broker subsystem receiving a message intended for delivery to a recipient software application instance, determining that the recipient software application instance is included in a plurality of functionally equivalent software application instances that are registered with a global directory service subsystem that is communicatively coupled to the message broker subsystem, automatically selecting a software application instance from the plurality of software application instances for receipt of the message in accordance with a load balancing heuristic, and attempting to deliver the message to the selected software application instance. Corresponding methods and systems are also described.12-29-2011
20110320887SCALABLE I/O ADAPTER FUNCTION LEVEL ERROR DETECTION, ISOLATION, AND REPORTING - A system for implementing scalable input/output (I/O) function level error detection, isolation, and reporting, the system comprising, an I/O hub communicatively coupled to a computer processor, system memory and at least one I/O adapter, the at least one I/O adapter include a function and the I/O hub including logic for implementing a method. The method comprising detecting an error in a communication initiated between the function and the system memory, the communication including an I/O request from an application. The method further comprising preventing future communication between the one function and the system memory in response to the detecting. The method additionally comprising notifying the application that the error in communication occurred in response to the detecting.12-29-2011
20120102371FAULT CAUSE ESTIMATING SYSTEM, FAULT CAUSE ESTIMATING METHOD, AND FAULT CAUSE ESTIMATING PROGRAM - A fault cause estimating system includes: an initial model generating section which creates an initial fault derivation model indicating a derivation among faults and an initial event derivation model indicating a derivation among the faults and events, based on a basic model definition; an extended Baum-Welch calculating section which creates a fault derivation model which is a transition of a combination of device classes and faults and an event derivation model which is a transition of a combination of device classes and events, based on a instance definition, a class definition, the initial fault derivation model, the initial event derivation model and an event sequence for learning; an instance derivation probability calculating section which creates an instance deviation model of a derivation of an occurrence device based on the event sequence for learning; and an extended Viterbi calculating section which estimates an event cause fault based on the instance definition, the fault occurrence location class definition, the fault derivation model, the event derivation model, the instance derivation model, and the fault cause estimation event sequence.04-26-2012
20120290882SIGNAL PROCESSING DURING FAULT CONDITIONS - A system is configured to monitor a received signal. In response to detecting a fault condition associated with the received signal, the system sets a fault status indicator to indicate occurrence of the detected fault condition. The system sets a state of the fault status indicator for at least a predetermined amount of time to indicate occurrence of the detected fault condition. Subsequent to setting the fault status indicator for at least the predetermined amount of time to indicate the occurrence of the detected fault condition, the system monitors integrity of the signal again. After the predetermined amount of time, in response to detecting that there is no longer a fault associated with the monitored signal, the system modifies the fault status indicator to indicate absence of the fault condition.11-15-2012
20120151282MANAGING APPARATUS, MANAGING METHOD - A managing apparatus includes: a storing unit configured to store fault co-occurrence information storing the number of detection times that a first message pattern indicating a message group including messages received from an information processing system in a predetermined duration is deleted; a determining unit configured to detect the first message pattern, to read the number of detection times from the fault co-occurrence information, to calculate a co-occurrence probability of the fault and the first message pattern based on the number of detection times, and to determine that the fault has occurred if the co-occurrence probability is equal to or higher than a threshold value; and an updating unit configured to create a second message pattern indicating a message group obtained by excluding a message output by a changed component from the first message pattern, and to update the first message pattern to the second message pattern.06-14-2012
20130173968DYNAMIC LINK LIBRARY INTEGRITY CHECKING FOR HANDHELD MEDICAL DEVICES - A method of checking the integrity of a dynamic link library (DLL) file called by an application being executed on a handheld medical device is described. The method includes loading a DLL from a read only memory (ROM) to a random access memory (RAM) beginning at a fixed location in the RAM. The DLL includes a first routine for performing a safety critical function of the handheld medical device and a second routine for performing a cyclical redundancy check (CRC) once the DLL is loaded to the RAM. The method includes selectively executing the first routine from the RAM. The method includes selectively executing the second routine from the RAM including: calculating a check value based on the DLL; comparing the check value with a predetermined check value; and indicating that an error is present when the check value is different than the predetermined check value.07-04-2013
20130179737METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR MANAGING ERROR CODES FOR STORAGE SYSTEMS COUPLED WITH EXTERNAL STORAGE SYSTEMS - A system comprising a plurality of storage systems, which uses storage devices of multiple levels of reliability. The reliability as a whole system is increased by keeping the error code for the relatively low reliability storage disks in the relatively high reliability storage system. The error code is calculated using hash functions and the value is used to compare with the hash value of the data read from the relatively low reliability storage disks.07-11-2013
20130103990CHANGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method is provided for managing changes to a computer system. The method includes generating a database configured with fields identifying one or more component changes and potential problems associated with each one or more component changes; populating the fields of the database with information as a change is made to a computer system; monitoring the computer system for issuance of error alerts; comparing issued error alerts against entries of potential problems in the database; and identifying a set of at least one of the component changes as a potential cause of the issued error alert based on the result of the comparing step. The method executes a corrective process in response to the identification of the potential cause of the issued error and updates the database entry of the set of at least one of the component changes to reflect the issued error as a confirmed error thereof.04-25-2013
20130124929DATA TRANSFER CONTROL DEVICE AND DATA TRANSFER CONTROL METHOD - The data transfer control device of the present invention is capable of improving data transfer efficiency while discarding error data, a DMA parameter storing control unit (05-16-2013
20100281311METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR RECONSTRUCTING ERROR RESPONSE MESSAGES UNDER WEB APPLICATION ENVIRONMENT - A computer-implemented method and system for reconstructing a response message to an improper accessing request in a web application environment. The method includes: obtaining the URL of a web application to be accessed by the improper accessing request and the error parameter information of the improper accessing request; obtaining a response template based on the obtained URL of the web application to be accessed; and merging the obtained error parameter information of the improper accessing request with the obtained response template to generate a reconstructed response message for the improper accessing request. The system includes: a message obtaining device; a response message template obtaining device; and a response message merging device.11-04-2010
20080209281Storage device and control device - Data in a storage medium is scanned while a storage device is in an idle state. A proportion of scanned data in entire data in the storage medium is compared with a threshold value. If the proportion of the scanned data is less than the threshold value, an unscanned data in the storage medium is scanned during a time interval between commands received by the storage device from outside. The process is repeated until the proportion of the scanned data is equal to or more than the threshold value.08-28-2008
20100318858METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR AUDITING TRANSACTION DATA FROM DATABASE OPERATIONS - A method for validating SRS registry transaction data includes receiving OLTP transaction data from a first database, parsing the OLTP transaction data, and comparing the parsed OLTP transaction data to one or more of a set of profiles. Each of the one or more of the set of profiles includes metadata in XML files. The method also includes caching the parsed OLTP transaction data in a first data cache, receiving log data associated with the OLTP transaction data; and caching the log data in a second data cache. The method further includes correlating the parsed transaction data cached in the first data cache with the log data cached in the second data cache.12-16-2010
20120284571MONITORING THE HEALTH OF DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS - The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for monitoring the health of distributed systems. Embodiments of the invention provide distributed, self-maintained, continuous health monitoring. Using XML and pluggable infrastructure, a logical view of an appliance can be provided. The logical view abstracts physical implementation details of the appliance. Monitoring agents can correlate different distributed system failures and events and reason over collected health information.11-08-2012
20120284570ERROR PROTECTION FOR PIPELINE RESOURCES - At an instruction pipeline of a data processor, pipeline resource conflicts are detected by setting, for each executing instruction, one or more assignment indicators to indicate which pipeline resources are to be utilized for executing the instruction. The instruction pipeline detects a pipeline resource conflict if an instruction is assigned a pipeline resource for which the assignment indicator is set. In addition, for selected pipeline resources, such as registers in a register file, the instruction pipeline can detect a pipeline resource conflict if more than one instruction attempts to access the pipeline resource when the assignment indicator for the resource is set. In response to detecting a pipeline resource conflict, the instruction pipeline is flushed and returned to a checkpointed state, thereby protecting the instruction pipeline from architectural state errors.11-08-2012
20130159793Preventing Distribution of a Failure - Mechanisms for preventing a distribution of a failure caused by a sequence of instructions in a distributed client server environment are provided. These mechanisms comprise executing the sequence of instructions on a first client, the instructions being provided by a management control server and being indicative of maintenance actions. These mechanisms may further comprise determining by the first client a failure caused by the sequence of instructions, and generating a warning message by the first client based on the determined failure. The warning message may comprise an indicator for the sequence of instructions. In addition, these mechanisms may comprise sending the warning message for informing a second client about the sequence of instructions causing the failure in order to prevent a distribution of the failure.06-20-2013
20110314346IDENTIFYING A SLICE NAME INFORMATION ERROR IN A DISPERSED STORAGE NETWORK - A method begins by a processing module sending list digest requests to a set of dispersed storage (DS) units. The method continues with the processing module receiving list digest responses from at least some of the set of DS units and determining whether an inconsistency exists between first and second list digest responses of the list digest responses. The method continues with the processing module requesting at least a portion of each of the slice name information lists from first and second DS units of the set of DS units and identifying a slice name information error associated with the inconsistency based on the at least a portion of each of the slices name information lists of the first and second DS units when the inconsistency exists between first and second list digest responses of the list digest responses.12-22-2011
20120290884INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS THAT DETECTS STARTUP ERROR, METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - An information processing apparatus which includes at least two controllers and is capable of positively detecting a startup error. Memory devices are connected to the controllers, respectively. A CPU of each controller accesses the memory device connected to the other controller via a bus bridge, identifies a startup stage to which the startup process has proceeded during the start of the self-controller, writes the identified startup stage as startup information into the memory device connected to the other controller, and detects whether or not an abnormality occurs during the startup of the other controller with reference to the startup information written into the memory device connected to the self-controller.11-15-2012
20120290883Computer Implemented Method for Precise May-Happen-in-Parallel Analysis with Applications to Dataflow Analysis of Concurrent Programs - A computer implemented method for automatically for determining errors in concurrent program using lock localization graphs for capturing few relevant lock/unlock statements and function calls required for reasoning about interference at a thread location at hand, responsive to first and second threads of a concurrent program, constructing generalized lock causality graphs and computing cycle signatures, and determining errors in the concurrent program responsive to computing an interference graph and data flow analysis.11-15-2012
20120030524HIGH RELIABILITY METHOD OF DATA PROCESSING, AND CONTROLLER UNIT - In a method of data processing within a controller ensuring that voting operations are reliably performed error free and in a corresponding controller unit, the input data are characteristic for the particular application where voting occurs. Voting whether or not the incoming data is correct involves a voting comparison method, a voting average method, and checking for a difference being within a certain range. The time dependent signature indicates correctly transmitted input data. Voting, based on the reviewed signature characteristics is an encoded operation. The time dependent signature indicates the data is coming from a correct source, has been a modification, and correct timing slides. Voting whether or not the incoming data is correct is performed in an encoded manner. A correct data is transmitted to be further used to actuate an actuator. The erroneous data is transmitted to be further sent to a fail safe guard.02-02-2012
20120304023METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PROVIDING AN INDICATION OF THE RELIABILITY OF A PROCESS PARAMETER VALUE TO A HOST SYSTEM - A field device for determining a process parameter value, comprising a measurement device for determining a process parameter value; circuitry for determining the reliability of the process parameter value; and signaling circuitry for providing the process parameter value and an indication of the reliability of the process parameter value to a host system via a current loop. The signaling circuitry is configurable between a first state in which the indication of the reliability is provided as a digital signal and the process parameter value is provided as an analog DC-value, and a second state in which the indication of the reliability is provided as a predetermined analog DC-value. Hereby, the number of unplanned process interruptions may be reduced when the host system is capable of receiving digital signals.11-29-2012
20130212441System and Method for Signature-Based Redundancy Comparison - A system and method for signature-based redundancy comparison provides for receiving, by a master part, an input signal and generating, by the master part, a binary output signal, generating a delayed input signal based on the input signal, generating a first output signature based on the binary output signal, and generating a delayed first output signature based on the first output signature. The system and method further comprise generating a delayed binary output signal based on the delayed input signal, generating, by a checker part, a delayed second output signature based on the delayed binary output signal, comparing the delayed first output signature with the delayed second output signature, and generating an error signal, where the state of the error signal is based upon the comparison.08-15-2013

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