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Error detection or notification

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714 - Error detection/correction and fault detection/recovery


714001000 - Reliability and availability

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714049000 State error (i.e., content of instruction, data, or message) 222
714057000 Error forwarding and presentation (e.g., operator console, error display) 201
714055000 Timing error (e.g., watchdog timer time-out) 43
20110179315SERDES LINK ERROR MANAGEMENT - Techniques for dynamically measuring and monitoring error rate in Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes) links In one set of embodiments, a method includes polling a SerDes link status of a SerDes link at a predetermined rate. The method also includes storing a predetermined polling results in a memory, determining a number of polling results indicating one or more errors occurred in said SerDes link, determining an action to be taken if said number of polling results exceed a threshold.07-21-2011
20090193299MEDICAL SUPPORT CONTROL SYSTEM - A medical support control device to which are connected a display manipulation device and a medical device control device connected to a medical device and controlling the medical device, comprising: a detection unit for detecting abnormality in an image signal line outputting an image signal to the display manipulation unit; and an interruption unit for interrupting communications to the medical device control device in accordance with the detection unit.07-30-2009
20130031426COMMUNICATION APPARATUS - To make it possible to easily identify the error location, a communication apparatus includes: a first storage unit; an error detecting unit detecting a bus error caused on a bus of its own PLC; an error counting unit counting the number of times the error detecting unit has detected a bus error and recording a counted value of the bus error in the first storage unit; a transmitting unit transmitting a counted value recorded in the first storage unit and counted by the error counting unit to all of other PLCs belonging to the same PLC system; and a receiving unit receiving a counted value transmitted from the other PLCs belonging to the same PLC system and storing the received counted value in the first storage unit in such a way that a PLC that is a transmission source of the counted value can be identified.01-31-2013
20090164852Preemptive Thermal Management For A Computing System Based On Cache Performance - Methods, apparatus, and products are disclosed for preemptive thermal management for a computing system based on cache performance, the computing system having a processor, cached computer memory operatively coupled to the processor, and a processor cache operatively coupled to the processor, the processor cache capable of storing a subset of memory contents of the cached computer memory, that include: attempting, by the processor, to retrieve portions of the memory contents of the cached computer memory from the processor cache, resulting in cache misses for the processor cache; tracking, by the processor, cache miss statistics for the processor cache in the computing system, the cache miss statistics describing the cache misses for the processor cache; and administering a thermal management device for the computing system in dependence upon the cache miss statistics, the thermal management device operatively coupled to the processor and capable of managing temperature for the computing system.06-25-2009
20100077262INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE AND ERROR PROCESSING METHOD - An information processing device having two processing units capable of operating in synchronization with each other, includes: a common unit capable of outputting an identical signal to the two processing units; detection units that are respectively provided for the processing units and each detects errors occurred in corresponding processing unit respectively; a comparison unit that compares outputs from the two processing units; and a control unit that controls signals from the processing units to the common unit, based on a detection result of the detection units and a comparison result of the comparison unit, and determines, if errors of an identical type are simultaneously detected by the detection units, that the errors are due to an error of the common unit.03-25-2010
20100077261APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ENCODING THE FIVE SENSES INFORMATION, SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING REALISTIC SERVICE USING FIVE SENSES INTEGRATION INTERFACE - The present invention relates to a realistic service and system using a five senses integrated interface, and more particularly, to an apparatus and method for encoding the five senses and a system and method for providing realistic service using a five senses integrated interface, to allow a user to select a product to sensorially experience through an integrated interface in a remote location, which includes a integration recognizer detecting data selected by the user and recognizing an object, and transmitting five senses data of the object through a network, a five senses data analyzer receiving a five senses data packet including the five senses data of the object through the network, and extracting and analyzing the five senses data packet in terms of data on each of the five senses, and a five senses integration representer representing five senses using the data on each of the five senses.03-25-2010
20130086434CONFIGURATION FAULT LOCALIZATION IN SHARED RESOURCE ENVIRONMENTS - Methods and arrangements for fault localization. Structural clusters for an environment are received, and configuration parameters and dependencies for components in the structural clusters are identified. A configuration map is built, and a configuration fault occurrence is ascertained.04-04-2013
20130086433Providing Error Handling Support To Legacy Devices - In one embodiment, the present invention includes a method for handling a request received in an agent designed in accordance with a peripheral component interconnect (PCI) specification using PCI Express™ semantics. More specifically, responsive to determining that the agent does not support the request, an unsupported request detection register of the agent can be updated, and a response sent from the agent to indicate that the agent does not support the request. Other embodiments are described and claimed.04-04-2013
20130080842Apparatus and Method for Avoiding Packet Losses in a Network Connection - In one embodiment, an apparatus for avoiding packet losses is provided. The apparatus includes a first communication device that is configured to receive packets of data over a network from a second communication device and to store information indicative of a sliding window that corresponds to a predetermined number of packets of data. The first communication device is further configured to determine a number of lost packets of data from within the sliding window in response to receiving the packet of data and to determine a maximum value from the sliding window. The maximum value corresponding to a maximum number of lost packets of data for a number of sliding windows. The first communication device is further configured to control the second communication device to adjust a bandwidth rate at which the packets of data are transmitted over the network based on at least the maximum value.03-28-2013
20100107016SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PREVENTING ERRORS INA STORAGE MEDIUM - The system and method for preventing write errors in storage mediums includes detecting the presence of an early power fail (EPF) signal derived from a power supply circuit providing power to the storage device. In response to the EPF signal, a modified standby-immediate (MSI) command is issued to the Storage device controller circuitry. The storage device controller circuitry responds by causing the storage medium to finish the current write operation and cease all future write operations. In this manner, write errors are prevented by causing the storage device to cease write operations before the expiration of predetermined time period between the issuance of the EPF signal and actual power failure.04-29-2010
20120185737FAULT DETECTION APPARATUS, A FAULT DETECTION METHOD AND A PROGRAM RECORDING MEDIUM - A fault which is possible to occur for detected correlation destruction is estimated.07-19-2012
20090125758METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANAGING COMPONENTS IN AN IT SYSTEM - A system and method for collecting information on components in an information technology (IT) system. This embodiment features discovering components in the IT system, determining at least one dependency between two or more of the discovered components, and tracking changes to the discovered components and the dependency between two or more of the discovered components. The discovery of components can be carried out using fingerprints of components, which can include key elements of the component that exist in a full model of all of the elements of the component.05-14-2009
20100095165Method of Handling a Message - A method of handling a message in a messaging system is provided. The messaging system comprises a message source, a message receiver and a message service. The message service is intermediate of the message source and message receiver, wherein a compensation component is established at the message source, The method comprises the steps of, transmitting a one way message, as part of a business transaction, from the message source, the transaction comprising a plurality of one way messages, receiving the message at the message service, transmitting the message from the messaging service, receiving the message at the message receiver, processing the message at the message receiver, transmitting a communication from the message receiver, the communication indicating success or failure of the processing of the message, receiving the communication at the messaging service, and responsive to receiving an indication of a failure of part of the transaction when the communication indicated that processing of the one way message succeeded, causing compensation logic defined by the compensation component to execute.04-15-2010
20130047042FIBRE CHANNEL INPUT/OUTPUT DATA ROUTING SYSTEM AND METHOD - An input/output processing method includes generating and storing at least one address control word (ACW) including a data check word generation field and/or a data check word save field in local channel memory of a channel subsystem, and generating and forwarding to a network interface an address control structure specifying a location in the local channel memory of a corresponding ACW. The method also includes, responsive to a data transfer request, storing the at least one data check word in the data check word save field and routing the data to a host memory location specified by the corresponding ACW responsive to performing a check of the data and determining that the data has not been corrupted, or retrieving the data based on the corresponding ACW, generating and appending at least one data check word and routing the data and the at least one data check word to the interface.02-21-2013
20100064182COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - One of network classifications or line classifications is selected and used for one network function. A line classification selection server stores network function information including one or both of communication quality information of a network and billing information for each of network classifications of plural networks. The selection server receives a service start request from a service provider. The selection server refers to the network function information based on the network condition information included in the request, and selects a network classification satisfying the communication quality condition and/or the billing condition. The selection server transmits a server start request including service classification information and identification information of a user terminal to a 3PCC server of the selected network classification. The 3PCC server receives the request, and performs communication control for providing a communication service of the service classification information to designated user terminal.03-11-2010
20090307535Information processing apparatus and information processing method - An information processing apparatus includes a node, and a system controlling apparatus connected to the node. The node includes a first detecting unit that detects first error information, a second detecting unit that detects second error information, a retaining unit that retains the first and the second error information, and a temporary retaining unit that retains new first error information and new second error information, and when the first or second error information is initialized, causes the retaining unit to store error information corresponding to the initialized first or second error information. The system controlling apparatus includes a controlling unit connected to the retaining unit, and a firmware that causes the controlling unit to read into the first and second error information and to initialize the new first or second error information.12-10-2009
20130073913BUSINESS TO BUSINESS NETWORK MANAGEMENT EVENT DETECTION AND RESPONSE SYSTEM AND METHOD - A network management system includes an automatic reconnaissance (resolution) component which, in one embodiment, includes four main operational components, namely a real-time parse/analysis component, a data merge component, a data analysis component, and a response capability component. These four components interact to provide real-time event recognition and response. The network management system efficiently receives, parses, and comprehends a large amount of event and statistical data that could be indicative of a network systems operation failure with resultant response actions initiated through such an infrastructure improving mean time to recovery.03-21-2013
20090271665Fault Tracing in the Data Bus System of a Vehicle - A data bus system of a motor vehicle includes at least one first and one second control device which communicates with each another via at least one data bus. In order to be able to localize errors more easily, the system has at least one identification device which provides an identifier to each of the messages sent by the first and the second control device. The first control device receives a first message, and the identification device causes the first control device to provide the message sent therefrom with a first identifier. The second control device receives the message sent by the first control device with the first identifier, and the identification device causes the second control device to provide the message sent therefrom with a second identifier.10-29-2009
20090271664METHOD FOR MONITORING DEPENDENT METRIC STREAMS FOR ANOMALIES - A method for monitoring dependent metric streams for anomalies including identifying a plurality of sets of dependent metric streams from a plurality of metric streams of a computer system by measuring an association of the plurality of metric streams using a statistical dependency measure analysis, wherein each set includes a plurality of the dependent metric streams and each metric stream includes a plurality of data, determining a subset of the plurality of sets of dependent metric streams to monitor by selecting a quantity of the sets of dependent metric streams that have a highest statistical dependency, cleaning the data of each set of dependent metric streams of the subset by identifying and removing outlier data, fitting a probability density function to the cleaned data of each set of dependent metric streams of the subset, wherein the probability density function is a likelihood function that provides a likelihood of an occurrence of the cleaned data, determining a detection threshold that is a lower threshold on the likelihood of the occurrence of the cleaned data of each set of dependent metric streams of the subset based on the likelihood function, detecting an anomaly if a likelihood of an occurrence of a new data of one of the sets of dependent metric streams of the subset is less than the detection threshold, and transmitting an alert signal in response to detecting the anomaly.10-29-2009
20130067288Cooperative Client and Server Logging - Various embodiments enable automatic cooperative logging of information associated with a connection between at least two computing devices. In some cases, a first computing device can automatically trigger logging on a second computing device upon detection of at least one scenario. Alternately or additionally, the second computing device can respond to the first computing device with additional and/or supplemental logging requests.03-14-2013
20090013219Reconfigurable device - Disclosed is a reconfigurable device including at least a bus that mutually connects functional blocks, a configuration information memory disposed corresponding to each of the functional blocks, an error detection circuit that detects an error in the configuration information memory, and a buffer which is on-off controlled based on information stored in the configuration information memory and each of which controls connection between each of the functional blocks and each bus. When an error in the configuration information memory is detected by the error detection circuit, the buffer with an output thereof connected to the bus is set to an off-state, based on a result of error detection.01-08-2009
20090013218DATALOG MANAGEMENT IN SEMICONDUCTOR TESTING - Methods, systems and modules for datalog management. In one embodiment, the logging of data is allowed to at least occasionally occur while the handling equipment is preparing device(s) for testing. Additionally or alternatively, in one embodiment with a plurality of test site controllers, after testing has been completed at all test site(s) associated with a particular test site controller the logging of data relating to that test site controller is allowed to at least occasionally occur while testing is continuing at test site(s) associated with other test site controller(s).01-08-2009
20130166966APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TESTING CONFORMANCE OF SERVICE CHOREOGRAPHY - An apparatus and method for testing conformance of service choreography are provided. The apparatus for testing conformance of service choreography analyzes an architecture and an operation between web services cooperating on a distributed network to test conformance of a choreography application into which the web services are combined, on the basis of a service choreography specification.06-27-2013
20130166967GROUPING RELATED ERRORS IN A DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT - Techniques are described for detecting the occurrence of error scenarios occurring across a plurality of nodes. Embodiments retrieve a plurality of error scenario profiles. Each of the error scenario profiles specifies prerequisite criteria, the prerequisite criteria including at least one of (i) one or more errors and (ii) one or more conditions. The plurality of nodes is monitored to detect errors occurring on nodes within the plurality of nodes. Embodiments then detect the occurrence of an error scenario, when at least a portion the monitored errors match the prerequisite criteria specified in a first one of the error profiles and when the one or more conditions specified in the first error profile are satisfied.06-27-2013
20130166968REDUCED FOOTPRINT CORE FILES IN STORAGE CONSTRAINED ENVIRONMENTS - A method for creating diagnostic files that includes receiving an error notification indicating that an error has occurred in a particular system section of a system that has a plurality of system sections. The error notification includes information about the error. A diagnostic file that includes a summarized error report of the particular system section is created based on the information included in the error notification. The diagnostic file is saved.06-27-2013
20130166963PROCESS INTEGRATION ALERTING FOR BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT - A computer implemented method may include identifying one or more business process runtime events received at an events queue of a process integration runtime component. One or more errors associated with the business process runtime events may be identified. The one or more errors may be evaluated based, at least in part, on one or more rules associated with the business process runtime event and configuration information associated with the process integration runtime component. The one or more rules may be associated with the business process runtime event and configuration information associated with the process integration runtime component having the same format. An alert for the one or more errors associated with the business process runtime event can be stored.06-27-2013
20130166964GROUPING RELATED ERRORS IN A DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT - Techniques are described for detecting the occurrence of error scenarios occurring across a plurality of nodes. Embodiments retrieve a plurality of error scenario profiles. Each of the error scenario profiles specifies prerequisite criteria, the prerequisite criteria including at least one of (i) one or more errors and (ii) one or more conditions. The plurality of nodes is monitored to detect errors occurring on nodes within the plurality of nodes. Embodiments then detect the occurrence of an error scenario, when at least a portion the monitored errors match the prerequisite criteria specified in a first one of the error profiles and when the one or more conditions specified in the first error profile are satisfied.06-27-2013
20130166965METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING REMOTE MONITORING AND CONTROL OF A BATHING SYSTEM - A network-enabled controller for a bathing unit is provided. The controller includes a network interface and a memory storing operational setting information associated with the bathing unit. Through the network interface, the controller connects to a home network and registers and maintains an active communication link with a gateway accessed over a network external to the home network. In response to receipt of a status request originating from a remote client, the controller processes the status request and selectively transmits operational setting information stored in the memory to the remote client. A system for facilitating remote control and monitoring of network-enabled controllers for bathing units is also provided. The system comprises a remote control client executed on a personal computing device, an Internet-based server implementing a gateway and a plurality of controllers, wherein respective active communication links are maintained between the server and the plurality of registered controllers.06-27-2013
20080294945PROGRAM AND METHOD FOR ERROR DETERMINATION, AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - There is provided an error determination program executed by an information processor included in an electronic apparatus that includes a device installation section capable of installing any one of a plurality of devices having different formats, a host controller acting as an intermediary between the information processor and the device installed in the device installation section, and a storage circuit storing an error determination information table that includes a plurality of pieces of error determination information for determining a presence or absence of any error in a plurality of responses to a plurality of commands from the devices installable in the device installation section, by associating the pieces of error determination information with a combination of the formats of the installable devices and the commands executable by the devices. The program includes instructing the host controller to issue a desired command in the commands executable by the device installed in the device installation section to the installed device; acquiring the error determination information associated with the combination of the format of the installed device and the desired command from the error determination information table; acquiring response content information regarding a content of a response to the desired command from the installed device from the host controller; and determining the presence or absence of any error in the response based on the error determination information and the response content information.11-27-2008
20090106606METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING AND ISOLATING CONTROLLER AREA NETWORK PERMANENT DOMINANT STATES - Detection of a permanent dominant state on a Controller Area Network node, occurring nearly simultaneously with development of the state, is used to the node from the network. Detection is independent of the application environment.04-23-2009
20100275069METHOD AND DEVICE FOR ACQUIRING MEDIA STREAM INFORMATION - A method and a device for acquiring media stream information are provided. The method includes the following steps. A media gateway controller (MGC) sends to a media gateway (MG) a command request for acquiring media stream information, where the command request carries property parameters corresponding to the desired media stream information. The MGC receives a corresponding command reply returned from the MG, and acquires the desired media stream information from the corresponding property parameters carried in the command reply. Therefore, the MGC is enabled to acquire from the MG the media stream information, and synchronization between media contents is realized.10-28-2010
20110302457METHOD OF DETERMINING A UNIQUE SUBSCRIBER FRM AN ARBITRARY SET OF SUBSCRIBER ATTRIBUTES - Various exemplary embodiments relate to a subscriber profile repository (SPR) for determining a subscriber associated with a set of subscription identifiers. The subscriber profile repository may include: an interface which receives a subscriber profile request including at least one subscription identifier; a subscriber record database that includes a set of subscription identifiers; a subscriber record cache that contains a subset of the records contained in the subscriber record database; and a search manager that queries the subscriber record cache using each subscription identifier and queries the subscriber record database when the subscriber record cache does not contain a record matching a subscription identifier. The SPR may also include a results manager that compares subscriber records and updates the cache when a result is found in the subscriber records database. Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method performed by the SPR and a machine-readable medium including instructions for an SPR.12-08-2011
20110296253SOUND PROCESSING APPARATUS AND SOUND PROCESSING SYSTEM - In a structure in which a sound processing apparatus generates processed data by executing sound processing on processing object data received from a terminal apparatus and transmits it to the terminal apparatus, the number of times of communication between the terminal apparatus and the sound processing apparatus is reduced, and a delay in acquisition of the processed data by the terminal apparatus is reduced. A reception part successively receives a processing request including processing object data from the terminal apparatus. A sound processing part execute the sound processing on the processing object data to generate the processed data. A response generation part generates a response notification including the processed data as a response to the processing request. A transmission part successively transmits the response notification to the terminal apparatus.12-01-2011
20110173505METHOD FOR DETECTING MEMORY ERROR - A method for easily detecting a memory error that may occur when a memory is accessed or an allocated memory is freed in the process of developing software is disclosed. The memory error detecting method includes: (a) generating an original block indication variable for indicating a starting memory block of a memory region allocated with respect to a variable included in a computer program; (b) detecting a memory error that may occur when the allocated memory region is accessed, by performing a certain operation (computing or arithmetic operation), before the allocated memory region is accessed, using a target block indication variable indicating memory block to be accessed in the allocated memory region and/or the original block indication variable; and (c) outputting information about a detected memory error.07-14-2011
20080244334SYSTEM FOR SYNCHRONIZING REPLICAS OF A DATABASE - A system for synchronizing replicas of a database. The system detects a failure of update data from a first replica to be applied to a second replica and determines a cause of the failure. The system also resolves the cause of the failure. According to the system disclosed herein, the present invention synchronizes the replicas of the database without requiring manual intervention.10-02-2008
20100088553INFORMATION SYSTEM - An information system includes a housing with a plurality of units mounted thereon, a communication path built in the housing to take charge of information communication between a plurality of the units mounted on the housing, an information unit mounted on the housing to provide and process the information, a plurality of communication units each mounted on the housing to independently relay the information communication between the information unit and a device external to the housing, and a management unit for accessing the whole or a part of the plurality of the units mounted on the housing and acquiring internal information of the units accessed, wherein in the case where all the plurality of the communication units accessed are incommunicable, the internal information acquired from the plurality of the communication units is reported to the device external to the housing without passing through the plurality of the communication units.04-08-2010
20080270852MULTI-DIRECTIONAL FAULT DETECTION SYSTEM - An apparatus, program product and method checks for nodal faults in a group of nodes comprising a center node and all adjacent nodes. The center node concurrently communicates with the immediately adjacent nodes in three dimensions. The communications are analyzed to determine a presence of a faulty node or connection.10-30-2008
20110264964SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DEFINITION, CREATION, MANAGEMENT, TRANSMISSION, AND MONITORING OF ERRORS IN SOA ENVIRONMENT - A computer-implemented system and method for the definition, creation, management, transmission, and monitoring of errors in a SOA environment. An example embodiment includes: defining a common standard error data structure; automatically generating a unique identifier (ID) for each new error data instance; allowing customization of error data structure through extensions; creation and management of error instances that conform to this structure; ability to group errors across various dimensions; introducing the concept of an error library, the error library including a plurality of localizable error bundles, each of the error bundles including a plurality of error data instances for a particular domain, along with the associated metadata; automatically creating runtime artifacts for each error; ability to transmit errors either as faults or as part of the normal response payload; automatic error metric collection based on various error categories, and finally, tooling to help manage error libraries and reporting errors.10-27-2011
20100031094DISK DEVICE, CIRCUIT BOARD, AND ERROR LOG INFORMATION RECORDING METHOD - The disk device includes a disk medium that records data, a non-volatile memory having a first program code region that records a first program code for initial startup, a second program code region that records a second program code, a log information region that records log information, and an error log information record start address that is set in the second program code region; and a processor that operates in accordance with the first and second program codes, collects error log information, and records the collected error log information by overwriting data from the error log information record start address of the non-volatile memory, if the collected error log information cannot be recorded on the disk medium and cannot be expressed with a recordable size in the log information region of the non-volatile memory.02-04-2010
20100169716MANAGING CONFIDENCE LEVELS IN A COMPUTING SYSTEM - A method for managing confidence levels in a computing system is provided. The method comprises determining a first confidence level associated with a first operation performed in the computing system. The first confidence level indicates probability that the first operation was performed successfully and is calculated based on attributes of one or more components in the computing system. Once the first confidence level is determined, the first confidence level is compared to a confidence threshold for the first operation. If the first confidence level is less than the confidence threshold, a first remedial action is taken to raise the first confidence level.07-01-2010
20090089627Distributed Control System - There is provided a distributed system having a plurality of nodes connected by a network. Each of the nodes includes: a common-parameter-value determining unit for determining a common-parameter-value from values of a parameter (each value being possessed by a corresponding one of the nodes); a common-operation execution unit for executing a common-operation using, as its input, a value of the parameter or the common-parameter-value; a send/receive unit for exchanging, via the network, the parameter values used for the determination of the common-parameter-value and the results of the common-operation execution with the other nodes; and a fault identification unit that compares the common-operation execution results collected from all the nodes and determines that an error occurs if not all the results are the same.04-02-2009
20100235687METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR HANDLING DISCONNECTION BETWEEN A MEDIA GATEWAY AND A MEDIA GATEWAY CONTROLLER - The present invention relates to a method and apparatus in a Media Gateway (MG) for handling disconnection between the MG and a Media Gateway Controller (MGC). Multilevel requirements are fulfilled by setting different timeout periods for a disconnection timer. On the one hand, if the timeout period of the disconnection timer is not equal to zero, new events that occur during the disconnection are stored. Then, after the connection is recovered, the stored new events are reported to the MGC, so that the data and states in the MG can match those in the MGC after the connection recovery. On the other hand, if the timeout period of the disconnection timer is equal to zero, all active calls are immediately released.09-16-2010
20120110394SELF-UPDATING NODE CONTROLLER FOR AN ENDPOINT IN A CLOUD COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT - Embodiments of the present invention provide a self-updating node controller (e.g., for an endpoint/node such as a cloud node). In general, the node controller will autonomously and automatically obtain program code (e.g., scripts) from a central repository. Among other things, the program code enables the node controller to: receive a request message from a cloud node queue associated with the endpoint; process a request corresponding to the request message; automatically update the program code as needed (e.g., when requests cannot be processed/fulfilled); place a state message indicating a state of fulfillment of the request in a cloud manager queue associated with a cloud manager from which the request message was received; update an audit database to reflect the state of fulfillment; and/or place a failure message in a triage queue if the request cannot be processed by the node controller.05-03-2012
20120110393METHOD AND APPARATUS PROVIDING FAILOVER FOR A POINT TO POINT TUNNEL FOR WIRELESS LOCAL AREA NETWORK SPLIT-PLANE ENVIRONMENTS - A method, apparatus and computer program product for providing failover for a point to point tunnel for wireless local area network split-plane environments is presented. A second network switch learns first data associated with a third network switch and the second network switch terminates a tunnel. The third network switch learns second data associated with the second network switch. The first and second data are synchronized between the second network switch and the third network switch. The second network switch and the third network switch load sharing tunnel data packets. The third network switch forwards tunnel control packets received by the third network switch to the second network switch. A failure relating to the second network switch is detected and a new tunnel is established with the third network switch.05-03-2012
20100122121Radio Link Performance Prediction in Wireless Communication Terminal - A method for predicting performance of a radio link in a wireless communication terminal including hypothesizing a second codeword including information associated with a hypothesized first codeword, obtaining channel state information from a received signal, and estimating a decoder error rate of the first codeword under a condition that the second codeword may not be decoded correctly, wherein the decoder error rate is estimated using the channel state information.05-13-2010
20120131391MIGRATION OF DATA IN A DISTRIBUTED ENVIRONMENT - Embodiments of the invention migrate dynamically changing data sets in a distributed application environment. Writes to a source device are intercepted and it is determined whether data in the source device is being migrated to a target device. If data is being migrated, then the intercepted write is mirror written synchronously to both the source and the target. Data being migrated is read from a region of the source and written to a region of the target and also to a minor writing memory location. The source region data is re-read and compared to the originally read data that is written to the mirror writing memory location. If the compared data does not match, the data migration from the source region to the target region (and to the minor writing memory location) is repeated until the originally read data and the re-read data match.05-24-2012
20090265587KNOWLEDGE-BASED FAILURE RECOVERY SUPPORT SYSTEM - A user terminal includes a software list storage unit for storing a software list, a knowledge base storage unit for storing a knowledge base, a knowledge base input unit for inputting a knowledge base from a relay server, and a new failure notification unit for transmitting new failure information to the relay server in the event of a new failure. The relay server relays data transmissions between the user terminal and a knowledge supply server. Each of knowledge supply server includes a knowledge base creation unit for creating a knowledge base and a knowledge base transmission unit for transmitting the created knowledge base to the relay server. Upon receipt of new failure information, the knowledge base creation unit adds knowledge information about the new failure information to a knowledge base.10-22-2009
20100083057SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FILE MONITORING - A file monitoring system tracks progress of data processing of a data file. Various applications and systems transmit status updates at one or more stages of processing to the file monitoring system. The file monitoring system monitors the status updates and generates reports displaying the status of the data file at the predetermined processing states. Reports include end to end status, files received and files delivered.04-01-2010
20110173504COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, A COMMUNICATION METHOD AND A PROGRAM THEREOF - A communication system capable of identifying a path where a fault has occurred when the fault is detected. The communication system has a host computer with a host port, a switch with a switch port and a storage device with a storage port which is connected to the host port via the switch port. The host computer manages access path information indicating how the host port and the storage port are connected to the switch port, and identifies an access path influenced by a switch fault according to the access path information when the switch fault occurs.07-14-2011
20090204856Self-service terminal - A self-service terminal comprises a watchdog timer coupled to a clock; and a reset driver for resetting the watchdog timer. The reset driver is operable to monitor a count reached by the watchdog timer, and to instigate a diagnostic action, such as writing information to a system event log, in the event that the count reaches a first predefined number.08-13-2009
20110197099OBJECTIVE ASSESSMENT OF APPLICATION CRASHES FROM A CUSTOMER ENVIRONMENT - A computerized method for collecting error data and providing error reports relating to occurrences of errors of software applications installed on one or more computing devices is disclosed. Data for describing software applications and identifying software application errors is collected from the computing devices and stored in a catalog. Data associated with error occurrences is obtained and combined with related data being stored in the catalog. A report is generated based on the error occurrences and related catalog data.08-11-2011
20090287966METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INEXPENSIVELY MONITORING AND CONTROLLING REMOTELY DISTRIBUTED APPLIANCES - A method and associated apparatus are described that enables unattended, remotely distributed appliances, such as vending machines, utility meters, thermostats and kitchen appliances (ovens, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.) to be connected inexpensively to each other and to a centrally located server. The apparatus 1) uses relatively simple “personality” modules to adapt the apparatus to the application in combination with a sophisticated core module that provides the intelligence needed to process data locally, to format that data and to transfer it to a remote server and 2) uses existing Internet-based communication links, thereby avoiding the costly proprietary links used with current state-of-the-art solutions.11-19-2009
20080209280Presence Aware Notification For Information Technology Management - Systems and methods for information technology (IT) management, utilizing presence aware notification, are disclosed. In an implementation, the method includes receiving availability or online status of one or more users at an IT management server. The IT management server queries a monitoring database for one or more alerts. The one or more alerts are sent to the one or more users based on respective availability or online status.08-28-2008
20090276667Session Broker Extensibility Application Program Interface - Described are techniques for providing an application program interface that leverages the terminal services session broker infrastructure to support third party plug-in applications. In a typical scenario, when a user requests for a connection to access third party plug-in applications, the application program interface may override the session broker logic and interacts with the session broker process to identify sessions or suitable servers to which the user can be connected. The user may access the third party plug-in applications through the identified sessions or suitable servers.11-05-2009
20090300430HISTORY-BASED PRIORITIZING OF SUSPECTED COMPONENTS - A method for servicing a computerized system includes detecting a failure of a given type in the computerized system, and generating a list of corrective actions in response to the failure, using an automated maintenance program. A record of one or more previous failures of the given type in the computerized system is retrieved, indicating at least one previous corrective action taken in response to the previous failures. The method prioritizes the list of corrective actions responsively to the record, using the automated maintenance program, so as to adjust a priority of the at least one previous corrective action in the list. The prioritized list from the automated maintenance program is provided to a repair function for use in servicing the computerized system.12-03-2009
20110209008Application Reporting Library - An apparatus and a method for detecting and reporting malfunctions in computer programs is described. A reporting library of an Application Programming Interface (API) is configured to direct a report of software malfunction to a specified server. The API is implemented in an application to be executed on a computer system. The application implementing the API is to report software malfunction of the application to the specified server.08-25-2011
20110209007COMPOSITION MODEL FOR CLOUD-HOSTED SERVING APPLICATIONS - Methods and apparatus for executing an application are disclosed. In accordance with one embodiment, a request is received. One or more of a plurality of module types are instantiated such that a plurality of module objects are generated. A query plan linking the plurality of module objects is executed such that a response to the request is generated. The response is then returned.08-25-2011
20080215928Failure resistant multiple computer system and method - The updating of only some memory locations in a multiple computer environment in which at least one applications program (09-04-2008
20090119551Broadcast of Shared I/O Fabric Error Messages in a Multi-Host Environment to all Affected Root Nodes - A method, mechanism and computer usable medium is provided for distributing I/O fabric errors to the appropriate root nodes in a multi-root environment. The case where the I/O fabric is attached to more than one root node and where each root can potentially share with the other roots the I/O adapter (IOA) resources which are attached to the I/O is addressed. Additionally, a method, mechanism and computer usable medium is provided by which errors detected in an I/O fabric may be routed to all root nodes which may be affected by the error, while not being reported to the root nodes that will not be affected by those errors. In particular, distributed computing system which uses the PCI Express protocol to communicate over the I/O fabric is addressed.05-07-2009
20100146347SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FAULT MAPPING OF EXCEPTIONS ACROSS PROGRAMMING MODELS - A system and method for mapping exceptions from a first programming model to a second programming model. The system comprises a first device operating a first programming model and a second device operating a second programming model. The first device sends an instruction to, or invokes the second device to execute an instruction. As a result, a fault occurs during execution of the instruction in the second programming model. An exception based on the fault is raised, and returned to the first device. A fault mapping module receives the exception from the first device. The fault mapping module attempts to determine the type of exception received by comparing an identifier with predetermined identifiers indicating exception type. The fault mapping module interprets the exception to generate an interpreted exception recognizable by the first programming model if the exception is determined to be of a predetermined type.06-10-2010
20090037779EXTERNAL DEVICE ACCESS APPARATUS - In response to a write request from a master to write to an external device, a control unit holds a write address and write data from the master in a write address holding unit and in a write data holding unit, respectively, outputs a reception signal to the master, and writes the write data to the external device specified by the write address. When the master holds the read address in the read address holding unit, the control unit reads data from the external device specified by the read address, and holds the read data in the read data holding unit.02-05-2009
20090037778DEVICES, METHODS, AND APPARATUSES FOR DETECTION, SENSING, AND REPORTING FUNCTIONALITY FOR SEMICONDUCTOR MEMORY - Methods, apparatuses and systems are disclosed for a memory device. In one embodiment, a memory device is disclosed that may include a command error module operably coupled to a mode register, a command input, and an address input. The command error module may be configured to detect an invalid command sequence and report an error indication to an output signal. Additionally, the memory device may include a temperature sensor operably coupled to a mode register and a reference voltage. The temperature sensor may be configured to sense a device temperature and report a temperature status. Furthermore, the memory device may be incorporated into a memory module, which may be included in an electronic system.02-05-2009
20100146344MULTI-PARTITION COMPUTER SYSTEM, FAILURE HANDLING METHOD AND PROGRAM THEREFOR - The present invention determines an incorrect packet from a faulty partition quickly and reliably and prevents the packet from flowing into normal partitions through simple control actions. The multi-partition computer system is a multi-partitioned computer system in which a plurality of nodes are logically divided into a plurality of partition, and each node contained in the partitions includes a packet identification unit which, upon receiving a packet, compares the partition identification information uniquely assigned to own partition against the partition identification information contained in the receive packet, and if these pieces of information do not match each other, judges and discards the receive packet as an incorrect packet.06-10-2010
20090006902METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR REPORTING FRU FAILURES IN STORAGE DEVICE ENCLOSURES - Monitoring a plurality of field-replaceable units (FRUs) in an enclosure using two or more microcontroller-equipped power supplies to detect an FRU failure. Upon detection of an FRU failure, a first signal indicative of the failure is communicated from at least one of the microcontroller-equipped power supplies to one or more small computer system interface (SCSI) repeaters over an I01-01-2009
20100287420Systems and Methods for Adaptive Equalization in Recording Channels - Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for performing adaptive equalization. For example, various embodiments of the present invention provide methods for adaptive equalization that include providing a data processing system with an equalizer circuit (11-11-2010
20080244332MACHINE INSTRUCTION LEVEL RACE CONDITION DETECTION - An apparatus, method and computer-readable medium provide for detecting and filtering potential race conditions. In one example, potential race conditions may be detected by determining overlap of memory accesses (e.g., read, write). Potential race conditions may be filtered as potentially benign or harmful race conditions using, for example, heuristics, comparison of output states from execution of instructions or operations in differing sequences or identifying of associated output bugs corresponding to the execution of operations in different sequences.10-02-2008
20080244333ENHANCED FAILURE DATA COLLECTION SYSTEM APPARATUS AND METHOD - An apparatus for collecting failure data includes a failure data collector that initializes one or more test devices by establishing a secondary interface therewith in response to receiving a test device initialization command from a device tester, communicates one or more failure data collection requests to each test device corresponding to a failure data collection command received from the test device, and receives failure data from the test devices via the secondary interface in response to communicating the failure data collection request. In certain embodiments, the present invention includes a failure data storage repository for storing the collected failure data.10-02-2008
20080244331System and Method for In-Band Problem Log Data Collection Between a Host System and a Storage System - A system and method for in-band problem log data collection are provided. Facilities are provided for a host system, host application, or server system to instigate a state save operation in a storage system utilizing direct commands in response to an error or failure. The host system may include an application program interface (API) to force the storage device to collect a set of state save data for debug purposes at a specific time interlocked with a host system log. The API of the illustrative embodiments may be provided in a failover driver and/or host bus adapter (HBA) driver in the prime code path such that first time data capture following an error is maximized. Since the host system is instigating the state save operation with direct commands, a larger amount of transient data may be collected to provide more comprehensive state information for debugging purposes.10-02-2008
20090265586METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INSTALLING SOFTWARE DELIVERABLES - A method for installing software involves obtaining a knowledge package including guidelines for obtaining and installing software deliverables, and simulating installation of the software deliverables on a managed host based on the guidelines in the knowledge package. Simulating installation of the software deliverables involves obtaining the software deliverables based on the guidelines in the knowledge package, caching the software deliverables on the managed host to obtain a local installation cache, and obtaining a response to an installation prompt associated with at least one of the software deliverables. The method further involves performing an actual installation of the software deliverables on the managed host using the local installation cache and the response to the installation prompt.10-22-2009
20080282116Transient Fault Detection by Integrating an SRMT Code and a Non SRMT Code in a Single Application - Disclosed is a method for running a first code generated by a Software-based Redundant Multi-Threading (SRMT) compiler along with a second code generated by a normal compiler at runtime, the first code including a first function and a second function, the second code including a third function. The method comprises running the first function in a leading thread and a tailing thread (11-13-2008
20080307272BACKBONE TRANSMISSION APPARATUS AND METHOD HAVING APPARATUS INTERNAL ALARM SUPPRESSION FUNCTION - Disclosed is a backbone transmission apparatus including a plurality of main signal packages and a monitoring control package connected to the plurality of main signal packages each via an apparatus internal bus. When a failure occurs in one of the main signal packages, the main signal package generates mask request information for requesting the suppression of an alarm and sends the generated mask request information to the monitoring control package via the apparatus internal bus. The monitoring control package receives the mask request information, determines a main signal package to be masked based on path information on a main signal, and sends mask control information, which is used for suppressing an alarm notification to the monitoring control package, to the main signal package to be masked via the apparatus internal bus. When the mask control information is received, the main signal package to be masked performs mask processing for an alarm to be notified to the monitoring control package.12-11-2008
20120144248GUIDED PROBLEM RESOLUTION IN DEPLOYING AN APPLICATION - Techniques are disclosed for deploying an application. In one embodiment, a packaging tool determines that an error exists in a packaged application. The packaging tool may guide a user in fixing the error by updating the packaging tool and repackaging the application using the updated packaging tool. The packaging tool may guide the user via one or more notifications output for display to the user.06-07-2012
20100146343ELECTRONIC BULLETIN BOARD MANAGING APPARATUS AND MESSAGE NOTIFYING METHOD - An electronic bulletin board management apparatus and message notification method for permitting a user receiving a notification to quickly know on which bulletin board a message was posted. A communication system includes a message registry for storing data written from a plurality of communication terminals, in memory areas partitioned for the respective communication terminals, and a web server for delivering the stored data in a browsable state in response to a request from a communication terminal. When a piece of data is stored in the message registry by a writing process from one communication terminal, a mail server transmits a notification mail containing notification information to notify that the writing process was done, and a URL to identify a memory area storing the piece of data, in accordance with an instruction from the web server.06-10-2010
20100146346DIAGNOSTIC AND MANAGING DISTRIBUTED PROCESSOR SYSTEM - A network of microcontrollers for monitoring and diagnosing the environmental conditions of a computer is disclosed. The network of microcontrollers provides a management system by which computer users can accurately gauge the health of their computer. The network of microcontrollers provides users the ability to detect system fan speeds, internal temperatures and voltage levels. The invention is designed to not only be resilient to faults, but also allows for the system maintenance, modification, and growth—without downtime. Additionally, the present invention allows users to replace failed components, and add new functionality, such as new network interfaces, disk interface cards and storage, without impacting existing users. One of the primary roles of the present invention is to manage the environment without outside involvement. This self-management allows the system to continue to operate even though components have failed.06-10-2010
20090187796METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING INTELLIGENT ERROR MESSAGING - A method and apparatus for providing intelligent error messaging is disclosed wherein a user of a mobile communications device is provided with descriptive error messaging information to assist the user in overcoming errors associated with the processing of electronic messages and data. For example, when the mobile device is being used to decrypt a cryptographically secured electronic message, and a problem is encountered, program logic of the device provides the user with (1) an indication of exactly what problem is preventing opening of the message, for example, a required cryptographic key is not available; (2) an indication of exactly what may be done to overcome the problem, for example, what utilities should be run on the device; and (3) exactly what data, if any, needs to be downloaded to the device, for example, what cryptographic keys should be downloaded.07-23-2009
20090063908Methods, Systems, and Products for Verifying Integrity of Web-Server Served Content - Methods, systems, and products are disclosed for verifying the integrity of web server content. Communication with a server is initiated and content is retrieved that is specified by a Uniform Resource Locator. The content is parsed and searched for an error message. When the content contains linked content, then the linked content is parsed and also searched for the error message. The error message is logged to indicate an existence of a partial page error.03-05-2009
20090024879DISK ARRAY DEVICE, PARITY DATA GENERATING CIRCUIT FOR RAID AND GALOIS FIELD MULTIPLYING CIRCUIT - In this parity data generating circuit, a Galois field multiplying calculation is realized by performing data conversion by index table information generated from a Galois field multiplying table so that data for RAID6 are generated. A table check circuit inspects nonconformity of the index table information in advance by using results in which the Galois field multiplying table is indexed from different directions constructed by the longitudinal direction and the transversal direction. Data and parity for making the multiplying calculation are decomposed into plural data and parities by using this table check circuit, and index table information different from each other are allocated to these data and parities. Thus, a longitudinal index table making circuit and a transversal index table making circuit themselves are checked.01-22-2009
20110225464RESILIENT CONNECTIVITY HEALTH MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK - A framework is provided for diagnosing and resolving wireless connectivity-related issues. For example, some embodiments of the invention provide a “health monitor” which monitors and logs wireless connectivity-related events occurring on the device, the network, and the one or more resources to which the device is connected. The health monitor may analyze these events and/or other information to determine when a connectivity problem may have arisen, and if a problem is determined to be imminent or to have occurred, may initiate recovery procedures. In some embodiments, the monitoring of events, analysis to determine whether a connectivity problem has arisen, and the recovery from the problem occur transparently to the user.09-15-2011
20090204855FILE ERROR IDENTIFICATION, REPORTING, AND REPLACEMENT OF MEDIA FILES - The present invention discloses a solution for automatically replacing a media files upon a device able to identify problems with locally stored media files. Initially, an automated process or user of a media playing device can initially identify a media file, which the media playing device is unable to play. The media playing device can be connected to an external device associated with a media store including a set of source media files. The source media files of the media store can be automatically queried for a corresponding one of the detected media file. A copy of a source media file resulting from the query can be automatically conveyed from the media store to the media playing device.08-13-2009
20110145659LOG COLLECTING APPARATUS, PROGRAM, METHOD, AND SYSTEM - A log collecting apparatus includes: a response data forwarding unit to respond to a trace log request; a determining unit determines whether the ratio of error logs versus unsent trace logs is equal to or greater than a predetermined threshold value; a differential trace log creator configured to create differential trace logs, wherein the duplicate error logs have been deleted from the unsent trace logs, when it is determined that the error log ratio is equal to or greater than the predetermined threshold value; and a response data configuration unit configured to set response data with the differential trace logs, and to set the response data with the unsent trace logs when the error log ratio is not equal to or greater than the predetermined threshold value.06-16-2011
20090063907DEBUGGING SYSTEM, DEBUGGING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A debugging system which can efficiently obtain debugging information and which has excellent debugging efficiency is a debugging system which stops execution of a program executed in a program executing apparatus, at a break point, and assists debugging of the program, and which includes: a dump control unit configured to dump information indicating an operating state of the program executing apparatus, at plural points in time prior to the stopping of the execution of the program; and a dump information accumulating unit configured to accumulate the information indicating the operating state of the program executing apparatus dumped by said dump control unit.03-05-2009
20090055691METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING A NETWORK OF SENSORS - A system and method are disclosed for managing a network of sensors (02-26-2009
20090055690Error catch RAM support using fan-out/fan-in matrix - In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, a method and apparatus are provided for obtaining test data from multiples devices under test. This could be accomplished in accordance with one embodiment by outputting from a testing device a test signal for input in parallel to at least two devices under test; inputting in parallel to the testing device at least two response signals, each response signal produced by one of the at least two devices under test; storing the response signals received in parallel in a storage device; and serially outputting the response signals from the storage device.02-26-2009
20090083589Systems, devices, and/or methods for managing communications - Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a system, which can comprise a programmable logic controller (PLC). The system can comprise a serial communications port connected to the PLC. In certain exemplary embodiments, the system can comprise a controller adapted to enable a customer application program to access and control the serial communications port.03-26-2009
20080263412PROGRAM FAILURE RECOVERY - A program failure is detected during programming of a memory device. When the program failure is detected, a transfer of the contents of a register of the memory device to a first location of a memory of the memory device is stopped. First data that remains in the register after the program failure is detected is transferred to a second location of the memory. At the second location of the memory, the first data is combined with second data from the first location of the memory that remains in the first location of the memory after the program failure is detected to reconstruct third data that was originally intended to be programmed in the first location before the program failure was detected.10-23-2008
20090204857NETWORK APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - In a network apparatus for receiving a processing request transmitted from an external apparatus connected thereto via a network, it is detected that processing corresponding to the transmitted processing request has not been performed. If it is detected that the processing corresponding to the transmitted processing request has not been performed, a port number of a request destination of the transmitted processing request is recognized and an application corresponding to the recognized port number is specified as an application of a request destination of the transmitted processing request. Furthermore, it is determined whether the specified application is in an ON or OFF state. If it is detected that the processing corresponding to the transmitted processing request has not been performed and the specified application is in the OFF state, error information including information indicating the specified application is output.08-13-2009
20090254781DIGITAL RELIABILITY MONITOR HAVING AUTONOMIC REPAIR AND NOTIFICATION CAPABILITY - A circuit for preventing failure in an integrated circuit. The circuit including: an original circuit; one or more redundant circuits; and a repair processor, including a clock cycle counter configured to count pulses of a pulsed signal, the repair processor configured to (a) replace the original circuit with a first redundant circuit or (b) configured to select another redundant circuit, the selection in sequence from a second redundant circuit to a last redundant circuit, and to replace a previously selected redundant circuit with the selected redundant circuit each time the cycle counter reaches a predetermined count of a set of pre-determined cycle counts.10-08-2009
20120198288METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ERROR MANIPULATION - A system and method for manipulation of event data, such as errors, in a networked environment. The method includes receiving event signal data indicative of an event, and associating descriptive data with the event signal data. The descriptive data is then mapped to one or more associated connections. A determination is made whether to post identifier data corresponding to the event signal data. This determination is made as a function of predetermined criteria. If a determination is made to post the identifier data, the particular identifier data is posted. The posted identifier data may be selectively retrieved and output in a specified format. The identifier data may be stored in a memory. Descriptive data may be accumulated for a plurality of events subsequent to the mapping step. An alert condition may be established based on the type of event that has occurred.08-02-2012
20090210753LIBRARY APPARATUS, CONVEYANCE CONTROLLER, AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A library apparatus includes, a drive for accessing the mobile medium, a discharge unit for discharging the mobile medium, and a conveyance controller for controlling a conveyance unit. The conveyance controller includes, a memory for storing process content when the discharge unit discharges the mobile medium, a receiver for receiving control information regarding a control unit controlling a discharge operation of the mobile medium, where the control unit is arranged in a host apparatus. The library apparatus and controlling method include determining correct process content in the discharge operation of the mobile medium from the process content stored on the storage, in accordance with the received control information, and detecting a faulty discharge operation by determining, in accordance with the determination result of the correct process content, whether process content transmitted from the host apparatus is normal or not.08-20-2009
20090249130TROUBLE COPING METHOD FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM - A trouble coping apparatus includes an incident registration section which registers information about an incident which has solved a problem, a solution knowledge generation section which generates trouble solution knowledge from the incident information, a risk registration section which registers risk items which are materials for judging appropriateness of selection of a work candidate, with the trouble solution knowledge, a risk evaluation section which generates navigation information showing a trouble solution procedure from the trouble solution knowledge, and a solution procedure display section which displays the navigation information.10-01-2009
20090249131COMMUNICATION DETECTION DEVICE, COMMUNICATION DETECTION METHOD, AND COMMUNICATION DETECTION PROGRAM - A communication detection method in which, based on a sender and a destination of communication data recorded in a communication log that records information concerning communication data exchanged between devices linked to a network, the communication log is divided into parts corresponding to individual object devices. The communication logs divided corresponding to the individual devices are analyzed so that the communication data in which a connection request to each device has been issued is extracted, and then a response success/failure table is generated based on whether a response from the device to the connection request has been detected; and based on the response success/failure table, when a time period that no response is obtained from the device satisfies a criterion condition determined in advance, it is determined that peer-to-peer communication has been performed.10-01-2009
20090254779CONTROL APPARATUS - A control apparatus performs transmission and reception of data among a plurality of units mounted on a backplane. The control apparatus includes a communication unit that is mounted on the backplane and connected to the units via one-to-one communication lines and relays data among the units by using the communication lines.10-08-2009
20090254780PROCESSING APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A processing apparatus that can accept logs from external processing apparatuses efficiently without degrading the performance of its own. The processing apparatus is connected with a plurality of external processing apparatuses for sending a first log including information on frequency of usage and a second log including information on an error, and collects the first and second logs from the external processing apparatuses. A receiving unit receives the first log sent from each of the external processing apparatuses. A calculation unit calculates a priority of each the external processing apparatuses based on the operating situation of each of the external processing apparatuses determined from the first log received by the receiving unit. A determination unit determines whether or not the second log sent by each of the external processing apparatuses should be stored based on the priority calculated by the calculation unit.10-08-2009
20090132865Systems and Methods for Automatic Profiling of Network Event Sequences - Systems and methods are disclosed that profile event sequences by creating a mixture model from the event sequences; estimating parameters for the mixture model; and applying the mixture model to profile the event sequences.05-21-2009
20090132866STORAGE APPARATUS - According to an aspect of an embodiment, a storage apparatus comprising; a pair of control devices for controlling storage devices, each control device being connected with another control device; storage devices for storing data; switches being connected with the plurality of storage devices, the switches being connected between the control devices in series; wherein the control device for controlling the plurality of switches according to a process comprising the steps of: detecting a fault in the connection of the switches, and; controlling the control devices to access the storage devices via the switches such that one of the control devices accesses a part of the storage devices via a part of the switches located between said one of the control devices and the fault, and the other of the control devices accesses remainder of the storage devices via remainder of the switches, respectively.05-21-2009
20130219231Method for Storing and Propagating Error Information in Computer Programs - A method for storing and propagating error information in computer programs, in which a globally valid error variable is used for storing and propagating the error information, wherein for each recognized error a nonzero value for the error is added to the error variable as error information with a respective stipulated arithmetic sign, and wherein the value is formed from a discrepancy in the content of a coded variable from an expected value. This combination and integration of a separate global propagation variable with values derived from an error, particularly by virtue of detected discrepancies in the known error recognition and propagation paths using operations and operands in “coded processing”, achieves an increased propagation certainty.08-22-2013
20100162052VIRTUAL MACHINE CONTROL PROGRAM, VIRTUAL MACHINE CONTROL SYSTEM, AND DUMP CAPTURING METHOD - A virtual machine control system includes a dump target setting module that sets a flag that represents that a memory area is a dump target to each memory area that has been used by a guest OS, a dumping module that dumps to a file the memory area to which the dump target setting module sets the flag, and that removes the flag from the memory area about which dumping is completed, and a virtual machine control module that controls implementation of the guest OS, which operates on the virtual machine, and stops the implementation of the guest OS until the dumping module removes the flag from the memory area when the guest OS tries to access the memory area to which the dump target setting module sets the flag.06-24-2010
20120246521STORAGE APPARATUS AND FAILURE DETECTION METHOD - Reduction of data processing capacity attributable to the occurrence of a failure is prevented by promptly identifying the failure location.09-27-2012
20120246523DYNAMICALLY DETECTING A DEFECTIVE CONNECTOR AT A PORT - A connector assembly comprises a plurality of ports. Each of the plurality of ports is configured to receive a respective connector attached to a respective segment of physical communication media. Each of the plurality of ports comprises a respective media interface configured to receive data from a respective storage device attached to the respective connector. The connector assembly is configured to determine if a first connector attached to a first port included in the plurality of ports is defective by determining if a signal level received on the respective media interface associated with the first port has stabilized after a first predetermined amount of time has elapsed since the first connector was connected to the first port. If the signal level has not stabilized after the first predetermined amount of time has elapsed since the first connector was connected to the first port, the first connector is considered defective.09-27-2012
20100262871METHOD FOR IMPLEMENTING HIGHLY AVAILABLE DATA PARALLEL OPERATIONS ON A COMPUTATIONAL GRID - The present invention describes a new method for implementing highly available data-parallel-operations on a computational grid. This new method provides high availability after a server fails or the grid experiences a partial network failure. The present invention invokes the data parallel operation's method on selected objects stored in partitions within a highly available distributed cache. It thereby takes advantage of the use of highly available data partitions implemented by the distributed cache as a means for reliably tracking the progress of method invocations within a data parallel operation even after a server or network failure occurs. Using the cache's partitions as the basis for tracking enables the present invention's method to restart method invocations and thereby ensure completion of the data-parallel operation. It also uses a completion object within the cache to ensure that completion of the data parallel operation is detected and reported in a highly available manner.10-14-2010
20100185902METHOD AND APPROACH TO HOSTING VERSIONED WEB SERVICES - A method for hosting versioned web services includes steps of: receiving a request from a service requestor, the request comprising version metadata; parsing the request; extracting the version metadata from the parsing step; and locating a target implementation version using the version metadata. If the target implementation version is located, the method proceeds by dynamically routing the versioned request to the target implementation version.07-22-2010
20100185901SELF MONITORING OF MANAGED ENTITIES IN A TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORK - It is described a method for monitoring the operational state of a telecommunication network (07-22-2010
20090300432INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND INFORMATION NOTIFICATION METHOD THEREFOR, AND CONTROL PROGRAM - To enable the host server side to be aware of the recovery of an error when the error is recovered by the user's power off/on operation, the most recent state regarding occurrences of errors at printer 12-03-2009
20100192024METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DETECTION OF ANOMALIES IN DIGITAL DATA STREAMS - Systems and methods for determining whether or not one or pluralities of events, patterns, or data elements present within a given digital data stream should be delimited as anomalous. The system requires analyzes the data elements of the data stream using any acceptable user-specified, preset, or automatically determined analysis system. The results of the data processing, which are stored in a data storage structure such as a synaptic web or a data array for example, reveal synaptic paths (patterns) of characteristic algorithm values that function to individually define or delimit the selected data element(s) from the remainder of the original data stream.07-29-2010
20090077427Method and apparatus for evaluating effectiveness of test case - Provided are a method and apparatus for evaluating the effectiveness of a test case used for a program test on the basis of error detection capability. The method includes: receiving a target program used for evaluating the effectiveness of the test case; generating an error program by inputting errors to the target program; detecting the errors by executing the test case on the generated error program; and calculating evaluation points of the test case using a ratio of the number of the detected errors to the number of the input errors. Thus, the capability of the test case used for a program test to detect errors can be evaluated.03-19-2009
20100229048FIELD FAILURE DATA COLLECTION - The operation of a powered device is monitored to detect a failure condition, the powered device connected to power sourcing equipment by a communications channel including inline power delivery from the power sourcing equipment to the powered device. Diagnostic information is captured including (i) configuration and status information identifying the power sourcing equipment, the communications channel, and status of the inline power delivery at the time of detection of the failure condition, and (ii) failure information identifying the failure condition. This diagnostic information is stored as diagnostic information signals in an electronic memory which is electronically accessible by an external user as part of a failure analysis process. By this process, diagnostic information pertaining to the operation of the powered device with the power sourcing equipment and the communications channel is captured and stored, providing greater information for more thorough failure analysis.09-09-2010
20100218052APPARATUS AND METHOD TO GENERATE AND COLLECT DIAGNOSTIC DATA - A method to generate and save diagnostic data in the event of an application error, wherein the method supplies a first computing device comprising a microprocessor and a first computer readable medium and an application encoded in said computer readable medium, wherein said application comprises an error handling module. The method further supplies a second computing device comprising a microprocessor and a second computer readable medium and an error data management module encoded in said second computer readable medium, wherein said error data management module comprises a diagnostic data generating module, wherein said first computing device is in communication with said second computing device. The method executes the application, detects by the error handling module an application error, and detects by the error data management module the application error. The method then receives by the error handling module a completion signal from the error data management module, and provides an error signal from the error handling module to a support center.08-26-2010
20120036398MULTIPLE CORE DATA PROCESSOR WITH USAGE MONITORING - A data processor with a plurality of processor cores. Accumulated usage information of each of the plurality of processor cores is stored in a storage device within the data processor, wherein the accumulated usage information is indicative of accumulated usage of each processor core of the plurality of processor cores. The processor uses the accumulated usage information in selecting processor cores to perform processor operations.02-09-2012
20100229049Trigger Core - A method to detect an event between a data source and a data sink using a trigger core is described herein. The method comprises monitoring control lines and an associated data stream for a programmable pattern, wherein the pattern is one or more of a condition, state or event. The method further comprises generating an indication by updating a status register, sending an interrupt or asserting a control line upon a pattern match.09-09-2010
20100241909FAULT-TOLERANT SYSTEM - In a lockstep fault-tolerant system (09-23-2010
20100251034Execution of a plugin according to plugin stability level - Executing a plugin includes obtaining a stability level of the plugin to be executed, determining a plugin execution mode based at least in part on the stability level, and executing the plugin according to the plugin execution mode determined. The plugin execution mode is selected from a plurality of available plugin execution modes.09-30-2010
20100211829FAILURE DETECTION AND RECOVERY OF HOST COMPUTERS IN A CLUSTER - In one or more embodiments of the invention, communication among host agents providing high availability in a computer cluster is implemented by reading and writing to files on a shared data store. Each host agent holds a lock on a file on the shared data store corresponding to a liveness indicator for the host agent and a coordinator host agent periodically monitors the liveness indicators for host failures.08-19-2010
20100146345INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, RECORDING MEDIUM INCLUDING PROGRAM FOR INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - An information processing apparatus includes a communication unit that communicates with another information processing apparatus, a memory device that holds data for communication by the communication unit, a processing unit that acquires a memory capacity of the memory device desirable for communication by the communication unit, a resource shortage information save and report unit that holds resource shortage information in the memory device and reports the resource shortage information when the processing unit fails to acquire the memory capacity, a resource shortage information reference unit that reads the resource shortage information held in the memory device, and an error output unit that outputs the resource shortage information read as an error by the resource shortage information reference unit.06-10-2010
20100058118STORAGE MEDIUM RECORDING INFORMATION REACQUISITION PROCEDURE GENERATION PROGRAM AND INFORMATION REACQUISITION PROCEDURE GENERATION APPARATUS - A storage medium recording an information reacquisition procedure generation program causing a computer to execute a process of generating a reacquisition procedure for reacquiring information, the information reacquisition procedure generation program causing the computer to execute a method comprising: reading a message history from a storage unit storing the message history recording a series of messages exchanged to and from a device providing information until the information is provided; generating a message transitional relationship with respect to the information by extracting a parent-child relationship between the respective messages contained in the series of messages based on the series of messages until the information contained in the read message history is acquired as well as by combining the same or similar messages of the series of messages into one; and outputting the reacquisition procedure with respect to the information based on the generated transitional relationship.03-04-2010
20100192025AVAILABILITY AND SCALABILITY IN A MESSAGING SYSTEM IN A MANNER TRANSPARENT TO THE APPLICATION - Methods, systems, and computer program products that provide for a runtime messaging infrastructure, which abstracts send and receive operations for exchanging messages with partner endpoint. The messaging infrastructure improves availability and scalability of a message application by improving on the availability and scalability of the underlying message transports. In particular, availability and scalability are improved by linking the message application at runtime with any number of the message transports, without the message application specifying a transport at development time. The message infrastructure receives instructions from the message application specifying end-to-end delivery assurances. The infrastructure uses transports in order to fulfill the specified delivery assurance, and creates a link between the message application and transports for use in exchanging messages. Session state storage can be maintained in a pluggable store, which could be, for example, a durable database store or an application memory store.07-29-2010
20090282297Leveled Logging Data Automation for Virtual Tape Server Applications - A method, system, and program product for a VTS subsystem's logging server to optimize applications' logging data entries where applications use the logging service. More specifically, in certain embodiments, the system comprises logic executed within a VTS subsystem to which a tape library subsystem is attached. The logic controls VTS subsystem applications' logging data entry strategy through applications' configured logging level, log entry category, and a cache buffer. The logic not only dynamically balances applications' logging request but also maximizes the availability of system information.11-12-2009
20090019320METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TROUBLESHOOTING A COMPUTER SYSTEM - One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for troubleshooting a computer system. During operation, the system receives an identifier for a suspect computer system, which is suspected of operating abnormally. The system also receives an identifier for a normal computer system, which is operating normally. Next, the system automatically sends a command to be executed to both the suspect computer system and to the normal computer system. The system subsequently receives a response to the command from both the suspect computer system and the normal computer system and compares the responses to determine differences in behavior between the suspect computer system and the normal computer system.01-15-2009
20090113253SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR DELIVERING MEDIA AND METHOD FOR PLAYING STREAMING MEDIA - A media delivery system includes a media manager (MM) a central server that supports peer to peer (P2P) technology (CS-P), a request routing system that supports P2P technology (RRS-P), and an edge server that supports P2P technology (ES-P) and multiple P2P clients. A method for playing streaming media based on the above media delivery system includes: the MM publishes a live channel notification to the CS-P, RRS-P, and ES-P; the CS-P obtains streaming data packets from a live source and parses and slices the packets to generate slice data; the ES-P obtains the slice data from the CS-P and/or other ES-Ps that are able to provide slice data and caches the slice data; and the P2P client obtains the slice data from the ES-P or other P2P clients and delivers the data, or the data is played by a local player after an assembly operation by the P2P client. With the P2P technology, the present invention improves the prior media delivery network and realizes the playing of streaming media to a large number of clients.04-30-2009
20110239056Dynamically Controlled Server Rack Illumination System - Described is a technology by which a server in a server rack is illuminated to indicate its state with respect to an operating mode (e.g., a power mode, a environmental mode, or a performance mode). Data is collected for a server via sensors, power meters and/or the server. Depending on a user-selected operating mode, the server is illuminated at its physical location to indicate its data state based upon the data collected. The mode and collected data result in an illumination of the physical server location that varies by color, intensity and/or flash pattern to indicate the current (or a prior historical) state.09-29-2011
20090113252FAULT DETECTION IN EXPONENTIATION AND POINT MULTIPLICATION OPERATIONS USING A MONTGOMERY LADDER - A system and method are provided enabling implicit redundancies such as constant differences and points that should be on the same curve, to be checked at the beginning, end and intermittently throughout the computation to thwart fault injection attacks. This can be implemented by checking the constant difference in point pairs during point multiplication, by checking constant scalings in exponentiation pairs, and by checking that any intermediate point is on the curve and/or in the correct subgroup of the curve.04-30-2009
20110119534METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING PACKETS - A method and apparatus for processing packets are provided to extend the usage of a Cryptographically Generated Addresses (CGA) protocol. The method includes: receiving an Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) packet carrying CGA related information from a sender; obtaining the CGA related information from the IPv6 packet at the network layer, where the CGA related information includes the CGA parameters (CGA Params) and CGA signature (CGA Sig) of the sender; verifying the source address of the IPv6 packet according to the CGA Params and CGA Sig; transmitting the payload of the IPv6 packet after the verification succeeds. In the present invention, the packet is not limited to the IPv6 packet; the IP packet of a version later than IPv6 or the IP packet compatible with IPv6 may also be used.05-19-2011
20110107155NETWORK FAULT DETECTION APPARATUS AND METHOD - A network fault detection apparatus includes: data distribution learning units (05-05-2011
20090037780MEMORY MANAGEMENT APPARATUS - A fault code memory management apparatus stores a permanent fault code in different places of a non-volatile memory, and restore the fault code when an error is detected in the fault code stored in the different places in a manner that, in case that discrepancy between the fault codes in different places is found, the fault code matching with data in a code table stored in a read-only memory is determined to be correct. If two fault codes have matching data in the code table, the fault code is compared with data in a standby random access memory that stores an original fault code data. Further, the data in the random access memory and the data in the code table are compared if the comparison between the code and the data in the random access memory is not sufficient.02-05-2009
20090070636ADVANCED IMPORT/EXPORT PANEL NOTIFICATIONS USING A PRESENTATION APPLICATION - A presentation application is provided that displays import notifications when a slide show presentation is opened by a user and displays export notifications when a slide show presentation is exported by the user. When the user directs the presentation application to open a slide show presentation, the presentation application may determine whether one or more unsupported or unidentifiable features or objects are present in the slide show presentation. The presentation application may display a listing in a window of the presentation application for each such error. The warnings displayed in the list may be selectable, and selecting a warning may cause the presentation to display more information regarding the warning. The presentation application may include similar features when the user requests that the presentation application export a slide show presentation.03-12-2009
20100306599Method and System for Throttling Log Messages for Multiple Entities - A software module capable of simultaneously supporting multiple services provides log message throttling for each service with a separate “per service” log message buffer. When the software module is a device driver, for example, each device controlled by the device driver is allocated a message buffer to store descriptive log messages. Upon generation of a warning log message, descriptive log messages in the message buffer are flushed to a log file for review by an administrator. Furthermore, log message throttling may be implemented by only flushing the message buffer upon certain occurrences of warning log messages, such as in accordance with an exponential back-off algorithm.12-02-2010
20100306600CANDIDATE-PATCH SELECTING APPARATUS, COMPUTER PRODUCT, AND METHOD - A candidate-patch selecting apparatus includes a detector configured to detect a failure of a computer; an obtaining unit configured to obtain record information for the computer, recorded at the time when the failure detected by the detector occurred; an extractor configured to extract from the record information obtained by the obtaining unit, information identifying the failure; an identifying unit configured to identify, based on a database that stores therein patches and respective selection conditions, a patch for which selection conditions are satisfied by the extracted information identifying the failure; and an output unit configured to output an identification result acquired by the identifying unit.12-02-2010
20100325494INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, PROCESS VERIFICATION SUPPORT METHOD, AND COMPUTER PRODUCT - An information processing apparatus includes a detecting unit configured to detect an abort signal among signals from a kernel that monitors execution of a process by referring to details concerning the execution; an obtaining unit configured to obtain information that concerns the details concerning the execution of the process and is referred to by the kernel at a detection of the abort signal by the detecting unit; and a storing unit configured to store the information obtained by the obtaining unit into a memory.12-23-2010
20100332914DUMP OUTPUT CONTROL APPARATUS AND DUMP OUTPUT CONTROL METHOD - A dump output control apparatus includes a storage unit that stores output device information indicating an output device that is an output destination of dump information, a dump output device control unit that obtains the output device information stored in the storage unit and, determines a device as an output device for outputting the dump information thereto based on the obtained output device information, and a dump output unit that outputs the dump information to the determined output device.12-30-2010
20110010589INTELLIGENT NETWORK RESTORATION - A device may isolate a first failure of a network interface that transports packets from one point in a network to another point in the network, may detect a subsequent failure of the interface, and may identify a recovery of the network interface from the subsequent failure. In addition, the device may restore the network interface to the network to enable the interface to transport packets after a wait-to-restore period that is approximately greater than or equal to a time difference between when the first failure and the subsequent failure occur.01-13-2011
20110010588TECHNIQUE FOR FAULT AVOIDANCE IN MAIL GATEWAY - In a large-scale mail system such as that of a mobile phone carrier, in case that a mail gateway has encountered a fault due to a fault-inducing mail in arrival thereat, the mail gateway identifies the cause of the fault to prevent the recurrence thereof. The mail gateway is configured to include a mail relaying process used for relaying mails and a monitoring process used for supervising other processes. On occurrence of a fault due to a fault-inducing mail received by the mail relaying process, the monitoring process detects the fault-inducing mail that has cause the fault, the characteristics of the fault-inducing mail and the conditions of the fault, and then records information thus detected into a fault-inducing mail information table. After recovery from the fault under control of the monitoring process, the mail relaying process receives a new arriving mail. Upon receipt of the new arriving mail, the mail relaying process compares the characteristics thereof with relevant information recorded in the fault-inducing mail information table. If a match is found, the mail relaying process performs one of three countermeasures according to the conditions concerned; skipping over a faulty-point processing, returning an error reply to a mail transmission source, or returning a notification of non-delivery thereto.01-13-2011
20120246522METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DETECTING LOGIC INTERFACE INCOMPATIBILITIES OF EQUIPMENT ITEMS OF ON-BOARD SYSTEMS - The invention in particular has as an object detecting incompatibility between equipment items of a on-board system. A logic interface associated with one equipment item comprises at least one input while a logic interface associated with another equipment item comprises at least one output. The input and the output are connected. After a minimal data definition level associated with the input and a data definition level associated with the output have been obtained (09-27-2012
20110035631Efficient Replaying of Autograded Coverage Regressions and Performance Verification with Directed Testcases - An approach is provided that receives a correlation data structure from a memory. The correlation data structure indicates a number of expected test event triggers that correspond to a test case that includes a number of test events. The test case is executed by a computer processor, the execution resulting in one or more resultant data structures stored in the memory. The resultant data structures indicate one or more actual test event triggers that occurred during the execution. The expected test event triggers are compared to the actual test event triggers. If the comparison reveals one or more mismatches, a trigger mismatch notification is provided to a user of the computer.02-10-2011
20110087929PROCESSING METHOD, STORAGE SYSTEM, INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, AND COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM - A first information processing apparatus of multiple information processing apparatuses includes a second configuration information storage section storing second configuration information; a first configuration information modification section modifying first configuration information in the storage apparatus; a notification section notifying, a second information processing apparatus, of modified part information indicating a modified part in the first configuration information; a modified part information storage section storing the modified part information from the second information processing apparatus; and an updating section updating, before modifying the first configuration information in the storage apparatus, the modified part in the second configuration information indicated by the modified part information stored in the modified part information storage section, based on the first configuration information. Thus, when modifying setting on the storage apparatus from multiple information processing apparatuses, the integrity of the configurations is maintained, and the system can be deployed and operated at lower costs.04-14-2011
20110126060LARGE SCALE SUBSCRIPTION BASED DISPERSED STORAGE NETWORK - A method begins with a processing module identifying data for storage and sending a subscription request message regarding the data for storage. The method continues with the processing module receiving a subscription response message. The method continues with the processing module obtaining error coding dispersal storage function parameters when a dispersal method of the subscription response message indicates direct dispersal. The method continues with the processing module encoding at least a portion of the data in accordance with the error coding dispersal storage function parameters to produce a set of encoded data slices. The method continues with the processing module determining a plurality of storage locations and performing a dispersed storage write function to store the set of encoded data slices in the plurality of storage locations.05-26-2011
20090327817Coordinating Updates to Replicated Data - Techniques for coordinating updates to replicated data are disclosed. For example, in a system comprised of a plurality of nodes, a method for maintaining consistent copies of data across said nodes comprises the following steps. A copy of an object o12-31-2009
20100070807SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGING SERVER PERFORMANCE DEGRADATION IN A VIRTUAL UNIVERSE - A system and method for managing server performance degradation in a virtual universe environment having avatars has a server load detection unit for detecting server load and a failure notification unit for notifying the avatars of imminent server failure. The server load detection unit measures the wall time of the server for determining performance. A memory stores acceptable performance parameters so that if the server is performing unacceptably, the failure notification unit may notify the avatars.03-18-2010
20100058117APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATED ERROR DETERMINATION PROPAGATION - An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for automated data determination propagation. A data package source collects data and compiles the data into data packages. A local data package prioritization module determines a prioritized order of the data packages based on a local priority matrix. The local data package prioritization module sends the data packages in the prioritized order over a temporary data connection to a central data package prioritization module. The local data package prioritization module updates the local priority matrix over the temporary data connection based on a central priority matrix. The central data package prioritization module receives the data packages and makes one or more updates to the central priority matrix based on the data packages.03-04-2010
20090217107Method and Device for Data Processing - A method and device for data processing having at least three identical or similar execution units, wherein at least one comparator exists and at least two execution units are grouped such that the output signals of the at least two execution units are connected with the at least one comparator and compared.08-27-2009
20090217108METHOD, SYSTEM AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR PROCESSING ERROR INFORMATION IN A SYSTEM - A system for processing errors in a processor comprising, a first register having a unique identifier operative to store a first error data, a processor operative to retrieve the first error data from the first register, associate the first error data with the unique identifier, and generate a first uniform error packet including the first error data and the unique identifier and a storage medium operative to store the first uniform error packet.08-27-2009
20100064181ERROR DETECTION SCHEMES FOR A UNIFIED CACHE IN A DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM - In a data processing system processing circuitry executes a plurality of data processing instructions. A unified cache memory stores data and instructions processed by the processing circuitry. The unified cache memory has a plurality of sets, each set having a plurality of ways, each with one or more information fields. Cache memory control circuitry has a control register for controlling allocation of each way of the plurality of ways for one of: (1) a first type of information; (2) a second type of information; or (3) both the first type of information and the second type of information. The cache memory control circuitry further individually controls a selection of a type of error detection among a plurality of types of error detection for each way of the unified cache memory based upon the allocation control indicated by the control register.03-11-2010
20110252281TRANSPARENT AUTO-DISCOVERY OF NETWORK DEVICES LOGICALLY LOCATED BETWEEN A CLIENT AND SERVER - Discovery of intermediate network devices is performed using a technique that piggybacks upon the existing standard TCP (Transport Control Protocol) “SACK” (Selective Acknowledgment) option in a SYN/ACK packet so that discovery information may be shared between pair-wise-deployed peer intermediate devices when a TCP/IP connection (Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is first established between network endpoints using a conventional three-way handshake. Use of the SACK option is combined with another technique which comprises modifying the original 16-bit value of the TCP receive window size to a special arbitrary value to mark a SYN packet as being generated by a first peer device. The marked SYN when received by the second peer device triggers that device's discovery information to be piggybacked in the SACK option of the SYN/ACK packet. The first device then piggybacks its discovery information in the SACK option of the ACK packet which completes the three-way handshake.10-13-2011
20110154130METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SECURE CROSS-SITE SCRIPTING - An approach is provided for providing secure cross-site scripting. A web services platform causes, at least in part, reception of an initiation request from at least a first inline frame of at least one web page. The initiation request specifies a developer identifier associated with a domain of the at least one web page. The web services platform determines a callback resource identifier based on the developer identifier. The web services platform then determines to cause, at least in part, transmission of the callback resource identifier to the at least the first inline frame for use in creation of at least a second inline frame associated with the at least the first inline frame.06-23-2011
20110154129System and Method for Reducing Chronic Troubles - A system to reduce chronic troubles includes at least one interexchange point of presence for a network, an access loop, a central office, and a compiler. The access loop exchanges transmissions to at least one end device that is part of the network. The central office of the network is disposed between the at least one interexchange point of presence and the access loop. The compiler gathers performance management data related to the network at a taper code level. The compiler determines if a trouble associated with the network relates to the taper code level.06-23-2011
20110154128SYNCHRONIZE ERROR HANDLING FOR A PLURALITY OF PARTITIONS - In accordance with at least some embodiments, a system comprises a plurality of partitions, each partition having its own error handler. The system further comprises a plurality of resources assignable to the plurality of partitions. The system further comprises management logic coupled to the plurality of partitions and the plurality of resources. The management logic comprises an error management tool that synchronizes operation of the error handlers in response to an error.06-23-2011
20110078515INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS THAT RECORDS LOGS, AND CONTROL METHOD AND STORAGE MEDIUM THEREFOR - An information processing apparatus capable of overwrite-recording time-series logs indicating an operation history and efficiently holding log information on operations relating to an occurring error. When an error is detected, a filtering object area is set that contains log information for a predetermined time period immediately before the error detection. Then, a type of the occurring error is identified, and log types to be protected are decided based on the identified error type. Among the filtering object area, log recording areas for the decided log types are decided as a to-be-protected log recording area. Subsequently, further log information is recorded so as to avoid the to-be-protected log recording area.03-31-2011
20110078516METHOD AND A SYSTEM FOR PERFORMING A TWO-PHASE COMMIT PROTOCOL - The invention provides an enhanced two phase commit process to perform a transaction started by an application program and involving access to one or more resources managed by respective resource managers. The method comprises the steps of:03-31-2011
20110078514METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MAINTENANCE OF NETWORK RENDERING DEVICES - A method and system for automatically generating a helpdesk ticket when a remote rendering device possesses a series of customer resolvable events within a time period. The helpdesk ticket can be moved into an active state when an alert associated with the customer resolvable events is triggered and the ticket can be moved into a passive state when the alert is no longer triggered for the predefined time period. The helpdesk ticket can be retained in the active state if the fault condition detected for a defined number of times without being out of that state for the predefined time period. A device management module sends a notification indicative on each change of the state associated with the rendering device to a helpdesk unit. The device management module can also reset the time period between alerts if the problem occurs infrequently and the ticket can be automatically closed.03-31-2011
20110072317CONTROL APPARATUS - A control apparatus includes a lower layer control unit configured to perform control of a load, an upper layer control unit configured to control the lower layer control unit, a communication unit configured to perform communication between the upper layer control unit and the lower layer control unit via a communication line, a detection unit configured to detect power supply voltage of the lower layer control unit, wherein the upper layer control unit detects communication abnormality of the communication unit and notifies the communication abnormality, the upper layer control unit notifying abnormality of power supply voltage of the lower layer control unit, in such a manner as to be identified from the communication abnormality of the communication unit.03-24-2011
20110072318READER CONTROL SYSTEM - An RFID reader control system and method is provided. A protocol for controlling an RFID reader and an RFID reader control unit of a mobile phone is defined. Messages, information, commands, responses, and notification are constructed and transmitted between the RFID reader and the RFID reader control unit.03-24-2011
20110060950METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR RECOVERY OF A FAILED REGISTRY - A method of recovering a registry includes accessing a plurality of registry zone files for the registry and archiving, on a first periodic basis, the plurality of registry zone files. Each of the registry zone files includes at least domain names, registrar IDs, and status information represented in a first predetermined format. The method also includes accessing bulk WHOIS data for the registry and archiving, on a second periodic basis, the bulk WHOIS data. The bulk WHOIS data includes at least nameserver server names, IP addresses, and status information represented in a second predetermined format. The method further includes validating one of the plurality of archived registry zone files based on a comparison between the plurality of registry zone files and the bulk WHOIS data, publishing the validated registry zone file to a second registry's nameservers, initiating a root zone change request, and updating authoritative nameservers.03-10-2011
20120066554APPLICATION QUERY CONTROL WITH COST PREDICTION - Determining if access should be granted to a data source. A method includes determining resource usage cost of performing an operation on a data source. The method further includes determining if the resource usage cost exceeds a predetermined threshold. When the resource usage cost exceeds a predetermined threshold, the operation is rejected.03-15-2012
20120151281APPARATUSES AND METHODS FOR IDENTIFICATION OF EXTERNAL INFLUENCES ON AT LEAST ONE PROCESSING UNIT OF AN EMBEDDED SYSTEM - Apparatuses and methods are provided for the identification of external influences on at least one processing unit in a set of processing units in an embedded system. An arrangement configured for this purpose may include: a data generator configured to generate data which is designed to identify external influences on at least one processing unit in the set of processing units; a sensor circuit including a set of electronic elements, wherein the electronic elements are configured to store data, wherein the sensor circuit is configured to transmit the data to a data checker by sequential buffer storage of the data in the electronic elements; and the data checker, configured to check the correctness of the data.06-14-2012
20100037103COMMUNICATIONS ADMINISTRATION METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR AN ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - In a method, a computer-readable medium encoded with programming instructions, and a system for the administration of error messages of electronic, medical technology peripheral apparatuses (100) that are in communication via a CANopen interface, a device configuration file is extended by a message object. The message object can be configured in advance. At run time the message object is then imported and used in the processing or in the administration of a detected error message. The detected error message is parameterized (and thus specifically processed) using the detected message object.02-11-2010
20090240992Storage system and control method thereof - Provided is a storage system, including: one or more disk drives storing data; a disk controller for controlling data access to the disk drive; a power supply controller for autonomously turning off a power source of the disk drive according to the data access status to the disk drive, and autonomously turning on the power source of the disk drive, which was turned off, after the lapse of a prescribed period from the time the power source was turned off irrespective of the data access status to the disk drive; and a media inspection unit for inspecting a failure in the disk drive in which the power source thereof was autonomously turned on irrespective of the data access status to the disk drive.09-24-2009
20080320341Information providing system, information providing device, appropriateness judgment information generation method and appropriateness judgment inforamtion generation process program - An information providing device includes: 12-25-2008
20080320340Method and Device for Performing Switchover Operations and for Comparing Data in a Computer System Having at Least Three Execution Units - A method and a device for performing switchover operations and for comparing data in a computer system having at least three processing units are provided, in which switchover unit is provided, a switchover operations being carried out between at least two operating modes, and a comparison unit is provided. A first operating mode corresponding to a comparison mode, and a second operating mode corresponding to a performance mode are provided. Provision is made in the comparison mode for a voting, at least as a two-out-of-three weighting, and a control unit is provided which may be used to set the voting.12-25-2008
20090138764Billing Adjustment for Power On Demand - An apparatus, program product and method for determining a cost for using a standby resource that accounts for the cause for the resource=s usage. A standby resource, such as a processor, is activated in response to a resource requirement. The cause of the resource requirement is automatically determined. The result of that automatic determination is used to determine a charge indicator for using the standby resource. For instance, performance code associated with a failure may be associated with a charge indicator. A user may later be billed according to the determined charge indicator, i.e., according to their actual use of the standby resource and/or their usage status.05-28-2009
20080313506BISECTIONAL FAULT DETECTION SYSTEM - An apparatus and program product logically divide a group of nodes and causes node pairs comprising a node from each section to communicate. Results from the communications may be analyzed to determine performance characteristics, such as bandwidth and proper connectivity.12-18-2008
20110161745Mobility PDA Surveillance Using GPS - A method for troubleshooting a mobile device operating in a network includes receiving a request from the mobile device to a network server via a global positioning system (GPS) interface; extracting a report from the network; comparing values in the report to threshold values; requesting additional data collection based on the comparing step; analyzing the additional data; and sending a report to the mobile device. The mobile device may be a personal digital assistant. The invention includes a system configured to perform the foregoing method steps.06-30-2011
20120311391FAILURE DATA MANAGEMENT FOR A DISTRIBUTED COMPUTER SYSTEM - Various systems, processes, products, and techniques may be used to manage failure data for a distributed computer system. In particular implementations, a system and process for managing distributed data for a distributed computer system may include the ability to determine at a service processor of a first node in a distributed computer system that comprises a plurality of nodes whether a failure has occurred in the first node and identify a service processor of a second node in the distributed computer system in which to store failure data if a failure has occurred. The system and process may also include the ability to store at least part of the failure data in the identified service processor and determine whether there is more failure data to store than the identified service processor can store.12-06-2012
20120311390FIBRE CHANNEL INPUT/OUTPUT DATA ROUTING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A computer program product for performing input/output (I/O) processing is provided. The computer program product is configured to perform: obtaining information relating to an I/O operation at a channel subsystem; generating and storing in local channel memory at least one address control word (ACW) specifying one or more host memory locations for data transfer and including a data check word generation field and/or a data check word save field; responsive to receiving an input data transfer request including at least one data check word, storing the at least one data check word in the data check word save field and performing a check of the data to determine whether the data has been corrupted; and responsive to receiving an output data transfer, generating at least one data check word based on the data check word generation field and appending the at least one data check word to the data.12-06-2012
20110055638SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ANNOTATION DRIVEN INTEGRITY VERIFICATION - Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and computer-readable storage media for annotation driven integrity program verification. The method includes distributing verification calls configured to verify a function across call paths leading to the function in source code, generating a binary from the source code having placeholders associated with the verification calls, and filling each placeholder in the binary with verification data or reference checksums. Alternatively, the method includes receiving source code having a verification call, replacing the verification call with one or more equivalent verification calls distributed over a call path, replacing each verification call with a checksum function generating placeholders while compiling, generating a binary based on the placeholders, and filling each placeholder in the binary with reference checksums. The system includes a processor and a module controlling the processor to perform the methods. The computer-readable storage medium includes instructions for controlling a computer to perform the methods.03-03-2011
20110055639KEYBOARD INPUT METHOD AND ASSISTANT SYSTEM THEREOF - A keyboard input method and an assistant system thereof are provided. In the present method, first, an assistant on-screen keyboard program is launched and an input signal is received. Then, if it is determined that the input signal represents an input character, whether the input character leads to an input error is determined according to an input method of an electronic device. If the input character leads to the input error, a keyboard position of the key corresponding to the input character is obtained, and a partial area of an assistant on-screen keyboard is displayed according to the position, wherein the partial area includes the key corresponding to the input character.03-03-2011
20110016361APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING A BACKUP CONFIGURATION IMAGE TO A PROGRAMMABLE HARDWARE DEVICE - An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for providing a backup configuration image to a programmable hardware device. A receiving module receives a configuration file for the programmable hardware device. The configuration file comprises a synchronization key and a configuration image. An image write module writes the configuration image to a first section of a memory device. The memory device comprises the first section and a second section that stores a synchronization key and a backup configuration image. A key write module writes at least a portion of the synchronization key to the first section of the memory device in response to the image write module completing the write of the configuration image to the first section of the memory device. During a loading cycle, the programmable hardware device searches the memory device for a valid synchronization key, and loads the configuration image that corresponds to the valid synchronization key.01-20-2011
20110264965Methods and Systems for Transaction Record Delivery Using Thresholds and Multi-Stage Protocol - The present invention provides systems and methods for conducting electronic transactions in a distributed computing environment. A communications protocol is provided that enables reliable transactional state synchronization for peers participating in a distributed transaction. A transaction processing application is deployed on a local computer system to manage transactions thereon. The local computer system contacts a remote computer system to obtain authorization to execute a transaction. The local computer system initiates a failure-recovery job that is operable to automatically resend status signals and other information to the remote system if the communication with the remote system exhibits certain predefined fault conditions. The remote system is able to dynamically adjust the definition of the predefined fault conditions. If the transaction concludes without triggering the predefined fault conditions, the failure-recovery job is cancelled. The transaction processing application may also allow deferred transactions between remote parties. The transaction processing application maintains a record of the transactions performed by the consumer on the consumer's local system. Upon the occurrence of predefined conditions, transactional records are sent to a remote vendor or clearinghouse. The vendor or clearinghouse can manage the risk it bears by setting the predefined conditions appropriately.10-27-2011
20110072316SYSTEM TO REDUCE THE TIME AND COMPLEXITY OF SELF CONFIGURING SYSTEMS - A system and method for testing a self configuring computer which includes a computer system. Sensors electrically communicating with respective electrical connectors in the computer system. The sensors detecting when the electrical connector has a change of status from a previous start up. The sensor indicating a state change when the connector has a change of status. The computer system electrically communicating with the sensor for detecting the sensor state. The computer system initiating a power up and a self test of the connector and a new device connected to the connector using the program upon start up of the computer system when a change in the state of the sensor indicates a change in the status of the connector. The computer system by-passing a power up and self test of the connector when there is no change in the state of the sensor.03-24-2011
20110138234AUTOMATED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ERROR AND SERVICE REQUEST CORRELATION - An implementation verification policy for each of a set of change management tasks associated with one of a set of service requests within an information technology (IT) environment is created via a configuration management device. Each of the set of change management tasks is automatically implemented. An error associated with the automated implementation of one of the set of change management tasks is detected based on the implementation verification policy created for one of the set of change management tasks. The error is automatically correlated with a service request that caused the error.06-09-2011
20100313081Cache memory, processor, and production methods for cache memory and processor - A cache memory built in a processor comprising a plurality of independent memory blocks, pass/fail information memory unit memorizing a presence/absence of a failure occurring in each of the memory blocks, and a screening control function substituting a sound memory block for a failed memory block based on a memory content in the pass/fail information memory unit.12-09-2010
20100313078DETECTING AN INACTIVE CLIENT DURING A COMMUNICATION SESSION - A communication session is established between a first device and a second device. A message is transmitted from the first device to the second device. In response to the second device failing to actively respond to the message, the first device terminates the communication session with the second device.12-09-2010
20100192023Optimizing Exception and Error Propagation Through Scopes - A method of optimizing the handling of throwables in a real-time compliant java virtual machine includes receiving a throwable generated within a first memory scope area when that scope is exited, traversing the Java stack to identify the application code where the received throwable will be, or should be, caught/handled during program execution, identifying a second memory scope area within the stack of memory scopes, the second memory scope area being the area which will be active during catching and handling of the received throwable, and propagating information from the received throwable to a new ThrowBoundaryError in the second memory scope area irrespective of the scopes between them.07-29-2010
20120042215REQUEST PROCESSING SYSTEM PROVIDED WITH MULTI-CORE PROCESSOR - One processor core of a plurality of processor cores that are included in a multi-core processor that processes a request from an external device detects a prescribed event, specifies a sub resource that is assigned to the one processor core based on the resource management information that indicates a sub resource of a plurality of sub resources that are included in a physical resource and a processor core that is assigned to the sub resource, and executes a reboot based on the specified sub resource.02-16-2012
20120042216MECHANISM FOR FACILITATING COMMUNICATION AUTHENTICATION BETWEEN CLOUD APPLICATIONS AND ON-PREMISE APPLICATIONS - In accordance with embodiments, there are provided methods and systems for providing communication authentication between cloud applications and on-premise applications. A method of embodiments includes receiving, from a cloud application at a cloud computing device, a first message at an application server of a server computing system, and parsing, at the application server, the first message to determine first identification information contained within the first message. The method further includes authenticating, at the application server, the first message by verifying the first identification information, and forwarding the first authenticated message to an on-premise application at a remote computing device.02-16-2012
20100122122WIRED NETWORK CONNECTION ESTABLISHING METHOD AND NETWORK DEVICE FOR PERFORMING THE METHOD - A wired network connection establishing method includes the steps of: configuring two network devices to exchange connection capacity information with each other through first and second twisted pair cables of a network cable, the connection capacity information including at least a first connection mode using four of the twisted pair cables, a second connection mode using three of the twisted pair cables, and a third connection mode using two of the twisted pair cables; configuring the two network devices to detect a number of the twisted pair cables in the network cable capable of supporting a normal connection; and configuring the two network devices to determine which one of the first, second, and third connection modes is to be used for establishing a connection based on the number of the twisted pair cables capable of supporting a normal connection.05-13-2010
20110179316DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM COMPRISING A MONITOR - A data processing system 07-21-2011
20110179314METHOD AND SYSTEM OF ERROR LOGGING - Method and system of error logging. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are methods including detecting assertion of an error pin by a processor system, (comprising at least a main processor and a chipset, the assertion of the error pin an indication to reboot the processor system) the detecting by a reset circuit, notifying a management processor (distinct from the main processor) that the error pin is asserted (the notifying by the reset circuit), writing to a plurality of registers in the chipset (the writing by the management processor), de-asserting a reset pin of the main processor, and then executing by the main processor an error-handling code to generate an error log.07-21-2011
20120151278ADVANCED MANAGEMENT OF RUNTIME ERRORS - Systems and methods for advanced management of runtime errors are described herein. Based on a preference, a runtime error manager selects one or more error dumps generated in a computer system landscape. The runtime error manager filters one or more data portions from the selected error dumps. The filtered data portions are supplemented with additional information collected from the nodes of the computer system landscape, or received from external systems. The data portions and the supplemental data are used to assign users responsible to resolve one or more of the logged runtime errors. The data portions and the supplemental information are used to create and send notifications to the responsible users or to instantiate and manage workflows in behalf to the responsible users.06-14-2012
20090300431METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING MOVEMENT OF USER SETTING INFORMATION REGISTERED IN SERVER - A method and system to utilize an Extensible Markup Language (XML) Configuration Access Protocol (XCAP) in which a MOVE command is newly defined, and a user setting information movement request is processed in one operation, are disclosed. A method of controlling movement of particular user setting information registered in a server includes, at a client, transmitting a movement request message including a movement command to set user information, and at the server, processing movement of the particular user setting information as commanded by the movement request message and transmitting a response message.12-03-2009
20090300429SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DIAGNOSING FAULTS IN ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS - Apparatus, systems, and methods for identifying a fault in an electronic system are provided. One apparatus includes memory storing a model of the electronic system, a processor, and a fault module. The processor is configured to pass system inputs through the model to generate corresponding simulated outputs, and the fault module is configured to determine the fault based on a comparison of the system outputs and the simulated outputs. A system includes an electronic system including multiple components generating system outputs based on system inputs and the apparatus for identifying a fault in the electronic system discussed above. One method includes generating a model of the electronic system, passing one or more inputs to the electronic system through the model to generate corresponding simulated outputs, and determining the fault based on a comparison of the one or more simulated outputs and one or more electronic system outputs.12-03-2009
20090292956TREND BASED TEST FAILURE PRIORITIZATION - Various technologies and techniques are disclosed for using historical trends from prior tests to prioritize how failures are reported in later tests. After a user changes a software development project, one or more tests are run to detect failures during execution of the tests. Any detected failures are analyzed in comparison with historical failures for the software development project across tests run for multiple users. Any detected failures are categorized as new or old. New failures are reported with a different emphasis than old failures, such as with new failures being reported as a higher priority than old failures.11-26-2009
20090292955AUTOMATED MICROCODE DETECTED ERROR INDEX GENERATION - A method, system and computer program product for logging and identifying microcode errors in a computing environment is provided. Each of a plurality of errors in the microcode is logged using a plurality of error logging commands. Each of the plurality of errors is indexed to generate a plurality of indexed errors. A plurality of unique keys is associated to each of the plurality of indexed errors. A master index of the plurality of unique keys is created.11-26-2009
20110307744INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM AND FAILURE PROCESSING METHOD THEREFOR - An information processing system that processes received commands and data, the information processing system includes: an internal circuit that processes the received commands and data; a memory that stores the received commands and data as history; and a control circuit that reads the commands and data in the memory and outputs read commands and data to the internal circuit, in response to detection of a failure in the internal circuit.12-15-2011
20080282117METHODS, APPARATUS, AND SYSTEMS FOR INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT, GRAPHICS AND I/O CONTROL OF SERVER SYSTEMS - In one embodiment of the invention, a server system is disclosed for data processing having a printed circuit board with one or more processors to process data; a network interface controller coupled to the one or more processors; and a monolithic integrated circuit (IC) coupled to the one or more processors and the network interface controller. The network interface controller couples the server system to a network for remote client access to the server system. The monolithic integrated circuit couples a remote computer system to the server system via the network. The remote computer system includes a remote storage device, a remote display, a remote keyboard, and a remote mouse to allow remote control and management of the server system.11-13-2008
20120047404ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DETECTING POWER FAILURE TYPE - A method for detecting a power failure type of an electronic device sets a shutdown flag as a first value when the electronic device is turned on, modifies the shutdown flag to a second value if a shutdown status of the electronic device is detected, and modifies the shutdown flag to a third value when the electronic device keeps the shutdown status for a predetermined time. The method further determines the power failure type of the electronic device according to a value of the shutdown flag when the electronic device is turned on the next time.02-23-2012
20120047405METHOD FOR USING A COMPUTER NETWORK - The invention provides for a method for using a computer network (02-23-2012
20120210177NETWORK COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, SERVER SYSTEM, AND TERMINAL - A network communication system includes a network, a system of authentication servers, and a terminal. The system of the authentication servers includes a plurality of servers that execute a predetermined process in response to an authentication request from the terminal. The terminal includes a connection destination list storage unit that stores information concerning a preset prioritized connection order of connection with the server, fault determining means that, when an authentication request is made to the server, determines whether a traffic fault occurs on the server, and priority order setting means that, if the fault determining means determines that a traffic fault occurs on the server, changes connection to a next server in accordance with the connection order.08-16-2012
20120210176METHOD FOR CONTROLLING INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS - A method for controlling an information processing apparatus including a processor and a plurality of hardware units, the method has detecting, with the processor, an abnormal state of a hardware unit among the plurality of hardware units in the information processing apparatus, obtaining identification information of the hardware unit having abnormality, generating abnormality identification information on the basis of the identification information, recording a log of an execution process executed by the processor, assigning the abnormality identification information to the log of the execution process recorded at a time when the abnormal state of the hardware unit is detected, and outputting the log of the execution process to which the abnormality identification information has been assigned.08-16-2012
20120005542LOG COLLECTION, STRUCTURING AND PROCESSING - Tools for use in obtaining useful information from processed log messages generated by a variety of network platforms (e.g., Windows servers, Linux servers, UNIX servers, databases, workstations, etc.). The log messages may be processed by one or more processing platforms or “log managers” using any appropriate rule base to identify “events” (i.e., log messages of somewhat heightened importance), and one or more “event managers” may analyze the events to determine whether alarms should be generated therefrom. The tools may be accessed via any appropriate user interface of a console that is in communication with the various log managers, event managers, etc., to perform numerous tasks in relation to logs, events and alarms.01-05-2012
20120017126COMMUNICATION MONITORING APPARATUS, COMMUNICATION MONITORING METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM STORING COMMUNICATION MONITORING PROGRAM - A communication monitoring apparatus that is capable of preventing determination of communication error due to communication shutdown accompanying the communication speed change so as not to inspire a user with unnecessary uneasiness. The communication monitoring apparatus monitors a connecting condition of communication between a terminal that can change a communication speed and a host apparatus through a network. A check unit periodically checks whether the connecting condition of communication between the terminal and the host apparatus through the network is normal or abnormal at first set time, and determines that a communication error occurs when the checked result shows abnormal connecting condition. A control unit detects a communication speed change in the terminal, and stops the check by the check unit before the communication speed change concerned.01-19-2012
20120017125SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR BOUNCING FAILURE ANALYSIS - A method for analyzing fault modes that may cause a fault is presented in which a multi-point analysis may be performed to identify multi fault modes that are interrelated in causing the fault. The method provides for easy and systematic switching from a top-down to bottom-up approaches of analysis to insure accurate and easy to perform multi-point analysis of the related fault modes.01-19-2012
20120060062WEB SERVICES REQUESTS THROTTLING - A method of web services throttling in a web application server environment, where a number of web services servers communicate with web services clients over a network. A request is received from a web services client which contains an account ID related to the web services client. An ID reader resident on one of the web services servers reads the account ID; and a value related to the account ID in a counter, resident on the one of the services servers, is incremented. The method also involves communicating with the remaining web services servers to increment the value in a plurality of counters, each of which is resident on one of the remaining web services servers. The web services servers compare the count value related to the account ID to a throttling limit value.03-08-2012
20120023378INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD - An information processing apparatus receives a request transmitted from a client to a server and a response transmitted from the server to the client. The information processing apparatus includes a processor. The processor counts a first number of first requests having no corresponding response within a first time period, counts a second number of second requests having a corresponding response, and detects a failure in the server on the basis of the first number and the second number.01-26-2012
20120023377Apparatus and Methods for Preventing Cross-Site Request Forgery - Apparatus and methods are provided that prevent cross-site request forgery at one or more web servers. A proxy dynamically monitors web server responses to client requests for content having a selected characteristic, adds a hidden token to content identified as having the selected characteristic prior to serving the content to a requesting client, and stores a copy of the hidden token for later verification that client request content sent to a web server is authentic. The proxy monitors client request content sent to the one or more web servers for a selected characteristic, and allows client request content having the selected characteristic to be processed by a web server application only if the client request content includes a token previously provided by the proxy and only if the token has a value matching a stored token value for the respective client.01-26-2012
20120159264DYNAMICALLY CONFIGURABLE DEVICE HOST CONTROLLER - Embodiments of the invention are directed towards scalable and dynamically configurable (and reconfigurable) device host controller solutions for system platform controller hubs (PCH). Embodiments of the invention may include logic or modules to detect a device coupled to a common I/O port (alternatively referred to as a converged I/O port) of a host system and determine its device type. Said logic or modules may further load host controller firmware for the device type from a memory to a processing core, such that the processing core will execute the host controller firmware to enable data transfer between the device and the host system. Said processing core may be configured and reconfigured based on the device type connected to the associated common I/O port.06-21-2012
20100095164FILE MANAGEMENT METHOD AND HIERARCHY MANAGEMENT FILE SYSTEM - There is provided a file management method of a hierarchy management file system capable of preventing an access performance from dropping when a user accesses to a file. According to the method, a server creates file systems in high-speed and low-speed volumes and a file-sharing server virtually integrates those file systems into one system as a pseudo file system. Then, the server moves a file to be moved to the file system created in the low-speed volume in advance, not when an access is made to the file. When a user accesses to the file after that, the user directly accesses to destination without requiring to copy the file, so that the accessing performance may be prevented from dropping.04-15-2010
20110099434SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING WHETHER A FAILED COMMUNICATION BETWEEN SIGNAL TRANSFER POINTS WAS IN ERROR - An exemplary system includes a first signal transfer point configured to communicate with a second signal transfer point via a communication network. The first signal transfer point is configured to generate an error message in response to receiving an unauthorized signal from the second signal transfer point. A monitoring system is in communication with the first signal transfer point. An order system is in communication with the monitoring system and is configured to store orders authorizing communication between the first signal transfer point and the second signal transfer point. The monitoring system is configured to receive the error message generated by the first signal transfer point and query the order system to determine whether an order authorizing the communication between the first signal transfer point and the second signal transfer point exists.04-28-2011
20120124430Mechanism to Prevent Escaped Associations in Multi-Association RPC Based Protocols - Consistent with embodiments of the present invention, a method may be provided comprising sending a first bind request with an association group ID of zero. A first association group with a first association group ID may then be created. The first association group ID may be switched to a second association group ID in an acknowledgement message. A second bind request may then be sent with the second association group ID. The second association group ID may be switched to the first association group ID in the second bind request after the bind request has been sent. After receiving the second bind request, it may be determined whether the association group ID in the second bind request is the same as the first association group ID. A failure message may be sent if the association group ID in the second bind request is not the same as the first association group ID.05-17-2012
20120166889METHOD AND A SYSTEM FOR PERFORMING A TWO-PHASE COMMIT PROTOCOL - The invention provides an enhanced two phase commit process to perform a transaction started by an application program and involving access to one or more resources managed by respective resource managers. The method comprises the steps of: enlisting the resource managers participating in the transaction, said enlisting step including associating a priority rank with each identified resource manager based on predefined priority rules; sending a prepare signal to said enlisted resource managers to begin the process of committing the transaction; and if a ready signal is received from all resource managers in response to the prepare signal, committing the resource managers in the order defined from the priority ranks associated with the resource managers.06-28-2012
20120131392SYSTEMS AND METHODS PROVIDING AN EXCEPTION BUFFER TO FACILITATE PROCESSING OF EVENT HANDLER ERRORS - According to some embodiments, an application may call an event handler. The event handler may determine that an error has occurred within the event handler and store information associated with the error into an exception buffer. A pulling mechanism of the application may detect the stored information associated with the error, and, as a result, information associated with the error may be retrieved from the exception buffer.05-24-2012
20120131390Detecting System Component Failures In A Computing System - Detecting system component failures in a computing system, including: detecting, by an illumination detector, the occurrence of an illumination event in the computing system; determining, by an illumination event identifier, whether the illumination event is associated with a suspected component failure in the computing system; and sending, by a notification system, a failure event notification upon determining that the illumination event is associated with a suspected component failure in the computing system.05-24-2012
20120216081METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS OF DATA PROBLEMS - A method and system comprising an issue report module to receive a data problem report indicative of the occurrence of a data problem during the performance of a process. The data problem report includes at least one descriptor to identify a problematic data item and may include at least one activity descriptor to identify a particular process activity during which the data problem was encountered. A root cause analysis engine performs automated root cause analysis based on the at least one descriptor of the problematic data item, to identify at least one potential cause of the data problem. The system may include at least one memory having stored thereon data dependency information which comprises, with respect to each of a plurality of entity attributes, information regarding process elements and/or process activities which contribute to the provisioning of data items which are instances of the respective entity attribute, automated root cause analysis being based on the data dependency information. The system may include a data issue repository comprising information regarding earlier data problem reports and respective results of root cause analyses.08-23-2012
20100205486System and method of error reporting - A system of error reporting and the method thereof are provided. A user end sends an error message to a server. The server uses the error message to check historical data and find out how to process the error message. This solves the problem of inconvenient notification channel when an application program on the user end discovers an error. This is helpful to increase the convenience and thus enhance the efficiency in sending error reports.08-12-2010
20120137183Detecting Browser Failure - Embodiments are configured to improve the stability of a Web browser by identifying plug-in modules that cause failures. Data in memory at the time of a failure is analyzed, and a failure signature is generated. The failure signature is compared to a database of known failure signatures so that the source of the failure may be identified. If a plug-in module to a Web browser is identified as the source of a failure, options are presented to the user who may update the plug-in module with code that does not produce a failure or disable the plug-in module altogether.05-31-2012
20120137182Error Report Processing - Techniques for error report processing are described herein. Error reports, received by a developer due to program crashes, may be organized into a plurality of “buckets.” The buckets may be based in part on a name and a version of the application associated with a crash. Additionally, a call stack of the computer on which the crash occurred may be associated with each error report. The error reports may be “re-bucketed” into meta-buckets to provide additional information to programmers working to resolve software errors. The re-bucketing may be based in part on measuring similarity of call stacks of a plurality of error reports. The similarity of two call stacks—a measure of likelihood that two error reports were caused by a same error—may be based in part on functions in common, a distance of those functions from the crash point, and an offset distance between the common functions.05-31-2012
20120137181PREVENTING LOG WRAP WITH DEBUG SCRIPTS - A shell debug application avoids loss of debug log data for configured commands during the operation of an operating system. A shell debug application executes a command shell script, by a computer, to control an amount of code path debug data captured in memory buffers and saved. The shell debug application obtains, by the computer, a configuration file that includes at least one command. The shell debug application runs the command shell script in the configuration file in response to detection of at least one script associated with the at least one command in the configuration file.05-31-2012
20110185236COMMON TROUBLE CASE DATA GENERATING METHOD AND NON-TRANSITORY COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM STORING COMMON TROUBLE CASE DATA GENERATING PROGRAM - A method of generating common trouble case data for managing a plurality of systems. The method includes (a) obtaining first identifiers of actual system components and a second identifier of a template from a system data storage unit, (b) obtaining third identifiers of definitional system components from a template data storage unit on the basis of the second identifier, (c) selecting, by a computer, a first identifier subset among the first identifiers on the basis of the third identifiers, and (d) selecting, by the computer, a first trouble case data subset among a plurality of first trouble case data pieces on the basis of the first identifier subset to generate the common trouble case data. In the above (c), the first identifiers of the first identifier subset are identical to the third identifiers. In the above (d), the first trouble case data subset includes the first identifier subset.07-28-2011
20100174950METHOD AND SECURE MODULE FOR COMMUNICATION WITH HOST, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COMMUNICATION WITH SECURE MODULE, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING SECURE MODULE - A method of communicating with a host in a security module providing information necessary for decrypting encrypted broadcast data received by the host, includes if an event occurs, characterizing the event as an event that a user of the host is to be notified about with regard to the decryption of the encrypted broadcast data, generating a user notification message including information about the event that occurred; and transmitting the user notification message to the host.07-08-2010
20120173934SYSTEM, METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR GATHERING DEVICE INFORMATION TO ENABLE IDENTIFICATION OF POTENTIAL RISKS IN A NETWORK ENVIRONMENT - According to one embodiment, a system for creating a list of related defects in a network environment includes a processor, and a computer readable storage medium having computer readable program code embodied therewith. The computer readable program code includes computer readable program code that, when executed by the processor, causes the system to acquire a device list related to devices in multiple paths of a network, computer readable program code that, when executed by the processor, causes the system to query one or more information sources using the device list to retrieve defect data from the one or more information, sources, computer readable program code that, when executed by the processor, causes the system to create a list of related defects based on the retrieved defect data, and computer readable program code that, when executed by the processor, causes the system to output the list of related defects.07-05-2012
20110191638PARALLEL COMPUTER SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING PARALLEL COMPUTER SYSTEM - A parallel computer system includes a first, a second, and a third apparatuses. The first apparatus includes a first arithmetic processing unit that stores first information regarding execution of a first program stored in a first area of a first storage device in a second area of the first storage device, outputs the first information, and sends a first notification of output of the first information. The second apparatus includes a second arithmetic processing unit that stores second information regarding execution of a second program stored in a third area of a second storage device in a fourth area of the second storage device, receives the first notification from the first apparatus, and outputs the second information. The third apparatus includes a third arithmetic processing unit that stores the first information and the second information in a third storage device.08-04-2011
20100050026PIPELINE OPERATION PROCESSOR AND CONTROL SYSTEM - A pipeline operation processor comprises a pipeline processing unit and an instruction insertion controller which inserts an instruction when access to an operation memory is requested, and corrects control information by reference to control information of stages. When a control program is in execution, on receiving an access request instruction requesting for access to the operation memory, the instruction insertion controller inserts an NOP instruction from the instruction decoding unit in place of the access request instruction. The access request instruction is executed while the pipeline processing unit executes no operation, and subsequently, the pipeline processing is continued.02-25-2010
20100275068Method, device and system for managing resources in networks - A method, device and system for managing resources in networks are provided, which relate to the field of data communication. The method includes the following steps. A resource manager (RM) sends a first request message according to a received resource request message, to request an access node (AN) to perform admission control. After receiving an admission control result indicating whether a resource requested by the resource request message is admitted, the RM sends a response message of the resource request message. Therefore, when multicast/unicast connection admission control (CAC) that supports shared bandwidth is realized, flow fusions of user line configuration between the AN and a broadband remote access system (BRAS, and policy distribution between a resource and admission control subsystem (RACS) and the BRAS are guaranteed; and sharing of bandwidth resources is realized to avoid waste of the bandwidth resources.10-28-2010
20100011257INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND FAULT PROCESSING METHOD - An information processing apparatus includes: a hardware management unit that is connected with hardware resources assigned to a plurality of partitions and manages the hardware resources, and if occurrence of a fault in any of the plurality of partitions is detected, makes a notification of the occurrence of the fault in a fault-occurring partition which is the partition where the fault occurs; and a partition management unit that is provided in each partition and acquires fault information if in a physically partitioned state, if the occurrence of the fault is recognized based on the notification from the hardware management unit, if its own partition is not the fault-occurring partition, and if it is determined to be necessary to acquire the fault information, the fault information being information on the fault.01-14-2010
20100011256APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR EXECUTING WORKFLOW - If an error occurs during workflow processing, the present invention interrupts job processing appropriately while dispersing a load to the devices. When executing a plurality of processing steps with a plurality of devices in accordance with workflow setting information that defines the sequence of processing, a workflow execution method of the present invention includes the steps of: interrupting the processing step being executed when an error occurs in a first device; searching the workflow setting information including the processing step in the first device in which the error has occurred; specifying a second device in which another processing step included in the searched workflow setting information is executed; giving a notification that the error has occurred in the first device to the second device; restarting the interrupted processing step when the first device is recovered; and giving a notification that the first device has recovered to the second device.01-14-2010
20120254672Method and System for SOAM Flow Switching - According to one embodiment, a method may include generating a first plurality of Service Operation, Administration, and Management (SOAM) flows intended for a working port and a second plurality of SOAM flows intended for a protection port, wherein the working port and the protection port form a link aggregation group, determining whether each of the working port and the protection port is an active port or an inactive port, dropping all of the first plurality of SOAM flows if the working port is the inactive port, communicating all of the first plurality of SOAM flows to the working port if the working port is the active port, dropping all of the second plurality of SOAM flows if the protection port is the inactive port, and communicating all of the second plurality of SOAM flows to the protection port if the protection port is the active port.10-04-2012
20120317447PROPAGATING UNOBSERVED EXCEPTIONS IN DISTRIBUTED EXECUTION ENVIRONMENTS - The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for propagating unhandled exceptions in distributed execution environments, such as clusters. A job (e.g., a query) can include a series of computation steps that are executed on multiple compute nodes each processing parts of a distributed data set. Unhandled exceptions can be caught while computations are running on data partitions of different compute nodes. Unhandled exception objects can be stored in a serialized format in a compute node's local storage (or an alternate central location) along with auxiliary details such as the data partition being processed at the time. Stored serialized exception objects for a job can be harvested and aggregated in a single container object. The single container object can be passed back to the client.12-13-2012
20120084609Method and System to Extract a Navigation Model for Analysis of a Web Application - In one embodiment, a method includes automated extraction of the Page Transition Graph (PTG) model for model-based analysis of web applications. Specifically, the method includes accessing one or more JAVASERVER PAGES (JSP) files, one or more Extensible Markup Language (XML) configuration files, and one or more class files of a web application; parsing the JSP files and extracting data in the JSP files that encode user or server events supported by the event-driven application; parsing the XML configuration files and extracting data in the XML configuration files that encode definitions used by the event-driven application when deployed; parsing the class files and extracting data in the class files that encode one or more actions or one or more forms used by the event-driven application when deployed; storing the extracted data as an abstract syntax tree (AST); populating a page transition graph (PTG) of the event-driven application based on the AST; and checking the extracted PTG for navigation errors such as unreachable pages, ghost pages and undefined transitions.04-05-2012
20120221900SYSTEM DEPLOYMENT DETERMINATION SYSTEM, SYSTEM DEPLOYMENT DETERMINATION METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A system deployment determination system is provided that can appropriately define the number of information processing apparatuses that satisfies availability defined in an SLA as the number of information processing apparatuses used in a target system to be configured. The list generating means 08-30-2012
20120221899METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIA FOR POLICY AND CHARGING RULES FUNCTION (PCRF) FAULT TOLERANCE - Methods, systems, and computer readable media for PCRF fault tolerance are disclosed. One exemplary method for PCRF fault tolerance includes sending, from the PCRF to a Diameter peer, a message concerning Diameter application session state information associated with Diameter application sessions currently or previously managed by the PCRF. The method further includes receiving, by the PCRF, a message from the Diameter peer in response to the message concerning the Diameter application session state information. The method further includes, determining, by the PCRF and based on the response, whether the Diameter application session state information maintained by the PCRF is accurate. The method further includes, in response to determining that the Diameter application session state information maintained by the PCRF is not accurate, requesting, by the PCRF, Diameter application session state information.08-30-2012
20120226949Multi-Channel Bus Protection - An embodiment of the invention provides a method for managing errors on a bus. Information read from a source is encoded. The encoded information is transmitted on a channel that is part of the bus. The encoded information is evaluated. When no errors are detected, the decoded information is provided to a target. When the decoded information has an error or errors that can not be corrected, the source is asked to present the information to the bus again. When an error or errors can be corrected, the corrected information is sent to the target.09-06-2012
20120239985COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM STORING WRAPPER PROGRAM AND INTEGRATED CIRCUIT APPARATUS - A non-transitory computer-readable medium storing wrapper program which allows an application program, having a code to call up a porting source API, to operate on a porting destination OS, the wrapper program causes a computer to execute: an error determination step of, when the porting source API is called up by the application program, referring to a porting source error condition DB, and error condition information to be output to the calling source of the porting source API satisfies the error condition information, determining whether the porting source API satisfies the error condition information of the porting source error condition DB, and outputting the corresponding error information to the application program when the error condition information is satisfied; and an API conversion step of calling up the porting destination API of the porting destination OS corresponding to the porting source API when the error condition information is not satisfied.09-20-2012
20120239984NONVOLATILE SEMICONDUCTOR MEMORY - According to one embodiment, a nonvolatile semiconductor memory includes a control circuit. The control circuit is configured to repeat an application of a write pulse and a verify read operation to a selected word line, perform a read operation from a selected memory cell after storing of program data is judged to be completed by a verify circuit, and output a status information indicating that a program operation has passed to a external controller when data read by a read operation and a program data match and the status information indicating that the program operation has failed to the external controller when both do not match. A data latch circuit continues to latch the program data even after the storing of the program data is judged to be completed by the verify circuit.09-20-2012
20110047416Method and Apparatus for Using a One-Time or Few-Time Programmable Memory with a Host Device Designed for Erasable-Rewriteable Memory - The embodiments described herein can be used to enable one-time or few-time programmable memories to work with existing consumer electronic devices (such as those that work with flash—an erasable, non-volatile memory) without requiring a firmware upgrade, thereby providing backwards compatibility while minimizing user impact. As such, these embodiments are a viable way to bridge one-time or few-time programmable memories with existing consumer electronic devices that have flash card slots. These embodiments also allow future consumer electronic devices to be designed without updating firmware to include a file system customized for a one-time or few-time programmable memory.02-24-2011
20120324296SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR BUS NETWORK FAULT DETECTION - Systems for helping identify faults on a bus, as well as to determine the topology of a bus network, are disclosed. A system according to one embodiment includes a bus interface for connecting to a bus and a switch coupled to the bus interface, the switch configured to alternate between an open state and a closed state. The system is connected to the bus via the bus interface when the switch is in the closed state, and the system is disconnected from the bus via the bus interface when the switch is in the open state.12-20-2012
20110239057Centralized Service Outage Communication - The centralized reporting of a service outage, where the service is offered over a network such as, for example, the Internet. Upon detecting a service outage, computing system automatically identifies characteristic(s) of the outage. Then, the computing system selects a way of reporting the outage that depends on the characteristic(s) of the outage. For instance, depending on the outage characteristic(s), the computing system might cause a particular communication channel or channels to be selected for reporting the outage. Alternatively or in addition, the content or structure of the report may differ depending on the characteristic(s) of the outage. The reporting mechanism may be centralized and service a number of other services, and even report regarding errors in the framework that supports the service.09-29-2011
20110239055VALIDATING CONFIGURATION OF DISTRIBUTED APPLICATIONS - The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for validation configuration of distributed applications. Embodiments of the invention provide a system framework for identifying root causes of configuration errors and best-practice incompliance of distributed applications. The system framework provides both platform provider and customer a powerful and consistent method to create, extend, and utilize a tool that simplifies the configuration troubleshooting experience. Using the system framework, a user is able to access more information about applications and to troubleshoot multiple applications at the same time without having to load or activate any of the applications. In addition, users are able to add custom rules to identify commonly occurring configuration problems.09-29-2011
20120278664MEMORY SYSTEM - According to one embodiment, a memory system has a data transfer device which includes a first command generating unit, a second command generating unit, a first storage unit, a second storage unit, and a nonvolatile memory managing unit. The first command generator generates a first command for reading out data from a nonvolatile memory to a host apparatus. The second command generator generates a second command for internal processing of the memory system associated with a temporary memory and the nonvolatile memory. The first memory has a queue structure configured to store the first command. The second memory has a queue structure configured to store the second command. The memory manager is configured to read out the first command stored in the first memory in priority to the second command stored in the second memory and to transmit read-out command to the nonvolatile memory.11-01-2012
20090006903Network Alarm Management - In a fault management system, a method and a converting unit for converting correlated sequences of network alarms into a high level language format are disclosed. The method comprises receiving episodic alarm sequence for the correlated sequences obtaining a high level language scheme, and converting the episodic alarm sequence using the accessed high level language scheme into a high level language format, to enable more efficient and reliable fault management using the converted episodic alarm sequence in high level language format.01-01-2009
20110258493DETECTING NO PROGRESS STATE OF AN APPLICATION - A method, system, and computer usable program product for detecting a no progress state of an application are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A resource usage and an output of a set of applications are monitored. The resource usage and the output are measured to determine a resource usage value and an output value at a given time. A determination is made whether the resource usage value is included in a sub-range of a resource usage scale and the output value is included in a sub-range of an output scale where the sub-range of the resource usage scale corresponds to the sub-range of the output scale. The no progress state of the application is detected if the determination is negative10-20-2011
20110276841Visually Marking Failed Components - Methods, apparatus, and products for visually marking computing components within a computing system are disclosed that include: detecting that a particular computing component has failed, wherein the particular computing component has a physical surface that may be altered with the application of some physical stimulus; and applying a requisite physical stimulus to the physical surface such that the appearance of the physical service is altered, thereby visually identifying that the component has failed.11-10-2011
20120331355EXPRESSION EVALUATION OVER MULTIPLE DATA MODELS - Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for expression evaluation of content instances of multiple different data models. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for expression evaluation of content instances over multiple different data models comprises loading a schema for a content instance in memory of a computer and evaluating an expression against the content instance. In response to a failure during the evaluation of the expression against the content instance to resolve a reference to an element specified by the expression, an alias reference for the element can be identified in the schema and the evaluation can be completed using the alias reference in lieu of the specified reference.12-27-2012
20110320886STORAGE SYSTEM THAT FINDS OCCURRENCE OF POWER SOURCE FAILURE - One or more switches are interposed between a controller portion and a storage device. When transmission of a command to a certain storage device fails, a command is transmitted starting from an upstream side to a downstream side of a path between the controller portion and the switch to which the certain storage device is connected, and when command transmission fails while transmitting a command from a k12-29-2011
20110320885TRANSMISSION/RECEPTION DEVICE, TRANSMISSION DEVICE, RECEPTION DEVICE, AND DATA TRANSMISSION/RECEPTION METHOD - A transmission/reception device includes a transmission device that divides a plurality of connection lines into a plurality of groups, determines corresponding connection lines in the plurality of groups, determines a correspondence between test pattern and the connection line, and outputs the test pattern to the plurality of connection lines based on the correspondence between the test pattern and the connection line, and a reception device that receives the test pattern from the transmission device, compares bits in a same position of the test pattern received through a corresponding connection line in the plurality of groups based on the correspondence between the test pattern and the connection line, and generates erroneous connection line information indicating an erroneous connection line as a connection line in which an error has occurred in the plurality of connection lines based on a result of the comparison.12-29-2011
20120102370DATA PROCESSING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MEMORY DUMP COLLECTION - A data processing device for memory dump collection, the data processing device includes: a processor to issue a first interrupt upon instructions to collect a memory dump being entered, to issue a second interrupt for running a program put in an address indicated by a reset vector upon the first interrupt being issued, and to record the memory dump in a storage unit in a process of running the program upon the second interrupt being issued.04-26-2012
20120102369Dynamically Allocating Multitier Applications Based Upon Application Requirements and Performance and Reliability of Resources - The present disclosure relates to dynamically allocating multitier applications based upon performance and reliability of resources. A controller analyzes resources and applications hosted by the resources, and collects operational data relating to the applications and resources. The controller is configured to determine an allocation scheme for allocating or reallocating the applications upon failure of a resource and/or upon rollout or distribution of a new application. The controller generates configuration data that describes steps for implementing the allocation scheme. The resources are monitored, in some embodiments, by monitoring devices. The monitoring devices collect and report the operational information and generate alarms if resources fail.04-26-2012
20120102368COMMUNICATING ERRORS BETWEEN AN OPERATING SYSTEM AND INTERFACE LAYER - Error information may be made quickly and easily accessible to an administrator by logging communications attempts in the operating system of a server. When the interface processor resides outside of the operating system, the interface processor may provide indications to the operating system of communications attempts. Specifically, the interface processor may provide message packets to the pass-through communications processor of the operating system when SSL/TLS communications attempts fail to establish secure communications sessions. The message packets may include information useful for diagnosing errors in SSL/TLS communication failures such as errors in the creation and management of certificates, certificate trust, private and public keys, and/or cipher suites. The communications logs in the operating system may be reviewed and/or analyzed by an administrator with a log trace analysis application.04-26-2012
20100169717RELAY CONNECTION UNIT - Provided is an on-vehicle relay connection unit which forms a network by arranging electronic control units between buses to which the electronic control units are respectively connected and relays a message transmitted and received between the electronic control units belonging to the different buses. The relay connection unit includes a network management processing circuit of the relay connection unit and a storage device which stores as parameters, specification conditions of the network management functions held in the network management processing circuit and a condition which may be modified among the state transition conditions between the functions. Upon start of the relay connection unit, the network management processing circuit reads out the parameters from the storage device and executes the network management functions by using the parameters.07-01-2010
20130013965MICROPROCESSOR PROTECTED AGAINST STACK OVERFLOW - A microprocessor includes a central processing unit, at least one call stack, a stack pointer, an address bus, and a data bus. The microprocessor further includes a hardware monitor configured to supply protection codes, insert the protection codes in the stack or let the central processing unit insert them, and then generate an error signal in response to an attempt to modify a protection code present in the stack.01-10-2013
20120151280Method for Error Detection During Execution of a Real-Time Operating System - A method for error detection during execution of a real-time operating system, wherein logically-identical instances of the real-time operating system are executed in parallel on a plurality of processor cores of a first processor in a shared virtualization environment. The hypervisor supervises the parallel execution of the instances, and during execution of a hardware access initiated by the instances, the data transmitted during the hardware access for each instance of the logically-identical instances is compared with each other by the hypervisor. In the event of a discrepancy between the transmitted data or in the event of a unilateral hardware access initiated by one of the instances, an error is deemed to be detected by the hypervisor.06-14-2012
20120151279METHOD FOR MODIFYING A USER INTERFACE - A method for modifying a user interface (UI), comprising the steps of: listening for a UI event; determining whether the UI event is erroneous; in response to determining that the UI event is erroneous, initiating a recording comprising a user fix of the error and a state associated with the UI; storing the user fix as an alternative UI event; and in response to subsequently detecting the UI event and a matching state associated with the UI, providing the alternative UI event such that the UI is modified.06-14-2012
20080229156Method and Apparatus for Hardware Awareness of Data Types - A method, apparatus, and computer instructions in a processor for associating a data type with a memory location. The type is associated with a location by means of metadata that is generated and manipulated by hardware instructions that are typically generated by a compiler as it generates the other instructions that comprise the machine code version of a program. A determination is made as to whether a data value about to be stored is of the required data type for that location. The hardware indicates an error condition if the types do not match.09-18-2008
20110246838DEVICE FOR USE IN INSPECTING A CPU AND METHOD THEREOF - A device for use in inspecting a CPU and a method thereof are provided. The device comprises a receiving interface and a processor. The receiving interface receives a first data stream from the CPU when the CPU executes a reference hardware inspection program in a first time interval, and receives a second data stream from the CPU when the CPU executes the reference hardware inspection program in a second time interval. The processor sets the first data stream as a good log, and sets the second data stream as an erroneous log. The processor compares the good log and the erroneous log to determine a segment of the erroneous log as an erroneous range, and determine a defect of the CPU according to the erroneous range.10-06-2011
20080222459Methods, Systems, and Products for Verifying Integrity of Web-Server Served Content - Methods, systems, and products are disclosed for verifying the integrity of web server content. A client-side integrity verification of a web page communicated from a web server to a client computer is received. A server-side error in the web page is received from the web server. The results of the client-side integrity verification are merged with the server-side error. The results of the client-side integrity verification and the server-side error are presented.09-11-2008
20080222458DATA PROTECTING METHOD OF STORAGE DEVICE - A data protection method of a storage device, applied in a computer having a storage device, is provided. The storage device is consisted of a plurality of blocks. The method includes the following steps. When a data containing a plurality of bit data is stored in the storage device in the computer, the stored bit data is checked bit by bit. If an incorrect bit data is checked, the data in the block containing the incorrect bit data is backed up to a reserved block. Therefore, the memory capacity of the storage device is not occupied while backing up data, so as to improve the reliability of the computer.09-11-2008
20120254673STORAGE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING ANOMALY-OCCURRING PORTION - In a storage system, when a recovered error occurred upon access to a storage apparatus, a data redundancy determination unit determines whether data to be accessed has redundancy. When the data is determined to have no redundancy, an anomaly-occurring portion determination unit determines that the storage apparatus is not an anomaly-occurring portion and at the same time, an error history determination unit determines whether a recovered error occurred at the time of the past access to the storage apparatus other than that of the access destination. The anomaly-occurring portion determination unit determines whether a common transmission path is the anomaly-occurring portion based on the determination result of the error history determination unit.10-04-2012
20120254671INTELLIGENTLY MONITORING AND DISPATCHING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICE ALERTS - In a method for intelligently monitoring and dispatching an Information Technology (IT) service alert, a computer receives a service error alert and classifies the service error alert. The computer assigns the service error alert, based on the service error alert class. The computer monitors the progress of the resolution of the service error alert.10-04-2012
20130124927Process Model Error Correction - A method for providing corrections for semantic errors in a process model can be implemented on a computer. The method can include identifying a change in the process model, the process model including one or more process model elements. The method can also include identifying one or more constraint violations for at least one of the one or more process model elements, and identifying one or more correction proposals for each constraint violation identified.05-16-2013
20130145222METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROCESSING EVENTS - The present disclosure provides a computer system with an event handling architecture. The computer system includes a processing node (06-06-2013
20130145221MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, AND METHOD THEREOF FOR MANAGING AN OPERATION STATE OF THE IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - An image forming apparatus according to the present invention includes a request unit configured to transmit a registration confirmation request that includes identification information of the image forming apparatus to the management server in response to an operation by a user for starting a monitoring service with the management server after the image forming apparatus is installed in the client system, an analysis unit configured to analyze a response from the management server to the registration confirmation request, and a storage unit configured to store a retry period included in the response if an analysis result of the response indicates non-registration. The request unit retransmits a registration confirmation request during the stored retry period until a response indicating registration completion is received from the management server.06-06-2013
20110239058SWITCHING DEVICE, INORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, AND RECORDING MEDIUM FOR FAILURE NOTIFICATION CONTROL PROGRAM - A switching device includes a storage unit configured to store management information including an updated management information and a before updated management information, a specification unit configured to acquire an information for specifying management information stored in a management device which manages a failure that has occurred in an object device for the failure to be monitored and specify management information stored in the storage unit on the basis of the acquired information, and an information sending unit configured to send a failure information to the management device on the basis of the management information which has been specified using the specification unit in the case that the failure has been detected.09-29-2011
20130151908VIRTUAL COMPUTER SYSTEM HAVING SR-IOV COMPLIANT DEVICE MOUNTED THEREON AND FAILURE DETECTION METHOD - A failure detection method including: detecting, by a virtual computer, occurrence of the failure in a virtual function of an I/O device; acquiring, a virtual device name corresponding to the virtual function in which the failure has occurred; referring, to device information retaining a virtual device name of the I/O device assigned to the virtual computer and VF specific information on the I/O device, thereby acquiring the VF specific information based on the acquired virtual device name; transmitting, the acquired VF specific information to the host; referring, by the host, to I/O correspondence information retaining a slot number of a slot in which the I/O device is mounted, and VF specific information, thereby acquiring the slot number corresponding to the VF specific information received from the virtual computer; and identifying, the acquired slot number as the slot number of the I/O device on which the failure has occurred.06-13-2013
20120284569MONITORING HEAP IN REAL-TIME BY A MOBILE AGENT TO ASSESS PERFORMANCE OF VIRTUAL MACHINE - A method for monitoring a heap in real-time to assess the performance of a virtual machine. A mobile agent is created to be preloaded with boundary settings for each heap metric. Boundary settings are thresholds that are used to diagnose the effectiveness of operation of the heap. The mobile agent is deployed onto an application server to monitor the effectiveness of operation of the heap of a virtual machine within the application server. If a boundary setting for one of the heap metrics is exceeded, then the mobile agent determines whether a non-critical, a critical or a fatal error has occurred. An appropriate response is then performed. By monitoring the heap in real-time, undesirable behavior characteristics of the heap can be detected early thereby allowing remedial actions to be enacted to address such problems before those problems escalate into more serious problems.11-08-2012
20130159790FAILURE DETECTION METHOD AND FAILURE DETECTION SYSTEM - A failure detection method executed by a system having a plurality of nodes and detecting failures at an information processing device base on a plurality of types of messages output by the information processing device, the method includes collecting messages belonging to a first set, which is a part of the plurality of types, at a first node; collecting messages belonging to a second set different from the first set, which is a part of the plurality of types, at a second node; generating first failure candidate information based on messages of the type belonging to the first set, collected at the first node; generating second failure candidate information based on messages of the type belonging to the second set, collected at the second node; and detecting failure at the information processing device, based on the first failure candidate information and the second failure candidate information.06-20-2013
20130159792FAULT DETECTION - Embodiments provide methods, apparatuses, and systems for monitoring and communicating power faults. In various embodiments, a first voltage and a second voltage, both associated with an adapter, are monitored. The first voltage may provide system power and the second voltage may identify a capacity of the adapter. In response to detecting a voltage change, a power failure event may be communicated.06-20-2013
20130159789COMPUTER ERROR DETECTION DEVICE AND METHOD - An exemplary computer error detection device for detecting the warning sounds emitted by a malfunctioning computer is provided. The computer error detection device includes a storage unit, a display unit, a detection unit, and a processing unit. The storage unit includes a look-up table (LUT). The LUT includes a plurality of solution plans each corresponding to a predetermined warning sound. The display unit displays a selecting interface thereon for a user to input a basic input output system (BIOS) type or a computer model of the computer. The detection unit records a warning sound emitted from the malfunctioning computer and generates an electronic sample of the warning sound. The processing unit searches the LUT to determine a solution plan corresponding to the sample, and controls the display unit to display the determined solution plan.06-20-2013
20130159791METHOD AND DEVICE FOR FAULT DETECTION - The disclosure concerns a method implemented by a processing device. The method includes performing a first execution by the processing device of a computing function based on one or more initial parameters stored in a first memory device. The execution of the computing function generates one or more modified values of at least one of the initial parameters, wherein during the first execution the one or more initial parameters are read from the first memory device and the one or more modified values are stored in a second memory device. The method also includes performing a second execution by the processing device of the computing function based on the one or more initial parameters stored in the first memory device.06-20-2013
20130185603FAULT TOLERANCE FOR COMPLEX DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING OPERATIONS - A method for enabling a distributed computing system to tolerate system faults during the execution of a client process. The method includes instantiating an execution environment relating to the client process; executing instructions within the execution environment, the instructions causing the execution environment to issue further instructions to the distributing computing system, the further instructions relating to actions to be performed with respect to data stored on the distributed computing system. An object interface proxy receives the further instructions and monitors the received to determine if the execution environment is in a desired save-state condition; and, if so, save a current state of the execution environment in a data store.07-18-2013
20130185602HEAP DUMP OCCURRENCE DETECTION - Detection of heap dump occurrence is facilitated through maintenance of a heap dump location registry. The heap dump location registry indicates tools for which heap dump occurrence is to be detected. Based on periodically referencing the heap dump location registry, it is determined whether heap dump of a tool of the one or more tools has occurred. In one embodiment, startup and shutdown events of the tool are tracked to update execution status and process identifiers in the heap dump location registry, and the periodically references determines based on the indicators whether heap dump has occurred for the tool. In another embodiment, a heap dump location for heap dumps of the tool is obtained from the registry and the heap dump location is checked for the presence of heap dump files, which presence indicates occurrence of a heap dump for the tool.07-18-2013
20130124928METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR THE DISPLAY OF MULTIPLE ERRORS ON A HUMAN-MACHINE INTERFACE - One or more non-transitory computer-readable media having stored thereon program instructions to facilitate the display of multiple errors is provided. The program instructions, when executed by a computing system, direct the computing system to at least initiate display of a graphical view of an industrial automation environment. The program instructions also direct the computing system to detect a plurality of error conditions related to machine operations within the industrial automation environment, and to determine a plurality of locations within the graphical view associated with the plurality of error conditions. The program instructions further direct the computing system to identify at least one group of error conditions from the plurality of error conditions based on the plurality of locations, and to initiate display of a graphical representation of the at least one group of the error conditions.05-16-2013
20110296252MAINTENANCE OF OVERLAY NETWORKS - A method of managing a ring-based overlay network that is configured to allow routing of messages across an underlying IP network to destinations not specified by an IP address. The method comprises firstly sending a probe message from an initiating node of the overlay network around the ring, with each peer node forwarding the probe message to a successor or predecessor node. Upon detection of a forwarding failure at a node of the ring, a Probe error message is sent from that node to the initiating node. The initiating node represents the final destination for the Probe message.12-01-2011
20130191694Supporting Detection of Failure Event - In a mechanism for supporting detection of a failure event, history information of a system including log information of the system including plural components and/or failure information output from each component upon occurrence of a failure in the system is collected. A detection rule for detecting an event included in a component related to the failure that has occurred is generated, and a symptom with additional information added to the generated detection rule is applied to detect the event that has caused the failure. System configuration information as configuration information of the system is acquired, and from the acquired system configuration information, partial configuration information as system configuration information related to the component that sent out the event the selection of which has been accepted is extracted. The extracted partial configuration information is added to the symptom to update the symptom.07-25-2013
20110320884REQUEST BASED LOGGING - Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with event logging are described. One example method includes collecting request-based event log data associated with processing a request and temporarily storing the event log data in a memory. In the event of an error, the event log data is transferred to a storage device.12-29-2011
20130198576DISPLAY PROCESSING SYSTEM, DISPLAY PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A display processing system (08-01-2013
20130205174LEVERAGING CHIP VARIABILITY - Embodiments are described that leverage variability of a chip. Different areas of a chip vary in terms of reliability under a same operating condition. The variability may be captured by measuring errors over different areas of the chip. A physical factor that affects or controls the likelihood of an error on the chip can be varied. For example, the voltage supplied to a chip may be provided at different levels. At each level of the physical factor, the chip is tested for errors within the regions. Some indication of the error statistics for the regions is stored and then used to adjust power used by the chip, to adjust reliability behavior of the chip, to allow applications to control how the chip is used, to compute a signature uniquely identifying the chip, etc.08-08-2013
20120304022Configurable Alert Delivery In A Distributed Processing System - Methods, systems, and computer program products for configurable alert delivery in a distributed processing system are provided. Embodiments include for each alert generated by an incident analyzer, applying, by the incident analyzer, active alert filters to the alert; wherein applying the active alert filters to the alert includes: creating, by the incident analyzer, a list of all active alert filters and a set of all active listeners; and for each active alert filter, running, by the incident analyzer, the active alert filter; if the active alert filter indicates that the alert should not go to one or more of the active listeners, removing, by the incident analyzer, the one or more active listeners from the set of all active listeners; if the active listeners set is empty, stopping, by the incident analyzer, processing of the alert; and if the active listeners set is not empty, selecting, by the incident analyzer, the next active alert filter from the active alert filter list.11-29-2012
20120304021System and method for generating a signal upon the occurrence of a crash11-29-2012

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