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714 - Error detection/correction and fault detection/recovery


714001000 - Reliability and availability

714025000 - Fault locating (i.e., diagnosis or testing)

714037000 - Analysis (e.g., of output, state, or design)

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20090199045SOFTWARE FAULT MANAGEMENT APPARATUS, TEST MANAGEMENT APPARATUS, FAULT MANAGEMENT METHOD, TEST MANAGEMENT METHOD, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - A fault management system is provided with a fault data entry accepting portion for accepting entry of fault data including indicator data for assessing three fault assessment items in four assessment grades, a fault data holding portion for storing the fault data, a fault data prioritizing portion for prioritizing the fault data in the order of addressing faults, a customer profile data entry accepting portion for accepting entry of customer profile data indicative of degrees of requirement by each customer regarding the three assessment items and the importance of customers to the user, and a customer profile data holding portion for storing the customer profile data. The fault data prioritizing portion prioritizes the fault data based on assessment values regarding the three assessment items.08-06-2009
20090106598Automated Interaction Diagram Generation Using Source Code Breakpoints - An automated interaction diagram generation using source code breakpoints is presented. A user sets diagram breakpoints at locations in source code using an integrated development environment (IDE) that includes a diagram generation manager. The user sets the breakpoints at locations where the user wishes to capture the interaction between objects on an interaction diagram. The IDE executes the code and the diagram generation manager collects breakpoint data corresponding to the breakpoints. Once the source code finishes executing, the diagram generation manager formats the breakpoint data and generates an interaction diagram based upon the formatted breakpoint data. The user may instruct the diagram generation manager to add or remove detail from the interaction diagram by adjusting breakpoint attributes and/or adding/deleting breakpoints.04-23-2009
20090193298SYSTEM AND METHOD OF FAULT DETECTION, DIAGNOSIS AND PREVENTION FOR COMPLEX COMPUTING SYSTEMS - A method is provided for diagnosing failures in an object-oriented software system. The method comprises collecting runtime diagnostic information; maintaining a record of the diagnostic information in a storage buffer; and dynamically updating the record of the diagnostic information to include a group of the diagnostic information collected over a most recent occurrence of a predetermined interval. The diagnostic information includes at least one set of call stack information for at least one currently running application and at least one set of other information. Each of the at least one set of other information is selected from a set of memory access information, a set of data access information, and a set of paging information for each currently executing process.07-30-2009
20100083047MEMORY MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES SELECTIVELY USING MITIGATIONS TO REDUCE ERRORS - Techniques for performing memory management to mitigate memory errors. In accordance with the principles described herein, a memory management module may be implemented that acts in different modes of operation for each of one or more software modules issuing requests for performance of memory operations to the memory management module. In one mode of operation, one or more mitigation actions may be performed by the memory management module in addition to or instead of the memory operation requested by the calling software module, such that the memory operations are performed in accordance with the mitigation actions. These mitigation actions may serve to reduce a likelihood of a memory error negatively affecting the calling software module. In another mode of operation, the memory management module performs memory operations as requested, without performing mitigation actions.04-01-2010
20090119544GHOST AGENTS WITHIN A GRID ENVIRONMENT - A method for evaluating system behavior within a grid environment can include the step of identifying a host software object, wherein the host software object includes a user object, an application, and/or a process. The software object can be associated with the host software object. The host actions of the host software object can be replicated within the associated software object. Replicated actions can be recorded. The host software object can move from one grid within the grid environment to a different grid. In response to the moving of the host software object, the associated software object can move from the one grid to the different grid.05-07-2009
20090172475REMOTE RESOLUTION OF SOFTWARE PROGRAM PROBLEMS - Method, system, and computer program product for remotely resolving problems in software programs are provided. A problem is detected in a software program. An instant message is sent to an operator to notify the operator of the problem detected in the software program. An instant message is received from the operator. The instant message from the operator includes selection of a resolution option for the problem detected in the software program. The selected resolution option is then carried out.07-02-2009
20100042875CAPTURING MACHINE STATE OF UNSTABLE JAVA PROGRAM - Mechanisms and methods for capturing an execution state of a failing program in a computing environment are disclosed. Embodiments can enable detection of user initiated program terminations and error information capture without incurring the overhead of a separate monitoring process. It is possible to obtain an execution trace and related state information in the event that a program has incurred a program error causing the user to terminate the program.02-18-2010
20100107015EXPRESSING FAULT CORRELATION CONSTRAINTS - Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for expressing fault correlation constrains to a developer of a service application are provided. Initially, the fault correlation constraints are identified by inspecting an architecture of resources comprising a data center. Based on the resources, sets of nodes that become concurrently unavailable due to a failure mode or update scheme are aggregated. These fault correlation constraints, upon being communicated to the developer, then may be incorporated into a service model produced thereby. Accordingly, the service model is tailored to the specific characteristics of the data center and is provided with instructions as to how to partition instances of the service application throughout the distributed resources of the data center. Thus, the fault correlation constraints provide a developer with insight into rules and structures on which the data center is constructed and assurances of a certain level of fault tolerance upon deploying the service application.04-29-2010
20100095159APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATIC TESTING OF SOFTWARE OR DIGITAL DEVICES - An apparatus and method for testing a digital device or software installed in the digital device are provided. According to one aspect, the apparatus for testing the digital device or software installed in the digital device includes a test agent for providing a test execution environment, and the test agent performs a test for each test case in response to a command from a test director. The test agent may report an execution state of the test to the test director, and the test director may generate a test result report based on the report or resumes the test upon generation of error.04-15-2010
20090307532STEALTHY DEBUGGER - A method of stealthily debugging software comprises dynamically injecting a jump into an executing target program; performing a debugging operation on the target program; and dynamically removing the injected jump from the target program. Dynamically injecting a jump comprises copying memory contents from a selected breakpoint location to a second memory location, and writing a jump instruction and location at the breakpoint location. Dynamically removing the injected jump comprises copying memory contents back to the breakpoint location from the second memory location. The method may further comprise replacing a pointer to a system function with a pointer to a debug module in a syscall table, and placing the debug module in a slack space of the target program. A debugging system is also disclosed.12-10-2009
20090307531SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TESTING AN APPLICATION INSTALLED ON A WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICE - The invention describes a test bed, a method and a computer program product for testing an application installed on a wireless communication device. The wireless communication device communicates with a server over a network through the test bed. Further, the test bed is connected to the server and receives various testing parameters from a user. Furthermore, the test bed establishes a wireless connection between the test bed and the wireless communication device. Thereafter, the test bed emulates various network conditions, based on the testing parameters, and subsequently communicates the emulated network conditions to the wireless communication device. The application installed on the wireless communication device experiences the emulated network conditions. The user then tests the application in the emulated network conditions.12-10-2009
20090307530DISTRIBUTED TESTING SYSTEM AND TECHNIQUES - A fully distributed system for testing a distributed computing system utilizes test services exposed in conjunction by independent test components deployed on one or more computing nodes of the distributed computing system. The test services ensure dynamic and adaptive coordination amongst the test components. The test services include but are not limited to: an atomic synchronization service; a distributed shared memory service; a lock manager service; a publish/subscribe service; and a producer/consumer service.12-10-2009
20110016358METHOD FOR DEBUGGING OPERATIONAL SOFTWARE OF A SYSTEM ONBOARD AN AIRCRAFT AND DEVICE FOR IMPLEMENTING THE SAME - A method for debugging the program of operational software of an onboard system, including flagging the program by positioning flags along an execution path for dividing the aforementioned execution path into adjacent functional intervals; normal execution of the program; acquiring an execution condition of the program by flag condition vectors; when an error is detected, searching a faulty functional interval based on the flag condition vectors, reverse execution of the program in the aforementioned faulty functional interval, and determination and correction of the error.01-20-2011
20090094486Method For Test Case Generation - A system and method for providing randomly-generated test cases for a set of interfaces of a piece of software are disclosed. A test case generator is initialized with parameter arrays S04-09-2009
20090031171APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR RESPONSIVE ACQUISITION OF REMOTE DEBUG DATA - An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for responsive acquisition of remote debug data. The apparatus for responsive acquisition of remote debug data is provided with a plurality of modules configured to detect an error on a local device, trigger a remote device to generate a remote debug data set in response to the error, and generate a local debug data set in response to the error. These modules in the described embodiments include a detection module, a trigger module, and a collection module.01-29-2009
20110022895Software Component Self-Scrubbing - Software components “self-scrub” to improve software reliability, serviceability and availability (RAS). Each component designates a routine to perform a component level consistency check on major data structures and to verify the state of component. This is performed as an on-going task during the life of the component. The component registers an entry point with the system to receive notification of scrubbing parameter changes. The entry point is also called with the request to perform component-scrubbing operations. The entry point functions are responsible for executing within limitations on central processing unit (CPU) usage and memory footprint when performing scrubbing operations.01-27-2011
20090006898TRANSMISSION OF GENERIC DIGITAL MESSAGES THROUGH A MICROPROCESSOR MONITORING CIRCUIT - Embodiments of the invention concern a method for transmitting digital messages through a microprocessor monitoring circuit of specific type and integrated to a microprocessor, each message including an identifier and consisting of several groups of successive and juxtaposed bits divided into segments. The method consists in successively transmitting segments associated with a first group corresponding to the identifier and comprising a fixed number of bits; with second groups, at least one of the second group comprising a fixed number of bits depending on the type of monitoring circuit, the number of other second groups being independent of the type of monitoring circuit; with a third group comprising a number of bits greater than one; and with fourth groups comprising each a number of bits greater than one, the number of fourth groups depending on the identifier and on the type of monitoring circuit.01-01-2009
20080294942SELF-HEALING SYSTEM AND METHOD - Systems and methods for optimizing performance in a computing environment are provided. The system comprises means for monitoring execution of annotated logic code associated with a software component to determine whether a condition has been satisfied, wherein annotations in the logic code provide one or more details about the software component, the details being useful to a healing agent to correct a problem associated with said condition during the execution of the logic code.11-27-2008
20080294941Method and System for Test Case Generation - A method and apparatus is described for generating a test case for an application or system modelled using a Stochastic Automata Network model. The method contemplates the inclusion of a plurality of automata and including the steps of: (a) setting an initial global state as the current global state, wherein a global state comprises a set of local states each corresponding to one of the automata; (b) creating a record of the initial global state; (c) selecting an event from a set of events that can be applied to the current global state; creating record of the selected event; (e) identifying those of the automata affected by the selected event and updating the current global state by updating the states of the affected automata; (f) creating a record of the current global state; and repeating steps (c) to (f) until a termination condition is satisfied. The invention may also be used for the generation of test scripts. In terms of specific usage case, the invention may be used for software reliability testing and for fault-tolerance measurements.11-27-2008
20080270840DEVICE AND METHOD FOR TESTING EMBEDDED SOFTWARE USING EMULATOR - Embodiments of the invention provide a device and a method for automatically testing embedded software, and more specifically for testing interfaces between layers of the embedded software. In one embodiment, the device includes: an emulator; a server including embedded software; an evaluation board configured to download the embedded software from the server and controlled by the emulator; and a host system configured to receive the embedded software from the server and automatically generate test cases for testing the embedded software using the emulator.10-30-2008
20090282289GENERATION AND EVALUATION OF TEST CASES FOR SOFTWARE VALIDATION AND PROOFS - A “property checker” uses light-weight symbolic execution to prove that software programs satisfy safety properties by simultaneously performing program testing and program abstraction. A simple example of safety properties includes conditions that must be satisfied for proper program execution, such as whether an application properly interfaces with API methods or functions. Program tests are an “under-approximation” of program behavior, and abstractions are an “over-approximation” of the program. This simultaneous testing either finds a test-case that reaches an error state, or finds an abstraction showing that no path in the state space of the program can reach any error state. If a test-case reaches an error state, the property checker has discovered a violation of the safety property. Conversely, if no path in the state space can reach any error state, the property checker has proved that the program satisfies the desired safety property.11-12-2009
20080209276Targeted Regression Testing - A software testing method. In particular implementations, a method includes accessing a first database of one or more bug entries, wherein each but entry comprises information characterizing a bug, an associated code component, and a test script; and a mapping between the component and one or more scripts that test the code component; for one or more bug entries in the first database, determining if the bug is a new bug; if the bug is not a new bug, determining if the test script is new relative to the bug; and if the bug is a new bug or if the test script is new relative to the bug, accessing a second database of the script to component mappings to add a mapping between the test script and the associated code component of a respective bug entry.08-28-2008
20100064178World-Readiness and Globalization Testing Assemblies - World-readiness and globalization testing assemblies may be provided. A software application may be analyzed to identify user interface controls. These controls may then be tested according to language or culture-specific test cases developed in advance by language experts. Testing may include sending predefined output to the application and intercepting the resulting output. The output may then be compared to an expected response to ensure that the actual output display matches the correct output display. The results of the test may be reported and errors may result in automatically opening a bug report.03-11-2010
20100169715Process for Verifying Computers - A process for verifying computers is provided. The process characterizes a golden sample computer preconfigured to customers' configuration preferences, and stores the results and links the results to the specific customers. The process then checks output computers by retrieving the appropriate characterization results and verifying the output computers based on the characterization results. If the output computer passes, it is shipped, but if it fails, it can be easily reconfigured based on the results of the verification phase.07-01-2010
20100125757SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CORRECTING ERRORS IN DOWNLOADING WEB PAGES - A system and method for correcting errors in downloading web pages provides a historic error resolving procedure and a common error resolving procedure. The historic error resolving procedure is for storing a download error and debugging solutions corresponding to the download error. The download error includes error positions and error types. The common error resolving procedure stores predefined error types and corresponding debugging solutions. If the download error of an error does not exist in the historic error resolving procedure, the common error resolving procedure is searched for the error types and corresponding debugging solutions. If the error type does not exist in the common error resolving procedure, an administrator is prompted to provide a new debugging solution to solve the error, and the new debugging solution is stored into the historic error resolving procedure.05-20-2010
20100153784SEMICONDUCTOR INTEGRATED CIRCUITS AND METHOD OF DETECTING FAULTS OF PROCESSORS - A semiconductor integrated circuit comprising a processor having an output signal of instruction log information and being operable in a program in memory is disclosed. The semiconductor integrated circuit comprises trace determination circuit for comparing an instruction code that corresponds to the instruction log information from a processor with an instruction code that is read from the memory to detect faults.06-17-2010
20090006897AUTOMATED SERVICE TESTING - A service test case generation and execution system is provided that automatically generates one or more test cases for the service according to a service definition associated with the service. The service definition can specify one or more methods available in the service and/or one or more parameters for the methods. Additionally, sets or ranges of valid values can be specified for the parameters (such as in a web service description language (WSDL) definition). Test cases can be automatically generated based on this information, including specifying a plurality of valid and invalid input parameters, and automatically executed to provide testing of many code paths of a service. Output can also be measured in this regard.01-01-2009
20090204851Method and System for Software Testing - A system and a method for testing software, comprising a self-contained software code container. The self-contained software code container includes a software code describing a function, probe surveillance for monitoring the test environment, local error handler for internally handing occurring errors, analyzing block and result block for analyzing the performance of the function software during the execution of the software code and outputting the result to an execution control block.08-13-2009
20090276665APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD OF EFFICIENTLY UTILIZING HARDWARE RESOURCES FOR A SOFTWARE TEST - Apparatus, system and method of efficiently utilizing hardware resources for a software test in system having at least one redundant component, at least a part of which is used for the software test.11-05-2009
20090287963Method, Apparatus, And System For Automatic Test Generation From Statecharts - An apparatus and methods for generating a plurality of output test vectors from a statechart are provided. The statechart may specify requirements of a system function to be executed by a system-performing device. The statechart comprises a plurality of states, a plurality of transitions, and a plurality of variables. A forward-propagation pass through the statechart may be performed to generate a plurality of forward-reached-transition environments. A backward-propagation pass through the statechart may be performed to generate a plurality of backward-reached-transition environments. The plurality of output test vectors is generated from the plurality of forward-reached-transition environments and/or the plurality of backward-reached-transition environments. A test driver may execute a plurality of tests on the system-performing device, wherein the plurality of tests are based on the plurality of output test vectors.11-19-2009
20080209275TEST FRAMEWORK FOR TESTING AN APPLICATION - A device, method and/or computer-readable medium for testing an application within a test framework includes a framework controller associated with the test framework installed on a master device and a test driver associated with the test framework installed on one or more client devices. The master device is connected to the one or more client devices and a virtual machine (VM) module is installed on each of the one or more client devices. VMs can be created on the client devices and the application is installed on at least one of the VMs. The application is executed on the VMs according to a test scenario file. The framework controller collects data to generate an output result.08-28-2008
20100153785METHODS, MEDIA, AND SYSTEMS FOR DETECTING AN ANOMALOUS SEQUENCE OF FUNCTION CALLS - Methods, media, and systems for detecting an anomalous sequence of function calls are provided. The methods can include compressing a sequence of function calls made by the execution of a program using a compression model; and determining the presence of an anomalous sequence of function calls in the sequence of function calls based on the extent to which the sequence of function calls is compressed. The methods can further include executing at least one known program; observing at least one sequence of function calls made by the execution of the at least one known program; assigning each type of function call in the at least one sequence of function calls made by the at least one known program a unique identifier; and creating at least part of the compression model by recording at least one sequence of unique identifiers.06-17-2010
20080215921Method, System and Computer Program for Performing Regression Tests Based on Test Case Effectiveness09-04-2008
20100281306Modular Bug Detection with Inertial Refinement - Systems and methods are disclosed to detect an error in a software with a computer readable code by applying a modular analysis based on the principle of structural abstraction and refinement of program structure; and detecting an assertion violation indicative of a software bug.11-04-2010
20100005341AUTOMATIC DETECTION AND NOTIFICATION OF TEST REGRESSION WITH AUTOMATIC ON-DEMAND CAPTURE OF PROFILES FOR REGRESSION ANALYSIS - A system for automating certain processes of regression testing. One or more regression test cases are executed on a current build of a test application. Current application performance data are collected as a result of execution of the one or more test cases.01-07-2010
20080244325AUTOMATED SOFTWARE SUPPORT SYSTEM WITH BACKWARDS PROGRAM EXECUTION AND DEBUGGING - The invention describes an automated software support system comprising automated bug filing and test case creation component to checkpoint a client process initial state and record the client process initial state changes while the client process undergoes sequence of states which need to be analyzed, such as software bug, deliver the recordings to a development node, where the problem can be debugged without reproducing the client process environment by using the recorded state to recreate initial state of the client program and by using the recorded log to simulate the client program execution forwards and backwards.10-02-2008
20080307264PARAMETERIZED TEST DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT - In one embodiment a computer system automatically generates unit tests. The computer system accesses a parameterized unit test that provides a base outline from which one or more unit tests are automatically generated, generates input parameter values for a unit of software code, automatically generates a unit test configured to assess the functionality of the unit of software code, and receives test results from a software testing program and provides feedback to a user. In other embodiments, a computer system automatically maintains a unit test database. The computer system receives a unit test at a unit test database, assigns a test identity to the received unit test, determines that the test identity assigned to the received unit test is unique when compared to other unit tests, determines that the received unit test has different functionality coverage characteristics, and adds the received unit test to the unit test database.12-11-2008
20080250274System and Programming Product for Capturing Computer Application Diagnostics - A diagnostic system in an aspect-oriented data processing environment is provided. The environment comprises a data processing system having an operating system for executing an application, wherein the application comprises an object class. The environment also comprises means for loading the object class at runtime and storage means for storing a diagnostic aspect. An aspect implements concerns (e.g. logging, security) that cross-cut the application. The object class of the application is loaded at runtime and the diagnostic aspect is read from the storage means. The means for loading now combines the object class with the diagnostic aspect, so that for example, diagnostics can be captured and repairs on the application can be carried out.10-09-2008
20090063903METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DEBUGGING APPLICATION SOFTWARE IN INFORMATION HANDLING SYSTEMS OVER A MEMORY MAPPING I/O BUS - A test system includes a debugging system and a system under test (SUT). The debugging system includes a debugging processor that couples to an SUT processor in the SUT via a memory mapping interface bus therebetween. In one embodiment, the debugging processor operates as a master to conduct test operations on the SUT via the memory mapping interface bus. The debugging processor and the SUT processor operate together in a cluster mode to provide non-invasive debugging of the (SUT) while the SUT executes application software in a real time environment.03-05-2009
20080282111Worker thread corruption detection and remediation - A thread has a corruption detection mechanism that compares a beginning state of a function with an ending state to determine any inconsistencies. Based on the type of inconsistency, a remedial action may be taken, such as ignoring the inconsistency, cleaning up the inconsistency, and terminating the thread with an exception. The analysis may also include analyzing various states after function execution to find problems such as incomplete transactions. Such a thread may be useful in an operating system as well as a multi-threaded application environment.11-13-2008
20080282112Method and apparatus for testing request-response service using live connection traffic - The subject matter herein provides for a method and apparatus for comparison of network systems using live traffic in real-time. The inventive technique presents real-world workload in real-time with no external impact (i.e. no impact on the system under test), and it enables comparison against a production system for correctness verification. A preferred embodiment of the invention is a testing tool for the pseudo-live testing of CDN content staging servers, According to the invention, traffic between clients and the live production CDN servers is monitored by a simulator device, which then replicates this workload onto a system under test (SUT). The simulator detects divergences between the outputs from the SUT and live production servers, allowing detection of erroneous behavior. To the extent possible, the SUT is completely isolated from the outside world so that errors or crashes by this system do not affect either the CDN customers or the end users. Thus, the SUT does not interact with end users (i.e., their web browsers). Consequently, the simulator serves as a proxy for the clients. By basing its behavior off the packet stream sent between client and the live production system, the simulator can simulate most of the oddities of real-world client behavior, including malformed packets, timeouts, dropped traffic and reset connections, among others.11-13-2008
20100088549SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INFERRING TRAFFIC LEGITIMACY THROUGH SELECTIVE IMPAIRMENT - Described is a system and method for determining a classification of an application that includes initiating a stress test on the application, the stress test including a predetermined number of stress events, wherein the stress events are based on a network impairment. A response by the application to each stress event is identified and the application is classified as a function of the response into one of a first classification and a second classification, the first classification indicative of a normal application and the second classification indicative of an undesired application. If, the application is in the second classification, a network response procedure is executed.04-08-2010
20080270841Test case manager - The test case manager interfaces with an application under test via an automation tool manager and is automation tool independent. Scripts are installed from a library based on the automation tool and the application type. The scripts perform the actions of learning the application objects, play back/validation, and automate test case creation. In a preferred embodiment, the test case manager drives the actions of the scripts. Scripts can be modified by customizing application specific actions and invoking them through the test case manager format.10-30-2008
20080215920PROGRAM CODE TRACE SIGNATURE - A processor generates a signature value indicating a sequence of executed instructions, and the signature value is compared to signature values calculated for two or more possible sequences of executed instructions to determine which instruction sequence was executed. The signature is generated via a signature generator during program execution, and is provided external to the processor via a signature message.09-04-2008
20080209278INITIALIZING DIAGNOSTIC FUNCTIONS WHEN SPECIFIED RUN-TIME ERROR CRITERIA ARE SATISFIED - A run-time monitor allows defining sets of run-time error criteria and corresponding diagnostic action to take when the run-time error criteria is satisfied. One way to define the run-time error criteria is to take a baseline measurement of run-time errors that occur during normal processing conditions. A run-time error criteria may then be defined that is based on the baseline measurement. In this manner, a rate of run-time errors that normally occur may be ignored, while a rate of run-time errors in excess of the run-time error criteria could automatically initiate diagnostic action. In this manner, the ability of a programmer to debug run-time errors is significantly enhanced.08-28-2008
20080270837SYSTEM DIAGNOSTIC UTILITY - A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer usable program code for performing diagnostic testing for an application executing on a computer. A diagnostic utility executes on the computer. The diagnostic utility includes a graphical user interface and a plurality of diagnostic functions. A selection of the application executing on the computer is received for diagnostic testing through the graphical user interface. Responsive to receiving the selection of the application, a set of diagnostic functions from the plurality of diagnostic functions is identified to test at least one of connectivity, operation of the application, and a presence of a set of needed files for the application to form a set of identified diagnostic functions. The set of identified diagnostic functions are identified using configuration information for the application. The set of identified diagnostic function are executed, wherein a result is generated. A result from executing the set of functions is presented using the graphical user interface.10-30-2008
20080270839Masked signal trap loop avoidance - An embodiment of the invention provides an apparatus and a method for avoidance of a masked signal trap loop. The apparatus and method perform acts including: terminating a process of an application and generating a core dump file, if parameters are set in an error detection engine and a signal is masked when a coding error is encountered in the application.10-30-2008
20080209277COMPUTER SYSTEM AND MEMORY SYSTEM - A computer system includes a CPU, a memory circuit storing at least instruction codes, an error checking circuit checking an error of an instruction code read from the memory circuit according to an instruction address supplied from the CPU,08-28-2008
20080244321Program Test System - An improved automated software testing system provides the ability to generate and reuse test cases over multiple platforms. Keywords and natural language are used in test case creation, simplifying the process for non-technical business users. Business users can write test cases without scripts. Test cases can be generated even before the application to be tested is available. Data substitution provides ability for test cases to adapt to changing data. Abstraction allows use of all third-party and custom software test tools to be incorporated. Persistent data handling allows capture of data generated during test execution for later use. Testing can be performed entirely automatically or can incorporate some manual interaction. Test results, screen captures of the system tested, along with environment and machine variables are saved in results logs for later review.10-02-2008
20080263403Conversion of Mathematical Statements - A method for computer-assisted conversion of mathematical statements from one data format to another and an apparatus for carrying out the method are particularly useful for computer recognition of visual images of mathematical statements. There are difficulties in converting a mathematical statement perfectly from, say, a hand-written document into a mathematical computer code, especially if scanning and recognition software is used. Errors may also occur where electronic documents are transmitted over noisy communications channels. To overcome these difficulties, the method comprises inputting to a computer a mathematical statement expressed by a binary relation operator in a data file in the first format; passing the file through a recognition means to convert the file with the statement to a different data format; partitioning the statement into mathematical blocks using the binary relation operators; checking a mathematical block against at least one other block using the analytic manipulation means; identifying errors found by the checking; and reporting the errors.10-23-2008
20100005342Redundant Error Detection in a Clinical Diagnostic Analyzer - Disclosed is a clinical diagnostic analyzer employing a redundant error detection capability to further examine the internal message traffic for possible errors or questionable results by comparing the actual parameters against a fingerprint generated for each assay using an assay database and a configuration file. This testing does not rely on inputs from the software module being tested, and hence is an independent test. Further, a testing mechanism is provided to test the Redundant Error Detection (“RED”) capability itself.01-07-2010
20100100772SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR VERIFYING COMPATIBILITY OF COMPUTER EQUIPMENT WITH A SOFTWARE PRODUCT - System and method for verifying compatibility of computer equipment with a software product. A system and method are provided to verify compatibility of computer equipment with software. This verification can include gathering information about configurations of the computer equipment, and creating at least one file based on the information. The file or files coordinate testing of the computer equipment. The testing produces results that can be stored and analyzed or evaluated. The results can be contained in a file or a plurality of files. The results provide a description of the configurations in addition to an indication of whether the testing has produced any failures. The configuration descriptions or parts thereof can be stored in a configuration database that can be used to apply credit against future testing of computer equipment so that future testing needs can be reduced.04-22-2010
20080270838DISTRIBUTED, FAULT-TOLERANT AND HIGHLY AVAILABLE COMPUTING SYSTEM - A method and system for achieving highly available, fault-tolerant execution of components in a distributed computing system, without requiring the writer of these components to explicitly write code (such as entity beans or database transactions) to make component state persistent. It is achieved by converting the intrinsically non-deterministic behavior of the distributed system to a deterministic behavior, thus enabling state recovery to be achieved by advantageously efficient checkpoint-replay techniques. The method comprises: adapting the execution environment for enabling message communication amongst and between the components; automatically associating a deterministic timestamp in conjunction with a message to be communicated from a sender component to a receiver component during program execution, the timestamp representative of estimated time of arrival of the message at a receiver component. At a component, tracking state of that component during program execution, and periodically checkpointing the state in a local storage device. Upon failure of a component, the component state is restored by recovering a recent stored checkpoint and re-executing the events occurring since the last checkpoint. The system is deterministic by repeating the execution of the receiving component by processing the messages in the same order as their associated timestamp.10-30-2008
20100146341DRIVER DETECTING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A detecting system for detecting functions of a driver includes a storage unit, a control unit, and an human machine interface (HMI). The control unit samples a plurality of functions of the driver to generate a plurality of sampled values at each preset sampling time. The control unit determines if the plurality of sampled values are normal according to a plurality of preset reference ranges for the plurality of functions stored in the storage unit. When one or more of the plurality of sampled values is abnormal, the control unit generates an alarm signal, and the HMI displays the plurality of sampled values.06-10-2010
20090031170System and method to facilitate automatic globalization verification test - A method, system and program are disclosed for validating the generation of globalized versions of software programs. The directory structure of an installed software program is traversed to discover resource files containing globalized strings. The values of the globalized string and its corresponding key in the resource file are then used to generate a unique key, formatted to identify the location of the globalized string. The locale supported by the globalized string is determined and the unique key and the globalized string value are appended to a corresponding locale table. A globalized string value that causes the failure of a globalization test for a predetermined locale is identified. The corresponding locale table is then searched for the failed globalized string value. Once found, the unique key for the failed globalized string value is retrieved to identify the location of the defective globalized string and perform predetermined remedial actions.01-29-2009
20090183031Engine For Performing Root Cause And Effect Analysis - An engine for performing root cause analysis on a system comprising a plurality of elements in a modeled domain, the engine comprising a module loader and parser for loading modules of computer code containing computer language statements modeling elements of the system, including one or more of model type definitions, conditions, causal rules, and continuations; and for parsing the computer language statements; a storage for storing the parsed computer language statements; a receiver for receiving conditions representing state changes of system elements, accessing the storage, and determining one or more parsed computer language statements to apply to the received conditions; a hypothesis generator for instantiating one or more hypotheses of potential causes of each received condition consistent with the received conditions and the parsed computer language statements; a blackboard for receiving the instantiated hypotheses, and determining a root cause of the received conditions based on the hypotheses consistent with the received conditions and the parsed computer language statements; and an output for outputting the determined root cause.07-16-2009
20090164847SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TESTING A SOFTWARE ENGINE - A software engine has a base system in communication with service subsystems and test subsystems. The base system, the service subsystems, and the test subsystems are software applications that exchange data with one another while operating within the software engine. In one exemplary mode of operation, the base system receives outputs from the service subsystems. In another exemplary mode of operation, the base system receives outputs from the test subsystems that simulate the outputs generated by the service subsystems. An exemplary method of testing the software engine is also provided. Specifically, the illustrative method includes receiving an output during a service mode, switching from the service mode to a testing mode, and receiving the simulated output during the testing mode. The method steps may be performed by a computer executing instructions stored on a computer-readable medium.06-25-2009
20090164849TERMINAL APPARATUS, FAULT DIAGNOSIS METHOD AND PROGRAM THEREOF - A terminal apparatus diagnoses a status of operation of software with the execution of a plurality of diagnostic programs so as to diagnose contents established for the software related to a plurality of functional blocks of the terminal apparatus. The terminal apparatus includes a storage device, a controller, and a display device. The storage device stores the plurality of diagnostic programs that are each provided in advance with a class identification in order of descending priority thereof. The controller is configured to: update a class identification in the order of priority; read out a diagnostic program associated with the class identification from the storage device at each time of updating; and cause the diagnostic program to be executed. The display device displays a code indicating a result of a diagnosis as a result of the execution of the diagnostic program.06-25-2009
20090187791Failure Location Detection Using Types in Assembly Files - A failure identification routine uses a two pass stack trace analysis in conjunction with a list of called types. As each method is called, a call list is generated with the called type, method, and various metadata. During the first pass stack trace analysis, each stack frame is analyzed to determine if the failed type is included in the stack frame. If so, the method associated with the frame is flagged as suspect. If the failed type is not found in the first stack trace, a second pass stack trace analysis is performed and an assembly associated with the method associated with the stack frame is analyzed to determine a set of types. The set of types are analyzed to find at least one match with the called types. If a match exists, the methods associated with the matched types are flagged as suspect.07-23-2009
20090024874Generic template to autogenerate reports for software target testing - Apparatus and methods allow users of software testing applications to obtain auto-generated reports. During use, one or more software test cases of a feature of a software target are identified for execution. A template, common to the software cases, autogenerate a first report in a first computing language, e.g., XML, based on test results obtained from the execution. A transformation into one or more second reports in a second computing language, e.g., HTML, occurs so that users can visually understand the report. Preferred aspects include utilizing an existing Java-based JUnit testing framework and an API of Apache Ant. Retrofitting existing software testing applications contemplates inserting executable code, in the form of a template, to obtain auto-generated reports. Executable code is available as a computer program product in the form of a download or on a computer-readable medium. Overall architecture in a virtual machine is another noteworthy aspect.01-22-2009
20090063905System and Method for Error Checking of Failed I/O Open Calls - A system and method in a data processing system for error checking and resolving failed input/output open calls. A configuration mechanism configures the options, such as the information stored in databases, details of how each error check is performed, and what actions should be taken when improper error checking occurs. Based on data stored in databases, such as an I/O calls database, a rules with syntax database, and an usage calls database, a code analyzer analyzes code in software programs for an error check of a failed input/output open call. A reporting mechanism reports data from the analyzed code to a report file, such as why software programs have proper and improper error-checking instances, sends errors from the analyzed code to an error file, and enables these files to be displayed on a display. Finally, the code analyzer enables resolving an improper error check for the failed input/output open call.03-05-2009
20080263405Method and Device for the Fault-Tolerance Management of a Software Component - A fault-tolerance management of a software component is disclosed. A number of instances of the software component are executed in at least somewhat different execution environments. A local error susceptibility register and a global error susceptibility register are assigned to each software component. An error of first instance of the software component is detected. The local error susceptibility register of the first instance is updated based on the detected error and the content of the local error susceptibility register of the first instance. The global error susceptibility register of each instance is also updated based on the detected error and the content of the global error susceptibility register of each instance. The difference between the respective local error susceptibility register and the respective global error susceptibility register is determined, and the fault tolerance value of the software component in the respective execution environment is determined based on the determined difference.10-23-2008
20080263406CONTROLLING SOFTWARE FAILURE DATA REPORTING AND RESPONSES - User input defines transmission filter rules to be met when sending an error report to a support provider. User input also defines collection filter rules to be met when including failure data within an error report. Error reports corresponding to crash failures at clients are filtered with the transmission filter rules to determine which of the error reports to send to the support provider, and each error report to be sent to the support provider is further filtered to remove any failure data that fails to satisfy the collection filter rules. Each error report that satisfies the transmission filter rules, along with the failure data satisfying the collection filter rules, is sent to the support provider for analysis. Standard and or custom failure responses corresponding to the failures at the clients may be retrieved and sent to the clients in accordance with the collection filter rules.10-23-2008
20080263404System and Method for Supporting Software - This disclosure provides various embodiments of software for supporting a business application. In one aspect, the software determines that a technical error associated with the business application has occurred, automatically communicates the technical error and dynamic context information to a remote support site, the dynamic context information at least partially identifying the particular execution point of the business application, receives one or more potential solutions for the technical error, the one or more potential solutions determined using at least the communicated technical error, dynamic context information, and static information collected at the support site; and presents the one or more potential solutions to a user of the business application via an interface. In some implementations, the software is further operable to prioritize the one or more presented potential solutions at least according to metrics associated with the one or more potential solutions.10-23-2008
20090089621Application crash resist method and apparatus - Embodiments of an application crash resist method and apparatus including an abnormal application termination service and an exception handler are disclosed herein. The service is configured to broadcast messages to cause the exception handler to be loaded by applications, and the exception handler is configured to stall abnormal termination of an application having loaded an instance of the exception handler. In various embodiments, the exception handler instances further report abnormal terminations to the service, and to receive instructions on how long to stall from the service. In various embodiments, the method and apparatus further includes a tray application through which the service obtains user inputs on how long to stall an abnormal termination from a user.04-02-2009
20090240988METHOD OF CORRECTING JOB CONTROL LANGUAGE JOB ERRORS - A method of correcting job control language (JCL) jobs scans a JCL job against a set of JCL syntax rules. The method automatically corrects any syntax errors discovered during the scanning, thereby forming a corrected JCL job. The method then runs the corrected JCL job. If the corrected JCL ends abnormally due to an execution error, the method then automatically determines if the execution error is recoverable. If the execution error is recoverable, the method automatically corrects the recoverable error to form a recovered corrected JCL job. The method reruns the recovered corrected JCL job.09-24-2009
20090222697DYNAMIC FUNCTIONAL TESTING COVERAGE BASED ON FAILURE DEPENDENCY GRAPH - A method, system and computer program product is disclosed for providing test coverage for detecting failures in a software application. The method comprises the steps of identifying a set of test cases; and for each of at least a subset of said test cases, identifying one or more of the other test cases that depend on said each of the test cases based on a defined functional relationship. The method comprises the further steps of using a selected one of said subset of test cases to test the software application; and when said test of the software application fails, then testing the software application with the one or more of the other test cases that depend on said selected one of the test cases based on said functional relationship.09-03-2009
20090254778USER INTERFACE FOR A REMOTE CONTROL APPLICATION - A hand-held electronic device having a remote control application user interface that functions to displays operational mode information to a user. The graphical user interface may be used, for example, to setup the remote control application to control appliances for one or more users in one or more rooms, to perform activities, and to access favorites. The remote control application is also adapted to be upgradeable. Furthermore, the remote control application provides for the sharing of operational mode information.10-08-2009
20080313501METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ASSESSING AND ANALYZING SOFTWARE RELIABILITY - A method for assessing and analyzing software reliability comprises the steps of: collecting failure data from a software system during a testing period; providing a reliability model having a testing compression factor, wherein the reliability model is used to fit the failure data; providing an estimation function derived from the reliability model; obtaining the value of the testing compression factor in accordance with the estimation function; and using the testing compression factor to determine the efficiency of test cases.12-18-2008
20080307266TECHNIQUES FOR AUTOMATICALLY TRACKING SOFTWARE ERRORS - Techniques are provided for automatically tracking errors encountered by a software system. An occurrence of an error that affects performance of an operation being performed by a database server is detected. In response to detecting the occurrence, error information about the error is automatically recorded in a storage space within a database that is managed by the database server. The error information is automatically recorded by executing one or more computer instructions in a first code path of the database server, where the first code path is a separate code path than a second code path of the database server that performs the operation whose performance is affected by the error.12-11-2008
20080307267TECHNIQUES FOR AUTOMATIC SOFTWARE ERROR DIAGNOSTICS - Techniques are provided for automatically diagnosing errors in a software system. The software system automatically determines whether conditions associated with the software system warrant use of any diagnostic features that are not currently enabled. When the software system determines that the conditions associated with the software system warrant use of any diagnostic features that are not currently enabled, the software system determines which of a plurality of available diagnostic features should be enabled. The software system then enables the determined one or more diagnostics features.12-11-2008
20080307265Method for Managing a Software Process, Method and System for Redistribution or for Continuity of Operation in a Multi-Computer Architecture - This invention relates to a method for managing a software application functioning in a multi-computer architecture (cluster). This management is applied, for example, to the analysis or modification of its execution environment, in as transparent a manner as possible vis-à-vis this application. This management is applied to operations of analysis, capture and restoration of the state of one or more processes of the application.12-11-2008
20100153786Processor, multiprocessor, and debugging method - A processor, a multiprocessor, and a debugging method for solving the conventional problems, one of which is very difficult to switch among debug programs and start the selected program within a certain time. The above convention problem can be solved by a processor that includes a debug unit block, a multimode debug interrupt control block, and an execution block. The debug unit block monitors the execution of the debug target user program and issues a debug interrupt when a predetermined debug condition is satisfied. The control block, upon receiving such a debug interrupt, specifies a debug mode that selects a predetermined debug program. When the debug unit block issues such a debug interrupt, the execution block selects and executes a debug program according to the debug mode specified by the control block.06-17-2010
20100262866CROSS-CONCERN CODE COVERAGE ASSESSMENT - A method for software processing includes extracting from software code under test respective items of meta-information pertaining to elements of the software code and receiving respective quality data regarding the elements of software code. The quality data and meta-information are processed in a computer so as to assign respective metrics to the items of the meta-information responsively to the quality data regarding the elements of the software code to which the items pertain. At least some of the meta-information is presented to a user in accordance with the assigned metrics.10-14-2010
20100192020METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REMOTE MONITORING SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE - Embodiments pertain generally to a method of providing a remote monitoring subscription service. The method includes receiving client activity data from at least one of a client virtual machine and a physical machine supporting the client virtual machine at a site of a customer and comparing the client activity data against a set of performance guidelines. The method also includes determining a recommended action in response to the client activity data not falling within the set of performance guidelines and forwarding the recommended action to the customer.07-29-2010
20090300423SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SOFTWARE TEST MANAGEMENT IN CLOUD-BASED NETWORK - Embodiments relate to systems and methods for testing and evaluating software in the network cloud. A developer or other operator may wish to debug, modify, or update a set of test software based on testing of that software. The developer can instantiate a set of virtual servers or other test beds in the cloud, and install the subject software to the virtual test beds. A test management module can monitor the execution of the set of test software on the set of virtual test beds, to detect execution faults, measure processing performance, stress-test the software with predetermined data inputs, and manage other aspects of software life cycle development. The test management module can provide or access a set of application programming interfaces to a set of software tools external to the cloud, so that the set of test software can be tested and optimized using external programming development tools.12-03-2009
20100162049Low Privilege Debugging Pipeline - A low privilege debug pipeline publisher advertises a debugging pipeline. Instead of having a client to which a debugger on the server has been attached interrogate the server for debugging information, the client requests information from the server. Control is returned to the server which can refuse to provide the requested information to the client. A debuggee server executes client code being debugged in an isolated context so that pausing the code at a breakpoint does not block the server. The server can apply transforms to compiled code to make the code cooperate with debugging services so that a privileged component to inspect the debuggee code is not needed.06-24-2010
20100241905System and Method for Detecting Security Intrusions and Soft Faults Using Performance Signatures - A method for detecting security intrusions and soft faults in a software system includes receiving a multi-dimensional performance signature built from operating system metrics sampled by a software system monitoring infrastructure, associating a plurality of buckets with each component of the performance signature, comparing a component of the sampled performance signature to an expected value for the performance signature component, where a bucket for the performance signature component is incremented if the sampled performance signature component exceeds the corresponding expected value, and the bucket for the performance signature component is decremented if the sampled performance signature component is less than the corresponding expected value, executing a security alert notification when the bucket for the performance signature component exceeds a first threshold, and executing a soft-fault notification when the bucket for the performance signature component exceeds a second threshold, where the first threshold is less than the second threshold.09-23-2010
20100251026DEBUGGING PROGRAM FUNCTION - A method of debugging a function upon function exit includes pausing program execution at the time of initializing the function, wherein the function initialization includes saving a set of registers on the stack, recording the value of the stack pointer, configuring a watchpoint register based on the recorded value, wherein the watchpoint register is configured to trap memory references of the function based on the recorded value of the stack pointer, and executing the function. Program execution will pause when it is exiting the function because of stack references made by the function epilogue to restore registers saved on the stack and the configured watchpoint registers.09-30-2010
20100241904MODEL-BASED TESTING OF AN APPLICATION PROGRAM UNDER TEST - A software testing system includes a test interface and a verification interface. The test interface receives a first processing request for the application program under test. The test interface generates a second processing request equivalent to the first processing request, and communicates the first and second processing requests to the application program under test and a model of the application program, respectively. A verification interface compares a first and a second response data set received, respectively, from the application program under test and the model. The verification interface generates an error indication if a difference is determined from the comparison of the first and second response data sets. If a difference is not determined from the comparison, then the verification interface generates a success indication. The verification interface communicates either the success or error indication to the test interface.09-23-2010
20100241903AUTOMATED HEALTH MODEL GENERATION AND REFINEMENT - The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for automatically generating and refining health models. Embodiments of the invention use machine learning tools to analyze historical telemetry data from a server deployment. The tools output fingerprints, for example, small groupings of specific metrics-plus-behavioral parameters, that uniquely identify and describe past problem events mined from the historical data. Embodiments automatically translate the fingerprints into health models that can be directly applied to monitoring the running system. Fully-automated feedback loops for identifying past problems and giving advance notice as those problems emerge in the future is facilitated without any operator intervention. In some embodiments, a single portion of expert knowledge, for example, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data, initiates health model generation. Once initiated, the feedback loop can be fully automated to access further telemetry and refine health models based on the further telemetry.09-23-2010
20080320334Transactional debugger for a transactional memory system - Various technologies and techniques are disclosed for providing a debugger for programs running under a transactional memory system. When running a particular program using the debugger, the system detects when a conflict occurs on at least one conflictpoint that was set in the particular program. A graphical user interface is provided that displays information related to the detected conflict. The graphical user interface can display transactional state and/or other details independently of a conflict. A conflictpoint can be assigned to one or more regions of source code in one or more transactions in the particular program. A conflictpoint can also be assigned to a particular variable in the particular program. When running the particular program in a debug mode, execution is stopped if a conflict occurs on any of the conflictpoints.12-25-2008
20090319832METHOD AND APPARATUS OF EFFECTIVE FUNCTIONAL TEST DATA GENERATION FOR WEB SERVICE TESTING - A method, system and apparatus for generating test data for web services testing load a selected file describing one or more web services operations into memory, select an operation specified in said loaded file, and identify one or more fields used in said operation. The one or more fields are customized and the customization is validated. Generation rules are configured and one or more variations of the fields are generated.12-24-2009
20090019315AUTOMATED SOFTWARE TESTING VIA MULTI-CHANNEL REMOTE COMPUTING - Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to software functional testing and provide a method, system and computer program product for automated software functional testing via multi-channel remote computing. In one embodiment of the invention, an automated software functional testing data processing system can be provided. The system can include a multi-user operating platform supporting multiple different user sessions configured for communicative coupling to corresponding remote desktops, and a test driver disposed in at least one of the remote desktops. In particular, the test driver can include program code enabled to forward test inputs to an application under test (AUT) executing in one of the user sessions, and to log received test outputs resulting from the test inputs.01-15-2009
20090319833Software Quality Assessment based on Semantic Similarities - A method for software processing includes accepting quality information, which includes names of elements of software code and respective quality indications regarding tested acceptability of the elements. The names are processed to extract a list of substrings that occur in the names. Respective metrics are assigned to the substrings responsively to the quality indications of the elements in whose names the substrings occur. At least some of the substrings are presented to a user in accordance with the assigned metrics.12-24-2009
20090164848Intelligent Test Framework - A system and method for testing an application or component is disclosed. A debugging agent connects to the application or component to monitor one or more test processes on the application or component according to a template-based configuration. A test framework defines the template-based configuration for the debugging agent, creates test input data for the application or component for use by the one or more test processes, and starts the execution of the one or more test processes. The test framework is further adapted to record test output data from the one or more test processes.06-25-2009
20090106599System and method to locate and correct software errors within a protocol stack for wireless devices - The present invention provides a method to test a protocol stack operable to be loaded to a wireless terminal. This involves the creation of simulation scripts from prior test case logs associated with a prior test case executed on a physical wireless terminal. When the prior test case is failed on a physical device, the simulation scripts are used to locate and correct errors in protocol stack. The simulation scripts are then stored within and retrieved from a library. These simulations scripts are loaded within a simulation environment within computer systems such as a personal computer. The simulation scripts are executed on the protocol stack within the simulation environment to produce a set of results. These results are then compared to a reference log, wherein a favorable comparison indicates a satisfactory simulation. Should an unfavorable comparison result, the protocol stack may be revised. The above process may then be repeated on the revised protocol stacks following the detection, location and correction of errors within the protocol stack.04-23-2009
20090037775MESSAGING SYSTEM BASED GROUP JOINT DEBUGGING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A messaging system based group joint debugging system is provided, comprising a master computer and a slave computer in mutual communication with the master computer through network. With the group joint debugging system, multiple members of a geographical distributed development team can do jobs on a same debugging session. The master computer includes capabilities for obtaining a debugging request message containing a debugging command via the messaging system, extracting the debugging command and calling a corresponding debugging function of the program debugger according to the debugging command, and sending execution result of the called debugging function, as a debugging response message, to computers participating in a group joint debugging, such that the group joint debugging is carried out to the program to be debugged. The slave computer includes capabilities for receiving the debugging response message and carrying out automatic debugging on the program according to the debugging command.02-05-2009
20090070631System and Method for Re-Shuffling Test Case Instruction Orders for Processor Design Verification and Validation - A system and method for creating multiple test case scenarios from one test case by shuffling the test case instruction order while maintaining relative sub test case instruction order intact is presented. A test case generator generates and provides a test case that includes multiple sub test cases to a test case executor. In turn, the test case executor recursively schedules and dispatches the test case with different shuffled instruction orders to a processor in order to efficiently test the processor. In one embodiment, the test case generator provides multiple test cases to the test case executor. In another embodiment, the test case generator provides test cases to multiple test case executors that, in turn, shuffle the test cases and provide the shuffled test cases to their respective processor.03-12-2009
20100306593AUTOMATIC BUG REPORTING TOOL - An apparatus and a method for detecting and reporting malfunctions in computer programs is described. A malfunction detector detects at least one type of a software malfunction as defined in a configurable malfunction library. A data collector collects data of the software malfunction. A crash reporter reports the crash report in a manner specified in a configurable reporting library corresponding to the type of software malfunction to one or more remote computers.12-02-2010
20100313075METHOD FOR SUPPORTING A SAFETY-ORIENTED SYSTEM - At least one embodiment of the present invention relates to supporting a safety-oriented system, with the safety-oriented system including safety-critical software components and non-safety-critical software components. In this method, a possibility of a safety-critical software component and a non-safety-critical software component influencing each other is identified and a set of technical measures for preventing the possibility of influencing is defined. In this way, an absence of feedback from non-safety-critical software components to safety-critical software components is both verified and also ensured by at least one embodiment of the present invention.12-09-2010
20100325491MINING A USE CASE MODEL BY ANALYZING ITS DESCRIPTION IN PLAIN LANGUAGE AND ANALYZING TEXTURAL USE CASE MODELS TO IDENTIFY MODELING ERRORS - A system and method for identifying modeling errors in textual use case description analyze an input text describing a use case and create an application model representing the use case, the application model containing information obtained from analyzing the input text describing the use case. The application model may be automatically analyzed using automatic process and one or more errors in the use case and/or reports about the use case may be generated. In one aspect, processing components may be integrated into a user development environment to allow developing use cases and improving them incrementally and/or iteratively as information is identified about the use cases.12-23-2010
20100325492Identification Of Elements Of Currently-Executing Component Script - An apparatus (12-23-2010
20110016359AIDING IN CREATING, EXTENDING, AND VERIFYING ACCESSIBILITY METADATA - Degrees of similarity between pages from the viewpoint of metadata creation and verification can be estimated based on degrees of similarity between pages in terms of structure, style (appearance), and accessibility error, and, based on the estimation, representative pages appropriate for efficiently adding metadata can be recommended, or target pages appropriate for efficiently verifying the metadata can be recommended.01-20-2011
20100125756METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR IMPLEMENTING OBJECT-ORIENTED EXCEPTION HANDLING - A system, method, and computer-readable medium having instructions thereon for executing a method for providing object-oriented content-based exception handling in business software applications are provided. An embodiment provides for handling an exception based on both the context of a process step in a process chain of a business software application, as well as the specific content of the process. An embodiment includes the use of a database to associate content information with desired responses, in order to further automate exception handling. For those exceptions which cannot be handled in an automatic fashion, then manual intervention is requested.05-20-2010
20100218049Method of Creating Signatures for Classifying Program Failures - A novel and useful method of creating signatures for use in classifying failures of software programs in general and circuit design simulation tests in particular. Upon failure of a processor simulation test, the method of the present invention creates a signature comprising the sequence of source code commands executed shortly before the failure. The created signature, along with the reported error message together provides a functional grouping of the tests into groups of similar failures. After executing a suite of processor simulation test programs the resulting signatures are classified by their respective error messages and signatures. The results are then analyzed to pinpoint any program errors, or (in the case of processor design tests) design flaws causing the simulation test failures.08-26-2010
20100131803COMPUTATION OF STACK USAGE IN EMBEDDED COMPUTING SYSTEMS - A method to facilitate memory allocation includes examining an executable program file configured to be executed by a processor to identify a group of functions present within the executable program file, and calculating memory requirements for each function of the group of functions. Further operations include identifying a plurality of root functions as functions which are not referred to by other functions, creating a function call tree for each of the plurality of root functions, such that each of the function call trees comprise functions which are directly or indirectly referred to by an associated one of the plurality of root functions, and calculating memory requirements for one or more function call paths of each of the function call trees based upon the calculated memory requirements of the functions included within the one or more function call paths.05-27-2010
20090210749ANNOTATING GUI TEST AUTOMATION PLAYBACK AND DEBUGGING - A method and system for annotating an object on the graphical user interface (GUI) (“a GUI object”) during automated testing of an application. In one embodiment, the GUI of an application is tested with a test automation tool. During runtime of the automated test, the test automation tool automatically overlays a visual cue on the GUI. The visual cue points to a GUI object of the application and contains a comment regarding an event relating to the GUI object that is expected to occur in runtime.08-20-2009
20100037101EXPOSING APPLICATION PERFORMANCE COUNTERS FOR .NET APPLICATIONS THROUGH CODE INSTRUMENTATION - Disclosed is a method for adding performance counters to a .NET application after compilation of the .NET application to Common Intermediate Language code without a requirement for code changes to the original .NET application code or application recompilation from the development side. With regard to a further aspect of a particularly preferred embodiment, the invention may provide a method for adding the performance counters by declarative instrumentation of a .NET application at runtime or compile time, without the need for an application developer to hardcode instrumentation logic into the application. An instrumentation configuration file provides declarative definition for performance counters that are to be added to a particular application, and particularly includes a complete list of performance counters that need to be added and settings for each performance counter.02-11-2010
20090327815Process Reflection - Process reflection techniques are described in which a reflected process is created to facilitate analysis of a process. Events are detected to initiate reflection of a target process. Process reflection of a target process may be initiated by an external process or by the target process itself. A reflected process of the target process is created. In an implementation, data defining the target process is replicated, copied, or otherwise collected from the target process to create the reflected process. Then, analysis may be performed on the reflected process while execution of the target process continues.12-31-2009
20090313507Generation of trace data in a multi-processor system - A data processing apparatus is provided having a plurality of processing circuits each having access to a memory. Tracing circuitry is provided for generating a stream of trace data for generating a stream of trace data corresponding to at least one of the plurality of processing circuits. Selection circuitry is provided to enable selective switching of the tracing circuitry from generating a first trace data stream corresponding to a first one of the plurality of processing circuits generating a second different trace data stream corresponding to a different one of the plurality of processing circuits. The selective switching is performed in dependence upon processing state information associating with one or more of the plurality of processing circuits. A corresponding method and computer program product are also provided.12-17-2009
20090217100TEST SCRIPT TRANSFORMATION ANALYZER WITH ECONOMIC COST ENGINE - An economic engine generates accurate cost estimates for adapting a test script for use against an evolving application. Applications often have complex graphical user interfaces for which the permutations and combinations of GUI elements give rise to an enormous field of potential commands and command sequences to be tested. Furthermore, these applications change over time, rendering prior test scripts unworkable. The economic engine generates cost reports that reliably estimate the resources and time needed to produce new test scripts and test subsequent application versions, while greatly reducing the time, cost, and resource expenditures needed to arrive at subsequent application versions.08-27-2009
20100070804Method for controlling program execution integrity by verifying execution trace Prints - The inventive method for controlling a program execution integrity by verifying execution trace prints consists in updating the representative print of an execution path and/or data applied for a program execution, comparing the actual print value (dynamically calculated to an expected value (statistically fixed, equal to a value of the print if the program execution is not disturbed) at a determined program spots and in carrying out a particular processing by the program when the actual print differs from the expected value.03-18-2010
20100064179Call-stack pattern matching for problem resolution within software - A method of diagnosing a fault condition within software can include, responsive to a fault condition within a computing system belonging to an organization, automatically sending call-stack information for the fault condition to a first server within the organization. Within the first server, the call-stack information for the fault condition can be compared with call-stack information from prior fault conditions that occurred within the organization to determine whether the call-stack information for the fault condition matches call-stack information from one of the prior fault conditions. The method further can include sending the call-stack information to a second server for comparison with call-stack information from prior fault conditions that occurred within at least one different organization if the call-stack information for the fault condition does not match.03-11-2010
20100064177NETWORK HANG RECOVERY - A method of detecting a network hang and restoring an application that communicates on a connection giving rise to the network hang. A user experience may be improved by providing the user with an option to restore the hung application without losing unsaved data or state information. The network hang may be detected when the user tries to terminate the application. The method may include determining whether the network hang is recoverable, which may involve diagnosing a type of the hang. If recoverable, a network connection reset mechanism may be triggered by instructing a network stack of the computer to terminate the network connection.03-11-2010
20080256394Method and apparatus for testing media player software applications - A method, system and program application is provided for automatically testing the operation of a media player with media files (e.g., video files) that are embodied in various formats. In one illustrative example visually encoded metrics are embedded in a media file that is to serve as a test file. These metrics can be detected and decoded when the test file is rendered by the media player. A testing program automatically executes various playback commands to simulate the way a user would operate the media player when viewing a media file. The testing program captures the media player's display buffer after the execution of each command. The display buffer includes the frame or frames that are played by the media player as a result of the commands. The metric or metrics embedded in the captured frames are detected and decoded and compared to a database that includes the metric or metrics that would be expected if the media player is correctly playing the test file.10-16-2008
20080256393DETECTING UNEXPECTED IMPACT OF SOFTWARE CHANGES USING COVERAGE ANALYSIS - A computer-implemented method for evaluating software code includes measuring a first coverage of a test applied to the software code and then making a modification in a first section of the software code. A second coverage of the test applied to the software code is measured after making the modification. A difference is identified between the first coverage and the second coverage in a second section of the software code, which is separate from the first section and was not modified since the first coverage was measured, and an indication of the difference is output.10-16-2008
20100251027METHODS AND SYSTEMS OF DETERMINING A QUALITY LEVEL OF A SOFTWARE INSTANCE - An exemplary method includes displaying a graphical user interface configured to facilitate identification of one or more defects in a software instance, receiving data representative of at least one instruction via the graphical user interface to associate one of a plurality of defect severity levels each having one of a plurality of weighted values with each of the one or more defects, and generating a product quality index corresponding to the software instance and that indicates a quality level of the software instance compared to a substantially defect-free software instance. In some examples, the generation of the product quality index is based on the defect severity levels and the weighted values associated with the one or more defects.09-30-2010
20110029820NATIVE CODE MODULE SECURITY FOR 64-BIT INSTRUCTION SET ARCHITECTURES - Some embodiments provide a system that executes a native code module. During operation, the system obtains the native code module. Next, the system loads the native code module into a secure runtime environment. Finally, the system safely executes the native code module in the secure runtime environment by using a set of software fault isolation (SFI) mechanisms that maintain control flow integrity for the native code module and constrain store instructions in the native code module by bounding a valid memory region of the native code module with one or more guard regions.02-03-2011
20110016357CALL-STACKS REPRESENTATION FOR EASIER ANALYSIS OF THREAD DUMP - Computer systems and methods for call-stacks representation for easier analysis of thread dumps. Execution data for a number of process threads are accessed by a parser in a thread dump wherein execution data includes a number of call-stacks. Process threads have corresponding call-stacks comprising information about active program subroutines of the thread. Threads are grouped in a number of sets that include threads with one or more actions in common. The sets correspond to a same action or subroutine in the call-stacks of the grouped threads. A tree representation of the execution data is generated based on the active actions in the call-stacks. In the tree representation, a first set of grouped threads is a child to a second set of grouped threads when the action corresponding to the first set is invoked by the subroutine corresponding to the second set.01-20-2011
20110016356FAULT DETECTION AND LOCALIZATION IN DYNAMIC SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS - The present invention provides a system, computer program product and a computer implemented method for prioritizing code fragments based on the use of a software oracle and on a correlation between the executed code fragments and the output they produce. Also described is a computer-implemented method generates additional user inputs based on execution information associated with path constraints and based on information from the oracle. Advantageously, the embodiment is useful in a test generation tool that generated many similar inputs when a failure-inducing input is found, in order to enhance fault localization. Further, described is a computer-implemented flow for extending the existing idea of concolic testing to applications that interact with persistent state.01-20-2011
20080244320Program Test System - An improved automated software testing system provides the ability to generate and reuse test cases over multiple platforms. Keywords and natural language are used in test case creation, simplifying the process for non-technical business users. Business users can write test cases without scripts. Test cases can be generated even before the application to be tested is available. Data substitution provides ability for test cases to adapt to changing data. Abstraction allows use of all third-party and custom software test tools to be incorporated. Persistent data handling allows capture of data generated during test execution for later use. Testing can be performed entirely automatically or can incorporate some manual interaction. Test results, screen captures of the system tested, along with environment and machine variables are saved in results logs for later review.10-02-2008
20100088548Using Constraint Solving to Discovering Disjunctive and Quantified Invariants Over Predicate Abstraction - Techniques are disclosed for generating complex invariants in a program using a Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) solver. In one embodiment, the generated invariants may be used to validate assert statements in a program. Additionally or alternatively, a weakest pre-condition invariant may be generated such that parameters passed to the program that satisfy the weakest pre-condition are guaranteed to satisfy the program's assert statements. Additionally or alternatively, a strongest post-condition may be generated, determining what is guaranteed to be true about the state of the program upon completion of the program. In one embodiment, the SMT solver generates invariants by mapping predicates onto unknown variables in a template. The template may comprise unknown variables related by logical structures defined with disjunctions, universal quantifiers, and existential quantifiers. The predicates may comprise equalities and inequalities between program variables.04-08-2010
20100083049COMPUTER SYSTEM, METHOD OF DETECTING SYMPTOM OF FAILURE IN COMPUTER SYSTEM, AND PROGRAM - Provided is a computer system comprising: a failure symptom detection unit for detecting a symptom of a failure in hardware of a computer based on a measurement of a sensor; and a plurality of the sensors each provided to a component of the hardware, for measuring a status quantity of the component. The failure symptom detection unit comprises: a failure symptom determination processing unit for obtaining, from a characteristic information for each application, an estimation of the status quantity of the each component, which corresponds to current load information, obtaining a current status quantity as a current value for the each component, and determining, when an absolute value of a difference between the estimation and the current value is equal to or more than a permissible error, that the symptom of the failure is present.04-01-2010
20100083048EVALUATING EFFECTIVENESS OF MEMORY MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES SELECTIVELY USING MITIGATIONS TO REDUCE ERRORS - A mitigation enablement module for a computer that improves application reliability. When performing memory management operations, the mitigation enablement module and associated memory manager selectively use mitigations that are intended to prevent an application bug from cause an application error. The memory manager may selectively apply mitigations for each of one or more applications based on the likelihood that such mitigations are successful at preventing bugs from causing application errors. The likelihood is determined from historical information on whether the mitigations, when applied, prevented bugs from causing memory operations that could cause application errors. This historical information can be gathered on a single computer over multiple invocations of the application or may be aggregated from multiple computers, each invoking the application. The determined likelihood may then be used to determine whether or for how long to apply the mitigation actions for memory operations requested by the application.04-01-2010
20090327814DIAGNOSIS APPARATUS, DIAGNOSIS METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A diagnosis apparatus is disclosed that is able to promote productivity of a diagnosis of the target program which may be for an image forming apparatus such as a printer, a copier, or a fax. The diagnosis apparatus uses a diagnosis program which acquires log information of a target program at runtime. The diagnosis program is sent to a situation where the diagnosis program is to be executed. Further, the diagnosis apparatus includes a memory unit configured to store correspondence data between the diagnosis program and program selection information, where the program selection information is used for selecting the diagnosis program. Also included is a selecting unit which selects the diagnosis program based on the correspondence data, a sending unit which sends the diagnosis program to the situation, and a receiving unit which receives the log information from the diagnosis program.12-31-2009
20090287962SOLUTION FOR AUTOMATICALLY INCORPORATING DIAGNOSTIC DATA WITHIN SCREEN CAPTURE IMAGES - The present invention can include an automated solution for incorporating diagnostic data within an image of a screen capture image. When a screen capture event is detected, a screen capture image can be generated. The software applications contained within the screen capture image can be identified. Diagnostic data pertaining to the identified software applications can be automatically collected and incorporated into the screen capture image file.11-19-2009
20090240989TEST SYSTEM AND BACK ANNOTATION METHOD - A test system for performing a test of a device is provided that comprises a source file of a test plan that describes a program for performing a test, and one or more of elements that are formed in a unit that divides the source file into one or more blocks. The test system further comprises an annotatable object that, when debugging of objects of the source file is performed, manages modification details of the debugging with reference to an element corresponding to a portion where the debugging is performed, and a controller that, after the debugging, rewrites the source file with details after the debugging is performed on an element basis based on the element and the annotatable object.09-24-2009
20090240987TEST AMPLIFICATION FOR DATACENTER APPLICATIONS VIA MODEL CHECKING - Systems and methods are provided to determine execution errors in distributed computing environments. In an illustrative implementation, a computing environment comprises a test amplification engine and at least one instruction set to instruct the test amplification engine to process data representative of a request to perform a test for one or more execution errors in an distributed computing environment according to a selected execution error testing paradigm dependent on identifying critical sources of non-determinism for execution within the exemplary distributed computing environment. In an illustrative operation, a participating distributed computing environment operator (e.g., programmer) can cooperate with the test amplification engine to select an existing unit or integration test, instrument sources of non-determinism and to select one or more instrumentations for the unit or integration test for execution in the exemplary distributed computing environment to elicit the occurrence of one or more execution errors.09-24-2009
20080320333Memory Handling Techniques To Facilitate Debugging - A method for debugging includes interacting with a memory management component to force an interrupt upon access to one or more memory locations during software execution, and in response to the forced interrupt, saving information regarding the execution of the software, and interacting with the memory management component to disable the interrupt upon access to the one or more memory locations during software execution.12-25-2008
20080320332Error Processing Across Multiple Initiator Network - An architecture for error log processing is provided. Each error log is given a defined priority and mapped to an error recovery procedure (ERP) to be run if the log is seen. The system has a plurality of software layers to process the errors. Each software layer processes the error independently. Errors are reported to a higher software stack when error recovery fails from the lower stack ERPs and recovery is non-transparent. If the system host identified for error processing fails, the control of the ERP is transferred during the failover process. Non-obvious failed component isolating ERPs are grouped to be run together to assist in isolating the failed component. Prioritization of the error systems may be based on a plurality of criteria. ERPs are assigned to run within a particular software stack.12-25-2008
20090138762COMPUTER-IMPLEMENTED METHOD OF PERFORMANCE TESTING SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS - A method of performance testing for software applications can include storing, in a network accessible location, options corresponding to functions for use in performance test cases and sending to a computer system an electronic document specifying at least one of the plurality of options. The computer system can be remotely located from the network accessible location. The method further can include receiving, from the computer system, input selecting at least one option from the electronic document and automatically generating a performance test case using functions corresponding to the selected option(s). The options can be selected through a Web-based shopping cart and/or system interface thereby easing the process of test case generation.05-28-2009
20090106597Automatically Populating Symptom Databases for Software Applications - A solution is proposed for populating a symptom collection—such as a symptom database—for a software application. The symptom collection includes an indication of a set of symptoms; each symptom consists of an undesired behavior of the software application, which symptom is due to each one of a set of corresponding problems of the software application (resulting from a misuse thereof). The symptom database also includes an indication of an explanation of each problem. A corresponding method involves performing a test of the software application for verifying a correctness of the software application. The symptom collection is then populated according to a result of the test.04-23-2009
20100281305HIERARCHICAL LOAD ESTIMATION SYSTEM, METHOD AND PROGRAM - A hierarchical load estimation system 11-04-2010
20100180158Managing Statistical Profile Data - The illustrative embodiments disclose a computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for refining statistical profile data. In one embodiment, the process interrupts an execution of a software program in response to detecting a profiling event during the execution of the software program. The process then records an event sample associated with the profiling event. The event sample is recorded in a log file. The process also inserts a set of markers describing and associated with the event sample into the log file. The process then resumes the execution of the software program.07-15-2010
20100180159 METHOD, APPARATUS OR SOFTWARE FOR SELECTIVELY ACTIVATING A TRACE FUNCTION - A method, apparatus, and a computer program product are disclosed for selectively activating a trace function in a computer program in response to a call of a predetermined trigger code element so that trace data is produced only for those subroutines that call the trigger code element or are called by the trigger code element. The computer program product provides one or more trace code elements for one or more selected subroutines of the computer program stored on internal memory of a digital computer. The trace code elements provide trace data for said selected subroutines. The computer program product also selects a subroutine as a trigger code element, processes the computer program, monitors the call stack for the trigger code element, and enables the trace code elements for each selected subroutine simultaneously present in the call stack if the trigger code element is identified in the call stack.07-15-2010
20110029819SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING PROGRAM TRACKING INFORMATION - There is provided a system and method of providing program tracking information. An exemplary method comprises compiling a program into a plurality of instruction bundles. The exemplary method also comprises placing an instruction to store program tracking information in a local path table or a global path table into at least one of the plurality of instruction bundles.02-03-2011
20100058113MULTI-LAYER CONTEXT PARSING AND INCIDENT MODEL CONSTRUCTION FOR SOFTWARE SUPPORT - A context analyzer may be configured to receive, from a software support system associated with a software application associated with multiple architectural layers, an incident report associated with a software incident of the software application. The incident report may include context information associated with the software application at the time of the software incident, the context information being received from a plurality of context providers. An incident model generator may be configured to determine, from parsed context information output by a first context parser and a second context parser, a plurality of entities and links therebetween associated with the software application, and configured to display an incident model that includes the entities and the links and that provides access to the parsed context information on an entity-specific basis.03-04-2010
20090292952TECHNIQUES FOR DYNAMICALLY DETERMINING TEST PLATFORMS - Various technologies and techniques are disclosed for dynamically determining test platforms. A test platform matrix is generated for use with a test run. The test platform matrix is generated based on a combination of test coverage specifications and a history of test coverage from prior runs. Machines are provisioned for executing the test run according to the test platform matrix. Different system configurations are tested than prior system configurations that were tested in a most recent prior run.11-26-2009
20100031090SELF-HEALING FACTORY PROCESSES IN A SOFTWARE FACTORY - A method, system, and computer-readable medium for self-healing a software factory are presented. Factory metrics that describe resources and operations within the software factory are collected and analyzed. If the analysis reveals a significant problem within the software factory, then corrective measures are taken and stored, thus enabling the software factory to evolve and improve over time.02-04-2010
20100023810METHODS, MEDIA AND SYSTEMS FOR DETECTING ANOMALOUS PROGRAM EXECUTIONS - Methods, media, and systems for detecting anomalous program executions are provided. In some embodiments, methods for detecting anomalous program executions are provided, comprising: executing at least a part of a program in an emulator; comparing a function call made in the emulator to a model of function calls for the at least a part of the program; and identifying the function call as anomalous based on the comparison. In some embodiments, methods for detecting anomalous program executions are provided, comprising: modifying a program to include indicators of program-level function calls being made during execution of the program; comparing at least one of the indicators of program-level function calls made in the emulator to a model of function calls for the at least a part of the program; and identifying a function call corresponding to the at least one of the indicators as anomalous based on the comparison.01-28-2010
20090172476Test Executive System with Memory Leak Detection for User Code Modules - A system and method for automatically detecting heap corruption errors and memory leak errors caused by user-supplied code modules that are called by steps of a test executive sequence. The test executive sequence may first be created by including a plurality of test executive steps in the test executive sequence and configuring at least a subset of the steps to call user-supplied code modules. The test executive sequence may then be executed on a host computer under control of a test executive engine. For each step that calls a user-supplied code module, the test executive engine may perform certain actions to automatically detect whether the user-supplied code module causes a heap corruption error and/or automatically detect whether the user-supplied code module causes a memory leak error.07-02-2009
20090037774CLIENT SERVER SYSTEM FOR ANALYSIS AND PERFORMANCE TUNING OF REMOTE GRAPHICS DEVICES - Embodiments of the invention provide a data communications protocol and client server architecture used for the performance analysis and debugging of a graphics application running on a remote device. The remote device may be a hand-held video game console, a mobile phone, or convergence device, but may also be a personal computer system. A graphical application debugger may include a host component and a target component. The host component executes on a host system and presents a debugging interface to a developer. The target component may record data related to the performance of a graphics pipeline on the target device and transmit this data back to the host system over a communication link. The target component may be included as part of an instrumented version of a graphics device driver.02-05-2009
20090132860SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RAPIDLY DIAGNOSING BUGS OF SYSTEM SOFTWARE - A system and a method for rapidly diagnosing bugs of system software are apply for rapidly localizing a system program fault that causes a system error and then feeding back to a subscriber. First, according to the subscriber's requirement, a program of system fault analysis standard is preset and written into the system. Next, a plurality of fault insertion points is added into a program module of the system according to the subscriber's requirement for the precision of the fault analysis result. Then, fault management information is generated at the fault insertion points during the running process of the system program, and the management information is monitored for collecting relevant system fault data. After that, the collected system fault data is analyzed in real time through the program of system fault analysis standard, so as to obtain the minimum fault set for causing the system error.05-21-2009
20090089622Providing Customizable, Process-Specific Just-In-Time Debugging in an Operating System - A method and a system for providing customizable, process-specific Just-In-Time debugging in operating system is provide in this invention. The method comprises the following steps: obtaining process-specific JIT debugging information, in response to the occurrence of an trap event in operating system; invoking the debugger corresponding to the process according to the obtained process-specific JIT debugging information. This method and system supports per-process JIT debugging configuration.04-02-2009
20100174948EMBEDDED SYSTEMS DEBUGGING - The invention relates to a data processing system comprising a central processing unit, a first memory coupled to the central processing unit for storing variable data values, an eventing engine coupled to the central processing, a debug module coupled to the central processing unit and to the eventing engine for receiving the variable data values by way of the eventing engine in real time and configured to trigger breakpoints; and an interface to connect to an external device. Both event-based variable watching and debugging can occur contemporaneously by a user using an external device connected to the interface.07-08-2010
20100174947DAMAGED SOFTWARE SYSTEM DETECTION - A computer implemented method for a computer including a processor having a software stack accessed by multiple application programs includes receiving software requests from the multiple applications at the software stack; monitoring the rate of stack failures at the stack via a stack monitor; comparing the rate of stack failures with a time related threshold; and generating an alarm when the rate of stack failures exceeds the time related threshold.07-08-2010
20100174946Method for Debugging a Hang Condition in a Process Without Affecting the Process State - Embodiments of the invention are associated with an application process that comprises multiple threads, wherein threads of the process are disposes to run on a data processing system, and each thread can have a user mode or a kernel mode machine state, or both, selectively, when it is running. An embodiment directed to a method comprises the steps of allocating a specified memory location for each of the threads, and responsive to a given thread entering a sleep state, selectively saving the kernel mode machine state of the given thread in the specified memory location for the given thread. The saved machine state comprises the state of the given thread immediately prior to the given thread entering the sleep state. In response to detecting a hang condition in the operation of the process, a debugger is attached to the process to access at least one of the saved user mode machine states. The method further includes analyzing information provided by the at least one accessed machine state to determine the cause of the hang condition, and restoring the original state upon detachment, so the debugger attachment is completely transparent to the target process.07-08-2010
20100050020INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AND INFORMATION SOLUTIONS HAVING INDUSTRY SPECIFIC MODALITIES - The innovation relates to a system and/or methodology for the configuration and creation of industrial automation designs. The system providing for the generation of functional specifications, software and hardware designs, as well as testing and testing schemas. Additionally, the innovation provides a user interface for modification of the designs and specifications.02-25-2010
20100287415METHOD OF MAKING AN ENDURING UNIVERSAL TOOL FOR DEVELOPING EQUIPMENT TESTS AND TOOL FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION THEREOF - An enduring universal tool for developing equipment tests includes a requirement specification function, a test design function, a library of generic commands, document generation engines and libraries to support the conversion of high-level test programs into low-level language.11-11-2010
20090063904DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES IN SOFTWARE PRODUCTS - A method for describing activities in software products is provided. The method provides for identifying a plurality of activities in a software product that are of interest, defining an event structure to describe each identified activity as an event, associating each identified activity with one or more problem determination technologies, executing the software product, and responsive to detecting one of the plurality of identified activities during execution of the software product, creating one or more event records for the one detected activity based on the defined event structure, initiating the one or more problem determination technologies associated with the one detected activity, and passing the one or more event records to each of the one or more problem determination technologies.03-05-2009
20100100771SETUP VERIFICATION FOR AN EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION SYSTEM - A compensation system receives a plurality of setup parameters. The compensation system tests the setup parameters through a verification. The verification generates an error output if the setup parameters will lead to undesirable results when operating the compensation system.04-22-2010
20100146340Analyzing Coverage of Code Changes - A method, system, and computer usable program product for analyzing test coverage of code changes are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A first source code is received. A second source code is received. The second code includes a changed code in comparison with the first source code. The changed code is identified. A set of test cases is executed on the second code. Information about the test coverage of the changed code is produced. Additionally, a determination may be made whether to produce code coverage information for the entire second source code or only the changed code. Using the set of test cases, code coverage information for the second source code may be computed, forming complete code coverage information. The information about the coverage of only the changed code may be selected from the complete code coverage information.06-10-2010
20080250273Problem Determination Via Model-Based Debugging - A method for automated software debugging includes steps of: receiving an interface configured for accessing a program; receiving a behavioral model of the program; receiving a failing input sequence from the program; executing the failing input sequence on both the behavioral model and the program; validating, after each executing step, an expected behavior of the program by executing specially constructed test sequences from the behavioral model; performing model mutation for creating a hypothesis of faulty behaviors; verifying hypothesized faulty behaviors; and scoring hypothesized faulty behaviors for producing a ranked list of diagnoses. The method also includes a step of presenting the ranked list of diagnoses to a user.10-09-2008
20080244324Method and system for providing enhanced exception messages for exceptions thrown by virtual machines - A system and method are provided to provide enhanced exception messages for exceptions thrown by virtual machines. In one embodiment, an exception is detected when it is thrown at a virtual machine when a programming error is detected. A first message is associated to the exception, the first message including a default message. A request is received for a second message to be associated with the exception. The second message is associated to the exception in response to the request, the second message including an extended message explaining the exception.10-02-2008
20080244323Program Test System - An improved automated software testing system provides the ability to generate and reuse test cases over multiple platforms. Keywords and natural language are used in test case creation, simplifying the process for non-technical business users. Business users can write test cases without scripts. Test cases can be generated even before the application to be tested is available. Data substitution provides ability for test cases to adapt to changing data. Abstraction allows use of all third-party and custom software test tools to be incorporated. Persistent data handling allows capture of data generated during test execution for later use. Testing can be performed entirely automatically or can incorporate some manual interaction. Test results, screen captures of the system tested, along with environment and machine variables are saved in results logs for later review.10-02-2008
20080244322Program Test System - An improved automated software testing system provides the ability to generate and reuse test cases over multiple platforms. Keywords and natural language are used in test case creation, simplifying the process for non-technical business users. Business users can write test cases without scripts. Test cases can be generated even before the application to be tested is available. Data substitution provides ability for test cases to adapt to changing data. Abstraction allows use of all third-party and custom software test tools to be incorporated. Persistent data handling allows capture of data generated during test execution for later use. Testing can be performed entirely automatically or can incorporate some manual interaction. Test results, screen captures of the system tested, along with environment and machine variables are saved in results logs for later review.10-02-2008
20080244319Method and Apparatus For Detecting Performance, Availability and Content Deviations in Enterprise Software Applications10-02-2008
20080235536SYSTEM AND METHOD OF PREVENTING A WEB BROWSER PLUG-IN MODULE FROM GENERATING A FAILURE - The present invention improves the stability of a Web browser by identifying plug-in modules that cause failures. Data in memory at the time of a failure is analyzed, and a failure signature is generated. The failure signature is compared to a database of known failure signatures so that the source of the failure may be identified. If a plug-in module to a Web browser is identified as the source of a failure, options are presented to the user who may update the plug-in module with code that does not produce a failure or disable the plug-in module altogether.09-25-2008
20080229152On-chip debug emulator, debugging method, and microcomputer - An on-chip debug emulator is capable of connecting to the target device and the host device for remotely debugging the program in the target device. The on-chip debug emulator contains a debug communication control unit. This debug communication control unit contains a plurality of serial communication circuits, the plurality of serial communication circuits are commonly provided with a clock signal. The debug communication control unit controls communications with the target device based on commands output from the host device. Each of The plurality of serial communication circuits contains a data buffer and serially transmits data stored in the data buffer to and from the target device while synchronized with the clock signal. Namely, the plurality of serial communication circuits communicate in parallel while operating synchronized with the same clock. The on-chip debug emulator can in this way be made utilizing a low-cost microcomputer not containing any parallel communication circuits.09-18-2008
20080222455Reporting diagnostic information for code of an application program interface - A technology for reporting diagnostic information for code of an application program interface is disclosed. In one method approach, diagnostic information for a line of code in a file associated with an application program interface is received. The diagnostic information includes a designation of the line of code. The diagnostic information is stored in a fixed sized buffer. Efficient use of memory is provided without requiring elimination of other diagnostic information previously stored in the fixed sized buffer.09-11-2008
20080222454PROGRAM TEST SYSTEM - An improved automated software testing system provides the ability to generate and reuse test cases over multiple platforms. Keywords and natural language are used in test case creation, simplifying the process for non-technical business users. Business users can write test cases without scripts. Test cases can be generated even before the application to be tested is available. Data substitution provides ability for test cases to adapt to changing data. Abstraction allows use of all third-party and custom software test tools to be incorporated. Persistent data handling allows capture of data generated during test execution for later use. Testing can be performed entirely automatically or can incorporate some manual interaction. Test results, screen captures of the system tested, along with environment and machine variables are saved in results logs for later review.09-11-2008
20080201613METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR FIRST OCCURENCE DEBUGGING - An embodiment relates generally to an apparatus for debugging. The apparatus includes a memory configured to store data and an arithmetic logic unit configured to perform logical and arithmetic operations. The apparatus also includes a control unit configured to interface with the memory and arithmetic logic unit and to decode instructions. The control unit is configured to write a data state designated to be overwritten by a currently executing instruction to a buffer allocated in the memory in response to a trace debug flag being set.08-21-2008
20080201612Defect Resolution Methodology and Data Defects Quality/Risk Metric Model Extension - Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for analyzing defects associated with a software development project. Descriptions of defects identified during the testing of a software product may be stored in a data structure. One or more of the defects may be identified as data defects. If data defects are determined to be the dominant class of defects in the data structure, the data defects may be analyzed to determine a cause for one or more data defects. For example, the focus areas affected by the defects, the trends over time of the defects, the particular types of the data defects, the stability of the system, etc. may be analyzed to determine a cause for the data defects. Therefore, corrective measures may be taken based on the identified cause of the one or more data defects.08-21-2008
20100287414EXCEPTION RAISED NOTIFICATION - An exception notification system is described herein that provides an early notification that a software exception has occurred before exception handling code has run. The exception notification system receives a registration request from program code to register a handler to receive an early notification when an exception occurs. When an exception occurs, the system raises an event that calls each registered handler. After the handler returns, the system performs normal exception handling, so that the early notification does not change existing exception-handling behavior. The exception notification system allows a program to inspect and log an exception before the program state has been modified by exception handling. The program code can capture detailed information about the cause of the exception to enable further offline analysis. Thus, the exception notification system allows developers to improve their programs by receiving more information about unexpected conditions in the program code.11-11-2010
20100318854SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CHECKING FIRMWARE DEFINITION FILE - A system and a method for checking a firmware definition file are provided. The system includes a software control side and a plurality of hardware signal sides. The software control side has a firmware definition file, and generates a plurality of simulating signals in accordance with the firmware definition file. The hardware signal sides receive the simulating signals respectively so as to generate a plurality of feedback signals fed to the software control side. The software control side establishes an event log in accordance with the feedback signals, and uses the event log to check if the firmware definition file is correct.12-16-2010

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