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Fault locating (i.e., diagnosis or testing)

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714 - Error detection/correction and fault detection/recovery


714001000 - Reliability and availability

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714037000 Analysis (e.g., of output, state, or design) 546
714032000 Particular stimulus creation 310
714027000 Particular access structure 201
714040000 Component dependent technique 187
714045000 Output recording (e.g., signature or trace) 160
714026000 Artificial intelligence (e.g., diagnostic expert system) 110
714046000 Operator interface for diagnosing or testing 42
20110185229FAULT DIAGNOSIS EMPLOYING PROBABILISTIC MODELS AND STATISTICAL LEARNING - A computer implemented fault diagnosis method employing both probabilistic models and statistical learning that diagnoses faults using probabilities and time windows learned during the actual operation of a system being monitored. In a preferred embodiment, the method maintains for each possible root cause fault an a-priori probability that the fault will appear in a time window of specified length as well as maintaining—for each possible resulting symptom(s)—probabilities that the symptom(s) will appear in a time window containing the fault and probabilities that the alarm will not appear in a time window containing the fault. Consequently, the method according to the present invention may advantageously determine—at any time—the probability that a fault has occurred, and report faults which are sufficiently likely to have occurred. These probabilities are updated based upon past time windows in which we have determined fault(s) and their cause(s). Advantageously, each root cause fault may be assigned its own time window length. By maintaining these probability parameters for several different window lengths, a window length that is particularly well-suited to a particular set of conditions may be chosen.07-28-2011
20120173926METHOD, SYSTEM, AND PRODUCT FOR PROGRAMMING IN A SIMULTANEOUS MULTI-THREADED PROCESSOR ENVIRONMENT - A system, method, and product are disclosed for testing multiple threads simultaneously. The threads share a real memory space. A first portion of the real memory space is designated as exclusive memory such that the first portion appears to be reserved for use by only one of the threads. The threads are simultaneously executed. The threads access the first portion during execution. Apparent exclusive use of the first portion of the real memory space is permitted by a first one of the threads. Simultaneously with permitting apparent exclusive use of the first portion by the first one of the threads, apparent exclusive use of the first portion of the real memory space is also permitted by a second one of the threads. The threads simultaneously appear to have exclusive use of the first portion and may simultaneously access the first portion.07-05-2012
20090077420MULTIPROCESSOR CORE DUMP RETRIEVAL - In particular embodiments, a monitoring processor may receive an interrupt from status monitoring logic associated with a monitored processor that has experienced an error. Interrupt logic at the monitoring processor may interrupt the monitored processor to initiate a standby mode of operation in the monitored processor. Core dump logic at the monitoring processor may retrieve a core dump from a memory associated with the monitored processor via a communication channel connecting the monitoring processor to the monitored processor or to the memory. Other embodiments are disclosed and claimed.03-19-2009
20090158091Intelligent Job Functionality - A method, apparatus, and program product utilize intelligent job functionality to diagnose an error in a computer. After detecting an error in a first job processing a task, and in response to another attempt to perform the task, a job selection algorithm selects a predetermined job in which to perform the task and diagnose the error. The predetermined job can be the first job or a new job associated with a signature that corresponds to the task that experienced the error. The predetermined job can be used to diagnose the error in a debugging session. Alternately, the first job may enter a debug session immediately after experiencing an error.06-18-2009
20090044053Method, computer system, and computer program product for problem determination using system run-time behavior analysis - Run-time behavior is recorded using traces that are generated at run-time. A set of valid system behaviors is maintained. A recorded behavior can be added to the set of valid system behaviors if the run-time operation is completed successfully. Otherwise, the recorded behavior can be compared with members of the set of valid behaviors to determine differences. Such differences can be analysed to determine the cause of run-time errors.02-12-2009
20090044052CELL BOUNDARY FAULT DETECTION SYSTEM - An apparatus and program product determine a nodal fault along the boundary, or face, of a computing cell. Nodes on adjacent cell boundaries communicate with each other, and the communications are analyzed to determine if a node or connection is faulty.02-12-2009
20090235117COORDINATING RENDEZVOUS OF MULTIPLE VIRTUAL USERS ACROSS MULTIPLE DISTRIBUTED DEVICES - The present invention provides the ability to synchronize or rendezvous multiple virtual users across multiple distributed devices in a load testing tool with reduced network message exchange between devices.09-17-2009
20090006893Information processing apparatus, diagnosis method, and computer program product - A logical central processing unit (logical CPU) selects a target device. When the target device is shared by another logical CPU, the logical CPU determines whether the logical CPU is in charge of exclusively making diagnosis of the target device. When the target device is not shared by another logical central processing unit or when the logical CPU is exclusively in charge of making diagnosis of the target device, the logical CPU makes diagnosis of the target device and stores a result of diagnosis in a storage unit.01-01-2009
20130166953SYSTEM AND METHOD OF PROCESSING FAILURE - A system includes a first obtaining unit that, when a failure occurs in the system, obtains via a first route failure information held by devices connected with a first processing unit and a second processing unit, respectively through a first route and a second route, a second obtaining unit that obtains the failure information through the second route when the failure information is not able to be obtained by the first obtaining unit, a second failure location estimation unit that estimates a failure causing location based on the failure information obtained by the second obtaining unit, an identification unit that identifies a subject using the failure location estimated by the second failure location estimation unit, and a termination unit that terminates the subject identified by the identification unit.06-27-2013
20110219263FAST CLUSTER FAILURE DETECTION - A method and system for fast failure detection in a distributed computer system. The method includes executing a distributed computer system having a plurality of clusters comprising at least a first cluster, a second cluster and the third cluster, and initializing failure detection by creating a connected cluster list in each of the plurality of clusters, wherein for each one of the plurality of clusters, a respective connected cluster list describes others of the plurality of clusters said each one is communicatively connected with. A status update message is sent upon changes in connectivity between the plurality of clusters, and generating an updated connected cluster list in each of the plurality of clusters in accordance with the status update message. The method then determines whether the change in connectivity results from a cluster failure by examining the updated connected cluster list in each of the plurality of clusters.09-08-2011
20100169713METHOD OF CUSTOMIZING A FAULT TREE FOR AN APPLIANCE - A method is provided of customizing a fault tree for diagnosing a fault in an appliance configured to perform a cycle of operation on an article. The appliance must also be configured to communicate by electronic message. The method includes providing a plurality of fault trees associated with appliances and appliance components, where the fault trees include an ordered collection of steps. The method continues with communicating with an appliance by electronic message to obtain information about components associated with the appliance, selecting a subset of the plurality of fault trees based on the information, and dynamically aggregating the subset to create a customized fault tree comprising an ordered collection of steps.07-01-2010
20090177922DETECTION OF SYSTEM BATTERY ERRORS - In an example embodiment, a method is provided to identify an error associated with a system battery. This system battery is operably associated with a computing device and is used to power the computing device. A parameter of the system battery is tested and an error associated with the system battery may be detected. In an example, the error may be detected before the operating system is loaded onto the computing device. In another example, the error may be detected when the computing device is waking from a reduced power mode.07-09-2009
20100115335Simulator For Determining Data Loss In A Fault Tolerant System - A fault tolerant system is simulated to determine the occurrence of data loss in the fault tolerant system. A list of erasure patterns corresponding to an erasure code implemented across the devices in the system is provided and a device event is simulated. The list of erasure patterns is updated based on the device event, and the occurrence of data loss is determined based on the updated list.05-06-2010
20100268989IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - There is provided an image forming apparatus which adopts a distributed control system and increases the error detection accuracy of each control unit. To accomplish this, the image forming apparatus includes a master control unit that controls the overall image forming apparatus, a plurality of sub-master control units that control a plurality of functions for performing image formation, and a plurality of salve control units that control loads for implementing a plurality of functions. The master control unit determines a diagnosis path for performing a diagnosis process for an error using the signal lines and connection bridge connected to the respective control units. The master control unit performs the diagnosis process for an error in accordance with the determined diagnosis path.10-21-2010
20100088545COMPUTER APPARATUS AND PROCESSOR DIAGNOSTIC METHOD - A computer apparatus includes a first processor, a second processor, and a main memory. The computer apparatus further includes a memory-diagnostic unit, a diagnostic-program loading unit, and a defective-function identifying unit. The memory-diagnostic unit causes the second processor to execute a memory-diagnostic program to diagnose the main memory, and identifies a defective area in the main memory. The diagnostic-program loading unit loads a processor-diagnostic program for diagnosing a plurality of functions of the first processor into an area of the main memory other than the defective area identified by the memory-diagnostic unit. The defective-function identifying unit causes the second processor to execute the processor-diagnostic program loaded by the diagnostic-program loading unit, and identifies a defective function that is disabled from the functions of the first processor.04-08-2010
20110197096Highly Reliable Storage System and Internal Network Thereof - The disk controller has a plurality of channel control units, a plurality of cache memories, a plurality of disk control units, and a plurality of internal switch units. Each channel control unit or disk control unit sends to one of the cache memory units a request packet requesting execution of processing. The cache memory unit sends a response packet in response to the received request packet. Each internal switch unit monitors the request packet sent from the channel control unit or disk control unit, and judges whether or not the response packet to the request packet has passed through the internal switch unit within a first given time period since the passage of the request packet. In the case where the response packet has not passed through the internal switch unit within the first given time period, the internal switch unit sends a failure notification.08-11-2011
20110197095Information processing apparatus and method - An information processing apparatus comprising: a plurality of processing units; a plurality of individual monitoring units provided for each of the plurality of processing units, that monitor an operation condition of a corresponding processing unit, and judge whether or not the corresponding processing unit is operating normally, and notify the judgment result for the corresponding processing unit to outside; and an administrative unit connected to the plurality of individual monitoring units, that receives notification from any of the individual monitoring units, and performs troubleshooting processing on a processing unit corresponding to an individual monitoring unit that has made a notification that a corresponding processing unit is not operating normally.08-11-2011
20080209268Selective disabling of diagnostic functions within a data processing system - A data processing system 08-28-2008
20100138693Multi-Core Processing System for Vehicle Control Or An Internal Combustion Engine Controller - A vehicle control multi-core system for controlling a device mounted on a vehicle by using a plurality of cores, includes a computation process unit that is executed on the plurality of cores and required for the control of the device, and a core failure determination unit that compares a result of a computation process executed by the computation process unit at a specific timing on a specific core among the plurality of cores, with a result of a computation process executed by the computation process unit at a timing different from the specific timing on another core different from the specific core among the plurality of cores to determine that a failure occurs on the specific core.06-03-2010
20090276663Method and arrangement for optimizing test case execution - The present invention is a method for optimizing execution of plurality of test cases in a system under test. The method is characterized in that a first set of test cases comprising at least one test case to represent at least one second set of test cases is selected. Then an optimal value for a test execution parameter using data obtained from execution of the first set of test cases is determined. Finally, based on the result of the execution of the first set of test cases, an optimized value of at least one parameter related to execution of the at least one second test case is determined.11-05-2009
20080215919Method and System for Verifying Information Handling System Hardware Component Failure Diagnosis - Hardware component failure diagnosis of an information handling system is verified with a hardware diagnostics code generated by a diagnostics module integrated with an information handling system and sent from the information handling system to a diagnostics engine of a service center. The hardware diagnostics code includes a unique identifier for the information handling system and a hardware component failure code that identifies the type of hardware and type of failure. The diagnostics engine analyzes the hardware diagnostics code to confirm that diagnostics were run on the information handling system and, for authentic hardware failures, automatically initiates the sending of a replacement hardware component to the information handling system.09-04-2008
20120047399COMPUTER TURN ON/OFF TESTING APPARATUS - A computer turning on/off testing apparatus for turning on a computer automatically includes a control module, a switch module, and a power supply module. The control module outputs control signals and receives a turn on signal from the computer to determine whether the computer turns on successfully. The switch module receives the control signals and turns on/off the computer according to the control signals. The power supply module provides power to the control module and the switch module. The control module stores a predetermined test time. The control module records abnormal information and test times when the computer turns on/off, and outputs the control signals to turn on the computer again when the computer cannot restart. The computer is turned on and off until a turning on/off time of the computer is equal to the predetermined test time.02-23-2012
20100005339System for Automated Computer Support - Systems and methods for providing automated computer support are described herein. One described method comprises receiving a plurality of snapshots from a plurality of computers, storing the plurality of snapshots in a data store, and creating an adaptive reference model based at least in part on the plurality of snapshots. The described method further comprises comparing at least one of the plurality of snapshots to the adaptive reference model, and identifying at least one anomaly based on the comparison.01-07-2010
20100146335ERROR DETECTION IN A MULTI-PROCESSOR DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM - A system and method are provided. The system comprises a first and second processor, and a cross-signaling interface. The first processor executes instructions. The second processor executes the instructions in lockstep with the first processor. The cross-signaling interface is coupled between the first and second processors and is for signaling both an unanticipated altered state a location of the unanticipated altered state in the first processor to the second processor to cause the second processor to emulate the unanticipated altered state in lockstep with the first processor. The method comprises: executing instructions in a first processor; executing the instructions in a second processor in lockstep with the first processor; detecting an error condition in the first processor; transmitting information about the error condition to the second processor; processing the error condition in the first processor; and causing the first and second processor to emulate the error condition in lockstep.06-10-2010
20090164844STORAGE MANAGEMENT APPARATUS AND STORAGE SYSTEM - A storage management apparatus manages a plurality of storage apparatuses connected to each other over a network in a storage system that distributes data among the storage apparatuses and stores the data therein. The storage management apparatus has a patrol process executing unit configured to execute a patrol process to confirm whether a storage area of each storage apparatus operates normally and a patrol flow controlling unit configured to control a patrol flow indicating the speed of the patrol process executed by the patrol process executing unit.06-25-2009
20090144584System and method for performance monitoring and repair of computers - A system and method for monitoring computer performance and repairing and/or optimizing system configurations. During these idle times, the present process executes a sequence of background system analyses that can trigger associated optimization, maintenance, or repair actions based on a comparison of current computer states and baseline optimal health data. If other tasks are initiated by a user of the system, while the present invention is performing any of its actions, the monitoring and repair program terminates itself and releases full control back to the user and operating system.06-04-2009
20110145639Method and Apparatus For Controlling Traffic Entry In A Managed Packet Network - A method for control of real-time traffic entry of a managed packet network includes the step of receiving, from a border element processor, a first message indicative of a new active registration request associated with a client. The border element processor is one of a plurality of border element processors at an edge of a managed packet network controlling packets (e.g., relating to real-time multimedia traffic) entering the managed packet network. The method also includes the step of load balancing, by a load balancing engine, the new active registration request across the plurality of border element processors and assigning the client to a designated border element processor. A second message is generated in response to the new activation registration request. The second message includes a parameter identifying the designated border element processor assigned to the client.06-16-2011
20090063901Storage system that finds occurrence of power source failure - One or more switches are interposed between a controller portion and a storage device. When transmission of a command to a certain storage device fails, a command is transmitted starting from an upstream side to a downstream side of a path between the controller portion and the switch to which the certain storage device is connected, and when command transmission fails while transmitting a command from a k03-05-2009
20080263398MOBILE TERMINAL APPARATUS AND DIAGNOSIS METHOD FOR MOBILE TERMINAL APPARATUS - To provide a mobile terminal apparatus with the lower communication cost in sending a log at the occurrence of a malfunction, abnormality or fault in the mobile terminal apparatus to a network. A diagnostic process for the malfunction is performed in accordance with a diagnostic policy acquired from the outside. An error code corresponding to the diagnostic result is generated. The generated error code is outputted. With an automatic fault diagnostic function of automatically analyzing the fault in the mobile terminal apparatus without directly sending the log collected in the mobile terminal apparatus to an analytic server, the communication cost can be reduced.10-23-2008
20080263397Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for testing new network element failure rate - Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for testing failure rate of newly installed network elements within a predetermined amount of time prior to customer use of the network elements are provided. An order report including information regarding one or more network elements is accessed, and based on the information provided by the orders report, a network element from the one or more network elements to be tested is determined. Information regarding the network element to be tested is retrieved from the orders report and included on a ticket created for the network element to be tested. The ticket created for the network element is then forwarded to a test device for testing of the network element associated with the forwarded ticket.10-23-2008
20090113243Method, Apparatus and Computer Program Product for Rule-Based Directed Problem Resolution for Servers with Scalable Proactive Monitoring - Method, apparatus and computer program product are configured to perform computer monitoring activities; to collect information regarding computer system status during the computer monitoring activities; to detect a problem in dependence on the information collected during the computer monitoring activities; and to determine whether to launch a diagnostic probe when the problem is detected. The monitoring activities may be performed on a periodic or event-driven basis. The determination whether to launch a diagnostic probe is based on a rule included in a hierarchy of rules. The hierarchy of rules is based on problem tickets; system logs; and computer system configuration information.04-30-2009
20090204848AUTOMATIC GRAMMAR BASED FAULT DETECTION AND ISOLATION - The present disclosure relates to automated testing of hardware and software systems. In some embodiments, a testing framework that generates a set of test cases for a system under test using a grammar is disclosed. The grammar may include terminal and nonterminal symbols with tags that describe a test sequence. The testing framework can use the grammar to generate a set of test cases. The testing framework can then receive feedback about the execution of the set of test cases from the system under test. In response to the feedback, the testing framework can generate a new set of grammars by automatically modifying or inserting tags in the original grammar. The new set of grammars can then be used to generate further test cases that intelligently explore the system under test for correctness, conformance, performance, security, or reliability.08-13-2009
20090222693METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MASKING DEBUG RESOURCES - A method uses an integrated circuit having a debug status register. The integrated circuit is for being debugged by a hardware debugger external to the integrated circuit and has a processing unit for executing debug software. The debug status register is coupled to the processing unit and is for being coupled to the hardware debugger. The method includes updating the debug status register with hardware status flags arising from running the hardware debugger and software status flags arising from running the debug software. The method further includes masking locations in the debug status register where the hardware status flags are located from being read by the debug software while allowing the hardware status flags and the software status flags to be read by the hardware debugger. This is particularly useful in using the hardware debugger in debugging the debug software.09-03-2009
20090222692METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SHARING DEBUG RESOURCES - A method includes providing an integrated circuit having a plurality of debug resources. The debug resources are usable exclusively for debug operations. The debug operations include operations directed by debug software executed by the integrated circuit and operations directed by external debug hardware which is external to the integrated circuit. The method further includes enabling availability of a first portion of the debug resources for use by the debug software, where a second portion of the debug resources are committed for exclusive use by the external debug hardware. The first portion is exclusive of the second portion. The method includes performing operations directed by the debug software using at least one debug resource of the first portion of the debug resources and operations directed by the external debug hardware using at least one debug resource of the second portion of the debug resources.09-03-2009
20080313498Diagnosing Changes in Application Behavior Based on Database Usage - Applications that utilize a database are managed through the use of meta-metadata. The database contains multiple database objects. Each database object has metadata that describes one or more operational characteristics of that database object. Each metadata has an associated meta-metadata, which describes a variance to the metadata. An application program is provided access to one or more database objects. If a change in behavior occurs for the application program that has accessed the database objects, the meta-metadata for the accessed database objects is correlated with the application program accessing the database objects.12-18-2008
20100169712METHOD OF DIAGNOSING AN APPLIANCE FAULT - A method is provided to diagnose a fault in an appliance configured to perform a cycle of operation on an article. The appliance must also be configured to communicate by electronic message. The method includes providing a fault tree having a plurality of entry points associated with fault symptoms where the fault tree includes an ordered collection of steps. The method continues with communicating with the appliance by electronic message to obtain information about components associated with the appliance, ascertaining an entry point the fault tree from the plurality in based on the information, and performing the ordered collection of steps in the fault tree starting at the ascertained entry point. Using this method results in expediting the diagnosis of the appliance.07-01-2010
20100218043SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TESTING A SERIAL ATTACHED SMALL COMPUTER SYSTEM INTERFACE - In a system and method for testing a serial attached small computer systems (SAS) interface of a SAS controller, the SAS controller connects to a loopback dongle via the SAS interface. The SAS interface sends a first data packet to the loopback dongle, and receives a second data packet from the loopback dongle. If information in the second data packet is the same as information in the first data packet, the system and method transmits a first notification indicating that the SAS interface is functioning normally. Otherwise, the system and method transmits a second notification indicating that the SAS interface is not functioning normally.08-26-2010
20100229036METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SYSTEM TESTING USING MULTIPLE INSTRUCTION TYPES - An apparatus for use in testing at least a portion of a system under test via a Test Access Port (TAP) is provided. The apparatus includes a memory for storing a set of instructions of a test instruction set architecture and a processor executing the set of instructions of the test instruction set architecture for testing at least a portion of the system under test via the TAP. The set of instructions of the test instruction set architecture includes a first set of instructions including a plurality of instructions of an Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) supported by the processor and a second set of instructions including a plurality of test instructions associated with the TAP. The instructions of the first set of instructions and the instructions of the second set of instructions are integrated to form the set of instructions of the test instruction set architecture.09-09-2010
20100235682I/O UNIT AND INDUSTRIAL CONTROLLER - This invention enables setting of a diagnosis algorithm of a safety device to be easily carried out. A slice I/O unit stores a plurality of diagnosis algorithms each corresponding to a different safety device in an ASIC, and stores specifying information for specifying a diagnosis algorithm to use of the plurality of diagnosis algorithms in a register of the ASIC. The slice I/O unit performs diagnosis of a connected safety device using the diagnosis algorithm specified by the specifying information stored in the register of the plurality of diagnosis algorithms. The diagnosis algorithm to use can be selected by selecting a number, and the like, which is preferable as a setting process at a setting tool device can be facilitated and a human error does not occur.09-16-2010
20080288820MULTI-DIRECTIONAL FAULT DETECTION SYSTEM - An apparatus, program product and method checks for nodal faults in a group of nodes comprising a center node and all adjacent nodes. The center node concurrently communicates with the immediately adjacent nodes in three dimensions. The communications are analyzed to determine a presence of a faulty node or connection.11-20-2008
20090319826APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TESTING A COMMUNICATION CIRCUIT - An apparatus for testing a communication circuit includes a detection module and a capture module. The detection module provides an enable signal in response to receiving at least one predetermined plurality of data from a communication device under test. The capture module captures at least one other predetermined plurality of data in response to the enable signal.12-24-2009
20090113244Diagnostic Functionality for Wireless Client Connectivity Problems in Wireless Networks - A troubleshooting system. In particular implementations, a method includes collecting, from a first wireless network element, PEM state associated with a wireless client having a connection problem, and collecting log data associated with the wireless client from the first wireless network elements and one or more other wireless network elements. The method further includes correlating the PEM state and log data based on a network security protocol employed by the wireless client, where the network security protocol corresponds to an expected sequence of events. The correlating includes correlating events and messages collected based on the expected sequence of events, and comparing the correlated sequence of events to a data store of diagnostic information to identify one or more possible causes of the connection problem.04-30-2009
20090113242Dynamic Partitioning of Event Patterns for Determining Symptoms - Events experienced by resources are locally processed by secondary autonomic managers into consolidated events. These consolidated events are then transmitted to a primary autonomic manager, which recognizes symptoms of conditions found in a computer system that utilizes the resources. The primary autonomic manager is thus able to leverage information in a symptom catalog to process the consolidated events to recognize such symptoms.04-30-2009
20120144236SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DIAGNOSING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS IN MULTIPLE VIRTUAL PARALLEL UNIVERSES - The system and method for diagnosing information technology systems in multiple virtual parallel universes described herein may create virtualized parallel universes that represent a problematic information technology system. The virtualized parallel universes may then be diagnosed to identify potential solutions to a problem experienced in the problematic information technology system (i.e., the parallel universes may be diagnosed without disrupting the live problematic system). For example, the problematic information technology system may be cloned in response to a diagnostic request associated therewith to create various virtualized parallel universes representing the problematic information technology system. The parallel universes may then conduct various problem resolution steps to identify a potential solution to the problem, which may then be applied to the problematic information technology system to resolve the problem associated therewith.06-07-2012
20090106589GATHERING CONTEXT INFORMATION USED FOR ACTIVATION OF CONTEXTUAL DUMPING - An infrastructure is provided for gathering diagnostic data that is relevant to an error or other conditions detected in a monitored system. A diagnosability framework is provided that automates the gathering of relevant diagnostic data upon occurrence of the condition in the monitored system. In one embodiment, context data is determined for the condition detected in the monitored system. A rule-based engine is provided that is configured to automatically determine one or more actions to be performed for the condition detected in the monitored system based on the determined context data. The actions may include performing tasks that gather diagnostic data that is relevant to the detected condition, store the gathered diagnostic data in a repository, recommend one or more diagnostic actions to a user, and other diagnostic related actions.04-23-2009
20100325486SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING REDUNDANCY IN COMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS - A system includes a first network device and a second network device. The first network device includes a group of first logical portions and is configured to detect a problem with one of the first logical portions, and transmit a message identifying the one first logical portion. The second network device includes a group of second logical portions, where the group of second logical portions corresponds to the group of first logical portions. The second network device is configured to receive the message from the first network device, and activate the one second logical portion corresponding to the one first logical portion in response to receiving the message.12-23-2010
20110119528HARDWARE TRANSACTIONAL MEMORY ACCELERATION THROUGH MULTIPLE FAILURE RECOVERY - The described embodiments provide a processor (e.g., processor 05-19-2011
20110035627SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SUPPORTING INFORMATION INTEROPERABILITY BETWEEN MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS - The present invention relates, in general, to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, and, more particularly, to a system and method for supporting information interoperability between medical instruments which is capable of automatically combining medical test information measured by a plurality of medical instruments for performing data communication in compliance with various data interface protocols with the medical information of an EMR system.02-10-2011
20100131798Self-Adaptive Solution for Determining the Waiting Time on Page Loading - The present invention relates to page automation testing method and apparatus. According to one aspect of the invention, there is provided a method for automatically testing a page, comprising: determining based on a predetermined policy a setting value of wait time regarding whether the page is opened successfully; and conducting the page testing based on the setting value of wait time as determined.05-27-2010
20100011248LIGHT WEIGHT AND HIGH THROUGHPUT TEST CASE GENERATION METHODOLOGY FOR TESTING CACHE/TLB INTERVENTION AND DIAGNOSTICS - A test case manager selects a first test case and a second test case from a plurality of test cases. The test case manager provides the first test case to a first processor and provides the second test case to a second processor. As such, the first processor executes the first test case and the second processor executes the second test case. After the execution, the test case manager loads the first test case onto the second processor and loads the second test case onto the first processor. In turn, the first processor executes the second test case and the second processor executes the first test case.01-14-2010
20110214018SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DIAGNOSTIC NOTIFICATION VIA PACKAGE UPDATE MANAGER - Embodiments relate to systems and methods for diagnostic notification via a package update manager. A physical or virtual client machine can host a set of installed software packages, including operating system, application, and/or other software. A package manager tracks the set of installed packages and updates available for the installed set. A notification tool, in conjunction with the package manager, can monitor the user's selection of package update options, and compare those updates to a diagnostic database and/or current state of the client machine. Based on those determinations, the notification tool can generate notifications to the user advising them of potential conflicts, faults, or other conditions that may arise due to, or may surround, the prospective package update. The notification can permit the user to continue or terminate selected updates, and the notification tool can re-analyze any potential faults after an update is completed.09-01-2011
20110060945SMART REPAIR OF COMPUTER SYSTEMS - A method and system for performing a smart repair of a target device is initiated by establishing a connection to a smart repair processing system. System components on the target device may then be analyzed, followed by an analysis of system software and user data. The target device user data may be secured by transfer to a backup server. A smart repair script may be generated based on user input and the results of the analysis. The smart repair script may then be executed on a secondary operating system loaded on the target device to attain a desired system configuration of the target device. The target device user data may then be restored on the target device.03-10-2011
20090024872REMOTE ACCESS DIAGNOSTIC DEVICE AND METHODS THEREOF - A method for diagnosing and correcting errors at a data processing system is disclosed includes detecting at a first device of the system, such as a network interface device, an error at a second device of the system, such as a data processor. In response to detecting the error, the first device communicates a help request via a network. In response to the help request, the first device receives diagnostic and error correction routines from a remote system. The first device executes the routines and provides information to the remote system to diagnose and correct errors at the second device.01-22-2009
20100011247METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PARALLEL ECC ERROR LOCATION - An invention is provided for parallel ECC error location in a memory. The invention includes partitioning a set of field elements into w partitions. Then, for each of the w partitions of field elements, i) providing a set of r different field elements of the partition to r parallel search element. Next, in operation ii), each parallel search element computes a sum that is based on a set of coefficients of an error locator polynomial and the field element provided to the particular parallel search element. The set of field elements is advanced r field elements in GF(201-14-2010
20110154108SYSTEM AND PROCESS FOR SIMULATION OR TEST EXPLOITING DATA FROM MONITORING PORTS - The present invention relates to a system for simulating/testing an aeronautic computer network architecture, especially installed on board an aircraft, and to a corresponding method.06-23-2011
20080320328FUZZ TESTING AND ATTACK-SURFACE SCOPING FOR URI HANDLERS AND PLUGGABLE PROTOCOLS - Systems and methods for testing uniform resource identifier protocols, comprising a fuzzer that can accept an input, and produce a fuzzed uniform resource identifier (URI), and a debugger that monitors effects of invoking the fuzzed uniform resource identifier. The input can comprise a directory containing a plurality of valid uniform resource identifier bodies, which can be fuzzed and invoked. The debugger can monitor a target application as well as other applications and/or processes affected by the uniform resource identifier as invoked.12-25-2008
20120311383APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING VEHICLE DATA FOR TESTING PRODUCT - Provided is a vehicle data providing apparatus supporting to easily generate vehicle internal communication data at the development stage of a product to perform a test. According to an aspect, there is provided a vehicle data providing apparatus including: a vehicle data analyzer configured to analyze a vehicle data file that is used in a vehicle, and to provide a reference data graph about reference data included in the vehicle data file; a vehicle data changing unit configured to receive a user input signal for changing the reference data, and to change related data associated with the reference data based on the reference data graph; and a test data file generator configured to generate a vehicle data file for test, including the changed reference data and the changed related data.12-06-2012
20110191631INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, COMMUNICATION APPARATUS, WIRELESS DIAGNOSIS METHOD AND PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus includes: a first communication section which communicates with an external device having a diagnosis function of a network using a first communication method; a second communication section which communicates with the external device using a second communication method; a first transmission section which transmits a diagnosis request to the external device through the first communication section; and a second transmission section which transmits a diagnosis signal to the external device through the second communication section, after transmission of the diagnosis request.08-04-2011
20110191630DIAGNOSING A FAULT INCIDENT IN A DATA CENTER - A method, computer program product and apparatus for diagnosing a fault incident in a data center. A determination is made as to whether a fault incident happened in the data center. If a fault incident happened, then the business logic being executed in a node where the fault incident happened is determined. The log files associated with the execution process of the business logic is selected based on a management model corresponding to the data center, where the management model reflects the deployment and application dependency of the business logics. The fault incident is diagnosed based on the log files. The management model is utilized to select the log files associated with the execution process of the business logic, and to write information of the business logic and dependency relationships between the applications into the log file, so as to automatically, rapidly and accurately diagnose the fault incident.08-04-2011
20120042207METHODS AND STRUCTURES FOR TESTING SAS-2 SPEED OPTIONS IN SPEED NEGOTIATION WINDOWS - Method and structures provide for testing a SAS link during speed negotiation windows to determine success/failure in using a negotiated speed at one or more configured sets of speed options. For each device linked to a master SAS device, each possible set of speed options is configured; the device participates in a speed negotiation window operation with the current speed options configured. One or more SCSI requests are forwarded from the master device to the attached device. The SCSI requests may be non-destructive of data stored on the attached device. Results of the tests may be used to select a preferred speed for communication between the master device and that attached device. The speed options to be varied and tested may include: link speed; spread spectrum clocking for each SAS speed; type of supported spread spectrum clocking; and logical link rate in support of multiplexing.02-16-2012
20120005531SERVER THROTTLED CLIENT DEBUGGING - Systems and methods of debugging client applications may provide for detecting a runtime error in a first version of a client application, and obtaining a second version of the client application server in response to the runtime error. The second version of the client application may be used to conduct a diagnosis of the runtime error.01-05-2012
20110167301FORMULA SERVER FOR DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEMS - An apparatus and method are provided and include a formula server having formulas and conversion modules that are separate from a diagnostic application of a diagnostic tool. The diagnostic tool receives the diagnostic data and transmits it to a remote computer, where the data is converted using a formula. The resulting data is then transmitted back to the diagnostic tool for display.07-07-2011
20120011402METHOD FOR TESTING SERVER SUPPORTING INTELLIGENT PLATFORM MANAGEMENT INTERFACE - A testing method for a server supporting an intelligent platform management interface (IPMI) is applied to test a server before an operating system (OS) of the server operates. The test method includes the following steps. A baseboard management controller (BMC) of the server is activated. The server is activated, and a monitoring module is operated. Real-time status data of the server stored in the BMC of the server is obtained. The monitoring module executes a pre-test procedure according to the real-time status data of the server before the OS operates. A test result of the pre-test procedure is stored.01-12-2012
20120159249FAILURE DIAGNOSIS METHOD AND APPARATUS USING RESOURCE RELATIONSHIP MAP - A failure diagnosis method includes: generating a resource relationship map of resources to be managed on a network; and when a failure occurs in a certain service object within the network, extracting a topology relationship map from the resource relationship map by using the failed service object as a root node. The failure diagnosis method further includes searching a resource object caused the failure while checking related objects, starting from the root node in the topology relationship map.06-21-2012
20120159248DIAGNOSTIC FRAMEWORK FOR USE WITH APPLICATION SERVERS AND VIRTUAL MACHINES - Described herein are systems and methods for providing diagnostic information between an application server (e.g., a WebLogic server), and a virtual machine (VM) (e.g., a JRockit VM). In accordance with an embodiment, the system includes a diagnostic monitoring component adapted to obtain diagnostic data indicative of all available data on an application server, including diagnostic information from one or more application server components running on the application server, obtain diagnostic data from the virtual machine, and persists the diagnostic data obtained from the application server and the virtual machine into a diagnostic data image file. The system further includes a console that provides access to the diagnostic data persisted into the diagnostic image file.06-21-2012
20120159247AUTOMATICALLY CHANGING PARTS IN RESPONSE TO TESTS - In an embodiment, in response to an error encountered by a test of a program, a rule is found that specifies the error and an action. A part in the program is selected in response to the action, the part is modified, and the test is re-executed. In various embodiments, the part is modified by changing the code in the part or by replacing the part with a previous version of the part.06-21-2012
20110099424COMPUTING DEVICE FOR ENABLING CONCURRENT TESTING - A method for enabling concurrent testing is described. The method includes generating a plurality of test objects on a computing device. The plurality of test objects is generated using derived classes that are based on a base test class and each of the plurality of test objects corresponds to a separate block in a Device Under Test (DUT). The method also includes adding the plurality of test objects to a queue and sending information based on the plurality of test objects to an Automated Test Equipment (ATE). The method also includes causing the ATE to concurrently test the separate blocks in the DUT using the plurality of test objects.04-28-2011
20110099423Unified Boot Code with Signature - In an embodiment, code, such as the boot code for an integrated circuit or set of integrated circuit products, is provided in a system. The code may be a unified code base including multiple code blocks. Additionally, a signature is provided which describes the integrated circuit on which the boot is being performed. The signature may be processed (e.g. by a processor included in the integrated circuit) to determine which of the code blocks to execute. Accordingly, a single image of the boot code may be used for a variety of different integrated circuits and/or different integrated circuit implementations. For example, the same unified boot code may be used with one or more simulation models, or various programmable logic device models, that include various subsets of the components of the integrated circuit. The code blocks may correspond to various components, and may include tests for the corresponding components.04-28-2011
20120233500ADVANCED COMMUNICATION CONTROLLER UNIT AND METHOD FOR RECORDING PROTOCOL EVENTS - An advanced communication controller unit for a distributed communication system having a plurality of communication controller units, at least one being an advanced communication controller unit, each coupled to a communication medium and adapted to communicate using a communication is presented. The advanced communication controller unit comprises a protocol event recording circuit having a monitoring input connected to at least one protocol event data transmission path of the advanced communication controller unit and a debug output connected to a memory device; and adapted to filter protocol event data received from the monitoring input depending on at least one configuration parameter and to provide filtered protocol event data to the debug output. A method for recording protocol events using a protocol event recording circuit in an advanced communication controller unit and a vehicle comprising at least one advanced communication controller unit are also disclosed.09-13-2012
20100011246DIAGNOSTIC/REMOTE MONITORING BY EMAIL - A network device for use in a communication system having a technical support center operated by a technical support staff, the technical support center being in communication with the network device through a packet switching network. The network device includes one or more hardware subsystems, one or more software subsystems and means for monitoring the status of the hardware and software subsystems so that when a problem occurs with respect to one or more of the hardware and software subsystems of the network device, the network device for transmitting a first message to the technical support center to notify the technical support center of the problem, wherein the technical support staff is able to diagnose the problem without interruption to the operation of the network device.01-14-2010
20090037771MPLS diagnostics tool - A method, system and diagnostic tool for diagnosing a problem in CSPF and non-CSPF MPLS networks, including problems with LDP tunnels. This includes one or more of the following: hopping from network element to network element; determining whether an LSP between elements is operational; determining whether the hop was strict or loose; evaluating whether there is an existing path between the elements; finding and remembering an IGP link between the elements; recognizing whether the LSP is an FRR LSP; diagnosing a cause of the LSP between the elements being down; and altering a display of a topology map of the network to indicate the cause of the problem.02-05-2009
20080301499Method and system for determining a corrective action - A computer-implemented method is provided for determining a corrective action. The method may include obtaining diagnostic data and calculating, using the diagnostic data, a prognostic. The method may also include retrieving, when the prognostic is above an alarm level, historical records and calculating a Bayesian posterior probability using the diagnostic data and the historical records. Further, the method may include calculating a prognostic prescience metric using the diagnostic data and the historical records and determining, based on the Bayesian posterior probability and the prognostic prescience metric, the corrective action.12-04-2008
20120239977System and Method for Self-Supporting Applications - A method and system self-supportable devices and applications are provided. The method and system in one embodiment allows devices and applications to automatically communicate and service themselves, for example, by checking knowledgebase services and other services for instructions on how to handle an exception. In another embodiment, the devices and applications automatically initiate actions needed to handle the exception.09-20-2012
20110320870COLLECTING NETWORK-LEVEL PACKETS INTO A DATA STRUCTURE IN RESPONSE TO AN ABNORMAL CONDITION - A sniffer device determines whether an abnormal condition is present in a network communication. In response to determining that the abnormal condition is present, the sniffer device collects network-level packets into a data structure. The data structure containing the collected network-level packets can be analyzed for determining whether the abnormal condition caused an issue with a communicating entity.12-29-2011
20120331343APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE TESTING - A procedure for testing an electronic device is disclosed. A computer bundles into command groups multiple test and wait commands of a test sequence. Each command group is sent to the device, reducing the per-message latency of the command transfers. The commands are queued and stored in the device. The wait commands define the timeline of the tests to be executed on the device. For example, each wait command forces a wait state of a length corresponding to the parameter of the wait command. The length of the wait state is measured from the beginning of the test sequence or the completion of the previous wait command. The wait state associated with each wait command may be made longer than the combined conservative estimates of time periods required for executing all the test commands between a previous point in time defined in the test sequence and the current wait command.12-27-2012
20100199129INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus includes: a memory in which an apparatus-unique key is stored, the apparatus-unique key being a key that is unique to the information processing apparatus; an input section that inputs user operation information; a communication section that performs data reception processing; a data processor that executes validity determination processing for the apparatus-unique key; and an output section that outputs a result of the validity determination processing executed by the data processor. The data processor receives, via the communication section, key-validity determination data for determining whether the apparatus-unique key is valid or invalid. The data processor also executes the apparatus-unique-key validity determination processing by using the key-validity determination data in response to a user instruction input via the input section, and outputs a result of the validity determination processing to the output section.08-05-2010
20090089616OFFLINE HARDWARE DIAGNOSTIC ENVIRONMENT - A computer configured to operate in diagnostic mode during which the operating system is suspended. During the diagnostic mode, tests can be performed on the computer system, including hardware, and the tests do not disrupt the operating system and are not disrupted by the operating system. When diagnostic mode is triggered, execution of the operating system is suspended. When the diagnostic tests are completed, the operating system may resume operation and test data may be made available within the operating system environment. Upon resuming, the state of the computer prior to entering diagnostic mode may be restored, preventing any changes made during diagnostic mode from interfering with operation of the operating system or application components.04-02-2009
20130024729OPTIMIZING SYSTEM USAGE WHEN RUNNING QUALITY TESTS IN A VIRTUAL MACHINE ENVIRONMENT - In one embodiment, a digital asset testing system 01-24-2013
20080244312Formula server for diagnostic systems - An apparatus and method are provided and include a formula server having formulas and conversion modules that are separate from a diagnostic application of a diagnostic tool. The diagnostic tool receives the diagnostic data and transmits it to a remote computer, where the data is converted using a formula. The resulting data is then transmitted back to the diagnostic tool for display.10-02-2008
20080222451ACTIVE SPAM TESTING SYSTEM - A method and system for introducing spam into a search engine for testing purposes is provided. An active spam testing system receives from a tester a specification of spam that is to be introduced into the search engine for testing purposes. The testing system may then generate auxiliary data structures for storing indications of the spam that is to be introduced. A search engine has original data structures that may include a content index and a link data structure. The testing system stores the indications of the spam in the auxiliary data structures so that use of the search engine for non-testing purposes is not affected. When the search engine is used for testing purposes, the search engine generates search results based on a combination of the original data structures and the auxiliary data structures.09-11-2008
20110314329SHARED ERROR SEARCHING - Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with shared error searching for web resource requests are described. A web resource request that includes one or more request strings is received and a error detection directive that identifies a first type of error to be located in a specified request string component is accessed. At least a portion of a first request string that corresponds to the specified request string component is searched, in a single pass, for the first type of error and other types of errors. Results with respect to the first error type are returned while occurrences of the first and other types of errors for are recorded for responding to subsequent error detection directives. Thus, a subsequent error detection directive for the other types of errors in the first request string component may be processed without re-searching the portion of the first request string already searched with respect to the first error detection directive.12-22-2011
20110219264INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, PROCESSING UNIT SWITCHING METHOD AND STORAGE MEDIUM STORING PROCESSING UNIT SWITCHING PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus includes active units and a standby unit. In the active units and the standby unit, CPUs and DIMMs are divided into a plurality of logical partitions, which are controlled to be diagnosed respectively by diagnosing units. A scheduling unit periodically diagnoses the CPUs and the DIMMs of the standby unit in each of the partitions in turn. If a fault occurs on the active units side, a switching controlling unit controls a partition not being diagnosed in the standby unit to be embedded in an active unit system of the information processing apparatus. The scheduling unit instructs a diagnosis with a smaller number of diagnosis items as a diagnosis performed at reboot after the standby unit is embedded.09-08-2011
20080209267Diagnostic test sets - Systems, methodologies, media, and other embodiments associated with metadata driven diagnostic test execution are described. One exemplary system embodiment includes a diagnostic test set repository where pre-defined and/or user-defined XML files that store the metadata for driving the diagnostic test execution can be stored. The example system may also include a first logic to prepare the XML file to control a diagnostic session and a second logic to control the diagnostic session based on the prepared XML file.08-28-2008
20130151896INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND TEST METHOD - Based on a seed value held by a managing apparatus for a plurality of information processing apparatuses, the same number of seed values as the total number of times of tests conducted by one or more processing units included in an information processing apparatus are generated so as not to overlap with another information processing apparatus. Then, a processing unit of the one or more processing units generates the same number of test instruction sequences as the number of times of tests performed by the processing unit based on the same number of seed values as the number of times of tests performed by the processing unit among the generated seed values, and executes the generated test instruction sequences.06-13-2013
20130191687HIGH QUALITY LOGIC VERIFICATION STRESS TEST GENERATION USING TWO-STAGE RANDOMIZATION - A novel and useful stress test generation mechanism that is operative to divide the task of generating test case programs (files) into a first randomization stage and a second randomization stage. The first randomization stage selects the scenario and the second randomization stage generates a test case in accordance with the chosen scenario. In other words, during stage 1, a test scenario (i.e. value-categories) is randomly determined (using the weights assigned to the value-categories within each scenario-dimension). In stage 2, a test is randomly generated for the chosen scenario. Thus, for each scenario-dimension, one or more values are generated randomly for the chosen value-category. Once the values for the value-categories are generated, an output test file for use by the logic verification is generated.07-25-2013

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