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711 - Electrical computers and digital processing systems: memory

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711202000 Address mapping (e.g., conversion, translation) 553
711216000 Hashing 56
711217000 Generating a particular pattern/sequence of addresses 23
711213000 Generating prefetch, look-ahead, jump, or predictive address 13
711211000 Address multiplexing or address bus manipulation 11
711221000 Using table 9
711201000 Slip control, misaligning, boundary alignment 7
711220000 Combining two or more values to create address 7
711219000 Incrementing, decrementing, or shifting circuitry 6
711214000 Operand address generation 3
20100138630Data-Processing Unit - A data-processing unit comprises a register unit (06-03-2010
20110016291Serial Memory Interface for Extended Address Space - An integrated circuit memory device has a memory array and control logic with at least a first addressing mode in which the instruction includes a first instruction code and an address of a first length; and a second addressing mode in which the instruction includes the first instruction code and an address of a second length. The first length of the address is different from the second length of the address.01-20-2011
20120216010CIRCUIT MODULE DEVICE WITH ADDRESS GENERATION FUNCTIONS - The present invention relates generally to a kind of circuit module device with address generation functions, which comprises: A plurality of circuit modules, wherein, each circuit module is a control unit, one signal input end and one signal output end; and thereat, the said control unit has an address generation function; and the signal input ends are being electrically connected in series with signal output ends at a plurality of said circuit modules; a plurality of said circuit modules at least consist of one primary circuit module and one secondary circuit module, in which, the signal output end of said primary circuit module is being electrically connected to the signal input end of said secondary circuit module; and wherein, when signal input end of the said primary circuit module is receiving one primary addressing command, the control unit of said primary circuit module will respond to the said primary addressing command and generate one primary address, and then it will send out one secondary addressing command to the signal input end of said secondary circuit module; in addition, when the signal input end of said secondary circuit module is receiving the said secondary addressing command, the control unit of said secondary circuit module will respond to the said secondary addressing command and generate one secondary address; and thus, it will in turn successfully generate address for each circuit module in this way.08-23-2012
711212000 Varying address bit-length or size 3
20090198954Method and system for generating location codes - The present disclosure provides a method for generating a standardized location code is provided that comprises extracting an address component from an input location data record, parsing the address component into one or more address words, and processing the address words by validating the address words one by one using one or more validation rules specific to the input location data record. The method also includes constructing the standardized location code by assembling the processed address words and producing an updated location data file to be shared with a plurality of subscribing applications.08-06-2009
20120324205MEMORY MANAGEMENT TABLE PROCESSING METHOD, MEMORY CONTROLLER, AND MEMORY STORAGE APPARATUS - A memory management table processing method for storing a plurality of entries belonging to a plurality of memory management tables into a buffer memory of a memory storage apparatus is provided, wherein each of the entries has at least one invalid bit. The present method includes following steps. An area corresponding to each of the memory management tables is configured in the buffer memory. Invalid bit information corresponding to each of the memory management tables is recorded. The invalid bit in each of the entries is removed according to the invalid bit information corresponding to each of the memory management tables, so as to generate a valid data stream corresponding to each of the entries. Each of the valid data streams is written into the corresponding area in the buffer memory. Accordingly, the storage space of the buffer memory can be efficiently utilized.12-20-2012
20120297162Method for Detecting Address Match in a Deeply Pipelined Processor Design - A method, apparatus and algorithm for quickly detecting an address match in a deeply pipelined processor design in a manner that may be implemented using a minimum of physical space in the critical area of the processor. The address comparison is split into two parts. The first part is a fast, partial address match comparator system. The second part is a slower, full address match comparator system. If a partial match between a requested address and a registry address is detected, then execution of the program or set of instructions requesting the address is temporarily suspended while a full address match check is performed. If the full address match check results in a full match between the requested address and a registry address, then the program or set of instructions is interrupted and stopped. Otherwise, the program or set of instructions continues execution.11-22-2012
20100058022ADAPTIVE BUFFER DEVICE AND METHOD THEREOF - An adaptive buffer device includes a plurality of entries each including an address field and a record block, and a control unit for selectively setting each entry to one of a normal status and a transformed status. When the control unit sets a first one of the entries to the normal status, the address field thereof records a first address, and the record block thereof records data corresponding to the first address and data corresponding to addresses adjacent to the first address. When the control unit sets a second one of the entries to the transformed status, the control unit reconfigures the address field and the record block thereof into a plurality of units, each of which includes a second address, data corresponding to the second address, and data corresponding to addresses adjacent to the second address. In addition, an adaptive buffer method is also disclosed.03-04-2010
20090031101DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM - Before arbitration is performed in an arbitration section, an access from a master is kept in a waiting state until update of a conversion table buffer is performed, and an address conversion section is provided in a subsequent stage of the arbitration section. Without waiting for the completion of buffer update, an access is issued in advance at a time when it is assured that update is completed at the completion of address conversion. Thus, influences of waiting buffer update on another master can be eliminated and access latency can be reduced.01-29-2009
20120117354STORAGE DEVICE IN WHICH FORWARDING-FUNCTION-EQUIPPED MEMORY NODES ARE MUTUALLY CONNECTED AND DATA PROCESSING METHOD - According to one embodiment, a storage device includes a plurality of memory nodes. Each of memory nodes includes a plurality of input ports, a plurality of output ports, a selector, a packet controller and a memory. The selector outputs a packet input to the input port to one of the output ports. The packet controller controls the selector. The memory stores data. The memory nodes are mutually connected at the input ports and the output ports. The memory node has an address that is determined by its physical position. The packet controller switches the output port that outputs the packet based on information including at least a destination address of the packet and an address of the memory node having the packet controller when receiving a packet that is not addressed to the memory node having the packet controller.05-10-2012
20090089536METHOD FOR ASSIGNING ADDRESSES TO MEMORY DEVICES - A memory system having a memory controller and several separate memory devices connected to the controller by a system bus. The memory devices each included an array of memory cells, addressing circuitry used to address the cells and an address storage circuit which stores a local address unique to each of the memory devices. The local addresses are sequentially assigned to the memory devices by selecting a first one of the devices and forwarding an address assign command to the selected device. A command decoder, having detected the address assign command, will permit a local address placed on the bus by the controller to be loaded into the selected memory device. This sequence will continue until all of the memory devices have been assigned local addresses at which time the memory devices can be accessed to perform memory read, program, erase and other operations.04-02-2009
20100146238System and Method for Generating Real Addresses in Data Processing Architectures - A system and method for generating a real address in data memory in response to a read/write request may include generating an access request to at least one of read and write data to a data memory. A connection ID may be received in association with the access request. This connection ID may include a buffer ID designating a buffer in data memory to which to access the data, and a port ID designating a pattern in which to access the data in the buffer. The method may further include translating the connection ID into a real address of the data memory, and accessing the data in the data memory at a location corresponding to the real address.06-10-2010
20080250221Contention detection with data consolidation - A multiple computer system is disclosed in which n computers (M10-09-2008
20080288740Method and Device for Generating an Identification Data Block for a Data Carrier - The invention relates to a method for generating an identification data block (ID) for a data carrier (11-20-2008
20080288741Data Access Tracing - A moving window history of at least one previous data address accessed by a processor is maintained, the at least one previous data address in the history each being associated with an index. A difference between a current data address and one of the at least one previous data address in the history is determined. The difference and the index associated with the one of the at least one previous data address in the history are provided as a representation of the current address.11-20-2008
20110125982MEMORY DEVICE, MEMORY SYSTEM HAVING THE SAME, AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE MEMORY DEVICE - A memory controller includes a memory capacity setting circuit and an address selecting circuit. The memory capacity setting circuit is configured to set a valid memory capacity of a memory device based on a defective cell information signal, and generate a valid memory capacity signal based on the valid memory capacity. The address selecting circuit is configured to disable an address signal corresponding to a memory block having a defective cell, and generate a selection address signal based on the valid memory capacity signal and the disabled address signal. A non-defective cell in a memory cell array is activated based on the selection address signal and a command signal.05-26-2011
20090024822CIRCUIT FOR TRANSFOMING ADDRESS - A circuit for transforming memory address is disclosed. A first memory address is transformed into a second memory address with more bits than the first memory address for providing a memory. The memory space is an even multiple of the maximum of the first memory address. Therefore a large memory can be used as a small memory.01-22-2009
20090063808Microprocessor and method of processing data - A data storing part outputs n-bit data according to a reading address generated by an address generator. A peak value candidate selecting part selects a maximum value of a plurality of elements forming the n-bit data as a peak value candidate when data of one data unit is expressed as one element and outputs the peak value candidate together with a positional information indicating an element position of the peak value candidate. When the peak value candidate is larger than a peak value held in a peak value holding part, a peak value calculating part calculates an address of the peak value candidate using the positional information of the peak value candidate and a reading address, outputs the address and the peak value candidate to the peak value holding part, and updates content held in the peak value holding part.03-05-2009
20090055619DISK FORMATTER AND METHODS FOR USE THEREWITH - A disk formatter includes an address module for creating disk block address data corresponding to a disk sector of a disk drive. A sector write module initiates a physical mode write operation to the disk sector that incorporates the corresponding disk block address data.02-26-2009
20100153681Block Driven Computation With An Address Generation Accelerator - A processor includes at least one execution unit that executes instructions, at least one register file, coupled to the at least one execution unit, that buffers operands for access by the at least one execution unit, an instruction sequencing unit that fetches instructions for execution by the at least one execution unit, and an address generation accelerator. The address generation accelerator, responsive to an initiation signal received from the instruction sequencing unit, computes and outputs first and second effective addresses of operands of an operation.06-17-2010
20100030996System and Method for Forensic Identification of Elements Within a Computer System - A system and method for employing memory forensic techniques to determine operating system type, memory management configuration, and virtual machine status on a running computer system. The techniques apply advanced techniques in a fashion to make them usable and accessible by Information Technology professionals that may not necessarily be versed in the specifics of memory forensic methodologies and theory.02-04-2010
20090319753HYBRID LINEAR VALIDATION ALGORITHM FOR SOFTWARE TRANSACTIONAL MEMORY (STM) SYSTEMS - A method and apparatus for hybrid validation for a Software Transaction Memory (STM) is herein described. During execution of a transaction, when acquiring ownership of meta-data associated with a data element, the meta-data is updated with an ownership reference to a transaction to enable efficient subsequent ownership tests. However, during validation, for some conditions, meta-data is updated from the ownership reference to a write entry reference to enable efficient validation.12-24-2009
20100268910FLEXRAY SYSTEM USING EFFICIENT STORAGE OF INSTRUCTIONS - A data processing system comprises multiple data processing nodes that communicate with one another using the FlexRay protocol. Each respective node works according to a respective schedule based on a repetitive sequence of cycles, each cycle having a sequence of time slots. Each node executes instructions, one per time slot, if any. The instructions are stored in a memory. Each instruction is identified by the relevant cycle number and time slot number in the relevant cycle. Accordingly, the combination of cycle number and slot number identify a memory address. Typical instructions appear more than once in the repetitive sequence of cycles for a node. This temporal pattern of occurrences of the same instruction at a node is used to modify the generation of the memory addresses, so that the same memory address is generated each time the instruction is needed. This makes efficient use of storage space.10-21-2010
20080229051Broadcasting Instructions/Data to a Plurality of Processors in a Multiprocessor Device Via Aliasing - A mechanism for broadcasting instructions/data to a plurality of processors in a multiprocessor device via aliasing is provided. In order to broadcast data to a plurality of processors, a control processor writes to the registers that store the identifiers of the processors and sets two or more of these registers to a same value. The control processor may write the desired data/instructions to be broadcast to a portion of memory corresponding to the starting address associated with the processor identifier of the two or more processors. When the two or more processors look for a starting address of their local store from which to read the two or more processors will identify the same starting address, essentially aliasing the memory region. The two or more processors will read the instructions/data from the same aliased memory region starting at the identified starting address and process the same instructions/data.09-18-2008
20080229050DYNAMIC PAGE ON DEMAND BUFFER SIZE FOR POWER SAVINGS - A portable electronic device includes a processing device, a memory operatively coupled to said processing device, said memory comprising a plurality of blocks, wherein at least one block of the plurality of blocks may be powered independent of other blocks of the plurality of blocks, and a logic circuit operative to dynamically adjust a demand page buffer size within the memory and utilized by the processor, thereby permitting a corresponding adjustment of a number of powered memory blocks within the memory.09-18-2008
20100306496APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ADDRESS GENERATION FOR ARRAY PROCESSOR AND ARRAY PROCESSOR - In address generation processors, the start and the end of the processing for address generation need to be controlled in addition to controlling the processing for base address generation. A timing control unit manages control for address conversion on a clock cycle basis. The difference between the processing speed in the address generation processors and the processing speed in the address conversion circuit is absorbed by buffers.12-02-2010
20110107055Diagonally accessed memory array circuit - A memory-array decoder operably coupled to a memory array comprising a sequence of rows and receiving as input a plurality of address bits whereby these address bits are transformed by transforming logic. This transforming logic may include adders. Transforming logic may alternately include comparators or exclusive-or circuits. Transforming logic comprising adders may include overflow carry bits that are discarded, ignored, or otherwise not used or the overflow logic may be omitted altogether.05-05-2011
20090292898PROCESSOR WITH ADDRESS GENERATOR - A processor for processing data is provided. The processor comprises an address generator, which is operative to generate an address based on a base address and a fractional step (Δ).11-26-2009
20120317392CHAINING MOVE SPECIFICATION BLOCKS - An abstraction for storage class memory is provided that hides the details of the implementation of storage class memory from a program, and provides a standard channel programming interface for performing certain actions, such as controlling movement of data between main storage and storage class memory or managing storage class memory.12-13-2012
20120317393DATA RETURNED RESPONSIVE TO EXECUTING A START SUBCHANNEL INSTRUCTION - An abstraction for storage class memory is provided that hides the details of the implementation of storage class memory from a program, and provides a standard channel programming interface for performing certain actions, such as controlling movement of data between main storage and storage class memory or managing storage class memory.12-13-2012
20120317391RELEASING BLOCKS OF STORAGE CLASS MEMORY - An abstraction for storage class memory is provided that hides the details of the implementation of storage class memory from a program, and provides a standard channel programming interface for performing certain actions, such as controlling movement of data between main storage and storage class memory or managing storage class memory.12-13-2012
20090019252System and Method for Cache-Locking Mechanism Using Translation Table Attributes for Replacement Class ID Determination - A system, method, and program product are provided that identifies a cache set using Translation LookAside Buffer (TLB) attributes. When a virtual address is requested, the method, system, and program product identifies a cache set using buffer attributes. When a virtual address is received, an attempt is made to load the received virtual address from a cache. When the attempt results in a cache miss, a page is identified within a Translation LookAside Buffer that includes the virtual address. A class identifier is then retrieved from the identified page, with the class identifier identifying a cache set that is selected from the cache.01-15-2009
20120239902AREA EFFICIENT COUNTERS ARRAY SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR UPDATING COUNTERS - A counters array system comprises a memory device having a plurality of addressable memory locations for storing counter-values; a plurality of delta-counter devices. Each delta-counter device is operable to hold a maximum delta-value corresponding to a maximum number of occurrences of an event during a time duration between two counter scans controlled by a scan control unit. Each delta-counter device has an input connected to receive a signal from an event source corresponding to an occurrence of the event, and an output connected to provide a delta-value representing an accumulated number of occurrences of the event to a delta-count update circuit. The delta-count update circuit is connected to the memory device and the counter scan control unit, and being arranged to receive the delta-value and an address of a corresponding counter-value, read the counter-value from the memory device, and provide an updated counter-value incremented by the delta-value to the memory device.09-20-2012
20120324204Memory Having information Refinement Detection Function, Information Detection Method Using Memory, Device Including Memory, Information Detection Method, Method For Using Memory, And Memory Address Comparison Circuit - There is provided an externally readable memory for storing information in each memory address, and this memory is provided with an information refinement detection function; this memory comprises: an input means for entering first input data for comparing data items stored in the memory and second input data for comparing addresses in the memory, wherein the first and second comparison data are externally; means for determining matches/mismatches of both data items stored in the memory and addresses of the memory according to both of the input data provided by the input means, and further performing logic operations on both of the match/mismatch determination results; and means for outputting addresses with positive results of the logic operations. This memory may be applicable in a broad range of fields including intelligent information search as well as artificial intelligence.12-20-2012
20120102293TRANSMISSION DEVICE, TRANSMISSION METHOD, AND NON-TRANSITORY COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM - A transmission device includes a plurality of memory units storing requests for processing information stored in a memory. Moreover, when a request from a first device is received, the transmission device analyzes the received request to specify an address range including a memory address storing data to be subjected to the requested processing. The transmission device stores requests in different memory units for each address range. Moreover, the transmission device determines for each memory unit whether the stored requests are being executed by a second device. The transmission device transmits a request which is stored in a memory unit and which is determined to be not being executed, to the second device.04-26-2012
20080222382PERFORMANCE MONITORING DEVICE AND METHOD THEREOF - A performance monitoring device and method are disclosed. The device monitors performance events of a processor. A counter is adjusted in response to the occurrence of a particular performance event. The counter can be associated with a particular instruction address range, or a data address range, so that the counter is adjusted only when the performance event occurs at the instruction address range or the data address range. Accordingly, the information stored in the counter can be analyzed to determine if a particular instruction address range or data address range results in a particular performance event. Multiple counters, each associated with a different performance event, instruction address range, or data address range, can be employed to allow for a detailed analysis of which portions of a program lead to particular performance events.09-11-2008
20130124819OBJECT TRANSFORMATION OF ARRAYS OF FORMULAS AND VALUES - Embodiments of the invention relate to reducing memory required to store an array of formulas and values corresponding to a formula-array. A set of formula-array representations is provided and arranged in a successive order. Each formula-array representation is evaluated for an associated memory requirement to support use thereof, followed by conversion to a structure of the formula-array representation at a successive level. Selection of the formula-array representation is determined based upon a minimal memory requirement from the formula-array representations in the order.05-16-2013
20120017063MECHANISM TO HANDLE PERIPHERAL PAGE FAULTS - A page service request is received from a peripheral device requesting that a memory page be loaded into system memory. Page service request information corresponding to the received page service request is written as a queue entry into a queue structure in system memory. The processor is notified that the page request is present in the queue. The processor may be notified with an interrupt of a new queue entry. The processor processes the page service request and the peripheral device is notified of the completion of the processing of the request.01-19-2012

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