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Peripheral adapting

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710 - Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output


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710072000 Application-specific peripheral adapting 151
710065000 Input/Output data modification 140
710063000 Universal 77
710064000 Via common units and peripheral-specific units 17
20100077114Mobile information communication apparatus, connection unit for mobile information communication apparatus, and external input/output unit for mobile information communication apparatus - [Problems] To display, on an external display device, an image with a higher resolution than a screen's resolution of a display belonging to a mobile information communication apparatus. This is achieved only by additionally providing an interface means between the external display device and the mobile information communication apparatus and further additionally providing some functions to a display data generating means originally belonging to the mobile information communication apparatus.03-25-2010
20100042763SWITCH WITH ENHANCED HUMAN INTERFACE DEVICE SUPPORT - The present invention relates to a system and method for switching keyboard human interface devices (HIDs) and video displays. Provided is a switch with emulation support for advanced HID features. The switch uses information contained in HID report descriptors to extract information contained in HID reports and insert the extracted information into a switch report, which is sent to a host computer.02-18-2010
20120166688System and method for secure complex event processing in heterogeneous environments - Certain example embodiments relate to a system for secure complex event processing (CEP). The system includes an input adaptor configured to receive at least one input event from at least one external source system. The at least one input event comprises at least one event-specific disclosure permission concerning data of the input event. A CEP engine is configured to process the at least one input event and to produce at least one corresponding complex output event. A security enforcer is configured to remove data from the at least one output event that is not in accordance with the at least one event-specific disclosure permission defined in the corresponding at least one input event. An output adaptor is configured to send the at least one output event to at least one external target system.06-28-2012
20090070500Sharing of data between devices - The invention relates to the sharing of data between a first and a second device. A data transmission connection is set up between the devices to adapt the devices and to share data between the devices. The second device comprises an adapter program which adapts the first device to the second device on the basis of the setting data of the first device. The setting data of the first device are arranged in the first device, wherein the setting data are transmitted to the second device to implement the adaptation.03-12-2009
20090113088METHOD AND DEVICE FOR INTEROPERABILITY IN HETEROGENEOUS DEVICE ENVIRONMENT - System, device, method, and computer program and computer program products for providing communicating between devices having similar or dissimilar characteristics and facilitating seamless interoperability between them. Computer program software and methods of and systems and devices for sharing of content, applications, resources and control across similar and dissimilar permanently or intermittently connected electronic devices. Devices, systems, appliances, and the like communicating and/or interoperating within the framework provided. Interoperability device, such as a DartDevice, provides a highly interoperable device by virtue of its running a compliant player such as a DartPlayer containing an engine such as a DartEngine and at least one communications protocol for connecting to other devices.04-30-2009
20110022747MODULAR COMPUTING SYSTEM - A computing system is provided that includes a plurality of interconnected components. The components include a processing subsystem, an input subsystem, an output subsystem, a storage subsystem, and a power subsystem. Subsets of the plurality of components may be rearranged and interconnected in various configurations to form different computing systems.01-27-2011
20090006675Universal Serial Bus Dongle Device with Millimeter Wave Transceiver and System for use Therewith - A universal serial bus (USB) dongle device includes a first wireless millimeter wave transceiver that receives an inbound RF signal, that generates inbound data based on the inbound RF signal, that receives outbound data and that generates an outbound RF signal in response thereto. An antenna is coupled to transmit the outbound RF signal and to receive the inbound RF signal. A USB interface communicates the inbound data to the host device and receives the outbound data from the host device.01-01-2009
20090006674Methods of Performing Maintenance on Double-Slot PCI Device - Systems and methods are provided for performing maintenance on a multiple-slot device having multiple adapters in a computer system including a peripheral interface having a plurality of device connection slots. The invention includes determining that a selected slot on the peripheral interface is associated with an adapter of a multiple-slot device, identifying a further slot associated with the multiple-slot device based on the selected slot, and providing power to, or removing power from, the selected slot and the identified further slot. Numerous other aspects are provided.01-01-2009
20080294815SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRANSMITTING BIDIRECTIONAL SIGNALS OVER A CABLE ANTENNA - A method and system for data wireless systems on computers, for using the same cable to bi-directionally transmit antenna signals as well as other signals to and from the inside of a shielded computer housing. An example of a control signal is a connect signal for establishing initial contact between the computer and a remote wireless device. An example of a control signal transmitted from inside the computer housing to the outside, is a signal for lighting an LED. Antenna signals are separated from the control signals based on differences between these signals, for example, differences in frequency. In one embodiment, a capacitor filters out a DC control switch signal, while the high frequency antenna signal is filtered by the normal input pin circuitry of a processor.11-27-2008
20080294814Flash Memory System with Management of Housekeeping Operations - A flash re-programmable, non-volatile memory system is operated to disable foreground execution of housekeeping operations, such as wear leveling and data scrub, in the when operation of the host would be excessively slowed as a result. One or more characteristics of patterns of activity of the host are monitored by the memory system in order to determine when housekeeping operations may be performed without significantly degrading the performance of the memory system, particularly during writing of data from the host into the memory.11-27-2008
20080294813Managing Housekeeping Operations in Flash Memory - A flash re-programmable, non-volatile memory system is operated to disable foreground execution of housekeeping operations, such as wear leveling and data scrub, in the when operation of the host would be excessively slowed as a result. One or more characteristics of patterns of activity of the host are monitored by the memory system in order to determine when housekeeping operations may be performed without significantly degrading the performance of the memory system, particularly during writing of data from the host into the memory.11-27-2008
20090150578COM Port Manager - There is provided a system and method for managing communication ports on a computer device. The method comprises the steps of scanning the system file structure, determining port assignments for active devices from a known location in the system file structure, scanning additional locations in the system file structure, determining port assignments for dynamic devices from the additional locations in the system file structure, and displaying the active devices, dynamic devices and the corresponding determined port assignments. The system comprises a memory for storing instructions, and a processor for executing the instructions stored in the memory. The executed instructions generate a system file structure scanner component for scanning the system file structure and generating device data based on the scanned system file structure, a device data structure for storing the device data received from the computer system file structure scanner component, and a port assigner component for assigning communication ports based on the device data structure.06-11-2009
20080276018SYSTEM ON A CHIP FOR NETWORKING - A system on a chip for network devices. In one implementation, the system on a chip may include (integrated onto a single integrated circuit), a processor and one or more I/O devices for networking applications. For example, the I/O devices may include one or more network interface circuits for coupling to a network interface. In one embodiment, coherency may be enforced within the boundaries of the system on a chip but not enforced outside of the boundaries.11-06-2008
20090132738PRE-ASSOCIATION FOR CWUSB - Certified Wireless USB 1.0 defines two different types of association: cable association and numeric association. In order to implementation these two association methods, the CWUSB device needs to have either upstream USB connector (for cable association) or display capability (for numeric association). These extra requirements make the CWUSB device bulkier (one more USB connector) and/or more expensive (extra display components). For cheap and simple CWUSB devices, we need a simpler association method that is easy and cheap to implement. In a pre-packaged total solution, which includes a host and one or more device(s), we can use pre-association to smooth the user experience. The host and device(s) are pre-associated. When an end user starts to use this solution, they do not need to worry about the association at all.05-21-2009
20100115156Electronic device capable of matching a multimedia playback device - An electronic device capable of matching a multimedia playback device is disclosed. The electronic device comprises a slot, a connecting port, a sliding cover, a positioning device, and an identification device. The slot is used to accommodate the multimedia playback device. The connecting port is used to electrically connect the multimedia playback device. The sliding cover matches with the slot. The sliding cover has a support structure to support the multimedia playback device. The positioning device is used to fix the sliding cover at a specific position. The identification device is used to identify the type of the multimedia playback device. When the multimedia playback device is accommodated in the slot, the sliding cover fixes in a specific position to match and support the multimedia playback device.05-06-2010
20120036293PCI EXPRESS ENHANCEMENTS AND EXTENSIONS - A method and apparatus for enhancing/extending a serial point-to-point interconnect architecture, such as Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) is herein described. Temporal and locality caching hints and prefetching hints are provided to improve system wide caching and prefetching. Message codes for atomic operations to arbitrate ownership between system devices/resources are included to allow efficient access/ownership of shared data. Loose transaction ordering provided for while maintaining corresponding transaction priority to memory locations to ensure data integrity and efficient memory access. Active power sub-states and setting thereof is included to allow for more efficient power management. And, caching of device local memory in a host address space, as well as caching of system memory in a device local memory address space is provided for to improve bandwidth and latency for memory accesses.02-09-2012
20120066419TERMINAL HAVING CONTENT INTERWORKING FUNCTION AND METHOD THEREOF - A terminal having a content interworking function and a method thereof are provided, in which a specific content is executed in a first terminal, an execution information of the specific content is transmitted to a second terminal to be displayed through the second terminal, and an event generation signal corresponding to the execution information of the specific content displayed on the second terminal is collected by the first terminal to control an execution operation of the specific content.03-15-2012
20090210589Dynamic Vital Product Data Update Based on an Installed Feature Card - A method, system, and computer program product for dynamically updating vital product data (VPD) based on the presence of an installed feature card supported by an input/output (I/O) adapter in a data processing device. A VPD utility initiates the boot up process of the I/O adapter with the aid of the common boot code in the Boot/VPD segment of a flash module. The hardware configuration registers are loaded with default values. Additionally, the VPD from the (flash) Boot/VPD segment is loaded. When the feature card is present, the VPD utility retrieves configuration information for the feature card and loads the hardware configuration registers with values relevant to the feature card. The VPD utility retrieves the feature card VPD and loads available VPD updates into the (flash) alternate Open Boot segment. The flash firmware image uses the VPD to manage the adapter.08-20-2009
20090157920Dynamically Allocating Communication Lanes For A Plurality Of Input/Output ('I/O') Adapter Sockets In A Point-To-Point, Serial I/O Expansion Subsystem Of A Computing System - Methods, systems, and products are disclosed for dynamically allocating communication lanes for a plurality of sockets in a point-to-point, serial I/O expansion subsystem of a computing system, the expansion subsystem including an switch that supports a maximum number of enabled communication lanes, each socket having a same form factor, each socket connected to the switch using a same predefined number of communication lanes, that include: identifying, during a boot process for the computing system, each of the sockets in which an adapter is installed; determining, for each installed adapter, a maximum link width for that adapter; and enabling, for each of the sockets in which an adapter is installed, a set of communication lanes for communications between the adapter installed in that socket and the expansion subsystem switch in dependence upon the maximum link width for each adapter and the maximum number of enabled communication lanes supported by the switch.06-18-2009
20090089464MODULAR I/O VIRTUALIZATION FOR BLADE SERVERS - An apparatus includes a server comprising n operating system images and an IOV aware root complex; a plurality of physical I/O devices comprising n virtual I/O functions; and a PCI Express bus operatively connected to the server and the plurality physical I/O devices via the root complex, wherein the root complex is operable to provide communication between the n operating system images and the n virtual I/O function, and wherein the server and the plurality of physical I/O devices are modules in a chassis.04-02-2009
20090300238DYNAMIC MICROCODE FOR NON-VOLATILE MEMORY - Providing for arbitration and dynamic downloading of microcode at a controller associated with electrically erasable non-volatile memory is described herein. By way of example, a download agent can be provided to a module of such non-volatile memory. Characteristics of the memory module and/or specifications of a host application can be utilized to select one or more memory control modules from a group of such control modules. A selected control module(s) can be installed at the controller via the download agent to provide non-default management of raw memory. Further, arbitration of multiple control modules can be implemented to select among various mechanisms to control/manage raw memory. Arbitration can be based, for instance, on specifications of a host device application. Accordingly, great flexibility and control of raw non-volatile memory can be provided for a host device at an application level.12-03-2009
20110271018METHOD FOR PRODUCING A MAPPING TOOL, A GAME PROGRAM HAVING THE MAPPING TOOL AND OPERATION METHOD THEREOF - A method for producing a mapping tool, a video game system for a stand-alone computer having the mapping tool and operation method thereof is disclosed. The mapping tool is created by means of linking a remote motion signal generated from a remote device which is operated by user with an input source signal from a conventional input source motion mapping table. User may operate the video game system for the stand-alone computer through the mapping tool. The present invention employs the mapping tool to replace conventional input source motion mapping table, thereby providing natural ergonomic and consistent usage of existing PC games or games for stand-alone computer having the input source motion mapping table.11-03-2011
20080313369MULTI-NODE CONFIGURATION OF PROCESSOR CARDS CONNECTED VIA PROCESSOR FABRICS - Provided is a system comprising a first node comprising a plurality of processor cards each including a processor fabric, wherein the processor cards in the first node connect via their processor fabrics; a second node comprising a plurality of processor cards each including a processor fabric, wherein the processor cards in the second node connect via their processor fabrics; and a plurality of communication interfaces, wherein each interface connects one processor card in the second node to one processor card in the first node to enable communication between the connected processor cards to coordinate processor operations between the connected processor cards in the first and second nodes.12-18-2008
20080215773ENHANCED WIRELESS USB PROTOCOL - The present invention provides a method for increasing data throughput for a wireless USB system that includes wire adapters that wirelessly transmit data between a host system and a USB enabled device.09-04-2008
20090138635Method and apparatus for controlling a peripheral via different data ports - A peripheral such as a printer is controlled to receive data from different data ports. A first port receives data formatted according to a first protocol. A second port receives data formatted according to a second protocol. A first processor is associated with the peripheral. A second processor is associated with the second port. A switch is adapted to receive (i) first data from the first port and (ii) second data from the second port after processing by the second processor. The switch is controlled in response to a message received via the second port to couple either the first data or second data to the first processor for use in controlling the peripheral. New firmware can be downloaded to the peripheral via the second port in response to the message. The message can be communicated to the first processor via a separate port at the first processor and a memory shared with the second processor.05-28-2009
20090006676Method for Scheduling a Device Notification Time Slot for a Wireless USB System - Disclosed is a method for scheduling a Device Notification Time Slot (DNTS) for transferring a data between a wireless Universal Synchronous Bus (USB) device and a wireless USB host. The method comprises determining whether the wireless USB device endpoint is in a flow control state; performing one of scheduling the DNTS in each of a plurality of Micro-scheduled Management Commands (MMCs) and scheduling the DNTS after a fixed time interval in a MMC of the plurality of MMCs upon determining whether the wireless USB device endpoint is in the flow control state; and transferring the data between the wireless USB device and the wireless USB host when the wireless USB device is ready for transferring the data and the wireless USB device has received the DNTS in the MMC of the plurality of MMCs.01-01-2009
20090083458KVM switch, KVM system and computer readable medium - A KVM switch includes a storing portion that stores partial data of a freeze-up screen outputted when each server freezes up, and a controlling portion that receives digital data (that is, screen data) transmitted from each server, determines whether received screen data includes a part identical to the partial data of the freeze-up screen, and controls a power supply regulator to restart the freeze-up server when it is determined that the received screen data includes the part identical to the partial data of the freeze-up screen.03-26-2009
20090100204Method, Apparatus, and Computer Usable Program Code for Migrating Virtual Adapters from Source Physical Adapters to Destination Physical Adapters - A computer-implemented method, apparatus, and computer usable program code are disclosed for migrating a virtual adapter from a source physical adapter to a destination physical adapter in a data processing system where multiple host computer systems share multiple adapters and communicate with those adapters through a PCI switched-fabric bus. The virtual adapter is first caused to stop processing transactions. All in-flight transactions that are associated with the virtual adapter are then captured. The configuration information that defines the virtual adapter is moved from the source physical adapter to the destination physical adapter. The in-flight transactions are then restored to their original locations on the destination virtual adapter. The virtual adapter is then restarted on the destination physical adapter such that the virtual adapter begins processing transactions.04-16-2009
20080263242USB FLASH MEDIA EXTENDER - A system and method for extending communications between a USB host and a flash media device. The system is capable of converting command block wrapper data to SCSI data and sending the converted data over a non-USB communications channel, such as a Category 5 cable. The system is further capable of receiving the data sent over the non-USB communications channel and converted the received data back to command block wrapper data prior to sending the data to a flash media device.10-23-2008
20090055559KVM switch and method for controlling the same - A KVM switch is connected to a server, and a client via a network. The KVM switch includes: a signal processing portion that receives an analog image signal corresponding to screen data displayed on a display device of the client from the server, executes analog/digital conversion to the analog image signal, and stores a converted digital image signal as the screen data into a memory; a detecting portion that, when new screen data is stored, detects data corresponding to a changing part of the new screen data to screen data that has already been stored into the memory; a thinning-out portion that thins out the detected data corresponding to the changing part; and a transmitting and receiving portion that transmits data corresponding to the changing part after the thinning-out to the client, and receives operation data from an input device connected to the client.02-26-2009
20110225329Method for simultaneously switching energy-saving modes of plural computer devices via KVM switc - The present invention is to provide a method for simultaneously switching energy-saving modes of plural computer devices via a KVM switch including a CPU, a plurality of connection ports, a real-time clock (RTC) and a memory unit, wherein the memory unit stores a timetable containing at least one scheduled time and at least one corresponding energy-saving procedure each including a control instruction. The CPU reads the current time of the RTC and, after determining that the timetable contains a scheduled time corresponding to a current time, reads the control instruction in the energy-saving procedure corresponding to the scheduled time. Then, the CPU sends an energy-saving instruction to the computer device connected to each of the connection ports that are specified in the control instruction, thereby switching the energy-saving modes (e.g., a hibernation mode, sleep mode, OFF mode or ON mode) of the specified computer devices simultaneously.09-15-2011
20090234990KVM SWITCH SYSTEM SUPPORTING DVI VIDEO FORMAT - A KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switch system includes a console module and multiple computer modules connected to the console module in series. Each computer module is connected to its upstream module by two Category 5 cables. Video signals are transmitted between the modules as digital video signals in the DVI format. A computer is connected to each computer module, and a user console is connected to the console module for selectively control one of the computers. The console module controls the computer modules so that one of them is in a connect mode and transmits video and keyboard/mouse signals between its attached computer and its upstream module, and all other computer modules are in a connect mode and pass video and keyboard/mouse signals between their upstream and downstream modules. By this configuration, digital video signals can be transmitted from computers at a large distance away from the user console.09-17-2009
20090259779CONTROL SYSTEM AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM FOR DIGITAL MIXER - In a control system of a digital mixer, first class devices are connected via a first class bus, and second class devices are connected to each first class device via a second class bus. The number of first class devices, which require a specific function for adding source and destination addresses to data, can be reduced by the number of the second class devices. Moreover, the second class device which does not require the specific function for adding source and destination addresses to data input/output operations is cheaper than the first class device, resulting in the implementation of simplified configuration and reduced production costs.10-15-2009
20130219090SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR VIRTUALIZING THE PERIPHERALS IN A TERMINAL DEVICE TO ENABLE REMOTE MANAGEMENT VIA REMOVABLE PORTABLE MEDIA WITH PROCESSING CAPABILITY - Systems and methods for virtualizing the peripherals in a wireless device to enable remote management via removable portable media with processing capability are described. One aspect may include a system for virtualizing a peripheral device of a wireless device from a media device, the system comprising a media device, including a first memory; a processor coupled to said first memory; and a virtualization device controller interface remote layer adapted to run on said processor and first memory, wherein said virtualization device controller interface remote layer is adapted to communicate with a peripheral device of the wireless device.08-22-2013
20100161856USB AUDIO AND MOBILE AUDIO SYSTEM USING USB AUDIO CONTROLLER - A USB audio controller includes an USB interface unit, an audio interface unit, a storage interface unit, and a processing unit. The USB interface unit is used to connect to a USB bus for communicating with a host by a communication information. The audio interface unit is used to connect to at least one audio device for communicating with an audio signal. The storage unit is used to connect to a memory unit for communicating storage information. The processing unit is for processing the communicating information and audio signal.06-24-2010
20090077280Scalable, multi-channel remote device management system - Disclosed is a remote device management system for managing a plurality of remote devices (i.e., computers, servers, networking equipment, etc.) from one or more user workstations. The present invention discloses a scalable, multi-channel keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) over Internet Protocol (IP) (KVMoIP) management system. The system can be used in a variety of configurations and is easily tailored to the user's needs. The system also enables a user to remotely manage a variety of devices via a common user interface reached over a single IP address.03-19-2009
20100235550MOBILE COMPUTING DEVICE CAPABILITIES FOR ACCESSORIES - Embodiments disclosed herein provide for capability identification for accessories coupled with a mobile computing device. During capability identification an accessory can request capability information from a mobile computing device. In some embodiments, the accessory can specifically request capability information associated with a specific lingo. In response, the mobile computing device can respond with a message that indicates the capabilities of the mobile computing device that are supported. In some embodiments, the capabilities can be those capabilities associated with the specified lingo. In some embodiments, if the mobile computing device does not support a lingo, then the mobile computing device can respond to the request from the accessory with a negative acknowledgement.09-16-2010
20120246358Method and System for a Configurable Connector for Ethernet Applications - Aspects of a method and apparatus for a configurable connector for Ethernet are provided. In this regard, a configurable Ethernet connector residing in an Ethernet enabled communication device may couple the communication devise to one or more twisted pairs and enable communication of Ethernet frames over the twisted pair(s). Conductors of each of the twisted pairs may make contact with adjacent pins of the configurable Ethernet connector. A size and shape of the configurable Ethernet connector may enable housing of more than 48 instances of the configurable Ethernet connector in a single standard size one rack unit face plate of a 19-inch rack. The configurable Ethernet connector may provide mechanical and electrical indications that enable a device coupled to the configurable Ethernet connector to determine configuration information of the configurable Ethernet connector. The information may indicate presence or absence of various components within and/or on the configurable Ethernet connector.09-27-2012
20120144075IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE, CONTROL DEVICE, AND CONNECTION DEVICE - A disclosed image forming apparatus includes an image processing device including plural image processing units; a control device configured to control the plural image processing units; and a connection unit configured to connect the image processing device to the control device. Each of the plural image processing units is connected to the control device by one of plural channels; the image processing device is connected to the control device by a first bus including the channels; and the connection unit is provided on the first bus so that the image processing device is connected to the control device by a single connection unit.06-07-2012
20100325322DIRECT CONNECTION SINGLE USER-INTERFACE CONTROL OF MULTIPLE COMPUTERS AND DISPLAYS - Methods, systems, and devices providing single user-interface control of multiple computers and displays. Direct communication links to multiple computers are provided to automatically transmit peripheral computer device position and peripheral computer device commands to one of the multiple computers using, for example, a single computer mouse and/or a single computer keyboard device, based on a configuration map which maps mouse position to display position of the multiple computers and displays as the current mouse position is automatically tracked.12-23-2010
20100325323AUTOMATIC SOURCE CONCENTRATOR FOR A MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM - The concentrator couples a plurality of digital and analog sources to an audio/video reader system suitable for reading one of the sources. Each available source is associated with a source identifier and an activated or deactivated state flag, as a result of the user taking action on a source. A register (12-23-2010
20110246690Computing arrangement - The present invention relates to a computing arrangement (10-06-2011
20110078345MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS TERMINAL USING MULTI-FUNCTIONAL SOCKET AND METHOD THEREOF - A mobile communications terminal using a multi-functional socket and a method thereof, the mobile communications device comprising a connector capable of connecting the mobile communications device to at least one external device for establishing an electrical connection between the at least one external device and the mobile communications device; a switching unit; and a controller cooperating with the connector and the switching unit to perform, sending and/or receiving at least one signal with respect to the at least one external device via at least one dedicated path according to at least one identification signal; and generating a control signal to control the at least one signal, wherein the at least one signal comprises at least one of a power signal and data.03-31-2011
20110087810METHOD OF PROGRAMMING THE DEFAULT CABLE INTERFACE SOFTWARE IN AN INDICIA READING DEVICE - An indicia reading apparatus includes an interconnect cable and an indicia reading device. The indicia reading device is configured so that, if the indicia reader device is not configured to any interconnect cable and detects an indicia which does not contain one of a plurality of specified sequences of data elements that the indicia reading device will recognize and use to configure itself to operate with the interconnect cable, the indicia reading device will indicate to the user of the indicia reading device that the indicia reading device needs to be configured to operate with the interconnect cable.04-14-2011
20090259778Automatic Device Function Control Based on Device Hub Coupling Selection - One or more physical characteristics are selected to be associated with a device attached to a device hub depending on which connector of the device hub the device is electrically coupled to, depending on the orientation of the casing of the device hub relative to a pull of gravity, and/or depending on the position of the device relative to a the connector of the device hub to which the device is electrically coupled. Further, where more than one device are capable of forming an assembly that is capable of performing a function, still another device is falsely presented by the device hub with an indication of the presence of a single device capable of performing the function to induce the still another device to convey data to the device hub as if the device hub were that single device.10-15-2009
20100064075METHOD FOR CONVERTING KVM/KM SYSTEM - A method for converting a KVM system comprising the steps of: (1) initializing a mouse device, at least two computer hosts, a keyboard, and at least two corresponding displaying device; (2) selecting which computer host and a corresponding displaying device are needed to be operated, then switching to the selected computer host and the corresponding displaying device by controlling a switch disposed on the mouse into a particular direction; (3) operating the selected computer host and the corresponding displaying device; (4) finishing the operation; (5) judging whether one of the computer hosts and another corresponding displaying device is needed to be operated, if yes, going to step (2), if no, going to next step; and (6) end.03-11-2010
20120303845Home gateway and method for adapting USB modem - A home gateway for adapting a Universal Serial Bus (USB) modem includes a system drive module; a wide area network (WAN) connection management module; a drive adaption module, which determines the mode of the USB modem, adapts a drive of an application layer interface of the USB modem and transmits a drive adaption complete message to an application adaption module; and the application adaption module, which selects a corresponding initialization process, initializes an application layer of the USB modem, transmits an initialization complete message to the WAN connection management module and performs a network connection via the WAN interface management module. A method for adapting the USB modem is also disclosed. The home gateway and method can reduce the economic burden of users, and facilitate the popularization of home gateway products and a wireless net surfing service via the USB modem.11-29-2012
20100180055MONITOR SHARING SYSTEM - A display monitor includes a plurality of monitor inputs, a monitor switch for switching between the plurality of monitor inputs, a plurality of universal serial bus (USB) ports, where a first one of the USB ports is positioned at a first location and is dedicated to a first processing device, a second one of the USB ports is positioned at a second location and is dedicated to a second processing device, and a third one of the USB ports is positioned at a third location and is dedicated to either the first processing device or the second processing device. In addition, the display monitor includes a USB switch for switching between the plurality of USB ports to selectively activate the plurality of USB ports, where the monitor switch is internally linked to the USB switch to cause the monitor switch and the USB switch to switch concurrently with each other.07-15-2010
20110191509Automatically Launching a Measurement Application in Response to Measurement Device Connection - Automatically launching a measurement program in response to measurement device connection. The measurement device may be connected to a host device. The measurement device may store a measurement program. The host device may automatically detect the measurement device. However, a measurement device specific driver may not be required for communication between the host device and the measurement device. The host device may automatically execute the measurement program stored on the measurement device in response to the connecting. During execution, the measurement device may acquire data and provide the acquired data to the host device.08-04-2011
20120042103SMART CARD WITH SELF-DETACHMENT FEATURES AND RELATED METHODS - An integrated circuit for a smart card in accordance with an exemplary embodiment includes at least one data terminal for providing communications with a host device over a system bus and a processor configured to provide an attachment signal on the at least one data terminal for recognition by the host device. Further, the processor also cooperates with the host device to perform an enumeration based upon at least one default descriptor, and receive information from the host device regarding a system event. In addition, the processor is configured to remove the attachment signal from the at least one data terminal and thereafter again provide the attachment signal on the at least one data terminal based upon the information regarding the system event, and cooperate with the host device to perform a new enumeration based upon at least one alternate descriptor.02-16-2012
20110153881Portable Multipurpose Computer - MC - A Portable Multipurpose Computer (MC) that has a very compact size and is easy to use and transport. The MC can be wirelessly connected to external displays, keyboards, and other devices or be used in mobile mode with a built-in display and keyboard. The universal device connectivity of the MC and its pocket size enables anyone to use the same computer at work, home, while traveling or at any other location without having to carry bulky laptops, replicating data and using additional equipment. Therefore, the MC saves substantial resources, time and finances while making the user more efficient and productive. Moreover, the MC offers tremendous advantages by providing cutting-edge and portable computer power that can be used anywhere. In addition, the MC includes the functionality of a mobile phone, data storage, media player and other devices. These features make MC the Universal Computing, Communication and Media Device.06-23-2011
20110167180ANTENNA DOCKING STATION - A mechanical and electrical attachment apparatus for coupling a wireless communication device to a computing device such that higher levels of radiated power may be applied while maintaining adherence to FCC regulations. The attachment device includes apparatus for coupling the wireless device to the attachment device by establishing a plurality of electrical connections including a radio frequency signal connection. The apparatus also includes an antenna that is used to transmit and receive radio frequency signals. The apparatus may optionally include an RF amplifier.07-07-2011
20110167179PROVIDING SIGNALS TO ELECTRONIC CONNECTORS - A connector can be activated or deactivated by providing power and data signals to the connector at different times. In some embodiments, the power signals are provided to a connector, and then the data signals are provided to the connector after a delay. Providing power and data signals at different times can, in at least some cases, better mimic the timing of signals provided by a connector as the connector is attached to an electronic device. This can aid automated testing of the electronic device. It can also be used to control access of the device through the connector.07-07-2011
20090132737REMOTE INTERFACE APPARATUS, CONTROL SYSTEM, AND THE METHOD THEREOF - A remote interface apparatus comprises a network interface, a peripheral device interface, an interface-providing mechanism and a network address setting mechanism. The network interface is configured to communicate with a remote host. The peripheral device interface is configured to connect to a peripheral device. The interface-providing mechanism cooperates with the network interface to transfer the peripheral device interface into a remote peripheral device connection port of the host. The network address setting mechanism is configured to automatically obtain a network address upon a connection to the network, and to broadcast information of the peripheral device interface.05-21-2009
20100205333SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ACCESSING A PERSONAL COMPUTER DEVICE ONBOARD AN AIRCRAFT AND AIRCRAFT EQUIPPED WITH SUCH SYSTEM - The invention generally pertains to onboard systems for passengers such as In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) Systems. The invention more particularly relates to a system and a method for accessing a personal computer device (08-12-2010
20080215774Wireless Universal Serial Bus Dual Role Device - Disclosed herein is a wireless universal serial bus (USB) dual role device (DRD) system in which a common part shared between a wireless USB host and a wireless USB device is extracted from a central processing unit (CPU) to implement a wireless USB DRD, and driven to be divisionally processed in the CPU according to roles to reduce system load, so that a DRD performance can be improved.09-04-2008
20120185622MATCHING METHOD, SYSTEM AND DEVICE FOR DATA EXCHANGE BETWEEN A COMMUNICATION OBJECT AND A PROCESSING UNIT - A matching device carries out data exchange between a processing unit and a wireless peripheral device and/or a communication object associated with the peripheral device. The matching device includes a communication interface with the processing unit; a wireless communication interface with the wireless peripheral device; information stating means for stating technical capacity information to the processing unit, enabling the latter to select an appropriate driver/communication means; and data-processing means. The data-processing means is capable of carrying out a matching of an exchange protocol and/or formats of data to be exchanged between the processing unit and the communication object. The technical capacities stated by the stating means pertains to the wireless peripheral device and/or to the communication object associated therewith, the technical capacities being considered to pertain to the matching device by the processing unit. The invention also pertains to a system and method for implementing the matching device.07-19-2012
20120185621Detection and Processing of Preselected Image Blocks in a KVM System - A method, operable in a keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) system in which multiple target computers connected to a KVM switch are accessible via the KVM switch by a remote computer connected to the KVM switch, each of the target computers having a video output, and in which one or more preselected images are each associated with corresponding actions, the method includes monitoring the video output of at least some of the target computers connected to the KVM switch to search for one of the preselected images in the video output; and when one of the preselected images is detected in a video output of one of the target computers, taking the corresponding actions associated with that image.07-19-2012
20120226834METHOD FOR ENABLING SEVERAL VIRTUAL PROCESSING UNITS TO DIRECTLY AND CONCURRENTLY ACCESS A PERIPHERAL UNIT - The present disclosure relates to a method for enabling a virtual processing unit to access a peripheral unit, the virtual processing unit being implemented by a physical processing unit connected to the peripheral unit, the method comprising a step of transmitting to the peripheral unit a request sent by the virtual processing unit to access a service provided by the peripheral unit, the access request comprising at least one parameter and an identifier of the virtual unit, the method comprising steps, executed by the peripheral unit after receiving an access request, of allocating a set of registers to the virtual unit identifier received, storing the parameter received in the register set allocated, and when the peripheral unit is available for processing a request, selecting one of the register sets, and triggering a process in the peripheral unit from the parameters stored in the selected register set.09-06-2012
20110314191Protocol adapter for passing diagnostic messages between a host computer and vehicle networks operating in J1939 or J1708 protocol - A protocol adapter for transferring diagnostic messages between networks within a vehicle and a host computer. The protocol adapter operates as a voltage translator to support J1708 software. The protocol adapter also recognizes when the protocol adapter is connected to a host computer running the J1939 and/or J1708 protocols and automatically switches to that protocol.12-22-2011
20080222326KVM SWITCH SYSTEM CAPABLE OF WIRELESSLY TRANSMITTING KEYBOARD-MOUSE DATA AND RECEIVING VIDEO/AUDIO DRIVING COMMAND - A control management system for controlling electrical devices is disclosed. The control management system comprises a plurality of electrical devices, and a keyboard-video-mouse switch. Each electrical device corresponds to a transforming unit for generating a protocol command signal, and a first protocol signal transceiver for wirelessly transmitting the protocol command signal via a communication interface. The keyboard-video-mouse switch comprises a plurality of second protocol signal transceivers, a plurality of converting modules, a plurality of system controllers, and a switch unit. Each of the second protocol signal transceiver corresponds to one of the first protocol signal transceivers and is used for receiving the protocol command signal from the corresponding first protocol signal transceiver. Each converting module, coupled to one of the plurality of second protocol signal transceivers, is used for converting the protocol command signal into a driving command. Each system controller, coupled to one of the plurality of converting module, is used for generating video/audio data stream based on the driving command. A switch unit is used for switching to a route to deliver the video/audio data stream from one of the plurality of converting modules to a display.09-11-2008
20130179609HOST SIDE IMPLEMENTATION FOR HID I2C DATA BUS - In embodiments of host side implementation for HID I07-11-2013
20130091310DEVICE MANAGEMENT USING VIRTUAL INTERFACES - Management of data communication between a peripheral device and host computer system is provided. A physical interface for communicating data between a peripheral device and applications executing on the host is opened and controlled by a software module. First and second virtual interfaces of the software module are exposed to an operating system of the host, and the operating system exposes the first and second virtual interfaces to a first application and a second application executing on the host. The first virtual interface is used for communicating data between the peripheral device and the first application through the physical interface, and the second virtual interface is used for communicating data between the peripheral device and the second application through the physical interface. Management of data communication between the peripheral device and the first application and between the peripheral device and the second application is thereby provided.04-11-2013
20130124762WIRELESS DOCKING STATION - A wireless communication system for enabling a wireless connection between a computing device and a plurality of peripheral devices is provided. The system comprises a first wireless transceiver connected to a host bridge, wherein the host bridge is coupled to a central processing unit of the computing device; and a wireless docketing apparatus that communicates with the host bridge over a wireless interconnect bus, wherein the wireless docketing apparatus is coupled to a plurality of peripheral devices, thereby enabling the wireless connection between the computing device and the plurality of peripheral devices.05-16-2013
20130191563TRANSMITTING DEVICE, TRANSMITTING METHOD, RECEIVING DEVICE, RECEIVING METHOD, TRANSMITTING/RECEIVING SYSTEM, AND CABLE - To enable signal transmission at a high data rate while securing backward compatibility.07-25-2013
20120290748APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TRANSFORMING A CONSUMER DEVICE ENCLOSURE - A transformable enclosure enabling increased functionality, such as storage capacity, is provided. The apparatus enables modular units to be attached to increase capacity without compromising the integrity of the overall structure. The apparatus includes a housing that contains a signal processing circuit, the housing including interfaces for coupling a plurality of removable modules to the circuit, a base coupled to the housing that supports the housing in at least two orientations. The apparatus operates in a first mechanical orientation without the plurality of removable modules coupled to the interfaces and operates in a second mechanical orientation with the plurality of removable modules coupled to the interfaces. A cooling device provides cooling for the circuit in the first mechanical orientation and the plurality of removable modules in the second mechanical orientation.11-15-2012

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