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710 - Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output

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710008000 Peripheral configuration 539
710062000 Peripheral adapting 452
710015000 Peripheral monitoring 421
710022000 Direct Memory Accessing (DMA) 315
710036000 Input/Output access regulation 264
710052000 Input/Output data buffering 244
710005000 Input/Output command process 236
710033000 Data transfer specifying 144
710003000 Input/Output addressing 101
710058000 Input/Output process timing 94
710030000 Frame forming 32
710029000 Flow controlling 28
710002000 Input/Output expansion 23
710020000 Concurrent Input/Output processing and data transfer 20
710031000 Transfer direction selection 17
710032000 Transfer termination 7
20100042749CONTENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM USING TRANSPORTABLE MEMORY DEVICES - A portable device includes solid-state memory, an Ethernet and/or wireless network connection, and an HDMI. The portable device receives content guide data from a first server and displays a content guide on a display. In response to a user's selection of a content item, the portable device requests the content item over the Internet from a second server. The portable device receives the content item, stores the content item in solid-state memory, generates display signals that represent the content item, and sends the display signals to a display. The second server may match the content item with relevant advertisements based on keywords associated with the content item and the advertisements. The second server may send selected advertisement URLs to the portable device. Using the URLs, the portable device may obtain the advertisements over the Internet and cause the display to display the advertisements in conjunction with the content item.02-18-2010
20090043914BOARD GAME SYSTEM AND METHOD OF USE THEREOF - The present invention relates to an apparatus adapted for use with one or more fantasy purchase board games, and a method of using the apparatus, to incorporate the principles of debt and debt management into play of the board games.02-12-2009
20090271529Stream data processing method and computer systems - Provided is a stream data processing method that can effectively handle delay data. In the stream data processing method of processing data whose lifetime is defined by a window, an operation result excluding a delay tuple is immediately output along with an unconfirmed flag according to delay processing HBT while a midway processing result necessary for reproduction is retained along with the lifetime, and when the delay tuple arrives, a correct processing result is calculated from the delay tuple and the processing result restore tuple.10-29-2009
20090234975Sliding and rotate-to-open hinge structure of a portable electronic device - This invention presents a sliding and rotate-to-open hinge structure of a portable electronic device which has an upper cover and a base. The hinge structure is provided to pivotally connect the upper cover and the base such that the upper cover could be slid and rotated relative to the base.09-17-2009
20080294799HIGH THROUGHPUT PIPELINED DATA PATH - Methods and apparatus to provide a high throughput pipelined data path are described. In one embodiment, an apparatus may include three stages to process inbound data packets, e.g., to align one or more bits of data. Other embodiments are also described.11-27-2008
20080281989MEDICAL INSTRUMENT HAVING A SEPARATE TRANSMITTER FOR CONTROLLING MEDICAL TREATMENT SOFTWARE - The patent discloses a medical instrument having a control device for controlling medical treatment software, wherein the control device includes a transmitter for transmitting software control signals and at least one control for activating the transmitter. The transmitter may be provided as a separate transmitter unit, and the instrument may include a closable interior receptacle, wherein the transmitter unit can be inserted into and removed from the interior receptacle.11-13-2008
20090265481SIGNAL PROCESSING DEVICE AND METHOD, PROGRAM, AND SIGNAL PROCESSING SYSTEM - A signal processing device is a predetermined signal processing device among signal processing devices which perform signal processing on an input signal that is input to any one of the signal processing devices in such a manner that the signal processing devices share signal processing. The signal processing device includes a signal processing section that performs signal processing on a first-bandwidth signal, which is included in the input signal, in accordance with a processing capability of the signal processing device to generate a first output signal; and a signal integration section that integrates a second output signal with the first output signal, and that outputs the integrated signal to a second different signal processing device, the second output signal being generated in a first different signal processing device by performing signal processing on a second-bandwidth signal, which is included in the input signal.10-22-2009
20080235404STORAGE APPARATUS AND DATA TRANSFER METHOD THEREOF - A storage apparatus automates a mapping operation and can automatically perform online data transfer from a storage unit of a data transfer source between a plurality of storage units. It includes a data transfer means for acquiring the construction information of the second storage in a first storage apparatus before a second storage unit is connected to a communication port for external connection, providing a storage device for performing data migrates from the second storage unit to a first storage control unit on the basis of the acquired construction information of the second storage unit, and performing mapping of the storage device in the second storage unit and data transfer from the second storage unit to the first storage control unit, with respect to an external connection function and an online data transfer function, after the second storage unit is connected to the external connection port.09-25-2008
20090049204VIRTUALIZATION AWARE HARD DRIVE - A system and method for a virtualization aware hard drive. A method may include issuing a context command and an input/output (I/O) command by a virtual machine to either a hardware controller or a virtual machine monitor (VMM). The controller (or VMM) fills in a context tag that corresponds to the context command and the I/O command. The controller (or VMM) provides the context tag and the I/O command to a virtualization aware hard drive. The context tag provides context to the hard drive for the I/O command. Other embodiments are described and claimed.02-19-2009
20090198837System and Method for Providing Remotely Coupled I/O Adapters - A heterogeneous processing element model is provided where I/O devices look and act like processors. In order to be treated like a processor, an I/O processing element, or other special purpose processing element, must follow some rules and have some characteristics of a processor, such as address translation, security, interrupt handling, and exception processing, for example. The heterogeneous processing element model abstracts an I/O device such that communication intended for the I/O device may be packetized and sent over a network. Thus, a virtualization platform may packetize communication intended for a remotely located I/O device and transmit the packetized communication over a distance, rather than having to make a call to a library, call a device driver, pin memory, and so forth.08-06-2009
20090063710CAPABILITY-BASED CONTROL OF A COMPUTER PERIPHERAL DEVICE - In an embodiment, a computer-implemented method comprises sending, to a computer peripheral device, a request to obtain capabilities of the computer peripheral device; receiving a first capability description from the computer peripheral device, wherein the first capability description describes one or more capabilities, features or functions of the device at the time of the request; creating one or more graphical user interface (GUI) elements based upon the first capability description and causing displaying the GUI elements; receiving user input representing one or more selections of the GUI elements; creating job ticket data that describes a job for the computer peripheral device to perform, based on the GUI elements that were selected as represented in the user input; sending the job ticket data to the peripheral device; wherein the job ticket data describes one or more device settings that the computer peripheral device can transform to device commands.03-05-2009
20090063709Method for Loading and Maintaining Executable Code Extensions in Instruments - A synthetic instrument and method for operating the same is disclosed. The synthetic instrument includes a plurality of component modules and a controller. Each component module includes signal processing circuitry that processes input signals thereto to provide output signals that are coupled to a device external to that component module. Each module also includes a memory for storing information specifying the manner in which the input signals are processed to provide the output signals and a network interface that connects the component module to a network within the apparatus. A component download manager within that module loads information into the memory in response to messages received on the network, the component module executing a function that is specified by that information. The controller generates messages on the network specifying data that is to be loaded into at least one of the component modules.03-05-2009
20080263228Single-chip microcomputer - A single-chip microcomputer comprising: a first bus having a central processing unit and a cache memory connected therewith; a second bus having a dynamic memory access control circuit and an external bus interface connected therewith; a break controller for connecting the first bus and the second bus selectively; a third bus having a peripheral module connected therewith and having a lower-speed bus cycle than the bus cycles of the first and second buses; and a bus state controller for effecting a data transfer and a synchronization between the second bus and the third bus. The single-chip microcomputer has the three divided internal buses to reduce the load capacity upon the signal transmission paths so that the signal transmission can be accomplished at a high speed. Moreover, the peripheral module required to have no operation speed is isolated so that the power dissipation can be reduced.10-23-2008
20080215764MANAGING ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS UTILIZING A DIGITAL SEAL - A method for storing electronic documents can include associating a digital seal with at least one electronic document. An image within a user interface can be displayed, wherein the image is a user selectable representation for the digital seal. At least one metadata attribute can be stored as a characteristic related to the digital seal. A storage characteristic of at least one electronic document can be modified based on one or more of the metadata attributes.09-04-2008
20100100643MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM BY USING EXTERNAL CONNECTION APPARATUS AND EXTERNAL CONNECTION APPARATUS THEREFOR - Disclosed is a multimedia system using a mobile communication terminal and an external connection device for the same. The multimedia system uses a video/audio output device, a peripheral device, and an external connection device. The multimedia system includes a mobile communication terminal having a video/audio output function and a peripheral device control function so that the mobile communication terminal outputs images and sounds by using the video/audio output device and controls the peripheral device; and an external connection device for connecting the mobile communication terminal to the video/audio output device and the peripheral device, relaying the images and sounds from the mobile communication terminal to the video/audio output device, and relaying data transmitted/received between the mobile communication terminal and the peripheral device. When multimedia data is reproduced by using a mobile communication terminal, it is easily connected to an external video/audio output device (e.g. a TV) or a peripheral device (e.g. a computer, a mouse, a joystick) to construct a multimedia system.04-22-2010
20100070653IO Card Receiving Unit - A system comprises a chassis, an IO interconnect assembly provided in the chassis, and a plurality of IO card receiving units that are installable in the chassis. When the IO card receiving units are installed, the receiving units couple to the IO interconnect assembly. Each IO card receiving unit connects to a corresponding connector on the IO interconnect assembly and provides one or more slots for receiving IO cards. At least one IO card receiving unit has a different number of slots for receiving IO cards than at least one other IO card receiving unit.03-18-2010
20100198993TERMINAL DEVICE, PERIPHERAL DEVICE, AND WRITE PROGRAM - A terminal device 08-05-2010
20080281988Apparatus and method for initating a debug halt for a selected architectural state - In a test and debug system wherein a target processing unit in a target processor receives test and debug commands from an external unit, an interface unit included in the target processor monitors the state of the target processing unit. The interface unit receives and stores a test and debug command identifying the test and debug procedure to be performed. Thereafter, the interface unit receives a control signal group indicating the target processing unit state during which the command is to be executed. When the target processor state, indicated by the control signal group, is identified by the interface unit, the stored command is applied to the target processing unit. In this manner, a test and debug procedure can be executed when the target processing unit is in a suitable state.11-13-2008
20100064059MODULARIZED ELECTRONIC SWITCHING CONTROLLER ASSEMBLY FOR COMPUTER - A modularized electronic switching controller assembly for a computer includes a computer device; a hub positioned at a rear end of the computer device; two sides of the hub unit being installed with tracks which are retained in a machine frame; the machine frame being formed by four supporting posts; a support arm connected between the computer-related assembly and the hub for receiving conductive wires; a switching controller installed at the tracks having two racks of the hub unit; a connecting surface of the switching controller having an electric connector; a rear side of the switching controller being installed with at least one connecting port; moving the switching controller through the tracks will make the switching controller entering from a rear end of the machine case; by the connection of the electric connector and the hub unit, the connecting port can be connected to external peripherals or a server.03-11-2010
20100070654INFORMATION SHARING SYSTEM AND RELAY DEVICE CAPABLE OF CONTROLLING PERIPHERAL ACCORDING TO USER MANIPULATION - A workspace control unit performs a process on a common work area screen for sharing information, and an information processor display transmission and reception unit transmits to a display of an information processor the common work area screen processed by the workspace control unit. An information processor manipulation detection unit detects manipulation performed on the common work area screen of the information processor. A peripheral control unit controls a peripheral based on control information managed by a peripheral control information management unit according to the result of detection by the information processor manipulation detection unit.03-18-2010
20110125926SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COMMUNICATING WITH ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A system and method for communicating with one or more software-controlled devices.05-26-2011
20100030917Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and program - A signal processing apparatus includes: a connecting means for use in connecting to a different device; a signal control means for changing a control signal to be outputted to the different device through the connecting means for a predetermined period; a changing means for changing the predetermined period; a determining means for determining for each of the predetermined periods changed by the changing means whether the different device stably makes a response to a change in the control signal caused by the signal control means; and a deciding means for deciding a shortest predetermined period from the predetermined periods determined by the determining means that the different device stably makes a response, as a standby time for the different device connected through the connecting means.02-04-2010
20080276008Secure and Accurate Method for Processing Prescriptions - The present invention is a new method of processing a prescription that has advantages of security and accuracy while preserving convenience of older methods. The new method includes (1) receiving image information defining an image of a hard copy prescription, (2) displaying the image upon a user interface, (3) receiving response information from the user interface indicative of whether the image is acceptable, and (4) storing the image information on a secure system.11-06-2008
20110082949PRESENTING MULTI-FUNCTION DEVICES BEHIND A SWITCH HIERARCHY AS A SINGLE FUNCTION DEVICE - In one embodiment, a computer system, comprises at least one host node, at least one input/output node coupled to the host node, at least one multi-function device coupled to the input/output node via a switch, and a middle manager processor comprising logic to block an enumeration process in a host node for the multi-function devices behind the switch hierarchy, initiate an enumeration process for the multi-function devices in a manager processor separate from the host node, store a routing table for the switch hierarchy in a memory module coupled to the manager processor, and allocate, in the manager processor, endpoint device resources to the host node.04-07-2011
20100011128UNIFIED INPUT/OUTPUT CONTROLLER FOR INTEGRATED WIRELESS DEVICES - A novel and useful apparatus for and method of a unified IO controller well suited for use in integrated wireless devices incorporating multiple functions. The unified IO controller is operative to provide a single host interface PHY/MAC that is shared among all functions on the controller. The invention provides an IO protocol handler comprising common and unified logic that provides IO access to any function on the device. The common and unified IO PHY interface logic is shared between multiple functions within the same device (e.g., WLAN, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.). This implementation provides optimized hardware partitioning in which common SDIO logic serves multiple functions thereby eliminating the need to provide a protocol handler for each function, reducing pin count, power consumption and die size, since the SDIO protocol handling is implemented in a shared module.01-14-2010
20080215763Graphical user interface, process, program, storage medium and computer system for arranging music - The present invention relates to a graphical user interface for arranging music, comprising a first display section showing different tracks and a second display section showing a first channel strip and a second channel strip. Preferably, the second channel strip shows the output routing or the destination of a Send of the first channel strip. The present invention also relates to a process for arranging music using the graphical user interface described above. The process allows that the channel associated with the second channel strip is automatically created when the associated bus is addressed for the first time as a Send or output destination in the first channel strip.09-04-2008

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