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709 - Electrical computers and digital processing systems: multicomputer data transferring


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20130031211FEEDBACK ORIENTED PRIVATE OVERLAY NETWORK FOR CONTENT DISTRIBUTION - A network of computers each serving as a “node” within a private, closed peer-to-peer network having a network administrator. Each node has a CPU and a hard drive, input/output device and connectivity to other nodes through the Internet. Each node is provided a hard drive (cache) to handle a multitude of data files. The cache supports multiple streams of fragments to multiple calling nodes without delay or deterioration of transfer rates. A plurality of metrics programs monitor the data demands on each node, the usage of each node's hard drive, and the transfer rates possible from the assigned node and provide that information to the network in a database available to all nodes. The network administrator, utilizing a contrarian selection method, pushes disaggregated data to the nodes in the network to evenly load data throughout the network and to fully load the node's hard drives.01-31-2013
20130031210OPTIMIZED NEAR-SIMULTANEOUS DISTRIBUTION OF MULTIMEDIA CONTENT - The “swarming” behavior of multimedia content distribution network subscribers—numerous, near-simultaneous requests for the same content by different users—is predicted, based on analysis of past viewing habits. Users are grouped based on correlations in the multimedia content requested and the time at which it is requested. When a set of users of a group requests particular multimedia content, that content is autonomously distributed, via a shared distribution channel, to the terminal equipment of all users in the group, where it is buffered. As other users in the group request the same multimedia content, an initial portion is distributed to each requesting user via an individual channel. As the rendered content catches up to the buffered content, the terminal equipment switches from the content delivered via the individual distribution channel to the buffered content. The individual distribution is then terminated, and the individual distribution channel released.01-31-2013
20090193098System and Method for Managing and Distributing Bundled Code Objects - A method and apparatus for managing and distributing bundled code objects to, for example, set-top boxes serviced by a multi-service operator. The system and method creates different profiles, each including code objects, download conditions and so on. The different profiles are then combined in a code download bundle and the code download bundle is downloaded to a service center, which further distributes the bundle to a plurality of site servers which distribute the information in the bundle to the appropriate destinations, such as set-top boxes used with cable television service.07-30-2009
20090193097Method and apparatus for targeted content delivery based on RSS feed analysis - A system and related method for targeted content delivery based on RSS feed analysis, including one or more of the following: a behavior analyzer that formulates a behavioral profile of a user of a terminal device who requests an RSS feed and receives same through the terminal device; an infrastructure that establishes behavioral profile data regarding the user and delivers targeted content to the user; and a network in communication with the terminal device, the network matching one or more flows of the RSS feed to known protocol signatures, collecting summary descriptive information embedded in the one or more flows of the RSS feed, and correlating the collected information with a subsequent content request.07-30-2009
20130031212GATEWAY AND IN-VEHICLE NETWORK SYSTEM - An in-vehicle system comprising a gateway between multiple networks is disclosed. One of the networks specifies that when a source apparatus connected to the one of the networks sends a request message to a destination apparatus connected to another one of the networks, the source apparatus should time-out if the source apparatus does not receive a response message within a specified time after sending the request message. Upon receipt of the request message, the gateway relays the request message to the destination apparatus and sends a wait request code to the source apparatus to instruct the source apparatus to wait by extending the specified time.01-31-2013
20100049830High Availability Network System - A communication system adapted for a vehicle includes a network for communication between at least two communication interfaces respectively connected to a first controller which manages/runs a control application and a second controller which also manages/runs the control application. The communication interfaces have, per controller, at least one communication port from which a communication link is possible. The communication link is a PLC (Power Line Communication) link having at least two electrically conductive links connected to each of the respective communication ports through at least one coupling transformer, for a control application transmission between the two communication interfaces.02-25-2010
20100077057File Transfer in Conference Services - Systems, methods, devices and software according to these exemplary embodiments provide techniques for transferring files in a conference. Upon receiving a request for a file transfer to multiple endpoints, media descriptions associated with those endpoints can be modified and used to transmit invitations to those endpoints for the file transfer. Based on the responses to the invitations, the file transfer may then proceed.03-25-2010
20130080589IMAGE-BASED DATA SHARING SYSTEM AND ITS EXECUTIVE METHOD - The present invention is intend for data sharing completed via Internet or local area networks when at least one data storage device is electrically connected to a digital box and the digital box links a server. At the moment, an image is caught by one image capture device of a computer which is equipped with one application program and decoded by a decoder module in order to get a peer authentication code. Then, one command to read out, write in, modify, delete or add any data/file in a data storage device which is electrically connected to a digital box or any data/file in a storage space is executed by one user via the computer when peer authentication codes of the computer and the digital box are identified as the same group by the server.03-28-2013
20130086220Method for a Device to Communicate with Another Device - One embodiment of the present invention provides a method for communicating with another device using a first device having a converged personal network service (CPNS) enabled entity. The communication method comprises: a step for determining whether the mode of the CPNS enabled entity needs to be changed from gateway mode to coupling mode; and a step for changing the mode of the CPNS enabled entity from the gateway mode to the coupling mode, according to the results from the step for determining When changed to the coupling mode, the CPNS enabled entity operates in personal network entity (PNE) mode to receive from the second device data for service of a second network, and the gateway mode to transmit the received service data to at least one of the entities that belong to a first network managed by the CPNS enabled entity. The communication method can include a step for controlling the synchronism of the CPNS enabled entity operating in the gateway mode and at least one of the entities, considering the synchronism of the CPNS enabled entity operating in the PNE mode and the second device.04-04-2013
20130086219COMMUNICATION WITH DISTRIBUTED DEVICES HANDLING ELECTRIC ENERGY VIA THE INTERNET - A method of communication of distributed devices handling electric energy with communication partners via the Internet includes programming rules in a server. The rules determine between which device and which communication partner a communication connection is to be mediated based on generic properties of the devices, generic properties of the communication partners and an initializing time-variable datum. The communication connection is a point to point, point to multi point or multi point to multi point connection via the internet. Data are transmitted from each device and each communication partner to the server via the Internet. These data include both a communication address and attributes indicative of the generic properties of the device or the communication partner, respectively. The communication connection is mediated between the device and the communication partner determined by the rules in response to a value of the initializing time-variable datum also defined by the rules.04-04-2013
20130086218Proxy Server For Home Network Access - A manner of extending a home network to a mobile device. A proxy server receives a request from a signaling gateway to transfer a communication session established between a home agent and a foreign agent. This may be done, for example, to accommodate an anticipated high-bandwidth transaction. If the proxy server has adequate resources available, it can accept the session. The agents provided with the address of the proxy server and independently send connection requests. The proxy server ensures that both agents are authenticated, and establishes secure communication tunnels. Traffic is then forwarded between the tunnels, in some cases after manipulation within the proxy server. Status messages may be multicast to inform signaling gateways or other entities of the resources available at the proxy server for this purpose.04-04-2013
20120265853FORMAT-AGNOSTIC STREAMING ARCHITECTURE USING AN HTTP NETWORK FOR STREAMING - This patent document describes, among other things, distributed computer platforms for online delivery of multimedia, including HD video, at broadcast audience scale to a variety of runtime environments and client devices in both fixed line and mobile environments. The teachings hereof can be applied to deliver live and on-demand content streams via computer networks. The teachings also relate to the ingestion of content streams in a given source format and the serving of the stream in a given target format. For example, a system might have machines in a content delivery network that ingest live streams in a source format, use an intermediate format to transport the stream within the system, and output the stream in a target format to clients that have requested (e.g., with an HTTP request) the stream. The streams may be archived for later playback.10-18-2012
20090182841Electronic ad delivery system and method - A system, method and computer readable medium configured to determine whether an initial electronic advertisement has been displayed, and to deliver an alternate advertisement when the initial electronic advertisement has not been displayed.07-16-2009
20090157847PICTURE DISPLAY METHOD AND PICTURE DISPLAY APPARATUS - A picture display method and a picture display apparatus can display a picture that can be customized by each user without any significant load that need to be borne by the server and the communication line and with a short waiting time for each user.06-18-2009
20090157846Storage system comprising function for migrating virtual communication port added to physical communication port - A switch unit, which is connected to one or more computers and one or more storage systems, comprises an update function for updating transfer management information (a routing table, for example). The storage system has a function for adding a virtual port to a physical port. The storage system migrates the virtual port addition destination from a first physical port to a second physical port and transmits a request of a predetermined type which includes identification information on the virtual port of the migration target to the switch unit. The transfer management information is updated by the update function of the switch unit so that the transfer destination which corresponds with the migration target virtual port is the switch port connected to the second physical port.06-18-2009
20100106800CONTENT PROVIDING SYSTEM AND METHOD, SHARED CONTENT OUTPUT APPARATUS AND METHOD, AND PROGRAM - The present invention relates to a content providing system and method, a shared content providing apparatus and method, a content output apparatus and method, and a program for making it possible to provide content to a different user without infringing on copyright. Content items are provided from a content server 04-29-2010
20090125608SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DISTRIBUTING REMOTE TECHNICAL SUPPORT VIA A CENTRALIZED SERVICE - The solution described herein provides an innovative use of remote services technology integrated with service personnel onsite at the point of service, such as a consumer repair outlet, to provide a pool of technical support resources to service a widely distributed resource need, such as support and repair resource needs of a chain of consumer outlets or an aggregated group of single proprietor consumer outlets. With this solution, qualified technical resources are provided from a central location to service a widely distributed retail environment. This is on-demand online remote support service is called or referred to as “support from a spigot.” The distribution method enables the delivery of higher quality, more reliable and overall lower cost services. Instead of requiring dedicated technical resources at each location, lower skilled labor may be deployed at the location to enable the remote technical support services process.05-14-2009
20130046855Aggregating Plug-In Requests for Improved Client Performance - In one embodiment, computer-readable instructions, when executed, cause a client browser to wait for all of the markup language in a document object model to be loaded, and upon loading, parse the document object model for supported tags, create placeholder frames for each supported tag, and bundle all the tags into a single meta-request for a server. Upon receiving each response, the instructions are further operable to cause the client browser to replace the hidden frames with its corresponding response, thereby reducing the number of socket connections from the client to the server.02-21-2013
20090119387SYSTEM OF HANDLING A WEB SERVICE CALL - A system for handling a web service call by clients in a communication network is disclosed. The system comprises a client requester for issuing client requests. The client requests may comprise at least one client request to call a web service. The system also comprises a callback web Service that is coupled to the client requester for registering the at least one client request to call a web service and for invoking the called web service. A response web service is coupled to the callback web service for receiving a response to the at least one client request to call a web service and is also coupled to the client requester for delivering the response when a client request to obtain the response is issued from the client requester.05-07-2009
20090043867SYNCHING DATA - Among other things, methods, systems and computer program products are disclosed for synching data with one or more servers. One or more data resources are received. A version number and a unique identifier are assigned to each data resource not already assigned to an existing unique identifier. When one or more modifications to the one or more uniquely identified data resources are detected, the assigned version number is updated for the modified data resource.02-12-2009
20080275964Appliance metaphor for adding media function to a web page - A media appliance metaphor (11-06-2008
20120191815METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DELIVERING TARGETED CONTENT - A method of selecting targeted content for delivery to a user content delivery device based on user attitude values is disclosed. Survey response information, website visitation information, television viewing information, and/or demographic information associated with the first set of users may be collected. Attitude values may be determined from the survey response information and/or other information. Attitude values may be correlated with user web visitation information, television viewing information and/or demographic information. Attitude values for a second set of user content delivery devices based on the second sets' web visitation information, television viewing information and/or demographic information are predicted. The actual and predicted attitude values may be used to select content for delivery to the first and second set of user content delivery devices.07-26-2012
20130073684Method and Apparatus For The Transmission of Multimedia Content - Method and apparatus to transmit over a data network, advertising content inserted in multimedia content associated with an event. In one embodiment, a server receives from a first network node connected to the data network, advertising content to be inserted in the multimedia content associated with an event that occurs at a specific time and place, and the server receives a message, by means of a first IP-based communications management protocol, in order to establish a real-time multimedia communication using IP packets with a second node of the data network, and the server establishes multimedia communication with the second network node, and the server receives from the second network node, multimedia content that includes geotagging data in the form of coordinates, and the server determines that this multimedia content is associated with the event from this geotagging data in the form of coordinates, and the server creates a multimedia file that contains the advertising content and at least one part of the multimedia content, and the server transmits at least one part of the multimedia file to a third network node.03-21-2013
20130073683METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SECURELY DISPLAYING AND COMMUNICATING TRUSTED AND UNTRUSTED INTERNET CONTENT - A method and apparatus for securely displaying and communicating trusted and untrusted internet content via a web browser is described. In a preferred embodiment, the invention is an electronic marketplace system in which auctions related content is displayed in one window of a customer's web browser while item-related content is displayed in a second window of the customer's web browser, such that the auction-related content and the item-related content are substantially prevented from substantially interacting. The invention further provides a method and apparatus for communicating (predetermined information between multiple documents opened in multiple web browser windows, where the documents are served from multiple domains.03-21-2013
20130073681CREATING INTERACTIVE ZONES - Some implementations disclosed herein provide techniques and arrangements to enable interactive zones. For example, some implementations detect that a user has entered a zone associated with a physical object, where the zone is created via magnetic induction. In response to detecting that the user has entered the zone, some implementations send a virtual object representation of the physical object to a user device (e.g., a wireless phone) associated with the user. The user may interact with the virtual object, including selecting a command associated with the virtual object. Selecting the command may cause the physical object to perform one or more actions. In some implementations, a result of the physical object performing the one or more actions is sent to the user device.03-21-2013
20130060903Pseudo Proxy Server - A pseudo proxy server is provided for a host network when the host network experiences periods of congestion. The host network determines whether an arrival rate of data requests exceeds a predetermined threshold. If so, the host network adds an address of a pseudo proxy server to a list of servers aliased to the host network. Thereafter, data requests are routed to the pseudo proxy server on a round robin basis. The pseudo proxy server may be engaged without first loading information content from the host network on the pseudo proxy server.03-07-2013
20090300142METHOD AND SERVICE IN A PUBLIC NETWORK FOR DOING MUTUAL BUSINESS - The method takes place in a public telecommunication network. It is question about mutual business between a client and a service provider, which provide services for each other. The service provider has a service that consists of information to be presented for users on computers connected to the network. In the method, the client sends content to be used in the service provided by the service provider. The service provider publishes the content sent in the service together with contact information of the client. The invention is also concerned with such a service in a public telecommunication network to be presented for users on computers connected to the network.12-03-2009
20090271497Affiliate Program Redirection System - A system, method, and computer readable medium for affiliate redirection. There are process steps and modules for receiving a first URL request, recording request information regarding the first URL request; making the request information available to a merchant; and redirecting the URL request to a second URL having no variables, wherein the redirection indicates a permanent redirection. Additional steps include: instructing a shopper to write a cookie containing request information, sending request information directly to a merchant before the step of redirecting the URL request to a second URL having no variables, receiving a second URL request and providing content modified according to request information, providing content modified according to request information includes displaying an affiliate logo, providing an expiring cookie, and linking an affiliate ID to customization information and wherein the content is modified to display the customization information.10-29-2009
20090031004TECHNIQUES FOR SHARING CONTENT BETWEEN PORTALS - Techniques for sharing content between portals. A producer portal may identify content to be shared with one or more consumer portals. One or more of the shared content objects may then be copied to a consumer portal as remote delta link objects. Changes or modifications to the source object at the producer portal are automatically reflected in the corresponding target remote delta link object on the consumer portal. Any modifications or customizations made to the remote delta link object at the consumer portal override those of the producer's source object. In this manner, changes made to the second object are reflected in the first object while preserving the changes/modifications made to the first object on the first portal.01-29-2009
20090031006System and method for alerting a first mobile data processing system nearby a second mobile data processing system - Provided is a fully automated web service with location based services generally involved in transmission of situational location dependent information to automatically located mobile receiving data processing systems. The web service communicates with a receiving data processing system in a manner by delivering information to the device when appropriate without the device requesting it at the time of delivery. There are varieties of configurations made by different user types of the web service for configuring information to be delivered, and for receiving the information. The web service maximizes anonymity of users, provides granular privacy control with a default of complete privacy, and supports user configurable privileges and features for desired web service behavior and interoperability. The web service is fully automated to eliminate human resources required to operate services. Integrated with the web service are enhanced location based services providing map solutions, alerts, sharing of novel services between users, and complete user control for managing heterogeneous device interoperability through the web service.01-29-2009
20130067034Accessing Network Traffic Data at Multiple Time Scales and Levels of Detail - Network traffic information from multiple sources, at multiple time scales, and at multiple levels of detail are integrated so that users may more easily identify relevant network information. The network monitoring system stores and manipulates low-level and higher-level network traffic data separately to enable efficient data collection and storage. Packet traffic data is collected, stored, and analyzed at multiple locations. The network monitoring locations communicate summary and aggregate data to central modules, which combine this data to provide an end-to-end description of network traffic at coarser time scales. The network monitoring system enables users to zoom in on high-level, coarse time scale network performance data to one or more lower levels of network performance data at finer time scales. When high-level network performance data of interest is selected, corresponding low-level network performance data is retrieved from the appropriate distributed network monitoring locations to provide additional detailed information.03-14-2013
20120198026PERSONAL WEB DISPLAY AND INTERACTION EXPERIENCE SYSTEM - Embodiments of the present invention may be directed to an interactive system. The interactive system may include a browser application allowing a user to access a website using a communication pathway. The website provides website information in a standardized interchange protocol and also in webpages. The browser application is configured to allow user access to the webpages. The interactive system may also include a module of the browser application compatible with the standardized interchange protocol and configured to store and implement user personalized commands and to store recorded user history information. The module implements a graphical user interface with the website information that is personalized to the user. The graphical user interface includes a personalized display experience and a personalized interaction experience that are both custom designed for the user.08-02-2012
20090019134Remote Access System and Method for Enabling a User to Remotely Access Terminal Equipment from a Subscriber Terminal - A method for enabling a subscriber terminal to remotely access terminal equipment, the terminal equipment storing identification data of the subscriber terminal, and the subscriber terminal being subscribed to a communication network and to a remote access service, wherein the method includes: receiving a request for authentication from the terminal equipment, the request for authentication including identification data of the subscriber terminal; receiving a request for access to the terminal equipment from the subscriber terminal; authenticating the subscriber terminal based on information from the communications network; forwarding the request for authentication from the terminal equipment to the subscriber terminal upon authenticating the subscriber terminal, the subscriber terminal processing the request for authentication to authenticate the terminal equipment; receiving an authentication notification from the subscriber terminal; forwarding the authentication notification from the subscriber terminal to the terminal equipment, the terminal equipment processing the authentication notification to authenticate said subscriber terminal; receiving an authentication notification from the terminal equipment; and enabling the subscriber terminal to remotely access the terminal equipment upon receiving the authentication notification from the terminal equipment.01-15-2009
20080307070METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ACCESSING WEB PAGES BASED ON PLAYBACK OF RECORDINGS - Entertainment content complementary to a musical recording is delivered to a user's computer by a computer network link. The user employs a browser to access the computer network. A plug-in for the browser is able to control an audio CD or other device for playing the musical recording. A script stored on the remote computer accessed over the network is downloaded. The script synchronizes the delivery of the complementary entertainment content with the play of the musical recording.12-11-2008
20080294747Property billboarding and financial revenue distribution to property owner in a geo-spatial environment - A method, apparatus and system of property billboarding and financial revenue distribution to property owner in a geo-spatial environment are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes generating a community network of user profiles, each user profile of the user profiles associated with a specific geographic location, determining a first user profile of the user profiles, generating advertisements, determining a first advertisement of the advertisements, generating a first display view to include a three-dimensional map view embodied by the community network, the first user profile of the user profiles represented at a location in the three-dimensional map view corresponding with the associated specific geographic location, and the first advertisement of the advertisements displayed in conjunction with the first user profile of the user profiles, and generating a commerce transaction associated with the first user profile of the user profiles.11-27-2008
20120290686EXCHANGING DATA BETWEEN A USER EQUIPMENT AND AN APPLICATION SERVER - A user equipment (UE) and an application server exchange data in a wireless communications network. The UE is configured to connect to both a wireless local area network (WLAN) and a wireless wide area network (WWAN). The application server is positioned within the WWAN behind a WWAN firewall. The WLAN includes a WLAN network address translation (NAT) component and firewall such that the UE and the application server do not have a persistent data connection over the WLAN. In an embodiment, the application server can open a WWAN firewall to permit uploads from the UE over the WLAN. In another embodiment, the UE can open the WLAN firewall and/or NAT to permit downloads from the application server over the WLAN. In another embodiment, the application server or UE can upload files to a server outside the WLAN and WWAN firewalls and send a link to the uploaded files for retrieval.11-15-2012
20090248834Tiered Architecture and Method for Securely Routing IP-Based Transactions Across the Internet - A method for transaction routing is provided. The method begins by initiating a call session at a transaction terminal and routing the call session from the transaction terminal to a first communication gateway over a secure public network. A routing condition is determined at the first communication gateway. Based on the routing condition, the call session is routed to a second communication gateway or is conducted at the first communication gateway. A transaction routing system operating on the method is also provided.10-01-2009
20110302275Method and System for Matching Content Consumption Preference Via a Broadband Gateway - A broadband gateway, which enables communication with a plurality of devices and handles at least one physical layer connection to at least one corresponding network access service providers, may be operable to receive a request for content from a particular device of the plurality of devices. Content which corresponds to the request may be selected by the broadband gateway from content that may be available in one or more content sources, based on user preference information associated with a particular type of the content. The broadband gateway may receive the selected content from a selected content source of the one or more content sources for communication to the particular device. The broadband gateway may receive the selected content from a content provider and/or a network access service provider via broadcast communications and/or Internet communications. The selected content may also be received from a communication device via peer-to-peer communications.12-08-2011
20090210512System, method, and program product for creating and sharing digital image output data across a network - A method for creating and sharing graphical images among remote locations includes forming a cluster of client systems connected to a server, generating digital data representing graphical images within some of the client systems, and transmitting this data to the server, which forms one or more digital feed(s) including data representing the graphical images to be transmitted to client systems. During the transmission of the digital feed(s), the timing and composition of the feed(s) is not affected by actions of the client systems.08-20-2009
20110295976METHOD FOR UPDATING THE DATA OF A NAVIGATION SYSTEM - In a method for updating the data of a data storage device of a navigation system, updated data are transmitted by local data transmission stations and stored in the data storage device. To improve the usage opportunities of the navigation system, the updated data are transferred to a service provider.12-01-2011
20100281137DATA RETRIEVAL METHOD AND SYSTEM - A data retrieval method and system. The method includes transmitting, by a computing device to data source organizations in response to a request for data, a request for populating online forms. The computing device receives input data associated with the online forms. The computing device transmits notification data requesting analysis of the input data and an input form for uploading results of the analysis. The computing device receives analysis data files. The computing device transmits the analysis data files and data transformation requirements to an IT service organization. The computing device receives clarification inquiries data. The computing device transmits the clarification inquiries data to the data source organizations. The computing device receives response data from the data source organizations. The computing device receives modified analysis data files from the IT service organization. The computing device transmits notification data indicating results of the modified analysis data files to an entity.11-04-2010
20110191443SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FILE TRANSFER IN UNIVERSAL PLUG AND PLAY TELEPHONY SERVICE - A method and system for transferring a file from a home network to Wide Area Network (WAN) user device using the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) telephony service are provided. A request is received from a Telephony Control Point (TCP) to start a file transfer session. The request can include information associated with the file. The file transfer session is established using a messaging service based on the request and file information received in the request from the TCP. The file is fetched from the TCP and stored in the TS. An invite is sent to the WAN user device for initiating the file transfer session from the home network to the WAN user device. The file is transferred to the WAN user device when an acknowledgment of the invite is received from the WAN user device.08-04-2011
20110191442SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF USING SSL POOLS FOR WAN ACCELERATION - The present invention is directed towards systems and methods for using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session from a pool of SSL sessions shared between intermediaries. The method includes receiving, by a first intermediary, information on one or more SSL sessions of a pool established by a second intermediary with a server. The first intermediary can be in communication with one or more clients and the second intermediary can be in communication with one or more servers. The first intermediary may receive a request from a client to establish an SSL session with the server. The first intermediary can identify an SSL session from the pool of SSL sessions. The first intermediary may establish the SSL session with the client responsive to the request.08-04-2011
20090187639INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM AND MANAGEMENT DEVICE FOR MANAGING RELOCATION OF DATA BASED ON A CHANGE IN THE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE DATA OVER TIME - In an information processing system including a computer device, and a storage device storing data used by the computer device, the region in which the data is held is managed in association with a change, over the passage of time in the performance and availability required of the data holding region. The computer device includes a storage device managing unit for managing the storage device which stores data used by the computer device. The storage device managing unit periodically monitors temporal characteristics information, and moves data, if the storage region having functional characteristics corresponding to the temporal characteristics information is different from the storage region to which the data is currently assigned.07-23-2009
20080275962Remote access providing computer system and method for managing same - A computer system for providing a remote access service includes a unit for acquiring information on a relation between a terminal and a user using the terminal, a unit for acquiring network information about the terminal, a unit for acquiring network information about a blade that the terminal will access, a unit for acquiring information on a relation between the blade and a storage area, and a management server for extracting information on the user and its usage information and providing these information in real time. The management server also has a unit for permitting an administrator of the management server, persons other than the user and a management program to use the blade.11-06-2008
20090313351KEEPING CONVERSATIONS CONFIDENTIAL - Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, implementing and using techniques for keeping confidential records pertaining to selected communications made with a communication device. A user input is received designating one or more contacts with whom communications made with the communication device are to remain confidential. Information about the designated one or more contacts is transmitted to a server which stores records pertaining to communications made with the communication device. A statement is generated for the communications made with the communication device based on information stored on the server. Records pertaining to communications that are to remain confidential are displayed as an alias on the statement.12-17-2009
20100082770AGGREGATION SERVER WITH INFORMATION VISUALIZATION PANEL SUBSCRIPTION MODEL - A data aggregation system comprises an aggregation server. The aggregation server receives a remote request for a viewing session from a plurality of communication devices over a communication network. In response to the remote request, the aggregation server transfers a first data request to a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for graphics data comprising a graphical representation of a portion of an industrial automation environment over an enterprise network. In response to the remote request, the aggregation server transfers a second data request to an operation data source for operation data associated with an operation of the industrial automation environment over the enterprise network. In response to the first data request, the aggregation server receives the graphics data from the HMI. In response to the second data request, the aggregation server receives the operation data from the operation data source. The aggregation server transfers the graphics data over the communication network to the plurality of communication devices, and transfers the operation data over the communication network to the plurality of communication devices.04-01-2010
20090254633Methods, systems, and computer program products for distributing profile-based advertisement content and user identification-tagged media content - Methods, systems, and computer program products for distributing profile-based advertisement content and user identification-tagged media content are disclosed. According to one aspect, a method of distributing media content and profile-based advertisement content to a user device includes receiving, from a first user device, media content identifier, an address associated with a second user device, and profile information associated with a user of the second user device. The method also include determining advertisement content associated with the profile information. Further, the identified media content and the advertisement content can be addressed using the address. The addressed media content and the advertisement content can be communicated to a network for distribution to the second user device.10-08-2009
20090287793MARKUP ELEMENTS IN REFERENCED CONTENT - A method and computer program product for associating one or more markup elements with one or more portions of a piece of content and associating a reference to the piece of content with communication. The reference to the piece of content includes an indicator of the one or more markup elements associated with the one or more portions of the piece of content. The communication is sent to at least one recipient. The reference to the piece of content enables the piece of content, including the one or more markup elements, to be accessed by the recipient.11-19-2009
20090055511NON-PROGRAMMATIC ACCESS TO DATA AND TO DATA TRANSFER FUNCTIONS - Provided are methods, apparatus and computer programs for generating messages, for transferring data between data processing system entities such as between application programs running on data processing systems within a network, and for providing file-oriented data processing system entities with access to data and access to messaging functions. A first method generates messages for transfer within a messaging network, by creating files within one or more monitored file system directories, and using a monitoring component to identify newly created files within the monitored directories. The method involves extracting the file contents and generating a message that includes the extracted file contents, and then passing the message to a messaging manager.02-26-2009
20080313306Methods and Arrangements for Caching Static Information for Packet Data Applications In Wireless Communication Systems - The present invention relates to the caching of static information relating to a communication application executed in an user equipment in a wireless communication systems. The method of the invention is applicable in the establishment of, or during, a communication session, between the user equipment and a service application, via a proxy. The user equipment sends a start message, comprising a location indicator, to the proxy requesting to utilize a service application. The proxy access a caching node by the use of the location indicator and retrieves the static information. The static information has been cached in the caching node prior to the communication session. The proxy forms a request based on the static information, and sends it to the service application. The service application will be provided with static information without the static information has to be transferred from the user equipment during each communication session.12-18-2008
20090089401SERVER-CONTROLLED DISTRIBUTION OF MEDIA CONTENT - Described is a technology in which media content is sent to clients in partial pieces, so that a server may control how clients view (and/or hear) the media content. A client requests partial content, and the server allows or disallows the request based upon one or more various conditions, as evaluated against a playlist provided (e.g., by a playlist provider) for that client. For example, the playlist may specify that the client cannot skip content, whereby the server disallows a request for a piece of content that skips over other content. Session related data may be kept to track the content sent to the client. Media content may be sent based on a dynamic condition, and/or the playlist may be dynamically adapted. A piece of media content may comprise an advertisement, which may be custom-selected for that client, such as based upon user profile data and/or client location information.04-02-2009
20090089400Method of playing real time audio and video signals via a network platform - A method of playing real time audio and video signals via a network platform is applied to a network system, which comprises a server at an internet service provider (ISP) having a network platform comprising at least one user selectable icon corresponding to a web camera being connected to said server via internet, and comprises the steps of when said web camera is turned on and is connected to said network platform, said network platform making said icon enter a standby mode; when a computing device is connected to said server via internet and logged on to said network platform, and said icon in standby mode is clicked, said network platform establishing a connection channel between said web camera and said computing device; and transmitting audio and video signals captured by said web camera via internet and directly through said connection channel to said computing device in real time.04-02-2009
20090089399Method and Apparatus for Providing Services Across Service Domains - The present invention supports services that span multiple service domains. In one embodiment, the present invention provides service-level interaction between an enterprise network and a non-enterprise network (or networks), thereby enabling enterprise users at remote locations (i.e., at home, on vacation, or at other locations remote from the enterprise location) to use services typically only available to the enterprise users while at the enterprise location (e.g., while in the office). The present invention provides a calendar notification service, whereby a calendar notification originating in an enterprise network is provided to a remote enterprise user via a non-enterprise network. The present invention provides an enterprise dialing plan service, whereby a remote enterprise user may register a remote user device to be able to use an enterprise dialing plan. Once registered, the remote enterprise user may use the enterprise dialing plan from the remote user device to place calls to local enterprise users at local user devices connected to the enterprise network and, similarly, local enterprise users may use the enterprise dialing plan to place calls to the remote enterprise user at the remote user device.04-02-2009
20090113022FACILITATING MUSIC COLLABORATIONS AMONG REMOTE MUSICIANS - Disclosed are apparatus and methods for facilitating music collaboration between remote musicians (or the like) are provided. In general, mechanisms for facilitating live music collaborations or “jam sessions” over a computer network. These mechanisms allow musicians to perform from remote locations via one or more computer networks. Each musician is able to receive live video feeds from each of the other musicians during such jam session. Other computer users may form members of an audience who also receive such live video feeds from the musicians participating in the live jam session. The audience members may also receive a mixed audio feed of the audio streams from all of the participating musicians. Various features for enhancing such live jam session are described further herein.04-30-2009
20090113023Method and System for Transmitting Data between Digital Photo Frames - A method and a system for transmitting data between DPFs of which a first DPF has a first list configured for storing ID information of a second DPF includes transmitting directly image data from the first DPF to the second DPF when the first DPF detects the second DPF is online according to the ID information stored in the first list. It employs a more convenient way to transmit the image data between the DPFs.04-30-2009
20110270953METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SECURE DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING - There is provided a method for accessing a device in a secure network. The method is performed by a first apparatus, and includes communicating with a second apparatus via a network connection, communicating with a third apparatus via a secured virtual network connection, and routing data between the second apparatus and the third apparatus, via the network connection and the secured virtual network connection.11-03-2011
20100121938SYSTEM ENABLING COMMUNICATION BETWEEN AN AIRCRAFT-BASED COMPUTER NETWORK AND A GROUND-BASED COMPUTER NETWORK - A system enabling communication between an aircraft-based computer network and a ground-based computer network. The system establishes a network communication between a ground-based computer network and an aircraft-based computer network via at least one communication medium using a synchronous communication mode. The system can be used to simplify procedures involved in maintaining a fleet of aircraft connected to a maintenance control center (MCC) and, in particular, to facilitate and secure the updating of aircraft logbooks (e.g., a cabin logbook and technical logbook).05-13-2010
20080244038Point of Presence Distribution Mechanism for Digital Content Objects - Particular embodiments of the present invention are related to a point-of-presence distribution system mechanism facilitating distribution and use of digital content, ad content and revenue generation opportunities.10-02-2008
20090265445DISCOUNT AND/OR LOYALTY REWARD SYSTEM AND RETAIL APPARATUS THEREFOR - Discount and/or loyalty reward system is arranged to provided discounts to users on the basis of user ids communicated from a user agent to a point of sale terminal. The point of sale terminal requests a list of discounts applicable to the received user id from a discount administration system. The discounts in the returned list are then applied where appropriate to the user's purchases.10-22-2009
20090265444MAINTAINING CORPORATE IDENTITY IN SYNDICATED CONTENT - User selected content and content provider defined content may be received by a web widget. The user defined content and the content provider defined content may be provided via a third party web site.10-22-2009
20080281944Method and system for extending the capabilities of embedded devices through network clients - A method and system for extending the capabilities of resource-constrained embedded devices by leveraging the memory and processing resources of clients such as web browsers (“clients”) installed on host computational devices (“host computers”). The embedded device delegates computational tasks such as generation of content (e.g., user interfaces, reports, configuration files, etc.) to clients and acts as a simple file and data server. The embedded device provides static resource files to each client, including static template files and a client processing engine. The client processing engine: interprets processing instructions contained in static template files; utilizes managed communication channels to exchange dynamic data sets with the embedded device in real-time; generates various forms of content by processing, transforming, manipulating, and aggregating dynamic data sets and static resource files; and reads and writes arbitrarily large files from and to the host computer, overcoming resource limitations of the embedded device.11-13-2008
20090157845SHARING OF MULTIMEDIA AND RELEVANCE MEASURE BASED ON HOP DISTANCE IN A SOCIAL NETWORK - A method, system, and apparatus are directed to sharing information over a network. A request to share a multimedia object may be received. A relevance measure may be retrieved based on an identity of the multimedia object. Sharing the network of the multimedia object between an originating sharing member and a plurality of members of a social network may be enabled. A combination of the relevance measure and a hop distance for the shared multimedia object may be provided.06-18-2009
20080281942Data Processing Device - The present invention makes it possible to use data that is held by a given terminal device in another terminal device, even after the given terminal device can no longer be accessed externally. If a terminal device 11-13-2008
20080235349System and method for social-networking based presence - A telecommunications system includes a network; a social networking service operably coupled to the network and configured to allow registration of users, to allow identification of registered users' interests, and to identify associated users, said associated users being associated with registered users; a presence service operably coupled to the network and configured to determine an availability of associated users responsive to one or more availability criteria; a translation unit configured to convert user information from a social networking service format to a presence service format; and a messaging service operably coupled to the network and configured to send notification messages to associated users determined to be available and having a common interest corresponding to an event responsive to an occurrence of the event and one or more availability criteria.09-25-2008
20080235348PROGRAM VIEWING HISTORY - A method may include tracking program viewing information via a set-top box and storing the tracked program viewing information.09-25-2008
20080215707Network System and Replay Apparatus - Disclosed is a network system including a server to store a content and a plurality of replay apparatuses to receive the content transmitted from the server, the replay apparatuses being connected with the server via a network, and the replay apparatus including a list storage unit to store a predetermined content list, an obtaining unit to obtain the content list stored in the list storage unit of another replay apparatus connected via the network, and a storage control unit to store the content list obtained by the obtaining unit in the list storage unit.09-04-2008
20080270573Method and Data Processing System for Providing XML Data - A method and systems for providing XML data is disclosed. In accordance with an embodiment of the invention, a second data processing system, which is connected to a first data processing system via a network, receives a first request over the network from the first data processing system. The first request comprises specifications for subsequent transfers of XML data from the second data processing system to the first data processing system. The specifications specify for which type of XML documents to be transferred in subsequent transfers to the first data processing system which excerpts of XML data shall be sent. An acknowledge message, sent to the first data processing system from the second data processing system, indicates the latter's ability to provide the excerpts of XML data for the types of XML documents in the subsequent data transfers.10-30-2008
20080270571METHOD AND SYSTEM OF VERIFYING PERMISSION FOR A REMOTE COMPUTER SYSTEM TO ACCESS A WEB PAGE - Methods and systems of verifying permission for a remote computer system to access a web page. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are methods comprising receiving a request from a remote computer to access a web page stored on a server, verifying permission of the remote computer to access the web page without the remote computer system sending a user name and password, and granting the remote computer access to the web page if permission is verified.10-30-2008
20090119386METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT FOR DATA TRANSMISSION BETWEEN PEER-TO-PEER NETWORKS - A method for data transmission between a first peer device (P05-07-2009
20100138517SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MULTIMEDIA CONTENT BROKERING - Disclosed herein are systems, computer-implemented methods, and tangible computer-readable media for brokering online multimedia content. The method includes receiving an online request (such as a search) for multimedia content from a user, retrieving a user profile associated with the user, locating a plurality of online multimedia providers having multimedia content satisfying the request, identifying a preferred provider from the plurality of online multimedia providers, determining information required by the preferred provider for access to the multimedia content satisfying the request, transmitting the required information from the user profile to the preferred provider in order to access the multimedia content satisfying the request, and instructing the preferred provider to transmit the multimedia content to a playback device of the user. The method can further include receiving a payment from the user for the multimedia content, and paying the fee charged by the preferred provider.06-03-2010
20090031005Portal COM Module - Included are embodiments for providing data. At least one embodiment of a method includes receiving a request at a web browser configured to send data via a first socket and sending the request to a COM module that is configured to send data via a second socket, the second socket being different than the first socket. Similarly, some embodiments include receiving at least a portion of requested data via the second socket, such that a continuous connection is established via the second socket and providing for display, at the web browser, at least a portion of the received data.01-29-2009
20090157844NETWORK AUTOMATIC DISCOVERY METHOD AND SYSTEM - The network automatic discovery protocol and device enables discovery of the state status information of network community members and detects when other community members enter or leave the community. The protocol maintains a sequence number at each node system that indicates a change in state to other nodes in the community. The protocol also uses a seed list that provides both an initial list of community members to advertise its presence at startup and as a mechanism for recovery when communication is interrupted.06-18-2009
20090182842Method And System For Redirecting Data Requests In Peer-To-Peer Data Networks - A methodology for operating a data sharing application in a peer-to-peer network is presented. After a first peer node receives a request for a copy of a specified file from a second peer node, the first peer node may either return a copy of the specified file or a response message containing an alternate node list associated with the specified file. The alternate node list contains a set of node identifiers indicating a set of alternate peer nodes within the peer-to-peer network that may have a copy of the specified file. The alternate node list is dynamically maintained at each peer node. The response provided by the first peer node, i.e. either a copy of the specified file or the alternate node list, can be determined based on an operational condition of the first peer node, e.g., whether or not the first peer node is experiencing an overload condition.07-16-2009
20100146074NETWORK OPTIMIZATION USING DISTRIBUTED VIRTUAL RESOURCES - In one example embodiment, an apparatus may include a first virtual machine provided on a first local device of a plurality of local devices, wherein a portion of resources of the first local device are allocated to the first virtual machine. A virtualization software switch may be provided on the first local device, configured to forward or redirect at least some traffic from the first local device to a WAN (Wide Area Network) optimization virtual appliance, the WAN optimization virtual appliance including at least the first virtual machine, a second virtual machine on a second local device of the plurality of local devices, and a distributed WAN optimization application running at least on the first and second virtual machines.06-10-2010
20100146073MOBILE DATA UPLOAD TO ENTERPRISE COMPUTER SYSTEMS - A method and a system for a mobile data upload to an enterprise computer system are described. The data is received at a mobile device. The mobile device operates in a particular context. A reference to an application object of the enterprise computer system is specified based on the context. The data is sent directly from the mobile device to the application object using the specified reference. The context of the mobile device could include the location of the mobile device, the performed task, the user habits, and other elements that are analyzed either by the mobile device or by the enterprise system.06-10-2010
20110219095SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING RELATED CONTENT, METHOD FOR PROVIDING RELATED CONTENT, SERVICE SERVER, END TERMINAL, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A system and method for providing a related content and a service server, an end terminal, and a storage medium wherein the system comprises a first end terminal connected to a mobile communication terminal through a local area network for making a request to an application server to send the content related to the basic content currently being played in the first end terminal to a second terminal; a mobile communication terminal connected to the first end terminal and to the second end terminal via the local are network, and connected to the service server via the local area network, and connected to the service server via a mobile communication network for transmitting data between the end terminals and the service server and the application server and wherein the service server receives the related content transmission request from the first end terminal and makes a request to the application server to search for the related content for transmission by the application server to the second end terminal in accordance with the request from the service server.09-08-2011
20090164605DYNAMIC CONTENT MANAGEMENT FOR WIRELESS COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS - A method and system for dynamically managing content provided to a mobile device. In one embodiment, the present invention begins by retrieving information from a network. In one embodiment the information is web-based content, and the network is the Internet. The present method and system then dynamically assesses the information which was retrieved from the network. In particular, in one embodiment, the present invention assesses the information by determining the application to which the information corresponds. Next, the present embodiment selectively filters the information such that desired information is compiled. After the selective filtering process, the present embodiment forwards the desired information to the mobile device. In so doing, the present embodiment provides an approach which dynamically manages the content of information so as to efficiently, responsively, and inexpensively provide a mobile device user with desired information.06-25-2009
20090144393Method and apparatus for locating candidate data centers for application migration - When an application running at a first data center needs to be migrated to a different data center, the first data center is able to automatically locate an appropriate target data center from among multiple other data centers for receiving the migration of the application. The first data center ensures that a specified level of performance of the application will be maintained following migration of the application by preparing a migration request document that specifies network requirements, server requirements and storage requirements for the application. A targeted data center that is a candidate for receiving migration of the application receives the specified requirements and uses a performance index and other analysis to determine whether its hardware, software and other configurations are capable of meeting the specified requirements. The results of the determination are sent back to the requesting data center, which then decides if migration will be carried out.06-04-2009
20110125871METHOD AND SYSTEM TO PRE-FETCH DATA IN A NETWORK - A system, a computer readable storage medium including instructions, and a computer-implemented method of pre-fetching in a network. A request is received from a user device for a first web page, the first web page being upstream of other web pages in a page flow. The first web page is transmitted to the user device. At least one web page that is downstream of the first web page in the page flow is transmitted to the user device, the at least one web page being transmitted without receiving a request for the at least one web page.05-26-2011
20090138572SCALABLE PUBLISH/SUBSCRIBE MESSAGING SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A publish/subscribe messaging network in which a distributed set of publish/subscribe brokers comprises a first subset of publish/subscribe brokers, each arranged to store proxy subscription information for the whole of the distributed set of brokers; and a second subset of publish/subscribe brokers, each configured to send subscription information for local subscribers to one or more brokers within the first subset of publish/subscribe brokers, and configured to request, from a broker within the first subset of brokers, proxy subscription information following receipt of a message.05-28-2009
20090138573METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR BLOCKING UNWANTED SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS - Methods and systems for blocking unwanted software downloads within a network. Such methods may thereby prevent (i) downloads of spyware from one or more identified locations, and/or (ii) certain outbound communications from the network and/or may also permit software downloads only from specified locations. In general, the policies are defined by rules specified by a network administrator or other user.05-28-2009
20130219020DOMAIN NAME RESOLUTION RESOURCE ALLOCATION - A content delivery network (CDN) for delivering content over the Internet is disclosed in one embodiment. The CDN includes a domain resolution service (DNS) server, caching servers and an Internet interface. The caching servers correspond to a plurality of addresses. The DNS server receives two domain resolution requests corresponding to a same domain and produces two different DNS solutions, each corresponding to a subset of caching servers. The interface receives domain resolution requests, including the two domain resolution requests, and transmits DNS solutions, including the two DNS solutions. The processing power is generally matched between the two DNS solutions.08-22-2013
20130219019Method and apparatus for disseminating and receiving information - The invention comprises a method of disseminating information from a business entity to a user whereby a central repository receives user contact information transmitted by a network device and whereby the contact information is associated with the user's portable communication device. The repository also sends selectable user-designated contact information to the business entity. The entity may use this contact information for marketing or other purposes. The central repository may also receive a transmission of information in response to a party finding the user's portable device if lost, and in response the repository may send a notification to the user informing that the user's device has been found.08-22-2013
20090248836MODEM USER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A modem user management system is configured for managing a plurality of user terminals with different Internet protocol (IP) addresses and users associated with different groups in a communication network. The system receives an IP address of one of the user terminals and a group type of the user of the user terminal and compares the IP addresses to determine whether the user terminal belongs to a local area network of the communication network. The system further determines whether the user is associated with an administrative group and activates an administrative interface of the modem user management system for a user upon receiving the proper login privileges.10-01-2009
20090024718Just-In-Time Contextual Advertising Techniques - A system and method to facilitate real-time matching of content to advertising information in a network are described. A request for advertising information is received over a network, the advertising information to be displayed for a user entity in association with content information within a web page requested by the user entity, the request containing the content information, a web page identifier, and additional data associated with the web page. The content information is further analyzed in real-time to construct a page summary of the web page. The web page identifier and the additional data are further analyzed in real-time to extract at least one keyword relevant to the content information. Finally, the advertising information is determined in real-time based on the page summary and the extracted keywords.01-22-2009
20090024717Media file reproducing system and method thereof - Disclosed are a media file reproducing system and a method thereof capable of easily reproducing a media file inside a file server that does not provide a UPnP content directory service (CDS) through a UPnP media renderer connected to a UPnP-based network. The media file reproducing method comprises: receiving position information of a filer server that provides a file transfer protocol service and a distributed file service through a media server connected to the UPnP-based network; and reproducing the media filed inside the file server through the media renderer connected to the UPnP-based network based on the position information.01-22-2009
20110145363DISCONNECTED FILE OPERATIONS IN A SCALABLE MULTI-NODE FILE SYSTEM CACHE FOR A REMOTE CLUSTER FILE SYSTEM - Facilitating access to data in a network, is provided. One implementation involves maintaining a scalable multi-node file system cache in a local cluster file system, and caching file data in a cache by fetching file data on demand from a remote cluster file system into the local cached file system over the network. The local file data corresponds to file data in the remote cluster file system. Upon disconnection from the remote cluster file system, all file operations are supported at the cache. Then, upon reconnection to the remote cluster file system over the network, the remote cluster file system is synchronized with the information cached in the cache during the disconnection even in the presence of failures.06-16-2011
20090063656USE OF BROWSER HISTORY FILE TO DETERMINE WEB SITE REACH - Methods and apparatus for using a browser history file to determine web site reach are disclosed. An example method includes accessing Web site access history information stored at a client computer, accessing a user setting corresponding to a duration of time for retention of the Web site access history information, and sending the Web site access history information and the user setting to a collection computer different from the client computer.03-05-2009
20090063657Systems and Methods of Clustered Sharing of Compression Histories - Systems and methods of storing previously transmitted data and using it to reduce bandwidth usage and accelerate future communications are described. By using algorithms to identify long compression history matches, a network device may improve compression efficiently and speed. A network device may also use application specific parsing to improve the length and number of compression history matches. Further, by sharing compression histories, compression history indexes and caches across multiple devices, devices can utilize data previously transmitted to other devices to compress network traffic. Any combination of the systems and methods may be used to efficiently find long matches to stored data, synchronize the storage of previously sent data, and share previously sent data among one or more other devices.03-05-2009
20090083394Multimedia Content Delivery Method and System - The present invention relates to a method for the distribution of multimedia content, comprising:03-26-2009
20090063655Service forwarding addresses in distributed computing - A message sent to a first service addressed in a distributed computing environment having a service oriented architecture is received, wherein the message is directed to a service that is no longer present at the first service address. The message is forwarded to a second service address at which the service is located.03-05-2009
20080263179SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DYNAMICALLY UPDATING WEB PAGES USING MESSAGING-ORIENTED MIDDLEWARE - System, computer implemented method and computer program product for dynamically updating a Web page using browser-based messaging. A system for dynamically updating a Web page using browser-based messaging includes a Web page that includes a plurality of Web messaging tags, and a selected data model that can be bound to the Web messaging tags, and at least one messaging client for accepting at least one message from a message server and for processing the accepted at least one message into the selected data model.10-23-2008
20080263178Cell phone remote access to personal computer applications - A compact, handheld, portable communication device, and associated method, the device including a display that reproduces a display of an application installed on a personal computer, a means of remotely communicating with the personal computer through a communication network, and a means of executing a command for the application installed on the personal computer by entering the command on the display of the compact, handheld, portable communication device and transmitting the command to the personal computer through the communication network, wherein the compact, handheld portable communication device is of a size and weight that it fits in the pocket of a garment worn by a user of the compact, handheld, portable communication device.10-23-2008
20090204686Posting server, presence server, posting server control method, and presence server control method - A posting server 08-13-2009
20090100148ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH END-TO-END FLOW CONTROL OF MESSAGES - An electronic device is provided which comprises at least one sender (S0-S3) for transmitting data and at least one receiver (R) for receiving data. Furthermore, a network-based interconnect (N) is provided for coupling the at least one sender and the at least one receiver such that a data traffic from the sender is forwarded to the receiver. In addition, at least one separate shared dedicated control interconnect (CI) is coupled between the at least one sender (S0-S3) and the at least one receiver (R) for communicating flow control data between the sender and the receiver.04-16-2009
20090204687System and Field Device for Performing Operation of Linkage Between Application Programs - In a system for performing an operation of linkage between application programs operating on each of the plural field devices mutually connected through a network, the system comprises a first field device and a second field device in which an application management function operating on an operating system respectively reads an application program, a slot and a connector out of a storage part and the application program, the slot and the connector are respectively activated and also the operating system in which the slot is registered in the application and the connector is registered in the slot runs, and the application programs respectively operating on the first field device and the second field device make connection to a virtual channel configured by a pair of the connector activated in the first field device and the connector activated in the second field device through a channel interface configured by a pair of the slot activated in the first field device and the slot activated in the second field device and perform sending and receiving of data.08-13-2009
20090248837Online report system and method for optical disc formats with enhanced interactivity features - An online quality assurance system and method for optical disc formats with enhanced interactivity features is disclosed. Specifically, the system and method provides a means for various studios, DVD player manufacturers, DVD standards specification providers, authoring facilities, and DVD standards tool developers to each provide and receive input, preferably in realtime, about research, development, and production issues, problems, and solutions.10-01-2009
20080270572Scalable computing apparatus - Disclosed are scalable computing pods that may be embodied in trailers, storage containers, or other portable structures that optimize computing, power, cooling and building infrastructure. The pods integrate required power and cooling infrastructure to provide a standalone turnkey computing solution. A user connects the pod to utility AC power and a data pipe. The scalable computing pods utilize liquid cooling, eliminate coolant conversions, and eliminate unnecessary power conversion to drastically improve efficiency.10-30-2008
20090100147Information Processing Apparatus, Information Processing Method, and Computer Program - A configuration is provided in which a device in a home network receives content from a server outside the home network and plays the content. A home IMS gateway maps an external server outside the home network as a virtual home network device, and executes a process of receiving a content providing service provided by the external server by using mapping information. Furthermore, switched reception of multicast distribution content provided by the external server and unicast distribution content is executed.04-16-2009
20090248835OFFLOADING DATA TRANSFERS BETWEEN A LOCAL AND REMOTE NETWORK - A method, system, and computer readable medium are disclosed. In one embodiment the method includes initiating a data transfer from a first computing device to a second computing device. Then the method continues by designating a third computing device to offload at least a portion of the data associated with the data transfer. Additionally, the method stores the offloaded portion of the data on the designated third computing device for a period of time. Finally, the method concludes by sending the data stored on the third computing device to the second computing device after the period of time.10-01-2009
20080320102INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEM - Method for extracting information from a first web based information network including at least one computer, the network containing user specific information, comprising the steps of accessing a user specific web page containing the user information, detecting specific user dependent information, and storing the information in a number of categories, each category indicating a predetermined user specific information.12-25-2008
20090259729Secure Transfer of Data Files - The secure transfer of data files between secure environments (10-15-2009
20080307069USE OF A PREFIX HASH TABLE (PHT) FOR LOCATING SERVICES WITHIN A PEER-TO-PEER COMMUNICATION NETWORK - A communication network (NET) including a distributed hash table (DHT) whose nodes (X12-11-2008
20080307068Mobile certificate distribution in a PKI - A method of providing certificate issuance and revocation checks involving mobile devices in a mobile ad-hoc network (MANET). The wireless devices communicate with each other via Bluetooth wireless technology in the MANET, with an access point (AP) to provide connectivity to the Internet. A Certificate authority (CA) distributes certificates and certification revocation lists (CRLs) to the devices via the access point (AP). Each group of devices has the name of the group associated with the certificate and signed by the CA. A device that is out of the radio range of the access point may still connect to the CA to validate a certificate or download the appropriate CRL by having all the devices participate in the MANET.12-11-2008
20080307067System Connections and User Interfaces - This description relates to methods and systems for providing a connection from a first system to another system using a server. In one embodiment, a method includes establishing at a first data processing system (DPS) a connection with a server providing a service to both the first DPS and a second DPS, the server being operatively coupled to the first DPS and the second DPS, and the server having received from the second DPS an address information; receiving from the server the address information of the second DPS; and establishing at the first DPS a connection, using the address information from the server, with the second DPS to receive a sharing service from the second DPS.12-11-2008
20100161758METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ENABLING CONTENT SHARING AMONG ENDPOINT DEVICES - A method and apparatus for enabling content sharing among endpoint devices over a network. For example, the method creates a new content or an updated content, and stores the new content or the updated content in at least one memory location of a mobile endpoint device accessible by one or more groups. The method sends a notification of the storing of the new content or the updated content to at least one member of the one or more groups.06-24-2010
20100191828Selection of an appropriate online content source based on program information - Methods and arrangements for selecting a content source from a plurality of potential content sources based on program information are described. A network resource maintains a mapping between itself and a static URL to be accessed by an application when updating content used in the application. The network resource can receive, over an electronic network, a configuration request providing the static URL and program information that at least identifies the application and version of the application. Based on the received information that is specific to the identified application version and from which content specific for that application version can be obtained, the network resource determines a second URL and provides the second URL to the application in response to the request.07-29-2010
20100217836DOCKABLE HANDHELD COMPUTING DEVICE WITH VIDEO APPLICATION AND METHODS FOR USE THEREWITH - A handheld computing device includes a video camera for generating a local video signal. A handheld memory stores at least one handheld application that includes a video application. A handheld processing module, coupled to the handheld memory, executes the video application, based on the local video signal. A network interface sends the local video signal to a remote device via a network. A physical docking interface accesses at least one resource of an extended computer unit in a physical docked mode when the handheld computing unit is coupled to the extended computer unit via the physical docking interface. A quasi docking interface accesses at least one resource of the extended computer unit in the quasi docked mode when the handheld computing unit is coupled to the extended computer unit via the quasi docking interface.08-26-2010
20100217835DOCKABLE HANDHELD COMPUTING DEVICE WITH FILE TRANSFER AND METHODS FOR USE THEREWITH - A handheld computing device includes a handheld memory for storing at least one handheld application that includes a file transfer application and for storing at least one handheld file. A handheld processing module executes the file transfer application. A physical docking interface accesses at least one extended file stored in an extended computer unit in a physical docked mode. A wireless local area network (WLAN) transceiver communicates with at least one remote unit via WLAN communications. When the handheld computing unit is in the physical docking mode, the file transfer application provides the remote unit access to the handheld file and the extended file via WLAN communications. When the handheld computing unit is uncoupled from the extended computer, the file transfer application provides the remote unit access to the handheld file via WLAN communications.08-26-2010
20100241730INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD AND COMPUTER READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM - An information processing apparatus has an information acquiring unit which acquires a plurality of pieces of information over a network in accordance with an acquisition script included in a scenario, an information converting unit which extracts portions represented to a user from the respective pieces of acquired information in accordance with a conversion script included in the scenario, a movement adding unit which processes all or part of the presented portion so that display contents can be presented in such a form as to change and/or be accompanied with the sound output in accordance with a movement adding script included in the scenario, a statistics recording unit which records processing cost for each of the information acquiring unit, the information converting unit and the movement adding unit, an extraction unit which extracts dependency information showing a dependency relationship between the processes from the scenario, and a control unit which determines the priority of the processes to be carried out on the basis of the scenario, the dependency information and the processing cost, and controls the information acquiring unit, the information converting unit and the movement adding unit.09-23-2010
20090077199PRESENCE INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, AND PRESENCE DOCUMENT SCHEMA MANAGING SERVER - A disclosed presence information processing system in which plural information processing devices are connected for exchanging presence information among each other via a network, includes a schema information sharing unit that operates such that the information processing devices can share a presence document schema representing at least one of a structure of a presence document in which the presence information is described and vocabulary of the presence information.03-19-2009
20100223356SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING ACCESS LINKS IN A MEDIA FOLDER - There is disclosed a system and method of providing access links in a media folder. In an embodiment, the method comprises: receiving as an access trigger one of a search term or short code corresponding to content in the media folder; displaying at least one access link in response to the access trigger; and in response to selection of an access link, providing access to a corresponding media resource. The access trigger may be received from one of an input field, a history log or content usage statistics, and the method may display a list of access links to media resources related to the content of the media folder. The access trigger is directly linked to content provided in the media folder in order to provide users with a convenient way to link to access links to related media resources.09-02-2010
20100217837MULTI-SERVICES APPLICATION GATEWAY AND SYSTEM EMPLOYING THE SAME - An intelligent gateway device provided at a premises (home or business) for providing and managing application services associated with use and support of a plurality of digital endpoint devices associated with the premises. The device implements includes a communications and processing infrastructure integrated with a peer and presence messaging based communications protocol for enabling communications between the device and an external support network and between the device and connected digital endpoint devices. A services framework at the gateway device implements the communications and processing infrastructure for enabling service management, service configuration and authentication of user of services at the intelligent gateway. The framework providing a storage and execution environment for supporting and executing received service logic modules relating to use, management and support of the digital endpoint devices. Thus, the gateway devices provides a network-based services point of presence for a plurality of digital endpoint devices at the premises.08-26-2010
20100217834CONFIGURATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF CONTENT AT CAPTURE - Configuring a computing device to capture content, and distributing the content to one or more content destinations at a point of capture. The user select the content destinations from a list of destinations, or the content destinations are selected automatically based on previous user activities or selections. Configuration data sets corresponding to the selected content destinations are accessed. Content capture settings from the configuration data sets are applied to the computing device. The computing device captures the content in accordance with the applied content capture settings. Without further user input, the captured content is transmitted to each of the selected content destinations.08-26-2010
20090043868Community information exchange system and method - Content provided directly by users, such as renters in the real estate industry, is relied on to supplement, enhance and improve the relevance of the site. The renters themselves generate the content in the form of reviews, not the apartments' management companies, for example, which provides less perceived bias in the information provided. An incentive for renters is provided to enter such a space, not only to obtain unbiased information about apartments, but also to accumulate reward points that they can then exchange against various goods or services, and to add content and accumulate points as a result. Thus, a method of user-generated exchange of community information comprises registering information about a user, recording search criteria for services sought by the user, recording feedback of the user about the services used and about service providers, and allowing the user to access feedback from other users.02-12-2009
20100241731METHOD FOR VIRTUALIZING INTERNET RESOURCES AS A VIRTUAL COMPUTER - A system and method for presenting a representation of a remotely located storage resource includes: using a processor device for: receiving a first request from a user, said first request including an identification of the storage resource; authenticating the user request; virtualizing the storage resource by creating a node for presentation to the user, wherein said node represents the storage resource; presenting the node to the user; receiving a second request from the user for data stored in the storage resource represented by the node; retrieving the requested data from the storage resource; and presenting the requested data to the user on the node.09-23-2010
20100235467CONSOLIDATED NETWORK REPOSITORY (CNR) - The disclosed subject matter relates to an architecture that can facilitate support for or integration of disparate communications networks. The architecture can embody a consolidated network repository (CNR) that can be configured as a single logical repository that can potentially be configured according to a common schema regardless of the type or number of schema employed by the disparate communications networks.09-16-2010
20100235468Ad Server Integration - A method and system for providing a content object is disclosed with an in-stream ad unit inserted into the content object for a content object player. The content object is audio and/or video. A media services platform (MSP) knows of one or more in-stream slots in the content object where in-stream ad units may be placed. The MSP queries a display ad server (DAS) to specify the in-stream ad unit, however the DAS does not natively support in-stream ad units in this embodiment. The MSP maps one or more in-stream slots in the content object to corresponding display ad locations. The MSP places the in-stream ad unit into the slot of the content object to create a processed content object. The MSP optionally transcodes the processed content object. The processed content object is downloaded or streamed to the content object player.09-16-2010
20120131143USER DEVICE IDENTIFYING METHOD AND INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM - A Web application receives a request from a Web browser, and provides an instruction to a Web browser to redirect the Web browser to a signature application. The Web browser is redirected to the signature application, and then the signature application generates a signature and provides an instruction to the Web browser to redirect the Web browser to the Web application. The Web application which has received the redirect confirms that the signature is correct, and the Web application identifies a user device on which the Web browser of the redirect source operates as a user device on which the Web browser which transmits the request operates.05-24-2012
20090319636Method and system for enabling client-side initiated delivery of dynamic secondary content - There is provided a method of enabling client-side initiated delivery of dynamic secondary content to a host page comprising running a dynamic secondary content delivery application, requesting a secondary content update to one or more items of existing secondary content rendered on the host page during page load, downloading the secondary content update to the client system, parsing the secondary content update by the dynamic secondary content delivery application, and rendering the secondary content update on the host page, resulting in the client-side initiated delivery of the dynamic secondary content to the host page. In one embodiment, the method is executed by a client system in response to instructions comprising the dynamic secondary content delivery application stored on a computer-readable medium.12-24-2009
20080313307URL-BASED KEYWORD ADVERTISING - Methods and apparatus are described for presenting advertising content on a user device in conjunction with requested content. The advertising content is selected with reference to advertising targeting information. The advertising targeting information is generated by processing the URL associated with the request for the requested content generated by the user device.12-18-2008
20090019133SYSTEM, METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR UPDATING A WEB PAGE IN A WEB BROWSER - A computer-readable medium storing computer-executable instructions for updating a web page in a web browser of a networked PC performs operations comprising receiving a web page transmitted from a networked server, comparing the web page with a previous web page, the previous web page including data input by a user through the web browser, packaging the differences between the web page and the previous web page as at least one update, using the web browser and the at least one update to update the web page and to display an updated web page in the web browser. Each page displayed by the web browser is updated, rather than being reloaded completely, thus giving responsiveness comparable with software installed on the PC, rather than that of a conventional web browser based application.01-15-2009
20090113021SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GENERATING FUNCTIONAL ADDRESSES - A plurality of networked devices on a communication network host services and instances of those services. These services and service instances are mapped onto destination addresses within a given address space. Thus, the destination addresses provide information about the location of the networked devices, as well as the functional topology of the network. Data packets may be routed to a desired service instance using these destination addresses.04-30-2009
20080281943System, method, and computer program product for remotely determining the configuration of a multi-media content user - A method for remotely determining the configuration of a computer of a multimedia content user includes sending a player detection code the user's computer and receiving configuration information regarding the user's computer. A method of determining a connection speed of a computer includes determining a size of a timing block based on an estimated bandwidth and retrieving the timing block. The connection speed is determined based on the timing block size and the times at which transfer begins and ends.11-13-2008
20090106394Method of establishing a tunnel between network terminal devices passing through firewall - A method of establishing a tunnel between network terminal devices passing through firewall is applied to a network system which comprises at least two private networks and Internet wherein each of said private networks comprises at least a NAT router and at least a network terminal device (such as a computer, web camera, IP phone, network disk or network printer with network interface etc.), and each of said network terminal devices connects to the Internet through corresponding NAT router respectively. The method enables each of said network terminal devices of said private networks to detect the firewall policy of corresponding NAT router so as to pass through the firewall installed in corresponding NAT router according to its setting and establish a tunnel between said network terminal devices over the Internet for communication and data access by using p2p, a local relay or a remote relay.04-23-2009
20090070435Targeted websites based on a user profile - A method, apparatus and system of targeted websites based on a user profile are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes generating profile information of a user based on interests of the user in a social network, associating links to the user based on contact information added by the user and by other users, creating a character profile of the user based on the profile information and the contact information, and selecting a targeted website address based on the character profile when the user requests access to a particular entity associated with targeted website. The method may further include applying a time of year filter when selecting the targeted website, such that the time of year filter automatically determines what information to show the user in the website based on an age an a marital status of the user captured through the profile information.03-12-2009
20090037558DIGITAL CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHODS - Systems and methods for locating network sites using a target digital object in a networked environment are presented. In operation, a request to locate network sites using the target digital object is received. In response to the request, identification information corresponding to the target digital object is obtained. Content of a plurality of network sites on a network is also obtained. For each network site of the obtained plurality of network sites, a determination is made as to whether a digital object on the network site matches the target digital object according to the identification information corresponding to the target digital object. A report indicating the network sites that include a digital object that matches the target digital object is then generated and returned in response to the request.02-05-2009
20110113120FACILITY MAINTENANCE AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Embodiments of the present invention provide apparatuses and methods for that provide for a central command and control center that controls, monitors, and analyzes the systems and components of various remote facilities. Generally, the system comprises a control panel installed at each of a plurality of remote facilities. The control panel is connected through a wide area network to the command and control center. The control panel is also connected through a local area network to the facility's lighting systems, single point devices, HVAC systems, and/or other power-using systems and devices for monitoring these systems. The single point devices may include but are not limited to people counters, outside air temperature sensors, space/CO2 humidity sensors, space temperature sensors, branch power meters, and, in some cases, motion detectors and outside photocells. The command and control center can control the lighting systems, HVAC systems, and other facility systems, as well as receive information relating to the operation of the facility and its power-using systems.05-12-2011
20090240785Information Processing Unit, Information Playback Unit, Information Processing Method, Information Playback Method, Information Processing System and Program - An information processing unit includes a location information transmission section to transmit, to a further information processing unit connected, location information indicating a location of a connection target unit to which the further information processing unit is to be connected, a location information determination section to determine whether the further information processing unit and the connection target unit exist in the same LAN by referring to the location information before being transmitted, and a location information conversion section to convert the location information to be transmitted into location information explicitly specifying a remote access connection according to a determination result of the location information determination section.09-24-2009
20100161759STORAGE DEVICE AND METHOD THEREOF FOR INTEGRATING NETWORK ATTACHED STORAGE WITH CLOUD STORAGE SERVICES - A network attached storage device for performing network attached storage operations with cloud storage services. The device comprises at least one network controller for communicating with a plurality of clients over a local area network (LAN) and with a cloud storage service (CSS) over a wide area network (WAN); a plurality of storage devices for locally storing data in the device; a CSS module for at least synchronizing between data locally stored in the plurality of storage devices and data stored in the CSS; and a processor for enabling the plurality of clients to perform file-based operations on the device using a file sharing protocol.06-24-2010
20110113121Method And System For Operating A Primary PC From A Remote Pseudo-mobile PC - The method and system allows a remote user to virtually access and use software in his/her primary processing unit from remotely located mobile input/output device which can comprise a display, keyboard, mouse, and a transceiver. The only function of the mobile input/output device is to send input signals to the remotely located primary processing unit where they are processed and transmitted back to the mobile input/output device for display and use by the user. Input sent from the mobile input/output device to the primary processing unit is in the form of raw, unprocessed electronic signals. The mobile input/output device uses computing power of the primary processing unit; the CPU, applications, files and services of the primary processing unit to process the electronic signals. The mobile input/output device needs only very limited power, and does not require its own software and associated hardware to duplicate data processing or storage functions.05-12-2011
20110246612Integration of Different Mobile Device Types with a Business Infrastructure - A mobile implementation channel enables secure mobile customer alerts, content delivery, event and location awareness and context integration that can be leveraged across multiple lines of business using basic interfaces. The mobile implementation channel enables secure reach to many mobile device types, abstracts away delivery peculiarities, and provides logging and security support when necessary taking into account who the individual is, where they are, and what they may be doing. A business infrastructure that is associated with a workflow generates a request to a computer system that subsequently maps the user identification to a device type from a plurality of device types and directs the request to a device based on the device type. The request may include content that may be formatted in accordance with the device type and that may be pushed to a device at a desired time or frequency.10-06-2011
20110213860Systems and Methods for Handling a Plurality of Communications For Different Companies - A distributed communication center configured to handle a plurality of communications includes a user zone, a web zone, and a network zone. The user zone includes a plurality of remote terminals that enable communication center personnel and end users to remotely interface with the distributed communication center through the web zone. The web zone includes one or more web servers configured and one or more mail servers to interface the remote terminals in the user zone with the network zone. The network zone includes one or more telephony servers and one or more application servers.09-01-2011
20100153520METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND MEDIA FOR CREATING, PRODUCING, AND DISTRIBUTING VIDEO TEMPLATES AND VIDEO CLIPS - Methods, systems, and media for creating, producing, and distributing video templates and video clips are provided.06-17-2010
20120173673MANAGED PEER-TO-PEER CONTENT BACKUP SERVICE SYSTEM AND METHOD USING DYNAMIC CONTENT DISPERSAL TO PLURAL STORAGE NODES - Systems, method, computer program stored on computer readable media, and business method for providing and operating a distributed network based secure storage of business or consumer digital data or content. System, method, computer program stored on computer readable media and business model for dynamically managed peer-to-peer media content backup that uses a plurality of subscriber personal computer based storage devices to store backups of other subscriber data in a manner that is secure and redundant.07-05-2012
20100023601Extending an Internet content delivery network into an enterprise - An Internet content delivery network deploys one or more CDN server regions in an enterprise and manages those regions as part of the Internet CDN. In one aspect of the invention, a CDN service provider (CDNSP) deploys one or more CDN regions behind an enterprise's corporate firewall(s). The regions are used to deliver Internet content—content that has been tagged or otherwise made available for delivery over the Internet from the CDN's content servers. This content includes, for example, content that given content providers have identified is to be delivered by the CDN. In addition, the enterprise may tag intranet content, which is then also served from the CDN regions behind the firewall. Intranet content remains secure by virtue of using the enterprise's existing security infrastructure. In accordance with another aspect of the invention, the CDNSP implements access controls and deploys one or more CDN regions outside an enterprise's firewall(s) such that intranet content can be served from regions located outside the firewall(s). In this embodiment, the CDNSP can provide granular control, such as permissions per groups of users. In this way, the CDNSP, in effect, extends a conventional virtual private network (VPN) to all or a portion of the ICDN, thereby enabling the CDNSP to use multiple regions and potentially thousands of content servers available to serve the enterprise's internal content. In addition to making internal content available from the edge of the network, the CDNSP provides a mechanism by which an enterprise may share secure data with its business partner(s) without setting up any special infrastructure.01-28-2010
20100131614SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SCALABLE ARCHITECTURE FOR WEB-BASED COLLABORATIVE ANNOTATION OF PAGE-BASED DOCUMENTS - A system for managing the communication of multi-page documents. The system may use a software module document splitter adapted to receive a multi-page document being uploaded as a single file and to split the multi-page document into a plurality of independent files, with each independent file representing a single page of the document. The software module document splitter may also associate meta data with each single page that enables the single pages to be downloaded, one at a time, by an electronic device being used by a user, from a file storage device remote from the electronic device. This provides the appearance to the user that the electronic device is in possession of single, multi-page file.05-27-2010
20100131613MEDIA SHARING NETWORK - A computer-readable medium has a computer program stored thereon. The computer program senses the presence of a physical medium loaded on a media-sharing network and senses the presence of metadata and content on the physical medium. The computer program wraps the metadata and the content in a container. The container includes the location of the metadata and the location of the content. The computer program assembles the container such that it is recognized as a virtual physical medium on the media sharing network and such that it enables playback of the content by control commands compatible with a media sharing protocol.05-27-2010
20100070608SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DELIVERING CONTENT - A method for delivering media content includes receiving a request identifying a requested media file. The method also includes, in response to receiving the request, accessing the requested media file. The requested media file includes media content in a first format. The method further includes generating a modified media file based on the requested media file. The modified media file includes media content in a second format. Additionally, the method includes generating an auxiliary file associated with the modified media file. The auxiliary file includes a plurality of content records associated with different portions of the media content in the modified media file and indicating a location of the associated portion. Each content record includes information to facilitate transmission of the associated portion of the media content to a remote client prior to the modified media file being completely generated.03-18-2010
20100036933Dynamic Portal Creation Based on Personal Usage - Methods, media and systems are provided for generating a dynamic web portal in a wireless network, and the portal is based on personal usage. An initialized portal contains no web content. Systems include one or more network elements configured to monitor requests for resource components, to generate web portals, and to dynamically update the portals based on the requests for resource components. Data structures embodied on a computer-readable media are included for storing numerical data regarding the requests and for storing a plurality of portals. The dynamic web portal is updated to contain component resources from visited web pages, each having a respective universal resource locator (URL) or portion of code with which it is associated. Requests for resources are monitored and added to a web portal when a specified threshold is surpassed so that an updated web portal can be presented.02-11-2010
20090216859METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SHARING CONTENT AMONG MULTIPLE USERS - Techniques for sharing content among multiple users are described herein. According to one embodiment, content is received from an owner to be shared among multiple members of one or more communities, where the owner defines the one or more communities. In response to the received content, a privacy level associated with the content to be shared is determined, where the privacy level is assigned by the owner. A trust level associated with each member of the one or more communities is determined, where each member is associated with a trust level assigned by the owner previously to represent a relationship between each member and the owner. The content is shared among selected members of the one or more communities if trust levels of the selected members and the privacy level associated with the content satisfy a predetermined relationship. Other methods and apparatuses are also described.08-27-2009
20090216858FLOOR CONVEYOR, WITH REMOTE MAINTENANCE IN PARTICULAR - A floor conveyor, with a device for the capture of operation-related data, a data memory, in which the operation-related data can be stored, and an electronic control unit, which controls the capture and the storage of the operation-related data in the data memory, characterised in that the floor conveyor has a data send/receive unit for the transmission of operation-related data from the data memory of the floor conveyor to an external data memory via a transmission link, the control unit has means for checking the availability of the transmission link, and the control unit is designed for the initiation of the data transmission from the data memory to the external data memory.08-27-2009
20090216857METHODS OF PROVIDING PUBLISHED CONTENT - Methods of providing published content are presented. Content providers, including advertisers, can have their network addresses become black listed through no fault of their own. Content providers can utilize one or more intermediary providers each having their own distinct network address, possibly a registered domain name. An advertiser or other content provider can engage members of a distribution channel to disseminate promotional information to consumers where the promotional information comprises a network address of the intermediary provider. Upon a request directed toward the network address, the intermediary transforms published content obtained from the primary provider to make the content appear as though it originated from the intermediary provider. Should a black listing event occur, only the intermediary provider would be affected. An updated or new intermediary provider having a new, distinct network address can be instantiated to replace the black listed provider.08-27-2009
20100070609APPLICATION PROCESS TO PROCESS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - An application process to process communication system is provided in which seamless communication between onboard processes and off-board processes are provided. The off-board processes are typically remote and/or mobile relative to the onboard processes in which a central process maintains communication between the processes.03-18-2010
20110179142MIGRATING A WEB HOSTING SERVICE BETWEEN A DEDICATED ENVIRONMENT FOR EACH CLIENT AND A SHARED ENVIRONMENT FOR MULTIPLE CLIENTS - An automated tool for migrating a website hosting service from a first website hosting architecture to a second website hosting architecture, the first architecture comprising a server architecture that serves the services necessary for a client's web sites from a dedicated machine and the second web hosting architecture comprising a server architecture that serves a plurality of unrelated clients from a plurality of shared servers.07-21-2011
20100057883DISTRIBUTED CONTENT CACHING SOLUTION FOR A MOBILE WIRELESS NETWORK - A method in an electronic device provides local content to a user device in a communication network. The communication network includes an access network and a core network. In the access network, a content request is intercepted from the user device, which may be formatted according to a network interface. The content request may include a request for data content. Protocol layers associated with an active data session may be terminated so that an edge gateway device may extract and inject packets into the data stream without involving the core network. A cache may be maintained in the access network.03-04-2010
20100057882REMOTE USER INTERFACE IN MULTIPHONE ENVIRONMENT - A method of operating a plurality of server devices within a user's personal bubble includes accessing information available on the plurality of server devices. The information is output so as to appear that the information resides on a single device. The remote control device also may automatically configure the various devices within the personal bubble to communicate with other devices based on particular events, commands, etc.03-04-2010
20110153779SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GLOBALLY AND SECURELY ACCESSING UNIFIED INFORMATION IN A COMPUTER NETWORK - A smartphone that includes a communications interface to communicate via one or more Internet communications channels is provided. The smartphone also includes a service engine that communicates with a global server via an Internet channel using the communications interface to provide identification data to the global server. In response to providing the identification data, the service engine receives configuration data to configure the service engine with a selectable set of downloadable executables. The selectable set of downloadable executables include a selection of downloadable executables that is made at least in part by the global server using the identification data. A display presents at least some of the selectable set of downloadable executables on the smartphone, and an input device selects a downloadable executable from the selectable set. The service engine initiates a download of the selected downloadable executable using the communications interface.06-23-2011
20130159466VEHICULAR COMMUNICATION CONTROL APPARATUS - A vehicular communication control apparatus for relaying messages between external tools connected to an IP-based network and an in-vehicle ECU connected an in-vehicle LAN is disclosed. When the apparatus forwards a message from a first external tool to the in-vehicle ECU, the apparatus stores a class of the forwarded message until communication attributed to the forwarded message is ended. Upon receipt of a message from a second external tool, the apparatus determines whether or not an interference is caused by the messages from the first and second external tools, based on the stored class of the massage. When the interference is not caused, the apparatus forwards the message from the second external tool to the in-vehicle electronic control unit.06-20-2013
20120303758IDENTIFYING SCRIPTING FORM OF TEXT COMMANDS FOR A NETWORK DEVICE - In one example, a device includes a network interface configured to present a command interface to receive input comprising a command and an indicator, wherein the command conforms to an execution format and specifies one or more parameters to be applied during execution of the command, and wherein the indicator indicates, at least in part, that the command is not to be executed, and a control unit configured to reformat, based on the indicator, the command to conform to an extensible markup language (XML) format such that the reformatted command complies with a syntax supported by a script processing module of the network device and specifies the command and the one or more parameters in the XML format in a format that can be executed by the script processing module, and to output the reformatted command via the command interface. Thus, the device may provide XML formatted equivalents for commands.11-29-2012
20110072113LOCAL SERVER AND CONTENT TRANSMISSION METHOD - A local server 03-24-2011
20110072112ELECTRIC VEHICLE DATA-APPLICATION CONNECTOR SYSTEM - EV-DACS renders more efficient the transfer of data between one or more programs of an application software system by one manufacturer with one or more electric vehicle assets by another manufacturer to efficiently facilitate monitoring or control for one or more purposes according to any standard. Further, such transfer and control is made entirely possible if the software and physical assets are otherwise incompatible.03-24-2011
20110213859METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REALIZING AN AVATAR IN A MANAGEMENT OPERATIONS CENTER IMPLEMENTED IN A GLOBAL ECOSYSTEM OF INTERRELATED SERVICES - A data processing system may be implemented as a program product embodied on a processing system readable medium for implementing a method for using mobile code for implementing a service in a global ecosystem of interrelated services in an enterprise. The enterprise may include a group of network domains, where each of the network domains further includes a group of servers; at least one service container running on each of the servers; and a group of interrelated services, where each of the interrelated services may run on any of the at least one service container. The program product may include instructions for loading mobile service code for implementing a service on a code server, where the code server is accessible to at least some of the servers in the enterprise; instructions for determining information related to the service, where the information related to the service includes configuration information and a proxy reference for the service, the proxy reference including a codebase containing an address for a code server holding the mobile service code of a proxy for the service; and instructions for launching the service in a network domain.09-01-2011
20130166688COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, NETWORK STORAGE, SERVER - A communication system including a server connected to a first network, a network storage connected to a second network different from the first network and communicates with the server, and a user terminal. The network storage transmits a storage request signal to the server, the server transitions to a standby state in response to the storage request signal and issues setup information including storage identification information identifying the network storage. The network storage receives and outputs the setup information, and the user terminal transmits a user request signal including the storage identification information and terminal identification information based on the setup information. The server then associates the terminal identification information and the storage identification information upon receiving the user request signal.06-27-2013
20090276504DYNAMIC NETWORKING SYSTEM - In a method of managing interactions between a first entity and a second entity, an indication of information requirements that the first entity requires from the second entity to establish a link is received from the first entity. The second entity transmits: a first set of information corresponding to the information requirements, an indication that the second entity desires to establish the link, and an indication of desired information that the second entity requests from the first entity. A link is established between the first entity and the second entity. Once the link has been established, the first set of information is transmitted to the first entity; a second set of information is received from the first entity, the second set of information corresponding to the desired information; the second set of information is transmitted to the second entity; updated information corresponding to updates to the second set of information are received from the first entity; and the updated information is transmitted to the second entity.11-05-2009
20120278439Adaptive Cloud Based Application Streaming - Methods and systems for remotely provisioning immediately executable applications with license control in secure environments. Immediately initially executable portions of applications are pushed onto user desktops, and when applications are selected for use, additional components of selected applications are streamed to said desktops.11-01-2012
20080256217MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICE HAVING WEB ALARM FUNCTION AND OPERATING METHOD OF THE MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A method of operating a mobile communication device. The method includes receiving a website address, receiving an alarm time, accessing a website corresponding to the website address upon arrival of the alarm time, and outputting an alarm signal in combination with accessing the website.10-16-2008
20100332616WEB GUIDE - Systems and methods of dynamically presenting a website. The system includes a storage medium and a server. The storage medium includes data adapted for presentation on a first website. The server includes computer executable instructions configured to receive initial preference data and build a preference profile based on the initial preference data. The server also includes computer executable instructions configured to retrieve select first data from the storage medium based on the preference profile, structure a presentation of the first website based on the select first data; and provide targeted queries or prompts based on the first data.12-30-2010
20110010431SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR A MEDIA CONTENT RECONCILER - A system and method for reconciling media content available through a number of service providers. A request is received to identify media content. One or more characteristics of the media content are determined. A determination is made whether the media content is associated with an identifier in response to the one or more characteristics. An identifier is associated with the media content in response to determining there is not an existing identifier associated with the media content. The media content is cross referenced between the number of service providers utilizing the identifier and time zones. A database is updated to include the identifier and the one or more characteristics associated with the media content.01-13-2011
20110264768SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR FACILITATING TRANSMISSION OF CONTENT FROM A SOURCE TO A USER DEVICE - In one embodiment, a method provides for registering a user device with a service, associating one or more selected sources of content with the user device and obtaining content from the one or more selected sources in accordance with one or more content rules. Qualifying content comprising content satisfying the one or more content rules is then transmitted to the user device for viewing by an associated viewing user.10-27-2011
20110040851SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MULTIPORT AUTOMATION - A system and method are disclosed for enhancing the throughput of signals from a security system receiver to an associated automation server. Multiple parallel Ethernet connections or ports are provided between the receiver and server to enable multiple signals to be transmitted between the two when such signals are received from a client's security system panel. The system and method may access the ports in a variety of orders to provide efficient transmittal of signals from the receiver to the server. In one embodiment, received event signals may be routed though the ports in numeric sequence, forward or reverse. In another embodiment, received event signals may be routed preferentially to the first port, if it is not busy. If the first port is busy then the signal may be routed to the second port, and so on. In a further embodiment, received event signals from specific client panels may be directed through predetermined ports, and a predetermined automation server at the central monitoring facility.02-17-2011
20120151002System and method for file access and sharing - The present invention is to provide a system including at least one storage device for storing at least one file each having a file name, a home gateway having a routing identification code and connected to the storage device, and a server connected to the home gateway via the Internet for receiving the routing identification code and the file name uploaded by the home gateway. The server stores a user's registration information corresponding to the routing identification code. When a terminal device connected to the server via the Internet uses the registration information to pass the server's verification and thus log in the server, the server transmits the file name to the terminal device and, when receiving a request instruction from the terminal device, then retrieves the file from the storage device by way of the home gateway and then sends the file to the terminal device as requested.06-14-2012
20100293247APPLICATION OF SOCIAL NETWORKING DATA - A method may include transmitting or receiving a communication in a non-social network, where the communication is between a user and one or more other users, selecting a social network based on the communication, accessing the social network, searching for social network information related to the one or more other users, retrieving the social network information based on the searching, and providing a non-social network service based on the social network information.11-18-2010
20110119352Method of mutual browsing and computer program therefor - A method of mutually co-browsing websites from the Internet comprises receiving code and objects from a first website from the Internet by a first client computer and display the code and objects in a main display. The first client computer transmits the URL of the first website to a second client computer. The first client computer also has a miniature display overlapping a portion of the main display. The first client computer can receive the URL of the second website that is being viewed by the second client computer. The first client computer receives an object from the second website and displays it in the miniature display. The first user at the first client computer can click or activate the miniature display to cause the code and object from the second website to be displayed in the main display. The present invention also contemplates using Javascript code embedded in the first and second websites to accomplish the foregoing. The second user, similarly has a main display portion to display the contents of the second website and an overlapping miniature display to display an object from the first website being viewed by the first client computer. The users can also simultaneously engage in a chat session regarding the websites displayed.05-19-2011
20110119353Method and Apparatus for information exchange over a web based environment - With the ever increasing size and the explorative growth of digital document and content, the traditional electronic information exchanging tool such as email and instant message, web-meeting etc. can not fully satisfy massive user's needs. With the development of central controlled distributed scalable virtual machine (CCDSVM) and the web-based computer user working (operating) environment (WCUWE), the problems mentioned above can be easily solved by introduce a common “dynamic work space” technology of this invention within frame work of CCDSVM and WCUWE. With “dynamic work space” technology , user can use conventional browser to instantly post or un-post messages, digital documents or contents or said resources without install specialized software, without size limitation, with security, and further to obtain capability of anywhere and anytime peer-to-peer exchanging information within organized user-group or in one-to-one fashion. In addition, WCUWE of CCDSVM provides each user a private work space and each group a common work space under the dynamic work space umbrella, therefore, WCUWE provide users of CCDSVM a safe secure infrastructure hierarchy for users or group of users to efficiently manage, sharing, and access the right information in time anywhere on the network.05-19-2011
20120311090SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR AGGREGATING AUDIO INFORMATION FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES - Described herein are methods, systems, apparatuses and products providing an audio stream generated on a central information handling device from mixing a collection of audio streams captured at external audio capturing devices. An aspect provides for running a host audio aggregation application on an information handling device, the host audio aggregation application being configured to obtain audio transmitted by at least one secondary audio device external to the information handling device; generating at least one central audio stream via the host aggregation application by mixing the audio transmitted by the at least one secondary audio device and obtained by the host audio aggregation application; wherein the host aggregation application is configured to send the at least one central audio stream to one or more audio receivers.12-06-2012
20110099248INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, SERVER DEVICE, INFORMATION DEVICE FOR PERSONAL USE, AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT METHOD - Provided is an information processing system capable of preventing leakage of business data from an information device for personal use such as a portable telephone and false access to an in-house system. The information processing system includes an information device for personal use having a control means and server device having an individual data holding means for holding individual data transferred to the information device, and accessible by the information device and a relation data holding means for holding data about the relation between the status of the information device of when access to each set of the individual data is requested and the operation permitted about the set of the individual data. The information device transmits the status thereof to the server, and the server transfers individual data to the information device if permitted. The control means makes a control not to perform an operation other than the operations represented by the relation data and permitted.04-28-2011
20090300143Method and apparatus for interacting with media programming in real-time using a mobile telephone device - A system and method for providing real-time interaction with a multimedia program being presented to a viewer having an interactive end-user communications device. The system and method includes an applet distribution program to provide an applet to the interactive end-user communications device, where the applet includes a timer, time stamps and at least one interactive graphical user interface (GUI). The applet distribution program is operable to synchronize activation of the applet with the multimedia program while being presented to the viewer, wherein the applet generates, at a first predetermined time, a first interactive graphical user interface (GUI) on the end-user communications device, the first GUI displaying at least two values associated with the multimedia program for real-time selection by the viewer. A response signal is received from the end-user communications device when a predetermined metric associated with correct selections of the at least two values by the viewer is satisfied.12-03-2009
20090144394METHOD OF PREPARING AND DISTRIBUTING BOARD PAPERS - A management system including a conversion system, a central system and one or more access points connected to the central system by a network; wherein said conversion system includes a scanning device and file conversion means configured to take a physical or electronic board paper and convert it to a digital document; the central system includes one or more accounts and one or more databases, such that the or each digital document is collated into one or more board books which are electronically stored in the or each database, the or each account is associated with a designated director who wishes to access the or each board book; said central system is configured to control access to the or each board book by the or each director.06-04-2009
20120042045INFORMATION TERMINAL - The present invention provides mobile terminals with various types of services such as electronic commerce service, music delivery service, and position information service. User applications required for the electronic commerce service, music delivery service, and position information service are respectively configured as service objects each having a server facility, and further a local gateway is provided, whereby various types of services can be used through a browser.02-16-2012
20090164604DEVELOPMENT AND DEPLOYMENT OF MOBILE AND DESKTOP APPLICATIONS WITHIN A FLEXIBLE MARKUP-BASED DISTRIBUTED ARCHITECTURE - A computer program product embodied in a computer-readable medium is configurable to accomplish execution of an application that is specified and encoded in a markup-based descriptor language. The product includes client runtime computer code configured to cause a client computer device to process the markup-based descriptor language to deploy an application to accomplish execution of the application. The client runtime computer code is further configured to process the markup-based descriptor language to selectively configure the client computer device to deploy the application so as to accomplish execution of the application by the client computer device stand-alone or by the client computer device in cooperation with a server to which the device is connectable via a network connection.06-25-2009
20080275963Dynamically Modifying A Universal Resource Indicator - A logic module receives a navigation request that includes an address identifying a resource stored at a remote server. The logic module determines whether the address is valid based on predetermined criteria. If the address is valid, the logic modifies the address to include values that indicate a device configuration of the user terminal. The logic then causes the address to be sent to the remote server. Upon receipt, the remote server retrieves and returns the resource to the user. The content of the resource is determined based on the indicators.11-06-2008
20120016962WEB-BASED ASSET MANAGEMENT - The method and system of the present invention provides an improved technique for replacing, implementing and managing computer-related assets. A technician accesses the World Wide Web through a user's computer. The information resident on the computer, including information regarding the computer and the user's preferences, are downloaded to a remote storage medium through the World Wide Web. Once downloaded, all information may be removed from the user's computer. Subsequently, the technician accesses another computer such as, for example, a new computer that has been assigned to the same user. The technician accesses the World Wide Web through the new computer and downloads the information previously stored on the remote storage medium. This information can then be used to install the user's prior applications, settings and preferences on the new computer.01-19-2012
20120016963INDEX RANK OPTIMIZATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - An index ranking optimization system and method are provided herein.01-19-2012
20120023198ENHANCED ANYCAST FOR EDGE SERVER SELECTION - Systems and methods for gathering distributed information to improve routing that uses Anycast for assigning deliveries between a number of geographically-distant points of presence (POPs) are disclosed. The POPs share the same Internet protocol (IP) address. According to Anycast resolution, the Internet aids in assigning a content request initially to a POP. Delivery statistics are gathered from deliveries a the number of POPs and possibly other sources. Where it is determined that Anycast found the wrong POP, the content request is reassigned to another POP.01-26-2012
20120110125MECHANISM FOR FACILITATING NAVIGATION OF A WEBPAGE ON COMPUTER DEVICE - A method of Webpage navigation can include a computer device loading a Webpage having at least a first portion and a second portion, arranging the Webpage in order to present the first portion in the display area of the computer device and to place the second portion out of the display area, and presenting a navigation map corresponding to the Webpage in the display area. In response to a control command input with respect to the navigation map, the Webpage can be arranged in order to present the second portion in the display area.05-03-2012
20120072539SYSTEM AND METHOD OF ASSOCIATING EVENTS WITH REQUESTS - Management software that can associate events, including non page events, such as the generation of dynamic content, with HTTP requests. The management software can receive a set of HTTP request data including a request time stamp for each HTTP request in a set of HTTP requests, receive a set of event data including an event time stamp for each event in a set of events and associate each event from the set of events with a previous HTTP request from the set of HTTP requests based on the event time stamps and request time stamps. Each event can be associated with previous HTTP request closest in time.03-22-2012
20090132680INFORMATION TERMINALS SHARING CONTENTS IN A NETWORK, INFORMATION SHARING METHOD AND P2P SYSTEM AND POINT SYSTEM USING THE SAME - Information terminal and information sharing method are provided which consider survival time of contents at a transmission destination and propagate the contents widely so as to be suitable for contents sharing. In the information terminal and information sharing method, contents allotted with survival time is received, the survival time allotted to the contents is changed, contents allotted with the changed survival time is transmitted to a different information terminal, and the contents is deleted after the changed survival time has expired.05-21-2009
20120317233MOBILE WEB APP INFRASTRUCTURE - A method, device and computer program product for forming a mobile web app infrastructure on a device may include creating a local web app server on the device in response to an application being started on the device. A proxy uniform resource locator (URL) address may be provided by the local web app server that enables the device to access an out of security URL to perform a function associated with the application.12-13-2012
20120166591ANYCAST REDIRECT TO UNICAST CONTENT DOWNLOAD - A method and system for delivering content with a content delivery network (CDN) to a user computer is disclosed. After an initial request to a point of presence (POP) of the CDN for the location of the content object, an Anycast Internet protocol (IP) address is assigned. The user computer requests the content object which may find its way to the same or a different POP depending on what is closer in Internet terms. The request returns a POP-specific IP in a redirect such that the request resolves to the POP referenced in the immediately preceding sentence. One or more edge servers deliver the content object to the user computer.06-28-2012
20120221685METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR LOADING LANDING PAGE - A Universal Serial Bus (USB) modem/Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) device is provided that when connected to a host device, presents itself as an Ethernet endpoint to the host device, without requiring additional software/drivers to be downloaded to the host device. Embedded in the USB modem/WWAN device are various modules that provide functionality allowing either automatic connection to the Internet or redirection to a local Web User Interface (UI) that a user may employ to configure the USB modem/WWAN device and/or manually connect to the Internet. Additionally, the USB modem/WWAN device employs predetermined rules to determine whether or not/how the redirection occurs, including in scenarios where wireless connectivity to the Internet is unavailable.08-30-2012
20120221684SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR STAGED DATA MIGRATION BETWEEN DATA SOURCES AND CLOUD-BASED STORAGE NETWORK - Embodiments relate to systems and methods for staged data migration between data sources and a cloud-based storage network. In aspects, a user can maintain a user premise network including servers, clients, local area networks, data stores, and/or other network assets. An administrator or other user of the premise network may wish to extract data from the premise network and transfer that data payload to a set of host storage clouds to leverage cost, redundancy, consolidation, or other cloud advantages. A cloud data delivery (CDD) service can be established to stage the upload of the data payload to the set of host storage clouds using a set of managed or dedicated lines to the CDD service, and to the host storage clouds at network edge. The connections between the premise network/CDD service and CDD service/host storage clouds can be selected and/or optimized to provide high-bandwidth connections tailored to the schedule, cost, or other requirements of the data payload to be transported.08-30-2012
20120221683SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DE-POPULATING CLOUD DATA STORE - Embodiments relate to systems and methods for de-populating a cloud data store. In aspects, data from premise or other sources can be stored in a set of host storage clouds. A network administrator, owner, or other user can initiate the extraction of the set of cloud-populated data, and migrate that data to a set of step-down data stores, such as on-premise databases, servers, and/or other stores. A staging engine hosted in a cloud data distribution service can manage the discovery, reading-out, and delivery of the set of cloud-populated data to the set of step-down data stores. The staging engine can configure high-bandwidth data connections to the distribution service from the host storage clouds, and/or to the target step-down data stores from the data distribution service. A set of de-population commands can specify the connections, target data locations, file or directory formats, and/or other parameters to be used to re-locate the cloud-populated data.08-30-2012
20100088396Remote Port Access (RPA) Server - Systems and methods for accessing data from one or more remote devices and providing data to remote devices installed behind one or more firewalls are provided. The remote devices are configured to automatically detect network connectivity and to open a network connection to a remote port access (RPA) server. The remote devices initiate the connection with the RPA server enabling the connection to be established through the firewall. A client device establishes a network connection to the RPA server in order to access data from or to provide data to one or more of the remote devices. The RPA server acts as an intermediary between the RPA server and the remote devices that receives data from the client device and sends the data to the remote device and receives data from the remote devices and sends the data to the client device.04-08-2010
20110179141MIGRATING A WEB HOSTING SERVICE BETWEEN A ONE BOX PER MULTIPLE CLIENT ARCHITECTURE AND A CLOUD OR GRID COMPUTING ARCHITECTURE WITH MANY BOXES FOR MANY CLIENTS - An automated tool for migrating a website hosting service from a first website hosting architecture to a second website hosting architecture, the first architecture comprising a server architecture that serves the services necessary for a plurality of distinct websites from a dedicated machine and the second web hosting architecture comprising a server architecture that serves a plurality of common services from a plurality of machines to a plurality of unaffiliated websites using at least one of a cloud computing architecture and a grid computing architecture.07-21-2011
20100049831HOME NETWORK USING WIRELESS MODULE - Methods and apparatus for implementing a home network including a wireless module. In one implementation, a home network includes: two or more host devices, where at least one host device includes a wireless module port, and where the host devices are connected in a local network; and a wireless module connected to the wireless module port of a host device, where the wireless module provides a wireless connection to an external network; where at least one host device is a consumer appliance.02-25-2010
20090106393Data distribution system and method - There is described a method of distributing rights-managed media data items to users, wherein each media data item has associated rights information, including a time-limited availability attribute. The method comprises, for each media data item: in a seeding phase; storing the media data item; receiving requests for the media data item from a plurality of users; determining the availability of the requested media data item based on the associated rights information; transmitting the requested media data item to the plurality of users: and storing information identifying the media data item, the associated rights information for the media data item and a list of users who have received the media data item. In a peer-to-peer phase the method comprises receiving requests for the media data item from at least one further user; compiling a list of sources of the media data item in a peer-to-peer network based on the list of users who have received the media data item; determining the availability of the requested media data item based on the associated rights-information; transmitting the list of sources to the at least one further user to enable the user to obtain the requested media data item via the peer-to-peer network; and storing information identifying the requested media data item, the at least one further user and the rights-information of the requested media data item.04-23-2009
20100274874SERVICE DISCOVERY PROTOCOL ENHANCEMENT - A system for facilitating access to service-related information via a service discovery protocol (SDP) defined in an initial transport. The initial transport may be employed in establishing a link with at least one other apparatus. An SDP may then be utilized in order to determine the services that are available on the at least one other apparatus. Service information may further comprise information on complimentary transports that are usable with a service (e.g., transports in addition to the initial transport). If complimentary transports are available, a determination may be made amongst the available transports (e.g., initial and complimentary transports) as to which is more appropriate to employ when using the service.10-28-2010
20120179785METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR LOADING LANDING PAGE - A Universal Serial Bus (USB) modem/Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) device is provided that when connected to a host device, presents itself as an Ethernet endpoint to the host device, without requiring additional software/drivers to be downloaded to the host device. Embedded in the USB modem/WWAN device are various modules that provide functionality allowing either automatic connection to the Internet or redirection to a local Web User Interface (UI) that a user may employ to configure the USB modem/WWAN device and/or manually connect to the Internet. Additionally, the USB modem/WWAN device employs predetermined rules to determine whether or not/how the redirection occurs, including in scenarios where wireless connectivity to the Internet is unavailable.07-12-2012
20100011090NETWORK-AWARE DOWNLOAD MANAGER - A download management system is disclosed. A number of download managers on a local area network (LAN) expressly negotiate bandwidth allocations with a politeness coordination function. Some bandwidth is consumed without the express negotiation and the politeness coordination function characterizes those while allocating an estimated bandwidth to provide adequate QoS. Some download managers can have their stream or download scheduled for a later time if adequate bandwidth is unavailable. The upstream connection to the Internet or wide area network (WAN) can be scheduled efficiently for computing devices that may or may not have a download manager capable of the express negotiation.01-14-2010
20120254362SYSTEM AND METHOD TO TRANSPORT HTPP OVER XMPP - Method to transport HTPP over XMPP, including: forming a first two-level URI template to identify web resources accessible by use of HTTP in an XMPP network, wherein a first level is XMPP-formatted and a second level is HTTP-formatted; binding HTTP to XMPP and stanzas; transmitting the HTTP messages in those stanzas; receiving a HTTP messages in those stanzas; and a XMPP mechanism to discover if an XMPP entity supports transporting HTTP over XMPP.10-04-2012
20120226778Method and Apparatus for Obtaining Digital Objects in a Communication Network - Techniques for obtaining digital objects (such as songs or video clips) from information providers in data communication networks (such as the Internet) are disclosed. The digital objects are sent through channels (such as Internet radio channels or Internet TV channels) or otherwise made available. The end-user gains several advantages over the known art. For example, end-users may easily locate desired digital objects in a certain desired format/quality and receive associated information of the objects, need not be connected during object capture, can be connected through a low speed connection, does not have to have a high capacity computer, can quickly scan a vast number of digital object sent earlier or navigate through a multitude of digital object channels, need not have the required storage space available during object capture, can legally obtain digital objects at no cost, and can prove that the digital objects were actually obtained legally.09-06-2012
20120259954DOMAIN NAME RESOLUTION RESOURCE ALLOCATION - A content delivery network (CDN) for delivering content over the Internet is disclosed in one embodiment. The CDN includes a domain resolution service (DNS) server, caching servers and an Internet interface. The caching servers correspond to a plurality of addresses. The DNS server receives two domain resolution requests corresponding to a same domain and produces two different DNS solutions, each corresponding to a subset of caching servers. The interface receives domain resolution requests, including the two domain resolution requests, and transmits DNS solutions, including the two DNS solutions. The processing power is generally matched between the two DNS solutions.10-11-2012
20120265854NETWORK BASED LABORATORY FOR DATA ANALYSIS - A network based laboratory for data analysis is presented. The laboratory permits a user to submit an inquiry specifying the analysis to be performed, the sources of the data to be analyzed and the output format for the analysis results.10-18-2012
20080301259METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ACCESSING A BUSINESS OBJECT BY USING A SERVICE PROVIDER CLASS - Disclosed is a method and system for receiving a request at an object, retrieving a node identification (ID) of a node of the object from the request and fetching an instance of a service provider class of the node from a service provider class factory based on the node ID, and processing the request at the object by accessing a method in the service provider class of the node.12-04-2008
20120265852TECHNIQUE FOR MANAGING COMMUNICATIONS AT A ROUTER - A router can process the data received from the local area network at a network protocol stack local to the router, while processing data received from the wide area network normally. The offloading of the stack processing from the source of the data to the router reduces the number of network hops that both packets based on the received data, and acknowledgements from the destination of the packets, must travel, thereby reducing communication latency. In addition, offloading the stack processing to the router can reduce the processing load at the data source. Further, the router can implement different quality of service or other processing protocols for the local area and wide area traffic.10-18-2012
20120324055INFORMATION AND POINT SERVICE METHOD BY KEYWORD KEYSKIN - Disclosed is an information and point service method by a keyword keyskin. The type of a keyword keyskin and a unique identification value of an Internet service user are stored in a service-user computer connected to an Internet communication network. When the service-user computer transmits a request signal for keyword keyskin set information according to the type of the keyword keyskin which covers a keypad to a keyword keyskin set information providing server, the keyword keyskin set information providing server receives the signal, retrieves the keyword keyskin set information and a unique identification value of the keyword keyskin set information providing server from a recording medium on the basis of the received data, and transmits the retrieved data to the service-user computer. The service-user computer receives the data transmitted from the keyword keyskin set information providing server, and stores the keyword keyskin set information and the unique identification value of the keyword keyskin set information providing server, which have been received, in a recording medium. The service-user computer receives a hot-key command, which the user has inputted through a keyword expressed on a keyword-keyskin keypocket covering the keypad; retrieves a value corresponding to the received hot-key command, the unique identification value of the service user, and the unique identification value of the keyword keyskin set information providing server from the recording medium; generates a request signal for an Internet service on the basis of the retrieved data; and then transmits the generated request signal to a service relay server. The service relay server receives the request signal; retrieves points of the service user, activity results of the keyword keyskin set information providing server, a unique identification value of the service relay server, and request-keyword-related data from a recording medium on the basis of the received data; calculates and stores the points of the service user and the activity results of the keyword keyskin set information providing server in the recording medium; generates a request signal for an Internet service on the basis of the retrieved data; and transmits the generated request signal to a service page providing server. The service page providing server receives the signal; retrieves points of the service user, activity results of the service relay server, and request-keyword-related service page data from a recording medium on the basis of the received data; calculates and stores the points of the service user and the activity results of the service relay server in the recording medium; and transmits an Internet service page to the service-user computer on the basis of the retrieved data. The service-user computer receives the transmitted service page, and outputs the received service page to a display means. According to the present invention, an Internet service user can very conveniently use Internet services with a hot-key at once while seeing various Internet service-related keywords expressed on the keyword-keyskin keypocket, and can also easily accumulate points corresponding to activity usage results, so that it is possible to contribute to improving informatization levels of Internet service users, and also to contribute to narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor in information and increasing the degree of Internet service utilization by handicapped persons.12-20-2012
20120324054TELEPRESENCE SIMULATION WITH MULTIPLE INTERCONNECTED DEVICES - Telepresence is coordinated among multiple interconnected devices. The presence of a first interconnected device and a second interconnected device in a common space is determined. Multimedia capabilities of the first interconnected device and the second interconnected device are determined. Communications of at least one type of media information using one of the first interconnected device and the second interconnected device are selectively and temporarily enabled by an external controller over a second network. Communications of the at least one type of media information using the other of the first interconnected device and the second interconnected device are selectively and temporarily not enabled by the external controller over the second network.12-20-2012
20120089704System for managing web-based content data and applications - A cloud-based computer system and architecture for managing and migrating through web-based content data and content applications from multiple content data sources or service providers in real time is disclosed. The cloud-based computing system and architecture of the present invention includes a log-in or master server that acts as a single point access and supports a single user interface. The single user interface is preferably an icon-based master web-page with a slide tool that allows a user to scroll or page through the content data and/or content applications from the multiple content data sources or service providers in real time from a logged in remote computer device.04-12-2012
20120089703INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - An information processing apparatus having a Web browser, which is capable of communicating with a Web server, and displays an operation screen based on screen information supplied by the Web server, and a control method of the information processing apparatus are provided. The information processing apparatus displays an operation screen based on screen information supplied by the Web server, transmits a request to the Web server based on a user operation through the operation screen displayed by the Web browser, and in a case where an event occurs in the information processing apparatus, specifies a constituent element of the operation screen corresponding to the occurred event and transmits a request, to the Web server, which is similar to a case where a user selects the constituent element.04-12-2012
20120096120INTERNET HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM - A home automation housing includes: a first interface for connecting the home automation housing to the Internet network; a second interface for at least one home device for exchanging information between the home automation housing and the at least one home device; the first interface and the second interface being capable of exchanging information by way of a data transfer link. The home automation housing of the invention is further configured to enable the operation of the home devices using a remote server via the connection to the Internet network. Also described is a home automation system, including: a home automation housing; and a remote server on which a remote user interface, accessible by the user of the home automation housing via a communication element and the Internet network, is installed.04-19-2012
20120096119CONTENTS DELIVERY APPARATUS AND SYSTEM - A player has the function of viewing contents on an in-house network, without installing software in the player.04-19-2012
20120331106INTELLIGENT BUFFERING OF MEDIA STREAMS DELIVERED OVER INTERNET - A method and computing device for intelligently pre-buffering at access points in an adaptive or scalable stream to optimize trick-play support. The method receives a multimedia content stream from a multimedia content server as a series of segments, each segment including a key frame and corresponding to a predicted seek position in the multimedia content stream, where the multimedia content server delivers at least two versions of each segment, each version reconstructed from at least one encoded component of the multimedia content stream, the versions varying a characteristic of the multimedia content stream. The method determines a likelihood of receiving a seek request from a user to move from a current playout position to one of the predicted seek positions, and determines a size of a buffer for each version of each segment in the multimedia content stream based on the likelihood of receiving the seek request.12-27-2012
20110320570SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR COMMUNICATING AMONG NODES OF A WIRELESS NETWORK - A wireless network has a plurality of nodes that are configured to communicate with one another in accordance with a communication protocol of the wireless network. At least one of the nodes is out of range of the other nodes. The out-of-range node is configured to communicate with the other nodes through a network routing server (NRS) that is coupled to the out-of-range node and at least one other node via a network, such as the Internet, having a communication protocol different than the communication protocol of the wireless network. In addition, if desired, a user may utilize a web browser to communicate with any of the nodes of the wireless network when the user does not have physical access to any such nodes.12-29-2011
20100169455Embedded Persistent Message Management - A system for distributed message management in an Ad Hoc, viral environment, in which noteworthy or interesting digital content may be passed on to sets of friends or associates and re-deployed further and further outward, yet maintaining an ability to tie the media to the message via a hard coded set of hot-links to a Persistent Web-based Media Server, from which the messages can be monitored, altered, and used to capture a wide network of individuals who may have found the media valuable, interesting or fun.07-01-2010
20130018987ADAPTIVE REPLICATIONAANM Seaman; David RobertAACI MississaugaAACO CAAAGP Seaman; David Robert Mississauga CAAANM Wall; Blair JamesAACI TorontoAACO CAAAGP Wall; Blair James Toronto CAAANM Capson; Christopher CarlAACI PickeringAACO CAAAGP Capson; Christopher Carl Pickering CA - This disclosure is related to systems, devices, and methods of adaptive replication. Adaptive replication can allow a node in a network to optimally determine where, when, and how to retrieve data from other nodes in the network. For example, adaptive replication may include receiving a notification corresponding to data at a first node in the network and selecting a node of multiple nodes in the network to retrieve the data from. The first node may retrieve the data from any node within the network that has the data. In some embodiments, a node may add delays or select where to retrieve data from based on a priority, a bandwidth, or other factors.01-17-2013
20080235351Apparatus, Systems and Methods for Targeted Content Delivery - According to some embodiments of the present invention, a system, apparatus and method for targeted content delivery is presented. In some embodiments, the method comprises registering users logging-on to a computer network and gathering user-related information from users. Location-centric information for each user logged-on to the network is relayed to a server, and user-profile information for each user is retrieved from a database. User-profile and location-centric information for each user is processed to get targeting information for each user and the targeting information is sent to a content-provider wherein the content-provider uses the targeting information to select content to be displayed to each user. In some embodiments, user-profile and location-centric information may be gathered from wireless access points to which users log-on in order to access the Internet.09-25-2008
20080235350ROOT NODE FOR FILE LEVEL VIRTUALIZATION - A root node creates and issues an object ID comprising share information designating a share unit, which is a logical public unit. The share unit is a logical public unit comprising no less than two objects. Transfer control information in which share information is associated with device information showing a device for managing this share unit, is prepared for each share unit. The root node receives request data, which has an object ID comprising share information, specifies device information corresponding to the share information in this object ID from the transfer control information, and transfers the request data to the device indicated in this device information.09-25-2008
20080228898JUMP DESTINATION SITE DETERMINATION METHOD AND APPARATUS, RECORDING MEDIUM WITH JUMP DESTINATION SITE DETERMINATION PROGRAM RECORDED THEREON - A jump destination site determination method and system determine a site which is a jump destination of a hyperlink selected in a terminal apparatus. The system and method include receiving a jump destination distribution ratio representing a ratio of jumping to each of a plurality of sites storing same contents, which varies over time, and contents including a hyperlink to which the jump destination distribution ratio is correlated, judging whether a time period elapsing from a time the contents are received until a time the hyperlink included in the contents is selected is equal to or longer than a predetermined time period, and acquiring a jump destination distribution ratio effective at a point in time at which the hyperlink is selected from the server responsive to determining that the time period elapsed is equal to or longer than the predetermined time period.09-18-2008
20080222271Age-restricted website service with parental notification - An age-restricted website service accessed only by a proprietary browser software program operated by an authorized child or teenager. When loaded into the user's computer, an icon is loaded onto the desktop and all other browser icons are removed. When activated, the browser program only connects to the service's host computer. The service provides access to an interactive network of web forums, photos, blogs, chats and logs and emails safe for small children. During setup, a signup menu is displayed that includes a plurality of questions completed by the new member requesting information regarding the name of the member, the age of the member, name of the member's parent or guardian, the mailing address of the parent or guardian, the telephone number and email address of the member's parent or guardian. After the menu questionnaire is completed and submitted, the member's parent or guardian is then contacted by U.S. Postal Restricted Receipt service requiring a signature and positive identification. The representative may also send the parent or guardian an email confirming that the account for the new member has been authorized. Once the account has been authorized verbally and via email the chosen user name and temporary password for the new member is mailed to the parent or guardian. The age of the member is limited to 7 to 17 years. Also, the passwords are all members are changed annually.09-11-2008
20130173750Remote exam viewing system - An Internet-enabled software engine is provided on a global server to provide remote viewing and manipulation of ophthalmic exams, with the Internet-enabled software engine being an instantiation of the functionability of the OCT machine on which the exam is performed, and with the Internet-enabled software engine providing both remote viewing of OCT exams and manipulation of this data, thus to give a user the ability to view and manipulate the dense data sets associated with ophthalmic exams anywhere in the world with ease.07-04-2013
20120254361RANDOM FILE REQUEST FOR SOFTWARE ATTESTATION - Technologies pertaining to attesting to computer-executable code residing on a robot are described herein. An attestation server includes a database that comprises file paths that correspond to files on the robot at a time of manufacture of the robot. The database also includes file digests that are indicative of content of the files on the robot. The attestation server randomly selects a file path and transmits the file path to the robot. The robot accesses the file at the file path and computes a file digest for that file. The robot then transmits the file digest to the attestation server, which compares the file digest from the robot with the file digest in the database. If the file digests match, then the attestation server attests to the computer-executable code on the robot.10-04-2012
20110270952COMPUTER IN A DONGLE - Aspects of the disclosure provide a dongle device for providing services at a network device, such as a gateway device. The dongle device includes a connector configured to connect the dongle device to a network device that performs packet switching in and out of a network and/or within the network. The connector has a power pin configured to receive a power supply from the network device to power up the dongle device, and a data pin configured to enable the dongle device to communicate with the network device. The dongle device further includes a processor configured to provide a service in the network after the dongle device is powered up.11-03-2011
20130179540INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus includes a first communication unit, a second communication unit, and a control unit. The first communication unit is configured to be capable of communicating with a first apparatus via a predetermined communication path. The first apparatus has a predetermined sensing function and does not have an Internet connecting function. The second communication unit is configured to be capable of communicating with a second apparatus via the Internet. The control unit is configured to be capable of controlling the first communication unit to receive sensed data from the first apparatus and controlling the first communication unit to transmit the received data to the second apparatus.07-11-2013
20130103803METHOD FOR CREATING AN INTERNET BUSINESS - The present invention provides a method for an Entrepreneur to start an Internet business by creating an Entrepreneur's web site using tools provided at a Facilitator's web site. The method allows the Entrepreneur to access the Facilitator's web site, register a desired available domain name, trademark the domain name, design an Entrepreneur's web site accessible via the domain name, design a similar appearing store front web site to handle commercial transactions, copyright the Entrepreneur's web site, offer hosting services for the Entrepreneur's web site and submit the Entrepreneur's web site to one or more search engines. Tremendous synergies may be achieved and serious pitfalls avoided in creating the Internet business by receiving overall guidance and assistance from one web site, i.e. a Facilitator's web site, in performing these processes.04-25-2013
20130124687APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DETECTING MODIFIED UNIFORM RESOURCE LOCATOR - An apparatus and method for detecting altered Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) are provided. The apparatus includes a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) information collection unit, a URL HTTP header analysis unit, a URL alteration determination unit, and a control unit. The URL information collection unit collects linked URL information in a web page selected by a user, from a web site. The URL HTTP header analysis unit analyzes the HTTP header information of the URL information. If, as a result of the analysis of the HTTP header information, information about redirection from the URL of the URL information to another URL exists, the URL alteration determination unit determines that the URL is an altered URL. If it is determined that the URL is an altered URL, the control unit extracts the URL information of the URL prior to the alteration and then provides the URL information to the user.05-16-2013
20130124685DISTRIBUTING OVERLAY NETWORK INGRESS INFORMATION - Aspects of the present disclosure relate to providing secure access to resources of a private network. For example, a client device may transmit a request identifying the protected resource to an authentication server. The authentication server queries a network address lookup table to identify a network address of the protected resource based on the identifying information of the request. If the network address denotes a network location that is not generally accessible, the authentication server generates a resource record that identifies a bastion host, a port, and a connection method for accessing the protected resource. The resource record and the network address may then be transmitted to the client device. In response, the client device may use the information in the resource record to establish a tunnel connection with the bastion host, and the client device uses the tunnel connection to access the protected resource via the bastion host.05-16-2013
20130124686System and a Method for Sharing Computing Resources Associated to Scientific Publications - A system of computation tools sharing, the computing tools having been used to generate results presented in scientific publications, includes a computing tool being composed of a source code and a program execution tool whose function is to execute the program described by the said source code, and at least one server being used to memorize the computing tools, the computing tools being accessible remotely by an accessing user by the use of an Internet portal, the access to a computing tool through the Internet portal being linked to the scientific publication for which it has been used to generate results.05-16-2013
20080209007Methods, systems, and computer program products for accessing data associated with a plurality of similarly structured distributed databases - Methods, systems, and computer program products for accessing data associated with a plurality of similarly structured distributed databases are disclosed. According to one method, a first value of a data element associated with a first distributed database is received from the first distributed database. A second value of a data element associated with a second distributed database is received from the second distributed database. The first and second values of the data element are included in a third merged database. The first and second values of the data element in the third merged database are accessed.08-28-2008
20080201449METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR UPDATING RSS FEEDS - In a method for updating RSS feeds, summaries of new content are downloaded on a regular basis from a subscribed feed. When a summary of new content is downloaded, the new content can also be downloaded via a URL in the summary according to user's settings so as to pre-load the new content, thereby achieving greater user convenience.08-21-2008
20080201448METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DIAGNOSING, COLLECTING INFORMATION AND SERVICING A REMOTE SYSTEM - A monitoring system, method, and computer-program product tracks events and device states in a device and sends those events and states to a remote central service center using an Internet access module. The remote central service center monitors the received events and states for errors or warnings. The monitoring software (e.g., a dynamic link library) supports multiple data formats and multiple protocols to more effectively communicate the event and state information.08-21-2008
20080201447Online social networking method based on third party's evaluation and system therefor - An on-line social networking method is presented based on a third party's evaluation, wherein third party's opinions are taken into consideration in constructing a community or building a network using the Internet. A network for only those users who can trust one another is guaranteed, and thus network quality is enhanced and a variety of incidents prevalent in the Internet are prevented. For this purpose, a server of an Internet website is employed in providing a social networking module, a first member terminal group for requesting a friend relationship, a second member terminal group for determining whether to approve the friend relationship, and a third member terminal group for generating evaluation information on an evaluation target member. The third member terminal group is an advisor group of the second member terminal group.08-21-2008
20080201446METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR COLLECTING INFORMATION ABOUT A USER'S MEDIA COLLECTIONS FROM MULTIPLE LOGIN POINTS - A system and method for collecting information about a user's media collections at a central location from multiple login points and/or multiple devices owned by the user. The user establishes a user account at a central server. A client application may be downloaded to the user's device for establishing a connection to the central server. Subsequently, each time the user logs in to the central server, the central server receives a unique machine identifier (MID) for the connected and currently in-use user device. The central server receives information about the user's media collection from the user device and stores that media collection by its MID under the user's individual account. In this manner, the central server obtains and stores information about all the user's media collections owned by user devices connected and in-use and previously connected to the central server rather than only having knowledge of the media collection stored on the currently in-use user device.08-21-2008
20130151665MEDIA CONTENT FLICKING SYSTEMS AND METHODS - In an exemplary embodiment, a source media content processing device located at a customer premises 1) detects a user request to flick a media content instance from the source device to a destination media content processing device located at the customer premises and communicatively connected to the source device by way of a local area network (“LAN”), 2) in response to the detecting, hosts the media content instance at a resource address for access by way of the LAN and transmits the resource address to the destination device by way of the LAN, 3) receives, from the destination device by way of the LAN, a request to access the media content instance at the resource address, 4) and streams, to the destination device by way of the LAN in response to the request, data representative of the media content instance. Corresponding methods and systems are also disclosed.06-13-2013
20100318630Leveraging Remote Server Pools for Client Applications - Techniques for enabling client computing devices to leverage remote server pools for increasing the effectiveness of applications stored on the client computing device are described herein. In some instances, the server pools comprise a “cloud”, “cluster” or “data center” that comprises hundreds or thousands of servers connected together by a network that has an extremely low latency and high bandwidth relative to the network through which the client computing device connects to the server pool. The client computing device may request that the server pool perform a certain task for an application whose canonical state resides on the client. After computation of a result of the task, a server of the server pool then provides the result to the client. By doing so, the techniques dramatically increase the amount of resources working on the request of the client and, hence, dramatically increase the speed and effectiveness of the client-side application.12-16-2010
20120284369SYSTEM, METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR MANAGING A REMOTE STORAGE - A method, system and a computer program product that includes a non-transitory computer readable medium that stores instructions for: receiving, by a target entity, a plurality of information blocks and metadata that is associated with the plurality of information blocks, wherein the metadata comprises non-block layer metadata that differs from block layer metadata; and performing at least one memory storage operation on the information blocks before at least some of the information blocks are sent to a remote storage device over a wide area network (WAN).11-08-2012
20110295977BASE SEQUENCE CLUSTER GENERATING SYSTEM, BASE SEQUENCE CLUSTER GENERATING METHOD, PROGRAM FOR PERFORMING CLUSTER GENERATING METHOD, AND COMPUTER READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM ON WHICH PROGRAM IS RECORDED AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING BASE SEQUENCE INFORMATION - Provided is a base sequence cluster generating system, method, and program product for performing cluster generation. The base sequence cluster generating system utilizes a computer system having a database containing base sequences receives a query sequence over. The computer uses spliced base sequences as a query sequence to generate a first cluster including base sequences that are likely to constitute a spliced pair with the query sequence. Spliced alignment is applied to the generated first cluster to generate a second cluster including spliced pairs. The generated second cluster is returned to the requester.12-01-2011
20110314129BINDING/AGGREGATING MULTIPLE INTERFACES AT APPLICATION LAYER - A bundler utility of a client accomplishes an objective of binding/aggregating two or more network interfaces at an application layer to increase bandwidth that the application layer can use. This interface is determined by the longest prefix match in the routing table of the device. Rather than imposing a change to the IP stack, the bundler utility presents a solution to the link aggregation problem that can be deployed without requiring any change to the client software (e.g., no browser change) and without requiring changes on the web servers.12-22-2011
20120023199SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT KIT FOR iAP ACCESSORIES - Embodiments of the present invention provide various communication techniques for communication between a mobile computing device and an accessory. An accessory protocol that is generic to the mobile computing device can be used for some communication. An application executing at the mobile computing device can communicate with the accessory using an application communication protocol. In some embodiments, the application communication protocol can be different from the accessory communication protocol. In other embodiments the application protocol may only be recognized by the application and the accessory. In some embodiments, messages conforming to an application protocol can be communicated between the application and the accessory by packaging the messages inside a message conforming to the accessory communication protocol.01-26-2012
20130103804Delivering a Customized Service to a Mobile Device Using a Link - A method of delivering a user specific customized service to a mobile user device is disclosed. User specific customized service information is received over a first channel. An identifier for the user specific customized service is generated. A link is sent that includes the identifier of the user specific customized service over a second channel. The user specific customized service identifier is received. The user specific customized service over a third channel is sent.04-25-2013
20120066345EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORM - An emergency communications platform and method includes a server having a mass storage device. Storage locations in the mass storage device are provided for a system for anonymous two-way communication, an aggregator, a portal, and an administration console connected for bidirectional data communication with the server and the Internet. The aggregator is adapted for receiving information sent over the Internet, categorizing the received information, and selectively sending categorized information to the portal. Authorized subscribers may view portal information and add new information to the portal. Information sent from reporters is collected, examined, and categorized by the aggregator before selectively being posted in the portal.03-15-2012

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