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Version management

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707 - Data processing: database and file management or data structures


707201000 - Coherency (e.g., same view to multiple users)

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20080270489Reducing update conflicts when maintaining views - Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to reducing update conflicts when maintaining views. In aspects, a transaction in snapshot isolation may update a materialized view. Instead of being able to view the update within the transaction, the update is hidden to prevent the transaction from obtaining inconsistent data. When a transaction is not supposed to see an update to a materialized view that occurs within the transaction, additional information associated with the materialized view may indicate this. When a query of the materialized view is made within the transaction, the query engine may use the additional information to exclude data from the update in the result.10-30-2008
20100023561Data Restoration in a Storage System using Multiple Restore Points - A data restoration method comprising determining whether a restoration process is in progress, in response to receiving a read request to read contents from a track on a source volume (ST[i]); reading data from ST[i], in response to determining that the restoration process is not in progress; determining whether the read request was originated from a host, in response to determining the restoration process is in progress; reading the data directly from ST[i], in response to determining the read request was not originated from a host; determining whether ST[i] is designated as remote with respect to the restore operation, in response to determining the read request was originated from a host; reading the data directly from ST[i], in response to determining ST[i] is designated as local; and reading the data from a track on a target volume (TT[i]), in response to determining ST[i] is designated as remote.01-28-2010
20100057786ACQUIRER DEVICE AND METHOD FOR SUPPORT OF MERCHANT DATA PROCESSING - A method begins with receiving an indication that one of a plurality of merchant data files includes an inconsistency with respect to a corresponding merchant profile record in a merchant profile database. The merchant data file of the plurality of merchant data files includes merchant name, merchant business address, and merchant business information. The method continues with receiving a request to authenticate the updating of the corresponding merchant profile record when the inconsistency for the one of the plurality of merchant data files is addressed by a merchant device updating the corresponding merchant profile record. The merchant device corresponds to a merchant of the one of the plurality of merchant data files. The method continues with providing an authentication response regarding the updating of the corresponding merchant profile record.03-04-2010
20100042660SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PRESENTING ALTERNATIVE VERSIONS OF USER-SUBMITTED CONTENT - A user-contributor may submit a plurality of related content items and associated metadata to a website corpus. One of the items may be designated as the primary version, and the rest may be designated as secondary versions. The metadata may be associated with the primary version in the website corpus, and, as such, may act as a representative for the secondary versions. An interface may display the primary version in connection with indications of the secondary versions. Ratings of the primary version may be used to determine an overall user rating of the submitter, whereas ratings of the secondary versions may not. Similarly, only the primary version may count against a submission limit of the user and/or be eligible for selection as representative content of the submitter.02-18-2010
20090157772SYSTEM FOR EXTENDING THE FILE SYSTEM API - A computing system and computer readable medium storing computer instructions are disclosed, which when the computer instructions are executed, enables a computer system to manage data using a file name on a computer system having a graphical user interface and a file system storing files with a file hierarchy. The computer instructions comprise, in part, entering a command from an application to create a file; displaying the file hierarchy; allowing a user to select at least one folder; saving data in a first file having a file name in one selected folder; in each of the other selected folders, creating a shortcut file having the same file name and containing a pointer to the first file; and creating a hidden file in the folder containing the first file, the hidden file containing a list of pointers to the shortcut files.06-18-2009
20090157770Live Volume Access - This document describes tools capable of enabling an entity requiring exclusive access to data and metadata of a volume to have that exclusive access while also permitting another entity to have access to data and metadata of that volume. The tools, for example, may permit a ChkDsk program to detect and correct data/metadata integrity errors while permitting users to maintain access to a live volume having that data and metadata. In one embodiment the tools create a copy of a logical volume, permit exclusive access to the copy while permitting access to the live volume, and, when the exclusive access is no longer needed, merge the copy and the live volume.06-18-2009
20090043827DYNAMIC LEGAL DATABASE PROVIDING HISTORICAL AND CURRENT VERSIONS OF BODIES OF LAW - Information collections defining a common subject such as a codified or uncodified body of law are stored on a computer readable medium in association with temporal information indicating the state or status with respect to time of parts of the information collection, including different versions of the same part. Parts that are different versions of each other have different temporal information associated therewith and can be accessed based on the temporal information. Thus, the temporal information may be used to control access to and display of parts of the subject in a computer system based on time as a search or request parameter. Parts of the common subject may be organized and stored according to various schemes, including hierarchical schemes such as topic trees, a relational database, a file system or a structured document system (e.g., using XML). Parts of the common subject and temporal and other information may be associated in various ways, including linking (e.g., hyperlinking), with pointers, or by including them in the same file, record or document. A hierarchical arrangement of hyperlinked, structured documents collectively provide a table of contents (TOC) to the subject. In the preferred embodiment, the subject is a statutory body of law such as the United States Code. Sections of the Code are stored in associated with temporal information such as date of enactment, effective date and termination date. A researcher can then access the version of the code in effect at any particular time. For example, historical and current versions of a section of the United States Code can be viewed, as accessed hierarchically or directly by identification of the section and a date. Other information, stored in association with a part of a body of law may include historical information, commentary, annotations, descriptive information, legislative history, references, and/or links to laws, judicial decisions and other information.02-12-2009
20090327359METHOD OF CHECKING VERSION NUMBER OF ENCRYPTION INFORMATION, AND OPTICAL DISC PLAYBACK DEVICE - In the case of a BD or the like, when encryption information used for copyright protection is updated, the version number of defective encryption information is stored into an area of a commercial medium other than the content recording area, and the user is prompted to update to a newer version number.12-31-2009
20090313309Data Pattern for Storing Information, Including Associated Version and Audit Information for Use in Data Management - Information is stored in a data pattern. The data pattern includes an identity table, a version table that includes at least one reference to the identity table, and an audit table that includes at least one reference to the version table. The identity table stores information identifying the information. The version table stores version information identifying one or more versions of the information identified in the identity table. The audit table stores audit information identifying when each of the one or more versions of the information was modified. The audit table may also store effectiveness information identifying when each of the one or more versions of the information is in effect.12-17-2009
20090307282MERGING FILE DIRECTORIES - A merge method includes determining whether a source item in a source file directory is a file or a subdirectory. If the source item is a file, any conflicting items in a destination file directory are deleted and the file is moved from the source file directory to the destination file directory without copying the file. If the source item is a subdirectory that has no corresponding destination subdirectory in the destination file directory, the subdirectory is moved from the source file directory to the destination file directory without copying the subdirectory. If the source item is a subdirectory that does have a corresponding destination subdirectory, the merge method is repeated for each item of the source subdirectory.12-10-2009
20090307281SYNCHRONIZATION IMPROVEMENTS - Synchronization architectures, methods, systems, and computer readable media are described. In one embodiment, a synchronization session is initiated between a first data processing system and a second data processing system. First data, representing changes to a first data class, is transmitted from the first data processing system to the second data processing system. Second data, representing changes to a second data class, is transmitted from the first data processing system to the second data processing system. Transmission of the second data begins before transmission of the first data is complete. The first data may comprise structured data such as contacts information, to do information, calendar information, or web browsing bookmarks.12-10-2009
20090307279REFRESH AND FILTER ANCHORS - Structured data on a device is synchronized with structured data on a host if the device and the host have a matching refresh anchor. Structured data on the device is additively synchronized with structured data on the host if the device and the host have different refresh anchors. Additive synchronization combines structured data from the device with structured data on the host without deleting structured data from the device or the host.12-10-2009
20090307277GENERATION OF DATABASE DELTAS AND RESTORATION - A checkpoint system is provided to quickly identify differences or deltas between a baseline version and a modified version of a database and to quickly restore the database to the baseline version using the deltas. The checkpoint system identifies the deltas between versions of the database by a rapid comparison of the rows of each table within a baseline version and a modified version of the database. The checkpoint system can use the rapid comparison when testing to identify sets of deltas resulting from performing an old procedure on a test database and a new procedure on the test database. The rapid comparison can be applied to these sets of deltas to identify differences resulting from the new procedure. The deltas can also be used to rapidly restore a database from a modified version to a baseline version.12-10-2009
20090112944METHOD, SERVER, TERMINAL, AND SYSTEM FOR UPDATING AN ELECTRONIC SERVICE GUIDE - A method for updating an electronic service guide (ESG) that includes sending version information of the ESG currently maintained by the server along with ESG data to a terminal. When the server receives an ESG request carrying second version information from the terminal, the server compares the first version information with the second version information and if the first version information differs from the second version information, the server sends the first version information and the ESG data that is related to the ESG requested by the terminal and updated relative to the ESG corresponding to the second version information to the terminal. The present disclosure also discloses a system for updating an ESG, an ESG server and a terminal. With the present disclosure, ESG update is more specific and processing load of the terminal is reduced.04-30-2009
20090094296Method for accessing a data entity and its versions - A method provides access to a data entity having a basis version and the creation of derived versions. The method includes a creating procedure for creating a derived version, by carrying out one or more operations on the basis version, storing them, and accepting them. The method further includes a providing procedure for providing access to the derived version through first addresses mapped to second addresses of the basis version and of the accepted one or more operations, by reconstructing the derived version based on the basis version and the accepted one or more operations.04-09-2009
20090271452DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT APPARATUS, DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE ENCODING MEDIUM RECORDED WITH A COMPUTER PROGRAM - A document management apparatus is disclosed. Document storing instruction information is acquired to instruct to store a second document information including a second information element, which is generated by copying a first information element included in a first document information. The second information element included in the second document information is acquired based on the acquired document storing instruction information. Then, it is instructed to store the second information element. Next, copy originator information concerning the first information element, which is included in the document storing instruction information and is a copy originator of the second information element, is acquired. Then, it is instructed to store association information for associating the second information element with the first information element based on the acquired copy originator information.10-29-2009
20090271451On-Demand Access to Container File Directories - One or more levels of a stub directory from a container file are written out to a storage device. The stub directory initially includes identifiers of one or more directories in the one or more levels of the stub directory but not identifiers of additional directories in the one or more directories. In response to a request to access one of the one or more directories, identifiers of one or more additional directories and/or one or more files in the one directory are extracted from the container file.10-29-2009
20090271450Collaborative Document Versioning - A method, system, and computer usable program product for collaborative document versioning are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A document is received for versioning and stored in a data storage associated with a data processing system. A group of users is requested to collaborate in performing a pre-commit processing on the document. Based on the pre-commit processing, a determination is made if the document is to be versioned. The document is sent for versioning if the document is to be versioned.10-29-2009
20090070393Method for operating databases - In one aspect, a method for operating databases with a plurality of first data is provided. A temporary copy of at least some logically related parts of the plurality of first data is generated as second data for an editing procedure. The second data is offered by a user such that he can edit the second data. On conclusion of the editing procedure an individual comparison of the second data with the first data is performed such that when a second datum of the second data matches a first datum of the first data, a reference is created in the database to the first datum corresponding to the second datum. At least some of the second data for which no match with first data is determined is saved in the database.03-12-2009
20090030953METHOD AND A SYSTEM FOR DATA MIGRATION - A data migration method is provided which can provide a user at a low cost with a function of migrating data from an existing storage when an additional storage is installed. A business application is operated by using a business server and a first storage. When the capacity and performance of data used by a business application become insufficient, a second storage is installed to compensate for insufficiency. In this case, the management server collectively copies data and configuration information of the first storage to the second storage, the data and configuration information are deleted at a later time in accordance with migration command information selected from a GUI screen. It is therefore possible to migrate necessary data and configuration information of the first storage to the second storage, without making a user be conscious of the details of the configuration information of logical devices of a storage.01-29-2009
20090030952GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT - A system and a method for managing data among devices, servers and systems by providing a logically unified and aggregated view of a user's digital assets including metadata from any system node or device. This invention describes a method supporting the aggregated view by using manifests. A manifest is a file/database that includes data about all media assets within a user's virtual collection.01-29-2009
20090234895Method and Apparatus for Digitizing a Paper-Based Publication - The present disclosure relates generally to a method and apparatus for the transformation of a community-based, paper-based publications or directories of a chamber of commerce into multiple versions, and more particularly, to publication of a database for cross-publication of digital versions of publications in a form such as a website, an eBook, and a mobile membership directory or any combination thereof. The method also discloses how data is collected and transformed by a first publisher and a second publisher in the different formats using a plurality of distribution methods to increase exposure to customers in the marketplace using a single visual interface.09-17-2009
20090234894METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR COLLABORATIVE LEARNING - A method for collaborative teaching and learning, while facilitating simultaneous and dynamic changes by multiple users, includes: receiving a command to add or modify an existing topic record in a series of topic records in response to a user request; creating a new record in the event the received command is to add a new topic record; generating a modify token in the event the received command is to modify an existing topic record; deleting the modify token in response to completion of modifying the existing topic record; wherein the modify token prevents additional users from editing the existing topic record, but allows for the existing record to copied and modified while the first user is modifying the existing topic record; and wherein a collaboration engine generates and manages the modify token.09-17-2009
20090024674AUTOMATIC FILE VERSIONING - A method and system are provided to automatically and transparently version files across many desktop applications without requiring the user to take specific action to cause the versioning to occur. Previous versions and versioning information can both be stored using hard links, and the versioning information can be used to determine a version history for a file. Embodiments of the present invention do not require applications to be modified to support this versioning method. Further, using one approach, the application does not even know that the versioning is occurring. The present invention provides an automatic versioning solution that is completely transparent to the user, which causes overwrite operations to be seamlessly co-opted into versioning operations which retain previous document versions instead of overwriting them.01-22-2009
20090013011System and method for tracking documents in an on-demand service - In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for tracking documents in an on-demand service. These mechanisms and methods for tracking documents in an on-demand service can enable embodiments to provide the sharing of documents and the tracking of whether one of the shared documents was changed. The ability of embodiments to provide the sharing of documents and the tracking can enable a safeguard that a user knows whether the document that they have in their possession is the most recent version.01-08-2009
20090013010METHOD AND APPROACH TO HOSTING VERSIONED WEB SERVICES - A method for hosting versioned web services includes steps of: receiving a request from a service requester, the request comprising version metadata; parsing the request; extracting the version metadata from the parsing step; and locating a target implementation version using the version metadata. If the target implementation version is located, the method proceeds by dynamically routing the versioned request to the target implementation version.01-08-2009
20090013009Using differential file representing differences of second version of a file compared to first version of the file - A differential file based on a second version of a file compared to a first version of the file is generated. The differential file is smaller in size than the first and second versions of the file. The differential file represents differences of the second version of the file compared to the first version of the file. The differential file may be sent from a sender to a recipient via email in lieu of sending the second version of the file in its entirety. The differential file may be stored at a groupware system in lieu of indefinitely storing the second version of the file in its entirety. The differential file may be compressed and included within a compressed file also including the first version of the file, in lieu of including the second version of the file in its entirety within the compressed file.01-08-2009
20090006498Peer-to-Peer Syncing in a Decentralized Environment - An apparatus and method of synchronizing a datum between a plurality of stores uses version vectors associated with the datum in each store. Each version vector has one or more entries, and each entry has an identifier and a value. The identifier identifies a store that has modified the datum, and the value indicates a number of modifications to the datum made by the store. When synchronizing the datum between stores, the version vectors of the datum are compared to determine whether one version vector is subordinate to another version vector. The datum in the store having the subordinate version vector is then replaced with the datum having the dominant version vector. When compared, a conflict resolution by a user is required if the version vectors are not identical, if the version vectors do not have all the same identifiers, and if one version vector does not contain all of the identifiers with equal or greater values of those in the other version vector.01-01-2009
20090006496Methods of determining and searching for modified blocks in a file system - The invention relates to a method of determining if a block was modified in a file system by comparing the versions of the base snapshot, the delta snapshot, and the space map block entry (b, e). In another aspect, the invention relates to a method of searching for blocks modified in a tree structured file system. The invention relates to methods and systems of snapshot management of a file system in a data storage system. To represent the snapshots, the invention maintains pointers to the root block pointer of each snapshot. When the active file system is modified, this invention avoids overwriting any blocks used by previous snapshots by allocating new blocks for the modified blocks. When the invention needs to put an established block in a new location, it must update a parent block to point to the new location. The update to the parent block may then require allocating a new block for the new parent block and so forth. Parts of the file system not modified since a snapshot remain in place. The amount of space required to represent snapshots scales with the fraction of the file system that users modify. To maintain snapshot integrity, this invention keeps track of the first and last snapshots that use each block in space map blocks spread throughout the file system data space. When users delete snapshots, this invention may use a background process to find blocks no longer used by any snapshot and makes them available for future use.01-01-2009
20090006495MOVE-IN/MOVE-OUT NOTIFICATION FOR PARTIAL REPLICA SYNCHRONIZATION - A system is disclosed for synchronizing partially-replicated collections using the concept of item-set knowledge and move-out notifications. Move-out notifications are provided to allow removal of changed items from replicas when the change in the item takes that item outside of the interest set of the replicas.01-01-2009
20080294701ITEM-SET KNOWLEDGE FOR PARTIAL REPLICA SYNCHRONIZATION - A system is disclosed for synchronizing partially-replicated collections while keeping synchronization overhead low by using the concept of item-set knowledge. Item-set knowledge uses knowledge fragments, which associate knowledge vectors with item-sets. An item-set consists of an explicitly represented list of items. In a partial replica, this item set may be the items known to a replica within which a filter is applied limiting the items known to some subset of the overall items in the collection.11-27-2008
20080307013UPDATING AN INVERTED INDEX - Systems and methods for processing an index are described. To insure that the most updated index is available without having to update the index after every change (which can consume enormous resources), a specially marked postings list is generated for a changed item. During retrieval, the specially marked postings list supplements the existing content of an inverted index referencing the changed item. In this manner, the retrieval result for items containing the term under which the changed item was originally indexed is updated in accordance with the specially marked postings list to insure the most accurate retrieval result.12-11-2008
20080307012TSB-TREE PAGE SPLIT STRATEGY - A system and method that is designed to effectuate and facilitate time and key splitting of versioned database pages in a temporal database. The system includes a component that examines the page when it is full. The component can thereafter selectively undertake a time split or key split of the versioned database page, wherein the key split can be delayed until a single version current utilization of the versioned database page and a single version utilization of a oldest version on the versioned database page exceeds a threshold utilization at which point an exclusive key split can be performed.12-11-2008
20090276473METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MAINTAINING CONSISTENCY BETWEEN DATABASE AND VIRTUAL TABLE - A method and system for maintaining consistency between a view of a virtual table and the database. The method includes: First, selecting a discard candidate instance from a discard candidate list table in accordance with an LRU algorithm if it is judged that there is less free space for adding an instance. Then, judging whether a revision wait flag is on for the discard candidate instance. If it is judged that the revision wait flag is on, deleting the discard candidate instance from the discard candidate list table. If it is judged that the revision wait flag is not on, deleting the discard candidate instance from the instance pool and adding the instance to the instance pool. Lastly, adding the requested instance to the instance pool if it is judged that there is enough storage area.11-05-2009
20090313310MANAGING A DYNAMIC DATA POOL ON AD-HOC NETWORKS - A dynamic data pool on ad-hoc networks. The present example provides for a “swarm” of nodes that share or provide a “repository” of shared dynamic data. The swarm is a collection of nodes connected via networks, including but not limited to Wireless personal area network (“PAN”), local area network (“LAN”), wide area network (“WAN”) and/or the like. The dynamic data pool may be implemented by an application program, with network connectivity provided through programs constructed in a layered structure (“network stack”) or the like. Provision is made for initializing the swarm, for nodes entering and leaving the swarm, and other functions for managing the swarm.12-17-2009
20090307278MECHANISMS TO SUPPORT OBJECT-ORIENTED VERSION CONTROL OPERATIONS - Mechanisms to support object-oriented version control operations are provided. A user manipulates and views a project from an object viewpoint and within an object module. The user performs version control operations using object handles. The object handles are resolved to specific file references and the specific file references are used to process legacy version control commands utilizing a legacy version control system in a manner that is transparent to the user.12-10-2009
20090150458INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD - An information processing apparatus configured to allow a new version of software to be executed therein is provided. The information processing apparatus acquires management information in a format corresponding to an old version of the software and converts the acquired management information into a format corresponding to the new version of the software. When converting data, the information processing apparatus adds a new value to a management item that is common to the formats of the management information of the old version and the new version of the software so that the value is suitable for the new version of the software.06-11-2009
20090150457Map Updating Systems, Methods, and Programs - When the navigation apparatus 06-11-2009
20090063584Versioning management - Versioning management provides for efficient and effective handling of varying policy versions, client versions and client platform versions in one system. Software version negotiation provides for simplified, secure policy management in an environment supporting varying versions of the same software product. In conjunction with parameter stripping, which resolves differences among varying minor versions of a software policy, software version negotiation allows for management tools of one version to manage client software, clients and/or client platforms of another version. Policy schema translation, in conjunction with parameter stripping as needed, provides a mechanism for converting policies that normally would be impossible to interpret on varying clients and/or client platforms to policy versions that can be understood by these clients and/or client platforms. Version targeting allows an administrator to push a policy to specific clients and/or client platforms to, among other things, address identified security issues or to provide version specific application enablement or enhancement. Together, these various versioning management methodologies simplify administration of a system consisting of varying policy versions, client versions and/or client platform versions while enhancing the flexibility of the system to apply policy throughout the system or any portion thereof.03-05-2009
20090177713SYSTEM, METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR MANAGING A GROUP OF COPIES OF A DATA ENTITY - A method for managing a group of targets is provided. The method includes: receiving a request to update a x'th generation copy of a data entity, where x is a positive integer. Then applying an update function responsive to x such as to update a first sub-group of targets. Then receiving a request to read a y'th generation copy of the data entity and (iv) applying a retrieve function responsive to y such as to search for the y'th generation copy of the data entity in a second sub-group of targets. The first and second sub-groups intersect only once and only if y does not exceed x.07-09-2009
20090063582MAINTAINING MESSAGE VERSIONS AT NODES IN A NETWORK - Provided are a method, system, and article of manufacture for maintaining message versions at nodes in a network. The nodes in the network maintain version information of nodes in the network. The version information for the nodes indicates a message version number of messages supported at the node. The nodes supporting one message version number can receive messages having that message version number. The nodes use the version information to determine whether there is at least one common message version number among the nodes The nodes supporting the at least one common message version number negotiate to join a quorum of the nodes having the at least one common message version number.03-05-2009
20090055445ON DEMAND DATA CONVERSION - Novel tools for updating data structures in a database. In an aspect, the tools are used to update a database's structures in response to the update of an application (such as an enterprise application) that uses the database. In another aspect, the tools may convert a data set to a new format when the updated application attempts to access the data set; in some cases, other data sets within the database might remain unconverted until their use. Advantageously, this allows for a database (and/or a table within a database) to be updated incrementally and/or on demand. This feature can mitigate the impact of the update on users, for example, by avoiding the need to take the database (and/or application) offline to perform a batch process to update the database.02-26-2009
20080208926Data management in a data storage system using data sets - A method and an apparatus to manage data using data sets are presented. In one embodiment, the method includes allowing an administrator of a data storage system to define a data set having a plurality of storage objects and to associate the data set with a data management policy, wherein each of the plurality of storage objects includes a logical representation of a collection of data and replicas of the collection of data, the collection of data stored in storage containers managed by storage servers in the data storage system, wherein the storage containers are independent of the logical representation. The method may further include using a storage manager to manage the data set as a single unit according to the data management policy.08-28-2008
20080208928Device Management System and Method for Managing Device Management Object - A device management (DM) system and a method for managing a DM object are disclosed. The DM system includes a server for determining whether to copy a DM object within a terminal to an external storage device and transmitting a command for copying the DM object according to the determining result, and the terminal having a first module for receiving the DM object copying command from the server and a second module for copying the DM object to the external storage device within the terminal in response to the received command.08-28-2008
20080208927Storage system and management method thereof - One or more storage controllers include a folder configuration unit for configuring a plurality of folders to store the plurality of contents in the plurality of logical volumes, a core-contents management unit for specifying and managing core-contents to become the core from the plurality of contents to be stored in the plurality of logical volumes or the plurality of folders, a related contents management unit for managing the core-contents and one or more related contents associated with a part or the whole of the core-contents from a plurality of contents to be stored in the plurality of logical volumes or the plurality of folders, and a group folder configuration unit for configuring a group folder that groups the core-contents and the related contents across the plurality of logical volumes or the plurality of folders.08-28-2008
20090276472Data processing system and method - A method of interpreting data in a first version of a data structure, the method comprising determining if the first version of the data structure is different to a currently used version of the data structure; and if the versions are different, then for each field of the currently used version of the data structure, determining if a corresponding field is present in the first version of the data structure; and if not, adding data to the field in the currently used version of the data structure according to interpretation rules.11-05-2009
20090276471Automatically Capturing and Maintaining Versions of Documents - Tools and techniques are described for automatically capturing and maintaining versions of documents. These tools may provide methods that include receiving documents from a server, and receiving indications of revisions to the documents at client systems. The methods may also automatically determine whether to capture representations of states of the documents before entry of the revisions, in the absence of explicit user commands to capture these representations.11-05-2009
20080275922Rollback in a browser - Methods, tools, and systems are provided for editing an image in a browser. One method provides editing an image in a browser including maintaining a list of transformations applied to the image including a last transformation, receiving a selection from a user to rollback a transformation, the selection not including the last transformation, generating a unique identifier associated with the edited image without the selection and requesting a page using the unique identifier.11-06-2008
20090070392MANAGING NAVIGATION HISTORY FOR INTRA-PAGE STATE TRANSITIONS - An intra Web-page navigation history mechanism allows history points to be tracked even for state transitions within the same Web page. A Web page may be subjected to a number of different state changes as the Web application executes. Along the way, a number of the state changes may be tracked as history points. When a history point is created, associated state is also recorded. When the history point is again navigated to, a navigation event may be raised along with the associated state for the history point. Various components (whether on the server or client) may listen to that event and reconstruct their respective states by using selective portions of the reconstruction state.03-12-2009
20090119349Methods and Computer Program Products for Efficient Conflict Detection in a Replicated Hierarchical Content Repository Using Replication Anchors - Exemplary embodiments of the present invention relate to a methodology for using replication anchors to detect conflicts within replicated hierarchical content repository. The method comprises locking a data object in the event that an operation applied on the data object is replicated from a first server to a second server, reading a transaction identifier that is associated with the data object, retrieving a transaction sequence value that is associated with the transaction identifier, and determining if a conflict situation exist by comparing the retrieved transaction sequence value with an operation synchronization anchor value, the operation synchronization value being the transaction sequence value of a last transaction from the second server to the first server, wherein a conflict situation is determined to exist in the event that the transaction sequence value is greater than the operation synchronization anchor value.05-07-2009
20080243947Method and apparatus for controlling storage provisioning - Providing a volume to a host computer by a storage system is automated for ensuring that an appropriate version of a storage control software is installed on a storage control module of the storage system that manages access of the host computer to the volume. When the volume on the storage system is allocated for use by the computer, a control module on the storage system is designated for managing the access to the volume. An operating system to be used on the computer when accessing the volume is determined, and a compatible version of the storage control software is uploaded and installed on the storage control module. Multiple storage control modules may be provided on the storage system and virtual machines may be used on the storage control modules for enabling simultaneous operation of more than one version of the storage control software on each storage control module.10-02-2008
20080250080Annotating the dramatic content of segments in media work - A media work, such as a movie, musical composition, book, or interactive computer game, may be analyzed, segmented, and annotated based on its content. Segment annotations may include a dramatic content level, an indication of thematic importance or key events occurring during the media segment, and other descriptive data relating the content of the media segments. Additionally data identifying the location of the segment within the full version of the media, for example, time codes, page numbers, or game levels, may also be included in the segment annotations. Using an annotated version of the media work, a condensed version may be created based on user preferences and other determined criteria, such as a predetermined time duration, media size, compression ratio, and any content characteristics stored in the segment annotation data.10-09-2008
20080250081PAGE-ADDED INFORMATION SHARING MANAGEMENT METHOD - In a page-added information sharing management method, a setting of added information to an object in a page, including a range specification of the added information for the object is received. The added information is stored by associating the added information with the page. When a request for displaying the added information is received, the added information associated with the page to be viewed is acquired to provide a requesting device with the added information.10-09-2008
20080228840DATA UPDATING METHOD AND DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM - A data updating method includes the steps of updating data in a first information processing apparatus by the first information processing apparatus, acquiring apparatus information of a second information processing apparatus by the first information processing apparatus when the data is updated, comparing apparatus information of the first information processing apparatus with the acquired apparatus information of the second information processing apparatus by the first information processing apparatus, and transmitting the updated data to the second information apparatus by the first information processing apparatus on the basis of a comparison result. A data processing system is also disclosed.09-18-2008
20090265394File Storing Method, File Storage System, and Computer Readable Recording Medium Stored with Computer Program Executable on Master File Combination Device - A coordinated application server acquires a specific file and an additional information concerning the specific file to be stored, identifies type information that indicates a type of contents of the specific file from the additional information, and makes a judgment as to whether or not a master file corresponding to the type information exists in a file server. Then, if such a master file exists, the coordinated application server combines the specific file to the maser file and adds identification information, for identifying the specific file, identified from the additional information to the master file as reference information for referencing the specific file in the master file.10-22-2009
20080313243 METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR HARMONIZATION OF VARIANTS OF A SEQUENTIAL FILE - A set of versions of a file, with one chosen as baseline version, is displayed as a single flow of material where all agree with the baseline and in separate difference columns where they do not. A current version may be edited either directly or by adoption of material from different versions, which may be toggled in and out of visibility. Sequential undo (step-wise or by a slider) can be localized to chosen subsets of the current version, and any chosen subset can be restored as a unit to an earlier state.12-18-2008
20080215639Data Synchronization - Synchronizing data between two data storage devices includes receiving, from an operating system, a file system message that includes an instruction to modify a first data storage device and executing the instruction on first and second data storage devices. In some implementations, the synchronization can create mirrored data without the need for additional hardware components.09-04-2008
20080201389Cross-media storage coordination - Methods and a media system and storage system for cross-media storage coordination include but are not limited to storing a first data version of specified content based on a particular media format; storing at least a second data version of related content based on a different media format; providing a cross-reference between the first data version and the at least second data version to enable coordinated management by a designated user and/or an approved device for search and possible retrieval of the first data version and/or the at least second data version; and implementing communication access by one or more parties and/or the designated user via a communication type that is correlated with the first data version and/or the at least second data version.08-21-2008
20080243948METHOD FOR SHARING GROUPS OF OBJECTS - A method of sharing a group of one or more objects between a plurality of users, in which one or more of said plurality of users is able to change parameter data of at least one said object. The method comprises storing at least one version of each said object; when an object is changed, creating a new version of the object, the new version of the object comprising additional data relating to the creation of the new version; storing the new version of the object together with any version of that object before the change; providing all versions of the object to each of said plurality of users; and using the additional data provided for each version of the object to determine how to display the object. The group may be a calendar and each object may be an event in the calendar. In that case, the object parameter data may comprise a start time of the event, an end time of the event, a description of the event, a status of the event, whether the event is to be repeated and the persons attending the event. The additional data may comprise an identification of the user who made the change, a time at which the change was made, a description of the change, a user comment relating to the change and an identification of the previous version of the event from which the present version was created.10-02-2008
20080294702METHOD OF ALIGNING META-MODELS - A system and method for processing meta-models defined in accordance with Meta Object Facility (MOF). A system is provided that includes: a version control system for checking meta-models in and out of a model repository; a system for merging two versions of a meta-model that are based on a common ancestor version and were worked on in parallel; and an alignment system for aligning the two versions and the common ancestor whenever a profile has been applied differently to any of the two versions and common ancestor version.11-27-2008
20090119348DATA STRUCTURE VERSIONING FOR DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS AND METHODS - In one of many possible implementations, an exemplary system includes a data integration subsystem configured to maintain a baseline data structure representing a base set of data relationships. The data integration subsystem in further configure to maintain a mapping of the baseline data structure to local data maintained by a plurality of local data subsystems. The system further includes a portal subsystem configured to provide a first customizable data structure associated with the baseline data structure for user access, create a copy of at least a subset of the baseline data structure, and provide a second customizable data structure associated with the copy of the baseline data structure for user access. The first and second customizable data structures are independently customizable to represent different custom sets of data relationships.05-07-2009
20090182786APPLICATION COHERENCY MANAGER - An application coherency manager (ACM) implements and manages the interdependencies of simulation, data, and platform information to simplify the task of organizing and executing large simulations composed of numerous models and data files. One or more file systems or repositories stories raw data in the form of files, data, or models, and a graphical users interface (GUI) enabling a user to enter and receive results from a query involving the files, data, or models. One or more coherency checking modules (CCMs) are operative to determine the types and versions of, and compatibility between, the files, data, or models. A database stores processed information about the file systems or repositories and the results of previous queries, and a data aggregator and manager (DAM) that manages the flow of information between the file system or repository, the GUI, the CCMs, and the database. The invention is applicable to simulation and non-simulation type applications such as document control, source code control, image libraries, etc.07-16-2009
20090182785Multi-Way Checkpoints in a Data Storage System - Embodiments of the present invention allow multiple checkpoints to be taken so that multiple versions of the filesystem, including a working version and at least two checkpoint versions, can be maintained over time. Specifically, at least three “superblock” root structures are used to manage multiple instantiations of the filesystem. The superblocks are preferably stored in fixed locations within the storage system for easy access, although they may alternatively be stored in other ways. The number of superblocks may be fixed or variable.07-16-2009
20090164526CONTENT EDIT APPARATUS AND CONTENT VERIFICATION APPARATUS - This invention allows verifying whether or not an original image content has been altered, to specify all edit processes applied to the original image content, and to hold the edited content. To this end, upon inputting a digital content file to be edited, first verification data included in that file is verified. After the content is edited, edit record information for the content is generated. Upon completion of the edit process and outputting the edited content, second verification data is generated based on the verification result of first verification unit, the edit record, and the edited content. The edited content, the edit record, the verification result of the first verification unit, and the second verification data are combined as an edited digital content file, and the combined file is output.06-25-2009
20090138529METHOD AND DEVICE FOR CODING AND DECODING INFORMATION - The device for coding information representing several versions of a content, comprises: 05-28-2009
20090327358RESOLVING CONFLICTS IN CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS - A conflict resolution system is described for reducing false conflicts among entities synchronized within a content management system. A typical content management system maintains a version for an entity that is incremented each time an endpoint modifies the entity, including changes that affect the metadata rather than the content of the entity. The conflict resolution system adds a new content version that is updated when the content of the entity changes. By comparing content version information, endpoints can automatically resolve false conflicts that occur when an endpoint has modified the metadata of the entity.12-31-2009
20090187610Persistent multimedia content versioning - Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with versioned persistent storage of multimedia content in a database object are described. One example method includes controlling a database management system (DBMS) to instantiate a database object that has a binary large object (BLOB) attribute, an XML edits attribute, and a set of metadata attributes. The method includes storing a binary stream associated with a multimedia content (e.g., medical image) in the BLOB attribute and storing an editing history of the set of metadata attributes as a set of edit entries in the XML edits attribute. The method also includes controlling the DBMS to store the database object in a column in a table in a relational database managed by the DBMS.07-23-2009
20090063586IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, IMAGE FORMING SYSTEM AND FILE MANAGING METHOD THEREOF - An image forming apparatus, an image forming system and a file managing method thereof include displaying a file list, selecting a deletion target file from the displayed file list, and storing the selected deletion target file in a temporary storing unit.03-05-2009
20090144343PEER-TO-PEER N-WAY SYNCING IN DECENTRALIZED ENVIRONMENT - An apparatus and method of synchronizing a datum between a plurality of stores is disclosed. A version history is associated with the datum in each store. The version history has one or more entries, and each entry has an identifier and a value. The identifier identifies a store that has modified the datum, and the value indicates a number of modifications to the datum made by the store. When synchronizing the datum between stores, the version histories of the datum are compared to determine whether one version history is subordinate to another version history. The datum in the store having the subordinate version history is then replaced with the datum having the dominant version history. When compared, a conflict resolution by a user is required if the version histories are not identical, if the version histories do not have all the same identifiers, and if one version history does not contain all of the identifiers with equal or greater values of those in the other version history.06-04-2009
20090144342TECHNIQUES FOR VERSIONING FILE SYSTEMS - Techniques are presented for versioning file systems. Files and directories are versioned in a manner that permits the versions to be mounted on a device of a user. The original security restrictions that existed with the versions when they were versioned are retained with the mount. Moreover, the user can browse and access the versions via the mount using an existing file system of the user's device. Further, names for each of the versions include detailed information that reveals the relationship of each particular version to its parent version.06-04-2009
20090024673System and method for tracking documents in an on-demand service - In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for tracking documents in an on-demand service. These mechanisms and methods for tracking documents in an on-demand service can enable embodiments to provide the sharing of documents and the tracking of whether one of the shared documents was changed. The ability of embodiments to provide the sharing of documents and the tracking can enable a safeguard that a user knows whether the document that they have in their possession is the most recent version.01-22-2009
20090049108METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR WORKFLOW VERSIONING - A method and system are provided for automatic workflow versioning. A workflow database can include metadata describing the relationships between data files, a workflow association and version/timestamp information such that relationships can be tracked against time and file versions. A system is provided to visualize a workflow and how it changes over time. A workflow navigator can be provided to allow a user to graphically “slide” back and forth in time between different workflow versions or points. Date/Time stamp information can be displayed and the workflow relationships and graphical thumbnails can change as the user hits dates/times where changes occurred. Further controls can be provided that allow the user to choose a previous version of a workflow from the timeline, and to bring forward in time the associated files and relationship information.02-19-2009
20090063585Using party classifiability to inform message versioning - A system, method, computer program product, and carrier are described for obtaining an indication of whether one or more parties in a region can be classified using auditory or optical data and signaling a decision of which version of a message to introduce into the region at least partly based on the indication of whether the one or more parties can be classified using the auditory or optical data.03-05-2009
20080263107Conflict Management in a Versioned File System - Multiple files in a versioned file system are grouped to form a fusion unit on a server. The fusion unit is exposed to a client as a browsable folder having separate files. When the server receives an indication of a change to file belonging to the fusion unit, the server determines whether the change to the file causes a conflict on the fusion unit. If the change does cause a conflict, then the conflict is reported; otherwise the fusion unit is updated to incorporate the change.10-23-2008
20090204647Methods and systems for creating and saving multiple versions of a cimputer file - The present invention generally encompasses methods and systems for creating and saving multiple versions of a computer file in a computing environment, such as within a central processing unit. According to certain embodiments of the present invention, the methods generally comprise (a) instructing a central processing unit to detect a change imparted to a first version of a computer file by a first program, (b) instructing the central processing unit to save a second version of the computer file, which incorporates the change imparted by the first program, (c) instructing a central processing unit to detect a change imparted to the first version of the computer file by a second program, and (d) instructing a central processing unit to save a third version of the computer file, which incorporates the change imparted by the second program.08-13-2009
20090222495Method for Managing the Versions of Automation Data for a Power Station Automation System - The invention relates to a method for managing the version of automation data in a power plant automation system which are stored in different stores on platforms of the power plant automation system which are networked to one another, in which versions of at least one data item of the automation data are exported into an interoperable format using a suitable tool and the versions which are in the form of an interoperable format are managed using a version management system.09-03-2009
20090106330COMMITMENT CHAINS FOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION BETWEEN DISCONNECTED DATA SHARING APPLICATIONS - A sequence of processing transactions operating on a cached data set, which depend on each other because they operate on the same items of data from the data set. The transactions are saved until the master copy of the data becomes available. The transactions are played back against the master copy until one of the played back transactions fails because another transaction which operated on the same items of data but against a separate cached copy and originating from another application, was successfully played back on the master copy at an earlier time. At this point, all subsequent transactions which depended on the failing transaction are rolled back on the cached copy (with appropriate failure reports generated) and activity resumes from there. “Chained” (optimistic) transactions can therefore be applied to cached data and can be allowed to progress by recording their dependencies so they can be undone when required.04-23-2009
20090204646DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM AND METHOD OF GROUPING COMPUTER FILES - A method of operating multiple files includes creating a group of computer files using a single container, and opening multiple files of the group and associated application software by opening a single file corresponding to the group of computer files.08-13-2009
20090210459DOCUMENT SYNCHRONIZATION SOLUTION - A method for synchronizing a database with displayed data, includes providing a data feed to receive data from the database to provide displayed document data, detecting a database change to the data within the database by a database synchronizer to provide a change event, polling the database synchronizer using an HTTP message to detect the change event, and pushing the database change to the displayed document data to update the displayed document data in accordance with the database change and the polling. The polling includes long polling and short polling. A polling servlet within the database synchronizer performs the polling by the database synchronizer. The database synchronizer updates the displayed document data by way of a data structure. The data structure is a queue.08-20-2009
20090222493Enabling Synchronization With A Difference Unaware Data Source - A system and a method are disclosed for updating a master data list with data from a difference unaware information repository and a difference aware information repository. A master synchronization engine synchronizes to the difference unaware information repository and the difference aware information repository via connectors coupled to each information repository. The difference unaware information repository simply exports all the data stored within the repository to its respective connector. The connecter determines the changes made to the data since the last synchronization and the changes are forwarded to the master synchronization engine. The difference aware information repository is capable of determining the changes made to the stored data since the last synchronization and simply forwards the changes to its connector. Each connector forwards the changes to the data in their respective information repositories to a database which updates the master data list.09-03-2009
20090222494OPTIMISTIC OBJECT RELOCATION - Object relocation often involves a multi-word copy of the object from a source address to a destination address, followed by updating the references (e.g., pointers) to the object. However, during the relocation, other threads may write to portions of the object that have already been relocated, and the updates may be lost when the references are updated to point to the destination address. A non-blocking relocation technique may be implemented to permit threads to write to the object during the relocation, wherein the memory accesses are monitored for a write to the object. If a write is detected during the relocation, the relocation fails and the memory at the destination address is deallocated; but if no write is detected, the relocation succeeds and the references are updated to point to the destination address. Refinements of this technique may be implemented to reduce other synchronization issues.09-03-2009
20090248756SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR A READ ONLY MODE FOR A PORTION OF A STORAGE SYSTEM - In general, embodiments of the invention relate to reading data from and writing data to a storage system. Specifically, embodiments of the invention relate to a read only mode for a portion of a storage system. In one embodiment, a selective read-only mode for a portion of a storage system is implemented by monitoring a condition that may affect a subset of persistent storage in a storage system, by detecting the condition, by entering a read-only mode for the subset, and by enforcing a policy of processing write requests and read requests to the storage system, which includes processing the write requests without modifying user data stored on the subset and processing the read requests, including requests for user data stored on the subset.10-01-2009
20090259699METHODS AND PROCEDURES TO PROVIDE COMPLETE TEST COPY ENVIRONMENT OF HOSTED APPLICATIONS - Systems and methods that create a duplicate database instance on which database testing may be performed. The techniques for creating a test database instance enable database testing to proceed without impacting other organization's access to their data in the database or corrupting an organization's data. The ability to allow one organization (“org”) to test their portion of a database without interrupting other organizations from using their portions of the database enables a database system to support more than one organization as tenants.10-15-2009
20090248757Application-Managed File Versioning - In accordance with one or more aspects of the application-managed file versioning, a request to store a new version of a file is received from an application, the request having been generated by the application. A filename for the new version of the file is generated, derived from a standardized naming convention. The filename includes a first portion having at least a portion of a name of the file, and a second portion having data indicating that the new version of the file is a version of the file. A set of application programming interfaces (APIs) can be exposed that allow the application to manage file versions, such as creating a new version of a file, identifying one or more versions of the file, listing one or more versions of the file, and deleting one or more versions of the file.10-01-2009
20090063583COMPILATION MODEL FOR PROCESSING HIERARCHICAL DATA IN STREAM SYSTEMS - Provided are techniques for compilation of hierarchical data processing. A data flow diagram including one or more operators, wherein each operator includes at least one of an incoming arc and an outgoing arc, is received. For each operator, for each incoming arc, it is validated that an arc input formal schema is compatible with a schema rooted in a context node in an arc input actual schema, and, for each outgoing arc, an arc output formal schema is computed based on operator logic and operator inputs and an arc output actual schema is computed from the arc input actual schema by replacing the context node of the arc input actual schema with the arc output formal schema.03-05-2009
20090307280SYNCHRONIZATION IMPROVEMENTS - Synchronization architectures, methods, systems, and computer readable media are described. A synchronization session is initiated between a first data processing system and a second data processing system. A first data, representing changes, is transmitted from the first data processing system to the second data processing system prior to completing a negotiation of a synchronization mode in the synchronization session for synchronizing data between the first data processing system and the second data processing system.12-10-2009
20080215638Operational qualification by independent reanalysis of data reduction patch - Methods systems and computer readable media for testing operation of an instrument controlled by a system under test. Raw data, used by the system under test to calculate reduced data, is inputted to an independent data reduction engine. Independent reduced data is calculated using at least one independent algorithm independent of a corresponding algorithm used by the system under test to calculate the reduced data. Values of the reduced data are compared with corresponding values of the independent reduced data, and at least one of outputting a result of the comparing for use by a human user, and storing a result of the comparing in memory are performed.09-04-2008
20090287746APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR DYNAMIC DATABASE DRIVEN DOCUMENT SYNCHRONIZATION - An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for dynamically synchronizing multiple document management systems based on customizable events and actions. An edit module edits records in a custom configuration database in response to user input, each of the records comprising a timestamp and configuration data corresponding to an event. A loader module caches the records from the custom configuration database in a memory. A polling module compares a timestamp in the memory to a timestamp in the custom configuration database at a polling interval. An update module updates a record in the memory when the timestamp of the record in the memory is older than the timestamp of a corresponding record in the custom configuration database. An execution module performs a synchronization action on a destination document management system in response to an event in a source document management system based on corresponding configuration data in the custom configuration database.11-19-2009
20090248758MAP UPDATE DATA SUPPLYING APPARATUS, VERSION TABLE, MAP DATA UPDATING SYSTEM, AND MAP UPDATE DATA SUPPLYING METHOD - Map updating systems, methods, and programs that extract update requiring sections with respect to an update requesting section that is one of the sections being a target of an update request requesting that the target map data should be updated, obtain the information related to the guaranty versions respectively corresponding to the extracted update requiring sections by referring to the version table, the update requiring sections each being one of the sections that needs to be updated in order to guarantee integrity between the sections that are positioned adjacent to each other after the update requesting section has been updated, and generate, based on the update-purpose map database, one of the update data files regarding the update requesting section as well as other ones of the update data files regarding the update requiring sections and having the update versions indicated as the guaranty versions.10-01-2009
20090319579Electronic Design Automation Process Restart - Various implementations of the invention provide the ability to extract and compare attributes for individual layout objects, and/or provide support for user-defined properties, and/or provide for fast data retrieval, and/or provide connectivity-awareness, and/or provide an optimized framework for large hierarchical designs, and/or provide a seamless interface with a standard set of layout processing operations, and/or provide the ability to run a layout processing rule incrementally, and/or provide the ability to more fully analyze results of the layout processing. In further examples of the invention, the ability to save and analyze design properties to any layout design processing work flow is provided.12-24-2009
20090319580Hypervisor Service to Provide Image Version Control Support - A revision control service is included in a hypervisor. The revision control service manages revision control operations relating virtual machine images transparently to the virtual machine. The revision control service interacts with a conventional revision control program, stores relevant revision control metadata external to the virtual machine image with file-level granularity, and synchronizes virtual machine operations with the revision control operations. From the perspective of the virtual machine, the revision control service provides a clean image from which to boot, without modification of the revision control program.12-24-2009
20090112943COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM, INFORMATION MANAGEMENT METHOD AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT APPARATUS - A computer readable medium storing a program causing a computer to execute a process for managing an electronic information group which includes a first piece and a second piece of electronic information, the process includes monitoring state information indicating a state of the first piece of electronic information; determining that a version of the electronic information group is updated when the state indicated by the state information is changed; judging whether the second piece of electronic information is included in the electronic information group which has the updated version or not, when determining that the version of the electronic information group is updated; and applying the judgment result to state information indicating a state of the second piece of electronic information.04-30-2009
20090138528ARCHITECTURE FOR MANAGEMENT OF DIGITAL FILES ACROSS DISTRIBUTED NETWORK - A system includes a first application executable on a first electronic device. The system further includes a second application executable on a second electronic device in communication with the first electronic device. The second electronic device is configured to store a first electronic file. Subsequent to a user modifying the first electronic file, the second application is operable to automatically transfer the modified first electronic file, or a copy thereof, to the first electronic device. The system further includes a third application executable on a third electronic device in communication with the first electronic device. The third electronic device is configured to store a second electronic file. Subsequent to the user modifying the second electronic file, the third application is operable to automatically transfer the modified second electronic file, or a copy thereof, to the first electronic device. The first application is operable to automatically transfer the modified first electronic file or copy to the third electronic device, and automatically transfer the modified second electronic file or copy to the second electronic device.05-28-2009
20090019095MAP DATA DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM AND MAP DATA UPDATING METHOD - A map data distribution system includes a server which distributes map data and a mobile terminal which receives the map data. The server stores, for each area, the difference data between pieces of map data obtained before and after updated, and sends the difference data of map data of an area requested by the mobile terminal to the mobile terminal. The mobile terminal includes a database for storing map data and an updated-data store part for storing updated map data, generates updated data by using the received difference data, stores the updated data in the updated-data store part and then in the database. To fetch map data while the updated data is being stored from the updated-data store part to the database, when the map data to be fetched is stored in the updated-data store part, the mobile terminal fetches the map data from the updated-data store part.01-15-2009
20090019094REDIRECTED UPDATES ON A BACKUP SERVER - Embodiments of the invention relate to data processing systems and more specifically to high availability data processing systems comprising a primary server and a secondary server. The secondary server may receive an update request from a client. The secondary server may perform one or more preliminary operations required for processing of the update request. The secondary server may then redirect a partially processed update operation to the primary server for execution. Therefore, greater load balancing is achieved between the servers and more efficient utilization of secondary server resources is achieved.01-15-2009
20090070391SYSTEMS, METHODS AND SOFTWARE PROGRAMS FOR DATA SYNCHRONIZATION - In contrast to prior data synchronization processes, provided by aspects of the invention are systems, methods and software programs implementing a data synchronization process that employs a high-level interface of a respective data repository to extract valid information from the data repository in response to low-level changes in the data repository. In specific embodiments of the invention, the synchronization process is implemented within an adaptor interposed between a management system and a database system that serves as a middle-ware operable to link a respective data store interface, within a management system, to a respective managed platform, within the database system, so that the native API's of each can be employed in the operation of the data synchronization process.03-12-2009
20100023562EXTENDED SYSTEM FOR ACCESSING ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS WITH REVISION HISTORY IN NON-COMPATIBLE REPOSITORIES - Methods, apparatus, and articles for creating a document revision history for a document imported into a first Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) from a second EDMS. Metadata and content from the second EDMS is “mirrored” within the first EDMS to create an artificial or mirrored revision history of a document within the first EDMS. Doing so allows users of the first EDMS to access any version of a document and its history, as though the document had always existed on the first EDMS. Content may be stored onto the first EDMS or a reference to the content may be stored instead. Rules may be developed to resolve conflicts between different document versions in the first and second EDMS.01-28-2010
20090083340CUSTOMIZABLE METADATA MERGING FRAMEWORK - One embodiment of the present invention provides a system that facilitates merging different versions of a database object. During operation, the system receives metadata associated with a first version of a database object and a second version of the database object. The system then compares metadata associated with the first version with metadata associated with the second version to create a difference report. Next, the system uses the different report to create an action plan that specifies how to merge the metadata associated with the first and second versions of the metadata object.03-26-2009
20100057785MINIMAL EXTENSIONS REQUIRED FOR MULTI-MASTER OFFLINE AND COLLABORATION FOR DEVICES AND WEB SERVICES - The claimed subject matter provides a system and/or a method that facilitates managing data consistency in connection with a plurality of devices. A collection of devices can be associated with a user. A web service can receive a portion of data from at least one device via an interface component, wherein the web service can host and relate the portion of data with an account for the user. A master sync component can leverage a computing resource from at least one device in order to maintain data consistency between at least one of the following: two or more devices within the collection of devices associated with the user; or the account hosted by the web service and two or more devices within the collection of devices associated with the user.03-04-2010
20090216815Conflict Management During Data Object Synchronization Between Client and Server - A client stores client metadata entries corresponding to a plurality of data objects. During a first phase of a synchronization process, the client sends one or more client metadata entries to a server. Each client metadata entry sent corresponds to a data object for which at least one metadata parameter has changed since a prior execution of the synchronization process. During a second phase of the synchronization process, the client receives from the server one or more server metadata entries, each having at least one parameter that has changed since a prior execution of the synchronization process. The client identifies any received server metadata entry that conflicts with a corresponding client metadata entry, requests a user to select from among a predefined set of conflict resolutions to resolve the conflict, and the performs an action in accordance with the conflict resolution selected by the user.08-27-2009
20090216814IMAGE SCALING ARRANGEMENT - Methods and system for transferring images between devices is disclosed. For example, differently scaled images by a host device may automatically and/or selectively be transferred to a media player for display. In turn, appropriately scaled images may be transferred automatically and/or selectively to another display device for example a TV, camera or printer. The selectivity may occur either at the host level or at the player level.08-27-2009
20100005125SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GLOBALLY AND SECURELY ACCESSING UNIFIED INFORMATION IN A COMPUTER NETWORK - A client stores a first set of workspace data, and is coupled via a computer network to a global server. The client may be configured to synchronize portions of the first set of workspace data with the global server, which stores independently modifiable copies of the portions. The global server may also store workspace data which is not downloaded from the client, and thus stores a second set of workspace data. The global server may be configured to identify and authenticate a user seeking global server access from a remote terminal, and is configured to provide access to the first set or to the second set. Further, services may be stored anywhere in the computer network. The global server may be configured to provide the user with access to the services. The system may further include a synchronization-start module at the client site (which may be protected by a firewall) that initiates interconnection and synchronization with the global server when predetermined criteria have been satisfied.01-07-2010
20080320057MANAGING AN ARCHIVED FILE SYSTEM - A determination is made that an archive that includes at least one file is present in association with an operating system file system. An additional file system is generated for accessing the archives. The generated additional file system is included in the operating system file system. An application is allowed to access the at least one file via the generated additional file system.12-25-2008
20080320056FUNCTION MATCHING IN BINARIES - Which target functions in a target binary have target function basic blocks that match the source function basic blocks in a source function in a source binary is determined. For the target functions having matching target function basic blocks, a target function control flow graph is determined that has the greatest control flow matching strength to a source function control flow graph, wherein a node in the source function control graph represents a source function basic block, wherein a node in a target function control graph represents a target function basic block in a corresponding target function.12-25-2008
20080320055Bi-Directional Data Modification With Synchronization - Systems and methods for synchronizing data between endpoints, including the modification of data on an endpoint without necessarily modifying data that is communicated between endpoints are disclosed. In such systems and methods the representation of data on an endpoint may be modified so that constraints on that particular endpoint are enforced, without requiring a similar or the same modification to the data when it is synchronized to other endpoints.12-25-2008
20080256142Journaling in network data architectures - A logical network directory database compliant with the X.500 standard for a directory data system is disclosed. The network directory database provides a source of subscriber and service data accessible by various control and management processes that require subscriber information. The network directory database may be extensible across various communications service providers and IT domain. Further, the disclosed network directory database may be applied to new and existing services, such as, IP Multimedia Subsystem, Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) and other IP services.10-16-2008
20090187611PRIORITIZED REPLICATION PATHS - A method of updating data at one or more nodes and a corresponding system are described. The method comprises determining a node to which a data update is to be transmitted, wherein the node has a node priority. The method also comprises determining a version of data to be provided to the determined node based on a comparison of the version of data at the determined node with another node having a higher node priority and transmitting the determined version of data to the node.07-23-2009
20090300076SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INSPECTING A VIRTUAL APPLIANCE RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT - A system and method for inspecting a virtual appliance runtime environment is provided. In particular, runtime activity within a virtual machine may be monitored and tracked to manage a file system associated with the runtime activity. For example, a new image having a pointer to a base image being executed may be created, wherein the new image may be empty when created, and wherein data may be written to the new image in response to any files being created, deleted, modified, or otherwise accessed during execution of the base image within the virtual machine. Thus, a file system for the new image may be compared to a file system for the base image to analyze the runtime activity for the base image, wherein the new image may preserve runtime changes to the file system and provide visibility into particular runtime modifications to the file system.12-03-2009
20100030823PERFORMING A PRE-UPDATE ON A NON VOLATILE MEMORY - A method of updating an original version of content to a new version of content, in a non-volatile memory storage device, the method includes: providing a non-volatile content memory storage area arranged to accommodate a full version of content; providing an auxiliary memory area; performing, while at least part of the content memory storage area is not being updated, at least one pre-update operation corresponding to at least one in-place update operation applicable, in an in-place update, on the part of the content memory storage area; storing, while at least part of the content memory storage area is not being updated, at least one result of the performed at least one pre-update operation, on the auxiliary memory area; and performing an in-place update of the at least part of the content memory storage area utilizing the at least one result stored on the auxiliary memory area.02-04-2010
20090177714Method for Asynchronous catalog update - A method for synchronizing a first data set stored on a mobile communications device with a second data set stored in another location, comprising (a) accessing the second data set while the user of the mobile communications device is accessing the first data set; and (b) updating the first data set in light of the second data set.07-09-2009
20090006497AUTOMATED TEST SCRIPT FOR COMMUNICATIONS SERVER - For use in a communication system having at least one enterprise server for facilitating communications and delivery of services to users of handheld mobile communication devices and an administrative program for managing the enterprise server, the improvement comprising an automated script for testing operation of the administration software by automatically executing operations and verifying results of these operations.01-01-2009
20090172043METHOD AND SYSTEM TO SYNCHRONIZE UPDATED VERSIONS OF A DOCUMENT EDITED ON A COLLABORATIVE SITE THAT ARE UNDER DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT CONTROL - A method and system for synchronizing versions of a document on a collaborative site and on a content management repository is disclosed. The method and system comprises determining that a document has been modified on the collaborative site by a listener/updater mechanism. The method and system further comprises providing a hidden save of a copy of the document to the content management repository by an authorized user of the collaborative site. In one embodiment, a system and method in accordance with the present invention uses the Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) protocol. This listener/updated mechanism permits users to retain the highly-collaborative aspect of wikis, but automatically updates and retains the document in a more formal content management repository making it available for other Content Management applications.07-02-2009
20090157771Electronic Document Versioning Method and Updated Document Supply Method Using Version Number Based on XML - Methods and apparatus for versioning an electronic document based on XML and methods and apparatus for providing an updated electronic document based on XML can use a version value. The electronic document being managed can use a syntax defining a structure of the structured electronic document. One method is characterized in that date information of when a content of the electronic document is changed is used as a version value.06-18-2009
20090132612PROVISION OF DATA FOR DATA WAREHOUSING APPLICATIONS - A computer network architecture for making procurement-related information that has been generated on a transaction level available to data warehousing techniques is described. The network includes a transaction processing layer with at least one accounting component with a general ledger data base for centrally storing information contained in accounted-related data sets, a data warehousing layer and an additional data sourcing layer. A duplicator receives the data sets that will be or have been stored in the general ledger data base and delivers duplicates of those data sets that fulfil a predefined criteria in a procurement context. A source data base stores the duplicated data sets on a data line level. An extractor of the data sourcing layer interfaces with the data warehousing layer and selectively moves data contained in data lines or sets of data lines from the source data base to the data warehousing layer.05-21-2009
20090132609REAL TIME DATA REPLICATION FOR QUERY EXECUTION IN A MASSIVELY PARALLEL COMPUTER - Embodiments of the invention may be used to increase query processing parallelism of an in-memory database stored on a parallel computing system. A group of compute nodes each store a portion of data as part of the in-memory database. Further, a pool of compute nodes may be reserved to create copies of data from the compute nodes of the in-memory database as part of query processing. When a query is received for execution, the query may be evaluated to determine whether portions of in-memory should be duplicated to allow multiple elements of the query (e.g., multiple query predicates) to be evaluated in parallel.05-21-2009
20090132611Closed-loop system management method and process capable of managing workloads in a multi-system database environment - A computer-implemented apparatus, method, and article of manufacture provide the ability to manage a plurality of database systems. A domain contains a plurality of database systems. A system event monitor, on each of the database systems, monitors the database systems' system conditions and operating environment events within the domain. A multi-system regulator manages the domain, communicates with the system event monitor, and creates a dynamic event on one of the database systems based on the system conditions and operating environment events. The dynamic event causes an adjustment to a state of the database system.05-21-2009
20090132610METHODS, SYSTEMS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR PLAYING BACK PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED CONTENT - Previously published content is played back by identifying a previous time in which the previously published content was previously published and automatically adding an indication of the previous time in which the content was previously published, while playing back the previously published content. The indication may include a timestamp of the previous time, ambience and/or historical context of the previous time, an electronic program guide for the previous time, a current events guide for the previous time and/or archived content for the previous time that is related to the user of the content. Related systems, methods, computer program products and content playback devices are described.05-21-2009
20100049751Methods and Apparatuses for Data Protection - Methods and apparatuses for data protection against corrupted write operations. In one embodiment, a technique of crash protection uses an atomically updated global transaction indicator to switch a set of data structures from one set of versions to another set. In one embodiment, the storage space for multiple versions of a data structure is allocated at the time the data structure is created on the storage device so that the multiple versions of the data structure can be kept close by. Between two consistent points, some data structures are modified to create new versions without changing the corresponding previous versions; and unmodified data structures are not copied. At a consistent point, the global transaction indicator is updated to indicate a set of consistent versions of the data structures, such as metadata of a file system.02-25-2010
20100011032DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT APPARATUS, DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, AND DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT METHOD - In an apparatus, a receiving unit receives a request for batch registration of versions associated with a document from a client terminal apparatus. A determination unit determines whether there is a file to be registered as a version of the document, based on the request. If there is the file to be registered as the version of the document, an extraction unit extracts final updater information from the file. A registration unit registers the file as the version of the document. A setting unit sets property information such that the extracted final updater information is set as the property information of the registered version.01-14-2010
20080256141METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SEPARATING SNAPSHOT PRESERVED AND WRITE DATA - A method and device for managing snapshot data is provided. Snapshots may be created having a preserved data area and a write data area. The preserved data area is used to maintain snapshot data corresponding to the point-in-time when the snapshot was created while the write data area is used to facilitate host read/write access to the snapshot. By maintaining two separate areas, the snapshot can be written to without altering the point-in-time representation of the snapshot.10-16-2008
20080256140Method and apparatus combining revision based and time based file data protection - A method and apparatus for protecting file data is provided that combines or merges revision based backup with backup based on time intervals. One embodiment is directed to a method for protecting data contained in a file of a computer system, wherein the computer system is useable to create multiple successive file versions. The method comprises the steps of specifying a maximum number of file versions that can be stored collectively at first and second storage locations, and apportioning the maximum number into a first number of file versions and a second number of file versions. The method further comprises storing the most recent of the multiple file versions, up to a number equal to the first number, at the first storage location. A number of file versions respectively created before the stored most recent versions, up to a number equal to the second number, are stored at the second storage location, over a pre-specified time period and in accordance with a pre-specified strategy.10-16-2008
20080222217PARAMETERS PASSING OF DATA STRUCTURES WHERE API AND CORRESPONDING STORED PROCEDURE ARE DIFFERENT VERSIONS/RELEASES - A system and computer program product for passing parameters of data structures where an API and corresponding stored procedures are at different version/release levels is provided. A received data structure is parsed for a version identifier of a caller. The parsed version identifier is compared to a stored procedure version identifier and a determination is made with regards to a data structure compatibility or a data structure incompatibility. If a data structure compatibility is determined, all received data structure elements are parsed. If, however, a data structure incompatibility is determined, only data structure elements known to both the caller and the stored procedures are parsed.09-11-2008
20080222216Application migration file scanning and conversion - An application migration planning manager is provided for scanning and reporting compatibility information of stored application files, followed by conversion of selected files from a first application version format to a target application version format. A scanning module scans selected files to determine whether the scanned files are formatted according to application versions that may be incompatible with target application versions. A reporting module reports the compatibility data for the scanned files. If scanned files include multiple versions of a given document or data, the scanned files may be passed to a version extraction module for stripping the files of all but a single version of the given document or data. Each stripped version may be saved as a separate additional file. The version-stripped files and the saved additional files then may be reported back to the reporting module for further processing. Scanned files may be automatically or manually sent to a file converter module where they may be converted to a target application version.09-11-2008
20080201388System and method for equipment tracking and preventative maintenance scheduling and verification - An asset tracking and maintenance scheduling and verification system for coordinating preventative or periodic maintenance activities for a collection of assets. A system server is responsible for maintenance of an asset database including a database record for each asset identifying tracking and maintenance information for the asset. The system server generates task lists for assets based at least in part upon data stored in the database. One or more remote handheld devices are in selective communication with he system server to receive the task lists, whereupon a user in possession of a handheld device is directed to perform a series of tasks on one or more assets. In the course of performing such tasks, a user inputs task-related information that is subsequently uploaded to the system server and incorporated into the database, such that subsequent task lists generated by the system server will reflect previous performance of tasks.08-21-2008

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